High Reaches' 1st PC Hatching (part 2)

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Jh'ral's bronze Rennth
11th May 1998
Logged by Lani

Part 1

Kumiko coughs, the heat getting to her throat, before her gaze searches. Dragons /were/ out here the last time she saw… and the brown on a mission is put on high priority. "I wonder who he's going for…. oooh." Tavim's nudged, as she points to what's left of the Deep Egg. "Look."

Leshil sidles, shuffles - all to keep a closer eye on the Hearthfire one. "Is he? Coming this way? Is he?" That, of course, is when the hiccups set in.

Vanilla Frosting Egg swirls to a stop, suddenly shudders for all it's worth, pauses, shudders again in a timultuous attempt at something, then pauses again. *pant*pant*pant* /SHUDDER/… All to no avail. This shardling eggshell won't crack! SHUDDER pant-pant-pant. Okay. This isn't funny, now. SHUDDER pant-pant-pant

Kayra snickers, hopping up and a bit away. "Ah, bleh. C'mon." She scooches forward, peering between the Smith-girls' shoulders. "Uh. Lets move?" Yeah. Stake out another joint. This one got busted.

Bright bronze slides fluidly from its shell, dribbling and pooling across the sand as he makes his way to a bright white clump. This one will do…. And the weyrling-formerly-known-as-Cafee blinks into jewelled eyes. "Beanth?" And so C'fee and Beanth make their way over to the WLM…

Toren say , "A bronze!" she says as if it weren't plainly obvious. "I think they just … now how to find where they are going Tess. EVen if they fall they always know which way to go."

S'phen turns now that he and Trebinth are safely to the edges of the sands, searching out faces and smiling encouragment to his fellow candidates who have yet to impress.

"I'm sure it will…." Aife promises Landry. What a silly thing to say, all the eggs with be nothing but broken fragments by the end of the afternoon. And that broken off by "Ooh!

Tiareth stretches a little, yawns a little more, just like that first-hatched brown did once upon a time; she preens a bit more, tongue flickering up the rise of wingspars, tail still cupped about that Icy Comet - hey. Hey. What's that Rennth doing? …And another hatchling, right there; she licks in the air at the bronze, as if that crustiness (or just maybe the bronzeness) might wash off with proper attention.

Cailet moves a bit to the left to see over a tall boys shoulder who just stepped in front of her. Her feet still moving..hy if she stood in his shadow it might be cooler. She steps into the boys shadow but sighs as that doesn't seem to help.

Tavim does as ordered. He looks. And puts on a grin. "Hey… it's a bronze. The first…" Or wait. There hatches another. "Second, then…" A slight smile, as he shifts again in the sands, squeezing Kumi's hand a third time. "Who ya think, hmm? And which one is your's?" Wink.

Tessera turns her head in time to catch a bronze squeeling out of his shell. "Well taka load of that.." she grins. "Bronzer.." she nudges Toren, pointing to the 'guy' group. "I suppose.." she shrugs to Toren, cinnamon gaze drawn back, yes again, to the eggs. No, stay, back, can't look! Can't resist! Eeep! She looks.

Daleva grins as she sees her favorite egg crack open "It was a bronze!?" ok she's stunned it's not what she thought but hey bronzes are always good.

S'fyre grins as he spots the newly hatched bronze, with a glance at the excited candidates he rests back again…wondering if this one will honk too. Must be a Tiareth thing.

Icy Comet Egg tests just a tiny wiggle. A little one. Just getting a bit more comfortable, you understand; not because it has anything to do with this Hatching business, oh no.

Kalen looks at the bronze then at the other dragonets, trying to keep track of all of them at once.

Sefren nods to Kayra, snatching up her hand to draw her through the crowd. "C'mon. Let's get a better look at that bronze!" Yeah, Kayra on bronze. He could see it.

Kumiko says flatly, "Bronze." Ahem. Eyes roll, before she gaze peers toward brown and green, feet only shifting just a moment. A pause, as Kumi murmurs to Tavim, "Bet that bronze will bowl you over."

Landry nods faintly at Aife. "Yeah…If I'm not one big blister by then," she adds dryly, then she smiles and turns back to watch the Winnowing.

Tiareth finds her tail wiggling. She squirms. Does /not/, not, not honk.

Aslyn hop hops a bit over to S'fyre.."Nice bronze? Wonder who that one will Impress to?"

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet snorts at the remains of his egg, sending the errant shard that hangs from his muzzle fluttering to the ground. He crunches over the broken shell, heading toward the white-robes. But he ain't picking one. Oh no. He's making a break for it - it's just that they're in the way.

Yvette looks around, eyes wide as she watches Impressions left right and centre. And now we have a bronze…

Aife peers closer at this bronze. He's /little/. Or else she just hasn't been this close to Baby dragons in a really long time. Her fingers cross as eyes slide over the Candidates..please pick somebody nice?

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet is on a mission, and makes a bee line for his goal. well, a drunken beeline. He keeps having to step around white robed candidates, too polite to just shove them out of the way. He waits, patiently, until they move, then continues, his wobbling only faintly apparent now as he figures out the rhythm to walking.

Tavim rolls his eyes in time with Kumi's, as he shakes his head, making a slight face. "Prolly just to get to someone behind me…" A smirk, as he shakes his head, and idly watches the bronze wander along. "Most definatly on a mission…"

Kayra only wished it was a Mooeth. Cough. "Yuh." She edges away, slipping between candidates while trying to keep from maintained contact with the sand. Kayra, agent double-oh-something. On da move.

Rennth de-pugs himself, loosing the wrinkles as he straightens to snort back at that dragon-who-should-shave-if-he-could. Grit.

Toren tugs at Tesseras robe, and whispers, "You think that bronze fellow will choose Kalen? Or … what was that blond candies' name?" she says coolidn ther heels again.

Tessera laughs brightly, shaking her head. "Do they /all/ have goo stuck on them like that? I swear, they look like patchwork jobs, not dragonets…" her mouth curves upwards in a smile as she rocks back on forth on her heels. "I dunno, he might. He might go for that smithie lad." she notes at Toren. What was his name? Smythe?

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet stretches out with her legs, scurrying salamander-style through the sand: slow, careful, and deliberate so that she won't miss /anyone/, especially the 'right' one wherever that person is. Pausing to sniff the air - to smell the roses? the sweat? - she starts off in a new direction, using her nose as a compase. There.. no, no /there/. No.. here? What she seeks is hard to find, the sea of candidates moving about as they are.

Sefren picks through the crowd, Kayra towed behind, making sure to poke anyone who gets in the way. Yeah, he's secret agent double-oh-everything, on the track of something. "We can get closer to that green too," he calls back to her.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet stops to peer for just a moment at sire and dam, lurching there on his unsteady legs. Parents. Huh. What do they know? Head down, he slouches sullenly toward the entrance again, and the Candidates that block his path.

"Still, the bowling over…" She's joking, really, as Kumiko's head tilts, feet continuing to move back and forth. Until that brown is spotted. Polite… so what to that green? Head swivels, finding her, before she moves bac a step more.

Leshil continues with his sand-showering, completely ignoring the fact that he's now sanded as well as glittered. One-two-three, one-two-three, watch and wait and listen for anything rumor-worthy.

Cailet wipes at the sweat running down her neck and continues to hop. She moves more towards Kaetryn now.

S'fyre tilts his head in Aslyn's direction with a pleasant smile, tossing back golden hair and chuckling "I have no clue…but it looks like whoever impresses this particular bronze might havetheir hands full." he muses, no stranger to difficult bronzes nope.

Toren wipes her brow with the back of her hand and pushes the damp hair from her neck….egads but it was so /hot/. "You'd be covered in goo to if you were squashed into an egg and cooked on these hot sands for sevendays." she says grinning.

Kayra follows along, pausing in a slightly open spot. "Sef! Here?" She calls, turning to face the dragonets and retrieve her braid. It's her lifeline to nervosity.

Rennth doesn't know much, admittedly. But he can eat, and fly, and swim when he's concentrating. And he definitely knows how to bug Jh'ral - that's the best fun of all.

Kalen moves back into the group of candidates a bit, eyes shifting from brown to bronze, he looks over at Cailet and smiles. "Wow." That's all just wow.

Tavim smirks, shaking his head, as he looks about. Anywhere to lean on? This'll be a while. He reverts back to coolness to cover nervousness (and hopefully feet), as he does the Candi-shuffle quickly. "Any other's hatched?" He idly wonders.

Better goo than human babies' blood, eh? Especially when - Tiareth, All-Knowing Tiareth (someone has to make up for Rennth, right?), squirms a little more as the Icy Comet egg does, flanks fluttering in and out with her breath.

Tessera peers over the numerous candies who seem to be much taller than her. But then, that's a lot of people. Nudging a hold folk candidate out of her way with a sweet smile, she turns her eyes to the path of the dragonets. "Where're they going?" she tries to make out who they might be heading for, but her eyes always glance back to the rocking eggs.

S'phen moves from one foot to another, sand is still hot even at the edges.

Cailet nods to Kalen and grins before eyes move to find the green that she knows is prowling the sands..along with that brown.

Sefren stops with a jerk, Kayra's tug on his hand bringing him to an instant halt. "Er. Okay." At least no one's in front of them this time.

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg finally shudders fully…/hard/, It's frigid surface spins slightly on the sand, tipping to one side before coming to a halt, all crooked-like

Ash knows the trick… you wear shoes and stand very still… leaning helps too… the stone is cold… heh

Aife's fingers tangle in a wayward strand of hair, her other hand limp at her side, as she stares wide-eyed at the chaotic mass of candidates and hatchlings. Bare feet shift, still on the hem of her robe, so she can't move far, but wouldn't know what to do anyway. Can we say, lost?

Daleva finally notices that she's built up a small hill of sand at her feet and they're becoming buried in it. A shake of her head and she smooths it back out again, then turns back to watch all the hatchlings and candis.

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet again waits patiently before a nonmoving blob of white, the candidate being too involved in watching everything to notice the calm and questing dragon. Excuse me. Ahem. Could you move? Finally, the hatchling can wait no longer, driven on by a myrriad of emotions; he nudges the white robed side..wait. Could it be? Eyes turn upward at black hair and craggy features….so intent on his plan was he, he almost missed what he sought to find….

