High Reaches' 8th PC Hatching - Part 1

Shaela's gold Chayath x Lylia's brown Druseth
6th April 2002
Logged by Catia

Candidate Barracks> The two indistinguishable backup candidates (AKA Meriadoc and Peregrin) pull themselves off their cots, various vegetables falling to the floor. "Huh?" It doesn't matter which one said it. The feeling is mutual.

Candidate Barracks> Fyria looks up from the scroll in her lap, eyes slightly red from a conversatoin she had earlier. "Wha?" Peer. Peer at the other Candidates who have moved. "I don't hear anything.." she says, slowly hopping off her cot.

Candidate Barracks> Sikkyen blinks. And flips out. He tumbles off his cot. "/Now/?!" Then, echo'd, "…I don't hear anything."

Candidate Barracks> Miralwyn is seated on the edge of her cot, looking preturnaturally calm, and already wearing her Candidates's robe. But still, her grey eyes are wide, and she's staring intently at her hands, folded in her lap and saying nothing.

Candidate Barracks> Nazagarul grimaces with distate, another hiss escaping him as he pulls on the white robes. "Disgussssting color." He seems so out of place in them that his head almost appears to float in the air. Day 35. Still disembodied.

Candidate Barracks> Azia is jolted awake not by the thrumming, but by a small green landing on her face. "Gah! Sou, geroff!" Bat. Swing. She misses, of course. Azia was never one for hand-to-hand combat. And, in missing, she falls from her cot and has a moment's reflection, while lying upside-down on the floor. "Anyone else hear that.. buzzy kinda noise?"

Chayath is not worried at all. She is the picture of perfect calmness, humming softly from the edge of the Sands, near her lifemate. In fact, if anything has her worried, it's Shaela and her silly dress.

In the galleries, G'deon comes up the stairs.

Candidate Barracks> A buzzy kind of noise does indeed reverberate. It's more commonly referred to as a hum. And you know what that means….

Candidate Barracks> Squaln rolls from his cot and practically falls from shock. "Now? Faranth!" he says, flinging stuff out of his way to get his robe. Tugging the garment on, he removes his tongue ring and anything else that he was told to leave behind. His pulse quickens.. just as it did last time.

Candidate Barracks> Taesha is self-consciously smoothing down her robe, her only sign of nervousness the curling and uncurling of her pale bare toes. "I heard it…" She tells Azia, reaching up to smooth her hair into place.

Candidate Barracks> Oliana sits up, having dozed up, leaning back against the wall behind her neatly made bed. 'Whaaa?' she mumbles, looking almost-ticked that someone woke her up. Then it dawns on her, and she's up in a flash. She's had everything all ready for this day. In fact, you might even guessed she's drilled it, she's in and out of her clothing so fast.

Candidate Barracks> And then, Ike strips to the waist, and tugs on his robe. Breeches soon follow jerkin, boots, and overcloak, and Ike disappears underneath his cot. Then, those strappy sandels are tugged on. Tugtugtug! Sikkyen's Ready.

On the gallery ledges, Cerdith scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

In the galleries, "Hey, Ele," Khena says, smiling at the other as she shrugs out of her jacket. Always too hot in the hatching cavern for the brownrider. "I shoulda brought something to drink." Something like ale, or juice or even water. Glancing over her shoulder at her thrumming lifemate, she frowns. "I'll never get used to that sound.."

Candidate Barracks> Settitch nances out from behind one of the changing screens, twirling a lovely, girly pirouette in the centre of the room. "Lovely, lovely! They're /singing/!!" he burbles. "And I've got /the/ perfect pattern at last!" And Weenus says white is /so/ his colour. Go him!

Candidate Barracks> Kirana is buried under her covers. It's cold out there. Warm under there. Life is good. Except…theres that hummy sorta noise. "Whaaaaa?" Comes her rumbling remark as her touseled head pokes out. "That isn't? That can't be…? Oooh shards above!!" And she's off!

Candidate Barracks> Mimi is sitting on her cot, strumming at a borrowed gitar. A blink at Azi and she quickly silences it. "Buzzes? Um….." She makes sure her gitar is silent and raises an eyebrow,"Wait. Whaddya mean now, Squa? Now? Eek!"

Candidate Barracks> Hyzen rushes in, her smile great as she looks around. "Candidates! The eggs are getting ready to hatch." Beambeam. Straightening her clothes she eyes them all. "Get in your robes and line up in twos or threes in front of me."

In the galleries, "Nonsense. If anything, it was you prejudicing Cadgwith against blues," Quara replies, with an air of slightly offended certainty. Offended or not, though, she does take the seat willingly, and her ever-faithful wine flask is offered to the ex-nanny. "Bet that girl of Nuff's Impresses, though. Good girl, despite her parents." Sounds a lot like Quara's daughter, actually…

In the galleries, Laytai eyes go wide as more and more people come into the Galleries. She has never seen this many people in one place at once. It was slightly frightening, but she could live with it. "This is so exciting.." She whispers to Ny. "This is my first hatching I've ever been too."

Candidate Barracks> Tevya says, "Now what?" A glance is given around to her fellow Candidates as she swings her legs around to the side of her cot, before planting bare feet on the ground. And then the buzzing sound is heard, Tevya's eyes gradually widening before she comments, "Shells..it's /time/!" Standing from her cot, she quickly heads for the press where her robe had been stored, pulls it out and disappears behind a changing screen to slip it on. Moments later she's out and back to her cot, fingers hastily working to pull her hair up into a runner tail. "Fyria..it's time!"

Candidate Barracks> Jundi bursts into the barracks in front of Hyzen,"/Hatching/," she announces with a screech and flings herself over to her cot, quickly tossing on her robes.

On the gallery ledges, Cerdith extends a graceful forelimb as Reiko dismounts, easing her way safely to solid ground.

Candidate Barracks> Squaln tugs on his sandals and stands up, dressed in his white robe and ready. He stands amongst his fellow candidates, filing into a line as Hyzen decreed. It's now, or never.

In the galleries, Tankard blinks in from ::between::!

In the galleries, Reiko edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, Nylca grins and turns an eye to her friend. "It's great. I haven''t been to one in a while"

In the galleries, Catia strides up the gallery steps, daughter, weyrmate, son, son's weyrmate, sister and nephew all in tow. All to see Taesha. The family settles down all together with a good view; Livia poking her cousin Laricen until C'ssan forcibly separates the young pair.

In the galleries, Elehu nods a little at Khena, though at the present time her attention is almost completely on the sands below. The dragons' humming is certainly hard to miss. "I never minded it," she comments distractedly as she brings her feet up to the bench and rests her chin on her knees. "This is a pretty good view."

In the galleries, T'am abandons his happily thrumming lifemate for different company, scrambling for a seat in the galleries near someone familiar. The poor lad looks lost in the sea of faces, but somehow manages to only step on a few toes as he makes his way.

Candidate Barracks> Fyria squeaks. Just…squeaks…and immediately rummages around in the chest at the foot of her bed. Robe is found, clothes are discarded, robe is /donned/…and then she looks blank. "Sandals!! Faranths' fabulous egg…I /forgot/ to get my sandals!" Okay, she looks as if she's going to kill something, but too late now. Instead, she whirls around and searches out Tevya, running over as she pulls her hair back into a runnertail. "Tev…it's time. Again!" Eep. Fyria snugs her belts, plural, just to make sure.

On the gallery ledges, Branwyth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

Candidate Barracks> Azia's eyes fly open, wide as dinner plates but.. darker. "Now?" she whispers, barely audible. "But they don't even look haaaard. They're not sposed to hatch for another sevenday! This isn't according to plan!" And everything must fit with the plan. As she complains, she strips off her clothing and wiggles into her tube-like robe, hunting around for her sandals. "And my sandals! I haven't added a fifth layer yet! Can't the eggs.. wait, or something? This really is most inconvenient." Ah. Sandal. Said footwear is pounced and shoved onto little feet. "Squa-aln! Where are yoooooou?"

Lylia returns, a cold drink clutched in her hands. She'll need it. "Be careful, pet!" The rider gives a cheerful call up to her brown, who looks ready to have a vampiric nervous breakdown. Poor dear. "Liiiis!" Another happy chirp to the greenrider. She likes it when things start to go bump. Even if her dragon doesn't. Despite the fact that she'll have /weyrlings/ to deal with soon enough…

Candidate Barracks> Kirana hops around semi-frantically, "Robe…robe…Faranths big golden…" Cough. "Wheres my robe?" Right where she left it, under her pillow. Once found, she snatches it up and begins to hurry into the messily made white thing. "Errhhhggg…" Mutter.

Candidate Barracks> Mimi tosses her instrument aside and picks up her robe,"Oh noo…The sleeves are uneven! I didn't have time to finish one," she complain as she tosses it on, trying to tie the left sleeve up. "I thought it would be another /sevenday/ before this thing! I don't have any sandals yet," she complains as she bounces around next to her cot.

Ciera has to be the only person who carries a mug of /klah/ onto the Sands. Crazy? Perhaps. But sher nurses the mug happily despite the heat of the environs. "They're popping. New dragons. Yay." I mean, it's not like she can even taunt if half the clutch is blue, because it's not Cadge so Py won't even care. Why get overly excited?

In the galleries, D'renn strolls up the stairs, waving to someone here, pushing past someone there, and making his way, it seems, towards Pyrene. "Wonder what Chayath and Druseth will produce, compared to Cadge and Druseth?" he greets the weyrwoman with.

In the galleries, Pyrene blinks at Quara. "Ragamuff's standing again? Are you sure you're not confusing her with Taesha, Catia's girl?" Or maybe Ragamuff /is/ standing again. Pyrene hasn't gone out much since the candidates stole her boots. Stupid candidates. D'renn gets a glare, but she waves at T'am. "T'am! come sit down here!"

On the gallery ledges, Sasha slides with great care down Branwyth's extended forearm, landing on the ground.

In the galleries, Sasha edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

"Almost done.." the drudge has to speak rather loudly over the hum that is reverberating through the Hatching cavern. "Ah, there! Twirl once for me.." Shaela does so, and is then free to work on organizing the Sands to Chayath's specifications. "Alright, riders, Chayath wants us all to keep back to the walls," the goldrider declares. "Only Candidates are allowed near the eggs."

"Oo." Lis is attracted by Lorsalia's offer, not being of the weyrlingmaster line and thus needing to get quite drunk after this madness. "Sure. But… can you come over here?" The pleading voice floats over the bacchanalian cornucopia in her hands, address Kh'ryn and Lylia as well. "Wine, wine, for everyone!"

Candidate Barracks> Oliana lines up quickly, then motions to…to Kirana to stand beside her. "Kirana! Come on!" She huffs at Kirana. So unorganized. "You got everything alright?" Oliana asks as she binds back her hair with a simple cord. It isn't nearly as effective as her elaborate braids and other contraptions to keep the mass of dark curls out of her face.

Candidate Barracks> Lhana burts into the barracks, sopping wet and clothed in little more than a hastily pulled-around towel. "Did I hear what I think I hear??" she demands, flusteredly, then gapes over at Hyzen. "Shells. Shells-shells-shells." This was -not- the timing she was hoping for. Frantically, she drops the towel and dashes, clothed in just her underthings now, to find her robe. "Where - where - ?" Ahah! "There. Robe." Hastily, she tugs it on, hooks it shut, and pulls on her belt. Then, picking up her sandals, she begins pulling those on. "Good thing…I got these…ready!" she says, in between yanks.

Candidate Barracks> Hyzen watches the frantic movements around her, grin still evident as she folds her arms across her chest. One hand moves away to silently count all the candidates, making sure some aren't missing. "Very good and well. Come on, hurry up." More teasing than anything, gaze darting to and fro, following scrabbling candidates.

Candidate Barracks> Mosiah sits cross-legged before his cot, fingers working through the end of his long hair as he ties off the braid with a simple leather thong. He flickers a glance up to the others as apparently everyone has taken to stressing at the sound of the humming, and riders rushing in. He plants a hand on his cot as he pushes up, rising to his sandaled feet. Perfectly calm, apparently. He flickers a grin to the others before reaching into the clothespress at the foot of his cot, reaching for the robe.

Candidate Barracks> Miralwyn stands at Hyzen's orders, nodding inevitability as the humming takes over. Here we go again. She shuffles over, making sure her sandals are in good shape, and gravitates over towards Sikkyen, pre-designated clinging buddy. A more expressive person would probably be clamped onto his arm by now. Wyn may yet get that far. Smoothing down her robe, she offers a quiet "Well, here we go…" Ooooh… Wyn's /nervous/?

Candidate Barracks> Squaln grabs Azia and draws her in front of him, almost like in a big brother fashion. "Stay here and don't do anything unless the dragonrider tells you." Yes. He's the experienced one remember? Listen to him, right? He's been through this more than once. "Stay calm.." he says to the fellow herder.

On the gallery ledges, Fiareth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

Kh'ryn keeps his back to the wall as he makes his way towards the greenrider, and soon enough, he's there beside her, ready for his refreshment. "So. Any bets on who's gonna impress, and who's not?" he asks of Lis. Reiko slips off Cerdith's shoulder with a barely audible scraping of boots and makes her way to the galleries. Slowly, emerald gaze scanning the sands below, unable to completely suppress her anticipation at this moment. Why had she assumed it wouldn't affect her?

