High Reaches' 19th Hatching Log

Rhaeyn's gold Aevryscienth x G'deon's bronze Nylanth
July 20th 2009
Logged by Dex

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Aevryscienth sends out a curly-que of gold-infused smoke, wafting spirals of gardenia and wildrose drifting along the link. " I believe they are beginning to rouse, " she conversationally declares to the weyr at large.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Szarabhayanath's voice is lazy, more dark than light, though there are sparkles of interest flaring through her tones. " Hm. Interesting. " The lazy is too strong to ignore and so the girlish tones slide away, fading gently into soft giggles and pinpricks of light.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Valedath is gentle tones and musky nights. " Fantastic! My Tye and myself are looking forward to training the next generation! Your babies, my lovely, womanly Aevryscienth. Shall be as splendid as you are. "

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Aevryscienth may breathe a sigh of 'good god, does he ever stop with that crazy shit' proportions. But Valedath wouldn't hear that. Of course.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Nylanth tags a slightly glum wake following Aevryscienth's statement, not bothering with anything other than the scent of a campfire that had a whole lot of dish water poured on it. And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that he drops in tones of crimson black amidst a glowing, teasing lilt of candlelight. " Perhaps, splendid, if they are not as /insolent/ as these petty, mindless candidates. I reserve judgement until they are paired and proven. Let us…. /watch/. " Grumble.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Szarabhayanath thinks all of that ho-bag's babies will be a touch crazy. Good thing she knows better than to SAY anything.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Sevareth is nowhere near as verbose; comforting cocoa and soft blankets, all relaxed is he: " I like the little baby dray-gons. "

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Aevryscienth drifts fond ambrosia towards Sevareth. She must have a brown fetish. Must.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Alajaith purrs out her cultured tones in exact rhythm, husky and hot and so smooth: water over rich silk. " They're coming soon. How lovely. " Hints of sea lavender and delicate orchid thread through the voice in scarcely suppressed excitement.

<High Reaches Weyr> Nazkriuulth senses that Aevryscienth doesn't say anything else- but the thrum coming from the Sands says it all, doesn't it? Join the chorus, High Reaches: the newest generation is on their way!

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Perched on a few empty cots are eighteen firelizards.
You see Name Board, Salen's Guitar, Firelizards Fishing, Darden's Ring, a High Reaches Weyr scarf, a High Reaches Weyr scarf, Linnau's Ring, Candidate Memory & Tribute Book (Summer '09), Music, Bow, Archery Target, Prize Scarf, and a High Reaches Weyr scarf here.
Imre, Mikah, Erarei, Linnau, Darden, Ethan, Sutri, Matej, Salen, and Tye are here.

Tye steps into the candidate barracks, all calm as calm can be. No longer the raving lunatic she normally can be, the bluerider just stands near the doorway. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. "/Hello/?" She yells out, "Can't you hear them talking? The level of intensity running around the…" Pause. And so the humming starts. "Aaaah. There is is. Hear that, /candidates/?" Tye gives a very unlike herself grin. Her face, for once, quite happy. "Get a move on. It's hatching time." Dun dun duuuun!

Following behind Tye, looking a bit over-ruffled from a long night of probably-drinking, Dex enters into the candidate barracks with the neck-collar of a candidate held in one hand, so that he's flung into the barracks with a hard *push* so he can group up with the rest. "You /heard/ the woman!" the fellow bluerider yells, having to be a good little Tye-shadow and all. "ROBES ON! GATHER UP! /MOVE OUT/!" Go go, Autobots! Vrooom!

Darden is sitting on his cot sketching, and as the humming starts he jumps and leaves a black streak across his drawing. "Oh, sh-" he mutters, getting hastily to his feet and reaching for his robe while at the same time kicking off his unlaced boots. "Yes, ma'am. Sir!"

Ethan lifts his head from a book in his hands, "What? Time? Now? As in /now/?" Book is slowly set aside as the boy gets up and digs around for his robe. And ratty ol' sandals that he found somewhere. Robe is donned as clothes are discarded, and the former busboy is hastening to get into some form of line, glancing around at the other Candidates.

Salen, having been released from the infirmary only a few days ago, is still taking it easy, so he's sitting on his cot, tuning his guitar, Soprano in her customary place in the guitar case, watching him. He looks up with Tye enters, apprehension spreading across his features. And then - humming. And, you know, shouting. "Right!" Instantly, the Candidate is on his feet and diving for his trunk to find his robe, muttering semi-panicked obscenities under his breath.

Sutri is as fretful as all can be. Fret fret, over her little firelizard. Until Tye and Dex are coming in. And then, the humming begins and she's hopping off of her cot (poor Mudi) and her rove is quickly thrown on, hair pulled back and she's moving to form in a line.

Matej was on his cot, reworking the stitching on the left side of his robe, but he looks up at Tye's entrance, and studies her for a long moment, before rising to salute, to grin. The oldest candidate steps back to the other side of his cot and sheds his shirt, folding it to put it away, before he'll slip on the good-enough candidate robe. He'll shed his pants, under that, and toe off his boots, to exchange with sandals.

Linny is determined /not/ to be a freaking out candidate, one who runs all about, shoving their head through the sleeve of their robe in their panic. And contrary to what people thought, she is also /not/ naked right now. At Tye's announcement, the girl nods, pulling her robe out from under her cot and shaking it out. Clothes are removed, robe is thrown on, and Lin reaches for her ribbon, hastily gathering her hair to pull it back.

Salen finds the robe and starts changing with the others, stripping off his clothing in record time and shoving himself into the thing. Boots are kicked off and exchanged for sandals and then he's scrambling toward the door. /He/ can be the panicking Candidate, though at least he has his robe on properly.

"No, Candidate," Dex mutters to Ethan. "In about six hours. I'm /sure/ they'll wait for you." What is with these kids? Are they deaf? Man, she is not in a good mood - not now, when her pleasant afternoon of hungoverness is brutally broken by her blue hammering a hum in his throat and breaking her eardrums. On top of realizing she has to spend the next few hours on the Sands, with /these/ guys. /Man/. How lame. "Hurry, hurry! Not fast enough! /Go go go/!" She gives a few loud handclaps, and a few hand signals to indicate the need to rush it up. She's so lovingly encouraging, is she not?

Darden finishes getting dressed and hastens to the line, pushing his hair out of his face and looking back at the firelizards on his cot. He gulps nervously and lifts a hand, palm out. "Stay," he mutters, and then edges through the line to stand behind Sutri. "Here we go," he murmurs.

