High Reaches' 6th PC Hatching (part 2)

Areiah's gold Ysbryth x M'rin's bronze Rixesith
8th December 2000
Logged by Tatia

Part 1

Winter Hearthfire Egg burns hotter as pleasure turns to passion across the white-hot shell. The once cozy fire becomes a roaring furnace as scarlet scatters like burning embers across the snowy white; hot - hotter - hottest. All the fury of a smith's forge seems to focus itself on a single point near the top… and /bang/. The egg shatters like glass.

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet
The torrent of darkness that blacks this dragon's claret hide rides his lean, broad-shouldered frame as a cascade of shadows. However dark that jewelled hide twinkles - oh how it fits with never a wrinkle, that darkly gleaming skin - his dashing, darkling glory is offset by those moonlit galleon's sails. Doe-skin brown may soften his hindquarters, but it is bronze that crinkles bright at his ale-laced throat, clatters down the gallop of neckridges steeling his spine and dashes madly along the rapier length of his tail. His eyes, like the stroke of midnight - bright, like the moon at midnight - his eyes like the stroke of midnight, gleam with a robber's gaze.

Hyzen twitches as she feels the pressure returned to her through her two friend's hands. Getting a taste of her own medicine, eh? Easing up on the pressure, she continues the sinuous motions of the befamed Sand-Dance. "It was like this at Ista too…" comes the soft reply before… oh dear. "Ramneli?!" He's going to be a terror… poor Weyrlings. "TATORIA!" As loud as she'll get, thank you.

Lis huffs a delicate little sigh in Pyrene's direction, causing leather to squeak and chains to jingle. "Oh, I /know/, Pyrene, but they all seem to take advantage of me now…" She needs new ones that are properly cowering in terror.

1 It's hard to be happy for people when you don't like them. Pia pouts, glancing at the two boys with her. "That green should have come to me," she notes petulantly, and then, half-heartedly calls "Congrats, Tatoria," in tones that suggest she means exactly the opposite. Quara purrs quietly and nods at Lis. "Oh, definitely, he's a darling." A buff darling, mind. "It's lovely, isn't it?"

Hiliza tugs at a lip and then shouts, "Tatoria!!! Oh congratulations!!!" Hiliza means it too, because seeing people happy makes her happy. Sure, she feels a twinge inside. It's hard not to, but she'll be happy anyway.

Gideon jumps out of the sand surrounding his feet as that dark egg shatters. And… "a bronze! Another bronze!" he shouts out, practically dancing with glee. "And a green, and … blue" He clamps his mouth shut. Not quite what you'd call panic, but this certainly is /not/ calm.

Tatoria doesn't even notive a movement at her feet - until suddenly, wide-eyed, she glances down, face twisted in an expression of absolute shock - and love. She drops to one knee instantly, reaching for the Dragonet as thoughts of hot sands fade into the recesses of her mind. "Vespurath?" she questions softly, eyes locked on deep eyes before lifting her head with a wide grin. "Her name is Vespurath!"

R'am strokes the blue's head gently, peering towards the ones that still stood upon the sands. He had made it… just like he'd told them! Rising from his crouch, he moves towards the other Impressed pairs, grinning widely, Sheepith still at his heels, making that strang noise of his. Baa.

Sorana is still blue-oggling, but finally - finally! - pulls herself together in a simple gaze of admiration. Glance flicks, curiously, to the bronze: "Oooo. Bronze. From the flickery egg." Inevitably, though, green'd optics sway - with the CandiGirl's movements - back to the blue.

Pyrene glares at Lis and at Quara too for good measure. "Dragons'll be pretty when they're a bit older though," she allows. "another bronze? Maybe we'll have a round five."

Lyri ooh's at Tatoria. "Oh Tat!!!" Yay!! "Oh, she's /lovely/!" A few other new 'lings are ushered over toward food. "Come on, let's get them food.."

Rauve simply glows down at Soquilith. Well, as glowing as Rauve can get, in any case. Tatoria gets a blink as 'ling eventually looks upwards, and a loud: "Congrats, Tatoria!" Is directed towards her. "And Vespurath! A lovely name." Not as lovely as Soquilith, though. Eh, heh.

Nuff waves her little flaggy again. "Yay! Green! Green is good. "

Geeee…Thanks for the update. What could be going on in Tat's mind. Oh, that. Eep! Every other dragonet on the sands is absently forgotten as Caylea quickly stakes a step back from the green that approaches. As Tatoria falls to her knees, the healer stares in… wonder. The look that flashes through the other's eyes nearly terrifies Caylea, but it's so…soothing? Sweet? Maybe seing complete joy was enough to completely freak Cay out. "Congrats…" She whispers, not that the other would know. Vespurath was defiantely a lovely dragon.

Pemeron continues to dance and declares "Yes, bronze, and blue, and green." so many colors, so many "Not many browns though, or has there been another I missed. I keep missing them." step, step "Pia, what was the green's name? Did you hear?" With a twist he turns to look this way and that, squeezing both hands holding his and says "I feel to burst, I never saw such a thing as this before. And did you see the looks on the faces of the ones as have impressed? They look like … like … I don't know…"

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet shakes out his wings and peers around him, blinking the newborn miasma from his eyes. One foot goes forward and promptly tangles in a wing. So… before setting out to candidates, he must pause to reconnoitre and reconsider his tactics.

Mosiah kicks his feet up, waggling them one at a time to loose any sand in his flip-flops. As the lad hobbles about upon one leg, his oppostie foot mired quite well in the sweltering sand, yet another dragonet meanders close. Yikes! Dragonbait! The rather plump green with a jade star upon her forehead stops before the balancing boy. *wobblewobble* She turns her gaze upon his one pale, spindly leg, wuffles in contepts enough to blow the kid over (but not quite), and continues upon her merry way. His nervous cluckle afterwards gives hint as to the thoughts of that moment.

Connecting to the World Egg pushes out against the shell, crinkling up and threatening to hatch before subsiding again into relative quiet.

Tilarekna sways with the heat now, having almost adapted to the heat that seems to be caking her toes. Hothothot… biting her lip, Reka ignores the sweat she can feel making the fabric of her robe cling to her back. It's HOT. Yes. Muchly. Eggs that have yet to break their shells are watched even as the swoonable blue is considered cute. "Look at that bronze," she grins. "He acts like he's a guard or something…."

Backstreeth stares at the Stand and Deliever Bronze, offering a perfectly pitched croon. Hey. Welcome to the land of the unhatched. "Like they're in love," Gideon finishes for Pemeron and smiles softly, nodding to the new pairs. His head slowly returns to the Dragonets. "They all know," he says, gesturing towards the little ones. "It's amazing… it's destiny." Now, how efficient is philosophy at a time like this?

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet examines Candidates, each that he looks at getting a once-over and being discarded just as quickly. They're all nice, of course, but he needs the one that's perfect. And in his hurry, he ends up going towards those who have already Impressed. No, wait, not /them/… And, redirected, he keeps looking, mouth gaping a little to give him what might well be a perpetually confused look.

Sasha drags her gaze away from the ovoids to glance quickly at her fellow candidates. She can see from their faces their mixed emotions, and she hopes that the inevitable failure to impress for some of them won't mean that she will never see them again…knowing only too well how it feels, she snaps her head forward again, dismissing that tiny voice somewhere within her that suggests there is still a chance for her….breathe…focus on the eggs….try not to think too hard…..remember all the work that you'll need to catch up on at healer hall, when you return there after this fiasco, Sasha!

Emerging into the world in a whirlwind of noise, protest, and clattering eggs, a blue swirls, legs barely touching the ground as he zooms towards the Candidates. 'Round one, over the next, the Dragonet shoves the hapless souls out of the way, on his path to one lad in particular. The Bart to his Simpson, the Science to his Diet… Crenash kneels, arms outstretched. "Bandicooth!" C'rash calls, beckoning the zooming blue forward.

Romantic Movie Egg wobbles in a coy little dance, shimmering in the heat and seeming almost to stretch outwards - being oh-so-discreet about it. The little move made, though, egg settles back into relative calm.

Sraine watches the bronze as he seems to pause in his goings. Heh.. That was cute. Hyzen is glanced down at and shuffling is noticed. "You okay? Those sandals not working anymore?" Nevermind her own burning feet. HEhehe…*nervous laughter inserted here*. Gaze flickering out and about, she chews her bottomlip nervously. WAit..her? Nervous? Naw….

Vylector bites a fingernail nervously - hastily retracting it before anyone tonices. Huh. What does /he/ care - they'll get 'em counted up and sorted out 'ventually, right? Doesn't involve him. He can always complain afterwards. "Shells, how much longer will this take," candie mutters sourly, staring at the dragons.

Siannen /gapes/, jaw slack in shock and disbelief. "/CRenash?!?" Her brother? "Cr'ash, you'll ahve to wash /him too/, now!" And is that a gleefully mmalicious cackle? I think it is.

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet figures it out - hold the wings /high/. Of course, this does nothing for camouflage. Still, he prowls away from the main batch of eggs, his eyes whirling around at all the candidates in curiosity. Pinpoint and /then/ make your ambush. And never let them see you until your teeth are at their throat. Or something.

Hiliza hops a little more, gaze flickering from Sorana to other Candie-friends to Dragonets to Sorana and so on, "How can you stand it without sandels, Sora?" Peer? Green eyes blink and her gaze-shuffle continues. So much to watch. It's a little crazy, but exciting.

"Vespurath, I think…" Pia answers, glancing back at Pem. "Did Tatoria change her name, did she say?" Shaking her head ruefully, the girl scratches at her pink hair. "No browns yet? I thought I saw one Impress over there…" Free hand waves vaguely.

Hyzen doesn't see half of the happenings since rather large, rude candidate steps in front of her. And she's also pulled along with Rekna's swaying as well. "S'cuse me…" she murmurs towards the large female. The girl turns and glares at Hyz before moving out of the way… and into Reka's line of sight. Some people. "Who? What happened, Sraine? What'd I miss?"

Sorana's voice rises in a soprano trill, /high/ above her normal, easygoing range. "/Crenash/?!" Voice drops in a lilting, wavering sulk - "Some Weyrling class /that's/ gonna be…" - before it rises again. Single-minded, she is. "He moved, 'liza. The blue moved."

Sraine glances down at Hyzen once more, chuckling within her throat. "A few more dragons have hatched I think…but if anything has happened, I don't know myself. It's so…quick." And THAT was an understatement. "I also asked if you were all right and if the sandals were working? You seem to be…bustling about." Which she herself was doing. Mwaha. Er…yeah.

Gideon stands up a little straighter as he watches the antics of the nearest bronze. "So precise," he mumbles, voice actually… gleefull over that little adjective. "So confident." He shakes his head and erases the smile. "I'm being a wherry-headed… " something or other. He again stands still, muttering at himself to be calm and concentrate, never mind Pemeron's hand is still clutched in his.

Lyri eyes. "C'rash?" Hey, she can't pick them all.. More impressees are ushered away, and, for a moment, she pauses to mop the sweat from her brow; they must /really/ want to punish her.

Quara just stands, and cheers, and sips from a pilfered skin of wine. She's having a good time, and they get food afterward. Not that they don't get fed other times. But it's food and conversation and HappyWeyrlings. See, they haven't gotten the whole 'you've got to feed it' part of the bargain yet.

She's left all alone. Lookie lookie, here's a lone apprentice. How dare that evil evil green steal her Tat from her. her only shield from all these creatures. Sigh. Standing there, her arms folding against her chest, she stares down at her bandaged hadn for a moment. Eww, now it would have to be changed. And it itched horribly. Caylea glances bck up as her other hand begins digging towards her right palm absently. What did she miss? Everyone's impressing! She's alone! Meep.