In the galleries, Larnat's mouth is drawn into a taut line and her brow creases in concentration upon the sands. "Maybe my bets will pay off…" she murmured. Slight snicker. "Naw, probably not, but the way they turn out'll certainly be interesting," she finished with a satisfied "Oh," as the tension begins to mount. Leaning forward, she barely /notices/ the extent of her focus.

Candidate Barracks> Seilyn hastily snaps out of her daze and jumps up from her cot, rushing to the trunk and snagging her candidate's robe. It's on in a flash and the candidate goes to line up.

In the galleries, Quara shrugs absently, squinting around for various people she might or might not know. "Well, something that ends in -uff, anyhow. Not Jack," she asserts, waving brightly at Catia, and then bellowing, "T'am! Over here, love!" over the noise of the crowd. "Oh, Donny!" she greets, cheerfully, waving at the ex-Weyrlingmaster like a woman possessed. Too much sweeteer in her klah.

Candidate Barracks> Nazagarul doesn't seem nearly so stressed about the whole deal as his fellow candidates. If his humorless face was capable of any sort of cheerful expression, he'd be smirking at the panic, in fact. Mmmm. Fear.

Candidate Barracks> Kirana hops towards Oli, "I'm coming I'm coming!" Is mumbled around the hair tie grasped in her teeth. One sandal is mostly on, while the other dangles by a strap over her toe. "Errgg…couldn't they like…give us a good sevendays notice for this?" She grumbles, jerking the sandal on fully and hurrying with her hair. "Nervous Oli?"

Candidate Barracks> Tevya dips her head in a nod as she glances around. "I know. Shells.." Her hair is finally pulled up and fastened, before fingers pull at the tail and straighten it out. Robe is smoothed and patted down into place, Tevya pulling the last remaning bits of lint from ot. "Shells..it's a good thing I washed this before the Hatching." Glance finds Lhana as Tevya grins, before Tevya turns towards Hyzen. "Right Hy. Almost set!" Bare feet are tapped on the ground, Tevya glancing at Fyria, "Fy. I'm doing it. I'm going without sandals on!"

On the gallery ledges, Fiareth drops a foreleg, craning neck to watch E'an dismount.
In the galleries, E'an edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

Candidate Barracks> "Here we go, indeed," Sikkyen rumbles, snagging Miralwyn's arm in a gentleman-like-fashion. He'll be clinging, soon. Just watch. He leads the two of them to the lineup, and attempts to look as calm as he doesn't feel.

Candidate Barracks> Lhana stresses. /Oh/ how she stresses. "Did they have to go -now-? I'm still all wet!" And indeed she is, glistening and shiny wet. Her hair flops about, for once not messed with. In her sudden energy, she all but skips over to the others, where she bounces about frantically. "Someone - someone." Her hand is flung about wildly. "Anybody need a hand to hold?" Or want to hold hers? She needs to /cling/…

Lorsalia scuttles over with a nervous glance at Shaela. Beads of perspiration pop out on her forehead, probably a result of her outfit and the heat. Not a very good combination. She holds her cold bottle close, bringing its base towards her neck before offering the juice- as if anyone would drink from it now. "/I/ think that Fyria's gonna Impress a green." She says, not caring that the question was directed to Lis. "And Sage will get a brown."

Candidate Barracks> Oliana swallows. She's already starting to get clammy handed and sticky-faced. "Nervous?!" she squeaks, then swallows again, taking a few calming breaths. "No. Not so much nervous as…ok. A bit." She sighs and fidgets at her hair, smiling to Kirana. "It /would/ be nice having more notice. You alright?"

In the galleries, T'am hears his name. Craning his neck for a look, he trips over the outstretched legs of Keroonian. Muttering appologies, the bronzerider miraculously manages to reache Pyrene without causing any more harm than that. "Pyrene, Quara." He's got a silly grin on his face, same as at every Hatching. "Betting on blues already?" he asks the weyrwoman with a twinkle in his eyes.

Candidate Barracks> Sage comes out from under her cot and looks pretty ruffled. Seeing Hyzen she gives a tiny smile and then looks about and nods and smiles at all the Candidates, "Good luck, guys…" It's slightly mumbled, but those around her will hear it. She smooths out her robe and starts heading towards the entrance, looking a bit distracted and she tries to pull her hair back into a braid. Hearing Tevya, she smirks and shakes her head, "You're gonna let your feet burn?" She wiggles her own toes in her sandals and grins, "Not me. I remember how hot they are." Ok, so she's getting a little better…not so nervous if chatting.

In the galleries, Khena nods at Elehu, her own attention getting drawn to the sands, leaning forward on her elbow. "I'm thinking there's at least, hmm, seven, eight browns in this clutch," she says, smiling crookedly at the other with a sideways glance. So she's a little biased.. Chuckling, she shakes her head, eyes back at the sands. "Mneoth says ten.. That half of them, love," she notes to the brown sitting on a nearby ledge.

Candidate Barracks> Settitch nances happily, turning to flutter at Nazagarul, and chirp "Isn't it just /soooo/ exciting! Although you'd really look better in black…" And then something actually gets through to the Weaver, and he withdraws hurriedly, spooked. "Lovie!!" he pounces on Lhana. "I'll hold your hand, now /don't/ be scared. Chayath's /pretty/."

Candidate Barracks> Harripotter pushes messy hair back from his eyes, tripping over a broom as he wiggles into his robes.

In the galleries, Pyrene turns her nose up at D'renn. "At least I have better fashion sense than Shaela," she observes with conviction. "T'am… you know I bet on brown." Everybody is picking on her. Cannot cope.

Candidate Barracks> Fyria's eyes glance excitedly around the other Candidates as she earnestly looks towards her cot one last time. Nope. No sandals magically appearing. With a grumble and eyeroll, she nods at Tevya, saying "I've not choice…ah, well. Time to be daring anyways!" As if Standing for a clutch isn't enough. "Lhana!! Come stand with Tevya and me!!" She waves at the girl, even as she stands shoulder-to-shoulder with TEvya. Then, she looks at Hyzen. "Ready, Ma'am!"

L'shil obediently heads for the walls, though not without a pause to wrap an arm reassuringly about Shaela's shoulders. "You look gorgeous, my dear. Not nervous, are you? They're a lovely bunch, truly." Candidates or eggs - could be either, or both, coming from him. "I brought all your favorite munchies. Even sticky buns - but only a couple. They'll melt, or the sticky part will, in this heat, and I know what you think of messy things."

In the galleries, Sasha wearily wanders to the galleries, a smile on her face, and a tan evident…her recent time spent down in Southern obviously has done her good for she looks happier than she has in ages. A cheerful grin is passed to all those she knows and does not recognise alike…" Hello! Bet you were forgetting what I looked like! " she wanders over to the edge and peers downwards…"Guess its that time again…"

Candidate Barracks> Jundi adjusts her robe, tugging on the fabric to try and adjust it comfortably. "Hatching, hatching, hatching," she mutters the whole time before scattering over to Kirana and Oliana. "They're /hatching/," she repeats breathlessly, then leaning over and slipping on her sandals.

Candidate Barracks> Azia is safe. Squaln's got her. Phew. "Okay, Squa. Got your sandals? Got your robe? Everything regulation-like?" Twitch. Her fingers fidget nervously with the fabric of her robe, rubbing the white material between forefingers and thumbs. "Is it scary, Squaln? I'm only going to be scared if I have reason to be. What a waste of time - Being scared of something that's not scary. I hope you Impress, Squa, I really do. Shards, but it's loud in here!"

Candidate Barracks> Lianta patpats Lhana as she quickly twists her hair up with a errant ribbon. "Only a few more hours of torment. " Smirk. Her sandals are on, her robe is almost on… there. It's on.

Angel Wings Egg gives a little shiver; hardly noticeable, unless one happens to be peering closely at it. After a moment of fluttering slightly, like a feather blown away by a mere breath of wind, it quiets once more; landing softly upon it port side.

Hiza is nervously chipper, snaking across the edge of the Sands to stand with her clutchmates, and the other riders, bouncing. "Wine? Oh, wine would be nice… no… no wait. It's better to keep a clear head," Hiza's being much more responsible now, occasionally fidgeting with her shiny new knot, eyes flicking to the Stands, where she spots Xizane with a nanny. Whee. "It's hot out here in these leathers," Hiza's talking to who here? "I should've worn something breezier." A'well, too late now.

Candidate Barracks> Taesha is aloof and alone, and seems happy to be that way, twitching her robe into place and stepping into line with her head held high. Her second time, after all. She's an old hand.

In the galleries, Marek comes up the stairs.

Candidate Barracks> Kirana is fine. Ish. "I'll be alright once…once…this is over. Or at least when we're on the sand where it's warm. Why are robes sleeveless?" It's really just a rhetorical question for the sake of babbling, but she reaches out a hand in offering. "Jundi!" She smiles at the other dolphin crafter. "I know! Can you believe it? Stand with us?"

Lis sighs happily in relief as she hands off skins to other riders, saving some of the best vintages for Lylia - one of which gets handed to Kh'ryn, lucky duck. "There's a couple who I'm hoping don't get greens, if you know what I mean," comments the greenrider scandalously.

In the galleries, B'ane walks in.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg shimmies a bit, its bright colors briefly blurring, but stills again, settling back into the sand.

In the galleries, Fihall grips the person's arm nearest to him as the eggs start to shake. "Gah! I hope Lhana and Fyria get their mates!"

Candidate Barracks> Lhana is going to take every hand she can get. And thus, reaching over, she grasps Settitch's hand with her left, holding it in a vicelike death-grip. Which still leaves her other hand open. And thus, she all but drags the Nancing One over to Tev and Fy, reaching out with her right for one of their hands to hold. "OhFaranth, OhFaranth, OhFaranth," is repeated under her breath.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg wriggles experimentally, but sticks a bit too much, and give up for the moment. Meh. Has to come off sometime.

Candidate Barracks> Meriadoc and Peregrin shuffle their way hand in hand into the line near Samwise who's looking murderous.

In the galleries, "You, better fashion sense than anyone?" D'renn plonks his behind on a seat just behind Pyrene, so he can heckle over her shoulder. "Mind you, I'm not sure about what L'shil's wearing down there - someone should tell him orange and red don't go." This from D'renn? "Anyhow, how many blues d'you reckon? Quara? T'am, care to take a bet?"

Candidate Barracks> Miralwyn offers Sikkyen a briefly grateful smile and tightens her fingers on his arm. Practice cling. "I swear I'm running if one starts looking at me." she murmurs for his ears, even if her expression remains as unreadable as ever.

Candidate Barracks> Squaln grins down at Azia and rests a hand on her shoulder briefly. "It'll be alright. Just relax and take a deep breath.." Geez, he should practice what he preaches. Third time's a charm, right? Hopefully.

Celestial Starlight Egg strains frantically against its morphological limitations, zooom-fwoooshing around as best it can - well, no. It's more of a wobble-thud, but it's the thought that counts.

Shaela smiles broadly, putting her arm around her weyrmate's waste as they walk together toward the edge of the Sands. "You're so thoughtful," she says, the giddiness starting to creep into her voice. "And so much as Chayath thinks teh dress is a little over the top, I'm glad you like it. I'm glad you wore the matching suit. I thought these outfits would be the perfect touch since they were the ones we wore for the Hatching of Druseth's clutch."

In the galleries, Catia is fidgeting almost as badly as her youngest daughter, although Livia has her cousin and elder brother to poke, and Catia just has her weyrmate's arm to hang onto. "Do you think she'll do it this time? I think she will…" Seems like Catia has forgiven Shaela for asking Taesha to be a Candidate.

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg is unnaturally still, this close to Hatching, although may be seen to be giving a nervous tremble up close. Will it hurt? Oh, but perhaps it will be good for it in the end anyhow… Shiver.

In the galleries, One of the squealing kidlet stops running amock, only to throw himself against the ledge and point at the eggs. "Look!" he shouts. "They're /moooving/!"

Candidate Barracks> Nazagarul subtly give Harripotter a shove as he takes his place in line. Hardly noticeable, really. But that extra bit of fear an uncertainty sure smells nice. Mmmm. Love the smell of fear in the morning.

In the galleries, "Better fashion sense than you anyway," Pyrene says dryly. "I don't know how Lylia hasn't died from heat exhaustion yet. She's spent the better part of a turn on those Sands now. Ugh. I know I'd want a longer break…" She breaks off, studying the eggs which also seem to want a break. She doesn't blame them.

Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg bubbles restlessly, though it's not really rocking yet. Blob. Blob.

In the galleries, Laytai sits on the edge of her seat, eyes not even blinking, incase she misses one little bit of detail.

In the galleries, Larnat runs her hand through her hair, quite annoyed at the fact that Weyrbrats seemed to be invading the sanctity of the Galleries. Giving them a bit of a glare, she rolls her head across her hands and looks at the sands from a different angle, newly-cut locks falling with the twist. Upon hearing one of the squealing kidlets, Larnat's left hand begins to twitch, but she ignores it for now. It's Hatching, she got a haircut and a dress, time to be generous, mayhap, after all.

In the galleries, Ashli comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Miria comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Nylca notices her friends intense stare, and becomes one too. Her eyes cling tothe eggs, themoving, the candidates. She takes a deep breath. Someday maybe, but right now, she could just watch.

Dawn at the Sea Egg rolls slightly in the faint breezes, just picking up over the bay.

In the galleries, Quara always cares to take a bet. She's got to have some kind of illicit activities going, although nobody's proven anything. "Oh, my. Of twenty? I'd give them a good eight or so… Yes. Eight blues." A randomly-chosen number, but it sounds nice. "And D'renn, you're hardly one to discuss fashion sense. The pants, and the scarf, and that entire purple-and-gold set of dress leathers, and whatever you call what you've got on now…" Me-ow.

