High Reaches' 2nd PC Hatching (part 2)

Lani's gold Rhyath x D'ante's bronze Infernoth
5th December 1998
Logged by D'renn

Part 1

D'renn's shout seems to be getting louder. "KAMARIA!" He'll be hoarse before all the eggs are hatched.

Oh, that one just /there/? Shaela's wide-eyed gaze turns to the now nearby green with an 'oh'. "Erm, probably to Kam.." she suggests in nervously softening tone. Underneath, feet continue their heat-forced stepping.

Kamaria releases Niyanne's hand, dropping to cradle the lovely head in her arms. "Nekomieth…" She murmers, then louder. "Nekomieth…her name is Nekomieth!"

Aiee? Enya blinks and squeeks out congrats, "KAMA!!" squeek goes bluerider. yes she does. Wide grin beam appears on face as she sees friend impress.

Jezabel shouts, "Kamaria!" towards the Healer-girl, before grinning at her, "Congratulations, what's her name?" Green gaze rakes across the dragonet in question, admiringly as she shuffles on the sands, cheering then fading off while she grins at Areiah and Risli, "Did you /see/ that?"

Tylendel grins and calls out a loud "Congratulations!!!" to Kamaria. Then, he laughs down at Areiah, nodding, "She did. Keep your eye on that one, I'll bet." His gaze does as follows for several moments before spanning across the sand to see other rocking eggs and dragonets on the hunt.

"I would say so, wouldn't you?" Niyanne grins, and now-free hand makes a gesture towards the blue. After, "Congrats, Kamaria! Her name is lovely." Shuffled steps, atempt to free soles of feet from the hot ground, and then another thing to say: "What do you think of that blue?"

Conlan calls out his congratulations to Kamaria. So much is happening he misses the blue break shell. "I should have remembered. It's noisy, huh?" he says to Annalee, his hand partner for the evening.

Annalee pauses dead in her tracks as another Star Blue presents himself to the world. "For all of Pern, like a Harper with an audience." Anna hotfoots it over to stay by Conlan's side, not knowing where to look. Breathing is conciously slowed - in, out, in, out, calm down, girl…

Salea chuckles and motions for Kamaria and Nekomieth to join the others at the side…"congradulations Kamaria"

Jayhon moves back to disappear in the midst of the crowds, lanky form still causing him to stand out before pushing through the Candidate-bodies to once again put him - quite happily - on the outskirts of the crowds, StarSmith looking decidedly uneasy as feet shift in the uncomfortable heat of the sands, gaze flickering to the new blue dragonet and then back towards the clutchmother, Rhyath.

Kumiko winces as D'renn calls again, before she murmurs, sidelong, "I do have a gag." And she's not afraid to use it. Bronze's movements are watched, as the brownrider shifts a bit of sand over her boots.

D'renn is allowed to yell for the new weyrlings. So nyah to Kumiko.

Snap, crackle, pop! A trio of dragons end up facing each other snout to snout to snout as their eggs split. Hey. Turn around. Don't like your face. Now tail to tail to tail, they arrow out to claim their lifemates.

"Over here Kam…oh she's just /lovely/!" Enya gushes, yes she does.

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet hears something loud, like someone yelling deleriously. Oh, don't want that one, definately not. But something interesting might be in that direction. You never know, do you? Sand clumping between his talons, he shuffles in the direction of the noise. Girl, girl, girl, boy… no no, that one's too short. And his nose is kind of funny. Where's the one that's perfect for /him/?

Adianna laughs and points Kelvren's look over to the trio, "Look that them! All at once!"

Outer Banks Egg rattles almost, twitching with elegant grace. A new dance step? Only time will tell…

Kamaria finally manages to rise to her feet, urging Nekomieth to the edge with others already impressed. "Here we go…"

Lani positively beams as her former co-apprentice impresses. "Kamma! Congratulations…"

Teejay is perfect so far as Shaela's concerned, and admiring gaze turns to him once more. She's going to make him talk eventually - all this silence can't be good for a person. "Teejay, what d'you think of that bronze there?" she asks, freeing her hand from Niyanne a moment to point, returning it to its place again just as quickly.

Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet lifts off from the shards of his former home, stretching the boundaries of everything he's known before, darkened canopies and spars flailing against the mellifluous green of his sides. He wastes no time, getting his new mobility immediately for an orbit of the sands, where no …SuperStar has gone before.

Risli watches the hatchlings with a lightly held breath, and looks again at the unhatched eggs, now bouncing here and there. His mouth is dry, and he can only grip Jez's hand as he watches other candidates find their lifemates.

Annalee laughs lightly, shaking her head and admiring the SuperStar Blue. "I don't know about you, Connie, but I absolutely love that Blue over there," she points said blue out with her free hand. "Knows where he's going, doesn't he, eh?"

Kelvren chuckles. "They look like a rather lively group there." he agrees with the candidate next to him. Wiping at his sweat beaded brow, his eyes follow those dragonets for a while, then he looks back towards the bronze. "I wonder where that one will head next?"

And in it's place, it'll stay, for Niyanne just tightened her grip on it a good deal. "It's going /fast/." Bronze, and blue, are ignored whilst sand is kicked away from her feet, voice quieting and head dipping to stare at the ground. Very hot. "The bronze isn't bad."

Grinning broadly and realizing Tylendel's arm does need to stay in its' socket, Areiah stands up straight, still as she can while participating in the Candidate Dance. "Ooh, Ty, look at /that/ one.." And the brozne is pointed to with her Jezabel-clutched hand, arm dropping once she's confident she has his attention.

Rhyath, fond of healers, burbles, somewhere between a bugle and gurgle - betwixt the two. Resigned, though, she watches sons and daughters pair one by one. Once part of her Hoard, they're the first of her Horde.

"More blue! Oooh, I like this…." D'renn taken off his jacket now, /way/ too hot. Leaning against the wall, he stamps his boots idly in the sand, not envying the Candidates' bare feet.

"He's real nice, Annie," Con says, slowly bringing one foot up, then the other.

Adianna shrugs, "They have to come this way at somepoint." she says softly, "After all, this is the only way they can come!"

Teejay, of course, does not reply to his bubbly neighbour. Instead, he merely shrugs mysteriously - Shaela loves when he does that, unfortunately for him - and turns his gaze elsewhere.

Jezabel loosens Risli's grasp on her hand just briefly, pausing before twining fingers 'round his again - you were just being a trifle /overly/-squeezing, dear - before grinning at the Herder-Candidate, not saying much other than a wink, "Oooh… Tylendel!" She manages, before continuing in ye olde Candidate Dance, feet shifting in the sands.

Zirade's knees wobble. Hard. They crack 'gainst each other a million times faster then normal as she /tries/ to stand still, tries to draw a-back the breath that keeps on gushing through her lungs. " I'm … on … the … sands."

Annalee blinks as she feels Conlan shifting beside her, then suddenly notices her own scorched feet. Again. Harper shifts from side to side rhythmically, hotfoot, hotfoot!

Jayhon moves through the crowds, hanging on the outskirts for fear of bumping yet /more/ people, the tall lanky frame passing easily now - the Candidates are thinner on the edges - less of a chance of hitting people, while hands continue their nervous picking at hair, trying to tidy it up despite the sweat-soaked strands, deep brown darkening to almost black.

A twin set of green hatches from two white white eggs, tumbling together into a tangle of hide. They get themselves sorted out, and move fowards. One slightler smaller than the other, with a wan, warm green. The other more gibbous and rounded. The pair of greens drift like moons towards the horizon of canidates.

A green hatches, all tail and talons and muzzle in the sand. Ptoi. Bleh. Shaking herself clear of both shards and sand, she hips, hops, and lands in front of a lad from Lemos. He knows how to boogey, right?

Shaela keeps the drool at Teejay's motion inside her mouth, and gives him yet another shiny-eyed gaze. Whatta babe. "I know.." is her dreamy reply to Niyanne's remark, tone changing quickly as she returns to conversation with female candidate, and notes that "There's no way he'll impress to you, though."

Niyanne chuckles, softly at the two greens, and at Shaela. "Of course not, silly - He's bronze, and I'm female." A rather impossible color and gender pairing, you see. "Who do you think he /will/ impress to, though?"

Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet takes the first orbit, past a few clusters before suddenly halting his trajectory right in in front of two. Lowering his head he sniffles them, he snuffles them, he raises his head and bugles, or tries to - it honks, you see. Flap flap flap. He's the /star/, see? Annalee and Conlan are snuffled again. Pay attention to the star.

Satopar, lost for long moment in a maze of taller friends, stumbles out. Hot feet indeed, pick up each one with urgent hippity hops. Uh, little green tumbles round, little green legs giving out as fast as boys. "Fallth!" is yowled as boy and beloved lifemate collide. S'tar and Fallth!

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet sniffs slightly. Why is it that none of the interesting ones are paying attention to him? Let's see, somewhere there's someone with a nice smile, with eyes that sparkle just like his own hide does! Where is he? Somewhere in this sea of white - Wait! There, is that it? All the other things in white are hanging on the thing he wants, though! Alright, gang-way! If there's no road, he'll just have to make one! Blockly limbs churning, he heads in the direction of a clump of candidates!

That saliva that drips down her throat as she tries to swallow it down; Zirade's slate blue eyes trickling over the others in o'er the sand of ground. " A-a-anyone n-n-n-need some company?" she quivers. For a person who's been with dragons all her life, she seems oddly - freaked - out. Quiet, she glares through the general bright light of sands as she peers up into the galleries, searching for the kids that sit there, before she glances about those on the sands again. A bronze.. " It's coming this way!"

