High Reaches' 3rd PC Hatching

Nuff's gold Tiareth x S'phen's brown Trebinth and Areiah's gold Ysbryth x T'lendel's bronze Cairhoth
11th June 1999
Logged by D'renn

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Twin egg-mounds are currently guarded by their dams, a neatly-dug trench lying between as if to delineate a battleground. Or perhaps, simply what's mine and what's not. Don't come too close though: firelizards or people! Two dragons can bite harder than just one.
Tucked watchful and warm onto a ledge is Siren.
Gold Tiareth, bronze Cairhoth, gold Ysbryth, and brown Trebinth are here.
You see Egg Mounds, Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg, Ancient Akkadian Egg, A Night at Almack's Egg, Arabian Nights Egg, Groovalicious Flower Power Egg, Bulimic Consumerism Egg, Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg, Celtic Cross Egg, Tombs of Saqqara Egg, and Crystal Dreams New Age Egg here.
Areiah and D'renn are here.

THE EGGS! (With credits - well done to the desc-tweakers Posida, Saoirse, Ethree and Nuff!)
The 10 PC eggs:

Ancient Akkadian Egg [Torlan (Harper)]
Wheat's simple shading cradles this egg, like a bland reflection of the brighter gold that radiates from the crest. Disjointed rivulets of lapis lazuli and cerulean carve a fertile crescent of mesopotamian green and erode the sandy granite that stretches around the circumference, stopping it short of full circle. Coppery terracotta suspends an explosion of lush greenery and vibrant blooms that flourish in this wondrous paradise.
Arabian Nights Egg [Jillian]
Silver-starred skies beam down upon a darkened desert, watching the wayfaring winds that gather sands to whisk across the black aloneness in an ever-wandering waltz. Faint yellow warms this egg's narrow apex with dawn's approach, and shares its glint with the muted gold that sheathes a scimitar's bejewelled slash of colour. But more enticing is the solitary gleam that shines from the base of the midnight-tinted shell like a sand-scoured diamond in the rough.
Bulimic Consumerism Egg [Posida]
Fast and furious, shades of sickly chartreuse and sallow saffron combine with vivid streaks of glowing neon spread right over this round, squat and altogether unhealthily massive egg. Eye-blinding and nauseating, the colors clash and match with gay abandon to create puzzles that trick the gaze into seeing perfection. Drizzles of gunky cream are smeared over its thick lower half; stretched taut, shiny slabs are o'er the top, mocking with their gaudiness and cheap glitter. Swollen, it appears bulky beyond its true size, bloated with a greed that threatens to swamp its neighbour eggs.
Celtic Cross Egg [D'renn]
Cresting to the suggestion of a proud cross overlaid by a circle, the stern granite exterior of this egg is relieved by the semblance of intricate carving along its harshly hewn length. Lines knot and swirl over pitted grey stone, marred by stealthily creeping mosses that cloak its lower reaches in a gentle wash of deepest malachite. Daffodil-yellow and grass-green surround the egg's sturdy base, brightening an otherwise dour appearance and hinting at changes yet to follow.
Crystal Dreams New Age Egg [Nuff]
A whisper of purple haunts the crystalline edges of this pyramid-strewn shell: lavender, as soft as a dream, wafts in ribbons about the sharper silver-facets of each halcyon design. Design. Design without intent. Pattern without purpose. Mosaic without meaning. Little is revealed in the dreamy sweep of this egg's curves, nor in its lilting layers of purpled, sun-dreamt gold.
Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg [Silvera (Ista Weyr)]
Thick shadows boil over the eggshell, but the darkness is ensnared by an iridescent web of chivalrous gold: a steadfast skein of sunlight to push back the riotous night, and bring lurking forest-shaded tendrils into the full, bright blossoms of legend. Royal blue pulses at the egg's crown, dominating the more delicate, velvet whispers of apricot and lavender. But the pastelled shades suggest no pale insipidity; rather, they liven the more sombre hues with the light and laughter of a glorious and golden age.
Groovalicious Flower Power Egg [Myrni]
Psychadelic splendor swirls in liquified ecstacy around this little egg: passion's purple, love's pink blush, adventure's blue, and the bright, brilliant neon-green that's whorled in thick and heady circles of cheap paint. Thin tendrils of pale smoke snake along one gentle curve of the shell, dreamily weaving their slender path through the masses. Groovy man, /groovy/. Bliss and naviety layer hue over hue, tone over tone, demanding peace amidst a blur of rastafarian hazy-gold that barely mutes the cacophony of colors.
A Night at Almack's Egg [Sen]
The swirl of pastels waltzing over this egg's face in the company of bolder black and white tones, the contrasting color mingling in a graceful dance of pageantry and gentility. The shells surface is as textured muslin, dampened in places to opacity; a daring allure that borders on promiscuity. Dominating all is the brilliance of chandelier's glow, flickering candlelight softened through crystal, providing an almost dreamlike ambiance to the event.
Tombs of Saqqara Egg [Jillian]
Elegance and eloquence infuse the moonstone spires that transform this egg's smooth surface; but such singular grace is shadowed by an oily charcoal that eclipses their grand zenith. Sand-glazed turrets loom, protective, but the golden glyphs that inscribe them cannot guard against the inevitable clash of red against blood-drawn red on this shell's sable-arched battlefield. Flaming scarlet ravages each ruined stone, dominant o'er the wash of varied ebonies that signify this much-mourned loss.
Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg [Posida]
Long and thin, this delicate ovoid lies still with an eerie quiet. Its matte grey surface is a dull cloak of unchanging shade over a too thin skin. Yet something stirs mistily in its depths, images that flash into being at particular angles only and then go, perhaps never to be seen again. Mingled crowds of bright colours scream red protest; flanked by an innocuous symbol of three orbiting electrons round a nucleus. A wash of heavy water glitters beneath an aura of ominous forbearing, offering a faint touch of quiet strength and hope.

And the remaining 34 NPC eggs:

Aboriginal Legend Egg [Saoirse]
Primitive figures wander this egg's ochred shell, deftly painted in kingfisher blue and riverclay red in reverent remembrance of mythic tales. Fantastic creatures ward the crest with their totemic guardianship, while gum-tree green undulates along the heat-blackened base, scattering a laughing trill of eucalyptus over each crude depiction. :
Age of Exploration Egg [Enya]
Evergreen dapples the craggy surface of this egg, darker where foreboding shadows cross each curve, and lighter, brighter, where wild aspen blue skims the rampant greens. Ruddy browns enrich the whole with an earthen underlayering, but all is threatened by an angry metallic churning: dull iron bullets through the darker shades and silver slashes conquer the crest. But it's the shell's faint golden dusting that draws them, drives them to overwhelm the muddled melody of pine and azure that swirls chaotically around the invading accents.
Aztec Water Emeralds Egg [Jillian]
Rings of Aztec gold encircle droplet-shaped gems of verdant colour, each placed with precision in carefully symmetrical patterns on this egg's corn-yellow shell. Gold also cloaks the sinuous turquoise that snakes languidly between each emerald ellipse and around the ash-grey peaks that sculpt the rough surface; their smoke dusts the whistle of glacial cyan that pools among drunken tiger-stripes.
Baleful Dark Ages Egg [Taida (Herder)]
Strife and struggle seep upward from the egg's murky depths, black is its color, worn without remorse. Darkness sleeps here in many forms: onyx billowing eerily 'round the tip and navy mixing fleetingly with brown to gird a deep and sturdy frame. Obsidian caps the top in dust-like, haunting whorls, birthing a shy fiber of silver - hope - to twine once around the shell before fading into the base.
Baroque Sonata Egg [Jillian]
Melodious winds of pale ice blue whisk an otherwise creamy surface, studded with squadrons of jewel-tone symbols that score this egg's shell with their prim delineation: the single ruby ringlet of a whole note breaks into the double-time of emerald-flagged halves, then quicker, thicker still, as topaz and tourmaline arpeggios become a bright diamond glissande, born of the precision of their rhythmic - logarithmic - expansion until they all finally unify in a fabulous forte burst of colour that fuses each shade into perfectly ordered harmony.
Bloody Crusades Egg [Posida]
Lightning accents the maddened flame-orange that skitters over the deceptively smooth shell of this egg with its own white-hot pallor. Pulsing red splatters the shell with scarlet screams that saturate the mint-shaded base and stain it crimson, while smoky plumes rise upward, piercing the lonely sky-blue that hovers above and weeps ivory tears for the carnage.:
Bold Jazz Egg [L'shil]
Ablaze with warm, smooth shades, this midsize egg proclaims itself as something fantastic. Brass trills of tumbling orange and slim yellow lines flare red and play over the center, while gossamer geometries in charcoal soar against a bloom of green-grey. Feathered purple serenely caps the top, and a bare drop of sherry tickles the base.
Darkness in Sodom Egg [Jillian]
Sinking over a singed-umber horizon, a harvestgold sun sheds heavy rays of darkness - jet, onyx, sable, ink. Ravens' feather black coils and grasps in eager fingers around an inebriated riot of viscous crimsons. Motley streaks of clashing banners scale one slope of the egg, colliding with greedy torchflames of vivid orange that are glimpsed through a webwork of all-permeating smoke.
Days of the Raj Egg [Saoirse]
Saffron sifts over a blood-red shell, the lavish opulence of its golden pattern bright against the darker crimson. Silken indigo bands the egg's base with a half-moon swathe of colour whilst purest white turbans the crest, marked centermost by a singular ruby oval feathered in peacock blue. But if the exotic spice of its shading is ostentatious, it's shadowed by a dusky and inescapable destiny.
Decadent Roman Mosaic Egg [Pyrene]
The myriad of minute colour-marks that blanket this egg are no random scattering; rather, it's as if some greater design had carefully organised each block of colour into scenes of leisure. From the steamy warmth of the baths to an amphitheatre's twilit performance, each is webbed with a dark delineation to separate each tiled shade. But these illusory cracks offer more ominous portents: such Epicurean beauty cannot last; it will one day lie in ruins, to be remembered or forgotten at Fate's whim.
Encroaching Ice Age Egg [D'renn]
The blue-white of extreme cold exudes over one edge of this rotund egg, jagged striations daubing the pale rimed surface. Beyond the glacial confines lies an untamed plain of arid yellow, dappled with green oases and forests of pine-dark specks. Huddled close as if for illusory warmth are blurred brushstrokes of ochre brown, their frequency increasing with the distance from the advancing lines of frigid snow.
Gilded Age Egg [L'shil]
Giddy golds swirl atop grimy grays and hopeless browns, clear blues and greens sandwiched between this egg's shell-layers. The broadly flattened base climbs laboriusly to a smaller, swelling middle that then recedes to a narrow, pointed top. Sharp angles of white show here and there, mixed in with ivories and creams that steadily descend and darken to an oat-flour hue.
Golden Mask of Agamemnon Egg [Salea]
Misty white whirls, shifts, and merges with the liquid aurus of this egg to transmute the black-singed bronze of its beaten shell into the purest halo of buttermilk gold. Shadows play across the surface, banished by the sun of a thousand turns only to return again even stronger than before. Warmth… beauty… continuity… light: all are held in a fragile, delicate balance.
Great Depression Egg [L'shil]
Giant in size, diminutive in design, this scoured white egg seems first unremarkable. A closer inspection reveals the gray and washed-out blue wandering in desultory lines, jumbled among thin curls of copper and the fine speckling of dust brown that swirls at the egg's apex. Embracing with sparse security, a sturdy thread of flaxen gold and brown gives the appearance of holding everything together.
Jurassic Jungle Egg [Ophelia]
The mists of time do not occlude the feral, fantastic greens that choke this shell's surface with imprecise fronds of hue; here and there, a break in the canopy reveals the muddy dark of ancient earth, the skittish grey-and-brown suggestions of creatures that would rather be hidden. The promise of life is shadowed by the three-toed marking that cuts across the egg's breadth, claiming it all for a predator unseen, unknown, and unafraid.
Learning to Fly Egg [D'renn]
Azure silk billows and then swells to tautness over this smooth-curved large egg. From the base of crimson cloth and basket-weave to the narrow gold-ringed tip, soft celestial blue is painted all over with fabulous design of gilt and vermillion. Painted drapery hangs limp beneath encircling bands of narrow filigree; brassy and bold, sun-faces stare out from the inflated center. Lighter than air seems this egg, as if ready to float upwards from the anchoring earth upon which it has so tenuous a touch.
Life's Origins Egg [Torey (Seacraft)]
Powerful waves of tumultuous cerulean crest against gentler aquamarine, adorned with a froth of bubbly white that stirs up agitated whirlpools of color. Seeming to rock with the patterns of B currents girdling the egg, storm blues and lighter summery shades grow darker at its bottom edge, lightening to calmer waters about its top. An undercurrent of smoky volcanic red runs a jagged line across one long edge, providing a mere hint of stirred-up colors far off in the deep depths of an organic soup.
Madame la Guillotine Egg [Posida]
Dark shadows lurk athwart this shell, swallowing bright colors and sunny scenes with vicious terror. Youth and vengeful cravings have washed meadows of vert in sticky crimson, a victory tainted forever by pain. Multi-faceted, ghostly aggressors seem to fight one another whilst soon as rich aristocratic slashes are beheaded by gleaming silver. Lost and forlorn, the egg seems to be ripping itself to shards even as it nestles darkly in its place.
Modern Olympics Egg [Posida]
Five colours ring their way across a jubilantly round shell, blue twined with yellow that links with black that twists with green, that connects finally with a red circle. Alabaster is still the dominant color, although one end has been tainted: a veil of cloying smoke drawn over an otherwise pristine shell. Sullied round the edges, the core is burns yet with brilliant, brassy flames that have burst through the white, a torch of courage and sportsmanship.
Nineties Neo-Gothic Bleeding Rose Egg [Annalee]
Abyss-black is the basis of this slightly elongated egg, a hint of silver weaving in gossamer spinners' webs to entrap whatever lies within. A closely-guarded secret is held there, swirling and tightening into a ten-pointed star near the thinner end. At the rounder base, a small patch of deepest scarlet forms, shaping into half-bloomed rose. Color drips from a languishing petal, as if a single drop of blood was about to fall, to entangle itself in that silver web.
Orderly Neolithic Egg [Sen]
Primitive society gives way to a furthering of civilization, the wild, unkempt shades of jungle and grasslands becoming suddenly ordered over the shells face: Bold lines of even vegetation bloom into ripe colors between raised lumps reminiscent of crude shelters. Randomness has no place on this egg, uniformity displacing the dissonance of nature, shaping and molding what-is into what-will-be with decisive determination.
Paeolithic Remains Egg [Sen]
Dark, humid colors of deciduous origin mottle over the shell, rotting vegetation giving way to more arid plains and the golden browns of a drought-dry landscape. The raised striations of waving grasses sequester the evidence of civilization's foothold: Grays of broken flint tools mingle with the chipped remains of rust-red pottery; tufts of earthy russet fur mark the passing of creatures of mammoth proportions.
Pastoral Iron Age Egg [Posida]
Simple patterns are the dominant feature of this egg, regular bars of wooden brown marking down neat fields of ceeal. Simple metallic tools scatter across a gentle landscape: glows are dotted like forges in the night, whilst soft brick structures are surrounded by gashes of mud. Constant toil is the lot of the earthy freckles that march ceaselessly over the guarded shapes, a life of hardship that promises more in its future than its past. Blobbish shapes plod carefully across dark earth tones while fluffy white clumps are scattered wildly, guarded by flecks of patient umber.
Pirates of the Spanish Main Egg [Jillian & Nadesda]
Deep rum dribbles down from the rounded eggpeak to be spirited away by roiling wavelets of froth-kissed aquatic green. A framework of sea-battered wood looms, shadowed by a rectangle of starch-white laid across the masts of the plundering vessel. Grains of pearly sand wash 'round the egg's center; pinpricked with the vibrant hues of priceless gems, bountiful precious metals sparkle tauntingly beneath a shadowed enclosure. Buried thus, the darkened souls of men lost upon the seven seas are their guardians.
Rustic Log Cabin Egg [Salea]
Dust whips - wallops - weathers this odd-shaped egg as if it could round out its rectangular corners and wear away its strangely wooden shell. Pure vanilla-white chinks the cracks between the worn, ragged, wood-brown strips, like mortar set between the bones of some mighty forest. At the summit, a broken peak of terracotta-red fires the egg to its rough and blackened tip.
Salem Witch Trials Egg [Jillian]
Silvery spiderwebs can scarcely hide the convulsive fits of horrific scarlet and ghostly white that clash with cat's-eye yellow along this egg's blackened surface, overwhelming the innocent pastels that cower within the ghastly shades. Sickly green taunts - haunts - the rage-gouged shell and a wisp of coiling mist afflicts the narrow base, encircled by the grim grey of cold iron, though never contained.
Space-Bound Sputnik Egg [Posida]
Crackles of static shiver over a shell washed in shadows, glimmers of silver chasing glowing white. Secretive, nestled among black sand, only the captured blur of once speeding lights distract from its surface of velveteen - a tantalizing glimpse of something more. Potentiality strains at the shell's confines, growing ever greater but still with a touch of capricious infancy to keep it out of reach for eons to come.
Space Discovery Egg [Nadesda]
Nebulous amethyst blooms and powders the crown of this egg; midnight's onyx flourishs about the smooth midriff. Piercings of bright whites and displays of pinwheel rounds interrupt a black vacuum. Gaseous vermillions intertwine between watery azures, abruptly forming an odd ball upon the sable backround; countless forms of ice and rock ringing around the orb. A craggy, crater-filled scarlet stretches towards the egg's base, before being blocked by a metallic sheen resembling a man-made plate.
Tuscan Renaissance Egg [Thesy]
Swirling mists of cream and pale, summer-sky blue veil this oblong egg, dissolving in patches to reveal the ochre shapes of ancient palaces, flanked by the dark green spears of serene cypress groves. A thicker haze blurs the edges of marbled figures that emerge like visions - like placid, smiling gods from a Golden Age. Not archaic, but rediscovered: each image embraces old and new in this tempered blending of opulent heritage and future's promise. :
Victorian Memoirs Egg [Jillian]
Tentative, tenuous, and threadbare, creamy lace wraps this egg in countless ribbons of musty-mauve twined against the rich fabric of toasted rum. Beneath these layers gleams polished woodgrain and tarnished brass, all spiced with overtones of cinnamon tea and the faint, sweet odor of the fading rose; lacquered flowers are inlaid against pressed ones, their beauty contrasting the waterstained doilies and swatches of wrinkled silk hidden beneath the drifting dust a-swirl as if in a shaft of muted sunlight. :
Viking Longboat Egg [Sen]
The egg's dark hue is scratched and battered, charred with the fire of battle and tanged with the pitch that lines watertight seams. Long and sleek, it is prowess personified, cutting through waves with ominous grace, its goal: Conquest. A surface ringed by the indentations of warrior's shields promises only fear to those who behold its somber passing. That first bloodthirsty battle cry fades into rippling waves, leaving behind only the faint ringing of steel and a wake of destruction.
Virgin Queen Egg [L'shil]
Stiffened white lace is ruffled in splendid magnificence over this imposing egg, rich purple and metallic gold edging each layer. Verdant greens and vibrant blues peek out from behind an intricate latticework, sharp vermillion speckling in a fine spray over all. Dignified and stolid seems this egg, belying its ostentatious display of riches.
Wild West Tumblweed Egg [Ethree]
Sage and bramble quibble for space on this rugged egg's surface, while whiskey-white coughs up a mottled undercoat of colour. It's all dust and twister-tossed soot near the bottom, opening to wide-sky blues as the top rounds out. But something brighter flashes about the circumference; so buried in grit and grime, it's only seen at second glance: the faintest flicker of gold-dust, gleaming from the gunsmoke.
The World Begins Egg [Rade]
This spherical form remains neither black, nor white, nor grey; it lies between those colours: a dream not-quite-real, not-quite yet. Faint mists brighten, bursting blue to cloud the egg's crest, while earthy fires smudge the nether regions with their childish hand-prints. Comets trail their velvet ivory tails through the silence of the shades, lacing a chaotic void into its ordained order.