Imre shivers as she skins out of her winter wear and into the none-too-insulated robe, keeping her face to the wall - although with all this hostle, modesty is hardly an issue. Even when she is covered, she looks uncomfortable in her robe, which has a definite, billowy, choir-attire effect to it.

"If you have anything on, and I mean anything on, besides your robe, your sandals, and for those of you with long hair, your hair tie, consider yourself done with candidacy and not allowed to go out on those sands. Understood?" Tye sure hopes so, since this is not the moment to be removing candidates from candidacy. "Think any of them even got a shot, Dex?" The Weyrlingmaster sends her assistant a wry grin. "I suspect most shall be mauled within the first couple moments." She's staring at her nails, buffing them as she speaks. "We still have a few moments, so make sure you are completely ready before you hit those sands! I want no shoe-less candidates whining about hot feet!" She's so caring.

Now that hair is properly secured, Linny follows the rest of the crowd to line up. A deep breath is taken as she ducks in behind someone, she doesn't really pay attention to who it is. While other candidates are chatty, she's quieter. Or maybe she's just afraid that if she opens her mouth, she might puke. There's that, of course.

"Good luck, Ethan." Matej mutters to the fellow that's been sleeping in the next bunk over, for so long. He takes a glance over at Dex, at the weariness etched into her features, and just manages not to grin. Tye gets a nod, as Matej reaches for a leather, to pull his hair up and off his neck in a ponytail that was his norm, back on Ista Island. There, and done, Matej will settle into an easy stance, waiting. He's at the very back of the line from the door into the sands, but height is his advantage. The rear gives the best view, if you can see over everyone's head.

Layers be damned. Erarei struggles with her clothing choices more than she'd ever like, pulling on this bit, snapping at this button (pulling it practically off in the process). "Crom, Crom, cruddy Crom, please come off," she's freed finally and the robe with one giant crease is flipped over her head. There's no helping her frizzy hair, it's just strangled with a thong. Darden's mimicked, Alsuroor given directions to remain. Her sandals are slip-ons and give no guff.

Salen takes a moment to make sure that his hair isn't going to escape the tie and fly everywhere and that all clothing and footwear are properly secured before finding a place in line as well, trembling faintly. He swallows nervously and gives the other what he hopes are encouraging smiles.

Darden stands on his tiptoes to look around at the other Candidates, giving them all an encouraging grin and thumbs up. "Luck, everyone! Be safe out there." He crouches down to check the ties of his sandals.

Dex nods in affirmation of Tye. "Nothing else on the Sands! No firelizards, no personal items - they will be collected afterwards!" There's a stiff snort from her nose, before, rolling her eyes, she responds to her Weyrlingmaster with, "Well, a few." There's a slight glance tossed towards one male in particular. "But I'm not keeping my hopes up. Not our decision who gets called to duty… But if it were…" Then most of those eggs would be going bye-bye. Ahem. She crosses her arms, letting her eyes jump from candidate to candidate as she waits. "SPIT IT OUT!" she yells at one candidate, chewing on a piece of candy. "NO FOOD!"

Ethan is completely empty handed, just a robe and sandals. "Up to regulations, ma'am," he says, giving the weyrlingmaster a cheeky grin. Maybe the guess is true, maybe he /is/ the one most likely to be whipped by Tye. Trying to catch Erarei's gaze, he nods his head, giving her affirmation of something. Possibly a good luck? Or something else.

Sutri glances back at Darden as he moves behind her, giving a nervous smile as her hands clench tightly and she wiggles about in her spot.

Tye starts taping her foot, impatient, even though she's the one who stated they had "some" time. "Mmm. It's all up to the dragons, now. I hope none are duds. I've seen enough of those to last me a while. An entire, healthy clutch is all I ask for." Even if it means a mountain load of work for the bluerider. "Nice catch. You heard Dex! If any firelizard appear out there, I'll be sure to ask Nylanth to flame them on the spot!" Since, y'know, Rys can't. "You all know what to do, correct? Get in line, get in line!" She gestures towards the exit. "Do /not/ piss off the big, gold dragon. Do /not/ make any motions towards a dragonet and piss them off. Do bow to both clutch parents and show utmost respect for every egg, dragon, and person out on those sands. /Understood, candidates/?"

Salen's eyes have glazed over somewhat, so it's not entirely certain if he even heard what Tye said, but he knows enough to know she's talking to them (maybe the 'understood, candidates?' was a giveaway). So he looks over at her and nods. "Y-yes, sir." He shifts a little, glancing to the others to see how they're faring, then his eyes go forward again.

"Yes, Weyrlingmaster." So many syllables, the the reply rolls of Imre's tongue as she tosses her reply into the general nodding chorus.

Darden straightens up and gives Tye a smart salute, "Yes, ma'am."

Sutri salutes Tye and lets out a soft, "yes ma'am!" But, then she's silent again and she fidgets about.

"I hope so too, sir. Not sure this Weyr could handle another Griellitath." But, at least Aevryscienth has shown no signs of it. Dex has little else to say, now, but to continue nodding in agreement to her superior. "I think they're ready, sir," is her last, quiet statement to the Weyrlingmaster… Even if she's not even sure /she/ believes it, herself.

Linny bobs her head, sending her runner tail bouncing over her shoulders. "Yes ma'am," is said, though perhaps not heard as her fellow candidates follow suit.

Ethan bobs his head saying immediately at Tye's commanding question, "Understood, ma'am." Matej is flashed a grin, and he murmurs, "Good luck to you too, Matej." Belated good luck, but it's rather crazy at the moment. Darden, Sutri, Linny, Salen - well okay, everyone is given a quick look that says it all: Good luck everyone!

Erarei repeatedly strokes a curl until it nearly melts from the friction but otherwise she seems put together. Ethan's glance is caught late but the young woman makes up for it by smiling widely and taking two or five steps his way. "I expect no trouble on these sands." Promise? Omen? Veiled threat? At Tye's command Rei assumes a place in line behind Linnau whom she tries to give a small elbow squeeze to.

"Yes ma'am." Matej murmurs in response to Tye's words. Not loud, but loud enough to be heard if -he- was specifically being listened for. He's turned to simply watching and listening, though his breath has become deliberate, and slow, as if to counter the race of heartbeat that thrills through him. Ethan gets a nod back, and Matej will, then, just close his eyes and take a few more, deeper, breaths.

