High Reaches' 9th PC Hatching

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
6th December 2002
Logged by Donis

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Tiareth and bronze Orbyth are here.
You see Nest-O-Stuff, Mound of Eggs, Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg, Silhouette at Sunset Egg, That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg, Tarnished Gold Penny Whistle Egg, Those Famous McD's Golden Arches Egg, Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg, Impressionist Purple Night Sky Egg, Ocean Sunrise Egg, Amateur Magician's Star Spangled Cloak Egg, Royal Meridian Egg, and One-Eyed One-Eared Flying Purple People Eater Egg here.
Zi'n, Nuff, Lorsalia, Tatia, Ciera, Zai, Cayl, Pae, Jiu, Zia, and G'deon are here.

The 11 PC eggs:

Amateur Magician's Star-Spangled Cloak Egg
Twilight's mauve captures the length of this elongated ovoid. Dusty in patches from the sand, the amethyst tones appear to have the texture of velour which blurs the shape of this egg and makes it seem much more mysterious than it should seem. Random areas of smooth aureate materialise amongst the threadbare purple while haphazard shapes of stars, moons and magic dust lend a certain charm to the egg, despite its impoverished appearance.
Impressionist Purple Night Sky Egg
Swirls of every imaginable purple dance across this egg's surface in placid matrimony. Violet to lavender, hues of plum, wine and amethyst, each color rides upon the next in a harmonic waltz along the matte surface of the shell. Muted to soft whispers of crescent waves, purple-tinted curlicues of color dip into the soft plains of milk and creams among their midst. The egg is an egg like any other, its starry night that of every night, and the beautiful mural of the night sky merely a soft oval of damson upon the egg, edges melting into a background of tranquil serenity.
Ocean Sunrise Egg
Lavender mists roll across a calm surface of golden liquid while a contrast of dark violet clouds appear towards the edge of the egg. Bursts of golden light engulf random patches of purple haze, all reflected upon the watery surface with a painter's impressionistic touch. A lonely streak of brilliant white gold fires directly towards the center of this ovoid to split it into two resplendent halves of colour. Ripples of rose and red-orange glimmer across oceanic-blue, flaring out from a lone star of white positioned directly in the center of the horizon to bring forth dawn in dramatic fashion.
One-Eyed, One-Eared Flying Purple People Eater Egg
Oh it's… purple! A fuzzy sort of monstrous purple that furs the egg and frightens every inch from its gigantic rounded end to the tapered cheeriness of its so-called smaller bits. Rounded boundaries are warmed with cuddly fleece, the texture suggested by the blurry furry hues that pelt the egg in all sorts of purples: hairy puce, fuzzy lavender, fluffy violets , shaggy plum, wooly huckleberry, and finally a burst of pretty puffy paisley that hints at what sort of dragonet might grow inside. The enormity of the egg is scary in and of itself, but the colors that claim it shake the very foundations of what it means to be /dragon/.
Royal Meridian Egg
The juxtaposition of color is rather striking as it drapes across this regal egg. Slightly aslant and somewhat nebulous, the division between two royal hues - purple and yellow - arrays near the center of the egg to run with a few loose folds from the narrow apex to the broad base, where it's lost amid the Sands like so much fine fabric spilling toward the ground. No discernable seam marks where one color ends and the next begins, but the distinction between the two is obvious. Where purple, the shell seems to hold about itself a disdainfully livid hue made of heavy velvet replete with haute couteur. Yellow bears a definitive airiness akin to the finest silks in an understated shade of gold that is nonetheless laden with condescension.
Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg
Across the linen-white canvas of the shell stretches an uneven band of Tyrian purple, delineated with narrow aureate borders. Rosy as wine and twice as decadent, the imperial shade is flecked with gold to form small leaf-like patterns. Hitched into slenderness high upon one tapering side, the band drops loosely down and curls broadly around the middle of the egg. The ruddy hue is striated with bluish shadow in places, evoking meticulous folds of cloth suiting an ovoid so nobly enrobed.
Silhouette at Sunset Egg
Choppy indigo waves roll across the lower half of this egg to meet a paler, cloud-streaked sky above a sharp horizon. Upon this intersection, a blazing sphere of fiery orange projects colors across both halves; red and violet vie for dominance, smeared pastel-like over the top and illuminating clouds from within while cresting tempests break up the frothy bits of vibrant color. Darkly dramatic against this stage of light and shadow, a needle-fir silhouette pierces across water and sky alike, not far from the setting orb. The evergreen's black shape is limned first by a ring of purple and then by one of red, a haunting backlit illusion that overshadows the lonely, solitary beauty.
Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg
Sharp-cut spikes of midnight violet streak across the curved surface, their harsh outlines razor-sharp against the blatantly snow-white shell. A large, dark blotch of purple-black caps the rounded lower half even as these sword-thin rapiers reach towards the narrowed point of the egg with deadly intensity. Shimmers of sunswept gold flicker across the inky darkness to lend lifelike movement to these needle-sharp spines in a dare for anyone to lay a hand upon this egg.
Tarnished Gold Penny-Whistle Egg
The crisp, clean white of this egg's surface is broken by a series of thin, parallel lines which march regimentally along the curvature. A playful parade of black circles cascade musically upon these lines, a few given a cheerful flourish by a stem or a flag. Though interesting in itself, the musical background is overshadowed by a bronze-gold bar that streaks across at an angle along one side. Golden in hue, the smooth stripe is neither metallic nor particularly shiny - rather, it has the tarnished look often seen on old, well-loved instruments, the similarity emphasized by a row of evenly-spaced black dots. Towards the bar's end, the dingy gleam turns abruptly to bright green, the sudden switch bringing out the tired glow of the bronze.
That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg
Purple. One rather plain, though vibrant color coats this egg in its own cuddly, strangely touchable beauty. If one could dare to call it beauty, that is. The surface of the egg appears to have been beaten and stabbed with various sharp objects, although its shape shows the resilience of its form in its perfect roundness; the egg remains stubbornly alive. The shell is rather large, lit from within by an eerie luminosity, for despite the jovial color it retains, darker shadows fall within its beaten crevices. Evasive webs of intoxicating color draw countless unsuspecting viewers into its grasp and trap them within its world of ecstasy and mind-numbing song, cruelly hypnotizing with its plum and mauve wonder.
Those Famous McD's Golden Arches Egg
A grandeur of commercial brightness swirls about the arc of this shell to caress it gently amidst the heat of the sands. Alluring lines of amber gold ensnare the shape in a gilded cage, left to sit quietly in wait for a victim to approach and succumb to the addictiveness it has to offer. From afar, it seems perfectly bright, perfectly innocent, perfectly shiny-happy - upon closer inspection, however, something wicked this way comes. Almost, but not quite, the polished surface conceals its secret and masks the unhealthy essence that is this wicked, propaganda egg.

And the remaining 17 NPC eggs:

Aftermath of a Fall Egg
Puce - that strange combination of gangrene purple and putrid green where neither color quite overwhelms the other, but both are completely visible as themselves - blooms rather painfully over the softly rounded side of this egg. The intensely dreary shade of color contrasts cleanly with the more common, natural linen shade typical of ovoids with brutish affirmation. Bilious ocher oozes from all sides of the globular mass of puce to necrotize the healthier, clean part of the shell like a rotten limb infects other parts of a body.
Antique Golden Compass Egg
Stripes of bullion gold seep upon the curvature, mustering beauty to the egg's shell as warm and delightful as a summer's gaze. Navy bars form a star, centered and true, in the middle of a perfect circle; dynamic and crystalline at once, the image drapes across the upper half of the ovoid. Almost as if magnetized with an awesome, leering power, the largest bough within the focus point aims straight towards the largest egg as if drawn by some mysterious, inner force.
Ardent Rings of Gold Egg
Gems centered on a myriad of honey-touched circlets illuminate this egg with random sprinkles of tiny starlight upon its surface. Composed of not just one symbolic ring, but rather a honeycomb of delicate beauties whose golden surfaces glint not unlike the inner surface of a bee's hive in the light. Circles of carefully crafted amber seem to capture two waves of sapphire sparkle which meet near the center; others which bear the palest sheen of flax sport flawless diamonds or faceted amethysts, all of which suffuse the oddly spherical object with a priceless, gentle warmth.
Autumn Crocus Egg
The faint plum hue of a maiden's blush gently washes across this ovoid form to fade into the soft indigo-violet shades reminiscent of an autumn crocus in the midst of winter. A golden light illuminates the surface to lend a shimmer along the curves of the shell and highlights three strands of saffron which stream forth from the narrowed end. That same gold luminescence transmutes itself to slender bands of reddish-lavender that encircle the bottom with a faint, sprinkled pattenr. Intriguing and unique, it tempts with a blatant curiosity as to what lies within, what dreams it may bring.
Bottle of Sand-Artwork Egg
Rivulets of darkening hyacinth cut across the topmost portions of this egg's dome. Dropping in sharp downward angles, they dart across the equator of the egg, from which a starburst of brilliant flaxen resonates. Swathes of ocher and magenta weave alongside one another in messy, uneven gullies to visually create windswept deserts bathed in brilliant, cheery shades of lavender and amber.
Cherished Keepsake Egg
Dozens of tiny, pebble-sized circles spiral their way around the entire circumference of this egg in a coil of costumed delight. From the left of the top and drawing downwards, alternating shades of plum and saffron fall with random abandon, no two being the same. Impeccably linked to one another, they're pressed so tightly together that the sides of each seem to merge to form off-set hues of brilliant oranges with hints of gold and amethyst. Slivers of silver barely peek out from between one orb to another to weave their way around each of the seemingly gossamer spheres.
Cliche Smiley Face Egg
Blinding yellow dominates the whole surface of this egg, which could be scary or cheerful, depending on the observer's state of mind. The color shines in all its glory, leaving no space for any other hues to break through. The luster of the shell is as intense as the color, sporting no matte spots along the completely smooth surface. The egg has an almost perfectly round circle shape, rather than the more usual oval, which simply causes more light to reflect off the jovial surface.
Disembodied Eye of the Three Witches Egg
A disturbing sight indeed, this egg is practically spherical in shape - visceral, putrid yellow-white oozes along its surface to envelope it with a sickly, slimy sheen. Ghostly shades flicker within the dull depths of what might once have been a pupil, plum-grey seen to cloud over the once-bright iris. Bruised-purple tracks spread outward, a violent web cast across a yellowed expanse, only to thicken as it reaches the opposite end of the almost-orb, its slick, gross coils wrapping around with haphazard ease.
Golden Syrup of Delight Egg
The sweetness of this almost phosphorescent egg threatens to overpower those that seek to sample its rather tempting delights. The honey-amber magnificence flows thickly across the curvature; in fact, it is quite easy to imagine dipping an eager finger into its slow liquidity, only to leave an imprint within the molasses-like goodness. Light is distorted as the heartbreakingly sweet dribbles of syrup seem to wiggle and flow across the upper-half to coat it with a thick layer of sugary glossiness.
Goldfishes Is Delishes Egg
Barely discernible from the regular, not-quite-white color of this egg are splotches of almost-purple and almost-gold among the more mundane khaki and cream mottles.The casual observer might say that these divergences in color are random, but the more imaginative could make associations with the sea. Hints of purple, plum and lilac are concentrated towards the bottom of the egg, with scallops like ocean waves as a top border. Above this, oval and triangle shaped bits of gold, orange, and pumpkin combine, just like little fish dancing in the sky.
Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Egg
A lovely hue of cinnamon rolls across the surface, as if the egg itself has lain out upon the very lakeshore of the weyr during a summer's day. Two thin bands of pale white wrap about its width; spattered upon them are faint multi-sized polka-dots in a sunshine yellow to gleefully add a playful quality to the ovoid's curves. Luckily for the egg, /these/ polka-dots can't be tugged off.
Not All That Glisters Isn't Gold Egg
Oh, how it shines! Oh, how it sparkles! Glistering gold and shining silver weave an intricate pattern upon the shell of this protruding egg to create a sharp contrast against the dark sand which cradles it. Illuminated with an inner glow, it rests royally, regally - as if it alone is the single-most important thing, not to be compared with its less-than-bright peers. Look closer, however - below the surface, below gilted gold and sleek silver, it is just an egg, no different from the others. After all, it is what's inside that counts, and all the beauty in the world cannot be compared to the living, breathing creature resting safely within the confines of this shell - for now.
Purple-Faced Wrinkly Newborn Brat Egg
Purple and wrinkly in that screaming until you're blue-in-the-face fashion, there's no way to avoid the fact that this egg is one thing: ugly. Rugged and almost leathery in appearance, ripples of blue-violet do little to make this ovoid any more appealing; however somewhere, deep down beneath the almost papery-thin shell, there's something rather endearing about it. In the right light, in the right context, it may even be considered pretty in that uniquely special fashion. Sadly, however, this particular creation is nothing to faint over - except, perhaps, for its utterly appalling aura.
Pyrite's Gold of Fools Egg
The delightful sparkliness and shine of this egg would blind all who gaze upon its perfect form, its illuminating presence! The faintest of light reflects off its foil-like surface, resplendent in its golden hues which vary from the palest of sun's rays to the deepest amber ever known. Mirrored images warp and twist across the curved surface like some funhouse mirror; but lo and behold! Flakes seem to peel from the narrowed end, and if examined closely, one might see plain ol' white beneath that golden facade. Fooled you.
Rotten Purple Cabbage Egg
Shredded leaves upon more of the same, the looks of this mishaped egg would taste no much better to the mouth than it's looks to the eyes. Blotches of crinkled purple flop up from the slightly pointed bottom, twig-like projections spreading out to be clamped onto thick sprouts of miscolored violet. Crimson dashes away at smoother, enhanced parts; yet a sickly green twiddles in and creases lines, radiating bitterness from an egg that might have turned out to be a cute one. Dark, grotesque brown sneaks out like a hidden stench amongst the tinted layers, exampling that of a horrid, putrid, moldy vegetable.
Silence Is Golden Egg
Stillness shrouds this palest of pale shells like a misty gossamer veil, cool and yet richly creamy. The egg's only adornment of color is a haze of nearly white gold, which seems to swirl about the crown. The softly curved surface is smooth, polished, and almost frictionless; it is serene, the epitome of peaceful tranquility.
Yes We Have No Bananas Egg
Purple blobby splotches visually stand out against the bland creaminess of the egg's smooth shell. The shade of violet is bright, that's for sure, somewhat iridescent and neon and lilac all at once, each warring with the other for colorful dominance. With vision blurred, one might be able to decipher eerie fruit-like shapes amidst the random cacophony of blobs. Pineapples and cherries and orange pieces and cantaloupe quarters and even bunches of grapes seem to pop out at random, but lo and behold: not a single banana can be spied.

