High Reaches' 6th PC Hatching

Areiah's gold Ysbryth x M'rin's bronze Rixesith
8th December 2000
Logged by Tatia

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Ysbryth and bronze Rixesith are here.
You see Lovers Light Egg, Frantically Awaiting Election Results Egg, Winter Hearthfire Egg, Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg, Something's Under the Bed Egg, Romantic Movie Egg, All Nighter Study Hard Egg, Connecting to the World Egg, Snuggling in a Blanket Egg, Backyard Stargazing Egg, Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg, and Playing with the Kitten Egg here.
Areiah, Hannah, Nuff, Thesy, Quara, R'gis, Zai, Tafne, Pyrene, Lis, Tyara, Ciera, M'rin, Gideon, Sorana, Cynsanco, Sasha, Pia, Caylea, Tilarekna, Hyzen, Rauve, Mosiah, Slippa, Oren, Pemeron, Hiliza, and Sraine are here.

The 12 PC eggs:

All Nighter Study Hard Egg
Night cloaks this ovoid in the almost tangible blackness of midnight. The darkness is pierced by a single shaft of light, an illuminating, enlightening streak from top to bottom of the shell. Dreamlike shapes seem to swirl in the murkiness near the light - an outline of what could be a book, a clock, a bed. Time stops, keeps on flowing in the light of a night that has no end.
Backyard Stargazing Egg
A peaceful darkness envelops this egg, folding it over in endless bolts of velvet. Pinpricks of light, little beacons on the night can be found all over the entirety of the egg's eternally smooth shell. A warmth surrounds the egg - fragrant and, on the whole, quite pleasant. However, near the bottom, a sort of lighter, frostier color resides, a pleasant counterpart to the near-overpowering warmth of the rest of the egg.
Connecting to the World Egg
Unlike many of its egg brothers and egg sisters, the swirling whorls of colors manage some brief semblance to order, from the round edges snake long lines of iron gray, which join in a burst of subdued rainbow to dance sinously about the egg's middle. The wirelike lines are a maze of crack-like strands, that branch and branch again, connecting all their edges into the chaos of a whole. And the edges are filled with smudges of color, little nondescript people moving through their lives, brightening as smoky lines send their inner brightness cruising down silvery lines until it reaches the others, turning simple pieces into a greater friendly, all-embracing whole.
Frantically Awaiting Election Results Egg
Tangible tension encircles the pendulous shell as colors shift violently about the turbulent surface. Hues of vibrant crimson and vivid azure battle for supremacy, both vehemently striving for ultimate dominion. All other colors have long since been eliminated, yet neither scarlet nor sapphire triumphs, rather, they teeter on the edge of an indefinite stalemate, and the outcome remains uncertain.
Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg
Warmth and comfort fairly waft from the delicate curve of this ovoid's shell. Flickering flames flare along one end, darting and crackling in a swirl of vermilion and saffron to engulf almost past the widest part of the egg. The other end is lapped at by a different sort of warmth altogether, familiar sweet brown rippling with soothing liquidity. A trick of light permeates from the other side to this: the licking of the crimson blaze is reflected, highlighting the minute waves in a curious melding of two contrasting types of heat.
Lovers Light Egg
Rich purple coats the background as hints of magenta echo across the egg in warm shades. Against the purple, dark indigo shadows dance and and entwine, the pale light shades highlighting their shape. The dark patterns dance and twirl, before coming together as one in the lamp light. Darkest nights romance, shimmering on the shell of an egg.
Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg
This body looks more like a painted simulation than a living object. Cerulean, pinks and greens all richly laquer the outside of the shell, giving it shine and a smooth glossy hue.The gleam is so bright that one might think of using it as a mirror, that is if its protective mother wasnt apprehensively guarding it with her very existance.Two or three coats of color seem to be layered upon its surface, leaving no parts uncovered, a perfect coat of paint for that perfectly painted egg. Upon closer inspection, a zaffer hue is seen in its hollows, but only slightly, as the light reflects off the shimmering shell at a certain angle.
Playing with the Kitten Egg
Wild stripes of brown and gray dance delightedly across the smooth curve of shell, tabby fuzz blurring in a shimmer of energy. Amidst the wild swirl of smoke and russet, a wild loop of crimson threads, wound in a tangled knot of scarlet yarn. Here and there, curving creamy triangles, wickedly pointed in sharp contrast to their gentle colors, interrupt the ruby rope. Teeth or claws, it makes little difference, for all eventually becomes lost in the playful twist of fur and string.
Romantic Movie Egg
White-hot flames of love, each flickering edge blushed with crimson, lick the rotund egg with a certain lusty glee, radiant against the sable shell. Idyllic roseate hues twine with the incarnadine warmth, graduated in hues from tender puppy love to eternal adoration. Splotches of buttery yellow pop up all over the egg, each salty blotch ringed with a greasy, rash iridescence. Recklessness aside, the patchworked blues that blanket the lower half of the shell embrace the faint, fire-cast shadows of an archetypal dyad, eternal and immortal.
Snuggling in a Blanket Egg
Creamy folds of warmth mix with hints of pink and gold blend easily with the dim shades of neutrals running the gamut from gray-black to silver-white. The seemingly opposing tones swirling and merging to become one, ignoring the barriers to bond together with an eternal promise of harmony. Darker lumps of the same shades hint at the shape of something beneath the thick blanket-shell, the sleepyhead held close within this comforting egg.
Something's Under the Bed Egg
Green glints, gliding along the gentle slope of shell, its sinister swirling evocative of familiar stories; of scales and slime and monsters once whispered of. An odd darkness covers the creamy expanse, and unnatural gray and coal shadowing that lurks like a preying hunter. The danger skulks farther with the bump and thump of rough brown, patching along until a sprinkle of purple and sky-tinged blue slip over it - a quilt of color obscuring the faint, eerie pair of crimson splotches that stare out through the dark, daring any who try to investigate on a lonely night.
Winter Hearthfire Egg
Warmth exudes a faint glow of pleasure: hazy, sunlit tones that disperse with perfect regularity like the flurries of snow-white stippling at random; the trim of egg's paragon curves. Lackluster walnut trundles around the sandswards base, stacking ebon-lined reinforcement to that stout pedastal; from there, a flare of light brightens the tidy shell, flickering saffron radience amongst cerise's more subtle sprawl. Cerulean tips each spindle of amber-threaded rubicond, plutonic elegance sullied and shadowed by a singularly compelling turmoil of blackness.

And the remaining 25 NPC eggs:

Alone on Prom Night Egg
Staunch taffetta shapes crumple into sharp anguish, pressing permanent wrinkles in the shimmery pastel shades that ripple along the shell; some may smooth with time, though others never lose their carelessly-inflicted lines. Wadded balls of white jam into the corner of visibilty, nearly hidden but haphazardly strewn in disorderly clumps to pool at the egg's round base. Fat tearstains warp colors into washed-out patterns of dye, rolling undisturbed in their saline, killjoy glory down the glamourous hues.
Bedtime Lullaby Egg
The comforting pattern of a patchwork quilt wraps this ovoid in soft hues, suggesting that bedtime is inevitable. Like the tender caress of a mother's hand on her sleepy child's cheek, the warm and cozy earth-tones of soft browns brush against the delicate pastels of dreams. The feeling of security curling in cloudlike softness to embrace the resistant sleeper and lull the last of the struggles into the ease of slumber and the land of dreams.
Coming Home and Crashing Egg
Large domed cap is sprinkled with calm cobalt swirls and diced flecks of convivial cream lilacs as if the centre of a dark calm sky dotted with shining stars. Glowing pinks warm the rounded circumference in perfect oscillation, dappled with beaming purples and light azure that set its feel to nonchalant, sleeping, peaceful. Rosy creams lather the silky touch of this large dragon egg, white sparkling almost iridescently with wisps of gold spun throughout it as it nears the smooth lower plane of the egg which weeps back into dark cerulean and gentle citric yellows.
Crash n' Burn Airplane Model Egg
Glops of eggshell and gooey, milky adhesive ooze in achaotic jumble on one half of a shimmery, plasticine gray shell. Tendrils of sticky ivory reach out like imploring, fumbling fingers, attatching to the closest stray polygon of cadet blue that decorates the muddled structure that is this portion of the egg. Illegible letters of blurred ebony march forlorn through the disarry, instructions long forgotten or never understood. The other side, conversely, mocks the pathetic ruin that is it's counterpart. It, the epitome of eggdom, is flawless, void of any mar or scratch, it's glossy exterior reflecting its unattainable perfection condescendingly as its falsified masterpiece inspires false hope even to the sands themselves.
Family Movie Night Egg
The eerie glow of shifting light in a darkened room plays over the comfortable leather curves of this ovoid. Unfortunately, the play of color warrants only as a background to a more rambunctious foreground. One made of greasy butter-yellow handprints pattering this way and that. One made of brightly colored security blankets hiding bulges from the scary world outside. Traceries of red on ivory, blue, and brown gaze down upon this scene of disaster from the apex of the egg, superior and unable to intervene in the chaos below.
Game Night Egg
This oblong orb appears ready for some fun, bearing hints of red and black checkered squares, with a rectangular blue card pattern hiding within some colorful chips. A pair of white squares show black dots, and seem to move if you look at them from the corner of your eye. It looks like a fun night!
Jigsaw Puzzle Egg
A work in progress, an opus unfinished… for the carefully placed orderliness on one side is belied by the chaotic scattering of the other. The one clearly sets out a swirled pattern, a picture of the surface of a dragon's shell; the other is an un-coordinated assortment of designs that cut each other short. Still, the one cannot begrudge the other. There is as much as pleasure in the making as in the finished product.
King Of Diamonds And Queen Of Hearts Egg
Crimson strokes the rolled upper dome of this grand dragon egg in licks of flame, it's spherical shape adorned with burnished mahogany diamonds overlapping, interlocking and surrounding numerous orange and deep pink heart-like patterns. As if each one trying to out do or humiliate the other in fiery and intense competition, the egg glows largely in its already stifling abode. Heated saffron strikes each burning red shape in clashes of iridescent vibrancy that break and crash like a dangerous sanguine sea with a copper sun beating down upon the waves. Dawn-tinted stars sparkle over the cupped bottom that rests brightly upon aureate hatching sands, lastly the vanquishing defeat of the King rising up in a sharp bolt of rose gold to the circled cap of the monarchial dragon egg.
Last Minute Pulling an All-nighter Egg
An uneven, ineptly formed egg looks as if made in rapid haste, teetering on a bizarre angle - looking to topple at any moment. Clouded blanche is bloodshot by frantic, frenzied streaks of eye-straining lime and violent red whilst desparate, beseeching blues soak morosely into the stressed chalk of the eggshell. Crazed fingers of ochre flip through the leaflets of color, tearing up the egg's nether regions. A depressing fog of grey, oppressive and exhaustive, sink and leches down from the crown of the egg, disturbed only by incomprehensible scribbles of charcoal on dirty parchment. Flourescent light buzzes blue-white, piercing through the never-ending night.
Late Night Ice Cream Binge Egg
Luminous, frigid glimmers of melting color ooze across the shell, a rainbow of icy flavors. Scattered randomly about the fluid shell are places here the colors retain their crystalline formation, yet most of the egg drowns underneath the melted river of motley hues. An infinite supply of the frothy, frosty liquid gyrates incessantly about the smooth surface, creating a tempting banquet for the eyes of all who look upon it.
Late Night Infomercial Egg
It's amazing! It's wonderful! It must be had! Whirls of refulgent violet race along with their too-catchy craze of azure, begging for attention. Magenta glares out, almost and eyesore, before the more mechanical grays arise, marching about the generous promotion with their faintest gleaming lustre. The outlandish egg's buzz of meliflous hues subsides as browns and sooty shades billow up from the depths, sleepy clouds rolling out like a call to dreamland, offering an escape to the monotonous marketplace's call.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat Egg
This good size oval seems to be covered in swirls that don't resemble anything more than lather-ey soap, bubbling with iridescent frenzy. Just below the commotion twine strands of darkness that swirl with the bubbly white arching down the sides of the egg to end in splattered spots on the warm sand below. Homely, pale purple, fuzzy swirls plump boldy up the blending with the dark brown where the frenzied foam no longer lathers with the locks of brown, enrobing the totality with a toweling warmth.
Long, Hot Shower Egg
Steam wraps around the gentle curve of this egg like a comforting blanket, billows of gray and white seeming to conceal even as they soothe. Glimmers of silver and aqua dart through the vapor, a firm pelting of water drops pattering down in regular, rhythmic streams. Relaxation practically wafts from within the misty clouds, a subliminal from the stresses of life.
Lost In A Book Egg
Dark markings, shaped with curves, in horizontal lines, sweep across this pale white egg, each mark like a letter stamped into paper, telling a tale of kindgs and queens, of knights and fair maidens, of dragons in the sky and mermaids in the sea. It flows and weaves you in its spell, entrapping you within a maze of words and fiction. Lost within its depths, you blink as you pull back out of your imagination, and realise.. it's just an egg.
Midnight's Slumber Party Egg
Sable patterns engrave their way into the framework of dumpling ovoid; an eboned delight setting the surface for midnights fun. Muffled hints of downy cream feather across the background of the deceitfully subdued leather casing. Impetuous strips of carmine and strawberry paint lopsided smiles against jasmine-haunted carbon. Absence of boyish blue is announced by bubble-gum pink and crimson nighties, which clamor about the base. Vocal greens play spin the bottle across the eggs top, hushed by coal.
Mindless Monitor Burnt Egg
Tendrils of hazy color flicker and glide across the sleek, ebony shell, weaving themselves into figures and patterns of elusive meaning only to dissapate in the next instant. Hypnotic sparks of light skitter about the perpetually shifting surface, creating intricate designs at which one can stare mindlessly for hours without losing interest. Scattered about the shifting visage are small, solitary spots where ghost images delicately rest, the remnants of illusions that never seemed to fade away. In stark contrast with itself, soft, pearly, irridence firmly encircles the edges of this smooth shell, heavily accenting the outline.
Monopoly Egg
Cool cerulean cascades liquidly along the bumpy surface of this average-sized oval, disappearing only when another hue comes to take its place. Multiple, brilliant splashes of silver range along the circumfrence, taking shape as a round-toed boot, or a rearing runner with rider a-back, or even the shaggy contours of a long-haired canine. Scattered like ruby wine and delicate mossy drops are the shapes of verdurous cotholds and their larger, scarlet counterparts. The final color that complements sweet blue is a faded, humble gold that flutters down the sides to collect at the very bottom. Pass go, collect two hundred marks.
Quilting the Hours Away Egg
Ahhh… Soft muslin enfolds most of this smaller sized shell, the creamy shade well flecked with warm browns and a glimmer of yellow. A shadow is poised, dark charcoal a frozen silhouette of a young woman, her slender form well defined. A closer look reveals colors, pastels in tiny triangles and stronger hues in a myriad of other shapes with rippling textures to seem like tiny pieces of fabric drifting over a lady's lap as she sews pieces together in a crazy patchwork. Little bands of color are behind her as well, folded and stacked cottons in every color in the rainbow with frequent drapes of muslin hiding many from view.
Reading By Candelight Egg
A squat, quaint, ovalish egg, with light brown ocher swirling lazily about the top. Splashes of color - oddly floral - paint the egg all over, creating a further homely feeling. An odd, yet somehow comforting, deep brown rectangular shape appears about it's midsection, while two black circles connected by a single this band of black circle the upper portion, creating one of those familiar scenes that one just can't put their finger on.
Scary Movie and Popcorn Egg
Midnight encompasses wide base, abbreviated with slashes of knife-blade silver and pools brilliant vermillion. Grey rain pelts 'gainst windowpanes, falling from a sultry black sky laden with stormclouds of grape and ash, highlighted by a streak of bright electric yellow. Safe within the turmoil without lies a haven of warmth - a round blue sofa lies bathed in a pool of soft light, and a scattering of golden-yellow pieces lay around the feet of the chair.
Sony Home Theatre Egg
Darkness seems to shroud this egg, precise rows of clouded red and green specks surrounding it until light is allowed to illuminate. Suddenly bright flashes of ruby and emerald glimmer against the ebony shell, the tiers of colored gems quickly flickering up and down as the lights play across the surface of the egg. As the illumination ceases, the brilliance of the tiny jewels shimmers back into the shadowy clouds as before, waiting for the next performance.
Sorbonne Internet Binge Egg
A wash of pale, frigid ice-white numbs and circles bleary-eyed around a spread-out base, highlighting pure inactivity and zombie-like blankness. A restless shift in colors along the vertex betrays an unpleased maker, for they dance impatiently in blue stripes to green stripes to yellow, the faintest of mouse-click blacks to skitter fiercely at equator.
Storytime Egg
Fairy tale pastels spin across a star-speckled velvet night sky, with fanciful dream sequences sparkling throughout. Like imagination running wild, vague suggestions of myriad mythical forms can be seen within the colors, and more than one brings to mind a dragon. It may bring to mind delightful images of stories heard not so long ago…
Tea and Toasted Crumpet Egg
Heat envelops the stippled shell: not oppressive but welcoming. Burnt warmly black around illusory edges, butter yellow alone tops it, fluidly turning into darker runnels of gold that permeate the doughy beige below. The whole is drowned blissfully in thehot tea that soaks the base, providing a taste of relaxation and nourishment for the winter-weary mind.
TV and Pizza Egg
Odd splotches of tomato red bubble up at random intervals across the surface of this egg. Calling it mottled would be a kind understatement, as circles of meaty brown mingle with bits and pieces of stuff the colour of well-baked vegetable matter, and the whole thing is overlayed with calcareous outgrowths and bubbles like melted cheese. But there's something mesmerizing about it nonetheless: it's difficult to tear one's eyes away from it, or even tune in to something else once you've favoured it with your attention.

Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg shakes some more, swaying from side to side like a giant leaf thing swaying in the breeze. Wriggle, wiggle - no cracks yet but striations begin to impinge on it's brilliant colors.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg is quiet, comfortable and calm. Content as well, as it lays motionless in its nitch on the sands.

Pyrene bounces lightly next to Areiah. "My feet are sweating," she complains. Lucky she's wearing thick boots, huh? Traps the smell. "Oh, they're here!" her eyes twist upwards to Ysbryth and then to the eggs, and finally back to the candidates. "Their bow could have been better,"

One by one - clump by clump - group by group the mass of white moves onto the Sands, stamping and arrayed before the twitching, rolling clutch. Nerves mount, distraction provided with the wavy line of bows rippling up and down the masses. Some are graceful, some are poised, some even wobbled - and then there are those who missed the cue. Swaying in haphazard unison, the alabaster group turns gaze and face alike from glittering parents to shaking eggs. Ooo.

Sasha feels a rush of exhilaration, vibrating through her. Her eyes are wide with fear and excitement - longing, impatience and uncertainty are emotions that play over her features, unhidden.

Mosiah trundles out onto the sands, trailing after his fellow candidates at near to stumbling gait. "Wh… Wait," he mutters breathlessly, head bowes as he fiddles with the belt of his robe. His bowed back is about the only indication of any sort of gracious bow to the gold dragon present.

Gideon hurries over as far as he can against the opposite side, his feet liftin a bit higher than normal. He spares one look for the galleries and waves, then eyes go straight to the eggs as he stands at attention.

"Quara, my darling, I've got three children to provide for. I can't go spending my marks on /bets/," Lis scoffs at her clutchmate, fingers patting the skin of one resting against one hip. Wondeful things, those skins-on-ropes. "Quality wine, however… Oh!" The greenrider breaks into applause, acknowledging the canddiate bow.

Rauve trips after Sorana gracelessly, feet already cooking to a bright carmine. Her hand is /cinched/ in his fingers, a dewy line of beaded sweat erupting 'cross his brow as eyes sweep gallery-ward, then fall to the eggs, where they remain.

Pia reaches for Pemeron's hand, her own trembling despite the set expression on her face. Been here. Done this.

Hyzen comes upon the sand holding Tilarekna and Sraine's hands, dancing as the heat hits her body and sends out a squeal from her pale rose lips. Bowing with the rest of the group, she gazes towards the eggs and shivers slightly. Rocking… rolling. What color would be the first? Shaking auburn-tressed head, she then gazes towards the galleries. Oh my.

Cynsanco puts every inch of grace in his form into his bow, managing to keep any of his perfectly-placed curly locks from falling into his eyes. His swoon-worthy eyes. Glancing around at the candidates, he's managed to remain in the crowd. "Exciting, isn't it? I'm /pumped/," he enthusiastically whispers towards those near him. And look. /Eggs/. Interesting, isn't it?

Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg shivers now, swaying ceasing as the shaking intensifies.

Sraine is actually one of the few that got her bowing on cue…sorta. However, nervousness was making her a little sloppy; irritatingly enough. Both hands clutching Hyzen's and Mosiah's, she glances up to the people watching and then back to the eggs. Whooo boy. Bare feet shifting already due to the heat. EEek. She doesn't regret giving her sandals away though. Wheeee.

