High Reaches' 4th PC Hatching (part 2)

Shaela's gold Chayath x Yiddae's brown Tyrodinth
4th December 1999
Logged by D'renn

Part 1

Frosh Day Egg trembles again as white brightens, the petite ovoid seeming to grow. Rebellion splutters through the delicate shell, leaving rapidly growing cracks in its wake. Fuzzy dashes of other colors separate, hints of academic objects are flung to the sands in defiance. For beneath the surface of reined-in schoolgirl primness, there is a inborn tempest slowly rising. As a final shake sends the remaining remnants of shards flying, the occupant finds herself unfettered at long last.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet
Haunting sea-green ripples across her neck, surging in tempestuous waves up winsomely refined 'ridges and spilling over her withers in a froth that swirls its decadent way down the spine of this devilish little dragon. Her head is that of an elegant sybarite, compact and svelte but highlighted along the jawline with a shimmering smidgen of brass that's echoed in the barest hint of flames licking her slender chest. Sleek but petite, her lithesome form is cloaked in luminous sage dapples that creep up from arrogantly sharp talons and trim belly until velvety moss peeps through to darken her rump. Malachite fades in through slim shoulders, the sumptuous color fanning across gossamer thin 'sails where skeins of coppery bronze are tangled embroidery against wine-red stains. Intricately braided filaments twist and turn about her tail, scintillating metallic hues reflecting - refracting - light in a maze of mesmerising mirrors.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet-the whirlwind-and-tempest is on the sands at last. Free from her prison, she shakes off the last fragments of shell and props back on her haunches, glanceing upwards. Oooh! Mama! Chayath is creeled at afore she tumbles forward, towards the white things so far away.

Mharida giggles, her free hand patting the hand of Tellia's she keeps in her own, her easy flow of chatting commenting on all that goes on. "Oh, I never did this before, it's very interesting, isn't it? I tink that one over there's making a choice now, and look, that one's walking…"

Liseria lets out something along the lines of 'wheeew!' then Siwillowy captures the attentions of the fearsome blue. One down, lots to look out for… "Just think, 'Rene, now the blue won't be coming after /us/." ANd that's a good thing? "Hey look! LYLIA!" Sheesh, and you thought Lis was nice and /quiet/.

'Willow drops towards the little blue and cradles his fanged head in her hands. "Ozth! Oh Ozth. You /are/ handsome." She doesn't care what anyone else says. He is. He's great. He's hers.

Pyrene cheers dutifully for Siwillowy then /shrieks/ for Lylia. "Lylia!! Oh congrats!" hands detach from her neighbours long enough to applaud delightedly, then grab on again. "Green now…"

Lylia freezes. Him, he's there, he's hers…. "Druseth!" Joyously, she yells the name. Her dear Druseth… She drops to him, eyes happily peering up at her fellow candidates. Druseth…

Helston Flora Dance Egg twitches in an unseen wind. Tiny cracks appear, jagged lightning against the pale curve of the shell. Suddenly, the flowers are blown flat as the shell explodes, and its majestic occupant steps forward. He has arrived.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet
Dusky Eastern earth, as arid as desert, dulls the greater majesty of this large dragon; each exquisite definition of fluid muscle, each slender line of bone and body, each perfect proportion of angle and curve are all fairy-dusted with grainy, grimy brown. Beneath this mantle sweeps a hide of old bronze, decadent in its shadows about head and shoulders as it is vibrant and warm in ever-increasing brilliance down spine, strong back, and powerful haunches. From here his finery mingles with the rare alloys dappling his long sides and belly, and sweeps up into the metallic sheen of those conquering wingsails. A crown twines his patrician brow, lopsided splendor between his honeyed headknobs that falls askew above the mischievous sparkle of whirling orbs alive with all the pride and dignity of any ancient king.

Auri's head swerves abruptly. "Lylias? Yay! You got a draggie!" She claps, hoping that that one doesn't quite eat her friend.

Yes. Siwillowy can keep the blue from getting Gekoki. Of course, there's always that brown. But he chose someone. And she's Lylia! Not letting go of the hand as she should, she squeaks, "Lylia! Hurrah!" With a guilty start she lets go of Lylia's hand. Go ahead, keep your hand if it pleases you…

Tyara gasps loudly. "Oh Faranth. Lylia!" she cries out, jumping up and down. "Pyrene, Lylia…" she tries to explain, but is all too excited, especially since the small egg just cracked. A green? "Look, a green!"

"Go, Lylia!" Tellia calls across to the newly Impressed - not that she could be heard over the ruckus, much less by Lylia - who's surely concentrating more on her dragon now… "Oh, this is your first time to Stand? Ooh, a green! And bronze!" Yup, talking definately helps with the nervousness…

Quedista gasps at the new green hatching. "Green." Her speech has obviously been simplified by the stress which she now continues to try to mask. "oh, Lylia."

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet steps forward from the remnants of his shell, carefully examining himself before stepping forward grandly. See? Turning his wings slightly, he allows all the candidates to drink in his splendour.

Quara looks vaguely relieved as the brown finds someone else to attach himself to, and a word or two of congratulations are murmured in Lylia's direction. Her every move is the opposite of Liseria's, quiet and polite. "Hey, bronze. Not that I could Impress him, but…" she giggles almost hysterically, the stress far too much.

Liseria chants, mantra-like: "Lylia, Druseth. Lylia, Druseth." Sigh. But first, we must scan the eggs for more dangers, yes? But this time, there isn't too many… "Green, and bronze! And they're… they're beautiful!" Well, compared to the other ones. "Oh, 'Rene, look at 'em!"

Pyrene never believed Lis was nice and quiet - she's known her too long. "And bronze! I said that egg wouldn't be blue," she chirps brightly. Yes, she's calmed down now, can't you tell by that glazed smile? "I see 'em Lis… you still there Tya?"

Maurin would be falling over about now. Yep. Right…about…/now/. Except he's held firmly upright by a neighbouring hand. "Not the time to pass out - Bronze!" And hand promptly leaves the ex-drudge's shoulder, causing him to stumble slightly, toes catching on the edge of his too long robe. Lylia Impressed and gone…And a green and /bronze/ hatching. His breath completely leaves him, and heart seems to stop for at least a good long minute…Which was more like about three seconds. "/Bronze/." One word, stutter free is murmured, and blue eyes widen once more. Oo. Ee. Aa.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet doesn't rush, although she's not slow in her movements. Round an unhatched sibling… there! She finds what she seeks - the Candidates from which she must choose. The nearest lad is glanced at, then dismissed in an instant. Instead, she spins away to peer at another. A lanky lass from the Smithcraft. No, not her - but who?

"I like browns," Shaela smiles contentedly watching the pairing become official: Lylia and Druseth. A nice name for an interesting brown. "Even if some of them don't have their brains in gear most of the time," she adds as a mutter. For all she loves L'shil, he's such a silly!

Tyara sends Liseria an excited grin. "Oh look at that bronze," she says then, nodding at Pyrene. Yup, still here.. "Oh, and the green!" This candidate's mind is about to explode.

Lylia is still alive, really. But she's miles away… She is Druseth's, and that's all she can feel. Once more, she manages to grin weakly at her fellow candidates. If only they all can find their lifemate…

Tovanis grumbles under his breath. Lylia… and Siwillowy… and now a bronze and a green have appeared. Scuffing his left foot in the dust, he draws straight lines with the tip of his sandal.

Auri just coos. "Greeeeeeen…" she practically purrs out, with a zombie-like expression, blue eyes unblinking. "Green is perty. Yah-huh…"

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet eyes the candidates with a keen look. So these are the ones. Well, to the task, then. And he steps forward, moving along line slowly, examining each as thoroughly as his green sister.

Candidates? For D'renn? "Over here!" the Weyrlingmonster bellows. "Lylia…. Willow!"

Tyara agrees with Auri actually, but you can't tell from her face which is surprisingly calm. "Ohh, I wonder who he'll choose," she mumbles, peering at the bronze, then the green, then that egg which just isn't moving..

Mharida adds her own congratulations to those of the others, Each movement of the dragonets is watched with interest, pointed out with an endless tream of chatter to t Tellia. "Isn't this exciting? I'll quite miss everyone, don't you think, when I'm back cooking."

Khayet uses his hair as an excuse to wipe some sweat from his forehead. After all, the aubourn waves keep getting in the way, making it hard to keep an eye on, well, everything. He smiles slightly to the green, reminds him of a certian lady he knows…..well, until his ever shifting eyes fall back on the bronze, watching the careful considering.

Gekoki grits her teeth, but forces herself to cross the distance between herself and the next Candidate over. "May I hide behind you?" is the question asked of Tellia, quietly and squeakily. Quara, on Geko's other side if she can hide behind Tellia, is given a wan smile.

Quara has little interest in bronze, but she eyes the green speculatively. "I always did like green as a color." Still, she watches the bronze's movements avidly, knowing she need not worry about this one.