B'ran suddenly jumps to the side as a baby bowls past him on his way to a young lass at the edge of the back of the end …well, back /there/. It does a little flapper dance of his tail before the young girl suddenly breaks out into a grin and hugs him. "Danceth!," Brek calls out. B'ran shakes his head and turns back toward the unhatched eggs, grinning.

Kumiko's eyes flicker to the cold puppy nose… egg. Ahem. Not going to look that way. The faster these things come out, the easier she'll feel. She hops, sand brushing away from feet, as she spies the brown. "Look… he's stopping!"

Landry drubs her cheeks. Smack, smack. Wake up. "Who's she going for…? Tess? The green, there." At Landry's 10 o'clock. Oh, walk this way.

Kaetryn shuffles her feet, glancing nervously about her. Some of her frozen mask seems to have cracked to allow a trickle of her anxiety through, though her features still show much less emotion than usual.

Kayra nods, satisfied, finally giving in and lifting one leg to rest it on her knee, while the other one heats up until the alternate position is needed. Sure, it looks dumb. But it works.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet stops again, barred this time by a heavy-set Baker lad. Lazily whirling eyes give the boy a slow once over, then, unimpressed, he offers only a draconic shrug and slinks off a bit to the left; diverted but undeterred.

Purplish Popsicle Egg is melting away into nothingness…. well, into the sands. Drip drip drip, just like an abandoned summer-treat.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet trails the back edge of the crowds, prowling with a feral gaze - all for the moment, though, as she takes judgements of everything she passes. Even the sibling brown dragon: - hello, hello, you aren't /good/ enough her gaze says, matched by the dissapointed rumble in her throat. Then she travels on, tracing the sand with her talons and tail.

Wow. He sure is. Tavim glances towards the brown, and nods a bit, actually standing on tiptoes to try and see who that is that the dragon's watching. "Who's he stopped by?" Someone's ehad in in the way.

Kalen gets a wild-eyed look in his eyes for a moment as the dragonets get a little close. They didn't look so big when they were farther away.

Tessera flicks eyes to Landry. "You tall people," she accuses, seeing the dragonet. Nudging Landry in the way of the dragonet, she grins. "See, good view of her, neh?" she hides behind Lan, eyes careening over the eggs left, and hot-stepping it to the music of the sands. A one, two, one, two, three, four. Gimme a shoe, gimmme a shoe…

Sefren eyes Kayra's crane-like position with some interest. "Does that really help?" he asks, shifting again in his standing position. "I mean, doesn't it just make one foot, then the other, hurt really bad?

Benden White Egg gets a little more insistent - yes, that's it. Shifting - stirring (not shaken), the egg is put to the test as the little dragonet inside starts tof ight the confines of the shell. Poke poke, nudge nudge, out out /out/. Btu the egg clings for a few moments more.

Ash pushes off her wall as a little brown nudges Kalen…she grins and nudges Sen… heh, they knew it… and she waits for it…

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet nudges again. Harder. Again he looks up at the craggy face, crooning softly to get those gray/blue eyes to turn towards him. Ahem. Down here. Nudge.

Kalen looks down at the little brown, a shocked expression on his face. Me?

Salea helps to upright a little green, and moves them out of the way. Turning to Ash, she winks. 44!

Kumiko doesn't know… but it seems that that brown has stopped… and the green is looking. So's that bronze. "I dunno… but we'll hear a name soon." She knows it. Then she'll look. Until then, there's moving babies on the sands. With big claws.

Sen smiles, holding her breath as it doesn't seem that Kalen realizes…..she nudges Ash back, perhaps a bit hard, in her enthusiasm "oopps…sorry" she mutters, eyes still on Kalen and the brown.

Kayra shrugs, eyes locked forward. "Uh. Yeah. The foot gets an extra-long time to cool?" Kayra dunnos. She reaches a hand to stabilize on Sef's shoulder, switching to the other foot with a mumbled 'Thanks'.

Kaetryn rubs the back of her neck, wiping away the sweat accumulating at the collar of her robe. A sound of disgust, and the herder backs up a few steps, her feet raising fully from the stands and keeping from them as long as possible.

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet croons again, nudging softly as his eyes gaze into Kalen's. Yes, you. Who else?

Cailet watches the brown and grins..her hands clutch at her robe as she waits to see if..could it be?

Landry is nudged. But like elastic - and boomerangs - she springs back into the comfort blanket of white robes. "Hey, good view, sure. I don't want to be stomped on though, Tess!"

Tessera fairly dances as she sees her egg move. "Look, it moved again!" she crows, pointing to it, pulling on the nearest robe, whom happens to be Toren's. Lookit it! Lookie! She points, clapping her hands and shifting her footsies in the swelter. Baked toes, nummmm.

Aslyn blinks and looks from brown to candidate and back again, hmmm …

Ash is rather tough and will live… and waits for the name…

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kalen, and steps forward.

Tiareth serpentines over to investigate that clinging - clingy? - egg, and with a spare talon, nudges back. Just a little.

Sefren groans, skittering to the side under the pressure of Kay's hand. "Hey, quit it. Do you want us both to end up flat on the Sands, as a footmat for some dragonet?" Ow, ow, and ow.

Aife finally moves, squeezing through what seems like a host of tall people who've managed to get in the way. "I can't /see/!" she whines plaintively.

Kalen drops to his knees and cradles the little brown's head, "His name is Keshalth!"

Daleva looks in Kalen's direction just in time to see the polite little brown stop and stare at him..she holds her breath and waits.

S'phen calls out a congratulation to Kalen and grins momentarily, reaching over to scritch Trebinth.

Toren feels her robe slip down onher shoulder and she grabs it back up, "Careful Tess before you disrobe me!" she sats grinning at her friends excitement, "Which egg? there are so many."

Kayra grins, balancing on one leg. And looking ridiculous the whole time, which is why she giggles. "Ah, it'd attract attention." She's still in favor of the moonin scheme.

Ash beams… "Oh good… K'len, if you would bring Keshalth over to the side…" She shouts…

Yvette sighs softly. Kalen Impressed the brown… and then: "Congratulations!" she calls over the sea of grimy-white Candidates.

Tessera blinks, hearing a cry go up. Seeing Kalen impress, she woo-hoos, cheering from her vantage point. "Yay Kalen!" she grins, before pointing hurriedly to Toren. "The winey egg. See?" Oh yeah, that one. Ah-hah.

It's Kalen. Again, Tavim pokes Kumi a little bit too harder, as he points to Kalen and the brown. "Lookit… Kalen. He impressed… ya liked him, didn't you?" Grin.

Sen 's eyes sparkle, and she can't keep the grin off her face as she watches Kalen; but then, she remembers there are other dragons still on the sands, and she turns to S'tephen "Congratulations" she smiles

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet slows as he passes through the front row of Candidates, impatience turning to curiousity. He casts surreptitious glances over some of the lads, then sneaks another peek back at his parents; he's not looking them over because /they/ want him to - he's doing it because /he/ feels like it. For now. But the entrance isn't far away, in case he gets bored.

Daleva grins "Congrats Kalen!" she calls as he anounces the dragons name.

Cailet jumps for Kalen and then settles down before she remembers and turns to find the other dragonet's on the sands and the eggs. Wouldn't be good if she were knocked down.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet pauses, carefully weighing the possibilities of one as she first angles her head one way and then the other. No - maybe.. ? All is taken into consideration, the odd stance and brassy highlights to her hair before she swivels around, suspecting something /good/ to be behind her. It's not, and she returns forward, one taloned paw rested in the sand and the other reaching out. Maybe?

Toren smiles and waves, "Kalen!Congratz!"

Aslyn smiles quietly at the Impression, nice brown.."Congrats Kalen, he is a handsome one.."

Kalen smiles happily down at Keshalth and leads him over to the others at the edge of the sand.

Landry almost misses Kalen's impression. But like electricity, the news leaps from candidate to candidate reaching Landry moments later. "Kalen?" But alto is lifted happily. Atleast the some of the fifteen /cool/ candidates are impressing, she thinks.

Purplish Popsicle Egg melts, all popsicles do eventually. Frozen-pop, frozen-dragonet, the tiny curl of hide suddenly finds itself exposed to the air and squeels in terror. With another push of claws and wings, the hatchling tries to bury itself back into the sand.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet
Kitten's fire, kitten's warmth - irascible mischievousness is bundled up beneath the deep azure sea of this elegant dragonet: wide streaks of foam-white crash and merge into sparkling wingsails, tufting to whiskery white along his slender shoulders and rounded sides. But behind that vibrance of life swirls genuine beauty as yet untapped by the awkward little hatchling; slight he might be, from spindly forepaws to scrawny foreshortened neck, but adventurous glances from his innnocent facade betray the the true mettle within.

Jh'ral isn't looking - go for it, kid! Son. Ack. If Rennth were paying attention and not to that blue that's looking so earnestly back in his snout from the egg that hatched just in front of him - wow, big, and right *there* - he'd cringe.

Toren whispers to Tess, "What is that green doing? You see her?"

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg jumps, bumps, shivers, shudders…o yes, it /moves/, it /grooves/….but it don't break.

Leshil adds in a twirl to his movements, just this time, and claps. "K'len, Keshalth, what a team you'll make! I can see it now…" He probably can, for all the sudden near-vacant look in his eyes.

Kumiko makes a face at Tavim. "No." Hurmph. Kumiko's fingers squeeze Tavim's hand just a little too tightly, before she spies the bronze, then green. "Hey…blue." She didn't miss that. Well… meow.

Sefren sidesteps around and behind Kayra, no matter that she may stumble without the support of his shoulder. "Kay, Kay, look!" His tone is almost demanding.

Tessera whispers back, leaning closer. "I can't. Short." she sighs. "Last I saw, she was heading for someone, I think." Cursing her parent's short genes, she stands on bare tiptoes, squishing ouches under her breath as she cranes for a view of the green for Toren.

Shiver. No, that couldn't have been Kaetryn. For one reason, she's not afraid of dragons. For another, it's /hot/. Rubbing her arms, the girl takes another step back, her face now clearly displaying her anxiety. Emerald eyes flicker around, caressing over the green with longing before traveling towards the other Candidates.

