High Reaches' 20th PC Hatching

Lendai's gold Talicanitath x Y'an's bronze Aojadinth
March 21st 2010
Logged by Ethan

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Dragons thrum and eggs crack; High Reaches' 20th PC Hatching is underway! @go High Reaches, n, sands, galleries to watch!
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Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Perched on a few empty cots are twenty-one firelizards.
You see Name Board, a High Reaches Weyr scarf, Reyston's Fishing Rod, and Frei here.
Sobene, Dorian, Sutri, Daniiya, Tikaani, Cerko, Reyston, and Gavin are here.

Rhaeyn escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.
Running steps *almost* preclude the thrumming that overtakes the stone walls. "Candidates!" the weyrwoman's strident voice in alto yell. "Robes, please, and hurry!"

From the moment everyone enters the barracks, demanding that robes be put on, Sobene's already ready - it seems with this being the third go, she's got this -down-. Definitely. Moving from her cot towards the line, Sobene stands patiently, waiting to head towards the Sands. There's no hint of nervousness, just an air of 'Oh, let's just get this -done- already'. She's got guard duties to do!

Ethan is quick to change into his robe, before stepping in line with the other Candidates. Erarei is shot a quick look and an encouraging smile, before he's turning to Gavin and giving his friend a strained sort of smile. "Here we go, Gav. Try not to get mauled, 'kay?"

Gavin edges in just after Rhaeyn, giving her a wide grin as he hastens to his cot and dons his robe, not caring about modesty. Not like he ever has. Sandals on his feet he walks up behind Ethan and claps his shoulder. "Good luck, Han, be right behind 'ya," he says quietly to his friend. Tremor in his voice? Naaah.

Sutri is quick to drop everything, which really isn't much, and shed her clothes and replacing them with the robe. Hair is taken and tied back before she moves to follow along with Ethan and Gavin with a careful not to the pair.

Cerko was taking a name/avoiding his daily chores, a good thing that the Hatching is coming or else he would probably be in a little bit of trouble for his avoidance. A slow yawn and the blue eyes widen to the presence of his girlfriend Rhaeyn. "Wha? Now? Wha?" The boy arises and digs around for his robe, "Sharding robe, where are ya?" It is pulled out and he works to getting it on, looking rather panicked. He's… ready… ish.

Dorian was fussing with this new robe of his, thanks to Gavin, in fact. Kind of surprise, really. And then Rhaeyn is rushing into the barracks and telling them it's time. Oh dear Faranth. The boy pales somewhat, but swiftly begins to tug on his robe and sandles, watching the others with wiiiiide eyes.

Reyston yells "Ow!" from under the bed where he's going through some of his old clothes; emerging is a complex procedure of thrashing limbs and his tunic vest hangs off one shoulder, "Wh- are we-?" A glance around at the flashing of white robes get his rear in gear in awkward rapidity, stripping and dressing and when he falls into rank he /falls/ into rank, eyes wide and rolling.

When Rhaeyn entered, Matilda was of course participating in her favorite activity of staring at some random object in the room with her face as serene as possible. Rhaeyn's announcement completely destroys any semblence of serenity for the Harper girl, and she makes a sort of unmelodious 'ack' sound and snatches her robe and quickly changes, falling in line behind the others.

Tikaani was in the middle of a nap, muttering about drums and noisy Harpers when the announcement of robes really does snap her awake. "Shards, it's 'bout time," she mumbles sleepily, rubbing her face as she hops up, glancing towards her sister's cot before fussing with her robe. "'Least I got to finish it!" she says, just a bit brighter not as the excitement starts creeping into her. She wiggles into the fabric, trying not to tear the seams, and then waiting for Daniiya so that together they can line up.

Erarei rethreads the needle being used to cinch a section of sleeve together on her candidate robe. "Who would I rather sleep with, Cr'ash or G'deon?" Rielle proposes the oddest question which will never be answered. "/Now?/" No more embellishing the garment. Erarei's hands fly to her bodice, untie and shove things and flips the required robe over her head. "Sandals, sandals," repetition makes everything go faster. They're donned and fastened. "I think this side is longer…" speculating to Ethan and any others while the robe is scrutinized. But she hustles!

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Talicanitath and bronze Aojadinth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs, Unstable Tupperware Egg, The Black Death Egg, Kindness Was A Virtue Egg, and Batteries Not Included Egg here.
Shazi, Linny, Tilla, Rhaeyn, and Erarei are here.

The Candidates arrive on the Sands.

The looming soldiers of distant stone spires ripple in the oily curtains of rising heat waves, their flashy jackets and caps of fresh snow a surreal winter dream from where the Candidates now walk. The white procession of unnumbered Hatching robes pass over black sand as a breathless cloud, black sand absorbing the thick soles of protecting sandals, and lick in tangible ribbons of heat up the contours of shins and calves. As an unpracticed unit, they offer their own individual interpretations of bows to the respective clutch parents, some more elegant than others, before they wander into the sprawling egg paradise, babes and strangers alike.

With a startling CRACK, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow splits in two to reveal an aquiline-nosed green. She starts straightaway across the sands, wrapping her too-long tail around a lanky weyrbred boy. "No, Srienath, you don't eat pastries! You eat /meat/!"

Unstable Tupperware Egg is aligned in perfect precision; no falls, no falls, no falls! It refuses to hatch. … Yet.

Gavin trips and almost falls, but manages to catch himself by grabbing another Candidate's chest. "Sorry 'bout that."

Ethan breaks away from the processional, blue eyes watching the sudden Impression while struggling for calm neutrality. However, he remembers the spiel from last time and so seeks some space away from the hatching and Impressing. Perhaps he lingers a bit more at the back.

Dorian is filled with terror. Truly and honestly. He bows with the others, if a bit awkwardly, and shuffles out in their lines. Or whatever. He does, maybe strangely, try to angle over to be a bit near Gavin.

Cerko isn't the first one out, but he is the best looking. Fear seems to have dissolved from his body… or he merely is too stunned to know what the hell is going on. A hand is offered to Matilda, "You wanna hold my hand sexy… gotta know to let go when I Impress."