In the galleries, Elehu leans forward a little and squints at the eggs scattered about below and nods a little. "Could be… it's hard to tell by sizes though." She takes a moment to push her hair behind her ears, then, and rolls her sleeves up just a bit. If it weren't warm enough before, all these extra bodies is certainly making sure of it.

In the galleries, One little brat notices Larnat's glare, and gives the older girl a rude look in return, before rushing off to join his friends near the ledge. They have every right to be here; just like anyone else.

In the galleries, B'ane trudges up the stairs and sweeps his gaze over the myriad of faces and bodies stuffed into balcony. The colors of Ista signify his old weyrling group, Zeja and J'den, and so that's where the bronzerider stakes his claim. "Seems like deja vu, no?"

In the galleries, Miria shuffles through the crowds, a giant pile of sweetsticks in hand for hatching snax. "Move! I wan' my seat!" She shuffles over to find a seat in proximity to her half-sister Sinead. "Eady! Yo! Wan' a sweetstick? Or somethin'?"

In the galleries, Jaysann walks in.

In the galleries, Sinead chuckles as her sib drops in. "Heya Miria," she offers with a girn as she makes room for her. "Sweetstick? Defintly." Grin.

In the galleries, Laytai digs her nails into her legs, her knuckles turning white with anticipation, well that and the lack of blood going to her hands. "Make it start already…" She says to no one in partucular.

In the galleries, Ashli bounces in excitedly and flounces her way over to a bench, sitting down and peering curiously at the rocking eggs, letting a startled 'ooh' escape her lips as she cranes her neck to attempt to get a better view, the younger girl is dismissed by a tall person sitting right in front of her. Hmpf. The girl notices a few other kidlets standing near the ledges, and promptly zooms over that-a-way, smiling up at the dragons perched there…

In the galleries, T'am gives Pyrene his most dazzling grin, the epitome of bronzerider charm. The effect is only spoiled by the purple in his hair. "Of course browns are important, but it's the blues…" he trails off, distracted by the rocking eggs. Attention is dragged back to present company but D'renn's question and Quara's answer. "Hmm. I'm predicting six." A quick scan of the Sands and he nods, "Yup. Mostly greens and bronzes, I'd say." Why not?

Lorsalia sniffs at Lis. "I do believe you mentioned the same thing of me, and look how lovely it's turned out with Yajisarath." She opens the bottle and takes a deep swig, then beams at Hiza. "This is just juice, I promise. Just redfruit juice. You can share, if you want to?" She oohs and claps her hands- as best she can with the bottle still in one- when she sees the Celestial Starlight Egg move. "That's my favorite." She points, "I bet it's going to hatch a blue, though."

In the galleries, Reiko actually seems quite comfortable in the heat, although that could be attributed in part to the large chilled wineskin at her hip. She manages to find an empty seat with a passable view and settles herself to watch.

In the galleries, "Nine!" Pyrene says quickly before anybody else can. "And no bronzes." Otherwise she'll be speaking to Druseth about favouritism.

In the galleries, Zeja turns toward B'ane with a wave and a light laugh. "Except that this time we're up here," she murmurs as she leans forward, elbows planted on her knees. "Wonder how long it'll be before they're able to be dragged out." An eye flickers toward the Sands' entrance.

In the galleries, E'an comes down the steps from the ledges, wine in hand and ready to drink (no glasses needed). Fun situations such as this are always perfect times to get drunk. "Darlings, darlings, I'm here!" he says (with a great deal of random hand-waving) to no one in particular, then sets to stumbling about the galleries in not-so-unrandom directions, looking for a nice seat.

In the galleries, Kylianna walks in.

L'shil chuckles softly…well, softly for L'shil. "Nah, I'm me. - Oh, no. I /like/ that dress. I thought you might want me to wear this one…it is better than that other time, when I meant to and just had part. They're better this way. Have you seen Mother? She mentioned maybe coming for a visit roundabout now. I was going to get her when Chayath said -and you know how it is - she'll find a way, if she wants, and F'ral might even remember to be a good son instead of a fribble, for once."

Candidate Barracks> Tevya gives her robe one last pat before she's standing in line next to her friends. Fyria and Lhana among them, before a hand is waved towards Sage. "Sage, come on..join us!" Others are given a small smile from Tevya, the candidate doing her best not to show how nervous she was, "All set Hyzen."

Candidate Barracks> Jundi clings to Kirana's hand with a nod. "Yes, most definately." She takes a deep breath and grins nervously,"Well I think it'd be pretty warm on the sands if they were longsleeve or soemthing. But heat's nothing for us Istaners, right?" she asks with a wink.

In the galleries, Khena shrugs, still grinning at her lifemate's silly suggestions. "It's not very likely, though. Ten browns," she says. Not that she wouldn't /like/ to see ten browns! "Where're the candidates?" Running her fingers through already damp hair, the brownrider frowns at the moving eggs. "They'll start hatching any time now.."

Candidate Barracks> Settitch winces slightly. "Easy lovie! Easy! I need the fingers to sew!" he chirps, lacking the wit to be nervous. A flurry of patting is delivered to the clutching fingers. "There, there! They don't eat you, you know. And just think how lovely and pretty and cute the baby dragons are!" Apparently ravenous, clumsy and covered in egg goo doesn't seem to enter the picture for him.

In the galleries, Bronzerider S'tuff makes his way up the stairs to the galleries, his mood quite somber compared to his usual jovial, flirtatious self. However, after his lenghtly punishment over missing Fall during the winter months, it's no wonder he's quieted some. A roving eye still passes across the gathered crowd, winks given to a few lovely lasses here and there - a group of them being Reiko, Khena and Elehu.

Candidate Barracks> Mimi digs through her trunk, tossing mounds of clothing onto her cot,"I don't have any /sandals/," she whines loudly before turning around to Lhana an group. "Ee! I thought we'd still have a while, don'tcha think?" She takes a deep breath and sets her shoulders as she rocks back and forth on her feet.

Candidate Barracks> Sage heads over to stand next to Tevya, "Mind if I join you guys?" She gives a finger-waggle to Fyria and Lhana and then puts her hand over her mouth, "I just can't stop smiling…I mean…I've been through this before- you'd think I'd be better at handling it." She rolls her eyes and drops her hand to her hip, adding in a whisper to Tevya, "I'm so nervous…but good luck!"

In the galleries, Pae comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Sasha grins slightly as she approaches Pyrene. "Okay…what are the odds this time? Maybe I'll break the habit of a lifetime and indulge in a little flutter…" she tugs uncomfortably at the tight leather which encorages her cleavage to plunge so unnaturally. A shrug is given to anyone who happens to notice.."Hey..blame the weavers…I prefer black…"

In the galleries, Kariel comes up the stairs.

Candidate Barracks> Sikkyen grins slightly downwards at Miralwyn, and steadies her by enlacing his free hand over her clinging one. Awww. Look how cute. "You'll do fine. No running," he rumbles with an easy chuckle. Wow. He's.. calm. Yup. Wow.

Candidate Barracks> Fyria shuffles in her bare feet. I mean come on, girl…this is number 2 for you!! Grinnig at Tevya, she gives Settitch a wary eye as he's dragged this way. Great. Nancy-boy perfy lace-fancier. "Oh..absolutely Sage!!" Maybe by outnumbering Settitch, he'll stay quiet. Her fingers seek Tevya's hand and Sage's, before she takes a deep breath. And looks down. Sympathy for her feet, please.

Candidate Barracks> Azia slips into line (She's _always_ in line) beside Squaln, wriggling out a smaller hand for his. "Okay. I won't be scared. I wonder how fast it'll happen.. I hope I can see everything." A glance goes to Miralwyn, Fyria, Tevya and others as she picks familiar faces from the crowd, giving each friend a finger-waggle. "Good luck! Don't let 'em maul you!"

Fiery One Ring Egg and Flaming Marshmallow Egg knock together. Burn, baby, burn!

Candidate Barracks> Hyzen bobs her head, giving the candidates a grin. "Well done… well done. Let's go!" And then she turns and tromps towards the sands with little candies in tow.

Candidate Barracks> Oliana is clinging to Kirana's other hand, despite the fact that her own hand is a wee on the sweaty side now. She smiles at Jundi, nodding. "Well…Good luck is in order I think. Keep sharp on the Sands," she advises before letting out a long, low breath.

In the galleries, D'renn scowls happily enough at Quara, and produces a skin of something from somewhere. Not from the pocket of his leathers, that's for certain. "I'll go with Quara - eight blues this time. And maybe we'll get some of them into Zephyr."

Candidate Barracks> Lhana just gives Settitch a little growl for all his condolences. Don't -mess- with the grip, okay. "Let's go!"

In the galleries, Hyzen leads the Candidates onto the Sands…

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Chayath, brown Druseth, and brown Piccath are here.
You see Elven Forests Egg, Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg, Angel Wings Egg, Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg, Gyrating Glowsticks Egg, Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg, Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg, Dawn at the Sea Egg, Celestial Starlight Egg, and Phial of Galadriel Egg here.
Shaela, Lis, Tyara, Lorsalia, Kh'ryn, Ciera, L'shil, Lylia, Hiza, Seilyn, Squaln, Oliana, Azia, Sage, Fyria, Sikkyen, Mosiah, Mimi, Miralwyn, Tevya, Jundi, and Kirana are here.

The 10 PC eggs:

Elven Forests Egg
Mountains green, on stream, on stone, where moonlight glimmers purest white, a forest hidden in the shell, of dragon's egg and Elven light. O' nameless hills, o' new-formed dells, where old and ancient knowledge dwells, a crown of stars, a gown of light, a mirror melting future fright. Woodlands green, on moss, on branch, where fireflies lantern the night sky, an arcane sanctuary's rest to stop, to sleep, perhaps to die.
Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg
An abomination of an egg, this one is: sharp edges instead of smooth; jagged curves en lieu of ovoid arches. Nature never intended for such a travesty to be clutched, and yet here it is before you. Various levels of intense silver clothe it with a brilliant metallic sheen, enfolding all sides in a cold and cool refuge reminiscent of a healer's finely honed instrument. Even the medicinal tang is slightly detectable in the air surrounding this seeming weapon of mercy, though often used instead for violence. Settled upon a raised crest of sand, it almost appears as though it's being angrily wielded to the light, rather than calmly offered in acquiescence. Glinting near the apex of the egg is the only other splash of color apparent other than the silvery backdrop: a single bead of crimson that slowly bleeds its way along the serrated edge towards freedom.
Angel Wings Egg
Ethereal stardust spatters the gold-flecked expanse of minute shell, soft copper-gold embracing the shimmering goodness of this tiny yet heavenly egg. The white of angel wings flutters feather-soft against the golden brilliance of sunlight's cleansing rays, no touch or hint of evil to caress the purified and glorified glimmers of this special ovoid.
Overflowing Bubble-Bath Egg
If this egg's soapy-white surface wasn't naturally contained, it seems certain that the foamy contours that swathe its bright shell would spill forth into a bubbling waterfall. Frothy suds effervesce and sparkle, leaking a peculiar cleanliness that trickles across the whole exterior. Glimmers of sunlight tend to seep onto the water-like surface and generate illusive rainbows amidst the gleaming bubbles, the only bit of color evident on this otherwise pure and immaculate egg.
Gyrating Glowsticks Egg
Lime effulgence takes up a rapid dance across the shell, whirling and twirling in time with lesser, wild dashes of magenta and blinding yellow. Neon whips merrily over the gleaming white spots, carrying it away in the pounding pulse of the party, youthful grass-green springing up and taking on the sunlight's cast, eerie blurs of color against a faint hint of shadows, the strobe of alabaster flecking across the ever-shifting shades.
Everyone's Favorite, Not-Shiny, Colorless, Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg
Two colors are prominent on this misshapen lump of an egg: boring gunmetal grey and plain yellow-tinged cream. They are decidedly separate from one another with almost distinct lines forming boundaries around the small polygonal sections of cream nestled in the covering of pewter. The faint borders continue along the dreary plains, as if they were in reality strips of something wrapped around the egg rather than simple variations in color. If this were the case, the bumps and dents throughout the overcast area could be easily explained away. Light glints on these areas from every direction, but rather than giving the egg a shine or sparkle, as one might expect from the metallic grey, the only effect is a dull luster.
Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg
Muted hues of mahogany, cedar and oak intertwine endlessly every which way over the length of the ovoid. A pale, almost aqua blotch is overlapped by more vibrant viridian before a deeper, forest green joins the fray, leafy canopies covering it all. Seemingly starting in the treetops, a light, delicate yellow filters through, the surface taking on the sunlit glow of late evening. The gentle golden wash slides unimpaired, Rukbat's light reaching the farthest corners of it all, lightening it discreetly.
Dawn at the Sea Egg
Pale, wispy tendrils swarm the surface of this elongated egg. A nearly straight line cuts its way around the bottom, separating the faded shades of the sphere: gray below and blue above. On closer inspection, a spark appears at one side, directly upon the line of separation. Reddish-orange in color and circular in shape, its hue spreads to its surroundings, losing its warmth and fading to yellow as it extends around the orb. Sand clings to the bottom, making it rough to the touch, while the crown of the shell is smooth and clear.
Celestial Starlight Egg
Star-pricks of light burst through the flimsy darkness of velveteen ebony that encompasses this egg. A sparkling flurry of activity traipses over the Cimmerian shell in star-fashioned filigree, mingling together luminous constellations, twisting galaxies and astral explosions of starlight. A super-nova of twirling, whirling, swirling points glimmers against the nighttime backdrop of blackness, misting the dainty egg with a starlit sheen.
Phial of Galadriel Egg
Like the shine of a star captured and encased in a phial of delicate crystal, this egg shines with wholesome radiance. A light for dark places, when all others have been extinguished, it carries an air of ancient purity and goodness that can defy even the most terrible dangers. Though smooth and round, the shell glimmers as if delicately faceted, the faintest trace of colors glimmering like light refracted through glass. The brilliance seems almost to come from within, the gentle luminosity of a star rather than the harsher glow of sun or moons, a veritable fount of peace and well-being.

