High Reaches' 5th PC Hatching (part 2)

Nuff's gold Tiareth x G'vin's bronze Chiernnath
4th June 2000
Logged by D'renn

Part 1

Geisha District of Kyoto Egg shifts - just that, no more, no less, it is not it's time.

Sasha glances at Pyrene over Auri's head unable to speak - it's all too overwhelming. Auri likes the blue, Pyrene's face is a picture!

Lyrica looks over at Auri and her towel turned robe then notices her bare feet, "Auri… she's going to be roasted by the time this is over with." She does notice the two hatching but only nods; seems she got that one right too but was wrong about somethng else. Faye and Loren get a chuckle before she turns back to Sorana, "Hot.. it's sharding hot.. I should have just worn my boots…"

"Clever old Tiareth…" D'renn replies to Nuff rather sarcastically. Purple. Huh.

Ashan looks down at Pia's feet… s'not a pretty sight nope, but she's not gonna tell Pia that is she? "Don't worry, Pia… looks like you won't be able to feel 'em much longer…" shift, shift… she could give Pia one of hers and they could stand there together like storks? Nah…

"Hrm, uh?" Vynret blurts, glancing toward the Candidate that feels the need to squeeze his hand till it falls off. "Wull… I dunno," he offers, with a slight shrug. Whatever she asked, his is the universal answer.

Regal Prince Charming Blue Dragonet floats his gaze with no small amount of boredom over the debutantes before him. Sigh. He's seen it all - but wait! Dancing gingerly through the heat, his neck cranes over the white-robed crowd for the flaxen-haired beauty that's caught his iridescent eye. Limbs plant in the sand as he all but stumbles to a stop, presenting himself with a draconic parody of a bow. Rising with a flourish of tail at Faye, the dream in a hastily stitched candidate robe, he claims her happy ending as his own as he gazes into hazel eyes.

Pyrene glares down at Auri. "I told you that robe was bad for you… The heat's affecting your brain. Pleasantly warm!" She grumbles for a minute before finally declaring: "/All/ blues are evil - Faye!! Oh, congrats!" Who said she had to be consistent?

Pearl of Bahrain Egg clouds over as tiny striations wreak havoc on its surface, its centerpiece orb seeming to pop whole from the watery background. The brittle structure collapses around a slick green form, born into the world riding upon a clamshell-shaped piece of her egg.

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet
Virescent shades undulate gently over the soft hide of her cherubic form, rippling down a smooth neck as grass-green mingles with glints of molten gold. Innocence reflects in a glittery halo, subtly dusted with malachite, set primly atop her crown while her slim muzzle tapers into a childlike expression. Inordinate wings carry a tallow hue, pale green whispering lightly along the 'sails. Beryl spills across the capacious frame, her youthful appearance shifting with the tenebrious shades that stretch down her throat to hint at a vespertine nature. Verditure comes to a conclusion, vibrant emerald fairy-brushed along her back, winding down to tail and silver-taloned paws alike.

"Ooh, maybe you should'a.. but i's too late, now, right? We gotta /stand/ here now. Hot. Burning feet." Ever so eloquent Loren is, with all those nice verbs and adjectives. Blue is noticed, and so is Faye. "Faye? FAYE! Faye, Faye! Oh, oh Faranth, Faye! Faye, you Impressed! Faye!" Cheer, Loren does. A /lot/. "Oh, oh, wha's his name?!"

Celestine is practically giggly, now. "Hey, look! /Purple/ dragons!" Two of them, to be precise. But what else, from Tiareth. "Oooooh. Faye! Faye, isn't he /beautiful/?" And he's Faye's, too, sparkles and all. "Aww… It's all so touching," she sniffles, wiping a tear from her face shamelessly.

Regal Prince Charming Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Faye, and steps forward.

"Faye!" is Pia's gleeful exclimation, foot dropped with a thud in her excitement. "You did it!" And then there's the gold, and she stares in a sudden nervous awe.

Edaeyn reaches up callused fingers to smooth tightly-curled, damp hair out of her eyes … her fingers pause at temples as the blue makes his choice. "Faye!" she choruses with the others, with the small distinction of being below most of the females in pitch. Deny individuality.

The little wrinkly puprle blue finally heads, looking somewhat like a gnome in search of trouble to hide in. No not you, no not you, no not… hullo. The dragonet tilts its head at the young Harper Candidate Arumpall and tilts his head.

Lyrica does glance back at Fay once more, just in time to catch her impression, "Faye? Congratulations!!!" She calls, seeming quite happy with this turn, "I knew it, I just knew it and I should have wagered on her… oh well, guess I'll listen to myself next time." That is, if she can quit talking to herself, eh? She shakes her head and then stands there watching, shifting again from one foot to the other to avoid the heat of the sands.

"Faye, Faye, over here!" D'renn gets to call this one, pleased and proud for Faye. And it's blue.

Ragis gapes slightly as the blue stops in front of Faye…..now that was unexpected. "Gratz, Faye! What's his name?" he calls down the line. He turns back to the other eggs and wonders which will crack now.

"Oh - my - Faye!" Sorana squeals, voice dissolving into shrieks as she point-point-points at Faye. "What's his name, Faye?!" Vynret is, again, nudged. "Look Vyn! Isn't he perfect for her?"

Ashan squeals again, "Faye!" whee! and down goes another one

Miana squeeps, another Impression? They all vanish too quickly, and a jubilant squeak of "Congrats, Faye!" courses o'er the thickened crowd of candidates amid the other complimenting cries. Yes, Faye /deserved/ that dragonet. Now…who else to bother? Oooh, green? Pretty.

Arumpall is quick to fall to his knees, nodding his head. "I do know your name, I do! Stiltskinth stiltskinth stiltskinth!" And so he becomes R'mpl.

Salea is standing in amoungst the new Weyrlings, enjoying the frazzled, fusion of new partners-for-life. Lookinng to D'renn, she grins, "Looks like we'll be busy.." she nearly cheers.

See Auri's jaw. See Auri's jaw drop. See Auri take much constraint not to drool. "G…g…greeeeeen." Pyrene's hand is dropped, 'pleasant' heat ignored. "P…preeeetty."

Tatoria waves her hands in the air. "YEah /Faye/!!!" A grin, a hoot, and a dance later, Tat, is back staring in random eggs and dragons. OOoooooooo. Greeeeeeee. She shifts on the sand. Impressions impressions everywhere!

"Green," Pia amends her thought, flashing a sheepish smile at her sands-mate. "And isn't it adorable?" coos the Candidate. "So ladylike!"

Blink. Blink. Blink. Faye abruptly lets go of Loren's arm, delicately curling them 'round blue dragonet, instead. "His name is Lainnoth!" she announces to those wishing to know, still blinking. "Yessir, D'renn!" And the two head Weyrlingmaster-wards.

Nuff wrinkles her nose at D'renn. "Well I like purple, even if they always grow into some other color afterwards. We remember, don't we Tiareth, which ones started out the right color?"

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet lets out a vexed creel as she pops into the world. Cold, cruel world. Lifting herself off of her pleasantly plump behind, the green goes in search of a nice, little egg shell to get back into. She broke hers.

"No more Faye," Loren murmurs quietly, glowing at her newly-Impressed friend. "Faye, ooh, Faye!" Green is given a quick glance, and Loren nods appraisingly towards it as her friend moves away. "Faye, Faye, Faye, Faye and handosme-blue Lainnoth.. ooh, oh Faye! This is /wonderful!" Loren beams. /Beams/. Her friend Impressed; she /has/ to stay here now, Impression or not. Loren wants to visit.

Ayers Rock Egg rocks. Rolls. Cracks. Booms! Open goes the shell and out stumbles a little brown creature, seemingly sleepy and confused. Who? What? Where? Oh! Sands! Time to pick someone! Little limbs are stretched out and eyes are blinked in a draconic yawn as he sallies forth into the big bad world.

Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Dragonet
Colours created from the sandman's dream coalesce as this fabled dagon, whipping imagination and fancy into a soft, rounded, brown-tufted visage and gruff-growly body. Specks of gold, bronze, and deeper earth-tones furry his spindly headknobs, fuzz the blunted claws of neckridges and spine, and fade to too-hot porridge at the tip of his truncated tail; milky klah traces patterns up wingarches to spars before it runnels into those gentle, oversized sails and splashes down onto his fubsy forelegs. Filled with paradoxes, he is lean but not angular, muscular but not bulky, and both podgy and strong as gruffness and indulgence are combined beneath that velvet-crushed hide.

Gromytel runs a hand across his forehead, wiping away sweat. "Yikes, it's hot… Oh, good. I don't like that sparkly thing… "Eeeeew. Green. Green is for /girls/." Luckily for him, someone out there actually /does/ like it.

Sasha's heart leaps as one more of the eggs begins to crack. Craning her neck, she tries to catch a glimpse of the little creature emerging - "It's coming….it's breaking out!" she whispers, more to herself than to anyone in particular.

Vynret nods again, just as dumbly, to Sorana. "Y…" he trails off, noting the blue's Impression to Faye, and then a few more. Gee, they're Impressing all around him. More dragonets hatch, drawing his attention; a green and a brown.

Ragis blinks as a pair of eggs split and a green and a brown make their appearances. He sighs and looks at them both in appreciation, both beautiful despite the egg-goo that hangs onto them.

Miana oohs, 'nother brown. Makes Miatwit happy, doncha know, 'n' the painfully evident observations set off again from the ex-Trader to a poor, tortured Tatoria. "Looklooklook! Another brown! They're the best color, ya know." Go ahead, she dares someone to disagree.

Celestine giggles, and laughs, and nearly falls over. "Aiee… It's so cuuuuute! Awww… Isn't she special?" Oh, dear. "Ooooh, brown… Lookit that brown. It's so purdy!" Sheesh.

Pyrene eyes R'mpl and Stiltskinth, before snatching up Auri's hand. "What is it? Are you alright? You can't take that robe off now - Oh, the green?" she peers at the creature. "Yes, very pretty. Not blue either." Let's keep pointing out those morals…. if once a brat always a brat, then perhaps the same thing applies even to reluctant nannies.

London Eye Egg chucks, sliding onto one side. Depressively, it stops moving, still, but basking in the heat of the sands.

Tatoria dances on the sand. something she'd normally be proud off, dancing and all, and it really doesn't bother her that she's dancing, but that /heat/ is a killer. "Oh! Brown! Brown!" She smiles at Miana. Brown is nice, but so is green…

Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Dragonet is brought out of his hibernation. Oh. Dear. Blink. Blink. A little stretch of the wings as he shakes out all his stubby limbs. Someone had cracked /his/ egg. Or perhaps he did it. Oh. No matter. Little head turns around at Things to Pursue.

"Lainnoth …" And another name joins Edaeyn's congregation of memories, held to because she knows it's all she'll gain from this. The brown gets a sharpened gaze, amusement and detachment … the latter slowly crumbling, but the amusement just building with each moment.