Batteries Not Included Egg rocks vigorously back and forth, rubbing itself against the sands of its hovel. It defies all convention by appearing to grow with its efforts, throbbing and pulsing with the life inside. When it seems the egg can't grow any more, it tenses, then bursts, spewing icky sticky egg goo all over the Sands. In it's wake, a super sexy blue dragonet uncoils.

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling
A mysterious stranger, clad in midnight's clandestine embrace, his is an alluring figure of long limbs and lean musculature, his every move infused with a sensual grace. Ultramarine flares along every enigmatic curve, delineating the ardent contours of his broad chest and narrow hindquarters, the serpentine length of his slender tail. The exotic curve of elongated headknobs sweeps into a devilish visage of smoldering gaze, aquiline muzzle, and hollowed cheeks, invitation in the curl of his lip. No mere Player, he, starlight glittering in the gem-studded cloak of his silken wings.

Sobene does start to look nervous and maybe just a bit green about the face. "This… the heat -sucks-. Why can't it be -cold-?" Nevermind the whining, odds are Sobene's just trying to cover up the fact that she's surrounded by ugly little gooey-covered hatchlings -again-. As they stumble about awkwardly, Sobene edges just that much closer to Ethan. "Whatever you're going to say, shut it. I'm just going to use you as a shield if I have to." Nothing quite like blunt honesty.

Matilda has entered the sands with a great deal of trepidation. Following in behind some of the bigger male candidates, the young reheaded preteen remains mostly hidden from the Galleries until, well Cerko addresses her as 'sexy'. "Um, sure?" she says, moving to accept the offered hand and continue looking afraid. "If any come this way, you just go on and impress them, alright?" she whispers.

Erarei grips a strip of leather in her teeth destined to be wound in such a way around her hair and keep it up. She bows with it in, frizzy curls slumping over her hears before she's got the free time to wrap them up. Sniffing twice, Rei is blessed enough to be experiencing a cold. An untimely one. "Everyone else can breathe normally right?"

Sutri moves away from a larger group of Candidates and stands more alone than anything, watching the first egg and the green that Impresses. She doesn't dare a look to the Stands, just watching the eggs with an intense focus.

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling oozes out of the egg, slinkily, and once the egg goo has been shaken off his mantle, he rises up to his full height and flaps those magnificent wings of his. And of course, bows to the crowd, they are surely all here just to admire him, right?

Gavin finds his way over towards Ethan, weaving through the Candidates and nodding at Dorian to follow if he wants. "Hey," he says to those assembling around his friend, taking up position on Ethan's right and watching the eggs hatch. "This is some crazy shit. Stay alert. Hey, Sobene. Should have grabbed some shields from the HQ." Grinning, he rocks back on his heels and watches the hatching dragons with an unusual keenness.

Indestructible Gameboy, Certainly Not A LCD, and The Pox egg hatch all in one tumultuous crescendo of cracking-egg pops: two greens and a brown, each of varying colors and sizes. Boom, boom! The greens Impress, leaving the brown to wander the Sands aimlessly, his rich chocolate-brown color graying visibly as time continues, red splotches evident on his wings. Is is he okay?

Cerko isn't capable of fear right at the moment and he grabs Matilda's hand with all his manly strength, or not. "Don't worry about it, I've fought off dragons before." Then a shrug as his blue eyes fall on the showy blue, "Blue, blech, I'm Impressing a bronze."

As everyone is all atwitter, Ethan's attention is pulled from Sobene's question - to which he gives her a rather wry, exasperated look - to watch the blue hatching. "Mmm," he mutters to himself, shoving his hands in - wait, there are no pockets. So he must cross his arms across his chest and shift from foot to foot while edging closer to the edges of the sands. "It is crazy shit." He chin-nods to the three-some Impression. "And quick too. We'll be off in no time."

Daniiya sticks close to Tikaani, having lined up together with her sister, she's all but clinging to the younger girl, getting out there and already shuffling in her sandals. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. Hazel eyes go wiide at the eggs. And she's momentarily gawking at the lot of them. She turns away just momentarily, to eye the galleries, "Think I see mom up there," muttered at her sister before she's back to watching the sands.

Dorian shuffles over to settle in on Gavin's right side. He does glance to the galleries- not to glimpse anyone who may be there, but really to wonder at how that's where he used to always be for these things. A glance back just in time to see the three rapidly hatch. He jumps slightly.

Tikaani gives a wobbly sort of bow to the clutchdam and clutchsire and the goldrider and bronzerider and, why not, to the galleries and the weyrlingmasters. Tik just doesn't know who she is really bowing to and is covering all her bases, because immediately after she reaches for her favorite sister ever and clings back as if her life depended on it. "Ohshardsohshards, Dani! Look!" Point point. This little girl is wide-eyed and obviously pretty nervous now. "Mom? What?" She finally gazes up to the galleries and tries to focus, shaking her head instead. "I don't see anyone at all."

Reyston enters with the rest, he breathes with the rest, he bows with the rest as well; mob mentality is a gift on this day and he moves as a thoughtless drone, feet falling in line with the boy in front of him. Until the boy stops, which sends Reyston stopping as well, standing up on his toes to bear witness to blue hide. "Is that-" He begins to ask, but another person behind him is shouting, "Wow!" He tries to step backwards, which has him coming up against a complete stranger who presses forward against /him/ in turn. And then there is a mass huddling of young Candidates in white.

Unstable Tupperware Egg may be going batshit crazy, but it's almost time. There's a faint shift, a breath-inhaled silence: but not yet.

"Stop," Sobene says, again towards that same boy candidate. "I'm -not- going to hold your hand or give you a hug. Go over -there-!" Maybe a finger is flicked outwards to indicate Daniiya, who may or may not be a little more willing to offer the boy some comfort than Sobene is. "Can you believe that kid? And no. We don't need /shields/. We're /guards/." This is aimed towards Gavin and Ethan, or whomever may be closer. Irritation etched across her face, Sobene shifts on the sands. Hot, hot, hot.