And the remaining 10 NPC eggs:

Child's Laughter Egg
Wistful winds float on a baby's breath to paint the ethereal air-tones of this delicate egg, nary a smudge nor a blemish of sinister cast to mar unadulterated whites and softer dapples of glittery gold. Upon high, lavender caresses each sudden dimple of shell, whisking an outward overlay that blushes roseate nearest warmth, while turquoise's dainty touch simmers into wide eyelets of sparkling cerulean, innocent to the last.
Country-time Setting Sun Egg
A glorious spring day has ended, and with it the glowing orange orb that settles in the center of this egg shall do the same. Rays of crimson and amethyst expand to surround the orb, sending hazy clouds of pastel pinks and oranges to scatter across the summit. Golden rods strike outwards, the angles exact and precise, each reaching into the clouds that are formed within the peak. Light seems to scatter across this egg, for there are no shadows to be seen, nor any dark colors; just a brilliant glowing orange orb sinking into the pool of darkening sapphire and amethyst along the base.
Fiery One Ring Egg
Fire ravages the edges of this large egg, smoking and burring around the single ring of red-gold that bands the shell into some amaranthine, corrupted, infinite eye. Scorching, scalding, burning, blistering - fire sets the runes ablaze, turning the elegance of ancient writing to scarlet prophecy across the molten amber: One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Flaming Marshmallow Egg
Red and gold but warm the pattern of this large golden brown egg, charring a sticky trail of color from base to top in a gooey mess of amber, black, and fickle orange. Hearthfires' heated coals spark along the bottom, amiable in comfortable scatters of cherry and carmine to heat the ivory of the shell to a deliciously tacky, viscous, gummy mess of toasted amber and a hint of burnt sugar.
Hot-Hot-Hot! Lava Lamp Egg
An excessively pointed peak is tipped with a light scatter of frosted colors, like the cap of a frozen mountain. A shiny coating skitters downwards towards the cradle of warmth offered in the emerald hued base, while the middle is spotted with fuchsia blobs. Pale, yet vibrant shapes seem to float languidly amidst the sea of silver cast within the very center of the egg, some merging to form a single massive blotch, while others drift off into pale freckles.
Jagged Streak of Lightning Egg
A tumultuous storm breaks across the surface of a windswept prairie, jaded stalks residing in the crater of the egg and falling into an elegant sea of swirling olive and bright emerald. Pointed tips give way to the fury that is unleashed upon the upper shell, copper swirling' round furious gold and brazen bronzes that eventually collide upon themselves. A storm at its fullest rage, for darkened traces of burnt bronze rest beside the seemingly glowing gold. And yet all pales before the jagged bolt that shoots from the peak of the egg, darting and curling tentatively to its base.
Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg
Pale misty white caresses the grey surface of this egg, gleaming softly with iridescence. Tendrils drift lazily around in random patterns, obscuring all that they cover. Gleaming pearl and silver, this egg entails an air of mystery, seized within an instant of time.
Painted Glass Egg
Crimson splashes from a delicate rose at the center of this egg, each petal unfolding and gently splaying outwards. Fuchsia tendrils wrap the very outer edges of each leaflet, some seemingly torn as dark maroon paints jagged lines along the outside. Baby blue cloaks the remainder of the egg, a mere whisper upon the dappled surface. Breaking the rose and creating several small compartments is a single thread of gold, winding and weaving around rounded sides and topping off in a golden peak at the tip.
Tiffany's Cloisoinne De-Light Egg
A myriad colours dances across the curvaceous surface of this egg's ovoid form, shattering the glow into a thousand glass-tinted rainbow shades. Images appear - a flash of fire, the curve of a dragon's wing, the flutter of a vtol amidst vines laden with the grapes of summer. Each tiny sliver of colour is highlighted by leaden outlines, emphasizing the distinct separateness, yet overall wholeness of the egg itself. A shadow moves within, darkening the images briefly before pushing onward, glass motes recapturing the light and projecting outwards to one's eye.
Tiki Torch Egg
Bamboo shivers, pale colors rising up from the base, darker lines creasing the curved surface. As it climbs, faint wisps of gray appear, exploding into a wreath of blazing crimson and orange, ascending from the light, wooden colors in a licking, languishing frenzy. Fireflies flicker in the twilight depths that shrink from the burning, brightening shades, merely faint spots against the ever-present glow. Quiet smoke drenches the top of the shell, culminating the creation in its ashen touch.

Lis opens a skin for herself, too thirsty to bug Lorsalia for her juice. "I'm just hoping all of them hatch, and not too many have extra heads and legs and stuff," the greenrider remarks cheerfully, waving at the candidates who appear.Shaela shakes her head, "I haven't seen her at all.. I'm sure she'll make herself known, though, should she get here." She doesnt' need to add that she's also sure they'll hear it from Narali if she doesn't make it. "I'll be you a quarter-mark the first thing she asks us when we see her is how we like that blanket," the rider adds with a chuckle.

In the galleries, Quara glances at Pyrene, just a little startled. "Nine, Py?" One more than Quara. She's been outplayed. Bother. "Hmmph. Well, as long as there are lots of blues and browns, I'm happy." She'll be happy, all right, at the rate she's downing whatever's in her flask. "As long as Inferno gets our fair share, I can't complain. You can have the annoying ones. But we get… Taesha." She's a legacy, you know.

In the galleries, "The candies!" Laytai says louding, stating the obvious. "Looks like it's gonna really start!" She says and takes in a deep breath.

As a single entity, the Candidates flow onto the sands. White robes mingle with mixed haircolors as senses collide - The heat, the light, the smell of excitement lingering in the scorched air. Several furvitive glances are passed, hands squeezed nervously as a single thought is shared. As one, they bow to Gold Chayath and Brown Druseth, like a wave gently rising and falling. Then they migrate further into the heat, looping a wide semi-circle around the clutch and waiting with bated breath.

In the galleries, Miria outright squeals as she sees Fyria ake to the sands. "FyFyFy!" Squeeeeeeeek. "Good Luck!" Looking over to sister Ead, she hands her a sweetstick hurriedly. "OooeEE, it's star-ting!" And she is immediately on the edge of her seat.

In the galleries, Ashli turns her head towards one of the other brats and whispers confidentially, "You know, I think that most of them will be bronzes…" she nods excitedly as she murmurs, "You know, one day I'm gonna be a bronzerider." the passion and assurance in sapphire eyes sparkle as she glances down at the eggs, gesturing with her hands as she chatters away to the younger kidlet, telling the girl exactly which eggs will hatch which ones…now, to see if any of her predictions are right…though most of them involve bronzes. Hm. The girl jumps up and down as the Candidates go on the sand, she whoops loudly before clapping a hand over her mouth and waving frantically at Wyn and Fyria, the only two she does know. She whispers to the other kid, "I hope Wyn and Fyria impress…then I'll know two greenriders! Or maybe blue…or brown!" the girl jumps up and down with childish innocence and delight as they move towards the clutch…

In the galleries, B'ane unclasps his riding jacket with a few deft movements of his hands and leans back onto the bench. "I think I'd rather be down there." When the familiar line of candidates come onto the Sands, garbed in their robes, the rider throws a cheer over the heads in front, "go Squaln!" He settles down. There.

In the galleries, "Thank you dear…" And there in fact is Narali, L'shil's mother, escorted by her errant elder son F'ral. "Well, hello Catia!" And Narali squeezes into a seat near the dragonhealer, although F'ral edges off to sit with his cronies - including a vastly pregnant greenriding weyrmate Sushi. Narali gives Sushi a mother-in-law-style happy wave, before starting up a conversation with Catia.

In the galleries, Even the generally unobservant Reiko couldn't fail to miss the leer and wink, and she gives S'tuff a casual once-over before her eyes return to the Sands just in time to catch the entering Candidates.

In the galleries, Pyrene sulks. "Taesha might not Impress." She's keeping an eye on those who stood for Druseth's last clutch. They'd better not prefer Chayath-genes. "Well, there they all are! C'mon brown… hatch already!"

Brown Druseth is a little impressed. A dark rumble is offered to the candidates, a little croon towards his creaking, shifting eggs. Sigh. And Lylia just sits back, an approving nod given to the candidates as she sips at her drink. "Lovely. Juuust lovely," she mumurs.

Nazagarul stalks out, burning eyes searching until they light upon Fiery One Ring Egg. Yes. That is what he's been searching for. And with a hiss, he starts towards it, ignoring the confused form of Harripotter, the shorter cnadidate following at his heels.

In the galleries, Kariel stumbles in… cheeks tearstained. Yeah, he's a big sap. Perhaps he's the only one amongst those gathered who is rooting for someone not to Impress? Selfish, admittedly, but his sentiment none the less… he sinks down upon a bech and huddles up to watch the long run.

Hiza beams back at Lorsa, nodding, "Oh, would you?" A hush falls over Hiza was the candidates come out of the Sands, her eyes sparkling proudly. Look, look, these will eventually be the people she gets to teach, and prove to Lylia there's pride in the job. Giving a happy squee once their bowing is finished, Hiza claps and positively glows in their direction, particularally Certain Persons. Yay. Bounce.

Phial of Galadriel Egg twitches slightly upon its mound, strain marks beginning to show upon its starlit curves. Not time… not yet. And so it settles down, quiet for now.

In the galleries, Sinead grins and waves. "Good Luck Fy!!! You too Mimi!" She shouts out to her friend and her cousin in turn. Turning towards Miria she grins. "Second time one of our cousins is out there," she points out. "Third time out of the past few hatchings too…"

In the galleries, Fihall crosses hsi fingers, tensly before jumping up and shrieking a "GOOD LUCK!" to a certain Fyria dn Lhana.

Kirana gives Jundi's hand a squeeze, and clings to Oli with the other. Flashback to the practice hatching anyone? "Good luck you two." She whispers as she steps onto the sand with them and the rest. "Oooh wow. It's happening. It's happening." Is chanted softly under her breath. "I can't belieeeve this. Nice and warm though." Yep. At the very least. Once in the semi-circle, she nudges Oli and Junz. "Look! Isn't that one nice?" She asks, pointing at Dawn at the Sea egg.

In the galleries, Elehu hugs her knees to herself and begins to shrug a little when the candidates begin to file out. "Not that they could miss this humming," she comments idly, She begins to stretch her neck to the side a bit and pauses, waving to Reiko a little, though it appears she already has a seat. Then a stretch to the other side catches the wink by S'tuff, at which the healer just blinks.

Lorsalia jaw-drops at Lis. "That's not funny!" She says, and would say more, but she is caught by the bow and shakes her head. "It always gets me how the candidates manage to bow like that." She mutters, stepping closer to the wall after handing the bottle over to Hiza.

In the galleries, "An' who's Zephyr get, eh?" Pae finally woke up from her daze (and her player's absence) to hear Pyrene and Quara's conversation. "Oooh, ooh!" She's suddenly distracted by the sight of Miralwyn, Sikkyen and Azia, 'her' Canidates. "Yea, Azi-ah! Wyn! And Sikkyen!" Bouncebounce. HyperGirl is back.

In the galleries, Larnat rests Denocte's weight upon her hip, eyes lighting up as the Candidates move onto the Sands. "Impressing'll most likely start soon," she murmured, a bit of an odd grin she couldn't seem to wipe off her face. She'd blame even her kindly attitude to the weyrbrats on the giddiness of hatching later. She even gives one kidlet's hair a ruffle. "Bet Squaln Impresses at least brown," she called out, sitting far back in her seat, the side of childhood showing through at her rather sloppy posture.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg twitches, managing to pull free from where it was stuck. Triumph! And it begins to rock harder.

Kalyssa moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

In the galleries, "Oh good, Candidates." D'renn takes a swig from his skin, and beams. "Aren't we all glad not to be down there on the Sands, hmmm?"

And here they come. Slinking, sandal'd feet already jigging in an ancient rhythm, Sikkyen steps forwards with Miralwyn. /Cling/. Pensive look creasing brow, jaw set, the ex-stablehand cracks his neck, and settles himself in that one, good vantage spot. Away from the momma and the poppa - they're just too, uh, scary. Yes. Now, where's that Flourescent egg?

Dawn at the Sea Egg rocks back and forth, back and forth. So goes the waves, and so goes the egg. Morning's light has begun to crest, but it's not time, not time.

In the galleries, Noticing the look from Reiko, S'tuff changes course and takes the seat near the bluerider. "Hey there sweetcheeks," he greets her, leaning back in his chair and draping an arm over the back of hers. "Any movement upon the sands as of yet?" As he says this, he notices the candidates spilling out from their barracks and rubs at his chin. "Some of'em are gonna make some purty greenriders, that's for sure…" Leer.