Ashan can't focus on any one thing and its giving her a headache… she she just squeezes, hops, and closes her eyes for a moment only to glance up to see the brown emerging. A quick check…yup, things are still moving forward despite the heat

Sorana's head, once again, whips around, several blinks heralding her cry: "Green! Brown! Lovely!" This time she nudges both of her peers, saying, "Oh, my aren't they lovely. And that brown - with the gold pieces on him - and the green, too…Lyri, Vyn, aren't they darling?"

Geisha District of Kyoto Egg trembles. Soon. Yes, soon it will be time.

"Ooh, brown." With Faye gone, Loren only has the dragons to talk to; the other Candidates are clinging to everyone else, and Loren doesn't wanna interrupt. T'is impolite, you know. "Brown.. so nice.. i's not like the other browns. I's chubby." Too many cookies; that's why Loren's robe looks a bit tight.

Sasha gazes across the sands, at the newly hatched brown and green. Her eyes widened considerably at the enormous cracking sound and the fear through her body is emphasised by the violent quivering of her limbs.

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet's chubby limbs take her by Candidate after Candidate, an occasional niggling thought - hunger? - causing her to sniff at this bare foot or that sandaled one. A clutchbrother's empty egg draws her tenuous attention, and she makes hastilly towards the abandoned shell.

Auri regains composure with a quick flutter of thick lashes. The little golden candidate places both hands on her hips. "That brown needs to go on a diet." And then, in a lower tone, "Like D'renn." And she means this earnestly really. Then back the girl goes to mentally worshipping the green.

The scent of fried eggs scents the cavern as the clear stuff drips from dragonet wings and flanks, sizzling on the volcano heated sands.

The little puprlish-green, all lavender and spice and all things nice, steps - no, cances - out towards the candidates. She moves like a song, nevermind the provencal quilting to her light sails and svelte haunches. And then there is a candidate in her way.

Lyrica raises an eyebrow and, if she weren't dyed a few pretty shades, she'd probably pale at the use of the word, "Um.. they're.. handsome dragons." She finally agrees and then lifts her chin just a bit; cute.. ugh. "I don't think that I can stand standing here.. well.. not for much longer." She notes, shifting back and forth a bit more now.

Miana bouncebounces a bit more, optics adhered to scattering of dragonets…all loping off in opposite directions. Worried? Perhaps, a pristine air is maintained, however, sweeping sable locks irritably from her eyes. Should've brought a tie.

Pia pulls her too-squeezed palm towards her body. "Shawn," she manages, "now you're hurting me!" Turn-about's fair play? Hardly. Glancing back onto the sands, she eyes the green. "Is it trying to get back into an egg?" is inquired of Ashan.

Ragis isn't clinging to anyone, doesn't really need to perhaps. He chuckles as the green tries to go back into an eggshell…..and not even her own. "Too bad it doesn't work like that, eh, Lor?" he says around the candidates between them.

Gromytel looks warily at Celestine, who looks about ready to topple. "Uh-oh. Watch out. That sand is hot…" And then, looking at the purple-green, he smirks. "Good. Thank goodness it's not /mine/. I don't want green, see," he informs everyone. "I want bronze. Or brown. Or mebbe blue…" Anything but green.

Pyrene looks worriedly at the green dragonet and backsteps a touch. She may not be blue, but she can still bite. "Auri, she's pretty, but keep in mind she's got sharp teeth, OK?" she checks. "And that brown is a /far/ superior creature to D'renn. It's just baby fat, and no matter his mental age, D'renn doesn't have that excuse." Her eyes follow the brown.. he's terribly pretty really.

Ashan shrugs, "I dunno…" she drawls… "Looks to me like she's investigating that egg the brown just came out of…" well, whatever… its hot, "Is it hot out here to you Pia?" she inquires too politely…the heat has gone to her brain you see

Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Dragonet makes a dragon scowl over at Goldilocks. He may be new to the world, but no one is sleeping in his bed. Or ex-bed. And to that end, he dashes off towards Goldilocks. Nuh-uh. Not this way. /That/ way. Towards the candidates!

Loren giggles in the general direction of Ragis, nodding a bit as she cranes her neck to see where the Impressees went off to. "Yep-yep. She's funny, though, hmm?" Green is abandoned, and ex-runner's amethyst swivles back towards the brown. "He's funny, too. Tryin' 'ta get 'ere out here!"

D'renn heard Auri. And Pyrene. And makes a few, important mental notes.

Edaeyn watches the dragonets rush in all directions and takes a cautious step back, shoulders shivering a little before they relax. Nothing to worry about, really … just stay alert, quick on your feet … and remember. That's the most important part.

Miana simply oggles atta commanding brown. Ooh…that's a good thing! She's hyper, yes, 'n' lightning gaze flashes to the Galleries. Anyone she knows? Can't tell, but Melsa promised, and the trader is appeased. Dragonets are more interesting anyway.

Sorana's eyes stay on the brown, mostly, flicking a few times to the green - "What on Pern is she doing?" - before moving back. "Lovely, lovely, lovely. Isn't he, Vynret?" Vynret can't be tired of hearing that, can be? Of /course/ not…

"I'm doing ok," Pia notes, wrist lifted to sweep the accumulated sweat from her brow. "At least, not that you've stopped hurting my hand." Lips twist into an amused smile at the brown's indignation. "So now they'll fight over the egg instead of the Candidates?"

Oops. Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet breaks her new egg as well, sending shards flying with a loud pop. An indignant shriek follows the collapse of the bed, and she reluctantly moves towards those in white at hunger's stimulus. Ashan is gravitated towards, those delicate nostrils twitching. Sniff. Sniff.

Ashan is carefully avoiding a glance to the ledges where her mother is… She's denying her presence you see… out of sight out of mind? Not hardly… she clears her throat and swats at the dust in front of her face, "Ew, sweat, yuck…" she grunt mumbles

Tatoria blinks as the brown scammbles towards all the canidates in a hurry. Oh….Then there's still that green out there, althoguh the brown's nice….Oh drgons dragons everywhere! She bounces up-down-right-left. Slightly hyper…but really excited. Who isn't after all?

Auri stares at the brown. "That's not very nice," she comments, and it chases the green away. "That's like…not hospi-hosp-hospitable. Yah. Not hospitable. That's not polite." Hmph. Typical for a brown that doesn't contain any pink. Then, blue eyes turn back to the green…

Ragis chuckles at Loren's reply and nods. He watches both dragonets and hopes they'll both get themselves sorted out and head in the right direction. You just can't stay in bed on a lovely day like today, sun shining and dragoneggs cracking, tis too exciting, no?

Ashan takes a step back, dragging Pia with her… oy…

"Oh dear. Oh dear." D'renn watches Impressions left right and centre, fidgeting rather. At least he's not hot.

The candidate, Ibareast, stands his ground in front of the dancing green. He might not be the prettiest of Candidates. In fact he is even uglier than Ifnesh. And nevermind his beastly manners or his stable-boy aroma. He is right there.

Edaeyn's lips quirk, laughter silent there, though with an ever-so-slightly hysterical tinge to it. How many has it been? She runs through the count in her head, then the remainder, then again, soothing herself with the mantra of numbers.

Sasha suddenly exhales realising that she has forgotten in the excitement to breathe. This is too exciting, nothing like she imagined it would be - still in her mind over and over she is chanting If only…if only…

Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Dragonet will pursue Goldilocks to the end of the woods! To the end of the earth! Well, at least to the end of the sands. But that's not quite necessary as he skitters after the green, and kicking up a bunch of sand as he does so. Snuff. Snuf. Not really touching her, but there is warning in his wuffs. Back, scoundrel! Back!

Miana wiggleswiggles. Yep, 'n' if Melsa is there, she gets a brief lil' fingerwiggle from a suddenly shy Miana, and one to Xhu. Okay, right…dragons. Green and brown. Focus?

Pia, drawn back by Shawn's grip on her wrist, stumbles. "Shawn, what are you - -" Words break off when she sees the advance of the green. "Was it gonna run me over? Huh?"

Tiareth watches the unfolding saga with her eyes whirling. For comfort she edges a might closer to Chierrnath, though her tail is now propped near Nuff for solace.

Loren continues to giggle at the green's and brown's anticts, and pauses in her looking-for-Faye to focus on them. "Will they ever go search?" Candidate murmurs queitly, suddenly thoughtful. "Or maybe they'll just chase each other for a while more."

Ashan eeps… "No, its gonna run me over!" she squeals… especially since the pudgy brown is following… Pilot to bombadeer…mayday mayday

Vynret's taken to little spells of nodding whenever someone near him says anything, so another of Sorana's questions is just nodded-at. Eyes still wandering the sea of eggs, candidates, and dragonets. Wow, by the way.

Pyrene watches in curiosity. "Ashan?" she wonders aloud and smirks. "Oh that'll be interesting… If she doesn't get run over." She peers anxiously across. She wants to see Ashan Impressed, not smushed.

Celestine chuckles at Gromytel. "He sounds just like Arthur… Awwww. Look at that little green. She's so ky/ooooot/!" And, swinging her head to look at another hatchling, her carefully-done bun wobbles a little, the large creation shivering in its red ribbon case.

Salea watches, in between her frequest walks up and down the far ends of the sands. Glancing out amoungst the Candidates, she welcomes in a new pair. "J'ck! and Beanstockth! Good, come join…"

Sorana edges just /slightly/ back - "My, my, he's in a hurry," she notes, peering over another Candidate. "Who - is he going to Shawn?" Nudge-nudge to Vynret. "D'you think he's going to Shawn, Vynret?"

Ibareast - B'east - brushes the sand from little Beautyth's nose and helps her over with the others. "I am hungry too, love."

Lyrica just smiles at Ashan, "Yep, and she didn't want to… maybe she'll change her mind now." The girl just beams, "Or… has it chosen yet? Well.." She waits, chewing her lower lip but.. really, she's not interested in the hatching, oh no, not in the least. Sorana is given a shrug of her shoulders, "I'd say Shawn.. "

"Both of them?" squeeks Pia, retreating with Shawn. "Oh, oh, what to do?" There's no where to run.

Auri shakes a finger at the offending brown. "Hey. Py…is he allowed to do that? That's kind of mean." She blinks. "Though everybody seems to like Ashan lots. I like Shawn, don't you Py?" But she likes the green too. *droool*.

Edaeyn tries very hard not to laugh at Ashan's plight, fingers twitching and tapping against her sides. "I hope you're not betting, Lyrica …" is said in an exaggeratedly stern tone.

Zai lowers down to the side of Puizuth, one hand drapped lovingly over his neck while she watches her friends. So caught up is she in the Impression and watching her friends, that the hot sands don't bother her anymore. Go figure.

Ashan isn't changing her mind quite yet… she's backing up and panicking as two dragonets come barreling toward her… now this she did /not/ need…

Chiernnath croons to all his little dragonet's, managing to embarass his rider with paternal gushiness. Tiareth gets a distracted look before gaze returns to eggs, dragonets, and weyrlings.