Gavin reaches over to pound Dorian with a firm thump on his back. "Robe looks good," he comments, grinning, though there's some strain around the corners of his eyes. His grin widens at Sobene, "Yeah, but they won't let us wave knives at them," he says, chin-jerking towards the hatching dragons. His gaze darts quickly to Ethan, and then forward again, watching for any stumbling dragonets that might stumble their way.

Matilda nods appreciatively to Cerko, offering the smallest of smiles. "Good." However, when Cerko disses blue dragons, the girl raises her eyebrows and almost glares are her fellow Candidate, squeezing his hand. "My /sister/ rides blue."

Erarei arranges her hair poorly because a hand was required to catch a cough. This is the time where friends splinter off into groups of threes and fours, and some twos to be had. "You are a target all by yourself," Rei crests a dune by Sutri and joins the younger girl. "Most of the dragons are over there, lots of Weyrbred candidates I see." Enough filler. "Are you frightened?"

Unstable Tupperware Egg has had enough of this shindig. This eternal game of Jenga is about to come CRASHING DOWN. Crashing down! Left in the wreckage of warped-lid shell fragments is a leonine green of entirely predatory proportion. Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Can you … hear me roar?

Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Hatchling
Beaten bronze struggles against sagebrush in eternal battle of domination over the sensuous battlefield of this sinuous huntress. Burnished as a leopard's spots, faint mottling at flanks and underbelly defy the otherwise monochromatic terrain of muscular frame. The lioness-proud width of leonid features, the short neck and almost overlong back balanced by whipcord tail cannot be remanded by mere markings, however, and set her apart from the rest by her sheer, impressive size. Mistaken for blue, she could be, except for her undeniably feminine proportions and the dusty savannah of nigh-unabated tallgrass, a muted army green but for those bronzen spots threatening. Sweet cruelty is promised in the dusty ash of her wingspars, her wicked talons never far from the rapacious end of her next victim.

The Black Death Egg does what it does best. Nothing. Ominous, huh?

Sutri turns a quick look to Gavin, lifting her brows. "I don't think a shield would help." She points out with a chuckle before looking to the eggs that all Impress quickly. A quick glance to that blue, watching him for a moment and giving a soft chuckle. "I am, aren't I? Oh well, it's easier to move if I'm not in a crowd." She notes to Rei. "There are. A better chance for them, or something."

Dorian stumbles forward a little at the thump on his back. Unprepared due to already starting the HOTHOTHOT dance on the Sands. He gives a weak grin in Gavin's direction before glancing out at the Sands again. He jumps a little as the green hatches, too, having been looking towards that blue.

Ethan tightens his arms crossed over his chest and watches as the green hatches and the blue continues to seek out a lifemate. "See, Gavin, how quickly it goes?" he mutters, almost absently. Inhaling a deep breath, he takes a little step closer to the edge of the sands, though he's far from the actual edge, and hisses to his friend. "We can escape that way when it's all done quickly." Sobene is given a tight little smile, but Erarei gets flagged down. "Rei!" Maybe it's a lure to get her over with them.

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling sidesteps, and dances along the edge of the hatching sands, sending long, smouldering looks towards the candidates. Lets hope nobody spontaneously combusts, that would be a badthing (TM). Just when you think he's in sight, he loses himself behind the crowds of other hatchlings and the newly impressed. He'll appear when the dramatic effect is juuust right, thank you.

Cerko doesn't seem really worried about offending Matilda at the moment, "Blues are good for girls. I'm a bronze. There are bets on me." Even on the sands he won't shut up, his hand remains rather limp to the squeeze as he watches the eggs hatch. "Green, definite for a girl." And then the heat finally soaked into his stunned mind, "Yeowch! Owwww!"

Rhaeyn is here at the sidelines, filling in for newly-appointed R'mel; the weyrwoman is beaming, even if Lendai is scowling. What are with all these greens and blues?! Where are the *bronzes*? The newly Impressed are shuffled straightaway off to the weyrling barracks, with no hesitating on the Sands' Edge.

Pointy End Goes Into The Other Guy Egg is suddenly, neatly halved, right down that vivid red line. In the shambles of the shell is one dusty-colored bronze, compact and surprisingly small - more the size of a brown, but with that inimitable sheen, undoubtedly bronze! He clutzes over his own feet until claming a boy from Crom, sandy-haired and tall. The boy seems stricken for all of a moment, then - now Y'ion - questions with big eyes, "Caekath?"

Sobene crosses her arms and taps her foot, covering nervousness with irritation. She looks from blue to bronze, but that's it for the moment. It's best to stand in silence right now.

Tikaani continues to dart her eyes this way and that at the eggs popping, unable to start processing one Impression before another happens, or another egg hatches. She shakes Dani's arm, squeaking at one of the wandering hatchlings. "You think it's coming this way? Is it?" Probably not. She pulls her eyes away from the dragons finally and to the rest of her candidates, spotting Cerko easily enough. "I think that green's looking at him," she says loudly enough, giving the boy a roll of her eyes. "Hope he gets mauled," she mutters low enough for her sister.

Daniiya looks where Tikaani points, "Look at what? What?" Other than, obviously, hatching EGGS. The girl shakes her head, edging a bit closer to her sister and muttering, "Just don't go running off somewheres scared, or nothing dumb like that," before she's biting down on her lower lip. Her feet? Mincing up and down like the ground was fire, but she couldn't have that bad a case of candidate hot-foot aready, could she? Daniiya glances Sobene's way a moment, though the girl is not about to offer comfort to the boy beingdirected her way, or to anybody really, except maybe her sister who she keeps glancing sideways at. Nervous much?

Gavin moves back as Ethan does, steps nearly in sync. "Sounds good to me," he says aside. Eyes glance up to Erarei when she's called, and he winks at Sutri since she's near. "Easy there," he mutters to Dorian. Then he's back to silently standing guard. Like he does.

Everyone breath a sigh of relief: Lendai is not about to kill anyone. There's a bronze! At least she won't be humilated by a /chromatic only/ clutch.

