High Reaches' 9th PC Hatching (part 2)

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
6th December 2002
Logged by Donis

Part 1

Zorana grins as she takes the offered hand with a twinkle in her eye, one hand still on Braezyth. Grins as the little blue nudges her again and she beams down at him and then all around and everywhere… back to G'deon who's the person before her.

Graiham, who'd been watching the green, reels a little as she heads toward Enceladus. "I guess he made it out here after all," he muses stupidly, then pitches forward as the bronze heads over there TOO. "And a good thing, apparently!"

Vaedelle is just about to answer Myli when…Ence Impressed. "Ence! Encececece!" The only thing keeping Vae from running is the fact that she had two people on her arms. "Bronze! Go Ence!"

"Oh, thank Faranth!" Lis whoops, and nearly falls over. It's shameful.

In the galleries, Sii'kyn quietly moves as is requested, settling in next to Siannen with a beam, picking up Syke with a deftness not felt before. "How do you like the Hatching so far, sweet?" he questions of the nanny, beaming. "Dude. Is that /Ence/?" He pauses. "Wait. Hasn't Impressed yet." Cough. "Dude. Ence - Sei - Sei - Ence - " So, okay, for everyone's considerations: he's /confused/.

Ooooh. Another Impression meets Miria's eyes; this time, Enceladus's. "Green?… No, bronze! Yaaaay! Go Enceladus!" Happy happy. She's glad to see him all Impressed and stuff, of course. "Whassis name?" Momentarily, she's released her baker-cling-target from her clutches to spring up and down like a moron. Yup.

Lianta blinks slightly as bronse and green both gang up on Enceladus. "Well, they can't /both/ have him," she notes.

Larnat scooches over closer to Ajala, seeing as she's just been offered an invitation to do so. "Green and a bronze. Which d'you bet will Impress first?" is then asked of the two, although her /eyes/ are currently focused on the dragons moving about the sands. And their quest, but then… "Enceladus!" is squeaked excitedly. Yes; Larnat's been reduced to squeaking. But hey. And then, Impression for Ence. "Whoo! Ence!"

In the galleries, Shaela gives a quiet hmm as she admires the newest arrivals, bronze and green. "Personally, I'm just wondering who our newest wingmate will be. And how in the world we'll be training her." She pats her belly and adds, "I'll be out of commission for the next few months, certainly. Still. A new goldrider will spread the load, somewhat. And it'll be nice to have another non-pregnant rider in the wing." Ahem.

Aladden giggles behind his hands at the schene. "Now that, my dears, was silly." He's perfectly addled, by now. with nerves? With lack of sleep? Who knows, with Aladden.

Palia screeches as so many Impressions are made. "Zana! Nylca! Ence!" Too fast! It was happening way too fast! She jumps up and down, and side to side. "Go guys!"

In the galleries, Pyrene peers. "Enceladus! Hah! A nanny on… green? No, bronze! Oh good! Wonderful! Up nannies! Go brat cave!" Maybe pregnancy isn't contagious, but hormones seem to be as Pyrene suddenly mood swings to elation.

In the galleries, "Great Faranth's golden backside, is that boy going to Impress /2/ dra - -oh!" Fyria looks a bit sheepish as the bronze chooses Enceladus. "Shells. I think this heat's getting to me…" Shaela gets a look, and a snort. Nonpregnant indeed.

Seana blinks at Ence and the two dragonets. Green? Bronze? Err.. Ok, so it's finally bronze that snags the boy. "Congrats, Ence!" says she right afterwards.

Laytai grins to Marina. "Aye, it is." She comments and gives a quick shake of her head. "She's gorgeous, yeah. And kinda cute." In a just-hatched-baby-dragon way. Her eyes watch as Zorana and Nylca walk off with their new lifemates before centering her attention back at the hatching. "Hey! That green is going for Enceladus…" Pause. "No.. wait.. that bronze is." Blink. "So who got to him first?" She wonders outloud before catching the cheers of the others. "Bronze? He got the bronze?" Laytai'll take their word for it. "Way to go Enceladus!!"