Liseria keeps her eyes plastered on the forms of dragon-beings. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, or at least until the next things hatch. Detatching herself from Pyrene for a second, she runs her fingers through drying tangles, finger-combing the brassy things into something managable. Then it's back to clamping on Pyrene.

Quedista watches the two new riders yelled at. Oh, now she feels the blood leave her hand as the feeling shuts off. She grasps tyara's harder, anyway.

'Willow hears that, even through the din of the hatching. "C'mon Ozth. Over here. This way." And the little blue follows her as if already tamed. At least until the moons rise again. Arooooo!

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet moves along a bit further. Black hair? No? But a glind of blond catches her attention and she continues. Swift on her feet - it's not an uncontrolled rush. Just a stormy one. She has this glimmering feeling, like she knows who she wants now.

Tellia snickers slightly at Mhari. "How do you know you won't Impress, Mha?" Another soft laugh erupts toward Gekoki - maybe the Candidate's getting giddy already? - along with a "Sure! Doubt I'll hide much of you, though. 'Specially dancing back and forth like this…" Smiling wryly, she gestures down at her feet, moving almost faster than her heart now. Almost.

Tyara can't feel Que's grasp since her own is so hard. She holds her breath as the green hatchling seems more determined now.. "Choose, choose," she chants under her breath.

Pyrene watches teh green - it's that mesmerising thing you know… and teh bronze will hopefully pay attention to the male clusters anyway. "She looks as if she's actually got some brains for a hatchling…" she comments. she's just out to provoke now, relaxation technique.

Quara returns Geko's smile, her own barely brighter, and rather fabricated. "Fun, eh?" she asks the other Kerooner, as events continue to rush by in a whirl.

Mharida laughs, shaking her head. "Me? I'm just a cook, here for Yiddae. She only put me in the barracks befcause there was nowhere else. I won't actually /impress/, you see." All this is stated matter of factly. That's the way shelikes it. It makes sense that way.

Winter Solstice Egg waits in the shadow of sire and dam, as dark as the winter's longest, coldest night. Only there's colors there, and hue and tone, and it glimmers as the dragonet moves inside.

Maurin tugs at his robe, uncovring sandal clad toes briefly before the white material drops, no longer snagged on his feet. "Isn't he a beaut', Maurin?" The boy next to him whispers, eyes sparkling as the two watch the movements of the hatchling. Not trusting his voice, Maurin nods dumbly. After a moment he stammers quietly, "Like Puk…My 'lizard." He explains at a curious glance from the other boy.

Quedista gently sways back and forth, trying not to fall over. All of the nervousness seems suddenly in her head, as she gets a slight headache. Oh, now would be just the best time.

Liseria quirks a brow Pyrene-wards, "Of course they've got brains. Some are just more brainful than others." This is stated authoratively, even if she did have to make up her own adjective. Her empty hand tugs at her robe, flapping a bit of air down the collar of it.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet slides to a stop, the whirlwind halted in her dance, the tempest paused in her charge. Posing for all the world to watch, her rainbow gaze lifts with a coy challenge and her dazzling presense focuses on one person. Only one for there is only one for her in this moment, and that one will be hers forever. Mharida.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet walks along the line of candidates, giving each one a thorough snuffling as he goes. No, not quite. There has to be /someone/. In frustration, he trumpets irritatedly, and swings his gaze around.

Tellia glances sidelong at Mhari and shakes her head. "Nah, Yiddae wouldn't do that. You're a Candidate, silly - and just might get a lifemate here…" Yeah, she's encouraging for others, but don't try to tell /her/ bout her chances. Then there're too many Candidates and not enough eggs, you see…

Tovanis fidgets. Bronze getting closer… he gets sniffed, and rejected. Hmm.

Gekoki nods tightly, watching the dragonets out on the sands. Hopefully they're not the hunter type. But just in case, she hides back behind Tellia, even if she isn't the best of hiding places. "Oh yes, lots of fun…" She's squealing again though, without a thought, "Mharida! Wow! Mhari!"

Pyrene nudges Lis. "See? She is smart… going straight to the food source." And she looks at Mhari, breath held in anticipation of… a name? Confirmation?

Tyara almost jumps out of her skin as the green turns to.. "Mhari!" she yells, tearing at Pyrene's arm to lift her hand in a wave.

L'shil just squeezes Shae's hand and replies with doldrums lurking in his voice, "I'm not silly most of the time. And… And at least we match?" Lesh's attempt at finding a bright side may fall flat, but he tries anyway.

Auri's gaze follows the gaze to Mharida. Her little pink-nailed feet dance about on the sands in anticipation. What's the name? She squeals a bit, wondering what will come next.

Quara waits impatiently for more dragons to hatch, already fed up with the waiting. "Oh! Mharida!" she waves in congratulations, watching as the bronze turns down yet another male. "Heh. He's picky, isn't he?" she asks of nobody in particular.

Liseria gives Pyrene a shrug of acknowledgement, peering 'round her bunch too look at Mharida. "Yay Mharida! Congratulations!"

D'renn raises himself onto his toes. Dragons Impressing all over the place, and…..

Lylia hears the calls of another. "Mharida?" She glances up from her new lifemate, throat thight. "Congrats!" Another of her friends…

Pyrene is lifted near off her feet - she's a tad shorter than Tyara… "Ow!… and Mharida!" Mesmerised apparently…

Quedista sees another candidate impress as she smiles now, her headache disappearing as quickly as it materialized. "oh." Her speech is even more eloquent now as she fixes her stare to not deter from the rocking clutch.

Maurin kinds of…hides, wincing at the trumpet from the hatchling. His 'lizard was never like this…But then again, this isn't a lizard. "Wh-what's wrong with h-him?" He stammers anxiously to the boy next to him. The boy shrugs slightly, and doesn't say anything more, leaving Maurin just as perplexed as ever.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Mharida, and steps forward.

Khayet bows to the well liked former baker, clapping lightly. "He isn't sure which of us to pick…." the harper murmers in responce.

Tyara leans in Mhari's direction, eager to hear the name. One eye stays on the bronze though, wondering which of the boys he'll choose, hoping it won't be Kolen..

Tellia's jaw drops slightly as the Candidate beside her Impresses. "I… I.. See? I told you, Mhari!" Yup, she's always right, of course - and she /said/ Mharida might get a draggie on the Sands. Just didn't know how soon is all… "What's her name?"

"Lesh, I'm wearing more than you. That's not the way it's supposed to be," Shaela continues to shake her head, this time with a bit of a laugh at her joke. Laughing at your own jokes is okay, right? "But. We'll find it for the post-Hatching festivities, right? Because we have to. Otherwise we won't be able to go together."

Solar Eclipse Egg moves. Just once, just the tiniest of hints that something ominous is going to happen.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet stops, his imperious gaze sweeping the crowd with an intent scrutiny.

Tovanis stares. "Was that Mharida? It was!" He's fidgeting again, hands bunching the robe at his sides. "C'mon, c'mon…" Something surely must come his way?

Tyara starts as the egg she's almost constantly watching moves. Too interested in the bronze and the name of the green though, she decides to deal with that later.

Quara shuffles her feet with the rest, but hers have a tapping rhythm to them, impatient and anxious at once as she waits. Her gaze falls on the barely moving egg. "Hmm… Wonder if it'll hatch?" is asked, as apparently she's well aware of the perfidy of hatchings.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet stops, his imperious gaze sweeping the crowd with an intent scrutiny. Maybe that one there? With the light hair and the crooked smile? No, none of those. Thunder rolls in his chest, to be released with a force of nature as a triumphant bugle. There he is. Wings furl slightly, and he glides across the steamy sands to stand before Maurin with a steady gaze. You there. You will come with me. You have been chosen.

Winter Solstice Egg glimmers again as dragonet stalks the shell through sky and forest; wings joust angular shoots of dragonet through the growing cracks; a claw, a hook, a moon-round eye. The ancient, endless battle continues: light and Dark contest for power until the shell's brighter husk finally forgives the dazzling splendor of the triumphant little dragon: not evergreen, nor evergold, nor everblue, nor bronze, but a true mythical brown is born into the world of light.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet
Soul-breaker, heart-taker, myth-maker, prince: this elegant dragonet is poised between the enchanted garden of his sunlit wings, and the inky underbrush of treeshadows marking paws and night-black talons. His hide deepens and darkens, melted shadows of brown lingering from nose-tip to tail beneath a myriad of firebird hues: mystical, mythical, magical colors feather his hide, owl-wise and silver about muzzle and eyes, hawk-sharp and umber over withers and sides, and cardinal-red along each religiously tidy ridge of his spine. Rekindled fires stroke his svelte belly with red and gold, warm the lower lengths of his legs, and ricochet like echoes of laughter along the earthy tones of his liquid, languid, long, long tail.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Maurin, and steps forward.

Mharida gasps, laughter sounding suddenly as hands are placed on the dragonet, her head shaking slowly. Another laugh, and her shout sounds for other s to hear. "Her name is Kelitath!"

L'shil chuckles softly at Shae's joke, and returns, "Of course we will. Or I will. However it might be."