Nuff bobbles in, divesting herself of the few score group of High REaches children that followed her along the edge of the Sands. Toddler age, these ones, and far too young for 'Stundin'' for a dragon, the little ones join the groups in the galleries still waving their little blue and black 'Reaches flags. Nuff heads out to settle down near the elder dragons, and mostly out of the way.

Slippa shuffles onto the sands as just one part of that alabaster line, dipping and swaying past each big form and their riders. Finally, straightening with a hesitant smile on her cheerful face, she glances to the eggs with a nervous grin.

Tilarekna follows and leads, hands holding tightly to Sasha and Hyzen, eyes glowing as they drift to the gallery. Any familiar faces? It's all so blurred… A smile lands itself on her face as she hits the heat from the sands… OI! That is HOT! Even with the sandels, her feet pick up and she minces along after the others..

Pyrene's nose wrinkles at Lis, hearing that comment. Hmmph. "You make sure you /are/ providing for them," she calls over, waving towards Nuffas the oldest weyrwoman appeared.

Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg tilts, wriggling a little as chips break away to drift down lazily onto heated sand. Hot, hot… it glows, it gleams. It cracks like glass crazed from too much heat, real fragments following the chips down, raining their bright colors away. Green goes… no! Green is still there; bright apple green with an irridescent sheen. Wet hide mischievously revealed in tantalising patches before the last confining remnants shatter away, leaving the occupant with nowhere to hide.

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet
Chunks of soft apple are tumbled together, winter's green teasing round the edges of a supple, sweetly rounded form while elusive specks of brilliant silver glimmer like fizzy bubbles foaming over solid flanks. Streaks of gracious Mutsu-like shades cling to her neckridges, enriching the savory orchard greens that meld and tumble over a short back before softening down a sturdy tail. Yet peeping through the mellow hues is a hint - a blush of delicate, almost opaline, fuchsia rounding out her gentle curves like the first rosy taste of ripeness that's gone when the eye looks too closely. Touches of tart myrtle tapers into moss, both coiled across narrow shoulders before spilling out into overlong wingsails like a veil of murmuring forest leaves that sparkle from the barest dusting of silvery stars. Breathy satin is echoed over slim apple-green paws and woody talons while equally breathy silk lends a shapely head a little of the sublime.

Pemeron takes Pia's pink hand in his, shaking a bit nervously as he bows and then eyes the eggs. "Hot." He's a genius.

Sasha's eyes sparkle wih a mixture of cynical amusement, and she refuses to give in to the inevitable rush of excitement as she stands on the sands. Heat haze rises around her and her skin begins to prickle, although this goes largely unnoticed since she is so absorbed in the status of the huge eggs that loom before her. Squeezing Tilarekna's hand, she grins nervously. Oh!!!! a dragonet! Green! How lovely!

Sorana returns Rauve's vice-grip, hand tightly clenched as she pulls and is tugged out onto the sands. Muttered, low and dark and intensely beneath the sway of sound, "I've done this. I can do this. C'mon, Sora, pull yourself together." Head lifts, gazing with determined conviction to meet…green. Voice lifts, semi-shrill: "Green!"

Something's Under the Bed Egg lurks in the shadow of a brighter egg, listing to one side just far enough to peek around the bulge of its bretheren. Ah… Candidates. Such succulent meat. Reeling it back, it whumps inelegantly back into its hollow. Notyet notyet.

The instant her feet touch the sands, Tatoria's eyes widen in shock. Toes curl under as suddenly, she begins to wish that, challenge or not, she's stuck with sandles. Even that thought is wiped away, however, as those widened eyes actually venture beyond Candidates and toward the eggs.. rocking eggs. And /Dragonets/. Dragonets. "/Cay/," she hisses, breath drawing in instinctively. "/Cay/!" And the hand that was dropped is reached for quickly as they find their place on the sands.

Oren winces at the heat of the sands, which, to his poetic mind, sparks a lame pickup line he can use some other time. Some sort of analogy between hot sands and hot girls. "Whoa. Check out that green!" A bony finger is pointed at the newly hatched. "Now, if I was a dragon, I'd /like/ that dragon." Uh, yes.

Hiliza looks around herself, down at her robes to make sure she's got the right stuff on, and babbles into Sorana, "Wow.. it's… wow.. Ouch! And… Sorana.. and…..!!!" Hiliza actuallys goes speachless for once. Eyes flick up to the Galleries and she releases Sorana momentaily to wave. And when she looks back there's an egg opening. Eyes shoot open and she remains locked in place, mouth a tiny 'o'.

Lyri steps from shadows to sand, joining the eggs.

Tilarekna gasps as CRACK, an egg shatters… And green bubbles onto the sands. "Look!" She'd point, but she's holding hands.. and dancing from foot to foot. She squeezes Sasha's hand and amber eyes brighten. "Green!"

Gideon's eyes widen as the first dragonet rears it's head. "Beautiful," he stammers quietly. His feet plant in the sands, regardless of the heat, regardless of the forgotten sandals. "Focus," he mutters…

"Didn't waste much time, did they?" Pia notes as an aside to Pemeron, pink-curled head bobbing in agreement. It /is/ hot. Curls begin to wilt, though the Candidate stands tall.

Zai has no children though, thankfully. "Betting Quara?" Brownrider wanders toward her. "I'll bet one half-mark that the dark one over there is a green." She offers a bright, confident beam to the bluerider. "What do you say?" As an egg hatches, she pauses to gape. "Oooh. Told ya it'd be green Quara," Zai remarks as her previously indicated egg remains unhatched. Cheater.

Sraine blinks as an egg cracks open already. Phew. Good thing they got to the sands when they did. Oh…and a green too. Lurvely. Unconciously shifting her feet, she gives Hyzen an extra little squeeze. This was it. "Look at her Hy..isn't she gorgeous?" Of course, all draggies were..but still.

There is nothing what so ever lovely about dragonets. Nope, as soon as they hatch they're little..big..scary creatures stumbling around on the sands. And /dangerous/! Caylea's clinging to Tatoria's hand and she gives a big bow to the clutch parents. -Wouldn't- want to get them upset. The woman is then ushered (quickly) after Tatoria, and finds her hand abandoned! Hey! There's a green? Eeek! Run?

Hyzen tugs gently on the two hands she holds, gritting her teeth as the heat encompasses her form. Poor Sraine! Glittering eyes catch the motion of the green and she allows a soft sigh escape her. "Look, guys, green! The first is green!" Dancing in her borrowed sandels, she gives a one-sided hug/nudge to Sraine. "Yes she is!"

Rauve shudders lightly, agog expression only growing… agog-er. "Yep, that's green," he manages, sidling toward Sorana unconsciously. Hair is already limp and withering, damply held against his cheek by sweat and humidity.

Quara makes a petty pout for a moment, but brightens most approvingly at the mention of wine. Wine's good. "Which vintage? A lovely new Paradise was sent up a sevenday or so ago, I know," the Hostess-turned-bluerider still has a taste for the stuff. "I got some of their sparkling. It's marvelously fizzy." And then she looks at the green that hatches on the sands. "Green? Excellent. Lovely color on it." And with that, she moves to a /slightly/ cooler spot nearby, although little of the heat can get through her leathers and thick-soled boots. "Now, Zai, that one didn't hatch yet." Not to mention she was about to take the bet.

Mosiah bumbles forward another pair of steps, his complete attention set to his loose belt. *tug-tug* "Why won't this-" *Smack!* "Pardon." The lad peers up, and up, and up at the towering Hold-found candidate whose back he just so clumsily plowed into. Healer's quirky smile is met with a thunderous scowl. "Sorry?"

"She's….gorgeous!" squeals Slippa, eyes finally settled on apple-green dips and curves. "Oh, look, you! She's so /cute/!"

"Green?" Whoa. A /dragon/. Cynsanco's hip-shifting leaping from foot-to-foot calms as the first dragon comes forth. /Whoa/. "Lovely lady… Look at her. A /star/, that one… Mm. I'm drivin' myself crazy, I think." A little nervousness tinges his laughter, but a crowd of wild, screaming girls in the galleries gets his attention. "Hey Gideon, I think they're watching us." And fainting? Yep, it's those good-looking male candidates that get the girls. Like him and Gid.

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet shakes her head, looking about with a dazed expression in eyes that shift from confusion to blue tinged with red hunger. What? Where? She looks first at other eggs, clutchsibs rocking madly, and then - only then - does her gaze focus fuzzily on those white things. That's what she wants. Isn't it?

"Calm, calm." That's Sorana, a humming a mantra of senseless tune to herself…or is it to Rauve, and Hiliza? Absently noted, to the girl on her side, "Yes, yes, Hiliza, hot. Hot. Scorching. And I forgot my /sandles/…"

Lovers Light Egg shivers sharply, jarirng itself out of the oh-so-comfortable sand-depression it was resting in. Violet-magenta is charged now, rolling in a wild egg-dance. Here we go.

Lovers Light Egg seems to illuminate the dark sand underneath is, glowing softly with some internal lightsouce. And all at once, the light seems to grow brighter, enveloping the shell in a sharp projector's spot. And then, with a whooshing sound; one of rounds of enthusiastic applause, the shell shatters,giving way for the star of the show.

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet
Down the burnt umber of an overly muscled chest, down across subtle femininity of slender, baby-smooth legs, stretches the flawless skin of tanned perfectism. Arching neck seems bejeweled with chains of gold and silver streaking, leading up to an elongated muzzle with headknobs above, done in a stylish fashion. Lithe frame sits musically, nevertheless tall and elongated, and a bit larger than life, carrying titan-tinted wings, blessed with a softness of color and a tenderness of touch irresistible to even those most stony-hearted. Sienna trails up delicate butterfly 'ridges, crescendoing towards the wide-set eyes that contain such stormy depth as to make the greens faint.

Pemeron just blinks at the scene, nodding numbly at Pia as he moves in a side to side motion to excape the heat of the sands. "Sure didn't." He agrees, sweating just a bit.

Pyrene coos softly. "Oh, Reiah… she'll be so pretty when she dries out." right now, she's mushy and ugly like all good Dragonets. "Look at the candidates faces! I've never seen them from this side… Oh! Brown!"

"She is," Oren returns, smirk rather than leer gracing his lips. For once in his life. Everyone, stop and stare and take pictures: Oren is not leering. Oh, no, never mind, here comes the leer again, even as the boy turns his head towards Slippa. "D'you like her, ba - - oh. Hey, now, there's a brown, too."

Lis sticks her tounge out at Pyrene, biting off some rude comment for a less noisy time. "Vintage? Oh, Quara-pet, you know I don't know these things…." The greenrider scoops the skin up from her hip, opening it and offering it to the bluerider. Nevermind the Adam-and-Eve symbolism.