A brown escapes a rather tiny egg, immediately rushing into a crowd of white clad boys. For a moment, mayhem ensues, before a lad from Weaverhall dodges. The brown, undeterred, comes back, before both are knocked over in a sprawl of arms, legs, tail and knocked heads. Denlta, now D'lta, mutters, "Quadranth? Layoff, will you?"

Annalee turns back to the SuperStar blue, eyes bright and sparkling sapphire. "Handsome young fellow," Candiharper comments to Conlan, ignoring the fact that she's latched onto Connie for support. That blue is more than handsome. Side to side Annalee shifts, doing the "Sands Dance".

Shaela pauses quick-step motion for a moment to get up on tippy-toes and whisper a name loudly into Niyanne's ear. Teejay, of course, is her hope for the bronze, and she tightens her grip on his elbow encouragingly. Poor boy is going to lose circulation soon.

Sun-gilded blue implodes, dropping a small chestnut-brown onto the Sands. Ripe and round, he waddles here and there… finally ending up at the feet of Miner-girl Cassala. "Opeiath…." Cassie breathes, sinking to her knees. She could've done with a chair to hold her up.

Risli moves to the side, trying to get out of the way of the barreling bronze. "Is he coming this way?" he asks, loosening his grip on Jezabel's hand as he does. "Do you think?"

Free hand is waved in earnest towards Zirade - "Zirade? You want my hand?" - after Niyanne notes her lack of, um, 'support'. "Oh, /Shaela/. Anyone else in mind, besides him?"

"Another pair of lifemates match..and more and more." Adianna whispers softly, "I don't believe I've ever seen so many dragons in one place!"

Casting a surprised look towards the Super Star blue dragonet, Jez manages a faint cheer, before squeezing Risli's hand, "I don't know, Risli.. maybe he is? I think he's headed towards Areiah.. " Not that Areiah could Impress bronze, as she squeezes the said Candidate's hand, shifting feet in the sands.

"Yeah," Con replies to Annalee, not really sure which dragonet she's talking about, but willing to agree to just about anything at this point. "Whoa, that bronze is going kind of fast, isn't he?"

Kelvren's neck feels rubbery as he cranes around looking from one Impression to another. "Things are going faster now." he comments again to Adianna, "I haven't seen so much going on in one place either." the lad admits. "Look, that bronze is going to find someone soon I think."

Salea usshers Cassala and Opeiath off to the side, still watching the choas beyond…."Brings back memeories, doesn't it Enya?"

Tylendel grins as he overhears Risli, low voice laughingly calling out, "Better watch out, or we'll all go down like dominoes, if he is!" Yet Tylendel doesn't move from the spot, instead giving the bronze a curious regard.

Jayhon stays towards the back, motionless now save for the nervous movement - and /necessary/, judging from the sand's heat - of his feet, and the twitch of hands pushing themselves through the sweat-streaked hair, casting a faint grin towards the Impressing pairs wandering off the sands.

Zirade's voice drops an octave as she nods - silently scattering towards the offerer, who she incases her wet, bony hand with. " Niyanne, look at that blue - it's by Con an' Annalee, oh! Look!" Simply beams she does, glancing at both Niyanne and Shaela with total happiness.

Shaela is supporting! Kind of. "Well, Lesh is already taken," she giggles, eyes flickering towards the galleries in hopes that he will be visible. But he isn't, of course - the sea of people is a blur of unknown faces to her searching gaze.

Annalee nods quickly, watching the bronze briefly. "Rather headlong, if you ask me. But I was talkin' about the Blue… He knows his stuff!" As if to mimic the Blue's poise, she stands up a little straight, shoulders are back a little farther, head is held a little higher… See?

The twin greens continue to drift forwards, trailing into the crowds. They reach their goal together and two young lads step forwards. "Beliorth!", yelps T'mor with a wide, excstatic grin while his chum, B'lior, laughs and yells "Timorth! You're so lovely!"

Mrr? Smallbluerider is just kept busy helping direct newly impressed to correct area but at name Enya tosses smile up, "Eh? Yes..though most of my impression was spent face down in the sand.." Kyleth had a fondness for pouncing early on, you see.

"I can't Impress bronze." Areiah states simply, squeezing Jezabel's hand in return while, yet again, clinging tightly to Tylendel. "You could, though. And so could Ris." At the mention of dominos, however, the young woman takes a shaky step back. The Sands are hot enough under her feet, let alone the rest of her, thank you.

Conlan chuckles, really looking at Annalee for perhaps the first time. "He's the color of your eyes."

Um, okay. Niyanne won't even ask about that one. "I guess.. Oh, he is, isn't he?" Smile tweaks 'cross her face, and earnest nod is given. Rather, her current smile grows larger. "I wonder.."

Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet struts his stuff. This will get them. A flap and a big-footed jaunt later, though, and they are no where in sight. And that pretty "Sand Dance" kinda was neat. Hey. He's not supposed to get lost. This just doesn't /happen/ to a superstar. At this rate, he's liable to have to wait 60 turns for another chance like that one. Round and round he turns until his wing accidently hits something. Something tall. Something just as vain as him. But with hair.

D'renn is still calling out the rosta: "Denlta… I mean D'lta… Come oever this way… that's right…. Cassie, bring Opeiath here…" No, wait, Salea got that one. Energy drained by the heat, D'renn just leans on a convenient rider. Good thing he's small.

How can Areiah even manage to take /steps/? Jez is more-or-less dancing, as she squeezes the Candidate's hand, whispering softly, "Oof, I'm *nervous*, Areiah! Risli!" she could whine, really, she could, as hands twitch, palms slightly sweaty as the Candidate shifts uneasily.

Adianna nods, "he better, he's been wandering along for /Turns/!" she chuckles.

Annalee blinks, staring at Conlan. "You know, you're right… I never really thought about it!" Annalee turns back, still sanddancing, hotfooting back and forth. Blue is watched. She really likes that one, she does… Blue-black hair is pushed back again, anxiously.

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet skids to a stop in front of a particularly tall young man… Yeah, he likes tall. He likes blondish-brown hair. He particularly likes eyes that sparkle a pale green-blue. When he finds those particular sparkly eyes belonging to someone who not only is looking at him, but is a /boy/, he decides. Yes, it must be this one.
Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Tylendel, and steps forward.

Jayhon pauses, stumbling back a step before getting hit in the head with a wing, tall man stopping with that nervous fussing to turn towards the blue dragonet, almost indignant, though too uneasy to do much more than trace surprise. That is it - surprise.

Savannah Sunset Egg finds its serenity broken: amber whitens under the strain of the bulging shell, paling beyond savannah grasslands, to milkier hues that flare more vibrant than the sunset shell, for all their pallor. Fiery shards fragment around the more subtle intensity of the dragonet that emerges; a crimson aura to surround and herald the birth of Milky Way Gold Dragonet.

Milky Way Gold Dragonet
Buttermilk pours, pale gold, along the drawn-out length of her; runnels of clotted cream churn down her attenuated throat to broadened withers, where starlit motes - paler still, though more intense - freckle her hide. Their heat steams milky gold to white-hot froth, boiling over shoulders and spine, foaming along the base of 'spars and lathering haunches, before cooling again to softer, condensed shades that settle comfortably into the hollows of her flanks; stars crossed; stars lost in the mellowed warmth of profound tranquillity.

"You wonder…" Shaela prods the older girl to finish her sentence, hand shaking the hand impatiently. "You wonder - hey!" volume of her voice suddenly increases. "Tylendel!"

Bugle angles up to Jezabel, jiggling sand from his sandals like a cat mincing through a puddle. "Lookee!" he shouts, pointing to the gold egg.

Kelvren squeezes Adianna's hand hard. "Look! Look!" he cries out, tearing his own eyes off of Ty and his bronze. "It's the gold Adi!" he exclaims in excitement, though obviously that's not the dragon for /him/. ;)

"Tylendel!" The voice is almost hoarse, Jez managing now what would almost be a croak, before raising her voice yet more, "Congratulations! What's his name?" Bugle is now turned to - surprised - before following his gaze, "Wow, gold!" She has a flair for stating the obvious.

Risli ohs as the little queen appears, and briefly chews his lip in envy. Ah, well. He turns back, grinning, and thumping Tylendel on the back. "Good show, man!" He chuckles, and turns back to look over the clutch.

Everything stops for Conlan, even though he can never be a gold rider. "Anna, did you see that? Look!" It shouldn't be hard to guess where: everyone else on Pern is looking right there.

Annalee squawks, tearing her eyes away from the Blue long enough to watch the Golden Queen appear. No chance. Not for this candiharper. Eyes return to watching the Blue, heart in throat. "I wonder which one's the Blue's lifemate?" she asks Conlan, shifting back and forth.

"Oh, wow - Tylendel!" Niyanne grins towards the new rider, eyes flicking off in another random fashion to stare at the gold. "Look at her, Shaela - Isn't she, um.. Handsome?" It's a word that works well enough.

"Shards!" D'renn straightens, much to the relief of his support. "The gold….. uh. TYLENDEL….." He's definitely going to lose those dulcet tones of his.

Adianna practically yanks Kelvren's arm, "A gold now! And right after a bronze! This is a great clutch!" she laughs out loud, thrilled, "Now, as soon as your lifemate comes along, the day will be perfect."

Blink of dark jade eyes, "GOrgous.." Enya states obvious from side lines, only able give moments studied gaze to dragonet before yet another newly impressed is waved over, "Over here Tylen…erh, T'lendel!" Herding the candies. just like Ene's ex-craft jobs.

Tylendel stops still, ignoring hot sands beneath. Expression sobering completely for several long moments, slow, sweet smile at last dawning on his lips. The breath of a name is spoken, just to taste it, and then repeated, joy pervading, "Cairhoth. Pleased to meet you." He barely manages the words, eyes entranced and falling, falling…

Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet spins again, hitting the lad with the other wing. He can't help it. he can't /see/ the starsmith, see? Ten orbits and a half a century later and he's /still/ be a superstar, though. No matter. *Boink* What out above! Poor Jayhon. Doesn't he know how to duck?