Tevya nervously squeezes Fyria's hand as she glances to the eggs. "Shells..but it's hot!" Feet are shifted as Tevya glances down at them, "Maybe going barefoot wasn't all that good of an idea.." Lips are slightly pursed as she turns her gaze back to the egg mound, eyes widening as the Phial of Galadriel egg shakes. "Oooh.." Joined by yet another a the Everyone's egg begins to shake. "Which do you think'll be first guys?" This asked to her neighbors, Tevya switching her gaze between the them.

Lhana shies away from Druseth, Settitch still in tow. Her hair is sopping wet still, though the heat out here will likely dry it very soon, and her robe has been cut so short that one can only hope she doesn't bend over. Unless getting mooned is your thing, that is. Planting herself next to Tev and Fy - she's still too numb to feel the heat - she gawks at the *rocking!* eggs. "Faranth."

Oliana is attached to Kirana on one side. Yes. Flashback to the practice hatching certainly. She swallows. "They're rocking already! Well…" She pauses, and lets her glance slide over the shape of the curve of candidates. Then, "Yes, they're all pretty. The eggs that is. Won't be eggs much longer though, so take a good look"

Fyria's eyes widen again - doesn't matter she's done this before, it's still an awe-inspiring experience. Tevya's and Sage's hands are both given a tight (hopefully non-damaging) squeeze as she follows the others out onto the Sands. And hisses, feet hop-skipping from lack of covering. She forgot her sandals. Stupid sandals. Quickly, she peers up in the Galleries, looking for Kariel…and spots him. A wave is offered, a kiss is blown, but then the moving eggs draw her complete attention. Let the ride begin…

Seilyn strides out onto the sands, her eyes glancing at once from the galleries where the throngs flock, and to the sands, where the eggs shiver and quake. With a throat-lodged swallow, the candidate curtsies to the parental units of the clutch and then clutches tightly at another candidate's hand and hurries out. "Oh man..oh man…" She whispers to herself in a nervous little jitter, half between excitement and utter nervousness.

In the galleries, Laytai leaps to her feet and shouts. "Go Fy!" She cheers for the former Messenger. Then goes back to her seat, so everyone can see what is about to happen.

Chayath rumbles approvingly to the Candidates, her eyes whirling slowly, expectantly, eagerly. Soon, they will Impress these children - hers and Druseth's. She could not ask for better lifemates to these infant dragons.

Miralwyn is steadied just slightly by Sikkyen's hand on hers. But she's still decidedly halfway to clinging, now that she's out among the eggs. Feet shift nervously, but at least she's not bolting. Yet. "Are you /sure/ that I can't run?" she asks, before her eyes find the Glittering Scalpel egg. Some found that one frightening, Wyn, in her odd way, finds it comforting.

In the galleries, Pyrene wriggles her butt against the cold stone of the seat. "Damn right, I am," she replies, for once in full agreement with D'renn. "Odds are on the number of blues, Sash… I say nine but a brown to hatch first! And no bronzes." Definitely no bronzes.

In the galleries, Miria continues in her squealing, of course, calling out "Mims! Ikk!" to Mimi and Sikkyen, respectively, since they're her cousin and friend as well. "Good luck to ye both as well!" Out of adrenaline rush, her foot's tapping rapidly.

Jundi returns the squeeze to Kirana's hand with a nod. "I know. Do they…look bigger to you now?" Another deep breath and she glances at the galleries then back to the sands as a rocking egg is caught by the corner of her eye. "I can't /believe/ this," she breathes.

Squaln follows Azia out to a certain spot and stays close to her. Hiza is glanced at and he grins, then his eyes begin to trail towards all of the eggs that are around them. Some are rocking quite a lot. Oo. It's hot down here.

Taesha straightens up from the neat bow she made the dragons and their riders, adding a broad smile for Shaela as she falls back into the Candidate semi-circle. Her teenage dignity is quickly diminished by the need to lift first one bare foot and then the other, though she turns to scan the Galleries for her family.

In the galleries, Zeja stands up, grinning, when the candidates enter, laughing and clapping at B'ane's cheering for Squaln, throwing in a few of her own. "Look! And there's Sage and Sei… And Oli…" And many, many others.

Hyzen leads the candidates in, watching with critical eye as they bow before spreading out. Nodding, she smiles faintly and moves off towards the side to watch, wineskin drawn out but not yet opened.

Mosiah pats out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, flicking one foot and then the other as the warm sands seep in between the sole of his foot and the tough bottom of his sandals. He seems to be without any fellow candidates clinging to his form, which could very well be a good thing. His eyes sweep over the clutch of eggs before flickering back to his fellow candidates with a bolstering grin. Nothing to be nervous about, companions.

In the galleries, Sasha is hot enough…blushes do that to you…"On the sands? No…much rather be here!!" She grins at D'renn. Then with a chuckle at S'tuff's approach to Reiko she grins at Pyrene. "More blues? How will you stand it?"

In the galleries, Kariel forces a smile in return to Fyria as his eyes meet hers, making his face a mask, but as soon as that gaze departs, he admittedly goes back to his dour contenance, reclusing with a vague look to the others in the stands.

Azia scurries about, dark eyes touching on the scattered clutch as she tries to remember.. That thing.. she has to do it.. Oh. Breathe. In.. and out. "Squa? Do they _always_ rock like this? I reckon.. I reckon these are evil eggs, to be rocking so hard." Must be the inbreeding. And the evil father. But, for once, the clutch-poppa and clutch-momma look pleased.

In the galleries, Ashli oohs as the eggs move, she wiggles excitedly and smiles at the girl next to her, noting, "One day I'm going to be down there…" Ah, the assurances of childhood. She sighs deeply, and giggles excitedly as more eyes rock. Oooh. She whispers to the kidlet as she hears someone talking about what'll hatch first…"I'll bet it'll be a bronze!" The girl's fasination with bronzes is quite odd, come to think of it. Ah well…

In the galleries, E'an notices a small group of people here and there that he might recognize, but makes his way towards the High Reachians he never gets to see. "Pyrene! Quara! …" Pause. "…you other people! It's so nice to see you all." E'an takes a swig of his skin, and is suddenly knocked off of his course by a burst of traffic. "My bad, I'm alright… really…" Just a bit lost again, now.

In the galleries, Reiko might have noticed Elehu's wave. But she's quite thoroughly distracted by a sudden arm around her shoulders. She turns to look up at S'tuff from beneath a finely arched brow. "A bit of rocking," she replies mildly. "Nothing to get worked up about." This evidently echoes her feelings about the 'rider who's attached himself to her, evidenced by the way she shifts ever-so-slightly /away/ from him.

Dooom dooooom! Fiery One Ring Egg splinters with cracks of doom, shards flying violently away. In the midst of the destruction, a dark shape hisses menacingly. Oh, yes. Run. Run. For Witch King Bronze Dragonet is here. Run.

Witch King Bronze Dragonet
The dragonet that emerges from the fiery egg practically oozes the darkness of his father: So dark that blackest night seems welcoming in comparison, his hide is barely discernible as bronze. Heavy ridges plunge the facets of his eyes into shadow, the menacing red orbs peering out as from the depths of a hood. Powerful claws are capped with talons of the deepest ebon imaginable; huge pinions seem like blankets of shadow, dark cloaks about his gaunt body. Gaunt, yes - interminable ages, he seems to have lived, ages of sorrow and servitude. An almost tangible air of fear precedes him. Look, be ye brave enough, for he rides in search of something…

Kirana bounces sharply onto her toes, either from eat or excitment. "It's rocking! It's rocking!" Breathe Kirz. It's essential. "Have either of you ever seen one of these before?" These being a hatching presumably. "Bigger? I don't know…more active at least. Ooooh. This is scaaary." Spotting Seilyn she waves to the girl, "Sei! Want to stand with us?" Always room for one more nearby.

Darkness descends with Witch King Bronze Dragonet, a low hiss dredged from the ominous form. Sweeping across the sands, there is no swaying from his path, no hesitation as his creaking wings snap, bones popping like the echo of hoofbeats. Shiiiiire. Baggiiins. Swift movements carry the shadow'd form over the sands, driven by a strange hunger, a craving for what all men desire above all… power.

Meriadoc and Peregrin both bow to Chayath and Druseth, but the former nudges the latter with an elbow, crying, "Hey Pippin! Yer robe's so short you just mooned the galleries!" Pippin retaliates, shoving Merry off his balance into the sand. "Is not!" "Is too!" "Is not!"

Sikkyen finds it fitting, that he and Miralwyn both search out the same egg. The sharp angles, the sharp lines, the harshness. It /is/ oddly comforting, freakily enough. "No, you can't run," he sussurates lowly, grinning. "Have fun!" Jig. "Oooo. Bronze. I won the bet."

Sage straightens from her low bow, giving the Mom and Pop one last smile before turning her attention to the eggs. Suddenly, the eggs seemed so much bigger…why were there so many?! She grins at Fyria and Tevya in a nervous manner, then, the smile more of a twitch than anything, "I don't care which one goes first…I'd just love to see what comes out of the bubble egg, though." She squeezes their hands in return, and then gives a real smile, "Good luck." And with that, she turns silently towards the eggs. She almost jumps as the first one hatches, and she oos, "A bronze! Isn't that good luck…or something?" It's said to the two girl though she doesn't look to them.

In the galleries, "There they are," Khena notes as the candidates file in, glancing in the direction of Reiko and S'tuff deciding to ignore both. Eyes back at the sands, she picks out those candidates she knows. "I don't think I can root for any of them to impress… I hardly know any of them.."

In the galleries, T'am lets his gaze wander from the newly arrived candidates on the Sands to the faces in the stands. Spotting Kariel, he gives the healer an all too cheerful wave. "No bronzes?" Head swivels back to give Pyrene a doubtful look, but he wisely keeps his mouth shut.

Lhana couldn't even hope to pay attention to the galleries at this point. She's confused enough by all the action going on right in front of her as it is! Tevya's hand is grasped, and Lhana promptly clings. Now, the heat begins to seep through her sandals, and she slowly begins the CandieDance. And then - "Shells. They're /hatching/, too!" Yes, eggs -do- do that, don't they? "Bronze!!"

In the galleries, Pyrene winks at Sasha. "I'll endure it.. just…" And then she blinks down at the Sands. "A bronze." Sulk. "How come a bronze is hatching first? That's a statistical improbablility! Particularly from a brown-sired clutch!" It's a personal insult. Druseth gave Chayath better…. chromosomes than he did to Cadge.

Nazagarul's eye fix on the hatching bronze, and the glowing fire within them almost intensifies. He's found his lifemate, indeed. Shoving Harripotter out of his way, he makes towards the dragonet.

In the galleries, Catia claps her hands together. "Bronze!" Her extended group of family all nod and applaud along with her, even sulky Livia.

In the galleries, "Hey…I was right!" Laytai says. "A bronze was the first to crack shell!" Nods head very proud of herself.

Azia yelps as an egg cracks, dancing back from the ring of Candidates. "A bronze!" she squeaks, squeezing Squaln's hand _tight_. "Maybe it's for you? Not for me.. Bronzes aren't for girls. Especially not evil Bronzes." Gulp. "Ever been mauled?" But Nazagarul is heading towards the Bronze. "Oh, good. He's evil, the Bronze is evil, everyone's happy."

Ever heard a Weaver shriek? You're hearing one now. "Oooooohhh…" moans Settitch, trailing off and grabbing frantically at Lhana's hand. "It's bronze, but it's like Druseth. Is it going to /eat/ me, lovie???!!!???"

In the galleries, Ashli jumps up and down with an excited squeal!! "I knew it, I knew it!! A bronze!!" she wiggles excitedly, azure eyes sparkling. "Maybe Wyn'll impress him." Though her ideas on what you can Impress are slightly askew, her excitement is infectuous, the air around her tense with anticipation…

Mimi winces as she steps onto the sands, making her way over to Sage and Fy and Tev. A gasp catches in her throat as she sees the bronze,"Ohmigosh," she mumbles. "I still think a bronze should try and Impress a girl," she mutters to the others, bouncing on her scorched toes.

Squaln keeps his eyes moving, though he listens to every word that Azia says. "They rock when they're gonna hatch soon. Aw! There's a bronze.. I said brown would hatch first." Looks like he lost a bet. Oy. He then takes a step closer to Azia.

In the galleries, "Nothing wrong with a bronze, Pyrene-dear…" D'renn drawls at the weyrwoman. "Looks like a good 'un to me too. Surely you'd rather the bronze to blue?"

In the galleries, Kariel glares at T'am. Sharding cheerful bronzerider young whippersnapper taunting him grr mrr meh.

Oliana takes in a quick breath, tugging down on Kirana's arm. "A bronze, first to hatch!" she says, caught up already with excitment, though she doesn't look ready to take a closer look than the one she's got. "It looks…terrifying," she worries, brows shooting up.

In the galleries, Quara watches with amusement at all the cheers and calls of encouragement that have erupted about her. "And of course there'll be bronzes. See? Bronze." She likes their riders, mostly. Speaking of riders - the male ones, that is! - she clears a spot for the approaching Istan. "E'an!" she calls, after a short pause. "How are you, darling?"

In the galleries, Sasha cackles as the bronzling hatches and a brow is raised at Pyrene. "Whats the betting there are no blues now…I wouldn't trust any of Py's judgements arfter a start like that!"

In the galleries, Pae yelps, popping up behind Reiko. "Reeikoo! Look, look a bronze! Oh, good luck to Squaln, he missed out last time…"

In the galleries, Larnat raises an eyebrow. "Whatever comes out first best be a brown," she murmured, eyes catching the form of the bronze. "Well, there goes my bet." Wry grin cornering the market on expression, she smirks. "At least my other bets're still running." Rather young to bet, but does it bother her? Neh.