Seilyn's heart races as the green and then the bronze head for Enceladus, confusion engulfing her for a mere few moments before all is cleared up and she bursts into laughter. "Congratulations, Enceladus! I think you've got yourself an /awesome/ bronze!" A knight in shining armour for Enceladus. Make him manly, oh Bronze Dragonet. Faranth knows he needs /someone/ to teach him how to flirt with a lady. "Now then..Back to the clutch." But wait a minute. What of Enceladus' green?

Caeran is in awe. Eveyone is so happy, and all his friends seem like they are being ripped away from him. Never mind that there are still so many dragonets left to hatch. "Congrat, Ence," he says almost sorrowfully.

Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Dragonet backs off rapidly, letting a low, irritated growl rumbles under her breath. That wasn't /nice/. She wasn't done testing. Still.. he wasn't the one. She's quite sure. But it's /close/, and if she can only… an abrupt swing of her head fixes that intense gaze on Seilyn. So /this/ is it. /Here/ it is. With a demanding creel, she steps forward. She found her. The one.

In the galleries, T'am clears his throat, but makes room for Ike, giving the brownrider a half-greeting wave as he slides over a bit with Tenan. He's only half-paying attention to events around him anyway, all his focus is on the sands, as he squints to see who is Impressing.

Aftermath of a Fall Egg cracks abruptly as one of its clutchsibs cracks into it. The stunned occupant, a rather bedraggled-looking blue, staggers out and blinks around blearily. He trips over his own tail as he moves forward, landing hard at the feet of a healer lad, who stoops to check on him. F'lldown gazes wonderingly at the blue. "Goboomth!"

Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Seilyn, and steps forward.

Ajala chuckles as she gestures towards Enceladus. "Obviously, the bronze!" And she laughs heartily, linking an arm through Larnat's, then she raises a fist in congratulations. "Way to go Enceladus!" And then she watches as the green heads over to Seilyn. "Hey, they just did a switcharoo!" She giggles and points. "Did anyone else see that?"

Nuff watches the impressions - or the attempts at them. "Sneaky thing, that little bronze. But look - Oh the green does know where she is going." Nuff laughs, watching the little play work itself out. "That's good. And a girl at that. Well well well."

In the galleries, Aries is beaming wildly, loving every second of the Hatching, but he's lacking someone to share with, so he hops to his feet, pushing and shoving and rushing his way over to Rianna. "Anna! Push over," he calls, squishing himself down beside her. "Did you /see that/! It was great! I… Oh look at that! She got a green!" He shouts, pointing and bouncing.

Goldean chuckles and looks at Ence, "Well then, nevermind… beautiful bronze though Ence." And then a chuckle at Seilyn."ooh, found the right one this time."

"Ah, congratulations Enceladus!" calls over Wyn. "And… Seilyn?" The bluerider's eyes widen. "On… green?" There's a sudden paling of the woman's light olive skin. "Faranth help us all."

In the galleries, B'ane almost drops his mark when both are proved wrong, but by skill alone it's saved from the dirty, wild refuse of the floor. "Tell Nverath there's nothing wrong with a little wager. It makes the occasion much more interesting. We should have asked him if he had a favorite.." Oh well, there's always another candidate to chose from, right?

Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg begins to shake, now, deciding it can no longer hang back from the trend sweaping this court full of eggs. It dances, first gyrating slowly and then picking up speed, rolling off its little spot and spinning towards the other eggs.

G'deon bends down a bit to get a good look at Zorana's new lifemate, though careful not to crowd. "He's probably hungry. Don't worry, very soon we can take you to the food. And some peace and quiet." A valued commodity, to be sure.

One-Eyed One-Eared Flying Purple People Eater Egg is out of control! It starts to rock, really rockin' around, sure looking strange! Huff, puff, fluff: kaboom! Purple flies everywhere, with a horn-shaped shard landing right at Tiareth's feet. And the monster inside makes her exit - her entrance - with a roll and a flip and a creeling fanfare.

