High Reaches' 7th PC Hatching

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
29th July 2001
Logged by K'nex

Candidate Barracks

G'deon peeks inside the door and glances around. "Here that?" he whispers to R'sli while following on the Weyrlingmaster's heels. "Good, looks like they did too…"

Xaner zooms through the barracks and practically dives onto his cot, sliding along to the other side of it and onto the floor. Ouch? He snatches up his robe..or…what looks..sorta like a robe, and shimies into it. Bedsheet robe! Neato!

Phea bounds into the barracks, barrels onto her cot, and searches desperately for her robe and sandals. "Ah! Robe!" Candidate scrambles beneath the covers and after much moving, resurfaces, decked out in her robe. "Sandals!" Search, search, search.. "Ah! Found one!"

Surupa is panicing now, unlike her usual self is is now turning over her own cot and going mad before tossing herself onto the bed and covering her head with a pillow. "It's not humming, I'm dreaming right? I certainly must be dreaming." But before long, she eyes the riders and gives off another whie, quickly getting up and looking under her bed for a robe, under the pillow - blankets, and then under the mattress before slipping it on.

Lorsalia scurries around the room nervously, looking for something that she could use as a robe. That fluffy towel is too little and that tunic is far too large. Finally, she settles upon a sheet waiting to be exchanged for a dirty one on someone's cot. "How much time do we have left?" She asks the others, wrapping the sheet around herself as best she can. "And does someone have a rope or sash of some sort I can borrow?"

R'sli hurries in, looking around. "Everyone get ready!" he says, thumping his cane on the floor. "Into your robes, now! No dawdling!" He grins at the flurry of activity, and wrinkles his nose. "As soon as you're ready, line up."

Khory is casually spread out upon his cot, though he raises his head at Marianne's shout. Time to get his robe out, he supposes. Leathers are discarded as he hops off of his berth and dons the white garment. Bare feet stick out from the bottom, and he bites his lip. "I think I forgot sandals." Oh well.. Time to go Commando.. er .. Traditional!

Hynolonie sits on the edge of her cot, staring straight a head listening to the humming. She is already dressed in her robe and awaiting further instruction. She kicks her feet as she sitst there, listening, her eyes on the floor. Yes. She's pensive. Its the way she deals with stress.

"I know it's time!" Kinecha says, sitting on her cot, pulling off her boot to replace them with sandals. Oh wait, Trousers off first. Shove, pull, peel. Trousers off, then tunic off and finally white robe on.. Sandal! Don't forget them sandals.

Loren digs for thing. Robe. Sandal number one. Sandal number two. Loren. Yes, Loren is there. Or so she hopes. Ahem. Candidate prances to a decently dark corner, trousers and top flying across the room in the general direction of her bed; Lo' emerges in her robe and sandals a moment later. "Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh." Et cetera, et cetera.

Hiliza flutters around, frantically, dumping things into her cot, shuffling into her robe, pulling on her new sandals, shooing away her twittering firelizards, looking around and finally /clinging/ to Surupa and squeeing in excitement.

Kezenex blinks-blink-blinks. Jumping up from his oct andf looking around franticly. "What? What? What's going on? Did I miss something? What?" Poor Herder-candie is abotu to go insane with al lthis running. What? What?

Xaner darts over to Khory a bit, now all robed and stuff. He grins widely at the other candidate. "No sandals for you either, huh?" Woo! He winks and then hops out between the cots. Looky! The Ner is reeeeeady!

Murrough is calm, fitting his toes into his new sandles. "Lets see" he mutters. "Robe…check…sandels…yup." Calm? Not a chance.

Reiko wriggles into her robe, trying not to tremble. It's just the thrumming. She's not nervous. Or so she tries to tell herself. Besides, in the flurry of activity, nobody's likely paying any attention to her… she's certainly not paying attention to anyone else.

Marianne gulps audibly, fishing around for a sandal under her cot again, leaning over. "Where did that thing get to?" Mutter. Kezenex gets a quick nod. "The eggs, Kez! They're hatching! Hurry up and change into your robe!" Mari shouts above the noise, finally snatching up one of the sandals and clutching it quickly to her chest. "Found you!"

"Oh! I wanna be first in line!" Phea squeals, forgetting the undiscovered sandal and settling for one. With another squeal, she latches onto Rupa, dancing happily in place. "Ready, ready, ready!"

Tamber acks! Jumping from his cot he throws off his tunic and searches for that robe. Robe, robe. "Xaner, have you seen my sandals?"

Rowann hurries. Robe. No dawdling! "I'm hurrying.. Hurrying!" Digdigdig through the cot. Grab robe,. Shimmy into robe. "Faranth!" She fishes through her cot, grabbing one sandal and then the other, shoving both onto her feet before looking around. "Someone! I need.. a hand." Squeak.

Xaner turns a bit and just grins at Tamber. "Go without 'em! Come on!" He holds up a foot, wiggling his toes. "I don't have sandals either!"

Lorsalia blinks at R'sli as Essie helps her secure the sheet with one of the lengths of white rope used by others as a sash. "Do I hafta put my hair back?" She asks, fingering the Flamingo pink parts of blond locks as Essie ties the final knot and scurries into her own robe.

Kinecha is ready. Yes, she's ready. "I'm ready," she states, standing from her cot, almost at attention even, the way she'd learnt with the Guard. Ohh, this was definately more stressful than anything she'd experienced before. "Is everybody here?"

G'deon washes a hand through his hair idly and stands off to the side, trying to be inconspicuous while watching everything at once.

Hynolonie stands up and moves quietly into line, still not really looking at anyone. She seems just plain comfortable walking and staring at the ground, that is, till she runs into the person infront of her. Oh.. She was suppose to stop now, wasn't she? She looks up and offers a smile to the individual she ran into. "Sorry.."

R'sli waves a hand. "Don't worry about your hair, Lorsalia. The dragonets won't mind." He grins, and waves his cane. "Come along, now! Time's a-wasting." Not that he's needing to rush anyone. Everyone seems on the verge of panic.

Surupa is searching for her sandels now, a hand over her ear or else she might have digged them out from the mess already. "When will that shardin' noise quit already," she hisses, narrowed eyes glaring around before she uses both arms to flip over her mattress again, digging through pillows and blankets and getting her sandels onto her feet at last, jumping up with a start. "Ready!" And now she is shuffling through candidates, finding herself by Hiliza.

Khory stands there, looking like a pale shadow of his former blushing self. Quietly, he gets into line, standing near Kinecha. "I know I'm here," he states, at almost a whisper. So this is what the messenger is like /truly/ nervous.

Tamber finds his robe and wriggles into it. Taking Xaner's advice about forgetting the sandals, he moves over and latches onto his friend, "Ah! I'm ready!" Well, as ready as can be. Actually…he seems to be a bit unsteady on his feet.

Ogera removes her clothing and slips into her candidate robe. She then waits for everyone else to get in line.

Reiko swallows. Line. People are lining up. She straightens her shoulders and moves into place.

Loren's trousers land on Aeris. Oopsies. "Uh - sorry, Aeris." Loren whimpers and clings to no one in particular, wobbling in Lorsalia's direction. Lo' knows Lorsalia. That's always good. "Wanna hold my hand?" Squawk.

Kezenex squeaks, hopping aroudn in place, "/Now?/" Yes, now dimwit. Still boucning aroudn and doing the 'candie-in-a-crazed-hurry' dance. "Robe!" Ack! No tiem for thinking, Lofdt Boy quickly doffs what he's wearign now and scambles into his robe. "Sandals!" This is jsut too much energy! Flop…Momenttarily Kez's lack of balence gets the best of him, dumpign him o nthe floor..but he found his sandles by landing on them? Quickly he slipes them on.

"Oh, Khory," Kinecha say, smiling at the messenger candie. "I'm so glad you're here!" Grabbing a hold of his hand she claims him as her Sands-buddy.

Murrough finds his way into line, absently tugging his robe. "All ready here" He says, trying to sound more confident than he looks.

"Reeeeiko! Hold my hand!" Phea ambles in the candidate's direction, swatting gleefully at her arm. "It's okay, I don't biiiiite. But.. the dragonets might. That's what Cayl said!" Gulp.

Xaner just grins even more at Tamber and nods. Griiiiin, beaaaaam. Nervous? Yeeeeees. "You're gonna stand with me, right?" Big large blue puppy eyes. He's alll reeeeeeeeeeeady.

Lorsalia nods to Loren and holds out her right hand, the left one already clung to by the nervous, for once in her life, Essie. "OKay. Just grab my sheet if it begins to fall, okay?"

Marianne pauses in her hectic rush, standing from the cot and slipping on a sandal. "Faranth, it's happening /now/, isn't it?" Dazed, she looks about the room - but that dazed look is cleared from her face after being run into rather abruptly. "Hey! Are you alright?" she asks with a moment of concern, before pulling up her bare foot. "Oow."

Khory squeezes back, and finally, a faint smile appears on his face. "Thanks Necha. Same here…" There's the blush now, as he finally comes to term with what's happening. "Let's do this.."

Loren bobs her head. Bob, bob, just like one of those little wobbling dolls on car dashboards. "Okay." Lorsa-hand is clung to, and, suddenly, Lo' gets very quiet. Dundun.

Reiko reaches for the hand automatically, not even minding Phea's yodeling for once. Finding some presence of mind, she whispers back, "Not if you're quick." There will be no Mauling Ballad of Phea and Reiko. Sorry, Marianne.

Kinecha takes a deep breath, reminding herself not to do that when out of the Sands. "This is too intense," she mutters, clenching her free hand in a fist. "Hey, we'll be alright, right?" She looks around at all the other, all dressed up in white.

Hiliza looks up at Surupa, bouncing on the soles of her feet, "Oh.. oh! 'Upa! 'Upa! Hatching… hatching.. hatching…" No, Hiliza has never in her life bothered to conceal panic, and so doesn't now, nervously shifting from foot to foot. "I've got a free hand." Is commenting and she holds it out, "Ogera!!" In a 'get over here or I'll never forgive you' tone.

Hynolonie winces as Marianne and bites her lip. "Oh.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.." She peers down at Marianne's barefoot for bruising or something. "YOu ok? I'm good." She remains a little close to Marianne as she peers around the room. Shards.. it was getting hectic in here.

Tamber lets out the breath he'd been holding ever since he heard the eggs were a-crackin' and smiles back at Xaner, some of his calm restored, "'course I'm going to stand by you. Just…don't let me get eaten." Ah, the nerves are back. "You look nice, Hiza." There, he just /had/ to say something to her.

Phea's freehand is flapping over at Marianne. "Mari, Mari, come hold my other hand!" Giggling in private delight, she whispers to Reiko, "Isn't this /fun/? Oh, yay! Hatching, hatching, hatching, hatching.." So begins the chant.

Kezenex mutters to himself about 'awful timing', but he wasn't really doing anything, right? 'Cept sleeping…and that's everything. Sandles firmly on his feet, Kez begins to shift from foor to foot even before the hot sands. "Uh..uh…" Pant. What's goign on now?

Rowann clings to.. Someperson. Cling. She peers around anxiously, sandaled feet fidgeting. It's all white. Scary. "It's happening. Oh, Faranth it's happening.." Squeak. Cling. She sidles toward Rupa.. And since Rupa doesn't appear to have a free hand, she clings with /her/ free hand to the back of Rupa's robe. Gotta have something to hold onto.

Xaner snickers slightly. He's X-man after all, must be ther hero. "Don't worry Tamber! I'll save you!" Flutter.