Icy Comet Egg begins to roll, in the tight orbit Tiareth's tail has left it. Somethin'g happening. It can't help itself.

What to do, what to do? "Uh!" Kayra drops back down to two feet. "Hey. What?" Peer. "Oh, wow."

K'len smiles at Leshil as moves past, "Thanks Leshil," he says with a smile, looking over at Sen and Ash, a rather wide grin on his face.

Tavim smirks, returning the squeeze, then he looks out over the sands. "Heya, yeah… a blue… bet /that's/ your's…" That makes dragon number six he's said that about Kumi. She has permission to hit him now. "Ya think?"

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet wriggles his little tail, wings flapping loosely as the blue attempts to hide for a moment. All the better to pounce later…?

Aife blurts out something congratulatory to Kalen - er, K'len - before gaze is caught by the latest blue. Me/ow/. That one bears more watching, if only to see who he finally ends up with….the Harper finally nudges her way to the front again, almost tripping on her too-long robe. Oops.

Sen grins back at the newest weyrling, nudging Ash again. Then she frowns in dismay "Oh!!! This means no more free Benden!" Tragedy.

Cailet turns to watch the green wondering what she could be doing before she looks to Kaet and then over to the eggs..and oohss as she spots the blue.

Tiareth may be All-Knowing, but she sure forgets quickly; no answers here, but her tail taps more quickly with that talon - egg on one end, egg on the other.

Toren is glad for once of her height so she can SEE over everyone, though she is always afraid she will step on the smaller ones.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet brings her muzzle into the girl's - woman? - face, looking her eye to eye with that darkly alluring gaze of hers. Shuffling her haunches forward through the sand, to catch them up with her front, she inspects and accepts, extending a paw to /touch/, and sliding her tail around to /wrap/ - all tentative, unsure and unsteady.

Tessera gestures to Toren, pointing to the blue. "Hey, lookie, a blueboy." she flashes a grin, eyes peering over the candidates left, trying to prophesize whom it will head for. Lifting each foot up in turn, she fans it with the hem of her robe, wishing, rather lately, that she had made it a tad longer. Not too much breeze up there. Her neck reaches up, striving for a looksee of the eggs.

Kumiko watches the soon to be pouncing blue, before she scoots back a touch more. Only Tavim's hand is keeping her in the semi-circle at present. Green and blue. Hop, hop. She's hot. And well, she … where'd that green go? And bronze. And she feels sick.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet is blocked again by a particularly determined Smithcrafter. He feints to the left, and the boy follows with him; he moves to the right and the lad blocks again. Fair enough, so the bronze just goes /over/ the boy. He had his chance.

Yvette peers over. A blue at last! Pretty one, too…

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Kayra, and steps forward.

Nuff, for her part, is Nothing-Knowing. Handy to have an intelligent dragon. The yougn weyrwoman peeks out from around the riders again and risks coming out into view. "Dragons." Ah, master of the obvious. "Tiareth dragons." Their first out of Ista.

Toren grins, "Look! Kayra … the green chose kayra!"

Kayra stops, heat, sand, crowds forgotten. What is this? Has she finally gone over the sweetener edge? "Oh. Oh." Yeah, that's right. "Uh. /Verth/?" There's the name.

Ash screeches this time… and her eyes tear up… "KAY!" she sreams and resists the urge to run out onto the sands and throw her arms around her friend…

Sefren stumbles backwards as the fiery dragonet claims Kayra…. "Congrats! You and Verth!"

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet is handsome. Pretty even…. whitewhiskered face pokes up, sand-splattered. And zing…. off across the Sands he goes in Search of a playmate…

Tessera spys an Impression from the corner of her eye. "Kayra!" she crows, delighted, hugging the nearest person, Toren. "Woo-hooo!" she whistles loudly for them both.

Tavim glances over at Kumi, frowning a bit, as he takes a look at the bronze. A soft chuckle, seeing him bowl over the Smithcrafter. Serves him right. Kinda. "Hey… you okay?" A pause, then he squeezes her hand again, giving his first gentle grin the entire time. "Settle down… it'll be over soon…" This is just a gues,s of course… a glance at Kayra, then he nudges, pointing, "Look at the green…"

Daleva catches a glance of the green near Kayra out of the corner of her eye and turns to look "Kayra!" she grins happily, her favorite pretend bronze Impressed Green.

Yvette bounces up and down on her toes. A fellow 'Reaches dweller.. "Kayra!"

Tiareth, ah, pretends.

Cailet smiles as the green has finally chosen and she steps quickly having forgotten to for the moment. She shuffles and bounces before wiping at more sweat.

Sen blinks at Ash, then grins. "Ah…Kayra…another green" Sen hopes she won't be /too/ proddy.

Leshil chortles and babbles out something gleefully. For Kayra. And Verth. In that all-to-cheerful tone of voice that seems the only one he has, here on the Sands.

Aife hears screeching, sees flashes of green and white; that's Kayra? Congratulations is blurted but lost amid that already-noise, as she still tries to watch everything at once.

Aslyn smiles..ahh Kayra, yes, she just knew that one would Impress..

Toren hugs Tessera back excited. "They always choose well…" she says

Kumiko gives a faint smile, before she pointed toward the green… "Kayra?" She's give a whoop, but sand gives a dry throat, as her free hand mops sweat away. Kitten blues are watched, as well as that bronze.

Landry overcomes flabbergasteredness to clap, "Kayra!" If enthusiasm drowns in a gulp somewhat, Landry just remembers what Kayra is like with a Flamer. A green dragon doesn't bear thinking of.

Kayra giggles something akin to desperation, sortalike. She scoots up, one hand never leaving the green's neckridge. A tear-streaked smile is sent at Sefren, the rest, before she works on shuffling to the side. Whoo babe. Fiiirrreee.

Tessera nods to Toren, eyes chartering over the sea of eggs, trolling for signs of cracking. Flashing eyes to the blue still out there, "Do you see where that 'un's headed?" she asks Toren, hands clapping for Kayra as she watches the green and white glued pair leave.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet pauses again to check out the good samaritan, slouching, cocky. A do-gooder, eh?

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg dances…sort of. It jiggles this way and that on piled sand, making little swirl patterns…but it remains intact. Needs dancing lessons maybe?

Sefren doesn't think of the flamethower lesson, but if he did, he'd probably faint. Lessee… she looks occupied. Distractedly, he nudges his way through the ring of Candidates, looking for a less crowded space.

Toren shakes her head, "STill to many people on the sands…could be going anywhere."

Tavim shifts again, then gives a wide stretch, and a yawn. He peers down at Kumi, making sure she's… alive. Good. Another shift, as he cracks his neck, then back. Better. Eyes follow the progression of the bronze, then blue, then bronze again. He gonna run over anyone else?

Daleva is gonna have blisters on her toes by the end of this she just knows it. But that fact is pushed to the back of her mind as she trys to see where the bronze and blue are headed.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet bounds over the Sands, rushing towards a group of white. But no, wait… he pauses, forelegs lowering in a crouch as tail swishes. Wings flap wide, incongruous… then pounce! A small blond boy is flattened. But he's not TheOne…. and the lad gets patted round a bit with a forepaw.

Kumiko stops, moving back and forth, swaying on her feet. Who's the slouch, neh? Not her, as she takes a deep breath, then another. Must not faint. Blue and bronze get glances, though the blue's… pattings raise brows. "Ow."

Toren gasps, "Why didn't that boy move!"

Benden White Egg cannot be stopped now - stoppered? The shell grows quizzical, chaotic lines across the shell from one end to the other. No pattern, no motif, just the growing depth of crevice and cracks tha tclaim the egg.

Landry's hair hangs slickly in sweaty curls and there's a damp trail between her breasts. Maybe she ought to have sewn on a bib as part of the design. Or a handkerchief. "Faranth! He doesn't look hurt!" Healer instincts afire, even here.

Sefren winces as the prowling blue tackles a poor blond boy just handspans from him. Oh dear. Must flee. Not getting anywhere near a blue like that. Skittering further through the crowd, he tries to put bigger Candidates between him and anything pouncing.

Tessera nods, having also noted the crush. "It is a bit crowded." She was always good at understatements. Watching rollicking eggeroos, she raises a brow. "Wish they'd make up their mind. Hatch, not to hatch." she peers again. "It's moooving!" she crows, then peers. What boy? Oh. She bites her lip. Ow.

Aife squeals aloud, flailing out of the way as a pale speckled little blue almost runs her over. "Careful!" she chides, almost tumbling onto the sand again and barely catching herself. "That could've hurt!"

Cailet blinks and gasps as the boy is pounced on. She steps back involuntarily, no thought in it and almost trips over the candidate behind her. Apologies are mumbled before she looks about to make sure she knows where every dragonet is.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet noses the poor boy. He didn't mean to do that…. Blue edges back, creeling in distress.

Leshil shrugs, catching Toren's question, if only just. "Maybe he didn't have a chance to, or thought the blue would choose him. He'll be taken care of, though, i'm sure."

An egg cracks, explodes, and a blue dragonet emerges, only to dive into a crowd of candidates, scattering them right and left. All except for the young boy in the middle, that is. He stays, and tears course his cheeks as he says "His name is Dynamith!"

Bronze doesn't need to… blue did it. Tavim makes a face, getting on tiptoes again to get a look, muttering to Kumi, "Dat's gotta hurt…" Eyes, though, do flick back to the bronze, then to the blue again. Where's the back-pedaling blue going?

Daleva cringes "Ouch," as she sees the little blue pounce. Poor thing didn't even know what he was doing. Whether that thought is about the blue or the boy is fairly debatable.

Toren nods to Leshil after wiping away the sweat so she can see.

Fenral just shifts… dancing around like most candidates are want to do… winking at a girl here, eyeing a dragonet there… all in all just being Fenral

Emerald eyes flicker from dragonet to dragonet, never staying in one place. That is all the clue given of Kaetryn's worry as her mask falls quietly back over her face. Tugging quietly on her deep black braid, Kaet continues to stand apart from the rest, watching.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet creels louder, distressed. But then attention is suddenly caught by something else, and the feline-minded hatchling skitters off again across the Sands. Somewhere there's someone for him…

The blond boy sits up, dazed but not /too/ much the worse for wear, and just blinks after the Kittenish Blue. "Someone get the name of that dragon..?" Oof.