Quara gasps in shock and excitement as the bronze and Maurin meet happily. "Oh, good for him," she murmurs, looking with interest at the emerging brown.

Khayet smiles broadly, "I didn't need a dream to tell me that one…..Congradulations, M'rin…"

Pyrene feels that start and glances around at Tya, "What?" Then she hears another cry and swings around to see the bronze. "Oh, Maurin…!" wow… a /shy/ bronzer? There are a couple though… "And Kelitath for Mharida… Oh, congrats…" And still nothing over this way.

Tellia casts a glance across to Quara, calling, "Of course it'll Hatch! The only question is when…" Yup, Tells is the know-it-all on the Sands, definately. Nevermind that she's only been Searched once before… "Kelitath… Mharida and Kelitath… Oh, congratulations, Mhari!"

"Ohh, what a pretty name!" Tyara waves towards Mhari again, poor Pyrene's arm being raises by her hand. "Maurin," is squeaked out then, "what's his name??"

Liseria suddenly remembers something that pops out from the dark recesses of her brain. Staring around, she tries futilely to pick out the Ditzee-like Candidate on the Sands. She doesn't dare look at the Impressee crowd; one person of Ditzee's temperment on a dragon is enough! "Maurin!" she calls in his direction… a fellow-laundry do-er. "Congratulations!"

More? More?! "Mharida, bring Kelitath over here!" D'renn belows. "Maurin……." The names of another couple of candidates, Impressees to blue and green, are called too.

Maurin freezes, looking positively terrified. He didn't do anything wrong, did he? He doesn't even need to bend down as he stares into the dragonet's whirling gaze. Finally, swallowing hard, and breaking into an immense smile, probably the largest than anyone has ever seen him flash. "Rixesith! His name is Rixesith!" His voice is clear, and wavering only slightly.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet arrives in a splendid dazzling of warm browns and fire; he shakes loose his wings, and poses. A trembling, a twitch, a flick of his head. He turns to Chayath - gold Chayath - and croons.

Interminable Journey Egg rouses again, shivering in the sands as it contemplates where to go next. This segment of the journey is nearly at an end.

Auri resembles a mouse that fell into a mug of klah, and drank it all up. She spastically jumps, watching all her friends Impress. "Congrats! Congrats!" A little hop, as Auri's nerves continue dancing.

"Lovely, Mharida…." Grinning, Lylia cheers as she gently fusses over her own lifemate.

Quedista beams, though not at the other candidates quite, her eyes are still on the ivory clutch. Ooh, I bet they're all as um, unique as the others.

Gekoki shrieks out Candidates names as everything happens so fast, among them, "Maurin! You Impressed!" And of course, the dragons are never neglected, "Lookit that brown! Isn't he gorgeous?" She hops up and down, her one braid thudding against her back, as she forgets about hiding. Everything's so exciting, she can't just be passive and watch.

Tyara's eyes shift between Maurin, the brown hatchling and the dark egg, trying to watch it all at once. "Rixesith," she repeats, sending Maurin yet another smile.

Mharida stands slowly, laughter still sounding slowly, softly. "Come love, off to the side now, with the others." The voices of her fellow candidates are not unheard, and she looks up with a smile. "Mhari sounds good, doesn't it? Kelitath likes it…"

Quara blinks. "That was several syllables!" she exclaims quietly, surprised. She returns her gaze to the clutch, although she does glance at the brown with interest.

Pyrene is jerked off her feet again, but another ripple of brown murmurs drag her attention towards the latest arrival. "Oh, look at him," she points with the Lis hand. "Once he dries off and straightens out a bit, he's going to be /lovely/." Pyrene's clairvoyant about such things. And biased.

Chayath croons a response to the young brown and the voices blend to a pleasant harmony, filled with encouraging energy to all the dragonets. They make her proud.

D'renn beckons the Candidates imperiously. "C'mere, c'mere…. there'll be food soon…"

Tyara does chuckles at Pyrene's remark. Anyone but blue's lovely in Pyrene's eyes. "He's very lovely," she smiles, watching the brown intently.

Tellia beams a smile at Mharida - or Mhari, rather. "Mhari sounds /wonderful/!" The Herder half-turns now, hand empty with Kelitath dragging away her hand-holder. "Geko! Stop hiding and come here, huh? I don't wanna wring my /own/ hands into oblivion!"

Shaela leans up against the brownrider with a sigh as she watches yet another Impression take place. "It's all so adorable.. and amazing. Chayath did that. With Tyrodinth, but /Chayath/."

Auri wraps a blonde curly pigtail around a finger, looking up at Quedista. "I thought draggies couldn't be other colors. That one's /red/," she says, pointing at the Story-book Dragonet. "Red's perty…" she adds, as an afterthought.

Liseria murmers yet another dragon name with a satisfied smile. "Rixesith. Interesting…" Pyrene is nudged with an elbow once Lis gets her hand back. "Aye he is… but look at that pair!" A limber, waif-ish green and his bumbling rider are scooting away. "B'rad and Janeth," she announces, recognizing the boy.

Quedista nods. "They can't, Auri." She calms down a bit, though not much, able to get out three words in a very coherent phrase for her mental capacity.

Maurin heads off to the side as he is beconed to, side by side with his new life mate. Ee. It'll take a while for the realization of this to sink in…Right after he realizes he actually /was/ Searched and carried of a-dragonback. Eee.

Solar Eclipse Egg shifts again, motions slow but deliberate and determined, an inexorable force of nature.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet streeetches again and flicks back his burnished wings. Time to dance! And so he flings himself out into the wild Kateschi of candidates, moving with awkward leaps and pounces that might one day turn graceful. He moves into the crowds like a flicker of flames.

Tyara squeezes Pyrene's hans, her mouth slowly gaping open. "Py, Py!" she squeals, nodding towards a very familiar boy. "Look, he… oh /shells/, he got a.. blue.." She gapes, watching the brat and the blue hatchling. "Py…"

Tovanis runs his hands through his curls again, posing before the brown: his whole stance one of 'pick me'. "Browns and bronzes are best," he tells whoever's near.

Pyrene likes non-blues yes, but a brown is really special. Another hatches - close by too - and Pyrene watches hopefully, but it does no more than sniff in her direction and move on - to Ewyrpin? "Oh no…" Pyrene whispers, then repeats the outcry, "Oh no… Kolen?" World end now…

Gekoki directs a look over at Pyrene, stopping in her bouncing just to do so. "You'd never say that about a blue." Of course not… Her attention though, is taken by the dragonets once more. "Pretty," she croons from behind Tellia, her voice quivering with every jump she takes. She's distracted again by Tyara, "Kolen? A blue?" Erp.

Interminable Journey Egg shudders, forewarning of the long trek's end. As individual steps form each journey, the dusty shell crumbles piece by slow piece. Shards drop, slivers fall, and glimpses of bronze hide can be seen within. Finally, the trek comes to an end with a last shiver, and bold strides carry the former occupant into the open.

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet
Poet, prince, and prophet define this dragonet from the intricate runes under chin and muzzle to the mantic of magical roots gnarling his boldly forked tail. A rustic, ruddy, reddish gold tatters his bronzen cloak, hides the lyric strength of spirit and bone, and travels to the very edge of his sword-crossed sails-sails that gleam in the gilded gold of knowledge, the same gold that tips the delicate talons of his cauldron-black paws. The rest of this rover's build resonates with the clarity of resin: a rich, red, decadent rosin held up to the light. Bard's polish fords the river of his spine, traverses the shadowy hills of chest and withers, and wanders across the more adventurous stripes of his russet-swept tail.

Quara looks over to Auri at the girl's naievetie. "No, dear, just different shades." She smiles gently, showing a very rare flash of mothering instinct. "No, no, blues are," she corrects the boy acidly.

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet is away from confinement at last, bolds and comfortably free out in midst of the sands. A moment is taken, to shakes wings free of tiny shards and then he considers his next move. Candidates. White… over there, are they not?

Pyrene erps. "E'rp… and Wyath." That brown, the less fiery one, it stopped, it chose. Pyrene just stares despairingly at Tyara - Kolen gets a blue, and a /brown/ is insane enough to pick Ewyrpin??

Tyara is still agape, just watching Ko.. K'len and the blue. "Oh. No."
Khayet chuckles at the brown, there's something that's all too famlier about that lack of grace. But that sudden journey's end, that shattering of shell and the harper's breath catches.

Tovanis huhs. Some bratty little boy gets a /blue/, and he's still here….. watching a bronze. Oh. Oh my.

L'shil rumbles wordless agreement, shifting Shaela can lean better. Or more. Or, maybe, just not on his arm. And never mind this whole fashion-conscious thing. He's here, and Shaela's here, and it's a Hatching and he has shoes on. All is well.

Tellia raises her free hand - one of her free hands, since Geko stayed behind her - and points at the new hatchling. "Look! Another bronze!" Just state the obvious, Tells. It'll help. Really.

Quara sighs as another bronze hatches, her chances diminishing rapidly as it does. "And I was here already, too," she complains softly.