D'renn shakes his head at the dragonets out there. Scary creatures. "I don't remember Trydanth's clutch being quite this….. forward," he comments to Salea, waving one hand vaguely in the air to beckon B'east and Beautyth over.

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet squawks pitiful as the big, scary brown causes her to veer away from Ashan. He's scary to /her/, anyway. Eyes scan over the candidates sadly, silvered paws plodding through hot sands until she finds herself confronted with her very own likeness: innocent, wide blue eyes and golden curls. Head dips piteously as she turns an entreating gaze up at Auri. Will she share her porridge? And maybe a bed?

"Best seat in the house, eh, Shawn?" Calissan calls, grinning lazily. Well, as lazily as one doin' the Sands Dance could be, of course. "Good color on that green," he remarks, nudging the Candidate beside him.

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Auri, and steps forward.

Having successfully warded off the green menace that is Goldilocks green dragonet, Pudgy Papa Bear Brown turns his attentions to his charge that he has so valiantly defended. Hark! Fair maiden. Or at least this is implied by his various sniffs at Shawn's robe. And then accentuated by his muzzle thrust into her stomach and stare into her eyes. His robed thingy.

Pyrene spares a look for the parents at Chiernnath's croon. "They're very pretty!" she calls to him. She's getting bored now you see. Too blase to watch hatchlings… or maybe she's too afraid to see what happens to Ashan - until "Auri!" she squeaks, desperately leaping back and letting go of the girl. "Oh, my dear… Oh, congrats!" Genuine joy fills her eyes - hey! She finally got her out of the nurseries!

Sasha releases Auri and whispers "go on…she's yours!"

Gromytel watches Ashan and her situation. "Hey! That's not fair! How come a /girl/ gets two and I don't get any?" Yep, complain righteously. And then the green turns away. "Hey! That's not how it's s'posed to work… I wanna dragon! Or candy!" He's flexible.

Edaeyn's laughter fades, dim silence on her lips for a moment as she runs over something in the back of her mind, then, with full heartiness in an unusually deep voice, "congratulations, Auri … and Ashan! Or should I say, condolences?" is added with what hints at a smirk.

Fye is so very caught up in her handsome blue Lainnoth, you see - but when gaze lifts she's cheering on whichever Candidate or new-Weyrling comes into view. "Auri? /Auri/!! Yah!"

Miana peeps o'er various heads of fellow candies. Lanky height has its advantages, 'n' Mia goes wide-eyed. Big dragons…'bout to run someone over? Eeesh, anything for impression, she supposes, tugging vexingly at a lock of onyx. "Excellent, Aur! 'n' Shawn!" Cheerful cheerful!

Vynret barely gets time to register Sorana's question before the green looks toward another candidate and Shawn Impresses the brown. No answer needed, then, he supposes, and doesn't even nod to Sor.

Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Ashan, and steps forward.

Lyrica almost yells but stops herself, she's calm after all. "Congrats, Auri!" She calls, giving the girl a broad smile and then looking over at Ashan as she impresses as well, "Great! I knew it..Congrats Shawn!"

Tatoria watches, intent on the dragonets. Ready…waiting…boncing…dancing. ..trying to stay focused here. Brown…Green…Hazel? Ah…yeah. Focus. Dragons…Oh..HOT. Dance…Dance…up-down-right….Blink. "Yeah Auri!" Is yelled at the former candidate….now gone Rider and the other newly impressed…"Whoooooooo! Ashan!"

Ragis's eyes follow the two dragonets as they both move in the same direction, a short distance down the cluster. He grins as the green takes to Auri, good choice…..in his mind at least. "Gratz, Auri! Shawn? Good job!" he calls to the girls.

"Auri!" Pia hails, delighted gaze set on the younger Candidate. "You did it!" And then, "SHAWN!" Relinquishing her sands-mate's hand, she bounces on her toes. Bounce. "What's his name?"

Sorana squeals, jumping up and down…and up and down again. "AURI!!!! You got her - oh - Auri!!! And - " a cock of the head, and a broadening of her smile, "Ashan! You too! Congrats!"

Pyrene glances to see what's become of Shawn then and hahs. "Told you so!" she calls again. Oh, this /is/ fun. She enjoys this. Being right.

Auri looks up, blue eyes sparkling wildly. "I've got a pretty dragon! She's hungry!" Name? Oh yah. Name. "And uh…her name is?" Auri's head bends down. Very short term memory. It's the heat. "Miravith!" Gold locks bounce as the girl throws her chubby arms around the green's neck.

Calissan squeaks. A genuine squeak. Best seat in the house, indeed. "Shawn! Shawn!" Oh, oh, oh. "She - him - did you see that? Did you?" Cal asks excitedly of the boy beside him, beaming. That's his friend out there. And look at what she did.

"No…. No…." D'renn's stunned. "Ashan Impressed? And Auri?" Beckoning to the new weyrlings, his face brightens. "Wait… Ashan Impressed. I'm in charge of her for the next 18 months….. hah."

Geisha District of Kyoto Egg twitches more firmly - is it time?

Sasha shrieks "Welldone! Auri! Brilliant Shawn!" unable to keep herself from jumping up and down, she grins manically at Pyrene and the others.

Geisha District of Kyoto Egg unweaves its patterns, bright colors disbanding and falling apart, as from the shell rises the proud occupant.

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet
From the great grey-green greasy Limpopo river of his paws rises this pachiderm in blue. An abundance of everything defines this dragonet, from his broad and heavy feet to the convex splendor of his vast sides, and onwards - upwards - to the gold-crowned spars of his capacious wings. But despite his large and rotund size, the grey-blue fabric of his hide pools in wrinkles about the width of his shoulders and sinks back into the depths of those pearly-toed paws. Only where a velvety flush of emerald crushes his chest and withers does his hide stretch taut, as if his skin could hardly contain the noble ideal of this young prince.

Pia sidles over to Cal, sheepish smile twisting her lips. "Wanna hold hands?" She asks of him, own still-sweaty palm extended. Better not say no.

Salea looks up, eyes and mouth and entire face awash with her delight. "Shawn! Ah, there's a troublemaker.." she shakes her hea, still grinning.

Egyptian Sphinx Egg shifts, setting off the tiniest of sand-drifts.

Ashan would worry about the green and breathe a sigh of relief but now the… OH! OH! Eyes go wide and mouth just drops and she just peers down at the chubby and lovable face… "Orsoth? Food?" yeah, yeah, she can do that… Wait a minute… I mean /wait/ a /minute/… hand reaches out to touch that face… and she grins… "His name is Orsoth!" she squeals… just sorta lost for a long long moment.

Miana lurches, yes…the sparkly egg jerks. Her competition with Loren flickers…'n' gazes. Whoo…./large/ blue. Extremely large blue.

Edaeyn pities Ashan even as she envies her. And then, "Miravith, Orsoth …" Could anything be sweeter? And there goes the egg that so many have admired and cherished, and she leans back, head canted forward in a position awkward for motion, but ideal for observation.

Areiah would dare say no - and, with minimal fidgeting, takes Pia's hand in his own. "Orsoth. What a great name."

Calissan wouldn't dare say no - and, with minimal fidgeting, takes Pia's hand in his own. "Orsoth. What a great name."

Celestine's gaze is focused, for a moment, on the spectacle. "Oh, good for them! Yay! Auri! And Ashan! Ooooh!" And then she swings her head to see the big blue hatch. "Ohhhh!" As she does, though, the ribbon's tentative hold on her hair lets go, and it swings down and over her shoulder. "Yikes… Oh, shards. I don't have a mirror to put this back up," she frets. "And… Oh, Orsoth and Miravith. That's so pretty."

"Ooh, blue.. neat blue." Loren's gaze flickers to the newly-hatched and then the shards of her favorite eggs, and the shivers as she contepmlates scurrying forward and snatching them up. "No. Can't go, nono.. ooh, Auri! Great! Shawn, that's wonderful!" No-more-Candees.. not many, at least. Ev'one's going away from Loren.

Sorana blinks at the blue, mouth forming a sort of 'o'. "He's /big/, Vynret. Really big." Eyes shift, turning to the other eggs, then back to blue. "Wowie."

Thesy grins when the brown chooses Shawn. Dragoncare and dragonhealong lessons should be fun then. "Congrats, Shawn!"

Pia clutches Cal's palm with all her might, thankful gaze meeting his face for a quick moment. "And look," she gestures, hand waving towards the new hatchling. "Blue." Duh.

Egyptian Sphinx Egg stirs again into restless, determined life. No more waiting, no more anticipating….

Pyrene glances to Chiernnath and Tiareth… "They may be pretty-ish… when they dry off, but do so many have to be blue??" She peers at Nuff and G'vin. Maybe it's their influence… She's lost her brat shield now and moves to clutch Sasha instead. "Sasha…." Be a shield for her?

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet tumbles end over end out of his shell, rolling to a flop-stop with his tail going one way and his wings going the other, falling over his head like huge ears. Now what is he supposed to do again? Oh yeah… One leg is set before the other, getting the large blue up on his feet again.

Vynret couldn't ever get tired of ogling at all the activities on the sands, and so he continues to do so. "Yuh…" he mumbles to Sorana. And she didn't even ask a question of him, did she? Oh, well.

Egyptian Sphinx Egg falters, forgetting the answer and losing the game. There is nothing tidy about the collapsing of its shell, egg-walls falling helter-skelter about the poking parts of the emerging dragonet.

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet
Intrepid she is, this leviathan queen, with no siren's grace to refine the monstrous length of her serpentine form. Rising like a kraken from the depths of her inky, night-black paws to the coral-strewn twilight of wings' erratic spars, a distant song of gold froths the tangled sargassum of that ill-fitting hide, and ebbs undaunted up untidy curves of neck and head. The salt-encrusted canvas of her capsizing 'sails, windthrown and weathered to palest sea-glass, brines a flotsam of shadows across the expanse of her imposing withers, and brindles the fragmented abalone that pearls her full flanks and awkward, silver-shiny tail.

Lyrica nods, "Very.. biggest blue yet, I'd say." She agrees, shifting from foot to foot, "Let's hope he just doesn't step on us, right?" She chuckles, watching the blue move and, more importantly, watching where he's not moving to. "Then again…hay… he rolls too.. better be on the watch.." She doesn't want to be a sands stain, after all.

"Shards, gold." That's all D'renn has to say on the matter.

Miana eyes Loren-bound, idly waving her over semi-discreetly. Yes, come be sociable /while/ drooling over the dragonets. Eyes dart back to these, of course! Glittering ovoids vastly fading out to mere fragments of shells 'n….gold! "Ohh…Tatoria! Gold!" Hide?

Sasha clings to Pyrene and wide eyed gazes at the gold ahead of them. Soooooo beautiful! she exchanges glances with Pyrene who will she choose?

And /now/ it's the gold. Pia sucks in a breath, air rattling nervously in her throat. "Look." She manages, free hand again darting out to indicate the hatchling. "Look!"

