The Post-Hatching Feast (clutch 8)

April 6th 2002
Logged by Kh'ryn

To honour the new weyrlings, there's a huge feast being held in the LC of HRW. @go Reaches, LC.
- entered by Kh'ryn on 2002-04-06 18:53 MOO Time.

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are forty-nine firelizards.
Mirella and P'rru are here.

R'sli limps in from the Central Bowl.

P'rru notices something there, but does not press the issue. "Then I suppose you are all worn out and tired. Mirella, you work too hard, much too hard…" he says with a gentle smile for the Master, wine swirled in it's glass.

Mirella quietly laughs, shaking her head. She starts to retort, then nods to R'sli, "Evening, R'sli." Turning back to P'rru, she grins, "I've noticed everyone has said that of late?

People arrive.

R'sli enters, along with the other well-wishers and gawkers. Spotting Mirella, he nods. "Evening! Well, the hatchlings are all fed. The weyrlings should be along any time now." He grins lopsidedly, and ducks out of the way as several drudges skitter by with heavy trays of food.

A weary-looking weyrling trods in. Izza Ike - or, um, Sii'kyn, in this case. The guy's fussing with his knot, as he suddenly /stops/. A glance up observes the huge crowds - the ex-'hand, ex-'candie blinks.

Looking as though he's had one too many celebratory drinks, Kh'ryn enters the caverns, and immediately heads towards the sidetable. "What a show!" he proudly exclaims to himself, and anyone else listening.

Pia comes down from the workrooms above.

Sinead makes her way in, brushing strands of hair out of her face before finding herself a seat. A wave is sent to all present…

P'rru chuckles "Because it's true.." he says, eyes widening at the sudden influx of people. "I told you we should eat before the masses.." he whispers towards the dolphincrafter. But then "Weyrleader!" is the cry "G'deon, come and see what I've got!" Yes, he has the goods.

Pia slinks down the stairs, a pile of flattened and empty wineskins indiscretely stacked in her arms. "Is it over yet?" she not /quite/ slurs.

Sinead exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Olia walks in, looking utterly beat and still pretty dazed. She's not looking her usual organized self.

Lis looks like she's already been celebrating a she walks into the party, leathers and tunic and hair in considerable disarray - and is that a hickey? "Whooo! Now /that's/ a Hatching…"

R'sli begins making his rounds of the riders and crafters assigned to the Reaches. "Yeah, I know," he says to one brownrider who grudgingly pays the little bookmaker. "But you said there would be at least eight bronzes, and you know you have to pay when you're wrong, G'rimm." The brownrider starts to mutter something, but the AWLM holds up a hand. "Save your stories. I know you've four marks from the last Hatching, so pay up."

Sii'kyn fusses with his shoulder, straightening everything before carefully attaching his knot.

Sarin makes her way in, her unusually pink coloring a result partially of not dressing warmly enough for this place and partially of something else. Marvel at her ingenuity of using a towel as a cloak. She waves to the familiar faces and makes for the klah.

Several revellers swagger drunkenly across the floor, chanting silly tunes to each other. "Long live the weyrlings!" one hiccups, while another shouts, "Vive la Reaches!"

Webandy walks over, waving to those he knows and noding to others. He walks over and takes a seat behind and off to the side of Mirella, "Hello" he says to her.

Lhana walks in, looking a bit tired, but otherwise absolutely radiant. So happy, soso happy. "Hullo everyone!" she says, waving cheerily. Spastic energy from the sands has been replaced by a more subdued, serene feeling. Though obviously still dazzled, she at least has the presence of mind to strut across the caverns in her new Weyrling duds. She turns about to grin at the drunk revellers, then finds her fellow impressees. Apparently, she's not quite over Cling Syndrome yet.

Kezzra walks with a light step, in from the Central Bowl.
Kedei strides eagerly in from the Central Bowl.

Mirella chuckles, nodding to P'rru. She quietly watches the sudden influx of people, quashing the sudden urge to flight down with the rest of the wine in her glass. "I guess you were right on that account, P'rru." She leans back, just shaking her head in bemusement.

E'an enters from the central bowl, empy wine flask in hand, along with something like a Pernese tissue. "Oh, my. It was so sad, indeed." E'an's company - some other nameless greenrider, probably an innocent bystander that E latched onto - gives a weak nod, then rushes off with the excuse to get wine. Of course, they will not be returning. E'an, not seeming to mind that he's been ditched, moves off in the general direction of snacks to level his food-liquid intake balance.

Pia steps with careful precision towards the wine table. "Hey, Lis," she calls, managing to make her voice sound over the din of the room. "You drink. Think we have enough for the crowd?" Can't hurt to get a second opinion.

Three people are here, bearing Fortian names and accents; a tall, gaunt, muscled bluerider, from his knots - a Vintner master, plump, short, and with long, straight black hair; and a herder senior journeyman, with immistakable silver-tinted grey eyes. Now, /who/ could they be…

Lis gravitates towards R'sli like an errant satellite without too much of a wobble in her step. "So," she wonders of the greenrider, "have you gotten stinking rich from this Hatching?" Eyes light briefly with avaricious fantasy. "We could always used a Tsunami Drinking Night…"

G'deon edges in slowly, using his height to its full advantage as he tries to spot out a likely spot in the quickly filling cavern. P'rru's shout is heard, however, bringing a smile from the bronzer. He waves to the wingsecond and begins carefully moving over to see just what goods the brown rider has.

Olia has the presence of mind to beam at Lhana, Ike, and the Others. She slips past a few revelers, recieving lots of thuds on her back, and manages to make it to a table of food. Yes. Food. For some reason, she's got one impressive appetite. Oli stuffs her face with a bit of cake, then moves to join her fellows.

Fyria sashays and shimmies her….self in from the Central Bowl.

"A 'course!" Lis yells back to Pia. "Everyone's half potted already."

Tevya walks in from the Central Bowl.

R'sli nods brightly at Lis. "Not rich," he says, "But comfortable. And I think you owe me a half-mark." He pulls out a battered little black book, and checks it. "Yep. Lis. Here it is." He holds out the book to indicate the spidery scrawl.

Kedei follows his journeyman into the caverns, his eyes wide and gaze incredulous at the party going on. As if he hadn't seen /enough/ today, with the hatching, but now he gets to play for these wonderfully zany weyr people too?! "Shall we set up here?" he asks the older harper, and upon receipt of a positive reply, the teen dashes off to get ready, his drum already in his hand.

Rianna hop-skips in from the Central Bowl.

Pia dips her chin in agreement as she pops the tops off of a few more skins. "Easy access," she mumbles to herself, soprano voice slurred with the effects of what she's imbibed.

P'rru smiles to Mirella. "Don't fret, we'll let them come to us.." he mentions. Why go to them, huh? "G'deon, good hatching wasn't it? But I can't believe you let Azia and Fyria to impress blues…we're doomed, yknow?" he says happily, patting the spare seat beside him. "Now, here, Master Mirella brought me some benden red, isn't that good of her? Here, man, have a glass.." and thus G'deon is poured some red wine and offered it with a flourish.

"Speaking of Potted," Kh'ryn states as he closes in on the group composed of Lis, P'rru and G'deon, "How's that Harripotter doing? He's alright, isn't he?" The bluerider's friendly smile is clouded for a moment as he ponders the lad's fate - but it quickly gets replaced with a wide grin when he notices the wine Purr's carrying. "OOh.. Share?"

Lhana pulls on her knot as she walks, grinning inanely at the others. "Oh, that was wonderful, wasn't it?" she says quietly to them as she heads toward the food. "Shards, but I'm hungry." Then, all at once, a high-pitched sound rings out. "Lhaaanaaaa!" Lhana turns to find a middle-aged pair hastily making their way toward her. "Mother?" she asks, blinking. "Daddy?!" Beam. "I didn't know you came!!"

E'an conveniently stuffs himself with cookies and cakes, then takes up a wine skin, not minding that he is supposed to pour it in a glass. At the protests of someone, E'an flings cake in their face. "I don't care if you want wine or not!" And then there's the struggle as the person attempts to pull the skin away from E'an. "No! No! You can't! You can't- take it- from me!" And he yanks it out of the opposing person's grasp with a huff. "Such rude people around here!"

Lis chews on her lip as she fishes in various pockets in locations with various degrees of usefulness and obscenity. "Er…." Her wine-fogged mind attempts to figure out how to distract the greenrider - her usual method is out, for starters. "Erm. Well - I don't have any /on/ me, but I still have some wine…" Inspiration strikes: "How about borrowing D'renn for a night, R'sli?" wonders Lis.

Sii'kyn halts, and stares. "F'ree - Moma - Da!" Shriek. He half-runs, and swings his arms around his mother, lifting her plump form up and around. The Vintner squeaks, squeals, and pats his shoulder in delight, before swinging him in to embrace fully. Tears are already streaming down her face. "Momma.. It's okay! Sidramuntalath's mine, and I'm his." He happily beams. F'ree /beams/, and pats his shoulder. "Got over that pesky little fear factor thing, hmm?" And his Da just stands there, eyes glistening. Must be a hard thing, losing a kid that rides and then gaining another.

R'sli chuckles, and nods. "Wine will do, if it's that Benden Gold that was rumored to be about." Of course, the last time he had Benden Gold, he wound up with twins, but dwelling on the past is gauche. "No nights with D'renn," he decrees. "You'd pay not half your debt like that."

The harpers do set up, and soon enough, a lively beat is struck. Kedei grins wide as he stands near the forefront of their makeshift stage, his hands busy tapping out the tune that helps to lead the music. A jaunty tune; one which is clearly meant to whip the crowd into a dancing frenzy.

Fyria giggles at Tevya, her expression tired but nonetheless ecstatic considering what waits for her back at the barracks. Her eyes bright, she adjusts her new knot with a twinkle in her eyes, and nudges Tev with a grin. "Told ya you'd Impress," she says, chuckling softly. And then..the feast hits her, along with the crowds. Scanning around, she sees the first rider she ever met upon moving to the Reaches. "Purr!!!"

Sarin downs an entire mug of klah in one gulp before reaching for something a little more interesting and winding her way toward P'rru and Mirella. "Purr! Mirella! Hello!"

G'deon is all too happy to take the offered seat beside P'rru. "Aye, a lovely hatching, other than that poor lad's injury." Injury is putting it mildly, of course, perhaps on purpose. "I'm sure he'll be fine, though. I didn't see Ele running off to the infirmary, nor Kariel, so the healers on duty must have it under control." Pure logic. "Hello there, Kh'ryn!" he adds to the young blue rider. "And Benden, ye said?" he asks, winking at the small group. Like G'deon could turn down good wine.

Lis sticks her tongue out at R'sli as her the price of her goods - well, D'renn's, technically - is declared considerably lower than she thought. "Benden Gold costs more than half a mark, y'know. But maybe I could bribe Lylia for some…" Funny how she seems to look forward to that a bit too much.

Mirella grins, holding her glass for P'rru to refill, putting faces to names as she goes. She glances around, trying to see the two from the hall….Then gets distracted by Sarin, "Hey, 'Rin! I didn't know you were up here…" You /so/ had better not be here to drag me away for craft business…The smiles stays, however.

Olia doesn't even notice the two pine-smelling type looming behind her until she's been hugged. "Omf!" she squeaks, almost choking on cake. "Mother! Dad!" she says brightly as she turns, facing them. "You came?" They assure her they wouldn't have missed it, and the three of them find seats, babbling while Oliana gushes about Roherith

P'rru gives Kh'ryn a bemused expression and then he too gets a glass of the good stuff. "Kh'ryn, I'd like to introduce you to Master Mirella, from the dolphinhall…" he's distracted shortly by a flicker of recognition "Srin! Dearest Srin!" wave-holler to the journeywoman. And more "Fyria! Tevya! My lucky, lucky girls! You've made an old man so proud!" He's like a father with a million illegitimate children. The brownrider goes about refilling glasses, chuckling and generally looking rather chuffed with his little group of friends.

Wine skins taken care of, Pia gives an encouraging nod to the two people waiting in line behind her. "Enjoy," she notes, and taking up her own glass, crosses over to plop down into a chair across from G'deon. "Are they safely Impressed, then?" She inquires. "The eggs, that is."

"I told we'd /both/ make it!" Tevya replies grinning, before she too calls out the brownriders name. "P'rru!" Tevya quickly crosses the Living Caverns to join him as she grins proudly, "I still can't believe it! Oh P'rru he's so lovely!" Her Kihaelth of course, "I can't wait for you to meet him..and Dsalth!"

Lhana embraces both her parents, then spins them around to introduce them to her friends. Her mother, a plump woman with a mass of reddish-brown curls splaying out of her head, squeals with delight at each introduction. Her Daddy, meanwhile, a tall, muscular man with abominably thick eyebrows, remains stoic. "Mother, Daddy, these are my new wingmates." Squee. "And you just /have/ to meet Zhesteth sometime. She's /adorable/!"

Rianna skips eagerly into the caverns. Pretty new jump rope is in hand, as Anna hasn't gotten to show Fy it yet. She runs right up to her favorite rider, but just stands quietly to the side. Fyria will notice her eventually. Rianna beams at Sikkyen, though he's no longer Sikkyen, Sii'kyn, now. Not that he's likely to notice her either, with the excitement about.

Mirella extends her hand, grinning at Kh'ryn, "Well met, Kh'ryn." She quietly sips on the refilled glass, watching quietly.

Sii'kyn breaks away from his own happy little group to do something he's been meaning to do. He strides, purposely, towards P'rru; heels snap, back becomes ramrod straight, and he throws a salute that'd make a Marine jealous. "Sir," is crisply announced. "I'm proud to announce that I've joined the ranks of the brownriders." Eyegleam. He's one of the few; one of the proud! … cough. Something catches his eye, outside the corner of it, and he winks at Rianna. Didja catch that? Eheh…

Said young bluerider accepts the glass thankfully, and after a healthy sip and smack'o'the lips, Kh'ryn then cuts a quick bow towards the Master Vitner. "Well met Master Mirella," he greets, before turning to Gids and offering a hearty pat atop his shoulder. "As I said… Wonderful show. And Fyria! Tevya! Congratulations luvs." Hand leaves G'deon's shoulder to squeeze a quick hug to the two newest weyrlings.

Solara walks in from the Central Bowl.

R'sli tuts. "Well, it's that or the half-mark," he says with a shrug. "Oy! Fyria! Sii'kyen! Feed yourselves! You'll be in want of a good feeding come daybreak!" He grins, and finds a seat near Mirella and the others. "P'rru, are you in my book?" he asks, thumbing through the pages. "G'deon has paid up, I think. And L'ars caught me in the Bowl…." Bookmaking takes precedence over chit-chat as the greenrider looks through his book.

Sarin grins at Mirella, "After cleaning out half the hall's supply of klah, I bribed a ride up. Is there still the impression of my senior charm on my cheek? Doesn't pay to sleep on your charm wrist…" And a beam at P'rru. "Purr! So good to see you again!" She drains the rest of whatever was in her class and smirks.

Sasha slips silently in from the Central Bowl.

E'an lurks about the caverns, sulking with his wine skin. For some reason, people oddly seem to have something to do whenever he appears around them, thus the odd circle-shaped space around E'an as he makes his way around. A gulp of wine is taken, and an absent cake picked up and eaten. "All by myself," E'an sniffs to himself, "don't wanna be… alll byyy myysellf!" He sings with an awful key, and then just takes a seat in some random corner.

Fyria winks at Purr with a grin, switching over to return Kh'ryn's hug quite warmly. "I guess the Messengers lose another, eh?" she says brightly. Yup. Sure did. Rianna's noticed out of the corner of her eye and she croutches, arms open for the girl. "Rianna…guess what!" As if the kidlet didn't know already. Fy acknowledges R'sli's comment with a nod and grin, adding "Be assured…I /will/ be eating!"