Row upon row of stone benching rises above the Hatching Grounds, seats for those who come to watch the incredible experience that is a hatching. Each individual seat is embellished with a worn cushion, the only concession to comfort in a place that traps heat, holding it within so that those who watch are inflicted with its intensity, though on a milder level than those who must stand and face the dragonets. The expanse of sand that is the hatching grounds spreads out in front of the benches, a huge stage for a spectacular show.
Pyrene, Aries, Rianna, Ilare, T'am, Marek, Lira, Katina, Trik, Kanami, Hannah, Fyria, Shaela, Jinaxal, Siannen, Tealc, Sahara, and Sinead are here.

In the galleries, Donis trots up the stairs with a gaggle of lads his own age, still wearing his hon'ry candidate knot. "S'happening, it's starting!" Donis calls out excitedly as the lads wriggle into their spaces.

In the galleries, Rianna giggles as she slides next to Fyria, offering "Brown! Browns are best!" She blushes slightly with a glance at Fyria, squishing herself into a comfortable position. Spotting Sinead, her voice raises in a high pitched greeting. "Sineaaad! Come sit with us!" She calls, waving frantically to her.

In the galleries, Siannen looks slightly harried as she makes her way into the galleries, entire brood in tow. Siren dashes off /somewhere/, more than likely away from her mother, T'am, and Rianna.. though who she finds to torment or cheer on is her own business, as Sian just lets her go. Tenan, Mienne, and Tian mill gleefully about, prompting the nanny to call out, "T'am! T'aa-/aaam/!" Tenan is singled out, and directed towards his father - she has hands enough to handle the other two, as Syke is still strapped to her back, in his oh-so-convenient baby-carrier.

In the galleries, As luck would have it, Marek's erand has given him an opportunity of a life time. A dragon hatching! With eyes as big as saucers, he scans the gallery for a familiar face, and finding none, he turns to the sands. The eggs were all starting to move. It won't be long now. The hum from the dragons, the riders and non-rider spectators all add to the excitment.

In the galleries, Pyrene winces at the humming. "The eggs had better hatch soon, before the dragons shake the Weyr down. Cadge, you're giving me a headache. And I'm hot…. don't you think it's too hot for you two to be sitting in these crowds?" she queries Fyria and Shaela hopefully. "Don't want you passing out, or dehydrating from sweat…" She delicately picks her plait away from either woman and wrinkles her nose.

In the galleries, Sahara gazes around at all the people she doesn't know, her attention flickering back frequently towards so many eggs on the sands below. She is nervous for no real reason at all, probably overexcitement. The youngster grins, thankful her sister insisted she come see the hatching for herself. She squirms a bit in her seat, trying for the best view of the hatching ground.

Impressionist Purple Night Sky Egg gives a single slow rock, spinning slowly on its base before coming to a stop once more.

In the galleries, Sinead chuckles as she hears 'Anna's comment. "I don't know Anna, greens are pretty cool too," she points out as she sits nearer the only "'brat" that she had ever cared about. "I hope they hatch soon," she offers, to no one in particular, yes, she gets anxious during hatchings.

In the galleries, Fyria snorts at Pyrene. "Why, no need to worry yourself over my well-being. After all," and once agian, the bluerider gets a rather wicked expression upon her face. "I could simply have the kid, right here and now, and save ourselves the worry?" That expressio turns sweet as a bubbly pie before she waves down to Sinead, Jiu, Zia, and all the others she knows arriving in the galleries.

In the galleries, Aries blinks at T'am, nodding slightly his approval. "Yes, sir." He states, looking about for Rianna and an escape path back to her side. When his aunt shows up, the boy breaths a sigh of relief, hopping to his feet to say hello. He flings out his arms in hopes of a hug. "Hi Aunt Siannen."

In the galleries, Jiu flops nearby to Fyria and Pyrene. "Hey. Hatching. Fun. Woo." She gives a flushed glance towards Zia, but doesn't really know if she should wait until after the hatching to mention the change of living quarters. "So… Er.. Yeah. Hi."

In the galleries, T'am spots Sinead out of the corner of his eye and waves, just as he hears his name hollered and sees Siannen and the little beasties coming his way. "Sian! You got them all cleaned up" well, sort of, papaT'am wipes a boog off Tenan's nose as soon as the tot comes within arms reach, "and made it down here before any of the eggs hatched." He's impressed. Scooching over, he makes room for Siannen- she can sit between him and Aries if she'd like, seeing as the lad doesn't appear too excited over the prospect of sitting out the Hatching in T'am's company.

In the galleries, Squeaking, Ilare let her daughter down, and after a brief bit of fussing, the twins occupy a space ina corner, peering over at the rock-rock-rocking eggs, interest evident in their eyes. Head lifting towards the ledges, lips quirk as she sidesteps past a few people, after her offspring. Nowhere near Py, of course. Far too crowded. The crooning seems to grow all the louder, brown angling his head as he peers below. Babies! Bring on the bebes!

Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg is motionless and proud. None of that silly shaking nonsense here, nope. Not when everyone's watching.

In the galleries, Hummmmmm. There's only one thing that sound can mean, and the 'Reaches is echoing with it. The eggs are starting to shake up north! @move to #5000 to watch… the first egg cracks at 5MOO sharp!
- entered by Ciera on 2002-12-06 16:07 MOO Time. (50 minutes and 14 seconds)

In the galleries, Zia flops. Notice the mimicry. "Pyreeeeeeeeeeneeeee…" the Bluerider schmoozes, flashing a dazzling grin before, hugging Fyria and kissing her on the cheek. "C'mon, woman, you'll be too big to fit in your Weyr if y ou don't expel that child soon. Not thinking about doing it up here, are you? That -would- make for an interesting hatching.." Hand still entwined in Jiu's, she scans the sands idly. "I think I put money on a green first - Don't remember, honestly. You never can tell."

In the galleries, Donis isn't paying attention to anything but the eggs. They're exciting! "I should be out there," he does grumble, looking around for his parent.

In the galleries, Aaron wanders in, not liking Weyrs, much less the gaggle of bodies that is a hatching… But he's here none the less, just for his little Seiz.

G'deon straightens his tunic quickly as he shifts his feet eyes scanning the galleries above now and then before turning to study the eggs for the hundredth time in the last hour.

All the Candidates step from shadows to sand, joining the eggs.

Admist the humming of dragons and the shivering of the eggs, a group of white clad youngsters slowly make their way out of the barracks and unto the Sands. Each one has a look of fear mixed with excitement shining on their innocent faces. Every Craft and Hold has a representive on the Sands. From Herders, to Ista Hold, to Healers and Bakers, to Tillek Holders and Fort Holders. A few glance up to the Galleries to see those of their area cheering them on. Who will Impress? Who will go back home in disappointment? Now is the time to tell…..

In the galleries, Sinead chuckles at all the excitment, and just for a hatching. And as she sees the candidates start entering the sands she grins, and waves to all those she knows.

That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg barely moves, but the way it does move highly suggests a Wiggle Dance. Wiggle wiggle.