D'renn fidgets on the Sands, listening to the overpowering thrumm that now fills the entire Weyr. "Reia, Reia… Nuff!" he calls to the Weyrwomen, making his hasty way across the Sands.

Saoirse, E'ren and L'shil move into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Skittering in, Enya manuvers her way along the edge of the sands to find a place near the gathering riderfolk, "Lest they are choosing a decent hour to hatch this time.." short bluerider observes musedly with a wry grin as blueberry-hued dragon glides to an landing on ledges above with usual energetic burble.

Annalee moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Rosy-cheeked and glowing, Areiah is here, and grinning broadly past 'Bryth at D'renn. "It's time, isn't it? It's time. It's time," she babbles, proud parent written all over that delicate collection of features. And T'lendel? At her side, of course, arms folded, grinning in much the same fashion. It's time.

Sardrinth moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Thesy gently slides down Sardrinth's neck, startled by a huge frosted muzzle sniffing at her, and lands with a soft thud.

D'renn just beams once or twice… then cautiously stations himself against a wall, skin of something liquid in one hand.

Sardrinth escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Saoirse, lucky Saoirse, takes up a position along the gallery's perimeter, muttering darkly to herself about Sands and Heat and Too Old For This. Still - and she casts a suspicious eye toward the gathering crowd - spectators can be… excitable. Rider and wingrider are each noted and nods go to each. Heck, she'll even test a half-grin. It's a Hatching, after all!

Annalee slips in and silently takes her position near D'renn, grinning proudly over at Areiah and T'lendel. Her own childling is in the nurse's capable hands.

L'shil grins to Enya as he bounds in. "Forget that 'hour' thing - I'm just glad I get to wear something on my feet. You remember, don't you, how Nuff made my whole clutch go the no-sandals route!" Laughter rises out of him.

E'ren smirks at L'shil, catching his last comment. "No-sandals wasn't so bad. At least it was no-sandals on hot sands, not on freezing snow." Those are Renren's preferences, anyway.

"Annalee!" Watch Areiah squeak. Sapphire eyes widen impossibly and grin broadens, bluerider her target, next. "Annalee, oh, Annalee. It's time." Like a young girl at Turnday, yes indeed, and positively glowing. Motherhood - even secondhand - suits her.

L'shil smirks back. "Of course, Renren. It was no-sandals on hot sand to no-sandals on snow. Much better, right?"

Annalee just bursts out laughing, slipping next over to goldrider's side. "It is, twinling mine. You going to be able to handle it?" That last is said with a quirk of a grin - sisterly sarcasm, of course.

D'renn lounges quietly… the eggs - the moving ones - can do the work for now. His comes later.

Celtic Cross Egg twitches. But only a little.

Definately too old for this, but eternally young lifemates tend to keep even old foggies like Enya on their toes. Short wingleader props herself up against the wall near goldriders and attending riders alike with afew testy foot lifts - well, even after 16 years of hatching attending doesn't dull sands heat.

T'lendel, following dutifully after his partner, simply chuckles - nervously? "Of course she can handle it," the bronzerider winks, leaning to catch Areiah's elbow as arms are unfolded, shoulders shrugged. "There has to be a first time for everything, right?" Not that he's any less excited than she is, mind.

Tombs of Saqqara Egg shivers slightly before settling only more firmly into the sand, resting before the outbreak.

Arabian Nights Egg gleams darkly, settled in a cluster of rivaling dark eggs. Was that a tiny movement in the shell? Could be, could be.

Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg rocks tentatively back and forth, back and forth… threatening further motion but not yet delivering.

Indignant, Areiah grins back at Annalee, nodding. "Aye, aye, I'll be fine. Good grief, Ty, you were so much twitchier earlier.." Teasing is passed along in kind - fine way to loosen up, no? - and rocking eggs are eyed. "They're.. oh, they're /moving/," she observes breathlessly, and then turns a glowing smile on the collection of 'riders gathered to participate in the sands-hop.

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg simply ripples pyschidelic shell alittle, shaking faintly to show awakened life - but then it stills, let's just chiiiill for now, man.

Annalee snorts at T'lendel - how unladylike of the harper! - then beaming face collapses into a grin at both 'riders' words. "Usually eggs move before they hatch, yes…" She's just as antsy as everyone else, is that obvious?

Sen and R'sli lead all the Candidates onto the Sands…

Ancient Akkadian Egg gives an energetic little shimmer and stops. Not yet, not yet. Everything in its own time.

D'renn straightens up, just a little bit, that mysterious skin of something swinging from his hand. Here are the Candidates, all in their white…. poor things.

Pinkish lips pucker, then relax, the lower of which taken 'tween her teeth as Jesha scans the twitchin' eggs, eyes a wondrous mystery of clouds as she relives her /own/ impression, her hatching day - *happyburbles*

White robes, white robes everywhere, and not one has bowed just yet. One by one, Candidate girls and boys drift apart into two curves of snowy banks that encircle the egg mounds and their collective dams. Girls first link hands, each one tugging at the hems of their robes as they sychronously dip to their knees in front of Tiareth and Ysbryth. The middlemost of the line swing the girls' row out and backwards, letting the boys to the front. Like the girls, they fold at the waist in an low, elegant bow, straightening up two at a time to toss kisses to the queens with an extravagant flair of hands. Almost embarassed, they link hands together and with the ends of the girls and in one, sweeping motion, all the Candidates dip low to the ground on one final bow to the pair of golds who've worked so hard for the clutch before them.

Saoirse fidgets, picking idly at a ragnail and wincing. Her attention's caught on the eggs mostly, but she's been here too many times before to be so wholly enthralled as to ignore… opportunities. "Anybody got bets on the first?" is her muttered whisper to those riders in her immediate vicinity.

Tombs of Saqqara Egg quivers, small drifts of ancient sand trembling and fluttering down from its shell…..

Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg shifts position once more… to the left, to the right…

R'sli is keeping books, and taking wagers. "Hey Sen, I've been trying to nail you down for a sevenday," he says with a grin. "Who do you like?"

Sen waves a hand at R'sli, moving off to the side. "I don'tlike to bet….." she smiles. "What are the odds, though?

Ah, the dragon bait is delivered! Enya pauses with a grin from where she's situated betwix other attending riders, pausing to eye the slowly awakening clutches that are alive with shifting movements of shell.

Tombs of Saqqara Egg rocks. A shudder, a shiver, a quiver, as if to announce that there is a live, viable creature inside - but it doesn't quite crack.

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg is here, just lost in the dream, don't you know.

Sita clings to Adora, her mouth forming silent words to herself. She trembles and swallows hard, her eyes on the rolling eggs. Oh, my. Oh, oh, my. Her hand is clenching tightly, though she doesn't realize it. She gulps.