Tevya takes a hasty step back as the first egg hatches a bronze, her eyes going slightly wide. "Shells..A bronze Fy! From that egg too!" A hand points to the Firey egg, before Sage's name is called out, "That egg was scary Sage. Shells..I'm glad it's a bronze.." Lips are pursed once more, the lower one bit as Tevya moves over to make room for Mimi, "Well if you want it..then go for him Mimi.." Wry grin then as her gaze finds the eggs once more.

Kirana lets out a lovely, drawn out, Oooooooh at the arrival of the bronze. "Lookit! Lookit! It's…it's…all…" What is it exactly? "Scary. Yes. It's scary." She squeaks, and makes an ever valient attempt to shuffle behind Oli. "Oooliii. S'gonna eat me! Or…do /something/ nasty, look at it!" Fear the creepy bronze.

Fyria gasps, her eyes widening as the first dragonet emerges. "A bronze!! Shells…Tev, that's a /great/ sign!" Her gaze drawls a moment at Settitch as she says "Will you /shut up/?" Grr. Then, she turns back, gaze flowing over the Celestial Starlight Egg and Sunlit Forest Egg. Her favs. Her dears. No no, don't hatch yet…you're too pretty! "OooOOooo. Bronze. Like Farleth. Farleth is a purty dragon. 'Cept this bronze's a dark one, yeeees…"

In the galleries, Miria shoves a grin over at T'am then returns her eyes to the sands. "Yup. Dark. Not necessarily the most attractive bronze there is, but dark and somewhat handsome." Grin.

Witch King Bronze Dragonet cares not for the bright, pristine garments, and with a snap and a snarl he lunges with those ebon claws, bringing young weaver Harripotter to the ground. The boy's yelp is cut off with a snap of jaws, and crimson now tracks his footsteps as he continues on, deadly prowl continuing with silent precision. That one was in the way, in the way of The One. Amid the fray, there is one of the gloom, the darkness that can aid him. And then, a glance to one side brings a flicker of twisted contentment. Finally. One his Master will approve of. Nazagarul. His own. His preeeeeciiiiiious.

Seilyn isn't too dazed to miss Kirana's invite and she quickly hussles over to the others, dragging along the older but shorter and squater candidate behind her. "Thank you so much…Shells, I can't believe.." She's interrupted as she sees the bronze scouting out the sands and just points, hand shaking before its dropped back to her side.

In the galleries, Sinead eehs. 'Good luck Squalny!" yup, she wants Squaln to get the bronze. Turning to Miria she grins. "Isn't this fun?"

Miralwyn shakes her head, a brief fit of mercantilism overtaking her nerves for a moment. "Fine for you, but I owe H'arlequin a mark and a half…" she notes, shaking one sandaled foot daintily and freeing it from the burning sand.

In the galleries, Pyrene shrugs at Sasha. "No blues would be great. And I lost my bet is all." She's not at all competitive. "That'll be the only bronze, though, you watch… - oh." Ick. "Idiot boy, why didin't he move?" Always the fault of the candidate.

Lhana turns around at Settitch's shriek, regarding him with surprise. She'd forgotten he was there, apparently. Then she blinks. "Uh. No? By the Egg, I hope not!" Or at least, if it does, it doesn't move on to her next. Eep. Then, it impresses. She sighs with relief, and attempts to call out congratulations, but all that ends up coming out is a sort of a highpitched, "Mree?"

Shaela watches the first egg hatch, and as one, both she and her lifemate turn their eyes to Lylia and Druseth respectively. "At least it's bronze?" is all Shaela can manage: bronze first is, after all, usually a good omen. Please-oh-please, don't let this be a repeat of the Cadgwith and Druseth pairing.

In the galleries, Fihall winces. THat poor harrypotter chap.

N'zgul looks up with triump on his face, ignoring the poor mauled candidate. "Ringwraith!" It's a shout, for him, if a hissing sort of shout.

In the galleries, S'tuff is completely oblivious to the fact that Reiko might find his attentions distracting.. or disgusting.. Whichever fits better. Instead, he leans over slightly as the bronze dragonet is hatched, and comments in a half whisper, "Just like my Maximeth. The first one to be clutched, the first to hatch, and more than likely the one to win all the hearts of every green here at the weyr." A wink, to show that he's no different from his dragon.. Hint, hint.

Jundi shakes her head slowly to Kirana,"No…." She gasps as one of the eggs crack open. Fellow former 'phincrafter's arm is tapped,"It's not going to /eat/ you," she points out, peeking around an egg to get a better look at the dragonet.

In the galleries, E'an is back on track after not-so-long, and downing more wine. He hurries to the profferd space, however, before anyone has the thought to steal it from him. "Hello, Quara! Such excitement going on, really. Probably not good for my head." The wine isn't either, but we won't go there. "How have /you/ been however, though, hmm?" Even if E'an didn't really, technically answer her question.

Hiza takes a quick drink of the juice, but the eggs have started to /hatch/, oh my, and she's distracted with watching that occur. "Oooo.. lucky bronze…" she doesn't sound so terribly certain of that, however, glancing over the little.. evilevil thing. And her eyes widen horrifically as poor poor Harripotter is… and then Impression, but Hiza's still sort of in shock, "Umm…….. umm…" Lucky bronze, right. Meep.

Sikkyen stares. "Ringwraith?! /Ring/wraith/?!" is whispered at Miralwyn. "Faranth's plush posterior.." Yeah, he's been obviously spending way too much time around Azia. "That's freaky. That's just /freaky/."

Sage shifts her weight slightly, leaning back on a cocked hip. It seemed so unreal…like a dream happening that you just can't wake up from. Not that she wanted to. She then hmms, not all interested in the bronze much anymore, though she giggles at Mimi. "Ooo! Impression, huh?" She makes a face at the name, but says nothing, until, "Sounds scary…" She then whispers something to Tevya, very quietly and gives a one shouldered shrug in offer.

Oliana would perhaps still be gawking in the most unrefined manner at the bronze…until Kirana starts backing around her. Oliana doesn't let go of Kirana's hand, trying to force her back around. "Will you - get back there! I'm not getting - " she stops and yelps as Harripotter is…is…"Is he alright!?" she gasps.

As Meriadoc gets up from the sands to plan his revenge, Peregin goes to find a group to clump with, though he does tug his robe down beneath his bottom - just in case. "I betcha Impress /green/," teases Merry, and Pippin makes a face in return. "Nuh-uh. I'm not the one who got caught with the carrot in his cot."

L'shil whoops joyously. "A bronzer! Good on you!" So ill-defined as to who, but that leaves it open. "Betcha she'll ask about whether we'll be needing a baby blanket, too. She'll be so pleased about Sushi that it'll dull some of her curiousity about us, but… Ah, some more hatchlings -stupendous stuff, this."

Azia pants visibly as Harripotter is.. injured? Killed? "Squaln, I thought they said that didn't happen much!" She definitely looks panicked - The first to hatch was evil. Definitely a bad portent for the rest of the Hatching. "Oh, shards, Squaln.. I hope something saves both of us. If not from the evil Druseth-spawn then from the heat. She shuffles her feet fretfully, sighing. "I'm glad I stitched extra layers on my sandals.. It's scorching out here."

"Aww! Ringwraith. How cuuuute." Lylia just… beams. The newest bronze gets a fingerwiggle wave. She never liked that Harripotter kid. Druseth just gives a rumble, tail flicking as the crimson muzzle lowers, a loving whuffle offered to the small, deadly bronze. Beam. Just like his old man.

In the galleries, Reiko is startled enough by Pae's popping and yelping that she actually gasps, dropping her forehead into her upturned palm as she recognizes her clutchmate. With a sinking feeling that she should have just stayed in her weyr today, she just shakes her head. "Yeah." Whether she's talking to Pae or to S'tuff might be unclear, but she wastes no further time in extricating herself from the bronzerider's arm. "Utterly charming." Not.

In the galleries, Kialan comes up the stairs.

Kh'ryn goes back to watching calmly over the rim of his wine glass, until he notices that one of the candidates is down. "Some one go out there and get him," he states to those nearby. He'd be willing to, but he doesn't want to spill his alcohol.

Lhana hops from foot to foot, hoping to keep one foot from singing by lifting the other. Fortunately for her already overactive nerves, she completely misses Harripotter's mauling. Her gaze flicks from clutchparents to eggs to hatchling to candidates to…and around and around until she finds herself quite dizzy. "Shells," she mutters.

Kirana lets out a Really Big Squeak. "He went and mauled Harripotter! I knew he was bad!" Her eyes go way wide at the name though. "Wraith? Ring/wraith/? Dear Faranth. But…but…" Yet another wraith. Only this one…has Big Teeth. And Very Sharp Claws. Seilyn gets a smile, "Your welcome. Help us watch each others backs." Alright, so Kir is a bit scared of all the baby dragons. Oli just gets a puppy look, but she does return to standing beside the bakerette rather than behind.

In the galleries, Larnat sighs. "Not one that I know." Quick looks darting about the room, she nervously hides her little Denocte in the folds of her dress. Wouldn't want her little deary squashed by a big /bronze/. Thing didn't scare her. No…but 'likkle Denocte' is being protected. Hiss.

Squaln smiles at the first Impression made during this Hatching and nods towards the young lad whom the bronze chose. Good choice that bronze made. Blue eyes glance all about this way and that and then back at Azia. "Don't worry.." he simply says to her.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg rocks furiously, now, struggling to overcome the sheer power of that-which-holds-the-world-together.

In the galleries, Oh, ew! Aaah. T'am winces visibly as some lad is mauled in passing by the bronze hatchling. "I knew something odd had to come out of Chy and Druseth eggs…" he mutters, eyeing the parent dragons as though it were their fault for breeding in the first place. Out of the corner of his eye, Miria is spotted, and recieves a return wave. Then its back to staring at the Sands.

Lorsalia brings her hand to her mouth in shock, but quickly reaches for the bottle of juice again. "I can't believe that- Ringwraith is his name? I can't believe he did that to the poor boy. I hate it when that happens." She tuts, face drawn in near-horror. "I hope that when he grows up, he doesn't try to chase Yajisarath. It'd be just terrible."

Lis wrinkles her nose at the maimed victim, silently hoping he's not too badly injured (he was kind of cute). "Well, that one didn't have three wings," she points out cheerfully to Lylia.

In the galleries, Catia leans forward worriedly. "A mauling? Is he alright?" Poor healer, she can't help herself. But as the bronze Impresses anyway, she gives a little shrug and sits back. "Sorry Narali, what were you saying about it being time Shaela and L'shil had children?" Catia gives T'vim, Shaela's ex-foster father, a wry grin.

Phial of Galadriel Egg pulses softly, rocking gently from side to side. Careful, must not topple over. But the inmate is sick, it seems, of confining walls. A shudder and then stillness. Hair-line cracks appear, but then the egg falls still once more.

Mimi gulps and nervously tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. "DId you see that?" she whispers to the others. "Ohhhh dear," she worries as she shirts from toe to toe.

Shaela shrugs to her weyrmate, as she returns her attention briefly to the Sands. It's Impressed - good. One down, nineteen to go. She waves to her little sister as well, trying to look reassuring: they're not all as scary as that last one, she mouths.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg succeeds in executing a twirl in place, the brilliant green and yellow on its surface becoming almost brighter before it quiets again, to sit still in the sand.

Lianta is peeking out from behind Fyria. Eek! A bronze, and it's trying to eat Harri! More eeking and squeeking commences.

In the galleries, "Oh, /wonderful/, and thank you for asking," Quara replies, with her own wine close at hand. "You know, my Lylia's the new Weyrlingmaster. And her Druseth sired the clutch." She beams with a pride utterly beyond her due. Her attention, though, is diverted to the poor lad on the sands. "Ooh, blood." Uh… right.

In the galleries, Kariel tenses and sort of springs up, Healer that he is, eyes widening… but something tells him it might be a might too late. He's never had this happen, in his turns of healing… "Catia? Do we go down there, or… uh…" Well, this is distracting./

Seilyn can't quite make things out that happen farther down the sands, though she does catch sight of crimson on sand, and a hissed out name and isn't sure weither to jump for joy at a impression, or search for the source of that dragged blood… "Is someone hurt? Um.." Its all going rather fast, and its about then that her feet learn they're hot. Hearing Kirana she nods. "Is he okay?"

Miralwyn's hand has tightened on Sikkyen's arm again as she surveys the downed Harripotter. "They need to get him to the infirmary…" she notes hollowly. Hey, even if she thinks the kid's a prat, she /is/ a Healer, after all. And then blinks at the name of the bronze. "Ring/Wraith/…" she echoes back to Ike. "Great clear skies."

Tevya offers Sage a grin and a slight hug before wincing at the mauled boy on the Sands. "Oh…oh.. I hope he's okay. That looked like it hurt." Fingers kneed one another as Tevya digs her toes into the Sand. Not a smart thing to do but she does it. "What did he say his name was.. I think I missed it?" This asked as she watches the newly Impressed pair walk off the Sands.

In the galleries, Sasha winces as the lad is mauled and she shudders a little, glancing over the galleries until she sees others that she recognises. Her eyes fall on Kh'ryn and a warm smile is sent in his direction. "Gonna shre some of that nice wine? I've been flying all day…." she winks hopefully.