Tilarekna minces, swaying from foot to foot, trying to ignore the heat. Is she not Istan? Was she not complaining about the LACK of heat barely two sevendays ago! But dragons (well, one at least) does trail across the Sands now, and boy do her eyes glow. "Brown!" A crow of joy escapes her lips at the sight, and Sasha is nudged while Hyzen's hand is squeezed. "What a handsome fella…" But where's that green gone?

Tatoria tugs at Caylea's hand, urging the Candidate just a bit closer. Arguments are quite forgotten at the moment. "It's just.. a Dragonet," she begins, the mumur low but growing louder. "Or two." Eyes blink as another emerges. "A very small dragon. A very small dragon. Right, Cay?" Eyes don't dare leave the eggs to look at the healer, but her voice is pleading enough. And /this/ is the one who claimed no nervousness.

Gideon watches the new green make her way towards her choice as he takes another step towards the wall, staying out of the way. He points towards the brown suddenly, incase the little man needed any help being noticed. "A brown!" he explains, his face lighting up in delight as he practically begins dancing on the sands… perhaps because of the heat.

Sraine returns the nudge-hug briefly before attention is brought back by another cracking. And this time it's a brown too! Ooooh… "This is so exciting." she murmers to no one in particular, still doing that no-sandals-on-the-sands dance. Wheee…at least she wasn't the only one, ne?

Rauve is jarred unpleasantly by a rowdy candidate (obviously not Sora, or Hiliza) and sends a vague scowl over his shoulder in that direction. "Brown." He states this for his candi-friend, since she so nicely observed the color of the last dragonet. Blink.

Sasha watches with rapt fascination as the little green gazes towards them. Her breath catches in her throat …and then she fights all semblance of hope down. as the new egg shatters and the brown is born, she sighs slightly…

"Brown?" There's a good color. Not that Cynsanco's against a beautiful lady like the green… The young man raises a rougish eyebrow, his hands on his slender hips as he watches the new one. "What do you know…" But is there a little suspicion in his eyes as he stares at this one? It's creeping him out… And more than those girls who appear to be throwing their underthings at him and Gid…

Zai trails behind Quara with a wrinkle of her nose. "Fine then, /that/ one will be green." She points to the origional egg and then turns to peer at the bluerider. "So? And that one," egg next to it is indicated. "Is blue." Maybe.

Smug in her sandals, Pia tucks her free hand into the pocket in her robe, gaze almost casual as it flicks from Dragonet to Dragonet. "The green one is pretty," she offers, tilting her head towards Pemeron.

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet says 'Bye Bye Bye' to his shell, emerging "Larger than Life". He may never break your heart, but he has no qualms about breaking his egg. Nope, there are 'No Strings Attached' between this brown and his former home, as he steps out into the spotlight, marveling in the glory. This is his 15 minutes of fame, and he's living it up.

"Brown…" Breath rises from wondering throat, Sorana's green'd gaze widening. "Oooo," is cooed, a flutter of a smile tilting lips' curve. "How adorable."

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet steps forth finally, unsteady paws picked up daintily every time they touch the heated sands. Round one egg… muzzle peeps out. And then she stops, hidden by the much larger egg of a clutchsib. No sign of her, not even a trace of movement until BOUNCE! She's back out in the open, charging right past a group of girls to eye off a pair of youngisg boys. No… no. They're the Wrong ones.

Winter Hearthfire Egg rocks slightly… possibly? To blaze into life or to fizzle out. That is the question. And the answer is to do neither, but to just sit here on te sand and rock gently. When nobody's looking.

Slippa is distracted from green-peering for the merest second to acknowledge brown's presence. "Nice," she remarks generously before peeking back to green. "One of my favouritest colours, that! Grapes that shade are always smooth and sweet and their wine magnificent." Listen to the vintner rave, yes, yes.

Caylea would be hanging off of Tatoria now if at all possible! They're so much…scarier? Down here. But no, she needed to be calm. There would be people watching. No one could see her weaknesses. Hand whitenuckles around Tatoria's and the candidate looks away from the sands and up towards the stands. With her free, sweating palm, she gives a big wave. It's best to forget she's on the sands. Yep! P'rru would be up there.. and may Rupa? What about the rest of them? Would her ..accain..no..they were more then just associates. She needed all the friends as she could. "Eep!" These eggs were too close!

Tilarekna squeezes Sasha's hand now, turning to give her friend an affectionate smile. "Aren't they amazing?" She's don this before but… Never the same each time. Dance, sway, hothothot… The brown is watched, as is the green, but she can't help giggling. Excitement, don'tcha know?

Hiliza chews on her lip and dances slightly from foot to foot, "Forgot your sandels? Sora.. that's not good.. Ohmigosh, another! Sora… Sora there's more than one… They're so big.. but… so little…" Hiliza stops before she sounds too incredibly silly. Oh, too late.

Hyzen lifts one foot from the sands, standing one-legged as she watches first the green then the brown. "Oh, he -is- a handsome one…" trailing off, she beams up at Rekna. "Good luck." Late, she knows, but never not wished. Sraine is watched with worry. Oh dear, she should have kept her sandels. "You okay, Ine?"

Gideon half-kneels to the sand, the better to see the dragonets, of course. His examination is cut short however as more eggs begin shaking. "Calm, Gideon, calm!" he mutters, "they'll choose…"

Connecting to the World Egg shimmers softly.

Quara chortles gleefully. "Of course, of course." Why bother? And then, sipping meditatively from the proffered wine, she rolls it around on her tongue. "Ooh, lovely. A red. Benden? It's a bit sweeter than theirs usually is, but the bouquet is right." Wine-terms are tossed around randomly, and then she hands the flask back. "Nice, at any rate." And then she turns to Zai. "Of course, of course. What're you offering?" she asks, before adding, "And I'll give you even odds that the blue that just hatched," she waves, pointing to one nearby, "will Impress to… what's-his-name, the boy whose older sister Impressed blue at your clutch. The… ah… large one?"

At Caylea's eep, Tatoria's shoulders straighten. Feet shift once, twice, and she gives Caylea's hand a very tight squeeze. "Only dragons," she reminds her, voice sounding much firmer now. She draws in a deep, slow breath as eyes fly over the Dragonets. "A brown.. a green. Not that scary." Whether she's tryign to convince Caylea or herself, at least the latter seems to be working.

Mosiah slowly sidles away, giving his giant friend and back toward Sraine, anxious half-smiles an open-palm innocence. The moment he is safely away, belt is worried oncmore. *tug-tug* Finally satisfied that all is well with his robe, the dark-haired boy glances up and takes his first good notice of his surroundings. "Ohhhh."

Sraine blinks, barely drawn away from the eggs and dragonets by Hyzen's voice. "hrm? Oh I'm fine Hy-dear….don't worry about me." Fine in the sense that her feetsies were roasting…but far be it from her to tell the younger one that. She might get it into her head that she had to return the sandals. No! Bad. Dragons and chuckled at and watched, having captured this candidate's interest.

Pyrene spies wine. Pyrene abandons Areiah and Ysbryth to follow said wine. "Quara and Lis… Give me a sip?" For old time's sake. Standing here again, together… Doesn't it bring a tear to the eye?

Rauve jolts himself from the balance of one foot to the other, scowling down at broiling heels. "Ow. Ow. /Ow./" The repetitive chant is comforting, though a few squinty-eyed peeks are taken toward the dragonets anyhow. Can't hurt. Hiliza and Sorana get sick, pale smiles, as do the rest of his candi-peers.

"Brown, brown, brown," Sorana chants, hopping lightly and tugging the barest bit on Hiliza and Rauve's hands. "Green, green, green." HilizaHand lifts, pointing in a wobbly wave towards the twitching, jumping clutch. "Look Rauve, 'liza…see that one? It's moving. A lot." Clever girl, this one.

Miam sidles over to join another group of boys, his lanky form looming over most of the other candidates. "Anyone Impress yet?" He drawls, glancing towards the still large mound of eggs.

Caylea doesn't look towards Tatoria. Obviously she /doesn't/ know the green's -Cay- knows. The candidate shuffles on the sands, the heat suddenly lancing up her spine. Hot hohothohtohothot! And more hot! "WHY in the world did I /ever/ go without my sandals? You win the bet! I want my shoes back!" She makes to pull away from Tatoria and head back for the caverns. Wait, is she just trying to escape? No, surely not. Ouchouchouch! However, she forgot how very hard Tat's hand is clinging to hers.

Lyri just watches, standing back to let more experienced riders have the forefront. "Brings back memories.." And blisters, for that matter. "I'll be so glad when this is over…"

"Only if you get roaring drunk and embarass yourself," Lis tells Pyrene sweetly, rocking on her heels in the sands… only to find she tends to sink and fall backwards, arms pinwheeling to keep her upright. No one saw that.

Zai blinks blankly at Quara. "This big one? Who, the girl or the blue?" Big dragons or big riders. "Or both." She turns to examine the candidates. "Ooh! Arthur? His sister Celeste?" She shakes her head. No need to be mean and call her big though.

Sasha is surprised to find that she does not have the feelings of overwhelming captivation which made themselves so apparent last time she stood upon the sands. And she realises that so much more is going on…looking around at the other candidates…people that she has lived and worked with for quite a long time now, she recognises the symptoms….breathlessness staring eyes. A slight snort of laughter excapes her…Why had she ever allowed herself believed that she had a place here?

Damia moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

All Nighter Study Hard Egg rocks just slightly, and a little ripple of the sand that forms its cradle falls away. And then it subsides again. No need to be hasty.

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet shies away from the massive amounts of greens that suddenly swerve towards him, creeling passionately. Suddenly the brown finds the momma boy's side of him, darting behind his gold matron, terrified. Still, he's spotted someone out there, and being out of the spotlight sure is showing him the meaning of being lonely. It's absolutely tearing up his heart. Yes, he feels the pull. The pull of someone that will understand his heartfelt croonings. He doesn't care who you are, what you do… He just need that special someone.

