High Reaches' 3rd PC Hatching (part 2)

Nuff's gold Tiareth x S'phen's brown Trebinth and Areiah's gold Ysbryth x T'lendel's bronze Cairhoth
11th June 1999
Logged by D'renn

Part 1

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet gets himself straightened up again and is back on the rampage. Wings out, head high, the tiny bronze bursts forwards again, running down a half-open egg and the candidate beside it. No harm, no foul, he keeps on going.

Gihan offers a meek little yelp of encoragment and surprise to the impresees, then blends again to the mass. He digs unclad feet into the sand, a futile attempt to feel anchored and secure.

Miri merely looks smug, as her eyes stray to the baby bronze on the sands. "Well, you know how Capryth /loves/ bronzes. And that's such a /lovely/ one out there.. I wonder what the lucky boy will look like.." Two can play at this game.

Taliesin's eyes watch that bronze dash everywhere, and Taliesin's laugh masks the tinge of fear that drips itself into him. If there were any that were going to maul, he can see it being that one, and so he waits, prepeared.

Nuff beams happily at Saoirse, still trying to watch what's going on anyways.

Tessera fairly jumps up and down, excitement contained; but barely. "Oorla!" she chants, as she dashes back a quick moisture at her jade-flecked eyes, before clamping both hands around her anchor of Adora. Feet continue, this time a rendition of the Candie Foxtrot for all's amusement as she pulls up hem from tripping the dancing feet. "Look at the bronze.. he know's where he's going," is the approving nod of red head to all and sundry.

"Goregous darling, simply gorgous." Enya assures with a grin and nod to Areiah as she squirms abit in place again, craning head to catch each impression dutifully.

Heat. Taida's just wallowing in it, bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth. "The bronze's lovely," she says to no one in particular - it doesn't matter if he is, anyway.

Sita stands nervously, clutching her friends hands, and watching. "He's handsome.." she offers.. eyeing the unhatched eggs.

Caiher keeps a wary eyes on that charging bronze. Standing all by himself now, the others having moved away discreetly, shooed away by that fishy smell that's emanating from his cursed robe, he sighs.

Adora nods to Tess. "He does seem to know where he is headed, doesn't he? And it's not for us, that's for sure." Females and bronzes do not mix. Her eyes continue to scan the eggs, watching as more and more hatch. So many eggs in the double clutch.

Kelvren winces at the wake of the young bronze's path, noting the knocked egg and fellow candidate. "Ooof! He's going to be a handful, I betcha." he murmurs with a bit of trepidation as he continues to watch. "But he should have been watching." Indicating the candidate now struggling to rise indignantly. "I suppose."

"Amazingly so." Taliesin's lips are still in a smile, and another deep squeeze of hands goes to Sita. "See any eggs that you think may be gold?" He's not looking where she is, just listening to her words.

E'ren grins at Miri and dutifully inspects the bronze. "Yes, you're right. I wonder who he'll pick. If it's someone cute, you'll bring him back to the weyr, won't you?" Xeth may like blues, but Renren's always had a weakness for bronzeriders. Not that it's ever done him much good….

Liseria pulls up the TaidaHand to itch at her nose, careful not to let too many of Tai's fingers poke her in the eye. "Very handsome. And he knows where he's going, 'parrently," comes the answer as she drops her and Taida's hand back to where they're supposed to be.

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg shimmies slightly, causing sands to slink off pyschidelic shell to make colors seem all the more neon as egg starts next session of movement - oh shake it, shake it, yah yah!

Pikar continues with the snuggle hop, turnabout sand dance, in and out, between this candidate and that friend, back and forth in a never ending pattern as Pikar tries to keep feet cool and eyes upon various dragonets. Robe is shifted and feet kept light, for sand makes for owwied feets and hot-hot conditions.

Sita breathes, "I dont know…" She whispers to Adora, "Look.. another is moving!" her eyes rove ceaslessly, jumping up and down..

Khayet finds himself dancing out of the bronzes way so that he can help his fellow candidate up.

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet would charge if he thought he could manage it. The more people he runs into, the wider the berth given this accident of bronze. Faster, further, with ballistic need the little dragon clears a path towards just what he has always wanted.

Taida cranes her neck, peering towards that purply egg - one of Nuff's favorites, wasn't it? "That one's moving, that purple one," she observes, ShaelaHand lifting to waggle at the egg. Cause, LiseriaHand's trying not to poke Liseria in the eye.

Miri flutters her eyelashes prettily. "What if I don't wanna share?" But even amidst the bantering, she makes time to escort a newly Impressed brown and his stunned lifemate, a Tillek boy, to the Food.

Tessera watches with squinty-eyed look. "Aye, not for us, but he looks like he's got a firm handle on it," she notes to Adora, head cocked to mutter the observance before slanted eyes snap to the other eggs, then flicker up to galleries, then back in a dizzying cycle.

Caiher suddenly becomes aware that he's standing right in the path of the dashing bronze. Casting a glance backwards over his shoulder, he starts to retreat. Slowly.

Shaela bobs her head, flipping misplaced braids behind her shoulders with the PetitaHand. "Reminiscent of T'vim's Eldiath," the girl notes, quickly scanning the bronze's colouring. It's the black. "He's, uhm, rather speedy, too," she adds before being distracted to observe the egg Taida's pointing at. She doesn't see movement. Where's movement?

Kelvren backs up a step or two as the bronze dragonet charges about, watching his increasing speed with both admiration and just a bit of nervousness. When that creature hits whichever 'lucky' boy he's looking for, it may hurt!

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet just keeps right on dashing - no surrender! Faster, quicker, drawn inexorably towards his choice of candidate. There, right there. Fish.

Oh yah baybee! It's purple, it's rockin'…it's groooovey, man. Twitching again,Groovalicious Flower Power Egg siddles abit in it's clutch spot to nearly bury it's self in the sand with afew bumps - dig it, man. But..not without a faint haze of cracks starting to appear.

Taida squeaks. "/There/, Shae, the purple one," the herdercandidate clarifies, that hand waggling enthusiastically. "Now it's cracking."

Liseria follows Taida's gaze to the pulsing purple egg that's a -lot- more than purple. "Yeh, it's moving, cracking too. Wonder what it's got in there…" Well, she'll just have to see, won't she? "Is it gonna hatch, or just sit there and look pretty?"

Taliesin's eyes can't help but notice the cracks in the egg that the bronze dragonet passes by, and he watches as it charges, thinking that he knows who it's target is, and wishing teh best for the boy. Hand again squeezes Sita's, and as Tal realizes that he's been standing now on the hot sand without moving, he gasps and shifts. /A lot/. Hothothot.

Saoirse extracts one tiny gold firelizard, ignoring its many protestations as she passes the thing forward. "She's little. New 'un?" Not that she's really paying too much attention to the creature. Little dragons are more interesting to Saoirses than little firelizards, though for Nuff's sake, she does try to be careful with it.

Another step back is taken while Caiher doesn't dare move his eyes from the bronze. Shells! A few more steps and he's at the walls. Nervously he glances about, next step is taken sideways.

Adora reaches out with the Sita-hand and points, just as the rest of her fellows are doing. "That one - it's hatching next, I think." Not that there aren't dozens of other eggs which are hatching at the same time, but that one looks special. Must be the swirly pattern which surrounds it in dizzy colors.

Sita giggles nervously at Adora, "Yes.. I think so too!" She gives a squeaze to Tal's hand, encouraging. Oh, wow…

Shaela sees the purple one. And sees the movement. "Ooh," she remarks, as does Petita beside her. "She liked that one - the first one we touched," Shae notes in reference to her young companion.

Sen wanders over to Areiah and T'lendel, leaving her semi-cool perch, and smiles "Well….quite the eggs you two produced…or your dragons, rather" Eyes flick to Tiareth and Nuff "Them too, of course." Praise where praise is due "Think there will be a gold?"

Kelvren continues to watch, fidgiting as he fights to see what target the missile like dragonet is aiming at. Will it shoot on by? Strike? Explode enroute? A slight grin appears as he considers the possibilities of the bronze's envigorated movements ending in a shower of hot sand everywhere.

Not as new as these dragons, but yah. Fish is already teaching her bad habits. Nuff shakes her curls down over the shoulder and any 'lizards left in there, and pockets the tiny chalice of gold into one of her many pockets. "Look thre. Another one."

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg shake shake shakes! Yes, egg shakes that groove thang, hip-bumping it's clutch mates in the process as more veins of cracks appear - yes, definately got the rythmn now. And then, one last celebrative shimmie is given and neon purpled shell breaks away…

Groovalicious Flower Power Egg fights the good fight, but the dynamic little trouble-maker inside /shall/ overcome. Despite the protests of psychadelic shell, colors fall and swirl, melting like a dream. Melting. Molting. Moulding… they taint, for a moment, the wetly-dark hide of the dragonet as she suddenly just appears.

Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet
Wildfire and wildflowers come together along the swift and graceful curves of this slim-cut dragon, burning to gold the field of hemp that underlays those more vibrant, virulent hues: sunfire lights salient hooks of 'ridges and sails, running as rastafarian braids along her snakey spine and down the coil of her daring and determined tail. The rest of her petite frame blossoms with green in every earth-grown shade and hue, the colors scurrying to cover each sharp angle or flowing, lilting curve and even her deep-set eyes swirl and melt with psychadelic glee.

Pikar finds himself another white clad candidate to siddle up to, grinning at him 'fore eyes turn back towards the eggs, taking a count, one, bounce, two… three, bounce, four. One foot, two foot, where was he again? He turns eyes back upon the sands, wavery in the heat, and starts again, watching one wiggle and crack.