Nylca steps onto the sands with the other candidates, keeping her eyes away from the crowd. It's /biiiig/ and there are lots of people, she didn't need to see them right now. She swallowed lightly, then bowed at the gold, and bronze, and their respective riders. She glanced towards Laytai, and made a motion that suggest they stand together.

In the galleries, Sahara sighs and bites her lip, staring tirelessly down at the rocking eggs. She tears her attention away just long enough to glance longingly at all the warm welcomes that are being exchanged. She can't help wishing she had someone she knew to sit with. All thoughts leave the young girl's mind as the candidates file onto the sands.

In the galleries, Pyrene wrinkles her nose at Fyria. "That's your first, isn't it? If you'd gone through the humiliation of childbirth, you wouldn't joke about that. Ugh." She twitches suddenly, peering down onto the Sands. "Oh! There they are! Now something hatch. Green! C'mon!"

In the galleries, Aysha stumbles over a few feet on her way to a seat. Smiling apologetically she manages to find one and slides into it, head propped up by her hands as she watches the sands.

Larnat is even reduced to begging. "Nylca? Laytai? Mind if I sorta…hang around you two?" is asked after the group bow. Larnat doesn't want to be relegated to being /alone/. That's just mean. Anyway. "So. Do you two mind?" Larnat tends to ask things twice, and she's especially nervous now, a foot lifted at intervals, too. The heat's going up through her sandals.

G'deon all but beams at the Candidates as they file past, nodding now and then to those he's familiar with, giving them all one of those looks he hopes is encouraging.

In the galleries, Hannah sees the Candidates and perks up a bit. When Candidates come out, usually the eggs are extremely close to cracking.

One-Eyed One-Eared Flying Purple People Eater Egg copycats the Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur, shifting in the Wiggle Dance way. Wiggle. Let's all wiggleyeah.

In the galleries, Casual? Overly. Sluggishly dragging up the stairs is that beanstalk sized bluerider of Ista, being, in her words, 'Kindasortajustabity'know… tired.' Trik worbles with uncoth grace; surreptitious eyes are just half-folded at the light, using her hand as a visor and search-item to spot fellow companions to stare at the eggs with. Oh, and you know, root with for her friendly candidates, too. Swaystumblebalance. A few pouty-words slips from off ajar lips, making her eyebrows crease with displeasure momentarily, "Early. Why so early Did'ja wake me, Agzanth.." Snort. Eyes go on a trailin' to the sands afterwards, as White knots seem to just…spew forth onto the sands. Aw, Memories!

Nylca turns to look at Larnat, and smiles as happily as she can manage. No, she's not /nervous/! "Of course, Larnat! You can help me dodge," is said in a kidding tone though her hands play with the hem of her 'robe.

Graiham picks up his feet uncomfortably, peering at the Sands accusingly. To Zorana, with a quick squeeze of her hand, he comments, "I wonder if boots would really have been asking too much. This is gonna get uncomfortable quick." Mincing steps ensue as he takes his place in the semi-circle, eyeing the eggs doubtfully.

Silhouette at Sunset Egg shivers almost exactly at the same time the candidates step out. They're here.

Zorana looks towards G'deon with a nervous smile as she files past. Her eyes flit over the stands but she's too nervous to recognize faces in the crowd and so she just holds onto Graiham

In the galleries, Jiu watches the candidates march out, a proud grin spreading on her face. "I can't believe its been three and a half turns. Shards! Well, they're going to really remember this day…" She glances sideways at Fyria, and wrinkles her nose, "I think /you're/ going to hatch. Now allw e need is Wyn to make you spontaneously drop bebbes."

Larix gravitates automatically to the other bakers as he stares with wide eyes at the eggs. He could have /sworn/ that those things were smaller. He fidges nerously from foot to foot.

Impressionist Purple Night Sky Egg trembles suddenly, the tranquility of its amethyst hues of dusk disrupted by the crackling of lightning white as the force within grows impatient with its limited shell. Inquisitive claws push through the fragile casing, the tiny talons scraping against the egg as the dragonet strains to gain its freedom. At last, the night sky gives way in a dazzling display of bursting shards as a tiny blue dragonet makes his way into this strange new world.

Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet
From the slender lines of this dragon's muzzle to the whiplash end of his spade-tipped tail, a shimmer of iridescence flickers across the cobalt hide, enveloping each curve of muscle and sinew with a radiant flame of indigo. Talons of gunmetal grey tease with a gleam of playful sharpness to match the impish whirls of color in his eyes and the burn of his curious gaze. The dusk of navy crowns his prominent headknobs and trickles downward along his spine in midnight-tipped ridges. A paler splash of periwinkle flares amidst his wingsails, framed by 'spars of sapphire and spattered with tanzanite sparkles as if the ancient alchemists' fabled elixir of life runs through his veins with a carefree spirit and a jovial temperament.

In the galleries, D'baji skids on up into the galleries, eyes intently focused on the sands before he's even found a seat- which means he'll probably be blcking at least a few people's view before he ends up sitting. Anywho, bronzerider is there, and gives a little clap of excitement, and only /then/ looks for people he knows.

Lis steps from shadows to sand, joining the eggs.

In the galleries, "Blue blue blue!" Donis bounces out of his seat with excitement.

In the galleries, Sadira watches from her seat as she spots and recognizes some of the candidates she has made friends with. Too bad she won't ever be able to remember their names if they Impress.

Wyn steps from shadows to sand, joining the eggs.

In the galleries, Sinead grins. "A blue!" yes, this is quite a good thing, in the opinion of the guard. "What a darling little blue," grin, grin.

A broad grin settles upon Pae's face as, despite her slight depression from last night's events, here are the Candidates. And before she can even wave and welcome properly, a blue's out of his egg. "Oh! OhOhOh blue!" She's just as hyper as one of the Weyrlingmaster staff as she was as a wingrider, and candidate. Eggs.

In the galleries, Green? Did someone say Green? As if on que the Istan greenlet makes her way up the stairs, her dark eyes searching the crowd for people she knows. Oooh look there is the Istan contingent, D'baji, Hannah and Trik get a wave before the sultry greenlet squeezes her way to make a seat for herself beside her sister. [Sapha]

Nylca jumps at a noise, and her head turns quickly to the clutch. "They're /hatching/!" she says, as if it wasn't painfully obvious. She reaches out in an attempt to tug on Laytai's robe, but she actually has no clue who she just grabbed. "Look!" and she points at the blue.

Goldean only just makes it onto the sands with Encedalus and sets himself up. A bow toward the great giant dragon and arising to notice the blue. "Blue… beautiful." Still the ex-cook has yet to notice that he is only wearing one sandal.

In the galleries, Fyria would reply to Pyrene's little push, but instead she notices a flash of blue - and nearly jumps up out of her seat. Of course, large stomach hinders. "Faranth's golden booty - a /blue/!" Obviously of great delight to a bluerider such as herself. "And my word, he is /gorgeous/…."

In the galleries, Aysha makes a soft sound, her eyes going wide as she sees the first egg hatch. "Oh look, it's a blue." Is sputtered to someone nearby. Like they might be colourblind?

Seana inches her way out onto the Sands and notices the little blue hatchling. Oo. Very nice. Eyes blink as she clings to Lianta with all her might. "It hatched!" she says and points.

Lianta clings to Seana, in excellent form. There's an art to clinging, of tight hold without cutting off circulation. Because circulation is a good thing. "Oh!" she points out, hot-footing it as the heat begins to seep through her sandals. "What a lovely blue… Pyrene will be grumbling."

Laytai just stares in awe at the hatching caverns. Sure, she has been in here a few times before, but this time was a bit different. "Shards.." Is all she lets out as she scuttles close to Nylca. The normally anti-social candidate feels the need to cling. "Aye, of course, Larnat." But her attention is averted as an egg opens up and hatches. "A blue! Shards and shells, this is actaully /it/!"

Zorana nods to Graiham "Sure does, sure does…" she says absently as she remembers to answer him but her eyes are drawn immediately to the blue that has hatched. Oooohhh.. how lovely.

In the galleries, Siannen beams at Aries and settles down 'tween him and T'am, offering hugs to first the 'brat, then her 'mate. tian scrambles into her lap, while Mienne seems content to stay down, for now. "Oh, oh, look, T'am, the candidates!" Breath catches in her throat as they file in, and then in what seems to be a matter of moments, "Look! Blue!" A crow of delight, "Pyree-eeeeene! Blue!" Cackle. Must thwart one's former nanny. Yes.

Zai hovers near the edge of the sands, looking vaguely nervous, despite her lack of white-robe. It must be the knew Assistant Weyrlingmaster knot on her shoulder. As the Candidates enter, she offers a quick wave. And then - blue has her attention. "Blue first! Shards! I bet N'sync it'd be green." The brownrider's face pulls into a frown.

With a quick, hasty, and very nervous bow, Miria shuffles into place… and begins that candidate dance. However, her attention is momentarily caught by… "Ooooooh! A blue." Blue she luffs muchly, yes. "Pretty pretty colors!" And, deep down inside her… she wants a sweetstick, shardit.

Palia casts a gleam at Vaedelle, and her smile was returned. Here we go! Time to shake rattle and roll. A gasp is taken aback as a blue hatches. She proceeds to jump up and down beside Vae. "A blue Vae!"

Ajala moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

In the galleries, Sahara gasps along with the watching crowd as the first hatchling makes its appearance! Aladden shifts, hot-footed, on the sands. The blue is eyed askance. His feet hurt, his teeth clench, and he wavers, tense, between a tantrum and tears of nervousness. Blue. Pretty.

Orbyth croons in delight as his first egg hatches. Even if it was purple. But the blue dragonet is /so/ much nicer. And it's not purple. Big advantage, there.

In the galleries, Rianna frowns at Pyrene, shaking her head again. "No, brown!" She watches Pyrene for several moments before glancing at the sands. It's Larnat. "LARRRRRRNNNNNAAAAATTTT!" Rianna screeches, hoping she can get the girl's attention for a smile and wave in the midst of the chaos and noise. "Good luck Larnat," she continues, waving her hands wildly. Finally an egg hatches, proving her wrong. "Ohh, it's /blue/," she mutters.

In the galleries, Pyrene is grumbling indeed. "Why do we always get blues hatching first?" she mutters. "It /should/ be green. It's statistically more likely. Fyria, do hold still. The last thing I need is to get whacked in the face by your stomach-covered foetus."

Nuff stands close to Tiareth, in the crowd of Riders, keeping vigil with her queen as she must. Despite the excitement of her look towards both Candidates and eggs, there is stress thre as well, and no little sadness. She moves closer to the dragon and stand up on the back of one of her forefeet. "Never can see nothing at first. When did the Candidates get so tall?" Perhaps its the robes.

Vaedelle gasps and scoots closer to the Candidates beside her, Palia mostly. "A blue!" Ouch. THose sands were getting to her feet. A little bit of hop scotch is played as Vae realizes the actual reality of it all. A late Candie is noted, her beloved AJ, and waved at.