G'deon simply sits back and smiles as he simply watches the crowds for a moment. He can't help but feel happy after yet another successful hatching. Proprietary feelings perhaps? Not likely, it being Gid and all. "Pia! Shells, it's been ages, girl!" he exclaims suddenly, giving the Vintner a broad smile. "Good to see you! And yeah, all eggs hatched and Impressed. A fine group of Weyrlings too, if I do say so myself." He picks up his glass of wine and takes a highly savoring sniff, sighing lightly. "Ahh… care for a glass?" He can offer, right?

Olia steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

P'rru doesn't usually hug. But the situation calls for it. Add to that, a couple glasses of wine, and the brownrider is getting quite happy. But he waits for Kh'ryn to get the first hug in before he pushes out of his chair and opens his arms. "Tevya, Dsalth says he's incredibly happy for you.." But he pauses to salute back to Sii'kye. "You'll make us proud, young brownling. We couldn't have asked for a better match" Then the wingleader bows halfway to the ling and turns again to shake his head at R'sli. "Oh no, not on your books. W'ger took all my marks already…"

Paying a half-mark or Lylia… as if Lis has to choose. Humming happily to herself as R'sli finds other victims, the greenrider seeks out company. Intoxication loves it, y'know. "Oh, stop whining, E'an," she scolds as she wanders to his corner. "Do you want all that cake?"

Kedei gets dragged along with the music, pounding the drum as he pounds the floor with his dancing feet. He's tried hard to control his enthusiasm over being lucky enough to have had the chance to view all of this. With this excitement in mind, the dark skinned lad dances in place, legs kicking with each loud clash upon the instruments smoothed hide.

Sasha strides into the caverns with a couple of large wine skins and chuckles merrily as she sees the throngs of people. "Well done all!" she calls as she dumpt sht wskins on a central table and going to find herself a glass, she grins at Gid and Purr. " Maybe I should have brought more! some lovely wine I picked up while I was in southern…theres more outside if we run out! come and get it!"

Sii'kyn beams at PurrSir, tosses off a crisp salute at Ris, and snags a roll. And butter. And klah. And a plate. And herdbeast. And redfruit. And all the other delicacies that he has a feeling he's gonna be hard-pressed to eat, and when he does, it'll be a fast, hard meal. Sigh. But such is for love. At the thought of Sidramuntalath, his expression softens immensely. Bite. Chew. Ponder. Beam. Happiness.

"But of course," Pia answers, draining what's left in her glass and extending it towards G'deon. "What is it that you have there? And I know, it's been a dreadfully long time - of course, mere Vintner Journeymen don't have quite the same responsibilities as Weyrleaders." Her voice is light, amused. "What have you been up to?"

Rianna giggles at Sii'kyn before winking back, though Anna's wink tends to be more of a blink, since she hasn't yet mastered the art of one blue eye open, and one closed. The young girl seems to be two for two today, since both riders noticed her. She launces herself into Fyria's arms, squeezing the older girl tight. Giggling, she goes along with Fyria, "What? What?"

Mirella laughs at Sarin, shaking her head, "No, there's no imprint there." She glances at the plate of half eaten food, pondering finishing it, but looks back at the growing crowds, "Kirana and Jundi Impressed, 'Rin"

Kezzra goes home.

E'an offers what's left to Lis. "You can have the rest." He takes a big swig of wine. "How are you, and the children, and your… mate… doing?" he asks of the other greenrider, voice a bit shakey and slurred from the wine overdosage. Is there such a thing?

Lhana sits with her parents until it becomes plain to all watching that her delighted expression has become quite fixed and her answers revert to simple, "Yes Mother," and "No Mother." Predictably, she reaches this stage within a matter of minutes. And so she points out the Harpers, which immediately sends her mother into a fit of squeals about 'A dance! Oh, how I long for a dance!'. And so her father, smiling almost in spite of himself, takes her Mother off her hands, and Lhana is able to retreat over to the -food-. "Mmmm," she comments to whomever might be around. "I am -famished-."

Wyn walks in from the Central Bowl.

Sarin grins. "Oh good. Went away finally." Her eyes light up at the mention of the other dolphincrafters, "They did!? That's wonderful!" She glances around to see if they're there, but gets distracted by some sort of food that is quickly collected and eaten. Yum.

G'deon simply winks at Pia as he fills her glass from a nearby bottle, still a wonderful vintage if not the Benden P'rru was offering. "What /haven't/ I been up to?" he replies, laughing softly. "Busy as always, especially now that winter is long over with. And you?" he asks Pia before taking a small sip from his own glass.

Kh'ryn continues to beam and drink, /and/ prattle on about how well everything's going today. "I even made a few marks out of it, with there being so many blues hatched," he tells P'rru. A faint trace of memory passes across his features, as he sighs and states, "I remember my own hatching as if it were yesterday…" He grins at Tevya and Fyria. "However, yours was much more wonderful, considering that this time, I got to sit back and watch. How're you're feet, by the way?" he asks, face a mixture of a wince and a giggle.

Sii'kyn plops, sprawls, arranges his tunic, and then pauses, mid-bite. He swallows, and then whines. "I'm gonna have to cut off my hair, aren't I?" Twitch. That sucks.

"Tell Dsalth I said thank you." Tevya responds, "Thank you Kh'ryn.." A slight grin then as she finds a chair for herself and a redfruit in hand, "I can't believe how hungry I am.'s almost like I've not eaten in Turns." Wry shake of her head then before Tevya falls silent to munch on her apple.

Sasha retrieves some bottles of juice from a pack she is also carrying and puts them on the table. then with a grin she wanders over to the groaning table of food and takes a plate and a couple of meatrolls. Hearing Sii'kyn's complaint she grins…"I didn't…Of course I have to keep it braided pretty tightly…."

P'rru has been to excited to pay attention to his dragon's silent commands but a loud bugle, faint rom out in the bowl, catches his attention. "Oh shells and shards, Dsalth says one of the Lord Holder's sons from somewhere or another is displeased and making a scene…I'll go and sort them out.." And, donning a professional (if loosely drunk) demeaner, the wingleader slides through the crowd towards the door. "Don't drink all my benden, G'deon!" he calls out a final word.
P'rru goes home.

Griffin walks in from the Central Bowl.

Fyria oofs as Rianna runs into her arms and she squeezes the girl tight before releasing her. "I've a new lifemate, my dear! You'll meet him when he's bigger, but his name is Urzketh, and he's blue!" KaBloo. Fy glances up at Kh'ryn with a slight eyeroll and points to her boots. "I've never appreciated footwear so much as I do now, after being out on the Sands in barefeet!"

"Slaving away with inventory," Pia answers, giving the wine in her glass a thoughtful sniff. "Not bad, not bad. So who Impressed? I couldn't bring myself to attend." She tips the glass to her lips for a small mouthful. "If we drink all of his Benden," adds she, "I'll give you a fresh bottle for him." She can afford to be generous. Today.

Mirella quietly laughs, not that that is hard with the noise here now, "Yeah, they did. Kirana a brown, Jundi a blue. I haven't seen them since." She watches P'rru go, blinking a bit. Great, left alone in an unfamiliar place. Lovely. She sips some more on the wine, quietly listening to the harpers tuning.

Brenon walks in from the Central Bowl.

"Fine, fine," Lis tells E'an as she waves Wyn over - just 'cause she's the first person recognized walking in. "I can't seem to find D'renn now, but I did get a hold of him earlier." Explains the hickey, at any rate. "Probably reminiscing, or something."

As the first song ends, a second one automatically begins, and there in the throes of it all is Kedei once more. This time, he's joined with several other drummers; their beats rhythmcally intwining, lending a multi-levelled sound to the next tune. Voices pick up at the popular dance number, and even the dark-skinned boy himself lends his trembling bass to the music. "Do you remember when, things were really cracking? Let's dance again, like we did last year…"

Wyn strolls in quietly. As usual, it appears. But she's still got a wide smile on her face as she moves over to the other new weyrlings. "He's finally asleep," she murmurs quietly. "He was /terribly/ talkative. Could barely get him settled enough to eat properly, for a while." She's just basicallt speaking to any who'll listen, the normally self contained young woman about as near to babbling as you'll catch her.

Rianna's head bobs up and down in excitement. "Blue is pretty! Shadamehl and Adar are blue, but they're small." She giggles and holds out her jump rope for Fyria's inspection. "Look what Rhyssa got me!" She frowns for a moment, but her bright smile replaces it quickly as she plays her own guessing game. ""Guess what!"

Griffin strides merrily into the Caverns. She missed the impression, unfortunatly. Duties had her all tied up. As she sees Fyria, she beams. "Hey Fyria! How'd it go, huh?" The messenger certainly looks to me in a cheeriful mood, despite that she misses the hatching.

E'an nods as Lis speaks. "Well, my children are doing fine." He was sure she was going to ask, so went ahead and answered. "Jozzie is pregnant with my third, her first. Well, her first, in any sense. She's not so sure if it's mine." Nod. And a wave to Wyn, whom he does not know. "I'm E'an." Hand is proffered, then attentions return to Lis and the conversation. "I'm living in a weyr with 8 other female greenriders, now. We run around naked and get drunk. It's really fun." Ayep.

Overhearing Sii'kyn, Lhana's jaw drops - not a pretty gesture when one has half-chewed food in one's mouth. Aware of this, she at least chews and swallows before commenting. "Oh, we'd better not. I refuse." And then she turns away, wanting to remain blissfully in denial of that point. She makes her way through a little crowd to stand next to Fyria, where her little scowl morphs into a happy smile once again. "Oh yes," she says, adding onto Fy's statements. "I got a green - Zhesteth. And my feet are -still- singed." She beams anyway, though. It was worth it. Turning to Wyn, she nods eagerly. "Zhesteth's sleeping, too." Then she giggles. "It's funny, she kept trying to figure out if Chayath was her mother, or her grandmother!" A puzzling thought.

Sarin hunts around for something to drink. Maybe she can teach another class with a hangover and traumatize some more apprentices. Locating a glass of something, she takes a spot near Mirella and waves after P'rru. "Blue and brown. Best colors, I think. Shards, that man always manages to get called away when I see him," she remarks idly, then picks up on the sounds of music. "Hey, do you think they'll have dancing?"

Fihall slips quietly in from the Central Bowl.

Fyria twinkles brightly at the girl, ohh'ing and ahh'ing appropriately over the jumprope. "It's gorgeous, Anna! And…what?" She looks quizzical a moment before Griffin's voice is caught. Rising, she twirls to the Messenger with a wink and points to her knot. "I was Impressed, it seems, by a darling little blue named Urzketh!" Cue the grin, and she chuckles over at Lhana. "Cute little green too, Lhana-dear." Quickly, she snags a glass of juice from a passing tray and slowly edges towards the food table. Lifemate may be sleeping, but Fy's stomach surely isn't.

Lis doesn't quite avoid E'an's face as he shares a lot of information that she's not quite sure to respond to, eventually deciding to field a 'That's nice' before the silence gets too long. Wyn, though dazed, is looked towards for salvation. Or something.

Kh'ryn just nods to Fyria. "Ah, another one who went traditional, huh?" he queries. "I did the same, and though I'd not change a thing about the results of Zylph's hatching, I do believe, if ever given the chance, that's the one thing I might have added to my ensemble." Grin. Turning then to Mirella, the bluerider finishes his drink and compliments her on the vintage, before asking, "Well Master, in order to fully thank you for the pleasure of such a refreshment, would you care to dance?" He blushes and adds, "I'm not as light on my feet as some, but I do know how to twist.."

Fihall slips in through a maze of happy families and weyrlings, grinning here and there as he bobs through the hoards attempting to find one weyrling in particular. Fyria spotted the lanky messenger hurls himself at her in a tight embrace, almost toppling the poor impresee. "Fy! FY! Congradulations!"

Mirella shrugs, "Probably. I haven't danced in ages, so I wouldn't know." She grins at her, pulling the flask she'd brought with her, and filling Sarin's glass, "There you go."

Sasha's feet are tapping lightly as she surveys the scene. Sending a grin Wyn's way, she chuckles. "Congratulations! He's a beauty! And you soon get used to them talking in your head….although I think some do talk more than others!"

Sarin looks quite pleased and beams, sipping at this much more slowly and appreciativly. "Thank you, darling. How are you today?"

"Her's was the last," Tevya calls out, grinning. "And he's an adorable one to." Fyria is given a quick wink as Tevya stands to toss her redfruit core in the trash, then crossing to join Fyria, "I still can't believe how well things went. It seemed like it was over before it even started, right?" Fellow weyrlings are waved at as they enter, Tevya offering smile and call of congratulations to them.

Griffin nods to Fyria, "Urzketh, that is a very nice name." the woman responds. Although, what does a hold-bred girl know about dragons? Not very much it seems. "Well, congrats!" She looks across the room, picking up several food items as she shoves the, into her mouth happily.

The girations emitted by the harper lad are … interesting to say the least. Each twist and turn causes his mop-like dreadlocks to slap this way and that. As legs kick and stomp, Kedei's hands keep up their rhythmic pounding upon the smooth hide of his drum, following the beat set out by the others. Brass and string join the melee, and soon, the music hits a cresendo. Let's get jumping everyone!

"I've got a foster mommy, now! I'm gonna get to go /trading/ with Rhyssa!" Rianna beams at Fyria, having gotten the chance to share her news with Fyria more than a week late. "What's his name, Fy?" Anna asks as she turns to look at Griffin. "Urzeth?"

Wyn laughs warmly, and helps herself to some of the food, settling neatly into a free slot on the couch. "Poor girl… /I/ would be confused, with a parentage like that. I hope Vorkoroth will hold off on quizzing me about that until he's a /little/ less talkative." A sudden thought, and she glances to Lis. "They /do/ get less hyperactive with age, right?"

Mirella laughs, shrugging, "I've been better? But, I am enjoying myself, so I'm not going to dwell on anything else right now." She goes back to watching the harpers.

Lhana positively beams at Fyria for the compliment toward Zhesteth and commences babbling. "Isn't she though? I think she's simply -gorgeous-. And I wore sandals, but I don't think they helped much. My feet were simply -burning-! And oh yes, Urzketh's really a beauty too." But Zhesteth is the best, of course. Fihall gets an elated wave. "And Tev's was pretty, too. And so was Wyn's. Oh, they were all simply /magnificient/!" She grins, picking up some food that passes her by on a tray. "It was a fantastic Hatching. My Zhesteth came near the middle, I think." And then, thankfully, the food in her mouth forces her silence.

Since the Master Vitner seems to have declined his offer, Kh'ryn goes off in search of more willing partners. Seeing Sasha tapping her feet, the bluerider sets a direct path in her direction. "Sasha love!" he greets the greenrider and his friend, also nodding a happy smile to Wyn too, "Would either of you ladies care to 'cut the rug'?" Even if the flooring in the caverns /has/ no rug to speak of, he's sure he can find something to cut up. Hopefully, it won't be his steps, or the ladies feet!

Legolas walks in from the Central Bowl.

Sarin bobs her head. "Good enough. I spent all night in the library, trying to find out something about that strange fish… No luck, but I passed out before I got through all the records. So now I'd just like to relax and have too much to drink. And maybe dance." Even if she doesn't actually know any of the men here.

E'an continues talking dully to Lis. He's somewhere along his life story now. "…and then I say, How about I stuff a pillow up my shirt?" Oh, right. The birth of Neana and Eanoc. "…so you see, at first everybody got confused and thought they were literally 'pillow children'. But when they saw that I had had /real/ children… well, there were a lot of mixed reactions." Winegulp. "Oh. How nice. Lovely music is playing."