"Gold!" Loren shreiks. Really. "Gold-gold-gold." She's not as neat as blues-and-browns-and-bronzes, but golds are, in their own way, neat-to-Loren. "Ooh, this is getting even more exciting by the minute!" Dancing Loren's steps speed up - anxious, nervous, and nausous, too. How nice.

Chiernnath's paternal prideometer goes up with a loud welcoming croon to the gold hatchling. Tiareth is shot another glittery look before gaze is snatched again by the miniture queen on the sands.

Tatoria blinks. Hey…another blue. Ooo…It's a biggie too. BIG. More steps are compleated acompanied by a muttered chant of 'Hot'. Ooo…I belive another egg's moving. What color shall this one be…? OH MY….GOLD! "GOLD!" A /little excitement? Whatever calm Tat had before this is compleatly shattered. "There's a /gold/ out there!" She bounce up and down, hot sands forgotten and beams at Miana…Who's not excited?

Gromytel snickers. "It's a monster! Boy, I pity the girl who gets that." Of course, he pities everyone who's not a guy. "At least that blue is nice and big."

"Oh darling," Sorana admires, cocking her head. "Look at /her/. Stunning, she is." Aren't all golds? Bare feet are remembered - "oh shards" - and she begins swaying again. One-two-three, left, one-two-three, right.

sock after shock. Every shell breaking seems more surreal than the last, as Salea gives up watching the pendemonium on the sands and eyes the choas on the sidelines. Eyebrows raise - a gold?

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet looks up at his clutchsister. Big blue and even bigger gold… But sister on the sands or not, he's someone to find, and he trudges out purposefully - if rather slowly. Now. Hey, wait a minute… These white things. Aren't they what he's looking for?

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet slides out onto the Sands, tail dragging heavily as she leaves behind the wreckage of her egg. Somewhere is a voice that's calling her.

Shawn just stands there for long moments until Orsoth reminds her that he's hungry /again/…and she grins, "Come on…we gotta go over 'ere to the side…" she'll worry about D'renn tortures later… right now she's got other problems… she leads her new lifemate…the thought sounds foreign in her brain over to the side.

Calissan openly admires the new gold - and nods to Pia, grinning, lightly. "She's bigger than I thought she would be, somehow." Not that he's complaining, of course. She's still lovely.

Ragis looks up as 'Gold' echoes up and down the line of candidates and sighs. "This one is going to have a tough choice…..too many females out here for her to pick from." he murmurs to himself. He shifts once more, not able to feel his feet any longer, but knowing that he'll just burn them worse if he stands still.

Edaeyn's breath flies in sharply, the guard snapping around to face the egg. Unfortunately, her feet slip, that position she took to watch the last few coming back to haunt her, and the once-guard wobbles precariously, hands reaching for a support that is suddenly more than physical. She takes a shallow breath and straightens, biting the corner of her lip. Watch. Detached. No matter, none …

Nuff heard Pyrene, she did, and is about to reply when Tiareth's latest goldchild hatches. "Well", she says after taking in the greeny-salty-encruste d little queen. "You do manage to breed interesting ones, 'Reth. And its not blue."

D'renn shudders again. "She looks scarier than that bronze Sendakth… scarier than Tiareth," he mutters to Salea.

Auri follows Miravith, who follows Orsoth, who follows Shawn. "Side. Right. No, D'renn won't hurt us. We're too cute." Nobody heard her say that, right?

London Eye Egg lies still, quiescent, but not for ever. Smokey tenrdil of heat rise from under the egg as it twitches - just slightly - to the side.

Lyrica looks over at the gold and grins, "Well, she's certainly not gracefull but she'd give any of those males a run." She laughs, then looks back over at the blue, watching it as well. "I did say this was going to be interesting, didn't I?"

Pyrene looks over to the gold. "She's not pretty either," she muses. "Still at least she isn't blue…. Of course, that /was/ a given. Who did I bet on for her again?" she blinks up and down the line. "Drat. She already Impressed." It's most likely R'sli's fault. She /knows/ he fixes the betting.

Sasha nods in wonder at Cal's words. "she's much bigger!" shifting her feet uncomfortably on the sands, she still hopes…

Miana involuntarily steps back a take…/not/ going to get in the thunderous queen's way, no. She effects a nice happydance to match Tatoria's, and oohs/aahs as is obligatory to the lumbering blue. Big. Like a brown. Can squish things.

"She's… scary!" Pia notes in faint tones of surprise. "I thought that golds would be a bit… nicer." Gaze flicks to Auri's dragon in comparison. "More like that one." But, the oceanic lure of the gold drags her attention back and she lapses into a pensive silence. A trembling silence.

The gold attracts Vynret's gaze, but not for long. He's not really eligible for her, and although it'll be good to see who she Impresses, his gaze drifts elsewhere for the moment, noticing other eggs moving, other dragonets wandering about.

Celestine teeters again, this time worse. "Oh, shards. Gold. She's… she's gold!" So she's impressed… who wouldn't be? "Oh… But that blue is so majestic, and… Ohhhhh. I just wanna Impress." Poor girl, caught in a dilemma. Gold or blue, gold or blue… Which one should she wait for? Or will she be left standing?

Thesy gasps for breath a little. Faranth, what a gold, even for a clutch of Tiareth. Glance flies over the candidates, the bluerider wondering who she will choose.

Salea nods to D'renn, sipping from the sac of water at her side. "You can teach that one discipline, right?"

"More eggs, more eggs," Loren says, beaming. And dancing, but of course. "This is /so/ exciting.. I wonder who'll Impress that gold." More thinking for Loren - it's getting too stressful for the poor girl, really.

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet wanders over towards where a few candidates stand, looking up at them, quite forgetting his wings all flopped over the top of his head like that, the gold tips giving him rather a crowned effect. Are they for him? … No. Hm. He trundles onward, one foot in front of the other.

Edaeyn steps back, smiling as if she has a secret … though it's a dark, sorrowed one now. She admires the queen in every inch: awkward or graceful, beautiful or somewhat discordant, it makes no difference. "What are the odds now, I wonder …"

Roman Coliseum Egg gives a more violent rock now, one that goes unseen amid gold-ogling but that is sharp, crisp, orderly.

Tatoria doesn't move, aside from the dance. After all, she hans't moved much since this began. /Not/ that she's getting in any dragonets way….especialy that queen. No…not giving up gorund /unless/ she has too. Then she'll do it quite eagerly. No need to be squished.

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet glances dismissively at her blue brother. Large and imposing he may be, but she's the haggard monster of the Sands, scraping and crawling her way out towards those robed in sea-foam white.

Tiareth needs no crusty monster's hide to be scary, she can do it from behind her perfect facade of sunlight'd hide.

Sasha watches the Roman Coliseum Egg quivering - it must break soon….

Miana spares a glance to refruit-tinctured feet, scowling something fierce. And now the regret sets in at the absence of sandals, but ex-Trader keeps overactive trap shuts and settles for regarding titanic gold 'n' scatterbrained-appearing blue in tacit veneration. Wow.

Sorana peers around the line, murmuring, "Did Krishensia already - oh! She did and - oh!" Green'd gaze travels back to the gold, nose wrinkled in mild distaste. "She's not very graceful, is she, Vynret?"

Edaeyn fingers the edges of her robe, surprised to discover her fingers are clammy … though that is but a blip at the back of her consciousness before the queen commands her attention … as a danger to avoid, as an ally to be worked with? She shakes her head, trying to dislodge the last thought, though it clings with limpet stubbornness.

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet pauses. What about this one? It's standing all alone, you see, this Pyrene thing… Maybe this one? Hm. It's a possibility…

Spanish Steps Egg comes to life, somewhat with a light, gentle movement. Not now; it is not the right time. Yet the egg maintains it's gentle movment.

Gromytel keeps up the foot-shifting, waiting impatiently for the end. "Come on. I'm not gonna Impress, so can we get a move on? I have candy that needs eaten." Ah, yes, pressing business. Eating.

Pyrene takes another look at the gold. "Y'know, Sasha… She looks dangerous too… slower than a blue maybe, but I suddenly wish that we were in the galleriies now… No!" Oh, not again. She eyes the blue rebelliously pulling frantically on Sasha's hand. She's not giving it the pleasure of a yay or nay.

Transfering weight from foot to foot, Pia hangs from Cal's hand. "Which way is it going?" Asks the Candidate, eyes screwing shut. Better not to look.

And it is getting so hot! Sasha gazes across the sands watching the dragons moving through the shimmering heat haze, and wipes her free hand on her robe.

Lyrica looks over at the other rocking eggs, "Alright, there's only a few… this can't take much longer.." Or is it she can't take it much longer? She shrugs to herself and gives Sorana's hand a light squeeze, "Oh, who needs grace when you're that sharding big? I mean, anyone of thos edragons would listen, right?" Her free, dye stained hand is swept over her bare head, "It's hot in here, though."

Ragis's gaze moves back to the other eggs, after all, he doesn't have a bet on for the gold and he's not likely to attract her. He's caught by the movement of another egg and waits rather impatiently to see what color will spill from the lovely shell.

"Eggs." Loren's so wonderfully observant it's scary sometimes, isn't it? "Hatching eggs.. so neat. And Hatchlings. Wonder who the blue'll Impress to?" Gold is, for a moment, abandoned, and the blue focused on. "S'a weird blue, going towards Pyrene like that. Hee-hee-hee!" Candidate continues to giggle, and keeps a wary eye focused on the strange-blue. "Weeeird."

Tatoria uh-ohs…A blue and Pyrene? Well /that/ would be….interesting? glancing back and forth from blue to gold mqakes her slighlty dizzy, and she wobbles a little, but that wobble was all part of her hot sands dance, of course.

Vynret is reminded to lift his feet up and down some more, although by now the heat is a constant, and he's grown a bit used to it. "Mmm…" he mms to Sorana, after all, he's not really watching the gold too intently.

Sorana just laughs, calling across the noisy, crowded sands, "Pyrene! What if it's your destiny?" She couldn't resist that….hopefully Pyrene won't remember. The gold is, however, given due attention, watching her movements for a moment. Eventually, green'd gaze returns to the blue: which is more entertaining?

"Nonono. Not a blue to Pyrene, that's evil." D'renn, panicking?

Celestine's gaze settles on the gold. That blue seems to like… Pyrene? The blonde does a double-take, tail-like braid whipping behind her. "Pyrene? And a… blue?" Didn't they say this happened last time? Well… more gold for her.

Miana just eyes warily of the glorified queen to be a thing of gargantuan tonnage and monsterous…/everything/ when full grown. Nope…cautious Miana just sticks to drifting a hazy gaze over remaining shells to be broken and the shuffling blue. At long last doubt begins to stain her emotions.

Thesy just laughs. Would serve Pyrene right to be stuck with a blue.

Salea chuckles, at the though of D'renn panicking. "Sounds good to me.." she mutters.