Graiham half-ribs Zorana, saying, "I'm sure you see him, but. Look." He can't really be bothered to look at his parnter to see whether or not she's noticed the hatchling, a bit busy with gawking at the dragonet and trying to swallow passed a big, mysterious lump in his throat. Gulp.

In the galleries, Hannah lifts fingers in wave back to the greenrider, absently, though since there is now a blue dragonet on the sands. "Oh, how nice," she comments, mostly to herself. Her birth mother, afterall, was a bluerider.

Larnat phew's. She won't be left to huddle alone. Harsh breathing from Larnat at this point, as she shifts nervously from foot to foot. "They're all…intimidating. The blue, at least, looks bigger. More than I thought they would be. Sa'rn always said they weren't worth worrying about." Larnat, however, is a different person. "An' thanks, Laytai." Sands-dance.

Together Myliren and Caeran watch as suddenly there is a dragonet on the Sands with them. The move together, both bouncy and yet both unsure what to do. Myliren walks a little closer to the hatchling and tries to stay calm. "Look! It's A Blue!" Sure enough the young boy's voice cracks a few octaves just to keep his life interesting. Caeran chuckles slightly at the crack and nods. "Yep, a blue. Come, we /want/ to Impress, right?" Myliren nods and just stares for a moment.

Ajala stumbles into the sands, trying to straighten her robe with one hand, her other hand preoccupied with attempting to finish latching her sandal, all while running, hopping, skipping forward, in whatever manner possible. "Ah! I'm late!!" And she skids across the hot surface, bouncing over towards the group of gathered candidates, desperately attempting to catch her breath. Waving hastily at Vae, TaiTai, and all the others, she skids to a halt. "What'd I miss?" Gasp.

Wyn stands off to the side with Lis, jacket shucked off and starting to sweat even in the sleeveless grey top she's wearing underneath. "Good looking little blue," the bluerider approves. And she wins two marks off V'der, too…

In the galleries, "I think it's a lovely blue," Shaela says, eyeing it critically. Would be nicer if it was Chayath's, but still, a nice blue. "Just for you, Pyrene, because Tiareth and Orbyth know just how much you love the colour blue." Cough. Cough.

In the galleries, Sadira sits transfixed. Ooooh, a blue cracked his shell first. She reaches up to her shoulder to giver her softly humming brown firelizard a scritch on an eyeridge.

Zorana nods "Yeah… beautiful" she says to Graiham and rubs her side from the elbow as she shifts her weight on the hot sands. She's gawking in amazement herself. It's not even a bit as she imagined.

In the galleries, Aries pouts slightly, having not been offered an escape route, but oh look, a dragonet! T'am and Rianna are both forgotten as he sits down beside Siannen to stare. "oooh! Pretty!"

Goldean hmms as he watches the dragonet carefully. Of course this is the point in which the cook notices that something is missing. "Owowowowow." A look down seeing that one foot has decided to burn while the other is protected by a sandal. Wooops. But even with the heat his shimmering emerald orbs look at the blue. "Amazing, didn't know what they'd look like."

Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet steps carefully from his shell, muzzle pressed close to the spinning shards, but only for a moment. With a start, he looks up, tail flicking in agitation, scattering egg goo and purple-coated shells. He takes one slow step towards the white-robed figures surrounding him, then picking up on their excitement begins to head towards a likely cluster.

With all her hard work, bruises, battered elbows and scraped knees, Seilyn would be used to this sort of torment, being tossed out on the burning Sands - considerably so since she's been out there before. But the poor young vixen has sweaty palms (one of which is connected firmly to Enceladus as they exit onto the Sands), a nervously twitching brow and ready-to-buckle knees. Sei swallows a thick lump in her throat, eyes flicking from Clutchmother to Weyrwoman to clutch of eggs. She shuffles closer to Enceladus. "I think I have to use the latrine…" Oh, Faranth, she's poetic.

Tiareth felt, of course, the same as Orbyth. It's hatched, and she's happy. A croon of joy emits, though the queen thinks the dragonet would have been just as nice purple - as Nuff likely does as well.

Silhouette at Sunset Egg Writhes in the Sands. Ready or not…

Silhouette at Sunset Egg settles down further into the sand, as though the sun is dipping further below the horizon. But the idyllic peace is abruptly and violently shattered, as a particularly forceful jerk forms a spiderweb of cracks over the shell. Within seconds, the egg crumbles, myriad pieces flying outwards as a small shape flings itself haphazardly onto the Sands.

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet
Strange things come in small packages - and the greener, the stranger. Cheerily bright, the color traipses over this dragon's hide from inquisitive nosetip to haphazard end of a long, thin tail. Sylvan shadows brindle her compact body, streaking down from her ridges to fur surprisingly delicate legs and feet. Yet no tabby marks weigh down her fragile wings: simple green shines through with beguiling clarity. Beneath the verdant luster and deep olive, her plump belly is paler, a murmur of mint that stretches up her throat to whisker cheeks and chin. Comically large headknobs splay above a bluntly dished muzzle to frame perpetually wide eyes. Neither the brains nor the beauty of her heritage is evident, but she carries her own brand of charm that is not easily resisted.

In the galleries, Pyrene has no shame. She elbows a pregnant woman - in this instance, Shaela. "Who's that late candidate?" she queries. "Ajala, isn't it? Late… And she's a guard too. Nice to know the sort of people we have to hand in emergencies."

Laytai almost melts with relief as Ajala comes into view. "Ajala! Here! Come!" The candidate yells, waving both arms all around. "Where in the shards were you!?" Laytai glares at her friend, before turning back to the rocking eggs and hatching dragonets. "Would'ja look at that blue? Shards. I can't believe they are so small." The candidate shakes her head and grabs onto Ajala. Cliiing.

Nylca begins the infamous candidate dance. First the left, then the right, then the left… "Shards it's hot," she says, grumping. Laytai gets a look, and so does Larnat. "Well, at least they're being quick about it, right?" she asks, removing her attention from the Hatchlings. The second egg to crack gets a look. Oooo, "Oh, good,a green! They had far too many blues last time."

In the galleries, Sinead grins as the blue starts to move, and, ooh. "A green!" of course she gets much more excited about the green on the sands, though upon seeing her former recruit arrive late, she just shakes her head. "She needs to learn punctuallity."

Vaedelle's heart drops to her toes. That is absolutely the prettiest green ever…"A green Palia! A green" Vae hops and bounces even more in her spot on the sands.

Larix ooohs quietly at the blue. "He's really very pretty," is mumbled to whoever is near him. Ewyuck! Egg goo goes straight at Lar's head, but he moves aside enough for it to hit his arm. Ickyickyuck. "Ewww," he mumbles as the green makes her appearance, but he's really just talkin' bout the egg goo.

Aladden shifts again, this time-greenwards. The creatures multiply, and he gets more nervous. Will one approach? Will he be left behind? he crabsteps over to Ajala, and reaches for her hand. "AJ. They're hatching. And I would like to go home." So polite, is Aladden. So young, so vulnerable So. Well. Aladden-ish.

In the galleries, Sapha offers a sweet little smile to the weaver she displaced in her attempts to seat herself next to her sister (Yes Sef forgot to put her name on her @emit) "I forgot, this is your first Hatching isnt it?" She enquires quietly, her dark eyes misting as the first Dragonet hatches and she is taken back to the Hatching of a couple of turns ago, where she Impressed her Phirath. "Just you wait til they start Impressing." She murmurs irrelevantly. "I'll bet you half a mark that at least on rider here in the galleries will start bawling…Oooh Green…She's pretty." Distracted much?

Nuff thinks just about anything looks better purple, but today she claps her hands with glee. "Oh isn't he just lovely! Look, he's blue!" Doh! "And lookat the little wings on him. E's so handsome. What a little dearling. And I think he knows who he wants already." Then, as the Green appears, "Oh another fighting dragon. What good luck!"

"Oooooh, and a green!" remarks Miria in her own commentary as she hops back and forth, making quite a sight. So much for clinging to the candidate next to her, because she's too busy attempting to protect her feet, you see. "They're so… colorful." As dragons are apt to be. "Although thassa lotta goo. Really. Hey, Larix," she says to the baker-candidate nearby, "Aren't they cooool?"

Amateur Magician's Star-Spangled Cloak Egg wriggles happily away, but it doesn't seem ready to crack open just yet.

Seana watches the little blue dragonet. That is, until her attention is caught by a little green that just barely made an entrance into the world. Oo. "A green.." is said under her breath.

In the galleries, Tenan wiggles in his fathers arms, squirming around to get a better view of whats happening on the Sands below. T'am hardly notices, he's already captivated. "Yes. There they are…" an intake of breathe that is held as he watches the first dragonet make his appearance. Not bronze, but he doesn't mind /too/ much. One hand slips over and gives Siannen's knee a little squeeze. Aww, it really is hatching time.

In the galleries, D'baji finally finds himself a seat, near-ish the Istan riders (or so he hopes). And with much butt-wiggling, he's comfortable, propped up by straight arms and hands n his knees, and is staring. "Ooh, blue /and/ green. Feel the… Bluegreenishness." And D'baji practically sparkles in a grin.

Graiham ventures a look around himself, left and right and stuff, but apparently doesn't see what he's looking for. "Did Enceladus get out here okay?" he asks no one in particular, clearing his throat twice before the words come out all right. His attention shoots back to the dragonets, of cousre, and he looks between them nervously. Gulp. Again.

Enceladus looks anxiously about the sands and up to the galleries as he stumbles after his fellow candidates. There's almost too much to see as the boy wipse what must be sweaty palms on his robe and he nearly misses the first exploding egg. "Very," he whispers to Goldean without looking away, eyes still very wide. It seems the heat has yet to reach him as he isn't hopping to much yet. Even the girl clasping onto his hand doesn't get much of a response, besides 'Huh?'. Instead, the boy's eyes are flicking between dragonet. "Wow," he he mutters in awe.

Ajala clings desperately to Laytai as she stares out at the sands, licking her lips and trying to catch her breath. "Oh, what a gorgeous green!" Chest heaving, her entire stomach in a knot, she reaches out to squeeze Aladden's hand. "Aww, sweetie, it'll be okay. You're nice and calm, at least." She glances again at the green. "What a perfect green…" @show #4884

In the galleries, Fyria lifts a brow at Pyrene… but again, her attention is caught by the green that's appeared. "Here they come, my dears. Mmmm, this brings me back to our Impression…" Fyria's gaze hazes over a bit in memory, only to sharpen again as the crack of eggshells shatters (ha ha) her out of her daydream. "So far, Orbyth and Tiareth have done /quite/ well…" Of course, it is early still…

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet shakes herself off and peers around dazedly. What the - ? Bearings are gotten, though, and - a bit of egg goo still clinging to her feet - the green spies her older brother. Mwah. She sets into a stalk, awkwardly wading through the sand after him.