"Caylea!" Sorana's voice lifts, inviting. "Hold my hand?"

Tatoria rises, trailing along side Vespurath with a distinctly shocked smile spreading quite large across her face. Caylea is left alone as they leave the hot sands for the side of hatching ground.

Pyrene nearly reels. "Crenash? /Crenash/?? Oh, no…" She remembers Cren all too well. "He'll never wash that dratted dragonet. I pity Ris… and Ly…" She blinks across at the weyrlingmasters in sympathy.

Pemeron nods silently and then continues to watch the Dragonets move, very fast, but so awkward. "They are …" he tightens his grip on Gideon's hand, the stronger smith giving his hand a run for the marks. "All so incredible looking. Do they all impress? I mean hatch?" he asks Pia almost as if she knows everything he doesn't, which is… well … everything, right?

Sraine waves little ol' lonely Caylea over to where her and Hyzen were standing along with some others. As Sorana pipes up though, she stops, glancing back to the eggs and…everything. Hrm? Crenash impressed? Shards was she behind..

Tilarekna's eyes flare as Big Ugly Female steps into her viewing space, and she frowns. "Hey, move, we can't see." Okay, SHE can't see, but same thing, right? She glances in apology at Hyzen for the sway-and-pulling, beut thr gold-amber gaze glares until the bigger girl moves. BAH. Pia is taller, and Reka no scare easy. Thhhbbbp - -uuuhhh, no, no one saw her stick her tongue out. Nope. "Cay!" Friend is noticed all on her lonesome, and head gestures for the healerite to get her butt over to the rest of 'em. No one wants to be alone on the Sands… Unless you're with a Dragonet of course…

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet halts before an ebon-haired figure, nearly bumping into the candidate's legs. Befuddled, he gazes owlishly up at the white-robed figure, as if puzzling out a particularly perplexing problem. Hesitation is slowly traded for comprehension, though, and he tosses back his head in a delighted bugle. Eureka! Sorana!

Too Late For Supper Absentminded Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Sorana, and steps forward.

Caylea blinks. Oh? Where'd Sorana come from? Oh, right, there were other people on these sands! Meep. The healer sidles a little closer towards Sorana and smiles her relieved, thankful -don't you leave me too- smile. Oh, wait, what's this? Cay's left /again/! Eep, these dragons were sneaky!

Sasha begins to hop slightly…the heat is getting to her and that dratted left sandal….Watching as Crenash moves away with his new lifemate, she suddenly sees Soranna impress…"SorSor!!!! You did it!!" Lis fiddles with a corset buckle as she informs Pyrene of her opinion on Ris and Ly: "They asked for it."

Tilarekna blinks, and cheers. "Sorana! You did it!" A happy cheer escapes her, and she bounces. Before motioning Caylea over to join them. Come HERE!

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet pauses. He's being observed. This isn't right. Well - he'll go down fighting! He turns towards those watching him - or at least the nearest ones watching him. Never surrender! At a steady pace (but still surprisingly fast for a critter five minutes old), he charges at the candidates.

Quara claps again. She knows this one. Even talked to her a coupla times. "Hooray!!!!!" Girl Impressed blue. Good taste. "What's his name?" Not that enough people aren't asking that already.

Pia's eyes half-light, almost gleefully. She does like Sorana. "Congrats!" She calls, sincerely.

Vylector stares at Sorana - hey! That girl Impressed his dragon! Candidate puts on a decidedly sulky face, almost squishing the hand of the girl unfortunate enough to offer. "Bah! This whole hatching-business is just a stunt! Won't do any good anyway." Snort. What does he care?

Sraine's focus is snapped to the blue suddenly making it's way to Sorana. "Go Sorana! Congradulations!" There's that beaming smile again! Er..and now that Sorana's been shuffled away, Caylea's by herself again. "Cay! Over here!" Not exactly a shout, but an Ine-shout. Sasha leaps in the air gleefully calling out to the newly impressed dragon and her friend, now it's life mate. "Well done Sorana! He is exsquisite….Oh congratulations!"

Mosiah doesn't thinks he could make many more of these close calls. A warbling blue looks as though he might, but instead swerves to the side rather far from the Healer. Not even close, that one. Yet, his heart still races despite the deinal of the prospect. Hand wipes across his sweat-slick forehead, then fingers comb roughshod through his damp hair. Still waiting.

"Sorana!" Gideon shouts out, "he's gorgeous!" A gorgeous male dragon? It fits sometimes. He flinches suddenly as a bronze heads towards their motley band of white-clad soldiers, then crouches, ready to jump to one side or the other, takeing Pemeron with him if needed…

Hyzen shakes her head slowly. "I'm okay, just being hauled along by Reka and trying to see around big, rude people." Glower. "Sorana!" comes her yell, louder this time. She did it! She had told her she'd make it! "Cay, here!" Yup, everyone loves Caylea. Hee.

Oh, sure, go over there and be left all alone too by the next dragonet whom steps up and claims their prize. Hey, lookit! Caylea's good luck! Stand by her and the dragons come running! Ehehe. The healer starts her way towards Sraine, calling her congratulations at Sorana brightly.

Pemeron is looking right at Sorana as she impresses to the delightfully colorful blue "Sorana…" he calls out, quite surprised at the pairing, but then he turns and looks as the bronze moves again. His head does not turn, but he says "I know blues impress to girls, but it's amazing when it happens, don't you think?" His head turns just slightly toward Gideon nodding toward Sorana and the very colorful blue.

Tilarekna eeps as the bronze CHARGES! Eeeeeeeeee! That's not right, surely? She doesn't step back, but her eyes do close. Incoming! Bronze on the loose! Sorana and her blue are flicked a longing glance, before the amber orbs shut… eee.. Scary bronze Dragonet, headed this way! She squeezes Sasha and Hyz' hands tighter, before releasing Hyzen's with a soft, muted 'Sorry…'

Sorana gazes down at the dragonet, a halting, shocked murmur flowing through the sound. "Ohhh…Catiminith?" Eyes widen, a pause….eyes widen, grin stretches from side-to-side, and her jubilant declaration comes as the CandiGirl drops her to her knees and enwraps the blue with loving arms. "He says his name is Catiminith!!!"

Pyrene nearly faints. "Sora! Oh… shells… oh shards… oh…. Congrats!" she finally calls over, barely swallowing her pride. Sorana a bluerider… all this time an she never suspected.

Hiliza opens her mouth in utter jubilation as she unclings and steps away, beaming, "Sora…." Hiliza's voice is softish, but happy, "Free rides, remember?" Giggles barely manage their way up, but now Hi' is sort of left to not cling to anyone. "Congratulations…" And she reluctantly turns to look for a free person. Not that people seem to stay on the Sands long.

"Sorana!" A bit more glee comes from Rauve on the topic of /this/ particular Candidate Impresses - he doesn't want to think about Cr'ash yet. Eh, heh. "Congratulations, Sora! And.. wait, what's his name?" Soquilith gets a glance. Does he know? "..and Catiminith! What a wonderful name!"

An absolutely massive egg cracks, and a monsterous green slithers free, paddle-like fore-arms pulling the dragonet from the shards. Up she rises onto massive back legs, balancing on her thick tail, until the object of her desire is seen. Over she slinks, ungainly form lumbering across the sands. But you can't see her - she's a figment of your imagination… or is it Janessa's imagination? "Lochth?" The girl shrieks, pushing past a random boy candie to reach her monster, her Lochth. "Oh, Lochth," Ness exclaims, tears lingering at the corner of her eyes.

Lyri gives another whoop (she's doing that a lot lately)> "Sor!!" Gleam. "Congrats!" Remembering her duty, she moves over to the new pair. "Catiminith? Lovely name. Come on, let's get him fed.." And she's off again.

Gideon laughs lightly at Pemeron's comment. "It's right, it's always right. The dragon knows," he recites, eyes focused on the dragonets now. He's always better when challenged.

Sraine catches her breath as the bronze charges some candidates a ways off from her. What in the world?? As Cay makes her way towards her and Hyzen, she gives a broad smile to welcome her over. "The more the merrier." Turning to Hy, she chuckles a little. "I'm sure were not loosing anything by moving about a bit." At least SHE wasn't anyways. Her feet were going singe-numb

"Sora? SORA!!!!" That would be Siannen again, wildly bouncing once more as she tries to see, shortest of the short candidates doing her pogo stick impression. "Aieee! Congrats!!"

Frantically Awaiting Election Results Egg begins to rock, it begins to roll. Almost panicky movements goad this egg into action, causing it to roll inexorably forward. With those jerky advances, it finally rolls to a stop, ready to hatch.

Frantically Awaiting Election Results Egg bursts into a rain of tiny fragments of eggshell, revealing to the weyr Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet, in all his glory! A triumphant, rather sqeaky bugle from the newborn dragonet serves to announce his magnificant presence to all who haven't yet seen him. Behold, oh Weyr, the wonderful blue who has come to grace you with his presence. He's been living in the shadow of his egg far too long; it's time for him to seek out his own glory. Without hesitation, he steps into center stage.

Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet
Though not exactly the nicest looking of dragons, this scrawny blue looks quite certain that he's the people's choice for the ideal dragon. He's smaller than most of the other blue Dragonets, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in pompous dignity and charisma, looking for all the world as though he is the most incredible creature on Pern, and he'll stand by that opinion no matter what it takes. His long, ratlike muzzle seems to be fixed into a false, oily smile, displaying a collection, large, pointy white teeth, and unusually small eyes seem to be sunken deep into his face, giving him a sly, determined countenance. Shining, sapphire emblems of rank and prestige swirl accross his chest and down his back, glimmering proudly agaisnt his deep azure hide for all the world to see. Thin wrinkles of dark navy slither about his face, neck, and forelegs, coming to rest just above his powerful, razor tipped talons, strong enough to hold the keys of the future. Broad, bold, unshapely wings, of plain, simple blue, look like flags declaring his devotion to himself and his color to all who look upon him. As a final touch, an oleaginous sheen of transparent cerulean enshrouds the wily, nettlesome Dragonet.

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet remains undaunted. The candidate line has not broken - shaken, but not stirred - but he won't give way. Forward, ever forward - what's more, forward to a point with a taller candidate. His wings high, the Stand and Deliver Bronze comes riding, riding… and clattering through the sands.

Vylector blinks a little. Oh well. There're more blues - and he could do with a green too, if he /had/ too! Just not those /big/ ones, thank you very much - too much strain on his back to get up on a oversized watchwher. "And why're they taking so much time," candidate grumbles to no-one in particular, crossing his arms over his chest impatiently.

Gideon crouches more, ready for a game of jousting. His hand still in Pemeron's, though more careful now not to crush, he seems poised, ready for attack or defense. Will he be striker, dodger, defense, keeper…. He spares one glace at Pemeron and nods quickly. "Ready?" he asks quietly.

Pia, on Pemeron's other side, glances nervously at Gideon. "Ready for what?" trembles her soprano voice.

Tilarekna's eyes open again at the crack of the egg, and she gasps faintly. Oooo… Blue. Big.. and.. hmmm.. "That blue's cute… I think," puzzled? Yup.. And where's that skeery Bronze gone? Umm… Eeeek. There! Go 'way! Well, Bronzes don't Impress to girls, so she's safe….. Weaving from foot to foot, she's sore now. The heat is getting to her bit by bit.