Edaeyn's hands return to the curls, brushing them back, pushing them away, coincidentally turning her vision into bars of light … though not blocking it entirely. A part of her wishes she could, while another can't bear to look away.

"It's going that way," Calissan offers to Pia, ever so helpfully. "Just keep breathing." Up, down, up, down go the feet. Hot, hot, hot. "Look - oh, open your eyes, you have to see this - a blue, for Pyrene?"

Shawn holds her breath… the curse of the blues… no /way/… not Py… she bounces and when she does so does Orsoth… a giggles and she kneels down to scritch the blue… "Foods comin' soon… promise…"

Pyrene doesn't dare to break her gaze from the blue, but Sorana gets a fist waved at her. "I don't believe in destiny!" she calls, desperate now. Not even to irritate D'renn would she Impress blue.

Well…. Maybe Pyrene'd take blue to Impress… one never knows??

Sasha waits with baited breath wondering what must be going through her friend's mind….

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet watches more her brother more carefully. Where's he going? Trailing slowly in his wake, her tail drags a wash of sand behind.

"Py would be /nice/ on a blue," Fye chirps happily to no one in particular, one arm curled protectively around Lainnoth. Because blues are nice.

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet goes on. No. Not Pyrene. His is not this one. His is clinging to that sticky-sweet lad elsewhere, paying /no/ attention to him and that simply cannot be. Hey. Celestine. Wake up… No, not a blue for Pyrene, a blue for /you/. My queen.

Pia's eyes obligingly fly open. "Poetic justice!" She announces, features crinkling into half a leer. "You'd make an excellent blue-rider!" And her gaze follows the gold, expression shifting wistfully.

Noble Babar Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Celestine, and steps forward.

Edaeyn tucks the strands out of the way, breathing unsteadily, and inwardly berating - even laughing at herself - for such nerves. She's made the decision far and long ago, after all. And yet … and yet … her eyes risk the stands for a moment, but then snap back to the queen. At least she won't miss the moment.

Pyrene nearly faints with relief - or possibly disappointment. She's not telling. "Never mind, Celestine…" she calls over with a touch of malevolence. Another blue who hates her. It's definitely in the genes.

Miana peeks. A blue for Pyrene? No…not possible, as is proven while the monster takes to Celestine instead. Semi-mandatory congratulations are voice, and lower lips is fiercely mauled with the ex-Trader's gnawing. Ohh…they're all disappearing.

Ragis sighs in mock-disappointment as the blue turns away from Pyrene. "You got lucky there, Py….." he calls. "Gratz, Celestine!" He directs his gaze back to the eggs and waits……..he's getting pretty good at waiting.

Lyrica looks over at Pyrene and the blue and then back to the blue, "Who's he going after.. Celestine?" She asks, peering over the sands, "Oh.. well, this should be interesting…"

With the blue safely Impressed, the Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold must search elsewhere. A rattling flutter of salt-splashed spars demands /attention/, a seabird's cry stirring the sultry air of the Hatching Cavern. Where, oh where…

Celeste is watching Pyrene avidly, until she realizes where the blue went. "Oh! Oh, my… My Babarth! He's beautiful!" She beams, drops Gromytel's hand, and loops her arms around what of his neck she can manage. "And I'm Celeste," she informs everyone, proudly.

Tatoria calls to Celestine. "Whoooooo! You saved Pyrene! Congrats." She turns eyes back to the gold, muttering about red painful feet and dancing and sand, as she watches the eggs behind the gold and of course the gold, herself.

Sasha glances over at the successfully impressed candidates.. and sighs a little, turning her attention back to the gold which is still searching…a gold? could a gold possibly want her? No couldn't be…..

Sorana nods, calling, "Celestine! Good job!" Emeraldine gaze moves back to the gold, CandiGirl muttering, "Where on Pern is /she/ going…" Lyrica and Vynret's hands are clenched, still, though it is no longer a death-grip.

Salea waves for leste and Barbarth to make their way over to hte other assorted Weyrlings, while keeping an eye out for other emerging pairs.

That gold has Pia's attention, despite her vow to not look. "Cal…" she mumbles, fingers twitching in his grip. "This is so /stressful/!"

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg shakes and rattles, the occupant inside eager to blast through the meager barrior that keeps the world at bay. Sparkles of greens and other assortment of colors sprinkle like glitter as the egg shatters to insistant dragonet inside…

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet
From the uneven forms of his muzzle and head, over rounded shoulders, and along the somewhat doughy curves of his rump, browns swirl ginger and spice in a veritable feast of warm, toasted colors. Neck-ridges turn crisply black at their edges, as do the seared tops of paws so large they promise a dragon that will eventually dwarf many of his brethren. His fresh-baked wings are dusted with golden sugar, their sails crystallized with translucent granules that caramelize at the tips of his spars. On his short stub of a tail, all his hues run in a vain attempt to catch each other, foiled by his plump raisin speckling.

"Barbarth … and to you, Celeste, congratulations." Nerves have wrecked Edaeyn's speech patterns, although that no longer matters. Alone, simple strength of standing by herself, suddenly is accompanied by a flood of loneliness. She lets her gave fall away, finally.

"Weird gold," Loren murmurs idly. "Kinda strange." Gold's motions are followed - she's not coming /this/ way, is she? No female-dragons for /this/ Candidate.. hopefully. Celeste gets a beam and a fingerwiggle, Loren congratulating with: "Babarth! Celeste! Congratulations!"

Pyrene looks about. "Gold still… Ugh. She'd be hefty if she stood on your foot," she notes to Sasha still squeezing her hand rhythmically. "Nothing else close? Probably for the best… Oh! The pretty egg hatched! And a brown!!" She forgets the dangers of nearby dragons to point to the gingerbread one.

Roman Coliseum Egg quivers once more, edging slightly and then curving into silence once more. Nono, not time.

Sasha gasps as another beautiful brown dragon hatches, looking good enough to eat! " He's a handsome fellow!"

Lyrica shrugs, "Don't know, over the sands most likely." She winks, then nods as the brown emerges, "Look, a brown." Well, this one has her attention, "Looks like.. nah.." The thought is brushed away with a blink, "Still, there's always the chance she might be headed for you." An evil grin is flashed; she couldn't resist.

Miana eeps! Big brown…big…kinda plump brown. Eyes widen…really…kinda.. .large, girth-wise. "Tatoriaaa! Another one!" She can be excited, all the same.

Gromytel claps idly for Celestin… Celeste, and then his jaw drops. Mmmmm… Food. Or dragon. Or both… He starts drooling, quite unaware of how he looks. "Oooooh, that looks tasty."

Tatoria is really gettign tired now. She's good and dancing and can do it for a long time, but this long on hot sands isn't easy. sTill one must dance if they want to relive thier feet at all. Still dancing, Tat, blinks at the brown. "Barown! Brown!" She calls out to everyone who already knows. Gold, brown….Wow.

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet shakes the egg goo from his wings and takes a tumbling step forward, nearly pitching headfirst into the sands. A rather boisterious creel announces this brown's arrival, and he demands attention. Lookitme!

Ragis watches as yet another brown hatches and shakes his head. "Lots of browns aren't there?" he asks no one in particular. He watches that gold out of the corner of his eye, trying not to get trampled if he can help it…..by dragon or candidate.

"Vynret! Look! Another /brown/….isn't he," she blinks, gnawing on her lower lip a bit, "cute, actually. All roly-poly." Didn't know Sorana had it in her to use Auri-phrases, did you?

Edaeyn chuckles softly at the brown, although you would have to be listening very closely to overhear her … and who is, at this tense moment? "Nothing wrong with browns …" she speaks only to talk, though usually comfortable in silence breaking out of the mold now and fighting the urge to do, say, even whisper *something*.

Celeste giggles, leading the blue to the side, with the rest. "Oooooh… That brown looks like something Gromytel'd like." And judging from his expression, he does. "Grom! Close your mouth!"

Attention? Oh, please… that brown has sheer adoration from Gromytel. Finally, reawakening himself to reality, his jaw snaps shut. "Oh, wow. Oh, I /like/ that one… It's tasty-looking!" And so it is… "A little active, though," he adds, dubiously.

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet glances - just glances - towards the spiced brown. But her trade is saltier, this wrack of a dragon tossing from side to side across the Sands as she seeks out that voice, that voice that calls to her. Crashing to a halt before a set of Candidates, her tail etches sinuous patterns against the darker sands.

"Cal," Pia repeats, prodding the lad with her finger. "Aren't you nervous?" /She/ is, which is quite evident in the trembling of her knees and the jittery twitching of her eyes.

Pyrene looks at the gold again. "She's not rushing. That's a good sign…" she decides, peering across curiously to make belated private wagers on who she'll take. "How's the brown doing?"

Miana exhales a sigh, perhaps, okay…gotta be calm, cheerful. Right! Okay…and wary Miatwit just eyeballs the leviathin-like gold…like the stories all the drunken sailors at the Shipfish used to babble. Shiver.

Edaeyn swallows hard, biting the corner of her lip, seeming the taste the tang of her own sweat. She glances behind her, starting to reach out for support before she pulls away, conflicted by the ambivalence of wanting to lean against something, and refusing to do so, holding with her own traditions and standing firm.

Lyrica can't help but chuckle at the actions of the brown before looking down at her arms and, maybe for the first time, sees the irony of the situation, "Oh my… even faded I look like a rainbow…" She shudders; rainbows, cuteness, what next? Pia is given a smile as she notes the girl's nervousness and then it's back to hatchling watching.

Loren shudders a bit for no particular reason, and resumes her hopping - it's to hot to stop. Brown's movements are /followed/, and closely. Loren doesn't want to get trampled. Trampled is a Bad Thing, you see. Even if it wasn't purposely. "Brown-brown-brown," Candidate announces, beaming. "S'a brown."

Calissan isn't nervous at all. He can't Impress a gold, after all - but he's certainly watching her avidly enough. "Nah.." he replies, shaking his head just a little. "It's just hot."

Vynret almost ceaselessly continues to shift his gaze about, although he's begun to linger in certain spots for longer amounts of time than he used to. More Impressions. A couple eggs are still there that he liked. And the gold's still looking for a rider.

Three litttle baker-candidates, all in a row, and all as round as a porcine all impress together by the hairs of their chinny chin chin: blue Strawth, green Stickth, and brown Brikth.

Sorana peers at the gold, swinging her hands a little bit. "She's over there," she mutters, eyeing the gold. "He's looking at….Gromytel?! /Him/?" Lovely.

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet stumbles a bit, following a line of movement only he sees - mayhap the trail of sand clumps? - towards the white sea of movement. His One is out there.. somewhere. Sniff. You?

Roman Coliseum Egg flutters, rocking gone more serious, hairline cracks perhaps forming here, there, tiny stress fractures beginning to flake away at the shell. But… still not yet. Not yet.

"Well, I'm nervous," Pia confides, ducking her head towards the lad. "I hope my parents aren't watching." And she hopes that if they are, they can't hear her.