Cryptic Jester Green Dragonet
Juniper and chartreuse dance the fine line twixt sobriety and drunken revelry, inadvertently flamboyant as they tumble headlong over this dragonet's spindly form. Vivacious wingsails flare in a pitiful mockery of royal robes, heliotrope juggled with malachite in a dazzling motley of color; jauntily tilted headknobs, each anointed with a jingle of gold, illuminate her angular face with a simian intelligence. Flecks of pyrite gambol down the arched neck, cavorting amidst the somersault of dark ridges over her bony back before disappearing - as if by sleight of hand - into the deceptive obscurity of her plain-draped flanks. A poesy of blue and gold giddily patches her twisting, prehensile tail, blending to a prosy green over the knobby-kneed, lanky limbs - but the sparkle of keen wit, a hidden ember flaring in those deep eyes, belies the jocularity of her eccentric hide.

In the galleries, Pyrene tips her head and smiles. "And Seilyn. Well that's nice…. She's got her dragon this time. Didn't she stand with you, Fyria? Ike?"

Lis wanders over in her glee to nudge Wyn in the ribs, or at least attempt to. "Please. She can't be any worse than /me/ - Er. That one's kind of… ugly." That green that just hatched, that is.

Nylca is nudged again by Laeth. "Laeth's hungry too," she just wants to remind you all of that. She giggles at Zorana, and bounces forward, followed eagerly by a pouncing Laeth. "Zorana! I missed his name!" she was busy Impressing.

Graiham jumps a touch as the 'Fall Egg breaks shell, eyeing the creature that emerges from a VERY safe distance. He heaves a visible sigh of relief when the blue Impresses to someone else - way over there. "Another green?" he says immediately thereafter, having just glanced to the most recent Hatching in time to see the dragonet spill from therein.

Nuff glowers at Lis. "None of Tiareth's dragonets are ugly. Even that one."

In the galleries, Rianna blinks, turning to glance at Aries. She wraps her other arm around the boy, keeping herself securely surrounded by her friends. "Yeah! That one's hatching! Look! It's green, too!"

"Another green?" notices Lianta, looking intrigued. "That's three of five now… Go, girls!" she calls. Yes, so they statistically make up half the Weyr. Lianta cares not. "She's… interesting."

In the galleries, Sii'kyn wriggles, offering T'am a nod. Bouncebounce. "Is that - " He stares. "Oh, shells. Seilyn's on a green. Faranth help us all." He stares, and half-coughs. "Yeah, she did," he calls over to Pyrene. "She did." Just… choke him now, 'cause he's about to die of laughter. Okay, so he's not going to die of laughter, because, you know, he's cradling the baby and whatnot, but.. still.

Zi'n just keeps diplomaically quiet after Nuff's statement…

Ajala's eyes go wide at the newest green addition. "Now that one looks like it has some real life to it!" She beams a grin and gives Laytai a huge hug for no apparent reason, then suddenly facepalms, and offers a /very/ belated bow to Tiareth and Orbyth, as well as their riders. "Oy vey. I'm such a mess!" But a grinning mess, so its okay.

Lis doesn't want to start a fight with Nuff (she probably bites) but her expression shows she's of the opinion that /that/ dragon is certainly pushing the envelope of 'comely'.

"Ooooh… another blue?… And another green… TWO greens! And… SEI!" Miria yells with delight over towards her starcrafting pal as the greenie makes Impression. "WHOO!" Awww, she's happy. Really, really happy. She's not even shuffling on the sands, because she's too busy being happy for Seilyn.

Blinking, Myliren belatedly shouted for Seil and Cela. He watches as another green hatches and smiles. "Vae, do you think she wants you?" Never mind him. He can't think of the possiblity just yet.

Aladden curls his toes in the sand, then winces and uncurls them, dancing a little jig of burned feet. "Owowow. Another green? Lot of those." The arguing riders are given a grin. They're ugly, but he ain't arguing with nobody. he's too hot to argue. "e're all a mess, Ajala."

Seana stares at the newly hatched green dragonet and beams. Pretty green. Very pretty green. Even though it seems a little lanky, it's still pretty. Yesyes.

In the galleries, Donis sighs, watching Impression after Impression and sulking lots.

In the galleries, D'baji pauses a moment, then peeks towards B'ane with a rather bland expression. "He says that the occasion is interesting enough as it is, and if we need to spice it up with a little bit of gambling we've missed the point entirely." And so D'baji manages to look defeated, and hunches slightly.