G'deon takes a much longer drink of wine and leans back, all too happy to relax in the relative coolness of the caverns. "You know… I'm not sure what all the names are. I've been so busy lately with local holders and crafters…" He leans towards Pia while glancing around, pointing out various newly made weyrlings. "Oh, there's Fyria. A fellow ex-messenger," he can't help but add with no small amount of pride to his voice.

Brenon peeks through the entrance of the caverns and takes heed of all those mingling within the room. Gathering up enough courage to enter, he remains where he is for now and observes. This is his first visit to High Reaches and he doesn't know anyone present in the room. "Lookit all the weyrlings.." he says to himself with a lopsided grin. His older brother escorted him to the Weyr, so, he's not entirely alone - who would leave a thirteen Turn old by himself anyway? Deciding it's time to make himself known, Bren slowly and shyly enters the caverns.

"It was beyond amazing. I still can't believe they were all that gorgeous. I mean all of the dragonets were really quite lovely. And they all acted sane too, except for that one bronze one..but.." Shoulders are lifted in a shrug as Tevya grins, "He did come from the scary egg."

Lis rolls her eyes up as she tries to remember Back in the Day with Alymath - it was almost 11 Turns ago, mind you. "I think so. Pretty soon he'll pass out, all tired from the excitement. They all do," she assures the new weyrling. "Is he a handful already?" Insert sympathetic rueful chuckle here. "Ah, music. Harpers are kinda scary, though. I think." Said the pot of the kettle.

Legolas wandes into the living cavern with a small grin on his face. Looking around he spots Fyria and waves at her, "Hey there. Congradulations. I heard you impressed." Lego beams at his friend and offers to give her a hug. "I'm sorry I didn't make it to the Impression." He really should of been there but of course he was bussy with harper stuff like always. Aife always has him working.

The Harper's certainly are living things up around the Reaches! Another dance number comes along, and once more, Kedei adds his voice to the chorus. "Take a dip, spin a turn. Dance a bit, feel the burn! You know the moves, you know the pace, so off your bums, and join the race!" With those words, the beat picks up, gaining in momentum. Let's see how many can keep up to /this/ speedy number!!

Fyria chuckles and nods her head at Tevya, even as she begins selecting a few choice bits of roast wherry, fingerroots, and a sweetroll for her newly-aquired plate. Returning with another glass of juice, she stands near Tevya, Lhana, and the other weyrlings as she munches quietly a few moments. Gids' comment is heard, and she nods with a wink. Must be a messenger thing. But then, "Fihall!!" She waves her fingeroot at him with a wide smile, and says "Thanks…I did it!! Guess you'll keep the Messengers in line for me, hmm?" she teases.

Sasha chews thoughtfully on the last bit of meatroll…"Mmmm…that was good!" she smiles as Kh'ryn approaches. "Hello! Long time no see! And an offer of a dance! Well! How can I refuse?" She follows his lead with a friendly wink and chuckles…"Only seems like Yesterday it was you standing here all shell shocked about Zylph!"

Mirella giggles, nodding, "I think I'm going to pass. First time I've sat all day."

Griffin gives Fyria a glance before her eyes travel to G'deon. She waves her pastry in the air for a momnet as she gives the rider a look. "I'm not going to be the next one. No way, no how. Plus, I'll probably be too old by then." She smiles towards Fyria. "I could do it for ya too, if you'd like." she says with a sheepish grin.

"I've met her, I think," Pia answers, following Gid's pointing finger towards Fyria. "Seemed nice enough." She tips her glass to her lips, savoring the rich taste of the wine - or enjoying that delightful feeling of too much alcohol.

Fihall snorts, puffing out his chest importantly. "Already am, Fy, already am. Be right back…" And with that the red head is scooting towards Lhana and grinning widly. "Care to dance, oh weyrling friend of mine?"

Larnat walks in from the Central Bowl.

Sarin chuckles. "Suit yourself. I think I'm going to have a bit more to drink and try to meet some people. Or something." She takes a sip and looks around for someone to meet. Hmm.

Lhana positively dances with joy. "Mine came out of my favorite egg! And I think I got a shard of it, too." She thinks? Well, it can be hard to remember these things post-impression. Then she grins, watching the dancing people. "I wonder if - " And Fihall happens along right at that moment. How…convenient. Lhana tosses a bit of hair over her shoulder and smiles back at him. "Of course! How could I refuse." Wink.

Mirella laughs, shaking her head, "I have a good seat, they're playing great music, and I have a bit of Benden to enjoy. I'm happy.

T'am sweeps in from the Central Bowl.

Wyn nods at Lis, face turning intent as she sets about some mild brain picking. And a good bit of blathering about Vorkoroth, of course. "Oh, he's sleeping now," she assures. "He seems to have two settings right now… Full tilt or sleeping. I… am interested as to how I'm going to keep up. What was Alymath like, as a hatchling?" Even if her rapt expression hints that she thinks Alymath couldn't /possibly/ be as wonderful as Vorkoroth apparently is.

Kh'ryn takes Sasha's hand, excusing them from the chatter as he drags her off. "I hope you're up for this!" he exclaims, already shaking and moving in time to the fast-paced beat. As they pass Fyria, he gives her a grin and sticks out his tongue. "Look! No Benden Cross this time!" he hollers to the weyrling. And this time, there'll be no intimate encounter with the bushes either. Ahem. In reply to Sash's comment, the bluerider nods and grins again. "Ayup. I was just telling Tevya and the others that I remember it clearly too."

G'deon quickly returns Fyria's greeting with a beaming grin of his own, but doesn't make a move to get up from his chair just yet. He was left standing during the entire hatching, and even a hearty rider's legs need a little rest. And wine. More wine. "Oh, the messengers seem to take care of themselves," he comments, winking before taking anther sip from said wine. "Say, Pia. Fancy a turn around the dancing floor later on?" he asks mischievously, turning that roguish grin on the Vintner. "It's been Turns." If ever.

Sarin nods to Mirella. "Sometimes, that's all you need. And you need to be happy, my dear. But I'm wired from the klah and heading towards tipsy. So I feel the need to do something. Beamk. Which looks rather strange, since her skin still has a pink glow to it.

Now that many people have taken the hint and hit the dance floor, the harper's keep the momentum for the time being, not speeding up the pace until the first few moves are accomplished. Kedei beams as people dip, turn, and so on. "This is wonderful!" he admits in a whisper to a girl playing pipes beside him, but the lass can't hear him and simply shrugs and smiles. He shrugs back and continues playing his hand drum, the instrument held high above his head as he pounds and thrums.

E'an continues on to Lis. "Harpers? Weird? I suppose so. Where was I? Ah, yes. Well, when I was a candidate, I remember this /hilarious/ incident, where just after a round of truth or dare, the male candidates had their clothes stolen by the female candidates, and they were blaming /me/ for it! Imagine the… err, prospect…" E'an's starting to get dizzy now. "Dear me, Lis, I do think I have had a bit too much wine."

Nerak wanders aimlessly in from the Central Bowl.

Fihall grabs a gulp of wine before sweeping Lhana onto the floor with a suave grin. Bet you didn't think the messenger could dance, did you? Gingerly, he twirls and traipses his partner about the floor, showing her off as much as possible. Ha! /He's/ dancing with Lhana.

Larnat runs in, back from her little 'nap' if you will, to greet her weyrling friends. "Fyria! Lhana! Wyn! Don't I remember the rest of you from around?" she murmurs, finishing and going to take a bit of klah from a pitcher. "Congratulations!" she said once more, a giddy grin on her face. She's just realized that Hatchings tend to do that to her.

Pia's eyes gleam with drunken good-humor. "We'll show them all how it's done," she agrees. "From what I've seen so far, there'll be no competition at all."

Fyria raises her glass towards Griffin even as Fihall bounds off to snag Lhana's hand. "If it suits you, Griff, be my guest!" She takes a sip and sets her glass down, ruffling Rianna's hair quickly. Fy catches Kh'ryn's comment, and sticks her tongue right back out at him. "No Benden Cross /now/, Khors…but who knows in the future, eh?" Never say never, after all. Fy spots T'am as he walks in and waves almost-manically towards him, not-quite shouting "T'am!"

Of course not - Alymath is much more wonderful. "She… she was very affectionate. Not the way she is now, though. She just like to nibble things: my blanket, D'renn's scarf, friends of mine. And /every/ /single/ /day/ she'd try to rearrange my social life." She let's E'an babble on through her speech, only hearing the last important sentences. "Why E'an," she coos, "you're entirely right. Let's take you back to my weyr to sleep it off…"

Brenon weaves through the people standing in various groups, all chatting and laughing the evening away. As he passes them by, their knots are observed and studied - there are assistant weyrlingmasters, wing riders, harpers, weyrfolk, everyone's here. Or so it seems. Green orbs flick about randomly and the lad finally makes his way to a vacant table. Phew. "A llama!" he says looking at It. Being from Ista, you don't see too many of them about.

Mirella quietly laughs, nodding, "'Sides, I don't have a partner, so until P'rru comes back, I'm going to enjoy this Benden." She leans back in the chair, watching her, "Pink is definately your color.

"So didn't Kihaelth," Tevya responds once more, grinning widely as she mentions her lifemate. "I was surprised too. I mean he was just /so/ gorgeous." Tevya, aparently, can't seem to say that enough. "Good thing he's asleep right now though, otherwise I'd not be here.." Not that Kiha made Tevya stay..quite the opposite.

Legolas walks up behind Fihall and goes to mess up his hair like he use to, "hey kid. How ya been?" an eyebrow lifts ans he takes a drink of his juice. His eyes dance from person to person as he watches the dance floor. Seems like this place has been so partish lately.

Sasha chuckles lightly and blushes slightly…"More than I remember of our last encounter….but perhaps thats best forgotten!" she chuckles, pinkening slightly. "I've been down in Southern for a while…how is that gorgeous blue dragon of yours?" Her body sways to the music, resplendent in her rather tight pink outfit…which she occasionally glances at, causing a grimace from time to time..

Nerak after dismounting an obliging dragon, walks into the Living Caverns, here to deliver a message to her Mentor, and sees a party! She stops a drudge passing by and finds out that there was a hatching today, and that Miralwyn impressed! Go Healers! She walks around the room searching for her fellow healer-turned-rider to congratulater her. "Miralwyn?

Lhana attempts to greet Larnat, and leave her awash in a deluge of Zhesteth-babble, but finds that she is being led onto the dance floor. So she keeps quiet about that for the time being, twirling and dancing with Fihall skillfully. Oh yes, he's not the only one who can dance! "Sooo…" she says, mid-step. "Did you see the Hatching?" Twirl, twirl. Shimmy. Dip!

G'deon finishes off his wine in one swoop and all but jumps to his feet, coming around the table to hold out a hand to Pia in a gallant pose. "Then if this lady would kindly help me show off our dancing prowess," the rider says in a quiet aside, only sparing a glance for a couple other pairs out dancing, Kh'ryn and Sasha getting a rather delighted look. "This'll be easy."

Sarin laughs. "I think the last time I wore it was when I was six and my mother tried to force a dress on me for someone's handfasting… And I tore it off and went swimming instead." Ever the obediant child. Sparking green eyes trail about the place and light on Brenon, who seems to be making friends with the llama. She makes her somewhat uneven way in that direction, ready to make introductions.

T'am manages not to look too tipsy as he gracefully weaves his way across the floor towards in the direction of his name, shouted out by one of the new weyrlings. "Fy!" Trying to maintain a proper decorum, he gently sways to a halt in front of her. "And how's Urzketh?" Ecstatic grin brightens pink cheeks. Someone's been doing a little celebrating on his own, but at least he remembers the blue hatchling's name.

E'an burps. "Well, if I can resist throwing up," he says, "but that's not likely. Right?" Right. But more wine is gulped, anyway, until E'an drops the wine skin and just leans on Lis' shoulder. "I guess that's not such a bad prospect. I'll need somewhere to stay, in any case. I can't fly home like this. Too dangerous to between." Nod.

Ellianna arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Wyn is sitting in a happy little bubble of food and thoughts of Vorkoroth. She gives a laugh to Lis's story, notes that "Thank Faranth that I have no social life to speak of," and then gives a nod to Larnat, befoer grinnign at Nerat. "Nerat!! You're here! Did you see the Hatching? Did you see Vorkoroth? He's blue." And Nerak can be forgiven for thinking that Wyn's been replaced by a pod person.

Fihall two-steps, jumps, bumps, and prances. "Oh, it was grand. You did incredibly well, Lhan." Affectionate dip. Legolas is spotted and skillfuly holding Lhana's hip in one hand he waves a welcome before drawing the weyrling into another dizzying spin. Whee!

Kh'ryn twirls the greenrider around, before spinning her back into her arms and dipping slightly. Blink. Wow. Didn't know he had it in him! At the mention of their last encounter, the rider blushes once more, but laughs it off. "Ah.. well.. There was something quite special about that night, you have to admit." Yes. Their friendship was strengthened. With the next turn, Khor catches sight of Gids and his partner joining the throng, and he calls out, "Think you can keep up, old man?" Oh, alright. G'deon is not as old as say… P'rru, however, he's still older than the blond man himself, and therefore.. He's old!

Mirella grins, watching her leave. She's going to fall, and this is going to be fun to watch. Poor kid.

Pia swallows the contents of her own glass and rises, delicately placing her hand into Gid's. "Let's teach these toddlers how dancing is done properly," she taunts, rising from her chair.

Fyria crinkles a grin at T'am, quite noticing the slight flush to his cheeks. "He's fabulous, and fabulously sleeping at the moment, no thanks to a full little belly. I still can't believe it!" she exclaims with wide, bright eyes. Finishing off her last bit of roast wherry, she sets her plate down and wipes her hands on a cloth. "I mean…I seriously didn't think I was worthy enough, y'know?"

Lis puts a supporting arm around E'an, agreeing with his nods. Yes, my preciousss. "Quite, quite." Wyn she grins up sideways at, telling her: "You have a dragon. That's your new social life. And I know you can't /wait/ for a Turn from now…"

Kedei nearly bubbles over with mirth at the movements being tried upon the floor. A few kidlets try their hand at the moves the adults are perfecting, but can't keep up, and many land upon their bottoms. The journeyman harper nods to his apprentices, and Ked pays careful attention as the next refrain picks up the pace; as promised. Drums, pipes, strings - all come together in a delightful whirl that's sure to leave the senses spinning - especially if one's trying to follow via dance steps!!

Lhana dips swirls and spins until her already dizzyfied, slightly weary self is rather disconcerted. But she keeps going anyway, if only to get some of her post-Hatching jitters out. "Thank you!" she says, laughing with delight. "She's wonderful. Asleep right now, and I can't decide if I'm glad or not." After all, Exuberant Hatchling + Exhaustive Dancing = Waaaay Too Tired Lhana.

G'deon slowly leads Pia out to the dancing area, giving Kh'ryn a wink in return for the "boy's" challenge. No need to waste words now. He waits a moment to catch the increasing tempo, gives Pia a quick grin, then begins with the simpler steps at first.

Brenon looks at It and pokes gently, wondering if that's truly what a llama looks like. He's never seen a real one up close before. The Istan then grabs a cookie from a tray full of baked goodies and nibbles as he looks at the other llama too. Blinking, the young lad reads the name on it; "Llaammaa." he drawls. Bren takes another nibble from the cookie and sits in a chair.

Larnat raises an eyebrow. "Hrrm…I'm trying to remember names. Ah, Urzketh, Vorkoroth, Sim-something, Diulnyth? Something like that? Hmmm…" she murmurs. Giving a little pout, she looks around the room. "Does no one want to dance with an elderly Weyrbrat?" Eee…hatching giddiness. Watch and feeear.

Griffin has disconnected.

