High Reaches' 2nd PC Hatching

Lani's gold Rhyath x D'ante's bronze Infernoth
5th December 1998
Logged by D'renn

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Rhyath, and bronze Infernoth are here.
You see Clutch of Eggs, Urban Jungle Egg, Savannah Sunset Egg, Pyramids of Giza Egg, Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg, Lost Spaceship Egg, Heathery Brigadoon Egg, Mists of Avalon Egg, Ruins of Atlantis Egg, Enchanted Forest Egg, Outer Banks Egg, and Springs of Jusenkyo Egg here.
D'ante, Lani, Nuff, Posida, Kumiko, B'ran, E'ren, Enya, Saoirse, and Jh'ral are here.

THE EGGS! (With credits - well done to the desc-tweakers!)
The 11 PC eggs (drawn by lottery):

Enchanted Forest Egg [Kenoryn - Bakercraft]
Vibrant green springs from the surface of this nearly spherical egg in a lively dance of emerald and forest branches crossing. Dazzling patterns have rune the entire egg in freshest evergreen pine, the lush greenery coating every curve in mossy hues and tinges of blue or yellow. A winding path of lazy-river blue meanders between the hemispheres, lost, the halves reflecting in entrancing shimmers.
Heathery Brigadoon Egg [Jh'ral]
Downy-soft and springy, this egg fairly ripples with pale blues and purples across itsther themselves in wistful bunches at the cap's peak, waiting for that special day when the occluding mists will part and reveal the miracle of this small village.
Lost Spaceship Egg [Zirade]
Infinite charcoal engulfs, lost with specks of burning heat - pulsating - dripping of life from other worlds. Aimlessly steering along vacancy, upon a pit of nothing, burns a single luminous shape of silver, propelled in the medium sturdiness of eggshell, ever stirring through the endless space of dispirit.
Mists of Avalon Egg [Lisaine - Weavercraft]
Lilac and grey swirl towards each other, sending light tendrils of mist to consume this egg in its embrace. Secrets and truth are concealed, hidden under the veil of fog so they are only visible as shadows stretching across the egg, reaching from crown to base in rough figures; legends that are only distortions of what lies inside, waiting.
Outer Banks Egg [Basil - Ista Hold]
Palest gray pervades the surface of this egg, washing mottled leaf-greens and bark-browns into a faded collage of muted colors. Spreading from the broad end, sturdy strokes of oak twist and tangle as if in competition for some nebulous prize of salt-kissed sky, then fuse finally into indeterminate splashes of deciduous olive. And over all, between all, behind all, beyond all - misty gray.
Pyramids of Giza Egg [Pita]
Antiquity embodied in the substantial shape of suede-smooth shell and discrete angles, time itself dreads the very form held within this egg. Sloping cusps bestow it with a discernible height, whilst each aspect faces a new direction - north, south, east, west; all are granted a view of its powdered contours, layer upon layer of stalwart sienna bricks generating its base as it ascends to a peaked zenith. A mystery unto itself, only time will prove its worth.
Ruins of Atlantis Egg [Ethree]
Sunken blue suffocates this egg in its depths, a ragged gradient of sun-touched aqua rounding out to darker hues in gradual descent. Marble, ivory, even a glitter of submerged gold show their unfinished faces, ancient pillars, old beyond recollection, forgotten beneath the tides of history. And what were once grand seem only ruins, now, stretched out in abstract scenery across an eggshell.
Savannah Sunset Egg [Nuff]
Sunset flares, vibrant - violent - viscous gold, painting the horizon of this egg in a heady mantle of color: day's desire burnishes the shell, passionate hues of crimson and liquid amber slough against the paler tones of the savannah. Here the grasslands whisper, an endless sea of susurrant hues set on fire by the setting sun. The occasional symmetry of tawny, wicked orange prowls the shell, oblivious to the fragile serenity soon to be vanquished by the shadows of night.
Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg [Kumiko]
Eternal purgatory swirls within this egg's hazy depths of clouded mystery, the unknown cloaked in layers of diffused color: the tip's pointed blush is rose-tinted oblivion, its foggy sheets deepening into a purple haze. Life and death reign side by side, balanced, within the whitewashed jade that wraps around the broad median, dribbling into the light of a sun-filtered orange. Darkness threatens swiftly, though, the mandola waiting in sordid crimson: waiting to ferry passengers over a sea of brackish purple to the conclusive edge of black that settles its shrouds over the egg's base.
Springs of Jusenkyo Egg [E'ren]
Drowned colors settle into mysterious hollows like secrets on leathered shell, pocketed in motionless liquidity. Watercolors deepen in azure sequence, countless cursed pools bordered in jade, lined by reeds seeming to sway in the breath of an imagined breeze. This illusion hides a danger awaiting unveiling, a tale of transformation, this completely average egg's contents promising something unguessable and, once chosen, unalterable.
Urban Jungle Egg [Lani]
Hip purple and funky orange swagger through angular swathes of grubby grey, vivid flashes of frenetic energy in an otherwise brooding aspect. Over its jaded pate they jive, graffitied with slummish disregard for the dark brutality of their neighbourhood and the dangers it poses. Don't they know? It's a jungle out there.

And the remaining 24 NPC eggs:

The Blight Egg [Saoirse]
Sickly yellow spreads its infected shade across the shell of this egg like a malevolent, diseased blanket of colour. Tendrils of bruised purples and greens form a web of putrescence that lurks, half-hidden, just beneath the wan surface hue; a shadowy net of corruption that lies in wait, eerily expectant.
Blue Lakes and Rocky Shore Egg [Salea]
Merging with a horizon of surging navy, sun-washed baby blue streams down the sides of this egg. Wave after wave crashes heavily on the solid grey backdrop, churning shades from ashy white to near-black. Messy spots of moldy green escape the barrage, their tidepools adding an eerie undertone to the egg's wide, rocky base.
Candyland Egg [Saoirse]
Saccharine spirals of pink and white frame spicy panels of warm ginger. Silver spheres align along bands of butterscotch and darker chocolate that drizzle down creamy sides to pool at the egg's base in a frothy, sticky mess. Pale translucence, gumdrop-dotted, ices the top, set with the citrus zest of sugar-dipped orange, lemon and lime, and there, just at the summit, a small, cerise cap completes.
Crystal Canyon Egg [Kitigern - Redsands]
Crashing deep, dark sharp-edged thunder marks shades in a frozen sea of seething grey. Flashes of glittering colour, matte black and clear crystalline white, gashes of soft violet tinged rose and rich verdant greens lurk beneath endless sober blue that flickers over this rough ovoid shape. Cleaved into the jagged designs, scrapes of orange and fluffy blotches of drab grey-green, cling tenuously to the curving surface.
Desolate Beach Egg [Sen]
Dull grays and tans wash over this egg, its shell rough and pebbled like sandpaper; darker blotches become the detritus of a deserted beach, washed up by desultory waves with depressing monotony. That sullen desolation is broken only by small indentations that inconsistently wander across the stubbled shell, the residue of someone's lonely passing.
Eerie Plains Egg [Jasyra]
Multiple shades of dark colors plague the smooth, even surface. The dark shades forming a mild base for any other designs that may lurk upon the outer shell. A veil of ebony glides over the general darkness, attaching a more mysterious and secretive feel to the design. An unexpected shot of blaring silver shoots from the tip of the oblong object to the rounding bottom, the rest of the egg appearing to just be flat and motionless, all attention drawn to the strike of light.
Electric Storm Egg [Skyrala - Harpercraft]
Cascading across this elongated egg, the blue-black horizon of a stormy night is checkered with midnight thunderheads; only along one sloping face is the sky luminously clear, backlit with silver-white tendrils of lightning over a turbulent, moon-washed sea. Mottled marble provides a temporary bulwark for the waves, a coastal city concealed in the egg's curved quay, but it is doomed to destruction. And drifting through the felty rain, a lone black cloud keeps moving westward.
Endless Ocean Egg [Catia]
Tiny gilded ripples dance about each rounded end of this egg; gold sparkling along jade green. Repeating themselves over and over, the sun-on-water patterns arc steadily to delineate one long curve of the smooth-sided ovoid. Bottomless-blue depths shade the remainder of the glossy surface: overlaid with a steely sheen as if overshadowed by glowering storm-clouds that stretch to a far-distant horizon.
Field of Dreams Egg [Enya]
Crisscross dashed lines of autumnal colors rip 'cross shell's surface: golden yellow tassles splay out o'er burnished oranges, reds, and browns, zig-zagging, helter skelter, the season of colors flowing as changes. Whips of misty white, pale and stretched to subtle hue, dance betwix bursts of color to leave the hint of summer-night dreams; subtle sunshine tones to filter through upper top of shell, adrift on mid-summer breeze, while a faint chill of blue gives hint to approaching autumn wonders to break shell.
Great Barrier Reef Egg [Posida]
Azure blue, clear and shiningly solid, cloaks the surface of this elongated ovoid in brilliant, swimming colour. Splashes of various shades, deep violet through red and orange to cheerful yellow and pink feather in branching fingers up from one cusp, while yet more colours, silver, green and gold, dart across the smooth curve. Each radiant sliver is prey to the light beams that filter through the cerulean waters like creamy tentacles.
The Great Meadows Egg [Ophelia]
A study of drab and commonplace colors, this shell's magic can only be known through the eye of a child, through the mists of memory: those broad veins of soil-brown are a path that winds in and out and through, that ribbon of sparkle and glint is a burbling brook whose voice is silenced, and the pale gold thatching that covers the rest is a field of waving, autumn-dried grasses, with hidden creatures, hidden places, and hidden adventure awaiting discovery.
Industrialized Cityscape Egg [Jack]
Cruel slate takes a steely accent and rips down slender ovoid's sides, ploughing through natural curves with reckless abandon. Latitudinal stripes of metallic gray slice perpendicular pathways all around, though concentration is the equatorial regions. Oppressive mists of a dismal, washed-out hue - gray, as well - swirl 'round the egg in whole, leaving nothing clear and crisp, only distant and faded.
Lecture Theatre Egg [Posida]
Brown flows in monotonous woody stripes with squarish regularity, white-marked against black and murky green. Tiny trails, little more than a hair in width squiggle in neat horizontal lines; miniature symbols of bewildering complexity. Down from patches more hues splash, dull black and chocolate stain, scattered randomly amongst golden-grained rows, the entire curve dusted minutely in chalky white.
Midnight Forest Egg [Sabler - Redsands]
Darkness surrounds this small egg, almost tangible in its velvety insubstantiality. Dark forms loom out from the smooth surface, tall trees rising high, imposing sentinels with watchful eyes staring through close-knit branches. Their silhouettes freeze into seamless, blanketing midnight against a faux firmament of cold moonlight and glittering, starry speckles.
Morning Ocean Kelp Egg [Niyanne - Weavercraft]
Shining shafts of cyan streak through cerulean's clearest blues, dappling the shell with pale yellow-green crests. Stalks of kelly-bright verdancy flare with ruffly unconcern, spiraling 'round those posts to interweave among pools of saffron sunshine. It is the depth of these colors that twists the whole forest into an ovoid's shape, and flickers of vermilion betray its fish-shaped inhabitants.
Rippling Lake Egg [Marisol - Herdercraft]
Ecru streaks ripple across the expanse of the wide lake of cerulean, softer hues pooling in the middle to form a ripple effect. Hints of marsh grass form on the blunt ends of an the oval-shaped egg, intermingling with flecks of bronze as if leaves were floating on its glossy surface. Wisps of charcoal find their way onto this masterpiece, vaguely resembling the figure of a beast of burden, its dark reflection the image mirrored on a calm lake of azure.
Rolling Meadows Egg [Taida - Ista Hold]
Grass-green swirls neatly over this egg's broad bottom, fading into sky's paler colors as it stretches upward into the cloud-dotted cap. Against that backdrop, grey streaks sleekly across the middle, and only a large blob of golden-yellow breaks up the soothing uniformity of the shell: gentle rays of sunshine reaching down to caress and warm the plumed meadow.
Sable Island Egg [Kenoryn - Bakercraft]
Abstractedly white and spattered with occasional patches of sandy beige, the near-pure light of this egg's shell is marred in places by the twisting coils of spiralling gray that mark a trail from cap to cap in waning clarity. Sparse blades of green, pale and cold, emerge in places, and dark shadows promise relief, but snowy white prevails - a bleak promise of brighter times.
Tanis Egg [Imili]
A flittering storm of sand seems to rage just within the surface of this unusually quiet egg. There is a sense about it of something waiting, something ancient and endlessly patient. Hypnotic swirls betray an older, grander age. Great vistas of carved stone rise up and fall away revealing a great city buried within the sands and a ruby beam leading to the faint promise of treasures within. Many seek the wisdom and power of the arc but the way is fraught with peril: dark and furtive shadows in swathes of sable threaten to consume the unwary.
Thriving Rainforest Egg [Talixa - Minercraft]
Cacophanous life bursts onto the scene of this egg's round shell, but its brilliance is one of subtle camouflage: the bland beige backdrop is simply tinged with floral green. But - wait! Teasing glints of feathery-red are visible through the cap's masking foliage, while watchful yellow eyes lurk near the base; binding it all together, blossoming oranges creep from mossy hiding places to complete the damp civilization.
Toilsome New England Egg [O'feri]
Crisp autumn foliage collides with rocky outcroppings that are hidden beneath the false face of the wood and meadow; though channelled by cool streams as well as melted by scanty harvests of golden wheat, the egg proves to be harsh and barren beneath the outermost shell. Gravel pits the soil that weeds thrive in, and the forest pushes into just-bared fields that generally refuse to produce crops: all in all, a most stubborn egg.
Untamed Eden Egg [Lisaine - Weavercraft]
Heavy green winds in an entangling lace over the pate of this egg, irreproachably vivacious in every wild cling of boisterous growth. Sapphire peeks from under the pale greenery, but enlightenment and exile await in the heart of this egg. For resting demurely on the sea of green is a splash of yellow gleaming almost golden, an apple to the mind's eye.
Wilderness Lake Egg [Aife]
Speckled sunlight, filtered through the evergreen canopy of overhung branches, dapples the smooth surface of this ovaloid shell. Finned shadows flit through darker ripples of aquamarine and silver, water and woodland mixed and melded in glorious harmony. Nature undisturbed, unmolested, tranquillity exudes from it, evoking peaceful memories of childhood laughter and the freedom to play.
Woeful Sands Egg [Jenae - Herdercraft]
Soft browns spread over a wind-blown palate, dimming off to a sandy yellow with the smooth curve in the horizon. Dark and light gently wash over the tipping dunes in the front, creating impressions seemingly embedded within the sands themselves, at the same time the rising blunt tips topped by the playing shadows of each other, the seamless hills gently liquid in the illumination. Pools of dark coalesce at the bases forming circular shapes strangely reminiscent of deep eyes akin to those of a woe-be-gone canine, fur rippling gently amid the breezes.

Nuff herds cats - erm, riders. "This way, this way", like she knows what she is doing. "Stand over here and you are less likelyt get run over."

Fidget, hip, hop, Enya follows with rest of weyrlingCo 'cross hot sands, feet burn even through booted feet. eep. "Bad enough just once…but we do this turn after turn after.." small bluerider mumbles - unheard over loud thrumming- as she procures spot to stand at /farthest/ edge of sands.

Posida mutters and grumbles and remembers to thank young T'jen. Well, he is her offspring after all, settling her in a safe place on sands level since she can't climb the stairs. Not at her age, and she's not abotu to miss it.

B'ran follows Nuff like a tamed feline? Yes? No? "Nuff, are you sure this is where we go to /not/ get run over?" He's suspicious. Cousin Nuff has steered him wrong before, see.

Mists of Avalon Egg shivers, misted colors drifting and flowing about the shell. It waits, with the others, but trembles and shuddes at the slightest provocation. The step of a Rider, the Wings of dragons swooping over head, the yells from the sands. Any disruption sets the little egg /wriggling/ in anticipation.

E'ren scampers across the Sands, joining the others. "Jays, do the Sands seem hotter this time, or what?" It's probably Renren's imagination. A wave is cast towards the throngs in the Stands, just for fun.

Kumiko is out, hanging around a few Zephyr'ites, fingers moving limp hair from her face. "Tell me again how he talked me into this?" Whoever he is doesn't come out. This, however, is sandsitting. Which she's doing. Without the actual sitting.

Infernoth's eyes startle open, and his head cranes upward sharply. Suddenly his whirling eyes take on a new shade and his throat swells as he begins to thrum. D'ante's just standing there to one side; alternating between looking smug at the fact that his lifemate's children are about to hatch, and terrified. One dark hand scrapes through his hair. Again. Again. Again.

Cousin Nuff always knows where she is going. She plants herself near the brooding dragons - but not too near - and leans nonchalantly into the heat. "Yup, right here." Charmed spot.

Jh'ral is here because, well, he wants to be. And he can get away with it. Rennth can sulk elsewhere. He leaves a trail as he heads toward D'ante with a murmured, "Relax."

Annalee reaches out, snagging Thesy's hand again, following after Jezabel.

Enchanted Forest Egg trembles very slightest movements, mulchy green shell rippling alittle as round orb of egg wiggles around shifting sand of clutch spot.

Pyramids of Giza Egg sits, not doing much of anything. Unlike it's counterparts, the egg has just decided to remain where it is, brick solid, waiting. And sitting. And more waiting. Not even a wibble.

Saoirse's there, near Kumiko; fellow Zephyrite, fellow dupee. "If I knew how I got roped into it, meself, I would." She leans against the cooler stone wall. Thank Faranth for thick-soled riding boots.

Springs of Jusenkyo Egg trembles, the barest ripple of shell in the heat of the sands. Soon, soon, everything will be revealed. But for now, it's waiting for the right time.