In the galleries, Rianna ooohs and ahhs, squirming in her seat restlessly. "She's pretty!" She murmurs, this said of the green, naturally, since the blue dissappointed her… And is male. "Lookit, Fyria, she's /pretty/!"

Lianta's free hand raches over to bat at Seana's arm, which is still being clung to unmercifully. "She's /gorgeous/, isn't she?" she whispers to her clinging-mate. Although… outside of Cadgewith x Druseth clutches, there aren't too many /ugly/ ones.

Larnat gawks. "/Another/ one out? Yer /right/, Nylca," is affirmed, as Larnat continues to lift her feet, as if in a dance. It is a dance, at that. Sandals don't help all /that/ much, you know. Sands are hot. "A green and a blue," is murmured. Larnat would've bet on brown out of the clutch first. But then, she's Larnat. "Anyway. The blue'll choose first, right?"

In the galleries, Shaela's gaze flickers to watch the entering candidate, eyes narrowed critically. "You'd think after all this time as Candidates they'd have learned the importance of being prompt. Hard to imagine something could hold a candidate up, though. Maybe she had a last-minute emergency. Got nervous, or something." Given her current situation, Shae knows exactly how hard it is to avoid those emergencies. She's counted every imperfection in the smoothed walls of the privy.

Those Famous McD's Golden Arches Egg looks slightly restless as it shivers and bulges on the sands. This crowd of clutchmates is starting to feel constrictive. It's gotta get outta here. Expand.

Zorana ohs and breathes with widened eyes and the smallest of beams "oh… a green…how wonderful…" she trails off not knowing how to describe it all.." her feet dance a bit on the sands with her nervousness and the heat of course.

Goldean hmms and his orbs just grow wider as to take up all the scene that is surrounding him, a green has just popped out and deserves a rightly "ooooh, aaaaah." Before going silent. He seems less nervous now and more just enjoying the moment. The foot without the sandal has decided to be put on his sandaled foot balancing slightly.

Hanging back a little, Myliren watches the hatching take place. Now a green has joined the blue. Caeran has let go of the herderboy's hand and made his way up as close as he dares to the hatchlings. He stops to admire the green with a soft , "Ohhh." of awe. Myliren just watches with wide eyes.

Pae's eyes were, as everyone else, drawn to the green. "Pretty greenie!" she chirped. Yeah, Pae's a real mature AWLM..turning to Wyn with a grin on her face, she rambled, "They are lovely - can't wait t'see who they go to."

Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet becomes somewhat distracted with all the candidates swimming in his vision. Urgently he turns, obviously searching and getting more impatient by the moment. Suddenly, he stops still, head cocked as if listening. Ignoring all others around him, he holds his head high and begins to stride, in that wobbly just-hatched sort of way, towards whatever it is he's discovered.

Seana nods at Lianta as she watches the green. "A really beauty!" is then said. "I think she's pretty.." Yes. Repeat yourself, dear. Oy.

Nylca shrugs her shoulders at Larnat. Never knew with dragons. "Unless he's picky. Depends on him, I guess. He /should/! After all, he hatched first," she said with a nod, though she didn't really mind /who/ Impressed first, as long as it was fast. "It's so /hot/" she complained, to get her mind off the whole… dragont hing.

Palia clings to Vae as egg goo and shells splatter here and there. The green is eyeballed, and she would backs away if Vae's hand weren't on her shoulder. Her knees go knocking. Oh man, that green…

In the galleries, B'ane pushes through the throng to squeeze into a seat betwixt D'baji and a bluerider from somewhere. Igen, by the looks. "Bring back some memories doesn't it?" Nodding in favor of the hatching sands, below he trades his limp opening remark for a lesson in silence. Too many voices anyway.

In the galleries, Sahara grabs Sapha's arm, giving it an enthusiastic squeeze as her sister finally joins her. The young girl would look incredibly relieved if she wasn't so attached to every motion on the sands below. She doesn't make a sound, but her expression of awe appears as if she herself were standing far down there along with the candidates.

Miria casts a look up at the crowds to find her half-sister. Finding Sinead amongst the throng, she takes comfort in that and faces the sands again. "Ooh, I just wish she was down here for me to squeeze…" All this said while she's bouncing back and forth. Oh joy. "My, that little blue-ie's impatient… think he mighta found something." Her restless nervousness is interrupted by a smile. She turns to Larix again. "Can I cling onto you? Or something? I'm cling-partner-less."

"Shells. They are hatching so fast." Laytai exclaims, looking back over to Larnat and Nylca. "A green already. So then that's a green and a blue. Anything else yet?" Laytai rises on her tiptoes and looks through the masses of candidates and eggs. Without realising it, her feet start to lift themselves and tehn dorp, only to rise once again. It's dance time!

In the galleries, Siannen just /beams/ up and over at T'am, resisting the urge to snuggle closer, instead turning her attemtion to her daughter, whimpering to be picked up. "Okay, okay.. here.. both of you.. now settle.. watch.. " Tian squirms over, making room for Mienne as all three son become entranced by the happenings on the sands.

In the galleries, Trik squeals; And you bet that's girl-lish delight pouring from her mouth instead of the husky tomboy gurrgles, "Ehehe! /Blue/." And then back to being grumpytiredargew. Pride glows from a poised thumb that sticks itself against her chest as she finds a seat, "The very best color, A'course, In m'uh eyes." And green, also, is pointedly given brownie points. And…is…that Tai on the sands, Dare her eyes choose to be bad now? Why, it is! But she won't make any noise. It's too loud to be heard, anyways. She just slumps and stares with that over-glossy look. Mmmpretty.

Ocean Sunrise Egg twiches once, shifting ever so slightly in it's sandy resting place.

"This is /much/ more fun than when /I/ was out there," muses Wyn, leaning back against the wall casually. "I've already got the Impression business out of the way, /and/ I needn't burn my feet. Ah, a fine green there."

In the galleries, Sinead grins down at her little sister, not caring whether the candie sees it or not. Of course, the guard wishes for all the best for her sibling, cause, you know, she hasta, and it'll get her out of Eads hair…

Graiham's got most of his weight balanced on one foot. At least, for as long as he can before he has to shift it to the other, trying to keep his heels cooled. And failing, of course. "It was a lot less worrisome when it was you guys pretending to be dragonets," he mumbles.

Amateur Magician's Star-Spangled Cloak Egg gets more and more impatient by the moment, rocking furiously now. Why does it have to stay closed when all the other eggs are having so much fun?!

In the galleries, D'baji beams over towards B'ane, nodding, and not snivelling at all. Yet. Scooching faintly, to offer the clutchsibling-type more rom, Baji gushes happily. "So many hatchings, and they all get you all remembering like, and d'you wonder who'll Impress last? 'Cause I do. And who Impresses first too. Don't kno many of these candidates, though. Save maybe one who was lookin' after 'Lark or something…"

Enceladus hears his name and pulls his gaze from the dragonets. "What? I'm here," he calls back without even finding who said his name. Instead it's back to gripping Seilyn's hand a bit too tightly in return and looking from hatchling to hatchling (as if watching an invisible ball being kicked back and forth). Unlike some of the others, this boy doesn't really seem one for words right now, instead making the occassional sucking-in-of-breath noise.

In the galleries, Pyrene hahs. "/There's/ the green!" she crows. "And what a cutie - isn't she a pet?" Compared to the blue anyway. "The blue looks entirely too resolved for my liking… Who's he heading for? It's that Graiham, isn't it? I knew that lad was destined for blue."

Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg considers moving, and gives a tentative little wiggle. Just once. Then it goes back to its majestic motionlessness.

Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg wriggles again and this time Tiareth gives it a smalls shove with the back of her forefoot. No, not the one Nuff's standing on. But the other one. The little purple'n gold egg cracks some, but for now remains intact.

"Ah, it looks like that blue has his eye on someone," muses Liants to Seana, lifting one foot and carefully shaking it to dislodge about a quarter pound of burning sand.

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet continues to dog her older brother, gradually catching up to the blue. Just as she starts to coil herself for a pounce, though, something catches her eyes, and she halts, looking befuddled. What was that? What was she doing again? Who are all these people in white? She stares, just now noticing the ring of candidates.

Larix laughs a little as Miria turns towards him, "Well, we are the clingless…" He scans the rest of the sands, and then looks towards the galleries, "Even people up there have clingettes." Clingettes? Is that a word, "So I guess… cling?" His feet touch some of the ground below. Ouch. Hot.

Larnat squints through the heat. "I /thought/ I saw something, but I guess not. Green and blue, then," is stated, as she bites her lip. Admit it or not, Larnat's /nervous/. Taking your mind off things sometimes helps, but it's not really an option in the situation. With dragonets moving left and right. A glance is spared for the galleries, where a glance of Sa'rn, and even Leurat, is caught, and soon has a beam slapped on her face.

Goldean looks interested at whoe the blue seems to be finding. "Seems he knows what he wants. Thats good." The ex-cook just wiggles side to side kinda watching.

In the galleries, Aries giggles excitedly, leaning far forward in his seat as he attempts to follow every last movement. With a frown, he glances at Siannen's children, smiling as he realizes they're as anxious as he is. "Look at the green," he calls, holding a finger up to point at her.

Vaedelle's knees begin to shake as more and more eggs begin to rattle. Or dear. The green was noted again, and Vae's knee's knock even more. But will she show it? Never!

Seilyn's great grey eyes are /glued/ to the green, whirling in their sockets. The first green of the clutch. She grins with excitement as her nervousness becomes overpowered by the intensity the Hatching has now become. The blue was one thing, but a /green/?! Completely another story. Sei loosens her grip on Enceladus' hand and searches out Miria in the mass of Candidates. Spotting her, Sei waves her free hand in the air. "Miria! Good lu - Owwy. Ence, I think you're about to break my - ow - knuckles in your - ouch! - grip." She shoots a glare to her hand-holding partner. "I knew I should've picked the little kid…"

Zorana nods her agreement as she watches the blue and green approach. Oh will one want me? oh, they are so beautiful, she hopes so.. both seem to have found something, or someone.. ohhh.. she wonders who and nervously dances on the hot sand "Yeah, it was easier when I was the dragon.."

Nylca stomps her foot, and imitates just about everyone out there. Dance, dance. "Durn hot sands," she hisses to herself as she scoots left, then right. Who decided it had to be /hot/ out here!?! "Can you see, Tai?" she asks of Laytai, glancing /around/ rather than over people.

In the galleries, Sii'kyn strolls in, a bemused expression upon his face. Black-clad man idly muscles his way towards the front, sliiiding over, not really looking where he's going. He settles himself within the vicinity of Pyrene, for amusement purposes alone, however, and leans forwards, catching the tail-end of her statement. "Graiham? On -blue-? Pyrene, dahhlink, you're way too…" Head tilts to a side, a snickering chuckle echo's out, and he completes, "…pessimistic. I, for one, bet the boy Impresses green." Only Ike. Only Ike. "Heh. There's Sei. And Vae." He cringes. "I didn't forget her, Ram. Really."