Thesy grins, her eyes following the bronze's race over the sands, this one certainly knows what he wants. Moving closer to Annalee, she grabs her hands and murmurs, "Oh my! Seems to me like it was yesterday when I dragged you over the sand."

Tessera gazes for a moment at the egg that is forecasted to crack next. "Gets me dizzy just looking at it," she notes with an amused chuckle spiriting through the ranks before attention is drawn back to bronze's charted course, launching himself through the sea, cruising. "It's very… purple," Tess admits with wrinkled nose. Purple, it's just, not her thing. Tess is more of a earth-tone girl.

Annalee steps closer to Areiah and T'lendel, sapphire eyes sparkling as she remembers their own Hatching. "Already this looks like a good group and oh… Look at that green…"

Sita yanks excitedly, "Look! Another one!" to no one in particular. She tugs on friend's hands, watching. Oh ohohohohohohoh… She gasps… oh my!

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet finds himself nose to nose with Caehir and, despite - or because of - the added odor-o-fish, maeks history. Big Boy calling. Hi.

Ancient Akkadian Egg gives a flickering shudder, cracking ever-so-slightly move in the process. Soon. The time is coming.

Taida's eyes widen, fingers clasping even tighter - vise-like, indeed - around Liseria's hand. Shaela's too - now what was purple is /green/. "Look," she breathes, bouncing again on her toes. Hoooot.

"Mmm? Oh! Sen! Thank you! They're /lovely/, aren't they? Did you see that green? And that /bronze/?" And that blue, and that green, and.. Areiah is excited. Don't mind the squeaks. "I certainly hope there will be a gold, yes. We had enough goldish-colored eggs, didn't we?"

D'renn hasn't stopped for breath for many long moments… but now he stops for a swig of wine, leaning against the wall for a minute before bawling after another couple of new weyrlings.

"Gorgeous green," Sorsh agrees. "Whose is that one? Ysbryth's or Tiareth's?" Her grin is broad. "Or can ye tell?"

Taliesin is unable to ignore the yank, and he turns his head to look at the green, unable to resist an oooh. "She's beautiful.." But now he's gotta turn back to the missle. Gotta see where that bronze goes, and smiling deeply, he congradulates Caehir as the boy impresses.

Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Caiher, and steps forward.

Liseria watches the egg pusle and bump and bouce until it deposits its contents. "Wow!" Lis crows with a hearty chuckle. "That is one sharding funky green, isn't it? So many colors, but so…harmonic." Shaking her vise-hand, she manages to get /some/ circulation in the hand.

Nuff glances from green to egg to Tiareth and grins. "We can tell. The gardeny one there is Tiareth and Trebinths. So was that bronze that just impressed. And those blues there… That little brown is one of 'Bryth's. Isn't he lovely?

Tessera forms her mouth into an 'O' of surprise. "Bronze! Impressed! Him!" Unable to construct full sentences, Tess uses her free hand to guesture at the green as well. "She certainly looks… free." Liberal springs to mind. Retro even in her cast. Hand claps against thigh in a muted applause for the impression of Caehir, blinding smile on her face matching the white of robe.

Adora pulls a bit on Tessera's arm, now using that one to point. "It's a green," She's so good at stating the obvious. Bounce, bounce, rock n'roll go her feet as she tries to stop their perpetual burning. Who's /bright/ idea was it to come out here in bare feet again?

Sita calls out a "Congratulations!" to caehir, giving Tal's hand a squeeze. her attention wanders back to the green.. and the other moving eggs.

Ancient Akkadian Egg twists, widening the cracks to a point almost large enough to see what's inside - but not quite.

Khayet manages to miss the hatchings in making sure that the lad that Caehir's bronze ran over is alright. Best to have something to keep him from remember for an instant what's going on.

Taida lifts her lips in a smile, ShaelaHandFingers wiggling in a waved congratulations towards Caiher. She goes back to green-gawking, though LiseriaHandFingers manage to loosen a bit - circulation is a Good Thing.

Sen blinks, awash with squeaks and burbles out of Weyrwoman's mouth, then grins "Yes, well. The color of the egg makes no difference, to my mind." She says with a bit more calm than Areiah. She's seen this before, after all "It's the color of the hide that counts. I like a nice green, myself..like that one there! She looks like trouble" Glance is slide to D'renn, her smile turning sly "Looks like you have quite the hassle in that one, hmm?"

Blink. Stare.Blink. Caiher is stunned and cautiously flings his arms around the bronze's neck. "Nabylth!" Softly the name is spoken, calloused hands caressing neckridges et all. "Nabylth!"

The little Sir Galahad Brown Dragonet in question takes a few more questing steps forwards and then bravely claims a large and bony lad from Crom.

Shaela bobs her head emphatically, braids flip-flopping about her shoulders. Stay /put/. "Green," the Candidate again states the colour, once again squeezing Petita's hand in consolation. "Isn't she pretty, though?" she does her best to encourage Happy Thoughts for her friend.

No, no we won't go! Doh…but it's no use, protest march is brought to view as Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet is shimmied from her purpled swirled shell. Tilting moss green head slightly as she takes in the current scene - oh, wow…Woodstock it ain't - Sandstock?

Taliesin's eyes linger slowly over the bronze for just a moment more, before Taliesin turns to the green that's now free, admiring the little beauty. And then out of the corner of his eyes he notices the brown too, and gasps softly, half from the burning sensation in his feet, the other half from excitement.

Gihan can find no solice among the jostles and pushes of the up-front group. But he's not one to protest. To the back he recedes, with a faint smile to that Hyper-Hippie green. Here the noise it softer, and is it just his imagination, or are the sands cooler? Peace. Ah.

D'renn bawls once more: "You, Caiher! What's his name? Nobylth? And what's your name?" comes the cry as he beckons them over.

Saoirse's brows lift as said brown Impresses. "He is kinda nice-lookin'." She snorts, then, turning red-faced. "Or Siulth seems to think so at any rate." Siulth seems to think a lot of things, judging by the colour of Saoirse's face.

Kelvren chuckles slightly as the bronze finds the right target, voicing his congratulations with the other candidates. Didn't explode after all. As the weyrlingmasters take the two off to the side, he looks back to try and get a good look at what's going on now, spotting several off on the sides, already hatched and moving around.

Miri gives E'ren a sweet smile. "Noblyth. Capryth says she likes."

T'lendel has been watching this squeaking and burbling routine for quite awhile, now, and chuckles gently, shaking his head. "Areiah, darling, if you don't breathe out here, you're going to faint," he cautions, and then quirks a lopsided grin, winking at Sen. "She's been like this from the beginning of the hatching." A stage whisper, to be sure - one that gains him a nudge from the petite 'rider at his side and another light, soprano giggle.

Nuff blames the heat for the way the greenrider looks. "Yes Saoirse, there are ever so many of them. I hope none get lost."

Sita jumps from foot to foot.. "Oh, I wish I hadn't forgotten my shoes! I wasn't going to go barefoot," is mumbled as Sita watches the Dragonets. Whose next? She gulps.

Khayet looks up in time to see the brown impress and sighs. That's what he gets for not paying attention at the right moment.

Taida's eyes widen at the sight of the Earth-Muffin Hippie. "Oh, my," she murmurs, fingers now resting - less squeezy - in the hands of Her Candidates. "She's so gorgeous."

Caiher stands up, very straight now, fishy smell isn't important anymore. Leading his precious other half towards the edge of the Sands, D'renn gets his answer, "It's Nabylth, Sir! /Nabylth/! And I'm C'her from now on, please!"

Pikar wobbles on his toes as one comes up and t'other goes down…. just slightly, eyes turning to watch brown a moment, then returning to green again, congratulations called out again to passing and newest cute couple. Shuffling he leans up against nearest candie, regaining balance only a moment later, "She's pretty." he points towards the green.

E'ren wrinkles his nose at Miri. "Noblyth? Nice name, but… the boy he picked smells like fish!" Even Renren has his standards, as much as that might surprise someone.

Tessera eyes feet. Bare feet. "Adora, you don't have /shoes/?" comes incredulous askance from the red-haired herder as she turns from the enthralling scene of the green and wildly rocking ovoids to nudge her friend. "Silly bunny!" comes the tsk, tongue against dry roof of her mouth. Shards, but there should be some refreshments out here. How's one expected to look their best when one's wilting like a sevenday old flower?

"C'her and Noblyth. Well, this way then…." D'renn directs them, along with several others, to the sides of the Sands. He

Liseria watches with wide eyes at the speedy bronze finds his match among their throng. 'Course, that still leaves the swirly green to deal with. Lis needs to study this little gal before she can slap a compliment on her. "Very down-to-earth, she is." There we go; both literally, and figureatively it seems.

Taliesin nods emphatically in agreement to Sita. "I had a pair of sandles that were lined up, and some drudge boy was supposed to bring them to me…but he never did." That one's gonna get it from Taliesin afterwards, trying to nuzzle feet deeper into the sand, wondering if it's colder down there.

Miri brushes E'ren's remark off with a breezy, "Smell is the last thing on your mind when there's a flight." But she won't get into that in front of an audience.

Sen has to hold her breath somewhat too as the bronze is escorted by fishy lifemate, but she grins at T'lendel good naturedly "Well….it is her first, you know. And Ysbryth's as well. I think they should be allowed to be excited although.." she gives Areiah a look 'We'd hate to see you explode from such…euphoria. Breathe deep!"

Adora scans everywhere, peering up momentarily into the Galleries. Goodness, if all those weyrbrats who are waving so violently don't sit down, they are liable to fall! She smiles to the smallest of ther 'brats, who is waving about the string of bells Adora had given her a sevenday ago. Gaze turns to Tess, "Someone told me it was better to go barefoot," she says with a shrug. It's jsut as hot shoe'd as it is otherwise.