Toren says, "He looks okay."

Kumiko has no idea, the blue's creelings does cause a wince - what of, however, is quickly hidden, as she tries to spy the bronze. Where'd he go? Wince, move foot, move foot…. "Least that lad's fine."

Tessera swipes a hand over her forehead, flicking fingers of sweat off into the sand. Her brown eyes turn again to the eggs, before reeling back to the blue. "He's certainly a go -getter." she comments dryly.

Aife pads across the sand to give the poor blonde a tug upright. "I think he's sorry." They always are, you know, kittens and hatchlings both. She keeps clinging, even after he's standing again. Help?

Landry rounds the blue to lends an elbow to the slightly mauled boy, "There doesn't seem to be any blood…" she says brightly, reassuringly.

Cailet sighs softly as the boy looks okay and steps forward a bit to see better. She looks at the eggs and then dragonet's not sure what to watch.

Fenral gets a bit distracted by the blue… well he's nice… and shuffles restlessly…

Sen watches, frowning as the boy is downed, nodding when he gets bravely up, unharmed. She smiles at the blue's antics..after all, they /are/ babies, right?

Benden White Egg has it, does it, look out - with another shudder it escapes parental atention and elopes into a low, shallow hollow in the sand.

"Big paws," the boy mubles, waving his hands in the air. "Big paws, go boom-boom. Can I go home now, mommy?"

Benden White Egg sprawls, aged shell crackling and spitting into amber shards that dust the sands. Tiareth sparks - attentive - and hovers over this, the largest of her eggs. A spark of gold, the snub-nose of a determined dragonet, and as a darkly purple claw shreds the shell, the tiny queen tumbles to the ground in a sprawl of wings and tail.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet
Buttered sunlight broils - bakes - bastes this straggly young dowager in a glossy layer of liquid fire: it distills sharp neckridges and bowed legs into sleekly polished style, darkening with the ruddy rum that riddles capacious sides and stalwart withers into full-fledged battle armor. Such formidable elegance melts at last into the dishevelled comfort of crazy-quilted wingsails, sprawling indistinct shades of fawn and rum from their scythe-sharp spars. Her stature may be diminutive indeed, but devious intent dominates the intoxication of this dragonet's gaze.

S'fyre watches…and says nothing. Just the usual amused grin peeking out from bright blue eyes. Itty-bitty dragons, scrambling candidates, shifting feet…what more entertainment could one ask for?

Landry grins at Aife. With a girl on each arm, the blonde boy ought to be alright.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet is pretty pretty pretty, despite being careless. Tail swishes, hatchling bounces, and ends up in front of someone with eyes as blue as his hide. Is this the right one? Can he play with this one?

Sefren doesn't like maulings, nope. Bad luck. And Faranth knows he needs all the luck he can get. At least moving quickly keeps the heat from bothering his feet too much, though.

Tavim nods slightly in agreement, as he gets off his tiptoes, settling back again. Another stretch, and he makes a face, shifting his feet on the hot sand. He looks about, trying to do the same as Kumi, find the bronze, then he notices the gold. Blink. "Hey… lookit… a gold."

Aife, with Landry and the downed-and-rescued blonde, tgives a tug on the others' hands. "It broke!" she screeches. The bubbly wine egg. With the gold dragon in it. "It broke!"

Yvette is shifting from one foot to the other, tired and hot and sweaty… and oh! The Gold!

Verth emits a low sound, part rumble, mostly croon, As Kayra whispers giggled comments. She's beyond hope, now.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet is thinking about it as he steps up to short-squat-red-hair that stands near the fallen Smith. Young Rusty quivers a bit and the bronze snorts. Nah. not worth it. He turns away. Ooo. Check out the legs on that dark-haired doll. But more interesting is lanky, mousy-hair who stands beside her.

Cailet gasps softly as the gold emerges and steps to the side a bit to get a better look. She inhales softly and just watches her a moment.

Tessera stifles a gasp, seeing her egg explode. "Gold…" is whispered, as she forcefully pushes her her heart down her throat, and stands rooted. Not forgeting her baked feet, she shifts, cinnamon eyes glued to the gold. This time, won't look away. Can't. "Look.." she pokes Toren, awed.

Landry didn't even notice. To Aife, blankly: "What did?"

S'phen sucks in a breath, "Oh, Gold!" and he reaches to scratch Trebinth, eyes transfixed on the sands.

Kumiko is tugged, a intake of breath given. That, before she tries to pull her hand out of Tavim's. A immediate problems is at hand, as she's poking Tavim. "Hey… I think someone's here for you…." And with that, she moves out of the way. That bronze has big feet.

"No, no," the blonde boy corrects Aife, "I didn't break, I'm fine, really.. big paws."

Pretty indeed, and Fenral tosses a grin to his brother… how odd to be out here together… dance, shift… jeesh this sand is hot

Sen stands up straighter….she smiles at the gold, nudging Ash "Look" she murmurs, flicking her eyes over the candidates….who is left?

Daleva tears her eyes away from the pounced upon boy and over towards the gold as she hears the ripples of comments "Oh, she's…." a pause to search for the right word and settles on the obvious "Beautiful"

"My egg!" Aife sqeals, swallowing back frustration at her companions' inability to understand. "My egg broke!" Possessive, aren't we? "Landry! Look!!" Gold. Yay.

Kaetryn pays no more attention to the queen than she does an other hatchling. She simply continues to shuffle her feet, gaze flickering here and there without any sign of staying in one place.

Tavim blinks, looking at Kumiko quizzically, as he rolls his eyes, "What are you talking abou-… oh." A blink, as he notices the bronze. /There's/ where he went to. A pause, then he takes a slight step out of the way. Don't want to get in his way when he goes after someone else.

Rennth flexes his talons - mournfully? The guardianship has ended, he and Tiareth will have to pass around … something else. Maybe a leftover candidate. Hoard. Keep secret - but /she's/ no secret, out there now all buttery-shiny.

Toren blinks, "Gold?" she says looking at Tessera and nods and puts a hand on her shoulder, "Shes a beauty."

Leshil beams back at Fenral. Yeah, it's odd, but so's life, right? "Who do you think she'll choose? I mean, from her circle, or from ours?"

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet comes to a stop before Tavim, and his constant, purring rumble takes on a new intensity. His head snakes forward and he stands there, nose to nose with the man, regarding him carefully for a long, long time. Then, suddenly, his rumble turns to a low croon and his eyes splinter from orange-red to blue-green. This one. He'll do.

Cailet moves her eyes from the gold and on to the eggs..feet still shuffling as she watches all..or at least tries to now that her momentary awe has lapsed.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet sprawls, yes, cotnent for a moment to remain in the hollow of sand. Her little butter-drenched head peeks out, those punch-drunk eyes awhirl and unfocused but for the red of hunger. Two wing tips lift, askew, set to either side of her tiny head, and a quick little sneeze shakes off the most disgusting bits of goo.

Tiareth wheels a swift-swept stare in the young bronze's direction - /finally/ - and critically looks over the youngest hatchling as well. What's that shard… better; and the exploratory blue gains himself a full-fledged croon.

S'fyre's amused expression turns to one of rapt interest as the gold emerges "Wow, she's a pretty one." is all he can manage, but watch her he does!

Ash watches the bronze and Tavim… "OH BRONZE!" she squeals… more then 50 hatchings over 26 years and Ash feels as happy as the first time she went through this… even if she /is/ starting to sweat… well its about time

Landry looks relieved. "Not even a scratch?" Then blond boy is forgotten at Aife's enthusiasm. "Where…? Oh! Oh my!" And obviously, patchwork-winged hatchling is noticed.

Tessera beams, ticking a finger up at her hair. Yeah, like her hair matters to a gooed baby. But still, she stuffs sweaty wisps behind her ears, and follows the newest dragonet with her eyes. Yeah, drool. Who's got a hankie? "She is that." she agrees with Toren. What gold thingy isn't? she asks, grinning as goo again flies past her. This time, it's cute. Hypocrite? Maybe.

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg dances and twirls, it does the twist….and yep, there it is! The Locomotion. Frigid swirls warp and finally crack as tattered fragments of icy shell burst across the surrounding sands

Kumiko would squeal, but then again, she's realizes she's alone. A hand pats Tavim's shoulder, before she turns and spies… that can't be right. "Gold?" And no Tavim near by? Aaiie.

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg nuzzles its neighbors, causing them to shiver in response to its very, very chill. Warmed by the heat of the dragonet within, those frozen eddies thaw and hairline cracks appear. Ice fractures quickly follow, violently sparking and aiming ice fragments on a trajectory towards the galleries. With a final shudder the shell disintegrates into a scattered heap of rubble and a quite bemused hatchling is left on the sands.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet
Ginger spikes the thick, dark ochre that bakes this young dragonet's body in subtle, spicy warmth. He's all awhirl, aswirl with a conflagration of burnt gold and the deeper, sharper brown that dapples heavy flanks. Painstakingly elegant, arched sails contrast the rough prickles of his spine, his jagged shoulderblades and high-crested neck-ridges tempered with tan-heath accents. Roguish and likewise, rascally, his eyes are perpetually lit with incorrigible mischief and jesting, joyous glee.

The jaw just… /drops/. Tavim stares for a moment, looking about, then back to the bronze. Really.. it isn't a joke. A slightly surprised look is sent to Kumiko, as he looks again down at the bronze, reaching a hesitant hand out. "Umm… hi there, Eldiath…"

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet taps out a paw, hitting a blue-eyed lad right on the chest. You. Yes you. Beast to my beauty… you'll play, won't you?

Daleva glances over to see if that bronze has finally found someone and grins as she sees he has indeed "Tavim! Congrats!"

Toren waves, "Congratulations TAvim!" K'len grins at Tavim, "Congratulations Tavim!"

Well, look at that! /Rum/ Gold. B'ran stops in his tracks on the way around the edge of the group as he points another rider pair toward the Weyrlingmaster's little hovel of new riders. "Keep Daveth's head up, Matthew. His chin's dragging the sands," he says half-heartedly as his eyes catch the glint of hot buttered gold, center ring.

Fenral blinks down at the blue and points toward himself… Me? Oh… and all distraction is over as he meets the eyes of the little blue… beast huh?