Never too late to wish some one good luck!! "Same to you!" is whispered back, coupled with a wink. Smile remains upon her lips, and she takes a breath. Handsome brown, a beauty of a green… And… owowowowow! She glances across the sands to see Korsair swearing softly as he (stupidly) braves the sands barefoot. Bah… She squeezes Sasha's hand suddenly, and smile is turned to friend. "G'Luck, Sash," she whispers…

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet flicks her tail, scattering sand behind her - some falling over a hapless Candidate's feet to burn them on top as well as underneath. Here? There? She eyes off another set of feet. Oren's to be precise. This one? Noooo! Like a startled doe, she bounces backwards. Antoher Wrong one. Where's the Right one? Her gaze sweeps the line up again. Boys.. more boys. No, not one of them. She creeps forward, walkign right round one small girl with bright orangy hair. Her? No. But there's another one, one with hazelly hair and golden sunstreaks. Half hiding, half seeking…

Gideon spares a quick glance for Miam, but not long. "The eggs, man, the eggs! Aren't you watching?" His voice comes out in a rush, his eyes dancing from Dragonets to eggs. He jumps suddenly as another egg cracks and knocks into Cynsanco. "Sorry, man." Eyes still on the eggs…

Tatoria is clinging to Caylea's hand /very/ hard. So tightly, in fact, that she's not getting beyond arm's length, if that. "Where are you /going/?" she hisses, yanking back on Caylea's arm. "It's too /late/. Shards!" A small, smirking grin spreads, however. Easy to forget nervousness when one is distracted by victory. "But thank you for the surrender. I'll be sure to remember it." Yank.

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet finally emerges, unable to hide from the publicity and popularity being out there brings him. Hmm. He rather likes the attention, now, and the dragonet struts his stuff a bit, before concentrating on the candidates. Delicate blue snout lowers and sniffs at Rauve, intrigued, but also seems to find some attachment to Cynsanco. He drives himself crazy between the conflict. Ah, he wishes the inner pull would quit playing games with his heart. Oh, how oh how to find his one true love? Cynsanco is appealing, but Rauve, oh Rauve. He wants you back. If only he knew what to do; if only he knew the shape of his heart

Sraine glances over at Rauve and Cay, smiling lightly. Yep. She wasn't alone in her feet roasting, and was only 'murmering' under her breath. "hot..ow..hot..ow.." But that's all, really. Mosiah is watched and a quick wave is given as he goes off to do his own thing. Whoo boy. Hand-squeeze is given to Hyzen as she bites her lip. She was supposed to be here, right?

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet finally emerges, unable to hide from the publicity and popularity being out there brings him. Hmm. He rather likes the attention, now, and the dragonet struts his stuff a bit, before concentrating on the candidates. Delicate blue snout lowers and sniffs at Rauve, intrigued, but also seems to find some attachment to Cynsanco. He drives himself crazy between the conflict. Ah, he wishes the inner pull would quit playing games with his heart. Oh, how oh how to find his one true love? Cynsanco is appealing, but Rauve, oh Rauve. He wants you back. If only he knew what to do; if only he knew the shape of his heart

"That's it! And… Babarth," Quara comes up with, after a bit of a pause. Dragons are good at remembering dragon names. Useful that way. "And I think both of them were." She's not being mean, she's making an observation, of course. "So what'll you give me?"

Something's Under the Bed Egg bucks wildly, bouncing around in its shell and doing its durndest to escape the ovoid prison. Could it cackle, it would, hopping hyperactively and hysterically. With a sickening thud, movement stops and cracks appear. This is good, yes?

Did anyone tell Tatoria how very evil she was?? Caylea is yanked promptly back into place, crashing into the side of Tatoria with an 'omph!' OUCH! The candidate temporarily forgets Dragonets in effort to chide her 'friend'. "Stop that! it's not to late. Eesh." Wanna go.. But wait, so many watching her. Caylea pushes herself straight and stands, back as horizontal as a pilar. She's not moving. her feet are burning, but she's not moving. Help? Where's sweet ol' Dsalth when you need him?

Something's Under the Bed Egg writhes and ripples as the first gleam of dawn crests over the egg's curve, causing scales to dry and crack, and slime to become brittle and fall to dust - ashes - slag. Fractures run rampant along the crazy-quilt of multifarious hues, rusting and chipping as the red eyes below lose their chilling hold upon the soul. Steam boils away as the eggshell collapses, and a true creature of the night takes its place.

Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Dragonet
Pinto patches gleam in full moon silver against windswept bronze, eddies of airborne dust scouring the crests of skin-sheathed muscle and streaking red the leeward side. Prairie fire blazed fetlocks into paws, tongues licking up the gentle hillocks of legs' straining muscles, warm contrast to cool flames of alcohol against the beaten metal of his neck. A jagged skyline of ridges is hammered out from the broad, brawny arch by unseen hands, pressed foil-thin over the peaks of headknobs. Twin caverns pock the noble slope of an aquiline, equine muzzle, containing in their overhanging shadow endless pools of summer sky, as luminous as wings are dark: from the puissant grip of roots around a barrel chest, twin wiry trunks twist tendons up spars' bone fingers, reaching for the wisps of lavendar clouds as the fresh rays of a new sun gild the edge of velvet-night sails.

Sorana stares at the brown, tugging slowing as she stares at the brown. "R…Rauve? You see him? He's looking at you. I think? Maybe? He's looking this way…"

Whoops! He's almost tumbling, but Cynsanco manages a light grin for Gideon, checking out the smith candidate's rear at the same time. Rawr. "No problem, man. I'll be falling over my own feet soon… if…" Blink. Wow, it's a dragon. The sly, molten blue gaze lifts up to Rauve as he raises an eyebrow. "There's a dragon looking at you. He /likes/ you." Maybe it's looking at himself, too, but he doesn't care. He's a riddle, a guy who keeps his spotlight.

Oren doesn't stress. No, not at all, he's perfectly sure there's a manly man of a lady-finding bronze somewhere for him. Uh, hopefully. Maybe. "That brown is pathetic," the Candidate comments to the world in general, scratching at his head. "Hey baby, what do you think of the dragonets?" That directed at Slippa of course. No harm in trying - after all, it's only a little while before he loses his horrid white knot for good. "Oh, Rauve!" The exclamation is a touch unenthusiastic. Rauve's his weyrbuddy. Good that he Impressed. But a brown like that? To each his own, the Candidate suposes.

Tilarekna gasps and tugs on the hands held by hers. Loook! "*gasp* The brown! Look!" Green is lost from view… And bronze!! "Go RAUVE!!" She cries happily, before eyes dart to the Bronze. "Look at him!"

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet finally hears 'The Call'. He steps up to Cynsanco, eyes swirling and shining with unrestrained emotion, voice creeling out in a piercing soprano of joy. Cynsanco, you are his one. He'll give you all he has to give: without you he doesn't think he can live. He wishes he could give the world to you. His love is all he has to give. As long as you love him…It's gonna be you.

Hyzen grins slightly as she shifts against Rekna, moving her feet before lowering the other one back to the ground. Silly, one-legged wherry. "I hope you make it." With that said, she tugs gently on Sraine's hand. "That guy you were with? He's up in the sands." Glower. He was a -nasty- man in -Hy's- mind. "Rauve!" comes her cry of wonder. "Brown!!"

Mosiah moves back toward Sraine, giving her a rather sheepish grin. "Oops." Yeah. More side to side dancing is done, to releave his feat of the heat of the sands. The action around Rauve is noticed and he smiles, almost, and settles back into the sands dance.

A laugh actually escapes from Gideon's mouth as the little brown goes after Rauve. "That's it, you know the one!" he shouts, eyes following the green still, then suddenly. "Bronze, it's bronze!" he points again, the rude little smith.

Boy Band Bonanza Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Cynsanco, and steps forward.

Nuff has her own little blue'n black flaglet - more ribbons on a stick really - and she waves it about in a happy Nuff sort of way. "Go Dragonets! Go Candidates! Go High REaches!"

Tilarekna meeps and giggles… "Make that…, GO CYNSANCO!"

Hyzen blinks. Oh dear. "Cynsanco!" She wasn't the only one that messed up…

Tatoria staggers sideways, stumbling as Cay goes smashing into her. At least it gets burning feet off the sands for a while. "Shards, Cay!" she exclaims, forgetting to hiss quietly in favor of a rather loud exclamation. "It /is/ too late." Hair, still dripping from the baths, is flung over one shoulder, sending beadlets of water to hiss against the hot sands. "So stop acting like an idiot." The last is hissed again. She knows she's evil.

"Half a mark. For each egg." Turning, Zai blinks at the eggs. "Ooh, Congrats!" She's not exactly sure who it was who Impressed. Not being to sure of names. But, "Congrats," is offered again.

So what if she's lived in the Weyr for a good long time now and is used to dragons. "I never.. thought… my first dragon hatching… would be attended.. down here… y'know?" Hiliza's attention follows Sorana's clung-to hand, and her mouth does the little 'o' thing again. She's still jumping, and sweating now too. She's from Crom, and Reaches now, too. She likes cold. "It's… hoiooooooot!" Obviously. But a girl is allowed to complain… Eyes blink. Rauve is peered at. Rauve gets an open mouth grin of pure happiness, and then eyes fall, "Oh Rauve…" She offers the grin to the real Impresseee. "It was so close.." she whispers closer…

Slippa smiles to Rauve, piping up with a cheery "Congratulations Rauve and Cysanco!" and a wave. Blink. "I'm not your baby," Slippa mutters, temprarily distracted from watching for greens and blues. One hand fluffs quickly through her hair. "Well, they're…dragonets. Small and covered in goo and ever so pretty, don't you think?"

Rauve shuffles and blinks idly down at the brown, quirking an eyebrow as he sniffs at himself.. then turns and Impresses to Cynsanco. "Congratulations," is tossed towards fellow-candi, and then it's back to watching the other Dragonets. And shifting. Burning sands. How painful. "Yes, Sora, I it is moving.." He doesn't seem particularly upset at the lack of Impression - there're other eggs, after all.

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet steps past the last of the Wrong ones, ducking into a ditch in the sand for one last moment of hide-and-seek before she's found… or finds… Whirling eyes tinged with red hunger but vibrant with new found love are lifted, her gaze seeking the Right one's returning look as she bounds forward to cross that last little distance between her and the other half of her soul. Slippa. The one whose feet are now the ones being covered with all the sand she keeps kicking up. And she's not covered in goo. Is she?

Pemeron finds his hands perspiring and his feet getting quite warm. He looks at the breaking eggs and the Dragonets and blurts out "I never realized how big they are." to nobody in particular. Realizing he is in the thick of it, he squeezes the only thing he has, Pia's hand "Bronze." he calls out, quite excited. Hearing others calling out Rauve's name, and then notices the brown, heading for Cynsanco "Well, I have not seen a Hatching before. This is a frightening way to see one… but exciting too." This to Pia.

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Slippa, and steps forward.

"Cynansco, then," Oren corrects, raising an eyebrow. "Well." In any case, Slippa continues to get good doses of The Leer, along with, "Oh, 'course not, darlin'. Oh, very pretty… but not as pretty as you."

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg shivers. Shiverrrrr. Is it time, maybe?