Tatoria isn't nervous, or at least she's not ever going ot let on that's she's nervous. Watching everything she chants under her breath, brown gold hot brown gold hot brown gold hot…She glances around and wonders who'll be the next to impress. Hmm. Gold..Bown…to who?

Fye waggles a not-Lai-hugging hand to the three little fellow former-Bakers. "G'job, you three!"

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet is the slow rush of waves against the shore, then the rush of a storm on the cliffs. Batten down those hatches - here she comes! Booming forward, she stops. Her brother may have decided otherwise, but….

Ragis's eye is caught once more by the rocking of the eggs….or perhaps that egg. Pondering which will crack next and who will Impress it and just…….well, pondering.

Just watching is making Sasha shiver, not only with fear although she would never admit it, but with excitement as well.the gold is approaching - Sash holds her breath….

Sorana holds her breath, eyes fixated on the gold. "Who….who…..Impress, you little thing!" It's the stress. And the constant, burning heat.

Pyrene winces. She's going to rush after all. "Last time I stand for Tiareth's clutch," she mutters, choosing a new scapegoat.

Edaeyn sets her foot back, balancing in preparation to move with uncommon swiftness out of the way of the sweeping-wave gold. When a force of nature threatens, there's little doubt about who will win the struggle. Nerves turn to silk gauze now, fading by force of will alone.

London Eye Egg rocks determinantly. This egg is hip and ready for any urban party being thrown. Even a hatching. With a determined noise, it starts a beat, the shell moving in time to some inner music…

Pia quavers like a leaf, wordlessly.

Lyrica isn't watching the gold, though that seems to be the center of attention, her eyes are on the other candidates as she watches their expressions, "Hm.. well." Well what? She's not telling but she does have that wicked grin on her face again.

Miana barely allows any etchings of worry to crease her features…more of pain from the sweltering heat than anything. Pantpantpant. Okay…only a few more eggs. She can make this warmth.

Gromytel sighs, watching the brown with wide eyes. "Oh, he's lovely." Then, drawing in breath for a /larger/ sigh, he catches a whiff of bubbly from his robe. "Whoo-wee! That smells awful…" And so it does. They're much better before they get baked to fabric. Then, rubbing sweaty hands on his outfit, he ends up smearing melty candy on it, as well. "Ohhh, eeeewwww…"

Tatoria peers at yet another rocking egg. Will it be another blue? Or brown? Maybe a green…or a bronze…She stops her dacne for a moment, glances at the stands, and glaces back to a brown a gold and some rocking eggs….Ok, now back ot dancing.

Loren continues to hop about, and makes her way over to Tatoria - she has to have someone to talk with, right? "Ooh, 'lo Tatoria! Isn't this all exciting? Too exciting for /words/, you know? And Faye - oh, Fye! Fye, she Impressed, that's wonderful. Good luck to you, yupyup. Good luck." Luck is a good thing, right? So what if Loren makes no sense - it doesn't matter in the least.

Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet recedes, the tide of her passing retreating slowly…. then she rushes forward once more, captivated by the slightest mutter from /her/ treasure, /her/ Candidate… /her/ Pyrene.
Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Pyrene, and steps forward.

London Eye Egg shakes off serene, ashen fog, pieces falling and tumbling to the ground; in a blink it is over, and as if by a shake of a wand, what was grey and distant sprouts wings, rags turning to riches as the beautiful and mysterious stranger makes her debut.

Cinderella at the Ball Green Dragonet
Bright splashes of mint crown this darling's delicate headknobs, entwining and descending, to adorn her fey neckridges in gay ribbons of colour. Dressed in a hide of green, her flowing gown of forest hues is awash in satiny splendor, while ethereal shades of pearlized mist etch fine lines over her foresails to create a web of glistening dew culminating in the fairy hooks of her silvered talons. Her spindly legs are at a contrast to seemingly oversized wings and their dish-rag sails, but nobility shapes the rest of her: a dream decends about her limbs, whirling through frothy sea-green foam and aquamarine to dissolve into the perfect fit of her vitreous paws.

Pyrene's first step is not forwards but back, one shocked hand flying to her mouth and then equally swiftly, but tentative yet, reaching out to a golden head. And suddenly a wild radiance rings through her: "Cadgwith?"

Roman Coliseum Egg shudders, the dust of millennia sliding from its battered walls with the muted cry of crowds long gone. The excitement of the sands becomes too much, and weathered fractures slide open in a ragged gate, letting its lone warrior step into the arena.

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet
Affable refinement defines this angular dragon, melting the stoic curves of his noble brow and softening the rigid tendency to those soldier-stiff wings. Though adventures have weathered and dulled the once florid paint of strong shoulders and tin-plated chest, a hint of crimson and gold still color the sworded curves of his ramrod straight spine, and style the rigid hooks of his flanks and inflexible tail. The raiment of his rusty-brown hide is further beaten by the smoke and fire of blackened flames that flare up from the cinder of those ash-dusted paws.

Miana blinkblinkblinks rapidly. Big gold toooo who? Pyrene! "Congratulations, Py! Knew ya could do it!" Be /loud/ and annoying, s'her motto at the moment. Yay! 'N' indeed the gold could be placed with no better candidate. 'Nother green? Oh. Need browns 'n' blues 'n' neat colors! Brown…okay…that works!

Shawn squeals from her place on the sidelines… "PY!" fellow 'brat … wait..weyrlings together? Whee!

Zai strokes gentle fingers along sun-kissed ridges as she looks towards the remaining eggs, dragonets, and candidates. Then she watches as the gold heads towards Pyrene, a smile curving along her lips. "I told you so, Pyrene!" comes her call towards the newly Impressed pair, head turning to rest gently against Puizuth's own.

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet follows his trail of sand clumps to a group in white. Raising his brown muzzle, he sniffs them delicately, before moving on. His special One is not there, and so he moves on. Hurridly, he shuffles clumsily along, his tail wagging behind him.

Tatoria's face fills with a large grin. "Whooooooooooo! CONGRATS PYRENE!" Another good impression. Another good one. Eyes dart for a glance at the brown, but are taken awat quickly by the hatching of a /green/…and so it seems another brown soon after! My My…many many browns.

Ragis can't help but grin at the gold's choice. He knew it……just knew it. "Gratz, Py!" he calls. He sighs and turns back only to have found more dragonets having cracked their shells. Beauties….all of them.

Tai calls out a holler of congratulations, stirring from her silence to wave a hand in cheeriness. "Yayyy!"

Thesy stares at the gold. Then at Pyrene. Then at D'renn. And laughs, "Congrats, D'renn!" And congratulations to the latest weyrwoman, too … of course. Preen?

"Noooooooo!" That's D'renn's devastated whine. "Not Pyrene. Not gold. Someone tell me this isn't happening………"

Sorana's voice, strained from former calls, doesn't give up, shrieking into: "PYRENE!!!! You did it! You're a - " Uh oh. "You're a /weyrwoman/." Does this bode well for the Weyr? Sorana is not decided.

Vynret, still peering (even if it's only half as intently), notices lots of things, all of a sudden. Gold Impressing, to Pyrene. Two eggs hatching, almost at once, a green and a brown. He studies them both for a moment, as they're close to the end of the hatching dragonets.

Sasha lets go of her friends hand, but grips her arm in sheer glee! "Oh! I'm soooo pleased!"

"Oh, oh! Pyrene! Great! Oh, tha's /WONDERFUL/!" More shouts from Loren, and the Candidate pauses in her brown-watching to dance gleefully. "Splendiferous!" …um. "Ooh, this is wonderful, wonderful! And there's a green, too! Gold-and-brown-and-green and all the others, how interesting!"

Edaeyn snaps back a step, nearly falling over as tension gives way for the moment. "Congratulations, Pyrene!" Oh, those ritual words, the same but for their fierce intensity. She's not given to bright displays of emotion, but the tones are there beneath the words nonetheless.

Gromytel is all alone, with the flurry of recent Impressions, and so he waits, breath held, to see how these last turn out. One hand, though, plays with the sticky fabric, fingering it idly while he watches.

Cinderella at the Ball Green Dragonet delicately surveys the crowd, eyeing the Candidates and her brothers and sisters. My…anyone for a dance? Taking one tentative step forward, she poses, then moves forward at a graceful trot…to end up with a snoutful of sand. This is no way to get ready for a party! Raising her eyes piteously, she scans - won't someone help her to get ready for the ball?

Miana indeed is allured by presence of yet another brown to the sands. Her kind of hatching, and emerald optics survey the russet soldier in exaltation. Ooooh.

"Pyreeene!" Faye calls happily with a grin, one hand flapping t'wards the new 'ling and Gold. "Congratu/lations/!"

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet tumbles, fallen to a position that's far less dignified than he might have hoped, paws buried slightly in the sand and then extracted with staunch dignity. That's much better. Step, step, step, he moves away from broken shells and surveys the opposition. Hmm.

Sorana, done screaming at Pyrene with the rest, turns to look at the brown. And the green. And - "Oooo…they're lovely too. Vynret, don't you think so?" Green'd eyes travel….matching hide to steadfast brown. "Sturdy one, he is," comes the obvious remark.

Lyrica calls her congratulations to Pyrene belatedly as she catches the calls of the others and then looks around; she can't leave yet? Well, can't win all of them, "Hot." She notes, moving from one foot to the other; the colors on her feet showing through the open areas of the sandals, "Bad enough I had to come out like this.." A nod is given Sorana, "Nice, very nice."

Pia would sink into a little clump of quivering Vintner, but Cal's hand holds her up. Somehow.

Ragis chuckles softly at the three hatchlings, the one in particular taking his attention. She fairly floats across the sands as she dances thru the heat. That reminds him to shift his feet again, surprisingly he's still a bit graceful despite not being able to feel his feet.

Pyrene wakes up a little and stares around her, eyes widened foolishly - but then, when your world's broadened infinitely and at the same time narrowed to a single shining point, it can be hard to focus. "Side of the sands?" she's prompted by turns of watching Hatchings and the pair stumble off in that direction.

Sasha stares open mouthed at the two new dragonets who arrived so close together, her attention is momentarily drawn to see Pyrenes's reaction to her new lifemate, but then is dragged back to the brown and green.

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet stumbles right into an isolated white clad candidate, his brown muzzle landing on Gromytel's right foot. He has found his One. His reason for being. A soft croon comes forth at /his/ Gromytel!

Miana simply observes…yes, she'll shut up and be quiet once as ex-Trader contemplates the brown deeply…an elegant guard-esque symbol. "Tatoria…" she starts…and just falls quiet. Ooh.

Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Gromytel, and steps forward.

Calissan goes ahead and wraps a whole arm around Pia, good and supportive-like. "Hey.. did you see the green over there?" he murmurs, pointing with his free hand. "She's kinda pretty, don't you think?"

Edaeyn snorts softly, impassive face promptly cracking with a tinge of a smile … though even then, her eyes close, the ex-guard simply too drained to watch any more, and as well, too drained to keep herself from hoping.

