High Reaches' 7th PC Hatching (part 2)

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
29th July 2001
Logged by K'nex

Part 1

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet claws her ways through the sand, wings thrashing for a moment of Cadgwith-like awkwardness before she hits her stride and begins at one corner of the Candidate-circle. Sniff. Sniff. Are you mine?

Mechelle laughs, then turns to give the Papyrus egg another look, "They're all hatching so fast.." She's got to make sure it's still there, of course!

Ilare waves at Essie (aww.. she got brown! Yay! Of the Tillek people, she liked her best,), motioning her over. Eyes scan the sands. Who will be next? And what will be the next egg to crack?

Pyrene idly ho hums and takes bets on when Lorsalia's robe will fall off. And makes a few cheers to various of her pets. Not that she has favourites among the candidates or anything (she likes all the ones who don't Impress blue).

Xaner smirks at Tamber a little while in his hippity hopping easter bunny movement. He points towards the Dolphin dragonet swimming about. "What do you call that then, Tamby? I think she looks pretty darn green to me!"

Lorsalia releases Essie's hand with a huff, leaving the older girl to her brown Teeth. "Oh, Loren-" She is caught up in the hatching, doesn't even realize that her robe is now on the sands. At least she's wearing underclothes and the sands are hot. "My egg- the mirror one- it's cracking. Don't let it hatch, don't let it." She cries, forgetting that that's generally the way hatchings work.

Surupa is whining, whimpering, pouting, and complaining. And she isn't about to stop either. "They will all leave me, won't they? You won't go, will you Hi'?" Sniff. She clings to the other candidate, watching those that Impressed already being led off before snapping back to those dragons. They think that they can make her look away for a moment? Well, think again!

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet fetches up right in front of a pair of likely lads, examining them with care and attention. Light brown.. dark brown. Blue eyes… green eyes. He rests his behind on the hot sands, making a slow choice, considered and above all sensible choice.

Tatia sidles toward Sora as the first dragonets make their choices. "So.. we actually have to /keep/ some of these, hmm?" she questions idly.

Khory replies, "He impressed a bronze, I believe.." He's not quite sure, all things considering. Rusty Bike Egg is noticed as it nearly topples, and he actually wants to run out to save it from falling, however, it's all the way over there.. and he's here.. and .. Oh, lookit that.. More rushing, starving, excited dragonets. A glance at the blue nearby, and he blushes. "Watch it.. They're sniffing.." Might lose a robe that way.. Oh. Like Lorsalia did.

Tamber blinks once, twice, "Xan, why did you have to go and point /that/ out to me." And blithely goes back to ignoring the green. "Unless, she picks /you/ that is." he smirks. Nope, there /are/ no greens today.

Labyrinth Egg muses. There is something beyond this maze… Something worth finding. And time is running short! Tap..tap…click.. Almost the sound of a lady's shoes beating against a wooden floor comes from the egg. Tip..tap.. shake. There's movement now. Running..no, -racing- towards the climax!

Hiliza sniffle's into Surupa's sleeve. "Kezzie and Reiko are /riders/ now and then others tooo soon and I miss them already." Nevermind that Hiliza /lives/ in 'Reaches. "And they're all so pretty and.." She wipes her eyes, "It's so lovely. Yes. Lovely, lovely."

Loren prods Lorsalia lightly. "It's gonna hatch." Loren is the destroyer of dreams. Sorry. "Hey - green! She moved." Lo' spasms and twitches and does various other things. "Eek."

Rowann, seeing as her fellow candies are slowly beginning to disappear to the Land of Weyrlinghood, does the most logical thing. She shuts her eyes. "Someone tell me when it's over."

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet once again catches sight of a special gleam, a smile, and is pulled in. Worries are forgotten as he hears a tiny laugh, a laugh that he could listen to for the rest of his life. Tentatively, he approaches the other half of the circle, to be closer to that special one.

Ogera turns to Hiliza "Don't cry Hiliza, it's ok."

G'deon begins humming a quiet tune as he helps get some of those first dragonet meals ready. That's right, sleeves rolled to the elbow and hands in the… food. Yummm. "Now, don't feed them too quickly," he whispers to the few who have already joined him off to the side of the sands. "Reiko? Kez… need more?" And then off he goes humming again, eyes glancing at the ongoing hatching scene from time to time.

Crumbling Papyrus Egg has splintered down the blurry colors looping its tense, eager shell. Not long now.

Hynolonie blinks.. and stares, getting a little mesmerized again.. Wait. She's supposed to be breathing. She takes a really deep breath and lets it out again, blinking. OH, she felt better when she breathed. Talking was out of the question, but breathing, she could do that.

Xaner snickers again and gives Tamber a quick poke in the side, before pointing at the eggs again. If Tamber doesn't wanna look at the greenie, he'll look at the eggs. "Lookit that one! It's Moooooooving!"

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kinecha, and steps forward.

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet saunters lightly down the line, poking here sniffing there, taking a moment to peer up at one Candidate before snorting and continuing forth. Suddenly, she stops - and moves, quickly-quickly, towards a group of Candidates. She sees what she wants, somewhere in there.

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet definitely isn't green. Certainly not a greenhorn. Though new-hatched, he's the experience to pick what he wants.

Ilare watches that bronze, interest shining in her eyes. Who'll get him? The green gets a pout as it wavers, and Ilare shakes her head. then.. SNAP. "Necha!" Joy! Rapture! Kinecha got the brown!

"Hatch, hatch, hatch!" Phea wills, waving her freehand at the eggs. Listen to.. the Hyper One. Mwa. "/Necha!/ Necha, Necha, Necha! /Necha!/ Go, 'Necha!"

Surupa shrugs away her sleeve from the nanny-candidate before she attracts a dragonet that way. Who knows, it can happen right? "C'mon, Hi'. They're still right /there/, jus' with dragons. An' they left us." Sniff. "But no reason to cry over it at all!" Blink. Just a moment. "Oh /no/! They got 'Necha!!"

Mechelle starts to do the typical CandieDance, feet are getting hot now. At least she's not living up to her name of QueasyCandie out here on the sands, eh? " Deep breaths…/Lots/ of deep breaths! It'll be over soon…" she mumbles over and over in a sort of littany.

Pyrene looks smug. Lorsalia's robe /did/ fall off. "Stupid child," she murmurs cheerfully pointing her out to Zi'n. "How are we doing? Is the bronze Impressing? How about the green over there…" She's bored already. "The party's ready once this is finished, right? They have wine?"

K'nex pauses feelign his dreadfully hungry dragon, to glance up at G'deon.."Uh…Soon?" He's /trying/ not to feed to fast, really. And he has to teach this thing to chew, too. Hmmm. Hmm? "Necha!" He chears once, before goign back ot feeidng.

Lorsalia looks around, "Where?" She asks, then spots the Bluenose Dolphin Green. She squeals again, jumping from sandaled foot to sandaled foot, still oblivious that her robe has gone. "Oh, think she'll come to us, Lo? D'you think she will? She's so pretty!" But what she wants is to keep that mirror egg from hatching. She wants to take it home with her.

Salea cheers as Kinecha impresses to a brown. "That's a good pairing!" she enthusiastically grins to Ilare.

Sasha claps for the impression of her guard friend. " Whoooah Kinecha! Look what you have got! He's gorgeous!!!" Another swig of water clears her throst ready to call out congratulations for the other impressees.

Rowann takes her cues fromt he varied screaming and cheering going on around her. "Necha!" She pauses. "What'd Necha get?" Another pause. "Necha!"

"/Reiko?" Tatia's voice rises in obvious disbelief as she shoots a gaze toward the edge where the new weyrlings are gathering. "How'd I miss /that/ one. Shards. Reiko." Think she's happy? Then again, when /is/ the greenrider happy? "And a blue, too. Shards." Just keeps getting better or better.

Khory blinks again as the dragon does come sniffing their way. "Um.. Necha.. I think it likes you.." he whispers, and lets go of the guard-candies hand so that she can take care of this…

Marianne fidgets slightly, lower lip taking on that quiver her hands had previously discarded. Breathing comes just a little bit shallower… and then, stops all together as she sees Kinecha Impress. "Congratulations!" she calls to the girl, wringing her hands slowly. "It's all happening so fast… oh…"

Mechelle blinks, "Oh! Kinecha! She Impressed, Phea!" Obvious, of course, but she has to repeat everything. Maybe that will make it more real?

Xaner ohhhs as he notices Necha Impress. "Oh Necha! Yayyyy!" Beam. Sparkle some more. Oh dear, does this leave Khory by himself. "Khoooory! Come over here!"

Hynolonie is startled out of her staring by Marianne's yell and she jumps up and down to get the blood flowing in her viens again. "CONGRATS! KINECHA!" She grins and looks up at Marianne. "Would you rather it dragged on and on?"

Hiliza beams and bawls at the same time, calling, "Kineeeeeecha!!" Hiliza swallows, trying no to hiccup and nodding at Ogera and Surupa, "It's just so.. fast, you know?" She nods, and then squeezes hands in a semi-encouraging way.

Murrough widely grins as another candidate is chosen. "Necha! Wow!" Althought that doesn't cover everything, he's stuck with those words. No time for speeches here. The bronze is noted, given a smile, as Mur continues to survey the scene.

"Congratulations, Kinecha!" G'deon calls across the sands, yet another broad beaming smile for the next to join the gooey ranks.

Kinecha pushes Khory away with one huge shove as the dragonet comes toward her. "Outta the way, Khory," she manages to says as she kneels to greet the brown coming toward her. "Ohh.. You're so beautiful Mneoth.."

Tamber takes the cue and stares back at the eggs, until a startled jumble of noise coming from Necha's direction grabs his attention. "A /brown/ Xan, Necha Impressed brown." Sigh. "Yeah, c'mon Khor." he chimes in urging the other candie to join them. "Come hide us from the greens."

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet won't be ignored any longer… and besides, he's made his choice. Dark and green… his favourite, country colours. Hey, Tamber…

Ilare nods at Salea. "Isn't it? Oh, how lovely! I KNEW she'd be great!" Yay Kinecha! "Mneoth.. That's a FINE name." Doesn't begin with C, but it will do.

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet sweeps forward with a shift and a sparkle of her bottle-green hide, blazing through the Sands and the tides. Wings flurry, momentarily, and then she shoves her muzzle insistantly into Hiliza's stomach. Attention must be paid to one so beautful as she, after all.

As Necha Impresses, and Khory is tossed aside, the one thing he fears actually happens. He lands bottom down on the hot sands! Mind you, he's not down for long… Scrabbling out of the way of the two new lifemates, he makes his way over to where Xaner is standing. "Well, hey there.." he states, and blushes. "You don't think they saw that, did you?" he asks. "The fall, I mean.."

Reiko didn't think she was feeding too quickly. But… just to be safe, she eases off a little, her free hand stroking her lifemate tenderly. Lifemate. But she does spare a twisted smirk and a wink for Tatia. Hi.

Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Hiliza, and steps forward.

Marianne shakes her head at Hynolonie, watching the other girl with a slight smirk on her mouth. "You know, I wouldn't… though I doubt even if it lasted a Turn it'd feel very long to me…" Breathing becomes normal again, and then, just as her quiver seems to subside, she sees both Tamber and Hiliza Impress. "Congrats!"

Pyrene ohs. "Kinecha got a brown? Must be a guard thing.." Her eyes sweep, trying to find Daeyn, but fail and return to the candidates in time to see Tamber's bronze. "Oh! And there oges Tamber… and Hiliza! I knew she'd Impress"

Sasha jumps up and down …she just can't control herself " Wahey! Tamber!!!! And Hiliza!! Congratulations!!"

Tamber's jaw drops. His knees give out. And he blinks stupidly at the dragonett before him. "Wha?" he murmers.