Gekoki's mouth makes a nice, round little 'o' as the bronze hatches. Bronze he may be, but he's certainly worth another look. And the fiery brown is certainly worth many more looks. And so she looks, nodding mutely behind Tellia to agree with her…

Liseria snickers, again, as Tyara and lament the Impression of two weyrbrats. Lucky for Lis, she's got no idea who they are… "Hey, Tyara!" Lis hasn't yelled that way in a while. "What d'ya think of the brown?"

"Nooooooo!" D'renn's moan can probably be only heard by R'sli and nearby new-weyrlings. "Not Kolen…." But in another breath, he's calling the newest dragon-pairs over, loud as ever. And not just his clothes.

Tyara blinks and tears her gaze from that.. that.. brat! "His name is Barbarianth," is cried out from Ko'en's direction, the boy beaming like a glow as he moves towards D'renn. "Oh, he's lovely!" Tyara grins at Lis. "Then again, she thinks they all are.."

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet does not catch his breath. He is a bard and he knows exactly how to go about this. Careful steps are taken, as he makes his way to one end of the semi-circle. Girl girl girl - all are ignored entirely. A boy! But no, he rejects the mischievous Crom lad. Pacing at his own speed, he continues searching.

Auri reverts to thumb-sucking, realizes what she is doing, then shaking her head at herself. "I'm a big girl!" Once again, she takes Quedista's head, forgetting that she had been sucking on that hand just a few seconds ago.

Pyrene watches the bronze for a moment, "He's nice… reminds me of home in a way though… only different." is her cryptic comment. At any rate, she's ignoring E'rp and Ko'en.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet whispers forwards, his raiment of bright freathers dulled beneath that true-brown hide. He burns nothing, but dancing in among the candidates growing wilder and faster with each unimpressed moment. His is /here/, he knows it, he can hear his candidate… he has heard his candidate for many days now. Now to find it.

Tyara will follow Pyrene in that ignoring. "They're all so nice," she sighs, watching the clumsy hatchlings meander around, while watching the too-still egg. Move, move!

Liseria ponders sitting on the sands… deeply. "Yeah, yeah," she states to both Tyara and Py, "D'ya think we could sit down? I mean, I know we're s'posed to Stand, but…" The sand is eyed wistfully, along with the dragonets. In the center ring…

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg shifts, and rolls, spidery cracks of cream and sugar flowing along its hyperbola. Soon. Patience is the key.

Tellia casts a glance at Lis out of the corner of her eye. "Lis - you really wanna burn your bottom as bad as your feet?!?" Tells sure wouldn't sit - not on her life! Can we say /HOT/?

Quara yawns idly. "Oh, dear, I'll never Impress. Not with all the bronzes out there, I won't." Her drawn-out, melodramatic sigh attracts the attention of a few near her momentarily. They turn away, and she heaves a second gusty breath.

Tyara giggles in Liseria's direction behing Pyrene's back. "Sit in the sands?? I wouldn't remain seated for long," she winces. Her feet are warm enough, she doesnt need a burned rear as well..

Solar Eclipse Egg is still moving, inch by slow, painful inch.

Pyrene stares at Liseria. "Lis… do you really /want/ that heat, on that /area/??" And /what/ is that brown doing? Her eyes follow, still hoping. Please Faranth don't send me back to the nurseries!

Auri makes a sound a bit like *eep*. "They moved…didja see? They /moved/. Yah-huh. /Moved/." She plunges the non-hand holding thumb in her mouth nervously, hoping that one of those eggs holds a dragon for her.

Quedista glances at Auri who's grabbed her hand again. "oh, Auri, it's okay." even though ehr voice is shaking, that is…

Gekoki for the most part ignores the bronze. Handsome he might be, but he's not for her. She peers at the other dragons littering the Sands. That blue over there, and that green, and that fiery brown among the Candidates. "Look!" she says, tugging on the back of Tellia's robe urgently.

Quara is utterly impatient, and she dances about, chatting eagerly with anyone who'll listen. That number diminishes rapidly, as even the most magnanimous are unable to put up with the pensive glances and silence that punctuate her speech frequently.

Khayet forgets that most basic of things, breathing. Well, that and moving. Who needs to have skin on the bottems on their feet anyways? Could it be…? No….surely not. He glances to the other lads still left. Surely they'll find other lifemates…..

Tovanis watches, still the bronze. So handsome, such a perfect, fitting companion to Tovanis himself. Hmmm. They could surely go a long way together….

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet shifts, wings flickering again. Ahso… brown to brown, he moves towards a knot of candidates and tilts his head to regard them all. Nope, too tall. Nope, too short. Nope, too old, too old, too old. These aren't his. Not quite. He pokes his head in and around them, blinking into the shadows. Here? He moves closer now, his entire body taut with anticipation.

Liseria glances around at all those incredulous people, mood shifting from pensive to rankled as her idea is scoffed at. "Well, t'was just a suggestion," she mutters, rocking back and forth as the cools balls and heels of feet. Those aren't blisters. Nope. Just watch those hatchlings, like Lis.

Tellia glances quickly back at Gekoki, then to either side. "Look /where/?" she demands quietly.

Shaela has dressy gold platform sandals. Beam. Those poor Candidates who chose not to take the offer of footwear - they'll know better for the future. "Lesh!" she scrambles frantically at the sight that attracts her eyes. "Lesh, /loook/," she points with her freehand to the tiny green that sniffles about the Candidate Petita.

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg rolls and bounces along, cracking further and further in its movement.

D'renn shuffles his boots in the hot sand, flapping the ends of his shirt again. Too warm… not long to go then. "Awww… Petita and a little green."

Tyara breaths raggedly, Quedista's hand getting some more squeezes. She must favor her left hand, because besides from pulling Pyrene's arm a couple of times this candidate only hurt Que's hand.

Pyrene twitches anxiously, trying to track the bronze to take her mind off the brown. Doesn't work. Both are going at their own pace… but… "Petita!" she exclaims, again elbowing the unfortunate Tya and Lis, "Look! Petita made it this time!"

Gekoki hisses, "Over there…" She neglects to point. Who needs to point? All of the dragons are worth watching. "The dragons!"

Tyara cranes her neck to see Petita. "Where.. oh, Petita!" she calls out, waving again.

Heat is bad. But now Lylia hops foot to foot, all while trying to crouch by her new beloved one. More eggs moving? She doesn't know where to look… the bronze, the brown, her friends, or Druseth. Too many things going on at once.

L'shil beams, the feeling coming through in his voice. "I see, Shae, I see. They look like a fantastic pair." And, at that, he lifts his voice in the carrying bellow that is so well-known to his clutchmates. "Pitita! What's her name?"

Tellia rolls her blue eyes, sighing slightly in exasperation. "Which dragon, Geko? There're too many dragons out here! And all going in different directions, too…" Yup, lotsa dragons - and not one coming for Tells, either.

Liseria whips her head back and forth as she looks 'round. "Petita? Ooh, Petita!" Wavewavewave to the new greenrider, then watch the brown and bronze. "/Where/ in Faranth's name are they going?" she mutters exhasperatedly Pyrene-wards.

M'rin wraps his arms around Rixesith's neck, which isn't all that hard. He looks kind of concerned, thinking of his 'lizzins, and what they might do when they find out he's gotten himself into a mess he can't get out of. Not willingly, anyway.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet finds her, he does, and sidles in a awkward little dance towards a child that is too young for a dragon, surely she is. That dark brown hair, that braid,t hose pale wintry eyes the same hues as his egg. This is the one for him. He pushes his silver-whiskered nose towards the candidate and croons softly.

Pyrene gives her own exasperated mutter back. "You tell me. I'm not a mind reader…" Her eyes are still following the brown though. Whatever D'renn may say about blues, Py knows which dragons are worth it.

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet rejects another hopeful, abandoning one Phillipe to watch the other hatchlings. Green-blue eyes catch his attention - for a moment. But no. Green-blue isn't right. He wants blue-grey. Blue-grey eyes and auburn hair. So he keeps going, towards someone - even if he isn't /quite/ sure who that someone is. Yet.

Quara is still prancing about as the bronze and brown remain out there. "How much longer," she moans inpatiently, her feet roasting through the sandals. "Oh, this is taking far longer than 'Bryth's hatching did," she groans.

Solar Eclipse Egg creeps across the Sands, the fine line between light and dark ever widening.

Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Gekoki, and steps forward.

Ophelia moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Pyrene watches the brown and gasps… "Geko!" Beam, "I knew it! I knew it! I knew she was good enough for brown!" It helped that Py never had to look after her of course…

Ophelia lurks at sands' very edge because she can, and because no one bothers to move her. So there.

Solar Eclipse Egg shifts swiftly, its darkness half-hidden by its siblings. Without any stubborn activity, a crease marks its length, deeper black against its darkness. Simply it widens until the whole breaks apart and the dragonet emerges into the light, letting its true self be finally revealed.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet
Shadows brush the night-deep blues of this small dragonet to a near-violet, etching with darkness his serene curves and simple lines. Indigo's richness forms the backdrop to a glimmer of moonlight that highlights bold headknobs and rounded muzzle, and adds a gleeful sparkle to the gentle curiosity of wide, wide eyes. Starlight lightens his sails with silver, marking each spar with mithril and a hint of sun's gold. From the off-kilter tilt of his spaded tail to the arching stretch of his midnight-stained, solid-hewn neck, composed tranquility gives the lie to the lunacy lurking beneath.