Sraine is behind..what happened? Wha? Who got what?? Er.."Congradulations!" is the soft call send towards whomever impressed. She didn't catch it! At Hyzen's murmer she blinks. "Jacobi?" Eyes instantly flick towards the stands. "Jake's here?" Before she can do any more searching, another impression pulls her back. Oh! Slippa! "Congradulations Slip!"

Hiss, hiss, bounce, bounce, bounce, hothothothot…. Time to… "SLIPPA!" Happiness lights up hr eyes, "Way to go! KNEW you could do it!" Happy warble from 'Reka so it is, yusyusyus.

Sorana squeezes Rauve's hand - tighter? Poor boy. - and gives him a nudge. "Next egg, right?" Green is stared at, feet are shuffled, and…"Oh, /Slippa/!!! You /did/ it Slippa! Oh, what's her name?" "Whoa." It's gonna be him? The new rider falls to his knees, a few tears in those sapphire eyes. "Oh, I'll love you forever… This I promise you…." The determined eyes look up at his companions, a low grin on those kissable lips. "It's not Cynsanco anymore. It's N'sync. And…" Another tear courses down his cheek. "Backstreeth!" Backstreeth's back, baby!

Gideon looks to his right. A wall. "Well, that's reasurring," he mutters, nothing coming from that side. To the left. "Slippa!" he shouts out. "That's it…"

Pia wipes the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand and eyes Slippa's Impression sourly. "Wherry," she mutters to herself, before, louder "Congrats, Slippa…"

Sasha sighs with mixture of deep happiness and genuine affection. Turning to Slippa her face glows in heartfelt congratulation. "Oh it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person! I'm so pleased for you!" her face glows with the excitement of the moment.

Pyrene starts the cheering. "Rauve! No wait… Cyn… whatever his name was." She could never remember that one all through candidacy either. "And Slippa!" There… she can do that one. The wine is appropriated for toasting - where better place for nostalgia than in a skin of benden?

"Oooh! Slippa!" At last, a name Zai knows. "Congrats Slippa!" Turning back to Quara she nods knowingly. "/Told/ you that one'd Impress Slippa." OR actually, she didn't. But Zai's a cheater.

Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Dragonet shudders from nosetip to tail, flinging egg goo onto his unhatched siblings with a spectular spiral of wings as they twirl from his body to dry in time. Lifting his chin with an amicable whuffle, he prances out towards the clumps of white - headed in the /right/ direction, thank Faranth. And they're /dancing/ clumps, too!

Caylea bounces in place. Even Tatoria's chiding is ignored. She's got bigger things to worry about. Bigger things stubbling all over the stands. Whimper. Two people impressed already! Great! Now if only they'd take her with them away..oh, wait. Pilar of strength. She's gotta…gonna cling to Tat now. "Who ever thought it's be this..weird." She is strangely, however, calming down. Just breath. Slippa impressed! Adn N'sync. "Congratulations!" She calls out, choked.

Backyard Stargazing Egg shivers ever so slightly, rocking in its universe devoid of light. Though suddenly, pinpoints of lights seem to come alive, melting into the shell; growing, expanding, illuminating; disturbing the blackness of the shell. And then, at once, the universe shatters, giving birth to a new creature.

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet
Malachite dredges itself up from darkest recesses of the woods, the gentle flicker of pine hiding among verdant shades of more umbrageous tones. Shadows stretch beneath the splendor of absinthe, which bursts out over slender 'ridges and wings alike while radiant pinpoints of nebulous sage are scattered like stars across the compact neck, leading up to the chiseled muzzle and capacious eyes. The illumination through the forests of hide continues down the thickset legs, leading to a set of perfect, gleaming claws. Somber tones give way to mischeviousness along the haunches and sprawling tail, midnight's refined touch changing to erratic shades, as if reflecting a child's mirth.

Even for a supposedly happy girl like slippa, some moments are just too tender to laugh it away. "See? That…what?" Something delightfully green and not gooey at /all/ distracts her attention and, heat no obstacle to her, she sinks down to slip her arms around that apple neck. "Zizth!"

Pemeron is boggled by the speed of impression. Hearing Pia's comment "Ah? Lyri?" and then notices Slippa. "Ah, good job Slippa."

Siannen shifts remarkably little for one so hyper, bouncing up and down rather than shifting side to side. Appropriate squeals of congratulations ring out as Candies become Weyrlings, diminuative redhead just sorta…squirming, otherwise.

"Congratulations!" Gideon calls out once more, his beaming face moving from Candidates to newly made riders. But congratulations must wait, for the dragons will not…

Quara claps and applauds and generally cheers as the first wave to hatch Impresses. "None dead so far." How… optimistic. "Zai! That's the second time you've lied about them," she informs the other, sternly. And then… "Zizth? It's like a nice sparkling wine to say." How pretty.

Hyzen nods her head towards Slippa, beaming proudly as the other Impresses. "Congrats Slippa!" But… ouch! She'd held still too long and jumps as she finally feels the burning through the sandels. She feels another wave of sorrow for those without the silly things. "Zizth… what a lovely name!" Twitch. Bronze! Eyes focus upon the male dragonet, watching his motions.

"…Oooo. Another green." Sorana's comment trails off, CandiGirl tugging Rauve and Hiliza forward a teensy-weensy bit. "C'mon, I can't see with Krish…ooo. Zizth! Beautiful."

Pia glances sideways at Pemeron, offers a weak smile, and shrugs. "Nothing," she answers, gesturing back to the sands. "That bronze looks nice. And the new green…" Admiration slips through her voice, Candidate's eyes focused on said Dragonet.

Another green? Maybe Gideon was right… LOTS of greens this clutch.. "Look, Hyz, Sash! Isn't she lovely?" Tilarekna's eyes are drawn away from the Impressed pair, and one amber orb darts to the Bronze. Where's HE going? "Zizth?" she echoes Hyzen, before giggling again. A sure sign she's all excited and stressed and stuff. Really.

Connecting to the World Egg tests the connectivity of its shell as if stretching out against the filigree of metallic threads that seem to struggle to hold it together.

"Congratulations?" Tatoria questions blankly, eyes acutally leaving the eggs - and Dragonets - for Caylea. "Who.. I mean.. /Impressed/?" And with that, eyes go frantically in search of fellow candidates. "Slippa," she murmurs "And.. Shards. Um.. Cy.. is that it?" Calm questioning is better than fright. Or bouncing. Right? As if reminded, she begins to bounce anyway, feet keeping tempo to some odd dance. "Shards," she breathes.

"Congratulations?" Oren steps away from Slippa, stolen from him by the green he'd like if he were a dragon except he isn't. But then, if he were a dragon, he'd like all the greens. And now he's handless, the poor thing.

Sraine wasn't so out of it that she missed the neck egg breaking open. However, her attention was towards Slippa. Yeah… Zizth! How lovely! Eyes then flicker to the eggs, then back to the stands to search for Jake. Was he really there? "Hy-dear..where IS he? I don't see him?" She SHOULD be paying attention to the sands…but..she needs a pillar of comfort. Either Jake or Hy..didn't matter. And Hyzen is given a hand-squeeze for good measure among dancing on unsandaled feet.

Lyri moves over toward the two newest impressees. "COngratulations, to the both of you. Come on, we'll get them some food and get you settled in." Nervous? Her? Nah.. "Zizth, is it?" This goes to Slippa. "Lovely name."

"Congrats, beautiful!" N'sync calls over to Slippa and her new green, his own lithe brown moving in a strange sort of dance that his own movements seem to echo. Hey, they're N'sync and Backstreeth. The ladies'll be chasing after them, might as well work the moves.

Jaw goes slack as he just gapes at the scene before him. Mosiah is quite thoroughly dumbstruck. Visions of how much of a dimglow he must look at this very moment bring his mouth close with a *pop*. All those plans carefully created for his escape off of the sands are forgotten in

"Another green," Rauve states, nodding in aggrement with Sorana. "Sem to be a lot, this clutch.. yes, lovely name, Slippa!" He might as well keep offering encouragement, after all. Takes his mind off the now-frying soles of his feet. Erk.

Pemeron begins to join in the sand dance, his feet alternately coming up long enough to cool slightly and then back down. "I can't keep up with this." he murmurs to Pia, adding "Bronze, yes. That green? They are all so beautiful. I am so nervous." ah, yeah, right. Typical Pemeron. "What was the green's name? Slippa's? I didn't hear, did you Pia?" he asks.

Winter Hearthfire Egg shivers again. But the time… the time isn't yet right.

All Nighter Study Hard Egg wobbles more, hairline cracks showing in rather random places on the egg. It's definitely closer to hatching than it was a moment ago. But it could be a while, yet. It can't decide.

Hyzen wrinkles her nose as she seeks the male again. "There! By that group of hugging, dancing people… um… fourth row back?" Eyes turn back to the sands and the next Dragonet. So fast! And yet… slow enough to burn tender tootsies. "See the green, Reka?" Yup, pretty one. They were all pretty! Or handsome.

Hiliza's green eyes shimmer at Slippa, "Congratulations!" She calls out, still being her clingly little self, "And there's more.. and more… and still lots of eggs," Hear the hope drip in Hiliza's voice, and then see her eyes shimmer some more. Maybe a tear, "No more Candidates, Sorana… it's… over," She blinks, and then grins, "But everyone can keep in touch," There, the smile is back.

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet sneaks out of her egg-fragments, eyes a'rolling as she spends a moment surveying the shimmering blur of white. And /then/ she is off on a prowl, small, crooning noises emitting from her - much like giggles - as she watches this candidate, that candidate… hmm!

Gideon tries to follow the Dragonets, eggs and Impressions, not in that order mind you, but it's all so fast. Holding steady to the side though, he tries to remain calm, feet shifting from time to time to relieve the tension from the heated soles of his feet. His eyes keep darting the the dark egg in the back. "It's shaking… crack, will you crack!" he mutters, voice barely rising above the din.

Slippa proudly makes her way across the sands with Zizth, cheery smile made beautiful by the tender look in her eyes. "Yes, Lyri," she manages, almost stumbling as she peeks at her darling again and again.

Pyrene rolls her eyes at Quara. "Of course they're not dead…." There, that's just like a bluerider, to lower the tone.

Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Dragonet may not be too sexy for this party, but he can shake his dragonet tush with the best of them, a swivel of hips that will certainly make some ladies swoon - though he's got nothing on clutchbrother Baskstreeth. Paws kick up sand in his giddiness as he trots to to inspect boy after boy, dubbing each too lanky, too chunky, or too beefy as he flicks a tail at them disdainfully. Snort.

Sasha's eyes are dragged back to the sands to the new green which has erupted from her egg. What a beauty! "I forgot how exquisite they are!" she breathes to Reka and Hyzen…her nearest friends. Now who will she choose?

