High Reaches' 8th PC Hatching (part 2)

Shaela's gold Chayath x Lylia's brown Druseth
6th April 2002
Logged by Catia

Part 1

Dawn at the Sea Egg goes a little faster, rocking more, increased force as the waves begin to clash.

In the galleries, Khena nods at Elehu, looking sideways at the Healer, "bring me some?" she asks, her eyes back at the sands. "It not really as interesting being a spectator.."

Taesha and brown Ngeth manage to shuffle themselves over to the sidelines; Taesha looks rather less than happy about being stuck next to Ringwraith.

Fyria grins and shouts out a congratulations towards Taesha. Rider number 2!! Nervously, she bites her lower lip and shuffles her feet, watching the blue and catching her breath as he stumbles. "Oh…careful, careful!" Tevya's whisper is heard, drawing a laugh from Fyria as she glances around excitedly. Fy giggles at Lhana's equally jumpy excitedness, then peers back at her favourite eggs again. Shhh…stay. Not yet! "Tev Tev Tev…" she mutters, squeezing the girl's hand.

Poor, poor Settitch. All the girls are hiding, and Sikkyen will kill him if he tries anything. So the WeaverCandie simply stands and shuffles.

Sikkyen wigglesjiggles, jigging. "Y'know, the heat is incessant," is half-complained. Atleast NancyCandie won't bother him. Cause Ike will kill him if he tries anything, /indeed/. Tiredtiredtired. Hothothothot.

Kirana peers, briefly, over Oli's shoulder at the indicated egg. "Ooh. It's pretty! Bet whatever comes out goes to you!" She says cheerily. But quietly. Don't want to jinx anything at all…or tip the scary weaver boy. "Oh look!" This is exclaimed to all near her, and she forgets to keep quiet. "It's rocking more!" Dawn at the Sea egg is gestured to.

Azia shifts somewhat, nodding to Squaln. "You're right - I could use some water, too. It's terribly hot out here. Though the warmth /is/ a nice change." Settitch is eyed, and Azia finds herself looking for Miralwyn. "I hope Wyn doesn't get violent with that nancing Weaver fellow. Not before I do, anyway."

In the galleries, Marek, with a look of shear amazement, follows every movement on the sands. Beads of perspiration forming on his brow, a sign of the intense heat, from the hatching sands. Listening to all the sounds around him, but unable to take his eyes off of the sands, he smiles. Maybe one day, he could be a candidate. Not this time, but one day…

Hiza sniffles, "Because.. er.." Well, Hiza's sort of forever in love with Iss, and so new greens can't measure up, so she doesn't want to seem terrible if she doesn't compliment them as loudly. But she won't admit to this, oh no, "we've always got a lot of proddiness anyhow?" Cough. Right, she cares.

"Taesha!!!" Shaela, in a moment of rather unladylike excitement, begins jumping up and down. Taesha's not going to notice anyway, it won't matter - she'll be too wrapped up in the joy of her new lifemate. Ngeth. "Haha! That'll show Catia, don't you think, L'shil?" the goldrider notes as she begins to calm down, now just revelling in the glee of having one up on her father's weyrmate.

Squaln runs a hand over his forehead to relieve some of the gathered sweat droplets that have been made known. Geez, it's hot. Too hot. Scorching hot. Perfect! 'Reaches is too cold.. it's nice to have warmth for once. "I agree." he replies to Azia with a grin.

In the galleries, Elehu glances quickly at Khena, but softens the look on her face a little. "Yes. I'm aware of that," the healer comments instead in a quiet voice before shaking her head a bit. "I'm going to go find a drudge or something." And with that she starts making her way towards the stairs with many apologies to the people filling the galleries.

"It is, after all, the Hatching Sands," notes Miralwyn, dry once more. The dragonets are staying away, you see. But, she's shuffling too. "Hmm…"
she muses. "Do you suppose Druseth will do us a favour and eat Settitch?" /Feeel/ the love for the Nancy Weaver coming from this corner of the sands.

Oliana shakes her head at Kirana. "Who knows?" she says simply, shrugging, and neatly avoiding making any bets as to what goes to whom. Betting on sands. tsch. She grins as another impression is made, clapping her free hand to her thigh at Taesha, though it's probably lost in the hum and chatter.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg whirls a bit once more, creating a glowing zigzagged pattern if seen from above. But, as before, when it finishes its tiny dance, it quiets again to be still.

Kh'ryn continues to watch the havoc up on the Sands, his wine glass nearly emptied of its contents. Turning, he tears his gaze from the candidates and eggs, and searches for Lis. Fianlly seeing her, he motions with his glass that he needs a refill. Please.

Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet remains sitting, grumbling lowly before once more he stretches out his wings, and in that movement dislodges them of remaining shards though goo still lingers, and stands. Letting them drag lightly to either side of him, he takes a cautious step forward. A pause, as if waiting for his paws to trip him up. When nothing happens, he gives a gruff snort and once more moves along the sands towards the line of candidates. Reaching a small group, he eyes them, reaching out to sniff one and then another. Growl, nothing for him here, and so he moves on to another group…

Alright, who died and made Lis cocktail waitress? The greenrider trundles over and fills up Kh'ryn's glass as asked, drinking right from her own personal skin. Deeply.

Lhana turns, watching Taesha leave. Slowly, the actualness of what just happened dawns on her, and she calls "Taaaaeeshaaa! Congrats!" And then, she's back to bouncing spastically, probably the most hyperactive and jittery anyone's ever seen her. "FaranthFaranthFaranth." And then…pause. "Look! My favorite one moved!" But then…it stops. Pout. "Wonder who that one's going to?" Any ideas, anyone?

L'shil bounces cheerfully beside her, shouting out happy but unintelligible things. Subsiding, he blinks at Shaela, then ohs: "Well, I think so, yes, since all's gone well. It's just - I think she was worried - that maybe the second time wouldn't, and then Taesha'd be, and all. I'm thrilled for her, though. Brown. Isn't it a great color, Lylia?"

"Whoo-/hoo/!" Yeah, Druseth, do us a favor. Please kill the pervy lace-fancier.Please. Sikkyen is innocent. All innocence, shwear. "So, 'Wyn, do ya still want to bolt?"

Mosiah is jerked closer to Lhana as she begins to bounce. "Oif. I'd like to keep that hand. It has its uses, you know." Yet again, another grin flashed in teasing before he blinks after the newly impressed pair, calling a congratulations out.

Shaela's favourite people always seem to Impress brown. Hmm.

In the galleries, P'rru comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Khena's eyes follow Elehu as the healer leaves to find that drudge. Pulling a leg up under her, she leans forward, cupping her chin in her hand to watch the going-ons on the Sands. Most definately thing were more interesting from a candidate's perspective. "C'mon blue.. Find your lifemate," she cheers under her breath, watching the dragonet search.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg quivers.

In the galleries, Reiko catches sight of a familiar figure from the corner of her eye, and sits forward a bit to give Elehu a wave. So many people around, it's a wonder she noticed at all… but someone heading /away/ from the action on the Sands is definitely noticeable.

Miralwyn offers a wryly edged smile to Sikkyen. "I… think I'll hold off a bit. They seem to be leaving me alone this time… Unless you want to?" A vague hopeful note. "Still… I suppose I should like to stay and laugh if Settitch Impressed a bronze or somewhat."

In the galleries, Carise walks in.

On the gallery ledges, Valanth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the gallery ledges, Kia giggles softly a nod at Valanth before she unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground.
In the galleries, Kia edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, T'am recieves notice (warning?) from Farleth that Valanth's rider has arrived, causing a startled green-eyed gaze to land in Kia's direction. If this weren't a joyous occassion he'd probably scowl at her…but instead he schools himself for good manners and offers a half-hearted wave of greeting.

In the galleries, Lovella walks in.
In the galleries, Nitara comes up the stairs.

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg gives a last good writhe, the shell finally giving in to the stress. /Finally/. Man, that stuff really does last forever, work for anything…

Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet down the line he trods, seeming to become more annoyed as he goes. Candidates are sniffed and as quickly disgarded; eyeballed and left to sulk after him. Over hillock and sand mound does the little blue tromp, pausing as two candidates move to stand in his way. Harshly whirling eyes regard them carefully before he pointedly moves around them, nose in the air as he continues his search. Little paws move slower and slower, tail drags along with wings in the sands. Will he never find the one for him? And then there's a flux in the crowd of candidates and he catches just a fleeting glimpse of the perfect person for him. A high-pitched cry is cast forth and wings and tail are picked up, paws scrambling through the sands. His one. Her, he's found her! Stumbling again, he comes to a skidding halt and bumps lightly into Tevya with a resounding cry of happiness, red switching to a lighter tone hinted with green and blue as talosn reach out to wrap into her white robe.
Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Tevya, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Miria woohooooos! "Tevya! Congrats!"

Everyone's Favorite Not-Shiny Colorless Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg clings a bit longer, but even the most resilient and versatile of things must succumb eventually. With a sound more akin to ripping than to cracking, a precise line traces along the divide between gray and cream, the crack showing but not quite falling apart yet. Precision is abandoned in a messy explosion, egg goo flying everywhere as a dark shape springs out.

Fighting the Shadow Blue Dragonet
Midnight blue so dark it kisses black capes this spy in shadows, caliginous shadows that absorb all light into the depths of soul-blighting night. A formal flash of periwinkle triangles caresses the base of his throat, whilst bladed silver strokes the edges of his spine and tuxedo's ebony cleaves to his lean and agile body. Only a subtle shift in hue suggests the change in color on his wings; a few shades lighter than his night-shrouded body, voluminous sails billow from the elegance of his gaunt wingarches, shimmering silvery blue above his sleek and immaculate hide. This dragon's wily strength lends itself well to the fire in his eyes and the casual confidence of his bearing and demeanor.

In the galleries, Fihall bursts into applause as Tevyta impressed. "Tevya! Woot!!!"

In the galleries, Sinead watches the hatching with anticipation, here eyes fully on the blue. "OOH Go TEV!!!" Shout, scream holler. "WOOO!!!!" And another blue.

In the galleries, Kia beams mostly at Zeja as she makes her way through the crowed gallery though of course she was informed that T'am was here and that means yes turn wiggle fingers in the bronzers direction. "Zeja! I'm late and I didn't mean to be our Sage is out there isn't she?" eyes move to the Sands and she cheers "Look impression!" turn again and blow kiss at T'am to make him want to run

Sikkyen jolts. After so long of a - "WHOOOO! Tevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Sikkyen /shrieks/, bounces up and down, and does a /boogie/. Good Faranth! He's spazzing for his fellow candidate. Is that any surprise? No. Of course not.

In the galleries, /Finally/, someone she knows! Larnat's eyes flick out to the new rider. Well, maybe not /know/ know, but she knows who she is. Leave it at that. "Tevya! Good for you!"

In the galleries, P'rru is pushing through the crowd to the front as Tevya makes impression. "Knew she'd do it! Did you hear that? Tevya did it!" and see the old man shimmy and boogie and generally act like a cheerleader. Pyrene squeaks. "Taesha /and/ Tevya? What's wrong with Cadgwith babies, hmm?" Or maybe Chayath-babies are just having to settle for Cadge-rejects. That's it. Yes.

Lhana turns to scowl at Moe. "I'm not gonna -break- it!" Hopefully. Her gaze goes back to flitting around spastically, returning her to her former, dizzyfied state. "Isn't he -pretty-, though?" she says, of the blue hatchling. And then - the Duct Tape Egg hatches another lovely blue. But she doesn't have time to pay attention to that, because - "Tevyaaaaaa!!!!!" she screams, leaping about with pure glee. "Oh, Tevytevytevyaaaa!" Turning to Moe, she announces, "Tevya Impressed one!!" As if he didn't know.

Squaln is tempted to yell out loudly and in his own authentic way, but, refrains. "Yeah Tevya!" he bellows, though. Smiling grandly, the lad waves his hand and peers at the new pair.

In the galleries, "Cadgwith babies obviously just aren't good enough for some people…" D'renn murmurs in Pyrene's ear, and retrieves his wineskin from whether it got to. "Good for Tevya though…. oooh, another blue!" Happy D'renn.

Azia shrieks. In Squaln's ear. "Tevya Impress, Squaln, Tevya Impressed! I knew she'd get him! Wasn't I right? I'm right!" As always. Whee! "And another Blue! I like Blues the best.. Though it's surprising a Bronze hatched first, don't you think?"

Kirana peers…well the coast is clear, no more scary nancing weaver boy. She creeps out from behind Oli, just in time to see that scarecrow blue go to, "Teeev!! TevTevTev!!" She exclaims. Loudly. Bouncing all the while. "Oooh! Tevya! Yay! TevTevTevyaaaa!" Jundi, Oli, and Seilyn all get nudges, "LookitLookitLookit! It's *Tev*!!"