Tye heads on over towards the exit, her one hand flailing as all the candidates run around and get in place. "Good, good. Glad to hear it. Just…" The Weyrlingmaster is awkward for a moment, her face screwing up. "Don't be stupid out there." A big breath is taken, and her face transforms back into the hardass she is. "Alright! Roll out," Autobots! "Candidates! Onto the sand. Go, go, go! This is not a drill." That said, Tye turns on heel and heads on out. Can we say 'whee'?
Tye follows, heading off the Sands.

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Aevryscienth and bronze Nylanth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs, Stripper's Paradise Egg, Banana Hammock Egg, Nothin' But The Radio On Egg, and Please Put More Clothes On Egg here.
Rhaeyn, G'deon, Iasri, Tye, Darden, Ethan, Sutri, Erarei, and Salen are here.

The Weyr's pride of candidates come via a pale snake-like line inevitably stretching east to west. Some faces go solemn, some are cramping up and the types to wear hearts on their sleeves grin, more than a little gun shy. They really try to alternate the bow to the dragon parents and the Weyrleaders as an undulating stage wave but a Tillek kid starts early and flubs up his neighbors. Many throw salutes. At least it's a good honest effort from those with destinies on the line.

G'deon situates the glasses just so and opens the flash with his other hand. The cap is already nicely loosened, apparently. He tips some whiskey into both shot glasses, slips the flask into his back pocket again, and offers one glass to Rhaeyn. "Igen was insanely dry," he answers, cutting off as movement in one of the eggs catches his attention. "But more on that later. Cheers."

"Can I? Oh, I guess. Dredos is up there, but I can't pass up a good mauling." So Iasri sits in that extra seat.

Stripper's Paradise Egg bumps and grinds within the shallow hollow of the area in front of Aevryscienth. Is that a crack? That's a crack. And a glittering line of egg-glub oozes out of said crack, which follows a streaky orange line from apex to bottom.

Linny tosses a smile back to Erarei, that excited sort of a smile, relieved that she's at least standing by someone she knows. "Geez, they're not wasting any time, are they?" she murmurs back to Erarei, noting the one egg that already seems to be eager to crack open.

Salen positions himself so he's between Darden and Linny, just as promised. He grabs the hands of both, giving then both vague apologetic grins. Likely because when that egg cracks, he squeezes hard. "Good luck," he whispers to the two of them.

Ethan is finally nervous, emerging onto the hot sands amidst the large candidate cluster, and once the tribute is paid, he's looking once to the galleries. Spying a gaggle of females, a friend, a brother-friend and a few others, he sneaks a wave, but really, the show is right in front of him. The first egg that wobbles is given a glance, as bright blue eyes widen and hair is tossed out of his eyes. Shifting from foot to foot, he anxiously looks around for once, his confidence failing him.

Dex is on Tye's heels as she exits the barracks before the candidates, offering her own deep, quick bow to the gold on the Sands, before scurrying off to the side to be near the prepared food for the hatching dragonets. She'll wait, there, in order to preform her duties - but she wishes she could be near Rhaeyn. She would love to see the clutch-mother's reaction upclose, of course.

Darden steps out onto the sands and after his bow he shuffles over with concentration on his face. He finds a spot beside Sutri and gives her an encouraging smile, reaching over to give her hand a squeeze before looking over at Salen and grinning too, and past him to Linny. Ethan is given a chin nod of encouragement.

Sutri takes a slow breath once the bowing finishes, moving to stand beside Darden and giving him a faint smile before she's looking to the eggs and frowning. "I think that one was moving."

Rhaeyn leans back, suddenly, staring at her lifemate.. "Oh crap." Eyebrows arch. "Are you /serious/? /First/? Well… that… has to be a good sign. Good luck, right?" With that said, the goldrider stands on her chair. "DEX. OVER HERE." She gestures. To hell with the rules!

Stripper's Paradise Egg gives one more salacious wriggle on the sands, the egg writhing in time with music unheard. Finally, the music stops, as does the egg: and, after a sudden explosion of tribal-patterned mellow-yellow, The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet stands where once was merely an egg. Why, hello, boys. Are you scared yet?

The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet
All that glitters is not gold, but t'is not pyrite that glimmers brightly o'er far-sweeping sails and gilds serpentine curves with undeniable brilliance. Incandescence incarnate pours sunlight-drenched honey over the smooth rondeur of arching neckridges and flows downwards, interrupted irregularly by highlights of white-blonde. These near-silver glints strike here- and there, and there: they sparkle of newly-minted platinum, echoing and evoking the same ownership that silver-touched wingspars and pedicured talons do of mead-drunk sails and broad, steady paws. These sparks of luminosity showcase her silhouette, drawing attention to the perfection of exquisite face, delicately limned and graceful in repose. Vivacious and bubbling with joie de vivre, she holds herself with a confidence drawn through merit of birth: an old soul, concealed within the trappings of springtime resplendence.

Matej separates himself from the others after the group bow, and moves well away from the eggs. He does cast up a glance toward the galleries, but is unable to pick out any particular face from the sea up there. Likewise, he may well be lost within the sea of white robes. He'll situate himself near the opening to the bowl, where the breath of a cool breeze might help neutralize the searing heat of the sands. And there, with a wash of shorter persons between himself and the eggs, Matej will wait and watch. He swallows, tries another two long deep breaths, and nods to some internal dialogue. When the gold hatches, Matej straightens abruptly, and stares.

When Imre looks back at the galleries at all, it is towards the weyrcrafters - the Bakers, specifically - who have gathered in a bright knot at one end. But the sound of sharp gasps causes her head to whip around and spot a very real, very large-looking hatchling.

Dex doesn't even get the chance to greet any weyrlings, to offer them some meat, to do her duty-thang, before that… /thing/ hatches. The gold. "… What the heck?" she mutters to herself, as she obeys Rhaeyn's order though she barely even hears it. "Okay. So maybe I /shouldn't/ joke that Aevryscienth is anything like Griellitath," she snorts to the goldrider, crossing her arms. "Well. You're going down in history, Rhaeyn. First goldrider to manage a gold that actually /wants/ to hatch." She'll wait here, at the Weyrwoman's side, until it's time to greet the first Impressee… Whoever it may be.

