High Reaches' 17th PC Hatching (Part 1)

Chey's gold Mynwiyath x T'ii's bronze Bandeleth and Frusha's gold Griellitath x Bandeleth
April 9th 2008
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Candidate Barracks

Onberlie wanders in to the barracks with a laundry in hand.

"Duck," says Slogan. Maybe they're playing Duck Duck… Kippy?

Khanyl is sitting on his cot, one leg pulled up to act like a drawing board. Charcoal goes deftly over the pad in his hand, drawing something on another.

"What about duck?" Onberlie questions, not really looking at Slogan. She's putting her clothes away.

Loren was covered with poop from latrine duty. She has already bathed and is now dressing in fresh clothing to continue on with the next batch of chores. Loren shoots a glare at Slogan, "You suck." She says bluntly, having grown so much more vocal than when she arrived at High Reaches. "Kippy."

Eyes look up from the pad and Khan gives a slight smile to the others, then continues on drawing some kind of weyr scene, or at least finishing it up. Yeah. "Duck is better." He comments quietly, if that the talk is about the llamas.

Slogan merely blows a kiss to Loren. She's teasing, right? "/Duck sucks/," because it's much more fitting than 'Slogan sucks'. Anyway, he's just sitting on his bum, cross-legged on his bed, kind of rocking back and forth like a mental patient. La la.

Nulerak ambles in from the inner caverns, whistling some off-key diddle. Of course, he makes a bee-line straight for his cot, giving a flippant wave to the other candidates.

"Duck smells too! Who hasn't been washing him?" It's a good question, though meant entirely differently than the current course of conversation.
Beri thinks it is, anyway.

Khanyl just looks from one to the other of the quarreling candidates, then shrugs and goes to finish his drawing. There, the hair is being put on that female across the way.

Dredos escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Loren turns her back to Slogan, drops her towel to her waist and pulls on a clean shirt. Turning back half-garbed, she responds, "Kippy sucks," then turns back to pull a pair of pants up under her towel.

"AHEM!" Tye clears her throat. LOUDLY. That's right, PAY ATTENTION. "If you all can't hear that noice, then each and every one of you need to leave these barracks, now. And not onto the sands." Glare. Glaaaare. "For those of you sharp enough to hear the humming, or even feel it, get your robes on /now/! The eggs are hatching and it's time to meet your future." That's right, she's being all serious." And do it, FAST!" Her foot is stomped.

Palia comes in right after Tye, barely catching onto the woman's jacket as they bolt in. Of course, she's only madly giggling behind her. Giggle, giggle!

Onberlie drops her laundry then drops her pants, changing as quickly as she possibly as she can as soon ad Tye suggests it. "Yes ma'am!" Avert your eyes, boys and girls, she's got no modesty.

Slogan did start to make a beeline towards the exit, but quickly turns back at the robe prompting. Yeah, totally forgot about that. "Who took my robe!?" Read: Where did I put it? "It's gone!" Because he never took it out of his chest.

Tanis runs in to the barracks, narrowly missing running right into Tye. "Sorry ma'am." A dish towel is still in her hands which is thrown down onto her cot. She trips and falls onto her cot trying to take her boots off, but once they are off the rest of her clothes start coming off as well. Just like Beri, she has no modesty and is naked and rummaging through the trunk for that robe. "Drat it all, where did I put it?!" Her butt is being show off to everyone while she looks. "Aha!" With the robe found, it is quickly pulled over her head.

"Duck sucks," is Nulerak's quick retort to Loren, running a hand through his mussed hair and leveling a 'look' on the girl. Then, Tye's bursting into the barracks prompts the boy to merely stare at her. He's frozen. What in the world is a -robe-? Because the boy's definately shell-shocked.

Loren drops her pants back down her legs, drops the towel around her waist and rips her shirt off without any attention to her previous modesty. Stepping naked to the trunk at the end of her cot, she throws it open, pulls her robe out and yanks it over her head. After a moment's thought, she finds underpants to slide up underneith the robe and drops to the floor to force a pair of sandles onto her feet.

Mohitani makes it into the barracks several minutes after Tye's dramatic announcement, covered in - well, the remnants of herdbeast presents. Ew, ew. Gobsmacked by the immediacy of the moment, it takes the girl a few moments to actually hustle toward her cot, throwing her finished robe over her head, tightening the cord about her waist and shoving her feet awkwardly into too-large sandals. Unable to do anything about the offensive smell that still lingers about her, she has to settle for wiping her hands on a rag quickly, beaming at Palia as the greenrider bolts in behind Tye. Although, it's a nervous beam.

Winston returns to the barracks after evidently taking time to get neat after Kippy care earlier, arriving just on Tye's heels. He's moving fairly quickly as it seems he heard the noise, but panic doesn't set in until he actually hears the announcement. His quick walk becomes a short sprint to his cot to unearth his robe and start the frantic changing process.

Dredos has nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips as he runs in. Wet feet slip and slap against the floor as he makes a short trip to his cot. The towel is dropped as he digs for his robe. Soon enough he's decent again, though picking at the robe where it sticks to parts that didn't exactly dry all the way.

"What? Now?! Uh…" Khanyl looks towards Tye with glazed eyes and then sets his pad down carefully before reaching for his robe that is drapped over the foot of his cot. Tunic is pulled over his head, the robe pulled on, and then his pants and shoes are taken off. "Sandals…sandals…" Though a look around the room gives him a picture in his mind to draw later of the chaos that ensues when the humming starts.

"NOW, everyone!" Palia squeals in excitement, since only a few of them really seem to be getting the point. "/Robes/! You know, those shifty ugly white things!" The blonde wags her finger and begins gently shoving a few super-shocked candidates to their duties as she bustles up and down the barracks.

Shazi escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Onberlie doesn't opt for sandals, she slips her bare feet into heavy boots and hop skips around while she tries to tie them standing up. Only then does she bounce back to her cot to grab the sash she ties around her waist that transforms her sack into a robe. She knots it and lets the lengths hang as she stands at the end of her cot and waits, hands clasped behind her back.

It's okay! Nulerak's recovered himself and found his robe, pushing aside his sleeping firelizards (there's a ferret, somewhere, too) and shimmying into it super fast and all that good stuff. Sandals, as well, are quickly found and put on and then Nu looks quickly around. "Slogan?" Help!