R'sli looks over the line. "Everyone ready? Good. Remember to bow to Cadgwith and Orbyth, and if a hatchling comes at you and doesn't look like it's slowing down, then /move/, for Faranth's sake." He grins. "But you're a nimble lot. I have faith in you." He grins. "Everyone in line, now!"

Marianne wobbles slightly, reaching out to put a hand on Hynolonie's shoulder, balancing herself. "Oh, no, I'm fine… I'm fine, dear. Just a little excited. Good luck! I'm going to be cheering for you, you know." A wink is sent to Hynolonie, before she moves over to Kinecha, nodding her agreement. "It'll be just fine… remember that." A look is thrown about the whole room, before she moves in to line up.

"Just think" the messenger-candie states. "There's only two ways this way will work out. Either we'll be back in our old knots by sundown, or we'll be staring in shock at our new lifemates…" Khory's actually seems calm, but in truth, he's too nervous to say much else. Just . let's. get. this. over. with. Breathe.

Surupa whines, rather loud, and just acting so not Rupa-like, with her feet shuffling from one side to the other in her robe, having at least some room for her legs. Unfortunately, she'll be rather angry if a dragonet tries to peek up that way. She has a Hiliza clinging to her and now a Rowann, and soon enough she feels rather crowded. "Do we /have/ to go out there? Where there are /people/ in the stands an' all." But towards R'sli's order, she slips into a line.

Xaner grips onto Tamber tightly and hops in line, breathing. Breeeeathe! Breathing is good!

Loren keeps Lorsalia's hand clenched firmly in her own, moving towards wherever R'sli wanted her to go - oh! The line. Yeah. Lo's smart. Baker lines up, and, with one last check of her robe and hair and other vain things, she settles herself upright. Lo' is not scared. Really. Ahem.

Reiko smirks lightly. "Fun." Or something. But she's already in line. Ready for… whatever.

"Ready everyone?" G'deon asks, trying to give them an encouraging smile as he stands near the exit…

"Yes, yes, ready…" Kinecha mutters, eyes darting here and there. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Just don't breathe deeply on the Sand unless you want your lung scorched.

Lorsalia bites her lip, Flamingo Pink edged hair falling into her face. She glances through it at Loren, dancing from foot to foot in her platform sandals. "Essie says that if a green comes near us, to make her run for it, okay Loren?" She passes on the message. "She's scared of green dragons."

Kezenex blinks. Wait, what? "Oh, line…" That he understands, but al lthis stuff about moving, and hatchlings and such and such is totally lost on him. Heelp! He's confuzzled again! Oh, line! Whimpering, ther Herder shuffles int othe semblance of a line, looking at fellow Herders to see how the'yre reaction. Squeek.

Hiliza flutters nervously at Tamber, "Thank you. You too." Line! Line. The nanny-candie remembers to breathe, bouncing. "Ready. Ready." Glance at self, "Ready!"

Tamber just nods dumbly at G'deon and R'sli, and clutches Xaner's arm, peering around at everyone else.

Loren bobs her head, and eyes Lorsalia. "Um. I'll, um … protect her." With greedy intentions. Ahem. "Um - ready? Yeah, I guess."

Marianne bobs her head slowly, though her hands are shaking tremendously. "I'm ready," she notes, nodding to each candidate in turn. Shifting her weight off the stepped-upon foot, she grins. "I'm ready!" is repeated, before she awaits further instruction.

Rowann continues clinging to the back of Surupa's robe. "We can.. No, we can't, I guess." Clingclingcling. "Ready, I guess." A wan smile is passed on from candidate to candidate, before she focuses her vision on the back of Rupa's head.

R'sli nods as the candidates line up. "All right, then. Off we go!" And with that, he leads the group into the heat of the sands.

Khory is ready, and nods his head to show so. Hand tightly encased within Necha's, he lifts his chin and goes out.

…. And so to the Sands

Sands (#8399)
Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Tucked watchful and warm onto a ledge are Buxom, Kernow, and Rydia.
Gold Cadgwith and bronze Orbyth are here.
You see Cadgwith's Clutch, Labyrinth Egg, Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg, Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg, Science Fiction Double Feature Egg, Nuclear War Egg, Stop Motion Photography Egg, Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg, Remote-Controlled Everything Egg, Crumbling Papyrus Egg, Cherished Spinning Top Egg, Rusty Bike Egg, Petrified Forest Egg, Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg, and Dark Broken Mirror Egg here.
Zi'n, Cayl, R'ave, Salea, Sasha, Ciera, Sora, Zai, Pyrene, Tatia, D'renn, Ilare, Hyzen, R'sli, Khory, Lorsalia, Tamber, Hiliza, Loren, Xaner, Reiko, Surupa, Kinecha, Murrough, and Marianne are here.

The 14 PC eggs:

Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg
Sand strewn and dusty, the glittering facets of this bejewelled egg twinkle, evocative of a richer, more spiritual age. Electrum seems to be soldered in intricately ordered patterns, shaped into the forms of scarabs and cobras, over the ovoid amulet's sandy surface, and within each minute golden enclosure glows the fire of inlaid desert stones, a myriad of orange/red carnelian, green feldspar, turquoise, mauve amethyst and rich blue lapis lazuli. The base of the egg seems to be entwined with the delicate twining foliage and blooms of regally exotic lotus, again, created from semi-precious stones and outlined with tiny gold wires.
Cherished Spinning Top Egg
Once brilliant hues have faded to shadows of their former selves, the primary shades of red, blue and yellow left hardly noticeable anymore underneath the layer of steel-gray dust that seems to have settled over the uppermost apex of this egg. Swirling, multicoloured lines repeat themselves in layers across the shell, their pattern reminiscent of an age old child's toy; a spinning top, which, when twirled, would cause those streaks to flow together, creating a dizzying visual effect and hours of amusement. Unfortunately, this plaything seems to be out of commission, or perhaps it is only resting; waiting for the perfect playmate to come along and unleash its enchanting endowments once again.
Crumbling Papyrus Egg
Earthen tones crinkle their way o'er shadowed shell, picked out by the creamy, crisp hue of papyrus paper, disintegrating around the edges, hue dissipating into a coffee-stained crumbling mess at the base of dusky spheroid. Faint striations are visible against the natural hues, painted over with near-nondescript decorations in bold red, mellow yellow and true blue, black script weaving its lonesome way in and out of crudely represented figures, indecipherable as it's faded over the years.
Dark Broken Mirror Egg
Cracks splinter what would have been a perfectly shiny, reflective surface, crazed across the dome with furious, angry swipes that pierce the veil between illusion and truth - could this ovoid, concealed in the mystery surrounding it, contain something with depth in reality? The old, dark, glass superficiality reveals nothing, not a hint, nor a clue, to the dweller inside. Light ricochets off the speculum in bright, dazzling beauty, as if absorbing the energy of its surrounding clutch, sinisterly foreboding in its splendour. However, when closely investigated, its reflection is distorted… askew - could it be what it appears to be? Or is there more to this orbit of light than first meets the eye..?
Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg
Gradients of azure hues and brilliant rosettes of green and gold enfurl the delicate, warm-pulsed surface of this egg in the semblance of an aurora's flame veiling the night with wondrous vibrancy. An homage to the infinitely precious contents within, it seems to gleam translucently with bursts of cloisonnes of dawn-gold, circlets for enamelled silver, crystalline glints and flares of pearlescent sheen shining out. Even as it appears so, upon close examination the jewels become a carefully painted pattern. Yet growing inside is false beauty is new life, a work of art surpassing the shimmering sapphrine shell.
Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg
Bright red rolls with its homies of gold and platinum, blingblinging in gaudy glory in fluid, rhythmic streaks. The egg is slimly shaped, sleek and suave with a smooth, glistening overlay to its shell, shiny and without any mars in shape or texture. Though flashy and rich in hue, though, this egg doesn't forget its roots, which happen to be of a dark, brooding background, smouldering navy and ebony haunting the base with its midnight shades, broken only by hopeful flashes of glorious citrine yellow. Lyrical with its undulating melding of color, its eyecatching appearance doubtlessly is representin' da Reaches to the fullest.
Labyrinth Egg
Angular curves decorate the perfect curve of shell, as if a maze had been placed there and populated with a myriad of strange and curious creatures. Odd, sparkling branches can be seen, walls appearing and disappearing as if of their own accord, and characters from some strange card deck guarding doors to nowhere. The shape of a large, lumbering beast can be seen, as can a host of other strange beings from some child's nightmare. Near the center of it all, a young girl makes her way toward a terrible and beautiful male figure holding a child the image of a distorted clock hovering nearby.
Nuclear War Egg
Seething and hissing, bubbling and oozing, this egg is splashed lasciviously by orange so bright it seems radioactive and green so vibrant and fluorescent it glows. Eyes, deformed eyes of vicious red watch mutated and disfigured horribly, stretched out and distorted in an acid dream polka dot sequence, mixing with hot pink flecks and backed by unforgiving black in a sort of twisted array of warning lights. Spiralling and burbling tumultuous amidst the black is a tangle of charcoal, rising in a horrific climax to hover in a gunmetal, cinder gray mushroom-shaped cloud.
Petrified Forest Egg
A screaming, screeching, squealing grove of terrified trees trembles against the dreadfully dark and dreary shadows which drape themselves lasciviously about this little egg. Jabberwocky-green slithers, slathering acidic puce of alarming brilliance into the shocked and horrified depths of dismally stolid stone timber as if to make time itself stand still in fright. Scared scallops of sacred, scorching scarlet torque the trees' trunks, clinging in trepidation and terror as beasts of black and bourbon-brown attempt to climb to the fearful crags of this frantic, frenetic, forested shell. Eek!
Remote-Controlled Everything Egg
Zip! Snap! Sizzling crimson swings up one side and down the other, sweeping along in convenient little lines, laziness licking up along the tinge of shadowy shades lingering at the bottom of the egg. Splotches of smokey gray make themselves apparent, rectangular shapes that want to make everything so simple and efficient. Streamlined plum gives the zest needed to make it an oh-so-appealing package, ready to be operated by a time-saving consumer.
Rusty Bike Egg
Crimson and gold struggle a feeble fight against the overwhelming crackling of rust steeling the paler faded russet lingering down one long side. Bars spike the argent spume spattered haphazardly 'cross broad shell, polarity recalled in the dull cream lined mutely, edged faintly by a foxy red striping that tatters shivering chalk. Hope buried amongst the dim gleam of blackened copper, dismal ruin claims this egg's perfectly round form.
Science Fiction Double Feature Egg
Deepest black coats the shell of this egg, enveloping it in velvety blackness and nearly drinking in the sparse light of the hatching cavern. Interrupting this midnight expanse, however, is a rather odd shape. What appears to be a large pair of lips stained in blood red covers the center of the visible portion of the ovoid and show off the ivory shimmer of what could be teeth. Near the wider bottom of the shell, small letters might be seen- credits beginning to roll upon a screen.
Stop Motion Photography Egg
Streaks of glowing hues ripple in smooth streams 'cross the elongated globe, fire-orange, rose and crimson trails blazed by flashes of nascent light in a skilfully wound pattern of avenues against a backdrop of spires and towers suggested out of slate-blue shadows in the anthracitic gloom. Caressed by awed eyes from different view points, the lights appear to refract, to change, as crystal beneath the fire of dawn: blue shifts to green, gold to yellow, copper, vermilion. Rukbat's fires stand as the only rival to those of this egg, yet seen in said star's light, colors pale - giving the impression that by evening their true glory would be fully visible, if too swift for the roving eye to fully capture all the iterations of vibrant light.
Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg
Domed cherubs become the crowning glory layering this egg, delicately brushing pastels of precious metal and antiquity upon its surface. Oh how they dance, those stymie morsels of blue, across her milky pillars, the excitement of this time of riches and glamour! Unravished by the fervor of time, those bronzen guardians polish slothful shapes down its gracefully jagged sides. A true monument of pearly trace to shelter the salvation within; a breaking out in sun-feathered memoirs begets its shell. Humble russet beggars the foundation of such grandeur, a place for kneeling amidst these daunting hues.