Quara smiles brightly back at Pyrene. "That'd be why I said it, dear." Goldriders can be so dense.

Caylea watches as another green bursts from it's shell. Surprised, she takes a small step back, but otherwise remains in place. These sands are just so…hot! Steaming really. A tug on Tat's hand is given as she nods. "I think. I just don't know. It's all so… Fast. I swear, I think I'll just worry about dodging run-away-Dragonets for now. Figure out who impressed later." What if Tatoria was snatched from her grasps? Cay'd be cut like a wire and left all alone. Whimper. hand tenses more.

Sraine looks once again to the stands, squinting. FABulous…there were LOTS of dancing people but…what was that! THERE HE WAS! Giving a quick wave, some more cracking brings her back to the present, a smile on her lips. He was here like she asked….that was all she need…oh yeah. And Hyzen's hand. Squeeze. Voice is caught in her throat, and all she can do is what…watiging… waiting

Tilarekna agrees. Handsome and swoonsome males, with lovely lady Dragonets too… OOooo… the green! She might be headed this way? "They are, aren't thy?" she agrees with Sasha, ignoring the bronze. Who's wandered waaaay out of sight. Caylea and Tat are grinned at, but her eyes move back to the eggs once more…

Sorana's gaze flutters over sand and eggs, Candidates and rider-legs. Or something close to that. Green'd optics twitch, towards her favorite egg. "Fuzzy…" Softly, that, mouthed as she flicks a glance towards Hiliza. "Awww…c'mon, 'liza, don't get all upset! 'course we'll stay t'gether. Just think…free rides." 'lid dips in a teasing wink, before her attention turns back to the sands.

A small bronze, smaller even than some of the blues breaking shell, strolls casually over towards a large knot of herder boys. He's got a belly, though, one to rival one on the largest vintner. And odd markings: a baseball cap sort of blotch and an strange collar like a polo-shirt. Frat-Dragonet. His whirling eyes focus on the tall, gangly Candidate, Miam, and Impression! "Mi'm and Kudzuth!" The weyrling cries, throwing his arms round the Dragonet.

Tatoria follows, stepping back with Caylea. "Whose idea was no sandles?" she mutters before giving a short nod, wet hair swinging across her back. "Much faster down here than up.. there," she notes, shooting a very, very quick glance toward the sea of faces that is the galleries. "No way I can see everyone… Sands are too shardin'… /oh/!" Her feet pick up again as they hit a patch of sand that seems particularly hot. "I like dancing, but this is /ridiculous/," she mutters.

Gideon stands straight, watching as all the Candidates standing beside him have suddenly disappeared… first N'sync, then Slippa, not Mi'm? "Where?…" but his eyes spy them towards the entrance with their new lifemates, and a slow smile creases his sweating face. But there's another crack! The Dragonets are still shuffling through the sands. He hops over to the others, muttering to himself. "Just concentrate," he says, almost running into Pemeron and Pia.

Pyrene eyes bare candidate feet and then her own booted toes in relief. "Did you make any bets?" she asks the riders near her, eyes flashing with interest. "I seem to have missed out on the wagering this time around."

Rauve shifts. And shifts. And shifts. It's a fairly predictable pattern of movement, here. "Of course," Candidate murmurs at nothing in particular, eyes still focused on the Dragonets. And the eggs. And all the other stuff on the Sands - again, it's predictable. "..Congratulations, Mi'm!" is directed towards the newly Impressed, and then, again, he shifts, silent.

We're swwwwaaaaaaying in the heat, we're picking up our feet; such a horrible heeeeeeeeeat, and the eggs are cracking again… Aren't they? Tilarekna raises her feet, dancing and mincing in place on the sands. C'mon, lil' draggies, do yer stuff. Sweat trickles down her brow, and she misses the presense of her fire lizards. Squeezing Sasha and Hyzen's hands for comfort, she watches…

Caylea will calm down, really she will. Just give her a moment. Or an hour. Or three. The candidate glances down, watching Tatoria's feet dancing upon the sands. "Good dance moves though. Where'd you learn them?" A casual question? At a time like this? Flaming red hair bounces upon her head as she moves, definately prominate against her white robes. /What/ must she look like from the stands? Eeep. A glance is finally given towards the rest of her fellows, those candidates she'd grown close to over the past months. Her lip is bitten, but she manages not to shout out towards them in..nervousness? Joy? Just plain weird appeal?

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet skips around the sands, sage-dotted neck craning, making sure she sees /everything/ - ooh, look, they're all dancing! Must be something you're supposed to do in this strange world… green head moves towards a small candidate, the girl squealing in surprise. Hee hee - boo! Not her, no, not her… she's not the right one. Mischief glitters in her eyes as she moves on…

Sasha's eye's widen imperceptibly as more of the eggs begins to crack. Stretching and standing on tiptoe, she tries to catch a glimpse of the creature residing within the shell, and feeling for a moment that distant but familiar thrill…."Even though I'm not going to impress, this is a pretty good place to watch the hatching from, I suppose. Not everybody gets a vantage point as close as this."

Pemeron grins at Gideon "Exciting, huh?" he says, step, step. With little thought for what he is doing he reaches for Gideon's hand, and gives it a good squeeze. "I thought for sure that that brown was going to impress to Rauve, and Slippa got that green. Did you get the name?" He gazes out the door as if he wishes he was out there…

Quara doesn't have sandals on. She has /boots/. Lined with many layers of something one of the 'folk concocted to keep the heat away. And several pairs of socks. "Oh!" And, as she watches, the blue she'd had her eye on does, indeed, Impress. "R'thur and Corneliuth!" comes the cheerful carol, and from way-high-up on the ledges, a bouncing bluerider cheers her brother on. And more eggs hatch, and more Candidates Impress, and Quara makes bets cheerfully with everyone who's willing to. Not that she'll /pay/ them. Probably.

Nuff isn't near Pyrene, but waves her little flag at'r, nodding happily. "I bet we have more Greens", an easy one to win, to be sure. "And I bets Ysbryth is hungry.' THe queen in questoin, watching carefully from near old Rix's, has more important things on her mind than Hungry.

Pia dodges Gideon, hand still clutching Pem's firmly. "It's ok," she offers, tucking a sweaty lock behind one ear.

Mosiah shuffles through the sands, careless as to the tiny sand grains sliding 'tween his thong sandals and his bare feet. Glancing askance to Caylea, he offers her a brave smile alnog with a rather slick wink, as if to say: No problem. He can handle this. Sure… Sure?

Winter Hearthfire Egg rocks more firmly now. It's getting hot in here. Sands shift beneath the shell, and those looking carefully may spy a crack. This fire's getting out of control.

Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Dragonet finally strolls up with a languid plod of burning feet, all sets of shoulderblades bouncing to the beat of a nonexistant drummer as head snakes back and forth along the line of candidates. The tempo stops - the beat is dropped - as he comes upon His One. The one that Backstreeth left behind - but heartthrobs these days have no accounting for taste. It's Rauve's eyes that his own, shadowed ones seek out, liquid pools to be lost for all time in.

Gideon nods to Pemeron quickly. "Zizth," he replies, voice squeeking slightly as he tries to keep his teeth from chattering. "And Backstreeth," he adds, nodding to Pia.

All Nighter Study Hard Egg twitches, sending a spiderweb of cracks streaking along the blackness of its shell, branching out to leave only the track of illumination intact. Methodicaly, one piece is chipped away by a talon, then another, and slowly a few are more displaced by the emerging tip of a wing. Finally, the superstructure gives way, collapsing to leave its occupant blinking in the sudden light.

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet
Deep, azure-tinged indigo flows in viscous waves down the sleek gloss of smooth hide, navy and violet intermingling in a thick coat of oily color. A sheen of slick vivacity resonates through this base, a fitting canvas for the overlaying shades of color, smeared and streaked in curious layers of visual intensity. Each whirling, faceted eye is encompassed by streaks of delicate silver, framing the polychromatic orbs in an endearingly absent manner. A fleeting glimpse of peridot is smudged just below the right headknob, as if paint were accidentally wiped there and promptly forgotten; the knobs themselves are highlighted with wispy periwinkle that suggests the fading of age and its accompanying wisdom. Such smudges bespatter the rest of his lanky form, from the wisps of shimmering orchid along his sinuous neck to the blush of dawn-like hues partly concealed behind the bend of his elbow. Wings, especially, are an explosion of mismatched brilliance - sprinklings of smooth apricot, spicy cinnamon, and springtime viridian trace elegant lines across sails and spars alike. The barest speckling of ivory and ebony flick down the length of his dark tail, barely discernable amongst the riot of even viscous hues. Random blotches and smears on the dark purplish background give a haphazard mien to his strung-out frame, disorganization offset by good intentions.

Tatoria shrugs nonchalantly, feigning modesty. "Brothers taught me," she intones cooly. "I'd be glad to teach you sometime." Indeed, a casual conversation to go with a casual question. Just ignore the dragons? Well, not entirely - Tat can't help a glance out here and there, eyes flickering with a hint of nervousness. "Works wonders on the heat, too." And there's even a grin as a foot is lifted to demonstrate.

Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Rauve, and steps forward.

Tilarekna bahs softly and shakes the hand held in hers. "Don't say that! You'll see… You're dragon's here.. or he's not been shelled yet," she nods. She knows what she's saying. Honest. Has she not done this before? Wait… so's Sasha… A gasp escapes her again and… "RAUVE! Oh, well DONE!" Joyohjoy!

Sraine waves and calls her congradulations to M'im, belatedly. She had missed it before, eyeing all the eggs that hadn't hatched and the like. Phew. Feet shift very uncomfortably, getting seared on the hot sands below them. ow. Ow. OW. Advice to anyone planning on a stroll to the sands. SANDALS! More eggs crack and her turquoise eyes flicker back to the bustling sands. IT was all going by like a dream!

Hyzen bites her lip as she watches all the goings on, trying to see everything and not succeeding. Shaking her head, she directs herself to focus upon one thing… well, okay, three things. But that's all, or no cookie for Hyzy! Rekna's hand is getting the life squeezed out of it along with Sraine's as eyes lock upon the… bronze! And Rauve! Pause… make sure it's rig - - "RAUVE!

Ciera escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Sorana lets out a high-pitched squeal of surprise, shrill and loud and right up close. "Raaaaaaauuuuuvvveee! You did it!" Hand is let go, not before a gleeful squeeze of it as she gazes in absolute delight at the Candidate…'ling! "Oh, great Rauve! What's his name?"

Sraine finally catches somethign she missed just moments before, and she shouldn't have really. "Go RAUVE!" is the excited semi-hollar. She was really proud of her friend! Ine winces slightly at the hand-squeezing, but it's not like she hasn't done the same thing to the other's hand all the while..