Leshil lets out a piercing whistle, the sort people make in appreciation. At Tavim and Eldiath, as he can't find the words, not now, to express his joy for the pairing.

Tessera hears the screeches, watches the waves, and turns to watch Tavim Impress. "Woo-hoo!" the whistle again, about all that can be heard above the hollers is that piercing shriek of a whistle. She claps again, numbing her hands as she dances the Candie Dance in the sands, still watching the gold out of the corner of her eye. Who isn't?

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet purrs. Then creels. Yes, you.

" Tavim?" Kaetryn forces herself out of her lethargy. " Wha'?" A quick smile, gone too soon but nonetheless genuine is given her friend. " Congrats!" she calls, too softly for any to hear, but ringing in her own ears.

Aife grips the poor blonde boy's hand a bit harder than she means to, even tugging at his arm a couple of times just to get him to /look/. Right there. At her egg…well, what's left of her egg. And the gold rum dragon that emerged…not hers, maybe never hers, but she can't help but hope.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet uses the dishevelled coverlet of her sails to push herself unsteadily to her feet - the world spins around her, still a blurr of sands and robes and riders, with only the bulk of dragons somehow familiar. Another shake of her little head and the Sands come into focus - there, better. Easing herself to the ground, she slips forwards on rum-riddled belly awkwardly fanning her wet wings.

Kittenish Prowling Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Fenral, and steps forward.

Kumiko moves on her feet, anchor gone. And a brown. She spies that one, hand moving to hold one another. What to do, what to do… breathe. Which is what she does, immediately stopping whatever else she was doing. Motionless.

Landry isn't sure what way to look. "Tavim…?" She heard the name in there, but can't place him in the roiling monotony of candidate robes. She peers at Aife and then at the Gold. "Do we, you know go up to it?"

Fenral blinks and just reaches out… "Bellanth! His name is Bellanth!"

Cailet shifts nervously on the sands and begins to once again pull at her robe. A soft sigh as hair is lifted and brought forward off her neck.

Aslyn leans back against the wall and just nods.."Congratulations Tavim, remember I said the dragons know.." a soft smile is sent Tavim's way.

Ash waves T'vim and others over to the side…

A kittenish-blue Beauty, and a F'ral Beast. Oh, great.

Landry saw the goo that came out of the hatchling's nose. 'Why get in range?' she thinks. Toren bites back the ache in her throat and the pain in her feet, "Tavim impressed, Tess," she says grasping her friends arm.

Umm. Umm. Umm. A glance is sent to Kumiko, as T'vim stares down at the bronze again, then towards the weyrlingmaster on the sides of the sand. Wasn't he supposed to do something there? Go there? Yeah… something like that… "Umm… c'mon, Eldiath…" T'vim asks, heading towards the sides of the sands with the rest of the impressees.

Yvette sags, then unsags to scream Congratulations.. then sags again. This is hot, and tiring.

Aife shrugs. "I don't know! Um…sure?" She's not certain that's really a good idea, but takes a few tentative steps forward anyway, blonde and Healer in tow. "Or…" Maybe they should stay right there. Stop. Pause. Wait.

Tiareth rumbles down to the wet squirmy little thing. It's a hint.

Tessera chuckles at the gold's rather awkward movements. Sure, she snorted at the others, then when the gold is gangly, it's cute. She's officially a hypocrite now. But… "Awww.." escapes. Oh, how sweet. Gag me with a spoon someone? Tess's eyes follow, then turn, to shout 'Congrats!" to Fenral over the roar.

Kay greets, one hand leaving her perfectionate Verth to wave at Tav. "Never knew you had it in ya." Snerk.

F'ral moves over slowly to the side with his new lifemate… proudly beaming…

Sefren appears rather relieved as the blue chooses Fenral. He definately needs someone who can keep a reign on him. Definately. But as the crowd thins, Sef has less and less reason to dodge through the crowd.

Leshil leaps towards his brother, happiness gleaming in every pore, leaps back again as he remembers the stories of protective dragonets. Sound pours from his throat, a wordless expression of his feelings on this, the new status of F'ral.

Daleva smiles at the gold, all newborns of any species are klutzes, Gold dragons not excluded.

Snap, crackle, *pop*! Green and a pair of blues make a gaggle as they waddle this way and that way and where are you going don't you know that's not the right way? Confusion reigns as they finally get things sorted out. This is my tail. This is your tail. This is my foot. This is my foot. This is my foo - wait.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet eases herself up - up - up. No little feat for the straggly young queen. Her wings are too long, her limbs as well, and what's with the impossible size of her paws? Right foot yellow, left foot green. The tiny gold steps on her tail and a nearby greens at the same time and tumbles forwards again, only to catch herself at the last minute. She can do this, she's a dragon.

Toren grins, "She's got spunk."

Landry nods firmly at Aife, fingers still wrapped vise-like around the poor boy she and Aife rescued. "Okay…" And between them, they drag the hapless boy closer.

Tiareth glances sideways at Rennth, then crouches down behind her little daughter; first a long intake of air, and then she /blows/.

Tessera remarks aside to Toren. "See that? Exceptional balance. Good in a gold." She nods sagely. Right. Look like you know what you're talking about, Tess. Yep. "Hey, spunk is good." she winks, swaying from side to side herself as a big toe sends up the message of Hot! Move me! She moves. "Owwie!"

Kumiko watches with something akin to morbid facination… then again those glazed eyes might tell another story as she continues to breath and nothing else for a moment. A cough breaks that, as she shifts her feet, glaze flickering between brown and gold.

"Uh," the blond boy - Paul - says. "Uh. You guys? That's a big dragonet, and I don't wanna get slapped again. Big paws. Remember? Big paws?"

Aife waits for Landry to catch up, she's not quite brave enough to walk up to the little queen on her own. Gah. Why is she brave enough to do it anyway? Poor Paul's trepidation is ignored as he's been rescued only to be drug into danger again. Out of the frying pan….

Cailet chuckles softly as she fans at herslef, trying to dry the sweat but not having much luck. Her eyes flickering between dragonets and eggs, not sure where to watch.

Toren chuckles, "You want me to give you a pick-a-back ride." she says gaining some of her humor back.

Rennth might help, but she might bite. He knows better, and makes dragon-snort-mutters instead. He's a good peanut gallery, especially as he watches that brainless tro.

Daleva chuckles at the Gold, she really shouldn't though, after all she's had days like that, when she's lucky to know which way's up, let alone how to walk.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet creels loudly the moment he touches sand. The creel halted immediately as the world around him comes into focus….roguish gleam plays across faceted eyes as he hops up on wobbly legs, nearly falling over his own feet, but somehow managing to remain upright. He stumbles forward and almost bumps into the Rum Gold. She's /big/. He turns the other cheek as it were and glances at the sea of white…..hmmmm, interesting. Small.

Toren points and laughs, 'Look at that little brown." she says but wonders if Tessera notices anything but the brilliant gold hatchling there.

Yvette is watching, wide-eyed as the gold /moves/. Well, golds do, don't they… and they move towards the Candidates. Though it appears this time some Candidates are moving towards the gold…

Paul just kinda wobbles along, eyes round and wide as saucers as they advance on the Big Dangerous Pouncing Things. "Mommy."

Tessera flashes a grin, holding her toe gingerly. Resisting the urge to suck on it, as she can't reach her foot up that far anyways, she shakes her head. "Nah, I'm not /that/ small." she laughs, settling for fanning it with the hem of her robe. Blister come morning, no doubt, but for the moment, attention is focused back on the sands, and on.. Guess who?

Landry, nervously, "They are, aren't they?" And if anything, her fingers twine tighter around Paul's arm.

Paul swallows.

Sefren elbows some seacrafter whose robe still smells faintly of his Craft. "Who do you call dibs on for the gold?" he asks the lad. He's not above betting on the Sands, nope.

Sen is awash in a sea of dragonets, each newcomer to sands' edge pushing her farther back against the wall. sokay though, cause now she can sit down…ahhhh! The change in temperature is immediately apparent, to her feet at least.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet isn't all /that/ big, truly she isn't. (Not yet). But skimming her little head down against the Spiced Brown, she peers over his shoulder and reads the newspaper of candidates - turn to the cooking section? Impatient, she pushes her way past the little brown and straggles towards the candidates on ever-more determined paws.

Toren hops again, "Shells… hot hot hot." she says wondering if she will ever be able to walk again.

Kumiko is too busy trying to keep upright, but brown gets a curious glance, gold as well as she backsteps once again. Not far. Just enough for someone's peice of mind… however momentary that is.

Tails and feet - and wings! - get sorted out and distributed as they should, blue to blue and green to green, and the gaggle heads for high adventure in the big city of the sands. Closing ranks on four candidates who were looking at them with rather glazed eyes, they encircle and poke and prod and finally shove two out and away while the blues pair with the remaining ones. The green chases after one of the rejected - /she/ wasn't the one who pushed him away, oh no, no. Twas her stupid brother.

Cailet hops from foot to foot and pushes hair back over her shoulder, doesn't help much anyway. Her eyes moving to rest on the gold as she moves.

Tiareth lifts her head up, blue and green and - trumpets. Good show.

Landry puts her faith in Aife. Paul would be wise to do the same. "Tessera? Toren?" Grey-green eyes follow those buttings - and prime feet to dance clear. "She's rather…pushy," she decides nervously. "Tessera? Cailet?" she calls. The more moral support the better.

Tessera peers over at the brown obediently. "Who's he going for?" she asks Toren, craning her neck to see for a second. Wishing she had that marvelous ability to make her eyes see both at once, she adjusts her spectacles slighty, hesitantly lest someone notice them, and peers like a granny. "Oh yeah, I see him now." She nods, then reverts back for a quick glance elsewhere.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet saw that, she did. One step forwards, two steps back. The little queen takes perverse pleasure in chasing down candidates that no enough to back away from here. There, right there, tail a dragging in the sand, the rum-buttered dragonet tumbles forwards, gurphling. She practices that - gurf gurf gurfuffle.

Tessera hears her name. Where? "Landry." she identifies, and motions. "Com'ere. Hide me?" she asks, grinning, pointing to a place within sight of the brown. Hee.