Matilda is still not entirely pleased with Cerko at the moment, but simply shrugs her shoulders. "Whatever you say. Just keep them away," she murmurs, chewing on her lower lip as she watches all of the impressions begin. "It is rather hot isn't it?" she muses gently, glancing down at her feet for a moment. "Almost like I'm being cooked."

Reyston escapes the enforced and vaguely uncomfortable group-comforting with a number of elbow-bumps and squalls of, "Excuse me!" He reaches (slightly more) fresh air, with a hand pressed against his chest and finds himself beholding the green contours of a spotty dragonet. Somewhere along this point, perhaps he's caught up with his reality finally and slowly his hands fall to his sides. And he stands as a shellshocked soldier, slowly turning in a circle with wide eyes, slack-shouldered and slack-jawed. And he takes in the roaring see of dragons, of white robes, of black sands, of glistening eggs. And begins, then, to slowly back away. Toward the side. The wall. Or - a something. A something.

The Black Death Egg twitched. Oh, wait. No, it didn't.

Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Hatchling is here for the Hunt. Nothing more, nothing less. With near careless regard, she pounces forwards, gleaming cruelty commingled with lust - a lust for *blood*. Oh, and maybe candidates. Are those candidates? Her rapacious regard is tempered by an amusement, and she pounces towards Cerko with whipping tail lashing behind, pulling up just before the boy can come to serious harm. Then? She's walking away as if he's too far beneath her to rate with even a scratch.

Dorian looks over to Gavin briefly at those words and frowns a little, but also moderately worried. "At least no one's been mauled," he mutters to the older candidate. A glance back as the bronze hatches and Impresses, eyes a little wide. "It's so /fast/," he mumbles.

Sutri loses sight of the blue. Woe. As if she's just heard Rei, she shakes her head. "I'm not frightened… Kind've. I think my knees are shaking." A soft laugh before she flashes Gavin a cheerful smile at that wink before she's turning her attention to that green.

Cerko yelps at the lunge of the green and he falls backward onto his buns of steel with a loud "OUCH!" And as with most metals, his buns absorb the heat quite well and cause him to yelp again. His hand holding Matilda is pulled down a little bit in reaction, hope she can stay up.

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling materializes, finally, caping his wings about his shoulders and sending one last, smouldering look down at one candidate in particular. Curling his tail about their leg, he chuffs air down upon her head, the one, the only, his princess, Sutri.
Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Sutri, and steps forward.</i></b>

Rhaeyn watches the green almost attack Cerko with a supremely bemused expression. "That'll teach him to talk only about bronzes, now, won't it?" Her voice is rather, /rather/ amused, isn't it?

Erarei is no fan of standing still and the heat convecting underfoot only spurs the young woman to keep moving. "I think we should keep together," sidelong to Sutri with each eye on the hatchlings. "Some of them I swear are out for blood." Keen brown eyes regard the particularly suceptible: those seeing a hatching for the first time. "Reyston!" She prepares a mighty hiss, making sure Sutri's still near. But Sutri soon has a new protector. Erarei double dodges to not get in the way. Her eyes are slight saucers. "I do believe you attracted one Sutri…"

Matilda's attention is caught by the incoming green dragonet as she quickly winds her way over to them. "Cerko," she intones warningly as she takes a step backwards to avoid the incoming hatchling. Thankfully she doesn't get pulled down with the boy, but squints as the action takes place. When Cerko survives the encounter unharmed, and the young dragon is on her way, Matilda steps back up beside him and offers him a small grin. "If it makes you feel better, at least you aren't bleeding or anything." Grin. It's then she notices Sutri's impression, and blinks and points over towards the girl. "She'll make a good bluerider."

The Black Death Egg spins ring-around-the-roses in place, humming with the gentle vibration of its occupant. The fleshy looking spots, like pockets full of posies, begin to bloom sickly petals as pieces of the dark shell peel away. More cracks mottle the surface, more ashes to ashes flecks fall down upon the sands until the stresses become too great and the egg explodes. The nymphish creature left behind stretches the glory of her wings, head raised to croon an alluring song to the skies above.

Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Hatchling
The shimmer of sun-struck waves casts a lustrous glamour over this large, yet limber green; beneath the shift of olive and pine, the Siren's call of pyrite pans the length of her high-arched back, from dainty headknobs, to the tip of her long, sinuous tail. Deep and deeper, the seductive allure of her glowing gaze draws the unwary. Deep and deeper, the murky silt-stirred features: her short, small snout and fully rounded cheeks; her long, slender neck. Shadows of the briny deep rise up along her haunches to drown her narrow underbelly and chest in forgotten jade and sinister cobalt, fingers of kelp tangling lissome limbs in living chains. No mere mortal flora could aspire to chain the glory of her wings, however; though shadows caress the span of her sails, dagger-sharp spars are sun-kissed brilliance, striking against the dark.

Daniiya wrinkles her nose, brief eyedart towards Cerko, before she's bobbing her head in agreement with Tikaani, "Yeah, just /bet/ a bubbly he impresses green." She snorts though, shaking her head again, "Hah, guess not," as she watches the green, snickering a bit at Cerko there, and then gazing out across the sands, eyes wide again.

Sobene's eyes widen at the sudden appearance of the blue besides Sutri, but manages to utter, "Co-ngrats!" though it's almost a whine than it is a yelling of congratulatory praise. Hot! Hot! Hot! She edges closer to someone. Anyone, while trying to maintain dignity.

The graying brown finally finds his girl, after wandering for so long: he near collapses in a heap, at the feet of weyrbred Libiel, as broad-shouldered as some of the boys. The tomboy is weeping as she gathers up her new lifemate, "No, Zasturth! You'll be just fine!"

Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Hatchling is done with Cerko. And all the boys, actually. She maneuvers past the knot of boys, shaking wing-goo at the knot of candidates from Crom. Her gaze takes a distant view, then, and she stares past all to fix a challenging eye to Stellar's Mistress; but nevernomind. That competition will be for later, dominance asserted after her Choosen is chosen. Hey, is that a trundlebug? She pounces something that turns out to be a discarded sandal, and snorts goo-ey exhalation into the Sands itself.