Ancient Akkadian Egg lets another piece pop away with a *kiskos,* and a citrine tail snakes out. Next, with an effort that sends the egg rolling back, long weedy legs burst through, flail, and crack it further as the occupant draws them back in and explodes into forward motion. Not until the eggshell has been left behind does the dragonet rise to her feet and stand from her clearly intentional tumbling.

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet
Rich, earthen golds wrap this dragonet in the dusky mystery of her heritage: rivulets of wine-red passions swirl with wild abandon over her pugnacious headknobs and dissipate like laughter into the citrine hues twining a slender, drunken tail. Firelight licks her chest, a distraction from its uncommonly narrow width and the weedy lengths of legs and talons all darkened with greeny purples. Her wings are sparse, almost ragged, despite the once-decadent embroidery that etches stolen gold along those crimson, oh-so-fragile sails.

Sita nods absently, "That's not good!" Her own feet twitch as she clings to 'Dora's and Tal's hand.. She has to remind herself to breath as flint gaze moves from egg to dragonet to egg to big draggies back to eggs.

Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet sways abit in indecision where she's poised at edge of white masses - you aren't The Man, are ya? No? groovey..I can dig that. Earthy green coasts slowly into crowd of candidates, mixing with youth as she pauses here and there with a mellow croon - she's in no hurry. Just chiiiill man.

Suddenly C'her's face turns crimson and he looks down at his lifemate, deepest embarrassment clearly showing. "Oh my! Oh my! Really?" He seems to shrink and turns to D'renn, his next words coming in a crackled voice, "I'm so sorry. Muddled things up again. Of course, it's /Noblyth/!"

D'renn manages to catch sight of a hatching this time… and the most interesting of all so far.

Taliesin freezes again, and his lips can move only enough to say one thing. "Gold." That's all. He's frozen, no movement save for that of his chest rising and falling soflty, and he watches with wide eyes. Gold.

Taida's sort of busy eyeing the green, when a flash of gold's caught out of the corner of her eye. "Gold." As though no one else noticed.

Caiher escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Shaela's hands may be less squeezy, but they are increasingly sweaty. It's that whole nerves thing, y'know. Her efforts to console Petita seem to have worked: once again Shae is surrounded by Candidates in complete admiration of the same dragonet. "I have to - " the girl begins, cutting off as she spots a flicker of gold. "She's gold." How observant.

Sita tugs, "Tal! Adora! There's a /gold/!" her breath trembles and she swallows hard, her hands and whole body caught in a deluge of nervousness and trembling.. she doesn't even notice the heat scorching her feet. Oh…. my..

Explode? Areiah blinks owlishly at Sen - and then grins. Teasing, yes, she's being teased. "I'm fine," she insists, settling against T'lendel's side, albeit lightly. "It's just hot, and.. and.. oh. Oh.. oh, Ty.. /Ty/." Wide blue eyes, once a'glitter with excitement and anixiousness, now begin to film with tears. "Gold. It's a gold. Our gold."

Tessera has opinions, but hey, it's Adora's feet who are getting the barbeque. Nose wrinkles as she peers at the newest, eyes flicking back and forth between. Green and gold. It's a transition from spring to fall, right before their very eyes. "Aye, gold," she assures from sticky tongue as she shuffles back and forth in her grainy wallow of heated sand. Orbs flicker to and fro, anywhere but on the newest.

Liseria lets her eyes sway with the greens languid movements. Seems like that hatchling'll be taking her own sweet time. That gives Lis a moment or three to scan the new - gold - arrival. "Now /that's/ a gold dragon. All pomp and preen, and all that stuff," she explains ramblingly to Taida and Shaela, and anyone else nearby.

Nobylth has left.

"Well, congratulations…" D'renn offers Areiah hoarsely, taking a moment to offer the young weyrwoman his wineskin.

Pikar squeeks, toe burning as he stops a moment, watching the gold, then the green, then the gold, then the green. Doesn't take long for those toes to feel the heat.. they were supposed to have shoes? Oops? Oh well, he got the robe at least.

Sen just laughs at Areiah..she can't help it. That amazing enthusiasm has just turned to wordless squeaks and barely intelligible utterings "Of course its gold, silly." She murmurs, though her congratulations shines in her smile "Well done!" A look is given to the proud dragons, too. They must be just bursting with pride.

Adora's jaw hangs limply open. "That's a gold," she murmurs, squeezeing at Sita and Tessera again. One eye is on the green, and one on the gold. Oh, my, indeed. Her breath held for sure this time, she simply watches, even her hot feet forgotten in the moment.

Miri whistles, emerald eyes shifting towards the new arrival. "Well whaddya know. Hey look, Renren, there's a gold in there after all."

Taliesin lets his eyes shift about the rest of the canidates for just a moment, observing the way they're reacting to the gold, and enjoying that as well. Everyone seems to be as shocked as he is, at least he doesn't stand out. Brushing a strand of black hair out of his eyes, and wondering idly for a moment if he could have a hair color that's any worse for heat, Tal watches the gold.

T'lendel really doesn't need any more prompting than that, and looks up, beyond Sen and Enya and the knot of 'riders to the new arrival. No words, just a drape of one arm 'cross Areiah's shoulders, and a light squeeze. Some whispers are exchanged, and then, the bronzerider falls silent, observing.

A herd of lads behind Pikar break into a chant. "Go Pik! Go Pik! Go Pik!", trying to get him to put himself in the path of the gold.

Kelvren watches in awe along with the others as the gold emerges from her shell. "Wow, they were right, there is a gold after all." He smiles at the sight, since not everyone gets to watch such an event in their lifetime, let alone more than once.

So what? Gold is so…The Man. Too superficial for Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet. Mossy damp green barely gives queen dragonet a side glance as she mellowly works her way through the crowd - this is nice, but she really /does/ need a protest partner.

Khayet thought he got chills at the blue that Oorla impressed……He didn't know then what chills were. "Oh my….." Is all his can say as he blinks, he knows this one is for the girls, btu still…wow.

E'ren squints out at the Sands. "Ooh, a gold. She's so…" (you can almost see the list of words he mentally goes through) "crumpled. I guess all the dragonets are, though." In general, though, E'ren isn't so awed. Not to fall over himself, at least.

Sita's lips tremble, well, her whole body goes through spasms as she eyes the gold dragonet. Seh gulps, her eyes wide and she nibbles her lips, nearly raw. "She's sooo.. soo beautiful.." She clings tightly to 'Dora and Tal. Oh, my…

Sen eyes the gold with appreciation, before her gaze flicks back to that little green "She's lovely…but I still prefer that one" Groovalicious thing is indicated, and admired. Quite yummy, s'long as Sindiath can't hear her. Ahem.

Nuff watches Tiareth's little groovy green, as much as she watches the vibrancy of gold. "Well, that's that then", says Nuff with a little grin. "It will be good to have another weywoman at the weyr… pity they're all so young."

Taida, for whatever reason, takes a last look at the gold before peering once more at the green. What's she doing? Reddened gold catches her eyes again, and she peers after the newlyhatched gold - but verdant earth-girl keeps catching that sapphire gaze. What to look at? Too many dragons. Not enough eyes. Yeah.

Pikar can be prompted, encouraged… he's encourigable. Turning such a grin upon the herd behind him, he giggles, shrugs, and slips out away from lad beside him and hopping out a bit… too bad noone can predict the path of a dragonet, eh?

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet swings her head to glance over the ring of Candidates, then begins to wander, the wobbly walk of most dragonets somehow transformed into a sway that seems purposeful. Wander she does, indeed, to the opposite end before zigzaging back, after her own fashion.

Bursting with pride? That's Ysbryth, who stretches, coos a descant welcome to the new arrivals. Tail is coiled, stretched, and transfixed, she thrums - accompanied by the nearest-by Cairhoth, who looks about as proud a pappa if ever there were one.

Taliesin leans down to Sita, whispering soflty. "I wonder who will get it…" Eyes shifting to Pikar and staying there for a second, Taliesin can't help but laugh again, the soft sound barely heard over the thrumming of the dragons. Crazy lad, that one.

Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet wobbles darting head in time to some sort of unheard beatnik music - oh, yah..dig it man. Pause is taken as dragonet takes a considering peer at a rather mop haired Crom youth - Tell me, Powers, do you swing? No? shame.

Tessera gives a heaving breath at the collective gasp of the color, she stays silent admist the growing murmur. Ahuh, it's gold. And there's a beautiful green out there as well. Amethyst orbs jet from one to the other, never able to keep still for long, just as her feet rock in the wallow she now stands in, making short redhead even shorter. Free hand fans vainly as she maps both courses with intense curiousity.

Tiareth joins in Ysbryth's welcome: to gold, and all the rest, rumbling and thrumming with an overflow of delight.

Liseria likes the gold alright, but she's not shaking in her sandals over it. Nope, Lis lost that vibe hatchlings ago. Casual gaze scans the gold, noting this or that, 'specially the in-you-face stride. "What a dominant little thing, even for being a gold and all."

Sita flashes a shaky smile up Tal, her gaze trapped by the gold dragonet. "I wonder.." she breaths, her eyes tearing up from the heat, but feet are forgotten as the dragonet steals her breath away.

Areiah sways from heel to ball of foot, just sort of staring, watching. A nod to T'lendel, slow, a reply to whatever it was the 'rider whispered, and then, for D'renn and Sen and everyone else offering congratulations and praise: "Thank you. She's so lovely. And the green." Yes, yes, too many dragons, not enough to take it all in with.

Taida follows the slowly swaggering green with sapphire eyes, fingers tightening slowly around both of Her Candidates' hands. "Oooooh." Let it be up to discussion what she's oo'ing over.