Crumbling Papyrus Egg shimmies, now those splinters in its cover widening, becoming shell-length cracks.

Bluegrass Country Hick Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Tamber, and steps forward.

Shriek!! "Hiliza!" And another friend snatches a green. Ilare bounces, completely missing Tamber get the bronze.

"Hiliiiiiiizaaaaaa!" Sora screams from the sidelines, jumping up and down and clutching at Tatia and R'ave's arms. "R'a, Tat, Hiliza /made/ it it this time! And so pretty!" Shrill.

Xaner beams at Khory. "Fall? What are you talking about?" Innocent grin. He looks back towards Tamber and jaw drops again. "Tamber!" Blink..blinkblink. He quickly lets go and latches himself to Khory instead. "Well! Glad I called you over here.."

Phea dances around Mechelle, shifting from one side to the other. "Tamber! Tamber, Tamber, Tamber!" Since she can't hug the newest 'rider, she settles for hugging Mechelle instead. Huuug. "OH! Hiliza! Hiliza! Hi', Hi'!"

Ogera walks away from Hiliza and her lovely green dragon.

Hynolonie releases Marianne for a bit and waves both her arms as two impress at almost the same time. "WOOO! HIliZA! TAM!" She grins and hops a little. realizing that her feet did hurt. Its only a few breaths before she's back clinging to Marianne and staring at the eggs and hatchlings.

Dark Broken Mirror Egg shivers. Now… now!

Loren squeaks, shrieks, cheers. "Tamber!" Swoon. "Hiliza!" More swoon. "Yaaaay!" Another shriek, and then she pauses, peering back over at the eggs and shifting a bit more. "Oooh. So many Impressions .." Sniff.

Dark Broken Mirror Egg trembles…. the cracks already marring its would-be perfect surface seem to grow longer, further, breaking up the illusion of beauty into small pieces of reality. Finally, the secret within escapes; arriving in the world with all the strength and glory of her long wait…

Blue Ridge Mountain Dragonet
Massive, moutainous crags of wingspars and sails flare in elemental wonder above the vales of alpine green grown wild along the sleek and powerful lengths of her svelte form. The glorious tumble of sprightly leaf-green hues leap up the sweeping saplings of legs and rump to blossom across her broad chest in a dappled profusion of wildflowers; fireweed sears muzzle and headknobs with the succulence of summer, repeated again beneath the whispering blue edging her rugged, rough-hewn spine. But it is the paleset sunrise that lights the natural arrogance rising beneath the weathered intelligence of her wide and honest gaze.

G'deon jumps just a bit, blue eyes blazing as he watches his former fellow Candidate. "Hi'!" he shouts out, laughing as the congratulations drown out his own. "Shardin' fantastic I tell ye," he mumbles happily before waving towards Kinecha. Must feed lifemate.

Tatia's eyes sweep back to the sands at Ilare's shriek - and her eyes go wide. "Hi/liza/! Oh, a /green/! Way to go, Hi'!" See? She /is/ happy sometime. "Hi/liiiiiiza/!" Afterall, the new greenrider is one of the few candidates who's not scary - Tat's known her for Turns.

"Everyone over here, please!" the Weyrlingmaster calls to the new weyrlings. "Let's get 'em fed and out of the way, shall we?"

Surupa /whines/. She really does, as she takes a great big step to the side with her bottom lip quivering at Hiliza. "Hi'!" She's gone now, isn't she? Yes, she is. "She've lovely, Hi'." And that is the first nice thing Rupa will say as she shuffles, out in the open, and glancing towards the hatching eggs. She needs someone to hide behind now, before she is /mauled/.

Rowann hops and dances. Hopdance. Cheer. "Hiliza! Tamber!" HKer hands now cover her eyes, just so she can resist the temptation of looking. That would be bad. Hopdance. Run into someone. Oof. "Sorry." Hopdance away.

Mechelle laughs, hugging Phea back, but still making sure that while she's dancing around, she doesn't end up /behind/ her. "I see that…." Okay, time to be calm, at least to calm down some of the younger candidates…like Phea, perhaps.

Hiza lets go of her clinging partners and just, falls, flinging her arms around the dragonent and sobbing. No, she can't do anything plainly. "Oh! Issryuith! You're so beautiful. An.. and I love you.. and… you need food. Lets get food. Tell your clutch siblings not to maul anyone, okay?" Shaking, Hiliza rises and moves toward her fellow candidates, sniffling and hiccuping and beaming.

Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg is not rocking. Not. Focus on that dragon over there for a moment while it gets this /just/ right…. If cracks appear, they're camouflaged by the shell's design, but a twitch here and a tap there and suddenly the Egg springs open revealing the trick inside.

Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg twitches and stirs, its rocking movement creating minute cracks in the precious gilded shell. Gold flakes off, painted green swirls blister and fade as the fanciful orb shudders, each tremor tilting it up, up, and over the edge of its little sand bank perch. A tremendous crack on impact heralds the destruction of fragile beauty, and the egg is rendered into a rainbow of fluttering shards. From within rolls forth a lithe little hatchling, sticky with egg goo, which promptly lands on all four feet, an air of I didnt do it! fairly glowing from his body. Small tail flicks and waves like a banner behind him, egg shard crown upon his head ignored, as the hatchling surveys his new territory.

Blue Lynx Dragonet
Auburn flares ferociously, entwining ochre and sepia to slip silently over lush hide. Speckles, spots, and polka dots in near-onyx hue have been flecked almost haphazardly; some large, a hand's breadth or more, while others are barely visible as they blend neatly with molasses shades. 'Neath lithe, sleek frame, honeyed tints reign supreme, although tan is marred with more of the same freckling. Dapples flicker like shadowy leaves, down muscled limbs to broad paws topped by longish talons, wickedly curved and polished to a perfect shine. Trailing back along his spine, whitish frosting in icy blue caps ridges and wing spars, reminiscent of snow. Tail, short and thin, is tipped in the jet that spatters over him, as are his head knobs; midnight colours preparing to pounce, perched with perfect poise amidst mahogany. Singular imperfection mars his muzzle: silvery streak licks slantwise across a somewhat shortened snout, slicing across felid face to add a truly predatorial air.

And now there's two lonely bachelors just looking for love.. Ah.. Em.. Wrong scene. Ahem. With Ner's arm firmly latched around his, Khory doesn't have the time, nor the sanity to blush. There's just too much going on at once around here. "Look! Hiliza impressed too," he states, jumping from one foot to the other. Blisters have begun to appear…

Crumbling Papyrus Egg disintegrates into a heap of scattered ruins, dust-flimsy as the paper-thin husks effortlessly uncurl around the newest dragonet. Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet stumbles from the wreckage, briefly disoriented in the residue of his former confines. A quivering of his dazzling hide is followed by a sharp, festive whisk of his tail, dynamically removing himself from the exhausted shell, freedom attained in the flex of soft sinew as he hoists himself forward with no lack of particular determination.

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet
With a puff of dust and smoke, currents of Mediterranean blue twist over the curves and contours carried by draconic hide. Polished headknobs skew in a smudge of brilliant amethyst that streaks down comfortably rounded neckridges, leaving traces of dusky twilight down the dragon's blocky chest. Iridescent ultramarine counters any murk or shadow with a reflective lustre on buttery-soft haunches, steering down through a lithe and limber tail towards a pool of vivid blue at its widened tip. Wide, faceted eyes glitter the promise of zip and power as metallic lines race through his streamlined wingsails, the color cruising upwards until it fades out of sight.

Moving towards her own clutchmates, Ilare bounces. Boing boing boing. Yay! "HILIZA!" *swoon* And here comes ANOTHER brown…

Lorsalia gasps, seeing her egg hatch. "No! Loren!" She sighs, scurrying forward, wanting to get near near near the shards. "But- it's a green." Lorsa tugs on the older girl's hand nervously, afraid to get too near her favorite egg's dragonet, but afraid that the shards will be gone ebfore she can get to them.

Loren stares. "Green." Egg. Green = egg. Egg = green. Loren is wholly and thuroughly confused, movement limited to shifting feet and prods at Lorsalia. "Ooh." Stare. "It /is./" Green, that is. Um.

Murrough chuckles, watching Tamber and the unfolding scene. "Hiliza! great! Tamber too!" Enthusism inspires Murr to do a slight foot shuffle tap dance number as he shakes off the sand that's accumulated so far on his feet.

T'am throws his arms around his new lifemate, tears sqeeking from the corners of his eyes, "Farleth! Oh Farleth! Lets get you some food. You're hungry!" he sounds surprised. Folowing Hiza and her new partner, he moves toward waiting food and fellow…riders?

Blue Ridge Mountain Dragonet enters the world with an indignant creel as she falls flat on her backside. Eek! Quickly, up before anyone notices. She must not let herself lose that grand facade she's already developed. The white ones are scanned. But she stays near her egg - no-one must steal it away from her!

Xaner hops along next to Khory, eyes gone wide with all this excitement. And..the pain in his feet. Ooooow. His free hand brushes through blue and green locks of hair, sweat already dripping down his neck. "Ooh! Yay Hiliza!"

"Mechelle, Mechelle! My egg hatched! My egg hatched!" Pointpointpointpoint goes Phea, once again dancing in circles around Mechelle. "Oooooh, and another one! Another one hatched! It did, it did! /Three!/"

Marianne echoes Surupa's sentiments, noting, "She's absolutely lovely…" before turning back to squeeze Hynolonie's arm gently. "Oh, look! They're /all/ hatching, now…" Lorsalia gets a look, then she simply shakes her head, waving over at Surupa. "How're you doing?"

Ciera spots one of the latest batch on popping eggs. "Make that four blue," she says, rather sulkily. There's no way they'll make it to twenty. She won't get to see D'reen in a dress. "Can you wear the dress anyway, just for fun?"

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet steps gingerly through the musty debris of eggshell, legs faltering before they find their strength. He's no smooth mover, but he takes decided steps forward, seeking already. He's looking for a love, and he knows what he needs.

D'renn leans against the wall below the galleries. "Well, it's happening…. more blues…"

Mechelle blinks as she looks here, there and everywhere…."Ohhhhhh….blue!" she's wondered what would hatch out of the Papyrus egg ever since she set her eyes on it! "Mine too, Phea!"

Blue Lynx Dragonet doesn't waste a moment in looking at himself, instead he immediately stalks off, prowling around the sides of the sands (and behind most of the candidates). Erroneously concluding that most of the white things will be looking on that big shiny gold thing and the slightly less big but equally shiny bronze thing next to it. He's just here to… seek out something. He doesn't know what yet, but he's not going to let that stop him. Nor the fact that his wings keep getting in the way of his feet. Oof.

"Hatching?" Lonie peers as multiple eggs break at once releasing green and blue..and oh, she couldn't quite see the other ones. "Yes.. well. Should be done soon then?" She merps again and stares. "WAYyy.. to fast." She says in a sigh.

Loren prods Lors lightly, blinking. "If you wanted her egg, I don't think you're gonna get it." Any time soon, at least.

Surupa shuffles over towards Phea, since she actually seem to have paid attention to her. Not caring really who is with the younger candidate, she quietly shuffles to the side and hides behind her. "Jus' fine, as long as those dragonets keep their distance from mauling me." She whines, looking over towards those that had already Impressed. "They're all gone, now."

Lorsalia decides that standing stock still and looking cute for her egg's green isn't going to work. So she drops Loren's hand and darts forward, glad that she's only wearing a white camisole and undies- less to hamper her movements. "I've gotta save my egg." She says, letting people know what she's doing. But when she comes within a few feet of the green, from the side of course, she stops and glances around. "She's not moving." Obviously.