Mirella pours some more of the wine in her glass, watching the dancers and tapping her fingers on the table in tune to the drumbeaat. She quietly watches to be sure where Sarin is, keeping an eye out for her friend.

Pia matches her feet to the steps G'deon leads; unsteadily at first, to be sure, but it only requires a few moments before she's smoothly following her partner.

Sarin can hold her alcohol fairly well, provided it isn't gin. She just isn't that graceful on land to begin with. So she kind of trips over something on the floor. But catches herself by swiveling her arms around in a comedic fashion. But it works, and that's all that matters. And then, there being no partner in sight, she dances with an invisible one. Sarin doing the leading, of course.

T'am just grins at Fyria. "I know the feeling." Eyes sparkle with rememberance, as it seems he's been lost in the past since the last of hatchlings found thier lifelong matches. "He's a fine looking fellow, y'know. I knew you had it in you. And blue!" He seems inordinately pleased by that- though it may just be a lingering satisfaction at seeing Pyrene annoyed, and a clutch full of blues does that.

Rianna skips over to Larnat. Ohhh. Is that an offer. She giggles and beams at the older girl. "I'll dance!?" she calls before bouncing to a stop in front of her.

Ellianna walks into the crowded room haltingly. Inching around the edge of the large crowd she makes her way to the food. Grabbing for a cup of juice she misses and gets wine instead. From across the room a familiar voice is heard. Ducking and weaving and keeping her cup of what she thinks is juice from spilling she makes her way through the middle of the crowd. "Fyria. Hi." She says in a subdued voice. "I didn't make it to the hatching. What happened?" She seems to be cautiously feeling out the situation since she has no clue if Fyria Impressed. She also isn't sure if Fyria has even noticed her among the press of people around her.

Sasha chuckles and shakes her head at Kh'ryn. "Bluerider, you'll have me falling in a dizzy heap if you keep this up!" But her face exhibits a wry smile and her eyes sparkle. Catching Gid's glance at her partner, she raises a brow. "We going to take that from a mere Weyrleader?" she teases impishly. "And you are right…that night was very special indeed."

Nerak dodges her way around the myriad of people in the Caverns, even seeing some, Llamas??, over to where Miralwyn is sitting. "Congratulations! I heard you impressed. A blue? That is wonderful!" she smiles. "So, we're losing you at the healer hall, eh? You'll be missed, but I'm sure you'll visit!" and hugs Miralwyn. "You are positively beaming!!"

Brenon exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

E'an sighs from Lis' shoulder. "I mean… well, I'm sure the children will be fine. And the Harem won't miss me that much. So it's okay. I'm pretty sure. I'll just… you know. Rest on your shoulder, until your ready to go." And wine is picked back up. It's nice to idly sip on something.

Legolas graps some juice and finds a spot to sit. He's the silent type and will just watch everyone do there thing unless he is talked to. Yea…don't speak unless spoken to right? Of course.

Sage struts in from the Central Bowl.

Larnat grins. "Alright, I'll have a dance with you," she says, taking up Rianna's little hand. "Oooh, then, should we do a waltz?" she asked the girl, a twinkle in her eye.

Kh'ryn laughs at the wink, and beams back. Seeing that the two older folk are catching up fine, he whispers something into Sasha's ear and his smile widens into a grin bordering on craziness. "How 'bout this?!" shouts the slightly intoxicated bluerider, placing his hands upon Sash's hips and lifting her straight up, before swinging her slight form to one side, and then the next. Then, and here comes the tricky part - he allows the greenrider's frame to slide through his palms, but grasps her wrists just in time to slide the woman /between/ his open legs. Pulling her back up to her feet, he spins her into one more turn, allowing her to make her own way back into his embrace. Voila!!

"I know…isn't it marvelous?" Fyria gleams brightly, like she's been doing since Urzketh first approached her on the sand. It's safe to say that grin won't be going anywhere for a few days. "Oh, and you /must/ do me the honour of a dance, T'am. Music's too upbeat to sit around." Giving him a wink, she turns and smiles at Ellianna, saying "I've Impressed, hun, an adorable little blue, too. His name is Urzketh!" Glow. She's so v. Impressed.

G'deon is blatantly ignoring the other dancers' at this point, all too happy to be twirling about with the Vintner who proves to be quite a good partner indeed. "Well now," he comments quietly, adding a tiny step into the usual progression, leading into a rather fast spin. Hopefully not too fast. "Since I'm finally thinking about it, I don't believe I've ever danced with you, Pia." And dancing happens to be one of things Gid loves best, aside from wine, among other things. How appropriate.

Lis reaches a hand up to intercept E'an's wine. "Try eating something, E'an-love." A drudge is flagged down, and she selects a few hours-d'oeuvres for the Istan imbiber.

Rianna giggles and grins up at Larnat. "What's a /walz/?" She asks slowly as she glances around at the other dancers. "Is it what they're doing?"

Wyn laughs, and pats a free spot on the couch near her for Nerak. "Yes, a blue. A wonderful, wonderful blue named Vorkoroth. Who likes secrets as much as I do." This apparently is a point of great and solemn pride. She tilts her head. "Lost to Healer Hall…" He brow furrows a moment. "Oh Dear… I guess you have. But!" she assures. "Don't worry. I fully intend to visit. /Someone/ has to make Alain's life miserable, you know," she assures with grave humour.

Sarin /does/ get more klutzy with drink, and trips backwards this time. She lands on her backside a few feet away from Legolas, but doesn't miss a beat and grins at the fellow from her position on the floor. "Hello there. I'm senior dolphineer Sarin."

Lhana overhears Larnat trying to remember all the names, and waits until they've danced somewhere in her & Rianna's general vicinity before calling out, "And Zhesteth!" Can't forget Zhesteth. She -is- the most important one, after all.

Kedei admits that he's now impressed with the dancing, but wondering how on Pern he's going to keep up this fast paced dance number?! The harper leader makes the motion for the beat to pick up once more, and Ked shakes his head, small beads of sweat sliding down his chin with the action. If they want it, then he s'poses he'll have to provide. Hands are starting to smart from the constant slapping against the drum's head, but the discomfort is pushed aside for the time being. This is just too much fun!

Mirella grins, watching Sarin dance. Setting her goblet down, she starts to stand up, deciding better of it as she giggles at Sarin, shaking her head.

"No," agrees Pia, short curls whirling around her face as she moves, "I don't think we have. It's a pity, you're a good dancer. Oh well, no time like the present." Having delivered her cliche with all the grace of a wise new thought, she beams and adds her own embellishments to her steps.

Larnat snorts. "Oh no. They're doing the drunken-weyrfolk-dance. Er, well, most of them, anyway. /We're/ doing the waltz." Giggle. "Alright, now we're going to just walk around kind of slowly and they call that dance a waltz. Go figure. At least I think so."

Fihall grins as the music is kicked up another notch, Challenge sparks in blue flecked eyes as he leans in towards Lhana's ear, watchign some of the other partners begin the arial manuvers. A few spill, a few keep with the pace, and he's ready to try. "Up for it?" Oh this is most /definately/ a challenge.

Sage walks into the Living Caverns, cheeks flushed and looking a bit worn out…but with a new happy glow across her features. She's feeling wonderful. But seeing the sudden crowds, she makes a face and hurries to the serving tables. So many people…is she up for it? Only time will tell…cough. She pours a quick glass of cider, sips it, then turns for to look for a familiar face, "Tevya! Oh Tevya!" She calls her friend, waving her arm almost frantically- so her nerves are still bound up and ready to spring- and prances toward her, "Tevy- isn't it /wonderful/?"

E'an takes some of the… French-named thingies, and eats them. "These are rather good," he tells Lis. "In fact, I may just… dance. Or something. You know. You can come if you want? And just.. tap me to leave. You know."

T'am bobs what is meant to be a charming bow at Fyria. "Of course." Hand is offered and he will lead the way out onto the dance floor…though he might be lacking a little in coordination. The sudden motion of Kh'ryn and Sasha earns them both a stare, and then the bronzer is leaning towards Fyria and whispering rather loudly, "We will -not- be doing that."

Rianna nods eagerly and begins walking very, /very/ slowly, hands interlocked with Larnat's. "Like this? This is walling?" Of course, Anna hasn't noticed that she's called the waltz two different things, so far.

Sasha's usually sultry expression is almost obliterated by her breathless smiles and laughter as Kh'ryn deftly twirls and lifts her. Getting into the spirit of the thing she swings back into his arms again and her head falls back in uncontrollable giggling…quite the different girl seen a turn ago. "My my! I didn't know you had it in you Khors!" she snickers!

"Call your own dance the drunken weyrfolk dance," taunts Pia. "We're doing the four-step Fortian hop." Good thing her improvisational skills still function, dispite the amount of alcohol she's imbibed.

G'deon lets out a delighted laugh as Pia adds on to the little dance of theirs, his own footwork only encouraged by the Harpers' diligent tempo. "Well, perhaps we'll have to remedy that," he replies, spinning Pia lightly into his arms before sliding out again in a neat toe-step. "Spring upon us, gathers aplenty…"

Lis' eyes brighten as E'an mentions dancing. "Oh, E'an, would you dance with me again? Last time we did was at Cadgwith's Hatching, I think… Wyn? Would you mind?" Might as well ask the weyrling before she abandons her to her friend. She's got drunken males to take advantage of.

Lhana watches the others flying into the air. And spilling. Now rather breathless, she shakes her head. "Oh Fihall, I think I've had enough." Twirl, dip. "I need a breather." And so she commences twirling the two of them over to a chair, where she lets go and sits. In a chair near /Sage/. "Sage!" she squeals. "Zhesteth is soooo wonderful!" Then she turns back to Fihall to say, "And you're a wonderful dancer." Pant, pant.

"I didn't know either!" replies Kh'ryn, suddenly out of breath. It might have been those last moves, or maybe it's the wine finally hitting him, but this bluerider is going to take a break and have another drink once the current music selection stops.

Nerak sits down next to Wyn "Vorkoroth, sounds wonderful! But quite a mouthful! He likes secrets, eh? Is talking to dragons anything like firelizards?" she asks, curiously. "Maybe /I'll/ take over making Alain's life miserable!" she winks. "In your honor, of course!" and laughs. She stops a drudge passing by and takes a mug of klah off his tray. "I can't drink, still a healer!"

"Sage!" Tevya calls out, springing up from her seat, "Oh I know.. I'm still in shock! Kihaelth is too precious! I didn't want to leave him, but I figured I'd have to come up and get something to eat," And the bowl full of redfruit infront of her, as well as the meatrolls didn't just say that, "How's your Pixareth? Was she sleeping when you left her last?"

Larnat grins. "I believe that's about as close to waltzing as we're gonna get." Snicker. "Yep, we just wander around like that. But the waltz is kind of boring. We can do a bit of their dances if you want. Not the one Kh'ryn's doing, though." Faranth, how'd she remember /that/ name?

Fyria nods her head and curtsies towards T'am, slipping her hand in his as she follows him to the floor. Watching Kh'ryn and Sasha twirl about, as well as G'deon and Pia, she chuckles, nudging the bronzer gently. "Awww, why not? I think it'd be fun, neh?" Her eyes gleam brightly even as she allows herself to be led around the floor. "B'sides, we could sooo show them off."

Ellianna smiles at Fyria "Oh good! Congratulations!" She hugs softly and then heads for the door once more. "Have to get back to the nurseries!" She calls out with a small wave.
Ellianna goes home.

Fihall chuckles, giving the hair dresser's strands a ruffle. Mwahaha. "Not bad yourself, Lhana, not bad. Congradulations to you and that lovely little green Zhesteth you've gotten yourself." With a wink he bows to his friend and begins to mingle into the crouds, scooping up a glass of wine and looking for his next victem.

Rianna nods and begins walking around Larnat, in a badly imitated spin. "We can? How?"

The harper's pounding beats reach the highest of crescendos, breaking all rules as their music causes havoc upon the dance floor. Kedei gives this last refrain his all, as the journeyman lets it be known that the end is in sight. Just. Hold. On. A little. Longer.

Sarin aims to amuse. Which is why she gets to her feet, just to slip on spilled something and come back down to greet the floor with a thud. "Do you like my new dance, Mirella? I call it the semi-tipsy-fall-down-dance."

"And it's almost a craft requirement that I attend as many gathers as possible," Pia continues slyly. "Perhaps I should request you as a permanent source of transportation?"

E'an stands up. "Of course, Lis-dear!" And he waits for Wyn's approval, or whatever. "She's not necessary to notify, but if you must.." He holds out his hand for Lis to take when she is ready. "Yes, at… well. The Hatching. Or graduation. Or something. I do somewhat recall. Was that before or after my accquaintance with Fiareth?" Hrm.

Larnat laughs. "I think that's /pretty/ much it." My, my, /did/ someone mix her juice with wine, after all? "I think we kind of just…start waltzing faster and twirl around a lot." Erf. Yeah.

Mirella nods, waggling her fingers at Sarin, "And I here I thought you had learned the drunken-weyrfolk-dance?" She giggles, taking a bite of the now cooled meat that P'rru had brought her earlier, "At least you are having fun."

Sage grins and Tevya and nods too quickly for her breathless self. Why is she breathless? Why she's absolutely delirious with excitement, still! "Oh that's wonderful! I can't wait till I really get to know her…she's so /wonderful/." She rolls her eyes heaven-ward, and laughs as Lhana plops into a chair next to her, "Dancing, are you?" She shakes her head, "I'm a little to worn out for that…I'm still a bunch of bundled nerves!" She clutches her tummy, and eyes Tevya's bowl of fruit…and then the serving tables that were already far away, "Will you share with a starving clutchmate, dear?"

G'deon just laughs again, winking at Pia. "I think that's a splendid arrangement. Especially if Tillek hosts any, anytime soon. I've been meaning to drop in on Mialie for the longest time now." He deftly dips the Vintner in a gentle movement as the Harpers make it plain they're about on the last measure.

Wyn offers a wicked smile. "Just don't follow my example exactly, with Alain," she drawls. "Apprentice Rules, you know." Yes, Nerak was at that interesting game of Truth or Dare, wasn't she? And then it's back to more silly smiling over Vorkoroth. "It's not a mouthful," she insists. "It's just right. And… it's nothing like talking to firelizards. It's like… having a best friend, who knows everything about you, and you know everything about him. And you can hear each other's thoughts. Like, when you and a friend see something and just /know/. That's… sort of what it's like. But not really." A laugh. "Oh, I don't know. It's just good, and I really can't remember why I was afraid of it."

Sasha twirls with agile grace under Kh'ryn's arm and slips behind him before returning to his arms again. "You are not flagging now?" She taunts him accusingly and putting her head on one side studying his face. "Although I suppose another glass of wine would be nice…she eyes the skins she left on the table which nobody seems to be touching. " Maybe I'll be taking one of those home again later!" she comments wryly.

Sarin shakes her head. "No, I couldn't! I'm not weyrfolk, and I'm not fully drunk." Yet, anyway. She gets herself to her feet again and spins around a few times while making her way back towards Mirella. "I /am/ having fun. It's been too long since I got to dance, even if it is only with myself."

T'am senses the end of the music nearing and, taking a deep breath, decides to give it his all. The first few steps are tame, but with a sweep of the arm he's…twirling around Fyria? Wait, isn't it his job to twirl -her-? Seeming to remember this all of a sudden, the flushed bronzer brakes to a halt and instead lets the lady to the spinning. Show Kh'ryn and G'deon up indeed!

"You and I both. Poor Kihaelth fell asleep so quickly. He was absolutely /starving/ after the hatching. Shells - I thought I'd never get him to stop eating! And then he just sort of went to sleep." Eyes are rolled as well, before Tevya pushes the bowl of redfruit towards Sage and Lhana, soon joined by the platter of meatrolls. "Like I'd refuse you! Go ahead and eat.."