Hyzen allows Reka to be loosed, watching her fried be seperated from her before she sidles closer to Sraine. Eeeevil bronze. Eh. Shaking her head, she tries to bury it in poor Ine's side, confused and feet-hopping. She needs a few moments of just… nothing. She doesn't even now if Caylea comes to them, so busy in trying to seemingly hide herself. Kind of like what her mother, Kwanne, had done in Ista. Meep. Like mother like daughter.

Caylea is finally there! "Okay! So, what dragon's gonna snatch you two away?" Beam! The woman glances around the sands, searching the eggs and then searching various stumbling dragonets. Oye, everyone was disappearing, and yet there were still /so/ many more. Feet dance upon the sands. Curse what ever wherry put it in her head that going barefooted was traditional. Whimper. Tat hadn't had to stay here so long!

Beads of sweat stand out on Sasha's forehead and irritably she brushes them away, as the temperature continues to rise. Why on Pern didn't she think to get a new pair of sandals? With one strap fraying slightly, the left sandle flops a little on her foot and with every footfall, a considerable amount of scorching sand slides under the arch, making her limp slightly and have to hop on the other foot to shake it out. Growling under her breath, Sasha thinks that this would be a good time to be somewhere completely different.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg continues to lay quietly, no twiching or shaking or any such nonsense for this one. It simply remains silent, wrapped up in itself.

Sraine blinks and then grins down at Hyzen, letting her hide herself for the moment. Had she been younger, she might have done the same thing. However..she wasn't….sooooo. "Hey..who knows. Don't think they're hatched yet, if here.." she murmers with a chuckle and smile towards Cay. "Welcome aboard." To the little group that is.

Sora rises, uncurling arms from Catiminith's neck to lead the blue over the to other Weyrlings. Weyrlings. Weyrlings! Grin splits, again, as she crouches next to her - /her/ - lifemate. Joy.

Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet steps from the pitiful remnants of his shell, a new man! Or dragon. The difference is really quite inconsequential. Poised upon the podium of his wrecked home, the blue surveys the white-clad Candidates before him. Mouth is opened into a whining creel, a pledge for someone to pity him and give him exactly what it is he wants.

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet does not plough straight through after all, but he slows as he approaches. He doesn't look like much this lad… Fair and lanky, but he's /prepared/. Not fleeing, not petrified, not reckless. He pulls himself up to a halt and raises his head high towards the other candidate. The challenge will be laid down… Now will it be accepted?

A pair of bloodshot eyes stare at the weyrlings. Glowering, really. Lylia's not a happy camper when there's new weyrlings afoot.

Stand and Deliver Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Gideon, and steps forward.

Pia glances sideways, eyes widening. "Gideon!" She exclaims, to caught off guard to be snippy.

Gideon's knees begin to shake suddenly as his ready stance crumbles and he falls to the sands. "His name is Nylanth!" the once-Smith shouts out for all to hear. "His name is Nylanth!" he repeats, a tear cascading down his face to sizzle on the sands as he buries his face next to his lifemate's.

Tilarekna woooos! Skeery Bronze and Gideon? Well, he deserves the colour! "Go Gideon! Well done to you!" she crows happily, squeezing Sasha's hand,

"Gideon!" Everyone! Rauve continues to let an arm linger 'round Soquilith's neck as he cheers for Impression after Impression from the 'Weyrling' section of the Sands. "Congratulations!"

Lyri ooh's. "Gid!!" See? She knew she liked that kid. "Oh, congrats." She moves over after ushering previous impressees toward the feeding area. "Nylanth, lovely. Let's get him something to eat, I know how hungry Nia was.." Boy does she ever.

Will he won't he…what is that draggie playing at….can't he make a decision? As the creature finally staggers into Gideon's arms, Sasha can be silent no longer. "Oh Yes! Yes Yes! You did it Gid!! You got one! How absolutely wonderful! He's magnificent!"

Pemeron shouts very loudly and jumps up, completely startled. He releases Gideon's hand and Pia's and claps "Gideon!" Jump, jump… yeah, the sands are hot, but his friend impressed bronze, what could be more delightful for the stablehand. "Now you get to stay." He reaches for Pia's hand again and moves away shouting "Gideon!" and then "What's his name man?"

Pyrene was watching that bronze and startles visibly. "Gid? Gid! Oh, my /shells/! It's Gid! Lis, did you see?? Gid Impressed! And Nylanth!" No need to sound so surprised?

Sraine glances up and sees the rampaging bronze has finally chosen to settle down with. "Congradulation Gids!!" Again, her congradulation call in her semi-quiet voice. Nylanth…that was a good name too! Wow!! All these great impressions! Nudging Hyzen a little, she chuckles. "Hy…look!"

Hyzen manages to hide her face from the confusion that sands were making in her mind. Nudge. "Whaaat?" comes her soft drawl as she breaths into Ine's robe. No see. Hot, her feet. Tired, her eyes. Sore, her mind. "Nylanth? Gid? Bronze? Good choice!" But still, she keeps her face from the world, breathing in the gentle scent of Ine. Mmm. Flowers? And dragons…

Playing with the Kitten Egg rocks a bit more violently, flecks of shell showering onto the sands as it rocks from side to side. A cavernous crack appears in the smooth surface as the inhabitant struggles to free itself.

Vylector shuffles, eyeing the newest rider-pair with some disdainification. "Well, you Impressivated, too, I see…" he comments. "Well, those aren't the finallest results." Beady eyes seem to interrogate the roaming dragonnies.

Hiliza inches closer to Pemeron, and thus Gideon, and so breaks out a smile, "Congratulations!" Her voice rings cheerful as she slips closer so she doesn't feel quite so alone, and causually reaches for Pemeron's now free hand. "Hiii…" is said, softly. Let her stay, won't you?

"Gideon!" Lis warbles joyfully, applauding at the Impression of a previous candidate. "Oh, he's such a doll… and now, a bronzerider. You'd better hope Cadge doesn't go up again until - what is it, Nylanth? - can chase, eh?" An elbow waggles in the direction of Pyrene's side, as she winks broadly to the weyrwoman. "Eh? Y'know what I mean? Eh?"

Mosiah's mouth forms a tight line as he surveys the remaining dragonets. Hardly any left. "These prospects are not looking good." Wait. Where did he start believing that impressing was 'good'? Lips quirk in a lilting grin at the idea. Head shakes from side to side, "Delusional… only explanation."

Playing with the Kitten Egg shakes and jumps, a ball of yarn played by invisible claws. Hop-skipping over the sand, the ball of furry eggshell seems determined to escape the rest of the clutch - and then it comes to a halt as it explodes into eggfragments and goo. And since the cat is now away, the prize comes out to play.

Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet
Triskells of misty green ensnare her headknobs, tattooing mystic power into every line of this dragon's charismatic frame and scribing spirals of stillwater blue across the solidity of solemn oak. She's as lithe and sleek as smoke, this witch of the woods, with the burning strength of incense imbuing her slender limbs with sensuous and seductive curves. Zeal radiates from the glossy mistletoe that spikes her 'ridges and 'spars, while nightshade saves its dark venom for the crescents of dagger-sharp talons. But that poison is drawn by the pristinity of 'sails as white as a virgin snowfall; drawn by the soul-deep mystery that revels her dark-shadowed eyes.

A sparkling shell shudders, and cracks, revealing a delicate little blue with a star-dusted hide. He looks left, looks right, and eases out of his egg, leaving the ovid still nearly perfectly formed. Whirling eyes scan the sands, landing at last on a young girl with long blond hair. Really long. The object of his intense gaze backs up, inching towards the exit. The blue advances, walk, walk, eventually galloping towards Chancynthia. The girl stops, throws her arms around him, calling "Chancie and Mazokuth!"

Gideon kneels there for a quiet moment with his fellow soldier. "Yes, just a moment," he says softly, then stands looking at Pemeron and Pia, and nods, slowly, confidently, going so far as to slap Pem on the back. Wiping tears and sweat together on his face, he leads his bronzen beauty towards the others.

Tilarekna smiles, shaking her head . Oh, wonderful. People - her FRIENDS - Are Impressing left, right and center… And the next dragon breacks her shell… "Oh, green…" Awestruck, she stares. She can't help it. Isn't that one beeeeuuooootifal?

Pia squeezes Pem's hand comfortingly before gazing back out over the sands. Comforting? Pia? Must be something wrong.

Sasha observes in a slightly detached fashion as other eggs start to move about. "its so lovely to see people impress" she murmurs, her voice only just carrying to Reka above the noise of the chaos around them. "Oh heck…I just want this to be overwith …just to go back to the hall and get on with life….."

Sraine chuckles once more at Hyzen and strokes the tired girl's hair with one hand. She noticed that the girl was trying to keep off her feet, as she herself was - duh. She knew Hyzen was too old for it, so she didn't bother asking if she wanted a lift off of the sands. She merely..watches. "Oh! Another green…and she's lovely." she murmers to Cay, since Hy needed her relaxing.

Tilarekna turns her head, and she leans slighlty against Sasha, a warm smile on her lips. "Enough, Sash. Just relax and enjoy," she murmurs for her friends ears only, still staring at the green Dragonet.

Caylea stands there, trotting upon the sands as her feet decide that now, and right now, they -really- want to be relieved of this burden. However, bum will disagree. No setting on the job. The healer's back, still far to ridged to look comfortable, lingers closely to Sraine and Hyzen, though somehow slightly appart. Hand continues to fidgit with bandage.

Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet steps regally from the fragments of shell, gazing around her hindpaws as she seems to read her future in the scattered pieces. After a few moments she raises her dainty head, near-Imperial gaze sweeping the ragged line of white-robed ones. Perhaps one will be fortunate to be chosen to attend her needs…perhaps, but which one? She begins a slow saunter down the line, minutely examining each as she passes.

Sasha's hair sticks to her face and she peels it away, pulling it off her face and neck. "I knew there was a good reason not to let my hair grow!" she declares to the candidate nearest to her who appears to be having the same problem. Hopping onto her left foot, to give her right one a rest, she winces in pain as the sand slides in again and grittily scorches its way around the sole of her vulnerable foot.

Gideon kneels at Nylanth's side with confidence as he watches those still on the sands, either those who will fight beside him, or those he'll be fighting for. His hands softly caress the bronzen head at his side.

Vylector's beady eyes swivel to the newest green. No. We don't want dragonets going green. We want them going toward HIM. We want to disregard the others, and pick HIS colors for HIM! The decision for HIM is the most important. "It hatchified," is his only comment, his eyes now flicking to the roving blue. Pick a state to stick with! An Impressificated state.

Takovic moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Hyzen has figured something out. If she stays in one place long enough, the sands start to cool underneath her. She loves Sraine… as a big sister-type. She was there for Hyz like Kwanne was. Peeking away from Ine's robe, she manages a large smile towards Caylea before re-burying her face. Ah… the heat radiating from the sands couldn't touch the portions of here that Sraine was protecting. Siiigh. Shifting her feet just slightly, she listens and pictures the images rather than watch them and kill her poor eyes.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg allows a slight tremble briefly before settling back again into its comfortable nitch. It's not ready to go anywhere quite yet.

Tilarekna's hair is beginning to stick to her face, and arms, and back, and.. Hmm.. maybe leaving it loose was a BAD idea. Ah well, too late now. Anyhoo, on with the Hatching.. Eyes dance as she watches and she shakes her head, wiping her brow with her free hand.

Pemeron has been staggered somewhat by the crack on the back, but continues to grin so big his face threatens to crack. "If I never get to see that again, I will never forget the look on his face." As he watches Gideon, and returns Pia's squeeze, gently. Pink hand clutching pink hand "Nylanth. Good name Gideon, good strong name, for a good strong bronze." and another smith for the weyr. Good things come from impressions, eh?

Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet is the best of the best! He's the creme de la creme! Everyone wants him. Especially the Candidate he chooses for his very own. They will rule together. They will triumph. And he's the man to fit the bill! Pomposity controls the dragonet's every movement as he steps forward, wings gesticulating wildly behind him as his great maw continues to open and close in that whining, pleading creel.

Tatia remains near the edge of the sands, eyes flickering toward the still-hatching eggs only rarely as the shocked smile turns into a brilliant, beaming grin. She crouches near Vespurath, one arm draped across her new life-mate.

Sraine shifts her burning feet, glancing down at Cay's and noticing she was also fairly sandal-less. "Where's your sandals?" she murmers incredulously. She didn't have them because she gave hers away. What in the world was Cay doing without hers? Hyzen is glanced at and smiled towards, but left undisturbed.

Pia flicks a lock of pink-red hair out of her eyes, motion accompanied by a big sigh. "Where's /my/ dragon?" She whispers, eyeing the sands.

Janessa is bored. "When is all this going to be over? I mean this heat is doing /awful/ things to my hair…not to mention my skin….." whine whine whine…is this all this girl is capable of? when faced with an incredible sight like this?

Hiliza wraps her fingers around Pemeron's hand, tentatively. She remains somewhat silent, calling out congratulations to those whom deserve it at the appropriate times. Mouth twitches absent mindedly into a grin, and she peers at the green, murmurming something. And then at the blue. Another something. She's just murmuring to herself, today.

Nuff's little flag goes whiskwhiskwhisk, "Yay 'Reaches!"

Everyone indeed. Everyone wants to win something. Winning is the most satisfactying experience ever. Especially to Vylector. Hanging by the seat of his mind, fairly pregnant with anticipation, his shifting feet leave dimples in the sand. He tries to stop his anticipation, his trembling fingers, his slim grin. It looks bad for a Candidate to appear…evil. But oh, what a Candidate. Selecitivate HIM to Impressificate!

Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet sighs deeply as she passes a cluster of boys, almost snorting as something in them doesn't entirely please her. Only one is right, the one chosen long in the past, the one she searches for even now…just as she's searched in ages past. Her slow saunter turns more purposeful as she nears another trio of Candidates, perhaps here that one will be found.

Pemeron replies quickly "It hasn't broken shell, or maybe that green there, passing by." He is starteled by another hand joining his empty one, Gideon now too busy with Nylanth. He turns and greets Hiliza "Well, I thought you were swept off already. Least we are all still here." he glances at Pia then "Pink though we may be." and he winks at her.

Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg trembles slightly, not unlike the motion of a marshmallow immersed in warm liquid.

Pyrene sighs at Nuff's flag. "There's another /blue/ out there…." she points out grumpily. This is nothing to celebrate. Her eyes track the green though… "She's going to be a one when Proddy," she murmurs, eyes flicking to Lis. "A rival for Aly maybe?"

Tilarekna watches as that green creeps nearer, and Vylector is.. ell.. gaped at. "HE Impressed?" Perhaps Pia was right, there IS no accounting for Dragonic taste.. "Sash, did you SEE?" Of course, her friend should also no peek at that luvely gweenie.

Pia rolls her wide green eyes, vaguely comforted despite the horrid shade of her whole self. Pink. "Maybe," she agrees, glancing over at Hiliza in greeting.

Another egg gives up rocking, breaking in little pieces as a watery blue dragonet stumbles out and forth. Facing the wrong way, he heads for the non-white clad humans on the sand, creeling hopefully. He even heads in Pyrene's direction for a bit. Nope. No luck there, even if there is an unimpressed person or two of the right age littering the place. Rather, he swings around to fall ontop of a young miss with silvery hair that floats about uncontrollably. "Monoxideth!" screeches Dihydrogen!

Sasha clutches Reka's hand tightly….hoping so hard for her friend…"This is unbearable!!" Trying not to get her hopes up she eyes the approaching green, loving it's colouring and knowing that it is not to be….."Think of something else…what are the proceedures fro giving a physical??……"

Nuff waves her flag that much harder, trying to get the little blue bits to overcome the little black bits. "You be quiet, Pyrene. Just be thankful Cadgwitch impressed you when she did, because the way I hear tell it the blues were lining up for you. Unlike Nuff, of course, who wanted a nice little flaming blue and ended up with 'Retch."

That calm and quiet that Gideon had so wanted is now his as the rider G'deon kneels beside Nylanth, both pairs of eyes watching those on the sands. Whirling eyes watch the Dragonets, sky blue eyes on the Candidates. "Shhh… priorities," G'deon croons. "Food will come soon, Nylanth," he adds, his face beaming at the name.

Caylea continues to fidgit lightly, shaking her head as she tries to think of anything /but/ the burning sands beneath her feet. "Soooooooo. Good day for a hatching, no?" BurnBurnBurnHOT! She glances around the sands. Is that brown heading their way? No? Or that green? What about that weird looking blue over there? Whimper. "They're everywhere!" Snicker. Poor Cay.

Lyri moves off to yet another pair, ushering them off the sands and, with a sweaty brow, looks over the sands.. gasp.

Hiliza trembles with some kind of anticipation, and then stops, seeming to scold herself, and does the silly Hot Sands Dance. "No, I'm still here.. of course I am. I couldn't leave my friends. Nope," Only if she was asked too, with a loving plead. Or maybe a demand? Hiliza grins and scrunches her nose, "I'm glad you're still here… and all…. even if it sounds selfish…" Which it could. Hiliza shrugs and looks back out at the Sands. "Everything is so amazing…"

Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg twitches again. Is it time? Or does this little egg simply want to savor the warmth of the sands for some time longer? Stryations begin networking the surface, but the egg doesn't burst. Yet.

Physi-wha? What has THAT to do with this? Eeee…. Tilarekna takes a deep breath, and squeezes back as her feet start to hop again. Hot Sands you know. Just because SOME have Impressed, that doesn't mean ALL have. Backed feet, wrapped in hide.. *sigh* "Relax, girl, we've plenty of eggs left…" And Dragonets too…

Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet marches ever-so-slowly, but inexorably, forward until, just outside the ring of expectant Candidates, he falters. Negotiations flicker through the dragonet's brain and he turns that triangular, blue head this way and that, sweeping through, destroying all that stand in his path. Or at least, that's what he'd like to think. Accusation after accusation whip through his sapphire mind as eyes contact with each of the Candidates before him. They won't let it just lie! Until finally, finally the whole system caves. Concession, at last. Vylector, you are to be victorious. Vylector is to hold the votes this day.
Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Vylector, and steps forward.

Pyrene would make a snide comment at Nuff but she's too busy ducking behind the plump little weyrwoman as that little blue starts moving their way. "Just /once/," she grumbles. "Just /once/, I'd like to be on here without a blue trying to maul me." They're all out for her blood, you see. No good intentions at all.

Hyzen slowly wraps her arms as far around Sraine's waist as she can, humming a little tune before more shouts and noises greet her delicate ears. Peeking out again, she blinks several times at the light before eyeing the eggs and the still standing candidates. She doesn't move her feet now… they were rather warmer than they usually are, but not burning like each time she'd moved them. Must remember to thank Ine for the comfort she'd provided…

Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet :'s saunter becomes almost a stumbling trot before she remembers herself and slows once more. Elegant muzzle lifts ever-so-slightly to catch that elusive scent…is that? Yes! That must be the One…now….where? Each person is snuffled at and decisively discarded while the next comes into sight. The One is here somewhere and she -will- find said One.

Pemeron watches as the holder impresses the blue he has been watching out of the corner of his eye "You impressed… Vylector, good man, what's his name?" He continues to gaze as the two make one and waits to hear.

Sraine chuckles over at Caylea and nods. "Good day indeed." She needed something to take her mind off of her feet now too. Eeek. Eyes skitter about, trying to take in everything all at once. Another impression brings her out of her trance and she calls her congradulations. Hyzen's arms about her waist cause her to blink and look down. "having fun?" is the amused murmer as she shifts her own feet.

Vylector stands back, looks up, then looks down again. Indeed, final decisifications, their time included, are final. He hopes. But this surely seems final. His thin little grin broadening to almost uncharacteristic /cheer/, his dark little eyes actually turning some magnitude of bright, Vylector - V'tor - exclaims in almost childlike exuberance - "His name….He's called Recounth!" Are you SURE this is what you wanted?

Nuff heads a few steps towards the younger weyrwoman and offers to protect her with her little flag. "S'kay, Pyrene. I'll keep them away. They don't like me at n'awl.

Romantic Movie Egg continues to scoot across the sands, attempting to be ever-so-discreet about it. And failing miserably. Whatever would goad this egg into such 'inappropriate' movements anyway? Probably the heat of the Hatching has gotten to the dragonet's head within.

Lyri moves over toward the new pair, giving the two the normal congratulations. "I can imagine he's hungry, let's get him to the food." Grimace. "Lovely name…"

"Congratulations," calls Oren, slipping out of some trance or another to eye V'tor and Recounth. "Recounth. Hmm." A brief glance is given the pair, as the Candidate settles back into the humdum task of trying to keep oneself from cooking.

Mosiah is still here, yep, and he's still hot.. what's more, his feet are nearly on fire! "Ow." Feet are moved in turns, taking them off of the hot sands for what little reliefe that offers. "Hot."

Recounth rumbles. Lovely indeed. Lovely enough to be NEVER forgotten. Dragging his Rider-Elect with him, he heads towards WLM with a proud swagger. All fear, er respect, the new POWER in the Weyr!

Caylea glances back over towarsd Hyzen and chuckles nervously. "You know, I think that Reaches has Ista topped on the 'heat' department now. I've never sweated so much!" Was sweated a word? Did it matter at this point? Recounth? Something sounds …sooooooooo…. cynical in that innocent little name. Eyes trail over the remaining eggs, the remaining Dragonet, a small si…no, she wouldn't sigh. She was alright. Really. She didn't want one of those beasts. And that look Tat had given was just…frightening.

Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg shatters in a tinkling of celebratory silver bells. With white eggshards sprinkling like snow upon his head, Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet emerges, finally arriving after much anticipation, to a joyful beginning.

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet
Oh what sweet, sweet treacle flavours his slimly elongated curves, lightening the glimmering patina of burnt pinewood; oh what bright, bright ridges carol along his snow and mistletoe back, kissing the gingerbread surface below. But it is the patterned decadence of brandy-butter that defines this rogue: toasted to perfection from the ruddy nubs that cap his head to the festive curve of that spoon-shaped tail candycane-striped with russet, his sweetly blunted snout is fairy-dusted with holly-crimson, which also reddens freckled cheeks. His chestnut hide roasts in the open air of winter's breath wings, along which a darker brown tracery gaily hunts for perfection. Smouldering embers of evening's end warm his underbelly, stretching dusky shadows except where disturbed by the rare sunburst of flames, breathing life into the whole of his enchanting body.

Isn't there an ancient saying about a red flag to a blue? Of course, Nuff's flag is most likely purple not red. "Oh, whereas they /love/ me?" she asks sarcastically. "Brainless little creatures." V'tor doesn't even get a cheer. Blues are once again out of favour with the second-youngest weyrwoman, after a brief amnesty for Sorana's sake. Pyrene of course thinks blues are brainless. Not Nuff.

Tilarekna gasps at the sight of the brown Dragonet, eyes glowing at the sight. What a darling! Yusyusyus! "Oh, cuuuuuute! What a handsome guy!" she giggles, squeezing Sasha's hand, before eyes flicker to the green. Ooo? Closer?