There's nothing wrong with blue.. It's Khory's favourite color, didn't ya know. Just look at the tips of his hair… Mind you, those azure strands certainly do stand out right now, considering how pale his skin is against the white of his robe and the sands. Sweat is pouring down the center of his back and his hands have begun to slip from Xaner's arm.

Phea is unable to stop dancing, too excited and too hyper - and ends up nearly colliding with Surupa. "Oof! Ruppy! Look, look, Nan-er-Mechelle's egg hatched, and so did mine! Isn't that /neeaat/?"

Marianne holds still, head tilting to the side as she answers Hynolonie with, "I don't know… it /is/ very fast, though, I'll give you that." Normally so talkative, the harper candidate can merely gawk now, her vocal cords clutched by both doubt and a near-overwhelming anxiety.

Rusty Bike Egg heaves again… heave..tip tip…it can't possibly remain tilted at the crazy angle for much longer….it has to fall…..

Xaner pries his arm loose from Khory's for a moment. "Ew…" He's all sweaty. He wipes his arm off on his sheet-robe, and then takes Khory's arm and wipes it off too before latching back on. "There! That's better!" Cling!

Boom! Crack! An egg splits open, sendign shards everywhere. The green hatchlign looks a bit abashed at this as she stumbles into the world. Dragon searches about, tripping a few times and finally finds /her/ lifemate. O'ops grins and cradles the green head, "She says she's Adaisyth!"

Blue Ridge Mountain Dragonet hisses slightly and fans her young wings possessively - oh well! If they want that shardin' egg, let 'em have it! With a soft creel, she takes a sudden hop to the right, starting a circular motion around the sands. Where is her one…. something is blocking her way!

Mechelle blinks, taking a long look at the blueness of the Borrowed Dad's Keys dragonet. "He's…he's interesting…" well, that one has hatched, so perhaps she should look at what else is going on, though she does keep her eyes peeled to watch that blue one. Who will /he/ choose?

Surupa, luckily, enjoys the warm sides very much and only shifts every once in awhile to make sure that she can still feel them. "They did hatch, Phea, they are /all/ hatching." But she shoots random looks towards her two favorite ones from the clutch, but just isn't about to call them /her/ eggs, either.

"Where's all the blues?" Sora wonders of Tatia. "Why aren't there more blues? It's a Cadge-clutch, there should be blues."

Labyrinth Egg swings into motion again, though stays in the same place. As though moving without moving, it shakes and shivers. Tiny stretchmarks seem to shiver across certain points of its darkly colored shell. There is light at the end of this tunnel! Should it move towards that light though?

Hynolonie hmms.. for a moment then looks up at Marianne again. Talking was the only way she could remember how to breath, so talk, she must. "Tell me if they start talking to you.. ok?" Not that Kez did, but you know, she has to ask anyway.

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet isn't overwhelmed, coolly nosing amongst the swarms of Candidates. He does, however, seem slight lost without a partner to help him through all this mess of noise and living. He is careful not to wallop anybody with the cheery wag of his tail, and quiet greetings are whirred toward his clutchsibs, and of course his parents. Musn't be rude.

Loren stares at Lorsalia. "Um - come back!" Lo' squawks and squeaks, inching forward approximately .. one inch. "Lorsa - I don't, um, think that's a good idea. Wait 'til it's over, at least." Nod, nod. Squeak. "Has she moved yet?" Le whine.

Khory smile faintly, (actually, quick sickly looking) and then spies the Rusty bike egg tilt some more. "Um.. Xaner, let's move over there," he states, pulling the other candy out of the way of creeling dragonets and towards a patch of eggs that look safely.. un hatched. Nearby is the Spinning Top Egg, which looks to be .. well.. spinning slightly. "At least this way, we won't get trampled…"

Ilare motions for the newly impressed to move off to the side, eyes watching that brown. Ilare has her priorities straight, you see.. "Who'll be next?" Rhetorical question? definately.

G'deon continues to try catching the new Weyrlings' attention, waving at T'am and Hiza, Khena too, trying to make sure their new lifemates are fed now that the vital impression is taken care of.

Blue Lynx Dragonet continues to stalk, passing many a candidate. Some freeze at his approach and are thus ignored. He's not looking for easy prey. Motion attracts him… motion and vigour. A zest for life could be interesting…. moving around behind a cluster of candidates he pauses and observes.

Marianne bobs her head at Hynolonie, chuckling softly. "Yeah… if anything like that happens, you'll be the first to know." Each dragonet recieves a stare, as she tries to puzzle out -just- what it is they're looking for. "How many are there, now? How many eggs left?"

Tatia shrugs, sliding closer to Sora to be better heard. "Maybe they're saving the best for last?" she questions with a faint smirk. "/I'm/ hoping for more greens, myself. Did you /see/ Hiliza Impress one?" Nevermind Sora's earlier shreiking - all the noise is confusing Tat.

Phea is keeping track of the brown - he's automatically special, since he hatched from /the/ Faberge Egg - whilst dancing around Mechelle and Surupa. Are they dizzy yet? "Dragons, dragons, dragons! Everywhere! And eggs! Everwhere! /Fuuuuun!/"

Green moves and Lorsa takes her chance. She darts into the egg shards and carefully bends over at the waist, sending her cute heiney into the air as she picks up bits of the mirror egg, turning them to gaze into it. With a curious expression, she turns to Loren and calls out "It- it's broken." The Tillekian Storyteller stands still, in shock. "It used to be kind of like a mirror. Now it's not." She babbles, bending over again to try and find more shards. She really wants them to work when she gets home. The best mirror she's ever looked into.

Petrified Forest Egg is protesting all of this movement. While it's cluchsiblings hatch around it, this egg remains motionless.

Xaner is pulled. Eep. Shuffleshuffle. Does Khory wanna be /alone/ with him? Mwaha..er..ok, maybe not. He looks at those relatively unhatched eggs though. Ok, if that Rusty Bike egg /falls/ on him…. Ooo, the sparkly Labyrinth one is eyed though. Yes! The liiiight! Head for the liiiight!

Blue Ridge Mountain Dragonet continues her meandering around the sands. Where, oh where, is that enchanting voice coming from?! She gets so lost sometimes… walking around in smaller and smaller circles….. around a particular group of girls. Whicever way she goes, she comes back to the place where Lorsalia is…. adoringly, she stops to gaze deeply at the Tillek girl. The light, and the heat, she sees in those eyes! Lorsalia, be mine….

Khena's jaw moves. Up and down, side to side. "You're hungry? Yes, of course you're hungry, they told us about this," she babbles on, arms around Mneoth as she helps him toward G'deon waving furiosly at her. "Where's the food, G'deon?" she asks almost desperate in her tone as she reaches the weyrleader. "He wants to eat!"

Shift. Bam. Boom! With a shake and a creel, a chunky blue dragonet rolls on out of his egg, plowing through the Sands to blithely run over Muchacho. "Spamth?" M'uch wonders of the blue. "Why, you're right, it /is/ noisy!"

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet bleats quietly, flashing eyes roving the crowds of cluttered white-robes. So many, so many. He seems sad to leave those he sniffs at, but he's after someone unrivaled. Metallic-lined wings ruffle and fold back again for balance as something new and remarkable captures his senses. Brown, blonde… something blue? And something's whirling around what he wants. He's so close now! He's waited all his life, after all…

Blue Lynx Dragonet's eyes whirl in confusion. Tactical evasion techniques are going on. Mechelle and Surupa get blinked at, but he's trying to see /around/ them. And in front of them… And he starts pacing around both girls - he's on the hunt, but he's not chasing either of /them/.

Blue Ridge Mountain Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Lorsalia, and steps forward.

Surupa waves a hand quickly at Phea, though she doesn't remove her gaze from the dragonets, hair already a mess around her. "Phea, stop that! You'll bring one of those dragonets here and they'll /maul/ or /bite/ us." And Rupa doesn't want that at all, attempting to crouch out of sight behind any random candidate. And then the Blue Lynx one is there and she simply whimpers. "See!"

Khory doesn't want to be alone with anyone.. He just wants to get out of the way of the crazy rush, and his feet are /killing/ him. You think delivering messages halfway 'cross a weyr is hard, try standing on these hot sands for this length of time! "Just safer here," he begins to say, before spotting some of the dragonets turning their way. Oh no.. Maybe he spoke too soon…

Gape. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… errrr… "The Brat Impressed?!" Oh NO.. That.. Ilare's seeing things, surely? That can't be RIGHT… Headshakes rapidly, and Ilare closes her eyes.. And opens them again. Where'd that stalking brown go?

Mechelle grins as Lorsalia Impresses, "Lors, the dragonrider!" she crows, though she's not too sure that it's a /good/ thing…well, maybe…She /is/ getting a bit dizzy at Phea's continued dancing, "Eggs, dragons…Yes." she murmers, but her eyes start following the rest of the dragonets around. Who's next?

Hynolonie merps at Marianne and hopes she does as she catches sight of Lorsalia Impression.. Some how, She knew if the girl Impressed it would have to be green. "YAY! LORSA!!!"

Pyrene stares dismally at Lorsalia. "I thought for /sure/ she was a blue!" she protests. Why do the blues keep snagging the nice candidates and all the *ahem* less nice ones impress nice colours?

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet has found someone to live for, someone strong enough. The beginning is at the start, and this is the start of something he's sure is wonderful. His muzzle bumps cautiously against her knee, whuffling the hem of the blue-stitched white robe. Gentle eyes whirl up toward the One. You're next.

Rowann hops. "They're all hatching, and I can't see.." The fact that she can't see if her own problem since she's covering her own eyes. And. "Lors!"

Loren huffs, planting a hand on her hip and stomping a foot - which is quickly raised with a grimace. "Of course it's broken. It /hatched./" Eyes roll, and the other hatchlings are eyed for a quick moment. "They're all hatching." Except Petrified Forest, which is being all, y'know, still. Lorsa's Impression, though, gets a stare. "Oh!" Stare. "Eek!" Blink, blink. "Yaaay!"

Borrowed Dad's Keys Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Mechelle, and steps forward.

"Five blue," Ciera notes despondently. "Five. The next fifteen all have to be blue." She eyes the clutch, trying to count amidst the confusion. "Can anyone even see if there /are/ fifteen left?"

"What, Ruppy? Stop? Whyyy? They won't eat y - " Phea ceases to speak, mid-sentence, peering at the brown. After a brief examination of the hatchling, candidate settles for an affable beam and a fingerwiggle. "Hihihiiiiii, brown!"

Lorsalia looks into the green dragonet's eyes, resentful at first that her egg is broken, but with a sigh, she drops the shards and reaches her arms out to wrap around her new lifemate's neck. "Yajisarath! Oh, you're so beautiful. And I knew it. I knew it." She can't stop gazing into those eyes, seeing her other half there. "You'd have to be mine."

D'renn sages in relief. "I think I'm going to be alright…. no dress."

Xaner merfs a bit and just hangs onto Khory. "Hm. Maybe it is." Yeah. Safer here. Hippityhoppity hothothot feet!

Blue Lynx Dragonet is tempted to jump over the crouching Surupa (which could get messy considering the lack of co-ordination in those semi-powerful haunches),but fortunately his prey suddenly stops and turns to face him. And so.. he pounces. Phea is his.
Blue Lynx Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Phea, and steps forward.

Cherished Spinning Top Egg shivers, starting up as if to spin again before settling back into its own personal hollow. Just a little more time waiting.

Mechelle blinks, and then blinks once again, "One? Two? /Rhajath/!" she nearly yells. Not quite the quiet, well-mannered nanny, as a tear slips down her cheek and she grins widely, "We're…I'm…" okay, so words are lost. Where /are/ they when you need them?

Marianne stares out at the rest of the group, still attempting to comprehend all that she sees. "Congratulations, Lorsalia, and Mechelle!" she cries, shifting to the side, then catching Phea's Impression. "Phea! Terrific! He's gorgeous!" she cries, before looking back to Hynolonie and merely nodding once.