Mirella quietly laughs, "I'd dance with you, but I wouldn't make a good partner right now."

Rianna nods again. "Faster?" Rianna giggles as she begins moving much /much/ faster than her previous plodding pace. "Like /this?/" She asks as she nearly runs a circle about her dancing partner.

Sarin chuckles. "It's all right. You just stay here and relax. I'll find someone, or just keep on with myself. It's still fun." And she spins a few more times for good measure.

Pia flings one hand back, fingers gracefully arranged as she reaches the bottom of the dip. "Why do you want to visit Master Mialie?" She asks, breathlessly.

Lhana's hands fly up to her beruffled hair, but she is too elated at the moment to even scowl at him for that. Turning back to Sage, she nods. "So am I." A bundle of nerves, that is. "I thought maybe dancing would help. And I suppose it did, since now I'm too exhausted to be nervous." Though not too exhausted to quite smiling, apparently. And so she just keeps on simpering, turning on Tevya. "Ohhhhh thank you," she gushes, grabbing up a meatroll and chomping on it as if her life depends upon it. "Zhesteth's asleep, too. She was so hungry, and then I was so hungry because she was so hungry, and then she just sort of…got comfortable and went to sleep." Chomp, chomp. Gulp. "She was surprisingly well-mannered for someone so hungry, though."

Mirella nods, "Just don't hurt yourself in the process?

Nerak looks around at all of the people, and dancing. "I never expected /this/ when I came to visit Elehu. I came to bring her a message…" and checks her bag "Is in here. This is delightful! I don't think she'd mind if I stayed here for a few minutes…." and looks over at Wyn "Really? They aer that intelligent? I thought the'd be more like the firelizards, after all, they look so much alike." and stops to think "Um, I'll just tease Alain, not /tease/him! He'll be missing you for sure." and takes a sip of her klah. "We are all sure happy for you! We've all been thinking abuot you back at the dorms, wondering when the hatching was. I'll be the news bearer when I get back!" and smiles at her friend.

Kh'ryn tickles the greenrider under the chin. "Nah, not flagging. Just needing something to refresh me, 'tis all. You've plum near warn me out!" Bluerider grins again, as as the harper's announce the forthcoming finale, he gently grasps Sasha's elbows and tells her to stiffen up for one, final, awe inspiring move. As she does so, he tosses her upwards again, but turns himself /just/ so upon her landing, sliding her down his back, onto her feet, and then spinning her around his other side. Heheh.. Dangerous? Probably. Especially with the amount of alcohol Khor's already consumed. Just don't try this at home kids.

"No, after," Lis informs E'an, the ammount of wine she's consumed only dulling her motor skills, not her brain. Too much, anyhow. She skins out of her jacket, only to reveal another hickey or two along her collarbone. Oops. She'll carry on bravely, and let Wyn babble about her Vorkoroth. (It's so cute!)

Larnat nods. "Er, yep, like that!" she exclaimed giddily. "Any more poor neglected males that might wanna dance with us after this?" she asked Rianna. Giggle. "See anyone who looks /lonely/?"

Sarin giggles. "Of course not. I'll be careful. Really." Thud. That was not her fault, it can be blamed on another spilled drink. Really. She gets to her feet once more and keeps on dancing.

And indeed, Fyria notices that T'am's a little to, erm, befuzzled at the moment to lead, so does so herself. Giving Kh'ryn and Sasha a bright grin that carries a /hint/ of challenge within it, she turns to T'am and whispers "I promise to be gentle." Oh Faranth, if she says that, it usually means the opposite. With a twirl, she leads him around the floor with a grin, releasing one hand so that he can spin her around quickly and then it's back to waltzing. "What does Farleth say about all this, T'am?

Fihall wades his way towards Wyn, grinning charmingly as he profers a skin of Benden Red… Juice… he managed to swipe. Crafty Fihall. "Mira.. Wyn, congrads! Juice?"

G'deon slows down quite a bit, now that the music is just about done, taking the chance to catch his breath just a little as well. "Oh, touching up some old acquaintances I guess," he answers Pia, side shoulders shrugging just a bit. After a last lazy turn, he grins at the Vintner. "Care for another glass of wine?" he asks Pia, as well as Kh'ryn and Sasha since they're rather close at this point.

E'an thus takes Lis' hand, then, giving not some much as a… well, third glance… to the greenrider's hickeys. "How do you want to dance?" Nevermind the music. "Tango? Waltz?" Macarena?

Lhana beams.

Amidts the dips, spins, and… was that a toss?… the music finally ebbs off; the instruments cutting back slowly, as though they were winding down, rather than cut off abrudtly. Upon the last note, the harpers themselves clap wildly, applauding the dancers who made this turn even more entertaining than just the music alone. "Bravo!" shouts Kedei, clapping too, though his hands are by now sore and starting to blister. Ahh, the life of an apprentice.

Wyn chuckles. Yes. That was a chuckle coming from Wyn. Be amazed? "I doubt he misses me in /that/ sense, Nerak," she notes. "He's got someone else, and has had them for long before I came along, although if a ranker asks, you didn't hear it from me." And then it's back to that most precious of all subjects: her dragon. "Oh, he's /very/ intelligent. And curious. And always asking questions. And he thinks the most amusing things."

Rianna giggles, her own blue eyes straying around to find a new partner. She spins around Larnat again, this seeming to be her favorite part of the dance.

Sage grins and nods, "She's so tiny…they all are right now! She curled up so cute…it was hard to leave her, but I figure it'll be my last time out for a while." She breathes her lifemate's name to herself with a soft smile, "It's such a wonderful feeling…they say it gets stronger the longer you're bonded…can you imagine it actually getting better?" She laughs slightly as she slides of the redfruit bowl, and she takes one before making a face, "/Really/, Tevya! Like /I/ would eat /meat/rolls!" But she takes one, peeling the warm bread off and discarding the meat back on the platter. MunchMunch. She then smirks at Lhana, "So far, it looks like I'm gonna have to teach Pixareth so manners…" She winks to the girls, then starts to remove the bread off another meatroll. Yeah, /Sage/ teaching manners. Get real. Cough. Well, she'll try. She then starts on her redfruit, picking at the peeling with a nail for a moment, "I really didn't think she'd be there this time….but when I saw her egg- the one she came from- I … I knew. Or something." She shrugs it off, blushing slightly. "It's so wonderful…" She's practically dream-drooling. Somebody slap her. ;)

"I could use a break, as long as we dance again," Pia replies cheerfully. "I haven't had that much fun in a while. And I'd love another glass of wine, especially if it's P'rru's Benden." She reaches up to smooth her curls away from her moist face.

Larnat grins. "Yep, this's my favorite part too." Spinning around, she eyes the crowd. "That Legolas fellow looks pretty lonely…" she murmured. Snicker. "Hatching was wonderful."

Mirella quietly chuckles, happy she brought more then one of the Benden Reds with her, not that she'd of admitted that to P'rru. She pulls one out from her knapsack, and sets it on the table, still enjoying the music and Sarin's antics.

Tevya grins as she dips her head in a nod, "Oh I know exactly what you mean Sage. I can't imagine it getting any stronger then it already is now." An anxious glance is given towards the door befored Tevya forces her attention back on the party, "I just can't wait until he wakes up again. That way I can be with him. He said he was going to tell me something, but he fell asleep before he could." A wry grin as she says that, before her head is shaken and she clears her throat. Fingers loosely wrap around the stem of her mug before it's lifted to her lips and a drink of juice is taken.

Sasha shrieks as she spins, completely at the bluerider's mercy. " What are you doing?" she giggles incredulously at this new form of dancing. Spinning back into his arms again, she looks as if she feels relatively safe, although her eyes are wild and excited and as the music slows and begins to come to its end, her face displays a touch of regret. SMiling at her clutchmate and his partner, she grins. "Yes please Gidders, and I'm sure Kh'ryn would like some too….Wouldn't you?" her eyes dart up to the blonde man's face.

A little giggle escapes from T'am with all the spinning. Quite unmanly of him. "Why Fy, I had no idea you were such a dancer. Better than me, almost." So he's swaying as much as waltzing, he still thinks he's the greatest thing on two legs. "Hmm? What does Farleth say about what?" What does Farleth say about anything? A mental double-check proves the bronze is happily chatting away with the other dragons sunning in the bowl.

Nerak in watching the crowd sees a few other people that she recognises, all having fun. "Of course, Miral…. Wyn, I'd never tell anyone. I haven't since … that night. " and whispers "Though I secretly envy you!" Then looks around some more and says "I never knew so many people came to hatchings. I've never been to one before. Its fun! One of these times up here, I'd love to see your dragon, Wyn. " and smiles.

Fihall goes home.

"Let's start with the waltz," Lis suggest to E'an, leading him into a sort of box step - if your box was made by blind, one-armed monkeys.

Sarin now makes her wavering way towards the food table, tossing off a few casual introductions and apologies to people she trips over. But at least she doesn't actually fall anymore, thanks to plenty more comedic arm waving. "Sorry. 'M senior dolphineer Sarin," seems to be her favorite phrase, at least until she reaches the food and goes after the redfruit.

Lhana shakes her head at Sage, still beaming. And nods emphatically in reply to Tevya. "I can't imagine it getting any better than it already is. Oh, but I can't wait till Zhesteth wakes up! She's so wonderful!" She sighs, still elated. "Maybe Zhesteth can teach her some." Wink. "I remember that she was small, and a little prissy." Blink. "In a cute way. And shiny." And then she nods in emphatic agreement. "With the egg - I know exactly what you mean. It was just like - I knew." She sighs again. "This is the best day of my life. Hands down."

G'deon steps back once and offers Pia a bow worthy of the stuffiest Lord Holder's tastes and smiles. "Then Benden it shall be," he announces to both his own partner and to Khros and Sasha. He gestures back towards the table where they'd been sitting before. As they near the table once more, he offers another bow for Master Mirella before he holds a chair out for Pia. "I do hope you're enjoying yourself," he comments quietly to the Dolphineer. "I don't believe we've met just yet, though." Or if he has, the wine has erased such a memory. "G'deon, Nylanth's rider."

Fyria chuckles as her and T'am spin across the floor, sharp ears catching that the tune is coming to an end. "What does he say about the new weyrling class, silly…now, dip me!" She nods at him with wide eyes and readies herself…just in case T'am has heard 'drop' instead of 'dip' in his rather inebriated state.

Kh'ryn nods his head. "But of course!" he replies, slightly out of breath. Hey! Lifting a woman and tossing her about, no matter how small and lithe she is, is thirsty work! "Make it a double, if you please," he jokes, pulling out a chair first for Sasha and then for himself, before collapsing into it.

Pia returns Gid's bow with a deep and graceful curtsy, one that hides just how tipsy she really is. "My thanks, Weyrleader," she chimes, following him to the table and sliding into the offered seat.

Wyn simply twinkles enigmatically, and notes that "The first apprentice rule, after all, is not to be caught," And then she beams. "You'd like to see him? Oh, you /must/ some time, once he's older and we aren't confined to the barracks any more… Run some more errands for Elehu or something," she offers. "Yes, Hatchings are always a wonderful time. Of course, it's /most/ wonderful for the weyrlings!"

Mirella grins, extending her hand, "Well met, I'm Mirella from Ista Sea Hall." She glances around and nods, "I am definately enjoying being here. I'm happy to see that both our candidates impressed."

Rianna eyes Legolas, but shrugs. He doesn't seem want to do much of anything. She pouts up at Larnat, before spinning yet again. That's much more fun than just walking around.

E'an blinks. "A waltz, then!" E'an just follows Lis' lead, not really knowing how to waltz that good, and not being able to tell that Lis is.. rather off. "Mm. This is good. I've never really… you know. Danced. Well, I have. But not good." Randomly.

Sage grins widely at Tevya, "Oh how cute! I wonder what it was…" Sage is still nosy, yep. She then grins, "I hope our dragons like eachother as much as we like eachother." It would suck if Tevya's dragon and hers didn't get along well. She then laughs lightly, taking a tiny bite and then swallowing, "Oh, defintely. This is better than all my best experiences combined!" She then hmms slightly wistfully, "I'm sure it won't be the best for long- we've so much to go through together!" She glances across the caverns to some of the dancers, and shaaakes her head. "I'm so tired…yeah right." It's mumbled before she takes a bite, and she chews silently, smiling. Suddenly, she laughs, "I'm so happy!"

Well, the dancing might have stopped for the moment, but the music hasn't. The more senior harpers pick up their instruments once again, and a songstress steps forward to entertain the crowd. A slow, happy tune echoes across the caverns, the melody haunting and the words reflecting back upon the events of the day.

Meanwhile, Kedei and the other apprentices rush off to find food and drink, but the dark-skinned lad stops first near a group of weyrlings to offer his congratulations. He halts before Wyn and her crew and stammers out a greeting. "C..C..Congratulations out on the sands today. Your dragons are very lovely.."

T'am stares distractedly at Fyria, trying to keep up with what Farleth is telling him and listen to the new weyrling at the same time. "Tip you? Oh, Dip!" Thought this was some sort of dirty dance club for a minute there. Making a majestic sweep of it, the bronzerider dips Fyria backwards, somehow managing to keep a good grip so that she doesn't land on the floor. "Farleth seems quite pleased with the new group. Much better than the last, anyhow. He's just sorry there aren't more bronzes in the bunch." Oh yes, now to straighten instead of letting Fyria dangle all day…

Sarin collects a plate full of redfruit and steers herself as steadily as possible back towards Mirella. Time to sit down for a little bit.

Legolas looks at Rianna and lifts an eyebrow. He's choosen not to speak unless spoken to and he is enjoying sitting here watching everyone have fun. Is that okay? Of course it is! His eyes watch the little girl for a bit before he flashes her a quick grin.

Nerak laughs at the inebriated inspired dance steps "I think some of those dancers are going to have some headaches in the morning!" and looks at Wyn again "Of course, I do come here every so often, and Slider can surely send messages between us. How long before he's big enough to come visit us? I dont' know much about how fast they grow or anything… And just how big is he now? How big are they when they hatch?"

Larnat laughs. "But then again, he seems to be just standing there…maybe a nice harper? But of course, there's no point in stopping until we find someone." She sees Legolas smile at Rianna. "Oh, wait, I think he /likes/ you," she said, amused. "Why don't you go ask him for a dance?"

G'deon all but beams at Mirella. You'd think they were his own children or something. "Fine girls they are, too," he comments as he begins to fill glasses rather indiscriminately, placing one in front of Pia, then another for himself. "This really is excellent wine… Is this ours, Pia?" In case she remembers wine by the bottle. Yeah.

"Oh they'll like each other fine enough. They came from the same clutch, didn't they?" Tevya asks, grinning. "Besides, we're that should be enough to get them to like each other." Tevya finishes off a second redfruit, absently placing the core to the side before she picks up a meatroll and begins munching on that. "Mm..and," She pauses a moment before she can speak more clearly, "They'll be having classes together. I'm sure they'll bond."

"Tiny," allows Miralwyn, measuring the size of the little dragonet with her hands. "But don't tell him that. He thinks he's much bigger, and soon his body will match his thoughts."

Sasha chuckles breathlessly as she slides into the chair Kh'ryn has pulled out for her and eyes sparkling with exertion, she leans fondly against him. " You will be the death of me!" her head is shaken incredulously before she searches for her glass and replenishes it from the skin, topping up Kh'ryn's glass too.

Mirella beams happily, "I know they were excited to be here. We've had quite a few impress here at Tillek Weyr from the sea hall, good to see that still happens." She leans back, sipping on her glass.

"Looks like it to me," agrees Pia carelessly, lifting her glass to her lips. "Tastes like it, as well."