Thesy smiles as all the candidates do their reverence to the queens and moves over to where R'sli is already taking the waggers.

Taliesin gently lets go of the hands to his left and right, breaking a free of that grip, and moving his hands to his robe to instead grip there. Eyes shift over all the eggs, and Tal just watches the action, waiting for the first dragon to emerge.

"That was neat," D'renn remarks to no-one in particular - referring to the group's well-staged bow.

Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg is here, too. Silently, not quite moving. Yet.

Aaliyah strides out onto the sands in the midst of candidate white, her gaze going first to the golden queen with a hasty bow, then to the galleries, gawking. Are her friends here? Will they see her get gold? She hopes so, just so she can brag later. Ha. Eyes turn to Taida and Tess, and she catches up to them, grabbing the former's hand. "Hey…wait for me." Can't do without her, can you?

Taida latches firmly onto Her Candidates - Liseria'n Shaela, both of whom she's grasped by the hands and now drags towards their Spot. "Stand." Seems the herdercandidate's taken charge - and now, she waits. Watching. Hoping?

Khayet has taken to humming along with the dragons and firelizards of the Weyr.

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg shake shake shakes that groove thang - but only alittle. Pyschidelic hued egg simply stills after a moment, back to mellowly settled spot in the clutch.

Annalee offers a warm smile to all the candidates, it was only a few Turns ago she was out where they are now. She knows quite well how they feel.

Tessera straightens from the bow, looking a bit nervously from left to right, even as her past experience makes her sweat less than say, her neighbor. "Hot!" is the first enunciation as Tess turns to the hopefully cooler alluvial dune on her left, hands sweating buckets as she grasps Oorla's hand in hers, peering back for Adora, other hand held out. Where's the gang?

Liseria loosens hands from the girl next to her, making sure to keep a good grip on Taida's. "Here we go!" she whispers to her and Shaela, and anyone who can here. Lis quivers herself, it's a /good/ quiver, it is.

Conrad squirms. Let the Dance of the Sands begin! "Hot. Hot," He mutters to himself, hopping about to cool those heating feet. "Knew I shoulda put on some socks." As if that'd be much help.

Adora has very wide eyes right now. She clings back to Sita, following almost numbly after Tessera. Although she does tend to wobbles a bit as she minces across the sands. Bare feet were a bad idea. She grabs Tess's proffered hand, smiling.

Arabian Nights Egg strains a bit more noticiably, stresslines beginning to form on shell. One might expect them to erupt into full-fledged cracks at any moment, yet they don't. Still, night reigns.

Taliesin shifts a bit around the backs of all the canidates now, to whisper good luck to all of them and then move to a picked otu spot. And when he gets there, he stands. Stands and waits.

Tombs of Saqqara Egg fades gently, restless against the sands as it shivers in scarlet bound passion. Golden glyphs shimmer, breaking away to reveal white-hot color beneath and the battle of red against red slowly cleaves. Shards drop while smaller flecks spin away, aloft to come dancing down a furiously erratic path until they color the sands about and purest emerald is at last freed.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet
Blazing heat lends a deceptive shimmer to the deep clarity of her emerald hide and warms the Nile greens that flood her streamlined frame. The imperious set of her slim shoulders suggests a supple elegance that's echoed in the lithe lines of her spine and the graceful fusion of berylline 'sails to narrow back. Bowed and stocky legs add a certain staunchness to her otherwise svelte form, but that power is dignified by the pearlescent hieroglyphs that dapple her asp-like tail and the bleached ivory that tips each wicked talon. She bears the irregular eccentricity of her jade neckridges like a thousand regal necklaces; she wears her own sensual sovereignty within her very bones.

"Wasn't it?" Areiah calls in response to D'renn, leaning, stretching - and then laughing outright as the dragonbait is drawn out. Fingers wiggle, but she really doesn't hold her breath in wait for a response. Like Annalee, she knows. Hatching time is crazy.

Caiher moves along with all the others yet still for himself. Eyes are fixed on the rocking eggs and feet lifted carefully on the hot sands.

Oorla clasps Tess's hand, feet mincing in thin sandals. "Owowowowowow!" Why the sands have to be so sharding hot is beyond her. Other hand lifts to hold up robe. Ohmigosh.. eggs.

Gihan runs his fingers down the creases and folds of his robe. He has patience, but now it is hard to keep- Breath in the air, and you become nervous.

Shaela keeps Taida's hand gripped tightly in hers as the lines break into the usual small groups. "Much hotter than I remember," is her loudly whispered comment to her equally Sands-experienced neighbour before she returns Liseria's eager grin. Definitely, here we go!

Taida squeaks. "There!" Liseriahand's lifted, the girl bouncing back and forth from balls-of-feet to heels as though to spread the scorching heat more evenly. "Look."

Green green green, Trydanth will be pleased… and D'renn doesn't seem to mind, either.

Kelvren eyes the eggs now that the little presentation by the candidates is over, through the hazy heat of the sands that bake all within the hatching grounds, he smiles at the familiar warmth that is so much more like his native Ista and Boll than the colder clime of the High Reaches. Stepping off with several other candidates to circle around other clusters of eggs rather than all huddling by the same ones, he gingerly picks his way through the crowds and watches the trembling eggs. The first shatters and his amber eyes light up at the sight of imperious green that slips from the shell. "Ahh…there, now it's starting!" he remarks with a broad grin.

Sita nimbly hops from toes to toes. She forgot her sandles. How aweful. Boy are these sands hot! Clinging to Adora, she gasps at the green dragonet. She blinks, never thinking this day would come..

Pikar grins, finding a clump of candidates to stand against, eyes roving over eggs, wiggling and not, toes picked up as quickly heat starts to seep into them from the hot sands… was it this hot before? With a shrug he hop-walks over to his group, whomever they may end up being, and grins, eyes flitting up just in time to see the first find it's way out onto the sands, "Ooh."

Conrad suddenly stops hopping: a green? Pretty. Head tilts, eyesslide over her form. "Oh," He says thoughtfully. "Nice. Very nice."

Taliesin's mouth drops softly open as he watches the first egg crack, and a minurature dragon appear. Green hide is looked over soflty, and Talieisn just mumbles to himself. It's much different beeing on the sands, and Tal's not used to it.

Tessera holds onto the two girls, dragging them nearer to her like bodyguards. "Look! The first egg hatched!" Chin points in a country-man's manner, just to illustrate, as she bites lower lip in excitement that just will not be contained.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet squawks indignantly as a piece of shell hangs, awkward, from her nose. Shake of the head and all the shell goes flying, then she picks herself up. Look at me.

Aaliyah stands with Taida and Liseria and Shaela, looking for all the world like 'one of the crowd' if not the center of it. Eyes widen as that first egg cracks, and then she sniffs "Not for me. It isn't gold." And away her gaze goes, searching out other rocking eggs…now which one will have that shiny queen dragonet in it?

"Green!" R'sli crows, and makes a few notes. "That's going to cost some folks!" He grins at Areiah, and chuckles. "Sure you don't want to make book?"

Khayet forgets to move. All he can do is hum, sing, what ever you want to call it. That and stare at the mirical before him. A moment a go, just a shell, and now a living, creeling green…..

Adora gasps in delight as the first egg hatches, " I didn't realize how small it would be." Compared to the full-grown ones, that is. She plucks at her robe with one hand - the one Sita's squeezing. Must keep from tripping over the super-long thing.

Eggs. And dragons. and.. oh, my. Areiah goes altogether breathless. "Green. Oh, green. Green. She's beautiful, she's so very beautiful." Poor little 'rider begins to babble when hot and excited. "Ty, /look/." And T'lendel obliges, of course, crystalline eyes wide with wonder and delight.

Liseria scuffs forward in the direction her hand's been dragged by Taida, eyeing the hatchling with a wrinkled nose. "Shells, there nothing like the big dragons, are they?" Maybe Taida's full of complements, but Lis is more of the speak-your-mind type.

Taliesin can't help but look at the hatchling that's demanding attention, and the only movement in his body is that of his fingers gripping and ungripping on his robe, and his eyes moving soflty. Softly, he starts scuffling towards Conrad though, looking for a companion. Power in numbers.

Oorla merely looks at her, as bidden. Eyes turn over the hide. "Sort of.. gooey, isn't she?" she asks of Tess and Adora as she waves free hand at her face, vain attempt to cool herself.

"Nice green" Thesy mutters sideways to R'sli, "very nice but oh, that attitude!" She grins, that one will be quite a challenge for the blues once the day comes.

Sita pushes robe out of her way, her own gasp escaping. "She's so pretty!" Robe is constantly in the way, so she lets go of Adora and snatches an end up and wraps it around her waist with still enought left to hang down to her feet. Big Robe. She returns to clinging to Adora.

Pikar sticks his hand in a missing patch in his robe, which is… um… a pocket. That's it exactly, it's a pocket. Pulling hand out again and wringing them together as he hops from foot to foot. "Eep. Hotsand, hotsand. Hey, she's cute." His take on the green wobbling about.

Conrad flutters his robe, and bounces a little. So, he's looking already. "What's she up to?" He mutters to noone in prticular.