Surupa whines at Phea as she doesn't even appear to be remotely afraid of the brown, and she simply cowers where she is crouched. But wait, what's with that brown? "Phea! I told you not to dance! An' now you're gone…" Sob. She quietly attempts to find someone else, shuffling away and away and simply crouching to hide behind a random candidate. But wait, someone is still around, right? There has to be someone else she knows, at least.

Ilare grins broadly know as the hyperactive candidate bags herself.. A brown. "Congratulations!" Why try and figure out new names, eh? Wait and see… Eyes drift up, meeting her own lifemates. It seems just like yesterday, doesn't it?

Loren inches back, taking a moment to sniff. Impressions. Too many for Lo' to be comfortable with, for the moment. "Yay!" Twitch. "Yaaay, Mechelle! And Phea!" Swoonbeam, goes Lo', who inches back and latches onto Aeris' hand again. "Yaaay." Squeak.

Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg pulsates, waiting the time when the occupant within will find the strength to break forth. But it's not time yet. More waiting and rocking left to do.

G'deon quickly hands Khena some bits of meat quickly, while still trying to get more ready. And don't forget, keeping himself tidy. Or not… "Khena, here you go. Don't feed Mneoth too quickly," he instructs quietly, just in case. "Ah, and more, fantastic!" He likes to say that today.

"Whoever Impressed!" A pause. Rowann listens. "Phea!" And.. "Mechelle!" She inches forward, and finally latches onto Surupa again, eyes open and hands free now. "Rupa, they're all.. Impressing."

Labyrinth Egg rocks frenetically, the struggle within now evident as the prisoner within struggles to break free of its confinement. Finally however, the creature suffering entrapment and confusion within the dizzying maze finally sees the light at the end. On the final strait now, no more twists and turns to negotiate. Cracks race, in myriad, up the sides of the ovoid and the shell shatters almost with a cry of anguished defeat as the clock is irrevocably stopped forever and the young girl breaks away clutching the child in her arms. And in that one shattering moment, a darkling bronze dragonet fights its way onto the sands.

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet
Quicksilver flares along bronzed adamantine hide, glinting in the faintest of light. Copper reacts blue-green down steely edges crystallizing at the peaks of serrated neckridges. Iron taints hot poker spines which prowl with single-minded purpose along vaulted chest before cooling, and skulking into the murky tin that vulcanizes strident muscles in thick limbs. From there scales broil upwards into the tempered facade of underbelly, obvious in pale caramel vulnerability and guarded almost secretly, as if it wasnt really there… Prisms of quartz and granite tunnel up whip-like neck, liquid metals melting along the lines of his wedged head, sheer 'knobs and pungent maw. Strength of form gives way to a dangerous elegance, however, at his slated wings. While spars of lace-like aluminium at first, deceptively, appear brittle, their flinty prowess braces wide sails, jetted with plum-streaked bronze, accentuating hues lurking within his gunmetal flanks.

Cadgwith studies the Sands in lazy consideration. Is good. Another thrum issues from her throat at the arrival of the latest bronze and she casts Orbyth a smug look. Didn't they do well?

Marianne lifts a hand, one finger twitching in Surupa's direction. "Rupa!" she calls, remaining where she stands and instantly throwing a glance to the Cathedral egg, before once again having her attention drawn at the sight of bronze shining at the edge of her vision. Breath catches in her throat, and her only comment is a squeaked, "Wow."

Orbyth sends Cadgwith a melting glance back. /Their/ bebes!

Khory smiles as Phea and Mechelle impress. "That's wonderful," he states, squeezing Ner's arm in the process of hugging himself. "Now, if we could just hurry along the other impressions, then we'll be able to get off of these sands!" See, he hardly noticed the affectionate action, and so, doesn't even blush… However, if Xaner would to squeeze him back.. That'd be a different story..

Hynolonie shakes her head and shakes it again before letting out another holler. "CONGRAT MechellE and Phea! WOO!" There.. her vocal cord have been exercised enough today right? She can go back to staring, huh? She clings to Marianne and continues to watch the new hatchlings emmerge.

Surupa is latched onto, even as she was trying to hide behind a rather largely built young man who might be known as the one that pushes her in repeatidly in the stables. He turns to glare at Rupa hiding and moves off. Whine. "Oh, Rowann!" She squeaks and suddenly gets behind the candidate one way or another. "They're all just getting dragons and leaving! Like… Well, like all the time!" Whine.

Xaner promptly…ooggles what hatches from the Labyrinth Egg. Well..Mrowr. And that's all he has to say about that. Sex-ah villain! Grip tightens on Khory.

Cadgwith would melt as is appropriate, but it would probably make an awful mess, and she's fairly sure the Hatchlings would have an even harder time struggling through melted dragon as well as Sands.

Phea - Pae! - broadens her beam dramatically, and she drops to her knees, oblivious to the heat, to throw her arms around the brown's neck. "Uzasnyth! Uzasnyth!"

R'ave is whooping, even if he doesn't know these kids all that well. This is very, very exciting all of a sudden. Nostalgia, maybe.

Sora bounces idly on her toes. "Lookit all of them, Tat! And look, there's that egg twitching lots, R'ave. See it?"

Murrough cheers as Phea and Mechelle impress, and then is jerked back to watch the eggs again as another one turns into dragonet.

"Thank you, Gid," Khena says, not even realizing that she's using the riders old nickname. "But he's /so/ hungry!" The former guard is nearly pushed over by the brown form of Mneoth as she shoves meat down his throat. "No, you can't eat too much, sweetness. The weyrleader says so…"

Chelle looks around, not sure what to do. She smiles slightly at the congratulations she hears, but her mind stays on Rhajath, "I imagine that you're starving? It seems the rest of them are…" Though she does look around a bit, looking at others who Impress.

G'deon wrinkles up his nose, not daring to touch it yet with those hands. He frowns just a bit, though still humming, trying to remember new names and old faces. "T'am? Do you have enough? Ahh, and you there, with the green!" He can't here everything… "Who wants s'more?"

Petrified Forest Egg doesn't move. It's not going to hatch. Ever. The egg twiches slightly. Okay, fine. Maybe it'll hatch. Another twich, and then it starts to shake. The dragonet inside is tired of all this waiting.

Rusty Bike Egg erupts with a Clang! Jangle! Screeeeech! Something is definitely happening within this rusty old egg. Amid unnerving jitters and shakes, it keels over with a chain-rattling CRASH! That's done it… it sure isn't functional now. Cracks reminiscent of rusty spokes radiate from a central point, gradually widening until the egg's domed form crumbles into a rusty heap. Emerging from the broken junk and egg goo, a disheveled blue dragonet tumbles out into a heap on the sands.

Borrowed Trouble Dragonet
Double, double, toil and trouble: witch's brew spills silver and smoke over a hide of teal, wisps of color billowing up in alternating murk and brilliance. Capricious blue clouds gather along his angular muzzle, melting into streamers of cerulean that deliquesce into the shadows along his flat ribcage. Airy blue gusts like a zephyr out of the darkness of his underside to stir the length of his tail nearly to jade, free and fair. Scalloped wingsails rustle like distant thunder against his squared sides, shot through with lightning and wet grey-green luminescence down to the tips of his char-black spars. Ashes to ashes, mischief fires a wicked spark illuminating the secret inner coven within his eyes' dark cauldrons.

Yajisarath nudges her new rider, turning her head away. She's hungry and wants to eat. Lorsalia must know that. "Oh, Yajisarath." The ex-storyteller gives a sigh, unwilling to stop -looking- But she feels that hunger and turns towards G'deon, leading the way to the food.

Loren's eyes focus on Petrified Forest Egg - hatching? Not hatching? Lo' is confused. The new dragon, though, provides ample distraction, and, for the moment, Lo' blinks at him. "Oooh… how pretty!" Squeak.

Rowann circles back around Surupa. "Don't hide behind me.. They're scaring me. Look at that bronze, Rupa!" Cling. "There are so many!"

Cayl stands tall upon the prison that once held him. The world has desolved into a sea of gold and white. Crunch..crunch: Talons of the sharpest variety scrape upon the shell, smashing it into the sand below. It bothers to take a step forward…and almost comes crashing down, a tower of metalic forged bronze. Eeep! Wings are to be shaken out /before/ you trip over them, not afterwords.

Petrified Forest Egg rumbles with the force of the being inside, dismal shades shaking and rattling with each shuddering blow. Jabberwocky-green slithers up, slithers down - and then slithers out in the form of a wing, and then a claw, and then a muzzle poking insistantly through. Another nudge of bourbon-brown shell tips it over and spills her out: Devil in a Blue Dress Dragonet is born into her world.

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet
Danger lurks as shadows within the alligator green of this villainous dragonet, darkening her varied hide of swamp and slough to the devil's own ruddy black beneath her low-slung belly. Quagmire tincture - lush and mangrove-dark - slinks furtively along her vast, square-built frame, twining the shallow crescent of talons' hooks and broadening in unchecked vines across her narrow muzzle and sharp, pointed 'knobs; maleficent shades stalk the skirts of vaporous, flame-caught cobalt flaring down her withers and tail. Large and uncouth, a man-o-war in green, her cimmerian colors are swiftly unbalanced by the powerful portent of wings as wicked and uncontrolled as the clandestine iniquity in eyes' heady hues.

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet stands tall upon the prison that once held him. The world has desolved into a sea of gold and white. Crunch..crunch: Talons of the sharpest variety scrape upon the shell, smashing it into the sand below. It bothers to take a step forward…and almost comes crashing down, a tower of metalic forged bronze. Eeep! Wings are to be shaken out /before/ you trip over them, not afterwords.

Hiza giggles, closing her eyes to share some joke and then commenting, aloud, "Not so fast.. That's better. I know, I know. But you wouldn't want to choke. No, you just Hatched and.. and you aren't ever going anywhere! So no choking, it's bad!" Everything else is a swirl of colors around her, beaming at the only other existing thing to her right now. "So gorgeous, Issryuith. Yes, even when you're eating. Of course. Why not?"

Khory jumps back as the Rusty Bike Egg hatches right near them. "Ach! Xaner, watch it!" he cries, wanting to run in his nervous state, but his feet are far too gone to do anything other than hobble out of the way of the egg shards. Instead, he trusts the other candidate towards the new dragonet. "There, you stand there.."

Tatia grins, head shaking toward Sora as she snickers. "Sora, dear. Calm /down/. You're going to make the weyrlings nervous." Or something. Another glance toward the gathered pairs as the greenrider attempts to mentally make note of who's Impressed. "The weyrlingmaster's sure have their hands full with /this/ bunch," she intones with a snicker. Unlike the Kamikazes, of course, who were the picture of well-behaved weyrlings. "Oh! Hiliza!" she calls, weaving toward the new greenrider. "What's her name again? Quite a pretty one, there."

R'ave is not trying to choke Sora, really, but it's just happening. "Yeahyeah, I see it, Sor." He's whispering conspiratorily - why? Because he's a dork. "It hatched." An obtuse dork, too.

Ilare moves away from her clutchmates towards the brand new ones, eyes bright with delight on their behalf. Moving towards G'deon, she elbows the weyrleader as she passes, grabbing some meat for the new arrivals to the edge of the sands. "Can you believe our lifemates were ever this small?" Giggle. "Congrats, Phea! Uzasnyth, is it? Head this way!" Ilare's got meat!

Pyrene leans back against Cadgwith and sends a look over to D'renn. "How many blues then?" she asks, finally giving into temptation. She still wants that dress to be worn. As long as she doesnt have to look at him in it.

Loren pauses, stares, blinks - Petrified Forest /did/ hatch. And … it's green. Lo' moves in Surupa's direction, for lack of any place better, and squealches faintly. "'rupa! Look!" Blink, blink. "Green." Eek.