Heathery Brigadoon Egg shivers slightly, rocking in it's bed of sand to widen the soft ditch it sits in. Trembling perhaps and rocking gently to and fro, a nearly continuous movement.

Outer Banks Egg wiggles, testing the sands. Quiescently, it returns to stillness.

Lost Spaceship Egg rolls aimlessly, charcoal'd shell seeming to smudge the sands.

All the Candidates appear, followed by Weyrlingmaster Salea.

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg gleams mysteriously from the shadow it is settled in. Movements of air in the cavern sift sand minutely across its leathered shell. It's waiting too.

A few stray stragglers come in, hastily smoothing down white robes before taking their places some are looking nervous, some not. Remarkably, they are cohesive, as column of white turns, bowing in unision - once towards gold Rhyath, then again towards bronze Infernoth, a swaying rustle of cloth heard in those movements.

Lani fans herself gently, an encouraging smile for the candidates written across her face - at least where her own nerves haven't already marked their runes. In fact, she looks a little green, but that's the least of her worries. "Rhyath…" she reproves as realisation begins to dawn on the young queen. These young men and women are going to take her eggs.

"Okay, if you say so." The unabashed trust for the girl B'ran has is perhaps warrented. Perhaps not. See B'ran stand. See B'ran get squashed. He eyes the others. Over /there/. "But, why are /they/ over /there/?" he slides in behind her, placing her between himself and the eggs. Chilvary is not dead. Nuff will protect him.

Nervous, nervous - Niyanne is nervous, a hand being thrust blindly out towards Shaela. Is there a hand to grab, in return? "Shae?" Quivering tone barely touches weaver's voice, as place is found upon the sands - Some what.

Jezabel slips into the sands, sighing softly before ouching - the perpetual Candidate hot-foot-dance shown - before finishing with that hasty bow, fingers reaching out towards Risli and Areiah, while gaze picks them off the sands, "Hold my hand, Areiah? Risli?" She would beg, really, as voice is faint, barely audible.

Tylendel grasps Areiah's hand tightly as they step onto the sands, feet not quite dancing at the substantial heat. His head swings this way and that at the multitude of nervous candidates and rocking eggs, yet his own step is firm - minus the slight hot-footing it - and his back straight. He takes a deep breath; he's ready - it's time. And breathes out, glimmer of a smile forming on a just slightly pale face.

Salea also gives a quick bow to Lani et al, and finds her way over to the side of the sands. Coming to rest nect to Ash and the other awlms, she gives a quick wink to the Candidates.

Zirade trots out on the Sands with the others, heat scalding her feet through the soles of her sandals. "Ow!" she murmurs, trying not to get accustomed to the heat quickly. She bows to the clutchparents and the assembled riders, then joins the others in circling the eggs.

On the sands, Nuff might… then again, she might not. "Them's the canidtes B'ran. YOu can tell by the white robes."

Adianna finally locates a hand to hold - and its not her own, this time - and rushes to catch up with the others. She nearly digs her toes into the hot sands- so much like home! For the first time in months, she's warm!

A look is glanced to Sorsh and Kumi with wry chuckle, "Kyleth insisted I be out here for 'his' candidates." Enya offers remark as feet shift and fidget in spot, durn lifemate. oh, candies, small bluerider does offer assured smile from place near Salea, Ash, and rest o' weyrlingCo.

Conlan, one hand parked over his brow for better distance sight, scans the galleries. "Thesy, look! There's C'nor! And Leine! They both came." The boy might almost look happy. If anybody else is up there, he doesn't even notice.

Seldor creeps, managing a bow to Infernoth and Rhyath before joining a tall blond girl nearby. Nervous, the boy nearly clings, occasionally looking to and fro before he takes extra time to look at himself. Robe, check, sandals, check…

On the sands, Annalee stops, breathing in… out… in… out… Shoulders fly back, head snaps up, back is straightened - and one slender harper's hand reaches for Thesy. "Thesypet?…"

Risli clutches wildly at Jezabel's hand and looks nervously at the anxious queen. He shifts against the heat of the Sands, and rubs his head briefly, feeling a bit faint. "Stay here, okay, Jez?" He looks at the eggs, eyes seeking the little ruined looking egg.

Oh, wow. A crowd. Feet lift, fall, lift, fall. The Sands are /hot/. Areiah squeezes firmly the hand already locked with hers - Tylendel's - grabbing for Jezabel's next. "I've gotcha." she says, though her soft voice sounds nothing like her normal.

There is most definitely a hand. Albeit shaky, Shaela's hand is there, and likewise searching for Niyanne's. "Yeah?" she replies in nervously excited tone, grip tightening as the hands meet.

Springs of Jusenkyo Egg trembles more fervently now. Will it be the first to break away? Indeed.

Clinging again to Conlan's arm, Thesy takes a cautious step onto the sands. Shards, this is /really/ hot! Carefully she lifts one feet, sets it down, lifts the other. What is she doing? Dancing?

Rhyath crouches by the largest mound, but if her wings could reach, the entire clutch would be encompassed under those crazy-quilted sails. She hisses petulantly, then subsides to into predatory waiting. Watching.

Kumiko snorts, very quietly. "Remind me to get a hold of him next time, will you?" Face is made, before she gives a cheeky grin to Enya. "We're… representing." That's a nice way to put it, as the brownrider watches.

Springs of Jusenkyo Egg ripples, submerged forms hinting at movement beneath its water-hued shell. When sudden cracks craze its surface, it yields to the inevitable. Its explosion is a stunny transformation, a mystery unveiled, the answer. It can be no other besides Crystal Moon Wandering Green Dragonet.

Crystal Moon Wandering Green Dragonet
Metal fire ices this sylph in arctic light, beryl crystallized into deep, mirrored color, iridescent infinity. Tundra highlights glow unwavering at her powerful haunches, stardust dispersing across her more prominent headknobs which form a haloed triumvirate, balanced as compass points. Viridian sparks light her neckridges, vermeil gilding sleek valkyrie wings lifting skyward, arrowed shapes like air rendered visible. Pilot's confidence and poise marks her carriage, her gaze determined and level, always seeking the horizon.

Mists of Avalon Egg trembles again, whiffling. This little egg, even half-buried in the sands, manages to look irate and impatient. Parts of the shell start sliding off like snow from a sloped roof, and part of the dragonet start showing: hint of wet, dam, dark color, the mere suggestion of a tail, the occasional break of sharp little teeth.

On the sands, Oh, shards. "It's, um, it's starting - The eggs, the ones we touched, they're sorta, um, moving." Niyanne shivers - Cold, in the heat of the sands. Cold, with her feet bare, and probably scorching. Cold. - and clings tight to hand, wide grey eyes beholding the sights. "It.. hatched, Shae."

Kamaria totters along, ignoring the hot sands as best as possible, blue eyes wide in both nervousness and excitement. Everyone else is holding on to someone's hand…"Oh, do wait for me…" Shards, but there are a lot of candidates and eggs all over the place. One big mess, if you asked this healer.

Jezabel clings, oh yes, she clings to both Areiah and Risli's hands, formerly self-assured healer now a squeamish Candidate, needing the support of her clutchmates. Green eyes flicker to the crowds, before blinking abruptly at the notice of rocking eggs - "What're we supposed to do?" A frantic demand, as feet shuffle from the heat.

Annalee shivers despite the head, moving to flank Thesy, smiling over at Conlan as she does. Eyes are diverted as the eggs crick and crack, and Harper pales but stands up straighter.

Salea nods to Enya, glad once again for her own boots. Glancing up, she lets out a sigh of relief…"we got here just in time…look at that, hatching already…"

B'ran blinks and puts his hand up to his eyes. "White robes?" Oh /yah/. Glancing over at the egg he points, fat arm right in front of Nuff's view. "There's the first!" Don't ask where. It's behind his arm.

Rania, red hair glinting in the waves of undulating heat, dances on tiptoes from a combination of nerves and the hot grains beneath her. Gaze resting in no place at once, she grins brightly. At her side, Salianne shakes her blond hair behind her and concentrates on a few egg in particular, mouth dropping open ungracefully for a moment.

Kelvren shifts hot feet, bumping into another Candidate, he turns to see Adianna and he grins as he offers her a hand. "I think it'll be easier to face them all?" he suggests, the other hand gesturing to towards the multitude of rocking eggs.

Risli gasps as the first egg breaks, and he points. "Look! Look at her!" He grins, and fairly yanks at Jez's arm. "Isn't she lovely?"

Enchanted Forest Egg dares tremble slightest in movements, rich nature hued shell moving to catch light and show gleam for moment before stilling again amid rest of clutch.

Infernoth blinks in tandem with his rider. Blink. Blinkblink. A daughter green. And isn't she just marvelous. He croons surprised encouragement to the youngster, still trying to take all this in.

Conlan takes a step backward, surprised as always by the force of a dragonet breaking shell. "Look," he breathes, in honest appreciation of the event.

Thesy turns back and gets a hold of Annalee's hand, pulling her a little closer, "Look Anna! A green!" A nervous chuckles escapes the usually so calm girl, "They really got us here just in time!"