"Chouth!" Young Petita declares, throwing her skinny arms around the equally slender green. In a teary-eyed mist, the girl makes her way over to the weyrlingmasters, burbling all the while to her new lifemate. Petita and Chouth. From Bataille de Fleurs Egg.

Tyara takes a step forward as one of the eggs seems to creep across the sand, then pauses as another dragon finds a mate. "Geko!" she calls out, waving frantically. "Ohh, Geko, what's his name??"

Quedista smiles as another one impresses, and another one hatches. So much visual input. So much…

Auri shouts and yips a congratulation to her friend, but her attention is immediately drawn elsewhere with the emerging of other dragons. "Ooo…"

Tiri watches as she stands on the sands, wide eyes looking around. She shuffles nearer to her candie friends, feet burning, stomach turning. She's here, and quite nervous indeed… "Err." She comments to a nearby friend.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet steps sure-footed and slow from the remains of his egg, eyes wide as twin moons as he stares about.

Lylia points towards Gekoki, beaming at Druseth. "See? Geko got a brown too! Congrats!" The final word is called over to her friend. Lovely…

Tyara gasps - she's doing that a lot - as the dark egg finally hatches, and reveals.. a blue? "Look, Py, a blue," she breathes, although Pyrene isn't the right one telling probably.

Quara looks over as more blues and greens find their partners, yawning. "Oh, my! Good for Geko. Must represent Keroon, after all." She practically faints away as the stunning blue pops out. "Oh. Oh, my. /That's/ a dragon," she adds, approvingly, as he emerges.

Gekoki frowns at Tellia's back, "Of course it's possible! You just have to try really hard…" She looks about, as if to prove it. There's that blue, and that green, and, where'd that brown get off to? The snuffling beside her and she looks surprised, then she sinks down to take in her new dragon, "Oh, Revnath!" Louder, she says it again, "Revnath!"

Liseria rolls her eyes at Pyrene, forcing stubborn legs to lift, even if they want to fold and plunk Lis' delicate rear on the hot sand. "'Course I'm not a mind reader… GEKO!" Let's all cheer for interjections. "Congratumalations!" she calls - who know there was an 'um' in it?

Tovanis groans. The brown has Impressed… "Gekoki, Congratulations," Tovanis offers grudgingly, ignoring the handsome blue.

Khayet blinks, still not takeing his slate coloured eyed off the bronze. Breath, yes, good thing, must rememeber to do that. He misses totally Gekoki's impression, mezmerised.

Shaela awws, and gives a happy little wave to her pet Candidate before gushing to L'shil about the magnificence that is young Chouth. "Such a fine-looking pair. Like they were made for each other, don't you think? Destined to be together?" Hinthint.

Pyrene giggles helplessly, nerves gone. "Oh, Geko… and who's the bronze looking at?" She twists, no browns to watch for right now so may as well focus on bronze. Except another blue just hatched nearby. "And that one looks like Sardrinth…" she mutters darkly. It's those starlit touches. "Revnath, oh…" Melt.

"Gekoki! Over here!" D'renn's bellow is heard again.

Auri clasps her hands before her in absolute awe. "All the perty dragons!" Pink bows dance as her head turns to glance at the many dragons, eggs, people. "Oh, I hopes I get a draggie." She throws Pyrene a funny glance. Blues are evil? This one doesn't look like it.

Tellia whirls now, hearing the name behind her, and gasps. "Geko! /That/'s where the brown got off too…" Ooh, but now she's friendless… All her people have gone and Impressed!

Quara is still awestruck at the blue's appearance, and she waits breathless to see who his lucky choice shall be.

Quedista's hand hits her hip as Auri drops it. Not that she notices. "Ooh," Another eloquent phrase as she twists her robe into a knot with the free hand.

Tiri glances over at Geko. She Impressed! With an enthusiastic whoop, she calls out. "Geko! Way to go!!!" She's not quite as sure that those little dragons won't hurt anyone still, though. But seeing an Impression, up close and personal, now that's special. 'Specially when it's a friend.

Geko looks a little dazed after her shout to the world. "It's Geko," she corrects automatically, as she begins leading Revnath off to the side.

Tyara sends Geko a smile. "Revnath.. how pretty," she repeats for Faranth knows which time. There're still all the others though.. green eyes flicker around, trying to pair the dragons and the Candidates beforehand.

L'shil agrees, of course, though he doesn't know Petita as well as Shae does. "Oh, yes. Absolutely. Not a chance of it being otherwise. That's the whole glory of lifemates, though, isn't it?" Hints? L'shil's not at his best today. He may or may not have understood the whole hint thing.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet looks at everything. Or tries too… Blinded by a sea of white, he edges forward, a mere shadow creeping across the Sands in dreamy investigation. What's that? Where is it?

Liseria suddenly realizes there's a new performer in the Pagent 'o Hatching: blue. "Wow…" she comments to a girl at her side, eyeing the bronze like most would a queen. /Definate/ strange child. "Blue's neat, isn't he?" Nope, that girl's all eyes for the bronze. Faranth save us!

Lands End Bard Bronze Dragonet's long strides carry him towards a group of the white-robed Candidates. Confidence unwavering, the bronze stops in front of the auburn-haired Harper lad, sounding a musical croon that somehow voices both joy and confidence in his new travelling partner, his Khayet.

Pyrene watches again, twisting…. "Is that bronze looking at Khay?" she blinks… she wouldn't have picked him for bronze maybe, but… "And, and… I /really/ don't like that blue. He's /creeping/. - It is Khay!!!"

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Khayet, and steps forward.

"Khayet!" Lylia suddenly yelps, much to her lifemate's confusion. "Khayet! Congratulations!"

Tyara grins excitedly and echos Pyrene. "Khay!! He gota bronze," she cries out, waving excitedly.

Auri wrings her hands, wishing helplessly that she had her cat, a firelizard, or at least her stuffed flizzen with her. She makes a little whimper once more. This little girl needs a hug… Awwww….

Quara snorts derisively at Liseria's comments. "Oh, sure, like /you/ could Impress bronze." Her scorn drips like acid in the other's direction. Then she returns her gaze to the blue. "He's even better than Gavin," she remarks, with a smile as Khayet, too, Impresses.

Tiri's eyes are turned towards the Dark Side of the Moon Blue. She examines the small dragon over with her eyes, with a selected amount of awe. "Hey," she whispers over at Auri. "I guess they kinda are perty, huh?" Auri just happened to be the one there. She looks at her again and then hugs her. "Hey, it's okay…"

Mhari looks up from where she crouches beside Kelitath, one arm slung around the green's neck to raise an arm in the air, shouting Khayet's name in congratulations, before peering to her new lifemate with a hiss. "Don't say that so loud, someone'll hear." Horror at some inapropriate comment is obvious, although she lets the smallest gigle escape.

"Khay-et!" It's two, long syllables when Liseria yells it. "Congrats!" Fingers tweak at her robe again, smiling assuredly at the poor Candidate are her side who's sniffling. "S'okay, just lookit that blue… silvery," Lis adds almost to herself, musing.

Khayet shudders, "Telynth….." He shakes himself out of the spell just long enough to reach for his lifemate, egg goo or not.

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg rolls this way and that, bouncing in sand with a growing intensity. Hurry up!

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet refuses to be eclipsed by any other dragon. Up rises his indigo-dark head, tilted in enquiry as he patrols a row of Candidates, his shadow brushing each one as he passes.

An unbidden moan rises anxiously from Auri's mouth. She claps two chubby hands over her mouth, trying to stay composed and mature. No luck. Beneath those hands, she chants, "I'm a big girl…oooh! I'm a big girl…"

Pyrene glances around and winces. "We're running out of eggs…" and nothing's sniffed at her. "Ugh… at this stage…" No, check that. No she wouldn't.

Flower-Power Volkswagen Bus Egg twirls mellowly against dark sands, fingerpaint-streaks curling away like burning paper. Contrasted colors grow farther apart, a crack forming bluntly down ovoid's curved side. The eager occupant tumbles out, pieces of luminous shell clinging damply to her sparkling hide.

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet
The materialistic sparkle of vibrant emerald adorns the finely tapered muzzle to the point of saturation, before pouring in diluted jade against the understated arch and subtle crescendo of her neck. Like moonlight filtered through viridian, spaded leaves, silver's tapped touch airbrushes the arpeggio of sharp 'ridges, an ethereal breath across otherwise earthly, moss-touched spine. A roseate blush spreads faintly across lanky torso, a would-be gaudy pink acting as filler in places where jade fails to perform. Haze's vaporous movements end in scintillating mica rays which variate wildly, open-angled, sleek haunches. A coda of green, frosted with champagne's golden rush, twirls into a loopy tail and ends with a flash fanfare of verdant sage.