Paul ventures, "You know, speaking of pushy, I can think of a couple people who are pushy.." He glances down at his arms, hopelessly.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet whuffles in annoyance. She's bigger than /he/ is! The lumbering gold step yet again into his path *whine*. The brown creels and cranes his little neck. Engines rev and he steps into the passing lane beside the gold, not to be outdone.

Toren hers her name above the ringing in her ears, she turns her head "Landry?"

Aife's fingers grip blonde Paul's arm. Strong Harper fingers, no escaping. "Uh." Why are they both looking at her? She steps forward again, bravely - or at least pretending well. Besides, rum-gold doesn't seem to be chasing people who walk up to her…right?

Icy Comet Egg begins to shudder violently, pulled from its path of solitude down, down, down to the land of the living.

No /way/. She didn't just see that. Kumiko scoots back just a bit more, lower lip chewed upon as feet continues that backward, if babypedaling back. Things are Closer Than They Appear? Maybe. Scoooot.

Cailet steps back and wipes at her brow. Eyes warily watching the gold, ready to move if she needs to.

Blue blue blue! All crazy-paved in a dozen shades, a little blue crawls slowly from his shell, rolling over and over to end up at the feet of a tall Miner lad. Blue eyes fix on blue…. so very blue! "Quilth?" P'low asks with a trembling voice.

Toren blinks at Tess, "Hide? you can't hide from a dragon."

Daleva is just gonna stand right where she is, this little patch of sand and her feet seem to have become attached..'sides she can finally see around people to watch the dragonets.

"Bunch up," Landry calls helplessly as first Paul and then she is daisy-chained closer by Aife's insane daring. "Closer? You're braver than I thought," she cries to Aife.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet stays in the lead, if only because she has the bulk of momentum on her side - stumble, stumple, gurfgurfurrfle. Her nostrils flare, scenting the air like a Nuff scents cookies, and head perks up a bit. Fi fo fo fum, I smell the blood of a candidate-yum.

Icy Comet Egg rapidly disintegrates in the heady, heavy atmosphere that is a Hatching; the ice melts, the shadows dissolve, the grit falls away. When it is all over, a little scrap of alien green rises from the wreckage, eyes bright and curious - take me to your Candie.

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet
This scrawny sprig of a dragonet is pungently pressed with rosemary's hue to mark her sharp-flavored, sharp-minded: she's a dusky, dusty green from the narrow slope of muzzle back along every slim inch of her sylph's frame. The same silver that showcases tail's every motion lines the underside of full, delicate wings and sparks mischief in her gaze; her dark side hints in the near-black that needles talons and neckridges with prickly, peppery bite.

Cailet wipes her sweat covered palms down her robe and looks to the eggs. That gold making her nervous.

Vanilla Frosting Egg melts. The devious layer of sweet white shell simply sloughs from the sudden explosion of wings and body that /is/ the arriving dragonet. A flash of pepper, a glimpse of goo-wet hide, and with a shake of his wings a spark is born.

Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet
The piquant zip of spiced sienna zings along the quirky, compact build of this brick-brown dragon, his stubby wings and short-coupled body built for barnstorming, not gliding flight. Copper rivets his poppy-peppered hide all along the ranks of 'ridges that march down his foreshortened neck and back, and those rusty motes also festoon the jiggery-pokery of his mettlesome muzzle. Thick-muscled, his abbreviated tail is a spitfire's guiding rudder to the intrepid irascibility that illuminates the spangled swirl of wide-set eyes.

Tessera nudges both near her, hence Landry and Toren. "Where are they heading?" she asks of the taller people. Yes, hide her. "Yeah. Nervous, I don't want to, urm, vomit on the dragonet or anything." That would be unforgivable. So, she contents her self with clutching her stomach and looks goldward again. Oooh, smell? Tess doesn't stink. She lifts her arms to make sure though.

Kumiko is, luckily, not bleeding. Running, maybe. A cough escapes, as lackluster hair is pushed from her eyes. Maybe that pair will like that group with the lad. She can only hope, as eggs' poppings release a green and brown. Lotta browns.

Toren grins, "This way I think tEss…"

Ash is drowning in a sea of 1-3 meter long dragons and white robes… trying to encourage the impressed to calm there lifemates as more and more eggs hatch… Oh sweetness… whata good night for a hatching

Browns are good, even if Rennth has no brown on him - even under his wings.

Green? Gold may be ignored, and browns as well, but KT's not gonna ignore a green. Emerald eyes flash to the emerging hatchling before she can catch herself. Not that she has much choice. There's only so much control the herder-candie has, and where greens are concerened… well… there is none.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet cuts sideways, increasing the pace, tasting victory as he steps directly up in front of the gold /and/ the group of candidates directly in front, brown muzzle taking a directly in-your-face approach as he sniffs the small Nabol crowd. No, won't do at all…..hmmm, something smells good. Look at /that/ one!

Yvette blinks eyes wide. Another brown… still the gold and a green as well. She's not brave enough to move towards them, much as she'd like to.

Aife is not brave. Insane, perhaps, yes. And maybe she'll stop right here, a glance at Landry and Paul shows they probably won't mind. We'll just wait now, shall we? "If I ever do this again I'm sewing in pockets." Then she can bring her flask.

Tessera shakes her head. "Nah, I think it's that way." she points the opposite direction. Cynicism is flowing. Craning her head over the two, she peeks out. "Hey, a green and brown? Wow, more dragonets." she blinks, refocusing on the other. Guess which one.

Cailet ahss as Green emerges and dares a glance to Kaet. She smiles and hopes for her friend, hands bunching in her robe.

Green seems to appear from nowhere, though the crunch of eggshells as she steps onto the sand gives some hint of her entrance. She looks about for a moment, then tumbles down her mound of sand, getting up with a 'I meant to do that' look before galumphing with delicate intent after a small brown haired girl….gotcha!!!! She trips the girl up, then immediately nuzzles the brown hair..mine. Thin arms wrap around green hide, and a suprised voice cries out "Trippeth!"

A whole gaggle-line of linked candidates, young, short ones, gather right up next to Sefren. Beam. Join them for a game of ring-around-the-egg-shards?

Sefren dodges behind the seacrafter, who's still gawking at the gold's machianations. "Oh dear," Sef mutters, fiddling with his belt. "That brown isn't coming this way… or that brown over there, either. And there's a green…." He definately wants a shield between him and any bouncing, pouncing dragonets. "She is lovely, though, isn't she?"

Toren gasps as so many eggs seem to be cracking at once she is so awwed by the activitythat she's forgoteen about the fire burning through her feet.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet stops up short, reeling to a stop behind the little brown - hey, I like that one too. MOve /over/. Demanding, the little gold pushes her way up under the brown and peers at the knot of candidates in question. Nostrils flare again, eyes wide and whirling. Shoulders nudges the brown - over, over, move over.

Leshil peers, from brown to brown to gold to green, head swiveling sharply here and there. Whiplash setting in? Not yet, though it's a sure bet he's going to be sore sometime after he gets off these Sands and has time to really pay attention to his poor burned feet.

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet stretches: nose first, jutting into the sultry air, paws next, then her long and breezy wings, their silver underpinnings flashing for the first time in the light of the world. She slides forward on her belly, bypassing awkward first steps for the moment, delighting in the feel of the sand against her skin.

Cailet turns her attention back to the dragonet's and blinks at the gold and brown. Who could they be fighting over?

Daleva lost all feeling in her feet quite awhile ago, though they involuntarly shift every once in a while. Invoulntary nervous system kicking in since the voulntary one isn't working very well right now.

Tessera watches as the brown and gold move. Oh, correction brown/s/. "They pop up everywhere…" she shakes her head, and peers at the greenie as well. "Can you see?" she asks Toren. "Where is it?"

Landry is bound to smell. Bad. Fear has a dreadful stench, doesn't it? She arrays herself in line with Aife and beams gratefully at Paul. Such self-sacrifice; two arms! "Is it my imagination or do /things/ come out, when she…gurfles" Landry asks, even as the brown seems to home in on BO. Heady stuff, that.

Kumiko looks down, down, and down some more. Eyes widen, as she continues to take another step back. Where /is/ that exit. This… sick. She's feeling very sick, and it shows with another sway of lithe form.

Toren swallows the dryness in her throat, "Not far.. there." she says pointing tot he drragonets as eggs crack and impressions are made willy nilly

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet pointedly ignores the creeling queen. She's bigger, but he's /faster/ you see. A flopping long black braid is his focus…looks funny, smells good….but it's running away! Well, he's faster. And off he barrels toward the candidate.

Sefren certainly isn't enjoying the feel of sand against his own skin, nope. Leastwise, not the tender soles of his feet, which will now doubt carry bruises from this for a sevenday. He eyes the oblivious seacrafter's robe, wondering if the lad would miss a little snatch of fabric from the back that Sef could stand on….

Short tail flat up into the air like a stylish lady's hat, Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet shakes the eggshell from his sides, bursting into the air, spitfire wings shaking him loose. Head pops up immediately after, wobbled kneed stance compromised just enough to send him *splat* back into the sands again. But instead of getting up right away, he sorta lies there, sunning himself. He meant to do this, see? Okay. So he's not graceful. But he's got /style/.

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet goes for ebony braids, willow curves, and a certain grace she herself lacks. That's it, right, small one. Little one. That one right /there/ - Hey! Wings fan out to either side of Kumiko, possessive, and gets promptly run over by the brown. This time she tumbles and doesn't recover, spiralling down into a tangle of gold at Paul's feet.

The Smithcrafter could try to attract dragonet attention by mooning them!

Tiareth leans forward, wings sweeping high and /just/ past her rider's head. Off to the races -

Green. *silly grin* Whoever said greens were nothin' but trouble… obviously met KT. Ebony braid is clutched tighter as the candidate continues to watch the green, no attention paid to the war between gold and brown. Emerald eyes stick to emerald hide, breaking only at the sound of brown hitting gold. Well now…

"It….. /he/'s running!" Holy crud and broomsticks. Kumiko's backpedaling happens in true earnest now, as that brown catches all her attention. Not that she gets far, as gold tumbles, and just like the cat that curiousity got, she looks. Aiiie. Brown. "Halp?" Squeak.

Tessera high-steps, watching the dragons. She peers, watching the gold at Kumi's feet. "Oh, go Kumi." she smiles slightly, and returns to watching the others, peeking over shoulders.