Shazi has been here all along. Really. She's just been hiding in Tye and Palia's collective shadows. Ha!

Tye crosses her arms, but only for a moment. Then she's clapping her hands together sharply. "/Now/, Nulerak! NOW. Get on our robe, you know that thing you should've been mending all this time? And sandals! If I see any boots, jewelry, anything other than the robe and the sandals, you won't be going out on those sands." And instead, she'll just impress all the dragons. Mwahahaha! "The moment you are ready, get your butts in line by the door! We will be walking to the sands in a few minutes here. And I never miss an egg hatching."

Slogan whacks the figurative panic button a few times before it dawns on him to recheck (not that he checked in the first place) the chest. Behold! His robe has magically reappeared. Without feeling sheepish, he quickly doffs his clothes, taking a moment to pick a piece of lint off of his body, and dons the robe hastily. Sandals? Check. And then he just stands there like a guard recruit on day 0, eyes wide at Tye.

Dredos slings his sandals onto his feet and looks down at the combined effect of robe and footwear. "Yeah," he mutters, tugging at the white cloth before shuffling towards the proposed line.

Robe is now on, so Tanis doesn't even bother with putting any undies on underneath it. The tie around her waist is tied tight and she begins scrambling to find her sandals. "Excuse me." They happen to be near the door and she has to reach behind the rider to get to them. She returns to her cot to sit down and pull her sandals on, tying them around her ankles to make sure they don't fall off no matter what happens out there. "Yes ma'ams." A nod is given to each rider, salutes forgotten, and she goes and arranges herself in line, hoping Khanyl will be right behind her.

Onberlie swears quietly and starts to pull off her boots, hopping around in a small circle before she's free of them. She slides her sandals out from under her cot and slips them onto her feet, grumbling the entire way. She tries her best to keep it in audible. She ends up back at the end of her cot waiting after a few minutes delay. That of course is wrong too and scurries toward the end of the line when she has a moment to notice that's where she's supposed to be.

Mortimer cracks under the pressure and begins to whimper under his breath, even as his fingers go into overdrive and put everything in place. His robe may be on backwards, but it's on!

Mohitani is giving her curls short tugs here and there, partially out of nervousness and partially out of a wish to make them pop out just /that/ much more. Cursing under her breath, she makes her way toward the growing line, stuffing herself into a place that's hopefully next to or right between Winston and Nulerak. Or somewhere around there.

"I've got it, ma'am!" Nulerak wails back to Tye as he gets yelled at, gesturing down at himself as though to indicate his robe -and- sandals. Of course, insubordinance probably wouldn't be good right now, so the candidate shuffles over into place. "Sloooooogan? Mooooooo?" Oh, wait, there's Mo. "You sticking around us?"

Khanyl seems to be having some trouble getting his pants off, but finally manages to and they are thrown over his trunk. The sandals were placed right under the cot for this very reason, and he slips them on quickly before getting in line at the other end from where his girlfriend now stands. "Shells…" He mutters as his promise looks like it won't be kept to her this time.

Winston gets naked and then unnaked again quickly. Perhaps practicing once before helped. He holds his Kippy bandana for a moment, atypically indecisive, before he tosses it back on his cot and hop-steps his way into line, fastening his thick-soled sandals as he goes He spares a brief frown at Mortimer and steps away from the candidate and up beside Mo. "Showtime for real, eh?" he murmurs under his breath to the candidates standing nearby.

"/Yes/." Shuffle shuffle bump. The bump was accidental, but Slogan's there, right beside Nu and gripping onto his elbow. "Stay close! If they try to eat me, shove me somewhere, will you?"

"Just standin' next to you for my health, silly. Of course I'm sticking near you!" Mo retorts cheerfully, frowning at Winston. "Shove you where, exactly? Behind Mort? Behind one of the dragons? If one tries to eat you, I think you'll be out of luck!"

Loren is dressed, though she feels like she should still be yanking at things rapidly and with a sense of urgency. Finally, she decides to very quickly rip her hair back and tie it off with a string that is sitting on her cot. She rushes in an awkward half-run to where the other candidates are lining up, fidgiting with a nervousness she's never felt before.

Kiano has pulled his robe on, all his other clothes off, and gotten into line with the others.

Nulerak is bumped into - therefore, he quickly glances back over his shoulder and spies a Slogan! Whew. "Oh, I will. I wouldn't let them eat you. If they try, we can both run away, okay?" Mohitani is merely chuckled at - he's trying to cover up his supreme anxiety, now.

Tye tries oh-so-hard not to lose her 'angry' face. But heck, even the weyrlingmaster can be kind of gleeful on hatching day. Not that she'll let it show. "Good! In an orderly line! I hope you all remember how to act out there. /No/ running off the sands." A look goes to Slogan. "No being disrespectful to the goldriders or their dragons." Eyes switch to Tanis. "And, for shards sake, just BEHAVE and try to do High Reaches Weyr proud. If one of you act out of line then… well… just pray you don't impress and get stuck with me for longer." It'll be a loooong two turns. "Now, is everyone ready?" A look gets sent to Palia. "Think they look prepared?"

"Just awaaaay," Slogan drawls out, fluttering a hand to indicate, well, somewhere out there. "Or we can run! So don't let go of my hand!" Very manly, that.

"Or not," Slogan quickly adds quietly, eyeing Tye wide-eyed again.

"It's for real," Palia mutters as she eyes Winston warily, but her smile still gleaming on her face. "Even the.. fat gold is humming, according to Veri!" With a beam of excitement, she tosses glances to all the candidates, making sure everyone is in check. "Yes! Listen to Tye! You'll all do FANTASTIC, too!" Tye's question gets a nod, before she looks about nervously a few more times. "Well. Not really. But I don't think that those eggs are going to wait. Better move 'em out, Weyrlingmaster!"

"I'm ready!" Onberlie chirps flatly. It's at least loudly. She peers around at the other candidates and shuffles over a little to make sure she's still in line.

Tanis's face has gone totally nervous, but she is ready to get this over with. "Yes ma'am." That is all that is said to the weyrlingmaster and her orders. She'll be respectful. Today of all days would not be the best time to upset Frusha or Chey.

Loren nods meekly, shifting about, wide-eyed.