Xaner waghs! And hops backwards as he's shoved forward. "Khory!" He grabs onto fellow candidate's arm and holds him against his side. "Noooo way! Staaaay with me!" He doesn't wanna stand next to hatching dragonets all by hismelf! Let alone get shoved at them!

Pae is clinging to Uzasynth now, but at the brown's request - and Ilare's - she disentangles herself to head toward the weyrlingmasters. "C'mon, Uzasynth-dear.. yes, I like calling you dear!" The pair heads toward the other weyrlings, as instructed.

T'am moves closer to G'deon, hurridly taking meat and feeding it to this bottomless pit who Impressed him. "There you are, better, eh?" he croons all the while. All the hectic craziness of before vanished in this perfect creature before him.

Borrowed Trouble Dragonet hoppets across the sand, with relatively good balance for one so newly hatched, wavering and wobbling with the occasional trip between unhatched eggs and peeping out from behind them as if to chortle «Peek a boo! Can you see me?!!» Then, with head raised high, and with a seemingly nonchalant expression of innocence adorning his sleek blue muzzle, he sidles out from behind one ovoid, before gallumpheting off to find somewhere else to hide, and some poor unsuspecting victim to sneak up on and pounce.

Salea assists Ilare in doling out portions for hungry dragonets, walking up and down the group to make sure no one goes without.

Sora gnashes her teeth nervously, clinging to Tatia and R'ave. "Am not, Tat, am not. And /I'm/ a Weyrlingmaster, Tat. I bet they'll be fine. Oooooh!" The bluerider oggles the newest green. "Look at that! Such a pretty green. Really dark. Kinda like Vesp, right Tat?"

Marianne blinks, the rapid hatching once again sending her head back and forth so fast it feels as though her neck might split at any given time. "Bronze… and green… and…" Rattling off as she notes each dragonet, she reaches for another candidate standing by, absently trying to catch her balance. "Ooh… oh…"

"So many that can maul /me/," whimpers Surupa as she goes back to hide behind Rowann, cowering in fear at the popping eggs. But as the Petrified Forest egg disposes of the dragonet, she blinks and whines. "See, even that egg popped." Which she liked rather much, too. And she doesn't like the dragonets either, because that one brown wanted to eat her, honestly.

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet flicks her wing, ridding herself of a piece of egg-shell that was left clinging to her hide. Now that all is in order, she looks up at the white wall of candidates before her. One of those out there is Hers. But enough of this waiting around, it is time to go.

Rhajath bumps Chelle's stomach with his head, demanding food. So, food it is. "Over here, Rhajath. Let's get yu fed!" She wrinkles her nose slightly. Raw meat is /not/ something she enjoys handling, but for him? Sure… "Small bites, Rho…/chew/…" eyes continue to count candidates and eggs and weyrlings and…there's /lots/ of things to count out there!

"Shards, I /hope/ not," Tatia intones toward Sora. "We don't need another.. /oh/! You're right, Sor - gorgeous!" Just like Vesp, of course.

Lorsalia hops up to Ilare, her arm wrapped around Yajisarath's neck. "Look! 'Jisarath came from my egg. See? Now I don't need the shards." She is definitely beaming as she reaches for a hunk of meat to stuff down the green's maw with a whispered command to 'chew it. don't swallow it down whole.'

G'deon chuckles softly at Ilare, giving her a quick wink. "Indeed they were… what I can't believe is that these little ones will grow to be like ours!" He slices away at a bit more, smaller chunks for the little green there… the long thin ones for that one… A man of action and adaptation is he.

Loren bounces. On the sands. Yes. Watch Lo' jump up and down, looking like a complete idiot as she tugs Aeris' arm out of its socket. Owchies. "Aeris! Look - isn't she …" Pause, ponder, peer. "Hrm." Lo' continues to ponder, shifting behind Aeris instead. "She's, um, kinna dark." Blink, blink. Peer.

Hynolonie holds onto Marianne as she begins to waver, trying with all her strength to keep the girl upright. She shakes her head, not really looking at Marianne as she tries to save her.. but stares at the bronze blue and green on the sands.. such pretty dragonettes.

R'ave eeps quietly. "She scary-lookin'," he comments on the green. "Vesp isn't scary." Cough.

Ilare grins at G'deon, before turning her attention to Pae and Lorsalia, meat chunks offered to all. "She's a very fine green. Congratulations." Its a new dragon. Brat or no, the green is a good thing. More competition for Sasha! Haha!

Khory didn't mean to push Ner forward, but what else was he supposed to do? Grinning rather wryly at the other candidate, the older man offers a shy, "Sorry.. Hehe.." as well as one of his more spectacular blushes. Face is now very red, with the heat, the embarassement, and the nerves all working against him. Well, at least he doesn't dissapear on the sands anymore. Like a big beacon, just shining his pink-hazed light for everyone to see.

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet growls lowly, feral eyes shining as brightly as any bloody jewel. The talon is dislodged from his sail, a momentary pause spent to inspect the appendage to make sure there is no damage. He must look his best, after all! With that, both wings are picked up off his back, egg-goo causing them to stick where they just shouldn't. How uncooth. Perhaps he should preen? But no, there is that hunger. Devil in a Blue Dress is regarded for only a spare moment before this devious dragon lifts his muzzle to the sky and creels. Yes. Hatchings are noisy: He is the reason.

Tatia arcs a brow toward R'ave, grinning. "You have /met/ Vesp, haven't you?" she questions good-naturedly. Seems the hatching's doing good things for her mood. Tat's not getting nostalgic, is she? Nah.. course not.

Sora nodnodnods rapidly. "Vesp's cute. And evil. But she's only evil when she's proddy." A sage, sage nod.

Borrowed Trouble Dragonet meanders around the group of candidates, skirting them with wary fascination - occasionally skippeting over to tease one, tugging at his robe, and then all of a sudden using the tip of his tail to tickle the neck of another, tapping her on the shoulder before flicking away. His eyes just gleam with mischief as if to say «Ha! Made you jump!»Before either candidate can react he dodges away from their vainly hopeful and eager grasp…

Xaner snickers a bit at Khory. "Awww, you're all blushy again." Gigglesnicker, maniacle laughter. Bwaha..*coughhackcchoke* Ack! Hot feet are noticed again. Hoppy!

"They can maul me more," Rowann whispers back to Surupa as she turns around tohide behind Surupa again. "That egg popped, I know. Soo… you can look at it now. And hide me, please."

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet ignores the other dragonets around her. She is, after all, better than them. Comments about her darkness and scariness and ignored as well. They just don't appreciate her. She stalks down the row of candidates. She pauses here and there, to examine one with her coldly impassive gaze. No, no, no. None of these candidates are right. Devil in a Blue Dress Dragonet has Class and Style. Not just /any/ candidate will do.

"Evil is different from scary," R'ave comments wisely toward Tatia, nodding at Sora. And he would know. Really.

Hiza blinks, reminded by the sound of her name. "Tatia?" Head turns, briefly, and she beams, as if she wasn't, "Issryuith… Isn't she gorgeous? Does Vespurath like her? I love her." Eyes turn out to the Sands for a moment, "I.. can't believe this. I'm awake, right?" She looks to her dragon and grins. "Of course I believe in you. I can hear you, can't I?" A short snort and Issryuith continues to eat, almost dainty in her gobbling. Or not.

Marianne gulps slightly, steadying herself as she smiles weakly down at Hynolonie. "Sorry 'bout that…" Yes. Falling on the sands wouldn't be a very good idea, would it? The dragonets are watched intently, and then her gaze sweeps over the rest of the candidate lot. "Mm…" Face taking on a rather sickly-looking pallor, she starts to hum softly again. Almost over, almost over…

Chelle steers Rhajath over to stand beside Phea, er Pae, and her dragonet, "Looks like we'll be staying around here a lot longer than we thought, huh?" she grins, still handing raw meat to Rhajath's gaping mouth. "Ugh…I'll just be glad when we don't have to do /this/ any more….Yes, Rhajath, you're not any trouble at all…" Mmmmhm. We'll see about that!

Loren bounces. It's the same as the Candidate Dance, really it is, with a little extra oomph for extra wow-my-feet-aren't-burning time. "She's /big/." Blink. "She's big, too." Lo' flaps a hand at no one in particular. "See? She's big. And …" Waryeye. "She's looking at everyone." Looking at people = snacktime. Thus is Lo's Grand Lesson from this Candidacy.

Pyrene eyes the green and pokes Zi'n. "That's Orbyth's influence," she decides.

Tatia simply grins, falling into silence as she moves toward Hiza a bit. "Issssryuith?" she questions, stumbling over the 's's a bit before pausing, an easy smiling crossing her features at some comment from Vespurath. "Gorgeous name, too. Oh, Vesp says most definately. She's green, and green is good." The grin breaks into an even broader smile as the greenrider plants herself next to Hiza. "Welcome to the ranks, Hi'. Be sure to give Sora a hard time, eh?"

Yajisarath struggles to chew the meat, giving her Lorsalia a dragonet-glare as she does so. It's unfair. Swallowing it whole gets it to her stomach so much more quickly. The rider rolls her eyes, instructing. "If you chew it, you taste it and you feel more full, okay? You can't overeat. That's bad. We have to make sure we're skinny and cute."

Hynolonie laughs and sighs at the same time and just stares "Well, if we fell, we'd definately get trampled." She nods sagely and stares across the sands again. Dragonetts every where. Was one going to take Marianne away from her? She's really fall down then. That's what candidates were good for, really, holding future riders up while they were on the sands.

Khory simply shrugs. "It's hot," is his poor excuse. He follows Ner's dancing steps, however, jumping back and forth some more. He must look like one large puppet out here, with the sands as his master, pulling the strings that make him move.

Surupa isn't really in much of a mood to argue with Rowann, and she simply pouts. "Fine, let me end up in bloody pile while you can dance all over me." Pause. "No, I don' like that." And so she quickly shuffles back, standing at the candidate's side. "If 'm mauled, /you're/ mauled." Fair is fair, right? But Rupa can never be fair.

Pae is stuffing some morsels into Uzasnyth's mouth at the moment, and doesn't realize someone is addressing until she peers upward to watch the other eggs hatch. "Yepyep, Nan-Er-'Chelle! Rhajath is bee-yoo-ti-ful! And isn't Uzasnyth?" Brown doesn't respond, just happily devours food.

"Mneoth…" Khena says. Over and over again, hardly beliving that he was actually there, gobbling down bits of meat provided by her. "Yes, I feel kinda hungry too," she tells him, glancing at the meat in her hand. Maybe she should have a bit of that herself? "Sorry! I know it's for you! Don't worry, you'll get it all, I can wait…."

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet lowers his head, surprise registering upon it for a brief moment. He has voice! «Haha! I must only use this power to annoy!

Borrowed Trouble Dragonet snuffles deeply. For all his playing and teasing, he can't quite get over the feeling that there is something he ought to be doing….finding something he needs….Bellowing hungrily, he sets off across the sands in search…of…of what? Sniff sniff. Sniffffff! Boisterously he shuffles indelicately though the group of candidates, flicking up the hem of one unfortunate's gown as he passes, displaying their underpants for a split second to the massed crowd, before coming to a halt before one interesting looking girl. He stops for a moment whuffling her in consternation….is she the one? Behind him, a candidate is blushing furiously as he struggles to rearrange his flowing white attire. The moment has passed however and Borrowed Trouble Dragonet moves on causing untold disruption in his wake.

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet lowers his head, surprise registering upon it for a brief moment. He has voice! «Haha! I must only use this power to annoy!» He shouts out, towards all. Yes, let his presence be known! Pay attention to /him/! Wait…There was a voice…such a wonderous voice. It rivals his own in vibrance. Dasterdly rumbles, powerhousing his way towards two young lads.