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet splays her paws over the raked sand - how delightful! - before she leans out and up to stand; whoa-oa-oa, she nearly loses purchase, flailing her wings clumsily and bleating in distress. But dark talons finally lock her in some semblance of upright, and she eyes the thinning field of white defiantly, twitching her silver-swept tail. /None/ of you saw that.

Cailet steps back and behing Kaet "Wow.." is all she gets out before gaze turns to rest on the green and brown.

"Ack!" Okay, it's not the most eloquent reply, but Aife, along with Paul, and probably Landry too all jump back as the gold is tumbled into a heap at their feet. The Harper dares to lean over, peer a little closer…."You okay?" she asks the dragon.

Brilliant. Still. Wanna bet? A slight smile cracks Kaet's mask as she watches the green tumble and roll, cocking her head to glance back at Cailet. " Hmm?" she asks her friend. " Wow what, dear?"

Toren is acutely aware that everything is almost over….the sands are emptying… some hopefuls still standing trying to look brave. She watches the green dragonet, "Oh…" she gasps as the little one nearly topples over. Its not good to fall into the sand….especially hot sand. she smiles as the little one rights herself.

Sefren peers at the gold for a moment. Well. Looks like this one's got an interest in catching browns, eh? That one will be nothing but trouble, mark his words. Fzzt!

Root Beer Float Egg finally … cracks? No, it dissolves around the blue dragonet that looks around with wide eyes. Where'd the shell /go/? It was keeping him warm and cozy and now look at /this/. That. - /Them/.

Landry blanches, jumping back in time to Aife and wrenching Paul's arm around in a painful hold as she uses him as a human barricade. "Kumi?" Eep. That's cowardly, isn't it?

Cailet points to the gold "Por thing got tripped up by that brown.."

Paul begins to blubber, "I wanna go /home/! Let me go, you nasty people!"

Kaetryn snickers, so quietly few could hear it. " Poor thing," she agrees, eyes snapping with a sly light. " Knocked up by a brown, how horrid."

Daleva cringes, as the gold and brown collide "Ouch again…"

Tessera glances here and there, watching, trying to take in everything at once. Casting an oooh as the goldie falls, she watches it right itself. "See, grace, whadda tell you." she grins. The scene is watched with a slighlty worried eye, and she takes a calming breath. Calm. Tranquil Riiight.

Toren gasps at the browns and the gold…what /is/ going on?

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet sniffs, snuffs, bumps her nose up against Paul's feet and nibbles at the toes. This occupies her hunger for a moment - who said Harper's ears were their best part? - and with a herculian effort she manages to get all but her tail unwtisted. Hi. Paul-Aife-Landry, the little queen glances soulfully at the cook-candidate again and then is happily distracted to the here. The right /here/. The now. The present. The mine.

Paul isn't going anywhere, so long as he wants a left arm. Landry has assured it. "Uh oh."

Leshil's kicks and jumps have become steadily less energized. Even, now, coming close to a mere shuffle. But he's still moving, have no fear, and those eyes still shine with hope. "Hey! He was only trying to go around her, I'm sure. She knocked him down once, too, so call them even. Agreed?"

Cailet smiles at Kaet's snicker and takes a deep breath..noticing the diminished numbers of the candidates.

Ash's eyes get /huge/ as the gold seemingly is close to making her choice… "Aife? Landry?" muttered words… barely audible… come on… choose! Well. Nothing for it but to get on with it -

Spitfire Rosemary Green totters determinedly forward, wings flared out to steady her pawing steps through the loose sand. She will have one of these.. these /things/. It will make everything better.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet gives no mercy from the victor! It's all about focus you know….this spicy brown is /not/ stopping until it gets what it wants! And so it speeds on, Kumiko in sight. There's no escape you see and….he suddenly realizes that Kumiko is close, real close. Tiny wings flare outas brown claws dig into the soft sand and the Ginger Brown screeches do a dusty stop, his tail tangling his legs as he falls forward to the sands and lifts whirling jewel-like eyes to Kumiko's. Mine, fair and square.

Tiareth, now that the rosemary green's all in motion again, pointedly looks. That way.

Spicy Ginger Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kumiko, and steps forward.

Paul shrieks, "Help! Help! She's eating me! Let me go, let me go, she's /eating/ me!" He flails, helpless, between Landry and Aife, convinced he's about to meet an untimely end from the toes up.

S'phen gives a cheer as Kumiko impresses, "Way to go Kumi!"

Kaetryn watches the resolution of the fight between brown and gold and promptly turns her attention back to the green. One track mind, KT. That's what you have.

Aife swallows, clenching Paul's right arm too. Poor, poor Paul. The harper has eyes, though, only for the dragon; tongue flickers over dry lips. "She is not." A sudden, utter calm. "She's not eating you."

As if she /would/. Everyone look right. Everyone look left. Everyone pick the Harper in the middle. But even the little Rum-Buttered Gold Dragonet knows she has to do a bit better than that. Ignoring everything else she matches the Ginger-brown, step for step, and reaches forwards.

Kumiko is wrapped in tail and claws, going down with a squeal. Oooof! So much for an escape. Dang it - "Zenzorath?" Blink. This isn't the same as hearing Sindiath. Not at all, as her face crumbles, arms wrapping about the brown's neck.

Ash hears Kumiko's name… and her head snaps the other direction momentarily… and squeals, "KUMI!" oh, composure… ahem

Hot Buttered Rum Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Landry, and steps forward.

Paul faints dead away.

Tessera creases her brows, trying to figure ou the tangle of people near the brown/gold cluster. "That's got to hurt." she frowns, then claps, seeing Kumi Impress. "Oh, go girl!" she cheers. "Gah, it's like.. hurricanes in here." she notes to Toren, mumbling. "I can't figure it out…" Call her blond. No, don't.

Toren smiles, "gratz kumi!" she says waving to her fellow candie, "Hes so handsome!"

Sefren ohs, spotting Kumiko with a brown. "I knew it," he remarks in an aside to the seacrafter, elbowing the taller lad in the… well… stomach. It'd take a bit of an effort to reach his ribs. Ahem. "I should'a had Marks on it, I knew!"

Ash hears a name… Oh… LANDRY! "LANDRY!" okay, so much for not squeeling

Sen beams, waving to Catia….there. See? We did try to tell her!

S'phen really calls out now as his fellow healer impresses..a gold??

"Landry! Congratulations!" Cailet cheers for the two new impresses and steps from behind Kaet, not too nervous now.

T'vim glances up from the sidelines, settled on his butt, and watching the eggs, the bronze next to him, nudging. "Food in a sec… Kumi?" A blink, then he breaks into a huge grin, giving Kumi a thumbs up, and yelling, "Toldja!"

Yvette turns. "Landry!" Landry Impressed the gold! Yvette's sore feet are forgotten in the excitement.

"Landry!" Aife half-shrieks, while Paul makes his escape. They're distracted. He'll run away now.

Tessera raises her brows with a jump, as Landry impresses. "Lan?" she peers, and blinks. "Oh, go /Landry!/" she cheers, clapping her on the back, since she's so close. "I knew you could do it." she beams.

Daleva shakes her head at poor Paul but claps and grins as Kumi and Landry Impress "Congratulations!" she calls to the pair.

Toren is awed, "Way to go Landry!"

Look ma, here I go! The Rosemary Green torques up quite the head of steam, now, silver flashing accompaniment to every purposeful - if not graceful - stride. She bypasses Aife, steps over Paul without looking back (what a wuss) and just lances sharply into the Candidates that are left, determined to have what's Hers.

Catia is swinging from Myri's foreleg, up on the Ledges… and she waves back down at Sen, giving a thumbs-up. And Landry too!

Landry hasn't fingernails left. It's just as well. The hapless boy will have bloodflow in his arm tomorrow. "Paul, don't - Oh! Faranth. Uh, Rhyath!" Landry hasitly corrects.

Toren says, "There is another Tess…."

K'len looks up as Landry and Kumiko both impress. "Hey Landry and Kumiko!"

Toren she is awed at Landry, "wow… a gold….."

Leshil beams. "Kumi! Landry! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" If he were in a certain musical, he'd faint about now, yet he isn't and so doesn't. "You were wrong, Landry. you did Impress after all! And to think you were so convinced you wouldn't! Ha!"

Cailet pulls golden runner tail back over her shoulder and starts to twist it. She watches the new impressees waiting to hear names.. A smile playing about her lips as golden-amber eyes are lit up with excitement.

Tessera peers over from her clapping of Landry, and eyes another dragonet. "Do they not stop?" she asks Toren, nudging her. "Wouldja look at them, they keep coming." she grins, watching slightly, before shifting

S'fyre moves, finally, fun almost over you see "ya! Way to go Kumiko, and Landry!." He steps over to Ash and grins "And an excellent bunch they are." he says pleasantly to the Weyrlingmaster "And an excellent bunch you've got yourself here." he adds pleasantly

Kumiko gets herself to her feet, rubbing bruised rump with a scratched hand. "Nono… just my grumblings…" Something makes her look oddly at the brown, brows rising. Oy vey… watta pair. She wanders off, Zenzorath in tow.

Tiareth obligingly looks, tail a-swish. Go get 'em, baby.

Toren nods, "They know what they want."

Sefren chews his lower lip for a moment, watching the green make her way over and across several candidates… at this distance - or his state of mind, perhaps - he can't tell who. Or maybe the heat is getting to him. Swiping his palm across his forehead, he breathes into the heat, wondering if people can just evaporate.

Kaetryn steps back another half-pace. Now who's behind who Cai? Emerald eyes flicker over green, slide to gold and brown impresees, then return back to green. As if we doubted it for an instant. Hands clench, nails dig into her palms, and she waits. Impatient. Anxious. Longing.

Ash nods to S'fyre… smiling softly, tears streaking her cheeks, "I don't think I could have asked for better…"

Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet finally, /definitively/ pops up again, wings righting him. And he doesn't wait, stepping out immediately, vrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooom, zest and fizz and puttbluster past the gold. Best to get a lead on now. But where is he going? With a spurt of tail flattening a nearby shard, he suddenly stops and spins out, dropping his head into the face of a fallen smith lad. Are you my mate? Poke. Poke. Inquiring minds want to know.