Sraine glances over as another dragon emerges, this time a brown. There wasn't a whole lot of those in this clutch now, was there? Or, maybe there was? She's had a hard time paying attention to it all. At Caylea's comment, the usually quiet resident laughs. "True…we get the extreme's here. hot AND cold!" she shakes her head and watches. "Wow."

Nuff thinks Nuff is brainless, but that's a whole other story.

Hyzen nods her auburned head against Sraine's side, clinging to the white robe and continuing to listen and place her own, simplier pictures with them. "Tis fun… just very, very hot and tiring. Ista didn't have this many eggs." Cay's comment is heard and glittering golden-amber optics come 'round to peer at her other, healerite friend. "Nu uh… Ista was scorching. This is just… overly hot." Yeah.

Quara thinks Nuff is brainless, but you're not going to hear her say it. Now, Pyrene….

Oren thinks Nuff and Pyrene and Quara are hot, but let's not get into that…

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg shivers almost invisibly. It's really quite comfortable where it is, and protests the movement by refusing to budge again, and returning to its previously still state.

Caylea is more then willing to be brainless, just to settle the debate :)

Pyrene can't say what she thinks Quara is. There are children about. Baby dragons.

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet shakes his wings with a little jingle, egg shards drifting down from them like snowflakes or tinsel. Falalalalalah, he's here! Not moving at first in his own marvel at the scene, he emits a testing trill, quivering with some delight at the sound. Oh, how exciting! Now to find a suitable partner to come caroling with him!

And not Lis? For shame…

Oh, yes, Lis definitely.

Quara will get into it after the hatching.

G'deon laughs softly to himself, then nods… to some comment. "Another brown," he comments, quite content to stay where he is. "We need more of those…" He sighs slightly, bending his scorched feet that only now begin to hurt.

Siannen is still there…just sorta spaced out as the heat of the sands adds up to a sleepy li'l candie. Head comes up though, at the sight of the brown, as well as the comments of her fellow candidates. Mouth rounds out into an 'o,' transmuted to a yawn. Oh, goodness.

Sora thinks she's still sitting here, casting rather piteous glances Pyrene-ways. Blues are brainless? Gaze goes back to the Hatching: "Oooo."

Another brown? Backstreeth peers up, his whirling absinthe eyes gazing over the lot. Wow, he's gonna have a friend, perhaps. But, y'know, just because its brown doesn't make it like him. Backstreeth's original. Is he the only one? Yeaaaah. Is he se-yeah, he is. N'sync just offers an appropriate grin. Awww. More browns. But Backstreeth's the one he wants, the one he needs.

Sasha shuffles, irritably trying to ease the discomfort in her feet.

V'tor doesn't think blues are brainless. Nonono, they're VERY smart. As we can so clearlifically testify. Recounth rumbles like the clicking of poll machines. Rr.

Nuff plants her hands on her hips, including the one with the flag in it. "Nuff got hit by an 'valanche y'know. You just watchit. We sometimes forgit what we can or cannot supposed to be not doing."

Hiliza allows her gaze to move around, not really fixing on any one thing. Fern-like eyes linger on the Dragonet of the same color, lips curving into one side of her mouth. Strangely put together robe is tugged over her free hand, and then used to wipe her brow. What? Feet continually shuffle, not that shuffling isn't to be expected, mind you. And her gaze momentarily unattaches itself from green.

Sraine beams down at Hyzen. "I don't think I've seen a clutch this large before actually." She hadn't actually been witness to many however. So…that wasn't saying a whole lot now, was it? Glancing back up to the brown, she has another one of those rare full-Sraine smiles. "It's adorable.." she murmers. The colouring was nice too.

Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet straightens abruptly as that scent becomes suddenly stronger. Whirling orbs turn toward a pair of girls as her stride lengthens, making a few steps into the length of a royal procession before finally stopping before Sasha….the Chosen.
Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sasha, and steps forward.

Pemeron murmurs contently "Yes, brown. Very good brown. Nice color, and all that." His eyes wander over the remaining eggs, and the mass of shells on the sands. Turning once again to Pia he says "What happens to the shells? Do they get cleaned up or something? I never saw such a mess." ah… goo… eggies… shells… shards… what a mess.

Sasha gasps, stunned for a minute. This isn't supposed to happen. This isn't the plan….her apprenticeship at Healer Hall and her solid sensible ideas for the future have just been instantaneously obliterated. All of a sudden she feels unable to move, as she hears, clearly inside her mind, the voice of the green dragonet…..blotting out all outside stimulus, realising that her lifemate….(lifemate! What a concept!)…. is searching for her. Sasha takes faultering, tentative steps forward….and then breaks into a little run, closing the distance between them and hurling herself against the wet body of the dragonet who claims to be hers. Flinging her arms around the still egg-moist neck, oblivious to the watching crowds, Sasha half cries, half sighs "I'm here….it's alright….I've got you…..Oh…You are /so/ perfect!" With tears sparkling in her shocked eyes, she pulls away a little from the dragonet, wanting to share her joy, crying out "Her name is Branwyth! Oh what a wonderful, wonderful name!"

Tilarekna's heart giveth a wistful squeeze as she steps aside, eyes glowing. "Told you," she whispers softly, hands flying to her mouth as she steps towards Hyzen. "CONGRATS SASHA!" She calls for all to hear. G'deon stands up, hand still caressing Nylanth's small head. "Sasha!" he calls out, his face beaming.

Recounth seems to want to congratulate Sasha and Branwyth. But he invented Impressions. They should thank HIM.

Romantic Movie Egg rocks and rattles, excitement building up in it until, at its climax of shuddering, it stops completely, pausing dramatically. With that same sappy drama, a theatrically glowing rift appears, rending its surface asunder. Almost immediately thereafter, the action continues, egg shell falling away to reveal the almost perfectly poised Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet.

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet
Rich, dark crimson and velvety black cherry brown swath this dragon in a smooth, lushly shadowed scarlet. The vaguest hint of copper lends a silken sheen to his hide, and flecks of rusty vermilion shimmer star-like against a glossy, near-black walnut. Delineation of his slender physique comes as a rich liver-chestnut, lighter than the rest of him by several shades. In startlingly stark contrast, his head is an ecru so pale as to appear white, and jet outlines his eyes in a slightly-slant, exotic fashion, resembling kohl all the more for showing against the bleached almond tints.

Lyri makes her way toward Sasha and new lifemate, now appearing used to the blistering heat of the sands. "Branwyth? Lovely!" Of course, she's green. "Come, let's get her to the food.."

Pia's eyes narrow, candidate evidently thinking hard. "You know," she answers, eyeing Pemeron, "I have no idea. Maybe the drudges clean it up? Or the dragons? I know that if an egg doesn't hatch, the riders take it between…. bbut otherwise?" She shrugs, gaze flicking out to the next brown. "Wow… isn't he lovely?"

Pyrene stops giving Nuff weird looks and waves frantically at Sasha. "Sash! Sash!" She remembers holding her hand once long ago moments before a wrack of gold entered her life. And now Sasha follows. "Oh, Sasha! And Branwyth!"

Tilarekna sidesteps towards Hyzen, a tear of joy for her friend escaping her eyes. "I knew it.. Silly girl, I told hr! I knew it!" She looks to Hyzen, smiling brghtly, and offers her hand again. Stand by me? Please? The new brown is noticed and oooooed appropriately.

Nuff looks around as if to find a blue to herd towards Pyrene. Hiliza had her gaze off not long enough to miss that Impression. "Congratulations!!!!" Is called in a chipper enough tone. She's not forming attachments, so she isn't too disapointed, and she's still happy for whomever was destined for Impression, "Not very many left.." She murmurs, not displeased. Her feet could use a break. But she'll be patient. And ever so watchful.

Recounth leers at Pyrene.

R'ave continues to fling out congratulations, idly directing is new name to one fellow 'ling or another. "Congrats, Sasha!"

Sraine averts her eyes from the brown to see how the roaming green was doing..and catches it just in time as she looks to Sasha. Blinking a moment she then raises an arm and waves, giving her shouts. "Congradulations Sasha!" She then turns back..and …oh! another brown has hatched. Oooh..and a pretty one.

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet emerges from his egg in a perfect pose, muzzle pointed high, and wings folded nicely to his sides. Then, putting one foot in front of the other, he paces out, gaze directed upon the Candidates.

Connecting to the World Egg gives another wriggle. Brighter now - and faster - as if it got a new high-speed hatching connection installed. /There/ we go. Now, webbed with silver that frays and cracks, the global little egg considers adding to the population explosion.. by one.

Oren yawns, waving at Sasha. "Congrats to you, too, Sasha.. Branwyth." The Candidate scuttles over towards a group of girls, hoping to gain their favor, or at least a hand or two to snatch while he spouts pickup lines.

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet takes his good old time strolling along the sands, not wandering in the miscellaneous pattern of spreading frost, but following the straight lines of standing Candidates. He looks them all over thoughtfully, eyes sparkling brightly with some joy yet some longing. He's window shopping, you see. He needs to put someone on his list, the bestest ever gift you could ever find…He warbles again, for the merry joy of the sound! A gift that's a friend and a comforter and cheerful…and a good caroling partner. /Oh/ so hard to find.

"Sasha!" Sora's voice lifts from the sidelines, gleefull and happy. "Weyrling! And Branwyth…lovely name."

G'deon beams at the newest pair to join their ranks, Nylanth adding his own low bugglings. Both sets of eyes again sweep the sands. Only so many left… so many good Candidates. And "Who cleans up this mess?" G'deon finally ponders outloud.

Pemeron nods approval "Yes, both of the browns. I wondered if there would be more. Like a giant flying runner, nice highlights too." his eyes are split between the two browns. Now, who is left for them to impress to. He glances around the sand, looking at the remaining candidates, now far outnumbering the remaining eggs, Dragonets yet to break shell. He squeezes Hiliza and Pia's hands and smiles, well, still enough for some of us to impress.

Mosiah watches the browns, keeping any trace of hopefullness from his face.. well, almost. Eyes follow the dragonets even as he moves, side to side, in the candidate dance.

Tilarekna takes a breathe, wiping at the tear happily, before staring and grinning at the warbling bronze. Oh, how lovely! He sings! The darker one is noted and oogled - such colours! "Hyz, look! Aren't they stunning?" Swwooooooon! Is browns on parade! Yay!

Sraine nudges Hyzen gently. "Hyzen, you REALLY should see this.." All amused of course. This was so adorable! A caroling brown and one strutting his stuff - or so it seemed anyways. They really were cute. Eyes linger over to the other candidates and weyrlings and all are given broad smiles. Cherish those….she doesn't give those out THAT often. But..she's so excited, she can't help herself.

Caylea glances across the sands towards Mosiah. Well, at least she wasn't the only one still here. *shuffleshuffleshuffle* She won't admit to actually wanting him to impress. Nope. Wait a minute,…if that boy impresses then he'll be away from the healer hall! She can go home in peace! (except for that Aerrin problem. She'd work that out somehow though) Oh happy day! Wait, gotta shove a dragonet in his direction first. "Smile Mosiah, maybe they'll like that." Cay's found another purpose in her life.

Sasha can't take her hands away from the soft, almost velvety green hide. Her gaze is lost in the whirling irridescence of Branwyth's enormous eyes. As if hearing the dragon speak, again, her eyes unfocus and she nods. "I know you are hungry - it won't be long now, I promise. There will be plenty of meat for you, my love…"

Siannen the Sleepy /oooohs/ at the appearance of the next brown, eyes shining even through the fog of heat and desire for sleep. "Heeeey…" is directed to no one in particular, littlest candidate having exhausted herself (or so it would seem) in her earlier hyperactive displays. "Heeey, maan…he's…sorta shiny. Lookit…s'got coppery bits, too."