Rianna nods and beams at Larnat. "Thanks for dancing with me!" She calls happily before skipping over to Legolas, one hand extended. "Dance?"

Fyria squeaks as T'am indeed obliges her by dipping (or tipping?) her backwards, thanking her lucky stars that she hasnt' wound up on the floor. She laughs aloud as for a moment she finds herself staring at the cavern ceiling, then grins at T'am. "Ahh…you can let me up now…and perhaps we should join the rest of the crowd for some refreshments?" Before Fyria /does/ wind up on the floor.

Lhana waves to Kadei, not really knowing him, but enjoying the compliment on her dragon all the same. "Isn't she though?" And he's fallen into her trap. If he sits down, she'll talk his ear off about her. Then she nods to Sage and Tevya. "Exactly. But I'm just sure Zhesteth will love Pixarith," or whatever her name was, "and…oh shards, Tev, I don't remember your blue's name!" She pouts. As bad with names as ever, apparently. "Oh, but this is all so unexpected. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!"

Nerak grins at Wyn "Wow, they are that small when they hatch, and get so big! It's amazing! You'll have a devil of a time keeping him oiled! I remember when Slider hatched, and how quickly he grew, and he's a firelizard! I just can't imagine how quickly dragons grow!" and shakes her head.

Sarin seats herself on an ottoman and eats her redfruit. Once the plate is clean and her hands are slightly more red than they were before, she gets to her feet and goes on dancing. With herself, for the time being.

Larnat hides a grin behind her hand. "Welcome," she says. "And how could I forget Zhesteth?" she adds, much belatedly to Lhana. "What a /beautiful/ green." Stalking over to the table she pours herself a cup of klah and downs it quickly.

Legolas lifts an eyebrow at Larnat and grins slightly at her as well. He'd dance with the little one if she asked him to. Looking down at the little one Lego grins and takes her hand. "Alright but I'm not very good." He says with one of his thick accented voices that he is really good at, he usually would use that when he is pretending to be shy.

Mosiah casually saunters in from the Central Bowl.

Kh'ryn waves that off. "B'ah," he replies, laughing before taking a long gulp from his newly topped wine glass. "I wasn't all that bad, was I?" the bluerider then asks, showing mock shock across his features. "Stepped on your toes, didn't I? Is that it?" Back to grinning, the young man reaches forward to pat G'deon upon the shoulder. "Certainly did a good job out there, old man. I'm impressed." Grin.

Sage goes home.

T'am giggles again, but somehow manages to salvage the noise and turn it into a more respectable chuckle, lifting Fyria back to a standing position. "Refreshments- ah!" Releasing the weyrling, he rubs his hands together. "Something to drink maybe?" For him, of course. She can't have any. Offering her his arm, he peers at a small cluster of riders and weyrfolk.

Wyn nods to Nerak, mood undampened by the prospect of endless oiling ahead of her. "Oh, very likely. But really, that's what weyrlinghood is for. No chores really, but to take care of your dragon. And I'm sure Vorkoroth will be very good at getting me to do what needs to be done." she notes.

Kedei just nods his head, willing to listen too all the gooey gushing over the dragons. "My uncle was a rider," he comments, almost shyly. "Said it was the best experience of his whole life." Ked himself isn't so sure about how happy he'd be sharing his thoughts with another, but to each their own. He'll stick to his music instead. As juice and wine get served, the apprentice licks his lips and looks between the two beverages; alcohol and non-alcohol. Finally, he gives in and goes with the juice, just in case his journeyman might be looking in this direction.

Well, Rianna wouldn't know about Legos' different voices, so she just begins twirling around him quickly. Grinning, she nearly falls to the floor from dizziness. Stopping, she giggles. "How are we gonna dance?"

Mirella stretches a little, grinning, "Much as I'd like to stay, I do need to get back to the hall." She grins, pushing herself up with her crutch, "Everyone have a good night." She quietly heads out, still chuckling.
Mirella exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Sasha licks her lips thoughtfully as she tastes the rather superior wine. "Oh this is /lovely!/" she compliments the Vintners with a soft smile. " No you weren't bad at all…just….just….surprising!" And she chuckles again. "and you can surprise me like that any time you like…any other dance partner would seem tame!" A grin is given to Gid and Pia, although you guys were cutting the rug somewhat, I noticed!"

Nerak shakes her head "That is just amazing!" and sees Mosiah enter the room "Hello Mosiah!" she calls out, and waves her hands. Then to Wyn "I see Mosiah over there. I do remember how Slider always tells me when he needs oiling… I imagine it's much moer for a dragon - especially since they are /so/ much bigger!" and shakes her head. "I am just so happy for you!"

Lis manages - but just barely - to keep herself and E'an from tripping over a table. Where did /that/ come from? "Maybe… maybe I ought to lie down too. Or something. Shall we away to my weyr?" She's too drunk to even waggle her eyebrows properly.

Legolas laughs as he spins with her for a few moments, "I don't know…how do you want to dance?" He lifts an eyebrow as he pulls Rianna up so she doesn't fall. He could pick her up and dance or she could stand on his feet while they dance or just dance like whatever, its up to her.

Fyria easily slips her arm in his with a soft laugh, tossing her hair back over her shoulder where it belongs. "Why, I'd love one, T'am," she answers, nodding her head towards the table. Another year without wine? She thinks she can last; after all, the reason is sooo worth it. "Tevya! Look who I snagged onto the dancefloor!" Briefly, Fy spots cook Ies..and just snickers to herself. See? No flour, anywhere. Nope.

Mosiah makes his way into the cavern from a darkened tunnel, sans candidate knot and looking all the better for it apparently. He flickers a glance about the bustling area as he slowly eases in. As his name is called out, he flickers a fingered wave in Nerak's direction before moving on to find the drink table. Alcohol. What started this whole mess to begin with.

Sarin watches her fellow crafter leave, waving, probably unnoticed, after Mirella. She does a few spins and then, in a lovely show of her lack of terrestrial grace, trips over her own feet and plunks down in the middle of the dance floor. Lovely.

The haunting melody continues, undaunted by the chatter and conversation spreading across the weyr. The harper's words bring to mind the images of all that occured upon the sands this day, as she sings the age-old hatching song; cleverly switching the names of candidates and dragonets alike to match those who Impressed. The pipes thrill with each new mention of those who've found their lifemates, while strings reverbrate in honor of the special day.

E'an burps a bip, and grabs someone else's wineskin and a piece of cake when they aren't looking. "The idea sounds superb to me. I've lost what touch at dancing I did have." Mm-hmm. "So… we shall just… away!" Yes. E'an now follows Lis.

Larnat walks up to the harper, Kedei. "Do you want to dance?" she asked. "/I/ don't want to stand around here all night," she adds pointedly. "C'mon…dance with a little old weyrbrat? If you have a break…"

"T'am!" Tevya cheerfully calls out, "And you've still got all of your hair! See? I told you I knew what I was doing." A broad grin is then given to the Rider as Tevya offers a wave towards him, "And it still looks lovely. You can hardly tell I left one patch undyed." So what if that wasn't the /technical/ truth.

Pia winks cheerfully at Sasha, good humor undoutably inspired by the vast amount of alcohol she's consumed. "Glad you like it," she chirps. "We do our best."

And so it was that Lis and E'an away'd into the night, with much cake and wine following. And anything else is none of your nosy business. So there.
Lis exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
E'an exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Rianna shrugs, "Larnat taught me how to walls, but it's boring. What can /you/ do?" she asks brightly, her head tilted up to look at Legos.

G'deon grins over at Kh'ryn, winking quickly. "Shells, man, speak for yourself. You and Sasha were flying about quite a bit too." He then lifts his glass suddenly and grins at the three, Pia, Sash and Khors. "To clear skies and many dances yet to come."

Lhana positively /beams/ at Larnat. She just -knew- she wasn't the only one who thought so. And so she turns to Ked, babbling on for a few moments about how wonderful and lovely Zhesteth is. Then Fy comes over, and she grins. "Hi T'am!" Finger-waggle. Seeing Moe, she gives him a finger-wave too. Then she sits quietly, listening to the song. "Seems like it was made just for us, don't you think?" Though whether she says this to herself, or her friends, is quite the mystery.

Legolas looks down at Rianna and laughs softly, "Well I could pick you up and we could waltz." He knows how to do that but other then that he really doesn't know how to dance, he just sorta moves about.

Kedei has his conversation cut off, as Larnat asks him to dance. "Um.. Me?" the teen squeaks. Sure, he's on his way to being an adult soon enough, but Ked's still a bit shy around the lady folk. Downing his juice, he then nods his head and turns back to the dance floor. "It's a slow one though.. You don't mind?" Dark skin flushes slightly, and a glint of mischief appears in his eyes. "I mean… I don't mind slow ones either but.. You know. Ah. yeah." So much for a smooth talking harper, huh?

Laytai walks into the Living Caverns with a smile on her face. She has heard her favorite Candie impressed. "Hello all!" Grins and walks over and finds a seat for herself.

Sarin hauls herself up off the floor lest she get tripped over herself and makes for a seat, collecting a glass of something alcoholic on the way. She's a senior journey, shardit, she's allowed.

"I'll second that one," agrees Pia, lifting her glass and sloshing a bit of the wine over the side. "Whoops," says she, mopping at the red drops with a napkin.

Cerran stumbles in from the Central Bowl.

Kh'ryn chuckles. "Well, thank you dear lady. You did well out there yourself. Fine dancing partner, if I say so myself. Quite light on your feet too," he jests. Then, he too raises his glass and repeats the toast. "Clear skies and many more dances." Then, he adds, much louder, "And this extends to all new weyrlings! Huzzah! HUZZAH!"

Wyn nods and gives Mosiah a bright wave as well. Bright, chipper, voluble… Miralwyn? Ah well, just wait until she's running on little sleep and much oiling. She'll then mercifully tone down again, no doubt. "Oh, and dragons actually speak to you," she assures. "Not just emotion, words too."

Is that a twinkle of wickedness in her eyes? Oh well, Larnat'd /love/ to dance anyway. "I don't mind it's a slow dance. I'm not that skilled at dancing, but I'd love to. C'mon," she said, flicking back her curls. She didn't mind he wasn't all that coordinated with his sentences. It even made her feel rather nice in a way… "Let's go."

Rianna nods, her smile shining as she lifts her arms up for Legolas to pick her up. "Can you dance fast? Or does it gotta be slow," She asks him.

Mosiah finds a glass of wine in his hand, hastily guzzling down at least half of the burgandy vintage. Never mind that he has already bolstered his confidence in showing with half a skin already. Sloshed? Just a little. He bobs his head to Lhana, flickering her a wink. After all, wasn't he the one that practically pushed her at her new lifemate? Healer meanders on, slipping up towards… Pia. "Hey there."

T'am saunters towards the table displaying the most variety of drinks, arm linked with Fy's. But natrually the pair gets sidetracked. There are just too many people to talk to. "Tevya! Lhana!" Both get cheerful waves from the ruddy-cheeked rider. "Ach. I'd almost forgotten…" free hand goes up and roams through the purpled hair. "Don't know why I let you do it to me." Sure he does, but a quick glance around the cavern reassures T'am that she's not here today. Trip is quite cleverly avoiding him. The roaming gaze does catch cook Ies, however, leading to another grin and near imperceptible wince. Someone find him the wine!

Raewyn walks in from the Central Bowl.

Nerak waves back to Mosiah and watches him head for the drink table. Then turns back to Wyn "Mosiah looks depressed. I take it he didn't impress?" then looks back at Wyn "They actually /speak/ to you? That would be weird." and takes a sip of her klah. "What kind of things do they say?

Legolas lifting Rianna he wraps one arm around he small waits while the other holds one hand, "You wanna dance fast?" He says as he starts to move alittle but this is more of a slow dance move then a fast dance move.

"Mosiah," greets Pia, a tipsy smile on her lips. "Come join us."

Kedei follows the girl out on the dance floor, not even knowing her name. As the music envelops them, the harper lad gulps and places his hands properly around her waist. Then, he starts to sidestep back and forth, and back and forth. Um, hopefully, this is good enough, 'cause slow dances are /not/ Ked's specialty. He's more adept to those high kicks and sudden jumps like he had been performing up on stage, with drum in hand.

G'deon takes a very long, very slow drink of wine and smiles softly, an arm over the back of his chair as he finally notices just how many people are milling about the caverns. "Such a nice turn-out, wouldn't you say?"

Fyria grins at the both of them, then selects a lovely Benden red for T'am, a glass of cool light juice for herself, and turns at Kh'ryn's toast. "Huzzah!" she replies, raising her glass quite cheerfully before knocking half of it back. Perhaps it's a good thing this /isn't/ wine, else she'd be one sorry weyrling in the morning, and there /are/ no sickdays with a new Hatchling. Fy chuckles at the mention of purple hair, giving Tevya a nudge. "Maybe you should finish the job, eh?" Wink.

Sarin notices a person entering and wheels towards Raewyn, wine glass in hand. "Hello there!" she exclaims.

Rianna nods, a loud giggle escaping from her lips. "Yeah! Dancing slow wasn't fun," She states boldly, her nose wrinkling slightly.

Lhana overhears Kh'ryn's toast and raises one arm high, having no drink before her at the moment. "/Huzzah/!" she repeats, grinning. Then she postively beams (as she has been fairly often tonight) back at Moe, and answering his wink with one of her own. She'll forever be grateful for that little nudge, most likely. Grasping up a redfruit, she commences devouring it so quickly one would wonder if she even chews. Yum. HungryWeyrling.

Cerran enters, huffing and puffing, into the room filled with dancers and loud music. Oh well, better late than never. He joins the other harpers onstage, nodding to Kedei on the dance floor. He recognizes the tune and picks up the melody with his pipes.

Nylca walks in from the Central Bowl.

Larnat begins to get a little nervous as well. After all, she hasn't been that exposed to the opposite sex. As if sensing his discomfort, she offers a grin. "I'm Larnat, by the way," she adds with a shy grin and a bit of a blush. "I didn't quite catch yours…"

Sasha stands a little dizzily and chuckles. "Clear skies indeed..and any more dances like that will probably kill me! But..hey…bring em on!!" Making as if to drag Kh'ryn to the floor again, she suddenly looks a little dizzy and disorientated. " Oh..I don't feel so good…I think all that wine got a little shaken and stirred to say the least. Maybe I'd better go…" And with that, she plonks a friendly kiss on the cheeks of both G'deon and Kh'ryn and begins to make her way out. "Its been terrific fun!" she tosses over her shoulder…" And congratulations again, Weyrlings!"

Pia inches her chair closer to Gid's to make room for Mo, should he decide to sit down. "Quite a lot of people," she agrees, glancing hurriedly at the wine table. "I certainly hope I don't have to go down into the stores for more wine…"

"Ny!" Laytai shouts and waves to her dear friend. "How are you?"

Raewyn trugdes into the LC and is greeted almost immediatly. Wooo, party! She grins shyly at the girl. "Hullo."

Wyn nods slightly. "Yes, he was left standing," she notes quietly, and quite sympathetically. Earlier, Wyn had been looking forward to walking off the Sands alone with relief. But that of course was before Vorkoroth. "Huzzah!" she echoes to Kh'ryn's toast, before returning to onversation. "It's not wierd at all… amazingly. It just feels right. Like a part of myself."

Nylca grins and pushes through the crowd. "Where's Fy??? I gotta congradulate her!"

Legolas laughs softly and starts to skip step in a circle, spinning her about. Once and a while he'll stop and just spin around before going back into a skip step. So he doesn't know how to dance but this is good enough right? "How's this?"

"WYN!!" Nylca shoves through more people. "I just wanted to say congrates!!!"