Adianna takes Kelvren's hand, "Thank you." she then nods,

"It would be, wouldn't it!" she turns to face the eggs and gets a surprise, "These eggs don't want to wait!"

"I have no idea.." Areiah mumbles, this reply directed at Jezabel. Probably. Though judging by the Candidate's dazed, excited state, it's hard to say for sure. She, too, clings as much for support as for togetherness. "The first dragon." Obviously.

Annalee breaks into a grin, spotting the grin that Thesy pointed out. "I know!!! Isn't she beautiful?? A song in dragon flesh…"

Seldor clings to that girl, gasping and nearly falling over as the egg hatches. "Oooo! It's a green!" Bright boy, he is, as his grip continues to hang onto the girl's arm, causing her blond pigtails to swing.

Jayhon appears from the entrance to make his way towards the Candidates, the sidelines of the semi-circle surrounding the eggs. All the while mopping sweat from his eyes - moving aside tousled hair to only succeed in mussing it yet more. All the while feeling self-conscious, one of the oldest of the Candidates, as he shifts uneasily, eyes on the moving eggs.

Kelvren lets out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding. "Look Adianna!" he says in a near whisper as he points to the first dragonet. "A green!" Admiring the awkward newborn, he grins. "A beauty."

No /duh/. But Shaela doesn't say that, of course, mouth frozen in 'ooh' shape as the first dragonets begin to appear. Instead, an excited squeal is emitted, and bare feet do a hop-skip on the hot sands. "Shells.." she finally gets out in breathless tone.

Niyanne's feet shuffle, kicking more sand over them, rather then releaving the heat just now noticed. "Isn't she pretty?" Sorta snowish or something. "No, that's what she came /out/ of." A shell, that is. Not many, but singular - Though there's plenty of shells on the sands, really.

Satopar hides off in one part of the circle, mumbling fervently to himself under his breath and hands clutch white robe so hard his knuckles match the white.

"Oh, she certainly is!" Thesy nods at Annalee, then turns to the boy on her other side, whispering, "I hope they didn't count with a bronze to hatch first."

"It's the first dragon.. and a green," Jez gasps towards Areiah and Risli, stating the obvious as her fingers dig in - almost painfully - before loosening their grasp with a self-conscious movement, and a blush, "Sorry." She mumbles, before remembering to breathe. That /is/ something important, "She's pretty.." Ayup.

Crystal Moon Wandering Green Dragonet gives her rump a shake, letting egg goo, shell fragments, and sand fly. Yes, now and forever, she will not be one for neatness, but only right at this moment, those things do not matter. Collecting her pose, she begins scanning that sea of white. What? Is everyone looking at her, now? Perfect! She always wanted to be a star!

Tylendel grins at fellow candidates, expression gaining a semblance to usual calmness. He casts an affectionate smile down at Areiah, giving her hand a little squeeze, and lifts their joined hands in the direction of dragonet. "Isn't she lovely?"

"Indeed," Adianna breaths softly, "I wonder who she'll go to." she squeezes Kelvren's hand again, "Best of luck!"

D'renn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Urban Jungle Egg wobbleshakes, rattles, no roll. Beneath the shadow of its belly deep in the sand only the tiniest grains are displaced. Not time yet.

Conlan shakes his head. "It almost never happens, Thes. Statistically improbable." Oh, like Conlan knows so much.

Annalee suddenly grins again, eyes widening. "Thesy, watch her!! Just like a singer stepping out onto the stage!" Candiharper grins, unconciously shifting from foot to foot. Hot hot hot…

Mists of Avalon Egg is not going to stay still for long. No. no. Perhaps just a bit longer.

Kamaria casts around for a sand-buddy, even as the first dragon -and a green at that- breaks shell. "Oh my…" Side step here, tip toe there…Kamaria's going to master the dance of the sands. And look, there's Jezabel, along with several of the more familiar candidates.

Areiah giggles in spite of herself, shaking her head at Jezabel in silent dismissal of the apology. Another beamed smile is turned upward on her friend, Tylendel's hand being soundly squeezed. "She's gorgeous. Positively gorgeous." Again, obviously. Nerves cause incoherency, a fact proven by the now-babbling Candidate.

Seldor watches with wide eyes, hopping back and forth, nearly tugging that girl along with her. "Lookie, 'Sagi. Isn't she…." Wait. He's suppose to be nervous. And he's starting to be, as that dragonet's gaze looks 'round. "She isn't going to move, is she?"

"Shaela, look over there - That one egg." Niyanne makes a brief gesture towards the misted egg, hotfooting it in an truely unconcious dance. "Kamaria, I've got a hand if you want?"

And so raspberry creeps - as well as D'renn can manage to make an unobtrusive entrance - onto the Sands. Sidling along the edge of the cavern, he heads for Salea..

Jayhon shakes his hair out of his face, blinking uncertainly in the light of the sands, while stepping self-consciously back, bumping into a grey-eyed girl before shaking his head in abrupt apology, stammering, "Sorry.." as all the while, he shifts his feet - eek, it's /hot/ on here, and bare feet don't work. Green dragonet is watched, timidly 'neath the concealing strands of hair.

Zirade oohs, standing on tip-toe as she gazes out at the newly hatched green. "She's just lovely, isn't she?"

Kumiko peers over to D'renn, only mouthing, "You're late." She can see that clashing rasberry from here. Still, eggs are watched, green in particular, stance shifted.

Kelvren gives the girl beside him bright smile, squeezing her hand gently back. "Best of luck to you too." he says, smoothing the front of his ill fitting robe down so that he might look a bit more presentable. For the eyes of those watching in the galleries at least, if not for whatever dragon may be waiting.

Mists of Avalon Egg drifts as fog, thick and grey, to continue to distort and occlude the petite dragonet struggling within. A determined push of a snub little snout; the shove and push of broad haunches and lashing, impatient tail; the bright flash of ebony talons and sharp, tiny teeth - the battle continues between dragon and egg until with the sharp crack of lightning, the dream breaks free.

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet
Sapphire strokes the slender lines of a night-dreamt form, playing along the vibrancy of this slim-cut dragonet's sleight, thief-quick frame. Drenched in shadow, watercolors of azure and indigo merge and melt into the dreamscape of his swirling hide, while erratic shafts of tamed lightning twist and twine along his sleek, roguish flanks. Just as chaotic, moonlight frosts the classical contours of muzzle and profile, while stray stardust is tossed like wishes about his rounded headknobs, across the tops of sickle-curved neckridges, and down through the midnight hours that darken his twice charmed tail. Paper-thin wingsails shimmer with illustrious silver, as sharp as the infinite sparkle retained in those wide and mischievous eyes.

Thesy grins, giving Annalee's hand a light squeeze, "Once a harper, always a harper, eh?" Feet are shifted as sand starts to /really/ burn them, she doesn't care any longer what others may think. "Hm, I thought it happened quite often, Connie."

Jezabel nods agreement towards Areiah, "Yep, she -is- pretty," the healer agrees, giving the hand another reassuring squeeze - more for her benefit, than for Areiah's, "So, we just sit here.. and wait, or what?" she asks, voice a hoarse whisper, as another dragonet appears, "Look, a /blue/!" Again, she states the obvious, tugging at Risli's hand.

Shaela bobs her head eagerly, raven frizz bouncing into sparkling eyes. "Yah, kinda," she agrees with the taller candidate beside her. Eyes then slide easily to the egg to which Niyanne refers, the rocking motion being noted.. and then the shattering. "Niya.. it hatched," she notes dumbly. "Blue."

Annalee tears her eyes away from the Crystal Moon Green long enough to watch the amazing blue that explodes from his shell. "Thesy look at /him/!!" she nearly screeches, eyes wide. "Isn't he /handsome/?"

Risli whistles low as the little blue appears, and looks at Jezabel. "He's a fine one, isn't he?" An insane need to babble threatens to overwhelm him, and he giggles most un-Risli-like, while casting a gaze at the little green as she admires her fans.

"Niyanne?" Kamaria turns on heel, almost barreling right past the weaver-turned-candidate. "Thankyou!" Simply said, she latches onto the hand, a wide beam dancing across sweat beaded features.

Lani curls her hand into a fist at one of the Harpers - Bugle, the noisy Harper apprentice. He's noticeably quietened. One might even say quelled. At the weyrwoman's gesture, he smiles weakly, but bony shoulders straighten and backbone stiffens. "Harpers are as Harpers do," Bugle puts into Thesy and Annalee. Loudly. Not quelled anymore, nope.

D'renn shifts up next to Kumiko, and decides to ignore Salea. "Yeah… got sent to Igen to give a message to" *mumble* "and then someone's green rose. Trydanth chased." D'renn's concerns are far more important of course than the fact a new blue just hatched. Look at that smug grin.

Annalee looks up, sending a grin Bugle's way. "How true that is!"

Salea mms, watching the pageant of dragons unfold before her…Blue…Green… Noting D'renn new costume, she sighs, "At least you could try not to clash with the hatchlings?" she asks playfully.