Tatoria thinks everyone here is ready to /stop/ dancing. At least becasue of these hot sands. Dancing is /much/ more fun when your feet aren't burning up. Much more. As for that brown…It's very…masculen? And probably not for he…oh dear. These sands are hot….

D'renn beckons the new, monster-looking gold. "Come here, Pyrene, and… Cadgwith?" he tries out the name tentatively.

Vynret nods to Sorana, eyes on the brown that just now Impresses after being on the sands for, in his opinion, quite a long time. He looks back to the other brown, and the green. Not many dragonets left.

"Pretty," Pia echoes weakly. "She is."

Cinderella at the Ball Green Dragonet stately begins her circuit, passing by lads from Keroon, to be drawn forwards by thoughts of colours and dancing. One leg after another…this would be so much easier with help! A friend to confide in? Someone to tell secrets to? Daintily, she stops to peer at a shy girl from Nabol…no, not her. This one needs someone with both feet on the ground, not tentative.

"..another brown.." Which brown to watch? Loren doesn't know. The one with the wagging-tail is adorable, but that brown catches this Candidate's attention, too. With a final shake of the head, Loren reverts her gaze to the newly-hatched soldier - he'll be an interesting thing to watch, you see. "Brown-brown, two browns, two browns and a green.. ooh, Gromytel! Congratulations, congratulations! Good for you, good for you!" Name isn't commented on - Loren's too excited to comment on that sort of thing right now, really. "..neat brown, pretty green, this is /so/ exciting!" Can't you see her shivers? Must be hard what with all her hopping.

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet steps forth resolutely, rusty muzzle sloped upwards ever-so-slightly as he sniffs at the air, and slips sideways with even, equable steps. A small knot of boys is nosed, a sandal eyed, a robe inspected. No, not neat enough. Not… sturdy. Step, step, step.

Nuff smacks Tiareth's tail happily. "Well, you do have a thing for High Reaches folks, Tiareth. Or rather your children seem to. Still, you could do worse than Pyrene. Not Preen I hope? No? Oh good."

Sasha tries out the name of the new gold - "Cadgewith - I like it Py" she shouts over the noise of the hatching grounds. turning back to look at the beautiful green which is moving past the other candidates, she sighs wistfully."so lovely…"

Miana allows suggestive hints of genuine smile to taint her facade atta brown, reminding her faintly of Tealc for oddest reasons. Ohh…so pretty.

Gr'tel's jaw drops again, and this time he forgets to close it. "Nuh-uh… You're… Hanselth? Oh, Hanselth!" And, exuberantly, he kneels on the sands, lost in the candy-covered dragonet before him. Finally, though, sands are too hot, and he gets up, tugging the brown with him. "And… I'm Gr'tel," he informs D'renn. It's important.

Lyrica sighs as she looks at her feet; being both colorfull and hot at the same time isn't really all that easy. "Shards I wish I'd remembered that lining." She notes to Sorana, "Or at least thought of bringing something to drink with me…." But then someone would have caught her and she would be no better off than she is right now, "Oh well.. at least it's cool outside." And that does her a lot of good now..

"Cadgwith," Pyrene agrees with D'renn and said dragon nearly knocks her over with a headbutt of acknowledgment. Which finally seems to knock a small matter of colour into the once Nanny… "Oh, /shells/…" she lets out, staring wildly at D'renn, Nuff… assorted others and then Cadgwith again. There's been a mistake somewhere, but perhaps she'll choose not to let on,

D'renn just shrugs, reaching out a hand for Salea. He wants the water. "Gr'tel and Hanselth… alright, over here you two. Food soon." D'renn's at the fidgety stage of the Hatching.

Edaeyn shakes her head as her eyes open again, dark and shadowed now, but marked with the well-remembered masks. "A bit of a martinet, is he not?" she comments, with the quirk of a smile marring her lips … and it is marring, for it makes her expression look more grim than anything.

Spanish Steps Egg crackles like bushfire, awakening reluctantly from its slumber as eggshards continue to fall like thorns; cracks widen abruptly, as if a sword cut down the briar hedge of shell. The time has come, the time is now. The mysterious barrier falls away and stretching out of sleep hatches this maiden princess.

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet
Dawn breaks blue and misty gold over the orchard greens that steady her breathy delicacy, imparting a regal richness to her more pastoral shadings. Briars may ward against thorny ridges and the talons that spike her slender fingers, but there are roses too, entwined among the brambles, to soften her curves and pink her cheeks. Likewise, aspen forests the 'spars that catch at cornsilk 'sails, but brighter apple runes summer into her limbs' supple length. Careless freckles of opal and peridot spill across her muzzle, to lend a provincial air to the nobility that sleeps, enchanted, within this dragon's sylvan lines.

Salea passes the water, her eyes still caught on the scene around her, avidly drinking up the details.

Sorana follows the green's tracks with her eyes, flicking over satin hide, and traveling on the the brown. "Not them over there," she murmurs, tweaking the edge of her rather sweaty robe. "Huh?" Gaze goes up to Lyrica. "Oh! Yeah…." Another tweak to the edge of her robe. "Definantly."

"Hrmph." And /here/ is Loren's new approximation of this new brownling. "Went straight to the boys. 'spected, though." Soldier that he is, you see. "Well. ..ooh, another green! So charming, all these hatchlings are, hmm?" It doesn't matter to Loren wether she Impresses or not, just as long as she can talk-and-hop. Those are good things.

Celeste, quite recovered, watches everything. "Oh… Brown! And.. two pretty greens. Ohhh…" But she loves her blue. And he makes a nice backrest.

Miana flicks a brief frown to flanking Weyrfolk…/oh/ sure. /They/ get water 'n' coolness and so on. But the ex-Trader is quiet about it, not about to argue with anyone in the middle of a hatching. 'Sides…she /likes/ that brown.

Vynret's eyes wander. Green, brown, green. That appears about the last of them, and he just watches the dragonets, contemplative. This is either it, or it's just not. Well.

Tatoria watches the two dragonets. One inspecing, and stomping atound, the other dancing..or at least looking to. What a pair. Tat gasps as anothe egg breaks. Oh my! Another green! "Another green!" Green x 2 + 1 brown. Ooo….she watches intently, glancing at eggs now and again.

Sasha's feet are getting hotter and hotter. Irritated, she begins to shift from foot to foot. Another Green! …and what a beauty!

D'renn drinks the water. He's entitled to it… he doesn't get to go to the Post-Hatching party.

Cinderella at the Ball Green Dragonet finds the scent of what she's looking for. Like the starting notes of a waltz, she homes in on the perfect dance partner. Colourful and hot - the two elements she searched for - draw her closer to one particular group of white - or somewhat white - clad candidates.

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet watches a pair of candidates, a trio, a group. All interesting, all white, all… wrong. Head is lifted higher now, ramrod tail curved slightly, sending up a soft cloud of sand behind him as he begins to march, steps coming faster and with more surety. He can sense that… the One is here, but unseen, unclear, as of yet unknown.

Nuff grins over at Pyrene, and some of the other candidates still looking shocked. "Don't worry, we won't try and take them away till tomorrow. They tried that with Nuff though, and it doesn't really work."

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet steps delicately from the pile of gooey egg shards, cornsilk winking as wings sling goo from them. Innocence embodied, she cocks her head to the side, a delicate little creel emanating from her still wet muzzle. Making a dainty creel Tiareth-wards, she begins her quest for beauty. Someone out there is as pretty as she is, right?

Edaeyn folds her hands behind her back again … shallow breaths, but quick, smooth and even. Don't look at her eyes … she averts them slightly to ensure this. "Should have laughed R'sli off," she murmurs. "Would have been easier." And all the weight on Nalla, too. It's a good thing she doesn't hold grudges.

Miana wriggles, set off into a nervous mental rant with herself now at the few remain dragonets. Impression or not, impression or not? She effects a cracked grin at Tatoria's bouncing 'n' dancing aside of her…though for now the maiden is silent. Focus. Focus. Focus.

"Esh, he went away." Loren's confused now. "Seemed decided." But it's not her place to say, really, so she just continues to watch and continues to hop. It takes up the time well, you see. "Well, i's neat, anyways. Neat greens, neat brown, so interesting this whole Hatching is." Loren's obsessed with interesting now. How nice. Yet another thing to blather on about.

Sorana murmurs something incomprehinsible to herself, squirming a little. It's so /hot/ out here. "Oh, look, another green. And brown. And green." Blink. Lotsa dragons.

Lyrica sighs at Sorana's agreement or at her own sweltering feet; too bad the heat isn't enough to make the colors run but that would probably just make it worse, "Alright, stand a few more minutes and then it's over.. and then I get to drink whatever I want." Yeah, so there. No one wil be able to stop her.

Ragis sighs softly as he notices that there are more eggs cracking and watches as many as he can see, in curiosity and in wariness not to get run over. His eyes roam from green to brown and back again a couple times over, wondering and somehow still calm. The only movements he makes are to shift from foot to foot so that his feet don't blister.

As if at the peal of a bell, Cinderella at the Ball Green stops her rushing, her dancing, her posing and prancing. It's time to go home. She's found her shoe cum Lifemate. Without a second look, she entwines herself around Lyrica, proclaiming to all the they are one, to live happily ever after.

Pyrene finds her way back down to Auri's side again. "Auri…" she giggles, hysteria of some sort catching up to her. Cadgwith manages to avoid sitting on Miravith as she settles her bulk down and Pyrene again turns eyes to see what will befall the rest of her friends. And squeaks. "Look.. look at those greens!"

Cinderella at the Ball Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Lyrica, and steps forward.

"They tried it with Trydanth too," D'renn comments carelessly to Nuff. "He didn't like it either." See, they're all reprobates.

With nobody to hold hands with, Sasha's fingers twist nervously together. Not many left now, what chance does she have? Leaping in the air she shouts with joy as Lyrica impresses! "Yes! Lyrica!!!"

Lyrica's eyes go wide for a moment and she looks down, "Niamhyth? Wha??? Oh, yes.. of course.. I am..I am?!?" What?

Nuff grins again. "I knew it. There you go. Means nothing."

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet lifts his head as high as it will go, sudden vigilance and alacrity propelling the watchful movement. What is that melodious sound? Footfalls grow fainter, slowing as though he might not hear that voice again. After all, if he hears it again he might be able to decide where it's coming from. Or even if he doesn't. His head turns, and the brown waits.

Sorana stares at Lyrica, then her hand, then the dragon. "Lyrica…..? Oh!" Sorana pulls her hand from Lyri's, grinning at her. "Lovely name!"

Celeste giggles. "Oh, Lyrica!" she calls out, happily, as one of the greens decides. "Oh, good for you!" Yep, she's all happy for her friends. "Oh, it's so emotional," she mutters, scrubbing at tears.