Nuff chukles and adjusts her hat. Watching the little eggs - the last? The dragonets, she giggles.

Landry feels dizzy. "I think I'm drunk, Aife…" she says helplessly. Exchanging Paul's arm for Rhyath's neck ridge, she smiles dazedly about at friends and congratulations. Mute.

Aife is alone now. Oh dear. Nobody's hand left to grab onto, Paul escaped and Landry's…well, distracted, which Aife doesn't blame her for in the least. She stands a little lost near the remains of Rhyath's egg and chews on her fingertip. Well.

Yvette turns from watching the gold to examine the eggs left on the sands…. none! What happened to all the Hatchlings? Well, they Impressed of course.

Tessera flashes a grin at Landry, and shakes her head. "Wow." she grins, at a rather loss for words for her friend. She just shakes her head and watches to see where the remaining dragonets will go.

Cailet looks back to Kaet and then over to the green, still idly twisting her hair. But she sudeenly stops and frowns "Kaet.." she whispers.."Not behind me please?"

Toren clasps Tess's hand, "Only a few left…." Ash tries to focus back on the task at hand… dragonets still emerging and impressing

S'fyre chuckles and places a comforting arm around Ash's shoulder, nudging her reassuringly "Well, good thing you didn't have to ask then." he states, looking out to the remaining eggs and candies with a contented smile…

" Why not?" The herder-candie steps forward, beside her friend. KT's hand comes out and grasps Cailet's gently. " Why not, little sister?"

Leshil skips over to a vantage point that's better for watching that quirky brown from. That's one to keep an eye on, yes. Who'll he go after?

A small, goo-flecked bronze falls sprawling on his own wings, only to look right up at the skinny young blonde boy who reaches instinctively to pull him up. "Truth!" the youngster wails ecstatically, as the new pair make their clumsy way off the sands.

Sen sits on her little stone ledge, feet only slightly throbbing now as the hatching winds down..only a few dragonets remain, and they seem to know what they want. She grins for Kumiko and Landry.

Cailet still looks a bit nervous as she gently squeezes the hand back and whispers again "Because you shouldn't be hiding.."

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet runs afoul of her own appendages, though, as she somehow tries to take a step with her right wing and wave her forepaw instead of the other way around - her talons catch, her body tilts, and she slides through the sand, pointy muzzle plowing a furrow to a wirey Candidate's feet. Dazed, she lifts her sand-peppered nose to look up ..the young man's robe. /What/ is /this/?

Tessera flicks a grin to Toren. "Indeed. And few candies too." she notes, absently cracking a knuckle as she watches them. Watch, wait, learn, clap.

Ash grins up at Saf… and nods, "Aye… indeed…" and just watches the last few impressions… its going to be a long night

Kumiko manages to get Zen over to T'vim, fingers moving along his hide. This is going to take some getting used to, as fingers touch spicy ginger. Loads of time. Dazed, is she.

O'feri is still a little sore about loosing his wine, but he'll agree - "A long night, especially for you, Ash. And your assistants."

Landry drifts in a rummy daze until the munchies become difficult to ignore. Shepherding Rhyath, hands steadying those wings, the pair amble towards the Weyrlingmaster.

Sefren gives the *nosey* green investigating his robe - or what's under it - an almost offended glare. "Hello, do you usually do that before you and someone else are introduced?" he asks, nose wrinkling.

Toren bites her lip and watches many walk off with their new lifemates and then looks around at the empty shells and bits of sand encrusted egg goo.

T'vim glances up at Kumi at her newest friend, giving them both a wave, as he considers getting up. Nah. Fingers rub the ridges gently along Eldiath's eyes, as he motions to the brown with a grin. "Nice un… I toldja so."

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet glances beyond, to glare huffily at Sefren. Well, ex/cuse/ me, Mr. Don't Cut Anybody Slack For Being Just-born Today.

Cailet watches the green with Sefren..a small smile playing about her lips.

Kay giggles, loud enough to likely carry out to Sefren's encounter with the green. Well. Like she said - Moon them and they shall come.

Aife stands still amid the shattered remains of the eggs….The sands look like a battlefield, though most assuredly the most wonderful of battles. Cloaked by damp clingy tangles of red hair, her fingernails are about to be gnawed completely off soon. Oh well. No great loss.

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet will show him. She'll -

Kaetryn bites her lip and turns away from the green and Sefren… and begins to slip resolutely towards the entrace. She can't watch again. Not again. She's gone. And no one will ever get her on the sands again. Ever.

Nuff is hungry? Tiareth is, was, has been for days. She eyes the last little green - why is it green's are always last? - and stretches. "Y'know, Jh'ral. That one's kinda cute."

Spitfire Rosemary Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sefren, and steps forward.

Kaetryn goes home.

Tessera grins over at the green and Sefren. "Oh, what a pair." she chuckles. "Can't imagine /their/ flights…" she laughs, clapping as they Impress. "Oh, go guys." she beams.

"Woooo!" Kay cheers, Verth beside her adding a squeak-croon. "Sseeeefffiiiee!" She told him. She did.

Jh'ral bobs his head a bit, "Must be taking after Rennth."

Daleva giggles at the Green and Sefren "Oh Congrats!" she calls between spurts of laughter.

Sefren instantly melts at that glare. "Aw, I didn't mean it that way." But he does make sure his robe is held securely. "C'mon, Xeth, don't be annoyed," he urges, dropping to his knees, no longer so bothered by the heat. "Xeth!"

Tiareth's stomach rumbles, even, seeing her youngest daughter choose a lifemate. And that's one big stomach.

Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet sniffs. He snuffs. He coughs. Nope. With a renewed sense of vigor and not so much as a by yer leave, he revs up his bulky form, all spit and fire in the dragon equivalent of a shiny vw and /peers/ over the remaining candidates until… A/HA/! There he is! And he's off! And as he homes in on the perfect one, the only one, /his/, going faster and faster in his wobbled, puttputting trek across the sands, he forgets one tiny itsy bitsy teeny weeny thing. Um…. Where's the brakes?

Toren says, "Gongratulations Sefren."

Cailet calls out "Congrats.."

Ash grins and shouts over the din… "E'ren… please… make your way to the side…!" she smiles…

S'phen watches the sands, smiling reassuringly towards Cailet.

Leshil churrips to Sefren - now E'ren - and Xeth. "She going to make a habit of doing that to make sure you're awake?" He inquires curiously, face alight with mischeivious thoughts.

Cailet shrugs softly and turns to find Kaet gone already..She looks about for her and frowns.

Tessera cranes her neck for a view, and glimpses the brown heading for someone. "Toren?" she asks, grining over at her, as Tess herself steps back to the shadows, shifting feet, content to watch the rest, silently creeping out.

Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Leshil, and steps forward.

Toren steps aside swallowning hard unheedful of the hot sand and slumps up against a wall.

E'ren is infatuated, enthralled completely, as he draws lovely rosemary Xeth to the side with the other newly Impressed.

Tessera spares a clap for Leshil, before a heat in her face, and eyes sparkling with… something, make her head out for the cooler sand hurriedly. Tessera escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Yvette smiles softly, sadly, as the last dragon Impresses… to Leshil. He deserves him… wonder what his name is?

Cailet backs up a bit towards the entrance..where did Kaet go..and Tess too now?

Kumiko looks up, head turning left, then right. Everyone gone? It looks like, as head tilts, chest nearly butted in as Zenzorath bowls her over. Oof.

Toren escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
Yvette goes home.

B'ran ducks his head, not wanting to look. That Brown's going much to fast…

Catia moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Catia edges onto the edge of the Stands. Just in case there /are/ injuries out there…..dragonets are dangerous things.

Daleva smiles as the last of the dragons Impresses, happy for her friends even if a little disapointed for herself.

V'kyre escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

SPLAT Sparky Firebug Brown Dragonet tumbles to a rolling stop right on top of Leshil. Picked a soft landing spot, at least. He leans down, muzzle in the lads face.

S'phen looks across the sands, his eyes searching for Cailet's

Cailet sighs and crosses her arms over her middle. Now why did they leaves so quick? Is it all over?

Aife breathes a long sigh, relief maybe, mixed with a bittersweet disappointment that - well, she knew there wasn't a dragon for her, but it's hard not to get swept up in the permeating rushof a Hatching. Bare feet scuff into hot sand and she pads in riders' direction.

Kumiko's rear end is /bruised/. Ow. "Zen… lay off." A yawn comes, as she rubs the blunt muzzle, eyes blinking to rid themselves of sand. Are they going?

Cailet smiles at S'phen but turns to walk over closer to the entrance.

Catia wades through a sea of white robes and dragon bodies to Ash's side. Just to be there, you understand. Eyes scan the crowd of 'lings professionally, spotting Impressions that she missed in all the confusion.

Leshil smacks down into the sand. "Owwww! Piccath! Get off me so I can help ya over to the others, you big galoot!"

Kay stands, Verth crowding up next to her as she seeks to maneuver towards E'ren and his own Xeth. Yo.

Sen just stays out of the way on her ledge, rather exhausted by it all…a nap sound very good, actually….haven't gotten much sleep lately. Perhaps…… Sen steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Trebinth warbles and butts S'phen, his new lifemate, projecting his hunger.

B'ran dares to look, then shakes his head, placing his hand to his forehead as he looka up into the gallery ledges. He grins suddenly waving at Kyleigh and points to the spot next to her.
B'ran escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

S'phen reaches up to calm Trebinth as he continues to watch Cailet across the sands.

Ash takes a deep breath and shouts rather loudly… "OKay all newly impressed… please bring your lifemates and follow me!"

Kumiko gets to her feet, again, before she rubs that bruised backside. Owie. Are they going yet? Gaze flickers down to mischeivious brown, before she trudges, nudging Zenzorath along.

Nuff shakes herself - areeba. "Well then. Yes. We're all done?"

Lani wipes Rhyath's muzzle on her skirts. Albumen everywhere. "Really, what a grub, Rhyath," she says to distract the hungry hatchling from her hunger. She smiles at Leshil, relieved he's okay.

Kay follows. Verth follows. It's a chacha.

K'len follows Ash, with one hand on his lifemate's head.

S'fyre nods in Nuff's direction "It's all over."

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