Pyrene croons happily. "oh… look at that brown. Isn't he gorgeous?" Ignorant of Nuff's ulterior motives she nudges the older woman. "See? If you just imagine him without the goo and the wrinkles…."

Hyzen finally peels herself away from Sraine, seeing Reka's hand and taking it, offering a gentle squeeze. Whee, she was flanked by loving friends again! Bright optics squint as she tries to figure out how close her images had been to what was really happening… and she hadn't been far off! Except… "Ooooh… Sraine, Rekna… they're so beautiful." Now she was glad her friends had drawn her to look away from the darkness she had been enjoying.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg manages to hold in its shivers and shakes, and continues to lay comfortably wrapped up and settled in the warm sands. It doesn't want to move. It'd like to just stay here forever.

Nuff squinches up her face and tries to assess the puddle of hide'n wings that is the dragonet. "You sure that's a dragon?"

Amber glows, gold highlights reflecting the yellow sands, and it takes a few blinks for Tilarekna to focus on all that is happening. Happy happy day! Such handsome lads! Far finer than the ones she's seen full grown! Of course… Morath and Sevareth are NEVER to know, you know. And these two are only Dragonets? Smiling at Hyzen, she nods. How can she not agree with those words? "Those two are… " She can't say how lovely. Who ever becomes their lifemate will be lucky. Yupyupyup. Beyond Lucky. Blessed. *Swwwooooon!* Brown dragons!

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet isn't strutting, he's just confident. He knows the lines written for him in the grand play of life, and he's a consummate actor. All he has to do is look through the costumes to find the one who will play the other leading role. And so he looks at the diminishing ranks of white-clad Candidates, examining each in turn.

As Hyzen moves away from her cuddling spot, Sraine shifts a little more this time, now unafraid of disturbing anyone and trying her best to protect her poor, burned feet. Owie. Catching Til and Hy's comments, she can't help but not in turn. "They're darling." she murmers, flicking back a lock of her hair she hadn't noticed before. Nervousness and excitement will do that to you. So will burning feet.

Hiliza watches the browns less enthusiatically, somehow daunted by the fact that browns grow to enormous sizes. Smaller, blue, or even smaller, green, are big but not as… so less scarey, somehow. She squeezes back at Pemeron's hand, "It's going by so fast…" Hiliza's lost track of how long she's been on the sands by now. But she's not counting and so not caring much.

Pyrene nods helpfully at Nuff. "See? He's got sugary bits… kind of like a cookie." To use words that the weyrwoman will understand.

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet continues his prancing, seeming certainly pleased at the whole atmosphere as a young child does at that special time of year. Past a girl, a boy, two more girls…He regards all of them with that reserved wonder for the special things of such an occasion, those toys in the window. They're all wonderful. But there's only one thing he wants for his list. And he knows it. Be it one gingerbread man, one wrapped present, one candy cane….Or Candie. Eyes longing as he moves, brown suddenly emits another trill of pure joy, a carol of the bells! Ring them all, for it's that time once and only, that time that first sparks a young life! He's chosen, yes, he's unwrapped the bestest gift there ever was and the only one he'll ever want again! Fairly wriggling with joy, his forward motion stops before a pleasantly plump young woman, his wings reach out to embrace his new aquisition. Lookit! I got a Tilarekna!

Nuff looks across, eyes dancing. "Cookie? WHere", and hten back to the dragonets. "Hey! why didn't 'Reth look like a Cookie?"

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Tilarekna, and steps forward.

Connecting to the World Egg freezes again, halted, and then in a rush of shells and shards collapses into a sudden-spammed mess of wiry colors and tangled dragonet. Order begets chaos in the filigreed knots of blue and purple as the arriving creature detangles itself from the busy world of the shell, pulling itself out out /out/ into the world of light from its Egg of Shadows. Like a flame lit by the touch of magic, the dragonet curls upwards and outwards, loosening his wings and shaking one last shard from the tip of his nose.

Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet
O dark dark dark, blue goes into dark like the languishing flames of a winter fire; spirits dream the blue-lashed shadows of this dragonet's ephemeral hide as the mysterious clarity of twilight partners carbon in a dance that blackens the edges of his narrow spine and rounded sweep of tail. Indigo inks the artistic curves of chin and chest as if to tease the elemental fires that flicker up the tolerant, enchanted slopes of his ample rump and reach down into the misted polish of immaculate claws. So svelte, so sleek, so self-possessed beneath the spidery diadem of paper-thin sails, that one might fail to notice the wizardly whimsy dancing in the stillness of those soulful eyes.

Pyrene ohs! "Look! Reka got him!" She waves towards the candidate. "Tila, Nuff? Tilar? Rekna? That one! Maybe she'll swap him for Tiareth."

G'deon grins as yet another pair joins their band, and another Dragonet takes to the sands. "Congratulations Tilarekna!" he calls out.

Tilarekna gapes… oohh… ooo…. "Chan…Chanticoth?" she echoes, eyes widening, before dropping to her knees and cradling the head to her. "Oh… you…" She's speechless…

Lyri moves over to Tilarekna, giving a congratulatory grin. "He's lovely." Yep. She's happy for them.. better them than her.. wait, it was her, only an earlier vintage. "Chaticoth? Lovely name. Come with me, you two, there's food right over here."

Nuff jabs Pyrene with her little flag and says one single word. "Blue." Neat huh?

Pemeron now clearly sees the redish brown impress to Tilarekena "Congratulations, Tilarekena." he nods in her direction and squeezes Hiliza's and Pia's hands "Nother blue. Really handsome too, don't you think?" to the girls, and listens at Tilarekena calls out her dragon's name.

Sraine glances over as Tilarekna is pulled from her group by one of the browns. "Oh..Congradulations Rek!" she murmers, not as loud this time considering she was pretty much right there. Eyes are drawn to another hatching…of a blue this time! Wow…she didn't see many of those this clutch at ALL. And then eyes rove to brown. Cute!

Recounth rumbles. Of course blues are neat. The more blues the better! The more blues, the more votes for blue! Bwee!

"Blue is nice," Sora chirps happily, gleaming at the newest Dragonet. Gaze flickers, confused, then…"Tila! Chanticoth! Loooovely!" 'C' name. 'C' names are good.

Tilarekna nods, and rising, lead the lovely one, HER lifemate, HERS!! to her friends, eyes glowing.

Oh what's Hyzen to do?! Tilarekna is taken from her to join one of the beautiful little browns. But candidate will live. "Oh, Rekna, he's so perfect…" Sighing softly, she tugs gently on Sraine's hand, moving slightly away so the two have a wider space to… embrace and sing together. "Aren't they just so perfect?"

Hiliza manages yet another overly joyful, "Congratulations!! Tilarekna!!!!" And hops about a little more speedily, now. "My feet just won't adjust to the tempurature…" she bubblies idly, eyes and attention focused not on her words, but on the proceedings..

Sasha leaps up and down thrilled at the latest turn of events. "Congratulations! You did it! That brown is incredible! " she calls to Reka as she gazes into their new lifemate's eyes, with a kind of raptured awe.

Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet flickers out of his egg, uncoiling like fire loosened into the night. He coils himself up, gathering each dark-tainted bit, and then heads out towards the Candidates trailing his shadow behind him. He moves neither quickly, nor slowly, haltinglingly nor smooth. He simply carefully works out how best to get to where he knows he is going.

But 'S' is better. In R'ave's unbiased opinion, that is. "Congratulations, Tila!" And then it's back to simply staring at Soquilith. Apparently, R'ave believes he has yet to wake up from a very nice dream.

Oren says, "Tilarekna, honey, I knew you'd Impress!" Oren calls, trademark leer pasted onto his face for good measure. "What's his.. ah, Chanticoth! Lovely name, but not as lovely as /you/ are." Rowr."

Pyrene ouches, whether at Nuff's jab or at the blue's hatching is uncertain. She studies the other dragons instead. And winces at Oren. "I'll give you a mark that Oren Impresses some horror of a dragon," she mutters to Nuff.

Mosiah watches the impressions one by one, the mass of white clad candidates diminishing rapidly. "This doesn't look good." He repeats as he watches the scene unfold in front of him. "Not good at all."

Sraine practically BEAMS down at Hyzen as their friend impresses. "They're absolutely wonderful!" She responds in like, completely excstatic. This was all so exhilarating! Especially since her close friends were impressing!

Ilare smiles, stroking Chanticoth's head. And, yes, she's shaking! Look! Me! Oh my! "I'm not Tilarekna anymore," she grins, straightening. "I am Ilare." New dragon, new life, new name.

Tatia lifts her gaze a bit, eyes flashing around the newly-gathering group of weyrlings with a glow. "Shush, dear," she murmurs absently, flickering down to lock eyes with Vespurath again. "Soon. Promise."

N'sync has a new brownriding buddy. Go him? Tilarekna gets a quiet little leer as the two move in sync in a small circle at the edge of the sands. Practicing, really. They're gotta perfect their moves, this pair.

It's a dance that you'll never forget. Once it's over, the beat lingers within those feet, causing them to tap without cause. Caylea's feat tap upon the sand now, but only with far more fever then words could suggest. She's burning alive! It's hot out here. But hot was good right? Except when you were in the epicenter of a volcano. Or so it feels. Whine. "Tilar??" She cals out, suddenly surprised to see that her friend..friend? Has impressed. "Oh my…"

Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet glances once, over towards Nuff'n Pyrene, and then turns back towards the Candidates. Passion moves him, hunger drives him, and a need greater than any other demands he reach the missing puzzle piece of his soul. Its a corner peice too y'know. Its Important - Wings fall loose, naturally forming him into some origami-esque crane. He's sooo purdy.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg has trouble remaining still. Egg begins to shiver steadily, although only slightly. It doesn't want to leave it's warm, comfortable nitch. But shivers continue, increasing slowly.

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet inscribes bold, outspoken, yet at the same time gentle strokes in the canvas of the sand with his tail. Drifting on light feet like a dancing cherry blossom, the dragonet lilts with exuberant grace between the remaining Candidates. One is sure to be worthy. One is sure to have the depth and stroke of character that he strives for.

Hiliza tilts her head somewhat, nodding, "Sora was right.. blue is pretty… That last egg…" She trails off, mouth pursing and then spreading into one of her signature smiles.. and then she continues, "I wonder why it's so slow? Maybe it wansta be last? I was last… of my full siblings, anyway," And thus, Hiliza is back to the babbling about silly irrelevant things.

Siannen searches the sands for someone….to babble to. She's sleepy, she's inane, gotta love it. Oren is ranged toward, though her comments seem more like asides to a nonexistant captive audience. "Jays, man, that li'l brown out there…" Though trails off as she shakes her head, bronzen hair shaking down to obscure blue and gold flecked blue gaze. Niiice…

Hyzen clings to the one hand she has left: Sraine's. Cay would be welcomed if she'd come near enough to be called out to with comfort. Oh, oh, oh. She'd moved! Her -feet-! Grinding her small teeth together, never the less, she keeps her eyes locked totally upon the remaining eggs and Dragonets. When would the eggs hatch finally and when would the babies choose their loves?

Sraine is glad that things have settled down a bit. Now her eyes can focus and she can come out of her simpleton like state. Phew. It was all so exciting, and she couldn't help but give Hyzen another squeeze of the hand while she was at it! It was so….WOW! Brown is watched and chuckled at, merely because he was so…faboo? Yes. Faboo. The blue was nice too, but the brown's colouring was just catching her eye. Very perty. Reaching up and swiping some hair out of her face, she beams down at Hyzen. "The suspense is killing, isn't it?"