Taesha stares down her nose at the lad who Impressed bronze. "Hmmm…." Shift from one foot to the other, beam at her family, beam at Shaela…. It's getting monotonous already.

As N'zgul and Ringwraith are waved off the sands by an assistant weyrlingmaster, another one hurries out to poor Harripotter, accompanied by a healer. Leaning down, they apparently find a pulse, then pick him up and carry the poor, bloody boy out.

Fyria winces as Harripotter goes down. Well, that didn't happen at the last Hatching, and those were bloody scary! Still, she does squeak slightly as she looks at the trail of sangine red on the sands. "Ringwraith. Dear Faranth," she whispers. Then, a congrats is yelled at the new bronzerider. "Way to goooOOo!!" More eggs shake and shimmy, and Fyria finds herself holding her breath. Syl carefully moves onto one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, S'tuff continues to ramble, giving Pae a quick once over before blathering on about past flights and conquests. Still completely oblivious to any ill thoughts sent his way. As one candidate gets maimed, the bronzer can't help but sniff. "B'ah. Someone get the weak ones out of the way.."

Sikkyen shudders. "Poor thing," he mutters. He was annoying, but he didn't deserve that. Didn't deserve that at all. Evil dragonets. His jaw methodically clenches and un-clenches. "Great clear skies, indeed," he mutters, shifts - and waits.

Mosiah's dark eyebrows jack up and threaten to merge with his hairline at the sight of the mauled boy. Ouch. That looks like it could just hurt. He flickers a glance to the candidate he is standing beside, "Maybe they should have given us lessons on getting out of the way of a homicidal hatchling…Might have left the sands a little more pristine, instead of a veritable bloodbath." He glances back to the action, gaze drawing over the rocking eggs.

In the galleries, Pyrene mutters something about the candidates at /her/ clutch having more sense than to get mauled, before saying in a louder voice. "It's alright.. we have healers on hand. Just enjoy the rest of the hatching. Not our fault if the dimglow's too slow." Sympathetic, she is.

Lhana turns, catching movement from her Favorite, the Glowstick Egg. But then it falls silent, and she gulps, overwhelmed by the sheer chaos of it all. Not to mention that sinking feeling that this is all going to get a lot worse before it's over. "Who? What?" she says to the others, as they discuss the mauling. Then, swinging her head around, she leaps. "Shells!!" This is more dangerous than she thought!

Child's Laughter Egg rattles as though quaking with the giggles, now.. and then suddenly it is gone, leaving a baby dragonet in its place. The little brown lies in a clump, egg shards surrounding him, and he looks piteously towards his mother as if to say, 'I'm sorry! I didn't know /that/ would happen!'

In the galleries, Catia shakes her head towards Kariel. "Looks like someone's dealing with him. He seems alright," she tells the Weyrhealer, and then returns to her gossip, half an eye on Taesha. "Pretty brown," she remarks absently.

Oliana sighs as Kirana returns to her side. "It's just…I mean. We have a better chance dodging them if we're not smooshed together," she says in a tone of apology as she gestures at Harripotter being lugged out off the sands. "That's terrible! But at least he's alive!" Oliana shudders. More than just heat making her feet move up and down nervously.

Jundi stares wide-eyed at the newly Impressed dragonet. "He didn't look okay to /me/.I sure hope the other dragons don't follow him. Now should we run away when a dragon comes near or get closer?"

In the galleries, E'an makes a face. "Blood. Very dirty." Nod. It doesn't look too good on clothes. "Poor kid. Ah, well." He goes back to his conversation with Quara. "/Your/ Lylia, hmm? Oh, that's right, isn't it… I do seem to recall you saying something about them. Well, I have a… Jozzie. Sort of. And I have two kids, though they aren't hers. They're N'ano's." Nod. "Eanoc and Neana. I didn't think they were up to the hatching excitement, though. They're only.. you know. Three or so."

Sage didn't even notice the mauled Candidate…and still hasn't. She can't see him…oops. She's too distracted by other eggs moving, until she frowns, "Why don't they just hatch? It's like they know we're nervous and are trying to tease us." She then blinks at Tevya, "Whose name?" Yes, she's ought of it. She then points, "Look! A brown!" She thinks, anyway.

And Verily did Settitch hide… Nancy Weaverboy jumps behind Fyria as the downed Harripotter is removed. "Lovie…" he quails. "Can I leave? Don't make me go, please?" And he clings. Oh yes, he clings, the tall lad latching onto Fyria like a leech. Please, someone smack him?

In the galleries, Reiko just keeps sidling away from S'tuff until she's finally on her feet again, fortifying herself with a large swig from her flask and trying to make sense of the jumbled mess on the Sands. Was that a mauling?

Celestial Starlight Egg spins in maniacal circles around its base, unable to do much more. It's ultimately a futile effort, for the egg seems to stop and pant, star-specks throbbing, and not much hatching done at all.

Kirana bites her lip. Hard. "I don't know." She confesses to Seilyn. "I don't know…oooh I hope he is. This is scary…I don't think he's dead though." Reassuring. But she's still semi-stunned over that bronzes' name. "Ring/wraith/. Who would've guessed. But…he stole our name!" This is all whispered of /course./ "Hmmm. Good point." She's willing to agree with Oli. "But we have to keep an eye out for each other right?" Teamwork. Maybe it'll keep them in one piece. Spotting Fyria and Settitch she flashes Fy a sympathic look. Poor girl.

Phial of Galadriel Egg has had enough. Strains threaten to burst as the pulsing picks up pace. Rock, rock and off the pile of sand it tumbles to come to a rolling stop. Silence… listen and wait…

Squaln winces as some bits of sand get into his sandals, they're hot duncha know. Oy. HotHotHot. Shifting his weight, his eyes never remain still - they're keenly watching the eggs. Each and every one of them. Phial of Galadriel Egg is then glanced at as it rocks back and forth, "Azia, keep an eye out. Just in case.." he comments.

In the galleries, Pae bounces again, cheering happily. "Look, look! A brown! It looks like Uzi-dear looked when he was so little…"

Phial of Galadriel Egg shudders slightly, the radiance of starlight shimmering faintly as tiny flakes of shell fall, stricken, to the sands. A pause heavy with waiting, hesitant as the little hatchling within seems to gather up all the strength possessed. And yet before that show of power can be given, a large chunk of egg simply falls to reveal the delicate head. The rest follws languidly to dump out the glistening, tiny form of Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet.

Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet
Nebulae encroaches upon the indigo-shadowed chest of this new creation, swathed up his neck and upon his dapple chin. Sapphire dawn mingles playfully with the windswept ceruleans back along the dragonets handsomely detailed muzzle and forehead. He is the dusk, the carbon birthed in the decent of night, a fabrication of crisp blue brilliance along his spine and ridges, and obscure, twilight cobalt cloaked about limbs and middle. Veiled alabaster, lapis lazuli, and rustic sky confines its self within the diaphanous wings that crests his back and shoulders. Powder blue peeks through the carbon and flowers up from the tip of his lengthy tail, wispy like reeds caught in a breeze. A sentinel, he stands proudly upon talons of rich, milky gold.

In the galleries, "What a mess," D'renn says stoically, looking at the boy being carried off. "Ah well, I've seen worse - remember that blue of, hmm, F'ral's? Bashed up some poor harper boy who then got looked over by Rhyath… Lani's dragon might be a gold, but she's odd." The Weyrsecond /does/ glance round to make sure Lani's nowhere near.

Azia winces as Harripotter is carried off, hearing Oliana's words. "Alive might be worse than dead, Oli - Can you imagine having to live a half life? Sometimes I think it would be better to die than life in pain." A sage nod accompanies this as the Celestial egg rocks, and the Herder girl trails off. Celestial.. or Duct tape? She likes both. Tug-tug on Squa's hand. "I'm watching, Squa. Look! A blue! Hey, where's Pyrene? She'd like to see this.."

In the galleries, "Another…" she murmurs quietly, forgetting her scrutiny of it to hold little Denocte, and the flizzen scampers free. Glare given only as custom and not meant, her eyes are just ass quick back on the eggs. You could mix her juice up with wine and she wouldn't notice, not a bit.

In the galleries, Kariel grumbles as he sits down, the blood making his sort of convulse. Evil sharding dragons. And Fyria's down there, and… well, this does nothing to calm him nor subdue his opinion, undubitibly.

Hiza peeks to the Galleries, where her daughter is.. beaming and probably burbling to the poor nanny who got stuck with her about mommy and FyFy and Squally and Siah and Scarey(that would be Settitch)…. and then back to the Sands. "Erk… well that's… I hope the rest are nicer." Nodnod, and she finds herself without the juice. Not that she wants it. "Oooo! Not /that's/ a nice dragon." The brown or the blue? Probably both.

Lhana squeaks, leaping into the air as another dragonet appears on the sands. Followed by another. "Good Faranth. What is going -on-??" Poor, poor confused Lhana. Nothing for it but for her to just keep on doing the CandieDance, and cling to…Settitch? Where did Settitch go?? "Settitch! Get back here!!" but as she doesn't think to look behind Fy, she just turns to the first person she sees… "Moe!" she shouts, "Hand! Now!" Meaning, hold it. Now.

In the galleries, Fihall catche sight of a spark of delicate blue and catches his breat. Beutiful, that one, hope it goes to one of his adored candidates.

Taesha tilts her head to watch the new brown, attention barely diverted by the dark blue that then hatched. "Nice, isn't he?" she addresses the Candidate nearest, moving fretfully from foot to foot as her feet start to scorch.

Fyria wonder, since Settitch is a leech, will he melt if she pours salt on him? Too bad she can't find out…instead, she settles for literally /whapping/ him across the shoulder. "Will you let /go/? It's too shardin' hot out here for that nonsense!!" And thus, worming herself free, she turns…and cheers loudly as a brown /and/ a blue appear. Still…she eyes her two favs as they tempt and taunt. Meh. Sage and Tevya are grinned at impishly even as she looks back at the stars of the show.

In the galleries, Quara chuckles gleefully as the lad is carried off. "Hah. Nothing like a good attack to really get a Hatching going," she chortles. "Oh, blue. Pretty. Very pretty. Look!" And only then does she respond to E'an. "Oh, yes. Weyrmated… um. Well, quite some time, at any rate." She can't be expected to remember these things, can she?

Oliana turns at Azia's words. "Let's hope he heals better than half-life!" she squeaks nervously, glancing at Kirana. Suddenly, she tightens up on her hold. "Yes. We'll watch out for one another. This group's got me - " Her words are cut off by a blue hatching. "Well that one looks a /bit/ better, no?"

The newly-hatched little brown, let's call him Momma's Boy Brown Dragonet, nudges with his nose at the egg shards that cling to him. Gooey! Encouraged by his mother's cooing, though, he stumbles to his feet, waving with his wings until he gets his balance. 'Like this, mama?' his expression seems to read, his eyes intent on her, his mind intent on gaining her approval.

In the galleries, Pyrene sulks some more. "I thought you said there would be no blues!" she accuses Sasha. "Scrawny little brat." She sits back and folds her arms, a macabre grin on her face.

Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet stands slowly, his gangly wings pushed away from body and a moaning creel is given, ringing out as he stretches forth his head. Redly whirling eyes gaze slowly around the rows of white robed things, a tentative step forward taken. Egg goo and small shards still cling to his damp hide, falling to the sands at each movement called forth.

Peregrin shoves Meriadoc in front of him as blue follows brown, egging him on. "Go get 'em, Merry. You're not /scared/, are you? Pervy vegetable fancier." That last is muttered under his breath, and Merry - when he recovers his balance - makes a rude gesture for Pippin (and all of Pern) to see.

Squaln nods and his pulse quickens when more dragonets hatch. Blue eyes peer at both of them and he remains where he is for now, swallowing the lump in his throat. "Everything will be alright.." he says reassuringly to Azia. "Just.. breathe.." Ok, now /he's/ breathing..

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg still doesn't want to move much, still in a very tremulous, anticipating way. Soon enough, perhaps, it will be time, but these things are tricky. Too soon and you'll have as many problems as too late, after all.

Lorsalia nods to Hiza. "Yes, much nicer than that Ringwraith." She agrees, sipping from the bottle of juice in a much calmer manner. She giggles at the brown looking for Chayath and her gaze flips to the unfocused one typical of dragonspeaking. After a moment, she says again, "He's just so adorable!"

Kirana goes wide eyed, "Blueblueblueeee!!" She inspects the newly hatched dragon, "He's all….blue. Pretty though. Oooh, cute brown! He's all…attatched to his mother." She nods quickly to Oli, "'Least he's not all scary looking." She squeezes Jundi's hand, and gives Sei a shaky grin, "What d'you think?"

Mimi sidles closer and closer to the other candies, stopping only when she's about to knock them over. "Brown. Blue," she states as the eggs crack. "Ohmigosh," she says again tugging on a lock of green curls habitually.

Tevya's gaze soon returns to the eggs as more begin to shake. Her hands alternately squeezing Fyria and Sage's as she makes murmured comments. Occasional glances go towards Druseth, Tevya still slightly wary of the brown. Which then draws her attention to the /other/ brown on the Sands, and Tevya grins. "Almost like his dad, neh?" Phial of Galadriel egg is noticed as it hatches, Tevya's mouth forming an 'o' of surprise. "Oh..shells.. He's gorgeous Fyria! I don't know.."

In the galleries, Elehu falls silent as the eggs begin to give way to dragonets, not even flinching much as one of the young candidates is taken from the sands. He's already taken care of, after all.