And the remaining 33 NPC eggs:

19th Century Persian Rug Egg
A myriad of colors form fragmenting patterns over this egg's ovoid shape, frothing at the apex and nadir of the shell in a spume of saffron fringe. Teal and azure are knitted in sybaritic filigrees just inside the tassels, unpretentious flecks of citrus burrowed betwixt. Surrounding the center of the egg, astral-like motes of various shades - crimson, navy, and beige - blossom in a large array of motifs, twisting and spindling together in ostentatious concord of festoon.
Antique Landscape Oil Painting Egg
Baby blue streaks and surges against tides of aquamarine and navy, breaking and frothing in mists of white and mother of pearl. Streaking undertows of blue-green, turquoise and midnight intertwine and float gracefully across the outer edges of the shell. Sparkling patches of silver twinkle atop the hues, from any and every angle viewed, they seem to shine bright. The solitary path of more somber and warm tones coat a path, slanting from the top of the egg to the lower half of the egg. Amber intertwines and graces sunlight, streaking like a country sunset across the egg, pulling your view to the glorious fiery circle at the top of the egg; spreading and fraying slightly, expanding and curving around edges before tapering off into the soothing sapphire hue.
Antiques Roadshow Egg
Muddled hues and shades turn every which way becoming lost in the chaotic mass that covers the mottled egg. Splotches and whirls crunch and crowd, attempting to streak across the surface and get somewhere important, but not liking to have to wait in the mass crowd for their turn. Lighter spots glint like treasure to behold, but darker spots also adorn, mocking the brighter speckles whose value is far greater. Loud, the colors reflect the jumble of strokes and spots that cover a smooth, iridescent shell.
The Boob-Tube Egg
Pizzazz! Luminance explodes down the shell of this egg, a conglomeration of the world of color. Excitement strains its casing, reds and blues darting in uneven strips down, around, about its shell with no rhyme or reason. Oh, but why to be contained when vibrant greens flash mind-numbingly? Infinitesimal patterns, millions of way to look at it, ever changing, rearranging, there really is no ending what is possible! Drama, suspense, all outlined so clearly within the browns that beset its pearly background. Braincells may very well fry when affronted by those luscious strawberries and crowning yellows, but there is simply no glancing away from the addiction that is this egg.
Byte After Byte Egg
Silent patterns of technical plugs and chips and wires, the complicated roundable is full of color and complex figures. From red to blue, the never ending lines propel themselves forward to nearly every extent along the surface, looking almost tangible from the rest of the egg itself. Placed promiscuously along the larger end are glimmering specks dotting their way around almost outlining the rim around the egg upon the sands. Technical, confusing, and unable to keep focused, adjacent shades from a dark pine to khaki green form the layers of this labyrinth.
Electrifying Camo Harp Egg
Glaring spotlights flare upon a backdrop of peacock, illuminating the sleek, plastine column that serves as backbone. Arrow-straight lines of ivory, matched in twos and threes with carnelian and sapphire, suspend glimmering across the stellar void. From nigh a finger-breadth at the pinnacle, to an endless winding at the base, they find harbor along crescent of blue. Behind the backdone, not the massive swell of a base to project those rich, full tones, but rather a tangle of wiry black marked by golden pulses of static that fire this egg to life in a vibrating hum of color.
Grandmother's Quilt Egg
Cerulean outlines patches upon this ovoid, causing the egg to look as if it is wrapped within a warm quilt. Faded reds, greens, and other colors make up the inside of each patch; the designs too abstract to be easily made out as anything clear. Some may call a bright pearl shape to be a cloud, while others think it's a fluffy kitty. Pinks and purples make up what look to be flowers on one spot. No true grand picture is made upon the "quilt", just fun, random patterns that play upon the mind's suggestion.
Heirloom Bronzed Jade Brooch Egg
Symmetric and smooth, flowing jades mix together, forming darker lines of a forestry mix. The colors swirl together in a marbled pattern. Blue-greens weave themselves throughout the outer edges of the egg, framing the gentle play of pea, forest and jade. Only the outermost edges are framed with streaks of gold and bronze, almost subtle to the eye.
International Space Station Egg
Silver metallic pieces float in the foreground, a half-finished project still in construction. Short squat cylinders fix against a long central backbone, and rectangular panels attached haphazardly. The black backdrop for this is dotted sparsely with tiny twinkling points of light; part of a large blue orb, covered with green spaces and feathery white strips, hangs dominantly in the background, overshadowing all but the mysterious contraption.
Latest in Cell Phone Technology Egg
It's so small, it's almost not there! Coil upon coil of wire-slim silver compacts itself across this distinctly tiny egg, lacing the predominant plastic-shiny black with more material than rightly belongs in that small a space. Cheapened unto commonplace, strings of tiny bright dots in jangly, digitized greens and reds, make their marks at the equator; everything is miniaturized, save the fingers of people who use them, awkward apricot flecks bunching together on one side, like a wrong number unsure of where to be.
Liquid Crystal Display Egg
Slate grey covers the egg with smooth digital efficiency. Only when light hits the strangely smooth surface does the faint rainbow of yellow and green and purple shimmer in oily waves. Appearing almost flawless, black smudges mar the uniformity of grey. Radiating out from the inky depths colour fades like a bruise, black fading to purple, fading to green, to yellow and finally grey. These splodges of colour appear transitory, not part of the program and soon to be deleted. A perfect example of liquid crystal melted into rigid shape. Standing precisely upright, this egg draws attention with its ergonomically correct curves and its homogeneous shading.
Microsoft Windows Egg
Drab and dull, a faded beige stains lifeless this egg's angular countenance, creeping with near-deliberate sloth around the apex and hidden well by a large splotch of black. The dark void of cyberspace is dotted with tiny gray speckles: interconnected explorers, each a step larger than the last but still the same shade. And without warning - the black freezes, cutting back to an immobile tableau of a user's irritation manifested in bland mouse-gray, crashing to carbon oblivion only to restart quietly in a blossoming of fresh taupe.
Montgolfier First Flight Balloon Egg
Almost verging on the spherical, and resting in a heap of sand that looks like a small basket, from a distance, this eggshell is bathed in vivid blue and seems almost to be emblazoned with elaborate decorative gold leaf artwork, depicting various creatures, fleur de lys and faces etched into the sun, styled in a baroque fashion. It has a light and airy feel, almost as if it might lift off the sands and float away….
Mouldy Old Celtic Copper Ring Egg
Settled, almost forgotten in the sands fire flashes along the sides of a shadowy egg in coppery curls, reaching up through mossy green to crown the egg in flaming glory. Deep turquoise binds green and copper so they flow in oddly smooth ripples, undulating in a series of rings about the spherical shape. Upon this canvas of forest floor and forest fire faint etchings of stylised almost creatures appears to march. Coiling and interwoven the etching seems to reveal and conceal the fantastical creature within. Metals polished smoothness battles with grainy mossy growth as the surface of this egg progresses towards the light. Though this egg may be frequently overlooked it still is something precious, but only if you look closely.
Pret-a-Porter Tomorrow's Fashion Egg
This haute couture elegance egg radiates pure lines and sharp tailoring pushing it well ahead of its time. Swathed in sumptuously muted colours with lime greens, iridescent peaches, swirl up into painted faux-naive summer season brights, it is unrepentantly modernist with a metallic sheen in contemporary streamlined silver shantung, heralding a commercially-happening techno-triumphant future. Its timeless style, stylistically cruising, almost screams for attention and the myriad post-Yves Klein blues at the summit, set the retinas giddily spinning creating an asymmetric signature statement for this Spring-Summer season.
Shattered Mosaic Egg
Fallen splendor saddens this large egg; decadence lost in the worn and weary shattering of tone and tile. Terracotta brown struggles to shelter the remaining shards of beauty that crack and shatter across the broad sweep of shell, even as ruddy sunwarm umber clings in idle adoration to those polished stones of red on amber, and blue awash against deep and delicious emerald-green. The story once told by the intricate mosaic of glaze and gloss has been fractured into a maze of stygian shadows and the splintered remains of an artist's coruscant imagination.
Silvered Russian Egg
Silver stands out from the shell of this egg like the light of the stars, dark and bright arranged with the artistic eye of a master jeweller to rival any ring or necklace. Blackened sands and their shifting heat add a twinkling appearance to the mirroring of the silvered egg, strengthening the suggestion of it being plucked from the night sky by an envious Cadgwith.
Sleek Red Convertible Sports Car Egg
Work it, baby! This egg is /hot/, and not because it's out there, frying on the sands, sizzling in the sweltering heat that clings to its hardening body. And it's not hot because of the beats of boiling moisture adherent to its hard eggshell, condensing from the steamy air that dwells inside the hatching sands. But it /is/ hot because of its color - vibrant, rich, scarlet red, blazing with intensity and illuminated with light that its surface swallows to give a perfect, polished exterior. Shining with the brilliance that any top of the line automobile… err… egg, should have. And it's obvious that the tepidity outside doesn't affect the occupant, for this egg provides a comfortable, cool interior. Cool, like the brushes of ice blue over its body, wind swept across the horizontal axis with fast, furious swipes. Why stick to the speed limits?
A Starbuck's on Every Corner Egg
Crusading chocolate smears itself in barely-sugared streaks across an endless rhapsody in brown, mingling with the iced pale of chilled sienna and the headier spice of rich chai. It's only a heavy dose of cream - whipped and liquid-slick - that thrives across it all, and even that is overridden by fervent speckles of cinnamon-dark.
That Faded Picture of an Egg
No splendor pours its way down the rotund sphere of this egg, with only the mars of time to crinkle out its unpretentious presence. Time and heat have worked their way down the gray-wrought hues, doing the damage of a million glances quite soundly. For a web of sallow lays filament across its crumbled edges, as though its maker had first wadded it up, then spread its wrinkled surface out disproportionately. Oh, but the soft, sweet memories of warm shadows that are drudged up across its shell! The ebons that could so shift along its bottom through the decades! Truly those blotched whites form a faded pattern of past trials, a testament of a world of hope in its future….
Twenties Porcelain Dancing Lady Egg
Viridian ripples drape from top to toe of this slender, elongated egg, clothing it in a sumptuous visage of understated elegance. Behind a fan of burnt sienna and tangerine, delicate cream swirls around, under and peeks demurely out from behind, ivory tendrils curling upwards and inwards in a silent beckon. Lithesome curves and fluid undulations, covered by a fragile-seeming veneer that gently gleams, as if wet, in even the dimmest of lights, make the hues almost dance and whirl to an unheard music that lasts all through the night.
Wild and Wicked Internet Egg
It looks as though this egg was dipped in the internet and given a good swirl, so frantic is the blaze of color that runs in wire-slim shades of crazed neons, engulfing the ovoid surface. Blinding yellow and shadowed crimson slink 'twixt indigo-emerald ribbons, gleaming past silvered overtures and drab shades of gray, while alabaster banners are the background to turquoise, plum, and golden pictures all twisted into indefinable blobs. Search engines, task bars, and advertisements all whirl by faster than the eye can see, but malevolent shadows of the darkest black provide a glimpse that warns of ever-looming danger.