Nuff waves her little flag up over Pyrene's head - here, over here!

G'deon and Nylanth continue to watch the sands carefully. "They've not given up the fight yet," G'deon says to his lifemate, also focused on the sands. "Not the most efficient process mind you, but it works rather well," the weyrling adds, at the last, crooning to his mate.

Caylea glances across the sands again, shaking her head. Numbers are growing smaller. But this doesn't bother her. No, not one bit. She can't let herself think about it. Gotta stick to that journeyman project. Going to be a master one day. but was that truely what she wanted? (and while Cay continues her major soulsearching O.o, ) Feet kick at the sand idly. Bad sand. Hot sand. She wanted warm, not hot. Why did Reaches go so far to the extremes on weather? Hyzen is glanced out and she chuckles. "Comfortable?"

"The little brown?" Oren questions, eyeing the dragonet criticizingly. "You like that one?" He'd promise to get it for her but for two things. One, his sad, pathetic inability to do so, and two, his great fear of a certain Healer's wrath. Well, not great fear, but the fear is there. "Yah, it's nice, real nice."

Mosiah moves from side to side, his feet now rather warm inside their not so protective sandals. "How many left?" He asks, of no one in particular. "Colors?" Hey, he's having a hard enough time just standing there.

Recounth==Killing Suspence. When WILL it end?

Pyrene is blithe and trusting and hasn't noticed Nuff's flag. Nuffie'd never do anything like that to her. Her eyes range away from the blue and instead follow the brown. "He's not so sugary but I think he has potential." Browns are important.

Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet continues, un-allured by Nuff's little flag or anything that has already been claimed. If it had not taken him so long to get out of his egg, he would have been there already. A step. Another. Silver-touched paws sinking into the Sand with every careful step. And still his shadow follows, puppeted behind him in the curl and flap of unknowing wings. Forwards - onwards - he Knows to whom he goes.

Ilare can't believe it… Chanticoth! Her eyes unfocus as he crooooons to her, and she smiles widely. "Food? Oh, I'll find you food soon, my darling…Oh, you're wonderful.." Eyes sting with tears, and a hand is extended to Sasha. "Can you believe it?" *swoooon* Minemine, of we ARE together…

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet continues his bold and stately way down the crackling surface of the sands, ignoring the material that he is forced to work with. A true artist can work with anything and everything. Lilting steps continue the stately brown on his way, carrying him through the intricately silken dances toward that which he seeks - the meaning of his very existence, captured in the vessel of but one person. One person which will forever alter the flow of his lines, the strokes of his own character. Where?

Nuff keeps the little flag-waving up, even as the blue heads directly for the largest group of Candidates. "Go Reaches!", she says hppily and ducks as Ysbryth's head swings down her way. "Hey, stink breath. I'm behaving. YOu tell Areiah that, you hear?"

Maybe the Solstice Blue will be allured by N'sync? He seems to allure a lot of people, of both genders.. Whoops! There's s'more underthings! S'more's, of course. That's one scary greenrider… The newly made brownrider leers slightly at the blue, before getting an impatient growl from Backstreeth. Oops. He'd never forget his true love, of course. Backstreeth's the shape of his heart.

Sasha is as emotional as Ilare…"Oh wow! I just can't believe it! i never thought it was going to happen…I'd really convinced myself….He's lovely Rek…I mean Ilare!!"

Pemeron overhears Gideon and says "Efficient is good, but sometimes the most effective solution is not efficient. To be efficient and effective is quite the challenge, for even the best of us. I know what I will be doing if I do not impress, and what I will be doing when the next clutch comes." he winks at his friend and turns back to watch the brown and blue, splitting his attention and giving the girls another squeeze.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg can't hold it in anymore. The shivers and shakes over come it, and the egg starts to rock and crack.

Snuggling in a Blanket Egg lays still for a moment as thin, almost invisible cracks begin to appear along its warmly colored shell. Cracks widen, darkening as the lengths of the blanket unfold. Bits of shell drop off in pieces, unwrapping the dragonet held inside, and for one long moment, a tiny nose of midsummer green can be seen before the remnants of the egg fall away, revealing Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet.

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet
Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier; over park, over pale, through flood, through fire: midsummer green wanders everywhere, swifter than a moon's sphere to illuminate the mercurial elegance of this fey green. Emerald shadows dapple her dreamy hide, kissing the curvy sweep of her rump and tail, and freckling her underbelly with elven gold, while foxfire spins its tricksy fancies in amongst the thicket of her crafty 'ridges. Like love, every shift in hue from pixie's head to laughing tailtip savours the effervescence of her puckish frame, and creeps down to hide in the acorn cups of her earthy paws. Moonlight tangles in the wild forests of her wingsails, even as tomfoolery spangles the starlight sheen of her whirling eyes.

Is that a flicker of blue? Naaaaah. Caylea continues tromping on the sands, scrubbing at her bandage in agitation. It was all Tat's fault for some reason. She just /knows/ it. That woman left her all alone in the col…heat! Hand reaches up to scrub at flaming neon redish..pink…stubbled…frizzy hair and she glances about. Ooo. Blue. and green. And brown. Reaches new flag?

Siannen uhhhh-huuuhs at Oren, shifting closer yet again. "Oren, whoever he is…I mean, whoever gets him…they're gonna be sooooooo lucky, you know?" Littlest candidate squirms in anticipation of the match, to see who she gets to cheer on now…."Just wish he'd find whoever it is…'cause this sand and all makes me wanna sleep."

Both rider and dragon tense as the last egg hatches, G'deon quickly watching the Candidates, Nylanth the Dragonets. "Now's the time," G'deon mutters.

Sraine is busy watching the brown when the other egg cracks. Oh! She hadn't seen it before…and it's a green! How pretty! Lovely hues too. Wow….Now that she gets to pay closer attention to all this, she can see the individual details on each dragon…they're so fantastic! Feet continue their shuffle, getting more burned and burned by the minute. Ow Ow ow ow ow ow ow…

Hyzen continues to cling tightly to Sraine as she watches, wide eyes seeming to never blind as she watches… always watches. Moving slightly behind Sraine, she peeks around the other and grins at her and Caylea. "Yes, it is. And painful too when you have to stand still or something." Head is shaken before she leans gently against Ine's side, sighing. "I'm so tired…"

Oren resists. Resists, I tell ya. Shifting to another foot, the Candidate mutters, "Yah, it's hot and heat makes you wanna sleep. Very lucky, yeah, ba - er, Siannen. The blue's not bad, either, and that green's nice, too." Another one that he'd like if he were a dragon, yeah.

Pyrene ohs softly. "A little green… Is that the last one now?" All eggs are cracked? Most of them seem to be. Just the dragonets wandering about the sands… Pyrene leans back slightly, then remembers it's Bryth not Cadge and leans forward again. "That brown's ever so nice.." And since she hasn't mentioned the blue, he can consider himself complimented.

Hiliza is sorely tempted to hide her face in Pemeron's arm, for whatever reason. So she does. If she doesn't see the pretty dragons babies all covered with egg goop and newness, maybe they won't be there and she'll not have to worry. See, 'cause now Hiliza's worrying. One eye peeks out and looks about for the Dragonets. So she's being silly. She draws back from Pemeron again, and tugs at her lip. "It's almost over…." /And I hate when things are over…/

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet shakes one wing to free it of the remains of some egg-goo, then sits back. Whirring eyes scan the row of candidates carefully. This will all take some consideration. She's here with a purpose. A match-making purpose. And she must examine who and what she has to work with before anything can be done.

Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet turns again - caught by the flicker of fog-hued eyes and short-haired Candidate. He Knows, and in that knowing is drawn towards her on those silver-swept paws as if in a dream. The distance between Blue and Candidates grows shorter until, shadows'n all, the little blue reaches a group of girls. And there he waits. Wanting…. But waiting.
Solstice Bonfire Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Caylea, and steps forward.

Chanticoth nudges, lookit! "CAYLEA!!!" A yell of joy escapes Ilare, her delight beyond all reach. "Oh, congratulations!" She's Impressed too! Wonderful!

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet continues his flowing dance, and yet at the same time, the pace becomes more frenzied. The attention must be on the performer, Grasshopper. With a surity of touch to the easle of the sands, the brown moves forward, his characters come to an end in one beautiful young woman. One who will complete him and inscribe the last of the circle within him. The One. /His/ One. Sraine.

Pemeron calls out "Caylea… blue!" and cheers as he watches yet another of his friends impress. With a sideways tilt he turns to Pia and whispers something to her.

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Sraine, and steps forward.

Nuff grumps, assessing the lack of more eggs and the colors left. She mutters something that sounds supprising like 'SorryCadgwithITried'.

"Caylea, Sraine! Come join the ranks" G'deon calls out, followed by a buggline screech by Nylanth. Both sets of eyes as one scan the sands again… slowly.

Lovely ladies everywhere… Both dragons /and/ riders. Backstreeth and N'sync's eyes are practically popping out.

Soquilith prods his rider gently, then points his muzzle towards his newly Impressed Clutchsibs. Hey, rider? Look. Eventually, R'ave does so, and promptly shouts: "Sraine! Caylea! /Congratulations/!" More 'lings. /Yay./

Pia's wide green eyes are slowly beginning to fill with tears - whether it's the thought of not-impressing or having to wear a pink candie robe for the next turn, no one knows.

Hiliza burbles in joy, "Caylea!!! Sraine!!!!!" Hiliza forgets in her happiness anything perspectively unsettling. Nope, she's all beems. It must get annoying.

Can you believe it? Can you? Ilare can't, but her darling brown seems far more amused by her delighted surprise. Sraine AND Caylea? "Chanticoth! Can you believe it?" Swoon? Later, perhaps.

Sasha leaps in the air as both Caylea and Sraine impress. "Oh wow! congratulations you two!!!!"

Pyrene has sharp ears when it comes to Cadgwith's name. She breaks off her (rather forced) cheering for Caylea to eye Nuff. "What was that??" And Caylea… congratulations anyway. Now never speak to Pyrene again.

Hyzen loses more of her friends to the dragons, tears brimming in her eyes as she watches Caylea and then… gone, Sraine's gone from her! "Caylea! Sraine!" Cry. Crystalline tears flow down her cheeks as she moves quickly away from the two, hands folding behind her back. She's so very happy for them! But now… she's alone upon the sands.

Pyrene was cheering for Sraine too. Much more enthusiastically.

Nuff hides her flag behind her ample rearend and tries to whistle. Nuff can't whistle, but she tries anyways.

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet gathers herself and starts off. Swift, even steps bring her out toward the candidates. Now, who shall she make a match of? They must be perfect for each other after all, or she won't have done her job correctly. Prancing just in front of the white candidate-forest, she gives each a quick look. No, no. Not that one, not that one. Miffed glances goes to the other dragonets. Pay attention to /her/, not them.

"Oh, /oooo/." Sora's happy-happy. "Sraine!"

"Sraine's happy, then," Oren tells Siannen bluntly, waving congratulations at both her and Caylea. "Congratulations, there." And then more quietly, to Siannen, "It's alright, you got me." A pause. "And, uh, Kare." Right.

Sraine blinks and glances to the other side of her…where another dragon is dragging away one of her friends. A little shocked at first, one of those Sraine-beams is send Caylea-wards. "Congradulations Cay!" But..before she can focus on anything else…a brown is all she notices. Blink…blink…and blink again. Then, that BRIGHT beaming smile comes to her face and she collapses forward off of unsandaled feet to wrap her arms around her dragon. her.. "His name is Akilth!!" she calls, all her happy emotions flooding into it. Finally standing, she heads over to where the rest of the 'lings are, glancing back at Hyzen and blowing a happy little kiss for her.