Seana watches her surroundings and takes the time to search the faces in the Galleries. Not many are recognized, though a certain rider is.. and waved at. Then the other moving eggs are noticed. They /moved/..

Caeran trembles, to excited to notice the heat of the sands or the noise around him. He is EXCITED. So excited. In fact, he can barely breathe. He silently chants to himself. Eggs, dragons, eggs, dragons….

Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet finally ends his pacing and stands before a couple of the young white-clad people, his gunmetal talons, digging into the sand as he peers into each of their faces with blazing intensity. Decisions, decisions, but he seems sure it was one of these two as he examines the differences in coloring, in height, in mind.

Amateur Magician's Star-Spangled Cloak Egg is furious, now! At least, it rocks furiously. I want to break freeeee…..

Aladden fidgets s'more, shivering. Feet churn, trying to avoid the burning heat rising in wavbes off the sands' floor. "Ow." He notes to noone in particular. "Pick, hatchlings, before we fry ourselves to nothing. Zorana gets a snort of amusement. "You'd pick nobody, cause you're a girl." Snerk.

Finally moving forward, Myliren slinks over to Seilyn with a nervous smile, "Can I hang WITh you guys too?" Voice cracks from the tension, but now the herderboy doesn't pay it any attention.

In the galleries, B'ane is thankful for the, um, butt room and turns to face D'baji with a grin. "Nostalgia's a killer. Especially at times like these. I wouldn't trade my boots for candidate sandals, I don't think they have a choice." A long finger points to the candies. "You're right, I don't know of any either, although I did see a few during the feline hunt Reaches had a while back." His eyes once more wander to the center of the Sands. "It's a healthy clutch, anyway.."

Graiham swipes a hand over his face in an attitude of stress. Sweating, he looks at his now damp hand with a vaguely disgusted expression before wiping it hastily on his robe. "I dunno that we were adequately prepared for this level of stress," he says to himself, mumbling now and then when he's not openly staring at the dragonets or the shuffling eggs. "That blue's not Impressed yet?"

"You too, Sei!" hollers Miria through the blinding heat and the din of the crowd. After Larix says it's alright to cling, the guard extends her arms and tightly clutches the baker around the shoulders, while still doing a more subtle version of the candidate jig. "Eeeee, it's soooo hooooot…" And confusing, yes, but she's too confused to bother to say that. "C'mon, eggs, go… hatch. Or something." Poor girl's never stood before, quite obviously.

In the galleries, Donis leans forward and forwarder. "Is that blue…. is it Impressing?"

Zorana blinks at Aladden "Nuh uh!!" her attention momentarily given to him but then snapped back as the blue is eyed.. he's deciding.. oh.. she dances more but doesn't think much of the heat anymore and she anxiously watches the eggs move and dragonets come closer.

Wyn is on the sands, not the Stands, but waves back to Seana nonetheless. Still, it's quite possible that old M'ral will be showing up later to see how another of his darling daughters has fared.

G'deon bounces on the balls of his feet, hands tugging at the confines of his shirt as the heat really begins to sink in. His attention seems equally divided between the dragonets and candidates now as the wheels spin at mad speeds within his calculating mind.

Goldean seems to be leaning this way and that way just to take all the scenery in that is happening. He's taking moments out of this mass chaos that is called a Hatching. "hmmm." The now flamingo candidate lifts up his bare foot and leans on the sandaled. Of course this just allows the heat to seep through his sandals. "Goodness its warm."

Ajala feeling a bit dizzy, she leans on Laytai and absentmindedly hops from foot to foot, already feeling the heat of the sands seeping through the soles of her sandals. "Laytai! Why didn't you wake me UP?" Ah well. She's here now! The green is peered at quizically, and with a small smirk.

In the galleries, Fyria tug tugs the sleeve of whomever is lucky enough to be near - perhaps Py, perhaps not - and twiddles her fingers with excitement. "He's going to Impress, he's going to Impress!"

In the galleries, "Seems to be, at least," D'baji agrees to the comment of clutch-health. "But yeah. I doubt when we were out lots of peple knew who /we/ were? And now look at us." At which point he puffs his chest and declares, "We ride bronzes, and still no one knows us. Me, at least. Nothin' 'bout you…" And the trail off kills the argument, as far as he sees it, and he submits to pointing at a group of huddled white-things. "Were we that clingy?"

Lianta rolls up onto her tiptoes, trying to get air between the sand and her sandals, and get a better look at the dragonets and eggs. "Which one do you think will hatch next?"

Laytai shakes her head. "Not as good as I would like. I can see glimpses of blue and green, but that is about it." She answers back to Nylca, starting to gets her jitters under control. "And of course, a few eggs moving here and there." Laytai tosses her glance towards Ajala, before smirking. "Hey, now. We were yelling and screaming in the barracks. /You/ should have been able to wake up with that noise. Plus.." She sniffs. "I was looking for my blasted robe."

Larnat yanks her right foot of the sand, grumbling at her inattentiveness to pain. Until it builds up, of course. And she's forced to move faster than she normally would. Wyn's given a brief smile, too, before she doggedly turns her attention back to the eggs. And the green and blue. Larnat's given up on losing the focus; she'll work on keeping it, now.

Seana can hardly stand the heat on her sandals. Boy it's really hot down here. The dragonets are watched once again before her grip tightens around Lianta's arm. "I dunno.." is her reply. "They're all moving.."

Nylca glances at the blue with a shrug, then looks at Ajala. "Ajala! You made it, good!" She grins gleefully, then bounces a bit. She's still hot, but bouncing /helps/ it really does! She hmms at Laytai, and shrugs a shoulder. "Well, maybe we'll see more when they come closer?" she suggests. Rocking eggs and scrambling dragonets was to be expected - though she did wish she could see better.

Well, it looks like that got his attention. Enceladus blinks and shifts his attention to Seilyn. "What? Oh! I'm sorry!" he offers in a sheepish apology as he loosens his grip considerably. "It's… my first time, ya know?" It also seems Goldean has magically made the sand become hotter as the young ex-nanny shifts from one foot to another. "You're right," he grimaces before turning his sights back on the dragons.

In the galleries, Rianna turns towards Fyria, "Who, who?! Who's gonna Impress? The blue?" She asks, poking a finger towards Fyria. "Tell me!" This is her first hatching ever… She wasn't even around for Fyria's, so she's confused about what's going on.

Vaedelle dances around on her feet. The heat was causing the blood in her head to pound in her ears. There may as well be a hidden beat, because between the thrumming, the blood thumping, and her feet hopping, this could turn into a good time! "Please, dragonets and eggs, hurry up…its hot.." Right Vae. Way to go Vae. She smiles at Myli, who is a bit farther away, and siddles closer to Palia.

In the galleries, B'ane has to laugh at that. That D'baji. He's such a card. "No, I don't think I have one of those faces everybody knows. Although I do get "you look like a brother of mine' or even 'were you in Nabol a year ago selling leather supplies?' But. Clingy?" The rider inserts a pause for good measure, "I don't think so. Why, I thought we practically chose the hatchlings ourselves."

Ajala crosses her arms over her stomach and shifts her weight, back and forth. "Yes, I eventually woke up to your screaming, but by then everyone was gone, and I had to find my robe, and I had to get my sandals and…" Sigh. Her gaze is fixated on the dragonets, busy rambling about the sands. "Simply awesome." And she nods for emphasis.

In the galleries, Aysha can't quite take it all in, dragonets on the sands, white robes, heat and excitement. It is quite the spectacle to completely take in.

Those Famous McD's Golden Arches Egg rumbles again, this time more violently. It's been small and constrained for too long. It's time to break free! Show everyone what it can be! Take over the world, Golden Arch style!

Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet makes his choice with an excited sidestep as the blue reaches out towards Zorana, gently brushing against the side of her foot and reaching to nudge her hand with his head. He's made his discovery. Will she make her own?
Tinkering Alchemist Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Zorana, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Pyrene throws Ike a glare. "No, the blue's going to him. See? He's looking straight at him. That boy's got blue written all over him and always has." Secure in her sheer state of being /right/, she folds her arms and glares down at the Sands. And then ohs. "Wait… he's going for Zorana." She knew that.

Amateur Magician's Star-Spangled Cloak Egg manages to keep up its illusion of being a still egg, nowhere near Hatching, for a moment longer. But then it can no longer conceal itself as it starts rocking and cracking. The amethyst splits open in a sudden star-spangled burst of aureate shell-pieces, and, almost magically, a creature appears.

Devoted Seneschal Bronze Dragonet
Nosetip to tailtip copper rollicks, terracotta hide whipping across his long and gangly form like an ancient dust settling upon an adolescent spirit. Ah, the slump of shoulders, the concave curvature of spine, all bowing in a slouch that dips lower, lower, upon wiry haunches and a too-long tail. Damson sparkles in amethyst flecks, lighting the dark tarnished corners of bronze underbelly as the glimmer of starlight in a night sky or the forging of crystals in an elemental fire. Sulfur brushes the tall spars of his wings, breathing color into the tenuous film of sails in hues of calaverite, pyrite, smoky quartz. His head, with its canine snout and ridges carved of clay, is fleshed by cheeks of tiger's eye, topaz and ruddy, and streaked with luster.

Seilyn nods and grins understandably towards her hand-holder, Enceladus. "Just… hold something else if you're going to go all death-grip on me," she offers before turning her eyes back to the eggs. Suddenly she hears a voice, and glancing around sees no owner to it. But then what's that? Sei looks down. "Myli!" Squeak! She nearly swoops down and scoops the young lad up in a tight hug but stops herself and instead offers an affectionate hair-tousle. "I thought you were lost somewhere over near Miria," she comments, shaking her head then. "It doesn't matter now. Here; hold my hand and I'll make sure - Look! Zorana Impressed!"

Graiham very, VERY hastily drops Zorana's hand when the blue approaches her. "Whoa!" is his brilliant comment, and he skitters several steps away from the girl, blinking between her and the blue. "Uhm," he flounders, totally missing the bronze's arrival as he gapes.

Caeran is still in his trance. His entire concious mind is focused on the dragons hatching around him. Suddenly, he snaps out of it. "Zorana! Whoo! What's his name?"

Nylca bounces more, then stops. Was that.. someone she knew? "Hey, is that blue standing by Zorana?" she asks, elbowing a few people out of her way. Hmm, looks like it "Wow, do you think Zorana's Impressed?" she asked with a small giggle.

"ZORANA!!! Oh! Wonderful, wonderful day!!" Let's hope Seana wasn't planning to use her ears later, because the happy jumping and shrieking from Lianta has probably put them out of comission. "And a bronze now, too!"

"Yay Zorana!" Zai cheers happily from the sides. Those Z-names gotta stick together, you know. "Blue! Good thing I didn't bet on Zorana, I would have bet brown," she adds absently to herself.