D'renn has his usual wineskin. "We need less than 20 blues, I believe…. else I have to wear a dress to the post-Hatching party," D'renn confides in Ciera, edging closer to his wingmate. "But I'll take you up on it… Green first." Wait…. eeeek…. here come the Candidates.

Stop Motion Photography Egg shivers again, twisting to show off its fiery red in a bright flash of brillance that leaves any spectator who may be looking directly at it blinded for a moment. Anxious, this egg is - impatient. It's been waiting long enough for the picture-perfect moment.

Pyrene twitters still but relaxes a bit more, sending a merry grin to her dragon. "Nearly off the Sands at last!" she calls to Cadge who rumbles contentedly in reply. "Are the candidates coming… Yes they are!" Observation. A good skill in a clutchmother.

Rusty Bike Egg tilts to an uncomfortable angle….it might just keel over…could it fall? Tilt, tilt, quiver, quiver….

Sora pouts at Tatia, then perks up and leers slightly. "Oh, yes, Tatia, you are so very hot." Ahem. The greenrider gets a blank look. "Am no - /oooh/!!! Look, R'a, Tat, /Candidates/!" R'ave is given a sleeve-tug. "R'ave, look! There's Loren and Hiliza and that one girl and that other girl and stuff!"

Ilare isn't at all nervous. *chomp* Mane is flicked over her shoulder, before

Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg does the hip, hop, the hip-hip-hop, twitching from side to side along with the rest of its clutch.

Hyzen moves back to Tatia when Pyrene's done with the water, laughing as she hands the flask over. "Can't believe you didn't remember some water, Tat'. These sands are scorching." The candidates are watched as they arrive on the sands, grin widening.

"Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me, Sora," Tatia intones dryly before stopping to eye the candidates as they traipse in.

Essie, turning a bright shade of green, tugs on Lorsalia's hand, who in turn tugs on Loren's. "We gotta bow now." The first girl instructs, bobbing down quickly and waiting for the others to do the same.

Ciera looks downcast at Ilare's refusal - she could have used the marks. Affecting an unconcerned pose, she shrugs. "Your loss, if it turns out bronze." Attention glides to D'renn, and interest piques. "A dress to the post-Hatching party? All the more reason to hope for more blues. I think a brown will hatch first, though… Pyrene will get Cadgwith to use some subtle influence just to spite us blueriders." Her tone holds the mournful quality of one much abused.

R'sli nods as the candidates arrive on the sands, and then takes out a battered black book and a pencil. "D'renn, you got any last-minute wagers?" he calls. "Betting stops as the first egg hatches."

Labyrinth Egg falls silent, lopped on its side in a trench unmovable. This is one riddle that it will have to solve before it can continue deeper into the heart of the..well, sand.

Cadgwith dips her thorny head and glowers one eye at the candidates, for effect. Be good now. No touching this time… Each bow is eyed with passive incomprehension, but she appreciates the gesture. Her hum has faded a little as she waits for the first egg to hatch; it's the calm before the storm.

R'ave just sort of stares. "Um. Yeah. There they are." Googly purple eyes wait, wait… and he latches onto Sora. Nerves.

Khory takes that first step out onto the hot sands, and does the only thing his nerve wracked mind can remember.. Bow to both clutch mother and father. As he does, he pulls Necha down with him.

Reiko winces as she steps out onto the sands… which are a bit hotter than she actually expected on her bare feet. But she straightens her shoulders, clenching Phea's hand just a bit more tightly, and manages not to hop too much as she makes her way over to Cadgwith and Orbyth… of course dragging the Hyper One with her. She releases the small hand momentarily to bow politely, if a bit stiffly, and reaches again for Phea's hand.

Orbyth rumbles amiably - ooh look, they're all bowing to him! Nice candidates. He'll let them Impress his bebes now.

Surupa slowly follows the line of candidates, just about to turn right around and run back into the barracks at the sight of all the rocking eggs. But that just isn't the way to go, now that she is stuck out there and already bouncing back to look over to the dam and sire of the clutch, bowing her front half forward in respect… and as she was told to do so, right? And before long, she is clinging just as well to Hiliza as she shuffles a bit closer. The heat? Forget about that right now.

G'deon ushes the last few Candidates out onto the sands, nodding to Pyrene and Zi'n before scanning the galleries and dragon ledges with a pleased smile. "You're doing very well," he informs the last straggling white-clad boy. "Now… stay."

Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg does a little jump of excitement suddenly as if it can see the candidates. Then it goes back to quietness - perhaps struck by stage-fright, perhaps posing… perhaps lurking.

"Well," Tatia notes as they all enter, voice raised toward Hyzen. "I didn't /expect/ it to be now! I was napping - only that sharded humming woke me up in time to make it at all!" She reaches for the skin with a grateful smile, feet shifting before she downs a long swallow.

Sand is the Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg's natural environment… caves too, though the hatching cavern is fair greater and more airy than any stuffy tomb. Slowly, thoughtfully, it rocks. Just like that.

Lorsalia does a bow too, her sweaty hands clinging more tightly to Loren and Essie's. Already, she notices eggs moving and she points them out to Loren. "Look! They're wiggling already. Not my favorite yet, but others are!"

Sora clucks her tongue at Tatia, hooking her elbow with R'ave's without a by-your-leave. "Be nice, Tat, be nice! Musn't upset Cadgwith and all that. Positive feelings, you see." And her face lights, voice rising to call at the Candidates: "Positive feelings! Smile! Bow! Be nice!" We've got .. goooooood viibraatiiioooons…

Xaner shuffles out on to the sands, still gripping onto Tamber. Ow..um..hey, maybe sandals /would/ have been a good idea. Hot feet! Ouchy ouch ouch… Oh yes. He gives a bow to the lovely clutchparents. Smooch. Aren't you prettyful? Feet hurrrrt.

Crumbling Papyrus Egg shrugs out of its shallowed divot, active, but not ready just yet.

Loren steps in, inhaling very, very carefully. In, out. In, out. Cadgwith and Orbyth and the eggs and all those other things get a wary glance, and then Lo' dips forward in an akward bow. "Um … right." A few nods, and then she peers around, catching a vague glimps of familiar someones. "Oh! R'ave! And Sora!" A bright beam in their direction, and then Lo' peers at the eggs. "Ummm… right. Not yet." Stare.

D'renn hmmphs at Ciera, swigging his wine. "I know you want all blues, but I don't think there's much chance. Drink?" he offers her the skin.

Ilare isn't at all nervous. *chomp* Mane is flicked over her shoulder, before the brown on the ledge gets a wink. And the candidates an approving nod. All present? Goodgood. And the bows are better than those performed at HER Hatching.. "Bet we'll have lots of browns." She can hope, right? A finger crosses, and the brownrider bounces on the spot a little. Bronze first, bronze first..

Petrified Forest Egg doesn't budge. It's perfectly happy in it's warm and sandy spot, and sees no reason to move. So it doesn't.

Murrough quickly follows the other candidates, stopping to offer a bow to the proper authorities, and then speeding up to find his place within the circle. "Wow…Seems bigger in here" he offers, a shiver running down his back even though its quite warm.

Kinecha clutches Khory hand and is thus force into a bow to the clutch parents along with him. "Thanks, Khor… I almost forgot," she mutters, staring at the moving eggs, then sees the crowd in the galleries. "Ohhh nooo. So many people." Obviously Necha doesn't appreciate an audience.

Phea toddles along after Reiko, muttering something along the lines of, "Hothothothot.." As Reiko releases her hand, she follows suit, bowing dramatically to clutchmommy and daddy. After this, more clutcing at Reiko's hand. "Look, Reiko! My fav-or-ite egg!" And a gesture to the Faberge Egg.

Remote-Controlled Everything Egg gives a little wiggle, the hazy heat rippling along its sleek shell. Then another. Oooh, someone is getting impatient…

Kezenex shuffles onto the hot sands, shifting his feet from hot sand, nervousness, and confusing. It's all so…Hectic! "Ack!" He chirps, pointing..Egg..moving..rocking..oh /dear/. Th-this is all /real/! He's at a /hatching/ as a candidate on the sands. The sudden realization seems to leave the Herder a little weak-kneed. "Eep.." He continues shufflijng until he bumps someone and then remembers to bow to Cadgwith and Orbyth, almsot fallign as he does so. Eggs….

Marianne strides out onto the sands, breath catching in her throat, gaze zooming over the place. She murmurs to herself under her breath, stepping up to bow to Cadgwith and Orbyth, then takes a step back, glancing at the eggs. It's time. "Good luck, you guys…" she murmurs, averting her eyes from the galleries.

Hynolonie stares for a good long moment until she's bumped into. Its then that the littlest candidate wakes up, and looks around the crowded caverns. All of Pern was looking at her.. Eep. She turns and wince/smiles at Cadgwith and Pyrene and to the clutch daddy, who she didn't recogonize right now. Lonie sticks with the large group of candidates and eyes the eggs.. no hatchling yet.. right?

Reiko stares with mute amazement at the wobbling eggs. She's only ever seen firelizard eggs hatching before, after all. And even though she's seen these eggs before, they look.. different.

Pyrene sends a wry glare to D'renn and Ciera. "Hope you've had that dress laundered, D'renn," she calls over. She refuses to be baited by blue-talk though. Instead she sends the candidates sunny beams. Feel warm and cosy yet? Or hot and bothered….

Rowann just.. follows along with what everyone else is doing. As she rises from her bow to Clutchparents, she goes back to clinging to Rupa. "Ow.. It's hot." Shift feet. Hop.

Mechelle bows quickly, then heads over towards the other candidates, standing back a bit. NOw that the moment is here, hands sweat as she clasps them together, already stepping from one foot to the other, though her feet aren't yet /that/ hot. A glance is thrown to the galleries, but quickly, her eyes return to the eggs. They're /moving/!

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg almost seems to shrug, a slow, lethargic movement as it settles back into place within the warm confines of its sandy home.

R'sli moves over to where the other weyrlingmasters are standing, and makes a few notes in his book. "I should make enough for new riding leathers with this clutch," he says with a grin. "Since my old set was cut up after my accident."

Khory doesn't want to look up at the galleries, but he does.. and mouth drops open. "They're all here.. to see us.." Make fools of themselves.. Especially those who forgot their sandals. Like him. Really.. tradition isn't all it's cracked up to be. A steady hop-hop from one foot to the other is this man's only action at the moment.. Well, that and /staring/ from eggs to people, and back again.

Remote-Controlled Everything Egg wiggles just a bit then waits patiently, a hairline fissure appearing with a sharp click. Then with a muted bump and an impulsive wriggle, miniature cracks begin to materialize along the little crimson lines etched into this smokey grey egg, the smooth surface taking on an increasingly grooved pattern as if the dragon inside has tired of the same boring diversions and wants out, wants something new! Suddenly it seems he can no longer tolerate that dark monotony of within, shattering that coldly efficient shell to reveal himself to the world.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet
Vibrant versatility trumpets its fanfare of sapphire and aquamarine to herald this dragon: a wiry grace made flesh with the lithe, efficient lines of a dancer. Brighter blue illuminates the well-formed headknobs: a spotlight for the scherzo of aqua that tumbles the length of his slender neck and back and masques his wedge-shaped head. Turquoise elegance plucks the cobalt that strings his glassy 'sails and echoes darker in the strokes of midnight that chime along graceful spars and talon tips. His starlit tail is no curtain call, however, but an encore that continues life's dance.