Conlan gasps. "Oh, Thesy - that's the most beautiful blue dragonet I have ever seen," he says softly. They will all be the most beautiful dragonets he has ever seen, of course.

Gasp, shiver, dance - Niyanne performs all three actions, eyes locked upon the just hatched blue. "He's handsome, isn't he?" Shake again, and both Kamaria and Shaela's hands are squeezed tight, then grip is loosened - Wouldn't do to hurt them badly, now.

Adianna wows at the latest dragonet, "He's beautiful!" she exclaims, then hushes and wonders if she shouldn't help quiet.

Tylendel smiles again as more dragonets break free, his stance becoming slightly more bouncy as heat attacks the bare soles of his feet. However, his gaze drifts to rocking eggs, rather than remaining on any certain dragonet. <Will there be gold? Lots more greens? Mostly blues? How many bronze? And brown?> Hectic thoughts chase themselves through his face and are reflected in stormy quality to light green eyes.

"Conlan!" Awed by the little blue, Thesy now even starts pulling at her friends robe, "Just look at him!" Blue eyes are fixed on the dragonet, "He's awesome!"

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet shakes himself free of the egg and bellows - loudly - at the mess he made : look at that? Isn't he great? He shakes off the last of the shell shards and misted cage, likewise shaking open those starry starry wings. Thus settled, he moves in a staggering zig-zag towards the candiadtes, blinking at this new sensation called light.

D'ante leans toward Lani. "They really do look well, don't they?" He gestures, awed, toward new-hatched green and blue both. Infernoth just continues to look shell-shocked and settles down, paws crossed, to observe in gobsmacked silence.

Crystal Moon Wandering Green Dragonet sets off across the Sands, investigating all those legs sticking out from under fluttering white robes. Long ones, skinny ones, hairy ones, knobby ones…. None of them are good enough for /her/. She keeps looking for the perfect ones. And maybe what is attached to them will be perfect too.

Savannah Sunset Egg bulges faintly, sunset colours shimmering for the merest moment.

Conlan nods. "Yeah, I was looking at him," he replies to the girl.

Kelvren looks past Adianna, following the looks of the other Candidates and gasps softly. "Look a blue too. They're really starting to come out now." he comments distractedly, slightly startled by the loud bellow from the dragonet. "That green's still wandering around though."

"Gosh. Look at that." Up and down go delicate feet again, lifting and lowering Areiah in a rapid, if ungraceful pattern. Tugging lightly at Tylendel's hand, she moves to the side a bit, closer to Jezabel as she motions toward the blue. "Did you hear that bellow?" As though she could have missed it. "This is amazing. I've hever.." The sentance hangs, and she shakes her head, trying in vain to look everywhere at once.

"A fine one indeed," Jez agrees with Risli, loosing her hand's grip on Risli's to stop, flicking another strand of now sweat-streaked hair back from temples, before the hand returns, giving an apologetic squeeze for the absence, "I'm so nervous.." she whispers, voice faint.

Short little Rania continues her light hip-skop-dance, almond-shaped eyes widening unbelieveably as a green appears, and a beauty at that! A soft, romantic sigh breaks from her lips.

Annalee giggles slightly, sapphire eyes flicking from Green to Blue to Green again as she clenches tight to Thesy's hand. "They're both so gorgeous… Thesy, have you ever seen any more gorgeous dragons?" Okay Harper, come up with some more interesting words. Eyes tear away from the Starry Blue long enough to follow the Moon Green as she hophobbles on long legs from one foot to the other.

Adianna shrugs, "I've never heard of a dragon without a mate…she'll find someone." she shifts her feet, partially out of heat, partially out of nervousness.

"Mmmhmm," Shaela remarks, violet gaze scanning the new arrival up and down before turning to eye a nearby brown. A squeeze of encouragement is returned, though - Shae has no such reservations about injuring her fellow candidates in her excitement.

Seldor whimpers - oh Faranth, she's looking at legs, his robe is too short, and he's gotta go. /Now/. "'Sagi… think the'd notice if I… well… you know…." Ahem. He doesn't complete his sentance, but the smith turned candidate's shuffle becomes a bit more pronounced.

Jayhon is tall, a bit too tall in the crowd, as he stands out - though not meaning to be conscpicuous - white robe hanging loosely off of frame, as he again bats aside errant strands of hair. Feet twitch in the sands, as he takes a reluctant step forwards at another Candidate's push, "Hey, watchit!"

Risli squeezes Jezabel's hand lightly. "You'll be fine," he assures her, voice squeaking in denial of his tone. Violet eyes watch both hatchlings and a hand comes up to wipe sweat from his brow.

Kumiko listens, before she makes a slight grimace. Something is muttered, most likely the flight's result, before she murmurs, "Interesting green… striking blue, too."

Heathery Brigadoon Egg continues it's mild rocking, working it's way deeper into snug sands, even as it's movement pushes sand away.

Enchanted Forest Egg twist - simply twists - in place, only managing to wiggle further into sands from effort, rich hued shell rippling only slightest as it again stills to rest again. patience.

Crystal Moon Wandering Green Dragonet siezes upon The One. Nudging aside a bevy of blonde-haired girls, sending them sprawling with pigtails flying, she turns jeweled green eyes towards icy blue, looking to Seldor in answer to her wordless question. This one and his perfect knees will be mine. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Loud, isn't he? Niyanne shivers, tightening grip again. "Gosh.." It's beginning to get a little hot out here. "My feet are roasting." Hot-footed dance is begin again, an attempt made at not kicking more sand over top of planted foot.. But it fails, a little. But it's still enough to cool them down.

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet zigs left. Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet Zags right. Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet trails his tail across the sands and heads directly for a tight little group of canididates. Quick he is, and small, even new-born, but he manages quite well with those big feet and too-large wings. Still, he is obviously barely in control and woe be it to anyone getting in his way. Way? This way. The little blue zigzags his way right into the crowd.

Conlan's attention is caught by the foresty egg, the one he liked so much. "It's moving."

"Of course," Lani replies to D'ante, and a skein of faint…relief colours her tone. She crinkles her eyes with her smile. "Infernoth's a fine sire."

"You think I will be fine?" asks Jez, shifting nervously again - it's hard to stay still with the sands so hot 'neath her feet, as she watches with only a touch of envy as green dragonet Impresses, "Congratulations, Seldor!" she calls. Nudging Areiah, she grins, "Which egg do you like the best, anyway?"

B'ran peers up into the sands. Is it, could it be Garwin? The bronzer waves. Over the crowd. Over the heat. Over the eggs. Over the rainbow. Wait. No Rainbow. "Gar…" Knot? "G'rwin!" His voice booms over the sands, prolly still unheard in the noisy distance. Wavewave! Then that /tall/ candidate gets in his way. Jayhon.

Kamaria nods in agreement, eyes flickering from blue to green and back again. "Ow…" An elbow in nudged in Niyanne's direction. "Not so hard…" Though accompanied by a grin. She understands, of course. "Look, there's Teejay, Shaela…how do they know?" Two topics, once sentence. True Kamaria style.

Thesy excitedly jostles through a group of sturdy candidates, apologizing to the left and the right, realizing a little belatedly that she's dragging Annalee with her and quickly lets go of her hand. But she has to get another look at that sparkling blue!

Annalee turns her eyes away as the Moon Green apparantly claims one of her fellow Candies, watching the Starry Starry Blue now. Harper blue. Gorgeous blue. Harper's hand tugs on Thesy's, shooting a look of nervous anticipation to Conlan and Thesy both. "You two doin' alright?"

Seldor squeals, watching as Usagi is knocked over, before he winces. That green. She's right there, she's looking, she… huh? "What's that, Moonth? No, no… I can hold it." So says S'lor, as he reaches out to scratch one of Moonth's eyeridges.

Tylendel barely notices Areiah's movement, as he himself is craning his neck every which way to see the latest dragonets. He spots one quite lovely blue as well and grins, somehow reminded of someone. A grin flashes across his face at his first sight of Impression, and he starts to call out a hasty congrats but decides the distance is just too far. Shrugging, he follows the blue's movements instead.

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg twitches, if slightly, before going back to the monolith it is, refusing to budge from its spot. Only a slight nudge, as it were.

Enchanted Forest Egg trembles, stilling for one long…moveless moment, until shell of neighboring egg clanks against it, causing mere sliver of crack to spread hesitantly efforts increase with wobbles and shakes.

Saoirse nods in response to Kumiko's comment, wrinkling her nose at an unheard Siulth-comment from the viewing ledges above. "Aye… The blue's striking alright. Fresh out o' the egg an' Siulth's already lookin'." Daft eejit green. "Ach look. The green's picked." She points sandwards; Seldor-wards.

Adianna claps over at Seldor's direction, a twinge of /something/ in her gut. Well, she reasons, there are many others. She whispers softly, "They make a good pair."