Darden jumps, gaping at the queen. He gives the newly hatched gold a slight bow, while never taking his eyes off of her. "Wow," he murmurs reverently. He shrugs at Sutri, "I'm not sure. I know bronze hatching first is lucky. Maybe…gold is luckier? I don't know." He gives her hand a tight squeeze.

Tye lets out a good-sounding snort. "Yeah… yeah. I guess a gold hatching first seems about right for Aevryscienth's first clutch." The Weyrlingmaster just snorts, sending a look over to Dex. "Figures, right?" She suddenly gives off a hefty sounding chuckle. "Good show, Rys! Good show, Nylanth!" A happy Tye is a good Tye!

Linnau grins over at Salen, giving his hand a squeeze, shooting the same look to Darden. Eyes widen as the gold emerges first, obviously taken aback and rather surprised by that. Tongue wets her lips as she keeps a close eye on the new dragonet while also glancing around to the other eggs.

There is a vivid curse from Salen with the first hatchling emerges. Eyes go wide and round and he turns to look at the girls, the question in his eyes of which one she is going to choose. "Just won a bet," he whispers to Darden, trying for some levity. Linny's hand gets a brief responding squeeze but he prepares himself to drop it, should the hatchling come in their direction. "She's…really big," he whispers to nobody in particular.

Ethan gasps a bit - it's not to be helped for as a hold-bred boy the first egg cracking and hatching is something to be seen. As the first hints of gold spill through, the boy's eyes get wider, if possible, and the other female candidates are all eyed speculatively, however, he's quick to step out of any path that first dragonet might take. Besides, moving makes his feet feel good. "Not the first of expectations…" he mutters, looking out for his other candidates, wishing his robe had pockets in which to cram his hands.

Nylanth is suddenly looking rather smug, and a bit more bronze than brown finally. Yeah. See that? That's mah bebbe! There's a bit of a chest puff, even. G'deon shuts his eyes tightly for a moment, then glares at his lifemate before glancing down at Rhaeyn. "Cheers indeed," he mutters before downing the whiskey in one go.

Iasri is going to agree with everyone else on this one too. "Gold? First? Your dragon sure has the balls to pull that one off." Iasri gives a big old eyeroll at the whole ordeal, leaning back into her seat as she gives Rhaeyn an appraising look. "Well at least we know which side of the family she gets her confidence from. Hatching first. Only you-" She points towards Rys with a bit of a chuckle. "Yath's mighty pissed at the whole thing. Oh well."

Nothin' But The Radio On Egg is still here, still being… still. It'll get its turn. Soooon enough.

Sutri nods slowly, "what I meant. Maybe she's super lucky, then." There's a teasing grin before she glances towards the other eggs on the sands. "Wonder what the rest will be, if she's the first.."

Darden laughs at Salen, shaking his hair out of his eyes since his hands are occupied. "Good for you?" He grins down at Sutri, "Knowing Aevryscienth? Just as bold and beautiful." He grins over at Ethan, "How are you holding up?" he calls, his eyes still sweeping the Sands and watching.

Erarei brushes hair from her eyes until none remains to tickle her brow. Like that'll last. "If it is one thing I learned about dragons is they haven't our sense of bad timing." The atmosphere is taken in: the smell of heat, bunches of eggs, the size of Nylanth and Aevryscienth, cluttered galleries. "Do you like all this attention?" She asks Matej from behind just after the gold hatches.

Please Put More Clothes On Egg shimmies and shakes. But just only. As if it's going to hatch yet. It just wants to make sure you still know it exists.

The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet steps out of her shell with innate grace, her gaze focused from the very start. Wings are held daintily aloft, and she turns, as is only very appropriate, to croon a soft warble to her dam and sire. She shakes her head, to fling egg-goo aside, and starts a rather- determined looking gait across the sands, though every step is taken with the grace of a southern belle at cotillion. If she happens to bubble up a happy shiver of wings as she passes Dex, in particular, it says nothing about the coquettish tilt of delicate head.

Pop a top agaaaaaaaaaain. "That's my dragon. Oh hell yeah. First clutch, first egg, a gold." Rhaeyn, with a satisfactory smirk on her face, lifts her wineskin in toast to her lifemate. "Our dragons must have had some /hell/ of good sex," she asides to G'deon. "Don't you think?" Time to guzzle some alcohol. WHEE. "Hey. HEY. Don't be /looking/ at my best friend, like that, bitch," Rhaeyn mutters after the gold hatchling. "Nazkriuulth would /kick your ass/."

Matej thought he was in the back. He partially startles when Erarei's voice comes from behind him. A slight shake of his head, as he has to register her words, and make sense of them in the current venue. Finally, he'll half-grin without taking his regard off the gorgeous gold, "They're not paying attention to us, Rawr. And that's good." He will skitter his gaze ahead of the path the gold takes, guessing.

Nothin' But The Radio On Egg hasn't moved overly much since this whole shin-dig began. It's been waiting instead, for the right moment, of course. Pop! Crack! Smash! Pop! Crack! Smash! Two other eggs near this one hatch, leaving a green and a blue in their place, shaking bits of egg shell from their bodies. Those motions cause another to jolt violently, so much so it clears the sands, coming back to the earth near enough that the two eggs meet! From one, another green appears, but from Nothin' But The Radio On Egg? Well. Only the top of the shell completely fell away, leaving the bottom still in tact. A head, a small brown head, pops up over the jagged edge and stares out at his siblings. Apparently, that perfect moment for Bros Before Hoes Brown Hatchling is now.

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet
If eyes are truly windows to the soul, the slanted, hooded gaze of this reclusive dragon gives no doubt that a predator dwells within the solemn garb of his hide. Darkness enshrouds his lean, muscled frame, a cloak of shadow that spills over rounded neckridges and puddles at broad paws tipped with talons of gold-and-crimson. But here, and there, in between the stretches of sable, darkness falls prey to near luminescent redwood. This carmine brown - the very shade of dried blood viewed by moonlight - streaks narrow shoulders and rangy haunches, fading among the crags of his tail and neck, dousing his muzzle with rich, warning color. A wolfish ferocity limbs the lines of his finely-boned face, rangy shoulders and too-lengthy tail. Overshadowing all, however, are brown-black wings, speckled through with brass and gold: they shine in brilliant and expansive contrast. A predator may live here, indeed, but pack's strong ties control him from muzzle to tailtip, a duality of bloodthirst and honor brought to life from the very bones of the earth.