Tamber ,unsteady on his feet, takes that first step onto the Sands. Following the lead of the others, because thats all his mind can comprehend around him, he bows to the dragons before being dragged forward by Xaner. And /freezes/ for a moment as his eyes finally notice the very moving eggs. "Xaner…" he points, "They're, they're…/moving/!" he finishes in a wail.

Ciera shakes her head at the offer. "No thanks, I get drunk too easily to risk having wine on the sands. And I don't want /all/ blue,"

Hiliza bobs her entire body in the direction of the clutch parents and their riders, flashing a smile in the direction of the riders. She's been out here before, but is much too nervous to actually say anythin. No, Surupa and, hopefully, Ogera are clung too, one hand each, and she nervously scans the galleries, and back. "Ooh! Blue! Dragonent! Haaaaatching!" Just, try not to faint.

R'ave waves with cheesy-eagerness toward Loren. Hey. He knows her! Er. Duh. And so he hugs Sora. What a goofball.

Sasha jumps up and points At Pyrene." I knew it! Cadwith's first is a blue!" she waggles a finger at Pyrene…"Its an omen! It has to be!"

Xaner blinks. Moving? What? Hm? He looks at the eggs, instead of his feet. "They're what..oh!" Not only are the eggs /moving/, but they're hatching. "Tammmber! Loooook!"

Surupa remembers to breath, of course, gasping as she eyes one egg and then the other, whining just as she does so. "They are /moving/." Whine. And… Oh dear, one popped. "It popped! It's there! Look!" And she attempts to hide herself completely behind the nanny-candidate, even attempting to get behind Rowann in the process. "It's /really/ happening!"

Phea glances from egg to egg, attempting to balance on her one sandal; Reiko is used for leverage, of course. "Blue!" She wails, clinging furthermore to Hand-Holding-Buddy, quivering in anticipation. "Blue! Blueblueblue! - eep, foot, hothothothot!"

Reiko can't help twitching as the first egg shatters. A blue. She clutches Phea's hand more tightly, reflexively, her eyes glued to the dragonet. Oh.

Stop Motion Photography Egg ripples against the growing force of the Sands' heat, winding itself around in a slow twist that sends a spiderwork of cracks running swiftly along the shell. Slowly, carefully, the colors begin to fall: first blue, then green, then a shard of shimmering gold is ousted with a single poke of emerging claws and head. In the end, a mere moment of contemplative thought is had before True Blue Mate Dragonet steps out of the ruins and into life.

True Blue Mate Dragonet
Rich, ruddy brown drapes this stocky dragonet in intricate layers of storm-dark hue: it beats at his high whithers, drums lightly along his sides, and presses an insistant umber against his broad, powerful chest. His haunches shift with racy whorls of amber and white, chasing themselves down the length of his tail and returning to dapple the shadows of his underbelly. Sharper sienna taints the blunt 'ridges and wide face, save where sudden brightness etches gold around his 'knobs and flat, mesa muzzle. Wings, too, carry the backlit force of a savannah sunrise, burning just as deep as the intelligent flare of his inquisitive, whirling eyes.

Pyrene lets out a dull wail and utilises Zi'n's shoulder to bury her face in. "Blue.." Never mind the fact that she won her bet. Cadgwith however seems delighted. Her first child is greeted with a bright seabird's call before her humming subsumes it.

Lorsalia gasps at the first hatching. "BLUE?" She shrieks, stomping one of her besandaled feets and glaring at Essie, then Loren, then Essie and back again. "They said it would be green. Blue is /bad/." She fixes her voice to something better, then sees the brown. "That's nicer, but I still don't see a green. Green's the best." Ooops. By the way Essie is looking at the brown, she doesn't think that.

"Blue? Awwww……" D'renn just scowls. "Someone keep count of the blues, please?"

R'sli crows as the blue appears, followed by a brown. "Oh, that's perfect!" he chortles. "That little blue just made me a small fortune!"

Ah, darn it. "Blue.. Well, it begins with B.." A shrug of red-leathered shoulders, and head tilts at the new hatchling. But.. It's followed by.. "Brown!" Yay! Woo! Go brown! "And isn't he handsome?" Not that the blue isn't, mind, but Ilare is biased.

Mechelle gasps as the first one breaks from his shell. It's blue! And a nice looking one, at that! And…another blue! She can't keep her eyes in one place for even a minute, too many things to see.

We've got .. goooood vibraaaashuuuuuns, gooooo - "/Oooh/! It's blue, Ra've, it's blue!" Sora gives Pyrene a huge beam. "Blue, Pyrene! Looklook!" And Tat is nudged, R'ave getting an absent hug back. "Tat, see that? Blue! And brown!"

As the first dragonet emerges from his shell, Khory hops a little too much, and nearly falls back. "Kinecha," he whispers. "Don't, whatever you do, let me fall.. ok?" That would simply be the biggest humiliation of his life right now.. To fall and be crushed by a dragon.. No blush could cover up for that mess.

Marianne chews her lip again, lifting her somewhat-injured foot off the sand for just a moment, pressing it into her other leg. The blue dragonet

immediately gets all her attention, and she moves on a little closer towards the other candidates. Her attention is divided as the next egg hatches. "Blue, and brown… they're /beautiful/."

Borrowed Talent Dragonet vaults onto the sands, wide eyes looking about. Did he miss his cue? And what are these white things? He practically sashays the next few steps, pose becoming more confident as he realizes his purpose. He must find his dance partner, that's it!

"Hot, hot, hot," Kinecha mutters, as her squeeze on Khory hand increaces. "Oh, look dragonets," she says almost surprised as she forgets the heat underneath her feet. There were dragonets on the Sands.

Kezenex's jaw just /drops/ as he looks abotu to sink right down to the sands, "T-that's a dragon…," he sutters to those nearest him statign the obvious. Shards…"This is real," he mutter,s still taken aback by it all. "Blue…" His vision's goign blue..

"Well.. it's kinda.. blueish green?" Tatia notes hopefully as she glances toward Sora. "In some lights. Maybe? That's close to what I said. " Yeah - she was right. Of course.

"It's a blue! And a brown!" Cling. "They're.. almost pretty. Wow." Rowann peers over Surupa's shoulder at the popping eggs. "…Wow."

Ciera perks as she catches sight of the first dragonet. "Blue!" Her cry borders on triumphant. "Perfect!" The second is spotted, and greeted with considerably less enthusiasm. "And bronze. Shells. But that's one blue out of twenty." She smirks at D'renn. "Only nineteen more to go, but we started on a good note."

Hynolonie stares with mouth wide open as the first blue…then the brown hatchling errupts from their shells. She blinkes a few times.. then just stares in an almost cattatonic way. Ohh.. dragonets. Someone better grab her if she gets charged by one of them.

Cayl sighs as she watches the candidates filing. "Bout time…" She grumbles. Yes, she's in an off mood. After all, she's got wet, now sweaty hair, and she's still got one boot to go. And…"BLUE!' She whoops out. That's the best possible sign she coulda seen. A hand claps against her leg. "Wonderful!" Mzadith, from the ledges, continues to hum, now more purrful then before.

Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg shimmies and shimmers. It's blue too! Does it get groaned and cheered at?? What do you mean it's the colour /inside/ that counts?

Zi'n pats Pyrene's head on his shoulder, even as Orbyth looks immensely pleased with himself. So they're not all bronzes, but still…. "Don't worry, Pyrene - look, a brown!" That ought to cheer her up.

Salea claps along with Ilare, brown being a favourite colour for herself for some reason. "Look at those wings!" she says, in the manner of a complement. "He'll be a great flyer"

Loren whimpers faintly, shifting from foot to foot. "Blue! And brown." Another whimper, and she tugs on Lorsa's hand. "No greens. Blue's … not bad. But I want greens. We all have to keep … watch on the greens." Sniff.

Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg continues bebopping all the while, shimmying left and right in sudden tune.

D'renn shakes his head at Ciera. "Looks brown to me… can't you tell, after all this time?" he teases her.

"Brown! Brown and blue! Two! Brown and blue!" Phea is cheering widly for the dragonets, leaning on Reiko as well as keeping both feet on her solitary sandal. Poor thing. "Look, Reiko! Brown and blue!"

Reiko can't take her eyes away from the lovely turquoise creature, even as she notes other eggs rocking and shattering. She's nearly forgotten how hot her feet are.

G'deon cannot help but laugh as that first blue baby appears. "Blue, Pyrene, isn't that your favorite color?"

Rusty Bike Egg heaves…heave…heave….it might just topple if it heaves about any more….as if it can sense that ist clutchmates are beginning to break free the quivering becomes more intense…..

Lorsalia shakes her head, eyes focused on her favorite Mirror egg, which hasn't budged once since she's entered the sands. "You're right. Green are the best." She sees the balloon egg wriggle a bit and squeals. "That's your favorite one, Essie. See?"

Hyzen snorts softly at Tatia before gaze shifts once again to the eggs and the hatchlings. "Hah!" she laughs, tilting her head at Ilare for a moment before it's back to watching almost silently.

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg continues to slither side to side, occaisionally twisting on the sands. No movement is strenous though, and after a pause, its back to stillness and silence.

Mechelle blinks. /Not/ blue…that ones a brown. Okay, so she's going crazy with everything out there happening so fast. She takes a deep breath, steadying herself and scooting over a bit to be near several of the candidates she actually knows. "Reiko." Just a name, but it helps calm Mechelle down. That's something she can focus on. "Look, dragons!" Duh!

"Or… brown." Ciera squints at the second dragonet, even as she jabs in D'renn's general direction with her elbow. "Must have been a trick of the light."

Tamber clutches Xaner and begins the dance of hot feet on burning on sands…and nervousness! "Blue! And BROWN!" Yes, it's already been heard in the sighs of the onlookers in the galleries and the cries of other candidates and the riders, but he says it all the same. Hop-hop. Greens? Did he hear something about greens? He gives Lorsa a queer look.

Ilare moves back a bit, and offers Salea a cookie. It's brown rider bonding on the sands, you see. "Look, Pyrene! What a lovely brown!" The blue's antics are awfully cute, though

Pyrene raises her head at Zi'n's prompting and ohs. "It is! And it's cute. So's the blue, really…" That said to mollify Cadge. "They always are at that age. So ugly and wrinkled and egg-slimed.. and /cute/." Soppiness takes over, and she leans blithely against G'deon and ignores sundry riders and their cat-calls.

Khory continues to dance his own little tune on the hot sands, his feet already starting to take the pressure, though they've only been out for a little while. However, time has seemed to stop for this candidate. The blues who begin to dart across the ground are noticed, and he tries to stand as far out of the way as possible, but the rush of others continues to push him forward. Yipes!

Surupa looks from the blue and to the brown and then hides behind Hiliza and whines. "I know, Rowanna, I know. I know. I know." Everyone is just announcing the colors when the dragonets come out, and this Rupa isn't too happy about it. She seems to want to just squeeze between Hili and another candidate. She isn't here, you see. "It's all starting to quickly, Hi'!" Whine.

R'ave nods silently, eyeing the dragonets. "Yep. Blue." He doesn't bet, though, so he hasn't won any money. "And brown. And tons of people." Sweatdrop.

Labyrinth Egg gives a mighty 'thumping' sound! It wants out! This place is simply too confusing…though the darkness sure is nice. Oh…right! It's past this riddle now. No more trenches to impeed it. Shiver..shake..slowly it makes it way across a small pathway of sand. Until it knocks ever so slightly against one of it's hard sibling shells.

D'renn grins. "Sure, Ciera. Have a drink." He offers the condensation-dewed skin again.

Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg stirs now, sand shifting beneath it and around it as the egg fidgets once, then twice….

Hiliza winces, doing the hopping dance partly because of the heat and partly because she's insanely nervous, "Brown. Blue, brown!" She'll just chirrup colors and let her eyes dart here and there and squeal excitedly and say, "No, 'Upa, don't hide, you'll hurt their feelings. Wouldn't want to do that, would you? Nonono." Eep! Her favorite is rocking back forth really really a lot. "Eep."

Sasha looks hungrily at the young male dragonets….." Blue and brown…Oh Branwyth will be sooo pleased! More males…more more!" her eyes glimmer in that pretty twinkly emerald way they have just at the moment….

Ciera takes the wineskin this time, taking a deep swing before handing it back. "Maybe this way I can blame it on the wine," she mutters, eyes skipping from one rocking shell to the next.

Rowann hops and clings. The Continuing Saga of Hot-Footed Candies. "I know you know! But it's so.. wow." If she clings any tighter to the back of Surupa's robe, it'll rip.. And that wouldn't be too good for her fellow candie's dignity, now, would it? Her grip switches to the herder-candie's shoulder.

Xaner hops along with Tamber, although the movement is becoming steadily less as he watches the eggs rock about and dragonets creep around. "Oooh, they're preeety! Aren't they Tamber?" Hophophop.

Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg wiggles slightly, the sand about it shifting to accomidate each small motion. Exquisite shades dance upon the surface, teasing and yet holding that peaceful feel to it as it experiments. Occupant seems willing to wait for the time being, giving only slight pushes at the surrounding shell.

Salea accepts the cookie from Ilare, offering her water skin up as a trade. "They all look very…energetic" she notes as the dragonets start moving.

Kezenex doesn't think green are the best. HE thinks theey're evil and stubborn. Rotten greens. He's glad they aren't out here, but oh…Hey! The Labyrinth eggs grabs Kez's attention as it jerks suddenly. No? Well there's still that brown wandering around…and a blue!

Crumbling Papyrus Egg quivers out of its spot, unscripted movement rolling it in repetitive circles.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet is certainly in his element now, just look at that crowd, there to see /him/! He'll give 'em a show they'll never forge- oof! And down he goes in the sand, right in front of the row of candidates, their dazzling white robes must have distracted him. Standing, he shakes the sand from one shoulder and peers about. Did they see that?… Too late…

Marianne's eyes widen a bit, and her quivering ceases for the time being. "Beautiful, they are…" Quietly, she hums, attempting to calm herself with what she knows best - music. She glances to the others. "It's not really the color that counts, is it?" Hand reaches up, moving through her hair stiffly. And meanwhile, eyes return to the eggs and dragonets. Dare she hope, now?

Sora calls over to Sasha: "You can't have them, Sash! Just the 'riders, and you're gonna have to wait Turns!" Or a Turn. But that's okay.

Blink, blink, blink. "Khor, what's going on?" Kinecha says, eyeing the eggs, and in particular the one she likes. It's moving.. "Has anyone Impressed yet?" she mutters, eyes darting here and there, unable to stay still and keep wathcing just one thing.

Phea has gone from squealing to screeching. "How /cute!/ Blueblueblueblue.. brownbrownbrownbrown.. hothothothot.." Rather than just clinging to Reiko's hand, she now latches herself to her side completely. "Reeeeiko, look!"

Sasha chuckles as she retorts " Oh I can wait…I'm very patient!"

Reiko glances over at Mechelle as her name is called, giving QueasyCandie a quick smile and reaching for her hand. It helps. Honest. She glances back quickly as the blue stumbles in the sand, her breath catching in her throat… but no, he got up. He's fine. He's beautiful.

True Blue Mate Dragonet emerges from his shell with a flick of his tail to shake off the bits of egg that cling to his hide. His head tilts backward with a wobbly motion as the dragonet attempts to find his balance, gazing skyward as if seeking something…. Startled by a sound, his head whips downward again, and the brown staggers a bit in the hot sands. What are those… in white? Perhaps /those/ are what he's searching for?

Surupa swats away Rowann, since she is the only one allowed to cling to at the moment. "Rowann! You're going to tear off my robe!" And that isn't good for all those lovely people out there on the stands and the dragonets on the sands, right? "Hi'! I want to hide! They won't try to maul me this way." Instead they'll get Hiliza, right? How nice of her… "An' they won't mind at all, 'm sure!"

Khory doesn't think so, so he shakes his head. "No Nech.. They haven't yet.. I don't think." A wince as one of the blues falls. See? That's what he was talking 'bout. Don't let the same thing happen to him! Please?

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg takes a jump to the left…then a step to the riiiiiight. More energy enfuses its form, as its movments become almost hypnotic: a dance? a new step? Only time will tell.

Ilare nods, accepting the water and taking a quick swig before replying. "Oh yes." Sasha's comment earns her green clutchmate laughter, before she resumes watching. "They're gonna be a handful when they get big." The dragons or candies? You decide.

Mechelle looks over her shoulder, making sure there aren't any candidates that might have snuck in behind her. /That/ could be disasterous, from what she's heard. She takes Reiko's offered hand with a squeeze. "They're…something else!" What a statement from this nanny!

Pyrene peers across at the candidates expectantly. "No Robe's being torn off unless we get a lull and need some action!" she calls over to Surupa and Rowann. Remembering, she checks Lorsalia. Looks like the brat found a robe after all.

Whoo! Honey, oh sugar sugar.. Marianne pauses, hands gripping the sides of her robe so hard her knuckles turn white. Reluctantly pulling her gaze from the dragonets, she lets it fall on Rowann. "Rowann," is hissed, as she moves over slowly. "How're you doing?"

Tamber's breath catches in his throat as his attention goes from fellow candidates to eggs, "OOh, look!" he gestures wildly to an egg that's taken his fancy. Then the dragonetts move closer and…he clutches Xaner then turns and shoots Kez a wild look, "They look awfully hungry." Not a good thing when you're the first thing they see.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet struts his stuff now, eyeing the Candidates sidelong as he shows his stuff before them. One by one, down the line he goes, each one weighed and measured… but his steps are hastening now… Perhaps there's no time for dramatics.

Hiliza shakes her head, "No, no, 'Upa, they won't maul you unless … well they won't!" She's confident, and gives Surupa's hand a squeeze. "'Gera? Ogeeera? Where are yoooou?" She glances around, searching, eyes flickering over the eggs and the dragonets more than the fellow white robed peoples.

Rowann is swatted away, and now heads over toward.. Someone else. "I wasn't tearing it off!" She was just.. pulling it hard enough to. ANd now she flutters toward Marianne as her name is hissed. "Mari!" She scurries closer to cling a little more. "It's hot. And the dragonets are lal so.. wow." A pause. "How're you doing?"

Loren shifts and squeaks and … et cetera. "Looors." Whine. "I'm scared." Grumble. "I want greens." Mutter, and such. "…hey. That … that one." Borrowed Talent. "He looks like he's going somewhere." As opposed to standing stock still.

Essie follows Lorsalia's pointing and ooohs slowly, "Yer right. I saw it move, too!" She would rush forward for a better spot, but is held in place by Lorsalia's firm, sweaty hand. The younger girl gives the older one a harsh look and whispers loudly. "I gotta be careful moving, 'member? My sheet might fall off!" It's already attached only precariously.

Xaner snickers faintly to himself after watching one of the dragons take a tumble. He didn't see it, really! Honest! Cough. "I'm lookin!" He giggles at Tamber, trying to watch both dragonets and the wobbly eggs at the same time.

Kinecha's eyes are still darting here and there. Dragonets, eggs, Candidates and audience in the galleries. So many things happening all at once. Poor Necha is about to short circuit with all the inputs. "How long's this gonna take?" she complains, stepping back an forth, lifting her feet one at a time to keep them off the sands.

Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg moves again, restlessly.

Cherished Spinning Top Egg spins a little in place, starting to form a hollow around itself. After a moment, it wobbles and falls back, settling into stillness once more in its little home.

Hynolonie eyes Kezenex for a moment then wanders over and grabs his arm, tugging on it. She's small. She can do that. "Any of them talking to you yet?" She grins then looks back at the hatchlings. She's finally beginning to loosen up. OY.. what a day.

Reiko gives Mechelle's hand a squeeze, shifting from foot to foot as the heat seems to grow more intense. She is /not/ going to complain.

Perikachutan is here! Ta da! Lurking behind some of the older candidates, the southerner peers curiously at the Hatchlings. "So THATS what baby dragons look like.."

Cayl watches several of the candidates that she knows best, dancing on the sands. Her eyes fall thoughtful for a moment, a smile crossing her expression. She isn't supposed to be grumbly at this moment. Her friends are on the sands! Shaking her head, not normally the 'thoughtful' type, Cay looks away and tries to find that interesting Blueblueblue again.

Phea is getting more and more clingy: now, both hands are clutching at Reiko. She's nervous and hot! She can't help it! "Reiko, Reiko, if one is gonna maul me.. protect me!" Sob. Is Reiko even paying attention? "Bluuueeee. Broooown. Hooooot." Coherent, no?

And it's a green! Egg cracks, dragonet rolls out, and toddles quickly over to Barobee, who stares. "I'm Bee! And she's Bopth!"

Mechelle tries to keep up with the dragonets that are already hatched, but is soon nearly dizzy, looking first that way and then the other. So, instead, she turns her head to look at the egg she's decided is a favorite, the Papyrus Egg. Did it move a while ago? She can't be sure now.

Cablet, one of the smaller candies, comes tearing across the sands. Seems he forgot his sandals too. "Ouch ouch ouch!" he cries, clinging to his poor sand's buddy's hand as though he'll never let go. "Don't let'em green ones come near me, k?" he exclaims.

Kezenex jerks upright, glancing around everywhere. There's jsut too much ot concentrait on. What's going on? Where are the dragons? Which eggs are hatching? Moan. Kez just can't conetraint on all this at once…Tamber jsut spoke to him? Er..Kez grins nervously at Tamber, "Yes they are.." Hungry for..Candie-whiches! Ack! "Hm? No…," The Herder stutters as his arm is grabbed. He maneges a smil for Hy though. "You?"

Crumbling Papyrus Egg wobbles, the thin sheet of its malleable shell strained already.

Marianne nearly laughs, slipping closer to Rowann and grabbing for her hand in desperation. "I'm doing… very well. I agree - I haven't seen any so utterly 'wow' for quite a while." Shifting a bit, she looks back to the dragonets, eyes following their progress over the sands.

True Blue Mate Dragonet finds his balance after a moment and starts forward - he's not one to waste time! Steps are picked carefully as the dragonet makes his way across the vast, desert-hot expanse of the sands, though he seems rather at home in their heat. Those in white, though - why do /they/ look so uncomfortable? Someone really ought to get them out of the heat. A pair of candidates are studied, two clinging together. Is the one he seeks here?

"Were too!" Whines Surupa, waggling a finger towards Rowann before glancing back to Pyrene and bobbing her head. What did the weyrwoman say? All she knows is that there are dragonets on the sands and she is to hide behind Hiliza. "They will too maul me, 'm sure of that." She grumbles lightly, peering from behind the nanny-candidate. "They're 'pressing already!"