In the galleries, Sasha chuckles as Purr makes his way to the front and waves him over. " Hey Unc! Tevya just impressed!"

Sage gapes as the blue comes toward Tevya, and she laughs happily, "Tevya! Oh Tevya!" She realeases her hand easily and quickly so as not to get in the way and covers her mouth excitedly before turning to Fyria, "Tevya Impressed!!!" She squeezes Fyria's hand, and bounces slightly, trying to remain calm, "How exciting!!"

Fighting the Shadow Blue Dragonet shakes off shards of eggs even as he takes his first awkward spring forward. Eyes regard the wave of white, then the blue takes cocky, rolling steps forward, looking for anything amiss.

Miralwyn jumps up and down. Yes, really, Wyn is jumping. "Tevya!" she calls over. "WONDERFUL!!" All right, so it's a restrained, Wynnish, sort of applause. But she means it.

In the galleries, Quara claps, applauds, and generally makes merry. "Oh, lovely. Another blue. Lots of dark blues this time 'round, not all bright like your Trydanth, D'renn. More like Sakuruth." See, Dru did it all for her. Homage.

Fyria suddenly finds an arm free as….Tevya Impresses!!! "TEVYA!!!" Fyria claps her hands together and jumps excitedly (okay, so part of that was for her hot, hot feet) as her dearest friend Impresses. "GO Tev!!!!" Bounce, hop, skip, shimmy. THen..hello. Another blue! Fy coos appropriately as she eyes it up and down. WEll now, isn't /he/ a beaut.

Mosiah chuckles softly, giving Lhana a reassuring squeeze to her hand, before allowing his gaze to rove back to the sands. Well, he was going to look at the other eggs, only that Tevya went and managed to imprss that dusky blue dragon. This elicits a blink from the young man, quickly followed by a beaming smile. "You go girl!"

Jundi gasps and tugs on Kirana's hand,"Tevy! Tevy Impressed!" A grin flashes across her face as she hops, both in excitement and hot feet.

Oliana bounces a few times with Kirana. "Tevya!" she cries, only wincing slightly at the scream in her ear thanks to Kirana. She doesn't care. She's too excited. "And look! Another blue is out there!" She points her free arm, swinging it from Tevya to the newest hatching. "Look!" As if Kirana cannot see for herself.

In the galleries, Zeja blinks. "Impression?" the greenrider replies toward Kia as she wakens from a daze of looking at some poor 'Reachian resident. Eyes return to the Sands as she awws. "You had me thinking maybe it was Sage. And Sei's out there too; and Squaln."

"Huzzah! Tevya!" Lis cheers as she spots the Impression, taking another congratulatory toast from her wineskin. Mmm.

Tevya grins as the blue rights himself, before turning back to the clutch. "He's okay now. He just got up." This is just incase anyone really didn't see that.. "He's so cute though.." Eyes flicker back to the blue as Tevya shifts yet more

face slightly flustered from the heat. "Oh! There goes that one egg.." Fingers point out the one egg before Tevya's attention returns to that one little blue. Watching as he comes closer, and closer to her..until he bumps right into her. Friends hands are released as Tevya utters a cry of surprise. Dropping to her knees, Tevya wraps her arms around his neck and burries her face into his soft hide. "Oh Kihaelth! I never doubted for a second!" Head is brought back up as she glances around, "He's Kihaelth!"

Taesha beams, one arm snuggled around Ngeth's neck. "See, that's Tevya - she was a Candidate with me last time, and neither of us Impressed then - they were pretty ugly dragonets actually. Not like you." Seems that having a lifemate has loosened Taesha's tongue, and made her loose her sense of tact and diplomacy.

In the galleries, P'rru is applauding, but he can still hear the sweet dulcet voice of…a greenrder. "Ah Sasha, did you see her do it? I told everyone she would. No wonder Dsalth and I like her so much, she's such a -good- girl is Tevya. And alright, it's a blue, but we can't get all our wishes at once.." the wingleader babbles, sitting down next to the wingsecond.

Seilyn watches as the blue heads up to Tevya and jumps up once, clapping. "Go Tev!!" She calls out. Hearing the name, her smile only grows. Well, it /is/ a lovely name, if she does say so herself. Which she doesn't, but.. Shifting about on the Sands, her eyes now go towards the next blue to be hatched, regarding.

Squaln rubs his ear right after Azia screeches aloud. Beam. That's a good sign when the little blue chose his lifemate so quickly. Nod. "Isn't it great?" he asks. Oo. Kihaelth is a very spiffy name for a blue dragon! Beam again. This is great.

Sikkyen is, of course, bouncing with Miralwyn. He can't resist. She doesn't really jump that often, y'know. "Kihaelth.. Beautiful, handsome, wonderful name." Tevya. Tevya Impressed. He's psyched. The next dark blue draws his attention, and he eyes him for a long, long moment.

Lianta just bounces happily about. "Tevya-Tevya-Tevya!" Whooo-hoo! "Kihaelth! How pretty!" She's grinning like a fool now. Not like she wasn't before, or that she's not.

Kirana sees. Yes she does! "Blue! Another blue! Blueblueblue!" Right, the adrenalines really racing now. She's very into this hatching thing at this point. "Kihaelth! Tev and Kihaelth! So pretty! Handsome! Whatever!" Bounce. "I'm so glad for her! And him! Oooh, and that blues really pretty."

In the galleries, Ali comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, T'am looks thoroughly startled by Kia's blown kiss, but then his attention is wrenched back to the Sands. With a cheer, he adds his congratulations to that of the rest, only pausing to direct a laughing, "Yes Farleth, you were right. And it -is- blue." And with a good, sturdy sounding name as well.

Hiza grins widely, calling, "Tttttteeevvvvvvvvviiiiiieeee!!" Though she didn't get all swoony over the previous Impresses, she's all bursting at the seams with cheers for the Weyr's newest bluerider. Whee. "Kihaelth? Oh, I like his name. Isn't it a good name, Lorsa?"

Mimi claps her hands together as Tevya Impresses the blue. "Tevya! Oh he's /lovely/!" she calls to the new rider, backing up to cling to Fyria's newly unoccupied hand.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg dances again, each movement with a faster beat, as if impatient to begin the party.

Hyzen cheers as the blue chooses Tevya, a peircing whistle issued before she trots towards her friend and now fellow dragonrider. "Come with me, Tevya. He's got to be starving. Kihaelth, you said? Lovely name… absolutely lovely. Just follow me, to the side here… we have food."

In the galleries, Kia giggles flopping down near Zeja "Sorry didn't mean to get your hopes up but did you just see that? An impress no doubt to a blue and that's wonderful!" she's not sure just who Tevya is but she's an okay person cause well a blue accepted her not some bronze who must have felt sorry for the candidate he chose

Lhana beams over at Tevya. "And such a pretty name, too!" Then she turns back to the other blue. "And another blue! Shells, we've just got loads of them out there today!" Bounce, bounce. Ooooh…hot-hot-hot. A glance down to make sure her skirt is still in place, and she hops again. And then, she sees - "And look! That pretty colorful one is moving again!" Beam. Beeeeeam for her favorite egg.

In the galleries, Elehu stops as Tevya finds her lifemate, the healer's lips curving into a gentle smile. She kneels and leans against the gallery railing to watch for another moment.

Miralwyn is smiling slightly. On anyone else, it would be a wide, face-splitting grin of pride. She bounces a few more times before returning to quiet near-poise. "Lovely name. Kihaeleth… Oh, now would you look at the next one…" she directs, pointing towards the darkling blue.

Lorsalia wrinkles her nose and gulps more juice. "I sup/pose/ it's nice." She says, eyeing the new blue as well. "But it's short. Yajisarath is much prettier." Of course.

Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg hopples, topples, burst your bubble!

Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg quivers - quavers - twitches with growing agitation and the spider-webbed rupturing of bright shell, foamy contours warping as increasing cracks leak out first a clawtip, and then the barest glimpse of 'sail. Illusive rainbows tremble, wings jousting chips of soapy-white to thrust triumphantly above the ruined bubbles: Dark-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet unfolds from her captivity, still a-glimmer with the shattered rainbows' enchantment.

Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet
Mischievous moth-sparkles diffuse amongst the luminous edelweiss of this tiny dragon's spritely self, motes masking the enchanting upward sweep of pinions with glitz and whispering a subtle shimmer over her rounded cheeks. Glass-slick, the merry twinkle of her sharp talons is lost within the shadowy alcoves of encompassing 'sails and sloping sides; forests wreathed with twilight's misty blue divert glamour from her wide, alert eyes and tangle down the slant of her spine, neckridges rising in sharp relief. Her diminutive profile is dominated by the captivating cant of headknobs and the lambent hunter-green of her tidy tail, vibrancy held as elegance against the power surrounding her pixy's sprawl.

In the galleries, Ali settles into an empty spot, pushing her riding cap off her head to reveal very-mussed hair. It doesn't take long for her to take in everything, and she emits a soft sigh. Ahh. Hatchings.

Squaln notes that this candidate class is a group of troopers who can get through anything. His hands clap once and he's still smiling at the newest blue pair of the 'Reaches. His eyes then trail around to the other eggs which are rocking and quivering at their own pace. Hiza is then glanced at too..

In the galleries, Reiko's lips curve in a twisted, rueful little smile as Elehu stops, apparently without having seen her wave. Ah well, it's crowded enough that it's not surprising. She leans back on her free hand and lifts her 'skin for a long, cooling sip of wine.

Oliana seems to be all over excited nerves, now, as if everyone of them is pronging and boinging about in the heat and excitement of the sands as the first candidate she really knows - one she actually rather liked - impresses. Though that fear of hers is settled just below the skin, for now she's celebrating. "And a green!" the girl squawks, sounding not unlike a firelizard who's tail has just been trodden upon.

Azia eyes the latest hatchling, a green. "And a green. Good. I was hoping for that, too. Looks like I'm getting everything I hoped for.." Let's hope the trend continues, neh? "Oh, I'm so happy for Tev!"

Fyria's eyes widen even further as a green suddenly arrives on the Sands. Her free hand is comandeered by Mimi now as Tevya heads off with her new lifemate, and Fyria grins after her. "She soooo deserved to Impress, eh?" Mimi gets a wink, then it's back to dragon watching.

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg trembles once more, much more visably now. It's time, it must be… hopefully this won't hurt too entirely.

Tevya is lost. Literally lost. Kihaelth remains by her side, one arm draped across his neck as she continues grinning. "Oh he's so..I can't believe it!" Hyzen is given a nod as Tevya finally remembers there are other people out here on the Sands, "Right..come on Kihaelth.." Her friends and fellow Candidates given a last wave and a departing, "Good luck guys!"

Sikkyen quietly beams. Here's a green to diffuse the two blues; inneresting. "Pretty green," he comments. Hm. Eyes traverse over the girls - and guys. Yeah. Whom will the little lady choose?

In the galleries, Magentica comes up the stairs.

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg shifts slowly, incision-like crack working its way down the beaded line of crimson. Leathery surface opens and falls away from itself neatly, shattering only once it hits the scorching Sands. Revealed within is the beating, waiting life of Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet, ready for operation.

Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet
Rare medireview spirit, brooding seer, oh what grand and lonely warrior is stretched between the endless abyss of tail's boundless shadows and the bright starfire of a whiskered nose. Melting magma brown hulls this solar class dragon, dark armor beneath the supernova of carmine and gold that inflames his hallowed chest and slipstreams the sublime sway of spine's steppe Nothingness; restless and daring, hotter coals in scalding red tumble down muzzle's indignant sweep. But it is intuition that lifts his vast and starry sails, thrown into the air as if his wings yearned for something more than the confines of narrow arches and those wicked ash-dark spars. Andromeda swirls brighten his resolute talons and venture up lanky forelegs curled close to the volcanic pyre of his burning, broad-built frame. Self-poised, self-centered, this muse, this mercenary, his strange awareness awed by the sweet repentance of soulful eyes: infinite.

In the galleries, Katrine walks in.

Kirana lets out the appropriate Ooooh at the entrance of the green. "LookLookLook! Jun! Sei! Oli! Isn't she pretty?" She gives yet another little bounce, but that can be attributed to the heat. Very much heat. Hothothot. "And a brown!" Lets just keep a running commentary shall we? "Brown…ooh he's really really pretty!"

Fighting the Shadow Blue Dragonet swaggers down the line, sizing each of the candidates up in turn. Yeah, punk, want a piece of this? He eyes the dubious suspects each in turn, then spots one further down the line, one that tickles at his memory…

Sage is obviously still trying to get over Tevya's Impression, so excited for her friend that she's mumbling Kihaelith over and over and rolling it off her tongue. "Wonderful…just wonderful!" She slaps her hand against her knee and grins at Fyria again, shaking her head of curls quickly. "Amazing." Her eyes watch the eggs then, only to see Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg burst into a green dragonet. She gasps, her hand squeezing Fyria's most likely too tightly, "Oh /Fyria…looook." She smiles widely, "Beautiful…" She's trying not to get her hopes up, and so she looks around at other dragonets and eggs. "Oh another brown!" It's a distracted voice, though, even as she admires it.