Dorian catches it, out of the corner of his eye. Sutri Impressing that blue that kept disappearing. "Go Sutri!" He looks back to the eggs in time to see the Black Death hatch the green, grinning a little. "Ok," he says sidelong to Gavin, "It's… actually kind of exciting."

"That hurt!" Cerko growls out to Matilda as he pushes himself up, "See, told you, blues are for girls or wimpy guys. The ones that /do/ other men." He then casually wipes at the sand off his rock-hard muscles, "She was just mad I wouldn't accept her."

Tikaani's eyes are glued on Cerko when the green moves that way and- "Awww. I was really hoping for a mauling there," she says with a slump of her shoulders and a pout on her face, turning back to watch that green with curious eyes. "Gotta say, I hope /she/ comes /this/ way." She at least confides this to her sister, with a snicker at the green's antics. She shifts on her feet back and forth and nervously waits, boring holes now into those wandering hatchlings with her eyes.

Sutri says nothing, eyes lifting suddenly, blinking widely at the blue before her. Her mouth opens suddenly, but nothing comes out until she nods. "Eovisoth…" She breathes finally and her attention is only on the blue before her, everything else is lost.

Gavin glances down at Dorian and nods, "Yeah, kind of." He wipes his hand against his brow and grins when Sutri attracts one. He lifts fingers to his lips and whistles piercingly for her.

"See?" Ethan mutters, glancing at Sutri. "Innocence." He does call out to the newly turned bluerider, "Congratulations!" It's said with a jovial tilt to his head and a smirk for Gavin. "Another green. They are proliferous this clutch." Rubbing the side of his nose, he nods to an egg and murmurs, "I bet that one also hatches a — what did he say the name was?" It's loud in here. Or at least distracting.

Rhaeyn gives a slight smile, then moves off to guide Sutri off the sands. "Eovisoth, is it? He's a pretty one. Come on, let's get you to the barracks, and food, before he's trying to eat one of the candidates, shall we, bluerider?"

Erarei blurts a cough out of her mouth, and another, and another. It's the dry there's-something-in-my-throat-but-I'm-not-choking cough. Vision impaired, Rei's eyes close for the moment it takes to tenderize a bit of lung tissue. Rei slinks over to the Party of Gavin like she's on reconnaissance. "Sutri and," her cheeks look ready to keep in another cough, "a blue."

Matilda blinks down at Cerko for a moment, regarding the boy as he pushes himself up. "Really? I didn't think she liked you very much," she replies quietly, persing her lips together as she shrugs her shoulders. "But you're okay, that's what matters." She's trying to look on the bright side, really. The amount of greens on the sands then captures her attention momentarily. "My mum rides green. Much less scary one, though."

Sutri leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Reyston's backpedaling comes up short at the shout of his name and he darts head around, all sound lost in the audible vertigo. "Erarei?" He calls in confused quiver of tenor, wincing to the side in exaggerated compensation as a dragonet passes him by, followed by a few surging Candidates, running to or from something. Or perhaps just panicking. Pandemonium, and he's fighting his way through the crowd, slowing as he passes such a /large/ green… He picks up his pace, nearly getting clotheslined (or clotheslining himself?) on a taller white-robed behemoth and then nearly doing hte same to a girl shorter than himself. When he reaches Erarei, he reaches her physically first, mentally second, half-slamming into her shoulder first. "Did - that was /Sutri/?" Eyes are wide enough to be blind.

Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Hatchling drops a side-long glance at the sea of white in the distance. Coy, she croons, though the sound is anything but sweet, and takes her first step towards destiny. Mothers, lock up your sons.

Eovisoth leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Gavin shrugs at Ethan, "Don't know. Eviceroth or something." He chuckles. "Dragons always go for innocence? Well damn, I'm fucked then." Party of Gavin. FTW. He grins at Erarei and Reyston's approach. "Yeah, something like that. Hey, Reyston."

Dorian shuffles closer to Gavin as Erarei and Reyston approach them. Woo, go Party! Or cluster. Something. He squints at the greens. "They worry me a little," he says quietly to those in the party. "I bet if someone gets hurt, it'll be 'cause of them."

Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Hatchling halts, her hunt desisting almost instantaneously. A beat follows before eyes maraud her object of lust, paws light against the sands beneath her as they carry her stealthy form towards a darker skinned young woman. Peculiar, it would seem then, that talons incise against an egg shard along her path, the sound of a halted vinyl record meant to deter all attention towards Erarei. Her Erarei. Not the poor sap that steps in the way and meets fate with a broken shell as tail whips towards his midriff. Whoops?
Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Hatchling turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Erarei, and steps forward.

Daniiya can't seem to get over the gawking, eyes like /saucers/. Or something. "I just hope none of them think we're in the way," is muttered in reply to her sister's comment on mauling. "Hey, wasn't that-?" she now goes all pointy pointing in the direction ofthat blue that impressed, nudging Tikaani, but then getting distracted by the wandering hatchlings. "I don't," she says with certainty, eyeing that green, "Greenriders got it /bad/."

Cerko shrugs his shoulders, "She wanted me, but gave up. Knows I'm no greenrider." Blue eyes unlock from the greens and such to look down at Matilda, "Don't you worry if you don't Impress. I'll sleep with you."

Crack-crack-crack! In a rush, No Backspace Key, Broken Down Typewriter, and Never Heard of Rand McNally all spill out dragons: two blues and a brown, who head in completely opposite directions to pick all girls. The shrieking of two of them is unmistakably familiar: oh no, the blues have done Impressed greenrider Kierstyn's twins, and the baleful look on Salurih's face, the new brownrider, is sour until black-brown Katensith claims her for his own!

It's always a party by Gavin! Sobene is no different - though maybe hiding the fact that she's furiously nibbling on her fingernail by a very well placed shoulder of another candidate. Nibble. Nervous. Hot!