Tye nods her head, "Good! Then, I guess we're ready. Remember to bow to the golds! And to Bandeleth! And to just… everyone! Show respect! And…" Well, she's done as much as she can. "That's all. Palia, you head out first, I'll come out after the last candidate!." Another stout CLAP. "Move, people! This is the real deal!"

Winston tilts his head tot he side at Mohitani for a moment, then winks at her. The signal is ambiguous, but it seems to be mostly a case of letting off nerves. He leans around Mo to briefly hiss at Slogan, "And if you're scared of the dragons? I would /suggest/ you not run." Just to be sure Slogan has a proper counterbalance to his fear of dragons. He looks away again a little too quickly to really be convincing; the threat is much more off-hand than serious. But Winston has a certain confidence in his audience. He straightens again and moves when Tye says move.

Nulerak won't let go! "I won't!" Nulerak pledges to Slogan, blinking wide-eyed over at the Weyrlingmaster. Guess running's out of the question, huh? However! They are being told to move and so Nulerak moves onward, clutching Mo, Slogan, whoever.

Shazi leads the way out, because she can.

Palia squeals, her blonde head bobbing and bouncing as she leads on to the small flap onto the Sands. "C'mon everyone, let's ride!"

Mohitani doesn't join in the choruses of 'Yes ma'am' that rise from various quarters, opting for a one-sided, small smile and a shrug. Let the prayers for no Impression begin. Winston's wink gets a grin in return and a quiet, "We can do this." And then she's following folks out - to confront /the world/.

Onberlie just walks out. Yay.


Chey and Mynwiyath wait off to one side, tall and proud. Chey looks tiny beside her dragon, dwarfed by Mynwiyath's mass. As the candidates come onto the sand, Mynwiyath finally stops thrumming, gazing down at the mass of adolescent and young adult bodies.

"Alright everyone! Spread out! Dragonets won't like if they have to barrel through a crowd to get to who they want!" Palia giggles as she leads the candidates on out, bowing swiftly to the golds before getting herself out of the way. FAST. This blonde clad in neon blue is not going to stand in the way, oh no-sir-y!

As the candidates file behind Tye, Shazi and Palia in a nervous row, they shuffle and bump until they more or less surround the eggs. In an unrehearsed, panicked sort of motion, the entire line bows to the collective parents.

"Out, out, out!" Tye states, shoo'ing forth the last candidate. "Go stand with the others." Awww. She can't help but feel a slight moment of pride before that's squashed and she's moving off towards a spot near the edge of the sands, but close enough to eggs and candidates. And, of course, she gives a quick bow to all three dragons, as well as Chey, T'ii, and Frusha. A glance over her shoulder is sent once more candidate-wise, but they're on their own now! "Ready for this?" Tye calls over to Chey, a small smirk on her face.

Light in the Closet Egg wobbles. And wiggles. Something wants to escape… Desperately. The egg almost seems, at first, to want to explode, to let the light within terrorize what lies outside, to let the other world be shattered by it's glory! But… After a few moments, it lies still. It will patiently wait.. for now. There is a perfect time to strike.. But not yet.

Silver Silk and Turquoise Tulle Egg whirls merrily in its little divot on the sands, a joyous carefree dance-a joyous, carefree, tipsy dance. Looks like someone spiked the punch bowl at this Prom!

Tanis is following the line of candidates in front of her and around in a semi-circle. Her hands shake, her feet move up and down from the intense heat. "Man, it got really hot in here. I don't remember it being this hot when I last got to touch the eggs." This is muttered to the closest candidate, whom she doesn't recognize from the back.

"/Finally/," Frusha hisses in a low voice as the candidate whisk onto the Sands. "Took long enough! Going to have to give those weyrlingmasters a piece of my mind of making sure those candidates are orderly and /on TIME/!" HMPH. The frumpy woman watchers her beloved lifemate with her squatty brown eyes for a moment, before she diligently stares at the oncoming robes of white.

"No!" Chey calls back, but the words are toned with deep amusement. But she doesn't flinch, scanning the people: she's seen the eggs rather more.

Onberlie rises slowly from the group bow and licks her lips complusively. She shifts her weight and eyes the sands, mostly fixated on the golds before she feels safe enough to look at the eggs themselves. "So, um, guys, what do we do. Just pick a general area and stand next to it?" She shuffles away from the line and moves out into the unoccupied parts of the sands. Tye said to, right?

Mischief Mishap Egg jitters quietly, clearly moving, but more subtly than some of its neighbors.

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg bounces here and there! All over the place, this egg is! It's shaking, rocking, rolling, all that movement stuff. Obviously someone wants out, badly. Still a little time to go. Even when it stops wigging out, the egg still shivers in place.

"We're going to die," is Nulerak's fumbling words aimed towards Mohitani and Slogan, the lad clutching onto the others as they all finish their sloppy bow. Of course, Nu shifts into that weird mincing motion that comes along with the heat of the sands. He's waiting for Slo and Mo to figure out where they are going to stand, yes they are. "Um. Can we stand near an exit or something?"

Mohitani doesn't quite stay put in the forming semicircle as candidates mill onto the sands, navigating around a tall guy here, a shorter one there until she's standing in the portion that's closest to the Weyrwoman. Making sure she's clearly in Frusha's line of vision, the herdbeast-reeking girl does her bow, out of sync with most others', hair growing frizzier and wilder by the moment, thanks to the heat. And all that pulling that she just did in the barracks.

The R Kelly egg gets down with its bad self: shake it, yeah. Flash some bling. It's all good.

Slogan shifts left and right, left and right. It's more like the pee-pee dance than anything. Nulerak's hand is given a vice-grip to, just so he doesn't run away without him. "You alright?" he whispers to his buddy as he takes an involuntary step backwards as another egg starts to roll. "Here's good!" Closest to the fire exit wins!

Silver Silk and Turquoise Tulle Egg whirls right over the brink to spill into the danger zone. A passing dragonet, drunken with the excitement of the day, tumbles with the poor tipsy ovoid, rending its pretty turquoise tulle and sullying the silver silk in his exuberance. Thus ravished, weeping egg goo onto the sands, the egg falls apart, piece by piece, until… Kra-kow! Egg shards fly in every direction! Oh, the humanity! Can no one stop the madness?

Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Dragonet
Here is a spirit of rugged masculinity: his confident swagger imbues his strapping frame with a sense of old school machismo. This bronze exudes testosterone. Dusty sepia stains his swarthy hide, stretching faint where the muscle ripples against his broad shoulders and long limbs, drab spars like faded creases against the fold of weathered sails. The patina of old steel lies hidden within the shadows, waiting for the catch of light to send it cracking o'er thick neck, 'cross barreled chest, and 'round ponderous tail. With a face like old leather, he is sunburnt and trail-worn; in a broad-planed face, his blunt muzzle and square jaw are handsome, if craggy and unrefined. He is the stuff that legends are made of: the impression of a star on his chest and true grit in his gaze.

Loren moves along with the pack, shuffling around on the stands aimlessly, amidst the other aimless candidates. As they're further forced to spread out, Loren's eyes flicker compulsively across the sands, as though she should know where to stand, finally, she crosses Dredos' path and grabs for his hand. "Stay with me!" She cries a little desperately, confused and out of place having never even /been/ to a hatching before.

Khanyl hesitantly moves out onto the sands, trying to make his way around the line but fails to do so. "Sorry lovie.." He mutters, even though she can't hear him. Then the rocking eggs attracts his attention and he watches as the first dragonet hatches. "Ah, bronze." Must file this moment away for later.

As the first eggshell cracks and a bronze appears, her face lights in a smile. "Bronze!" she tells Mynwiyath, enthusiastically. "That's supposed to be good luck."
Chey does that.

Winston is delighted to follow Palia's instructions and start spreading out a little once the bowing is complete. He gives another nod to Mohitani, encouraging as he stakes out a place by Mohitani. Beads of sweat pop out on his forehead quite quickly from the heat and his nervousness. "They -" He cuts off as an egg pops open a lot sooner than he seems to have expected. "Shards, we barely made it," he mutters, his hands flexing into balls and relaxing unconsciously.

Tye lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank Faranth. Only thing better than a bronze hatching would be a blue hatching." She shakes out her worry and just watches intently.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Nulerak whispers back to Slogan, eyes opening WIDE as the first dragonet makes its entrance into the world. "Okay, so we're going to save each other, right, if one of them like… charges us or something?" Shift, shift. "Oh, no." Bronze.

Dredos' eyes are about as wide as they can get as eggs start shifting, and sound swirls around them all. Then the first dragonet cracks out of his shell. Dre turns a worried look on Loren and silently grips her hand. For once, he has nothing to say. Not yet.

Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Dragonet takes a moment amidst the disaster of his eggly remains to peruse the wavering line of white in the distance. A mirage, is it? He stumbles to his feet with a low groan and shakes goo from his head.

Palia wiggles herself beside Tye, gripping the other woman's shoulder while she squeals with glee. "Tye! Tye! /BRONZE/!" Even though the bluerider has stated such! "Now we just need some greens! Oh yes. And blues. But /loookit/ them! They're gonna be IMPRESSEES. We'll have new Weyrlings! HEEEE!" Here she goes…

Onberlie finds herself standing near the pile of eggs clutched by Frusha's dragon. She is rather stiff for this reason, eyeing the gold dragon once, twice and thrice as she stands there. When the bronze hatches, she lets out a soft cry of relief. "Shells, not mine." She eyes the other candidates and licks her lips again. "At least we know we can hoop and holler."

Mohitani's hands clench briefly at her robe, head turning to say matter-of-factly to Nulerak, "You won't die, Nu. I'm running a larger chance of that than you." Wait, what? Winston gets barely a nod as the first dragon breaks shell, causing the girl to inhale sharply. "That - " Blink, stare. Bronze, good luck? Well, here's hoping so.

Scrappy Workman's Egg moves, but does anyone care? It is a tired egg, and it moves sluggishly.

Slogan quickly nods his head, swallowing hard. "Yeahyeah, definitely. Heyhey" it's all about repeating words today, apparently. "What color are you hoping for? And hey! If we don't impress, remember… herders!" They're a collective item. If one impresses, then the other must as well. It's just how it works.

Loren watches the bronze warily, though he's gladly no where near her. She clings as close to Dredos as she can get while maintaining her own seperate body. Who knew that this thing would be so frightening? The eggs weren't scary. Neither are full grown dragons, but all the screaming from the weyrli… No, from Tye and only Tye's screaming, is scary.

Tanis starts as the first dragonet hatches and it is a bronze. Eyes look over its hide and as to what it does, but the feet still move up and down, up and down, to keep the heat from seeping too far into them. She begins slowly inching her way towards one of the other candidates to find a hand to hold. "Beautiful bronze." She comments as she nears Winston. Yet no more words comes.

Nulerak glances briefly over at Mohitani, stretching out a hand for her to grab onto, if she would like. "Wait, what? Why?" The last words come out nearly as a squeak before he directs his attention to Slogan. "Herders! Um… I don't know. Their teeth…" Pause, pause. "Green? Yeah, green maybe." Clutching onto his friend, he asks, "What about you?" Gulp.

Skeleton in the Closet Egg lurks. Waiting. Shivers.

Griellitath eyes the white-clad with a snarl on her lips, making her seem even more menacing; Frusha smiles at this fact, not reacting to any of those standing near her, since she's so intense on watching.. /Them/.

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg wiiiiiggles! Just a wobbly motion, to and fro, to and fro! Like a pendulum almost, the constant sway almost memorizes. Almost, being the key word. And soon enough, the egg is doing something else. Like hoping out of it's lovingly made sand-groove and jiggling all about.

"My sisters want me to impress green, so I guess green too!" Naturally, the two juvenile delinquents will have to impress the same color as well. "It's really hot out here," Slogan observes. Idly.

Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Dragonet continues to stumble? No. It seems that this is his manner of walking, a slow shamblea mosey, if you willtail swiping across the sands behind him. He zigzags his way across the sands, a rumbling mutter emitting from his chest. There, somewhere, in the white, something pulls at him, draws him closer.

Light in the Closet Egg shimmies a bit more. Is it time? Is it time for it to experience it's full potential? The egg does a few more attempted acrobatic wobbles, before settling back into the Sand with an almost depressed sort of stall… Hmm. Not quite.

Mohitani gives a small smile at Nu's question, letting it go unanswered for the moment while eggs shake and dragons start moving. She does flick a rather nervous glance at snarling, menacing Griellitath for a long moment, brow furrowing deeply. Maybe her grand plan isn't such a good idea, after all - especially when there are several dragons present with heads easily large enough to eat her.