"It would seem so," G'deon answers Rhaeyn, his mellow baritone dipping towards dry. He tops off his glass with another slosh of whiskey, downs it, then sends both flask and glass to various pockets, leaving his hands free to start rolling up his sleeves.
Sutri grins at Darden, nodding her agreement. "Yeah, looking like they'll all be amazing." Another glance towards those egg that just hatched, "oh! A brown, Darden.. Look at him. He's nice, too." She giggles before looking to the other eggs and then the two hatchlings.

Dex gives Tye a very broad grin, considering seeing the Weyrlingmaster looking so pleased is a very rare, rare sight - so it's only natural that her protege follow suit, right? But, unfortunately, a certain look from a certain hatchling causes the bluerider to nearly fall backwards in shock, as, obviously, she isn't going to Impress the darn thing, so the only other option seems like First Feast, and… We don't like that option. No. We really don't. "Faranth yes he would," she mutters in accord with Rhaeyn, which is only echoed from a very strange noise from the nearby bowl of the Weyr. "Man, Rhaeyn… What on Pern did your gold pop out of her innards?" She crosses her arms again, her happiness from before obviously fading fast.

Linnau watches the gold dragonet make her way across the sands, a little smirk on her face before her attention is pulled away by another egg popping open. "Oooh, a brown." Eyes glide over his frame, checking him out, and noting his coloring. "Pretty little thing."

Imre has her fists balled tight, driving nails into sweaty palms. There's a determination on her face that starts to give way to calm, fatalistic assurance as she watches the gold (to the exclusion of the boy-dragons, and even the greens). She waits, expectant.

Ethan glances over at Darden and grins, though weakly, "Holding up okay so far -" Words are cut off as the second egg hatches and once again, he's shifting from foot to foot. Sandals, no matter how padded they are, aren't really immune to cooking. He shoves his hands under his armpits and twitches, ready to get out of the way should it be warranted.

Salen's eyes, locked on the gold hatchling, move rapidly to the newly hatched brown. And there they remain. Golds are all well and good, but, as a guy, a brown is slightly more pressing to him. He swallows with a dry throat and licks his lips. Everything else is forgotten: crowds, heat, the churning of his stomach. He takes a slow, shaky breath.

Darden gives Ethan another smile and then nods at Sutri, his eyes on the brown. "Oooh. He's handsome," he murmurs. He shifts his feet and raises his shoulder, dropping his head to briefly shield his vision and wipe sweat from his forehead. Then he's alert again, watching. Ever watching.

The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet curtails her involvement on finding a lifemate to stare, in fascination, at Matej. She even gets right up into his face, nostrils flaring oh-so-exquisitely as she takes in the scent of him. Then there's a rather queenly crinkle of the skin around her nostrils, and her head flies up and she whirls, fleeing the scene. He must have smelled pretty damned horribly. But wait. She smells something a fair bit better… She moves towards a pair of candidates holding hands, then passes by the girl as if discarding ripped lingerie. So tacky. Next! Her wings flutter with the briefest irritation of impatience.

Erarei happily concedes to Matej, chin dipping down. "You're correct." The brown joins his sister out in the open and Rei comments, "male and female at once, this is good balance. But why do you stay back here, for the best view?" A smirk is forthcoming, "or is it fear?" She stands on one leg to scratch at her calf.

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet is quite stuck within his half-an-egg. Or, rather, he would be, if he wasn't who he was. A master of /pouncing/! His head goes back into the shell, no movement really detected. Then -WHOOSH-! The brown makes it half way over the edge of his former prison, just for his two back legs to snag. Down he goes, shell coming with, a rolly-tumbly little dragonet. Alas. Master of pouncing perhaps he is not. But no worries! Once the momentum stops, Bros Before Hoes Brown Hatchling is back to his feet. He totally meant to do that. At any rate, he's free now and on his way across the sands, though not before he sends a croon towards his siblings and parents.

Sutri giggles as she watches the gold move to Matej, then turns attention back to that brown. "He is, pretty too. I wonder what the others will be.." Her bottom lip goes into her mouth and she chews, watching the two hatchlings and sneaking glances at the eggs.

Darden can't help but laugh softly at the antics of the brown, once he's sure he's okay and everything is set to rights. "He's adorable," he whispers to Sutri, "but I think he'd take exception to hearing that." He watches with amusement and a hint of alarm as the gold gets close to Matej, shifting his weight nervously until the queen moves on. He breathes a low sigh of relief.

Matej skips away from watching the gold, to see now a green, blue and brown hatch. "Chickens," he observes dryly to Erarei, "Do not hatch like this. Within minutes. This is… Incredible." Then he's staring at the gold dragonet and stepping back hastily, with a bow, a swallow. He straightens as the gold moves on, and speaks softly: "Those… Coming out of -those- eggs." The juxtaposition of awe and near-disgust are twisted in Matej's basso. Trying again to sort through Erarei's pitter-pat of words, to make sense, Matej speaks slowly, after a swallow. "I'm taller. Figure if there's a dragon for me, he can walk farther. But I'm here." If not, Matej still gets a great view. He spares the second to send a quick grin over to Erarei.

G'deon spares a quick scan for the galleries and dragon ledges, now and then sending off a wave or salute. It's only polite. He soon turns his attention back to the growing number of dragonets on the sands, however, and at one point reaches out to rest a hand on Rhaeyn's shoulder. Just because. In general, he looks fairly pleased, however.

Linnau chuckles, lightly, under her breath at the brown's movements, and then it's the gold all up in Matej's bizznis that gets another small laugh out of her. "Oh wow. So these are the creatures within those naughty eggs," she mumurs to Salen, grinning.

The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet has finally found, and chosen, hers. Was there ever any other possibility? Her speed increases, and the obvious destination of her journey shows evident. She picks an Istan, perhaps only to pique her mother's keeper: a dark-haired lass, as small as she is large. The sway of her gait, at the end, is akin to a Southern predator stalking prey; then, she stops in front of the dark-haired transplant, and lowers her head to press against Linnau's chest. /There/ you are. Why were you hiding?
The Exception To The Rules Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Linnau, and steps forward.

Ethan is caught off-guard at the hatching of the next dragonet, and quickly scuttles out of the way, landing him near Darden. "Quite possibly," the boy agrees, flashing the nanny a smile. Then the gold is turning to Linny and Ethan lets out a clap and grin, "Congrats!"

Sutri grins at Darden, "he is, though. Hope he doesn't get mad because he heard you." Then, the gold moves to Linnau and the girl claps her hands. "Yay Linny!" She cheers and claps more, "Look at that, Darden. Linny Impressed."