Outer Banks Egg quivers quickly, and starts to bulge. Larger and larger, until the egg becomes totally out of proportion.

Staring, perhaps awestruck up at Tylendel, Areiah just /beams/ as realization dawns. "Congratulations, love! Congratulations!" she practically squeaks, releasing his hand almost reluctantly as she straightnes up, suddenly confused. What's everyone.. oh! "The.. oh /wow/.. the gold." Murmured words, she's sure, make little sense, but she babbles away anyway. "Great Faranth. Jez, Jezabel, /look/. She's /beautiful/."

Outer Banks Egg shakes, twisted branches tangling ever tighter as flaking shell-pieces also compete for the nebulous light. Greens glimmer momentarily brighter before the fog finally lifts, dissolves as the promise of morning emerges in draconic form.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet
As the shadows of hills and valleys sleep in darkness awaiting the first caress of daylight, so too does the hide of this long dragonet: inky shadows flow his attenuated lengths, winding along the limber distance of neck and sides to diffuse into indigo and ultraviolet blue along the end of his tiller of tail. Only his thin-beaten wings glimmer with the promise of morning, pale gold setting fire to the cerulean fragility of his sails. His talons gleam, sharp and dark and eager, while destruction grows behind that facade of keen-edged awareness.

The gold could have six eyes and no wings, and Shaela would still think it beautiful, of course. Grip on Teejay is released, both hands now gripping Niyanne in shakingly nervous excitement. "/Oh/," is all she says.

Kumiko whistles low as Tylendel impresses, though she mananges to spy the gold's arrival as well, another whistle, as gaze turns again, this time toward supertar blue, as she steps back. "And they're going quick."

Milky Way Gold Dragonet unfurls the tangle of limbs, wings, tail, neck; so many parts to organise. She shrugs those star-tossed shoulders, aligning herself, then birth-fuzzed eyes lift to her dam and sire and she blinks. Eventually, though, white robes must be investigated so she begins to slowly teeter forward, discovering the wonders of forward motion and ambulation in one fell swoop. Amazing.

Jh'ral's mouth is twitching. "Grandad. Both of us now," he comments to himself.

The destructive force of Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet moves forward, lurching into a slow tangle of wings and linbs. candidates are looked over, examined, and approached….Now to find the perfect one to conquer!

Lani folds her arms across her breast, hugging to keep her pride from bursting forth and taking ribs and sternum with it. "Tylendel and Cairhoth? T'lendel?" She grins widely at Jh'ral, teasing. "Great grand-dad?"

Jayhon pauses, moving now as eyes look into the Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Dragonet - shock in his eyes, as now-J'hon smiles, the blue capturing his attention as he manages a hoarse shout to be heard by the rest of the Candidates and watchers, "Glennth!" J'hon and Glennth!

Annalee turns away from watching the SuperStar Blue, watching the Morning Star Destroyer Blue now. A long drawn-out sigh escapes the white-clad harper, and she leans against Conlan… "Look at /him/," she murmurs, pointing.

Jh'ral straightens, protests, "Not yet!"

Heathery Brigadoon Egg shivering, crinkling. Sway gently and tremble under the vibration through the grounds. Still nested, nestled, it's in a clear patch now. No sibs to crowd it and it almost roots in the soft sands.

Kumiko pauses a bit at Jh'ral's comment, but she doesn't say a thing. Not yet, at any rate.

Niyanne oohs slightly, and nods, pausing in feet shuffle to watch the dragonets move around. "She's really pretty. The blue is nice, too." But, Niyanne is more intent upon the shinier thing - Just a matter of what she saw first.

Glennth turns jewel faceted eyes torward Jayhon, and steps forward.

Kelvren winces, "Ouch! Not my sword arm, please." he exclaims to Adianna. "And what do you mean my lifemate?" he grins at her. "What if you Impress, I'm sure that would top off your day alot more than just watching someone else." His eyes follow the queen before peeling off to regard a newly hatched blue. "Don't you want to?"

"TYLENDEL!" is uttered against the sands as she shudders in absolute mirth, Zirade shudders at the impression of friends.

Nuff glances at Jh'ral and giggles, in her Nuffish way. "Been saying you're getting old Jh'ral. Ancient. Feel the cold in your bones?"

Adianna claps loudly, "Jayhon!!! Tylendel!!" she cheers for her frineds, "Wonderful!!"

"More blue! Look Salea, more blue!" D'renn is in heaven. Although Trydanth would probably prefer greens. "Jayhon, Tylendel…..!"

Jh'ral mourns, "I just turned fifty-two, too."

Conlan startles - is there a /girl/ leaning on him? An older woman? Must be the heat. "Yeah, he's real nice, too. He's got a lovely dark color."

J'hon grins exultantly, as realization sinks in, eyes turning towards Glennth as he pushes forwards towards the blue dragonet, the bumps un-minded now.

Salea chuckles and pats D'renn's shoulder, "Just think….all those blues…and you can help wash every one of them!"

Zirade prods her foot into the sands - robe swirling in it's tendencies whilst she peers against the general glare, jumping from foot to foot in the beat of impression.

D'renn pauses, mouth quirking this way and that as he eyes his superior. "Right. Thanks, Salea…."

Risli feels the effect of the heat, and staggers a bit. He tries to clear his throat, and finds it dry almost to the point of cracking. Nerves or heat, he winces, and admires the blue as he moves along.

Lani doesn't notice the gold egg's sudden shatter - but a imperative croon from Rhyath draws her attention to mound and dam. "Oh, D'ante," she breathes. "The hatchling…" It's a reality now.

Zirade gushes at Niyanne, gaze washing over the gold, almost curiously, " I wonder… what if /she/ came over here?" Zirade beams at Shaela with an odd - almost expectant - look in her eyes.

Annalee sighs softly, releasing Conlan's hand and threading her arm through his instead, eyes bright as she watches friend after friend Impress. She shifts back and forth slightly, head still high even tho she's silently wishing for her flute, or stylus and hide, or /something/… Something to catch each miraculous Impressing in some form…

Jezabel squeals softly, giggling softly before shaking her head at the newly Impressing dragonets, "How many eggs were there in all for this clutch, again, anyway?" she asks - nobody in particular - while gaze roves through crowds, watching as dragonets fly outwards and find lifemates, giggling and calling congratulations as pairs are made. Ah, that's the fun part, while she squeezes both Risli and Areiah's hands, feet moving through the sands, "Ris, I wish we could have a drink around now.." while eyes are intent on gold hatchling.

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg twitches, though now in a bit more earnest as the egg rocks back, hitting against a still-shelled sibling. Is that a crack along the side, or a image from the heat? Hard to say, but it doesn't move again.

Shaela doesn't even see the blue, so intent is she on the shining dream. "Look how she moves," breathless whisper is emitted, and the tiny girl leans heavily against Niyanne for support.

Gradually, Tylendel reawakens to the world around him, surprisingly /not/ starting with his feet. He can only smile at his friends, though for all of Pern he'd like to be polite and reply. Only - he can't. Instead, he merely gives his nearest and dearest a special smile, the same one trained elsetimes on new lifemate, and wills his feet to head to the side, following many a rider's instructions.

Glennth bumps here, bumps there, turns around and bumbs again. hey, this could be a popular seventies dance. Turning his eyes back up at J'hon, he flappa flaps, huge blue feet going where they may. /His/ starsmith. Ayup.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet watches, wandering, first through a group from Tillek, and then from a group from High reaches Hold…

Areiah tightens her fingers to a nearly painful grip on Jezabel's hand, staring positively dumbstruck for several long moments before an abrupt shake of her head lifts her from her trance. Somewhat, at least. Sore feet are forgotten, neglected - she'll be nursing those later, no doubt - but she stands, eyes wide and fixed on the gilded hide of the little queen. "Jez.. Jez.. oh, Jez.. /look/." she exclaims again, pulling pointedly on the Healer-Candidate's rm and motioning towards the dragonet with her free hand. For all Areiah knows, Jezabel /is/ looking.

Soft giggles come from Niyanne, her head nodding slightly whilst eyes begin to dart about the sands again. "I am, Shae.. She is lovely." Eggs are watched, now, dragonets ignored for a few moments. Her feet move, too, the knack of not kicking more sand over them lost after brief idle.

Milky Way Gold Dragonet crosses the threshold of crimson shards that encircle her as she makes her way toward the ring of Candidates, though she stoops to peer at one stray fragment for a moment before continuing on. A clutchmate's inky blue tail gets a similar sniff. But no… time for lengthy perusals later. There is Something More to find just now.

Over here…here..here! See? Enya is being a good lil weyrling director, small rider waving arm in motion to new bronzerider and dragonet, Kyleth always said that one smelled good.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet sniffs, ignoring the golden one on the other side of the sands…No, his territory is here, and he shall conquer it!

Jezabel is looking, she's /looking/, as she shares Areiah's gasp, nodding towards the girl, before whispering towards her, clinging to her hand, "Areiah.. remember to /breathe/, girl." It's a duty as a healer to remind her of that, as green eyes fasten themselves on gold dragonet - ooh.

Lani waves at a few of the huddling girls. "Go on. Go to her…" Her grin shows many teeth, too big for her, and not big enough at the same time.

Conlan hugs Annalee's arm against him, watching the forceful blue move around on the sands. "Lots happening, huh?"

Bronze breaks shell, making a looping orbit of the candidate groups before eventually settling in front of a particular Holder lad from Telgar…"Haleyth…" murmurs C'met in rapture.

Shaela turns starry gaze from the gold - momentarily - to Zirade, breath catching at the suggested prospect. "I'd faint," she says with absolute certainty, regrounding herself in the heated sand. Hands shake on Niya's supportive arm, and she shivers nervously. "You?"