Larnat can't keep up with everything. F'lldown, Goboomth, and /oh/! "Seilyn!" is then cheered, as the other candidate Impresses, and Larnat gawks as yet /another/ green comes out. "Is this whole clutch green?" is asked, somewhat grumpily. But that's just Larnat, you see. It does make sense, of course. Since half the population of the Weyr's dragons should be green. Or something along those lines.

Palia lets out a small squeal as another egg hatched, rather clumsily, and then a green. She cheers for Ence and Seil, letting out loud 'woots', but other than that, she was silent, scared halfway to between.

Nuff ammends that. "Well. Perhaps Cadgwith was. But…" And she looks up into the galleries seekiing the other Weyrwoman - and to see who else has come to watch the fun.

In the galleries, Siannen squeals! "Enceladus!" Beam. "He liked It." And then, "Seilyn! Woohoo!!" Her most favouritest of the candidates Impressed! And a green! Ike is snickered at, "I think it's lovely. And Enceladus' bronze is, too.. " And what's that? "Another green!"

Caeran gazes at the newest green. "Wow. That one sure is pretty." His disagrees with Nuff's coment. He has no basis for it. he just likes to disagree. In fact, he'd probably disagree if someone told him his name was Caeran right now. He's that irritated.

Royal Tyrian Robe of Caesar Egg dances feverishly, rolling onto its point as it gives one final, terminal pirouette. At the height of its spin it pauses, seems to hold its pose for one long, breathtaking moment, as if to make sure that all eyes are upon it. When the timing is exactly right, the egg still balanced precariously on its tip, the shell explodes with twin-cataclysmic force from both its point and base in a storm of fragments.

Vain Knight Errant Brown Dragonet
Dark, darker, darkest - regal, militant brown heralds a broad draconic form, rolling over staunch forequarters with phantom grace. Touches of noir accent deep skybroom, gliding up a well-arched neck and soaring over high headknobs to a sharply raptorial muzzle. Kiting downwards over proud eagle-crest 'ridges, walnut fades into the darkest entrenchments of pitch, giving him a distinct, narrow profile. Uniform wings deny all impressions of a narrow nature, however; the pair flare broadly, tinted with soot and worked to a blackened Cyprus perfection. Rich of frame and color, the 'sails are heightened by odd, birdlike impressions: tiny traces of purest ebony etch out the faintest pattern of - plumage? Feathers, indeed, the ornamental markings offer, from dark base to the tips of ebon-black wingspars. Talons reflect the same raven aniline, curving and lethal by the looks of them, set well upon heavy paws. Robust nature and expansive frame, he's fitted together with superb adroitness - hardly unwieldy, a majestic blend of champion and fiend.

In the galleries, Sakari's eyes flick back and forth as she tries to see everything with not much success. She watchs silently as yet another dragon cracks shell and another green at that. The dragonets were pretty, but so ungraceful, well that would come later. They were also big, well not so big compared full grown dragons, but big when you compared them with her small stature. She nodded to herself and leaned forward to watch more intensely.

Marina bounces idly from foot to foot, squeaking slightly and shouting her congratulations to Enceladus, and then Seilyn, trying out both dragon's names over her tongue and canting her head slightly. A grin is given, regarding the Sands slowly. "Wow. Lookit 'em go … One of them yours, Laytai?" A teasing elbow is nudged her way.

In the galleries, Aysha can't hear quite what is being said down on the sands. Too much noise is around her, but she does note a rather irritated look on the goldrider. She scans the sands , but can't see the cause. Instead, her eyes fix on first one dragonet and then another and the bouncing white robes.

Zorana nods at G'deon "Oh yes.. he's soo hungry… sooo hungry… " she says looking at Braezyth, not too much shorter than she! Yeah! She kneels down next to him still with a hand on his beautiful blue hide constantly looking from him to G'deon to the other candidates.

Shaking in her skin, Seilyn stares back at the green standing before her. "Aibhlusaith…" Sei murmurs, collapsing into her green beauty before throwing herself back up onto her feet and crying out to the world - "Her name is Aibhlusaith!"