Tikaani shakes her head and stands with a little more confidence. "Shells, no, they won't maul /us/." Only people like Cerko of course. She squints her eyes after the blue but shrugs her shoulder at the question, unsure who Impressed him. She's got all eyes for that green, looking disappointed when she finally finds her lifemate. "Aww… They might, but that green looks /fun/. I wouldn't mind if I just had a fun dragon like that at all, even if were a gold." But this she quickly eyes the big gold dragon and shudders at the thought.

Kindness Was A Virtue Egg thinks it is about time: a shiver wracks black-and-aqua shell. Almost, almost…

"So I was wrong," Ethan says, though eyes widen at the sight of Erarei's Impression. "Erarei…" he manages to whisper out before nodding his head. He tries to find the one egg that tilted everything awhirl amidst the shards of broken eggs that litter the Sands. It's Impossible, though, with eggs cracking every which way and people and dragonets clutttering up the view. "I think we're nearly done, Gav. We'll be off soon, I think. So, tonight, we'll escape to where? With lots of booze." A lifting of rules! Dorian and those around them - Reyston especially, get another tight little smile.

Matilda's facial expression reads confusion, mild disgust, and skepticism as she glances up at Cerko. "Um, no. That's okay. If I don't impress, I go back to being a Harper Apprentice. No sleeping with allowed, you know." There's a titter of laughter from the girl as she shakes her head. "Seen a bronze that you fancy?" she attempts to change the subject.

Gavin just needs a hot tub and some booze for this beach-bash to be complete. He steps back as the green approaches, grin growing at Erarei. "Congrats," he says, voice quieter than usual. Maybe he doesn't want to startle that green into tearing him a new one. Niiiice kitty. "That climbing ridge I heard about," he finally answers Ethan, eyes not leaving the sands though his head tilts to speak above the din to his best friend. "We'll get drunk tonight and climb in the morning."

Dorian shifts his feet, making a strangled noise in the back of his throat at the burning sensation found there. He glances over to Ethan, "Yes, lots and lots of booze." And Erarei is Impressing, which leads Dori to move nearer to Ethan and Gavin to be out of the way of the terror of that green.

Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Hatchling takes her time to study the prospects before her, though she is hardly slow, her tail swaying in time with her own internal rhythm as she closes the distance between them and herself. She pauses in front of Cerko, her tongue flicking as though, serpent-like, she tastes the air surrounding him. With a rumble of amusement, she reaches out with a claw to grab him, then casts him aside, like so much chaff. Definitely NOT.

Erarei flips hair off her forehead, peels actually. It's predictably hot. "Her knees will not stop knocking for another Turn and a half," looking in Sutri's direction, presumably talking about the teen whimsically. The voice in her head is believed at first to belong to a candidate but there is none on the roster she remembers as Khetanaxeroth. The tickle in her throat approaches anew. Eyes settle on the green dragonet squarely defensive then suspicious about the images flashed in her mind. Then she wants more. "Say that name again, slower." She stands still, unsure. Can she touch her now? The Weyrleaders don't seem to object but their focus is a scattered thing.

Reyston finds Gavin's casual greeting so much wild jibberish, apparently, for the utter lack of recognition he offers the guard. He's not been running, but his chest and shoulders undulate with a speed that would be more suited for heart beat than respiration, rapid as a little bird. The wild green that approaches drops his mouth, watching the projectile shell as though it's the only activity in the enclosure… and then he's stepping back from Erarei, beholden. Of all places, it's Ethan's face that he looks to and hten away. And then to nothing. Some more.

Cerko offers no congratuations to those Impressions around him, he just bites his lip a second before looking back out to the eggs and dragonets, "Naw, there was one back a while, but it looked too girly." Then to the turn down, the boy looks back over to Matilda with a frown, "Too bad, I'm pretty good in bed…" Suddenly some claw from the green dragon launches out against Cerko, knocking him to the ground /again. But this time, within moments of the collision with the ground there is actually some redness starting to soak up the white robe.

Kindness Was A Virtue Egg was reminiscing of time past, and thus quiet until now. Relatively so, at least-but the past is now gone, kindness and all softness a mere echo of a ghost of a life centuries past. It crumbles rather than cracks, this egg, dissolving into powder on the hot sands. Where once was gentle past, now stands Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling.

Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling
Shattered diamonds ice the Abyss itself, slithering shiny over sharp edges and shadows cast from jagged lines. Sable-in-shadow cloaks serpentine form from too-long neck to outright snaking tail, lit only by faint silvered highlights. Moonlight-on-obsidian continues unchecked through narrow-built wings, deepened to the blackest nightmare in wicked talons and wingspars disproportionately long. His narrow chest screams discord, as does his concave, symmetrical face: where all else is dark, they are touched with internal fire, an inferno which lights him with forge-fired bronze, a stark contrast to rest of his silver-echoed-night.

Daniiya's brows go up as she glances over at her sister, and then she snerks, "Yeah, probably right." The girl half-shrugs, muttering to Tikaani, "Not /me/. Don't even knot what I- Oh hey, another green's going for him!" Daniiya leans a bit to get a better look over at Cerko, and then makes a face, "Ooh, looks like he got it this time," and she probably doesn't mean the dragon.

Dorian yelps a little as Cerko is thrust aside, eyes widening quite a bit. He looks to Gavin and Sobene, apparently assuming the guard sorts will figure it out.

Toe Breaker Tailhook was waiting for the end, see, but that's obviously not to be. It spills forth a sky-blue vision, more pretty than handsome. The blue seems completely indifferent to candidates until a short, stocky boy of about fourteen catches his attention. With a cry, B'aub announces, "Tesyth, of course!"

Matilda does her familiar movement of retreating a few paces as the /other/ green dragonet approaches. "Maybe…" she begins to remark before her hand holding companion is ripped vigorously from her grasp, and thrown once more to the ground. "Crackdust. Musn't be your day, huh?" she asks with a blink, before that red stuff catches her eye, and the girl all but turns as white as the robe itself. "Um, excuse me?" she begins, taking a few steps towards all those important higher up types. "I think.. I think Cerko's bleeding. It could be bad." Help?