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg stops suddenly. Just -BAM-! No movement. Perhaps, it has given up? Naaah. Giving up is lame. It was only concerning it's energy for more insane movement!

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg is not one to sit still. Perhaps it's that instinct to be free or just the basic need to constantly be on the move; either way this egg keeps on jumping all around. It spins! It swirls! It spills! It whirls! Dark lines quickly form around the exterior, a piece of shell falling off here, multiple shards flying into the air there! Finally, with one… last… final… hop - the eggs SHATTERS into all directions! And there, in the aftermath, having hatched and landed with his talons up in the air with a great view of the ceiling is a pudgy blue hatchling

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet
Zesty turquoise zings and slings across delightfully fluid hide, splashing cheerfully over the deepest hints of stone-washed indigo. With the barest of touches, it hues both belly and 'sails, talons and tail, but such hazy contrast dampers not the bright spirit beneath. No shred of vapidity lingers on his energetic semblance, coated entirely with so ripe a neon blue it seems aglow with the tang of summer's brightest light. He is bulk-less yet round, small yet vivacious; every feature is smoothed by jovial plushness, from the constant upturned curl of his mouth to the triangular tip of his tail. The sprightly yellow of spring's first bloom drizzles across headknobs and 'ridges, down youthful haunches, to the gracefully built muscles that compose his chest and shoulders. Limber limbs and wiggly wings form him into compact proportions whose edges alight with paler strokes, to barely lick and tickle him with the facade of a sullen shade of silver. And, upon him, with every move of a curved muzzle down to an elegant tail, the teeming life force within is revealed.

Khanyl looks down the line and grasps a nearby boy's hand in his. One of the other ducks it seems, and a young one at that. "It's alright. If it comes toward you, just move out of the way." The last word cracks as the bronze moves towards the group and he takes a step back himself. Little too close. Eyes are going cloudy with memories.

"Green!" Nulerak says over to Slogan, shaking whatever hand that is grasping the other. Mohitani is given a somewhat wobbly grin, and then it's immediately back to doing that odd two-step in place. "Yeah, it is." Beads of sweat are already forming on Nu's forehead. And he has no free hands to wipe them away with.

Onberlie shudders at Griellitath when she growls and starts side stepping away from that dragon's eggs. Ooo, creepy. She comes to a halt when the blue hatches, toes covered in blazing hot sands as she peers at it from her distance away. "Oh." She takes a deep breath, lifts her feet to stnad on top of the sands again and looks around, making sure she's safe before inching toward a cluster of candidates.

Despite having one of Loren's hands in one of his own, Dredos looks about ready to stop, drop and dodge at any given moment. His dark skin looks just a little pale out there on the hazy, hot sands. He clears his throat a couple times, swallows a few times more, and glances at Loren. "A lot of eggs left," he comments in a scratchy voice. As in, the terror's only just begun?

"Woah. There's-baby dragons." Because Slogan's apparently JUST noticing this for the first time. And then he's distracted further by craning his head this way and that to squint at the galleries in attempt to individually spot his fan club, if it's even existent. Family should at least show, right?

Oh yeah. That's right Back away! Griellitath seems quite amused with herself, and begins to back up even further to get Her Pretties some more room. "Well. A /bronze/. You should feel proud. I suppose," Frusha states harshly at Chey, her arms crossed.

Winston licks his lips for a minute and twitches his head in Tanis's direction briefly. "Hm? Oh…yeah," he says distractedly. "So…that's what they look like new hatched, huh." He tilts his head to the side speculatively. "Kind of…gawky, but they /do/ have a nice line to them…" He glances at Mohitani, follows that her gaze goes to Griellitath, but he quickly turns back to the dragonets. Now there's multiple little dragons moving out there, and he needs his concentration to keep on them, lest one catch him by surprise. All brave words to the contrary, Winston doesn't particularly want to be mauled any more than Nulerak or Slogan.

Tanis glances towards Grielitath, but her emotions are all haywire. Nervousness, excitement, fear, despair, all rolled into one. As the blue blasts open its shell, she starts edging closer towards another candidate. This time, it turns out to be Onberlie. "Beri!" A hand is reached out towards the other girl. Stay as far away from the senior gold and Weyrwoman as possible.

Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Dragonet narrows in on a lanky figure with shoulder-length hair. He pauses and whuffs, shaking his head as though to argue with the feeling drawing him towards that figure. It's not possible. He can't Impress to a girl. He takes another couple of shambling steps, the features coalescing into something perhaps a bit feminine, but male, all the same. Still grumbling, he noses Kiano; he's going to have to put a lot of work into turning *this* fruitcake into a fighter.
Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kiano, and steps forward.

Loren nods timidly, reverting back to her pre-candidacy silence. One wouldn't have thought a bit of a girl like Loren could have such a tight grip, but muscles are what comes of being a smith for your teenage life. Her eyes flicker repeatedly over the sands and sweat streaks down her pale skin, a complete contrast to Dredos's darker flesh.

Chey is ever so polite, smiling over to Frusha with a look of bland attention. "It is good for the Weyr, ma'am. I'm sure they'll all be excellent."

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet stares at the ceiling in wonder. Oooooooh! A big ROCK. With a hole in it. Kinda. Oh! Hum. Something feels off. With a bit of effort, the hatchling rights himself, now covered in not only egg-goo, but sand-coated egg-goo! The dragonet takes a quick moment to lean in and sniff at his sandy self. Ugh! Not as pleasant as he was hoping, but either wa- HEY! The blue turns his head towards the big gold dragon, obviously his mom, and makes a move to her, only to be distracted by the white globs also close by.

Tumba tumba tumba tumba. Blue Doumbek Egg is trembling, driven by an inner rhythm that rocks it, BEAT, rocks it, BEAT. And then it cracks, kkkk, to reveal a green head. The little lady, wrinkled and small, creeps out from this first of Griellitath's eggs and almost immediately finds her way to an older candidate, who looks distinctly startled to find herself so targeted. But then, "Laiith!" the girl cries in glee. And off she is shuffled.

Nulerak can be Slogan's fan club. Of course, he only blinks towards the aforementioned baby dragons and kind of clutches a bit harder, saying, "Yeah. Gotta get ready to run, yeah. Oh… wait." Yeah, they aren't -allowed- to run. Nulerak's brows draw together upon hearing Winston's words and the herder just says… "Yeahhhhh." Blink. "Wait…. -Kiano?- Bronze?" Nulerak kind of jerks at both Mo and Slogan. "Did you guys -see- that?"