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg shifts, the dream stuttering for a moment. Is it time? Not yet, and it falls back into stillness.

Tessera weaves where she stands, doing the Candidate's Waltz, her specialty for the sands as hands tighten in their embraces, sweat sqeezing between digits inevitably. "She /is/ gorgeous," she admits with breathless words, uneasy glance headed to the swarming galleries. Hiya.

Kelvren grins over at the frozen harper candidate, Khayet. "You alright?" he asks, mopping at the beads of sweat that dot his brow now as the heat starts to become less comfortable. It is but a momentary inquiry, before he looks back at the baby dragon and the other shifting eggs.

Saoirse has a fresh-stamped mark-piece in one hand, and she gestures with it at R'sli. "Ye got odds on calling the number of bronzes?"

"Reiah! breathe?" Enya reminds amusedly towards young goldrider with a grin, shifting abit from her spot on the sidelines of the sand with a gaggle of weyrlingmaster assistants - yep, advice from the cheap seats.

Taida grins sidelong at Liseria. "Sure, but I think she's adorable." And that's that - that's how Tai speaks her mind. Lips move silently, smacking dryly in the heat. Bounce. "It's hot," she adds, more to herself than to her friends.

Caiher stares at the green dragonet in nothing less than awe. Were they always that small? But she's pretty, right? Unfortunately the longer he stays in that heat, the more intense the faint smell of his robe gets.

R'sli checks his paper. "Three to one there's at least four," he notes to Sen. "Unless you've some inside track?" Violet eyes dance in mirth.

Shaela lifts a hand to point to the first clutch, and pronounces the colour, along with the rest of the assembled crowd. But that's what a Hatching is all about, right? Admiring the dragons? "She's stately," is the girl's reply to Aaliyah's comment. "But not gold, no." Shae's definitely not acting herself - she's being understanding off Aaliyah's singlemindedness??

Taliesin's body shifts up next to Conrad, and his fingers go up to brush a bit of sweat that's beading on his forehead, before he leans over and speaks to his fellow canidate. "Hot." One word, and Tal shifts the weight of his body onto one foot, and then the other.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet lifts her head a little, regal for all her … green … goey state. A tentative step forward, then another, more firm one. Yes. All eyes on me, thank you. Now. Emerald dainty head turns, quirks, looking at all the whitewhitewhite - who here could even begin to appreciate this beauty?

Khayet is sure that Kelvren isn't speaking to him. After all, there are lots of other lads to be speaking to, closer ones at that. And so he just stares, dumbfounded other than those lilting notes uncontiously sliding from his throat.

Cheap seats? Ooh. That looks safe, slightly less crowded. "Enya! Good to see you!" Areiah calls, breathing, now - and nudging T'lendel with her elbow, albeit gently, motioning for him to follow. "Isn't she beautiful?" The green, that is. Twitch.

Aaliyah isn't going to let her friends see her sweat….er, hop about on these hot sands. She stands resolutely, only the slight sway of her body giving indication of her discomfort, and nods to Shaela with abruptness "not gold" Therefore, obviously not worth her notice, right? "Which one do you think will pop the gold?" is her next comment, finally forced to lift one foot briefly.

Adora continues to bobble on her feet, her bare soles burning, although she doesn't notice it enough now that there is a dragon on the sands. "She is," she agrees with Tess, her eyes scanning the other wobbly eggs as she squeezes both of her friend's hands - again.

Conrad nods. "Aye," he replies, at his most dignified. "Thirsty work, this." Bounce, rock, roll: feet scuffle, kicking up a bit of sand. "Pick, green!" He mutters. As if she actually cares what Conrad thinks.

Liseria eyes the green again, the compliments being passed from Candidate mouth to Candidate ear taking their toll on her descision. "Well," she manages to mumbles out, "for something all slimly and covered in goo, she is one flaming pretty thing, eh?" Feet skip a little on the sands, mostly to shake out the accumulating sand grains from sandals.

Sen looks at the green with amusement "Another one" she murmurs, shaking her head "I have to say our golds are good at producing the workhorse of the weyr" she notes. Greens galore.

Sita watches, mouth hanging slack. She hops from foot to foot watching the green dragonet, "wonder who she'll pick.." she glances back up to the galleries, looking for anyone she might know, but returns her attention back to the eggs.. and the dragonet..

Tessera hears comments. No, she's green. Beauty incarnate of the green species, some should not be so picky, is her opinion as she shakes back heavy hair, wishing for the thousanth time she had tied back the mass as she rocks knees in an attempt of creating a draft. The robe's loose, air should flow; or so the smithy told her about aerodynamics of robes. Hands are squeezed back in nervous assurance.

Saoirse grins wickedly at her fellow greenrider. If she did have an inside track, would she tell? "One mark on at least seven between the double-clutch, and another says we'll get more than 12 blues. Odds on that?"

Gihan shakes his head in an attempt to clear some of that choppy shag of hair from his eyes. Things are moving all around him, but he can only take in one at a time. Another candidate is nudged "Pi…kar? Pikar?" Was that the name? "I don't know what to do. I'm supposed to know."

Taliesin dares to tear his eyes off of the green for but a moment, and he looks soflty up to the galleries, trying to spot anyone he knows. Blinking softly, and noting a few, he quickly turns attention back to the hatching.

Taida can? Well, Taida certainly appears to be admiring, left hand wagging in rhythmic nervousness, eyes sweeping over the green before focusing briefly on the remaining mass of eggs. Heels lift lightly off the sands, nose crinkling in irritation. "Faranth, but it's hot."

Waving the goldrider over with a grin, Enya nods, "Aye..I don't think Kyleth's let me miss a hatching since we impressed." she muses with a flutter of a hand in motion to blue watching with captivated vigor from ledges above.

Oorla pulls at her robe, dredging up the sand beneath feet as her toes cool the sands by absorbing the blistering warmth. Shards, that's no good… Eyes are trained on the hatchling, curious at it's course as she holds tight to her Tess-anchor and shifts feet. Hothothot… it's a litany.

Kelvren certainly was speaking to the harper lad, but he merely laughs at the dazed state the other boy is in and tilts his head to listen idly to the notes he is singing while watching the dainty, queenly green dragonet. Of course all eyes are upon her! he thinks, smiling broadly at the regal poise that she displays already. Admiring, but not anxious.

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg pauses? Something out there is keeping it awake, and it strains to sit up. Hey! Folks are trying to sleep!

Shaela gives a brief shrug, and, feeling a tapping on her shoulder, turns. "Petita!" she exclaims, forcing room between herself and Aaliyah for the short, young Candidate. Her little pet. "That's if one even Hatches," Shaela notes, eyes drifting from the green dragonet to the patch of golden-tinged eggs.

Miri moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Pikar watches the imperious little green, who really isn't so little, not compaired to firelizards and the like. He hops, back and forth, bouncing gaze kept upon the green. Now, is she Cute? or Beautiful? Throughts are interrupted as he turns and grins, at Gihan. Yup, tis his name, worn out or not. "Stand, but don't burn your feet?" he notes, pointing towards hopped steps, Intro to Candi Dancing 101.

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg spins once again and /gleams/, the purple and lavender hues turning into magical fire as the dream inside tries another spell to break its shell. Tendrils of mist seemingly wrap themselves around the glow, the brightly burnished gold and silver ribbons. For one brief, shining moment it seems to lift itself into the air and … There! A puff of wizardly smoke, the glow intensifies, and the next instant thousands of minute golden shards rain on the Sands as /he/ steps out.

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet
A charm wrought of the crystalline blue of a lake bathed in glorious sunshine, warm aquas and ultramarine currents wrap this broad-cut dragon in intricate layers: dull silver spangles knot the hollows of throat and sides, magical portents barely lit by their antique pewter, whilst whiskery whispers of mithril and aged-silver frost his curiously snub nose. Faded runes glimmer in the mist of his powerful frame, adding length and stature to his relatively diminuitive size. Capacious wings enfold him, here and there dusted with the glowing greenish gold of fireflies in their mysteriously impish dance over crepuscular waters; their sails deep and wide and wild with indigo-tipped spars and a keen, tensile strength.

Aaliyah will allow as to how the green is /pretty/ "I'm prettier though" she murmurs. She has blue eyes, y'see. A definite plus, in her mind "and my hair would match a gold nicely enough. Thus said, she turns back to her singleminded persusal of the other eggs. Those that still might contain the coveted prize. "And there has to be a queen, Shaela" she adds, her gaze flicking to the stands. She told /all/ her friends she was going to impress one. There has to be a gold.

Sita gasps, "Adora, look! Another!" She dances her lil' Candi-dance and yanks on her friends arm. "They're so pretty!" And neat.. and awe-inspiring. Nervous, she it.

Miri isn't late, nope. And with cheery wave towards assorted clutchparents and lifemates, over she scoots to join the other Assistant Weyrlingmasters.

Taida's quite observant, and the hand that's tight around Shaela's lifts, taking the other candidate's hand with her as she points out: "Blue!" BOunce. /Hot/.