Chelle laughs, nodding her agreement with Pae, "Yes, indeed. They're both wonderful." so noted by a pat on the top of Rha's head. So nanny-like, of course. "Slowly, slowly…That's it. Chew /then/ swallow. Watch yours, too, Pae…Uzasnyth? He's wonderful!"

Marianne winces at the word 'trampled', shaking her head slowly at Hynolonie. "We're not going to get trampled… just have to keep alert." Surupa gets a slightly disapproving look, the mentions of mauling definitely making her stomach turn a bit. "It's going to be fine. Don't worry about a thing…" And while she's comforting the younger girl, her own nervousness melts away slightly.

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet pauses. There is a discarded egg shell in her way. Some inconsiderate dragonet left their /eggshell/ in Her way. Oh well. She tromps forward, crushing the remaining bits of shell under her feet. Nothing must stand in the way of her search to find the perfect lifemate.

Rowann shakes her head, clincing to Suruap's shoulder again. Hop. "If you're mauled, I'll run away." Simple as that.

Loren peers over Aeris' shoulder. "She's crunchy." Or is that the eggs?" Dastardly dragonet gets a very wary glance, Lo' peering from him to the green. "Definately Cadgwith's clutch." No offense, of course. Ahem.

Hiza comments, "Green is perfect, Tatia." No comment about Sora, as Hiliza finally takes a moment to look over everyone else's dragons. "They're so nice. But, no.. no.. Issryuith, you're the best. Of course, of course." Hiza's eyes close every time Issryuith speaks to her, and a smiler often flickers across her face.

Xaner is gonna fall over if all of this hopping continues. He tries to hold still. Like that's gonna last long? Riiiiight. "Owwwww." Hophop. "Khooooooooory, remind me to wear sandals next time!"

G'deon jumps slightly to avoid a rushing weyrlingmaster assistant… can't get his leathers messy y'know. "This is just fantastic!" he comments for the hundreth time that day. "Congratulations, everyone, keep up the good work." He glances out towards the sands for a long moment, standing on tip toe to see everything. "My… this is going quickly!"

Surupa looks over at Marianne and gives a whine, glancing towards those that Impressed and those that are left. "They can still maul us, there's always /someone/ that gets mauled." And Rowann's arm is clinged to, since Rupa isn't going to allow another sand-buddy to go away. "You won't have time to run. You run, an' the dragons chase you down… Like a ferret." Well, perhaps her ferrets were the only ones like that.

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet slows, then stops. There. Could she be the one? Yes, yes. She'll do perfectly. In two big, stalking steps, she pushes past a clutch-sibling to stand at the feet of a girl-candidate. Perfect. Her search has ended. Taking in the purple hair, and bright eyes, her malevolent gaze falls upon Loren, her chosen. Her puppet.

"Of course he's wonderful! He's my Uzi!" Phea brags carelessly, observing the brown inhale the meat she supplies. "Er.. Rhajath is wonderful, too, though! And so are you, Nan-Er-Mechelle!"

"Of course it is," Tatia replies, though she only offers that short comment before she grins and moves away, tossing a short 'congrats' over her shoulder. After all, the girl has a new lifemate to bond with. And Tat has Sora and R'ave to bug, right? She slides between the two, grinning. "Hiza's is a beaut," she offers.

Devil In A Blue Dress Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Loren, and steps forward.

"Then I will be chased.. But I can run fast. So the dragons won't get me." Rowann is satisfied with that. For a moment. .."Hey. Did you call me a ferret?"

"Next time?" Khory nearly shouts. "If this ever happens again to us, trust me, I'll make sure to do more than remind you to bring sandals.." He'll remind him to think twice before getting out on these sharding sands in the first place! Finally, he just digs his sore feet into the sands and lets them bake. What's the use? "Just make sure you carry me off afterwards, K?" Hmm, maybe it'd be a Good Thing (tm) if he impresses, 'cause there's no way he'll be able to go back to being a Message Runner with feet like these!

Nuclear War Egg quivers in place, energy building within, looking for outlet. Stress and pressure inside the shell grow, seeking for a way out.

Sora /squeals/. "/Loreeeeeeeennn/!!!!" HappyHappy. The bluerider prances. "Oh, /Lah/!"

"Alert.. Yes.. Really.. Alert. LOREN!!" Hynolonie grins and tugs on Marianne's arm again as she waves to Loren who probably isn't looking. "CONGRATS!!" Lonie turns back to the eggs and stares at them again, hey.. look. more hatching. "I'll try and stay alert, Marianne.. you try and stay standing?"

Xaner continues to hop. He's not gonna bar-be-q his feet! That's…crazy! Khory is definately crazy now. But the Ner snickers all evil-like. "Oooh! Of course I'll carry you, Khoooory."

Borrowed Trouble Dragonet hops happily as the heat of the sand permeates his newly-hatched feet. A little hop here and whoops! A trip there! Better be more careful, might fall over one of those funny white things standing around. Then, double-take. Funny white things? A harder stare rewards him with a flare of recognition and his teal infused hide shivers with a sudden unknown pleasure. Then, amongst the others, he spies a candidate like no other. All the other white clad creatures are forgotten as he homes in on one, sniffing and then beginning to creel impatiently, butting the ex-messenger with his head, hungry for some food, hungry for a companion..hungry for his Khory.
Borrowed Trouble Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Khory, and steps forward.

Pyrene gives a startled cry. "Loren? Loren Impressed?" A little leap comes from the goldrider. She stood with Loren. Loren deserves to Impress. Of course, in Pyrene's oh-so-humble opinion, Loren deserves to Impress a pretty brown dragon not some frightening green one.

Surupa gives Rowann a poke as she points over towards one Impression that she just realized. "Look! Loren!! She's /gone/!" They're leaving them to the sands and to be eaten by a hungry Cadge, of course. She crouches low, not caring much to argue about running away from dragonets. Oh no.. "No, not Khory as well!"

Marianne purses her lips, shifting her weight from one foot to the other - even with sandals, seems her feet are feeling the burn. "Ooh! Loren! Terrific!" Hynolonie gets a grin, her head bobbing quickly. "I'm certainly not going to go and lay down /now/… not yet, at least." And as Khory's chosen, next, she grins again. "Congratulations! Terrific!"

"Issy.. Issy-what was it?" R'ave pays little attention to anything, as his eyes are going ever which-way. But he pauses on Loren, as he has been. But wait. That scary one is in front of her. Oh.. crikey. "Loreeeeeeeeen! Sora! Loren Impressed! She did, did you see it?" Bronzer prances with the bluerider, looking kind of.. well, stupid. But happy.

Sasha leaps in the air "Wheeeee! Khory-babes! You did it!!!!!! congratulations!"

Pae idly patpats Uzasnyth, beaming down at the dragonet before casting it upon Loren. "LO'! Yay! Yayayayay, Lo'! And KHORY! Khory, Khory! Yaaay!" She would dance, but.. well, Uzi doesn't want her to.

Hiza blinks, since she's finally paying attention to the Impressions, "Lor-Loren!!! Oh! OH! R'ave, look look, Lo' Impressed!" Which should make the bronzer happy, right? Right? Right. "An' Khoooory! Khory!" Eyes close, and open again, and Hiliza says, "They're my friends, Iss. And your clutch siblings.. so that good. Of course it's good." Beam.

Cherished Spinning Top Egg starts twirling now, fatser and faster and digging ever-so-deeply into the sand. Spin, egg, spin.

Rowann clings to Surupa, despite the poke. "No! They.. Impressed." Cling. Dependency kick. "You better not Impress, Rupa. Or else I will… do.. something." That involves standing by herself.

Murrough switches his footing, looking up quickly to see Khory impress. "Khory!" he cheers with the rest. A smile alights on his face as more candidates are joined with their lifemates.

Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet stealthily skirts around the candidates, weighing them up, deciding on his next move, watching them with shifty eyes. Now if only he can find somebody .. A henchman thats what he needssomeone to depend onto hatch plots with as well as eggsGunmetal tail switches anxiously in the direction of the sea of white, and then an evil smirk begins to slowly spread across his youthful draconic jaws. Teasingly he noses at a girl.hmmm. Could she be useful to him? Is she of the caliber he would expect from his associate? With a scornful blast of air from his nostrils, the girl is dismissedtoo prettytoo nervoushe needs someone with audacitywith flare and imagination.someone who might dare to defy authority in order to achieve his bronzen aims for him. « Ah.» There. No doubt. But..wait..wheres that other dragon going? Back off! -HIS-! As borrowed dragon heads towards Khory, Dastardly dashes towards the group. Once there, a growl crossing his lips, he sniffs Unmistakable! The scent of hard work and sweat. Only one would do; only this One was for him! With his head lifted high in what would appear to be a mad demonic cackle, the bronze dragonet curls his tail possessively around Xaner.
Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Xaner, and steps forward.

T'am looks up at the new Impressees, though simultaneously scritching in that one spot Farleth says itches, and still trying to feed him bits as his hunger disapates. "Khory! Xaner!" he waves, though he knows they won't notice.

Chelle continues patting Rhajath's head, nodding as each weyrling and new dragonet gets a glance, then the ones still on the sands, then…Oops. More meat is needed. "Sorry Rha. No, I wasn't trying to ignore you…" Okay, time to turn attention to the only thing that really matters in her mind now, right?

Khory is about to continue his rant about the sands, when suddenly, a certain dragonet pushes into him. "Hey!" he states, and finally falls into the sands. Blink. Blink. And then, of course, blush. "His.. his name is Zylpheth," the blond man whispers.

Lorsalia looks for Loren, bouncing and squealing. "Oh, you Impressed too! How wonderful. You and me and Yajisarath and Essie…I'm so glad." Emotions run strong in the ex-brat-candie and she wraps her arms around her little 'Jisarath tightly, then releasing in a hurry when the green gives her a decided « Let go. I'm eating. » and an evil look.

Kh'ryn reaches out to pat Zylph on the head… "Yes, yes.. Exploring.. Sure.. But let's eat first, ok?" Because suddenly, feet don't really bother him all that much anymore… though he is /starving!/

Loe pauses, stares, blinks - she's quite content with her scary green, thank you, Pyrene. Bakerlet peers downwards, nodding dimly. "I … ah." She's supposed to say something, no? And, with the appropriate mental nudging: "Ayamizureth!" Swoon. Or not. But she and Ayamizureth move in the general direction of all those other weyrlings. Oh. Them. Right. Stare.

Surupa can't help but sigh, heaving herself to her feet and glancing towards Khory and Xaner - or whatever their names might be just now. "They /left/ us. Now that they 'pressed, they'll have all that trouble to go through." Complaining, very nice. "An' how 'm I s'pose to know if I 'press? I doubt it, they just want to /maul/ me. Did you see the look on Phea's dragon?" Shudder.

Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg twitches once again, more violently. It's time! Just watch… wait for it…

Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg gives a shimmering jitter, the peaceful hues cascading with myriad cracks as to that of cracked glass. The one contained within will not tolerate it anymore, even more slivers of spinner-like quality shred over the outermost shell. Slowly, delicately, piece by piece of the tranqual colours fall to the sand - shunned. A great shudder befalls the comforting scene displayed and then silence falls. A moment… two before like an eruption, pieces are flung away from the glistening creature that rights itself from its prison, resentful of the shell that now lies broken and shattered. Borrowed Love Dragonet trods upon the pieces; away from once a beautiful 'scape.