A truce is called between Merry and Pippin momentarily as the two contemplate what took the Duct Tape egg so long. "I think it's a shoddy dragon," declares one, the other giggleing, "Perhaps it was broken!" Snickersnort.

Lhana tears her gaze away from the Glowsticks Egg as the Bubble Bath egg suddenly hatches into a lovely, shiny little green. "Oh look, Fy, Moe, Lookit!" And she flails, pointing at it - and dragging their hands along too. "A greeeeen. Isn't it -gorgeous-??" She giggles, and then points them toward the brown too. "And the brown." But then her attention turns back to the green. "Just look at her. Who do you think she'll go to?" Shinnnnny.

Squaln stands with Azia and his pulse starts to quicken when a brown is hatched onto the Sands. This is /so/ nerve wracking.. and this is his third time being a candidate? Somebody slap upside the head for going through this all again… but it's worth it! A blue, green and brown are glanced at quickly..

Sikkyen pauses, and quietly observes the brown; a quiet smile is given.. "Hey, we've got a blue, a green, and a brown on the Sands," he remarks to Miralwyn, offhandedly. "..don't we?"

In the galleries, P'rru reaches across to tap Ali on the shoulder. Coz he's got McGilla-long arms and he's near enough to her. Beaming like a right idiot, he says "Did you see Ali impress, Tevya?" priceless. Kodak moment. All that mushy stuff.

Azia sneers at Merry and Pippin. Nances. "Hey, it wasn't _broken_.." she hollers indignantly. "He was just challenged. If anything's broken around here, it's your manners. I hope you both.. you both get _trampled_." So there. Hrmph. "I hope Fyria gets that Blue.. She deserves one, don't
you think? Or maybe the green.."

Oliana nods, taking this moment to brush back sweat dripping on her face. Eww? Yes. But it's hot out here. "Look at that brown, too! Well, he's got…got…confidence, doesn't he?" she says to those around her, nodding to Kirana. A fool of a (took?) smile is spread liberally across her face.

Mimi nods excitedly as she watches Tev and the blue leave. "Ooooh they're so pretty.Oh green. Brown. The green's preeeetty." She hops from foot to foot, checking quickly to make sure the bottom of her feet haven't blistered yet. "And so's the blue. Brown is too, really…"

Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet shakes off the last gooey egg-bits - tres unflattering on her hide! Ooh look, people! Her tiny head is lifted high as she looks at them all in turn - well, most of them. She's distracted by a few likely subjects in that cluster over there… then again, how could she ever /pick/ from all those wonderful people! They must all be so very nice and obliging. Err, adoring. Right, adoring.

Lorsalia beams and watches the green, dancing up and down in glee. "Oh, she's so pretty! And kinda…well, she's silveryish where Yajisa's golden." the rider finally decides with a nod and a cheer for the hatchling.

Mosiah blinks as his hand is drug up as Lhana points at the hatching dragonets. "Yeah, I can see them, Lhana. Nice…" His grin grows momentarily as he eyes each one in turn with an appreciative glance.

Fyria shuffles nervously, now, glancing at the two colours out there that she adores the most. Her lower lip is nibbled again as she shuffles from one foot to the other, hot feet beginning to distract rather annoyingly. Still, her eyes widen as the green looks about, and Fy can't help but giggle. But then again, there's that darkishly handsome blue, with absolutely /gorgeous/ colouring. Shells…

"Awwww!" Lylia just cooooooes at the brown, another little beam offered. Pretty! She likes pretty. "And /Druseth/, what a lovely green. Oh, you are a /star/. Oh, and Chayath, too." Gotta remember the Mama, in the end. Right? Right. She'll miss her sands and her lack of weyrlings.

"Quite a beauty, that one," allows Miralwyn, nodding towards the green, before replying equally casually "Yes, blue, green and brown, in that order… Much better looking than that bronze beastie…"

In the galleries, Nya comes up the stairs.

Squaln takes in everything all at once and takes a step closer to the group around him. "This is great.." he says to no one in particular. He then grins and is having a pretty good time, actually. Blue eyes blink at the eggs all around and then at the newly hatched dragonets.

Jundi continuously tugs on Kirana's hand as things are in full swing. "They're lovely, don't you think? And they don't /look/ like they'er going to hurt someone, right?" Let's hope. Maybe the bronze was the wierdo of the clutch.

Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet doesn't let on if he's aware of all the announcements of his coming into life. Oh no, he gives an efficent little shake to clear off that coating of goo, and then pauses within his wreath of egg shells, breathing slowly. His head swivels, overlooking the white-clad personages thoughtfully for a long while. He'll move, eventually.

In the galleries, Ali's breath catches in her throat as she's tapped on the shoulder, and she tears her eyes away from the sands just long enough to give her Wingleader a grin, wiping away the telltale tears from her cheeks. Unable to speak, she just nods, and her attenion returns to the sands, and the tiny dragons upon it.

Fighting the Shadow Blue Dragonet beelines towards that one who tickles his memory. He swaggers to a stop in front of the black-eyed herder girl, and for a moment he almost seems to wear a cocky grin. After all, his partner stood up for him, which is what partners do. Maybe they can go trample those nancing, hairy-footed candidated together, hmmm?

Angel Wings Egg swivels a little. All the shell-cracking going on has caused another breeze to rustle this egg's feathers. Like a tiny ship upon a vast ocean, the ovoid wobbles some more, the golden treasure prime for plucking. But alas, no such luck as of yet. But its time will come, never fear.

Fighting the Shadow Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Azia, and steps forward.

Sage's green gaze is drawn to the Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet again, and she watches it closely. She shifts her weight back and forth, as if her feet were burning, yet she did have sandals on. Silly girl. "Oh…I wish they'd hurry up- this is agnozing." She says it with a smile to Fyria and taps her toe. She points to the brown, trying to distract herself, "Preettty brown. Yep- what's he doing?"

Kirana suddenly realizes *just* how many dragons there are out there before them. Deffinatly more than she has eyes. "Oooh. Oli! They're gonna gang up on us!" Cling. If anything the phincrafter-candidate is getting more nervous as the time goes by. "They're amazing!" She agrees with Jundi. "They don't…I guess…" She's reluctant to agree. "That bronw one isn't even moving."

Lianta's grin is so broad now that it's probably half of her face. A blue, a green and a brown, all looking for their riders. And they're all pretty cute. She heard about the last ones. Eek.

Shaela has returned to a mostly-calm state, now, although she still occasionally darts proud looks at Catia in the galleries. Mwaha. The eggs are Hatching more quickly now, and Impressions seem to be all over the place. That Tevya girl who stood for Druseth's previous clutch Impresses - good on her, she and Taesha got along, didn't they? - followed by other Candidates whom the goldrider is not nearly so familiar with.

In the galleries, Fihall whistles in congradulations to Azia.

Lhana dances back and forth, eyes locked onto the beautiful green. Her mouth opens to comment, and then… "Azzzziaaaaaa!" Then she gestures her clingmates over at Azia. "Looook! Loooooooooook! Azia Impressed!"
Bounce bounce. Squeal. Oh, so -exciting-!!

Oliana bites her bottom lip and nods once, as if deciding something in her head. "After that first one, I was starting to worry," she says hurridly, that twanging excitement also relenting to a little caution as she watches the blue, the green, and the brown all out on the sands now roving about. And then….then there's no blue to worry about! "Azia!" she cries.

Azia drops to her knees, taking the Blue's head in her hands in quiet awe. "A lot of Blues, yes.. Oh, Diulnyth, I'm so glad you found me!"

Kirana sees the blue. Kir sees the blue Impress. "Azziiiiiaaaaa!!" She squeals. Loudly. As is usual at this point. Bounce, hop, bounce. "Azi! Azi! Azi! Oh /wow/, it's Azia!" She exclaims excitedly. "Azi and Diulnyth! Ooh, so pretty!" She pauses, adding thoughtfully, "What'll she do with Boy now?"

Sikkyen observes the green and the brown - and then, there he is, there's - Azia. And then, he wrenches free, and does a movement that's possibly physically impossible - he leaps in the air, kicks out both legs, and pumps his arms. "Ziiiiiiiiiiz!" is positively /squealed/. His friend impressed! The one who helped him birth those llama twins, /Impressed/! "Diulnyth.. That's a mouthful," is beamed.

Squaln lets go of Azia's hand when the blue dragonet approaches her and makes himself known to them all. Watching the Impression happen right in front of him makes him tear up and just.. cry. Tears roll down his cheeks and he utters the blue's name, "Diulnyth.." he says. "Azia.."

Elven Forests Egg shudders once more with unseen breeze. Its movements almost hurried before it quiets once more.

Fyria dances again, moreso for Azia than for her feet's sake as another is Impressed. "Whoooo…go Azi!!!" Her eyes bright, she glances over
at the remaining two dragonets with nervous anticipation, squeezing Mimi's hand. Probably hard, too. "Diulnyth…that's a /beautiful/ name!!"

Sage jumps up and down as she notices Azia Impress and claps a hand to her mouth, realeasing to go, "Yay! That's wonderful!!!" She grins, "Two blues…and brown, and a bronze have Impressed, yes?" She giggles and calls congrats again, waiting to hear the name of the newly hatched dragonet from his new lifemate. "Diulnyth?" She asks Fyria, "Is that what she said?" Absently, green eyes shift toward the other dragonets still wondering around, then back to the new pair, "Congrats!"

In the galleries, Trimaka comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Catia has her hands clasped on her knees (when she's not reaching out to separate Livia from her cousin), leaning forward to watch the Impressions with a soft smile. And of course, she glances frequently down at Taesha and her brown Ngeth,.

In the galleries, Zenethen comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, "I _told_ you that girl would Impress!" Pae's eyes are now locked upon Azia and … the blue. A name hasn't been given yet, but he's beautiful and she's beautiful and that's all that matters! And then…then she hears it, "Diulnyth!" She raises her hand in triumph and waves down at the two of them. "Etu, Azia!"

Mosiah flashes a soft smile to Azia, for all that the girl is probably completely wrapped up in her dragonet, grinning at her impress. "Diulnyth…. Nice name. Nice dragon," he idly comments before his attention is drug back to the hatching eggs, keeping a wary eye upon a wandering green.

Lhana grins, ear to ear, at the newly-impressed pair. "Diulnyth! What a lovely name!!" Faranth, at this point they're -all- lovely names. "Oh wow!" Bounce. "Wowie-wow-wow!!" Her gaze flicks about for another moment, from the brightly-colored eggie over to the green draggie, and then she tears it abruptly back to the pair. "Congrats!" Wheeeee!

In the galleries, P'rru shoulders against Sasha. "We're all doomed! Azia is a bluerider now!" he swoons teasingly melodramatic against his niece. "Aren't they so sweet.." and nevermind the teary Ali, who Purr just pokes his tongue out at and winks. Yah. Memories. He's too old to have them.

In the galleries, Larnat grins, leaning back and laughing giddily. "Diulnyth! Good luck!" she cries, Denocte flitting around above her at the moment, disdaining sittin. Mee. Might be hard to keep him in the Galleries.

Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet creels softly - she's really getting hungry here, and there're, like, no-one who offers her food. How /rude/ is that! Really. Like she doesn't deserve better. Silly humans. A boy is looked upon closely, but discarded with a snort. She needs a grrrrlfriend!

In the galleries, "More blue, more blue…" D'renn is still smirking. "We need… how many more, Quara? Six?"

In the galleries, Quara applauds, albeit lazily. "Blue! Azia, wasn't it? Lovely young girl." Quara's never met her. "Wonderful."

And as Ike comes back down, Miralwyn jumps up. Not as impressively, of course, but still with an alto near-carol of "Azia! Diulnyth!" that somehow manages to be completely off-key. Harper, she is not. A slight blush at such outward display of emotion, and it's back to regarding the eggs and dragonets.

In the galleries, Sasha chuckles as P'rru jokes about Azia. "You are right! Hey….that calls for a drink! Did you bring any of your famed wine cellar?"

Squaln wipes the tears from his cheeks and tries to get a grip of himself before people start to notice him. Sqa? /Cry/? Yes, it's true. The blue Impressed to Azia right in front of him.. it was so, fulfilling. Nodding, he watches as the newest blue pair trudge off the Sands.

In the galleries, Pyrene sighs. "Not the best clutch really. Lot of blue," she comments. "Who's got the wine?" At this rate, she'll need it.

Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet lifts himself to his feet, moving deliberatly, with no intention of klutzing up like some of his clutch siblings. A snort and a low rumble escape as he moves, head level, eyes swirling only minutely. Holding his wings out to allow them to dry, he begins his rounds, not even pausing at any of the candidates. Which one of these nancing creatures could possible be perfect enough to be -his- lifemate, anyway?