Tyara shifts restlessly, the heat really beginning to get to her. Green gaze watches the dragonets closely, the nanny-candidate ready to step aside in case one of them gets a little too close a little too fast.

Quedista watches as the dragons dart around and the eggs rock… she grasps for Auri's hand. "it's okay, Auri." were the first words of comfort that popped into her head.

'Willow coddles Ozth's little head and tries to keep him from biting a passing candidate. "No dear, that's not edible. We'll get you fed soon. Yes, soon my handsome litle friend." She looks up at D'renn with eyes as big as a dragon's.

All Hallow's Eve Egg sits nearly abandoned, a darkly-hued gourd leaning askance in the midst of unraked drifts of shells, shards, and shrapnel of many a color and shape. It bides, quietly. The hour has not yet struck.

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet sidles out of the shattered remnants of that gooey egg, already shaking out her wings, taking stock of the milling crowd before her. Somewhere, in there, is a love to top all others. And she'll find it.

Tyara giggles slightly as another green hatches. Ooh, green.. "Look, look," she says, nudging Pyrene and Quedista, their hands not being smashed so hard now.

Quara watches the blue, her eyes solely on him as he explores. "You mean business, eh? Good thing, after that drunk bronze," is added in an undertone, confidential remark. "So, who d'you think that green'll Impress to?" she asks, as nonchalantly as she can. Getting no response, she eyes the dragons again.

Tiri cringes slightly as the shadow of the blue passes over her. Dragon fright, still there, just a bit. It's had to have faded away a bit while at the weyr, but it still remains. Her eyes also remain on the blue. Why the blue? Maybe the color. Prolly. She grasps Auri's hand and tries to comfort her more. "It's gonna be okay…" she whispers, though she's really comforting herself.

Geko takes a little time from just beaming over her little brown to look at the new dragons on the sands. "Wow," is her only comment; she's feeling a little overwhelmed…

Pyrene squeezes Liseria's hand and nods to the green. "Green, d'you think?" she asks softly, "I'm not fussy… A green would be lovely…" Yes, not at all fussy. Anything but blue is fine.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet drifts past a skinny girl with a braid. Interesting… but not interesting enough. Onwards he drifts, past and past and past… and then circling to begin the cycle again.

Quedista lets out a breath as she's nudged in the ribs by Tya. Feeling begins to seep into her hand as her nervousness begins to subside. But not much… it's leaving in degrees…

Liseria peers at Pyrene with a slightly-curious stares. "At this stage, what?" she asks innocently, lips curling into a smirk. Eyes still peer at Pyrene, and then… beyond Pyrene. "'Nother green… /Very/ green at that!" Her gaze scans the dragonet appreciatively, but the blue gets a glance. Equal-oppertunity oogler, Lis is.

Lylia keeps her arms circled around her young brown's neck, whispering sweetly. "Soon, we'll see where the next one goes… oh, I do hope they all make it!" Her eyes dart once more from the whirling eyes of her dark-colored dragon to the semicircle and other hatchlings. "But you can't wait to eat, can you? Yes, soon…" Is she the defender, or the protected? Only time will tell.

Tellia sidles toward the group of remaining Candies, eyes flicking from them to dragon to dragon. "Ooh, another green!" Yup, cutesie green. "When's that blue gonna pick? He's been out for a long time, hasn't he?" Or was that just her imagination?

"It'th gonna be okay. Yah-huh. Ith okay." As the blue's shadow passes over her as well, she wrinkles her face nervously, biting her lip to keep from yelling something out.

Tyara snickers at Pyrene's words as well, then starts her squishing of Quedista's hand yet again.

A trio of racy eggs hatch near-simultaneously sending a green, a blue and a brown off in opposing directions to find their lifemates: W'in of Manowarth, P'lace of Secretariath, and Sh'ow of Seattleslewth.

"Over here!" D'renn summons weyrlings and dragonets, nearly knocked over by a very fast trio.

Quara chuckles as yet another is passed over, another bland, boring one. Unlike herself. "Not really," is tossed in Tellia's direction. And the way she's been watching it, she'd know, one would hope.

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg rolls to a stop, cracks forming along its perimeter. Patience…

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet takes her time, pacing back and forth before the crowd of Candidates like a performer on a stage. Which crazed groupie should she drag off with her after the show? There can be only one. She passes a tall lad with a mop of blonde hair, but he isn't the one. Neither is the redhaired girl near him…and so the show goes on.

Liseria's eyes are caught by the trio of shell-poppers, and - was that a smirk? - she smiles in their direction. Then its back to dragon-peering. The dark, wandering blue captivates her for a moment 'fore eyes start sliding their gaze back onto the green. It's… vibrant.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet circles again…. and stops. This one has a pretty face; perhaps she's the sunshine for his shade? Darkness puddles at Quara's feet, as curious eyes fix on her, and only her.

Tyara's eyes follow the green dragonet closely. Where is she going? Hmm, they all certainly take their time. "Think there'll be more blues?" she asks in Pyrene's direction.

Pyrene watches blue, watches green, watches other colours and congratulates as necessary. "Oh!! Quara??" she doesn't even register Lis or Tyara, "Quara!!!"

Quedista watches the pacing green dragonet, and her gaze shifts to the other candidates for the first time. "ooh, Quara"

The hour drifts closer, the place is right, and All Hallow's Eve Egg prepares its own dark rituals, cloaked yet in shell and mystery.

Shaela has noticed that L'shil isn't especially with it. Unfortunate, too, because she has to be seen with him, in front of half of Pern, and the best he can come up with is his underwear. "I'll say.. Chayath's just such a dear," she adds, then mutters something about clueless boys under her breath. Get a hint, hon.

Tiri casts a nervous glance around the sands. THere's more dragonets about now, she's sure of it. SHe just hasn't noticed some of the eggs bursting… Can you say oblivious? Yes, indeed… "Alright, okay…" Meep. She glances at the green and looks over at Quara to clap as she Impresses the blue. "Horray, Quara!" she bellows.

Quara eyes the green briefly. "Did she look at me?" is asked of those nearby, before she returns her gaze to the blue. Just in time to see him. "Oh!"

Tyara cheers as the blue makes it choice. "Quara!" she calles out, "what's his name??" Impatient, are we?

Geko points a little, watching from off to the sidelines with Revnath. "And that's Pyrene, and that's Tyara, and that's Quara - she's from Keroon too. Oh, Quara!!!" Her voice reaches to a screech of epic proportions; even her fairytale brown looks startled by it.

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg loses patience with the niceties and customs of the game: cracks appear, setting tramlines down its length, breaking the egg apart in attention-grabbing style. A paw appears, to swipe irritably across the pieces of shell, sending them tumbling.

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet
Compactly-formed, sturdily-shaped, this dragonet's an athlete stained in summery grass-green. Wingsails that seem too fragile are blinded by the lightest of sun-gold, while gilded rays likewise skirt her solid haunches and flare under her paunchy little belly to settle down the net-spun lengths of a eager tail. A racket of brightest emerald webs her withers, set off against her muscular shoulders and strong, agile legs. A mere skiff of silver shadow struggles up under her neck, straining beneath the grunt of her muzzle and marking the exertion along 'knobs and spine with a band-like pattern.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Quara, and steps forward.

Tyara smiles as another green appears. Can never have too many greens, nope!

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet struggles to her stocky feet with a grunt, flicking her wings as she hunches over, regarding the sea of white. White is so…natural feeling. Now to find the perfect partner.

Liseria half-gasps at Quara. Her?!? "Wonderful, Quara! You needed it!" Lis didn't say, that, did she? Ooh… "Congratulations!" she adds hastily, faint blush raising to her face at her words. She's got a concience, she does.

Tovanis hmmphs as it seems that only blues and greens - greens! - are left on the sands. Unfair, unfair…. "Well done Quara," he manages to congratulate the girl as that blue is taken… A sneer is all the greens gets though.

And then Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet pauses, her tilted head turned Candidate-ward, and lets out a soulful whine. A lovesong meant for only one person. She steps forward, with purpose now, toward the single being whose heart will satisfy her own. She's taking Liseria home.

"Quara!" Lylia cheers, resisting the urge to jump up. Another, another… another friend with a lifemate. And a lovely one! A blue! "And not Pyrene too…. Wonderful, Quara!" Did the other hear her?

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Liseria, and steps forward.

Quara nearly faints away, yet again, before she stabilizes, reaching out almost blindly for the blue. "His name is Sakuruth!" she announces to the crowd. Mesmerised, she slowly makes her way to D'renn, Geko, and the rest. "Oh! Lis!" She seems… happy? The terrible duo has a set of consciences after all.

Auri stomps little pink-nailed feet in a strange dance, pulling at her pigtails, which promptly bounce right back up, sending huge pink bows wobbling.

Tiri's nervous gaze is turned upon the All Hallow's Eve Egg, an egg she had touched before and found that a second touch gave a treat… She smiles over at it, wondering if it'll pop soon. And then eyes go towards the green, and dart back to the egg. She shivers despite the heat and grins a silly grin.