Chey gives Frusha a smile that doesn't come with teeth. "She's a lovely green," she says politely. "Ma'am."

Onberlie's eyes widen when Tanis calls her name and looks over her shoulder first, then around her blind spots and then at the candidate that called her, a look of fear slowly dissipating. She gives Tanis weary smile before looking over at the impressing dragon and Kiano. She makes to shout something happy, but nothing comes out - just a mouse like squeak. She continues to make her way to Tanis, but she's moving so slowly. The dragonets are distracting.

Kiano was just standing there watching the dragonets move, and then flips his hair as one approaches him. A huge grin dawns his face and he reaches out to touch the bronze head, then scratch at the eyeridge. "Armaderoth…" Then no more words as he turns away with his new lifemate from the rest of the candidates. "Of course we'll get you food." A look of shock still occupies his eyes.

"Kiano impressed bronze?" Slogan is just as surprised as Nulerak and gives a blink-blink. "He's such a girl, though!" And they're going to make him SHAVE HIS HAIR OFF, right? Sure they will. "Look! A g-" Okay, cancel that. She's already impressed, apparently.

"See Tye! SEE! GREEN!!!" Palia does some more squealing, before she realized her Wonderful-Haired-Psuedo-God just Impressed bronze, and something coats her face with a little redness. "Aww. /Bronze/. I thought he would've been so fantastic on a green! But then again, so would anyone."

Chey is distracted, however. Kiano got bronze! Oh, man, is she having mating flight fantasies.

Mischief Mishap Egg no longer looks broken. It is broken, deep seams surging beneath the now inadequate strips of brown. Every quaking surge of life affords a glimpse of cinnamon hide struggling against the bonds of its prison. Inexorably, each strip of shell peels away from the rest; inexorably, one existence gives way to another, and an egg becomes a dragon as it was always meant to do, covered in the thin ointment of albumen.

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet
Feathered by darkly glossy cinnamon, the tawny hide of this revolutionary brown seems to glisten: from hawk-hooked muzzle and fiercely proud features to the shortened sweep of his tail. He carries his short, powerful frame with the courage of the oppressedbeaten, but not bowedsmall head held high atop broad shoulders. Pale amber limns the slight curve of an impressive wingspan that sweeps, when folded, behind narrow hindquarters to cross over his tail. Midnight russet hoods and veils this rebel's gaze, dark against the topaz lustre of his face; there too, a dark point, sable just above the curve of a wicked jaw.

Winston hears Nulerak and looks across at…Kiano? And the bronze? He actually drops his jaw for a moment as if unable to believe it; perhaps he concurs with the dragon's assessment of the work to be done. Then he snaps his jaw shut and looks around again to take stock of the other dragonets on the sands. There's another new one, just out of the shell, too.

Mohitani seems arrested between surprise and outright laughter as the bronze finally heads for Kiano, shifting from foot to foot both from the heat and from - something else entirely. Anticipation? Suspense? Both? She does give a loud, "Well, isn't she a fine one?" when Grie's first green creeps forth. Smirk, smile. And then another nervous look at the mother dragon in question. Edging briefly away for the moment. Yes, that's a good idea.

"Thanks," Frusha hisses as Chey replies, a growl deepening in her throat. The bronze and green's Impressions get a stern look, but.. she barely finds cause to react more than the noise.

Mynwiyath snorts briefly, making Chey jump. With a guilty glance up at the dragon, Chey returns her attention to the rest of the eggs and dragonets.

"Yeah, man, he did," Nulerak replies to Slogan, blinking wide brown eyes over at the now-Impressed Kiano. He's apparently still baffled. Thoroughly baffled, no less. "Hey, hey, hey. Blue!" Yes, Nulerak points over towards the round blue. The ditzy one.

Light in the Closet Egg rolls a little from it's current position. It's not one to sit, to let others take on the work; it must be free, as all must be free! … The time is drawing closer, as thin cracks begin to form on the edge of the shell… But not enough to break. Again, it rests…

Tanis calls a small congrats to Kiano as he impresses and then just looks over to Onberlie. The girl is slowly coming her direction, so she decides to meet her halfway. That is until the brown hatches and she stops in her tracks. His dark looks make her shudder for a moment, but the she almost hops sideways towards Beri. "You…okay?" Words are squeaky and high.

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet is… just… AMAZED! Yes! Amazed. Because of just one complete white orb, which is what he first thought, there are many little ones. So of course, now he needs to go and investigate, but wait! Over there, it's a broken egg! Oh, right. That was his! The blue dragonet tries to focus, but fails promptly as he sees something different once more and moves off towards one group of candidates.

Dredos is shaken from his panic a little as he sees Kiano impress to bronze. "Are you kidding me?" he asks, sounding a little disgusted despite the dry cracks in his voice. Then there's a green. And the blue is still wandering. And there's a brown. Dre gives the other candidates a quick look as if sizing them up, then warily studies the dragonets.

Scrumptious Cocoa Egg glimmers hotly, then melts away, pouring out a small brown dragonet, who makes his way over to the candidates and finds a boy to call his very own.

Winston seems to recover from the shock of Kiano-the-bronzerider in decent season and recovers a measure of his dry humor. "We should've had an Impression pool. Whoever took Kiano for bronze would've made a fortune, it looks like," he mutters more or less in the direction of Mohitani.

Slogan starts swinging his hand clutching Nu's without even thinking, almost as if they were going out for a skip in the park. Or it's just a nervous gesture. "There'soh man, there are so many eggs!" Another belated observation. "This is" An incomplete thought. "I'm kinda thirsty now." The solution? Slogan licks his lips. La!

"Okay? Um. Okay." Onberlie replies, each crack of eggshell causing her shoulders to creep up her sides toward her ears. She smiles at Tanis a disturbed yet happy sort of smile as she comes to a stop. "I've been to hatchings before, but from far away - I don't know. They're quieter?" She eyes the recently hatched brown purses her lips. "Is that a piece of shell still stuck to his face?"