Country-time Setting Sun Egg splits along rays of light, revealing a little blue suddenly jolted into the world. Small and ever so adorable, he catches quite a few female eyes before Merry and Pippin launch themselves at him hopefully. Suddenly a chubby, cherubic blonde candidate barrels through the pair and is met halfway by a lurching blue. "That's Samwise," explains Peregrin in editorial as the blue Impresses - Frodoth, to S'am - "and he'd kill us if we tried anything."

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg insists on picking up the pace, shimmying and shaking to its own rhythm. Quicker and quicker, it threatens to fall into the sands, but pauses briefly. Catching its breath?

In the galleries, Ali squirms in her seat, unable, as usual, to keep still while Impressions are happening. The brownrider mumbles something under her breath, probably to 'lauth, watching from higher heights. "Yes, he is lovely. No, dear, not as lovely as you, but still, lovely."

Azia rises to her feet, hand still resting atop Diulnyth's head as she helps him stagger over to Tevya, Taesha and that scary Bronze-dude. "C'mon, Diulnyth.. Come get something to eat.. Tev! Blues!" Well, at least she's off the sands and out from under everyone's feet.

Chayath is not tremendously approving of the manners of her daughter, Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet, but perhaps this is something she can attempt to correct in the future. Really. Snorting at Candidates.

In the galleries, Quara has wine, which is promply offered to Pyrene. "Six, yes… Five. Another one. Ooh, /lovely/ color. Dreamy. So pure and pretty and…"

Dawn at the Sea Egg gives a whirlpool twirling, a rock back and forth as the timbers begin to shake and the stormy shell begins to quake. Time?

In the galleries, Pae suddenly out of nowhere is clutching Qua's shoulder, beaming. "Azia it is, my dear! And absolutely perfect…wine! May I have some, love?"

In the galleries, "Here…." With a resigned sigh, D'renn gives his (rather depleted) wineskin back to Pyrene. Well, he would if Quara hadn't first…. "Is that some of Inferno's Benden stash, Quara?"

Lianta glances around as Azia and her Diulnyth go off the sands. Is Squ crying? Blink. But the green is stll waiting, and ooh… The Dawn at Sea Egg is starting to move.

Oliana once again claps her hand to her thigh, one half of her body consisting mainly of Kirana-cling. "Look, look! It'll be alright," she saying between "Wow! Over there! See that!" This is scambled, hot, Oli. She's red faced and sweaty, her hair like a mop on her head. But she does catch the other impression. "Frodoth! That's a nice name. Nice dragon, too." The bakerette calls out her congratulations.

In the galleries, P'rru raies his eyebrows at Sasha and slips a hipflask out of his pocket. "Not exactly fine wine.." he comments, passing it to her "But it really warms you up". Wink.

On the gallery ledges, Suith scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the gallery ledges, M'er slides from Suith's neck and lands gently on the ground.
In the galleries, M'er edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

Sikkyen laughs his rear off. By the green's airhead attitude versus the brown's stoic self - and, of course, Azia's beautiful blue. And Tevya's, too. Sikkyen bounces on the balls of his feet, eyes shining. Hey, weird - he doesn't even seem to notice how /scary/ some of these dragons are. Hey, maybe.. Size Matters Not?

Jundi tugs on Kirana's hand as she also hops a couple times, grinning as people Impress then turns around to point at the Dawn at Sea Egg. "Ohh /look/," she breathes as the egg looks like it's close to hatching…not that all of them don't look that way.

Hiza wants to run out and huggle Sqa, but instead bounces, calling her congratulations merrily to the new riders and her assurances to the expectant candidates. "Awww, S'am and Frodoth… that's cute." Don't ask her why, but it is.

In the galleries, Quara offers the wine, after Py returns it, to Pae, and lifts an eyebrow at D'renn. "Stash?" she asks, innocently. "Why, whatever do you mean?" This isn't the stash you're looking for. She can go about her business.

Seilyn continues to dance back and forth restlessly on the Sands, her hands slippery with sweat though…no one will notice that, right? She cheers as Azia impresses, then her eyes go back to the hatchlings. She's learned her lesson about looking away from the hatchlings on these sands well enough just by hearing about what happened to Harripotter.

Sage watches the green intently suddenly, smiling softly, but then turns away as she sniffs a boy. She doesn't see him stop, but she figures she ought to stop dwelling on the grrl. Ahem. "Handsome brown, no? Oh- did someone Impress?" She blinks and looks around, frowning, "Who Impressed?"

Ringwraith lashes his tail, staring intently at Frodoth across the Sands. Yes. Excellant. N'zgul gives a similarly predatory look to the blue dragon, neither of them seeming to notice S'am with him. Perhaps they'll try something…

In the galleries, Pyrene will risk D'renn-cooties. "I knew that Samwise was a risky one," she notes. "Merry and Pippin had a lucky escape though…." Her own eyes blink at the blue. He /is/ rather cute. But… no. After all, she'd kill herself before trying anything.

Tevya glances up with a wide grin on her face as she spots Azia. "I know..aren't they just amazing?" Eyes continue to shine as Tevya rests a hand along Kihaelth's muzzle. "What's his name? I missed it..with Kihaelth.. and congratulations too!" A quick glance to the Sands is given, Tevya trying to spot the remaining Candidates on the Sands, "Oh I wonder who'll Impress next.."

Lylia watches S'am and Frodoth with a giggle. "Oh, /cute/." She wants! She wants! She'll like those two, really.

Kirana grips at Oli and Jundi. "Look you guys!" She exclaims, gesturing to The Dawn at Sea egg. "LookLookLook!" Catching the Impression of S'am to Frodoth she grins. "Alright S'am!" She cheers. "I know! I know!" Thats to Jundi. "It's going to hatch! It will!" Right…just like the rest of 'em.

Lhana catches Gyrating Glowsticks Egg moving, and turns. "Ha!" She'll watch it hatch, she's determined to. The picky little green gets a glance once the egg has stopped, and she grins at it. She keeps at least one eye on that Egg, though, lest she should miss some movement from it. Another impression is missed, and she shifts her weight back and forth. "These sands are sharding /hot/" she says, stating the obvious.

In the galleries, T'am can't sit in the midst of all this wine-drinking and not go for a swig himself. Pleading eyes are turned on Pae, since she's the one currently in posession of the skin.

Taesha beams happily, watching the new Impressees, and sparing a hand or two to applaud. She's otherwise much too involved in soothing Ngeth - who, like all newly-hatched dragonets, is HUNGRY.

In the galleries, Reiko gets to her feet, watching for a few moments more as she caps her wineskin. Then with the smallest bit of a sigh - perhaps even nostalgia, who can say? - she makes her way back to the ledges and her own lifemate.
In the galleries, Reiko carefully moves onto one of the nearby ledges.

Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet sniffs critically. There's just something so /wrong/ about all these white-robed nancies. That one is too fat, he decides, moving on from a well-fed boy from the Hold. The next one he contemplates is too scrawny, a very poor looking underfed girl… The next is too ugly for his tastes.. too whiny, too blonde, too sharding weak… ah-ha. The brown halts entirely, his head tilted upward toward a local boy, approving warble in his throat. This one is /perfect/. This one… his Sikkyen.
Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Sikkyen, and steps forward.

Fyria giggles at S'am and Frodoth…aww, the perfectly cute couple! "Congratulations!" she shouts, wriggling a little in her robe. Okay, so maybe 3 belts around her waist was overkill. Should've invested time in shoes instead. Her eyes glance to her those eggs again briefly, then back to the green and brown on the sands. "C'mon..you can do it…you know which is for you!" Lip-nibble. Sage is chuckled at softly as she nods. "TEvya and Azia…great Faranth….oh!! Ike!!" Fy nearly falls over as she hoots and hollars a "Congrats Ike!!"

In the galleries, Nylca cheers as loud as she can "GO IKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Bounce bounce bounce "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA"

Squaln regains composure and stands a little taller than before, raising his chin a little. That was the first time he's cried in public and will probably
be the last. Perhaps. When the blue Impresses to a boy, Sqa nods and bids his congratulations in that manner. He can't speak for a moment and just stands there, glancing at the eggs. Hiza is glanced at again. When another Impression is made, he nods. Ike! A brown!

In the galleries, Fihall squeals! "SIKK! YA!" Hooray! Confetti! Whee!

In the galleries, Nylca cups her hands around her mouth and cheers and cheers for Ike. "YEAAAAA"

In the galleries, Sasha takes a swig of the proferred drink and hands it back to Purr. "Ah…that is good!" Then seeing another dragon impress to his new lifemate she shouts "Woooohooooo! Congratulations!!"

Oliana nods frantically, trying to get some space for her feet before Kirana trips her up with her frantic gestures and clings. "Yes! Yes it moved!" she agrees, though her attention is more focused upon the green and the contemplative brown. Good thing, too. "Did - is that - Ike and - is that - ?!" she stutters a few times before simply cheering. There's very little chance that she mistook it…she hopes. Otherwise she'll just pretend she's cheering on the eggs.

Judge me by my size, do you? *cough* The petite HealerCandie known as Wyn has returned to her watching, sandaled feet becoming slightly scorched as she neglects the constant foot-shuffle she's been employing as Ike is approached. And… Impressed! "Ike!!!" she almost squeaks. "Wonderful!"

Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet creels. Loud! There, there, there! Ohh, this is too exciting - if she could bounce up and down and make screechy, annoying noises she would! But she can only make screeching annoying noises, and so she does, almost pouncing on Sage. What's up, girl?

One minute you're laughing, the other you're on your knees with your arms wrapped around a brown dragonet. Who'd'a thunk? "My Sidramuntalath," Sikkyen - Sii'kyn - breathes. "His name is Sidramuntalath!" is triumphantly bugled from the once-candie.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg rocks hard, shimmering and dancing like there's no tomorrow- which, for the egg-form, there really isn't. This time, the movements show now sign of slowing. Instead, it speeds up,up,up, almost twirling.

Lianta cheers for Ike! A brownrider! In the heat of the moment, she forgets that she's standing on hot sand and falls over. "What's his name??" Oh, prettyful prettyful… hotness! Ouch. And Sage! More cheering!

Dawn at the Sea Egg gives a roar and a crack of thunder, clouds looming into murky darkness as it seems to loooooom. Crunch.

Night-Dwelling Moth Green Dragonet turns jewel faceted eyes toward Sage, and steps forward.

Azia hollers. "Ike! Ike, a brown!" She's.. surprised, yes, but thrilled to itty bitty pieces nontheless. "Oh, his name is Diulnyth.. Isn't that beautiful? Ooh, and Kihaelth is gorgeous, too. And - .. SAGE!" Yet another shriek, accompanied by a waving of her one free arm. Diulnyth just plops into the sands, looking curiously at his clutchsiblings.

Mosiah chuckles softly before glancing over to spy… "Fardles! Ike impressed!" And to a brown at that. A beaming smile causes his dimples to deepen for a moment 'till he has cause to look to the other side of the sands and watch as Sage gets herself that green he was warily keeping an eye on before.

In the galleries, Fihall kicks his cheering up a notch for the star based Sage. Yaaay!

In the galleries, Larnat says, "Good job!" is Larnat's cry. She doesn't know the man, truly, but everyone who Impresses deserves a bit of a cheer. For S'am and Frodoth as well. The cheer takes on an aspect of for Sageness as that one Impresses too. "Well…maybe that'll be me someday…"

Squaln stands among his fellow remaining candidates and nods when Sage deems worthy of Impression. He grins finally and his pulse quickens. So many Impressions are happening all around! Yay Sage!

Kirana suddenly bounces. Again. But hey, it's a way to vent excitment. "Iiikkeeee!!!" She squeals. Again. "IkeIkeIkeIkeSiikkyeeeen!" She grins widely. "Oooh he got the brown! Oh wowOhwow! Ike! Ike and…and…Sidramu ntalath!" The long name is kind of stumbled over. But then it's…it's…"Saaag e!! SageSageSage!! Sage and…and the green! Sage!" More squealing in general.

In the galleries, Lilah comes up the stairs.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg twirls in place, rocking around its base in ever widening motion. Brilliantly blinding, the colors blur into a chartreuse green - or a lemon yellow - or perhaps tangerine orange as a nest of sand forms around the bright ovoid. Spinning giddily, the egg finds a bump in the sand and topples, night-hued cracks overwhelming the blinding surface. With a final shudder, the pieces drift to the ground, leaving** Dark Horse Green Dragonet**.