Tyara giggles and turns to watch the green tumble right towards Liseria. "Oh, Lis! Congrats," she calls out, for once not needing to maul Pyrene's arm.

Well, the patch is cleared, and there's no Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. There's just All Hallow's Eve Egg, and it is nearly terribly large nor very majestic - but it /is/ ghostly and dark, and something's coming, now. Yes, something's coming -

Tellia's eyebrows raise slightly. "Lots of greens all at the end, huh?" The words are murmurs softly, hardly audible anymore. Suddenly, she raises her voice to shriek, "Go, Lis!" Then her gaze flicks away, touching on the hatchlings stumbling around, then on the eggs left unhatched. "We're starting to run out of eggs…"

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet lurches this way and that with surprising speed, her eyes never leaving the candidates. Someone has to make a move. That partner's out there somewhere.

"Liseria!" Lylia's pitch increases, her own excitement over young Druseth added to by her friend's Impression. "Oh, Liseria! Lovely…." So many eggs, and all going so fast…

Auri continues batting at her hair, making the pigtails sway crazily. "Oooh…" She looks left and right, trying to gather support.

Tyara watches the speedy green in between cheers as a couple of more Impress, a grin spreading on her face. "Hmm, not any blues out at the moment," she muttes, shooting Pyrene a glance.

Liseria falls right on her rear - Oh, how she wanted to! - with a joyous cry. "Alymath!" That's all that needs to be said… She's got her Alymath, and she finally sat down.

Quedista watches the whirring colors around her impressing and sighs. OH, she's so happy.

All Hallow's Eve Egg shivers like an autumn leaf in the wind, shards of impossibly dark shell dropping away dramatically, piece by piece. A silver talon emerges, a pale headknob, a hint of azure wing. A last convulsive shudder, and the shell succumbs to the rocking of dragonet inside, the last remnants dropping off. And then there was one, a blue hatchling bounding from the fragments.

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet
A shimmering phantasm of periwinkle powder, ghostly lithe body is draped with a cloak of cornflower mist. Darting, jovial head melds into a sinuous neck, which in turn flows to a body forever youthfully slim and fit. Reminiscent of a midnight jaunt, vague shapes flicker 'cross silken hide, halfway-formed figures of moons and candies coalescing and dispersing at random. Across membranous, almost bat-like wings - a size or so larger than those of his peers - a simplistic grin stretches, outlined in the faintest traces of gold and silver glow. Silvered claws top the spindly 'fingers' of wings, perfect matches for the talons on too-big feet and the shine of swirling, polychromatic eyes.

Tovanis scratches his feet in the dust again, drawing straight lines with his toes. Lines leading too, lines leading from, lines cross-hatched. Now, as long as nothing stands on his lines, he's safe.

Geko screeches some more, "Lis! You Impressed too!" She turns to Revnath, "You're going to love our Weyrling class, Revnath. That's just the best bunch of Candidates out there…"

"Lis! Quara!" D'renn summons weyrlings, his voice faltering now with the stress of it all.

Tiri oooo's as she watches the All Hallow's Egg and waits in anticipation, curious of the color that will come out of it… Blue? Green? Brown? What? Her eyes dart to Liseria and she shouts, "Good going, Lis!!" And then she gasps as the blue dragonet who's oh-so light in color, came out of the All Hallow's shell.

Pyrene phases out and blinks. "Liseria?" Lose track for a moment and… "Lis!" And her hand moves to cling to Tyara,.

L'shil is not, never has been, and never will be particularly fashion-conscious. But he does tend to make the best of any situation, and that's what he's doing here. Even he isn't oblivious to the crowd. In fact, the crowd might be part of why he's so clueless when speaking. He was, if possible, even worse than this when he Stood himself. There's a chance that things are sinking in, though, with his next words: "Yeah… And sometimes, we get lucky, and there's a match out there that fits us as well, if differently, as a lifemate." He looks down at Shaela tenderly. Never mind that they're surrounded by screaming Candidates and new and established riders and everyone in the Galleries.

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet looks as she darts back and forth, wings batting the air with cracks like miniature thunder. Ah, wait. Who's that there? She slows her pace, stepping forward with an intent gaze.

Tyara smirks. Well, forget what she said, there's a blue! Better not tell Pyrene though, so her hands cling to her instead, eyes watcing the last dragonets.

Pyrene hasn't phased out /that/ much. "Ugh… another blue… knew that egg would hatch blue." But there's not many choices left now? Can beggars be choosers?

Tovanis scowls. That green better not be invading his space… or stepping on his line.

Quara finally prods Sakuruth over to the rest of the newmade Weyrlings, and an exuberant hug goes to Geko. "Oh! Can you believe it?" she squeals.

Tiri's gaze stares at Pyrene. "Hey! Don't dis the cool blue… That one came outta one cool egg, too." She grins. Her eyes follow the Trick-or-Treat blue as he moves, and seems weary, but not too frightened of that one.

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet is /here/! A few moments to sort out head, tail, and six legs and.. he's ready! Plowing sand with those too-large paws, he trails the yet-useless sheets of his wings and splays into the world, a circlet of shell clinging wetly to one foot. It's for the candy, you see - trick or treat! Or he would try to say it, but all that comes out is, "Woooooooooooowr!"

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet stops with a grunt, head swiveling around. Who's crowding her box? Now that white is awfully close, and so is that one that she needs. Another grunt is issued as she moves her stocky body closer to the candidates.

"Is that the last one?" D'renn asks, peering out as the blue hatches.

Tellia inches closer to the group, eyes on the few remaining dragonets. Down to the last few chances, aren't we - and not one for Tells yet. "Ohh, you guys… Is that all? Two more?"

Tovanis rubs out those lines he'd created in the sand, smoothing them with one foot. There. "It was on the line, I tell you…" he grumbles, presumably to himself. Perhaps a paw got too close?

Tyara giggles as she watches the blue. How cute! "Py, you have to admit he's cute," she says in a vain attempt of prodding Py's blue-loving muscle. "And so's she," she says, nodding towards the green.

Pyrene stands back, wincing at the blue's outburst. "Ugh… last one??" she glances across to D'renn and winces again. "This doesn't look good…" she murmurs to Tyara, squeezing her fellow nanny's arm with a sigh. A longing glance is sent to the green - who unfortunately doesn't seem to be anywhere near them. "Tya… No."

Tiri snickers behind a hand as the blue attemps to talk. No, he's not so frightening, just… Cute? Yeah, cute. But that egg slime… Eeeew… "What's that? Hey, guys, the blue's trying to talk… Or roar, can't tell which…"

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet snorts, a breathy sound in the din of the Hatching. That one. The sour-looking lad. Immediately, she speeds across the sand, sliding to a stop to grunt affectionately at Tovanis. Match and set.

Pyrene does a double take at the blue. Six legs??

Shaela meets her love's gaze with an equally tender one of her own, and a weak smile - he does that to her, sometimes. "Super-lucky," she corrects, giving his hand, the one intwined with hers, a squeeze.

More blues. Lylia takes care to point all the hatchlings out carefully to her young Druseth, chattering a little. "Oh! Congrats, Tovanis!" Another green Impressed! But there's still that blue…

Tyara smirks and shrugs. Should have guessed that.. "Ohh," she says, smiling at Tovanis as the green chooses. "Congrats, Tovanis," she calls out, still clinging to Pyrene's hands.

Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Tovanis, and steps forward.

Chayath twists her golden form to watch the last of her children hatch; eyes awhirl with something akin to pride. Molten hide flows over muscle and sinew as this young mother-queen turns her eyes to those out there watching. A special gaze goes to her baby, the one she nurtured from the moment of clutching. A thrilled rumble reverberates through her golden throat and echoes throughout the sands.

Time, maturity, and a seasoned sense of self makes every motion of a dragon a symphony of near-poetic delight the likes of which bring tears to a Harper's eye - it is far too bad Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet has the benefit of none of these. He shimmies, he wanders, he nearly falls over some poor boy from Tillek - "Gwoooolf!" - all in the search for the Good Things In Life. The treats. He knows they're here. And he knows who has them.. the nanny! He arrows for Pyrene.. or, he would, if arrows tended to make ooky noises and trip all over the place.

"You can/not/ be SERIOUS!" shouts Tovanis - T'nis - shocked to his very toenails. "Racqueth?"

Lis finally gets up off her behind, nosed gently by Alymath. "Alright, alright. We'll get there, we will…" One hand rests against the silver'd ridges of her green's neck as she staggers upwards, just in time to see Pyrene Impress… to a blue?!? "Py-rene! And a blue!" Alymath even turns her head, hunger aside.

Pyrene winces at the direction of the blue and the sudden attention. One foot lifts to take a (first of many?) step back, her mouth opens to protest - and somewhere on her lips, the word changes: "Please?" It's a bare whisper, but her foot lowers, the step backwards untaken and her expression changes to one of wondering hope.