Banana Hammock Egg does a little wiggle and a jiggle, and a turn on the catwalk…er sands. Something is happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear! The being within pauses, resting, seemingly listening for..something to lure it out in broad daylight.

Salen laughs at Linny. "Wonder how the flights are-" Then the gold goes over to them and he drops the girl's hand. He doesn't want to get in the way at all for…what then happens. "Linny!" he exclaims, blinking at her in astonishment and joy.

Darden jumps at Sutri's words, his head whipping around so fast he gets that hot/cold neck crick thing. "Oh, wow," he breathes, stepping away and pulling Salen back with him. "Congrats, Lin," he murmurs. "Wow."

G'deon takes a deep breath as the gold chooses her lifemate, and he begins clapping rather loudly and just all-around beaming. Yeah. 'Tis a happy Gid right at this moment.

Banana Hammock Egg stretches with the strain of trying to contain the delicate package within, bulging obscenely with the throbbing effort to break free. Finally, seams stretched to the breaking point, the egg bursts, torn asunder, baring its contents for all to see. Augh! Look away! Look away! Oh, wait… it's a dragon!

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Dragonet
Pale surf breaks vermilion against the aureate glimmer of sand-flecked hide, limning the smooth lines of lean musculature on this small, but lengthy bronze. Dawn's blazen glory chases blustery shadows across his sinuous frame. It illuminates the storm-tossed drape of copper along the narrow trace of his back, tendrils tangled in the choppy dunes of aerodynamic neckridges and twined about the slender snake of his tail. Amidst the carmine-tinged span of reedy spars, gloom dissipates into luminous gold, while claws like mirror-bright pools of liquid amber dot the limber stretch of short and sturdy limbs. Cast in this early morning glow, wisdom's canny gleam sets fire to the cheerful features of a blunt and rounded face.

Sutri lets out another oh, and there's another dragon! "Look, Dardar! A bronze." Though, the boy has eyes, she still says it. There's a curious glance towards that brown. "I wonder if he'll pick soon.."

And in that moment - even as she is summonning the polite congratulatory response - Imre's self-confidence is sucker-punched. She's tough enough not to cry on the sands, but there's a flush to her face as she congratulates Linnau that's got nought to do with the head.

Oh wow. Linny blinks as the gold is suddenly there, eyes going all soft and squishy as a slow smile pulls her lips upward. "This is Kaelidyth!" she announces to everyone before her focus is back on her dragon. "Yes, let's," she says, gesturing for the dragon to lead the way, brown eyes scan for the weyrlingmasters, then, for what to do next.

Please Put More Clothes On Egg is still shakin' and rollin' here. Don't forget me! I'm an attention whore!

Ethan's gaze is pulled to the latest hatching, murmuring, "Ooooh, bronze!" There is nearly too much to see. A bronze, a brown, a newly impressed gold. It's enough to make the head spin, and so Ethan's head does spin, looking and watching and trying to see everything at once.

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet keeps on trucking, passing by eggs here and there, other dragonets, impressing candidates. Each get a careful eye from the dragonet, but nothing more than that. He's on a mission, a very important mission. Something, somewhere on these sands are nagging at him. Calling him, but heck if he can pinpoint where it is yet. Commotion causes the brown to deviate off his track. Head goes up, muzzle to the air. A delicate sniff and a tilt of his head. A loud sound, a joyous bugle is emitted towards his clutchsister. Doesn't last long before his body is back in motion. One foot in front of the other, tail swish-swish-swishing as wings are balanced at each side. He knows what he wants is out there.

Rhaeyn stares. What? She's allowed to stare. "Is that- was that- Linnau?" She stares over at G'deon for a moment, then over to Iasri. "Kaelidyth," she repeats to herself. "Kaelidyth." Excuse her a moment. She shakes her head, then, and turns her gaze towards the brown. "He better get his act together," she opines, then, aloud.

Darden watches Linny go and briefly releases Salen's hand to wipe at his eyes. Then he's grabbing for Salen's hand again, squeezing it tightly. The hatching of a bronze has his attention after a quick check of the brown's whereabouts, then back to the bronze. "Wow," he breathes under his breath. "He's stunning."

Salen flashes Linny a wide grin. "Kaelidyth. Wow. That's a beautiful name. Congratulations!" But then his attention is taken by the other dragonets on the sands, eyes switching from dragonet to dragonet, trying to keep his attention on both. His hand is tight on Darden's, once the grip is reestablished, and he's shaking, breaths coming quick and shallow. "H-he is," he says to Darden.

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Dragonet feels good good vibrations as he finally shakes free of the egg goo and shell remnants, crooning a welcome to his parents and siblings before finding one eggshell remnant is curiously sliding his foreleg across the sands. A delighted creel he gives as he slips and slides across the sands ripples, almost riding the shimmering waves of heat in his wake.

Please Put More Clothes On Egg can't help buy shake again. And shimmy. And roll. Pay attention now!

Please Put More Clothes On Egg rocks out with it's… shell out! While the garishly colored egg may, in fact, need to put more clothes on, the occupant inside would dare disagree with the world. Or is that more, would agree only with his own view of events, and that's that? Regardless, the egg is now in shambles, and a belligerent blue stands in the wreckage, looking rather smug about the wanton destruction of his former home. A rumble of approval from Aevryscienth doesn't phase him: oh, come on, mom. For the last time, I don't need your help! That's right, world (and mom): Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet is here to find his own way. Better watch out.

Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet
Faded slate overcasts the blue of his hide, masking fault and definition alike - at a glance there is little to draw the eye amid the gray-washed angles of a smallish frame. Sparks of steeled silver gleam against the broad plane of his shoulders and the near-translucent 'sails of narrow backswept wings, though, offering some hint to the tensile strength beneath. The sleek athleticism of his frame is best revealed at those points where the stormcloud sheen runs to darkness: smoky blue-black crests the inelegant profile of his long face, tracks the trail of blunted neckridges to lay a narrow stripe clear down his spine, spills down the restless, rangy lines of legs and his low-set tail.

"Damn good taste so far, I'd say," G'deon murmurs, most likely for Rhaeyn's ears only in this din. He goes so far as to squeeze her shoulder lightly. Just reminding her he's there, or something.