Peia stands holding hands with Morie… brat solidarity in time of stress, until that green appears in front of her. Before Morie can react Peia steps forward and (against all sense of justice) is Impressed rather than mauled. "Luvmyth!" her voice rings exultantly. If M'rin is watching, he can start trembling.

Shawn squeals again..she's going horse cause she's squealing so much as Lyri impresses… "LYRI!!!

Edaeyn's eyes snap away from contemplation of space and sands, and the smile returns, however grim. "Lyrica, congratulations … Niamhyth is beautiful …" and then, with an almost smirk, "I'll save some wine for you."

"What's that, Lai?" Fye peers at the blue, then to the Sands. Fellow rainbow-one has Impressed? "/Lyri/," she cries out, "and Niamhyth! Congrats!"

Tatoria bounces and dances some more…oooo….She has a feeling she's going to be feeling this for awhile…Ooo…Ooo! "Yeah Lyrica! Green!" That leaves one green…and that brown. Oh who? Who who who?

Miana blinkblinks! Lyrica? Yes! How absolutely perfect! "Congratulations, Lyri!" she parrots of the resounding cries going out about the Hatching Cavern. Happy. Be. Happy.

Zai leans gently upon her new life-mate's form as she watches the rest of the eggs and hatchlings, a soft, happy sigh coming from her. Spotting Lyrica and a dragonet, she claps joyfully. "Lyri!! Congrats!" comes her call, a smile splitting her face.

Pyrene forgets Peia to shriek delightedly for Lyrica. "Lyri! Niamhyth!" she calls, even remembering to gloat. "I told you!"

Auri pats Miravith's neck contentedly. "Ooh…yes….those greens are lovely." And then she watches with amused cerulean eyes as Morie, without Peia, is promptly impressed by the green…"Maurinith!"

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet moves delicate little feet across the sands, her glittering eyes shifting with brightly hued colors as her search for beauty continues. Innocence and primness combine into the delicate green as she searches for that special someone who can compliment her regal beauty.

Pia lifts her voice gleefully. "Lyri!" Her fellow chained ash shoveler. "Yea!"

Loren continues to dance - dancing is a good thing, especially on these sands - while all the time commenting on random things. Lyrica's Impression is suddenly noticed, and the ex-runner shreiks in delight. "Oh! Lyri! Oooh, that's great! I'm so happy for you! And what a nice name, too!" Names? She finally menitoned it; no matter, though - dancing is the important thing. "Oh, this is so wonderful!" All her friends are Impressed - who wouldn't be happy?

D'renn scowls. "This is /not/ good. Too many brats." And a nanny.

Shawn giggles as she overhears D'renn's mumble…

Sasha glances at Loren, flashing a smile at her! "Isn't this incredible?"

Nimoleon sloshes around in sandals too big for him, looking either cocky or panicked … take your pick. The blue from nowhere certainly does, bumping into him with all the exuberance of a canine pup. "Irisvylth … ack!" Teeter, one, two, three … thud.

Loren nods at Sasha, still glowing with both heat and happiness. "Oh, it is, it is!"

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet crows his delight, a fluttery little rumble turned into a croon; he hears the voice again! And this time, it is happy, approving, and altogether good. When he spies the source of the voice, he is happy to observe a straight back, good sandals, and… well, the robe's a bit offcentered, but, yes, Edaeyn will do very nicely.

Salea eyes D'renn. "Does this mean you can't be a brat anymore?" she asks innocently.

Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Edaeyn, and steps forward.

"Shuddup, Salea…." D'renn growls, then calling to the other Impressees. "Lyrica… Edaeyn… Morie, Peia…. All here please?"

Sorana stretches onto her tip-toes, muttering, "Where's she going? And him - Edaeyn!!!" She squeals, jerking on Vynret's hand. "Good job!"

Ragis calls belated congratulations to Lyrica and the others who Impressed. He's shifting just a bit faster from foot to foot as the number of his friends dwindles. He grins as Edaeyn Impresses right next to him and pats her gently on the shoulder. "I knew you'd do it…..Michel will be quite pleased, I'm sure…." he says softly.

Miana peers…nope…last brown…gone away. But is she heartbroken? Nah. "Congrats, Edaeyn!"

Ifnesh stands, tapping his feet. Is there not a dragon that dances to /his/ beat? Then emerging from a dark shell in the shadows way backstage, a blue makes a dramatic theatrical entrance, heading towards the man in a graceful, swimming motion, creelings musically. He sweeps his curls out of his face. "Dragon. My lifemate. I am. F'ish. He is. Arielth."

Shawn screams this time as Eda gets all snuffled and such and just jumps up and down and squeals..nope definitely letting that 15 year old persona /out/

Vynret noticed the first green Impress, and so he watches the other green, and the brown. Is that all? No, no more brown, he's gone to Edaeyn. So it's the green, he watches her intently, likely wondering it she's the right dragonet for him or not. Ah, well.

Nuff is still there, of course, she's busybusy doing weyrwoman things.

"Ooo," Pia notes, "Edaeyn."

Fye bounces once at the brown going to Edaeyn, looking to Lainnoth happily. "Edaaaa! What's his /name/? And /Ifnesh/!" The odd poet. "F'ish! Arielth!"

"Edaeyn! Ooh, that's great, great!" Loren beams in the general direction of Edaeyn, still dancing despite a lack of eggs - she didn't Impress, but that's okay.. there's always next clutch, right? Right.

Lyrica calls her congratulations over to Edaeyn as she takes care of her own lifemate, still a bit shaken from what she thought was the impossible.

Tatoria kicks some sand as she continues her dance, although she's rather wearly looking, and somewhat disheveld. A smile apears on her face again as she congradulates. "Whoooo! Edaeyn! Congrats!" So much joy…so mcuh excitement. Now that leaves the last green. Wow.

Celeste bounces and cheers. "Edaeyn!!!! Go, Daeya!" Oh… "Oh… I'm all sniffly!" And so she is. "Oh… Who's getting that /green/?" Yep, it's an important question.

Salea shrugs, ignoring D'renn's outburst for the moment. Moving down the line, she offers congrats to Lyrica…and Edaeyn, amoungst the others.

Sasha watches the last green, wondering….

Edaeyn stands very still, eyes widening once, twice … another notch … then, "Anwyllth … Anwyllth …" The name is savored in a startled rush of breath, congratulations buzzing in the back of her mind. "Tha-nk … Ragis," she murmurs, the smile returning, legs finally giving way … "no, I'm not shorter … really …" And laughter, and from the sands they go.

And so Sorana joins the diminished sea of eyes, all trained on the green. "Go to, green…"

Lyrica leads Niamhyth over in the direction D'renn indicated, still a bit dazed and confused.

"Anwyllth! Edaeyn! Congrats!" After shouting a few more congratulations, Fye peers down at Lainnoth curiously. He's getting hungry.

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet is not in a hurry even though the rest of her clutchmates have gone and found their perfect mate. She delicately tips her head as she senses her Beauty nearby. Not to be hurried by the crowd, she examines each and every one in the sea of white-clad candidates. That girl? No. That boy? No. Her Beauty is here.. yes.. and ohsoclose. She creels a gentle hum to catch some attention.

Ragis's eyes remain on the creeling green, where else would they be with a beauty like her around? He shifts from one side to the other and watches, wondering what direction she'll be going. There aren't that many left to choose from, but all are worthy or they'd not be here today.

Sorana gently chews on her lower lip, her swaying all but stilled, as she watches the green. A small tilt upward, the loosening of her hand: and so she waits.

Sasha is panting very slightly under the heated conditions, watching the green steadily and hoping…so much, yet knowing it probably won't be possible…

Tatoria figets on the sand. She can't take much more of this, but sh'es not going anywhere either. Not a chance. With a smile to Miana, she goes bakc to green watching.

Celeste waits, breath held, while the green skims the few remaining Candidates. "Oh, choose, choose!" she murmurs, anxiously. "Ohh, this is stressful. I'm never doing this again." She's not, of course… But that probably hasn't sunk in yet.

Loren keeps amethyst eyes focused on the little green, though more out of curiousity than anything else. "Impress, you silly thing.." Loren's tired of waiting, and the sands are much-to-hot. /Much/. "Hrmph."

Miana nns…just rocking amid the burning sands. The brown's impressed…but she can still cheer for her friends, right?

Sasha glances round at the others - there are just too many…She must choose one soon! taht hand goes through her hair again.

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet turns glittering eyes on the Beauty that stands out like a masterful work of art. Wings flutter again, giving a glimpse of cornsilk sails before her delicate movements land her at the feet of Ragis. Creel. /Her/ Beauty. Wings twitch again as the dragonet expects him to be awe-struck by her innocent prettiness - that /is/ the way of life!

Pyrene continues to watch, eyes catching Edaeyn's and winking. "All things considered.. I might let you off that demonstration," she says to her, chuckling at Anwyllth, before going to the green on the sands. "Oh… one left? Then we can go…" and she winces. They can't go get drunk.

Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Ragis, and steps forward.

"And Ragis," is Pia's half-enthuastic addition. But her head is held high, no matter the tears streaming down her face. Can't see them from the stands, anyways.
Pia slips back into the shadows.

Sorana sags, releasing Vynret's hand in a jerky motion. "That's it then." But: her head lifts, her mouth stops trembling, and she walks out. What's done is done.
Sorana slips back into the shadows.

Ragis blinks as the green stops in front of him and stares. "You…..you want me?" he asks in awe. "Oh…..yes, Peorth! You're lovely……" He reashes out to encircle as much of her as he can and calls, "She's Peorth…." He looks to the edge of the sands at a certain Bronze and Blue riders.

"Ragis! Ooh, congratulations!" Loren's dance continues on, the petite Candidate still clapping for the newly-Impressed and the earlier Impressees, beaming gleefully. "Ooh, great! ..esh, I'd best step off.. my foot's gonna be /so/ blistered." And off she shuffles, back to the barracks, and, perhaps, Tillek. Or not. One must keep in touch with their friends, right?
Loren slips back into the shadows.

Auri leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Daeyn smiles to Pyrene in a fashion more giddy than anything, eyes bright. "Don't think I'll be doing much demonstrating in the near future …"

"Ragis! Over here!" D'renn calls, summoning Impressees and dragonets alike with waving arms. "Time to eat……"

Sasha watches the successful candidates and their newly impressed dragonets in silence, as they help each other at the edge of the sands. Standing a little apart from the remaining candidates, she drops her head for a minute, not wanting anyone to see the tears that have risen unbidden to stand in her too bright eyes.

Tatoria sighs, since that's the last dragon, but congradulates Ragis anyone. "Hey! Congrats!" She then glances at newly made riders and the spot where the eggs were and gets off those /hot/ sands, still proud.
Tatoria slips back into the shadows.

Shawn leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.
Orsoth leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Chiernnath sighs with contentment and shuffles out of the sands, lead by a rather agitated rider anxious to leave the insufferable heat.

Sasha slips back into the shadows.

Lyri frowns, "Oh well.. at least I'm not squeemish.. now that I have that wager to live up to.."

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