Annalee stays close to Conlan, sapphire eyes fixed on the Morning Star Blue. "Yeah, and my heart's in my throat," she says, sparing Connie a huge grin as she turns back to the Blue, each one's more handsome then the next…

Areiah remembers, rather suddenly. Breathing. Yes. Probably a good idea. And she does so, a deep, slow breath taken as she shifts, standing squarely on her tiptoes now. With breath comes remembered feet, you see. "Gosh it's hot. I'm breathing, don't worry, don't worry." Or trying to, at any rate. It's the thought that counts, right?

D'ante's knees bend more than they ought and he finds a seat on a pale bronze paw. Gold. Oh my. Infernoth snaps out of his temporary stupor long enough to angle a so-smug, so-pleased glance at his mate, and then croons again, welcoming this Daughter.

Zirade chokes in another breath; Niyanne's hand squeezed to beyond the point of blood circulation, chilly because she's so hot. " I'd … I'd - scream." Of course, that's exactly what she's doing all along, " Oh, C'met!" She offers warmth in her grin towards the other candidate - turned weyrling.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet snakes his head from side to side, catching site of a red-blond fire color…fire? destruction? Intrigued, he pulls out attacking and goes to investigate, stealth-style.

"Hmm?" Niyanne blinks over towards Shaela, a confused look flickering over top the smile of glee. "I dunno how I'd handle /that/.." Probably look a little confused, like this, and shiver. Or shake. Both are good.

"Now that you're breathing, don't hyperventilate," Jez instructs, winking before giving Areiah a nudge, "Calm /down/!" She shouldn't be the one to say, as she pauses to remember to catch a hasty breath herself - clinging to Risli and Areiah's hands, "That gold.. that /gold/, is wonderful." Simply stated, as her gaze sweeps over towards the blue dragonet, "And the blue, too," she comments.

Adianna motions to the Morning Star Destroyer blue, "How do you feel about blues, Kelvren?" she looks over the eggs again, "Or perhaps another brown or bronze in there somewhere…"

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg begins wibbling in more earnest, knocking against his neighbor, the sands becoming its impending doom. No way to free itself, it merely rocks back and forth, bricks shuddering under the onslaught.

"/You/ can yell for the next one," D'renn informs Salea. His voice is getting hoarse… sidling over towards some of his wingmates, he strikes a pose. "Anyone got anything to drink for little old me?"

Kelvren looks from dragonet to dragonet, a dizzying sense of frustrated waiting overcoming him for a moment. Over the wavering heat, he glances over at Adianna. "Blue? Which one are you talking about?" he asks her, looking off in different directions.

Go to her? Head shakes. Shaela isn't about to release Niyanne just yet, grip ever-tightening. "Come?" she inquires of the older girl beside her, head bobbing in the direction of the gold dragonet. Feet shift beneath her, alternately digging in the sand, and filling in the subsequently created holes.

Salea winks, "Okay D'renn…." Chuckling, she nods, "I still owe you that wine…."

Adianna motions to a few blues, "That one..and that over there…oh, and don't forget him."

Bugle scrubs his hands on the seat of his robe, eyes intent on the Gold - for all it's of no moment to him, except out of curiosity. Dum dum de dum. "How about gold, Kelvren?" the loud harper asks. Loud and tending towards obnoxious.

Conlan slips into a rough rhythm of breathing, making sure Anna's still there by his side, and just feeling the cavern move around him, submerging himself in the noise and the heat, letting it all go by. He lets out yells of congratulations at appropriate moments, oohs and ahs also where appropriate, but for the most part he just seems to be floating along. "Huh? Did you say something?" he asks of Annalee.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet snuffles, nose down, moving quietly through the sands. Likely targets havee been sited. And are coming withing range. With step after step, he cautiously approaches the fire's center.

Heathery Brigadoon Egg shimmer then, rolling slightly to rock with new energy. Determined and steady, for this one has made up it's mind. Striations to become more pronounced, tiny crack threatening integrity as it wobbles back and forth.

"Why're you doing that, Shae?" Niyanne kicks in a touch of sand after the hole, scrunching hand - Hands? - in tight grips, again. "Look - A couple of the eggs are starting to move.." More then a couple, and the things have probably been in motion the whole hatching through, or near abouts.

Kelvren snorts in the direction of the harper. "Gold's are a bit girly don't you think?" he jokes, though he's distracted enough to glance towards the dragon. "I think it'd be a stretch for me to Impress her!"

Milky Way Gold Dragonet nears the Candidates and stops, stock still, slowly passing her whirling gaze over each in turn. She rocks back and forth, slowly: considering, examining; motionless for a few long moments.

Lani throws mock-kick at D'ante's boot, waggling her eyebrows. She's not going to faint with pride. Not if sheer willpower has anything to do with the matter.

Adianna shrugs, "You never know…and I'll impress abronze!" she shifts her feet again, definately nervous this time.

Zirade surveys the tiny eggs shuffling about - althoug they aren't /that/ tiny - eyes going to the Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet while she offers a breathy grin, " That one looks - oh Faranth … " she hushes, notcing the Gold watching all ever-so interested in all.

Blue hide sparkles, next to brown and green that look like night and day. All four waddled forth and none searches very far - Callisto to brown "Jupiteth!" then Triton - Tr'ton - and blue "Neptunth!" and last of all is Oberon - O'ron - and green "Uranuth!"

Annalee breathes in deeply, the pauses and grins at Conlan. "Nothing important," she assures him, arm still laced through his. "There's about half the eggs left, aren't there?" she murmurs, looking rather disappointed.

"Jez? Jez.. Jez, I think.. I think Lani wants us to go over there." Over there being over to the Clutchmother in smaller form, of course. Shaking knees, by some miracle, hold Areiah soundly upright and she almost pleadingly pulls at her friend. "I'm not going by myself. If I let go of your hand, I'm going to flat on my face." Ever so graceful this evening, isn't she?

Conlan shrugs. "I'm not counting," He says softly. "Not counting."

Salea waves and calls over all four of the newest hatchlings. Chuckling, she horasly adds, "Your turn, D'renny"

Jezabel watches the eggs - then turning towards the dragonets with an expectant look on her face, shifting herself from foot to foot as she holds back, clinging to Risli and Areiah's hands tightly, "Who do you think the gold's going for?" Green eyes look surprised, "Lani wants us to go where?" but, she follows after Areiah, "I'll go with you.." She's about to fall over herself if she let go of her hand.

Adianna claps again, her hands beginning to sore, for the new dragons-and-weyrlings, "O'ron!! Tr'ton!! Wonderful!"

"Because," Shaela stresses the word, tugging some more at the gripped arm. "If I'm closer, mebbe she'll notice me more." Her whole existance has been focussed on getting noticed and viewed as important - why not right now?

Annalee sighs softly, eyes closing to help her regain balance. Breathe, Harper, just breathe. Isn't that what she was always taught? In, out… Congratulations are called in due order to O'ron and Tr'ton. "Well done, they chose well!"

L'shil moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

"Thanks Salea. I tell you, you'd better have that wine ready for me soon…." D'renn waits. Although this might mean he gets to call the newest goldrider…. Hmmph. Blue eyes peer keenly out into the cavern, latching onto that gold form. Where's she going, huh? "Heya, Lesh, got anything to drink?"

Risli disentangles his hand from Jez's, pushing her slightly ahead. "Go on," he urges. "I'd hate myself if I held you back." He hugs her breifly, and grins at Areiah.

"What?" Niyanne shrugs, and takes a step forward. And then stops. "Is this close enough, for you?" Probably not, but Niyanne'll wait and see.

" Camisto!" Zirade gets tongue-tied in excitement. " Congratulations!" Niyanne's hand is squeezed beyond belief, but she cannot help it, now can she? " Oh, look at the blue, look at the blue - and the bronze; and gold - oh, oh!" Shuffling is begun, distraught enough, as she follows, " Is that close enough?"

Nuff breathes, in an dout, in and out, and shifts from foot to foot. "Cant'say I envy them, and yet, I do?" Nuff queries the younger riders around her, "I mean, I have Tiareth, that's more than enough. But to be able to start again." Nuff eeys the little gold and the blues around her, sighing.

L'shil shrugs, and holds out a skin. Full of water, of course, but it's liquid. Mostly, he's just happy he's got shoes on.

Ruins of Atlantis Egg shifts and then settles once more; a gentle movement like the sea's surge.

Jezabel pauses, returning Risli's hug quickly before clasping Reia's hand tighter, moving slowly towards Lani with the other Candidate alongside, "Thankyou, Risli.." she manages faintly, as her feet shuffle, hopping along in the sands.

" An egg is moving!" she points a wriggling bone finger 'wards the shakling egg. Zirade /beams/ at Niyanne and Shaela. " And egg is moving!"

Milky Way Gold Dragonet finds; chooses. Darkness. Blueness. Crooning in relief she makes straight for one of the girls that meets her partway; the one that was there all along - just unrecognised. Until Now. Areiah.

Dodging a spray of sand blown up by an impatient brown, Bugle drubbs his cheeks and ears, smacking the clinging sands away and blinking through tearing eyes. "Hey!"

Lost Spaceship Egg pulsates hotter and quicker - silver gleams, moves - erupts! Light lashes off damp dragonet hide, only to fall into the darkness of his hue. Brown? Just barely. He shrugs off the shell - its encumbrance a bygone memory - and pauses dramatically, head turning to sweep all with a burning gaze more knowing than any just-born creature should have.

Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Dragonet
Dark, brooding, handsome - the shadowy hues of night-draped trees flicker about this charismatic dragonet like a cape. A narrow, pitch-touched muzzle leads to prominent eyes and up his aquiline profile to the quirk of his polished headknobs. From here, darkest sepia and sharper, comet-burnt brown lurk along his long, lean neck to sweep into the scurff of a railbone chest and low, rambling hindquarters, trailing finally to the tip of his wickedly tapered tail. Whiplash-lean, imposing, and indolent, he carries himself like a little Lordling 'neath that rainment of velvety hide and high-flung shock of richly fired sails: wings flare, dangerous and wild from those long and spindly spars.

Milky Way Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Areiah, and steps forward.

D'renn slurps gratefully from the offered skin…. then drops it, water spilling unnoticed into the sands. "Areiah? AREIAH!" Well well.

Adianna claps loudly, "Areiah!!"

Risli holds his breath as the little ruined egg moves, and looks around, finding himself alone on the sands. Not one person nearby to talk to. He fidgets, and howls with glee as Areiah is chosen by the little queen. "Areiah! Nicely done!"

Kelvren clears his eyes once more, brushing back the wild locks of his flaming hair. "What's taking them so long now?" he wonders outloud. "They were zipping around before?" Then he gasps, "Areiah!!!" he cheers with the other candidates. He beams at the new goldrider. "Alright, Areiah!!"

Jezabel pauses, letting go of Areiah's hand now as the gold dragonet Impresses, "I knew that you could do it! Areiah!" She exclaims exultantly, turning to fling her arms 'round the other girl's shoulders briefly before stepping aside - not getting between her and the dragonet. "Congatulations! What is the name?"

Saoirse's jaw drops. "Well whaddya know." And here she was discussing mending with the girl earlier in the day. "Congratulations, Areiah!" She cups a hand to mouth to call toward the new-Impressed weyrling.

Annalee pales then suddenly lets out a whoop of joy, calling out Areiah's name in jubilation. "AREIAH!!"

Another squeek and Enya beams grin, "Great Arieah!!" she calls out with rest of ruckous, waving over pair after impression rush slows. Hey, lest they gotta impress face up.

Green! Green flashes from a little egg. One of the smallest surely? And such a green dark forests and gleaming dapped sunlight. Tiny, fragile, she wobbles up to the feet of one little lad. Pug nosed - rejected earlyer for it and loved, nay adored not. "Faeryth!" cries P'ck in delight.

Conlan blinks out of his trance as the gold dragonet makes her choice. "Areiah!" he calls, loud and louder, baritone echoing everywhere (he can yell loud when he wants to). Impulsively, he reaches out with both arms and hugs Annalee. "Look! Look at what Areiah did!"

Oh. Wow. "Congratulations, Areiah!" Niyanne takes a step backwards after sight of impression, thistle eyes settling atop just-hatched brown. "Look at him, Shaela - What d'you think of him?"

Zirade intakes her breath; yet again, a knife sharp gast before she lets out her long gasp. " OH FARANTH AREIAH! A /gold/!" She grins proudlike at Niyane, head cocked to the side. " My friends' a gold rider."

Annalee hugs Conlan back just as tightly, crying in joy for her friend. "I /knew/ she'd do it, I /knew/ it, I knew it!!"

T'lendel grins from the sidelines, he and bronze turning together to smile delightfully at Areiah. Even from across the sands, his loud cry can be heard, "Oh! Congratulations Arieah!!!" Softer now, his voice almost reverant he murmers to his lifemate, "A gold, even."

Heathery Brigadoon Egg is done with this. With confinement with waiting. With warming and hardening. Rocking furiously, cracks become more noticable. Striations become cracks.

Heathery Brigadoon Egg crumbles around the base. Cricks and cracks work their way upward, fanning out to let fronds lift before blowing gently away in tiny fragments on the wind of a shallow slope. Puffs of grit fall to the sands and a last large fragment is shaken off the blue dragonet's blocky head.

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet
Bumbly-round and just the slightest bit stubby, this pudgy young dragon is a clear, bright harper blue; rubbed in, polished with care, his hide does not vary but for the barest, careless scatter of darker indigo dimpling his padded back. The freckles fade once more as tripping 'ridges reach his head - a head that is just a bit too big for his foreshortened neck, for all its darling, snub-nosed muzzle. Still, his legs are also short, finished with neatly curved talons that gleam a glossy black. Rounded wings hang from harp-smooth wingspars, their sails resined with a bit of mischievous chalk that also roughens his uneven tail. Those extremities - sail and spar, tail and talon - all mirror his mood in a way that innocent eyes do not.

Thesy waves from the sand edge, one head caressing her lifemates head, "Congrats, Areiah! What a beauty!"

Salea grins widens as she sees the new goldrider…A good match…"I can certainly drink to that pair - indeed each an every one."

Annalee giggles slightly at the new Blue Dwarf hatching, still giddy from watching her "twinling" Impress to the queen. Conlan is clutched even tighter now for fear her knees will decide to release their support.

Jezabel chuckles softly, grinning again - that's the only outlet to express her happiness for the other girl - towards Areiah, "I /knew/ it would be you!" she calls. Risli is cast a bright smile, before the girl turns again, reaching out a hand towards him, "Hold my hand, Ris? I think I need it.." if only as a crutch to keep herself from falling down.

At lost of the others; glance simply beholds - behelds - the brown at it's beauty as she is awed in mirth and happiness. And the blue - the blue is the most gorgeous site to be seen as she bares a smile from ear to her. " Ooo - Niyanne. Look at /those/." Zirade is happy. Too happy.

Knees buckle and Areiah drops to the sand, arms going aching and tired all forgotten in one brilliant moment. "Ysbryth! Ysbryth, my love.. Ysbryth.." mumbling, babbling, she has effectively melted. Then, for the crowd's benefit; "Ysbryth! She says her name is Ysbryth!"

A delighted smile blooms as Lani watches High Reaches' 5th weyrwoman join the ranks. "Oh, good choice, don't you think?" she says excitedly to the weyrleaders. "Ysbryth!"

Oh, and now a blue - Welladay. "There's a blue, too.." Niyanne shivers, kicking sand into little hills about her feet. "I /am/, Rade.." Attention perks on Areiah again, and wide grin comes from her smile. "Lovely name, Areiah!" Very, very nice name.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet turns at the sound of a large noise. What was that? Who dares to yell in his domain? Stalking, he turns around, now intent on a new target…that one over theer…

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet shakes his stubbly head, fressing it of last shards before round eyes gaze up and about. Dam and sire, first things he sees. Then white, white on small bodies. So, with a sway of his tail, short legs are clambered up apon, moving more sand but moving him as well.

Maybe they can auction Lara off to another weyr and get down to four. Jh'ral watches the newfound pair, mouth twitching inscrutably.

Nuff blinks, "Areiah? Not…" She glances at others, older and … wiser? And then back to the young Areiah. "Hope she Rides better than she cooks", muttered withan amused, half-delighted sort of grin.

"Wha'?" D'ante jerks his gaze from the gold's search and impression to Lani. His grin turns sheepish. Then: "Ysbryth." And he nods, first toward the sands, and then at Lani. "Suits her, you think?"

Yet more blue! But for once D'renn is intent on much much more… "Areiah! Bring Ysbryth over here!" All seriousness, he takes a few strides out onto the sands.

Kumiko mumbles, in Nuff-range, "That's asking for a lot. Cooking doesn't happen overnight." The riding thing, well, it can be teached.

Annalee sighs happily, watching both Blues now. "Oh, Connie, look, that one's Harper blue!!" And Anna effectively melts, there and then. Two blues. Two handsome blues…. Okay, well, that Dwarf might not be handsome, but he's certainly adorable!

"I like that one, Anna." Is Conlan holding up the harper candidate now?

Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Dragonet watches calmly, distant. Then - movement. Slow, sure, confident, he stalks forward, paces the circle intently. A sharp sniff, there, to a small, young boy; an evident sneer to another, hulking fellow. Gimlet gaze rakes the candidates again.

Adianna whispers, "More blues…where is yours?" she glances towards another newly impressed person and smiles brightly to him.

Kelvren continues his loud cheers, whooping it up excitedly at the new weyrwoman and dragon. Now that's excitement. "Hoy." he breathes with a broad smile finally, "Mine? Who knows." he grins, looking around at the array of blues now dotting the sands.

Areiah is trying. Really she is. "Hungry. Oh.. yes, yes.. all right, love.. we'll get you.. yes." mumbling, and now grinning like a lovestruck fool, she assists her lifemate to the place D'renn has indicated, shaking hands doing little to help. "I.. oh.. she's.." Resigning herself to wordlessness, Areiah simply crouches, holding the dragonet tightly in her arms.

"The brown is interesting.." Niyanne makes more piles, knocking over a few to make room for more. "What d'you think, Shaela? Or you, Zirade.." Though opinions from at least one of those seems to have given opinion already.

T'lendel grins, nearly bouncing up and down, one hand resting lightly, comfortably on Cairhoth's hide. The bronze's head follows in the same direction, both awaiting arrival of gold and lifebond expectantly, the two already appearing closely bonded, in action and appearance, as a shimmering aura of happiness fairly glows from T'lendel and dragonet alike.

Annalee merely breaks out in a huge grin, impulsively hugging Conlan again. "They're all wonderful…"

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet waddles forward. Yes, he waddles. Round and round and short you'd think he was plowing from the deep forrows left behind. White. White white white. Round eyed gaze settles first on one but no, he's not right at all. More? Girls? Letsa have a look at them.

Risli grabs at Jezabel's hand gratefully, pulling her close. "Thanks," he whispers. "I was getting a bit self conscious out here." He chuckles. "Did you see Reia? She looks so happy."

Conlan laughs uncontrollably. "They always are." And so much for that line of conversation.