Borrowed Love Dragonet
Mysterious shadows of dark and light burgeon smoothly over the lithe dips and curves that comprise this dragon. Azure spreads a deep blush alongst the full frame, dipping into darker aspects of the spectrum at paws and tail. A river of ebony laquer, profound in its depth, enrobes delicate toes and spear'd tailtip. Silverine splashes dance gaily down the streamlined ridges, away from the finely tapered head, oft held high in defiant pride. Chiseled features exhibit an unconscious poise and breeding, synonymous usually with royal blood. Wings hold the fragile look of his kind, with surprising grace and power manifested in the stretch of wildly mixed hues of indigo and hyacinth. Slender frame has simple lines which somehow radiate an elegant sophistication, shown to best advantage, with fluid ease, each time motion is called for.

Cerdith finally sated, Reiko steals a look across the Sands. Belatedly. A twisted smile curls her lips as she picks out the new 'riders - her clutchmates! - one after another.

"Khory? Khor Impressed?" Khena looks up just in time to see him and his dragonet come toward her. But on for a moment as Mneoth stealt her attention away. "What? You're not sure you /like/ this?" But he's hungry, right? He /had/ to eat. Even if he didn't like it. "Just eat it, Mneoth…."

X'ner acks! That one's taking Khory away from him! How ultimately ruuuude. Huff. Well fine. He'll just stand here and..ack?! There's a tail. A tail..attached to a body. A body attached to a head. A head with eyes! Eyes…looking at him? Ack again! Blink..flop! The Ner drops down slightly, fingers shakily brushing along the muzzle of such an..evil..sex-ah..dragon. "Yeah..sure.." He slowly smirks. "Oooooh..I like that idea. Mmhm. Sure!" He looks up, grinning. "He's Nezdarvyth!"

Marianne cheers for Xaner excitedly, turning in his direction, before slowly swiveling back to see the Cathedral egg finally hatch… and what a dragonet to come out of it. "He's… exquisite," she murmurs in a moment of jaw-dropped awe. Chills, quivers, and pallor are erased, her attention just focusing on that newly-hatched one, hardly sparing a glance for anyone else.

Nuclear War Egg shudders and rumbles ominously, before disintegrating in a sudden, raging explosion that sends shrapnel-like egg shards through the air. Egg goo courses freely, toxic waste pooling into a sticky puddle beneath the seemingly empty remains of the demolished egg. Then from the wreckage, a scythe-like object emerges: a wing claw, then a wing spar, and finally something large and inky ascends, higher, higher, freeing itself from its prison to emerge triumphant. Wings slowly spreading in glory, neck and head thrown back, defined, Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet lets out a shriek of a trumpet, its dark form casting shadows as it shuffles out into this mortal coil.

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet
Erebus enrobes this dragon in infernal oblivion, the deepest shades of brown draping over his body. Like a heavy weight, sepia and loam drag at the mind, smothering the heart with sheer oppression. Hideous depths of fathomless ocean wash over leathery hide, intensifying the darkness. Murderously long snout sweeps back towards faceted eyes rimmed by angular ridges, finishing in a crown of demonic headknobs. Serpentine neck flows smoothly into a sinuous body, lithe muscles knotting beneath that oh-so-dark hide. Bolts of electric opal originate from silver knife-like talons that cap wing bones, snaking across rakish, scraggly wing sails with malicious intent. Ochre talons, honed to a razor-sharp edge, extend from long, deft feet that sport popping, cracking tendons. Tapering tail is whip-thin, creating a sense of fragility - a notion quickly dispelled by sinuously powerful muscles that run its length.

Kh'ryn passes by the stunned Xaner, and heads over with his Zelph to where the food is. Seeing Kin.. err.. Khena there, he smiles and points. "Looks like our deepest secrets did come true after all," he tells her.

Borrowed Love Dragonet chuffs softly at his egg as he leaves it, stomping most defiantly upon the shells that are scattered at his paws. That done, finely lined head is turned upon those that wish his favours, blinking faintly at them. A step is taken, testing his balance and paws before he strikes off towards a small group, swaggering almost except that trip there. And stumble. He's got it covered, no worries! One candidate is snuffled in passing, but nose is lifted for him. Not good enough…

Cherished Spinning Top Egg twirls one last time, the motion blurring its bright hues together. As it comes to a rest, the strain of its lively occupant becomes just a bit too much-the sides start to buckle, the egg collapsing in upon itself. From the gaudy shards, a small blue figure bounds out on shaky legs to rob the world bli-errr, greet the world.

Just Borrowing It Dragonet
Never has blue looked quite so… blue! Ultramarine, untainted by shades and nuances of other colors, flows smoothly back from the broad, rounded muzzle of this dragon and encompasses his entire head. Sharp, searching eyes spark with deep curiosity, the impression only enhanced by the darker mask pouring back over headknobs and down across his throatlatch. A short, sleek neck joins fluidly with a small, slender body, dappled with a motley of stolen colors: here a swath of cyan, there a bubble of turquoise, with all manner of intense shades in between. Bars of navy and blue-gray detail the trailing edges of stubby wings, contrasting with occasional streaks of periwinkle. A similar pattern decorates his diminutive tail, marking out a brief semblance of order although it is otherwise absent.

Rowann continues clinging. "Yes. Phea's.. Pae's.. dragon is very.. uh." Cling. "Oooh. Look! At that brown! He's.. cool. But you have to stay here, so he's not too cool." Hopdance. Right.

Surupa glances towards the War egg, blinking to what suddenly erupts out of it, and she can't help but shrink back for a moment. But that isn't all that is out on the sands, because there is another dragonet and then possibly a few others. Whine. "They're surrounding us, Rowann…" They are a smart clutch of dragons, and are all there to just plan something evil against this young woman. She huddles down, and yet staying there long enough is quite uncomfortable as she leaps back to her feet. "Just don't move… If you stay still, they might not notice." Which means bare with the heat.

"Another bluuuuuuue!" Sora warbles happily.

Pyrene peers around. "Oh, come on and /Impress/!" she whines, casting impatient looks at the dragons left. "Anybody still got water left? Or wine…?" Wine would be good right now. Cadge is also starting fidget, wings flexing in hope of flight.

X'ner nods quickly a few times, taking a few quick breaths. Food. Right. That's importnant. Mmmhm. Almost as important as being eeeevil. He gets up to his feet, still cradling his new lifemate's head. "Come on..yeah, hungry. Me too. Let's goooo!" He kinda…hops off towards where the others have been drifting.

Rowann grabs onto Surupa's shoulder again, fingers tightening on it until her knuckles are white. "I can't not move. I'm going to melt. I need water. Rupa, help me." Yes.

Murrough cheers with the rest as another blue comes out of the shell. Shifting feet again, he moves out of the way as a brown goes by, then finds his favourite spot again to stand.

Cerdith swings his head around, eyes watching the others out there still, before turning back to nudge softly at Reiko. More.

Sasha beckons over the newest weyrlings and their precious charges. " Plenty of meat for those lovely little babies! Lots of meat….and we cut it up for you! But don't get used to it…in the next seven days you won't remember what it was like not to be up to the armpits in wherry and heardbeast every day!"

Marianne swings back one sandaled foot, toe immediately pointed into the sand and then touched to it. Her fascination with the Borrowed Love dragonet is apparent, and so wrapped up in him, she is, that she hardly notices the heat of the sands, or the people in the galleries, or the noise… "Where do you think he's going?" she asks, of no one in particular, head canting to the side.

Just Borrowing It Dragonet staggers forward, head shaking as he regains his balance from the dizzy whirlwind of an egg. Once free, talons are planted firmly in the sand, curving downward to grip, and draconic eyes widen just a bit. Just /look/ at this place! So much to see… so many /things/. With a loud, melodious creel, Just Borrowing It Dragonet takes his first step forward, intent on discovering this new world.

Chelle ughs as she hears Sasha's words. Can you imagine the QueasyCandie cutting up this stuff? Oh, well…Surely she'll get used to it!

Has Lonie been staring all this time? She wrinkles her brow and begins to move again, utterly distracted while the candidates were Impressing. She blinks.. and looks up at Marianne. "Who… who just Impressed? I just.." She shakes her head and stares again, trying not to get so absorbed again.

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet emerges from the ruins of his egg, slithering and slinking out into the world. A soft, disdainful snort issues from dakr nostrils, and he turns slowly, deliberately, to face the line of white. Eyes narrow, and a soft growling sound issues form his throat. This is what he has to work with?

Reiko blinks. "Haven't you had enough?" she murmurs, stroking the headknobs lovingly. "All right." She reaches for a bit more meat.

Sasha giggles at Chelle's obvious reaction…"Just wait till she hears about purging and mucking out the couches!" she grins slyly at Ilare.

"I'm not 'bout to carry you. I can't help." Surupa huffs towards Rowann as she looks from one to the other and then back towards that first one. She sweeps her eyes one way and then the next, making sure that she has all of those sneaking dragonets in her sight. "If you attract one of those dragons 'ere, Rowann, I'm runnin'. I won't stay 'round to get mauled." Whine and she backs away a step, slowly finding that a pair of candidates that are still left are just a few feet in front of her. If only she can hide /right behind/ them.

Borrowed Love Dragonet examines another candidate as she steps into his way, forward stride halted rather rudely. Teeth are bared before he steps around her, tail swinging agitatedly behind him. He knows what he wants, but he just has to find it. Another trip over a lump of sand and he comes awfully close to meeting the roasting particals, yet wings flare slightly to catch him. An annoyed creel is given, gaze shifting to mother Cadgwith for laying him in such a spot before he's off again. Where oh where… have to find the one that will complete him.

Cristen shifts her feet o nthe sands - Gee these are hot! - and smiles nervously at her fellow Herders otu there on the sands still. Oh my, look at all the draogns. They do seem to be…surroudning them. Curiosuly, the candie glances aroun, feet-shifting.

Cadgwith thought it was a very good spot to lay him in. All warm, and lots of candidates around and the cookies are good too.

Rowann will hide /right behind/ them first. So there. "You have to help, though. What if they.. trample us?" Sniff. Cling. "I'll be running first, I bet."

Cerdith reaches for the meat, the pure inhalation that may have been there once disappearing as he chews on the meat before swallowing it, no nudging for more following.

Chelle smiles as Rhajath visibly slows his eating, "Ah, yes…You've had plenty, I'm sure. WOuldn't want you to overeat on your first day out of the shell, you know!" She gives him a last bit of meat and then wipes her hands on a rag before turning to watch the last dragonets break their shells and pick who they'll spend the rest of their lives with.

Marianne pries her eyes from dragonet to Hynolonie, shaking her head slowly. "It's so hard to keep up," she explains, a hand going to her hip. "Xaner Impressed, and then Khory, and…" That hand is then gestured out to the rest of the sands, a blank sort of look on her face. Borrowed Love again catches her straying gaze, brow raising slowly, steadily, up on her forehead. "He's certainly sure of himself," she notes, lips twitching upward just the slightest bit.

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet hisses his displeasure, then slinks off, padding quietly, menacingly down the line. Growls are distributed freely, warning off those who come to close as he searches. For those who still move too slowly, the lashing, cracking tail that trails behind rectifies their slowness. He knows what he's doing. He just needs to find his victim.

Surupa waggles a finger at Rowann, lurking forward and slipping silently behind the two candidates, even if they really don't seem to mind. Simply clinging to each other and muttering about the dragonets on the sands. "Go run then," she hisses softly, attempting to hide. Hiding is very good, really. If she can only hide until the hatching is over - which seems to be soon.

Just Borrowing It Dragonet starts his quest, beginning with the egg shards at his feet. Carefully, he dips his head to nudge at the shiny bits, pushing them this way and that. Nice, yes.. but to keep? Surely there are more interesting things on the sands. Just Borrowing It Dragonet lifts his head, now moving toward the line of remaining white. Ah.. maybe one of these? He'll just borrow it - promise! One candidate is sniffed at, then another. The second isn't found to be nearly so interesting as her sandals - and the dragonet lowers his head to try a tentative lick to her toes. Mmmm.. good. But not /quite/ what he's looking for.