Liseria slowly, carefully, Lis removes her fingers from all of Taida's 'cept for the last bits of the touching fingertips. Ooh, what's this? A particularly bothersome grain requires a digging finger to pull it out, and so Lis is stuck on one foot until she can right the problem. "Ahh, that's better."

Taliesin gasps again as yet another hatchling pulls itself out of the shell and onto the sands, and Taliesin can't help but smile, feeling the confusion of the action all around him, and now trying to decide which to look at. Well, the blue gets his attention for the moment.

Caiher moves a little farther from his fellow candies, a faint blush starting to color his cheeks but his eyes remain fixed on eggs and dragonet. Dratted robe. And he washed it so many times …

Nuff wasn't late, really she wasn't, she was picking a firelizard or too out of her curls and then there she is. "I know Tiareth, I know. I followed the noise." The candidates all get a look, big smile! Big smile! - and nods of encouragement as the little weyrwoman joins the rest.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet watches, agast, as another dragonet hatches onto the sands. Hey! Just what do you think you're doing? This is /her/ show… angry noises emit from the rather comically indignant green, then her head whips around and her chin lifts. Hmph. Maybe /someone/ out here will pay attention to such beauty as she. And so out she steps again, tail lashing and waving as she attempts to keep the focus on herself.

Adora bites her lip, releasing both hands for the split-second it takes her to pull her poker-straight hair up into a little bun. There that's a little cooler, "Who do yo…ohhh! A blue," she breaks into her own sentence mid-syllable. She rocks back and forth on her feet, cooling her heels the way she is cooling the nape of her neck.

There. A spot between Enya and T'lendel. Areiah is quite content. "Blue!" she choruses with the rest - and then giggles, quieting again, nodding to the bluerider beside. "Doesn't surprise me. Ysbryth is.. well, it's just.. she thinks of herself as a parent, now." Amused. Distinctly amused.

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet shakes the shell from his back and regards his clutchsister with a stare. Everyone is entitled, after all, and he takes a moment to whirl, one wingtip catching on a hindclaw, spilling him onto the sand.

Tessera gives a sigh, "Blue!" breathing out with the sultry air, pointy elbows nudging Oorla to her left, and Adora to her right. Feet move in sinking sands, shaking out heated granules as her eyes flicker over the hatchlings, eggs, the scene. Familar, impresive, /scary/. Arms lift to swipe at brow, muttering about dripping sweat. "Isn't /he/ a beautiful little boy?" she asks of no one and everyone at the same time.

Sita watches. Just watches. She glances at the other dragon riders, but her attention is drawn between the blue and green dragonets. They're reall.. oh, my..

Conrad rolls his eyes, biting back a laugh at the green's outrage.

Taida whispers to Liseria, her own fingertips waving mid-air as the other candidate removes errant sand grains from evil sandals: "She's coming towards the candidates." The blue's klutziness is given a wide grin, the herdercandidate eyeing his… grace?

Aaliyah frowns at the green, wishing she would move. She's in the way, after all, of all those potential gold hatching eggs. Frown turns to baleful stare, her highheeled sandal stamped impatiently. "Pretty or no, she makes a better door than a window" is muttered. Tess gets a snort of scorn. Who cares about blue when a gold may be forthcoming?

"Blue? Where?" Thesy isn't biased, only curious. But that silly grin on her face as she spots the minute dragonet betrays her feelings. "Awwww!"

Shaela leaves the debate likely to begin with Aaliyah in favour of cooing over the blue with Taida. "D'you like him?" the girl wonders, quickly noting with a giggle: "Petita does." At least, Shae would assume so, considering the youngster's squealing.

One would think that Khayet would be hot, but a cold chill runs down from his head to his sizzling toes every time he looks at the blue. He's not picky either.

Oorla agrees. "Beautiful." That's the only word able to describe it. Except perhaps, frightening. Free hand reaches down, flapping at overlarge robe. She /knew/ she should have had it properly hemmed, scorch it…

Pikar grins at Gihan. One step, foot one… two step, foot two. Back and forth; hop, hop, bounce. Dance steps forgotten he looks up at the calls of blue eyes trailing over to the dragonet then back to the green before a burning sensation in his soles prompts him to remember the dance begun soon after stepping on the hot sands. Hop, bounce, hop.

Liseria glances to another sight of dragonet mishap, the blue falling all over himself onto the sands. "Clumsly little thing, in't he?" Not that green though. Chalk up another compliment from Lis' mouth: "She's certianly got an inherent grace."

"Blu…-yes- Ky, I see." Enya manages to soothe both burbling lifemate and herself in midst of hatching excitement. Shifting feet in requisite sands dance as she watches, - cheap seats they may be..but just as hot.

Taliesin shifts his eyes back to the green now, laughing soflty at the outrage himself. "She's a sassy one…" Blinking a second, and thinking that he probably picked that word up from Pikar, and Tal keeps up the constant shifting from foot to foot, trying not to look foolish at the same time.

Kelvren's eyes flicker between one dragonet and another, sighing softly as he shifts his feet in the hot sands despite the thin layer of protective sandal. More and more emerge from the rocking eggs, and it becomes more difficult to keep track of what's going on all over the grounds, though he is fairly certain that the first impression of the night has yet to be made. Returning to the green, he watches for some time before he shifts his gaze, if reluctantly, towards the blue as well just in time to see the poor creature stumble. Shaking his head he chuckles ruefully, "So much for the grand entrance."

Taida responds cheerily to Shaela's question: "Lovely," is her cooed - yes, indeed - reply before Liseria's comment's thought about, sapphire gaze sweeping over to peer at the green. "She is pretty self-possessed." Admirable, indeed.

Gihan watches the feet that hop and shuffle, his own are so thin and calloused. After a few moments, the humming the hopping, and dragonet calls all take hold. It's music, and Gihan 'dances' A thin wodden puppet on a string with jerky movements inspired by sand's heat.

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet turns, gaze falling on the sea of white. Oh. There they are. Struggling to his feet, he shakes the sand from his wings, and lurches forward. Someone here has to be suitable. Good apprentices are hard to find.

Especially ones with any ammount of grace. In trying to back up, Khayet falls over himself, landing rather uncerimoniously on his rear.

Taida whines - all comments about dragonets are suspended as the herdercandidate takes a brief interlude for complaining. "It's so hot in here I'm going to melt," she snaps, to just about everyone at once.

Adora grabs hold of Sita and Tess's free hands again, squeezing tightly as she performs the timeless Candie-Dance right along with everyone else. Flourite gaze flicks back and forth between the dragonets, ready to move out of the way if one or both gets too close. Wouldn't want a dragon mauling to spoil the day. "Yes, Tess, he's lovely," she responds, just to hear the sound of her own voice amid the loud humming.

Sita forgets to breath, hopping from foot to foot, her gaze trapped by the hatchlings. Flint gaze softens at the sight of the dragonets, and flicks to the other eggs, just waiting and sitting still. "She's lovely.. He's lovely…" she babbles, hand clasping 'Dora's.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet pauses. Wait a minute. Is that someone who's not paying attention to her? How /dare/ she… Slightly stocky legs bring her slowly closer to a group of a few girls, swiftly swirling eyes peering up at a mass of white-blonde. Hey. Lookat me.

Tiareth watches, whirly-eyed, her paws dug down into the sand beneath her Rider so that Nuff has to keep shifting back and forth lest she melt into the ground. "'Reth. Stop that already. Yes they are lovely. Very lovely."

Tessera hears a snort; and promptly ignores it. Some people cannot appreciate beauty when they see it in different forms. Nose wrinkles. "Busy little girl, isn't she?" Finger raises from it's clasped position to point at the green, then snapping to the left to fixate on the blue. "Him too. Ever wonder how they know?" Tess does. But then, Tess wonders about many things, you see. Toes curl in their sandals, wincing away from the creeping alluvial grains of the grounds. Flickflick. Peer. Eyes bore hither and yon in curiousity. Curiousity killed the feline, but merely encourages Tess to nosiness.

Liseria uses the hand still connect to Taida to give her a poke in the side. "C'mon girl, you're from Ista, right? This isn't much worse than high noon in summer!" For once, Lis is the sane one. Well, the optomistic one, at least. Turning back to the hatchling, she adds to herself: "Speaking of which, I'm glad I could put my tunic to use…" That one's seen a few summers.

Taliesin jumps a bit as a voice appears at his side. "Taliesin, Tal! Look at that blue! Just look…" Tal's eyes go down for a moment as he spots Rath, one of his fellow male canidates, and he nods gently, whispering. "A beauty, isn't he?" Hand going up again to his head to wipe of sweat. Eww.

Miri peers over from her spot on the side, green eyes meeting green dragon and.. "Oooh, looks like she's about to Impress. To one of the girls over there."

Aaliyah is not paying attention to green, blue, or any other color that is hatching out, unless its /gold/. She glares as the green gets closer, in fact, stepping over a bit so she can see beyond the small dragonet body, grumbling to herself as she flicks another look to the stands. "Gotta get gold" is mumbled, low and intense, focused. Feet shift again, high heels sinking into the sands with each step. "Which egg?" she asks out loud again. "Which egg for gold?"

Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg simmers, the war of dragonet and shell escalating with each passing moment.

Oorla narrows her eyes as she glares through the resounding heat waves at the hatchlings, guaging their paths. Shuffling backwards slightly, she searches in vain for cooler sands, hand flashing robe to and fro in a fanning motion. Cooler air? Please?

Taida squeaks slightly, hands tightening around the hands of Her Candidates. "She's over here," is her muted whisper, eyes widening to the sizes of saucers - sorta - as she peers at the green.

Sita flashes a look Taliesin's way, offering a weak smile. Ow. Bouncing from foot to foot gives her a comical air, and she watches the newly moving egg..

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet swings his little head around, scanning the crowd. Ooh. There's some who's wings don't fit. Maybe they can help him. And he's off, wings held carefully out of the way of his feet. See? He can learn.

E'ren nods to Miri and smiles wryly. "She looks to be a handful, too. Rather like Xeth." His tones soften into fondness, at the memory of the near-constant arguments.

Pikar watches the hatchlings founder over the sea of sand, a dance of their own even as candies, including Pikar, dance and hop, squirm and wiggle… okay, maybe he's getting a little carried away, then again, it's hot, and his feet are burning they are… won't be able to walk for a week if he's not careful. So the hopping and the dancing, the back and forthness of the candidance is continued, back and forth as eyes watch diminutive dragons.

Sen's eyes blink open sleepily as she gazes where Miri indicates, a slight smile showing. "How nice….." she murmurs, and leans back against the wall again….cooler here or not, she's still being lulled to sleep by the heat, despite the excitement surrounding her.

Taliesin catches the smile from Sita, and he slowly works his way over to Sita, eyes constantly on the dragons, especially as they start walking towards the groups. He wouldn't like to to in the way, not unless the dragonet wanted to choose him. "Heya Sita…it's too hot out here…"

Taida can't help it - her gaze follows the trundling blue, lips drawn sidelong into an approving smile. "Cute," she murmurs, before the green's presence is noted again and she tenses, ready to leap to the side should the dragonette change her mind.

Nuff has lots of wings but none of them are entirely hers. Right now, an small bright one sticks out of the side of her head, the 'lizard getting all tangleda gain. "Shardit all, git out of there." Nuff moves from Tiareth towards D'renn, hsaking her head, "Git that out, wouldja D'renn?"

Shaela's feet shuffle in the warm Sands, violet eyes scanning the progress of the blue, then the green. Neither particularily suiting her fancy, she decides to drop another comment over Aaliyah's way: "How about that one there?" the points to the green dragon. "Not quite an egg, but I think she's looking at you."

Sita nods, her hand reaching out to grab his, "It is!" She giggles, nervously, "They're pretty aren't they?" she asks, hand sweeping to the dragonets. Her hands are clammy even as her feet cook.

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg twitches in some sort of new fad dance, swirl of color on shell seeming even more busy as egg surface feigns a flex outwards, what's out there? Can ya dig it?

Khayet uses not only his feet but his well calloused hands to crawl backwards rather like a spiderclaw to get all the further from the Merlin blue. It's not that he'd turn down that honour, of course, should the blue wish to keep him……

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet is indignant. Is she not better than a gold? She, this dream of emerald, is not considered worthy enough by this… creature? She will teach you. Do not step away from her, Aaliyah, she has chosen you: Be still, and listen for once, for now there is a beauty to match your own.

Caiher shuffles his feet, soles already borning hot. He's not so sure what he's supposed to do other than get out of the way of a charging dragonet.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Aaliyah, and steps forward.

Kelvren watches the dragonets shuffle across the sand, beginning to narrow their search towards selected groups of gathered white. The green is watched for a moment longer before he sighs softly as she aims down on a group of girls. Not for him obviously, but there's hope yet with so many dragons still in the shell. Returning to the blue who stumbled, he smiles as he watches it learn to move about without further incident. "Bright one that one is." he notes idlely to those beside him.

"Who, me?" D'renn asking, clutching his wineskin defensively as he stares at Nuff. And whatever it is caught in her hair. And in doing so, he completely misses the Impression.

Liseria crinkles her nose in a wince as Taida's vice-for-a-hand closes around hers. "Would y'mind loosening up a little?" she whispers back. Eyes go back to the hatchling, and over to Aaliyah, who seems to have caught her attenion. "Do we say congratulations?" Lis asks of another boy at her side, who simply shrugs. /That/ was helpful.

Sita gives Aaliyah a brilliant smile, "Congrats!" She jumps, clinging hard to both Taliesin and Adora. Yanking on Adora, "She Impressed.. WOW!"

"Aaliyah!" Taida's eyes widen once more, lips slowly lifting into an amazed smile - she just /Impressed/. Whoa. "Oh, congratulations," she says, expression melting into that of one watching mother and child. Awwwwww…

Thesy's glance turns at Miri's words, "Where? Any idea who she'll chose?" As she becomes aware that the green has chosen Aaliyah she pales a little and shoots D'renn a quick glance. She doesn't envy hime being the Weyrlingmaster, he'll have his hands more than full with this one.

Adora takes a deep breath, having forgotten for a moment to breathe at all. With all the dragonets popping out, it's no wonder - breathing suddenly takes a backseat. "He is lovely, Tess, such shades of blue," she replies to her friend, grinning, allbeit a bit lopsidedly. Sudden intake of breath "Oh, Congratulations," she calls out, beaming at Aaliyah.

Aaliyah scowls at Shaela, then at the green, her frown ominous "get out of the way, you" she mutters, trying to move away "I'm looking for a gol….." Eyes blink, widen, and she does stand still, as still as statuesque marble for along moment "Ishirith?" is said in softer tones then Aaliyah has probably ever spoken, the one word infused with love and wonder as she drops to her knees "Ishirith!" What need she gold now? She has this…..her emerald beauty.

Miri grins right back at E'ren, nodding her approval at the pairing. "It's hard to believe they used to be so /small/!"

Tessera catches sight, and sound, of Impression. The first big 'I' occurs, and it goes to Aaliyah. "Aaliyah!" Triumphant congratulation is given in the word, traveling across the sands as she waits to hear the name called, hands in hers given a slightly too-hard grasp as she jumps up to see over the heads. You, you tall people. Move!

Nuff misses the impression too, but only because the lizard has now moved like an alien face-sucker into her view, clinging in desperation. "Cuz you've not got anything better to do than stand around drinking wine - oh damn. There one goes. Off you go then, Weyrlingmaster."" Nuff will have to deal with the little creature herself.

Annalee notices D'renn missing the Impression, then calls over to Aaliyah and waves. "Bring your little lady over here…"

Stunned. That's a good word for the look on Areiah's face. "Aaliyah. Green?" And then, a broad grins spreads, and the weyrwoman lifts both hands to clap - loudly, much to the chagrin of the bronzerider at her side. "Congratulations! Suits her, huh?" This asked of T'lendel, of course, accompanied by a nudge, as clapping eventually halts.

Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg goes to defcon 2.

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet pauses, looking at his clutchsister as she finds her lifemate. Well! Anything she can do, he's bound to do better. He turns his gaze on someone nearby. Someone who's flapping those white wings. Maybe they can help.

Taliesin's fingers squeeze onto those that are set in his hands, and a deep smile falls onto Tal's face as he watches Aaliyah impress, and a bit of laughter falls out of his lips as he speaks again to Sita, nervously. "Those two seem appropriate for eachother.."

Pikar grins and claps and hops and congratulates, though that is a lot to do while pondering a game of hide and seek, hide amongst a sea of white clad friends and see who seeks him out. "Congratulations Aaliyah." he calls with a wave.

D'renn finally comes to the understanding that someone Impressed…. "Aaliyah? /That/ girl?" Shards….

Oorla shifts, eyes lighting as the green choses. "Congratulations Aaliyah!" is the high pitched shriek of delight, robe moving over time as excitement flushes her skin.

Taida has not forgotten the blue, however - her gaze shifts back to observe him, too - now that the green's chosen her own, Taida's got other things on her mind. "What's he doing?"

Sita nods, leaning close to Taliesin, "They do… I wonder.." Oh, look, other eggs are moving. Happy for Aaliyah, she is, but also aware of the other eggs.. Wonder who that blue is going to.. thoughts are like whirlwinds in her head, never stopping on one topic.

Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg lays in the sandy waste, ticking away. Suddenly, all its colours melt together and protests die in a sudden hush. Then, with a mushrooming at the top, shards blow outward, dumping its occupant into the world, ready or not.

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet
An accident of bronze and copper explodes throughout the hide of this great dragon, firing across the breadth of muzzle, wide expanse of chest and withers, and vast, powerful rump and tail: color burns, as bright as terror, scalding one long side in a smouldering, reddish, radioactive gold. His wings are charred to black, flung out high and wide as if thrown up and out from those greatly muscled shoulders. As uncontrollable, a conflagration of hunger and need reddens his whirling eyes.