Dark Horse Green Dragonet
Effervescence, whisking deep, aquatic green into draconic slenderness. Scintillation, streamlining her hide. Whimsy is taken to the level of art in this one, her coy length of neck a-dazzle with citrine glister. The wealth of ages - but none of their wisdom - graces a face rife with twinkle-eyed ingenuousness. Dappled impressionism suggests dark mint and speckled fluorescence in an indecorous promenade down curled ridges, while verdant teal lacquers her rounded belly and spindled limbs. Every line off-kilter, she holds herself at a prance, unshaded by the iridescent snap of parasol wings.

In the galleries, Zeja gasps and stands cheering. Turning toward Kia, she grins. "SEe, I /knew/ that girl had it in her! And a green, no less. Not an Esmeyath, but beautiful nonetheless, Sagiedear!" she calls down to her friend with insanely clapping hands.

In the galleries, T'am is quite thoroughly distracted from pestering Pae by Sikkyen's Impressing. "Sidramu…what?" Oy, this one is going to be a mouthful.

Fyria jumps up and down like a kidlet now as Ike Impresses then…her other hand's left to hang suddenly. Sage? "Sage!!! Congratulations!!" Beam. She shuffles a little closer to Kirana and the others as Sage and Ike pair off with their new lifemates. "Oh shells…she's /gorgeous/," she murmurs, watching the newest dragonet appear.

In the galleries, Fihall watches this new green dragonet and pegs it for Fyria, willing it with all his thought to stumble towards his choice. Come on Fy!

Celestial Starlight Egg seems to be encouraged by the efforts of its siblings, even if it does like staying round and whole. The egg picks up its attempt to hatch again, lumpy-bump rolling over the forbidding surface of the Sands. To boldly go where no egg has gone before!

Lhana begins a bounce that launches her into the air as Sikkyen Impresses. "Iiiiiiike!" she shrieks, probably right in someone's ear. "And Sidramuntalath. Shards, I'll -never- be able to remember that. And then - "And Saaaaaaaaaage!! Yaaaay!" This is -so- exciting!! And to top it all off - the Glowstick Egg is moving again! "And my egggggg! It haaaaaatched!" Yet more shriekage. And squealage. "Greeeen! How preeeetty!" Can she even speak without holding out the vowel anymore? Probably not.

In the galleries, "You what?" D'renn swigs back some wine and stares down. "Sidmatuntarenth? Whoa."

In the galleries, Pyrene eyes D'renn snootily. "Sidramuntalath. Going deaf in your old age?"

In the galleries, P'rru claps his hands "Ahh the boy got a brown, that's good! Ali, he'll make an excellent one of us.." he throws back over his shoulder to his fellow mudder, taking the flask and sipping quickly. "Woo hoo!" Purr the cheerleader is here!

Sage shifts her weight and wipes her brow absently before tucking stray wisps of curls behind her ear. "Oh? S'am?" She nods to someone answering her question, "Frodoth?" She grins, "Congrats!!" She then gasps as Ike Impresses, "Go Ike!!!!! WHOO!" She does a few more cheers, laughing and giggling, "It wonderful seeing friends Impress." Problem was, everyone was friends…she grins absently, then jumps as she sees the green next to her. "Oh- Hiii!" She actually giggles at the bouncy green, tears threatening to spill from her eyes, "Her name is Pixareth!!" It's practically squealed and then she nods quickly, "Oh hungry? Sure!" She's practically bouncing herself towards the edge of the Sands.

Oliana beams. That's all she can do before a "SAGE!" rips from her throat. After all, Sage was with her on the sands at Ista. "Oh, congratulations!" she cries over the din, shaking Kirana a bit in her excitment. Give a little, take a little Kir. "And that name! Sidramuntalath was it? Long. Lovely, though! Another green!" Oliana's attention is called in so many places, it's impressive that her head hasn't fallen off yet.

In the galleries, Kia cheers doing a little dance in the limited space "Go SAGEY!" yes she's happy just look grabbing Zeja she hugs her and then starts cheering again "This is awesome!"

Squaln sees the newly hatched green dragonet and glances back at Hiza yet again. He looks to her for a little support now that Azia has Impressed and left him to stand alone. Still, he watches the eggs all around him and nods with his approval of them all. Sqa then kicks some sand from his footware and shifts his weight. Hot sand. Hot.

In the galleries, M'er wiggles into the galleries, eyes scanning the area for a seat; near someone he knows, obviously. It doesn't have to be empty. Lap-pet M'er than sidles over towards Kia and Zeja, grinning at the. "Hello, hello," he chirps mirthfully, "Hatching today, eh? How exciting…" He blinks, face showing a confused expression, "Sidra-wha-ta-hah?" Blink, again. "Sage!"

"Sidramuntalath…" muses Miralwyn. "And Sage, too! Oh, Wonderful job!!" She's not bouncing, because she's too pleased and proud to do it proper justice. So, instead, she simply stands, looking about ready to burst if she doesn't do something soon." The fact that she's now alone on the Sands hasn't touched yet.

Kirana grins to Fyria, "Fy! Come stand with us!" Us being Oli, Jundi and Seilyn right nearby. "Oh wow! Lookit that green!" She nudges Jun and Oli, whose probably half deaf at this point. Poor girl. "Pixareth!" It just must be exclaimed. Everything else is.

Dawn at the Sea Egg makes ready to come apart, heaving back and forth as if tossed by tempestuous swells. With an audible thunderclap the shell shatters in a rain of a hundred tiny pieces, falling to the sand below to give kingly entrance to a turbulent bluish-gray dragonet.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet
Thunderhead grey steels the silver-grey clouds of rounded belly, breaking into stratonimbus high above tempest's raging blues. Fog encircles the sea-tossed whirl of crystalline eyes, dispersing into thin veils of mist that streak down clouded neck to wrap around thunderclap ridges, calm after the tempest that scatters clouds of teal across an ominous hide. Drizzle percolates the stony cast of blue iron, marling snow's crisp flakes as they fall softly along broad back and down thunderbolt tail. Lightning coruscates deliriously across scrupulous wingsails, a white-bright labyrinth against a starless midnight sky of rain slashed tarmac and cumulonimbus omniscience. Every cloud has a silver lining, and the polished talons upon hailstone paws make him no exception.

Jundi giggles and bounces up and down with a clap and a shout,"Sage! Ike!" Oh happiness. Once again she points at the next dragon,"Green." She tugs on the Kirana,"What was Ike's dragon named?" A gasp as the Dawn at Sea Egg hatches,"Look! A blue!"

Shaela tries to repeat that last name: "Sidramun - whateth?" She can't remember the rest, and looks helplessly at her dragon who apparently repeats the name - calmly, without even breaking the whirling rhythm of her eyes - for Shaela then gets it out there. "Sidramuntalath. Shells. What a mouthful. Chayath seems to like him quite well, though," she notes to her weyrmate, and anyone else listening.

In the galleries, D'renn just shrugs. "Whatever you say, Pyrene." He's not even going to try and pronounce that dragon name again.

Squaln steps closer to his fellow candidates that remain and smiles at the newly hatched blue dragonet. Oo! A Blue! Nodding his approval, he grins.. watching it with curious blue eyes. Who will he choose? Someone lucky and fortunate, no doubt.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet emerges onto the sands in a wet heap, blue and gray hide damp with birth. Righting itself is difficult, but a storm of energy causes him to spring to his feet, eyes flashing with vibrant hunger. Where is the ship to be lost in his depths?

In the galleries, Zeja laughs toward Kia, though she's just as bouncy. Turning toward M'er, she purrs with a grin. "Our Sagie has found a lovely green, M'er, darling" before looking back toward the Sands. "Now Squaln and Sei just need to find lifemates, and our trip will have been even more worthwhile."

Kirana squeaks as Dawn at Sea Egg falls apart. "It's gone! It's gone! It's gone!" She exclaims in amazement. Goooone. But the stormy blue that's revealed gets the approrpiate Ooooh! "Oh /look/! Junz! It looks like one of those terrible squalls we get sometimes back at the hall! Kidna…if you know, you put it in dragon-form, and…well, its dark!"

Lhana continues bouncing, seeing a new lovely blue dragonet appear, then turning back to Sage. "Pixareth!" She's really -got- to remember these for later, after all. Then she's back to looking about, bouncing from foot to foot. "This is so /exciting/," she squeals. "Aren't they gorgeous, Fy? Aren't they, Moe? Oh, they are!!"

Dark Horse Green Dragonet cocks her wing in front of her nose and gazes at it briefly as the egg-goo runs off, into the eggshards around her. A moment passes and she flicks it back, behind her, and steps away from her old home, sniffing at it curiously. Again, she decides that she knows it and she steps away, graceful for a hatchling, and begins to inspect the ranks of white, her wings swishing with every movement.

In the galleries, Kia bobs her head "Then they'll be able to visit whenver they want and it won't be a matter of kidnapping them! A green I shudder think of that green flying Zeja. She might be almost as bad as your Esmeyath!"
grin as she cheers watching to see if any dragonets are near Squaln or Sei

Lianta takes a deep breath. The Dawn on Sea Egg hatched a blue. For who? And it's so pretty… Alright, she's up and standing next to Squaln now, admirably controlling her nerves. Twitch. Or not.

Fyria gets a little jittery again as the next dragonet appears. "Shells and shards, that one's a handsome fella!" Her hand seeks out someone's…Kirana's, she's guessing…and Fy grins enthusiastically at the girl. "You're eggs gone, hun…but shells. Look what's in it's place!!" Her dark eyes flicker over to the green again and she gasps, holding deathly still a moment as the green comes near.

Ciera eyes Chayath and Shaela. "She's already interested in the little tyke?" A wicked grin. "If Sidramuntalath fathers her next clutch, they might be as bad as Cadge's kids. Or, worse, they might be as bad as /Cadge/." Whoa.

Jundi squeaks back at Kirana, pulling on her arm. "It /does/, doesn't it? It's /lovely/," she breathes, glancing between it and the green dragonet. "He's even prettier than the egg!" she says of the blue.

Hiza is getting all starry eyed and teary, now. It's what she does on the Sands, that's all. "Ooooo.. they're all so -lovely-. I love them all already." Sniffle, sniffle, "Even that terrible bronze. We'll have to give special attention to him so he doesn't grow up sour. After all, it's our job." Hiza is talking to the voice in her head, lapsing into old out-loud habits. Somebody poke her, eh?

Oliana is on edge, so it's no surprise that the hatching of the Storm blue makes her jump. That, and Kirana's yelling. "What? Squall at - ?" She stops for a precious moment to decipher what Kirana just said. When it dawns on her, she nods. "Oh! I see. Yeah. I can see how you'd think that." Oliana may or may not, she doesn't have time to comment. She's busy watching the progress of the green, too. So many dragonets!

Mosiah chuckles, agreeing with Lhana, "That they are, my dear. That they are." Green-irised eyes draw over to the newly hatched blue, gaze more than appreciative. "Just look at that one… very nice." Very, very nice. Toe scuffs in the sand, dragging quite a bit of hot grains over his toe. Hot. Ouch. Note to self: don't do that ever again.

Miralwyn stands alone, smiling to herself as brown and green and their riders make their way off the Sands. And then it twigs. She's alone. On the Sands. Eyes widen, the HealerCandie swallows, and then very tentatively makes her way over to hover on the edges of the large clump of Candies. inserting herself near Oliana, Kirana, and the crew.

In the galleries, Elehu at long last has fought her way down the stairs and back up again with a rather full skin and two large mugs. She slowly makes her way back to her seat and falls to the bench beside Khena with a sigh. "It's packed," she murmurs quietly, eyes flashing to the sands for a moment. "I caught Tevya's impression… I guess I'll catch up later on. You like ale, right?" Duh.

Lhana sees the green coming near them, and falls quite unexpectedly motionless. "Look at it," she half-whispers. "Isn't she -gorgeous-?" Shells, they're -all- gorgeous. "And it came out of that beautiful eggie, too." Which makes it…double-gorgeous? Something like that. And then, with an "Owie! It's -hot-!" she goes back to Dancing, picking up one foot and then the other.

Kirana clings to Fy as best she can, while still clinging to Oli and Jun. Multi-clinging. But somehow, she manages. "Oooh, I know, but it was such a *pretty* egg." She throws a cautious look at the blue. "Not that he's not pretty!" Just incase he overheard and got it in his head to charge or something. "Wyn!" Hey the more the merrier.

Squaln glances around the eggs once again, peering at Elven Forests Egg briefly then turning his attention back to the newly hatched dragonets. Oo. They're so cute! Beam. His heart is pounding within his chest and his breathing is starting to heave - the sheer rush of this is thrilling.

In the galleries, Pyrene cannot possibly hear Ciera from all the way up in the Stands, but what's the betting that the bluerider's words will be passed onto her sooner or later? Ciera had better start investing in a disguise kit.

Shaela has to think on that one for moment. Indeed, her lifemate really does have quite a record going with brown dragons. Tyrdinth, Piccath, Druseth.. "Well, these have turned out mostly fine so far. Maybe inbreeding is /good/ for dragons."