Well, there's the first Impression, and Dex, as much as she'd love to stick around Rhaeyn, gives the Weyrwoman a tight squeeze of the shoulder, and a big grin. "Well, Rhaeyn. Looks like you're gonna be stuck with your little lover-girl forever, now." With a final wink, the assistant weyrlingmaster begins to stride closer to where the candidates are huddled, her hand waving wildly. "Over here!" is yelled, to Linnau - or Linny, whatever. "Get some food in her tummy!"

Tye gets to do the honors, as she is Weyrlingmaster. "Linny." The bluerider walks out to meet the newest goldrider. "Congrats." The girl gets a genuine smile. "Come with me, off to the sides. We'll get you and your… Kaelidyth? That's lovely. We'll get her some food. Follow me." Turning around, Tye leads to two off to the side of the sands. Where they can, at least, continue to watch outside of the chaos.

Sutri glances back to Linny, grinning. "Kaelidyth is pretty." She agrees softly, sneaking another peek at the brown before looking to the blue. "Ooh! He's nice, too, Dardar."

Matej cranes his head as the murmurs of sound comes through the crowd, about the gold. "Linnau?" Matej asks, of Erarei, for confirmation? He'll let her look, while he turns back to watch the other dragonets. "There. They pair off fast. Move well, right out of the shell." Running commentary, almost for himself, perhaps like he does to soothe the nerves of an anxious animal. Matej shifts and his hands echo Ethan's problem. Where to go. He'll clasp them behind himself, with another look toward the clutch parents.

FACEPLANT. "Oh god. I'm going to end up sleeping with all of my juniors. Aren't I." Rhaeyn sounds like she may just be in a bit of despair right now. She leans into G'deon's hand.

Erarei centers her eye teeth down over her lower lip when the gold extends her stay and when she Impresses to Linnau makes a mad grab for Matej's arm whether she gets it or not. She just expects it to be there. "By the green hills, she's done it. Look, they rejoice to see the Weyr have another young gold." Eyes to the galleries, Erarei can feel the electricity. "I may not be someone you love or trust but come, let us go closer yeh?"

Linny nods at Tye as she carefully follows after her Kaelidyth, tossing a quick glance back to the scene unfolding behind her. Sure, impressing first is fun, but then you have to miss all of the fun afterwards. Or maybe she just should be happy that she might get the first pick of couches in the barracks. Score.

Kaelidyth follows along Linny, with an imperious tilt to her head. A flirty little curvette has her sidling up to Tye, momentarily. Food? Where's this /food/ at? Someone's hungry, here, /hello/!

Darden grins widely, nodding as he watches the blue hatch. "He's lovely. Looks like he could get around really quick. Looks like fun." More shifting, and he nudges the sand at his feet forward to create a little dune. "Sure could use a wind from outside to cool all this down," he mutters to no one in particular.

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Dragonet hangs ten…well more like 2.5 as he tumbles slightly, getting caught in his own exuberance for the moment, spraying sand up with his tail as it flails before regaining his balance once more. Then, he needs to take a look at the candidates on the sands..hmmm!

Ethan fidgets on the sands, hands under his arms and tries to keep an eye out for roving dragonets. A glance here and there and he's shuffling to the side, in case there is a sudden rush of dragonets his way. Conversation sort of floats over his head at this point.

Salen blinks as a blue is revealed, though there's a slight frown. "He is. They're all lovely. Aevryscienth and Nylanth make beautiful babies." But he sounds distracted. Lip is taken into his mouth and gnawed upon, hard. Scanning, searching, hoping for a flash of green hide. Somewhere.

Dex aws. Tye got to Linny, first. Well, she'll just have to go over here, then, and help this newly impressed greenrider. That's all fine and dandy, though - she seems to be growing redder and redder, the longer she watches the candidates, waiting for something 'spectacular' to happen. A second Impression? If only. She's stuck with Naz, forEVar.

Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet is doing a violent dance here, bucking and renting out of his shell with a force that suggests some inner resentment towards his past home. He splays backswung wings forward to catch his balance as the first tentative step is taken forward, but not before taking one last backward glance at his parents. If there's a motion of admiration towards the pair, it's a completely odd gesture?a chin flick. Good riddance instead, perhaps? And then he's off, moving with a fluid determination towards the candidates. Freeedooom!

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet is sending his muzzle to the air once more, more tentative sniffs, careful, cautious. All past goofiness is put to the wayside. This is far, far too important to mess up. But he smells something, it's in the air amidst the tension and excitement. That scent of something oh-so-right. He -bounds- off on the sands, granules kicking up with each talon that drags and than lifts. Way, way far back of the sands, he passes by many candidates in his rush. The brakes are put on and the brown skids to a stop, right in front of a small group. Marching straight up to Matej, Bros Before Hoes Brown Hatchling comes and sits right on the lad's feet, all gooey and adorable. A paw, along with super-sharp talons, is lifted. Ready for the long haul, buddy?

One by one, candidates to the right and the left of Imre start finding themselves bonded. Even as she sweats - profusely - she holds her chin up in defiance. Exactly /what/ she's defying is hard to tell, since her gaze is roaming all over the sands, but she's defying the /hell/ out of it.

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Matej, and steps forward.

Sutri lets out a soft sound as the bronze tumbles, "is he okay?" Brows lift before she looks back to that blue as well. Brows lift curiously and then she looks to see where that brown got to. To Matej, she lets out a cheer! "Look, Darden! /Matej/!"

Darden can't help but grin at the little bronze, shaking his head with an amused look. He glances down the line at Ethan to see how he's doing and grins. Sutri, once again, sees something before he does and he looks around quickly, gaping, "Ooh, Matej!" he says with excitement, "Congratulations!"

Ethan gives a whoop and calls out, "Congrats Matej!!" Then attention is focused on the bronze and the blue, and speculation commences as eyes rove the clump of white-robed ones to see who might be finding their lifemate next.

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Dragonet sees him, the face that goes with the feeling hes had from the moment he hatched, the ONE who makes him complete. He tears across the Sands, building up momentum, only to drop into a controlled skid that brings him to a stop in front of a lanky teenager with messy black hair and pale green eyes. He whuffles the youngsters hair, then butts his head up against that of his new lifemateforehead to forehead, and eye to eye Darden.
Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Darden, and steps forward.

Salen drops Darden's hand as soon as he sees who that bronze is going for. A HUGE grin on his face, he steps back to give them room.