Aaliyah ignores everyone but this dragonet, this lovely Ishirith who has /finally/ gained her wholehearted and entire attention; there is none left for anyone else as she gazes into the whirling eyes, communing with her gold covered with green hide. Congratulations go unheard, though not unfelt.

Miri smiles warmly at Aaliyah and Ishirith. "There'll be food soon enough, so don't you two worry."

Gihan watches the girl and the green, expression inquiring. "Is that how it works then? Just…that and then forever. Mmmhmm. I see." He moves till he's nestled in line between two other candidates, just as he figures he should be.

Taliesin's eyes are intent on the egg as it hatches, and Taliesin just freezes. Bronze. Trying to relax himself, and mentally having to will every single muscle out of spasm, he leans down to Sita and whispers. "Bronze." As if she didn't already know.

Khayet manages to yank himself to his feet, far back from the others. A quick thought to dusting himself off.

Caiher stares at the blonde with the emerald green. Sigh. A soft "Congrats!" is called in the general direction of the pair when his attention is suddenly drawn to the newly hatched. Oh, bronze! Beautiful!

D'renn shouts louder: /at/ the new weyrling this time. "Aaliyah! Get here, with Ishirith… now!" Hatchings wear out his voice.

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet explodes out of his egg, ready or not: like a missile, a dud missile, he skips across the sand on his belly and comes to a stop with his nose in the dirt.

Taida's chin lifts almost disinterestedly, jutting towards the bronze. "Bronze," she says, adding her voice to the chorus of observation.

Saoirse's here, of course, scowling intermittently at a persistent pre-teen who's trying to dangle over the gallery railing. "Need a hand, Nuff?" She nods to the weyrwoman's lizard-ridden hair.

Sita nods, looking up at her friend, 'Yes.." is breathed back, "He's beautiful." She crosses her fingers for her friend, and turns her attention to the blue who is yet un Impressed. Or is he? She's lost track..

T'lendel grins down at Areiah, nodding once, twice. "I think so, yes. Suits her well. Maybe it will settle her a little." Note the teasing finger-crossing. And then, deeply blue eyes widen, for as Areiah turned, over her shoulder hatched a bronze. "Areiah. Areiah, dear, turn 'round.."

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet halts, the tiny dear muzzle swivels around. There! Over there! There she is! Wobbly feet are forced into a hasty canter and the inevitable happens. One of the wide sails gets tripped up by a slightly oversized foot and this brings the blue to a surprised standstill. But limbs are sorted out quickly and momentum regained now that his goal is so close and with a sweet little croon, wings raised high as not to be in his way again, the dainty blue tries to bury the rest of him in Oorla's lap, lifting his rainbow gaze to her violet.

Nuff beams her thanks and offers Saoirse a head full of curls and 'lizards. "Just get a few of them out? Please?"

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Oorla, and steps forward.

Shaela's congratulations are granted along with the others, toothy grin cracked as she notices Petita's awed expression: "I think this is the first Hatching Petita's ever been to," the girl leans over to whisper in Taida's ear, head motioning towards the short girl beside her.

Kelvren adds his voice to the throng of others now congratulating the newly impressed pair. "Aaliyah!" Hands raise to applaud for a moment before he tears his eyes away from the joyous scene, rather hoping to see more of that…closer up. He runs his coarse, work worn fingers through his flame red hair, though he notes now in reflection that it has darkened since the last time he stood here. But that thought dies away to nothing as he turns at the sound of another egg cracking, the occupant errupting outwards. Gaping for a moment, he stares at the dragonet and simply in awe at the speed by which the creature is already moving about.

Aaliyah blinks, looks up, one arm curving about Isharith as she heeds D'renn's shouted words "Oh…okay." Meek for once, she leads the beauteous dragonet to the sidelines, her smile wide and gaze dazed still. "Here?" Wherever you want her to put herself, so she can continue to worship her green.

Liseria half-gasps, half squeaks at the hatchling of the bronze. Even though Lis can't Impress him, he sure is one /beautiful/ bronze. "Too bad we can't Impress 'im, eh Tai?" Aaliyah is noticed again, along with her Ishirith. "Oh, congratulations!" Lis calls out, a little too late. Another! "Congrats, Oorla"

D'renn just grins at the change in the haughty lass, and beckons her and her lifemate out.

Tessera turns back from the tear-jerking view of Aaliyah to refocus heat-blurred eyes on the sands before her. As the war-torn egg splits and the bronze emerges, face alights with a shining beam, surely her usual hundred and ten watt beam. "Bronze!" Tess is the announcer for this evening, if you haven't figured that out yet. Blink, as Oorla brings the blue to her, into Impression. "Oorla!" she cries, snatching her hand away as if it burns, happiness streaming out.

D'renn escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

"Oorla!" Taida's cry's bright and startled, fingers waving from within LiseriaGrasp towards Oorla and her blue. Yipes. Two, now.

Taliesin is lucky that the impression of the blue to Oorla was in the direction of the bronze, because that's where his eyes are locked at the moment, but he can still move his lips, and with that he yells out loudly. "Oorla! Yea!" Fingers squeezing Sita's tightly, before he lets go, trying to prevent breaking her hand.

"Oorla! Congratulations!" Thesy is visibly more enthusiastic about this pair and waves cheerfully at the tall girl, not without a quick look up at the ledge where Sardrinth is curled up, watching the ongoings with vivid interest.

Adora bounces, but not because of the heat this time. A bronze - and the blue has impressed! "Oorla! Congratulations," she calls again, moving out of the way and dragging Tess and Sita with her. Her eyes begin to tear up - so happy is she for all of her friends.

Oorla raises eyes. Blue? Here? "What? Mrrdynth?" Fingers hestitate over magically soft hide, stroking down the eyeridges carefully. "Mrrdynth!" It is repeated, triumphantly and strongly, ignoring all but this beautiful blue below her.

"Oorla!" R'sli waves the girl over with a grin. "Over here!" He grins at D'renn. See? He can help and not wear out Weyrlingmaster vocal chords.

Annalee waves over to Oorla now, harper's lungs calling out across the heat and commotion - "Over here, Oorla, bring him this way!" Blue. Oh yes, blue is best don't you know… It's her Erranth's color.

Aaliyah escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Saoirse begins the delicate operation of removing determined claws from Nuff-curls, and winces as firelizard talons sink into her thumb. "Been washin' yer hair with herdbeast 'r somethin'? Shards!" But she's bigger and meaner than they are, talons or no. She will win.

Pikar oohs, purdy bronze, cute couple, hot sands. "Congrats Oorla!" calls out bouncing boy as he waves again… listening for name called out as he weaves amongst his fellows, not staying still… sands's too hot for that.

Sita tugs on Tal's hand, and calls out, "Oorrrrla! Congrats!" NOt letting go, she clings tighter to Tal and Adora. Clench. Dance. She seems to have a rythm. "adora! she impressed!"

E'ren muses as he notes the most recent Impression of the blue. "Ooh… what's that girl's name? Oorla, they're saying? Handsome blue. In a couple Turns, she'll be one I'll have to make sure is around when Xeth rises." Mischief lights his grin.

D'renn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Ishirith has left.

Eggs eggs everywhere - but it's the humans who are frying. Enya squirms another hopped step in place betwix Areiah and a wingmate, B'arbie. Wriggle wriggle, pause at impression, nod..smile..then back to the shuffle hop.

Miri merely sticks her tongue out at E'ren. That's what weyrmates are for.

Kelvren looks away to congratulate Oorla as well, smile coming forth happily as he regards the her and the blue. "Congratulations!" he cheers loudly, waving hands over his head, though he's certain that it'll be missed with all the others. But the point is that he did at least. Still grinning, he moves more scattered hair out of his eyes, looking back out at the sands to see where the other dragonets have gone, and also what choices they have made as well.

D'renn shakes his head slowly, gathering dragonets to the side of the Sands, smiling fondly at the new lifemates.

Khayet actually hears his fathers 'prediction' and winces, knowing just like his unhappy twin that his father is wrong. He just knows it. Doesn't even have to look at the handsome, proud bronze to know that's not the lifemate for him.

E'ren catches Miri's 'look' and simply beams at her, it being obvious what she's thinking. "Flights are flights, aren't they?" And E'ren can't help it if he enjoys them.

Oorla hears a summons, and she shuffles that way to the cooler sands, urging Mrrdynth beside her. A great smile splits her face as she answers the summons, slanting back a smile of thanks to all those who called, tears verging, if not spilling as she hunkers down with her blue near the edge.

Areiah turns, of course, and shrugs lightly as T'lendel's hands fall to her narrow little shoulders. "I can see," she begins to protest, and then silences, catching both the newest Impressee and the beautiful bronze. "Oh.. oh, love, yes, you did just beautifully, yes. Enya? Enya, did you see that?" It realy doesn't matter which one she ment. Both were simply breathtaking. Oh, right. Breathe.

Toothy grin broadens as Shaela spots the Impression of another fellow Reaches resident, congratulatory cry mingling with those of others. "There'll be other blues," she notes quickly, squeezing her young companion's hand.

Part 2

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