In the galleries, "Hah, a blue." D'renn looks smug, for no obvious reason, though he does hold the wineskin over Pyrene's shoulder in invitation (consolation?). "Would you look at those Candidates down there though!" he comments disparagingly about no-one obvious.

In the galleries, S'tuff sniffs again as his armrest dissapears, and gives a look towards Reiko as she leaves. "Well, fine then! See if I ever invite you to one of my parties…" The bronze rider then goes off to find other, more interested company, sidling up to a nearby blonde, who giggles at his attention. Aha. That's what he's looking for…

In the galleries, Khena winces at the boy who were mauled. "That can't be good," she mummers to herself, eyes peeled on the Sands, though a smile plays on her lips as a brown is hatched. And then a blue. "Well, that's one brown. Only nine more to go, Mneoth, love."

In the galleries, E'an now turns his attention back to the activity below. "A blue? Oh. Hmm." He says it all with idle interest, mind you. He's more on a social trip than to actually /watch/ the Hatching, Faranth forbid, but he can't help himself getting a bit interested in the happenings below. "Hrmm. I do remember when I Impressed…"

Sikkyen squeaks. "Izza blue. A /nice/ looking blue. Decent-looking, atleast." His gaze wanders, and the lad wonders over whom the blue will pick. He stares at Merry. "Look'it'that." Fluorescent's eyed for a long moment. Favorite egg. Mark as an automatic glanceover when it hatches.

In the galleries, Pae prays. And watches the blue with utter desire and hope. Choose _Azia_! Or…_Sikkyen_, or _Wyn._ "That brown is a _darling_, and I love the blue - I have friends out there who want blue, I hope they get him…They're allsoabsolutelyamazing!" she rambles quickly.

Sage shifts her weight slightly, and she loses her concentration on what was going on around her as the blue hatches. "Ooo…all boys first. Neat!" She turns to give Fyria and Tevya a smile, and then shakes her head, "Lookit that brown…what a moma's-" She stops, and bites her lips. "I should just hush…I'm not really the type to be mean…" But moma's boys act like girls- in her eyes- and she doesn't like that…ahem. Again, Sage gets distracted by eggs and dragonets, and doesn't hear much from the Candidates.

Miralwyn, still shaking her head at Ringwraith's appearance, is suddenly distracted by the arrival of another dragonet. A blue one. Cue clinging, even as she offers an attempt at humour. "Well, I may still win my bet about the /number/ of blues. And he's certainly better looking." See Wyn, See Wyn ramble.

Taesha allows herself a giggle at the brown, looking at Chayath herself to see the gold's reaction. And Shaela's, too, of course. "Silly thing, you need looking after," she tells the hatchling, sand-dancing a few steps towards him.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg wiggles, all ready-to-hatch-like, straining at the seams to break free.

Mosiah continues to blink benignly upon the hatching eggs, only showing a touch of interest at the recently hatched and dusky blue. I mean, its /blue/ for Faranth's sake. Nose twitches and he starts to life a hand up to wipe the bit of perspiration that has beaded upon it, only to have his hand clutched, more than likely dragging the one who did the grabbing closer to him. He glances over his shoulder, spying Lhana and causing a wide grin to take his features. "You aren't nervous now, are you?" he teases.

Oliana nods to Kirana, forgoeing words (for now) so she can use her two eyes. Blue orbs dart to quickly check the condition of the other eggs before she looks at the new dragonets. A smile flickers across her face at the brown, and she really beams at the blue, who though lanky, seems to have it together.

Elven Forests Egg shivers a little, rocking ever so gently, before falling dormant once more. Not for long. Perhaps.

In the galleries, Larnat is much gracious to Lhana at this moment for her sheared locks. Out of her face and out of the way, she's freeeeee to watch. Watch and watch out for certain sulking brown 'lizards. "Denocte! I /was/ only looking out for ya," she murmured. "Hope Lhana Impresses," she adds. Gratuity for the haircut can be expressed, y'know. Watch out for the storm if her little 'lizard's hurt, though. Pest that he may be.

Azia dances. Almost nances, really. How thoroughly undignified. "I like that egg, Squaln.." she coos, pointing to the Duct Tape egg. "And I hope Tevya gets the blue! Though I wouldn't want to visit Pyrene's hatred on anyone.. But Blues are nice. What do _you_ want, Squa?" Chatter. Chatter. Nervousness comes in the form of verbal diarrhea.

Lhana reaches out, her arms flailing for somebody, anybody to cling to. Ah. Fyria will do. And so she loops her arm through whichever one of Fy's happens to be even halfway free, and she clings, feeling the heat replace leftover bathwater with sweat. Ewwww. Moe's teasing earns him a hefty glare. "Oh, not at all," she says sarcastically. And then again - "Hand. Now." Only when she has clingage on both sides will she be truly happy.

Momma's Boy Brown Dragonet receives his next set of orders from his mother: Impress that girl, the tall, skinny one with the grey-blue eyes, coming towards you. And so Momma's Boy Brown Dragonet meets Taesha halfway: Impression!

Squaln shifts his weight yet again and hopes that there won't be anymore injuries during this Hatching. That's too much to take in during a day's time. Oy. Azia is then poked. "I'm not too fussy.." he replies to the query. Blue eyes swiftly move about the terrain, pulse quickened. What an adrenaline rush..

"Oooowie!!" yelps Settitch, rebuffed and poncing off to have a proper 19-Turn-old Weaver sulk. "You're so /mean/!!" Squeak, as another egg hatches, and he moves over to attempt to glom onto Kirana.

Angel Wings Egg shivers slightly, the feather-like shell waving slightly in the breeze coming from the warm, black sands. However, heaven still has its hold upon this angel, and so the ovoid halts its movements, content for the moment to gaze at the ongoing ruckus from afar.

Fyria squeezes Tevya's hand as she watches the blue. "Shells, he's a beaut!!" Secretly, she wonders: who will he choose? She peers around towards the other Candidates with a faint grin, ticking off names in her head. Leaning in to whisper towards Lianta, she chuckles, child-like. "He's adorable…I'm betting her goes for.." and her words are lost in the fray. Lhana's cling draws her attention, and she shifts her now-searing feet (feel the burn!) as she nudges the Candidate. "Dear Faranth. It's really happening." Thud.

Lianta slinks over to Mimi, determined not to get herself eaten by a dragonet. A shy smile for her, and she watches the Dawn at Sea Egg closely. Murmur murmur… "Taesha! Congratulations!" And there's two down, is her dragon here today?

"Whoooooo! Go, Taesha!" Sikkyen hollars, at the top of his lungs. Heeeeeeeey… that boy can /yell/. Miralwyn's gripped. "I wonder what's next," he half-happily, half-anxiously remarks.

Kirana looks over at Dawn at the Sea egg, "Oooh. It'll be all…broken in not too long." Pout. "Hey Seilyn, d'you know if we're 'llowed to take the eggshards after the dragons have all hatched and wobbled off." Taesha gets congrats and a grin, but….eek Settitch is coming. "Oooliii, hidemehideme." She mutters, trying to sort of duck behind her again. But this time its the Pervy-Lace-Fancier she's hiding from.

In the galleries, Catia screams. She can't help herself. "Taesha!" So, it's undignified for someone her age to jump up and yell and then burst into tears, but Catia does all those things, to sag eventually into T'vim's waiting arms. "Ohhh…. Taesha, our little girl…." Even Livia's smiling.

Jundi nods to the Kirana,"Yes, very pretty," she responds calmly, pausing a moment to scan the galleries as there are no SkeeryDragons wandering around the sands right now. "Hm. Lots of people," she says with a grin to any faces she can pick out in the crowd. "Oh look. THe brown Impressed to Taesha!"

"Awww!" Cute! Lylia claps as Taesha goes and Impresses. "Brown, too. Sensible. Perfect." Druseth gets a kiss blown his way. Smooch. Good Dru-lets.

Taesha gulps. Reaches out a hand. Smiles. Sinks to her knees. "Ngeth….." she murmurs, wrapping thin arms around his rather chubby neck. Briskness returns. "Come on then, let's get you some food, dearest."

Mimi holds out a hand for Lianta as she bounces around,"I reallyreally wish I had time to get sandals," she whines, kicking up a few grains of stand with her shuffling.

Hiza nods at Lorsa, though she's gone mostly quite, bouncing in quite an unprofessional non-AWLM way. But hey, she just got the job, and.. there are little draggies all over the sands being cute and Impressing and /aww/. "I hope there are lots of greens.. but not /too/ many," she ammends, after a moment, though she doesn't embellish further.

In the galleries, Elehu shifts a little now and frowns, glancing towards the far end of the galleries for a moment: the much cooler end. "Maybe I'll slip out and find something to drink," she comments quietly, letting her feet fall to the ground once more as she sits up.

In the galleries, "Two Impressed…" Larnat mumbled, absent-mindedly stroking little 'Nocte..or rather the arm of her chair, but then, she wouldn't notice. Mrph. "Eee! Good job!" she cries out, not exactly knowing the Candidate. Sulk. She wants a dragon tooooo…someday.

Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet knows what he wants. His love is out there somewhere… he just has to find them. Wings are given a shake as he waddles along the sands - bad move on his part. One catches upon a clump of the granules and trips him up, nose burying in the sand after a surprised squawk is given. He pauses there, eyes fastly whirling before righting himself and taking a seat upon his haunches, head shaken. Father is looked too for a moment… and the mother. What did I do wrong? Creeling again, he waits there. He's not moving until he figures out wings from paws.

Oliana points at the eggs that are as yet, unhatched. To be more specific, she caught Elven Forests' movement. "I always liked that one. I wonder what will be in /that/ one?" she breaths, her voice alternating sharply between loud and high pitched, to shaky and soft, as if she were going through puberty right there on the sands. And then Kirana hides behind her again. From the expression on her face, she doesn't blame her from jiding from Settitch, so other than some foot hopping, Oli doesn't bother to shift Kirana back again.

In the galleries, "Woo! Taeshataesha.." Pae doesn't really know her, but now she will, and it's certainly worth cheering.

Meriadoc tries not to look too downcast as the brown chooses another over him, although Peregrin does snicker. "Maybe you should try flashing him, you skirt-wearing nancy," grumbles Merry, earning a punch from Pippin which results in an ultimately hilarious scuffle of sorts, as the only thing both of them can do well is slap each other.

In the galleries, Talae walks in.

Mosiah has managed to miss the most of being clinged to. He was actually rather feeling lonely for a little bit there before his hand is extended to Lhana in offering. Be gentle with him? He flashes her a quick wink before looking back to the hatchlings with a prospective glance.

In the galleries, Sasha grins a little as the rather handsome blue hatches and nudges Pyrene. "I think he's lovely…don't you?"

In the galleries, Miria's bouncing happily as she sees Ringwraith and Ngeth, and gnaws a little more on the sweetstick in hand. "Ooooohhh… cummon, FyFy, Ikky, Mims…" Yes, she's in one of those let-me-out-I'm-happy moods.

Tevya's gaze is switched between the brown and the blue, remaining on the brown as he seems to have Impressed. Clapping cheerfully, Tevya calls out a congratulations, before the blue is searched for and Tevya leans over to whisper to Fyria. A wink ends her words and the dragonets are studied once more. Tevya only cringing when the little blue takes a stumble. "Shells..he just did a nose plant!" Tevya replies, "Oh I hope he's alright. He looks dazed."

Squaln mumbles as he gets more hot sand in his sandals.. yet again. Oy. He then winces right afterwards, forgetting just how hot the Sands were. Eh heh. He should be a veteran with this stuff, but, his feet still are tender. "I need some water.." he comments randomly.

Lhana nodnodnodnodnods in response to Fy's comments. "Yes, it is." Can we say, SuperHyperActivelyNervous?? Not that quickly, I hope. "Hoo boy." And she bounces about, unable to keep her feet on the sands for too long. The HotSands CandieDance has a very quick tempo with this one. The Glowstick Egg is glanced at, and then her eyes lock onto the blue for a moment. "Oooh. Pretttty!" Then Moe's hand is extended, and she quite snatches it, clinging vice-like, but not so tightly as to injure anyone. Hopefully.

In the galleries, Reiko has managed to find herself a relatively unpopulated section of the galleries, more to avoid groping hands and annoying prattle than because of the heat. High in the back rows she sits, long fingers drumming idly on her wineflask.

In the galleries, "Catia's daughter Impressed?" D'renn just wrinkles his nose and sighs…. and then stares at the poor blue. "Poor blue. That's bad."

In the galleries, Sinead eghads, sisters couldn't be any more opposite than Miria and Sin. While the younger of the two is overly energetic, the elder one is looking out on the Sands, anxious and nervous. and she's not even on the sands.

Lorsalia peers at Hiza. "Why? Well, it'd be better than getting a bunch of evil bronzes like that first one." She states, then peers at the sands. "Oh, I do wonder what will come from that dark egg, there." She hops from one foot to the next nervously, watching the blue dragonet.

Sage ooo's as she sees Taesha Impress, "Hey…look! She Impressed!" She calls congratulations towards her, though most likely unheard. "Whow ill the blue choose?" She, like Fyria, marks off names in her head, but says nothing at the moment until, "Oh I think she said his name was Ngeth or something…Ow!" She giggles at the blue dragonet, "How cute…don't you think so Tevya?" She laughs again, but it comes out in a nervous peel, and she hehs at the end. Nervouuus. "Oh he's fine…he just needs help…" She ebates shoving her friend out there, then decides against it. She doesn't make the choices.

Part 2

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