Nulerak overhears Winston's words and inclines his head around Slogan - bad idea, taking his eyes off the hatchlings - and says to the other, "Seriously. Did you see that one coming?" Then it's back to his shifty awareness and a newfound feeling of having his arm swung. Weird. He doesn't seem to mind, though, saying, "Yeah. They're breaking, though." He's Captain Obvious today. To Mo: "Hey, how come you keep looking to the golds?"

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet flicks a bit of egg goo from his claws, the appearance of distaste in his whirling gaze. He shudders, shaking it off, then steps from the remains of his egg, turning his attention on the line of white. There. It is there. The one he is looking for.

Mohitani raises an eyebrow at this. "True, true, " she replies, somewhat distractedly. "I have to admit, never thought I'd see him on a bronze. Green? Sure. But /bronze/? It just - " And her hands flap wordlessly, dark eyes still flicking continuously between Grie and eggs and baby dragons. To Nu: "How can I not? They're the biggest ones out here. And these are their children." So that, of course, makes sense. Right?

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet pauses mid-stride, his head going up. Something is calling to him. Something that takes importance over his lack of an attention span. But where is it coming from? Like a bizarre blue antenna, the head rotates this way and that way, until it zeroes in on one direction. Yes! That's it! With a burst of energy, and oh does he have a lot, the dragonet sprints over towards a group of three, two boys, one female. Though stopping! He hadn't thought of that! Digging his talons into the sand, the hatchling slows down just enough to not barrel into the candidates. Instead, a spray of the warm sands cover over the one he was aiming for. A happy sounding noise erupts forth as the blue shoves his muzzle into Slogan's side.

Tanis hms. "I think it is." She reaches out again for Onberlie's hand and then glances up at the two weyrwomen and their golds. They seem happy enough, even if Grie looks like she is totally upset her eggs are hatching. Eyes watch the blue and brown as they turn towards the group of candidates. "Why does it seem to take so long? It seemed it was over too fast when you got to watch it." A chin motion towards the galleries. Hip, hop, hop hop from foot to foot. "I swear these sands got three times as hot."

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Slogan, and steps forward.

Technicolor Paisley Bellbottom Egg is getting down, baby. Disco shivering over here… but don't shimmy /too/ hard, or you'll… break. There are pieces everywhere, and our of the middle steps a fairly massive brown, who roars with all the might his baby voice can muster. Big teeth. Big claws. Violence in all his parts. He puts his head down and charges directly toward a tiny, scared candidate with a non-regulation handkerchief snuffed up one of his nostrils. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screams Mortimer. And then, weakly, "Deth! It's Deth!"

"Hey, the queens aren't the ones we have to worry about tonight," Winston replies to Mohitani, largely ignoring the clutchparents. "These are their /kids/, and they're not going to screw up their hatching. All these…these four hundred pound," he wildly makes up a weight, "toddlers with claws and ohshardit -" He cuts off as the blue dragonet comes close and…goes headlong to Slogan. In a happy way, it looks like. Winston lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

Loren is as absorbed in trying to watch every single dragon action as Dredos. She points at the blue suddenly, swinging up her free arm franticly. "Look!" See, that blue is doing something important! She's not sure what, yet, but it seems like it just got dramatic. Oh! That /was/ important. Slogan just Impressed. "Blues s….." Loren was intending to yell 'suck' to tease Slogan as usual, but trails off as she realizes they /are/ in front of everyone. "Slogan Impressed!"

"It's the shoes." Beri doesn't notice the hand. She's fixated on the sight of a dragonet charging. She swears under her breath as the blue goes skittering toward Slogan, Mohitani and Nulerak, eyes wide. When he comes to a stop without hurting anyone, she breathes again. "Man, i thought that blue was going to eat Mo."

Mohitani tenses as the blue sprints in their direction, hand briefly clamping down on Winston's before she releases it as the blue goes on by to head for - Slogan?! "Slogan!" is all she can say in reply, staring. "He - that blue - Impressed?" Goggle. And then, there goes Mort's Impression. "So much for not having him on a dragon, eh, Winston?" Oh, bother.

Nulerak will settle for that answer, favoring Mohitani with another one of those wobbly, uneasy smiles of his. Hopefully the heat isn't making him sick. "Oh, yeah. Gotcha." Nulerak shifts around a bit, as though to try and probably peel his sticky robe away from his body. Whatever his efforts are, they don't seem to be working. Then! Slogan's being butted by the blue and Nulerak tries to free his hand, shaking it about frantically. "Let gooooooo."

Tanis nods and forces herself to stop hopping like a little girl, only bringing her heels off the floor. "I think so Beri. No, it looks like he stopped and has impressed Slogan! Way to go!" The last is yelled towards the boy, luckily not right in Onberlie's ear. Oh yes, that is two Kippy's now that have impressed. A smile is finally able to curve her lips, even if she still scared to death at the sight of more eggs hatching.

Very Dusty Grey Egg trembles, hesitates, and then sneezes out a lopsided green, who slips sideways into Winter's Mantle Egg, tearing it, too, open. Her blue brother, inside, snaps at her, then turns, and the two find their mates on the sands.

Winston looks around at the scream of Mortimer and his shoulders slump slightly, letting out a little grown. "Oh shells, are you kidding me? /He/ Impressed?" Winston asks, distracted for a moment before he looks back around at Mohitani and smiles weakly. "That boy is going to have to grow a spine and fast." He glances around at Slogan as well, and lowers his voice a little. "Slogan too." Largely, he trusts to the fact of Slogan's overwhelming Impression to distract him from any disparaging comments Winston might make.

Sand in the eye! Sand in the eye! Instinctively, Slogan drops the hand that was clutching Nulerak's and rubs vigorously to get the sand out, but to no avail. And being caught off guard by the little shove, the poor boy tumbles into Nu's side. Domino effect? "Me?" And he's talking to himself! Oh wait. And then Slogan's distracted by another egg. Forget the dragonet, right? "S'lo?" Who'dat? And then the boy's distracted again by the crowd. Hi dad! He even gives a little wave. And then he squints. Oh, that's not him. "Tosie. Koth. Or Tosie? Tosiekoth. No, if you can call me S'lo then I'm just gonna call you Tosie." And then the heat hits him, causing a little dance. "I've got sandals on."

Round Bunny Poo-fection Egg does a few more shakes before it tumbles over a dip in the sands, and crack! It splits in two! A large blue from within trollomps out amongst the candidates, making lots - and LOTS - of loud noises, before finding the one - a small red-haired girl, Salli, standing off to the side of the candidates. "Oooh, Fohrrth! Of course I'll be yours! I'll be your's forever and every and ever and…!"