Mosiah tips the glass to his lips once more, imbibing yet more of the alcoholic beverage. Pia's tipsy consistency is noted, and garners quite the grin from him, "Join us?" Darn, and here he was hoping she was alone. He glances away from Pia to who she is with, offering up a loose smile on to Gid, "Well, if you need to get more skins, I suppose the whole party was a success."

Sarin beams at Raewyn. Yup, Sarin's tipsy and hyper, and therefore friendly. But at least she isn't out right drunk. "I'm senior dolphineer Sarin," she tells Raewyn.

Nylca grins at Laytai, eyes shinning. "I can't get over how incredibly amazing that was!" Her breath is let out in a long sigh of joy and wistfulness.

Nerak smiles sadly "I feel bad for him, I know how excited he was." and takes a redfruit from a passing tray and bites into it. "So, Is his voice in your head? Do you hear it like a seperate voice? TEll me all about it!"

"Fun!" She calls loudly, her giggles making her voice have a higher level. All the fun of a hatching and some of her favorite people Impressing has made Rianna more than hyper. Poor Legos.
The last strains of the meaningful hatching song finish just as people start to cry out 'huzzah!' within the crowd. The harper lass smiles and bows before giving the stage up to a quartet of string-players. Their delightful refrains are what lead Kedei and Larnat through their dance. "Um. I'm Kedei, harper apprentice. Came here a few days past to deliver a new journeyman, and ended up staying for the hatching. It was wonderful.. Did you see it?" His voice rises with excitement over the recollection.

G'deon gives a laugh at Mosiah's comment and gestures needlessly towards a chair. "Such a good point, Mosiah," he replies, very careful not to glance for shoulder knots or singed sandals, or the lack of either. You never know how candidates handle these things…

Legolas can't say he isn't enjoying himself. He keeps skip stepping in circles and spinning about for some time but between laugh and dancing he is getting out of breath.

Laytai laughs and nods head excitedly. "I know what you mean! The hatching was awesome!" Or at least the little bit she was there to see. Shards, how she wished that Message wouldn't of had to be delivered right at /that/ moment. "Now the question is, when do we get our chances?" Her eyes twinkle with amusement.

Raewyn grins at Sarin. "I'm the new messenger, Raewyn. Know where I can get a glass of that?" Indicating the glass of wine in Sarin's hand.

"Oh!" Tevya suddenly exclaims, pushing away from the table, "I've got to run. He's awake and he's asking for me.." A grin is given to those that she'd been sitting with, before Tevya is making a dash for the door.
Tevya exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Kh'ryn blushes at the kiss, friendly as it might have been, and then waves Sasha off. Back to facing the table, the bluerider nods to Mosiah, and offers the lad a drink. He might be an apprentice once more, but one little glass won't hurt him, or land him in trouble. "Would you like some Benden Gold?" he asks the lad, smiling softly, though not in pity.

Nylca grins and mimics Laytai's look. "I don't know, but I'll bet it won't be for a while. Better get used to those Messenger Knots, girly," she said fondly, reaching for some punch.

Larnat's face alights. "I did, it was /wonderful/. Truly amazing. Of course, it didn't help that the first one scared my Denocte…" From her shoulder the brown lizard chirps indignantly and she blushes. "Ah, erm, that would be that I didn't want him to get hurt." The slightly livelier tune corusing through her veins, Larnat leads Kedei through the steps.

Wyn laughs and nods to Nylca. "Thank you!" she calls, before nodding to Nerak. "It's in my head," she ponders. "But definitely a separate voice. And it's… amazing. Not just a voice, but colours, sounds, scents, feelings… all sorts of other things."

Pia's smile twists deeply sympathetic as she glances up at Mo. "Sit." She says again. "You're braver then me," adds she. "I could never attend these things when I stood."

Lhana's happy sighs are quickly melting into purely exhausted ones, and her elated light is beginning to dwindle. Finally, as she yawns and begins to feel her eyelids droop, the new Greenrider has to make her apologies. "I'm sorry guys, but I'm beat." Not to mention rather overwhelmed. "I'm just gonna go back to the barracks and get some sleep, if you don't mind." And without waiting for anyone to object, she stands up and heads out. "Good night! Thank you everyone!"
Lhana goes home.

Sarin beams at Raewyn. "Well met. And I do indeed!" She steers her new friend towards a table, fills a glass, and hands it to her. "It's good. There was some Benden going around before, but I'm not certain what happened to it. This stuff might be it, I'm not enough of a conosseiur to tell, I'm afraid. But it's good, whatever it is." Watch tipsy-Srinny babble.

Laytai eyes the wine then goes for some punch. She's never had wine before, and doesn't think she should try it tonight. "Your right," She sighs. "It'll be a while, but I can wait. Plus, right now, I like being a Messenger!"

Mosiah is without any knot at this moment, having somehow managed to misplace his Journeyman's knot somewhere, but the sandals are the same. He drops into the offered seat, flickering a glance over to Kh'ryn, "Benden Gold? I don't think I've ever had that before." And he is always up for trying something new. He flickers a glance to Pia, leaning toward her to speak in a not-so-conspirational whisper that can be easily heard by any in the vicinity, "That's what the alcohol is for… and companionship." A rakish wink follows.

Nylca sips her punch and nods. "I do enjoy it - wish I had a few more runs - but enjoy it none the less. I'll expecialy enjoy it when my runner gets here!"

T'am gratefully accepts the Benden, holding his glass up in a belated toast before taking a long drink. With a lick of the lips and satisfied shake of the head, he then proclaims it the best he's ever tasted. Green eyes twinkle at Tevya's sudden exclamation and departure before saying to Fyria, "And thats something you'll all get used to." Of course, he doubts they mind so much. If he remembers correctly, he didn't mind a bit that Farleth demanded attention every waking moment when first hatched. "Night Llana!"

Rianna is enjoying herself, too, but a large yawn escapes anyway. It's getting late for the young girl.

Kedei follows the lead, grinning as he sees Cerran rush by. As the faint strains of pipes twine in with the strings, he chuckles softly to himself. "That Cerran," he tells Larnat, pointing out his harper friend. "He has to play /all/ the sets. Never rests, as far as I've seen." Ked himself then holds up one palm and shows the girl the redmarks thereupon from his drumming. "But you see why us drummers take turns, heh?" Another chuckle, and the lad goes back to dancing.

Pia grins wryly at Mosiah. "We'll, there's plenty of alcohol."

Nerak realizes that it's getting late. "That sounds wonderful! You'll have to let me see him maybe the next time I'm here. Which reminds me, I came here for a reason! Well, I hate to run, but I have to run this message to Elehu. Congratulations again!" and stands up to leave. "Come visit if you can, or maybe we can come see you." and smiles at Wyn as she gets ready to leave, looking for Mosiah to wave to also.

Legolas stops spinning and sits down on a table, setting Rianna on his lap. "Getting tired?" He questions her almost out of breath, "I sure am." he moans softly.

Raewyn takes a cautious sip and watch as a silly smile blooms on her face. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmms. "Tis good wine indeed. Though I couldn't tell you what it is, don't drink much myself." She looks around the crowded LC and takes a few more sips. "Looks like the party is starting to thin out, how long has it been going on?"

Fyria gives Lha/n/a and Tevya a wave as they head off, slighlty worried that Urzketh hasn't, indeed, called for her yet. She turns to T'am, glass in one hand still as she nods, saying "So I've heard…though if that's the price to pay for such a wonderful companion, I'm more than happy to pay up." Fy finishes off her glass, giving him a bright smile. "I still can't believe it, T'am. I'm a /rider/." Thud. Definitely, definitely Impressed.

Rianna nods slowly, another yawn stretching her mouth. She blinks, and nods again. "I'm gonna go back to the wagon now. I'm tired! I like dancing with you," She says happily to Legolas.

Larnat winces. "Oh…that looks bad." Aww…she's /concerned/… "I can see why. Harper, eh? I figured. I'm still considered a Weyrbrat, myself," she said with a bit of red tinging her cheeks. Revealing her own hand Larnat reveals a bit of a raw scratch. "Eh…got this from playing with some of the younger 'brats. They accidently banged up my hand. Dangers of the profession, eh?"

Wyn laughs quietly and waves Nerak off on her way. "Don't let me keep you then, and thank you for letting me ramble about Vorkoroth!"

Sarin nods. "I go more for mixes myself," she agrees. A glance goes around the area, "Ah, it is, isn't it? A good bit of time, I think. A few hours, maybe? It was already going when I got here… had to clean myself off and all first. They dyed me pink yesterday, but I spent all night doing research in the library, trying to find something about that fish…" and she prattles. "Sorry, I'm babbling."

G'deon exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Nerak laughs "I enjoyed it! See you next time, and Congratulations!" is said as she leaves.
Nerak steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Legolas smiles at Rianna and sets her down on the floor, "You go get some rest. I enjoyed dancing with you. And if you promise not to tell any of the big girls this." Looking around he bends leans over and whispers to her, "Your my best girl. Best dancer as well." Winking at her he sits up and brush some of the blue mop from his eyes.

Pia sips carelessly at her wine, a hectic flush in her cheeks and a lazy smile on her lips.

Kedei waves it off. "It's not that bad. Goes away by the time it's my turn to play again," he explains. As the strings and pipes continue to play, the harper lad gets lost in the movement of the simple dance steps. Noting the scratch on Larnat's hand, he winces. "Yeah. I have a lot of younger siblings. They like pinching and poking and stuff." Or, atleast, they did, as he hasn't seen them in some time. But he doesn't divulge this info to his dance partner.

Mosiah flashes a grin to Pia, chuckling softly. "Well, just as long as you help to supply it." The wine, right? He reaches for the glass with the new drink in it, taking a hesitant sip of the golden contents before bobbing his head in acceptance.

Rianna giggles at Legolas. She gives him a tight hug before running out of the Caverns, her hand giving a general wave to everyone. "Bye!"
Rianna exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Nylca settles back to enjoy the people, and the atmosphere after the Hatching. What a wonder, what a site! Oh, she couldn't wait for the next! "More punch!" She called to a drudge, getting her glass filled soon after.

T'am grins and resists the impulse to reach out and ruffle Fy's hair. "Funny, I can hardly believe it myself" he teases. Then, looking a bit more serious adds, "You'll make a fine rider, though. Especially with Farleth and I to help teach you!" Mwaha. A hand suddenly clutches at his belly. "Ooh. Maybe I shouldn't have done that spinning…" Maybe he needs to sit down. Nope. "Farleth says its time for me to get some rest." Humor sparks in his eyes again, "And thats another thing you'll get used to, Urzketh will undoubtedly think he knows whats best for you." He shoots a mirth-filled glance towards the doorway.

Kh'ryn waves to the departing G'deon, and then excuses himself as well. "Need to find a necessity," he blushingly claims. Of course, he doesn't waste wine, and so the alcohol in his glass is quickly drained. To Mosiah, he grins and points to Pia and Mirella. "Thank these lovely woman here for supplying us with it," he states, before leaving the group to their own devices as he dashes off for a while.
Kh'ryn steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Fyria sets her now-empty glass down on the table and nods her head towards the entryway. "Indeed, I- " Her words are cut off as her brows furrow, eyes glassy a moment. She's still not quite used to a voice inside her head, but with an impish grin, she gives a polite nod. "Speaking of, if you'll excuse me, I'm being summoned." Pause. "Quite profusely." And so, weyrling life begins for this former messenger. She gives thumbs up sign to the rest of the room, a final "Congrats!" to her fellow weyrlings, and she scampers out the exit.

Legolas waves back to Rianna before he sinks into a chair. Well that was interesting. At least it got him off his bum right? Now back in the chair he lets out a sigh and looks around not sure what to do now.

T'am exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Fyria exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Raewyn finishes off her glass but quickly refills before continuing. "A few hours? Whew, must have been some party when it got started. Pink eh? What horrible color to be dyed. What'd they do that for? Random abuse? Fish?" Oh, dear. Raewyn has become terrible confused and the questions just pour forth. Hope Sarin doesn't become too confused.

Pia chuckles softly before draining the last of her red wine to extend her glass for a fill of the golden wine.

Larnat grins. "They /do/ have a penchant for that. Ahm, is it fun at the Hall?" she asked rather shyly. "I mean, is it hard following apprentice rules?" she asked, taking a moment to push her hair out of her face before letting the dance reclaim her. "I'm quite amazed that I don't have fingerpaint in my hair…the weyrbrats just /love/ to tease me. They call me 'the oldest weyrbrat', though I'm not sure I'm /quite/ the oldest," she adds.
Wyn's eyes suddenly unfocuses, and she's suddenly on her feet, with a murmured "He's hungry," for excuse.
Wyn goes home.

Mosiah glances after Kh'ryn as he heads out too. Apparently Moe came at the prefect time where everyone is leaving? He offers up another smile to Pia, as she seems to be imbibing quite a bit of the alcoholic brews as well. "Keep that up, girl. And I might have to pick you up off the floor."

Fihall slips quietly in from the Central Bowl.

Sarin chuckles. "Well, it was kind of reparation, really. I'm one of the bigger prankers around the hall, and it was pink probably because I've done the mens' dorms pink on a few occasions in my time," she explains. "And yes, the fish. I was out yesterday with my partner and some people from the hall and found this strange fish. It looks like a whitefish, only it's the most amazing shade of /green/." She's happy to prattle about /that/. And, while she's at it, her semi-tipsy radar closes in on Legolas. She waves brightly, an invitation to come join them and … hear about the fish. If he wants to. Because no one should have to be alone or bored when Sarin's feeling friendly.

Fihall walks out.

Pia arches a finely curved brow. "Mosiah, I am a Vintner. I drink for a living. No one will be picking me off the floor." Tonight, at least. Tomorrow morning is another story all together."

The seventeen year old harper lad makes a face at the mention of apprentice rule. "Oh, well.. They're not all that bad. In fact, if you happen to get some nice journeyman or masters as your Teachers, it's fairly decent. And the chores aren't nearly as bad as what I'm used to. I'm from deep South; a seahold, and I'm used to gutting and cleaning fish - packtails, redtails,.. you name it, I've cleaned it. Now I help in the kitchens, but cutting coldmeats and sweeping floor is /nothing/ for me." Kedei then chuckles regarding the hair-paint mention. "Um. Actually, now that you mention it, you do have a smudge of something on your forehead…" Cough.

Mosiah laughs at Pia's words, flashing her a teasing grin, "Point taken, Pia." He tips his glass to her before taking a long sip of the contents. "And quite excellent drink you have assembled here."

Raewyn raises a brow questioningly. "A green whitefish you say? That /is/ intresting." Can we say easily amused? "Pink seems to be a popular color these days, I think I saw a dragon painted pink not too long ago. I was quite startled. Wondered what it was I had ate." And the rambling continues as she continually pours wine down her throat.

Pia flushes faintly, though it's hard to see beneath the drunken color in her cheeks. "Thank you, I do my best."

Laytai walks in from the Central Bowl.

Oh! Ohhh! Lookit that! Moe managed to get Pia to blush. And he flushes with his rare success. Healer takes a sip of his own wine, flickering her an added wink. "And we wouldn't except anything less of you."

In vain Larnat tries to view her forehead. Quite amusing to watch, she ends with a blush. "Erf, can you wipe it off? I'd try, but, erm, as it's completely impossible to have me /see/ my own forehead." There were a lot of blushes in there… "Please?"

"Of course not," agrees Pia with a toss of her head. "I am a professional, of course."

Sarin finishes her wine, refills the glass, and smirks. "A pink dragon? You don't say. I hadn't heard about /that/ one. Aye, the fish is pretty strange. I'm determined to find out all I can about it. I'm hoping there might be something in the records concerning a precedent…" Watch her prattle about her craft. At least she hasn't started in on how wonderful her Alpha is.