Two dragonets coming straight for him? Enceladus backs up absently in confusion, letting go of his already lose hold of Seilyn's hand. And before he even has a chance to think or be more confused, he's suddenly staring like in a daze right into the eyes of that big, clumsy bronze. It seems like forever and Enc doesn't even seem to notice all the congratulations as his arms suddenl fling about the dragon's neck. "Ejotzeth!" he finally exclaims, his face looking like it can't decide between crying or laughter; he eventually chooses a shakey half-laugh.

Larnat yanks on Ajala's arm. "Look! A not-green! It's a /brown/," is noted decisively. Like Leurat's Skitzoth. Candidate's robe is tugged on, as she gives the green a quick glance, sparing a glance and a grin for Seilyn as she gets an Aibhlusaith. And Ence, as he claims an Ejotzeth.

In the galleries, B'ane isn't so easily dissuaded. "Well, I guess I'll have to butt choices with Aboleoth." The bronze is more lax in that manner. "Now that's a nice looking brown. Very dark for one, but interesting nonetheless. And a healthy number of greens, as well." There can never be enough of those in any wing.

Cryptic Jester Green Dragonet is still doused slightly with egg goo, and with a flick-of-the-wing jovially removes it and waltzes around. Step here, step there. Her brother's hatching gets a brief glance, her other brother's Impression getting one as well - and then both eyes and the rest of the body is focused on the white-robed wonders. Hmm. Whooooo…

Goldean hmms as he wiggles on his one foot and then forgets why he was balancing and changes onto his other foot. Of course it strikes him as the heat burns through his foot and then again. His green eyes watch the green and then the brown, beautiful. but now he's by himself.

In the galleries, All dragons are ugly when they hatch of course. Some grow into their ugliness better than others. Cadgwith is a shining example of beauty, for instance - in a rugged, cliff-face sort of way. Pyrene is fortunately blissfully ignorant of what Nuff is saying. "Odd looking green… Nice brown though. /What/ name did Seilyn say?"

"Ejotzeth!" echoes Lianta to Seana, if, somehow the other young woman failed to hear it. "What a lovely name! And Aibhlusaith, too!"

With all the activity going on around her, Laytai can't keep her eyes on everything, even though she trys to with all her might. "Can't this slow /down/?" She lets out a whine as she tries to catch the newest impressions and the newest hatchlings. "Anyone else Impres.. oh.. shardit! I'll find out later." Hands are thrown up in defeat. Enough trying to keep up with things. "I'm not to sure, Marina." Laytai smirks before crossing her arms. "Could be. What about you? Think one of 'em are your destined?"

Graiham looks toward the thinning number of Candidates with anotehr of those gulps. Ought to trademark them. He edges toward chubby Frederin who's now standiny by himself, but never gets all the way there, stopping well out of range. His feet shuffle and stuff, but he seems to run out of 'witty' things to say. For now.

Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg continues to battle the inevitable: purple into gold, gold into puprle, the war of the colors travels from one end of the shell to the other. For a moment it looks like the purple will win, but then, no, there's the bright ambers again splitting the darkness.

Ajala laughs and pats Larnat's arm comfortingly, as her own is practically tugged out of the socket. "Yes dear, it is, indeed, a brown." She smiles and tears her fixated glance away from the hatchlings for a moment. "Hey, weren't you going for brown? OO! That could be /yours/!" She winks and then then returns her eyes to the dizzying activity before her.

That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg wiggles and curves to the non-rhythm of the adult dragons' humming, still doing the I'm-Ready-To-Hatch-Soon! dance of loove. Because the egg loves you and you love the egg. A happy weyr it will be.

Vain Knight Errant Brown Dragonet gives a quick flick of his wings and a swish of his tail, freeing himself from the battle-gore of fighting out of his egg. Now that that war is won, where shall he find something to /eat/? He's hungry, he's irritable, and he's loud: the robust brown hatchling announces his presence vocally, and waits in shocked silence as he realizes none of his admirerers are rushing towards him with food. Well, he'll just have to go do it himself, then, and the arrogant brown wanders towards all the noise and movement.

Wonders are for the new-hatched. Nerves are for the candidates whoa re the wonders. Aladden chews his nails some more, staring at the Cryptic green with wide eyes. The brown, too, gets the eye. Where, and who and how will they pick? Twitch.