"Oh, good show, Seldor!" Risli calls, grinning. "She's a real beauty." He turns back to the eggs, and squeezes Jez's hand again. "I do. Really." Eyes search the sand, eyes locking on the little ruined egg, breath held in hope.

Niyanne grimaces, and nods, loosening death-grip on Kamaria's hand a slight amount. "Oh, congrats, um.." What's his name? Doesn't matter. "Sorry, Kamma. Didn't mean to?" Yes, she did - It was deliberate. Heh. Eyes still track blue dragonet's movements across the sands, flicking over to other eggs at random intervals.

Annalee squawks as she's being pulled, then as her hand is let go she immediately grabs Thesy's again. "Don't worry about dragging me, I don't mind!"

Conlan swallows. "That orangey one is moving, too," he reports to Thesy, who may or may not be paying any attention to him at all.

Enchanted Forest Egg rocks, the shady shell frolicking in crashed contact with its neighbors. Branches quivir, needle-sharp slivers fall, and with a last heave the mulchy egg gives way to this newborn green.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet
Moonlit mint roils in restless rivulets across this dragonet's hide, bathed in a feathery frost that limns the edges of her wingsails and curves shimmering crescents along the definition of her hindquarters and rounded belly. Smooth musculature stretches, taut, over her rambling frame; it's etched with the jagged line of silver-woven 'ridges that crests her spine and mirrors the sharpness of wingspars' jut. Icy rime crystallizes along her delicate head, beading into the whirling nimbuses of beguiling eyes; warmer for the puckish spark that lights each.

Kumiko ponders, "Moonith… odd green. Odder weyrling." She suddenly feels for Salea, but she manages to rock back on her heels. "Quite the show… and another green." Zenzorath will be thrilled.

"Seldor! Congratulations!" Areiah finds her voice in time, fortunately, to call the elated cheer to fellow Candidate and friend. Watching for a long moment as the first Impression is made, appearing almost starstruck, the young woman smiles. Magic. Fingers twist and tighten 'round Tylendel's hand as she watches her fellows, then the eggs, then the dragonets. So much to take in at once. A breath, then, almost a gasp; "Oh, Ty, look!"

Zirade cheers to the first Impressed pair! "Oh, way to go!" That Seldor, she always knew he'd make a good greenrider. "Oh, and another green. Lovely, isn't she?"

"S'lor, and Moonth?" Jez breathes, pausing slightly while regarding the new pairing with a grin of congratulations, a wave at S'lor, before turning now to inspect the hatchlings now erupting from the sands, nervously. Her hands tighten on Risli and Areiah's, the only trace of her roiling emotions save for the tautness of the features of her face.

"Oh shells, here we go…." D'renn's attention is abruptly dragged to the just-Impressed green. "Umm. Right. Over here!" shouts the assistant 'lingmaster loudly, easy to spot in his reddishpink leathers. And oh look… another green!

Annalee stumbles in her steps as another green hatches - could it be possible, this one's even more beautiful? "Thesy, /look/!" Trembling hand is pointed to the New Moon Green. "Look…" Voice is soft, admiring.

Kelvren nods back to Adianna, his face hiding the twist of slight disappointment he felt inside. "They do seem well matched." he admits though, giving the happy pair a wave of congratulations. Glancing back over the mounds of sand, he nods back towards the eggs. "Another one, maybe this one will come near us?"

Shaela lost the poor boy somewhere in the rush to the sands, it seems, yet eyes do search the nearby Teejay out now, and hand reaches out to grab him by the elbow. "Teeeeeej," she beams excitedly up at the good-looking boy. "Look! Impression!" So she's little and she has a crush. She's allowed to act like a wherry.

Bugle pulls his rough linen shift tighter over his broad shoulders and sings his congratulations to S'lor in a tuneless ululation. Not all harpers can hold a tune, it seems.

Adianna shrugs, "It possibly will come. But that's her choice, not ours…" she shifts again and takes a deep breath.

Salea catches S'lor's eyes with a wave, and ushers both him and Moonth off to one side, out of the way.."Congratdualtions!"

Risli oohs. "Look at that one!" he calls to Jezabel. "She's so beautiful!" But he's said that before, and probably will again. But his gaze is fixed on the little green, and breath is exhaled in awe.

Brought back to reality, Thesy laughs, "Sorry, Anna, didn't mean to!" Hurridly she takes a few steps back until she takes her old place beside Conlan again, "The orangey, Con? Where is it?" Raising to the tips of her toes, Thesy tries to get a better view.

Conlan congratulates S'lor with a wave of his hands and an encouraging nod, but his attention is on eggs and hatchlings, eggs and hatchlings.

"Ooh, another green!" Niyanne gives excited exclamation, too lost in the nervousness of the moment to notice the fact that she's acting sorta.. strange. "What d'you think of her?" Neither of her two hand-clutching partners is the question directed to, specifically, but to both. In, ah, general. "She's pretty, isn't she?"

Annalee looks back long enough to call her congratulations to S'lor and his new lifemate before turning back, clutching Thesy's arm as she follows back to Conlan.

Jayhon stumbles, pausing before bumping into another Candidate - ungainly tallness not an asset though it provides him with a view - "Sorry," he calls towards a mousy-haired young woman, before scooting forwards at another bump, trailing distraught Candidates in his path, though non-intentionally while he tries, /struggles/, to escape to the sidelines again.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet spills form shell to tumble across sand, pausing for one long moment to lift frosty sheened head with shake. Wide whirring eyes turn to sea of white with start nudging dragonet to feet. But not bugling a word, green takes first wobbled step to stand.

Conlan feels the tug on his arm and points. "Over there. See? The one with all the dusty pointy shapes on it." He points toward the pyramid egg.

Tylendel actually chuckles at that, though his own eyes betray a similar awe, "It's wonderful, isn't it?" He sidesteps closer to Areiah and Jezabel, face bright as a fool's - no nonchalance here!

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet might be harper blue, but then he could just be Starry Starry Night Blue. /His/ Blue. He claims it, bugling one again in a loud, quick, squeaky sort of way and tumbles his sparkly little self towards the knot of candidates who obviously appreciate him. With a rogue's charm, the tiny little dragonet comes to stop in front of a trio or more. One, tall and thin, the other strong and straight, the third, stocky and dark. With not-so-innocent eyes, the little dragon peers at the lot of you.

Savannah Sunset Egg shifts again, rocking on its axis and tilting to one side; a landscape slightly off-kilter

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg wobbles slightly in its spot, stretching, setting the sand around it into gentle concentric rings. Are those little cracks forming? No, no, that's just a trick of the light.

Outer Banks Egg twirls a tad, and then settles back upon its axis…no, not yet…but soon.

Thesy cranes her neck, her gaze following the dorection given by Conlan, "Oh yes! Now I can see it!"

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet rears up, fanning wide his wings and occluding the eggs. Can't see them, can only see /me/.

Annalee watches both dragons, eyes now following the Starry Starry Blue as he wanders hither and thither, heart in her throat. "Oh, /where/ is he going?…" One strand of blue-black hair is pushed back anxiously as she shifts from foot to foot.

Awha? Shaela's grip remains tight on Teejay - she's not going to lose him again - as she turns to obesrve Niya's next object of adoration. "That green there?" she inquires, hoping that she's studying the correct one. Because the one she's looking at isn't exactly.. good-looking.

Heathery Brigadoon Egg stills, resting comfortably where it is. Flick, flick of sand as an already hatched sib wanders past and striations appear.

Conlan laughs, his vision cut off by a perfect blue wingspar. "I think he's a real attention-getter too," he says to Thesy, desperately trying to keep his tone light and conversational.

Kamaria misses congratulating the first pair, most likely out of pure absent mindedness. "What was that…oh, yes, she is a beauty!" The young woman gives a slight tug. "It's hot, hot, hot…why can't eggs harden on nice, cool sand?" There's no logic there, but it works for Kam. "Shall we get closer?"

Thesy stiffens, every fibre of her body taut as the blue appears right before her very eyes.

"That's /the/ most wonderful green," whispers Jez, not at all self-conscious, or even -embarassed - of the unabashed admiration showing in her eyes - the green has a right to that - before nudging at Risli and Areiah, grinning at Tylendel, "S'beautiful, isn't she?" Feet play hop-scotch on the sands while this is voiced, losing out on much of dignity, while she squeezes the two Candi's hands fiercely.

Kelvren whispers over to Adianna once more, something to do while they're waiting. Really, he's just a bit nervous, the emotions not only from hismef but all the others around him. "I think that blue might be going for Thesy?" he suggests.

D'ante beams broadly, patting his lifemate's forearm in pleased acceptance of the weyrwoman's complement. Not that Infernoth notices. He's still stunned, jaw slightly agape. "And, ah. A fine mother, as well." D'ante returns the complement, if awkwardly.

Annalee is an interesting shade of white at this moment as she clings to Thesy, and now to Conlan too. "Look at that Blue, he looks like the stars just sprinkled over him…"

Lost Spaceship Egg keels left, radar damaged with the sporadic lurches from within.