Zirade haughtilly nods, distraught in her own little world, " They are both amazing. Though, I liked the brown's egg better, " at the she simply chuckles in half-laugh. The burning sensation in hissing feet is uncontrollably /hot/ ..

Jezabel nods to Risli, sending a fall of tousled black locks 'bout sweaty forehead, before grinning, "Areiah and gold Ysbryth, is it not beautiful?" she asks, still smiling happily - "I can't /believe/ it, it's so wonderful for her.." She clings to that hand, needing the additional support.

Cairhoth lifts his head, rounded snout poking into the air, held proudly high.

Annalee /finally/ stands up straight - again - and grins at Conlan. Before suddenly realizing - her feet are /hot/ again. Sand Dance is resumed, each foot up, down, breath is in, out…

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg shifts a bit, before falling still; it seems that bit of activity must have been from something else, dispite the hairline fractures that have laced its surface. Still, it doesn't move, settling still.

D'renn just accompanies Areiah and Ysbryth to the sidelines, a definite glow on his features matching that of the new weyrlings.

"I sorta liked the blue's." Niyanne shrugs, glancing over both dragonets with a careful eye. "I guess both were nice, but I liked the blue's egg better." Look is given off towards remaining eggs, and new weyrling pairs, smile brimming back into place at sight of each one she sorta knew.

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet keeps going, right through first cluster of girls. None looked right. Too pale with blond pigtails and white robes. But ah! Some more. Eagarly he alters course, legs almost buzzing with the effort as he plows into yet more sand and stumbles. Hot!

Shiftshift; hop. Shiftshift; hop. Zirade makes the beat of the sand in her own little hotness as she wisks the sweat from her brow, eyes noticinig, drawing out the details of those who crouch - /sit/ - stand and stay on the sands. " It's hot here. Let's go where the sand is cooler."

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet sniffs the sand, picking up the trace of that errant noise. gracelessly, he whumps up to the loud boy.

A brown looms form behind what's left of the eggs an meanders out without a plan or a care. He goes, he is, he moves, he strides, heading straight into the candiates and beyond them. Reaching the row of already impressed weyrlings, all twenty and more of them, he peers in confusion and turns back to the others. Indecision sets his wings trembling and his eyes awhirl.

Beam. ENe's no sad face either, "Wonderful!" short bluerider manages offer again admit constant burble babble of lifemate beaming also with pride, newly impressed pair is waved over with nod and grin.

Bugle continues to scrape at his face and hair. The black sands of High Reaches are pernicious. "Ugh, Ugh. Ugh!" Is that blue looking at me?

Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Dragonet turns regally, eye caught by a haughty nod, a smothered laugh, a sand-dance. There she is, found again. Someone in his path? Too bad. He is lordly, and thin, and himself. Impediments are trivial, in this matter.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet steps with purpose to Bugle. Anyone who can make that much noise…yes, you.

Annalee squawks in suprise as the Dwarf Dragonet plows his nose into the sand. "Oh shards, easy now, come on little one…" Anna coaxes the Dwarf Blue from where she's standing… "Harper blue. How wonderful - he's adorable, isn't he?" she asks of Conlan.

Tripping dragons, or so it might seem. "The only place where it's /not/ hot is /off/ the Sands, and we aren't allowed to leave yet." Niyanne is, um, knowledgable. "Though I agree, it would be nice.."

Kumiko shifts, moving back toward toward D'renn, before she muses, "Well, that wasn't what I expected but…." Gaze moves toward the sands. Few eggs left.

Risli grins at Jez, squeezing her hand reassuringly, "I know it'll be fine," he reassures the Healer-Candidate, not quite valiant, as feet shift in the hot sands, eyes scanning the eggs and dragonets on the sands. "The gold /was/ beautiful."

Adianna leans back on her heels and rests for a few moments, catching her breath in admist all the excitment.

"Yep, he's adorable," Con asserts for at least the fifth time, continuing to lift one foot at a time, hoping to beat the heat a little bit. "Watch out - that little guy can maul you easy as anything if you get too close," he cautions.

Kelvren sighs as he waits impatiently, kicking sand. Then he turns to Adianna. "You alright?" he asks her, wincing at his own burning feet. "It's devilish out here, waiting in this heat. Look, there a brown, couple blues. Maybe they'll find someone soon too?"

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet struggles up. Yes, onto his feet again to clump towards this group. Not all girls? There's boys there? For a moment he pauses, snout high in the air as he peers. Yes, boys there. but a girl, a girl as well with lovely black… hair is it? Long and cloaking. Not too pale is this one!

Adianna nods, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just hot! Its hotter than Igen at high summer out here!" she motions to the dragons, "Its a wonder they're not all red with blisters."

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg wobbles again, though it comes to a halt as the egg brushes up against a dune. Rest, rest, rest… heave! The occupant inside pushes, knocking the egg back, only to roll to one side. And stop.

D'renn pats Kumiko companionably on the shoulder, picking up the near-empty water skin. "Here, have a drink." He's waiting for the next Impression.. there it went! "Hey, Bugle….. this way!"

Cairhoth is the image of strength and wisdom, of course. Head held high and extended in greeting, what else could he be? Until, of course, his head swings suddenly towards the ground, wings half-shooting out to regain balance. T'lendel is smacked soundly in the side, though dragonet pulls back before the force is too much. Lifting his head once more, however, Cairhoth feigns nonchalance. T'lendel chuckles, replying to some quiet wisp of a thought, "You fall, never…You're.." searching for the right word, he shakes his head, finishing simply, "Wonderful."

Annalee tilts her head to the side, arm remaining fixed and laced through Conlan's, blueblack hair shoved back yet again. "Connie, he's just too cute!!"

Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Dragonet stops in front of Zirade, leaning down his lead to look her in the eye. This? Is this the one? The eye, they say, is the window of the soul. Her eyes shall tell him if he has chosen.

Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes towards Bugle and steps forward.

Kumiko takes the skin, nose wrinkling as D'renn wanders off. They shouldn't stand so close, red and cranberry, but still, those moving eggs ellict attention, as she watches the brown stop. And smile. "Zirade."

Jezabel giggles softly, squeezing Risli's hands while anxious green eyes follow the dragonets, occasionally sweeping towards where Areiah is, or /was/, as she loses the other girl in the sweep of the crowds, giggling softly at T'lendel, "Ooh…" is all that she can make out, words not working. "Zirade!!" She calls, "Congratulations!"

Pyramids of Giza Egg Egg pauses in place - suddenly resembling a monolith on which not even time can wear away. But time waits for nothing, and the living being within refuses to wait any longer. Chips flail from powered contours, cracks splitting the various layers until the very center of the oviod shakes; soon enough, the ancient moument has fallen, the host within left in a spray of shards.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet
Grizzled bronze heightens the rainment of blackened copper worn so easily by this large and lumbering dragonet. Dark along his sensitive snout and broad, sweeping chest, lighter where silvery moonlight plays along his portly sides, and dark again along the afterthought of his tail, burnt sepia and bronze scruff him, tip to tail. His profile is dominated by the bredth of his high forehead and salient headnobs, as his cumbersome frame is ruled by the low-lying silver of capacious wings: light catches the constellation of starbursts along the canopy of his sails, setting them adrift for all the slow-witted determination of his smallish eyes.

Ruins of Atlantis Egg shifts some more…. almost invisible signs of motion, blue sloshing against whiter lines… lines that seem to be deepening.

Conlan nods, and gently pulls his arm out from Annalee's. "Look, Zirade!" And he steps back once again.

Risli grins, and waves at the former nanny. "Good show, Zirade!" he calls, and digs his toe in the sand. "There aren't many left," he notes, and gasps as the bronze falls from its shell. "Isn't he splendid?"

Annalee looks back, grinning brightly back at Zirade. "You did it!!!"

It's /raspberry/. Not cranberry…. D'renn suddenly stops dead. Zirade? Who's going to control all the children if she Impresses?

Ooh, another gap in Niyanne's hands. Will be soon, any way. "Um, congrats, Zirade?" Hand is withdraw, left to hang loosely at her side. "Oh, wow.. He's handsome."

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet sits. And sits. And doesn't appear to be moving anywhere for a long moment, eggshell stuck to his nose. A few more shards are collected on yolk'd wings, but the dragonet merely sighs, butt firmly entrenched in the sand.

Who? Me? Bugle backs away from the Morning Star Destroyer Blue Dragonet, windmilling his arms wildly as balance eludes him. Eyes meet. Jewelled to irised. "M…M…Milleniumth!" Amazingly, B'ug has developed a glitch in his speech algorithms. Just as well his life is going to take a different course. Harpers have need for a silver tongue, a rider not so much.

Sardrinth gives a startled little rumble as Thesy bounces, yelling at the top of her voice, "Rade!!!! Congratulations!"

Annalee turns back to Conlan, eyes still on the blue. Harper blue. Anna promptly melts once again at the incredible adorability of the little Dwarf Blue. "I wonder who he'll go to," she says, softly.

T'lendel grins as more and more dragonets find their candidates. Calling out names rapidly, he grins and adds, "Zirade!!! Congratulations!" Wow, everything's so special! Hand still resting on bronzen hide, his head swings slowly across the sands, trying not to miss a thing.

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet clumps up. Closer closer, he must have a very good look at this one. Why, her eyes are sapphire! And what's that ruby in the midst of her face? He butts at her gently, entranced by the entire vision. Vevet right down to her ankles! Annalee is indeed looking over most enthusiastically.
Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Annalee, and steps forward.

Out of the corner of his eye, Conlan catches the glint of bronze and shrugs at Annalee's question. "No way to tell, but I think you might want to check that blue out." Con's beginning to feel like the best man at a blue dragonet wedding, here. "Congratulations, Anna," He says, soft enough for her to hear.

Annalee pales… And sinks to her knees. "Erranth… Ohhh my Erranth…."

Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Zirade, and steps forward.

L'shil whoops, with his usual noisy loud abandon.

Jh'ral catches Annalee's impression, and perhaps his smile grows. Not that it's really been absent during this hatching. "And the harper will dispell the myth - "

T'lendel quickly adds a loud, "Congrats, Annalee!!!" to his callings.

Kelvren cheers again as blue and brown make their choices. "Zirade! Annalee!" He raises hands in a sign of victory, but remembers at the last that Adianna's still attached to his hand, nearly pulling her sideways.

D'renn bounces lightly on his heels, catching both Impressions. "Zirade!" Oh no… it was her….. "Annalee! Bring 'im this way…." Nice nice blue. Wonder who'll get the bronze?

Jezabel /squeezes/ Risli's hand, it's all that she can do, as she shuffles her feet uneasily in the sands, grinning at Annalee, "Annalee!!" she calls, waving her congratulations towards the girl, "Congratulations!" Impressing dragonets, Impressing Candidates - chaos.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet finally lifts his bum, though body stretches as a wide yawn escapes his maw. That head leans down, beady eyes on the ground as he starts moving toward those white things. And moving. That lumbering gait isn't taking him anywhere too fast, but he's moving along, slowly marching toward a pack of candidates

Ethree moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

" Oh, hello - what?" Eyes widen, Zirade glances about in every direction. " Azrieth. AZRIETH!" A whisper, then shout, she grins with a brim of tears. " My … my … Azrieth."

Risli grins, and offers his congratulations to Annalee. "He's very handsome," he calls. He feels a bit faint, and he leans against Jezabel a moment. "Sorry," he mutters. "It must be the heat."

"Congrats, Annalee, Zirade!" Niyanne shouts her accord over towards the two, pausing after a moment to again begin kicking said into little piles. And knock 'em over.

Annalee wipes her eyes, arms wrapped around Erranth tightly before she stumbles to her feet, leading him over. "Come on, lovie, right over here, we'll take care of you yes we will…."

Color seems to be slipping faster from the edges of the Ruins of Atlantis Egg, blue draining from its surface and to show paler pools.

D'ante continues babbling: to Lani, at Lani, at anyone who's listening, more like. His attention turns to Zirade's new lifemate. "Nice lookin' brown there. Dark." Jet eyes then wander to other new impressions hatchings. "And the blue… Look. That dark-haired girl." A finger points in another direction. "Shells, would you look at that bronze. He's /huge/!" Excitement makes him far more verbose than usual. He's positively prattling.

Now without anyone standing beside him at all, Conlan surprises himself by moving over toward the larger group of candidates, seeking the companionship of his friends and fellows on the Sands.

Adianna calls to both of them over the hustle and bustle of the hatching, "Yes, congrats Anna, Zirade!!"

L'shil whoops, with his usual noisy abandon. "Ziraaaaaade! Yah-hoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!" Bounce, bounce, bounce… And is that Piccath doing barrel rolls and twists in the air above the Sands?

Ethree adds the expected whoops, hollers and ye-hoos to the already chatoic atmosphere.

Risli grins at Conlan. "What do you say, Conlan?" he grins. "Pretty exciting, no?" He turns, suddenly aware of that little ruined egg. "It moved!" he exclaims. "I saw it!"

Ash moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Kelvren peers over Adianna's head, "Say, that another bronze there?" he asks her, voice a tad hoarse from the cheering, yelling, and general excitement. He smooths his forelock back once more, the heat making his hair go limp and unruly. "There aren't many eggs left are there?"

Ash was there all along, doncha know… standing in about as casual leather gear as Ash gets and totally shamelessly without knot…

Ruins of Atlantis Egg settles, aqua and blue slowly but surely being drawn away from shell's hard surface. Pale stone seems to rise, striations forming along pillar-lines. And as the glitter of gold surfaces, so the shell cracks away, the lost continent finally revealing its treasure.

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet
Stellar-gilt jade surges over her diminutive frame, the endlessly deep hue cracked and shattered by the force of diaphanous volatility. Within each striation, grains of mica glitter, brassy gold, accentuating her sylphic proportions with their opalescent shimmer and glinting from beneath the verdigris that caps each perfectly defined headknob. Rounded shoulders brace in a wide-set stance, bisected by the rocky 'ridges scattered along the length of her spine as jagged fragments of rougher opacity. Copper trails into bright wheaten quickening along the length of her long, lithe tail; caustic brightness in a resonant contrast to sunlight's subtle charade.

Annalee settles to the side, near Arieah, sapphire eyes glistening with stunned tears. "His name is Erranth, Areiah…"

Rhyath burbles. Really, hatchlings are much more interesting than eggs, she admits privately. Resettling her wings, she watches the Wandering dragonets, concern for those as yet unpaired. Her rumble of encouragement swells. Erranth, Azrieth. Dragonnames easily remembered, the riders…Perhaps in time. They look nice enough, though.

Adianna shakes her head, but squeezes his hand firmly, "There's one for you, I'm sure of it." she's sure of herself. Really, she is!

"I wonder what's going to come out?" Jez speculates, grinning at Risli before waving at Conlan, her shifting in the sands a more-or-less self-conscious movement, gaze sweeping then to the bronze dragonet out in the sands, "Look at that bronze.., and the /green/, here!"

Conlan takes Risli's words as an invitation and smiles back. "Yep, it always is," he says, eyeing the bronze once again out of the corner of his eye. "What moved?" he wonders, coming to stand closer to Risli and Kelvren and Adianna, blending into that tight little group.

D'renn grins at all his weyrlings…. his, his very own to love and squeeze and call George… although that might get confusing if he called them all George. Gentle words are offered to each and every one, half a gaze on the last hatchlings.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet lumbers, if slowly, toward toward a white robed boy, coming to pause at lad with a shock of red hair. Eyes -squint-, as if trying to get a good look at him, snuffling that heavy forelock of hair, inspecting. Hum. Hum….

Risli gasps, and sinks to the sands, clutching Jez's hand. "Oh, my stars," he breathes. "Isn't she the most beautiful green ever to walk Pern?" He's a bit gushy, but he can't help it. That green does that to him.

Soft oohs come from where Niyanne stands - Apparently, without any hands to crush, really. Or maybe there is, but.. Heh. "She's a pretty green, isn't she.."

Kelvren smiles around as the other Candidates move closer. Almost like a last stand against the inevitable, whether it be for good for for..not. "I think there's a green out there too." He mentions to Conlan as the other young man steps closer. Turning back forward, he blinks at the bronze whuffing by. "Shards." he says softly, gulping hard.

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet is green? Surely that's not right? She should be gold, shouldn't she? But no… lookit… there's a gold over there. She stops, and re-evaluates, just sat in the middle of her egg… But something /dark/ attracts her attention, black atop white. Perhaps an investigation is in order.

Jezabel giggles at Risli, "It's /beautiful/, it is," she agrees, wincing at the heat - her feet feel /scalded/ - "You like that newest green?" she queries, scanning the sands while noticing the rapidly dwindling number of eggs, squeezing Ris' hand reassuringly.

Everybody's movin, everybody's groovin. Eth's grin is wide and toothy as she leans against a wall. Little pretty dragons. She shoves a sniffling canidate back into the fray. "S'not over yet dunderhead, get back in there!"

"That is some big bronze," says Con by way of reply to Kelvren. "I saw the green, yeah. Risli, you're too much."

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet snuffles again, though momentarily at Kelvren, as if contemplating. Or maybe he just can't see the lad, even if he's right up in his face. A snort wafts those forelocks of the former guard up high, before head pulls down, and shakes. Nononono. All wrong. He spies his clutch sister, and where she's going, before he moves, head down. Right toward Kelvren.

Folks liven up! D'renn grins at Ethree, happily moving from Weyrling to Weyrling. "Food soon…."

Risli can only nod. That hatchling has stolen his breath, much like the heat. "She's the most lovely dragon I've ever seen. She should be a queen, she's so pretty." He chuckles, and looks at Conlan. "Too much?" Maybe so.

Rade is hungry. " I'm hungry!" Azrieth is hungry. We're all hungry!

T'lendel laughs, though he feels much the same, at fellow weyrlings. Cairhoth merely butts his head against T'lendel - Not funny, /hungry/!

Conlan shakes his head, laughing quietly toward Risli. "She is awfully pretty," he concedes, eyes flicking toward Kel and the bronze as he backs away.

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet moves, left leg, right leg, gradually settling into a more graceful gait. Arrow-swift, she halts before a group of black-haired Candidates with her head held high. Look at me!

Nuff looks, but she has gold curls. Then she looks back to the eggs - wait, wheer'd they all go?

Tears are shed despite the broad, beamed smile on Areiah's lips, trembling form balanced against that of her lifemate and vice versa. "Oh, yes, love. You did just fine. Just beautifully." she assures the gold softly, nuzzling her head against her neck. "Food. Yes, food, I promise, darling.. soon. Soon."

Lani nods and nods and nods to everything D'ante says. "He's enormous. Uhoh…" She watches the thickset bronze drive head-first towards Kelvren. She holds her breath. The hatching has been surprisingly bloodless.

Adianna sucks in her breath and drops Kelvren's hand with pleasant surprise at this bronze being /so/ close to him.

Infernoth, for his part, will have to learn all the names again tomorrow. Any sense of, well, sense has left him for now; all suave urbanity has been overwhelmed by the wonder of seeing these eggs hatch. It wouldn't be so bad, except D'ante's mirroring that stupid grin. A right pair, they are.

Kelvren protests as his hair goes flying from the bronze's snort, obscuring his sight long enough to confuse him. "Hey!" he exclaims, stumbling back half a pace trying to reorient himself and to see just what's happening.

Niyanne shivers a little, and watches the dragonets and everything in silence - Continuing to kick over hills of sand, and make them. Who's going to who?