Oliana smiles as Miralwyn takes up a free space near her. "Hey Wyn!" she says breathlessly, as if she's been running around the Weyr all day. "Pretty exciting isn't it?" She somehow is managing to stay on the outskirts of the group cling, trying to get what little hot air she can rather than breath in the hair of one of the other girls in the clump. But one side of her is still Kirana's.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet is not pretty. He is Chaos! Or not. The little stormcloud is a whirlpool of action, the sands flying beneath its baby-sharp talons, rolling and twisting as he darts from candidate to candidate. That one's too stout, that one to flighty… There will be one to weather his storm. Somewhere.

Dark Horse Green Dragonet shuffles through the hot sand and pauses in front of Fyria, her wing tip pointed over her head again. Quickly enough, she gives herself a shake and passes the Messenger by. She takes her time looking at the candidates, searching for just the perfect one. The green spies a short skirt and, with a short cry, hurries towards it, but trips over a lump of sand and falls nose-first into the hot grains.

In the galleries, Khena looks up at the Healer as Elehu takes her seat again. The brownrider having kept it free while the other was gone, of course. "Yes.. Ale. Thanks, Ele," she says. "Azia Impressed.. And Sikkyen too." To mention a few of those she knows the names of.

Celestial Starlight Egg rolls more and more erratically, as if whatever's running inside the ball can't decide which way to go. A few eggs are smacked off of, but - really - it's for their own good, and its, for cracks begin to appear. At laaaaaast.

In the galleries, Fihall watches, about ready to burst into cheering as /he/ willed that green to Fyria when.. "Hey! HEY! Go back! You want Fy!"

Celestial Starlight Egg rolls to a stop, and What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet slips like a second shadow out of a crack in the back. Softly he treads upon the Sands to carefully scope out the line of candidates in white, filled with confident purpose in his private reconnaissance mission. Subterfuge, my dears. Subterfuge.

What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet
Sleek, clean lines are traced in tarnished steel, gleaming bright against the secretive navy of his hide. Form follows function in the simplicity of his face, neither overly snub nor equine-long, eyeridges hooded slightly over unsettling gaze and headknobs contoured close to a short, broad neck. A noble filigree, feathered like a crest of honor, hides in the surreptitious shadows of low-dipping neckridges and sneaks across boxy shoulders and swell of breast. There is only slight narrowing at his waist, leaving his short tail to taper abruptly to its fork, efficient and slick. Thickset limbs plunge into polished boot-black around his paws, silver starlight in his talons tiptoeing in the comet-streaked heavens of wings.

Mosiah winces as the green takes a nose-dive. Speaking of 'ouches' that can't be good. "Graceful, eh?" he comments dryly, nudging Lhana slightly even as he is still holding her hand. He blinks as yet another blue emerges from an egg. Wow. Plenty of those in this clutch, apparently.

In the galleries, Yulianna comes up the stairs.

What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet crouches behind the remains of his egg, one eye gleaming blue as he picks out his route. The first entrance is made - but, alas! One hindclaw catches on the other, and he tumble-rolls into the sand as suavely as possible. Le sigh.

Fyria continues to hold her breath, but then the green passes by her and she lets out a long, soft sigh. Oops. Must remember to breathe, it is an important thing for one to do. But then…one of her favourite eggs is gone! "Shells…I need to remember to grab a sha - -a blue!!" Her feet dance again as the dragonet pops pout, Fyria's eyes widening. Briefly, she draws her gaze to the other egg, the one that reminds her of home so much. Stay?

In the galleries, Mirella walks in.

Jundi turns around at the next blue once again stating the color,"Blue." Then her attention flickers back over the other dragonets to the stormy blue. Shuffling her feet around in the sand and occasionally tugging at fellow 'phincrafter but standing rather still when not trying to avoid blisters on her feet.

In the galleries, Zeja laughs, shaking her head. "What's that supposed to mean, Ki? Esm isn't ad in the least," she replies with a grin and wink before looking toward the incoming goldrider, calling from teh collection of Istans. "Yoohoo, Yuli, dear! You just missed Sage finding her green. Lovely one, it appeared."

In the galleries, M'er is being quiet. How odd. "Heh," he answers to both Kia and Zeja, albeit belated. Eyes flick out to the Sands. "I actually know people out there. Some of them," Yeah. <22:44>

Lhana turns toward the Dark Horse Green, gasping as the lovely one falls nose-first into the sands. "Oooh! Ouch." Then she nods to Moe, biting her lip. "You don't suppose she needs help up, does she?" She doesn't attend to many hatching as a general rule - too confusing. "Shells. Wouldn't it be horrible to trip and fall out here?" This said as she nearly trips herself. Oh, the irony. But she catches herself just in time. "Poor dear."

"It is, at that," replies Miralwyn to Oliana serenely, inserting herself into the group cling just in time to disengage and clasp her hands. "Ohhh, so many blues in this clutch," she murmurs. A good thing, apparently, if one can read Wyn well enough. That, and it's going to win her a nice bet… She re-clings delicately, taking a free hand of someone nearby.

Kirana doesn't mind the whole group cling thing apparently. All the more hands to squeeze. She's a born Igen, and lives in Ista…before this anyway. Heats nothing. Well…except for that on her feet. Hop. "He's kinda scary, in a…squal sorta way." Is her judgment on the stormy blue. Fy gets a little smile, and the messangers hand gets a brief squeeze. "Lookit! 'Nother blue!"

Squaln watches as more dragonets are being hatched and sprawled out onto the hot Sands. Nodding, he looks around at the eggs who haven't hatched yet. Hoping. Waiting. Eyes blink at all the blues and greens all about. He then edges closer to the lady candidates and is tempted to cling to them all in sheer anticipation. Oy!

Oliana makes a wince with many of the crowd as the green goes down head first. "Think she's spotted someone?" she wonders to Miralwyn and to Kirana, her eyes then darting to the latest entrant. "Look there! Another blue!" She says almost in time to Kirana. And to Miralwyn she replies: "Yes, there's plenty of them!"

Mosiah chuckles softly to Lhana, his voice imbued with teasing, "Gee, why don't you just run right on up there and help her up, eh?" He even goes so far as to try to nudge the girl forward with a gentle push. Better her to help the /green/ than he.

Elven Forests Egg is rent asunder by the emergence of its glistening occupant. Dappled face peeks above the remaining shards, cautiously. Hearing no ill-wind the rest of him follows, shaking the goo of his confinement from his dark-magic hide Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet leaves the ruins that were once his home in search of the one candidate to rule him.

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet
Sorrel flanks of middle earth pour with charming ease into a lean belly clad in undulating waves of fathomless umber, bewitching each silver-lipped liquid detail of powerful haunches. Mage fire streaks through autumns deepest roan forming a sorcerous mantle about slender shoulders, capturing his sculpted perfection of lithe frame and lissome muscle. Stippled knots of earthy spars reach to capture his mystical star-studded 'sails. Whilst mahogany curls to dapple across his chiseled draconic countenance, opalescent orbs illuminated by willowy ridges leading to aureate 'knobs. Glimmers of moon and sun entwine in runic service, fluidic ripples trailing from gilt head knobs to arrow straight ridges: an ancient secret on dark lit hide.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet is thrown across the skies… er, sands. I'm a little stormcloud… The determined flurry of movement pauses for a moment, a glimmer of rest in the relentless rain. What? Where? A glance, a pause, then he continues on. Perhaps a damsel to be thrown in his endless depths. Yes, perhaps.

Dark Horse Green Dragonet, as gracefully long-limbed as she is, rights herself with a /look/ at the offending lump. She flicks at it with her wing, the one not shading her face. It crumbles safely and, glad to have fixed the problem, she bounds once more to the object in the short skirt. Acquiring speed quickly, she nearly skids to a stop and almost knocks poor Lhana over before fixing her with a look of adoration.
Dark Horse Green Dragonet turns jewel faceted eyes toward Lhana, and steps forward.

What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet picks himself up as he shakes off the sand, though it lingers in spots where the egg goo slicks itself against his soft hide. So many blues? So many /candidates/, and he can only choose one. A pity.

In the galleries, Fihall promptly looses all composure as Lhana impresses and hollars for his one of two favorite candies. "Lhana! Wahoo!"

In the galleries, P'rru is distracted from the sands to glance around the galleries. Ahh a pretty face! A familiar face! "Mirella!" the brownrider calls, grinning. "Come and sit down here, dear!" he'll scoot over and make room, and waggle the hipflask enticingly.

In the galleries, Elehu carefully hands the mugs towards Khena as she starts to upstop the skin of ale. "Full glass?" she asks, grinning for the first time since the hatching started. Yes, liquor makes it better. Or something like that.

Jundi takes another glance around then sees as Lhana Impresses and suddenly hops up and down again,"Oh, Lhana!" she squeaks, squeezinf Kirana's hand and pointing at the latest dragonet,"Oh a brown. Lovely thing, he is."

Oliana blinks and points at the Elven Egg - now a dragon. "Oh! /Look/!" she enthuses, apparently highly pleased with what she sees. Another little shake is administered to Kirana, the other free hand motioning to get Miralwyn's attention, when her eyes catch… "Lhana!" the girl cries, turning her shakes to Wyn into little celebratory waves.

Squaln smiles at the new brown dragonet that just hatched and nods to Lhana as she Impresses to a lovely green dragonet. Oo! Lurvely indeed. Nod. Beam. Smiling a little bit, he then glances at the remaining dragonets and inches closer to the rest of the candidates. Eeee..

Fyria dances as dragonets hatch and Impressions occur…then Lhana catches her eye, as well as the sudden movement near her. "Lhana-bean!!! Congr/at/ulations!!" Fyria is thrilled to bits…Lhana so deserved a dragon in her humble opinion. Kirz's hand is squeezed again with joy, then her eyes flicker back to the other dragonets…and the newest addition, the cute little brown.

In the galleries, Mirella quietly moves down, best she can on a crutch, grinning at P'rru as she does, "You're a wonderful person, P'rru, you know that."

Kirana squeals. Again. Lets all be surprised now. "Lhaannnaaa!!!" She bounces too. Oh the originality! "LhanzLhanzLhanzLhanaaaa!!" All nearby get a light nudge, "Lookit! Did you /see/? Lhana made it!" The newly hatched brown gets a grin, "A brown! Oh! Brown!" Someones just a bit overexcited.

Lhana is nudged. Oof. But then, there is the green, skidding to a stop before her, and her knees give out involuntarily as she drops to the sands, unheedful of the hotsands that are bound to give her instant sunburn should she stay in that position too long. Blissfully, she throws her arms around the Lovely One's neck, calling out jubilantly, "Oh Zhesteth! Hello!" Tears fill her eyes, then squeeze out onto her cheeks, and she stays for a moment, crying with abandon.

Miralwyn, immersed in the group cling, nevertheless manages to let a quiet and pleased "Beautiful, Lhana, beautiful," carry over the shrieks of happiness and anticipation. Yeah, so she disagrees with the girl's colour choices in robes, she's still deserving. "Zhesteth!" she murmurs excitedly to the others.

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet is deposited upon the sands in a heap, egg goo and shards and little brown dragonet. With a spry shake of his head he rights himself, spindly legs out in all directions. With a final shake of gilt head-knobs he looks about in wonder. There is something he is supposed to be doing right about now. He wanders over the ruins of his shell, starting a quest he doesn't appear to know too much about.

Mosiah apparently pushed Lhana in the right direction, because the next thing he knows, she is impressing to the clutsy green. He chuckles deep in his throat, taking a long step back from the pair to nearly bump into the edging Squaln. P'rru beams "I am!" And he's on a high. An arm gets draped around Mirella's shoulder and he points out towards the sands "Tevya impressed, she's a good friend, to a blue..and Azia, this little troublemaker to a blue aswell I think? And Sasha, what's that brown's name that Siikyen got?" Ramble.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet has carefully searched the white clad entities ranged around him, tumbling from one to the other like a whirlwind without finding the right one. Something beckons, however, his instinct bearing him to one certain candidate, pausing before her longer than he has before any other. He will show Jundi her dreams.

In the galleries, R'ave comes up the stairs.

Lianta closes her eyes with joy as Lhana impresses. Thou shalt not bounce, thou shalt not bounce… She's bouncing. "Zhesteth! and Lhana!" It's becoming a bit much, all this bouncing in the heat. She'll move back to Fyria, hoping that she won't push her into a marauding dragon's path. And a blue for Jundi!

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Jundi, and steps forward.

Squaln beams at the name Lhana announced. He then grins widely and claps once for the newly Impressed pair. Then he cheers for Jundi! "Yay, Jundi!" he says aloud so everyone can hear. Nice!

What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet pans his head slowly across the knots of candidates once - then twice, as something registers on his radar. He prowls over to a squabbling pair, giving Merry and Pippin critical glances before deciding it's certainly /not/ them.