Gavin looks back at Dorian blankly. What? He's not a Healer. "Hey. Sexy. Get up." There. He's helped.

It is the cracking of the shell that catches Ethan's attention even in mid-sentence of, "What kind of -" though it's never completed as he spies the darkness that appears across the sands. "Now /that/…" He's even unable to finish a sentence, shaking his head to clear it of lingering cobwebs of thought. Despite his resolve to be the first of the sands, it is this latest that captures his attention. Much as the egg did before. Feet move by memory rather than by conscious thought, a little step closer across the sands.

Rhaeyn waits, at the edge of Erarei's space; she is obviously ready to send the new green-pair back to the barracks, but patience is a learned trait. She gives the newly-bonded a chance to… catch up. She may also be rightfully wary of the green's sharp, if soft, talons.

Sobene looks to Dorian and shrugs as well. She's not a healer nor guard! It's Candidate time. Still, Cerko gets a good frown. Possibly in irritation for being the one that got hurt. "Should just get out of the /way/."

Tikaani wasn't watching that green dragon as closely as the last, but now she snaps her head to attention when pointed out by her sister. "You're right! Can't believe even /any/ dragon would be-" She winces, appropriately, for the boy but there's no sympathy when she says, "It's 'bout time. I was expecting that from the very start!" Boy got what he deserved to this girl's eyes. And then disregarding that mauling, she's back to watching the rest of the eggs and dragons instead. The hatchlings were still much more interesting than bloody candidates.

Gavin sticks by Ethan's side, just as he promised he would. As Ethan moves forward, so does Gavin, as though his entire life was being pulled without resistance after his best friend.

A healer sprints from the sidelines, a big fellow to even threaten that crazy cook Jacob's size. "I need help here!" And before Cerko can even really stain the sands, they're moving the hurt candidate to the sidelines, then past, to the Infirmary proper.

Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling pauses in the wreckage of his Egg. It is only fitting, then, that he sits in the wreckage of kindness itself. None of that to be found in this serpent of a dragonet; the hatchling starts off with an odd purpose to his steps, side-to-side serpentine motion awkward for first few moments until instinctual prowress brings a certain settled confidence to each placement of paw.

"Owowowowowowowowowow." Cerko yelps out a few more times, he's pretty much helpless at this point, a good clawing across a good portion of his torso and lower parts, luckily missing the most important. "Ugggggh. Yeowch!" Yeah, being moved doesn't feel good at all.

Erarei croaks, half coughing/half shrill at Cerko's injury. Nothing she sees, but senses through Khetanaxeroth. "No that wasn't supposed to happen!" But these dragons aren't like children or biddable canines. She'll learn. Repulsed, compelled, driven by a burning stomach that she swears isn't a normal physiological experience. "Eat then." Sapped of strength with a raw throat Erarei necessitates the green's dismissal.
Erarei escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Dorian is soon abandoned! He'd been using Gavin and Ethan as buffers and they move forward. Unfortunately, he's a bit too freaked out by Cerko's injury to be willing to move away from his spot. So there goes Cerko. And Erarei. They're all dissipating and moving away! He glances to Matilda and gives her a weak smile.

Khetanaxeroth escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Matilda seems placated now that the Healers have arrived to cart off Cerko. Then she's rather at a loss as to where to go. Making eye contact with Dorian, she gently does a graceful sand shuffle in his direction, moving to stand a little behind him. "Hi," she intones quietly, glancing fearfully around her a bit.

Daniiya is right back to watching the chaos on the sands, looking even more nervous now that she's seen a bit of red over there. "Just be ready to dodge if one of them comes running over. Figure if it's yours, it'll have more sense than to run ya over," the girl almost babbling on to Tikaani there for a second. And then she shakes herself a bit, back to foot-hopping and keeping an eye out, though there's so /much/ to watch, her hazel gaze keeps darting all over the place, sparing only one long glance at Cerko before he's carted off.

Reyston stays unmoving. Ethan drifts forward, drawn by the darkest of bronzes, Gavin drawn with him; Erarei falls behind to the pull of Impression, to dragon and now he stands alone, new white cloth and drifting hair in the cloying heat, sweaty to the point he looks half-hatched himself. And he crosses an arm over his chest. And his other hand raises and presses against his mouth to hold in… food? Air? Sound? The vacuum, in and out. The heat within. Swimming, what he does /not do/ is faint. Good job.

Ethan reaches his hand out to stop Gavin and stares, unnaturally long at the dark dragonet. "Gavin." He murmurs, voice soft in the chaos of the Sands, "Remind me of our plans." It's a strange request, but there's little explanation for the way his attention is caught by the one that hatched from the egg that brought so many of the memories of the past to the forefront. He shakes his head, as if to clear his thoughts again, "What name did Erarei's lifemate get?" is then asked of everyone standing around Gavin's Party.

Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Hatchling strolls down the length of the candidate line, but it's clear that her attention is locked. Beholden is good. She comes to a halt in front of one seacraft candidate with a wild cowlick in his thick, black hair and emits a satisfied rumble. As she steps forth to catch his eye with her own, she croons again, a chill-inducing song of twisted love.
Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Hatchling turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Reyston, and steps forward.

Gavin turns his head, stilling at Ethan's touch. "Tonight we travel," he says, voice low and meant only for Ethan's ears. "To that distant ridge. And we'll drink, and climb, and be free." He has no answer for the name of Erarei's lifemate.

Dorian nods to Matilda, who happens to be one of the few candidates younger than he. Yay young'ns! "Hey," he responds, glancing around. Likely to keep an eye out for those vicious greens. Just in time to see the one stop in front of Reyston. His eyes widen for a moment, but he ultimately grins and calls out congratulations whilst waiting for the name to be shared.

Rhaeyn turns her gaze, belatedly, after Cerko. Oh. Wait. Was he *mauled*? Her eyes turn then onto Reyston's new lifemate, and her faintly bloodstained claws - and then her eyebrows are rising, though she heads across the sands towards the pair.

Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling is on the move. The candidates of which he passes aren't even looked at: they are not the one he seeks. The blackened bronze does pause, as if torn, tilting his gaze up at one very short blonde girl. Something clicks, but not Impression, obviously. His tail swipes at her as he finally passes on, reaching the very end of this row of candidates with decisiveness; no increase from his creeping stride, yet.

The last of the last, My Kingdom for a TI and Zach Morris crash together from crazy wobbling circles. The dragons left out in the open seem dazed at sudden, aided freedom; one green, one brown, they stare at each other for the longest time before moving off towards the candidates. Impressions are made quickly enough: two boys, one who looks like he's rather ready to pass out rather than lead his new green off the Sands.

"Ain't gonna get mauled at all," Tikaani says with a lot of confidence. "So no need to worry about diving or running away or nothing. My feet, on the other hand…" She starts moving them faster, the soles of her sandals really burning. She slowly looks at all the discarded egg shards and the empty shells and then towards the hatchlings. "Ain't much left," she also notes, a miserable tone to her voice as she stays there clinging to her sister.

Matilda is a bit of a young'n its true. Dorian recieves another small smile as she continues to watch impressions quickly around her. As the eggs dwindle and the final hatchling on the sands seems to be a bronze, unless she's missing some, a brighter smile starts to spread across her face. "I think I'm not going to impress," she intones almost triumphantly, closing her eyes and exhaling for perhaps the first real time during this whole experience.

A shift, a twist. A pull of sinew down shoulders, a drop of tension down spine - Reyston turns eyes that finally see upon a single, consuming presence, and he finds a word that is murmured in a true single world of privacy. "…Ligryth." It's a tight coil of mask over the front of his skull, and his lower lip turns up into his mouth. And he chokes out to the green before him, "/Yes/." To her he moves, a drift of bowed cotton fluff, cheeks wet. "…yes, alright."

"Yes. We travel far and away from here," Ethan hisses, though he's not moving. Blue eyes are latched onto the moving dragonet, his breath caught for a moment. Briefly, there is a dreaminess to his eyes, lost as they are to the movement of the dragonet. Reyston's Impression pulls his attention for a bare moment to get a secretive little smile from him, though he merely offers, "Congratulations… /Reyston/." Before attention is pulled back to the moving dragonet, and not even Gavin can pull Ethan's attention away from that which has captured those cold blue eyes.

Dorian watches that bronze, keeping an eye out largely for potential maulings now. He does look to Matilda and offers a small grin. Perhaps trying to be supportive, but there's also that edge of terror there in his own eyes. "You're happy about that?" he asks, quietly.

Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling continues with his slithering-serpent speed; or, more specifically, lack thereof. Every motion has Purpose, however, and every step of planted obsidian paws comes with a sense of finality: he is getting close. One glance towards his dam, the vestiges of some instinct that has not fully bred out, and then hes picking a local as his own, shaggy dark hair and piercing eyes to match his crags and shadows.
Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Hatchling turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Ethan, and steps forward.

R'yst leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Matilda is well, ecstatic is perhaps the wrong word, but she's pretty gosh darn happy. When the bronze finally chooses, the young Harper girl is hopping - possibly from the sands and possibly from utter jubliation. "I never have to stand again!" she intones to Dorian. This is before her face falls a bit. "I'm sorry, .. you probably not as happy.. right?" she asks belatedly, awaiting further instruction.

Ligryth leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Dorian chews on his lip as the eggs lie empty and the hatchlings led off with their lifemate. He draws in a long breath and squares up his shoulders. There's a glance to Matilda and a little shrug. "I… don't know. I'm probably going to leave 'Reaches though."

Rhaeyn turns her gaze, uncomprehending, at the bronze that made for her *assistant*, and then darting glance takes in the dragonet-less sands. Oh crap. She leaves Ethan's future to his new lifemate, and the hands of R'mel who once more is on the Sands; then she's heading for the candidates. A deep breath, and she's calling to the white-robes left, a deeply unhappy look on her face. "I am sorry." She doesn't offer anything else, instead moves to lead the mass of them back to the barracks.

There's a shudder and Ethan's eyes close briefly - what's the need for eyes in this moment? - before he's opening them and staring at the bronze, his eyes locked to the dragonet's. "Ysvarth, there is food this way," is what he says, though it's more an inexperience in discerning the difference from spoken words to hearing thought. He raises his eyes and peers upwards and outwards, searching for the path to travel. There is a small, satisfied smile to his lips and he answers the dragonet at his side with, "Yes. We will."

Cerko is laying there. Just fyi, in case there was a worry.

Daniiya rolls her eyes and spares her sister a look, but that doesn't stop her from squaring her shoulers in an attempt to look just as confident - can't be out done by the midget, now can she? A look down at her own up-and-down feet has her wrinkling her nose, but when she looks up again there's a downwardtug to her mouth as she agrees with Tikaani, "Yeah.. ain't many left.." And then there are none left, and the girl's shoulders slump, realization perhaps just hitting her, as she mumbles a, "We didn't.." Too busy paying attention to everything but that, apparently. And her feet start moving to exit the sands, looking like she's not hearing anything suddenly.

Cerko escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
Dorian slips back into the shadows.

Again, Sobene is left on the sands. She kicks at the hot sand beneath her feet and wraps her arms across her midsection, eyes darting up towards the galleries that are emptying quickly. "Ah, well," she says to the others also left behind. "Let's get ourselves some drinks! Faranth knows we haven't had that in some time, yeah?" As chipper as she tries to sound, there's an underlying tone of disappointment in her voice, as though she's been found lacking again. Aw.

Sobene escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
Matilda slips back into the shadows.

It is too fast. Too quickly gone. Reyston's impression is barely noticed before something /else/ is there. Intruding. Gavin takes a slow step away. Away from the Impression that was so near. "Congratulations," he whispers, shaking his head slowly. Looking around, he follows the others out, but can't help frequent glances behind him, to what was.

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