Shaela melts right along with the rest of them, grip tightening on both Taida and Petita's hands whether they like it or not. "She's got red bits, too," Shaela immediately begins blabbering - blubbering? - about the colour. "S'my favourite colour," she adds, should that tidbit not have been noticed during Candidacy.

Khayet blinks as the hippy-green comes into his view, breaking the golds spell for a moment. Well, more than a moment really. He's gone back to the standing stock still thing again. Rigid, tensed.

Adora doesn't say much of anything, merely watches all the hatchlings, gold and green alike, and all the others as well. She also watchs the faceof her fellow candidates, the odd mixture of emotion written therein. Hers probably reflects excitement and fear as she finally remembers to breath.

Gihan shifts to his other foot, humming a mantra for his patience.

Taliesin peels his gaze off of Pikar for a bit to watch the green, wondering just what she is doing. All the other dragonets chose quickly, and this one's content to just wander, it seems. Odd dragonet.

Pikar is in the path, of, um…. of something, but he's out there, 'tween dragons and candies. Hrm, is being encouragable a good thing? Pikar shrugs, giggles and continues to shuffle, in the path of… something.

Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg shifts, twitches, and then stills once more. Not quite, not quite.

Celtic Cross Egg lies in slumber, adrift with dreams.

Oh, just swing it baybee! Shimmying further along the sands, Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Green Dragonet occasionally slaps spade-tail at a robe hip here and there - Oh behave! Still, mellow dragon works way definately towards one end of the crowd, that's definately a swinger crowd over there. Lookit how they dance, lifting one foot then another. Definately groovey.

Sita stands still, for once, and is quiet. She is stone.. she is granite. Her eyes latch onto the gold dragonet, but she turns ehr attention to the green too.. She forgets the heat, she forgets everything but the dragonet..

Taida does the candi-hop while still eyeing that verdant prowler while still keeping a fix on the location of the crimson'd gold with the other eye. "Where's she going?" Taida asks - let it be up to the others to decide who she's asking about.

Bulimic Consumerism Egg joins its brother in shifting in its cozy egg mound, seeming to expand and contract and expand again…just like the gross national debt. Or is that just expanding?

Conrad shakes himself out of his trance, peering about. Who? Wha?

Liseria scuffs her toe in the hot sands, trying to shake out more of the sand that's oh-so-invasive. "I dunno," comes the answer to Taida's question, looking around at all those dancing Candidates. It's hot alright. Weight shifts from left foot to right foot as she watches after the gold and green, or at least -tries- to.

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet peers at a gangly girl from High Reaches, a well-tanned Igenite, and a sharp-faced, boinging Weaver - and keeps going. Those are not meant for her, nor are they the One. The One must be here, and must be found. Even if she has to traverse the Hatching Sands three times over, which she looks to be doing anyway. Those in her way are gently but firmly nudged aside, if they don't move before, by a gooey muzzle.

Bulimic Consumerism Egg has it now….not the gross national debt. Consumerism! Spending! Getting less for your money! Or, in this egg's case, you might get more than you bargained for. It quivers, shudders, and all around makes its presence known, an advertisement for something to come

"I dunno?" Is Shaela's hasty reply, violet gaze flickering quickly to the groovin' little green. Up and down go the feet in even, synchronized steps, as she views the dragonet's progress.

Shake Shake shake! Shake your groove thang! Just as it all started, Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet shimmies and all together boogies her way through crowds of white, pausing with a appreicative croon towards one rather odd candidate swinging hands wildly - only this causes dragonet to bump hip into another herder candie. With a mellow croon, damp moss head swivels to peer upwards before croon turns to murmered trill - oh, this one /is/ groovey, baybee. Whirling pyschidelic eyes spin faster to some disco beat - Taida: The Candidate Who Shagged Me. Dig it.
Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Taida, and steps forward.

Sita steps unconscously closer to the gold dragonet, just a miniscul setp when she notices Taida impress.. "COngrats!" is called out happily. She flahses a happy grin to her fellow candi!

Tessera snickers, mouth curving upwards into an amused lilt as the green stalks the ranks. "She's certainly…." Yeah. That. Or… something. Jade-flecked orbs shift to the left, to the other hatchling, the back. Returning in a viscious cycle. Roasted toes steam in her sandals, and calloused fingers wipe at the wisps of sweaty hair impeading her vision as she sees impression. "Taida!" is the delighted crow, hand slamming her thigh in applause. Ouch.

Taliesin grins in a huge fashion as Taida impresses, and he yells out again, laughter ringing in his voice. "Hooray Taida!" Squeezing Sita's hand, and then letting go, this canidate slowly shuffles across the sand again to behind Tessera, speaking just loud enough to be heard. "How's it going?" Watching Taida and the green move off, smiling.

Conrad fidgets, then grins at Taida. "Interesting mate," He utters to himself - Taida isn't likely to have heard him as it is, yes?

Adora sighs softly, attention returning ot her feet. "Ohhh, it is /hot/ in here," she says as she resumes bouncing, lifting first one foot then the other. Tears of happiness fill her eyes again, "Oh! Tai! How wonderful!" she calls her own version of congratulations across the sands, squeezing again at the hands she clutches in her sweaty palms.

"Now look!" Thesy beams as the one Sardrinth chose impresses. "Congrats, Taida! What's her name?"

Liseria slips her hand quickly out of Taida's, so she can be alone with her lifemate. "Oh my gosh, Taida! You did it!" Nope, not paltry 'Congrats' for Taida…not after the girl was a fellow conspirator and Underwear Gurrl!

Tai blinks. And, once more. And then - she melts. "Yshanth?" For a moment, it's so silent it probably can't be heard, and then it's a bugle of declaration - just so everyone knows, y'know. "Yshanth! Oh, my." The girl falls to her knees, wrapping an arm around the dragon's neck after a thankful squeeze to Shaela and Liseria both.

Miri just blinks at Taida and her green. "Well that was.. interesting."

Bulimic Consumerism Egg has been advertised to the extreme; now comes the goods. Cracks appear, then chunks fall off. This isn't shabby workmanship! This is supposed to happen!

Bulimic Consumerism Egg is fat. Doesn't it look fat to you? With a shudder, it rights itself in the sand, shell undulating with a sickly swirl of colour. Then, with a wet-sounding crack, it spills its contents with a wet rush. There. Now gimme.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet
Emaciation is what is noticed first about this dragonet, the fanatical whirling in his eyes the second. A thin waif, his sickly powder-blue hide stretches loosely over narrow bones and sinew, the stagnant limbs and neck stunted from lack of nourishment. There is beauty, however, in the darker mottlings of vivid sapphire that warm his back and haunches, in the onyx gleam of blunted talons and neck ridges. Spiritual hunger quivers through him, a feverish glow giving him a righteous aura; he is muted passion personified, and the subtly raised wingsails of almost-white shine with the feverish intensity that dedication to his cause will bring him.

Wait, was that.. it /was/. "Taida! Taida, Taida, congratulations!" Areiah choruses, holding no grudge whatsoever on pranks, it seems. She finds herself joined in kind by T'lendel, of course - first time the lad's spoken since the apperance of Their Gold.

Pikar bounces, all paths forgotten as he cheers on candies behind him impressing. Turning about he shuffles in the sand.. Maybe the deeper one gets, the cooler the sand gets? Maybe? He shuffles, pushing sand aside as he turns to watch after gold again. Where did she get to? Glance just manages to catch blue appearing too. "Blue!" he announces.

Nuff beams over at Taida and Yshanth. "Adn who says dragons can be predictable?"
Miri then calls over towards Taida - Tai - and her Yshanth. "Let's get you set up with some food, alright?" She motions the pair over her way.

"Taida and Yshanth!" Again, D'renn's voice is raised to its limits, summoning them over.

"And blue, oooh." Taliesin presses his feet deeper into the sand again, trying just exactly what Pikar is, because he found it to work at least a little bit earlier. Harder to shuffle feet that way, though.

Shaela lost a hand! Well, one once-tightly gripped is released as its owner Impresses, a delighted squeal accompanying the action. "Tai! Knew it!" is her toothy congratulations, eager look passing between dragon, impressee, and the other girl Tai has left behind. "Wanna hold my hand?" Shae wiggles dark-skinned at Liseria. Please?

Gihan will not surrender to the heat. He will not give in. Not to the little brown on his left, or the imperious green to hsi right. He will wait, independent, till all this is over.

"Oh. Yes," Tai says, rocking back onto her heels and getting to her feet. Which way? Whoa.

Tessera is pulled from the deightful spectacle of Taida and her green, beam splitting her face into two ecstatic portions as another egg cracks and then, "Blue!" Tess echoes the cry with hand waving at her face, pushing drafts of air past sweaty upper lip and eyes turning to the hatchlings as the big 'I' in the corner causes dashed moisture from her slanted eyes.

Liseria gets another long glance at the swirly green who things Taida - Tai, now is it? - is just incredible. "Wow," she mutters to herls. Taida did it! Shaela is tossed a nod as Liseria reaches out for her hand now. And to look at that gold again, and that newly-hatchled blue, skinny almost to the point of disgust.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet looks about him with those wildly whirling eyes, wings flickering at the egg goo that clings. What does he care for such when there are wrongs to be righted in the world? He is but one, though. He fights the only way he can. He's hungry, however. A partner in such good works would take some of the burden from his shoulders. Is there such a one?

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet completes her wanderings and leaps with a sudden bound to begin a much smaller circling as she picks out one Candidate, at last. The One. Dark, as she herself is. Unusual. Striking, even. A match who /must/ need her special skills. Her head twists and drops to the level of Shaela's head.