Hiliza loses track of just about everything except for Sorana. Hand squeezes tighter on arm, hopefully not to the point of pain. She nods, and smiles again, "And I'll still be in Reaches…. forever. I hope," And then, she's brought to attention, "Rauve!!! RAUVE! RAUVE!!!!!!!" Hiliza simply beams at her friend, hopping from foot to foot not from pain but from joy.

Gideon laughs again, his eyes twinkling with delight. "Way to go, Rauve!" he calls out, watching the pair become aquainted. He smiles at Pemeron once more, thankful for a hand to hold. "It's going so quickly," he says, his feet shifting agains as more Dragonets immerge.

N'sync's One is already here… No one else comes close to Backstreeth, the pair already at the edge of the sands, giving equally swoonable gazes to the females of their respective species. Who would have thought this pair? "Hey, Rauve! Niiiiice!" The brownrider gives a loose-wristed wave towards the newest rider. Alriiiiiight. Good to know that Backstreeth's other choice found a lifemate.

A brown cracks shell, popping out of a polka-dot striped egg and landing smoothly on his feet. He's good. He's smooth. He's out to /par-tay/! Sashaying towards a tall herder, the Dragonet snags the robe and draws the unfortunate (or fortunate) candidate closer. Let's be pals. We'll get all the girls. Bob be bop! "Raveth!" the Candidate cries, and as an afterthought, adds: "K'sair!"

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet seems to hesitate as she senses something out of the corner of her eyes - someone's out there to play? One who can teach her stuff? Hmm…. expression seems to turn pondering, green dragonet slowly moving towards one side of the candidate-ring. Over here, maybe?

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet emerges into the light, looking extraordinarily bemused. Blinking slowly, he looks around at the many white-clad bodies all around him. Toddling slowly forward, bright-tinted muzzle is extended towards them, sniffing curiously. Who are they?

Lyri blinks. "Rauve? Bronze?" Oh my. "Ooh, congratulations." Beam. "What's his name?" She asks, ushering them off toward food and then going to collect the latest impressee; see Lyri, see Lyri sweat.

Violet eyes blink, and flicker with a multitude of emotions as Rauve's hand lets go of Sorana's to drop to a bronzen neck. "Soquilith." A frantic glance to fellow Candidates, and then Candidate - now Weyrling - manages to call out, a bit louder: "He says.. he says his name is Soquilith!" And then Rauve manages to grin, now not-sickly. Amazing.

Siannen's atention is captured once more, freckles standing out as she pales, then squeeeeeeeeeeals and literally bounces, face now wreathed in her very brightest beam. "PUPPY!" Whoops. But she's too excited to care, hand frantically shoving fractious strands of hair from her eyes as she corrects herself, "Rauvey!!! Oh, /Rauvey/!" Heck, he's her best friend, after all…

"Not /Rauve/, too," Pia whines in an undertone, sulking. "Cao, at least, will be happy." Glancing over at Pem, she winks and gestures towards the blue. "Nice color on that one, eh Pem?"

Pyrene stares a trifle blankly. "Rauve? But he wears pink…." she mutters. "And he can't even clip a dragon's toenail." Nevertheless she raises a voice in a cheer and adds in Nuff's direction: "What're the odds on blues?"

Quara cheers loudly for R'thur as he's shepherded off, and then joins the clamor as another blue hatches. Blue is best, of course. "Rauve! Oh, lovely!" Better him to Impress metallic than a nanny.

Sorana's jaw drops. No, not at Rauve. At the blue. "Th…the /blue/…oh, Hiliza, he's the most fantastic dragon I've ever seen." Stare. Stare. Oggle. Oggle. "And he's /blue/…" Brilliance runs in her family, for sure.

Tilarekna blinks, and then lets out a whoop. "Go KORSAIR!" she cheers happily, pleased for her friend. How wonderful! She nudges Sasha, "Look, Korsair - uh, K'sair Impressed!!" Soquilith? Oh, lovely name for a bronze! She beams at Rauve, before squeezing Hyzen's hand and sighing dramatically. "C'mon, eggies…"

Caylea shakes her head as she stares down. "Nah. I've got to much on my hands as it is. " Eyes glance quickly back to the hatching. Oh, There's a hatching going on here? *stepstepstepslideouch* Braving the burning sands, the healer twosteps upon them, trying to see how long she can keep one foot into the air before she'd gotta lift the other. Stupid gravity. Rauve? Rauve impressed? "RAUVE!" She screams out, grinning like an idiot. Hey, she's allowed to be happy right? With a flood of warm, pleasant realisation, Sasha watches Rauve greeting his new bronze dragonet and is overwhelmed with wonder at the situation. "What beautiful colouring! Oh You deserve it! Well done! That dragon had taste!"

Mosiah's presence gradually becomes more and more resilient as the hatching progresses, to casually leaning his weight onto one foot as fingers fidget with the belt once more. "Might actually survive this, I-" The boy abruptly cuts off as a lavender-imbued blue dragonet waddles forward. "Sweet Faranth!" Fists clench, eyes squinch closed, and his body goes rigid. Wait for it. Wait for it…. What ever happened to 'it'? One eye hazzards a peek as the dragonet is long gone, having scurried past him to claim another. "Ah," he sounds a touch disappointed.

Feet shift once more, now buried in sand as Gideon stares out on the sands. "At last, a blue!" he cries out, face joyous. "This clutch is amazing!" He grins at Pemeron and Pia again, then back to the dragonets, the eggs, the sands, the new riders who only an hour ago were Candidates. "I wouldn't miss this for the world," he mumbles, barely audible.

An attention-commanding /CrAcK/ thunders as an egg splits, a jagged bolt of a fissure running through it before it spills a guady blue onto the sands - all sparkles and spangles and pearls and fishnets. Fisnets? After getting to none-too-steady feet, he struts into the crowd with a cape of navy satin wings dangling behind to single out a brawny weyrlad who's been ducking away the whole time. The two moan together - the boy groaning in disbelief, the blue crooning in delight - as the pair bond forever. "Oh, Furterth, /Furterth…" Yep. F'rank 'n Furterth.

Sraine squirms as the heat scorches her feet. Trying to take her mind off of it - while she shifts of course - she nods. Good name. And…more impressions..and..she's lost! Phew. Her more simple-sided mind is overpowering her and she just…stands, squeezing Hy's hand and glancing up occasionally to where she last spotted Jacobi. Finally, she manages to squeek something out. "It's all so fast…how can anyone keep up with this?" Mostly murmered to Hyzen, but to herself as well.

Hiliza hugs at her friend's hand with the exhiliration of the moment, squeezing one Sorana-appendage into near goo, "He is, isn't he? A little… newly hatched but still awfully pretty.." She adds, softer, "They all are.. you know?"

"Rauve?" Yeah, Tatoria's slow on the uptake tonight. "Rauve!" And that's enough for her. "Caylea. People are /Impressing./" In case the healer missed it. She follows Caylea's dance, feet keeping up as she still clings to her hand, though it's habit by now. No more desparate squeezing. Too bad they don't have a tempo to keep the heat-dance in time.

Pemeron quickly replies to Pia "Yes, so much color." he continues to watch Rauve and then turns his eyes back to the eggs "Well, one of those eggs may be for me, but I sure don't know." Looking at Gideon then he says "What about you? They are breaking shell so fast, I can't keep up with which ones impress to whom." His eyes dart from one to another of the impressions, barely taking in who is still there, but watching as the numbers dwindle.

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet pauses - wait! There was a sound! She pivots clumsily, heading straight towards a bunch of those white-clad people. Move it, move it! /Hers/ is there. There! Creeling, the green throws herself at the feet of Tatoria. Please, mommy, can I keep this one?

Lis peeks over at the newly Impressed pair - F'rank, was it? - with a noise of approval low in her throat. "Now /that/ is a bluerider I'd like to get my hands on," she murmurs in Quara's ear, chuckling demonically.

"Oh, yes…" Sorana breathes to Hiliza, hand clenched tight-tight-tight. "He's…just…/blue/. Purple-blue. Fantastic. First real pretty blue hatched here." Babble-babble-babble, sway-sway-sway. No nervousness here, as her free hand flicks upward to brush away a strand of hair, pausing as - "Tatoria?"

Baaaaaaa! What an odd noise for a Dragonet to make as it spills from it's fluffy white shell, blue hide pale against the dark sands. But 'baaaa' it does, repeating the noise in irritation as it scrambles to his feet. He /knows/, howver, what he wants - don't all Dragonets? Four feet scramble towards a certain candidate - who promply meeps and backs up. "Sheepith?" Ramneli - no R'am - asks, horrified. "For me?" A moment and he clutches the dragonet's neck tightly.

Pyrene glares at Lis. "You've had your hands on enough blueriders already." she mutters to her.

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Tatoria, and steps forward.

Gideon nods to Pemeron again. "Aye, but we'll know soon enough," he replies, voice finally under control. "It's all so exciting, but no need to panic." Who's panicking? "Must be efficient with our energy," he mutters. "Congrats, Tatoria!" he suddenly shouts out, having barely caught one Impression.

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet is on his feet now, and that means it's time to explore. He looks first at the other newly-hatched, and then loses interest. He knows them. Time to find someone he doesn't know. And so the varicolor blue springs forward, suddenly agile, and starts exploring the people. Which one's the best for him?

N'sync dances better than F'rank. Really. And is better looking. Just watch… But the sight of another leerable young woman getting a green does catch his attention…. "Congrats, Tatoria!" Ooh. This weyrling class will be goooood…

Sasha feels jealous for a split second and as quickly stifles the feeling. 'You know this is all a mistake' she tells herself over and over again…Just enjoy the moment and watch the marvelous impressions of your friends….and… "Oh……there goes another one!" Sasha cries out in triumph as Tatoria is claimed by the wandering dragonet."Yipppeeeee! What a beauty! She'll keep you busy for a bit!! Congratulations!" she yells her heart behind every syllable, feeling desperately pleased for her friend.

Sraine watches all the dragonets and notices as one of the greens makes a choice…with Tatoria!! Raising her free hand and waving it about, she looks like she's lost those half-smiles and have gone straight to beaming. "Congradulations Tat!!" Oh she's so HAPPY for her fellow candidates!

Tilarekna gapes… then.. "Yay Tatoria!" she crows over at Caylea and Tat, joy in her voice for her friend. "Yay!" Okay, that's another green gone. Yupyupyup! and.. Ramneli's Impressed too??? Shaking her head, she tries to free it from the amazement that holds it in sway. It's ahppening so fast…

Winter Hearthfire Egg is definitely cracking now. Creak and bulge and crack and….

Part 2

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