"/Nice/ blue," comes D'renn's barely audible comment of approval, from somewhere.

Adianna shrugs back to him and qhispers, "We can hope. But he'll go to whoever is best.." she flexes her hands and adjusts her robe properly.

"Yes, /her/. That one." No descriptive words are shade, instead Niyanne daring to loose hand from Shaela's for a moment to gesture towards the dragonet. "She's pretty." Blue is eyed for a moment, then attention is sent..else where. "I don't know, maybe they have to be on hot sands to harden?"

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet stirs the air with that perfect blue wingspar, and then falls back to the sand with a light thud. He poses there, a charming cut of star-strew sky barely tethered to the demitasse of his little form. He glances left, he glances right, and then he takes a confident little half-step towards the tallest of the three, raising his nose towards Thesy's chin.

Risli can only nod, eyes riveted. Eggs and hatchlings. That's all there is to it. A flutter in his stomach bodes no good, but like any performer, he stuggles it back down. After all, it wouldn't do to sick up on the Sands.

<High Reaches Weyr> Trydanth senses that Rhyath kaleidescopes fractures of pride and loss both. « We're going to keep the shells » she has decided. If she can't have what's inside, the outsides are certainly as interesting. And keenly, she begins extractly promises for assistance.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet slowly, ever so slowly, edges step forwards, hesistantly nudging past one candie then another, frosted mint green wingsails half splayed as dragonet quietly - well as quiet one can at hatching - prods through masses of white. In Search. For the One. but who?

Urban Jungle Egg isn't cracked. Just a little looney. Well, in this madhouse what can one expect. And it's sitting next to lost Spaceship Egg. Enough said.

Annalee looks over at Thesy, a bright grin nearly cracking her jaws. "THESY!!" Fellow candidate is pulled into a suffocating hug before she's let go, stepping back out of the way.

"And it appears," Adianna says softly, "That Thesy is the best." she calls over to her friend, "He's wonderful, Thesy!"

Lift, fall, lift, fall. There go Areiah's feet again. "Oh, she's /beautiful/," the Candidate gushes, leaning on Jezabel's shoulder now, pointing. "Look at her hide. Gosh. Every possible shade." She pulls soundly on Tylendel's hand before whirling, looking suddenly to Thesy with exubrant delight. Did the blue pick her dear friend from the others? It looks that way to her, certainly.

Kelvren breaks into a wide smile, "Ha! I was right!" he cheers, "Way to go Thesy!" the guard turned Candidate calls over. "What's his name? What's his name?"

Jayhon bumps into Rania, wincing slightly before stammering out a hasty apology, getting pushed forwards into the front, the StarSmith wincing at the heat of the sands befor enoticing Thesy's Impression, just in time to bump into Teejay, "Oof, sorry!" Lanky tall man shrugs aside, before calling a congratulations towards Thesy.

Conlan is more reluctant to let go of Thesy's hand, having done this before, but he lets it fall anyhow, having done this before, and he steps back to watch.

Tylendel takes a quick breath of air, smile bursting as he exclaims, "Oh congratulations, Thesy! She's a beauty!" He watches admiringly, full of GoodFeelings.

With a faint scream Thesy drops to her knees, everything's vanishing as she cradles the blue's head in her lap. So what's you name, love?

"Oh. /That/ one," Shaela switches her studious glance to the next dragonet over. "You're right!" she agrees, hunting for that hand again - give it /back/ - "Shells. But did you see the one next to it?" she inquires, head tipping to the ugly green.

Risli feels his heart skip a beat as the little blue finds Thesy, and he pumps his arm in a congratulatory wave to his friend. "Nicely done, Thesy!" He grins, and squeezes Jez's hand once more. "Isn't it all just scary and exciting?"

Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet steps forwards then, without a hand to offer the lass. Instead he drops his head and burries his little nose into her hand, moving to try and fit the entirety of him into her lap.
Starry Starry Night Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Thesy, and steps forward.

Kamaria isn't anymore enlightened by Niyanne's answer, as she can see that from standing right here. "Oh, did you see that!" That was an impression that Kamaria didn't miss. "Oh…ah, Thesy! Congratulations!" She calls, eyes watering slightly. "That's so wonderful…" This time, it's Niyanne's hand that's on the recieving end of a most uncomfortable squeeze.

"Oh, Sardrinth! Tears stream down Thesy's face,"You're the most wonderful dragon on all Pern!"

Rania giggles and calls out a light, "Excuse you!" to the boy who bumps into her, followed shortly by a soft congratulations to Thesy, though she cannot, for the moment, remember the girl's name. Oh, how embarassing!

Annalee looks up at Conlan - okay, he's free, hand is snatched immediately before she faints. Candieharper clutches her fellow candie, holding on tight as she shifts back and forth on her feet.

Squeal, squeal, Jez would do that indeed, as she rises to her toes despite the heat of the sands, peering above Candi's heads before making an attempt to pull Areiah and Risli forwards, /cheering/, "Congratulations, Thesy!" Here's a Candidate that she knew, as voice carries over the crowds exultantly. She nudges at Areiah, "Didja see, didja see?"

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg trembles, stretching. At last, it will escape this final entrapping circle. There's a world out there, and it's time to face it.

Niyanne shakes her head, glancing over towards Thesy isntead. "Oh! /Congrats/, Thesy!" Smile slices 'cross her face, and then sight is turned towards the afore mentioned green. "I don't quite see how she's more then just a little plain?" Not ugly, not for real.

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg wiggles its orb further into the sand, the multi-hued shell trembling with contained energy. Again the egg rocks, crackling in spirals of crevices and distant, starflung galaxies of shell shards. The shaking stills for one long, silent moment before, without a moment's warning: - *bang!* - the shell shatters apart in split-second action, sending the dragonet inside tumbling out onto the sands.

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet
Antique brass is hammered and bent, rendered by some cosmic forge into a new alloy: age-darkened bronze, tarnished by an oily rainbow of residue that mottles his haunches and belly with slick iridescence. Bulky muscle dominates despite his thinly serrated wings, where paler, threadbare fabric stretches to span each fragile 'sail. His heavy-girded body is molded either end into a thick neck and tail, and over-large feet balance his blunted muzzle's pugnacious thrust. Only along neckridges, talons, and his wings' knobby spars is the dulling polish rubbed away, revealing that brassier foundation; the effervescence of illuminated flamboyance.

Ah-hah. "Thesy!" D'renn hollers, very loudly. "Bring him over here!" Already flanked by one weyrling ast least, the bluerider shrugs off his bright jacket, and beckons again.

Lani flaps her shirt to cover her own flush at D'ante's compliment. Ridiculously, she passes it back again: "Infernoth reflects his rider." And eyes follow the progress of the impressions determinedly. They could be here all day.

Conlan steps back and away, back and away, waving fingers to Thesy as he goes. "Congratulations, Thes!" he calls, baritone loud and pitched to carry - but his eyes are a little bright.

Thesy stands and, a hand caressing Sardrinth's headknobs, leads him to the edge of the sands.

Annalee gasps her appreciation at the Bronze that enters the world next, admiring him obviously before tearing eyes away to search for that Rennaisance New Moon Green she'd seen before. Where'd she get to?

Kumiko hmms softly under her breath, before she watches the next egg hatching. "Hmm, like that coloring," is commented, even as D'renn beckons to Thesy.

Salea also grins to Thesy…"Congrats! Come one over.."

"Oh! Did you see? Thesy? Thesy!" Lani hops, though not all of it from excitement, for all her boots are thick.

Jayhon is nudged, pushed forwards by Teejay before abruptly trying to turn, only to get lost in another mass of Candidate bodies, the StarSmith turned Candidate struggling to get back - to lose himself in the midst of the crowds, not that it's possible, as his height makes him stand out. Wide-eyed, he surveys newly Impressed pairs.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet continues unobrusive trek through parting masses of candidates, frost drizzled muzzle prodding at one robe then another before moving on, whirling rainbow eyes examine each before something…flowing? pretty. catches gaze. Hesistantly, green quiet half shuffle-lopes approach to one gather of girls, nearing ever so slowly with passive curiousity to healer-candie, maybe..perhaps..?

D'renn nods to Kumiko… "He /is/ nice, isn't he?" For some reason D'renn's gone all gooey today (could be something to do with his own lifemate). "He's lovely Thesy…. what did you say his name was?"

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg moves, rummaging itself deeper into the sand, before it comes to an idle half. Off balance, even as the egg pauses, completely stilling after that moment of activity.

Nuff nudges those nearest her with her elbow, chuckling. "Never can have too many fighting blue and green y'know. Even scrawny little ones like these."

Conlan's suddenly distracted by another hand - who is that? Myopically, he looks over. "Annalee," he says softly. "Hey. Did you see that?" And he points toward Thesy and her pretty blue.