That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg gets more anxious in its movements. Each shake and shimmer is more defined, almost like a Wiggle dance. Who cares if the Wiggles and Barney are different cable channels? It's Time-to-do-the-Hatching-Dance! *hot potato, hot potato, cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, mashed banana, mashed banana*

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet wheels spazztically around in a circle for a moment, eyes wide and taking in everything. Then, without warning, she cut off on a tangent from the circle and darts - as much as a newborn dragon in deep sand can dart, anyway - towards a clump of candidates. She skids to a wild-eyed stop in front of a messenger lass, then abruptly plops her tookus down in the Sand and gazes up, a rumbly purr noise coming from her throat. You? Nylca? You. Nylca.

In the galleries, Sinead grins before. "ZANA!" Wee! Her guard… oh, wait, that's not her guard recruit anymore, is it. "Well, WEE!" Of course she's excited, and happy.

In the galleries, D'baji stares at B'ane a moment, an attempt to figure out if that last bitabout clinginess is a joke or not. "I dunno… I remember, who was it- the Tunnelsnake- I'll think of her name in a sec, but she was behind me, just didn't really cling to me. I was pretty much un-clung for most of it… But I dunno about choosing, so much. 'Ver sorta… stumbled into me." At which point someone Impressed, Baj yelps and points, and ends the dance in an happy little squeak.

In the galleries, T'am reflexively squeezes Tenan, making the little boy holler, as that first blue finds she who will be his rider. "Zorana! Oh Sian, look. A good match." Nodding in satisfaction he loosens his grip on his eldest son and goes back to watching the action below. "A bronze!" Feel the excitement.

Aladden would tease Zorana further, but she's gone and Impressed. "Lucky girl." Girls are always lucky. But he grins anyway. And notes that Nylca impresses as well. "Lookee here, they gone and found themselves some friends."

In the galleries, Impression! Shaela is thrilled, and joins in the applause of the galleries, flashing a quick grin to Pyrene, Fyria, and the other weyrfolk around her. "I met her once… before she became a Candidate. A lovely young woman. And such a lovely blue." Sniff. It's just such an emotional time.

Those Famous McD's Golden Arches Egg gives a last rock and rolls sideways, coming to rest in the midst of a plethora of purple-tinged clutchmates, and suddenly it looks completely out of place. This won't do. This won't do at all. The egg seems to almost stretch for a moment before it suddenly bursts with a loud, grating creel from the dragonet within, who tumbles out anxiously. Space. Openness. Freedom. /Candidates/.

Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Dragonet
Opalescent green shimmers along the buttersoft hide which drapes around every sinuous, delicate limb of this slender dragon. Sunlight grazes her headknobs and spills down her spry spine, only to fade across the whisper of her elegant and supple tail. Darker intent gleams in the curve of jet-black talons, dainty blades beneath the pearly whorls that dance across her peridot-dusted flanks and curl as crystalline bracelets about each trim leg. Like a secret, a dusky spinner-shaped mark lurks in the shadows of her right forelimb, while an intricate web of cyan and silver ripple from the frames of her sturdy, malachite-sprinkled 'spars. Curvaceous yet slim, she is a contrast of her form's demure beauty and the cunning intelligence bright within the unsettled whirlpool of her gaze.

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Nylca, and steps forward.

Vaedelle gasps as more eggs break and other dragonets Impress to…Z? Z! "Z! Go Z!" Vae hops and skips now, still not standing still. What? Another? Nylca! "Nylie! Go girl! Go!" Why was Vae so happy? Who knows.

"Zoraaaaana!" Squeeeeeal. Oh, Miria's so happy for the newly-made ex-guard. "And a blue! Omifaranth…" Well, she'll go miss Zorana for right now. And as Nylca makes Impression, Miria heart-flitters again. "And Nyls! Ohhhh!" Both of them are given beams as Miria remains clinging to Larix. She's still nervous as anything, y'know.

Wyn applauds from over by the edge of the sands, calmly and Wynnishly, but enthusiastically none the less. "Congratulations, Zorana, Nylca."

Goldean looks over toward Zorana and gasps. "Zooooora!" He claps and dances on his one foot. "I knew she'd impress." He tells Enceladus. "I knew it." Really he thinks all the Candidates are gonna impress so pshaw on them. "Oh, a bronze…. and a Green!" Then toward Nylca… "Ny!"

G'deon hops in the air quickly and gives a short, "Whoop!" He gestures towards Zorana, hoping to lure the new weyrling pair to the side to make room for the others.

In the galleries, Siannen can't help but cheer as the first Impression is made, "Woo! Go Zorana!" And then things happen and happen, boomboomboom, "And the green 'pressed.. " And then another gasp! "Bronze! An' another green!" Woo!

Zorana drops down and unclasps her hand from Graihams as she lightly touches the dragon with a shocked and very pleased expression on her face. She envelops the little dragonet in her arms as she beams brightly, looking up and then standing trembling "Braezyth! His name's Braezyth!" she announces happily to them all

In the galleries, Sii'kyn smirks at Pyrene. "/Ha/. See? Zorana. Not Graiham. Toldja the kid's gettin' green." He twitches. "No, Ram, Graiham cannot Impress gold." He pauses, pauses, and then blinks. "Dude, did that green just choose - what's her name? What's her name? Nys.. Nils… Nylca! That's her. Wonder what the names are gonna be." He ooooh's a green and bronze. "I like the green. That green rocks." He leans forwards. "Wonder what their names are."

Myliren peers around and finally spots his fellow herdertypes. He flashes a smile at Seilyn and then runs across the Sands. Hot hothothothot Yesh, why does it have to be so hot? Just because the eggs need it or something? He slips next to Vae. A security blanket that he didn't know he needed until now. He turns just in time to see Zana and the litlle, well big, blue dragon. His eyes widen as a bronze hatches and another green. "Vae…Mama, COUldn't be HEre." He cracks as well as the eggs.

In the galleries, Sinead grins as Nylca also Impress. "Hee!" she has yet to notice the bronze, unfortunatly, or anything else on the sand, yet, she's so caught up in the thrill of Zana, HER Zana Impressing.

Larnat gasps. "Oh! Ohoh! Zorana! She /Impressed/!!" Larnat's finding it utterly unbelievable, simply standing and gawking, jaw dropping. "Zorana!" is cheered again. But then, something happens. "NYLCA!" is bellowed out over the sands, as her messenger-friend Impresses unexpectedly. And a bronze and a green make their way out onto the sands. "Braezyth," is then noted with a grin towards Zorana.

Seana cheers right after Zorana Impresses to the little blue. "Yay, Zor!" is her congrats to the newest weyrling. A slight grin forms on her expression as she claps once. "Congrats, Ny!" is another comment. Greeen.

Ajala elbows Laytai, squinting as she looks out towards Zorana. "Hey! Look, Zorana Impressed!" She bounces up on the down, both in excitement for Zorana and from the heat. "And Nylca too!" She lets outa little whoop, and a beaming smile towards her two friends. "Oh, Aladden, this is so exciting!" is randomly commented to her brother. Nerves are calming, and now she's really starting to have fun.

In the galleries, Fyria's quick whoop of congrats turns into a blank stare of must-not-jump-so, as Zorana Impresses. "A /fabulous/ bluerider she'll make, I bet. Perhaps one for Inferno?" she muses to Shae and company with a grin. "Shells! Nylca too! How wonderful!" She struggles to contain herself, lest more than the dragonets will be popping out.

Devoted Seneschal Bronze Dragonet falls out of his egg in a much less dignified manner than he'd like - so he's only a dragonet, but still, a better entrance into this grand world wouldn't have been too much to ask for! Only a moment pass, though, before the vain streak is overtaken by another feeling: hunger! Much hunger, actually. And now he must find someone loveable enough to feed him…

In the galleries, Aries gasps loudly, leaning so far forward he falls off his chair at only the second Impression. "Wow!" Oh he wants that. Look how great it is.

Nylca eeps, and cheers. "Zorana /did/ Impress!!" she squealed, and went mid-bounce before nearly falling on her behind. Who? What? Where?? Green?? Oh! Nylca turns and is faced with… a dragon! "Well, I /suppose/ it's exciting, but it's darn HOT!" then she pauses, and giggles, and giggles more, and throws her arms around the green. "Laeth!" is uttered with total joy as Nylca goes into a massive giggle fit right there.

In the galleries, Pyrene leans down. "Zorana /and/ Nylca - hey, those were teh two who burned my underwear." She never did get to the bottom of that. "Must have been Zorana who did it," she decides now, based on dragon colour alone. "Congratulations, Nylca! That's another messenger down - we'll have to recruit after this Hatching."

"Hope so." Laytai snorts. "If all those twittering candidates would just get out of the way instead of screaming and running around, we'd be able to see better." Forget the fact she was one of those screamers not to long ago. "That'll teach you to be more prompt. Really, 'jala. Did you sleep that much as a guard?" Tsk tsk tsk. "Look! A bronze! ..I think? Or… a really odd.." And yet again the girl's speech is destroyed. "What was that?" Her eyes zip over to Zorana. "She impressed!! Zorana! Congrats." But oh no, her happy cheering is not over yet. "Ny…Nylca? My shards, girl! You did it!" Laytai bursts out, stepping away from her fellow messenger and grabbing onto Ajala. "She /did/ it!"

Graiham's still looking a little troubled by the blue's vicinity to himself and Zorana, but it goes away properly as he clears his throat. "Well. Very good choice. That blue." He still hasn't caught up to Nylca Impressing, being a little rapt by what's going on next to him. Huh.

Pae spins around on a heel and /yelps/. "Blue! Braezyth, was it? /Zorana/ and /Braezyth/!" And then…Nylca! Oh, the one Uzasnyth Searched! "/Nylca!/ /Laeth!/" Oh, glowglowglow. Glow.

In the galleries, Aysha sighs softly as she watches the first Impression and then rapidly another takes place. The crowd around her is going wild with their applause and the good natured calling out. Batting a stray piece of hair from her flushed face she leans foward in an effort to see better.

Caeran can hardly take it any more. He is now dancing more from excitement than the heat of the sands. And now Nylca too has found a lifemate. This is too much for him. "OOOOOOoooooooooo!" he howls, for no reason other than pure adrenaline.

In the galleries, "Only burnt your underwear?" Donis overhears Pyrene, and sounds rather scornful. "Someone once shrunk my Dad's." And he looks accusingly at the weyrwoman.

Vaedelle peers over at the moving Myli and smiles. A loving arm is draped over his shoulder, the other, on Palia. "The Herders, still together, always together." She smiles then, and huge grins are sent in ways of Zana and Nylca. Wow. It was happening so fast. The bronze is gazed out, and for a short moment, Vae wishes she was male. But, that quickly passes.

In the galleries, Sadira leans forward too inthralled with the hatching and Impressions to really think of anything witty or stupid to say. She simply finds herself drumming the railling in front of herself. After all, if Dira didn't do something, she would likely cry. And no one really /wants/ to see that. Nope, not at all.