Loren shrieks over at Bee. Wow. Impression. "Yaaay! Bee!" Nevermind she got green and all greens are supposed to move in Lo's Direction, Impression is good. "Good for you!" True Blue gets a wary glance, too. "Him, too." Blink, blink.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet is nearly desperate at this point, for the show must go on! Methodic twitching of starlit tail increases to a lively tempo, whirling facetted eyes scanning that eager crowd for the talent vital to complete his act. He suddenly skids to a halt, head whipping around to peer back towards the other end. Body pirouettes, inky talons gliding over the sand as he drifts closer… closer… until twirling gold-rimmed sapphire gaze meets that of tilted emerald. He takes a step, dipping down a bit as if bowing before his lady of choice. Will she accept his proposal to dance?

Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg takes a wiggle to the left, a wiggle to the right, we're gonna shake this egg alla the night..

Lorsalia remembers Loren in her worry for the sheet and looks ar the blue. "He is. I hope he doesn't come to us." She states decisively with a head shake. "He's too hyper. Whatcha bet he picks Phea, huh?"

Hynolonie nods slowly and eyes the brown hatchling.. then the blue. She wrinkles her nose and swallows hard. "Um.. No. I'll let you know, or completely ignore you, ok?" That was the way it was. The dragonets were mesmerising enough on their own, but to actually have one of them talk to you? That would definately validate ignoring everyone else.

Vylking takes all this in stride, standing tall and scratching his beard every now and then. He's been through worse, when stuck out at sea in a storm. Ayup. Nothing was going to throw off this sailor.

Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg is unhappy in its bed of shifting sand. Twitch… twitch… perhaps it's got sand somewhere uncomfortable?

Reiko will not be mauled. Reiko will not… what? Dance? She blinks once, slowly, her hands going limp.

Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg suddenly splits open like scarab wings spreading, falling upon the Sands in a chalky puff of dust. Gilded eggshards, now humbled by the earth that coats them, crunch underfoot as the one-time resident of the egg slowly makes his entrance. In the haze of airborn sand that slowly settles, a swank of bronzen hips and the arch of a red-stained neck are visible. Then, snout raised in country-boy curiosity, Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet makes his entrance, unassuming but glowing with confidence.

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet
Sunburnt sorrel weathers the practical, countrified lines of this dragon's raw bones and slab sides, sown to wheat-yellow across the straight-lined furrows of his wings. Brighter bronze crests skewed headknobs and lends a healthy glow to ruddy cheeks and muddy forearms. Water-marks rust the undersides of a lumpily lean neck and a gawkily strapping chest, a darker tobacco staining the off-center tilt of his narrow muzzle. Neckridges flung-every-which-way are freckled with more rust, whilst his sit-upon cultivates prosaic shades of mire and muck. He's a little homely, with his gormless chin and that one tooth a-snaggling sky-wards, but there's no apology to salt the earthy assurance of his forthright gaze.

Khory shrugs. "I dunno Necha," he replies. "By the rate that the eggs are cracking, I'd say.. Not all that long after all.." But once agian, what does a messenger really know about hatchings? Give him letters, give him runners.. Or better yet, you can even delve back further and give him kidlets to understand, considering he once was, of all things, a nanny. Which is why, a few of the smaller dragonets get another stare from him. "Ouch.. That's gotta hurt, tearing out of those shells like that. They must be starving too…"

Pyrene ohs. "Look we have an Impression!" she calls out generically. Bee and Bopth. And it's not blue so it is Good. Speaking of blues… "And that blue's choosing. Ouch. Poor girl." Glance to Cadge. "I mean, lucky girl." Ahem.

Ilare freezes, staring.. Is that blue about to choose? Bee and Bopth earn themselves an eye roll, but the new little bluegrass hatchling gets a gasp and a smile. Gotta love Hatching day.

An egg rocks, it shakes, it goes nuts! Right before it explodes into the tinest blue dragonet you ever did see! Awww, so cute! It appears disturbed for a moment, disconsorted, lost, but its still adorable! Bit, watery eyes and all! Suddenly, it picks its self up and 'squirts' its way towards … Ashenine! "Go Squirtith!!" Exclaims A'sh, giving his new love a high…talon?..five.

Mechelle turns her gaze again, looking around and noting the first Impressions. So /that's/ what it's like…"Congratulations…" she calls, not that they could hear her. Their minds filled with other voices at the moment.

Sasha takes another swig of water and chuckles to her other clutchmates…." They are cracking at a pace now! Anyone wanna bet how many are blue? " she looks at Pyrene teasingly.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Reiko, and steps forward.

Sora bounces excitedly, tugging on a R'ave-arm. "R'ave, look! That one girl, she Impressed! And /her/!" Reiko gets a squeal. "Good job, you! Go, blue, go!"

Marianne's eyes widen a bit more, watching one dragonet in particular, and then looks to Reiko curiously. The hatching of yet another pulls her attention away, but slowly, it returns to the previous two. "They're all choosing," she murmurs to Rowann, before turning to smile slightly at Kezenex. "Did he choose Reiko?" is suddenly hissed, as she turns to gaze upon the girl.

Phea is too suffused in dragonet-oggling to hear Lorsalia - and then, as she sees Reiko and the blue, she just /screeches, "/Reiko!/ ReikoReikoReiko! Reeeeiiiko!" Dance, dance, dance. "Yay, Reiko!"

Tamber lets out a gasp! He knew it would happen, he was told it would happen, but he never /expected/…he hops with even more forces as Reiko Impresses, "Reiko!" He clutches Xaner, "It's Reiko!" Duh. :)

Sasha punches the air "Whoooo Reiko! Go Girl!"

Loren stares over at Reiko. "/Reiko/!" Shriek, goes Lo', who removes her hand from Aeris' long enough to wave it. "Yaaay!" Sheik, and such, and Lo' forgets her spastic surveillance for a moment.

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg gives one more shudder, then starts to shake. Time to get the show on the road.

Way-ulllll…. what have we here? Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet sneezes once: sand clearly agrees as little with him as with his egg. A glance towards his dam, and the dragonet makes steps across the Sands, no slouch when it comes to putting himself forward.

Kezenex guhs…"Impressing?" Really? Seriously? No joking? Oh my…Wobble. "Ok," he whispers at Hy. "Bronze!" Squeak! Kez wobbles again, shifting his feet. Dragons, dragons everywhere…"Reiko!" The name is squalked! All/right/! She wasn't eaten!

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg rolls end over end, blood red quivering and pouting. To its credit, dizzying movement steadies as eerie cracks appear, one by one, to ring the dark expanse. Tension mounts as the egg pulsates, cracks widening to chasms and then craters as it explodes, shards ripping into the air, to land, spent, a fair distance away.

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet
Myrrh and mahogany fuse together across muzzle and headknobs, entwine about prominent eyeridges, and sweep all silk and sisal down the grand lengths of this broad and ponderous dragon. Lighter klah-brown erodes the sharp edges of his powerful neckridges before dissolving into the brooding layers of umber sweeping his belly and forelegs. His smooth, suave hide speckles to bronze across the rounded curves of his withers, as if momentarily blessed by the sun. Wingsails - wide and high - are cloaked in a marbling of black, gray, and fawn, to create a secretive cove of shadows and covert camouflage.

"Great! That's great!" She doesn't really know Reiko all that well, but it's /blue/! Thus, Cayl /knows/ it has to a goooood thing.

"Reiko!" Rowann clings and cheers simultaneously. "Reiko! Reiko Impressed!" So.. wow.

"Bronze," Ciera announces. "This time, I think it really is bronze, too." If not, she can blame it on the wine. "Oh, and look! The first blue has chosen. Lucky, lucky girl. Reiko, isn't it?"

Xaner is..clutched. And bounces along with those hot feet. Owie owie. "Ooh! Reiko!! Go Reikooooo!"

"Reiko?" R'ave murmurs toward Sora, eyes getting.. bigger. "Cool." He bounces a little with the bluerider, to avoid being jostled. Umph.

Khory blinks. "Reiko," he states, casting a glance to Kinecha. "She just impressed.." he whispers.

Hiliza actually lets go of Surupa's hand, and starts jumping up and down, screeching, "Oh! OH! Reiko! Reiko!" Hiliza resists the urge to run over and hug her fellow candidate. Afterall, she's busy. "Oh Reiko! Congratulations!" And Surupa's hand is found again, though Hiliza is near-tears happy.

Lorsalia oohs at Reiko and pulls on Loren and Essie's arms. "It went to Reiko, Reiko Impressed a blue!" She squeals, positively extatic that the blue didn't pick her. But look- that Balloon egg is showing a crack or two. Without waiting, Essie scoots forward, pulling Lorsalia with her. She's gonna be right there for the dragon, she will be.

Hynolonie's face breaks out in a big grin as she spots Reiko Impressing. WHOO! "HURRAY! REIKO!" She assumes there'll be a new name, but its just so much fun to shout her old name now. "CONGRATES!" The littlest candidate jumps up and down. wooo! "Um.. sorry Kez." She realized that she was yanking on his arm the entire time.

Ilare wooos! "Reiko! Oh, wonderful!" What an excellent choice! A'sh and blue Squirtleth are motioned over, even as the newest brown gets BLINKED at. He's.. handsome. Ish. Maybe? Not as good looking as hers.. "Lots of browns." That's her bet.

Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg suddenly /twitches/, crimson swirls shivering. Oops.

Mechelle hurries to step away from Reiko, grinning at her friend, "Congratulations!" she says again. "Reiko, the dragonrider!" she murmers, stepping away even more. Gotta give them all the room they need, of course!

Pyrene lets out a startled cry as she recognises the weyrling. "/REiko/?? Reiko on blue? She's not a bluerider! She can't be." She was kind of sensible.

Surupa looks towards the blue and whimpers. "They want to maul me, I tell you. Just waiting for me to come out in the open an' then three of 'em will come running at me and tear me to pieces!" /Shudder/. Blink. "Reiko?" And she glances that way. "/Oh/, hey! They took away Reiko!" How evil of them.

D'renn peers in the same direction as Ciera, agreeing eventually, "Bronze it is." But. Um. "Was that Reiko? Blue? Wonderful!"

"Reiko! Over here, please!" R'sli calls, and motions the new weyrling over.

G'deon claps suddenly as the blue bows before Reiko. "Fantastic!" he blurts out, once again the little boy on the sands. "Reiko! Let's get him fed. Did you hear a name?" he asks, turning to the Weyrlingmaster.

"Is that her name?" Sora wonders, then bounces. "Another one!"

True Blue Mate Dragonet discards the studied pair, turning again to pick his way across the sands toward a trio. Xaner is sniffed at for a moment, studied carefully. But no.. this one is managing quite well. That other, though… the dragonet's attention is turned to Kezenex, eyes whirling faster in concern. /This/ one.. he needs help! It wouldn't do for one so confused to be so alone in the world. And True Blue Mate dragonet is just the one to fix that. With a soft creel, the dragonet plants himself directly in front of the herder, eyes turned upward to seek… Kez. His.

Crumbling Papyrus Egg spins, waiting for that precise, -perfect- moment that has to be coming soon.

True Blue Mate Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kezenex, and steps forward.

Hyzen claps with her rolls, dropping crumbs all over the place for the Impressions. "Reiko!" she cries in triumph, grinning widely before examining her rolls. "Oh my."

"Oh, Reiko?" Kinecha mutters, not sure if she should be happy or dissapointed. Though a smile does spread on her face. There was no way she could be angry or jealous at Reiko was there. "Blue, then… Fits her well enough.."

R'sli shakes his head at G'deon. "Not yet."

Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg shifts restlessly with the beatnick beebopping of the occupant inside, shimmering shell blinging its way with a rapid growing of gaudy hue. Suddenly, it stops: colors shatter like broken dreams, and speckle, for a moment, the bottle-green hide of Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet as she simply appears.