Conrad tugs away at sunfire locks, sighing. "Hot." He mutters, glaring furiously at the sands. "Too hot." Bounce. Wriggle. Yawn.

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Shaela, and steps forward.

Khayet knows much about hunger. Especially since he's been too nervous to eat all day.

Adora subdues her squeals of delight for Taida, returning her attention to the sands. "And there is another blue!" she says, dancing from foot to foot, grinning for all of her friends, and nearly tripping over the hem of her overlong robe. "Oh, Shaela!" she breathes, tearing up again. "Comgratulations!!"

D'renn stares, stares, voiceless. Shaela? That weyrbrat to beat all weyrbrats? Gold?

Taliesin can't decide wheter or not to look at blue or gold, and so he tries to get into a position where he can see both, and does it in time just to watch the gold meet Shaela, and another trimphant yell goes out to her. "Shae! Way to go!" Fingers finding Sita's hand again.

Sita trembles, grinning at Tai, "Wow is breathed..' but her attention is back to the gold. "Yeow!' is winced out when she finally realizes her feet have been cooking. "OwOw" is whimpered as she dances around, clutching at one foot. Looking up she grins and calls out, "Congrats Shaela!"

Liseria widens her eyes to the point where brows start to get lost in her hairline. Letting go of her hand as well, she backs away from yet another dragon and a Liseria-held lifemate. "Maybe I'm some kind of odd charm…" Oh, and let's not forget Shaela. "Congratulations! You did it!"

Kelvren practically jumps up and down himself in his excitement as he watches Shaela impress to the gold. "Alright!" he cheers gleefully. Always nice to see dear friends come out ahead in the world.

Conrad glances up, startled. "Shaela?" Again, with a delighted grin:"SHaela!" /His/ - if only in his mind - weavergirl. "Woo-Hoo, weyrwoman."

Nuff chuckles, grinning. "Oh good. Someone I know." She winks at Saoirse and takes a few steps back towards Tiareth. "Yes 'Reth, she is lovely."

Thesy nods, content with a dragonets choice again. "Way to go, Shaela! Well done!" is called softly to the girl. Rumours are forgotten now though a quick glance goes to L'shil.

"Shaela!" Tai's still there - however Yshanth-obsessed - and her face lights at the sight of Shaela with her gold. "Wow."

L'shil cheers wildly for far too long - at least a solid quarter of a candlemark, then snickers quietly at D'renn. He's in for some stint, it seems.

Pikar finds a glimpse of gold just as gold finds girl, adorible couple for sureling. "Owwieow" the boy squeeks, momentairly forgetting feet again. He calls out his congratulations, bouncing again, both from heat and in giddy excitement so it would seem.

Tessera turns her head as the gold finds. "Shaela!" is the cry, which Tess happily reinforces as she turns loose her clutching hand to put both together in congratulations for the pair, awaiting the name as she watches with one eye to the other hatchlings.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet steps forward, his spavined sides working with the will to breathe, wings trailing to make furrows in teh sand as dejected path takes him out into the sea of white. Out there, in all that blinding purity, is someone who knows his plight, knows how he suffers. Where is that one? Head turns to watch golden clutchmate find /her/ one. Where is his?

Taliesin gasps soflty as he realizes that he's got an itch in his foot now, and trying to not make a very big deal of it, he pulls it up softly and lets go of Sita's hand to scratch at the bottom, before plopping it back down in the sand. Ahh. The rest of the eggs are spied soflty, and Taliesin waits.

Arabian Nights Egg stretches again, wobbling in its divot in the sand, various eggs in its comfortable cluster now reduced to shards. Patience is one thing, but perfect timing is better by far. Starry surface seems to return daylight, fading.

Khayet sees Shaela with the gold and smiles. How else could that have turned out? How many dreams did he have where she was the gold….?

Gihan is smaller than most, more than most, and more than smalle rthan most people who are smaller anyways. He sort of just stands there, suffering in the heat, and, with all the noise and bustle, takes a few steps off to the side again.

Miri finishes escorting another Weyrling pair - a classically-sculpted blue and a tall girl from the Weaver Hall - to the food, when she stops to peer at Shaela and the gold. "Well whaddya know." She's repeating herself it would seem.

Sita hobbles on her feet, watching the eggs, sending a happy grin to Shaela and Taida and Oorla and Aaliyah and the others. "wonder what's next.." is murmured, flint gaze roaming and watching.

Pay attention, Areiah. You miss important things when you go squealing after new greenriders. A wide-eyed look - stunned, again - and she just nudges T'lendel, encouraging his eyes her way a moment. "Did you see?" Asked softly, that, and when he nods, she positively beams. "It's happened." And that is all. Two glowing 'riders, each leaning into the shoulder of the other, as much for support as of beaming delight with the clutch.

Shaela's head swivels - was that a voice - right into the eyes of the scarlet-tinged gold. "Right!" is her quick response to the voice's words, as she stares, breathless, at the draconic face. Hands drop away from Petita and Liseria both, encircling the dragonet. "Chayath! Her name is Chayath!"

Celtic Cross Egg's power is inside, beneath that crossed shell of intricate designs. It waits, still, but occasionally it shifts and moves and theatens to hatch and overwhelm the rest. Or perhaps it is nothing at all.

"Chayath." Tai repeats the name, she and Yshanth still scooting out of The Way. "Pretty." But, Yshanth's the prettiest. Of course. Drool.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet tries to push into the crowds of candidacy, nudge past to the one he seeks. But, small and waifish as he is, thin and wasted, he makes no dent in such a mass. Instead, he trails round the edges, poking his scraggly head here and there. Yoohoo! Where are you? Another sigh rattles in his chest, and he stumbles over one wing to land snout first in the sand. Ugh. Such a penance to be small, weak, /and/ clumsy.

Kelvren lets out a long breath, taking several more as he tries to calm himself down. It wouldn't do to get too worked up over all this quite yet, there's plenty of time later for that. Besides, too much excitement in such hot conditions would probably make people faintheaded at the very least. His eyes return to the rest of the Sands, watching once again and noting the rakishly thin blue who could use a good feeding.

Liseria is now by herself, it seems. Both Taida - Tai now, char it! - and Shaela - her names still the same, right? - have Impressed and are getting the dragon mates across the the sands. Eyeing the rest of the Candidates, and the lone dragon, Lis stands in place, not having much a crowd to follow after now.

Conrad shiufts, again, eyeing the Celtic egg curiously. Now just what is that thing doing? He hops forward a little more,, sighing as wrinkled robe fouls his legs, and he stumb;les.

Sita watches the Celtic Cross egg, a bit entranced. Is it going to hatch next, she wonders, after smiling at the blue dragonet. She tugs on Adora's sleeve, "Look!" she sqeeezes tal's hand and just clings to her friend.

A soft sigh to relax, and Taliesin keeps his eyes on the eggs now, watching for the slightest movements, and squeezing Sita's hand each time that he does see one. Feet dug in deep, reveling in the slightly cooler sand, and Taliesin waits, idly peering at the blue now and then, waiting to see who it will pick.

Pikar notices smaller than most boy slipping away from the croud and waves him over. Hey, he may be out in the middle of nowhere in the path of… something, but he'll keep up the candishuffle sanddance up with fellow candi if he so chooses to join. Eyes flit moments later towards wandering dragons, then to wiggling egg… or was that just the heat?

D'renn yells, the loudest sound to come out of his mouth so far. "SHAAAAEEELLLAA…. Chayath, over here!" Shaela. A weyrwoman. Oh my.

Adora gulps and beams at everyone, trying to whet her parched throat. Bluegreen gaze dances over all of the eggs, those moving and those still, clutching at Tessera and Sita's hands convulsively. Up-dwon go her feet too, in any possible to relieve the heat. At least her hair is up and out of the way in that loose bun.

Small, clumsy, just about sounds like Khayet, doesn't it?

Gihan is small and weak? Perhaps not clumsy. His moves are concise. Efficient. Short shuffling steps that take him around the outskirts of the over populated sands.

Celtic Cross Egg loses the battle, its demands on the dragonet within finally crumbling away like stone, after eons of rain and frost and sun: intricacy becomes simplicity, simplicity confusion, confusion an untenable knot of hide all a'tangled.

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet
Weathered brambles ramble along the dusty sprawl of this fawn-brown bard: silvery rowan roams 'round each headknob and down the timber-ridged track of his neck, forking then to investigate the unbeaten paths of each long limb and that ever-winding tail. Liquid guinness flows as poetry along the contour of his spine: a vagabond's trail cloaked in the tattered burlap of his patchwork 'sails. But threads of gold glint from that mending, embroidering each 'spar with the intricate knotwork that belies his scruffy exterior; bushy eyeridges twitch above those merry eyes in gleeful acknowledgement that there is more rhyme than reason to him.

Tessera dashes more moisture from the corner of eyes before she returns attention to the hatchlings bumbling around with more interest. Feet shuffle in the sand, eyes wide, and hands sweaty; it's the standard candidate illness.

Arabian Nights Egg shivers after its thousand sleepless nights, pieces of starry sky chipping away like a collapse of heaven to reveal the glow of dawn beneath. Once begun, it cannot be turned back, each crack leading to another in narrative sequence - it is the end of the thousand-and-first night, dragonet's damp and rumpled form emerging into life's light and freedom.

Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet
Heaven and earth coalesce in aether across a draconic hide that gleams like newly born stars set in emerald: clarity vies with the possibility of shifting tourmaline, weaving colors which seem to refract any light. Her neckridges rise as if cut from crystal, their edges perfectly even along supple spine, while lanky muscle ripples like wind through silk over her curvacious shoulders and sultry, sturdy rump. Above, jewel-tones mote the fragile-seeming luminescence of wings and sail, a thousand stories unfurling in a thousand tails of green, sharp spars bracing.