Myliren blinks and looks over at the other herder turned candidates and then hears the cracking again and turns. Eyes are wide as he bounces a bit, "A brown.." he stutters, there is a hint of fear but then what candidate wouldn't be afraid, but then there is the awe and nervousness all wrapped together as well, doing much to make this boy quite, quite confused.

In the galleries, "I like the darkness of him," D'baji muses with a shrug. "And wow, the names of this one, eh?" As an ear is turned towards the Sands in the hopes of hearing them more clearly. "I don't really think… Well, 'Ver hears the same… Interesting. Whose clutch is this, again?"

Vaedelle tries to breathe as her heart pounds, rushing more blood into fodder for the beating in her ears. she could barely hear anything, and that heat was almost unbearable. She raises her hand to her head, as if to clear it, but not without shouting Congrats towards Ence and Seil. More eggs shake, and Vae tries to concentrate. A little extra weight is put on Myli, but Vae's fine. Just hot.

Caeran looks around in awe. So many impressions. So many dragonets. It's all so wonderful. So exciting. So confusing. Feeling suddenly like he is out on the sands naked, he clings to the nearest person-Graiham. "You're a healer, aren't you? Can you tell me why I feel so…sick?"

Seana beams at Lianta and still clings to the girl. "I wonder who will be next?" she then muses. Blue eyes flick around the Sands at random people and objects.

"Ooooooh." After the brown and green are noticed, Miria's eyes flitter around in the confusion she's been feeling ever since she got prodded to put on her robe. "Hmmm, an' the brown out of one of my favorites… ah. Bet it'll go to somebody very, very worthy, a'course," she thinks aloud to nobody in particular- well, she doesn't really care about who hears it, right now. "And shardit, I wish I had a sweetstick to relieve all this nervous energy…oooooo…"

In the galleries, Rianna gasps, pointing a wildly waving finger at the sands. "It's a brown! Fyria, Aries, it's /brown/! I wonder whose he is!"

Graiham's expertise is needed! Without even looking at Caeran (Very bad form, but he's kind of fixated on other things.), he rattles off, "It's a natural response to a stressful situation. Add to that the heat, and it's a wonder Candidates don't faint out here. Although it's arguable that having so many stimuli makes it imposs…" Fortunately, he trails off after the brown's utterance.

Larnat blinks at Ajala. "Well, you don't really /go/ for anything. I adore Skitzoth, but then again, Ivioth's nice too." Larnat is, indeed, babbling. It's the trend, you know. Nervousness equals babbling beyond all belief. Feet are lifted, too, although more out of nervousness and habit than anything else - Larnat's immune to the pain, at this point.

In the galleries, B'ane tries the names on his tongue for good measure. "Real tongue twisters, I know. What ever happened to classical names like 'Oth?' They'll have to think up some good nicknames." That, or publish pronounciation guides. "The dam's Tiareth, dragon of Nuff and the sire is Z'in's Orbyth, if I remember correctly."

In the galleries, Aries is tugging back on Rianna, bouncing around almost in sync with her fidgiting. "He's pretty, too. They all are."

In the galleries, The loudest noice on the Galleries comes from a large group of lightly armor clad darkskinned guards standing off in the corner, after the latest bronze impressing to the men's youngest brother. Having been quiet up till now, it seems they're letting out all the pilled out noice out in one loud cheer for Enceladus.

Goldean hmms as he is kinda by himself, with Seilyn and Enceladus gone he's standing on one foot and just attempting to watch the hatching. A peek at the botton of his bare foot and a shrug. "Eew, that's gonna be sore in the morning."

Caeran nods shakily. "Thanks, Grai. Hopefully I don't pass out." Suddenly, an even worse wave of sickness passes over him. This time, he feels like he's really going to throw up. Ugh. He doubles over to keep from gagging.

Bottle of Sand-Artwork Egg cracks suddenly, seeming to meld into its surroundings more than anything else. A small, lightly colored dragon bundles out. A blue, after much peering to discern what pigment there is on his hide. Like a whirlwind, he aims straight towards a girl to his right and wraps himself possessively around her feet. "Flurryth!" Sno cries, dropping down to hug the blue.