Ajala lets out a breathless sigh towards the newest additions to the dragonets on the sands. "Look at the glorious bronze. And that new green! Now she is a /real/ beauty." And yes, she did sleep that much as a guard. Bad habits die hard, you know. "Oh Laytai! I'm so happy for Nys and Zora!" She's still bouncing on the sands, and yes, she is digging her nails into poor TaiTai's arms. Excitement!

In the galleries, B'ane was about to say something when the Impression of two of the girls happens and then a bronze breaks free from his cell. "There now, wasn't that something.." He sees Aboleoth's eyes from afar radiating with an acute wash of green. "Quick, you do you think that bronze one is going to?" Slipping his hand into a pocket, he reveals a mark and holds it up to the light. "We'll have a friendly wager."

Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Dragonet takes a moment to straighten slowly, as if she had all the time in the world. Jet-black talons flick, ridding themselves of egg goo, and her wings flick outward to resettle more neatly against her body. There. Now she's ready for the entrance. None of this tumbling and falling for her. Nevermind the fact that there's still goo clinging to her neckridges and that her first step forward, toward the mass of white, is less than steady. Now.. what was she doing? Oh, yes. Candidates. There is /one/… she can feel it.

Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg is free now. Free to rock and crackle. Split along every amber faultline of its purple shell. It maintains its intergrity, though barely, and rolls against a fellow egg. *crack* And still it says together.

Enceladus finally dons his first excited smile of the the hatching. "Oh, Zorana! Wow." He breaks the stares for a brief grin once again to Seilyn. "Okay. Sorry." But she's already busy and there are more things to look at, like Nycla Impressing. It's almost too much at once and the boy can't decide what to do. Goldean recieves a quickly mumbled 'Yeah.' before the boy catches site of the next two dragons: a bronze and green. Ah, which to look at?

In the galleries, Sii'kyn pauses. "Laeth and - Breazyth? 'Scuse me, Braezyth. Cool names." He flashes a grin to Py, Shae, and Fizz, unconcerned that he's sitting next to the Two Evils: Blueriders and Goldriders. However, he does aspy someone, and leans over, waving at Sia. "Siannen!" He absolutely hollers, with a grin, before eyeballing Donis. "You've not had your underwear burnt? Kid, you've not lived yet." Saaaage nod.

Aladden's gaze turns towards the two new hatchlings, now frankly curious enough to forget his grouchiness, though he doesn't stop shifting with the heat of the sands. That conniving green is the center of his attention. Ah, to be half as conniving as she. Who shall she pick? Nervous nibbling of nails ensues.

Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg wavers, though isn't nearly convinced that all this dancing about is proper. Still. The other eggs seem to be having a good time at it, and its sure to be better than /all/ of them when it decides to dance.

In the galleries, D'baji casts a downwards glance towards B'ane's mark. And then to the bronze. "I have no idea," is said with a shrug as he digs around in his own pockets rather frantically. "Who knows, maybe… Umm… That oe there?" And Graiham is pointed to. Though he still hasn't managed to come up with any money. Go figure.

Zai stands to the side of the hatching grounds, looking important and AWLMish. "Zorana! Nycla! Over this way!" She looks a little lost, but waves the two pairs over.

Lianta twitches and bounces in place some more. Cling to Seana. Exclaim about the new dragonets and new Impressions. Repeat as necessary.

Devoted Seneschal Bronze Dragonet starts trundling around the sands in a very awkward manner; his big wingsails and still-wet tail getting in the way so he almost trips. With a frustrated creel, his head swings back and forth, staring at all the males - and all the girls, too, now that he's at it. Especially the newly-hatched greens. Oh yeah, they'll make a fine prey one day… but for now, it's food he needs. Oh. Yeah. And a lifemate.

One-Eyed One-Eared Flying Purple People Eater Egg just edges a bit. It is /not/ budging. It's perfectly happy with its one ear, one eye and its shell. Let's just stay like this.

Larnat's got a big, face-breaking grin smacked on her face at this moment, which continues to stay on her face, despite her futile efforts to tone it down. "Oh. Bronze and green, then," as Larnat tries to take back her focus. And succeeds fairly well, dancing. "Two of us gone, /already/?" is half-yelped out towards Laytai and Ajala. Who'll she'll have to cling to, now, in place of Nylca.

Marina looks a bit shifty. Relatively calm towards the beginning, by now she's getting a bit more shaken up. She's called her congratulations to those Impressed, and she's now levitating towards Laytai … shiiiiift … Hello. "Hey there." She tilts her head and looks about. "Quite something, neh?" Her feet are still mostly unfeeling of the heat, 'cept for the occasional absentminded shift.

In the galleries, Rianna grabs onto the closest hing she can find, clinging close to… Fyria's arm. "It's so pretty!" She calls, breathless. "Wow!" lr You doing couches too?

In the galleries, Sapha got caught up in the various memories that she had from her own times on the sands, the vacant stare lasts until the two girls Impress, and then her reminiscing comes to an end. "Ooh Good choices." She mumbles and nods sagely, at least she looks like she knows what she is doing.

Nylca finally stand, after hugging Laeth for…longer than the poor green wanted. Giggling, the new weyrling lead her dragon off to the side to join Zorana.

Zorana short girl doesn't have to bend far as she guides her new lifemate, best friend Braezyth off to the side, beaming all around and only barely hearing the congrats. Her eyes are focused on Braezyth with wonderment, admiration and love from all her heart. Nothing else seems to be in the world now. She wanted to watch the others but in a more focused manner, but her attention is taken now…

In the galleries, Siannen kyees at the sound of her name, squirming in her steat 'til she can see Sii'kyn. "Ike! Ikeeeeyy.." Head is jerked towards her little gathering, "come hold your son? He's gotta be tired of this carrier-thing.. " Toddlers in lap, baby on back, what more could you ask for?

Graiham finally snaps back to the here and now and stops gawking at Zorana and Braezyth. He shakes his head hastily to clear the cobwebs, then turns back to look across the Sands, a little bereft now that there's no one to CLING to. Shuffling, he notes the bronze with a surprised blink, then the green gets the same, then he wipes his palms again. "This is maddening."

In the galleries, Fyria is suddenly clung to, and she breaks into a laugh at Rianna's excitement. "Aren't they though?" Fingers tap upon her belly as she watches with wide eyes, noting the movements of both dragons and riders off the sands.

Grey eyes are flicking from egg to egg, dragonet to dragonet, Candidate to Candidate. Seilyn's mind is whirling with anticipation, adreniline seeping through her every nerve. Her body jumps slightly as another egg wavers and those large grey eyes flick /quickly/ towards it. "Oohh, I'm going to have /so/ much energy to waste after this is over… I'll have to go swimming - " SHe pauses and crosses her legs with a whine and a little dance, having forgotten about having to use the latrines. "Alright, that's /so/ the last time I mention water!"

Ajala ushers Larnat over. "Come, my dear, you look lost! You can cling to me!" She offers the baker-candie a huge smile, all toothy with nervous energy. "And Laytai, is that not the most beautiful green you have ever seen?" Grin. She's hopping, she's smiling, and her brain is melting from the heat.

Seana bounces from one foot to the next, still clinging to Lianta like mad. Dragonets and eggs are watched keenly as she stands there wide eyed. Eep. Poor girl.

Goldean hmms as he watches the bronze and the green. "Wow, they are so much smaller than I imagined them." Course they got a little more to grow before any chance of them being huge like the ex-cook imagined. He is in awe in the moment.

Lis stands in the weyrlingmaster corner - really, it should be fenced off, considering who they've got there. Though Lylia has it mostly under controll, the greenrider waves over the weyrlings which seem, to her eyes, to be Impressing left and right. "Oi! Over here with your lifemates, careful now. Watch those shards, boy, you're barefoot!"

Myliren smiles and hugs Vae tight. A gulp here and then another. Mother will kill him if he embarrasses her. He pulls a little away to stand next to Vae with a smile flashed at Palia. Three herders seached almost together, maybe they will Impress together as well? He pushes the auburn locks out of his face as he shuffles from foot to foot. "What ARe the WAiting for?" He asks as he watches the two dragons and then the eggs.

G'deon wanders over to Zorana and holds out a hand as he beams down at her. "Congratulations to you and Braezyth there," he says, just loud enough for the new weyrling and those nearest to hear.

In the galleries, Pyrene fiddles idly, sending the odd sniff in the direction of anybody who irritates her, currently all and sundry. "Bronze and green now. Well, least it's a nice flow of greens. Not that we need any more." Having been wrong twice, she's going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the Hatching.

In the galleries, B'ane also accepts charge cards, or in this case, wine or even a free dragon-wash. "Alright. Not a bad choice." Rubbing the money against between his fingers, the Istan sweeps his gaze over those remaining. "My marks going to… that one." And Goldean is pointed to. "He looks like he's got what it takes." Again, just a rider's assumption.

In the galleries, Rianna nods quietly, her body smushed close to Fyria for comfort. "Yes," she whispers, staring wide-eyed at the pretty bronze.

Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Dragonet stands for a long moment, without moving. Only her eyes, bright and active, show signs of life as she rakes the candidates almost violently with her gaze. There is /one/. She /knows/ there is one. It almost seems as if she's tucking away every detail of the scene for future use, taking notes. Suddenly, she moves. A specific section of white.. yes. It's there. A few stumbling steps carry her toward Enceladus, and she dips her muzzle with the intent of giving him a testing nuzzle. Or shove, depending on what she decides. It's here. She /knows/ it.

Wyn is much less vocal than the other AWLM sorts, but just as efficient, offering a bucket of chopped meat to the new Impressees. "You'll feed them properly when you're in the Barracks, but if the Hatching drags on, we have got you covered," She then beams slightly at the blue and the green. Awwww.

Nylca is finally over where she..belongs? Laeth buts her head against the poor girl as Nylca tries to stop her giggles. "I…just…can't…help…it!" giggle, giggle, giggle. SHe grins at Zorana, she grins at Lis, she grins at the wall….ooooook. "What? Paint? WHERE?!?" Panic! Laeth is quickly inspected before the source is located. Stomach. "Food?" She asks around.

Lis sighs despondently as Enceladus is snagged by a green. "All the pretty ones /always/ Impress green," she complains to whoever's in the vicinity. "It's not fair."

Goldean looks at Ence who is standing next to him. "Um…. Ence… you might wanna… wow!" His face looks brightened again as the man smiles, "Beautiful green."

Devoted Seneschal Bronze Dragonet suddenly lets out a sharp creel as he watches his clutchsister. Hey! Back off, sis! That one's mine! The lanky form shoots straight for Seilyn, and then….. oh, wait. Not her. Him! Enceladus. His.

In the galleries, D'baji nods, and then makes a point of keepinghis e yes on that bronze. "Nverath says it's sort of degrading to be betting on Impressions, by the way. Just so that you're aware that we're disapproved of." And the affection manages to seep into his voice by the end. Blame the current situation.

Devoted Seneschal Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Enceladus, and steps forward.

Part 2

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