In the galleries, Mirella chuckles, P'rru's excitement contagious, "I have two candidates down there." She glances back to the sands, watching and pointing them out, "Kirana and Jundi."

In the galleries, Sarah walks in.

In the galleries, "Yes, please. Kier is with the nannies all night," Khena says, winking at Elehu as she accepts the mug, holding it out to be filled. A perfect excuse to get drunk. A hatching and a night without a screaming baby. Glancing back at the sands, the brownrider's jaw drops, staring at one of the newly impressed pair. "Her..? /She/ impressed?" Staring at Lhana and her lifemate, she doesn't even notice any one else impressing.

Kirana would clap her hands together, but they're all very occupied with squeezing the hands they hold. "Lhana and Zhesteth! Ins't that a nice name? Ooh how perfect perfect perfect!" She exclaims happily. And a dragon has stopped! Beside her! Or rather, in front of the girl beside her. "Jundi! JundiJundiJundi!! Oooh Jundi!" She squeals. "Oh /wow/! Guess your stuck here where its cold now then!" She exclaims, big smile on her face.

In the galleries, P'rru slugs back from the flask then subtely drops it into Sasha's lap. "Ooh look, Jundi just did! Another blue.." pout. "We're not going to be filling up Mudslide's ranks with this clutch, Ali" Because they don't want -blues-.

In the galleries, Elehu laughs as she fills the mugs and settles down a bit. "What, you thought Mneoth was wrong?" she asks, lightly teasing. "Aww, she's a beauty too!" Ele always had strange taste, however, so don't take that at face value. Ahem.

Oliana blinks as close-by Jundi impresses. She does a wonderful imitation of a fish before she opens her mouth for the final time and makes sound, too. "Jundi!" she says in a gasp. Even after all of this, it's still surprising her. Her eyes search then to keep tabs on the brown. Never let your guard down could be her motto right now. That, or never miss a thing.

Jundi's breath catches in her throat as she turns around to the blue, falling down to her knees and smiling weepily. Forever it will be. "Tsulryth," she announces with a spared glance back at the others.

Fyria grins as another one goes, this one being Jundi. "Jundi!!! You did it!!" Or rather, the dragonet did it by choosing the girl. "He's /gorgeous/ Jundi!!!" She dances a bit more as she steps into a particularly hot bit of sand. "Oh shells…fabulous name, Jun…yay..we get to keep you here at the Reaches!!" Fear. Fear!

The piercing eyes of What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet scan the shifting knots of white-robed hopefuls one more time, sizing them up with a keen spys scrutiny - or is he peering into their souls with that unnerving gaze? Whatever peers back from grey eyes intrigues first, invites, and at last ignites him. Aha! Found it! There you are, Miralwyn!

In the galleries, Sasha picks up the flask gratefully and takes another swig, leaning on Purr's shoulder…"Lovely stuff this…very warming..and Sikkyen's dragon? It was brown and started with an Esh…." she hics happily.

What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Dragonet turns his jewel-faceted eyes toward Miralwyn, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Sarah stumbles into the Galleries with a bright smile on
her face. "B'ane! M'er, Zeja, Yulianna!" is called as she makes her way to her friends. "How've you all been?" she exclaims, and sits close to the Istan brood.

In the galleries, "WHOO! LHANA!" Oh yes, Larnat's still in love with her haircut. "Zhesteth?" she pauses reflectively. "Good luck with Zhesteth!" she finishes. Beam. Feel the joy. Spotting Jundi Impressing as well, and remembering a certain egg hunt, she cheers as well. "Go Jundi! And Tsulryth!" she adds upon hearing the name. Spotting another blue making his way over to Miralwyn she crows. "Won my bet, Miralwyn Impressed!" Eh, so it'll be just enough to pay back for her losing against brown first. Dun ruin the moment.

In the galleries, Mirella beams, hugging P'rru, "I see that!" She watches the rest of the hatchlings, crussing her fingers for Kirana, and grinning from ear to ear, "Your weyr snags another of our crafters."

In the galleries, Fihall bursts into applause. "GO Wyn!!"

Angel Wings Egg shakes again, but this time, the breeze shaking its feathers has turned into a gale, and the ovoid itself gets swept up into the storm.

Angel Wings Egg is, alas, no match for that which resides within. A last, valiant shake, and the accumulated cracks at last overwhelm it, pieces falling off in a shower. A dark figure emerges from the wreckage, shards clinging damply to its body. With a violent shake, the masked dragon sends them flying in all directions, as he steps forward and takes up an awkward fighter's stance.

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet
A swath of near-ebony wraps just above an elongated muzzle, flowing back to secure itself behind jaunty headknobs. Luminous eyes glitter enigmatically from behind this mask, cultivating an air of mystery. Nebulous flows of thick molasses engulf his topline, spreading slowly down neck and back to reach powerful limbs and touch the tip of his tail. A conundrum of caramel seeps across scalloped wings, and matching stripes kiss his flanks, their shimmer dispelling the illusion of night. His strapping form is further softened by the warmer shades that paint his underline, and the hints of devotion, merriment, and excitement that linger in those masked eyes.

In the galleries, P'rru winds his other arm around the back of Sasha's shoulders companionably. A little group of grins, splashes of liquor and cheers. "Ooh I like the look of that blue.." he points vaguely towards Miralwyn's. "And all the more reason for you to come visit me for a change!" To Mirella again with a smirk.

Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg shines with a magic light - looks like now's the time!

Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg finally loses all the brightness left to the sunbrushed shell; fissures darken, then widen, as if pulled apart by the beetle-black power of Garthim claws. Wider. Broader. Fissures become cracks become a gaping hole of shadows from light as the egg shatters and reveals…

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet
An ephemeral form of sculpture, this crystal-crafted dragonet, caught between the shattered conjunction of radiant light and the complexity of his cimmerian shadows. Shards of blue-black fire twist along every acute angle and stone-crafted curve, illuminating the razor-sharp edges of his wings and spine with the broken light of a new-lit star; darker brilliance gleams across sleek sides and narrow haunches, and intensifies the wiry power of his slim and sharp-cut limbs. The dark canvas of his hide burns with inky amethyst soulfire, crafting an intoxicating fusion of inner-lit purple and racing black from the viyali streaks across his muzzle to the obsidian danger of his arrowing tail. Wingsails' shadowy veils glimmer with the fractured elegance of midnight suns: twisted majesty to complement the dreamfasted radiance of his very alive, very aware, very intense gaze. R'ave wanders quite casually into chaotic fanfare. Already a few drinks in, he blurrily gloops into a surprisingly vacant seat.

Squaln can't contain himself anymore. "Way to go, Wyn!!" he yells to the lass a little ways away from him. "Oh yeah!" If he could dance right now, he would. Do do do. Beam. He's still wired and reering for action! Huzzah. Mwaha.

In the galleries, "Well… Of course not, but.." Eyes glazing over, a flicker of a smile crosses Khena's lips. "He says he wouldn't have asked me to ask her stand if he wasn't sure about her," she says, though a shadow of doubt lingers on her face. Leaning closer to Elehu, she whispers, "I just never liked that girl, y'know?"

In the galleries, Zeja turns toward Sarah with a grin. "Quite well! Long time no see… come on over!" She schooches over on the seat to make room for the candiefriend. "Sage Impressed. A lovely green. But that's all I know so far…" she updates.

In the galleries, Kariel glares at the sight of R'ave in the vicinity… already broody enough with Fyria up on the Sands, and now… grr. "Look what the tunnelsnakes dragged in." Hiss.

"Ah," notes Miralwyn, smiling warmly. "But now she has someone to take her to warmer climates. Congrat - " Her dry sally is cut off suddenly at a tickle in her mind, and Miralwyn, now Wyn, drops to her knees in the sand with a /grin/ on her face. "Vorkoroth!" she laughs. "Vorkoroth… You'll do."

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet scatters sand everywhere as he hurries along on his branch-dark limbs. Pausing every so moment he regards each white-robed candidate as he passes. Shaking his head he head further along. Surely his quest for the One - something should be taking this long? Should it?

In the galleries, Mirella nods, pausing to take a sip of the drink he gave her, "i think I'll have more reason to come visit without them Impressing, but I'm glad to see Jundi has. I hope Kirana does." She returns her gaze towards the sands, beaming.

In the galleries, Kia wiggles fingers at Sarah even though she doesn't know her the girl having wandered into the Istan corner it would seem "Hey there yup Sage impressed isn't that great she's wonderful even if it was a green"

Kirana hops. Now mostly from the heat. Only Faranth knows how exhausted this girls going to be at the end of this. "Jundi and Tsulryth! Oh how /nice/!" And…and…"Wynnn!!! WynWynMiralwynnnn!" Two marks says she has no voice at the end of this. None at all. "Oh! Brown! Brown! Blue! Oh wow!" And the name is announced…"Wyn and Vorkoroth! Ooh!" Fyria and Oli's hands are both squeezed.

Lhana finally feels the heat of the sands on her legs - and feels it with a vengeance! So, she clambers to her feet, now quite unmindful of her skirt, which causes her to flash the entire galleries crowd for just a moment. But she is unheedful to all of that, including all the new draggies, and all the other impressions. No, for her there's just Zhesteth, to whom she is explaining, "Oh yes, these are happy tears. Definitely happy tears." As they make their way over to the sidelines, she puts a hand to her stomach. "Shards. I'm hungry!" Then she glances over at Zhesteth. "No. -You're- hungry, poor dear! We'll get to that right away!" Chatter, chatter. LittleBounce.

Fyria hops up and down again as the Wyn Impresses, a wink given to the usually stoic Healer Apprentice. "Congratulations Wyn!! Knew you'd do it," and she tacks a wink onto the end of that statement. Cracking sounds draw her attention once more, a brown appearing from one egg and then…her egg!! It's…gone!! But in it's place is a gorgeous little blue, and Fyria instinctively squeezes Kirz's and Oli's hands back. "Shells shells shells girls…." Nibble.

Hiza has been cheering appropriately this entire time, she promises, but gives an extra coo as Jundi announces her blue's name, apparently extra pleased with it for one reason or another. "Hmm.. I should be over helping, shouldn't I?" She doesn't, however, move quite yet, eyes on the cutest little brown dragon /ever/. "Awwwww."

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet holds out a talon like a sword, eyeing the group of candies gathered nearby. Which one of them wants to duel, hmm? A few fencing steps are dashed off, before the brown switches paws, and reveals his left claw instead. Aha! Didn't expect that, now did you? Unfortunately, his excitement over the switch causes the masked one to stumble, and down he goes in a heap. Oops!

In the galleries, "Glad to see the turns don't change what morality's already given up hope on," R'ave observes in the exact same way someone with affection for Kariel would not.

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet is free at last - whoo! Time to cause some /trouble/… err, make some friends. Yeah, make some friends. What is this place anyway? Sharding hot, is what it is - his talons are burning up in here. He needs to get out soon! Only - he needs someone to point him to the food. And the fun stuff.

Lianta puts a hand on Fyria's shoulder, trying to see over the candidates in front of her. A brown, that looks like a pirate. Curiouser and curiouser.

Oliana blinks. On one side, Miralwyn. "Wyn!" On the other - Jundi. Both get her smiles and crows of approval, even as more dragons are deposited on the sands. "Oh, my!" she says smartly. What else? She starts to turn back to look at the other dragonets on the Sands, but just as she's taking them in again, she gets hand-squeezed by Kirana…and Fyria. "Omph!" she says.

In the galleries, "So… how many blues was that all together, Pyrene?" D'renn asks the weyrwoman slyly.

In the galleries, Kariel grumps. "I hate you." Yes, he's a grownup.

Squaln smiles at all the dragonets who've hatched and at the rest of the eggs that remain. The rush of it all is still affecting him and he twitches slightly in anticipation. Oo. Browns and blues and.. Ooo. Beam again. Sqa shifts his weight once again.

Mosiah meanders back with the remaining candidates, flashing a last glance at the newly hatched blue. Blue. Blue. Blue. Excellent color. Very nice. He squeezes back by Oliana and Kirana and the rest, his lips drawing into a wane grin.

Taesha hugs Ngeth gently once more, and stares at the remaining… dragonets? No eggs?

Kirana clings. Oli and Fy. And look, it's Moe! "Moooe!" Thats her greeting. "Can you believe this?" She asks rhetorically of all three. "Can you? It's so amazing. And…and they're /gone/. But it's still amazing."
Fidget. She does the ever popular Hot-Hot-Sands shuffle, while eyeing the Pirate brown. "Ooh. Scary. 'Cept he fell. Poor thing."

Chayath rumbles questioningly: no more eggs, did they all Hatch now? But the dragonets are so nice. Especially that Ngeth. She likes him. And Sidramuntalath: Yum!