"Dex! Go get' em!" Tye makes a shoo'ing gesture at the other bluerider. "Bring 'em all on over. I think two greens and a few blues just impressed as well. There!" She points in the direction of a few adrift weyrlings. "Grab them up and bring them on over here. When all is said and done, we'll head to the barracks together." Cause Tye is busy being all proud at the fact she gets to train another goldrider.

Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet seems to be determined… to take his own damn time now, and with the entire world in front of him, why not? He's going to stick his damp little muzzle under every egg crevice he passes, and to be sure as well, up every passed candidate's robe. He doesn't stay long enough to let those candidates dwell on him being there. Gotta spread the love, baby! Hello there! A pair of girls are sniffed at thoroughly, but they clearly aren't interesting enough for him. Too conventional. Not enough grit-Next!

"And here I thought that was all part of your plan," G'deon replies to Rhaeyn, his voice barely a rumble. As she leans against that hand, its grip tightens reassuringly. As dragonets begin picking off candidates (in the good way) right and left, his eyes tighten now and then. Maybe he's not so approving of some of these? Maybe his eye sight is failing. Who knows.

Darden drops both Sutri and Salen's hands as his vision is taken up with /dragon/, and he stares in shock at the dragonet. "Who talks like that?" he giggles, reaching out to tentatively place a hand on the dragon's muzzle. He looks around, eyes more glazed over than anything. "I…he's…uhm." Decisive. "Aikuonath." And that's all he can do, really.

Tilla has been standing there the whole time, really, watching the scene unfold. Clapping and cheering for Matej, Linny, and when Darden impresses, she lets out a really loud, two fingered whistle. "Dar!!"

And Darden is Impressing, so Ethan tosses out a happy, "Congrats!" to the boy. He shuffles across the sands, staying out of the way of dragonets and finds himself near Erarei.

Matej was going to step up, with Erarei, his arm seized, but he's stopped by the approach of the brown dragon. Indeed, remembering words of warning, he'd stepped back, but when the dragonet pauses at him, Matej sends a quick dubious glance to Erarei, and then looks back. Yes. The paw lifts, and Matej crouches, reaching to draw fingers down the neck, the shoulder of the dragon, "Temyrth." A hard shiver catches the tall man, his expression going blank as he stares at the brown, tracing the line of sanguine hues up his neck to pause at the sable-shadow muzzle. "Yes." Just those two words, before Matej's features melt into a grin, challenge wicked there in dark eyes, staring into alien whirling glitter. "We'll see."

Sutri steps back as Darden drops her hand, grinning widely. "See? I /told/ you." And then she's looking to that bronze with a giggle. "Congrats, Darden! I'm so happy for you!" And the girl shuffles away a bit more, so she's not in the way.

It's easy enough to see: that brown, hurtling across the Sands, making Dex's eyes grow wide and her hand reach out, as if wanting to stop it, with magical powerz, from colliding with someone and causing a very unfortunate injury. But what results is, in a way, far worse. Dex's mouth clamps shut. She gulps. She looks to the Sand. She looks away. She bites her lip. She opens her mouth, letting it hang, for a moment, to suck in breath… But finally, in a formal, loud, screeching voice, "/MATEJ!/ Bring him here." The bluerider raises a slice of meat, and wiggles it, in some sort of a taunt to bring the new brownriding pair closer. "Yes, sir," she nods to Tye, but… She can't seem to do much more but stand, staring… Just staring.

"Aikuonath," Salen whispers, once the announcement is made. "Congrats, Dar," he whispers, emotions welling his his eyes and expression, too overwhelmed to do much except stand there and stare. For the moment, his attention is on his best friend, not on the hatchlings.

Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet is starting to get frustrated here. At this rate, he'll never find a candidate that meets his standards. Damp claws dig and stomp with sudden frustration at this turn of events, and the blue swings his wings aloft into the air as he gives a small squawk of displeasure. But wait! What was that flash of bright red? Shiny! This dragonet is bridging the distance to the candidate sporting that ridiculous mop of hair. You! You will do.
Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Salen, and steps forward.

"Congrats Salen!" Ethan calls out, grinning at the boy's impression. All of the newly impressed get a grins as they are herded out of the mix of Candidates.

Salen whirls around as the blue comes straight for him. Eyes widen as they lock with the hatchling's and his breath catches. There's a baffled look, then a grin spreads across the boy's face. "Uh, alright Cimarroth. Yeah, I'm done. Let's go." And in a stunning reversal, it's Salen, stunned, following the hatching to the Weyrlingmasters and food, not leading.

Here, and there, and there: hatchlings all over the place. But with Salen's Impression, candidates are suddenly staring at an empty Sands. Rhaeyn rises from her chair, eyebrows raised. "Oh. That was fast," she murmurs. "G'deon. Would you-" she gestures towards the group of non-Impressees. "Oh, hell with it," she murmurs, and heads towards the group of somewhat mixed-expressioned candidates. "I'm sorry," she announces. "Apparently your lifemate was not out there. All of you." She gestures. "Come, come. We'll get some whiskey and get ya'll laid." Hey now. It's a win-win situation!

Ethan follows after those who's lifemates were not on the sands, going where directed.

Sutri claps for Salen, as well, and then seeing that there are indeed, no more hatchlings she bows. "Thank you." But, she's not lingering on the sands any longer. It's hot! And out she goes, to change and eat.

Erarei's steps double up when Matej gets hindered by a brown dragonet's wandering. Air is sucked through her teeth at their pretense of safety but all is well: Temyrth is on a mission of peace. A different light comes to her eyes and two steps to the side are completed. Smiling tenderly, "yeh, go to him." As if the dragon needs the instigation. She gets a glance to Ethan, somewhat surprised to see him there. "Are you rich enough to buy me a drink?" Waiting to see how lucrative this hatching was for him.

Ethan escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

M'tej was called. He looks up, finally, rejoining the world and hearing Dex's call. It comes as a sort of aftermath of adrenaline and nerves and a sudden weakness that he can't ascribe to anything. Murmured aside to the brown, with another light touch that turns into a loving stroke, Matej nods toward the bluerider and collected Weyrlings. "Right there, lad. Let's get you something. Taken care of." He sends another look, dazed, clearly, to Erarei. Then he's off to join where Dex beckons.

Linny leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
D'ren finally manages to look around himself and watches with brows furrowed as those who didn't Impress are sent off the Sands. He pats Aikuonath on the neck softly and leads him over to the edge of the sands, looking around in wonder. "Salen! Congratulations," he murmurs.

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