Taliesin's hand goes up and wipes more sweat off his forehead, smiling soflty as another green makes it's way into the world, and he tries to count back on how many greens and blues there have been. A lot that he's noticed. Oh well, they're fun to gaze at. And gaze he does.

One, two, three…. where are they all coming from? Coughing rather, D'renn waits for Shaela to bring her golden lifemate over to the growing gathering of weyrlings: it's his prerogative to escort the gold, of course.

Sita yanks, "Adora! TAl! Brown! Green!" she bounces excitedly, grey eyes wide and excited. Her bouncing relieves her feet which are scorching. Her eyes soften at the sight of the green. "Isn't she pretty.."

Gihan retreats. To much people, too much noise. Here it's safe. Here where the sands are cool and teh crowds are few. Here he plops. Gihan is sitting on the sands, liquid eyes betray slight intimidation.

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet tries to get himself untangled form the knot of hide that holds him: whings over tail, legs over wings, head around paws, feet over 'ridges, and those sprawling sails over all the rest… and under… and round. A knot made real, gold-threads gleaming, the bard in brown tries to work out which way is out.

Conrad blinks, not once, but twice as two explode at once. "Brown and green." He creeps to Taliesin. "Which d'ye like better?"

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet rights himself after a struggle, shaking sand from his muzzle, then blinks his dejectedly whirling eyes, coming to a sudden decision. He is /hungry/. He is giving up this stravation protest. One alone cannot right the wrongs of the world, and two is not much better. But someone could make him a nice dinner companion..who looks hungry? There. That one. Over there. Trailed wings seem to lift with hope, pallid eagerness, as he makes his way over the sands to the smallish candidate, the one who doesn't seem to be a part of it all, just like him.

Definitely oh my. D'renn's loud voice is heard surprisingly well, and his words are heeded. Unlocking her arms from about her new lifemate's neck, Shaela leads Chayath over to the side, joining the other new Impressees. Then the admiration starts anew. Such purdy scarlet tinges.

Pikar blinks as brown emerges, then sultry, curved green. Wow. More than cute, more than pretty. "She's beautiful." he notes, though brown is cute too.

Taliesin's eyes are drawn by the brown as well, not having noticed it before Sita yelled, and with a soft coo of wonder he lets his eyes slide over it slowly. "Mmm…nice brown too…" Talking to himself now, and not caring who hears.

Liseria fiddles with this tear or that unravelling thread as she seeks a new crowd to cower and squeal with. Humph. Not too many left, are there? Eyes go back over to the eggs, and lo and behold! Two new dragonets. And that -green-. The first one might've been startlingly beautiful, the other free and fancy, but this one is just… "Amazing! She's so sparkly!" 'Nother wonderful comment from the mouth of Liseria.

Adora stops her shuffing suddenly, her jaw dropping once again. "A brown and a green," she says gleefully to her two anchors. "And the brown has traces of gold in his hide, too," she says, ever observant as she suddenly bites her lip, "Oh, and he seems all tied up in knots, too," is added as she peers over at the green, standing on tiptoes to see over those tall candidates.

Khayet gasps. THe one egg he touched hatched a brown. The only one….but, not once in his dreams since he arrived here did he impress. And now, his heart is in his throat. A revrent silence falls over him.

Tessera makes another 'O' of her mouth as brown explodes. "Finally, a brown," she grins over as she weaves where she stands, heat making her wilt more than her hair, feet churning out sand from her wallow where she stands.

Sita jumps up and down, trying to launch her short self high enough to see beyond the crowd. A green… and such a pretty green. Emeralds.. jewels. Her gaze attaches to the green dragonet and she melts. Wow. "She's awesome…" Oh…

Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet tumbles onto the sands as protective shell disintegrates around her. Disorientation is natural, of course - there's heat, sand, movement of air. Oh, and those wobbling white things out there. Jeweled eyes lid and unlid with pointed slowness. Yes, the One she is meant to find is out there. Best get to it then. Tail aswish, she sets out towards that blur of white.

Egg unlocked, limbs half-knotted, the Wandering Celtic Brown Bard of a dragon actually finds his feet: one foot, two foot, green foot, blue foot… brown foot. Brown feet. There. The story begins with a single step, loosening the rest of him into the tale.

Taliesin is unable to not laugh and move a little bit himself as Sita goes ballistic with the happiness, and he lets a loud laugh fall into the air, enjoying all of this through the nervousness. Eyes rest on the Green for a moment, and he just smiles. Beautiful.

Gihan sucks in breath slow and peaceful. Now he can just sit and rest. There's comotion ahead in that mass, that croud- And a flash of frail blue- Tempting. But he has made his retreat.

Kelvren regards the new dragonets searchingly, regarding the delicate seeming limbs and as yet awkward movements with some earnest yearning, but not knowing exactly which one to rest his eyes on, so he takes his time in looking from one to another in slow succession.

Sita points, "Look.. aint she purty?" tugging on Adora's arm, and clinging to Tal's. She trembles slightly and her gaze turns to the brown.. "He's handsome too." Whispering, "wonder who she'll pick.."

Conrad shifts gaze from one to the other, digging a foot into the sand; hot? He has no more nerve endings in the foot, therefore it matters not. "Hmm," He expopunds, then sighs, looking to right and left. Lesse. Candidates, hatchlings, new weyrlings…Conrad shuffles, only becaus ehe's expected to: unsurety lingers, subtle.

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see…" Taliesin comes out with the only bit of logic he's spoken all night, and nudges Sita softly after he says it. Wishing his robe were just a bit longer right now so that he could step on it to get rid of at least a little of the heat, Tal watches, feet burning up.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet retreats….after that escaping one. That little thing. That small boy. He stumbles, recovers, runs to catch up, and almost trips Gihan in his effort to get there quickly. He turns tragic orbs on the boy's face, a pleading look of hope and…love? Two of a kind such as they should stick together, perhaps. What say you?

Pikar wipes his forehead as a drip tickles down his cheek and back and forth he sways, heat something else, eyes staying stuck to dragonets as they wander slowly closer to throngs of those in white, wavering just as he is.

Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Gihan, and steps forward.

Liseria tries to watch all three of the dragonets at once; Not an easy task as that blue one seems to want to scamper off on his own. So Lis'll turn her attentions back to brown and green, both climbing away from their shell. "Brown's a handsome brute, isn't he?" A weepy-eyed girl at Lis' side sniffles to herself. "Well, how about the green? She's prettier than a gold, she is." The last bit is added to comfort the poor dear.

A plump young Baker girl is bowled over by an insistent blue of even greater girth. "Juliuth?" Seezer blinks upward at her new lifemate. "Oh Juliuth! You're mine!"

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet is drawn forwards, like some are born to travel. But the little tangled dragonet does not make it too far. He finds a hollow in the Sands and slides into it, warming his belly as he moves along in the trench. No, no worries, he knows where he is going just not quite sure how to get there. No matter. We go This Way!

Khayet murmers something incomprehensible.

Adora's eyes dart everywhere, as she tries to watch everything at once, something hard to do in all of this chaos. Oh, good, the brown untangled himself, and there goes the green, if a bit slowly. "Aye, they are both simply beautiful," she murmurs once again as her feet continue to dance. One-Two-cha-cha-cha.

Tessera fades down into her sandy wallow, churing sand clouds nearly obscuring the candie girl before she fades into th the dust wind, coughing as she peers at the events through dust-ridden eyes.

Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet moves along the ranks, whuffling various white-clad figures, nudging a crafter boy here, a blond girl there. No no, none of you will do. She's already got her heart set on one, and nothing less than perfection will due, one whose heart matches hers, stars set in obsidion curls, and maybe she'll be tall enough to touch the sky! Okay, maybe she embellishes just a bit.

Nuff steps onto Tiareth's paw and uses it to see over the heads of the people in front of her. "Go dragons! Go Candidate! Rahrahrah."

A cheer heard, and Taliesin turns lightly towards it and smiles, using the moment to look over the galleries again slowly, noticing faces in a more detailed way now that he's looking better. Those few moments done though, attention goes sandwards again.

Sita jumps, high enough to see over the shorter of the crowd. "Look! Is she coming this way??" Tug on both Adora and TAliesin. She grins a goofey grin at the green dragonet, as she tries to see her, her hair flying out of her robe, sticking to her face.

Conrad shifts his gaze to the green, tilting his head this way and that - where's she goin' so fast?Blink-blink - pretty. ery pretty. Toesdig further; lids drop slightly. Brown is given a sidelong look; a grin rembles, but doesn't rise to the surface. He shouldn't laugh, should he?

Gihan's deep-set eyes flicker open. What's this? He reaches to touch the blue's thin-boned snout, his own expression overwhelmed and "Hungry, oh we both are Dith. Come, and we will make things right with us."

Adora relinquishes her grip on Tess as the girl slips away, but her gaze is drawn again to the sands, and she peers toward the green. "I don't know, is she?" Those tall candidates are back again, blocking her view of everything except those nearest to her.

G'han and Dith. Haha.

A Night at Almack's Egg swirls, the sounds of an orchestra perhaps quivering along its length, tuning up for the ball.

G'han and Dith, and equally hungry, peaceful pair are ushered off the sands.

Pikar turns his head a moment, flash of blue catching his eyes. With a grin he giggles, watching blue take away dancing partner. Time to find another? Shuffle-scuff bounce. Pikar makes his way back to the slowly diminishing croud of candidates weaving in a wave of white cloth. Only question is… topple one and will they all fall down? Boy doesn't know, but turns to check out the meandering dragons first.

Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet almost saunters past the one she's looking for, so intent is she on just discovering her hips sway ever-so-attractively. Obsidian tresses? Ooh, and she even has stars in her eyes! Still-shell-damp muzzle pokes out and she investigates a particular girl, just to make sure. Wouldn't do to make a mistake about something like this. Lives are dependant on it.

A burly bronze-sized brown trips over his own oversized feet and falls muzzle-first at the feet of a tavern dancer-turned-Candidate. The girl - Delilah - coos over him. "My, Samsonth. /My/ Samsonth. What a big boy you are!" Ah, Impression.

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet can't see neither, and finally comes to the end of the trench; another struggle, up over the end of sands and into the legs of the candidates. Suddenly he is there among them, pushing cheerfully forwards with his uncareful nose, for all he tries to be mindful of these things. Forwards, around a candidate here, almost under a candidate there, the little brown gets tangled around the feet of a little boy and, after a moment's struggle, rolls free only to bump up against the feet of Her. His. Alone neither of them may be stunningly beautiful, but together they are magic.

Sita jumps from foot to foot, smiling at the green. "oh, how beautiful.." She dances, clinging to Adora and Tal.. "Do you think..' is breathed, hope springing in her chest..

Khayet stands stock still. Slate blue eyes, a turbulant sea of emotions watching the unknotting brown. Who will he choose? His heart breaks, knowing his not to be him.

Just as stars fading with sky's light signals dawn, so this maiden's journey must end. Dragonet awkwardness proves less needful than this drawing of night to night. Jeweled eyes whirl what can only be soul's recognition as Story-Telling Scheherazade Green Dragonet lifts her petite muzzle to Sita, her perfect audience.
Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sita, and steps forward.

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet bumps his nose more insistently up against Adora's feet.

Kelvren turns everywhich way as he watches more and more dragonets hatch and move about, shuffling aside as some dragonets brush by, sometimes sighing softly as others circle around him clearly not intended for him or those standing near. But then cheers farther down the line catches his attention as he watches the two girls Impress their lifemates and he smiles once more. "Congrats!"

Taliesin is watching the brown now, and it's movement's carefully, so that he hardly hears Sita talk, and doens't look towards where she's speaking of at all. Insistent tugging gets his attention though, and he peers towards Sita, only to see a green suddenly, and gasp as it chooses Sita, giving her hand a squeeze before he watches Adora get picked too. Wow. "Sita! Adora" Stepping backa bit from the two, and Tal's in his own little group now.

"Sita!" Alto voice lifts up from the sidelines, Yshanth's lifemate looking up from a mushified moment to grin at the greenie. "Well." And Adora, too?

Adora peers about, still quite clueless, watching only Sita and stepping away with a final hand-squeeze as her best friend Impresses. Tears well again, as she claps her now-free hands, turning her attention to the brown as she drops to her knees, helping to right the fallen dragonet.

Sita turns star-dazzled eyes up to the crowd, "her name is Halaith." She stares down at her lifemate, love bursting from her. "Halaith," is breahed.. oh, so happily!

Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet appreciates such kind considerations and, wriggling closer, knots himself around his chosen candidate.
Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Adora, and steps forward.

Liseria looks over at who the green and brown are heading to. Where, or who, as it were. Sita and Adora are chosen from the ranks of the To-Be-Impressed, and both are given Lis' heartfelt "Congratulations Adora, Sita!" Now, Lis can find someone to watch with as the last of the eggs spill their owners.

Pikar calls out his congratulations, squirming feet deeper in the sand, the heat making ripples of everythign as he continues to watch, to sway, to shuffle and to watch, yipping a hooray when those impressees impress.

A Night at Almack's Egg shivers as the orchestra begans to play a sweeping waltz, the colors on shell's surface swirling and swayin in time to the music.

Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg twitches again, rolling, shifting. The sands are warm, but.. but.. is it time? Twitch. Shiver. Perhaps.

And Adora. Tai's grin deepens - whoa. Fingers waggle sidelong - neat. Dragonriders. "Congratulations!"

Cheering draws Shaela's eyes from the mystical ones of her lifemate, and the girl witnesses the pair of Impressions: "Those are Adora and Sita," the weyrling introduces Chayath to the Impressees, pointint to each in turn. Toothy grin is her only congratulations; hollering along with the crowd just won't do, now.

Adora peers into the brown's eyes as she helps to right the fallen one. Tears fall freely now, as she realizes that all her fears of being close to someone are unfounded. "Rwyth! His name is Rwyth!" she sobs, unable to stop looking to the beautiful fascated eyes before her.

D'renn places his hands on his hips, leaning back as if to oversee the latest Impressees. Hmmm. "Sita! Adorr….." and on that, his voice cracks.

Annalee takes over for D'renn, calling out to the newly Impressed. "Adora! Sita! Bring them over here!!"

A Night at Almack's Egg The music rises to almost a cacophany of sound, and the colors seem to become one for a brief moment; and then cracks appear, and all is lost…or begun.

The eggs that are left Taliesin watches carefully now, the slow shaking of two of them of observed, his eyes attentive, not moving. Perhaps it's because he's moving too much they don't like him. Even though he knows that's not why, Tal still can't help but dig his feet deeper into sand, staying still, waiting for more hatching.

A Night at Almack's Egg flares with bright light, the pastel swirls of pinks, greens, and blues blend with the more vivid blacks and whites, spiraling tighter and tighter as the waltz becomes more frenzied, until suddenly - in an explosion of scattered muslin and lace- all is still. In the wake of this calm rises a vision of innocent loveliness, a delicate beauty to grace the now empty dance floor. Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet has arrived at her first ball.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet
Shiny apple green hide is unripened by any but the faintest of blushes, its rosy glow a veneer of fresh sweetness over the crisp tartness of this silken dragonet. Dapples of sunlight ripple along the unconscious sway of her dainty form and coltish, gawky legs; awkwardness again in her ungainly limbs which have yet to learn the grace of maturity. Ah, but a potential for elegance is there in the fragility of the wedged head, the smooth length of neck and tail, and in the almost lacy flair of tatted wingsails. She is oh-so softly rounded, sleek and curvy but for the piercing exactness of well-placed neck ridges and salient headknobs or in the prettily curved danger of gleaming talon. Wonder without pretension shines in her wide eyes, emotion sparkling fervor tempered by guileless caution.

Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg has held out to the bitter end, but all of the kings' horses and all of the kings' men can't protect or prevent the lightning-strike crack that calls responsibility for the breaking down in the last of all defenses. Spearpoint shards are pitched into the sands surrounding, and when chaos dims, the revelation fading into shadow and dust, only Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet stands amid the fallen.

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet
The timeless strain of burnished copper, perpetually dull, casts a shadow over warmer pools of white light. Eternal opposites, darkness and light, together they spiral across the suede-soft 'hide to compliment the heavy, tangibly powerful musculature beneath that shroud. From hindquarters to haunches, he appears barrel-like in form, lithe and sturdy. Those hindquarters lead upward, predictably, into the firmness of his stomach and withers' beginning curve. Flame mellows into softer shades of tan and gold, stretching out across the blackened 'spars that serve as both mount and showcase for broad, caramelized wingsails. Throat and neckridges are settled in richer hues, darkness becoming prominent once more in hints of oak and ochre, these lending color to muzzle and draconic features - especially the wide, ridged eyes, lit with sparks of black, very much alive with a true fire for life.

Khayet manages a smile for his friend, his dear friend who patched his robes.

Sita moves with her Halaith over to the cooler sands, away from the crowd. Her mind is absorbed in the mind of her beloved. SHe manages to look up and smile, calling out, "Congrats Adora!" But Halaith rumbles and they move off together, the perfect pair.

"Hey!" Weyrling to weyrling, greenie to greenie - Tai calls her greeting sidelong towards Sita and Halaith. "C'grats."

Taliesin stops again, and this time it's in sheer wonder. Two eggs breaking at once, and spilling their contents forth. One is bronze, and one is green, and although the green is /beautiful/, the bronze gets his attention, brown eyes locked on it's form.

Sita bounces over to Tai, "thanks! Oh…" Greenie friend. Whee! She nestles to Halaith, still stunned and full of love for her lifemate..

Liseria scoots a little closer to Tal. His female escorts have left him on the Sands now, all 'lone. A soft "Hi!" emanates from her mouth towards him as she looks over at the green. Not beautiful, not amazing, not striking, but still wonderful. "Ooh, shells…" she mutters to herself before complementing on the bronze. "He's timeless, beauty-wise, that is."

Conrad battles with hair that refuses to obey his command to stay clear of his eyes as he stares - yes stares - in fascination at these last two babies to hatch. Both pretty. "Oh," He says. A deep thought from the throat of the Font of Knowledge. Toes dig, then looses, and he hops. Once, twice. he's beginning to feel that sand again, and it ain't pretty.

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet emerges, yes, and treads lightly 'cross sands' heat. It /is/ time, yes, and he is here, watching, staring. Knot of Candielets here, knot of Candielets there, but where.. hmm. Sturdy form wavers, slightly, and he pauses. My. A full crowd, to be sure.

A tall lad stands on the edge of a group of Candidates. He's well-built and older than most - a dark moustache strains to cloak his upper lip, at least, in maturity. But no one's more surprised than him when a plain-faced, rawboned green picks him as her own. "Oh Elizabeth! You're beautiful to me!" So says K'ween.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet is beautiful. Very much so. And such a lady. She peers from behind a concealing wing for a moment, eyes seeming to flutter with flirtatious intent, until she realizes she is watched by all. Then, her rosy blush rises, her wing retracts, snapped shut fanlike to display her charms fully as she gazes with wide-eyed wonder. My. All of this? For me? Swoon.