Nuff watches still, wide-eyed and deligthed with all of them. "And the little brown. And the little green. And oh look at the Candidates, don't they look scared? Well, some of them do. But then there's the one's just waiting. Oh but I'm glad that's not me." Nevermind its been scores of turns since it was her.

In the galleries, "Oh, right." And D'baji blushes. "I probably should've known that too, eh?" And the faintest roll of his eyes comes. "but right. Hmm… Amazing, really. The names. I think it'd be great if one of them popped out witht he name of 'Oth' or whatever it was you said. One syllable, at least."

Marina agrees, heartily, with Laytai. "Yeah, if this doesn't slow down …" Human eyes just cannot cope. But then again, they don't need to. She looks out to the Sands again, giving a tiny speculative ponder over each Hatchling having broken-shell, and then shrugging her shoulders. "I dunno. Probably not … but I can hope?" She gives a chuckle and then turns back. "Eee. More of them." Feet shuffle anxiously. Shuffleshuffle.

Graiham blinks repeatedly at Caeran, then around the immediate vicinty. "Uhm, Caeran. That's not really a good idea. I mean, you're not going to find a good Healer out HERE. So you'd be better to wait till after the Hatching to get sick," he explains hastily, and oh-so-practically, stepping toward the other fellow mincingly, apparently still unsure about taking his eyes off the peril of dragonets.

Seana dances from foot to foot as she watches her fellow candidates and dragonets alike. A few eggs are glanced at and then she blinks. Eep. It's getting hotter.. or so it seems.

Lianta giggles, as she clings to Seana tightly. "Look at that brown go! And look at Caeran," she murmurs softly. "Poor dear. His first hatching, too." Sniff. Light steps are taken, although the heat of the sands is nothing to her excitement.

Larnat watches as another name's called out, and peers appropriately, although she isn't wearing any earsplitting grins. Because she didn't know Sno all that well. Either way, she's still dancing on the sands, waiting for another dragonet to make a move. Or something along those lines.

Caeran forces his stomach to continue working properly, then turns to Lianta. "Yes. My first time. And wow, I'm nervous." In fact, it's pure torture. He then turns back to the action to admire the brown. Another beautiful dragon.

In the galleries, B'ane re-crosses his outstretched legs. "I'm sure you're forgiven, I mean I don't know the parents of clutches all around Pern either. I was just here a sevenday ago and that's when I learned of them myself. Are you going to stay for the festivities after the Hatching?" The bronzerider poses.

Laytai moves her feet around, the heat starting to sink in like nothing before. "I don't think I'll be able to walk after this.." She grumbles out, all the while lifting one foot and then the other in a continuous dance. "We all can hope. And whose to tell who what dragon goes to." It is a mystery. Another impression is noted and the normal congradulations is yelled along with it. Laytai won't have much of a voice after this, as well.

Cryptic Jester Green Dragonet trots about quite contentedly. Maybe, maybe, maybe - but not yet. Taking looks at every white-robed wonder, she ponders a trick up her sleeve, maybe one to fool them. Though it's decided against, and the Cryptic Jester simply trots some more. And considers them all, one by one, in more detail each time. Hmm.

Vain Knight Errant Brown Dragonet stumbles towards the clouds of white, growing more sure of himself with each placement of his talons. He pauses for a scant moment in hesitation, as his dark hide provides him no cover amongst all those white bodies. And any of them could be the Enemy. But. One of them must have the prize of his mission: food. So he's going to be daring enough to take the risk, and he charges head-on towards the candidates.

Goldean just looks quiet as he gazes around the hatching sands, standing on one foot, in the middle of the heat and burning smell of skin. Ain't that lovely.

In the galleries, D'baji shrugs faintly. "I probably should. The whole appearance-making thing. Maybe get a few people who recognise me, eh? And then I could always swing by to see Diraija too, and that'll work out all nicely… Probably, yeah. Festivities are good, nothing wrong with food. What about you?"

Graiham looks duly relieved when Caeran seems to get it together, and he steps back toward where he was before, walking a few shuffles backward. "Okay. Very good," he says with a satisfied nod. "Better be ready to bolt any second, you know," he adds, nodding toward the bolting brown with a hint of trepidation himself. Taking his own advice.