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet
Storm-tossed jade sloops along the elegant arcs of this graceful dragonet, gliding in giddy waves of color that swirl silver to refined aqua along every slim and lissome contoured edge. Built sleight but strong, her fathoms deepen from the shimmering sterling nuzzling the inquisitive tip of her muzzle to the fey curves of her willfull, willowy tail. Each artistic neckridge is crested in sun-wrought gold, rising into filigrees of pale carrageenin that web and lighten the sea-deep green of wings whose mainsails flutter as wild and free as the life atwinkling in her jeweled gaze.

Reiko's jaw drops. Really drops. "Cerdith," she murmurs, trying the name on her tongue. The cheering around her is only so much noise as she reaches for the dragonet with trembling fingers. "You're beautiful," she murmurs. But now she's hungry. No… he's hungry. She glances up at G'deon sharply as he speaks. "Fed. Yes…"

Labyrinth Egg shakes. It quacks…wait..quakes! And then…it falls silent once more. Oh no…not again. Yet another rhyme to understand, a reason to pause and think over things.

Cablet, still crying out and jumping up and down to escape the sands, nearly bumps into a tiny brown dragonet. Both go falling, and he raises his head to stutter… "He says his name is Foxeth!"

Rowann squeaks. Clings. "Reiko! And.. /Kez/!" Screech. She hops around wildly, both from the heat of Sands/sandals and from sheer pent-up excitement. "Kez! ANd Reiko! And everyone else!" ..whom Impressed and she didn't notice.

"Reiko and Cerdith.. Look! Kez got one!" Yay! Yay! Ilare bounces. Oh, this is going to be an interesting weyrlinghood.

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet tentatively steps forward, unsure of this new world and all that it might hold. Candidates are scanned, and then approached tentatively. Can someone help to navigate this place? To find a smile on this special day?

Xaner has been sniffed at by a dragon. A baby dragon. A baby dragon that has the potential of chewing on him. Oh. Wait, no, it wants to go for Kez. How lovely. Kez?! Blink! "Kez!" Jaw drop.

Phea leaps at Mechelle, still whooping, clinging to the nanny desperately. "/Kez!/ Kezkezkezkez!" A new name to chant. "Kez and Reiko, Kez and Reiko! Kez, Reiko, and Cerdith! Wowwowowow!" Once she overcomes the initial excitement, she peers over at the newest dragons. "Look! Green!"

Ciera spots Squirtleth and A'sh and smirks again. "Two blue, now. Eighteen left, and we get to see you in that dress." So many dragons, so little time. "Oh, and that brown, the second one to hatch… looks like he latched onto that boy we brought from the herders. Kezenex."

Hynolonie backs away of course, letting Kez's arm go as the brown seems to take up her friend's attention. "Or.. you could ignore me. That might be better." Not that he was listeing now. "CONGRATS KEZ!" She shouts at him as she steps away.

Wait….Wait…Suddenly Kez is staring in the whirling eyes of a dragon…./his/ dragon. The Herder flops down into the sand, cradling the head for support. Oh…my…"He..He says his name's Shirasuth!" Faint…

Mechelle grins as yet another candidate that she knows Impresses, "Kezenex!" is mumbled, as if she's trying to keep up with those who have Impressed. She keeps lots of lists, you know. Here's another one.

Loren waves a hand at Kez, now, beaming. "Kez! /Yay/!" Lo' is proud, and all. But now - oh. Green. Stare. Look. Green. "Lors!" Squeak. "It's a green!" Another squeak, and, tugged by Lors-and-Essie, she moves forward - stumbling haphazardly onto Lorsalia's robe. Oopsies. It wasn't Lo's fault.

Hiliza's eyes catch on the little green, but then, Kezenex Impresses and gets as much of a fanfare of screeches of congratulations, "Oh, oh, oh! 'Upa! Reiko and Kezzie and.." She sniffles, tearing a bit, "It's so lovely and sad all at once. And… I'm.. so happy!" More clinging.

Surupa gives off a good pout, complaining about the dragons mauling her and stealing their friends. They do that, of course. "Oh no! Kezenex!!" She whines, waggling a hand in his direction. "They took you too!" Her bottom lip quivers lightly, and she turns away clinging to Hiliza. They are all leaving.

Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg is still for a long time, as if listening to the sounds surrounding it. Finally, a faint jerk is given to say that it's still here and still kicking. It's just not time yet. Why shatter the peace it finds in itself?

Marianne swivels slightly to see the /next/ Impression… Kez? "Kez! Terrific! He's /gorgeous/!" And she'd been hoping to see that one on green… smile grows bigger and bigger, before she turns back to wave at Reiko, as well. The newly hatched ones regain her attention, as she holds her tongue… for once.

G'deon steps out just a bit.. but not too far, that sands is hot, don't ya know. "Reiko… lets get him a little something to eat. Cerdith? Fantastic… just fantastic," he ends in a quiet rush. And that beaming smile is… just because!

Tamber fairly dies as a dragon sniffs Xaner, inches from Tamber himself, then turns and ambles over to choose Kez. "Great Faranth!" he breathes, pausing in his dance…"Congratulations, Kez." And wide eyes go back to the eggs. Will his lifemate be among them? He can only wait and let his feet burn.

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet beaches herself with a flurry and tumble of delicate wings, tangled and landing with a thump on the Sands. Slowly, the knot is untangled: head follows wings follows claws follows eyes, and the small dragonet stands to eye the sea of white. New places to swim? Away, then!

Pyrene spins around, trying to keep them all in view. "Kez? Kez Impressed? Not blue I hope… oh, the brown! Oh, that's a nice pairing. Shirasuth? Lovely name…" And did somebody say a bronze hatched? She wants to sit in the galleries. You can /see/ things there.

Lorsalia uh-ohs when the tiny brown appears from the First Flight Balloon Egg. "Essie…don't!" She warns, but is dragged forward anyhow. Forgetting to release hands, she takes Loren along with them. Unfortunately, Lorsalia's robe doesn't seem to want to go as well and slips out of the rope securing it.

As an egg cracks near the back of the clutch a brown dragonet staggers forth and practically sprints towards the candies, tripping over and falling flat on his face. A white clad candie just cannot help herself and she runs to pick up the disgruntled creature." He says his name is Clutzeth!" Calls out his new rider…Trip.

Taking a step back from the blue dragonet approaching him, Vylking shakes his head in surprise. So he /is/ able to be thrown of his feet. Literally! Since he falls to his knees and throws his arms around the blue. "He says his name is Valhallath… And he calls me V'king?" A tear runs down the big mans face, disappearing into the thick beard.

Cadgwith croons. See? She has babies /and/ they can Impress. Fully functional gold she is, no matter what 'some' people might say. And such pretty kids. They have four legs and two wings and everything.

Ilare motions for the newly impressed to head over HERE. Off those hot sands! Quick quick quick! "Congrats, Kez! Well done, reiko! Over here.." Cadgwith gets a big grin and a shake of the head is for Chanticoth. Bebes are cute..

Phea is still latched onto Mechelle, oggling dragonets and all that fun-stuff. "Shirasuth? Shirasuth! Bee-yoo-ti-ful!" For emphasis, she begins to shake Mechelle. "'Chelle! Nan-er-Mechelle! /Dragonets!/"

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet slouches onwards, head cocked (headknobs cocked even more crookedly) as he surveys the crowd of white, still fairly neat this early on. Ah-hah…. Now, that over there looks the right kind of thing for this bronze, and he heads towards a small knot of lads.

Sasha waves at Kez happily" Congratulations! what a beauty you have there!"

Reiko nods quickly, carefully making her way over to the edge of the sands, the little blue following. She's shaking all over now and right on the edge of tears. "Yes… here we come."

Xaner shuffles. Eeek! Hippity hop. "Why do the sands have to be sooo hot?"

Khory is now caught up withing the maelstorm of all that's going on around him. Left and right people are impressing, and here he and Necha are, looking silly, hopping up and down and trying not to burn their toes off. "Look Kez impressed too," he manages to state, before backing out of the way from a charging bronze. "Agh! Watch it Kinecha!"

G'deon laughs again as he finally spots the new brown Weyrling pair. Weyrlings! They have Weyrlings!

Petrified Forest Egg shifts a bit in it's little sandy-spot, then falls still again. Completely still. This egg is most definately not moving. At all.

Hynolonie backs up into Marianne and spins around, shocked that she ran into the harper once again.. "I guess us harpers should stick together. It might stop me from stepping on your feet?" A grin is given to Marianne as she grabs onto her arm for support.

Mechelle nods down at Phea, "Yes, yes…dragonets…and a lot of Impressions." She takes Phea's hand and squeezes tightly, maybe a bit /too/ tightly, but maybe it'll wake them /both/ up. "Phea, we aren't waking up! This is /happening/!' Is this the first time she's really noticed?

Crumbling Papyrus Egg seems to wrinkle, as delicate as it is, still spinning 'til its moment is come.

K'nex, still wobbly, wanders over ot where Ilare is motion them with his new lifemate. "Right..here..coming.." Carefuly, and shakily, he makes his way over.

Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg feels outshone. But that's good. Diversion of attention can be good. It will just make its own entrance all the more spectacular. The revelation of the secret within will be the climax of the Hatching, yes indeed.

Dark Broken Mirror Egg wriggles and shakes - is that more cracks appearing at its shell? Hmm….

An egg in the back rolls to the side, crackling against its neighbour and splattering into a gawky blue. Head shakes, and then he marches smartly to Weilurvane. "Albluesth!" W'eilurv yells.

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet searches, examines and continues, intent on finding the true partner for him. A group from High Reaches hold is notices, but then he swerves, homing in on something akin to a signal.

Rusty Bike Egg quivers randomly, little jerks and nudges from within becoming more frantic and threatening to topple the egg from its sandy nest.

Essie ignores the fact that she is dragging Loren and Lorsalia towards the brown of her choice, leaving Lorsa's sheet/robe behind. She puts the trio directly in the path of the brown, who stops short to scold, only to fall in love with the calm ex-nanny. "Teeth." Essie exclaims. "His name is Teeth."

Marianne bites her lip again, holding back slightly. Some down, more to go… Hynolonie gets a bob of her head, as she winks. "My feet are the least of my worries now, to be honest…" The grabbing arm is patted lightly, as she continues observing it all. Smile grows slowly, but steadily, and soon she's all-out grinning.

Kinecha gapes as people and dragonets are Impressing each other all around her. "Khory? What's happening? Kez Impressed? What color?" Her eyes scan the Sands, but she only spots V'king with his blue, "Vyl Impressed a blue!" she says, smiling over at Khory.

Loren acks at Lorsalia. "Um. Sorry. Um. Sorry. Um." Indigo eyes go very owlish, and Loren inches carefully away from the Tillekian. Lo' didn't do it. Petrified Forest get a wary glance, though, and Lo' ponders. "Did they move?" Stare. And then she squeaks, Essie-wards. "Ooh! Good for you!" Beam, and all. Right.

Tamber shakes his head at Xaner, "So we're nice and fried for Cadge to eat us when we don't Impress?" he offers. Or so he's been told. "One by one…" he murmers, gazing after friends who have Impressed already. "No greens yet, that a good sign, right?" he elbows his friend playfully.

Phea pinches herself about five times, just to be sure. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.. nope, no dreaming!" The candidate sways against Mechelle, giggling happily. "Can you believe it? Reiko and Kez! Reiko and Kez!"

"Three blue!" Ciera has spotted Albluesth, apparently. "Seventeen to go." She seems a tad less triumphant, now. "There aren't as many blue hatching as there should be." At least not in her book.

Part 2

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