Pikar misses the duo of hatching eggs bent over to examine feet and tug down robe that practically drips with the heat in the cavern. Only moments later does he manage a look up and a blush at missing it, eyes widening at the breen and brown. He coos, but what else can he do, "Isn't she a pretty? why, of course she is." He's talking to himself? Mah, must be that towering youth beside him that he's leaning on while checking the bottoms of his feet.

Khayet slowly edges away from the mounds of eggs.

Kelvren stares at the dragonets newly hatched, the delicate fragility of the green, the strength and spark in the bronze, both drawing gasps and murmurs from the crowds of candidates, but also from his lips as well. Nervous hands run through the dark flame of his hair as he stansd at attention in watching, waiting still ever patiently. Something he has learned in the long hours on watch as a guardsman, which may yet be a fate he shall return to.

Taliesin takes Liseria's hand and squeezes it soflty, "Hey Lis….thank you..for coming over. It's more nerve racking when you're alone…." Eyes follow that bronze though, free hand wiping sweat off of his forehead.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet takes a dainty step. And then another, her graceful movements somewhat hampered by coltish legs and those wings that flutter as she dances forward. Not used to such fripperies, perhaps, but revelling in their laciness, she peers at what's left on the dance floor; not a crowd, then, but a goodly number of partners to choose from. It only takes one, after all.

Adora guides her Rwyth…/HER/ very own bard over toward the cooler sands, if there is such a thing as cooler sands, trying to keep both herself and the dragonet from tripping - she over her overlong robe and he over his wings…feet…the goo still dripping from his nose…

Liseria returns the squeeze just as softly, more at home now that she's got someone clinging to a hand. "No problem, " comes with quick answer and a friednly smile. "I understand completely…" It's quite a thing to be by yourself, standing out. Green is eyed with appreciable mirth. What a dancer, even coquettsish as she is.

"This way," D'renn manages to direct weyrling pairs in a very cracked voice, in between coughing fits and wine-swigging.

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet slides another step forth, and then pauses again. For us, sister dear, for us. But, in the interest of contrast, he spreads his wings and teeters cautiously a length or two, shivering and shrugging off the remaining bits of shell and slime. Whirling eyes spin brilliantly, and he takes all of it in before settling down, gaze falling on that one knot in particular. That white knot. But they're all white knots!

A bit of gold dust flickers, and out from that Tumbleweed Egg emerges a rough and tumble green. Over to a wild Bitran she heads, and Calamityth and Jane are together at last.

Khayet doesn't even look at the bronze or his dear sister. But he does continue his slow progress away from all of this.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet 's rosy hue seems to pulse at her bronze clutchmates's interest, and wings rustle as if with girlish laughter before settling smoothly to her back. She dances forward another few steps, unable to keep still, excitement rising past the demure propriety of her ladylike guise, eager to find her partner and waltz the night away. That one is out there somewhere. Where?

Taliesin's heart is racing in his chest, one hand squeezing Liseria's, and the other reaching up to his chest, pressing gently to where his heart is and trying to calm it, stock still, and watching.

Conrad's gaze falls briefly onto Pikar, and he tries not to laugh. But then, who wouldn't talk to themslves in this heat? "C'mon, you two." He utters, chewing a nail nervously. "Who ya want?" Hair, too, is tugged, then robe is twitched. Conrad the Dextrous. Conrad the Dancer. Sigh. "Hot! But then, S'pose /they/ don't feel that?"

Sita moves with her emerald Halaith closer to where D'renn points, but notices nothing but the wonderous beauty in front of her. Wow.. she is speachless and just gazes at her lifemate.

Pikar watches the green, wandering this way and that… dancing back and forth, with a one, two, three and a one, two, three.. nearly tripping over misplaced step. "Hot, hot, hot, cute, cute, cute." he says, watching the dragonets wander, eyes resting on green as she… dances? or is that the heat again?

Liseria grins to herself as Taliesin's grip tightens on her hand. He's only half as bad as some of the /female/ Candidates. So, she was no complaint, only eyes for that dainty, feminine green. Heat doesn't bother her as much as some of the other Candidates, so Lis only shuffles from foot to foot next to Tal. Can't let him go, can we?

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet was interested? Oh, no. Oh, no, no. Just ensuring credit was given where credit was due, of course. Muzzle dips, and gaze moves again, over that knot. But.. well, that one's female.. and while females are certainly wonderful, they're safer when kept at a distance. So she isn't the One. How about that lad? The twitching lad, right over.. oh, where did he go? Hm. The thick young bronze takes another hobbled step closer to the white-clad lot.

Taliesin wouldn't let Liseria go even if she wanted to, unless it was to escape a dragon intent on mauling. He needs some sort of other presance near him at the moment, gives him confidance. Hand goes up again to wipe sweat off his forehead, and he mumbles, sweating much more now, for some odd reason.

Kelvren tries to stand stiffly despite burning feet, instead he shuffles them now and again, leaing from one side to another like a pendulumn, wondering when this ordeal will be over. The dragonets are regarded with mixed emotions, hope and impatience, but once again the young man resorts to calming breaths, wiggling a toe here and there as he waits for the choices to be made. Who will walk over towards the other weyrlings and who'll be making the trek away.

Khayet takes several steps away from the white clad lot.

Conrad twitches, hops, and dances. Getting hotter by the second, and he grumbles, sulking just a tiny bit. "What /are/ they looking for?" He quizzes noone in particular - again displaying that Sands-soaked insanity that overcomes many a Candidate - and pushes at hair and robe again. "Hot." Such…diversity of subjects.

That jazz beat blares true, as D'zzy and Gillespeth scat their way into each others' dot-dot-dweet-ba-dot life.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet stops, pausing in her own graceful _movements of dancing clarity to watch the dancing candidate…yes, that one. No blush this time, only a sudden quickening of the whirl in her jeweled eyes, excitement flaring as she trips over the sands in a schoolgirl frenzy to curtsey at Pikar's feet, waiting to be asked to dance. Head tilts up in flirtatious manner, her gaze bold, and her muzzle just touches the bared skin of his stomach, nuzzling. Dance with me?

Liseria arches a brow at Tal as he wipes his yet again. Well, the male Candidates do sweat a lot more than the others. Half an eye is kept on the bronze, to see if the charm of holding Lis' hand'll do the trick this time. That last green goes to Pikar, who gets a "Congratulations!", if a slightly shakey one.

Ethree moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

D'renn swigs the dregs out of his wineskin, managing to croak towards Annalee: "Are there any eggs left?"

Pikar squeeks, blushing as boy bows in responce to curtsie. Eh, a bit of dance 101 will have both dancing light as feathers and graceful as felines, yes?

Annalee shakes her head just once. "No, D'renn, you're /almost/ safe." So she says. No one's ever safe with a new batch of weyrlings - and Annalee.

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet steps, steps, steps, and then - suddenly - folds his wings down. That moment of knowing turns clumsy, tentatively made motion into smooth, easy grace, and he is sure. Bronzen muzzle is thrust forth, and Taliesin is sighed over, sighed at - let me help you with your confidence.

Dropping slowly to his knees, Taliesin's eyes are nothing but wide, and he slowly wraps his arms around the neck of that beautiful bronze dragon in front of him, unaware of anything around him except for it.

Father of Virtue Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Taliesin, and steps forward.

"He says…" A soft shudder in Taliesin's body, and he smiles. "He says his name is Dhavalth!" Turning up towards the crowd, and smiling, before all his attention goes back to Dhavalth.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Pikar, and steps forward.

Annalee waves an arm wildly to catch Taliesin's attention. "Over here, Tal, bring Dhavalth over here!!"

Pikar squeeks again, blush disappearing as eyes meet dragonet's eyes. "Misumith!" And what a gorgeous name for such a beautiful dragonet, yup.

Liseria lets the third and final hand slip from her fingers as Tal finds his lifemate. "Congratulations, Tal," she whispers, blinking a little more than a normal person would. Was that a sniff? No, no. She stands back, watching the double-queened clutch Impress its last dragonet with a half-smile plastered on her face.

"You..can call me T'sin…" Standing soflty, and with a smile that's still shaky and unbelieving, T'sin slowly starts towards the edge of the sands with his beautiful bronze.

Unrelentingly hoarse-voiced, D'renn just beckons to the new weyrlings…. peering toward the lack of eggs with a wrinkled nose. "That's it?" he murmurs…. and then beckons them all after him.

L'shil escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Areiah pales - two more dragonets - and then squeals out congratulations to each and every one of the new 'riders, even venturing to hop a time or two. Hot sands, don'tcha know. "I think.. I think that's all of them, Ty?" Blue eyes blink, unbelieving - just when she'd gotten used to it all.

Ethree, carrying a smug look, returns from the galleries. That's where the fun is had and money is made, not down here getting rotissery-roasted with the candidates. Two more make their picks, and Eth ticks them off on their fingers. "Lovley, good show!" You just made Eth a wee bit richer.

Khayet sighs. Finally. The nightmares can end. He heads to Liseria, "Would you do me the honou of allowin' me ta escort ya off th' sands, m'lady?"

Sen slips back into the shadows.
Conrad slips back into the shadows.

Sita moves with Halaith towards D'renn and where he wants them. Her eyes are latched on Halaith the whole time, still enthralled.

Kelvren slips back into the shadows.

P'kar and Misumith, cutest couple on the sands. Slowly the couple wanders towards the edge, at dragonet's pace.

Enya slips back into the shadows.

Liseria slips a hand up to wipe at an eye as she goes over to meet Khayet halfway, arm encircling one of his, letting him lead her off the sands with her head still held high.

Annalee stands up, waving everyone around her. "Okay!! Listen up everyone!!" Harper's lungs reverberate enough around the hatching sands to catch the attention of the pairs. "Follow me to the barracks, we'll get you all taken care of there…"

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