Risli oohs at the handsome bronze, and staggers as the heat washes over him. Nope, he's still on his feet, and his eyes search the sands, watching carefully. "Where do you think that lovely green is going to go?" he asks softly,

Areiah is pulled herself now, for a change, giggling helplessly at Jezabel's excitement. "I saw, I saw!" she all but squeaks, squeezing, almsot squishing the Healer-Candidate's hand. "I saw! He's perfect. Gorgeous. Wonderful for her, oh.. oh.. /wow/." So she's not at her most eloquent. She's busy shifting from one foot to the other, watching the other eggs and new arrivals.

Urban Jungle Egg rattles the boundaries of time and place. Almost time.

Plain generally equals ugly in Shaela's opinion, but the subject is put on pause as Shae's gaze turns to Thesy and that blue. "Congrats!" juvenile cheer is sent out to the newly impressed. Thought soon returns to that green, however. "C'mon, Niyanne. You have to admit that she's just a /little/ ugly."

Adianna jabs Kelvren's arm slightly, "Hey, lookie there!" her voice bounces, "He could be yours…" she briefly wonders if a bronze has ever impressed to a girl, but dismisses that thought quickly.

Saoirse nods to herself as a bronze finally cracks shell. "There's one…" She grins, relieved, muttering to Kumi: "Bet V'ain there'd be more than four… bronzes, I mean."

Tylendel scrambles quickly after Jezabel as the girl moves away, getting tugged lightly along by the links of hands. Might be easier to just drop Areiah's, but why would he do that? A soft exhale can hardly be heard as he watches a bulky bronze dragonet leaving his shell, eyes appraising dimmed hide in search of hidden beauties in addition to that certain rustic lure.

Blue eyes, still brimming over, turn to slightly reluctant to D'renn, "Sardrinth, isn't that the most wonderful name for a blue?" Ummm, that wasn't very polite, hm?

Kelvren hops a bit, to relieve his burning feet. What was with the weyrwoman Nuff with preventing them even sandals? ;) The cracking sound of another egg turns his attention from the jubilation surrounding Thesy and Sardrinth though, and the young man squeezes Adianna's hand back, all the harder. "A bronze!" he beams, "but for me? I don't know about that to be honest, Adi."

Oh, wow. "Look, Shaela - Isn't he handsome?" Niyanne gives green half glance, shivering a little them returning to scanning the sands. "Where's the green headed, you think?" Hop, dance, scoot, scorch feet.

Annalee nods as she watches her friend walk off, then follows the green with her eyes. Conlan is clutched, as Harpercandi struggles to stand straight in this heat. "They're all beautiful…"

"It's a nice name," D'renn reassures Thesy with a wink. "A very nice name. Is he hungry?" Silly question: dragonets, by definition, are hungry.

"A bronze!" Kamaria squeals, free hand pointing in the direction of another shattered egg. "Too bad girls can't impress bronzes…they're awefully pretty." She comments tartly before turning attention back to the green. "Ah."

Heathery Brigadoon Egg lists sideways, tilting, tilting until is falls onto what was it's side and continues to sway, touched by a breeze. Striations do indeed appear, even touches of hairline crack and yet it stills again. No hurry.

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet stretches: wings, four limbs, tail, neck, even up to the tip of his nose. What? How did this happen? Something broke, and now who'll fix it? He might, ordinarily, but right now, there's something more important to do. Yawning, he displays his cavernous mouth. If it isn't too much trouble, maybe he will go out and pick one of those things in white. Gawky limbs aswagger, he sets off across the sands, little bits of eggshell and sand clumping to his feet in the egg goo.

Conlan catches bronze out of the corner of his eye, pointing and possibly hauling Annalee in whatever direction he's pointing. "First bronze," he reports. Whoa, state the obvious, Con.

"I wouldn't know who the green'd go to, Risli," Jez replies, casting her eyes towards the green dragonet before giggling in return towards Areiah, squeezing the two Candidate's hands, "THey're /gorgeous/. I'm happy for Thesy!" She's still gushing, as she watches the dragonets' movements - the /many/ dragonets' now on the sands.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet again pauses, lifting frosted muzzle to cautiously touch those long -long- locks of hair, enchanted, dragonet lifts gaze to over exhuberant candidate's face, softest trill singing lilt from somewhere deep down in frosty sheened throat as whirrling eyes gaze up at…Kamaria.

Ruins of Atlantis Egg is silent, quiescent… no movement breaks its still blue-patterned calm.

Nuff pokes her neighbor with a short, stubby finger. "Can you tell which ones have stood before? By the way they stand?" She points out a fwe that she knows have stood before, at various weyrs. "I wonder what they are thinking."

Thesy wipes the tears from her cheeks, grinning faintly, "Definitely! If I don't start feeding him now, you'll even hear my guts rumble with /his/ hunger!"

Annalee squawks as she's hauled yet again by a candie, watching the Green go for Kamaria. "KAMA!!"

Zirade's mouth forms an O. "A bronze!" she declares. "Oh, he's the most handsome yet! I wonder if he'll come over here so I can get a better look at him!" Not that she really expects to get the chance, but it's an interesting thought, isn't it?

B'ran oofs at the Nuff elbow. "Yah. We should feed golds more around here." that's what she wants him to say, right? "There sure are plenty of them theis clutch. Lookie there, Nuff!" He laughs. "That tickles when you poke. They are hot? Sands are hot?"

"Who?" Shaela asks now, grip tightening on Teejay once again as the girl feels him squirm away some. Stay. "And the ugly green? Probably to Yoshenil. They'd make an, uhm, 'fine' pair," she suggests sarcastically.

Adianna shrugs slightly, "One never knows.." she wows softly, "It's as if they're all syncronised…" She drops her jaw, "Kam!!!"

Tylendel turns nearly around as he sees a friend seemingly being singled out, "Wow! Areiah, is she headed for Kam?"

Jayhon is nudged again, shuffling, ouch ouch, barefoot to take him forwards through the crowds, pausing to stop - raising his head to now see Kamaria's dragonet Impress, "Congratulations, Kamaria!" Not that she knew the tall StarCrafter, but happiness for the girl does shine in his eyes.

Nuff grins. "That's what Tiareth says. But she likes catching her food."

Never mind the question as to where the green is going - "Kamaria?" Niyanne frees hand of hold on the healer's hand, taking a slight step back. "Not the /ugly/ green. /That/ green." The one over /there/, the one looking at Kamaria. "See?"

"Bronze!" Lani crows, triumphant and she can't help but find Mitria upon the ledges to gloat. The junior werywomen of High Reaches Weyr aren't all sugar and sunlight. Competitive? Oh yes. "He's got…character, don't you think, Kumi?" she says of the pugnacious bronze.

Kelvren turns to follow Adianna's gaze and smiles again. "Alright Kamaria!" he cheers the other member of the trio that were with him when they went out to touch the eggs. "She's got a right head on her shoulders, even if she was a bit gabby." he chuckles.

Risli grins at Kamaria, giving his congratulations. "That was well chosen," he comments like an old rider at evening meal. "Kam is a good choice for rider." Of course, so are all the others, too. He grins at Jezabel. "Wouldn't you think?"

Savannah Sunset Egg twists, fractures splintering the surface as the shell bulges again with some internal effort; though night has not yet settled over the grassy plains. Soon, though.

Adianna laughs out loud, "A bit?" She giggles, "Poor Kamaria..it seems that her dragon is a great fan of gabbiness."

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet gazes out at that chaotic sea of white. Why won't they stand still for just a few minutes? How is he going to get a good look at them if they keep moving around like that? Ah well, he'll just have to make due. Picking the nearest grouping, he sniffs in the direction of several interesting things. Oh, blondish hair, tall - wait, that's a girl. No good. Now he's got to pick another.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Kamaria, and steps forward.

Areiah blinks her eyes wide, looking from Tylendel to Kamaria and back again. "Looks like, doesn't it? Oh, oh! Way to go Kamaria!" If she keeps up her congratulations like this, she'll soon be hoarse. Does it matter? Not particularly, not to her, and surely not now. "Ty! Ty, Ty, look! The egg, the.. the big gold egg.. it moved!" She's not delirious. Really.

Urban Jungle Egg will serve no dragons before its time. A sudden shaking overcomes it and rolls it onto the sands, spinning it around twice before settling into a sudden and profound calm. Time's up?

Urban Jungle Egg jumps, jives, and wails - heralding the appearance of the dragonet within. Ten - the crowd stills, Nine - the crowd peers, Eight - the crowd blinks, Seven, Six, Five - the shell crackles - Four, Three, engines are tested - Two - the egg breaks - One!: A large dark form rockets from the egg with a twist of his tail and and explosion of color.

Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet
Starry wingsails are twined with black, their shadow-laced panoply of 'Reaches colors darkening both canopy and spars. Painted with a dark, dreamy blue, this adventurous little dragonet's broad form is brushed with rough strokes of color: blue defines the jagged - raw - broken edges of his salient musculature. Mellifluous shades of vibrant green prowl and tangle, hiding into the soft shades of his underbelly and tinting them as midnight darkness verging on the coldness of between. Crackling frost creates the jagged edges of neckridges and spine, the broken spires running along his back, before dwindling into the twist of his besotted tail.

Part 2

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