A few late-comer blues slip from their eggs and dash towards candidates, impressing right right right away, as if their candidates might soon disappear. An a tiny little green, so fragile it seems there is no way she should have made it out fo the egg, collapses against a candidate trying to hold back tears as one of the blues stumbled past without a glance.

Jezabel spares a warm smile towards Areiah. Ooh, /she/ has black hair, does that mean that she can Impress bronze? Jez flicks said hair back again, pushing it out of the way of eyes with her free hand while holding on with sweaty palms to Risli's hand.

Annalee settles close to her fellow … weyrlings, no longer candies!! … "I just can't believe this." Sapphire eyes stare right into Erranth's, lost in that gaze.

Risli looks at the little green, and smiles. "She's so lovely," he murmurs. "What d'you think, Jez? She's just beautiful." He squeezes her hand, and grins broadly. "Oh, how I wish…" he trails off, shaking his coal black hair roughly.

Salea chuckles and settle back, nicely perched on a smoothed part of the wall….D'renn's doing all the work….life is good…now if only he'll change those colors…

"Wirry, they're only babies. But that is a lovley Green." Ethree returns her lifemate's silent inquiry, ashen eyes a'light with somthing undefined, somthing a from long, long time ago.

Conlan shakes his head. "Risli's in love," he says in a stage-whisper, pitched so the other Candidates can hear.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet continues on, right past Kelvren, coming on a direct course toward that green who would be gold. Or perhaps where she's heading. It's hard to tell, but he does move past Kelvren, coming to a stop at the two dark haired lads, looking between them. Now which? Which? Head looks left, right, and then again.

Jezabel arcs an eyebrow towards Risli, grinning slightly, "It's a /lovely/ green.. what is it that you wish?" Unfettered curiosity, she holds, as feet continue their slow shifting in the hot sands, her gaze wandering over to watch the said green with attentive eyes.

Thesy holds her breath as she watches the confused bronze. So whom will he choose?

Risli shakes his head. "Nothing other than anyone else in white," he says wryly, shooting a grin at Conlan. "I can love her, even if she's not meant for me, can't I?" He chuckles, and wrinkles his nose at the little green. "She's just so lovable."

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet jostles her bigger brother, having little effect on him. They're hers! All of them! Her jade-glow seems to deepen, mica dapples shining with the gold she wants to be. But as a gold… she couldn't have the one she wants.

Conlan blinks as the bronze wanders away from Kelvren, attention diverted from teasing Risli (though it's so much fun it ought to be a sport) for just a moment. He tilts his head to give the dragonet a long look.

Adianna sighs and squeezes Kelvren's hand, "It's okay, there's still a few more."

Kelvren manages to look up in time to see bronze tail slithering by. "Oh shards and crackdust." he mutters, looking past towards the toher candidates. He supposes yelling 'come back here!' at the dragonet would be fairly fruitless and probably less than dignified. ;) He glances over to Adianna and shrugs, squeezing back as her hand finds his once again.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet isn't even moved by his clutchsister's brush. He's too busy squinting. And squinting. One of these things is looking back at him. Muzzle cants forward, toward Conlan, to get a better look, such as it were. Egg-splattered muzzle wrinkles, before head moves to try to be on level with the lad's.
Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes towards Conlan and steps forward.

Adianna is torn between cheering for Colan and being comforting to Kelvren. So, she just smiles brightly and calls out a soft congratulations.

Annalee sends out another long whoop as she watches Conlan Impress to the Bronze.

Jezabel cheers, "Go Conlan!" She pauses, "C'lan?" This said timidly, testing out the name - that /would/ be his honorific, wouldn't it? "What's his name, Con?"

Risli grins, and thumps Conlan on his back. "There you are! Good show!" He grins at the others assembled, and at the little green left. She is /awfully/ lovely. He squeezes Jeza's hand, and holds his breath lightly.

Conlan, or is it C'lan, stands stock still. "Alarth," he says softly. "His name is Alarth."

Kumiko watches, grining just a touch. "Con.. C'lan. Well." Amazed? A touch. Enjoying it? Very.

Salea cheers, "Congrats! Conlan" from her corner, happily moving from weyrling to weyrling.

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet is rather pleased by her brother's choice: that wasn't the one she was looking at anyhow! With a nose-in-the-air glance at Jezabel, the green edges forward, poking her nose upwards at the other one. The one who was worshipping her as she deserves.

Ethree leaps up and claps wildly. "Conny-conny-conny-conny, Conny!" People are looking at her. She glares back, smooths her leathers and leans up agains the wall once more. You were saying?

Kelvren isn't a sore looser however, his cheer for Conlan lacks for nothing. "Conlan! Alright!!" he cries out, hiding his disappointment well. Kel's a laid back sort of lad you see. He grins down at Adianna. "I didn't think that one was for me. Didn't feel right somehow."

Jezabel's hand is squeezed, another loud whoop let out - joyous - towards Conlan, "Congratulations, C'lan!" she calls, letting out her held breath as the dragonet Impresses, "I /knew/ it…" before getting cut off in agasp as the green dragonet heads towards them, 'Risli.. look.. it's /coming/."

T'lendel grins and calls a hearty, "Way to go, Conlan!" across the sands as another bronze finds his lifemate. Smile cast to Cairhoth, he seems to send an oh-so-obvious message of love.

Nuff sees all, but she sees the little bronze finally impress. "Well what do you know? He didnt'get his blue afterall." She leans against the cooler wall behind her and hrmms, softly.

"Conlan! Whoohoo!" D'renn whoops. His and Nuff's - their protegee. Or production. And a fist waves victory at the Senior Weyrwoman.

Risli looks pale, as the little green approaches. "Who is she looking for?" he muses aloud. "She seems awfully interested in us."

/Little/ bronze? Jh'ral eyes Alarth, "I know the feeling - "

Jezabel is ignored by the dragonet, as usual. Hmph, "I think she's going towards you?" she asks, giggling softly at Risli. Though, with dragonets, you'll never be able to tell. And he /is/ the one that's been worshipping her. "She's awfully pretty.."

Nuff glances at D'renn and laughs. "Toldja it was worth searching Conlan, D'renn. Even if he didn't impress blue."

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet has no doubts. She knows exactly what she wants.
Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Risli, and steps forward.

Adianna claps loudly, "Risli!!! Congratulations!!"

D'renn beams brightly at Nuff, pushing back sweaty curls with one hand. "Oooooh, Risli!" Looks like the last hatchling has made her choice. Can D'renn go home now?

Risli kneels, tears streaming down his face. "Oh, Zaqith. You're just what I was looking for." Trite, but truthful.

Alarth is no little bronze. And just now, he's hungry. He butts this boy in the chest firmly. Food, bud. Wake up. Food.

Saoirse pulls at her sweat-slicked ponytail; My, but it's hot in here. She's finally noticed. Hatchings get funny that way.

Annalee whoops again as Risli Impresses next before turning back to her Erranth.

Salea beams, tears welling out of the corner of one eye. Dashing them, she motions to R'sli. "Congrats!"

Kelvren feels spent, the heat taking it's toll, but he spares nothing to cheer for the last candidate to impress. "Alright Risli and Zaqith!!" he cries in one loud whoop. Then he falls back beside Adianna, shoulders slumping in exhaustion. "What a night." he sighs.

Jezabel is in time only to give R'sli a quick hug, grinning, "I /knew/ it!" she pronounces, "Congratulations on Zaqith!" she manages, before shifting on her feet, "Is that about all.. ?" Gaze sweeps sands.

Adianna squeezes his hand lightly, "Are you okay, Kelvren?" she looks over her friend concernedly.

C'lan, somewhere else, stands stupidly on the sands being butted in the chest by this big bronze - whoa, /his/ big bronze. "We should get something for you. Some food."

Haze is broken slightly, Niyanne glancing up after being absorbed in kicking around the sand. It's over, isn't it? Fine and good, then.

Lani looks about, surprised. The lull isn't broken by another cracking shell. "I think…" Eyes lift to the stands, "That's it."

D'renn strides out onto the sands, attempting to marshall the last weyrlings in.. "Come along… C'lan, R'sli…" See? He managed those contractions!

Jezabel makes her way towards Niyanne, giving her a quick hug - "I'm sorry, Niya." - Jez didn't 'press, either. "C'mon, they want to chat with us, I think?"

Cairhoth breathes out suddenly, loudly - /not/ a snort, of course - and again nudges lifemate, headknobs gently digging into skin. Whirling eyes look up at the boy, asking with an almost haughty expectation of deliverance. Food!

Kelvren smiles as he looks back to Adianna now. Impulsively, he exchanges the handsqueeze for a friendly hug. "I'm alright. Are you?" he asks the girl as he winces a bit at the soreness of his feet. The longer they stay out here, the worse they feel.

Washed up in her love - the love - of Azrieth, Rade ponders the next step in their life together with a thoughtful, impish air; " Dear, perhaps we should go and get some grub. What do you say?"

Shaela slips back into the shadows.

R'sli stands, touching Zaqith lightly on her headknob and leading her off after D'renn. "Let's get something to eat, shall we?"

C'lan dumbly follows D'renn, sure that Alarth will follow.

Niyanne slips back into the shadows.

Nuff pushses off the wall, likewise gathering up the unimpressed and hearding them back into the caverns. Kind words are muttered.

Kamaria's missed nearly everything, engrossed in sappy gazes and murmurings with Nekomieth and what not. "Huh…it's over?" What happened? Was all to fast…

Nuff escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
Jezabel slips back into the shadows.
B'ran escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
Kumiko escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Erranth calls out slightly, butting his lifemate. No more crying….

Ash escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

"Time for food!" D'renn declaims, and starts leading them out. All however many…

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