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet prances away from the strangely clumsly Dread Pirate Guppy Brown, checking himself over quickly once he's out of harms way. Still the Prettiest! Yay me! With head held high he resumes his quest. Peregrin and Meriadoc are sniffed once, before he moves on. He's no pervy hairy-foot fancier thats for sure.

In the galleries, R'ave is conveniantly located almost - but not quite - next to the weyrhealer. "You're why home's a nice place to -visit-." Bleary grey eyes focus a ratehr radiant smile on Kariel.

In the galleries, B'ane offers a pleasant smile to Yuli. "So you made it after all. The shows getting good.." He scoots over just in case she needs a seat, or if the rider already has one, then it's a place to put his.. gloves.

Mosiah flashes a teasing smile to Kirana, "Not at all. I've got to be dreaming, snuggled up in my cot in the corner. Although, if it was a real dream, I think that the girls would be wearing a little bit less." Well, she asked. He wipes sweat-dappened hands on the sides of his robe before following the progress of the blue.

Wyn, still grinning like an idiot, manages to somehow marshall herself over to the side with the other new weyrlings. No doubt with a little aiding from Vorkoroth. "Yes, of course we'll get something for you to eat," she assures.

In the galleries, Sinead isn't blind, honest, just preoccupied, but she does notice her cousin who's not on the sands. A wave is sent in Yuli's direction before she returns to her sand watching.

In the galleries, P'rru squeezes Mirella's shoulder,silent appreciation that she's here. "Almost over, and another fine brown…wonder if Fyria will be left on her own? Serve her right for being so smart to me.." grin. But he doesn't really feel that way right? "Oh I spose she'd make a good rider in the end.."

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet lifts himself up and shakes himself off. Scary? Ni! He may be dreadful, but within this fighter's frame lies the heart of a lover, and he's in search of his fair maiden. Of course, his constant floundering about on the sands might prohibit that search, unless… Of course! He'll simply have to get her to come to him instead. A little music anyone? The bugle that escapes this dragonets maw is merry, if a little off tune. Anyone care to sing backup?

Oliana blanches slightly. "Are there any eggs left?" she wonders to Kirana and Fyria, and Moe, too. Apparently not, and her head swivels to watch the progress of the dragonets left, especially the browns. Then Mosiah says…says /that/. She makes a sniff of disapproval while adding a bit of blush to her color. "Less?" Well…in this heat….

In the galleries, Mirella grins, beaming up at him, "I'd rather see Kirana get it? But that might be personal reasons due to craft affiliation…"

Lhana turns to see Wyn standing next to her and waves, squealing excitedly. "You got one too?! Oh, this is going to be -so- -fun-!!" Then she pauses, looking down at her graceful green. A grin spreads across her face, and she says, "Right. You two, this is Zhesteth. Zhesteth, this is Miralwyn," apparently she missed the namechange memo, "and….?" Wyn's friend?

Fyria suddenly realizes that Oliana's right. There are no eggs left, and with a wide eyed, finger-crossed gaze she watches the remaining dragonets on the Sands. Oh, teh browns are cute, they are, but her eyes remain on that blue. And she must remember to take a bit of that shell for decorative purposes. AFter all, it really did remind her of Lemos!

In the galleries, Elehu takes a long pull from the ale, and a much needed one it would seem as she starts to relax almost immediately. "Ahh… it's even somewhat cool," she comments, meaning the liquid of course, her hazel-brown gaze falling on the sands again before eyes grow wide. "Shells! How many eggs left? I missed a lot in my run to the caverns, it appears."

Kirana gives Moe a Look. And it's not a Good Look, it's more of a 'Yeesh, your such a /man/' Look. "Hrmph." And to top it all off, she sticks her tongue out at him. Take that. Oooh maturity thrives. "Dear faranth! Listen to 'im!" Is exclaimed as the brown begins to…sing? He's almost as off tune as she gets. But not quite.

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet races around the hatching caverns, as quickly as his wobbly, gooey legs can carry him anyway! Not this one, not that one, ew, that one's too ugly. What poot quality candidates they offer him. Another look at another face. Nope, still not impressed.

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet moves right along then, making his way to the cluster of candidates over in that direction. V. Interesting. All of them clustered together. Taking delicate sniffs he edges his way closer.

In the galleries, Nylca watched the little blue. Hmm, didnt they normaly find someone by now? Oh well, guess he's particularily picky! Light grin is given to her beloved flizzen.

In the galleries, Marek watches as the last of the dragonettes look for a bonding. It has been one heck of a hatching, and hopefully he will remember most of it, if ever he gets to be a candidate.

In the galleries, Khena follows Elehu's example and takes a large swallow from her mug, rolling a shoulder in a shrug. "I dunno, really.. I've.. I've sorta been dozing while you were gone," she admits, grinning at the Healer. "I think it's almost over. Looks like there's only a few eggs left… Not enough for ten browns." The last statement directed toward Mneoth, naturally.

Mosiah would toe-scuff, but with open-toed sandals on hot sands? Not exactly the best idea in the worlds. His lips curl up at the side, deepening one of those acursed dimples for a moment, and having the good grace to look a little abashed at his words, but not by much. "Kidding. Kidding. Sheesh, of all the times for kidding, on the hatching sands is it." That and it keeps him mind off the dwindling number of dragonets available.

Oliana arches her brows at Dark Crystal Blue's race-for-a-lifemate before the edging-closer brown grabs her attention. Belatedly she remembers sharp claws and the like, and her feet shift about a bit more quickly on the hot hot sands just in case candidates start falling over her with excitment and she's left to be trampled.

In the galleries, P'rru raises fluttery fingers towards the sands "Browns, browns- all nice good browns.." he almost chants. "We'll have that one and that one when they graduate.." Yah if other wingleaders don't get there first. "Mirella, dear, I'm so glad you made it, even if it was just to see your girls impress…Kirana's got a good head, she should".

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet is momentarily stilled. Could it be? Nose high in the air he struggles to catch that elusive glimpse that is out there amongst the swaying mass of white. There! There it is again! Caught now by his purpose he moves with an archers grace his fluid motion only stopping once he has found his chosen. Whirling rainbow eyes lock on to a girl who is special, her mahogany hair a perfect compliment to his darkly dappled hide. Rejoice! The Lord has found his Lady, his Oliana.

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet halts his singing just as suddenly as he started it, pouting over the fact that it didn't work as expected. Well then. Head rises once more, pride still in tact, even if he's receiving the strangest looks. Thinking they're ogling his fine physique, the brown strikes another dashing pose. He holds it for a moment, until finally, he catches a faint whiff of something on the air, as a gentle tug pulls at his heart. He turns to espy the final candidates nearby, and begins to stride quickly towards them. You don't want to come here? Then he'll go there. As you wish…

In the galleries, Mirella laughs, glancing up at him, "Well, they aren't the only reason I came up, just the most important? I have something I brought back from the island, but it can wait till after the impressions?" Seh glances back, waiting to see what is going on, and if her girl is going to impress.

Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Oliana, and steps forward.

Fyria has stopped shuffling at this point as she watches the blue…but then, distraction near Oliana. "Olia!!!" Fyria grins and waves in joy as the Baker Apprentice Impresses. "Go Oli!!" Ahem. Her gaze shifts towards the blue once more. Hmm…maybe Fyria's got that missing shard in her pocket? Tsk tsk…nyet. The shards are on the sand, silly girl. Heh.

"Vorkoroth," replies Wyn to Lhana with a beam. Everything's beam-worthy as of now, it appears. "Vorkoroth…" she repeats, sounding dreamy and crouching down to hug him again. "And your Zhesteth is really quite lovely as well," she agrees. "Oh, they all are, really… No, no, of course you're the best, Vorkoroth…" she reassures, before calling out an "Oli!!!"

Oliana bends down, eyes brimming suddenly. "Roherith…we'll get you something to eat, precious," she agrees, suddenly unaware of the heat of the sands.

Mosiah stumbles back a couple of paces as now Oliana is claimed, and by brown. He chuckles once more, getting a little bit more nervous as time stretches on, and here he stands. A tense line shadows his brow for a moment as he shifts his weight from one leg to the next, still waiting.

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet still runs around in confusion, like a canine chasing his tail. Only he's chasing a shadow on the wall, until he realizes it's cast by the most /intriguing/ female. Whoa! V. impressive, Fyria… sniff, sniff goes the muzzle. Could this be love?

Lianta does the candie dance before offering her own very loud "OLI!!!" Loud enough for yah? and so she continues with her dancing. Ow hot, ow. "FY!!! Congrats you guys!" One guys right after the other, isn't that wonderful.

In the galleries, Kariel watches… recoils… then quickly stands, stalking out of the galleries without a word. He needs some Benden Cross… maybe some fellis…
Kariel goes out.

Kirana drops Oli's hand on cue, "Olii! OliOliOlianaaaa!" She exclaims, bouncing a bit. Fyria's hand is squeeezed. "Look! It's Oli…Fy!" She breaks off as the blue comes to Fyria. "Fy! Fy! Oli and Roherith! Fy! Fy! And the blue!" Bounce. Squeal. But an ever careful eye is set on the brown.

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kirana, and steps forward.

In the galleries, R'ave watches the various last Impressions with mild interest. Kariel's absence is noted with a slightly squirreling eyebrow, and a relaxed sigh.

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet looks as if he smelled something foul - ewie. Is that strawberry scented soapsand he detects over there?! Frodoth is eyed suspiciously - what's S'am doing to him?! Oh, bother… who cares… that Fyria girl needs a closer inspection… surely she doesn't reek of strawberries. In fact, he does smell love!

In the galleries, P'rru nods "Aye, love, aye…oh will you look at that, cornered the candidates…please don't get blue, please don' get blue.." Fyria and Azia together on blue will be the bane of his existence. The very bane. "Tell me if she gets blue!" coz Purr is squeezing his eyes shut.

Lhana beams back at the two. "Vorkoroth. Zhesteth, Vorkoroth. Vorkoroth, Zhesteth." Then she turns back to -her- green, melting under that beautiful gaze. "Yes…she -is- lovely, isn't she?" Green dragon Goddess, more like. Then she glances around, all at once surprised that so many of her friends have Impressed without her notice. She leaps into the air, squealing and shrieking. "Woww! You guys made it, too!" Yaaay!

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet stumbles before Kirana. There she is, his fair maiden. His greatest treasure. His little mermaid.

Dark Crystal Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Fyria, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Glissande is squeezed into a corner, watching with great fascination, her first Hatching. No idea where her Master is, and she really doesn't care. The luck!

In the galleries, "YES!!! GO FY!!!!" Cheers erupt from Nylca in excitment for her fellow - now former - messenger. "YAY!"

In the galleries, Smirk. From Larnat, that is. One of her bets won, hopefully she'd win the other…? Well, most likely not. The brown seemed to be hunting for a female…but then, wasn't there another? She could deal with it. Poor her. Scraping and saving… "Oliana!" she cries as one of the Candidates she knows, though briefly, Impresses. Well, maybe not the best meeting, but hey, she could let it pass at a Hatching. "Roherith? Roherith!" Good name, and /good/ luck to the two of them. And Fyria Impressed. "GO FYRIA!" she cries. Hadn't someone bet that she'd Impress green? She hadn't bet against them…too bad. But good for Fy! She catches sight of the last brown making its way over to Kirana and shrugs. Lost another bet. Somehow she'd find the marks…ehem…

In the galleries, "Was that Fyria? Blue, Whoa. Interesting." D'renn is…. interested. "Is that it, then?"

In the galleries, This is the part where a certain bronzerider goes misty-eyed. T'am stands quickly and makes his way back to the ledges and his lifemate. Mustn't let everyone see him all teared up.

In the galleries, Mirella bounces, beaming even more, "P'rru, look, the little brown is heading towards Kirana. Oh….I hope she Impresses him!" She squezes his shoulder, "Everyone is going to be excited when I get home if she does."

Kirana suddenly breaks off her bouncing and babling to…stare. "B-Byndareth?" She blinks. And suddenly just melts, reaching over and drops before the dragon in front of her. "Of course! Of course!" She says incredulously. "Oh wow…"

In the galleries, Catia sighs softly, gathers her group around her, and takes them down towards the living caverns and Taesha (eventually). Although Narali makes a bee-line for her son's weyrmate - Sushi that is, rather than Shaela.

Olia lifts her tear-streaked face long enough to cheer at Kirana. "Yay!" she says weakly, looking totally flustered.

In the galleries, P'rru opens his eyes "Oh good on her! Congratulations, Mirella, it's a brown for your girl! We'll teach them to surf!" in a couple of turns time.

In the galleries, Mirella laughs, nodding, "I think they might teach you a thing or two in the water, all things considered, P'rru." She takes a deep breath, taking a swallow from the mug, "Those two are walking on air, I bet."

In the galleries, P'rru bumps against Mirella's shoulder a she chuckles "Aye, tht they might..oh what a good show. Let's go down to the caverns and get something to eat before the crowds swarm in!"

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