And Mhari. And Oph. And lots of people.

Tatia glances up, prodded by a green head to turn her gaze toward the sands. Eyes widened with an expression almost as shocked as that which Vespurath got, she swallows a squeal, instead letting out only a shouted "Cay/lea/!" that's much louder than she'd intended.

"Akilth," declares Pyrene, firmly ignoring Nuff. She'll just rise above such petty mockery. "/That/ is a good name." Unlike, say…. Sakuruth.

Lyri moves over to Sraine, giving that grin. "Congratulations, let's get your lifemate some food…" And another impression.. she's going to faint.

Quara would be offended, but she's not listening. Another blue Impressed. And it's… to someone /else/ she knows. Gave the girl a sock-puppet, in fact. "Yay!" Now, she gave Pia a puppet, too. But we won't mention that, will we?

Dropping promptly to her knees, oh ignore all that heat, Caylea stares down into the eyes of her ..love? That ebbing darkness that she never knew existed opens up to that blue flame and she just slowly shakes her head, arms flying around her…yes -HER- dragonet. "Mzadith! Mmmmzadith!" Kinda rolls of the tongue. Unashamed of the tears, weyrling continues to hold tight that tiny mass of blue. "Of course! I'm yours forever…" She purrs. Litterally. Yes, this is Cay purrring.

Eyes rest on the last green hatching for the closing act, and Nylanth nudges G'deon in then hand. "Yes, soon," the weyrling replies…

Lyri moves over to Caylea, giving the two a smile. "Congratulations, and welcome to the weyr, Mzadith. Now, let's get this little one fed."

Pemeron squeezes Hiliza and Pia's hands again, this time a bit tighter "Still that green left." now he sighs, "So many eggs, and all of us left. Well, they do need to make sure that there are enough of us to impress to." Hearing the dragon's names he smiles "Those are going to be tough to remember… Mzadith… Hard to say too." mutter, mutter, babble, babble… some how Pem just keeps talking.

Sraine beams up to Lyri, looking almost as if that huge smile of her's will never fade. This was just so…unreal! And yet….real! Wow. Brown buts her side gently and she chuckles, reaching down drape her arm about him once more… "Yes…let's get you some food Akilth." And at that she takes her place among the weyrlings.

Hiliza watches the goings on with a fuzzy edge. A what? Oh… she's tearing a little. She wipes her eyes, "Everyone is so happy… It's so nice.. I'm going to miss everyone sleeping in one room, though… all of together… having fun… doing chores," Which is what Hiliza gets to go back to, not that she minds. At least she'll be flagged down a little less often….

Hyzen sees the motions of Sraine and blushes slightly, trying to wipe the tears of joy from her eyes as she does so. "Akilth… and Mzadith… lovely." Since she has no hand to cling to, the ex-fosterling slowly does the Sand-Dance again, hands coming forwath to twist about each other as they do so. Only a few left… which would the young ones take? Would she be one or left on the sands again? Either way, she was a happy candie… and that's always a good thing.

Cayl looks up. There's another voice? Yes! Lyri? "Oh..yes..and he's so hungry!" She announces, as if that were the most important thing in the world.

Ling somehow pulls herself to her feat, though far more warblely wobbly, and starts her way towards the indicated direction. And, of course, her new Shadow does the same.

One last to join them, and the green is sure taking her time.. Ah, who cares? Ilare doesn't! Chanticoth is adored, and he knows it, as she scritches his head knobs gently. Smiles, wider than any seen on her features before, are directed at Cayl and Sraine.

Siannen yawns and leans her bronzen head against Oren, almost too tired to watch the green. "What now?" she asks him, sleepy.

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet trots on, down the line of candidates, searching. She pauses momentarily in front of a handsome boy. Maybe he'll do. But no, he's not right. He's got that lovely lass beside him to keep him company. And she wouldn't want to make a mistake when it came to such a serious issue. So the green continues on, still searching for the two elusive candidates to make a match of.

Sasha gently scratches the eye ridges of her beloved little green….just like she would with her firelizards….still not believeing what has happened and the new dimension this has added to her life she watches with a kind of stunned awe as the other dragonets hatch…

Pemeron suddenly realizes he has not moved much in a while, his feet soaking in the heat of the sands without feeling it much anymore "I am so tired." he mutters to himself "And pink." he reminds himself "And I will be cleaning stables tomorrow, regardless of my color." One long sigh escapes his lips as he watches the last Dragonet, the green go from boy to girl, indecisive, yet decisive.

Hiliza looks up to the stands one last time, and offers up a smile, she unlaces and relaces her fingers in Pemerons, and then watches the green. "Well… whoever gets her is going to be happy…" She giggles, "But then again, so are the others…." Hiliza shrugs and wrinkles up her nose, remaining, for the most part, silent. "You don't know that, Pemmy…" She reminds him, and then is quiet again.

Siannen stretches against Oren. "M'OK," she mutters. Just tired. It's the heat from the sands y'know.

Nuff eyes the dragonets, and the Candidates. And the Pink Candidates. "Hrm. Nuffie shoulda tried that sometime."

Pia just /slumps/, gaze focused with all the intensity in her little pink body on the green. Pem's hand is her lifeline. Poor pink Candie.

Who will be wearing pink…

Mosiah is tired, and hot, and.. hot. "Well, at least it will be over soon."

Head bobs in agreemnt with his own words. "It's hot in here." Did he mention that his feet were two blistered bits of charcoal?

For six /long/ months.

Pia will!

Or, at least, she will if she doesn't Impress….. ;)

Hidden meaning?

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet comes to a complete halt. It's her. She's spotted the first half of the perfect pair to bring together. Suddenly prancing forward, she skids to a stop, spraying sand up around her and landing in a heap atop a lonely looking girl-candidate's feet. But this one is too good to pass up, she can play match-maker later. Whirring eyes raise to take in the girl-child with the amber gaze. Her choice, the destined match for herself; Hyzen.

Pia crumples into a little pile of white and pink, right there on the sands. How's /that/ for dramatic?

Shakespeare in the Park Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Hyzen, and steps forward.

G'deon yawns suddenly. Yawning? At a time like this? Nylanth nudges him beratingly, which G'deon just smiles at, eyes again on the sands and the last lone green. "Who is it? You know, little one, go on…" he mutters quietly, then he suddenly stands up cheering. "Hyzen! Well done!" is shouted enthusiastically as he waves at the new pair.

Bad with pink in it.

Pyrene ohs and straightens. "Hyzen! Lovely." See? Now she's happy. A glance at those left - particularly Pia. She's /heard/ things…. "That's it… We can go now?" Party in the caverns and all….

Sasha tears her eyes away from Branwyth long enough to see Hyzen impress. "Oh Well done!!!!!"

Sraine looks up from feeding her lifemate to see something that makes her literally squeal with joy. "HYZEN!!! Congradulations!! Oh Hy! I knew it!!" Tears trickle down from her eyes as she bounds in one spot. She's so happy!!

Hyzen made it!! Akilth glances over to Hyzen and cocks his head to the side, then bugling out softly towards her and her new bondmate.

Ilare gasps now, eyes delighted. "Hyzen!!" Oh, is this not wunnerful? Nonono? Oh, this is more than wonderful. Chanticoth calls over with his melodic bugle to the new green, and delight shines in Ilare's eyes. "Hyzen! Congratulations!"

"Last one, lovely," Sora murmurs to Catiminith, trailing wondering hand down a wingspar. "All-right Hyz!" Gaze flickers, sadly, to Hiliza. "Oh…" But what's done is done…they're all going home.

Lyri makes her way toward Hyzen and then nods. "Congratulations!" The green and new rider are ushered toward the food. "Come, let's get her something to eat…" Or has she said that before?

With the last of the dragonets claimed as lifemates, Mosiah bows his head in affirmation, a spill of dark hair shadowing his eyes from view. A ragged swipe with his sleeve across his eyes and his adam's apple throbs as the boy is clearly wrestling with his emotions. Deep breath, two, another, then he looks up, awarding the weyrlings with a brave smile as he stumbles out of the hatching cavern with the rest of the leftovers.

Pia is a little pile of Pia. A sad, dejected little pile of Pia. A pile of Pia doomed to pinkness. Maybe she should just expire. Right here.

Slowly… oh so slowly does Hyzen sink to the sands, arms reaching out tentatively for the lovely emerald green head. "Imbriath?" Soft and so faint it was onl for her ears. "Her name is Imbriath!" Louder this time… so all can hear. Tears again, this time for herself, she strokes the soft head, seeking the eyes of each one of her friends. Standing, she slowly follows Lyri, making sure her new love was following.

We all start toward the weyrling barracks

And Hyzen impressed as well? However, Cayl..for that's the name she's decided on.. doesn't seem to notice at first. No, she's to busy drooling over her Dragonet. That was what those wings were for! Drool shield! Finally, the headbutt of such a tiny, cute little muzzle gives her a hint. "Hyzen? She impressed? WONDERFUL!" Wait, and, "Sraine too???" Wish she could faint now. Wait, what about those who didn't impress? Who didn't impress? Mzadith announces once more that he's just terribly hungry, which distracts her once more.

Siannen wakes up a little at that. "Hyzen Impressed? Is that it now?" She peers thoughtfully around the Sands and stands there a moment, a little forlorn. "Oren? can we go find Kariel?"

Hiliza calls out, cheerfully tearful, "Hyzen!! You're the lucky last!!" The words escape her mouth and then it hits her. She doesn't get a new knot, a lifemate…. she gets an old knot… "Well, I guess there wasn't a dragon meant for any of us.. At least not yet… I don't know if there will ever be, but at least…." She voice finally falters, "At least…we got the honor of standing…" She manages a smile, even now, and stands… a bit awkwardly. Wave to the new Weyrlings, smile. That's right. Cheerful. Excessivly cheerful…

G'deon straightens his limbs slowly. "Yes, Nylanth, we can eat again," he croons to the inquiring bronze at his side.

Tyara escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Ilare blinks at the Pia-pile.. and, even though she's Impressed, and happy beyond all reasoning… "Pia? Hun? I expect to see you wearing that in pink for the next six months!" Mwahahha, she wooooon the dare!

N'sync is a happy little singer boy. Him and his dragon… Backstreeth and N'sync, the team no one would bet. And they're on the /prowl/. Time to believe. With a gentle touch to his dragon's headknobs, N'sync begins to wander slightly off the sands. He knows that the mama must have spent a little more time on Backstreeth.

Nuff head towards the pink puddle of Pia and nudges it with her foot. "Pst. Pia? You'll burn something."

Chanticoth rumbles gently, nudging her, and all thoughts are lost in those loving swirling eyes. "Food? Yes.."

Pia the pink puddle doesn't react to Ilare's taunting, or to Nuff's foot nudge.

"Um, yes." Oren mumbles, waving at Hiliza - "Congratulations, she's a nice-lookin' dragon!" - and holding out a hand gingerly to Siannen. Right. She's claimed. Yes. "He'd be close somewhere, right? Kariel, I mean?"

V'tor and Recounth move for the exit as well. Yes, a parade for the Candidates-No-Longer, the rider-Elects. Oh the excitification! V'tor just smirks, proud of his victory. Recounth, however, perhaps the slightly wiser, rumbles. Let's take care of business. Food?

Nuff nudges it again. "Okie then. But you stay there and Nuff's gonna send a Healer out after you."

Pemeron leans down and looks at Pia, saying something too softly to be heard by any but her.

Pia the pink puddle is toted off, fortunately, before she melts further. Pitiful puddle.

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