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet shifts his wings, fanning them out and then folding them back in, if somewhat inexpertly. There is Purpose in his stride, even if it is uneven against the sands shifting underfoot; his path through the candidates is incautious: those who are not his Chosen had better move out of his way.

Shazi chokes. "What???" She stares at the newly Impressed Mr'ter and Deth. "You've got to be kidding me," she mutters under her breath, then louder, "I didn't think he'd actually Impress!" Reminded of her role as assistant weyrlingmaster, she trots on out to the middle of the trouble, keeping an eye on the hatchlings, and gestures for the new pair to follow her to the edge of the Sands.

As the hatchings and impressions begin to pick up speed and frequency, Dredos starts to back away. Just a little. He's not trying to stand behind Loren. Not at all. It's just the angle.j

Light in the Closet Egg the coats and dresses aligning the shell begin to quiver, as something from another world begins to erupt. The shining sky seems to grow, the falling flakes seem to whirl and fly, as whatever fantasy place begins to invade reality. Parts of the wardrobe egg begin to crack and distort, as, with a final smash, a bronze bandit from the mysteries beyond is finally revealed! At least… sort of.

Valorous Veneer for a Child's Venture Bronze Dragonet
Mystery shrouds what shadows cannot about the tilted eyes and jagged 'spars of a bronze assuming in posture what he lacks in size. Melted hues that thin and glide over his tiny frame alight in summer amber, deep, but smooth to curl and whimsically dance aloft jagged, tooth-like 'ridges. But all his body does not glow such; dark, hard-edged charcoal drips across face and back, a hero's disguise, fitting for the grand disposition of his stout muscular visage. Each sail of dusky ale fades to winsome darkness, each held about him as an illustrious cape that flows into the twiny length that his tail conforms. Neither pride nor glory is this bronze's fame; his eccentric carriage alludes to a humorous intellect that hides something far, far more dangerous: an idea.

Mohitani shrugs a little, giving Slogan - no, make that S'lo, apparently - a beam from where she's standing. "Sure they will, but I'm sure that blue of his will help him. Well, maybe. Assuming that they both don't get too distracted." Still grinning, her gaze automatically flicks toward the newest hatchling - oh, look, bronze - and eyebrows lift a little. "He's something, eh?"

Nulerak topples over, barely catching himself after Slogan bumps into him, sputtering at his friend. "Congratulations, Slogan!" Note that he -does- edge away from his friend after an aborted attempt at a congratulatory slap on the back, heading more towards Mohitani and Winston. Mo's words drag Nulerak's attention back to the present, and a glance is given to the small bronze. "He's got… teeth. Just like that brown one." Speaking of which… Where did that one -go-?

The Three-Year-Old Grilled Cheese Sandwich Egg is moving. It has found life. It is a bit distressing. It actually seems to liquify, poooouring away from the almost fuzzy-looking green inside. She traipses along, delicately, until she finds… Timmy. T'm. "Buktyth! We're goin' places!"

"A second bronze." Onberlie whispers, her voice not carrying far, but her mouth certainly working. She furrows her brow as her lips twitch. "Huh." She draws in a deep breath and sweeps her gaze past the blue that just impressed and on to the brown still wandering. Her eyes don't remain fixed on him for long, distractions abounding as another green impresses. "I have to pee." That privileged information is passed on to Tanis.

Tanis turns her head like a canine hearing a sudden sound as another egg cracks and another bronze emerges. "Oh…good tally of bronzes so far." This is commented as she leans in to Beri and squeezes her hand momentarily. The dancing of the heels continues. As the brown edges closer, and looks like it doesn't care who it runs over so she backs up a couple steps. "Me too." She whispers, wishing to Faranath she had had time to go before the eggs hatched. Right heel up, then down, then the left heel. "Wonder who the brown and bronze will go to.."

Celestial Tranquility Egg is quiet, but not still. A ripple passes over the shell, shadow occluding the glow of the Timor-touched globe.

Valorous Veneer for a Child's Venture Bronze Dragonet finds himself.. Well. Where is this? Obviously, where he was meant to be… But it doesn't seem right. Isn't there supposed to be something he's to do? To go to? To fight? The thin shape of his darkened face turns towards those pairs being lead away from the Sands; it makes sense! He must have a partner! An accomplice! He slowly begins to wobble onto his feet, stretching everything out for size - it may not be much, but that won't hold him back! Slowly, he begins to practice this "walking" thing in the direction of those standing white people… maybe there will be one there.

Winston shifts unconsciously on his feet as he realizes that he really is getting uncomfortably hot. "They'll figure it out. That's what Weyrlinghood is for, I suppose," he says to Mohitani, but he doesn't sound entirely convinced of his own assertion. "Well…S'lo will," he ammends, with a brief glance after the infamous Morty and his new Deth.

Mohitani finally breaks the semicircle as the hatching gets well underway - with everyone distracted by movement all around, perhaps her edging out of the circle and forward to where she can get nearer to where Frusha's standing won't be immediately noticed. But she's breaking rank - among other things. Clearing her throat rather loudly, she makes a grand gesture toward the Weyrwoman - a sweeping bow, and begins to recite something in a sing-song voice. Dear me, is that a /limerick/?

We seem to have a Weyrwoman here
Whose efforts make us think, 'Oh dear!'
She's so sharding sorry
That she made folks 'borry'
From others their wine and their beer.

Chey whips her head around as Mohitani begins to speak, staring at the girl in absolute, horror-struck /astonishment/.

Nulerak twitches his feet around, having been unfortunate enough to get bits of sand stuck in his sandals thanks to Slogan. S'lo. Mohitani's moving away prompts a somewhat frantic look after her, and Nulerak waves his arms around. "MO. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" To Winston, in a somewhat panicked voice, he wishpers, "She's going to get -eaten-. What do we dooooooo?"

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet lopes in an easy hop-step, wings fluttering with his agitation. Though his speed does not increase, he stretches his neck as though he might close the distance more quickly in this manner. And suddenly, there she is, and he's not sure what to do. He studies her, this little wren with her mousy brown curls and bright, cornflower blue eyes. He rumbles and jabs his nose at her bladder.
Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Onberlie, and steps forward.

Part 2

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