Hynolonie oh's.. and keeps her eyes on the dragonettes. She was really going to have to congradulate them later. really.. They were certainly too distracted now. Or.. was that her that distracted. Ohh.. look that really blue one was licking toes now.

Yajisarath begins to look around the sands now that her hunger is nearing satiation. Lorsa-rider was right. Chewing slowly makes it seem like more food. She's such a genius for someone who wanted to take egg shards home. She catches sight of Cadgwith and nudges the enraptured Lorsalia. "Oh, yeah, I'm sure she knows yer the best of the clutch, 'Jisa." She assures. "Afterall, you picked me so you -must- be the best. And you're the prettiest, too."

Borrowed Love Dragonet didn't find it a nice place to be hatched. It kept trying to trip him! Mustn't have the candidates think he was clumsy. Clutchsibling Just Borrowing It Dragonet is followed for a moment, candidates left by him studied briefly. No, no, I think not and no. Where was that one? The one he could love above all else? Devoid of sound, he moves slowly as he seeks - and tries not to trip again.

Mneoth's had enough, flaying his nostrils once he slumps his head down on Khena's lap, the former guard, smiling as she runs her hand up and down the brown's neck. "Finally had enough, eh?" she mutters, leaning down to wrap her arms around her newfound lifemate. "We'll never part," she whispers into the hide of his neck, her check against the warmness of the brown. Who cared if he was still covered in egg-goo?

Just Borrowing It Dragonet moves on down the line, sniffing at this and that and this and… wait. /This!/ /This/ one is his… and he's not giving it back. No matter what they say. His eyes turn to Cristen in entreaty, whirling slowly. A particularly shiny egg shard is nudged toward the herder - an offering - and his voice rises in another creel. His.
Just Borrowing It Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Cristen, and steps forward.

Rowann backs away. Slowly. "Well.. I will." Soon. Whenever she feels like it. Uh-huh. "Faranth, btu that brown one is /scary/." A pause. "Criiiisten!"

Zylpheth continues to head butt his new lifemate, letting him know just how super hyper happy he is to see him, and how hungry he is too. Kh'ryn, meanwhile, tries to feed the blue as fast as he can, but it's kinda hard.. when the mouth doesn't want to stay still. "Is there a trick to this?" he finally asks G'deon.

Pyrene ohs. "And Cristen. Right… that's it right?" She looks hopefully around. "Do we have to wait for the last two?" Would it look bad if she left now?

Issryuith finishes eating the food and moves closer to her rider, snuggling Hiza's side. Eyes close on the rider, and then another grin spreads, as she whispers, "Yes, it is nice being here next to you, isn't it?" The tone of her voice lilts up, and she cheers, "Cristen! Ten!" A look to the dragonet, "It's all her fault, you know, luring me into going home and then I had to help Pyrene and I got Searched and here I am…"

Marianne smiles slightly, reaching for Hynolonie's hand once more and giving it a slight squeeze. Her focus, her concentration, remains Borrowed Love, but she is at least slightly conscious beyond that curious fascination… "Cristen! Terrific!" she calls, gulping down the rising excitement as best as intangible things can be… gulped.

Cristen meeps, taking a step back as the Screaming Blue Murder hatchling prowls around, cracking his tail and jsut looking generaly scary. "Oh," she whispers, looking to the other candidates for a little support, uttering a little squeak as the borrwing dragonet barrows /her/! Smiling with bright eyes, she cuddles her new mate, "His name's Qelketh!"

G'deon laughs softly at Kh'ryn and shrugs. "He'll tell you. Don't worry about it." Aww… encouraging, warm, fuzzy thoughts.

T'am strokes his lifemate's head as the bronze goes from hungry to sleepy without any warning whatsoever. "What? Tired already? But the party is just beginning?" Farleth just whuffles and buries his head in T'am's lap.

Cayl finally wakes up as she notices…Wait, Xaner is now someone else and he's got this bronze…very large…creature tagging along with him. "Xaner!!" She calls out. Sure, he could have shortened his name to X'ner, but she wouldn't know. She hadn't been paying attention. Good thing is, she has her boots actually on now, and her cloths buttoned up. Yes, that's already good.

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet spots a pair of likely-looking figures, clinging to each other and acting scared. Fear is fun. He stalks, he skims just above the sand, picking up speed as he approaches the two. But as he grows closer, a dilemma arises - which to go after?

Ayamizureth chews on thinks, not looking decidedly intrigued with anyone else; Loe's crouched next to her, peering around blankly and replacing meat at the appropriate intervals - she's still a little stunned, see. Right.

Surupa whimpers as she watches Cristen Impress, a fellow Herder, and sniffs softly in her little hiding spot. "There goes 'nother one." and then Rowann is eyed. "That's a better reason to /hide/, there's more room 'ere!" See, another candidate grouped up with the other two left, though he does shoot Rupa a quick look, who appears ridiculous crouching low and close to the candidates, with her feet shuffling slowly.

Sasha's hands are clapped together loudly! "Well done Cristen! Bring that loverly draggie over here…there is lots of meat for you to feeed him!"

Eee. "Eee." Cling. "That thing! That brown! He's stalking us, Surupa!" And here she is, armed with only a robe and sandals and Rupa. "Help me, please?" So said Rowann.

Chelle is almost dragged down by the heavy dragonet head that rests on her shoulder.. "Rhajath, you're going to have to…" she sits down rather hard and blue head settles onto her lap. See? All comfy now!

Hynolonie nods to Marianne then manages a good shout towards Cristen. "CONGRATS CRISTEN!" She sounds distracted this time, eyeing the hatchlings.. and the eggshells and well, every thing but the humans on the sands.

X'ner quite busily goes about the..business, of feeding Nez, rolling his eyes every few minutes. "No. No you can't. Just eeeeeat it!" He clamps his arms around dragon jaws. "Keep the food in your /mouth/! You can spit it at people later!" Someone's calling? Blink? He turns a little bit and just..grins at Cayl, waving his fingers. Hello there!

Qelketh nudges Cristen with his nose, Hungry. Now. Food will not be barrowed…The ex-Herder stumbles off the sands, walking over to where the other new weyrlings are. "Oh, food? My you /are/ hungry…" She coments and begins to feed her lifemate, smiling to crack an egg. "Chew.."

Surupa would rather sacrifice poor Rowann, that's how bad she is, and gives the brown a cowarding look. "Take her!" And here she puts her hands on her head and peers at the brown with amber eyes. "If we don' move, he'll go 'way." How very pleasant of Rupa acting this way, scared and all in front of the crowds.

Borrowed Love Dragonet is getting annoyed to judge by the deep grumblings that can be heard, wings jerking slightly along his back and tail dragged through the sand. He must find that one… but where do they hide from him? It wasn't nice. Stomping past an oogling group of boys, he stops. Head lifts, peering at two girls. A step forward, muzzle trust out slightly towards one that loves song… and was a woman yet still held the promise of a child. The one that will help him fly. There was no hesitation… is none. He strides along the sands with surety and comes to stop before the one that will be his and his alone. No one else better touch… Marianne.
Borrowed Love Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Marianne, and steps forward.

Kh'ryn grins. "That's what I thought.." he replies, though it's hard to concentrate with so much.. Noise in his head. Welcomed noise, mind you.. The blond can.. er.. weyrling turns again back to Zelph. "You know, that's true.." Another piece of meat actually lands into the blue's mouth. "No no… Chew it first.." Eyes widen then at the message delivered to him, and blond man blushes. "Uh.. I don't think so.." he replies, though he's beginning to grin.

Rowann shakes her head, backing up toward Surupa. "No! Take.. Rupa!" Yes. Take the herder. "Mari! But still.. Take Rupa!" SHe wants to stay alive, thankyouverymuch. "You're moving, Rupa. So he's going to eat you!"

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet makes his decision as he draws near enough to get a good look. All trace of slow deliberation vanishes in a blink, and he's on the two candidates, strking, coiling, wrapping around the one he has picked. His tail tightens around Surupa, and the menace in his eyes softens for a moment as he recognizes his victim. She is his.

Lorsalia glances at X'ner when instructed and nods to her green lifemate. "I know. He's really crazy. And so is Pae. When you get older, be careful to not let them chase you, okay? But Kh'ryn is nice." She instructs, glancing back at the sands for Squaln. He hasn't Impressed yet? Such a pity! Yajisarath nudges her rider again and the girl continues explaining. "Now, P'rru and Dsalth are really great. You make sure you're nice to Dsalth, okay? And Chanticoth and Druseth. They're nice dragons, even if they are all big browns."

Screaming Blue Murder Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Surupa, and steps forward.

Hynolonie merps and backs away.. this was the second time.. Hynolonie can't help but laugh. She grins and steps away, holding her stomache and laughing at the whole thing. "Congrates Marianne!" She turns just in time to see Surupa Impress as well and grins hopping and waving. "HURRAY! SURUPA!!!" She grins and looks about again. "Its.. over.. Isn't it?"

Pyrene lets out a bright chirp. "We're finished!" And Zi'n's arm promptly gets possession taken of it. "To the Living Caverns!" And food. Refreshements. Mmm. Oh, and congrats to the candidates.

Hiza echos Rowann's thoughts, and she erupts into joy, "'Uuuuuuuuuuuuppaaaa!!" Bounce, bounce. "Oh, oh, oh! Surupa! Look, Iss, Surupa Impressed and he's nify. No, no, of course not." The green croons, and Hiza asks, "Tired? Well, hatching took a lot of your energy, didn't it? You poor thing. I'm tireed toooo." And Hiza stiffles a yawn. She's tired but shes excited.

Rianne's breath catches in her throat one final time, her eyes growing wide with a touch of admiration, a whole lot of adoration, and absolute happiness. "Hynolonie?" she whispers, squeezing the girl's hand again. "He spoke to me." Finally, she breaks away, stepping towards the blue. "And I love you, Kearneth. Now let's get you some food…" And with that, the pair move to the side.

Cadgwith noses the shells happily. All hatched. All Impressed. All good. And she can go now. Have her own food - although probably not in the living caverns.

"Oh thank goodness." She could say something worse, but she's only relieved for it all to be over. And what, Rupa and Mari had impressed? Oh dear.. "Looks like you guys are stuck with me now!" Should she cackle? HEhee.

Sua cowers and fear and… blink. "What?" She squeaks, looking up towards the brown who seems to have softened his expression, and she can't help but blink again. "Skeseth?" And another blink. "Yes, of course I will come with you, Skeseth!" And look, she has tears! She clings to the dark brown, though mostly ignoring the fact that she was terribly frightened of him before.

Rowann lets out a screech as the brown comes her way.. and wraps around Surupa. "Nooo!" Run. And now.. she makes a mad dash for Awayfulness.

Shirasuth comps down the last of his meat, hunger finally abated. "Rupa! Mari!" Yells K'nez. Ok, he's forgettign, people, but he looked up in time to see those two. Idly, he notecied al lthe new Weyrlings around him. Oh, hello…Shir picks his head up, glances, and curls up again.

Lorsalia leaves the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

Hynolonie stands there with tears in her eyes as Marianne.. no Rianne said goodbye. Awww.. Wasn't that sweet. She wasn't forgotten, but she would miss seeing Rianne around the hall .. oh well. She just stands there again before wandering over to some of the left over egg shells, looking for something to take home. They were so colorful, weren't they?

"Yaaaay! Everyone can go home now." Sora beams happily, but has been abandoned and so sniffles slightly. "Where'd everyone go?"

G'deon wipes his hands slowly while leaning against the stone wall with a thud. "Fantastic," he mumbles once more, only now realizing the heat. He glances up at the galleries, the dragon-filled ledges, and lifts a hand, waving to them all. There's no way they could hear him from now anyway, dry as his mouth is.

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