Quara watches eagerly as the remaining blue is unImpressed. "Oh, someone else can get one…" Her murmurings are turned to shouts of delight as Pyrene gets the blue. "Good for you!" she calls.

Tiri ooo's as Pyrene Impresses the blue, or at least as she thinks it does. Did it yet, her eyes wonder…?

Tyara's eyes widen as she steps aside, making room for the blue dragonet in its path towards.. Pyrene?! "Oh, Py," she gasps, still staring wide-eyed at the pair.

Quedista laughs in spite of herself. "Oh, Pyrene" she would be able to say more now if she weren't laughing. Pyrene's still lucky.

D'renn stares. "Noooooo, it can't……." he moans. "Not Pyrene…. not a blue…." No matter how much he wants to torture her….

"Pyrene?" For a moment, Lylia's not sure. But with Druseth's encouraging baby croon, a grin creeps across her face. "Pyrene… on a blue. Congratulations!" She /did/ Impress… and didn't even throw a candidate at him!

"Swap's off," is all R'sli says as he moves away from the bluerider. "No way will I teach /that/ class."

"Oh, thanks, Ris. And I thought you were a friend," D'renn complains, beckoning T'nis and Racqueth over to join the throng. "19… 20… 21… that blue's the last, then?"

Quara snorts at R'sli's remark. "And I thought you liked me," she teases, with a mock-pout in D'renn's direction.

Lis still rests one hand on Alymath's neck - the whole together forever thing is taken literally by the rider - as she waddles, like her hatchling to Lylia. "Lylia! You and me!" Cheer!

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet makes sure to knock on all the doors as he goes, see what they're offering - that girl has nice hair, but it doesn't taste too great; that boy looked like he had a toy, but it was just a string hanging from his robe. A tug leaves /most/ of the garment still on, and as he's not about to steal someone else's costume, he keeps going, right for the nanny, right for the.. wait, hold on a minute. Waitjustaminute! Someone's handing out full-sized candy bars! (This is the best approximation to O, Lo, It Is My Chosen One that he can make.) And it's not this one..

T'nis has his arms round Racqueth's neck, ignoring her strange grunts as he coaxes her over to the other weyrlings. "Isn't she wonderful, a real champion!" he declares proudly - a complete reversal of opinion.

L'shil lifts Shae's hand, the one already in his grasp, and brushes a kiss across her knuckles. "The Hatching's done, my lady love. Will you do me the honour of helping to find the /proper/ accoutrements for the festivities to come shortly?"

Geko giggles down at Revnath, and says excitedly, "Pyrene got a blue! Did I tell you she hates blues? She said she would, erm, do something if a blue looked like it was coming for her…" She grins at T'nis, saying, for his sake, "She's beautiful."

Tiri watches as the blue doesn't Impress to Pyrene and stares in wonderment. Who's he going to go to now? Did Pyrene not like blues enough or something. She makes a puzzled face… "That's odd…"

Pyrene was holding her breath… she was. And in hope too… but now. "Eeesh…" and she lets out a shuddering sigh. So it's not coming after all? And is she happy about this?? She remains quiet, but her eyes are narrowed. She never wanted him in the first place, really.

"Ris, Ris!" D'renn nearly jumps up and down in relief. "He doesn't want Pyrene, it's alright!"

Lylia blinks, staring. It was going for Pyrene! What…. "Awww." Lylia suddenly pouts. A pity. Pyrene on a blue… woulda been interesting. But where's he heading now?

Quara gasps in sheer shock. "What? Why…" She frowns. "Why don't you want him, Pyrene?" she asks, dismayed.

R'sli stops, and looks. "Yay!" he says, doing a little jig. Not that he doesn't love the nanny; she's the only one 'sides him that can control Siannen. "Maybe we /can/ swap after all," he allows to D'renn.

Tyara glares at the blue as it moves on. Aww, it was just beginning to get fun..!

"Only if I get Siannen too," D'renn replies thoughtfully. "And T'lendel?" Is he pushing his luck or what….. "So where /is/ it going?"

Geko frowns at Pyrene and the blue. With an embarressed frown, she looks back down at Revnath, "Weird, I know… It's okay, I'm sure… I wonder who he's going for now?"

Quedista grasps Tyara's hand harder as the last dragon walks about the sands. "Ooooh." is whispered below her breath as her hand crunches even harder.

It's odd, of course it's odd, but then so is he. Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet holds to his principles always, and chiefest of those right now is track down the best offer, the best sweets, the one who'll indulge all his nice habits. Pyrene gets a nice view of his wiggly bum as he flounces to the next house on the block. The Big One. The one where all the nice rich people live and you know they have nothing better to do than to give out candy and cellphones and ponies to all the nice dragons that come by. Yes, THIS is IT!

"Mm.. just one more, hon. That last blue there," Shaela nods her head to the side, but doesn't shift her gaze from the darling brownrider. The comedy of him playing the sweeping, gallant gentleman in his underwear doesn't seem to strike her, clearly, because she doesn't even give so much as a giggle.

Lis swings her head around - and so does Alymath - to look at the blue. "Not… Pyrene?" Still, it's for the best; Pyrene hates blues, right? Alymath makes her own comment which elicits a head-nod from Lis. It's a lifemate thing.

Chayath watches the chaos with the utmost calm, confident that her children will know who best to Impress too. After all, she of course, knew instantly of her Shaela. Golden head swivels to her lifemate, their color striated with light marroon, a look Shaela should know well. Her lifemate. Turning, she watches her children make their way to their own. She can finally let her children go.

R'sli grins. "No deal," he says with a grin. "That's no deal, and tinkers know a good deal." He smiles, and turns to a brownrider sitting above on the ledge. "G'reek!" he shouts. "Your Zorbath lost you two marks. So much for having a nose for Search!" The brownrider shouts something unintelligible, and makes for his dragon. "'Scuse me," the greenrider says, heading for the exit. "I have to catch him before he slips back to Crom."

Tiri watches the blue, wondering where it'll go. This is getting downright confusing. Not scarey dragon, just confusing one. She screws up her face in wonderment. Why did it do that to Pyrene? Was it a mean ol' trick?

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet snuffles his way up the line of Candidates, presenting himself to each with a flamboyant creel before bounding off to repeat the display with the next, in search of the perfect treat. Pause is given at the flame-haired Dolphincrafter, however, and this time the creel is mischievous. A sniff and a snuff and a demanding croon as his eyes lock with the gold-flecked green eyes of his chosen partner in mischief. Trick or Treat, Tiri!

D'renn grumbles after R'sli… at least /he/ didn't gamble today.

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Tiri, and steps forward.

Pyrene heaves a sigh and a wry grin. "Tiri… poor thing." There. she's not even bitter look? Oh, Ok then…

"Tiri!" Scream. Shriek. Lylia clutches Druseth to her, careful not to injure him. Tiri… her weird friend Tiri. A blue! "Dragons over dolphins, eh?" The weyrling manages to call out to the newly-Impressed pair.

Tyara sighs heavily and releases her fierce grip on Py and Que's hands. Wow.. "Tiri!" she smiles, "what's his name??"

R'sli escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Quara gasps as the blue finds a partner, hopefully for real. "Oh, good for you, Tiri! Blue is best!"

Tiri's jaw drops. "Eh! Ehhh! Merf!" She looks confused. Treat, indeed!! "His name is… Sriath! Sriath!!" She hugs the blue, despite icky goo!

Pyrene suddenly feels very tired, very hot and very sticky. One hand lifts her sweat-soaked plait off her neck, and her feet shift painfully in the sand. Well… the world didn't end after all. So what now?

"Tiri! Tii-rii!" D'renn calls. Last one in….

Chayath watches the last of her eggs impress and turns to Shaela, offering her lifemate a good nudge. Food, now. Being confined to the sands makes a queen hungry all right. All her children are safe and about to be spoiled and loved to death so she wants her food. Food.

Yiddae watches silently, almost impassive as the last blue finds his lifemate and Tyrodinth heaves a huge sigh of regret. All gone. But from her perch, she now slides down - to the hot sands and then in search of straps. She wants to get /off/ this broiling place!

D'renn beckons everyone around. "We can go and eat now…. this way."

Tiri leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Lylia leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Quara leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
M'rin leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Tyara slips back into the shadows.
Lis leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Kh'et leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Tellia escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
D'renn leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Geko grins gratefully to D'renn, finally able to give Revnath his first meal, so badly needed…

Quedista escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Geko leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Alymath leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Revnath leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

L'shil simply watches her back with the quiet, fervent devotion which so characterises him, in spite of all his other habits and his dragon's strange acts. "Now," he says definitively, "we may go."

Sakuruth leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Druseth leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Yiddae scrabble's up Tyrodinth's neck with the assistance of the tough straps to settle amid thickset neckridges.
Tyrodinth leaps back into flight, scattering sand.

Sriath leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Pyrene watches the general exodus and leans against Tyara. "I'm going to throttle that D'renn… Knew he Searched me as a joke." Still, she shrugs and looks around at the others. "So we're going now? There's a party… and just think! We can drink again!" Every cloud has a silver lining.

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