Kedei raises a brow. She wants him to clean it off? Ugh.. Ok. Halting their dancing, the harper lad lifts one wrist, tugs the shirt sleeve down, and rubs at Larnat's forehead. 'Um.. There you go. All gone." And their steps resume once more. Ked then glances around to Cerran, as though begging his friend to /please/ pick up the pace some. His feet are fumbling with these 'swish, swish, stop' steps.

Nerak arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

The quartet finishes their tune and bows to the applause. They leave the stage, and the blushing boy playing the pipes, having realized he really wasn't supposed to be up there during that sing, steps forward alone on the stage. Cerran announces that he will now play a tune he's written for the occassion, a nice fast, jumpy tune that is fun to dance to. He tunes for a bit, then begins the song. It starts out with a single note playing through different octaves and through different rhythms. As the song progresses, other notes are added into the melody, making it a rather fun tune to listen to, if one isn't alread dancing to it.

Laytai finds herself a seat once more and sinks down onto the chair. Oy, what a day. Her first time being at a Hatching, and it was /so/ cool.

Legolas looks at Laytai from over the table. He has sank that low in his seat, but if you dance with a seven year old you'd know how it would feel, "good day." He mutters out as she takes a seat not far from him

Mosiah is reduced to laugher once more. Oh yeah, the alcohol is definitely working. He leans over to nudge Pia, "Enough of the shop talk. How have you been doing? I haven't had a chance to talk with you once during this whole candidacy thing."

Laytai smiles at Legolas, "Hello there" She says cheerfully then lets herself just relaxe on the chair. Raises her head and looks over at him, "Did you get a chance to go to the Hatching?"

Larnat nods. "Ah, thank you," she says. Noting the fact that Cerran speeds up, she laughs. "This should be more fun," she says with a wild grin. Gyrating wildly around to the tune, she whirls around with Kedei, /extremely/ glad that she'd had Lhana cut her hair. If she hadn't, the dratted mess'd be dragging her down. As for now, however, it was fine, swirling lightly to the motion of the dance. "First trip to 'Reaches?"

Raewyn takes a rather large gulp from her glass and decides to top it off before continuing her rambling. "So where did you find this strange fish? You sure someone didn't just dye the fish green. Seems to be a lot of dyeing and painting going on around here."

"I've been good," Pia comments, peering absent-mindedly into the depths of her glass. "You know… busy." She glances up, green eyes vaguely amused, before dipping her finger into the wine. "How about you? Relieved? Tired?"

Eyes widen as Cerran almost reads his mind, and Kedei grins widely at the pick up of pace. Kicking his feet and jogging his steps, he releases Larnat and takes one of the younger teen's hands instead. "This is more like it!" he agrees. As they jump, jive and jingle, the harper nods his head. "First time, yes. And I'm glad I came in summer. Heard horror stories about the weather in the winter months here." And considering that Ked's a summer baby, he certainly wouldn't do well here in such cold clime.

Nerak after visitnig her mentor, Elehu, she weaves her way back through the crowd to the exit, hoping to find a ride home. She looks around and sees that Wyn has left, surely to see to her dragonet, and that Mosiah is talking to a group of people. She looks for other familiar faces and also sees Sarin talking. She waves at the familiar faces, not sure if they see her, and heads back out to the Bowl to see if she can get a ride home.

Sarin smirks. "True, there has been a lot of dying going on, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't. We found it in the emerald cove shallows, that's on Ista, not far from the seahall. Which is where I'm from. I looked at it as closely as possible through the fishbowl, and it didn't look dyed or painted. The scales looked too normal, and the color too even… Fish tend to be kind of oily, so they don't take dye as well as other things…" And she would know, wouldn't she. Sarin takes another sip of her wine and chuckles. "Well, I'm in exploration, so it makes me happy to have something to explore."

Sarin also waves to Nerak (because her player is typing faster than she is reading.) "Hey there!"

Legolas shakes his head, "Fear not. Harper master Aife had me working. Heard it was good. Course it must of been alot of my good friend impressed. What about you? You see?" an eyebrow lifts before he shakes his head, "O I'm sorry. I'm Lego." The blue hair boy offers a hand to Laytai. He is still a bit out of breath from dancing.

Mosiah tilts his wine glass, sloshing the rich contents about before he answers, "Well, I don't rightly know how I am yet. After all, getting stood up twice tends to grate on a guy's ego." He glances back up, eyes flicking back over to Pia. A dramatic sigh issues from his lungs moments before he is flopping just as dramaticly back onto his chair, the back of his hand pressed to forehead. "I don't see /how/ I shall get over it…" He peeps at her, grin twitching along the corner of his lips.

Larnat laughs, spinning around with another one of the dancers as well to the time of the music. "/I/ don't think it's all that bad, but then, I'm from 'Reaches stock. Soo, I'm pretty much immune to the cold," she finishes with a smile. She was born in autumn, herself, so winter is just a step above what she was used to when she was born. "I /love/ these fast dances," she said with a slight blush. "They just..wrap you up in the music."

Laytai takes his hand and gives it a light shake. "I'm Laytai, I think we met a while ago around the Bowl." Then she nods her head, "I saw some of it, though I had to leave cause there was a Message to be delivered and no one else was around to do it. So I missed most of the actual impressing." Which made her slightly sad, she had wanted to watch to see which candies impressed and which ones didn't.

Raewyn hmmmmmmmmms as she absorbs all this useful fish information. "Intresting, I didn't know that. Maybe it's just some kind of freak fish. The Seahall? How is it there? I've never had the oppurtunity to visit." She knocks back half her glass and wobbles a little as she tries to fix her hair, wooo, getting a little tipsy.

Kedei just nods, too wrapped up within the tune himself to say much of anything. Plus, he's keeping his breath for the fast moves he's pulling off. Hands have cleared up some, which means the next set he'll more than likely be playing. However, for the moment, he enjoys the dance and the break from drumming.

"Try being 'stood up' four times," Pia drawls, setting her chin in her hand. "You'll survive, I promise."

Nerak sees that Sarin waved at her, and changes her course to walk over to her. "Hello there, Sarin" she nods. "How are you today?" she asks, and nods at her companion. "A freak fish? I heard the gossip in Ista about a green fish, is that what you are talknig about? Was it dyed bye those hats that are turning everything strange colors?" She grabs a mug of fresh klah from a passing drudge, to keep herself awake.

Legolas points to her, "Ahh yes.. I remember you now. I met you while I was on Aiolos. Correct?" Aiolos being his runner but none the less. "Wish I could of went to see it." Shrugging he lets out a soft sigh.

Performing the intricate spins of the dance take all of Larnat's energy, but then, she's practiced so many times in front of the mirror in the sleeping quarters. That had been during hte time when she'd thought if she'd learned to dance the nannies would release her. Barely noting Kedei's nod, she gives a small smile back before being twirled around and doing a quick step-tap and taken by her arm again to be twirled off into another partner's hold.

Sarin grins at Raewyn. "You should come visit sometime! The seahall is wonderful. Water and dolphins and swimming… it's fantastic. I love it. Particularly my partner Alpha." But a deluge of the wonders of Alpha is halted, fortunatly for everyone else, by Nerak. "Nerak! Hello! Yes, that /is/ the fish I was talking about. Word spreads quickly, it seems. But I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the hats." And she'd know that, too, though she won't admit it. "I'm almost positive it wasn't dyed. I think it must be either a weird variation or a new species or something… I'm hoping to find out."

Mosiah lolls his head to the side, long braid of hair slipping off his shoulder and to his back. He cocks a wry glance to Pia, "And how did you get over it after each time? Get rip-roaring drunk? Find some companionship?" He is going to try both possibilities this time around, instead of just one.

A chuckle escapes her lips and she nods. "Yep, that'd be me." She slaps her arm chair and brings herself into more of a sitting position. "Don't fret, there will be many other Hatchings. Maybe one we can both actualy go to and stay for the entire thing." Slight sarcasm drips on her tone at that last comment. How she hated the fact she had to leave in the middle of it.

"Rip roaring drunk," Pia answered, voice soft. "The last time, it was so hard…" She shrugs a shoulder with forced gaity. "But you make it through." Eventually.

Nerak smiles at Sarin "Well, that sounds like it would be wonderful to find a new species! Of course, could it be a variation of another species? Does it look like any other fish you have ever seen? Has your dolphin,Alpha, seen one before?" and has a puzzled look on her face. "Speaking of the hats, you should have seen it, people with purple, hands trying to pick up the hat to move it. Quite funny, and glad I never tried to pick it up!"

Of course, Cerran is still an apprentice, so the song is still rough he makes a few mistakes playing it. But nonetheless it can still be danced to. And being that it was composed by an apprentice, it is short so it ends pretty quickly. As he finishes playing, Cerran looks out and spots Kedei, motioning for him to join him on stage. "All right, ladies and gentlemen, if there are still a few of you sober enough to be called so, *pause for chuckles, laughter, guffaws, whatever* The next song I will be accompanied by another apprentice, Kedei."

Legolas nods, "perhaps. I was going to go but AIfe made me finish the lyrics to the gitar song I wrote." grr…evil being a haper's assitent. "Sorry for my lack of energy. I danced with Rianna not to long ago and she wore me out." Little kids will do that to you know?

Mosiah watches Pia for a long moment, softly considering. "I'm sorry about that." He reaches a hand over as if to pat hers before continuing on, "But… hey, you're a vinter now. And I, for one, greatly appreciate your current calling in life, among other things." He flashes her a wink before taking another drink from his glass of wine.

Sarin looks rather pleased at the talk of the hat, bobbing her head. "/Really/. There's one in the lounge in the seahall, too. Quite amusing…" She takes a sip of her wine and grins. "Nope, Alpha's never seen one before. It looks like a whitefish in everything but color, which would make sense since they run in the spring… I was up all night, doing research in the library. Fell asleep before I got through all the files, though."

"Is it fun to be a harper?" Laytai asks, head tilted. She had thought about going to the Harper craft, but then decided to stay at the Weyr and become a Messenger. "I don't mind your lack of energy, I know exactly how you feel. My last run killed me and my poor feet." She couldn't stand if she tried. "Dancing with a Weyrbrat?" She chuckles. "Yes, they can drain the life out of you, if given the chance."

Larnat claps, flashing a grint o Kedei. "Ooo…I can't /wait/ to here you play. Go on! Go up and play," she said, deciding to take a quick breather from the beat and pulse of the dance to simply listen to Kedei's playing. Putting in a bit of her own spices she sipped the cup, hiding a smile.

"Oh yes, especially on days like today. It's an experience like no other, entertaining people." Kedei then excuses himself from Larnat's company, pointing towards the stage in explanation. "Thank you for the dances," he tells her, giving the younger teen a pat upon her shoulder. "I doubt I'll see you again, so take care of yourself, and stay out of the way of roughhousing kidlets!" With that said, the harper joins his friend on stage, and picks up his drum. He confers with Cerran about which song they are to play, as well as which note to start on, before raising his instrument and counting out the time. "One, two. One, two, three, four…" Fingers on his right hand thrum, tap-a-tap-a-tappa, while the palm of his left pounds, slap, slap, slappa."

Nerak nods her head to the time of the music. "The harpers are sounding wonderful tonight. I've been bobbing my head and tapping my toes the whole night!" and smiles. "Wow, that sounds perplexing. So it does look like a whitefish, only green? How strange. I wonder if it is an odd coloration, like albinos in rats and such…" and takes another sip of her klah, feeling sleepy. It's been a long day…

Legolas chuckles softly and nods, "Aye it can but it got me up and off my feet anyways." His mind goes back to the harper question, "Well I'm not a harper but Aife was in here once and she heard me singing to Sinead when we were together and she liked what she heard. Asked me to be her assistent and I said sure. She has me doing everything from massaging her back to writing songs." Rolling his eyes he lets out a sigh.

"It's nice to be appreciated, I guess," chirps Pia with a wry smile. "Without us, this party would undoutably be much less entertaining."

The tune picks up as Cerran joins Kedei's slap, slap, slappa with his own toot, toot, toota :P. A great song for dancing and perfect for the occasion, the dance floor quickly fills.

Legolas nods to Laytai, "Something like that. Maybe find myself a girl or something." Rolling his eyes he slips even lower in the chair, he's so tired. "I'm about to head up to my den. Your welcome to come if you like, we can finish our conversation up there."

"I'm allowed," Pia answers, jabbing him with her elbow lightly. "I promise you, it's no easier for me than you, even if I wasn't on the sands today." She winks, to lighten her words.

Nerak grins "But, wouldn't it be wonderful if you were the first to discover it! I mean, think of the people who would come to you for advice and soforth. Have you had a chance to talk to the Seacraft yet? Maybe one of them has come up with one…" and watches the dancers. "I never did get to dance tonight. I actually didn't know about the hatching today, I just came up to bring my mentor, Elehu, one of the healers here, a message. I talked to one of the candidates for a while, Miralwyn, who is now Wyn, impressed a blue. She was a healer too."

As their journeyman watches on, Kedei and his harper pal liven up the caverns with their fun duet. He'll tap something out, and then let Cerran echo it back, or vice versa. Seems that the audience enjoys it, as the clapping that resounds from the crowd follows the beat of their tunings.

Laytai yawns sleepily and stretches her arms. "I really should go back to the Barracks. I have yet /another/ message to deliver to the Starcraft tomorrow and need to get to sleep. Though I do hope we are able to talk again." She says with complete honesty, her eyes apologetic to not take up his offer.

Legolas shrugs, "its alright. I'm not going up there quite yet anyways." Nope…first he has to gather the energy to walk that way.

The tune suddenly becomes somewhat of a competition as the two apprentices try to outdo each other. Cerran plays a rhythm and Kedei follows with a more complicated or aesthetically pleasing one or visa versa. The crowd dances and cheers as sides are chosen.

Mosiah chuckles at the jab, only to retaliate with yet another nudge. "I suppose," he drawls with quite the dramatic exaggeration, flickering a wry grin to Pia. Another swig of the alcohol causes him to ask the next question, "So, some guy hasn't claimed you for himself yet, has he?" He purks up for a moment, glancing about the room, "Someone here with you that I missed?"

Sarin chuckles. "It'd be very exciting if it /was/ a new species… No, I haven't talked to the seacraft yet, but I'm going to. After I woke up, I spent some time in the bats getting as much of the pink off as possible, and then I was getting a ride up here. I'm going to need a good long rest in my own bed tonight, and then I'm going to go speak to the first seacrafter I can find." She takes a sip, then goes on. "Well, that's nice. I don't know her, but give her my congradulations anyway? How /is/ the healer craft going?"

Laytai gets up to her feet and falls right back down on the chair. "Shards, this is gonna be harder then I thought.." She mutters and gives a sigh. "I am /so/ out of shape it's sad…really really sad."

Considering that poor Kedei's palms are still smarting from his earlier playing, and here Cerran is; fresh and ready, it's no wonder that the drumming section of the song tapers down to allow the piper more room for exaggerations. Finally, Ked breaks out into laughter and can no longer play, therefore bowing before the other harper and giving over the floor to his fast thrills.

Legolas laughs softly at Laytai, "How far do you have to go before you hit a bed? My den is right over there." Points to a hall behind him, "Not to far really and there are extra beds if you like.

Nerak smiles "Pink? Did you have a run-in with the hat as well?" and laughs. "Sleeping in my own bed sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to get going here pretty soon, I was only supposed to delivere the message and come back." she answeres, and takes a sip of her klah. "The healer craft is going well, we have quite a few new recruits! I've been teachnig alot, as Sr. Apprentices do, and have a /lot/ more hours in the infirmary now. How about the Dolphincraft? Other than the new fish, and teh strange colors, of course!"

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