Wyn shuffles a little, the Sands heat starting to burn through her boots as she continues to guide the newly-hatched over to the safety and relative cool of the Sands edge, pausing now and again to congratulate a pair she knows here or there. She pauses by Seilyn. "Faranth help us… but she's lovely, Sei…"

In the galleries, Rianna eyes the eggs and those on the stand pointing at the eggs. "Aries, there's gotta be a gold one, right? That one has to be gold. Right?" She eyes it carefully, frowning, "Maybe it's brown…"

Ajala watches the green prance about with awed wonder. The vivacious flamboyance! "Gosh, she's purdy…" is drawled comically and the candidate lets out a little sigh, her grip on Laytai's arm increasing to vice strength. "This is so much fun! Despite the fact that my stomach has turned itself into one big knot." But that's okay!

Caeran leaves out a gasp as the bronwn heads for them. He has just realized how BIG these hatchlings can be. If he were to get run over by one of those things…and he's sick again. He begins to back away. Just in case things take a turn for the worse.

In the galleries, Xinea comes down from the ledges as her friend with green Kith bring her from Tillek Hold. She settles down in one of the seats and looks out over the sands. "Oh good, none of the herders have impressed yet. I'm not too late then." She fingers her crafthead second knot as her teal eyes study the sands and the dragonets that are hatching and impressing.

Zana has an arm draped around Braezyth, close to her little beautiful blue still checking in her mind if it's all real. She beams encouragingly to those left hoping that they can have the same fate as she.. the happiest fate of all.. come on guys!

In the galleries, Sasha wanders up the steps to the galleries, a smile curling her lips….Nothing like a hatching to bring out the crowds. "Hey all! Glad I got here in time!!" Quickly she finds a good place to perch and winking at those she recognises scans the sands to watch the remaining action.

In the galleries, Aries shakes his head, point at a different egg. "That one's /brown/, Rianna, /there's/ the gold, I've been to hatchin's before." He giggles nudging her and pointing at a pretty egg.

Larnat eeps briefly, as the brown makes a charge, her eyes lingering on it for a moment, before she gives a glance at the green. And then, an emphatic nod is shot at Laytai. "My feet are /burning/." And then Laytai gets a brief glare. "Hey. I had almost forgotten about them. You just reminded me." But this isn't the time to glare, so Larnat heaves a gusty sigh. "I'm sorry. Anyway." Isn't she quick? No time to be slow, out on the sands.

In the galleries, Shaela is sitting, in all her full-term glory, with Pyrene, Fyria, and an assortment of other riders and weyrfolk. Informed by Chayath that Lesh is on his way, she keeps an eye on the entrances, waving frantically the moment she spots her weyrmate.

Marina's dance begins to get a bit more frantic as the heat seeps further into her mind, becoming hard to ignore as it scorches her soles. The collective Dance of the Candies is joined, and she manages to remain mostly in the same place while she shuffles. "Yeah… Guess we'll just have to wait to see." Unfortunately. She isn't as.. vocal.. as Laytai in her congrats, but she also hopes to have vocal cords after this is over.

As the brown rushes the candidate, Myliren yipes and pushes vae slightly as he tries to make sure he isn't in the path of the angery brown. "Look OUT!" He cries out as he moves. Auburn locks blowing in the slight breeze under his cap.

In the galleries, B'ane lurches forward and rests his hands on the balcony railing. "You always seem to turn a few heads now and again and since it's a Hatching strangers usually walk right up to you and start a conversation. As for me, I'll probably go. Although I'm not so gregarious, myself."

Vain Knight Errant Brown Dragonet struts between a blonde-haired pair of candidates. He weaves artfully between the (somewhat dancing) pillars of white, making sure they all see him. Are they all watching? Yes? Good. But he still needs to find that special one, who has food and who will dance with him in the skies, and he thinks he spots a likely girl. So, head held high, he stops playing to his audience and prances towards a knot of candies in particular.

In the galleries, Pyrene winks at Sash. "You missed all the fun - we had a green and a bronze fighting over Enceladus. The bronze won of course, and the green settled for Seilyn." Alas poor Seilyn, doomed to be a consolation prize. "Fyria and Shaela still haven't popped though," the unpregnant weyrwoman notes wryly, trying to give herself room between the two bellies.

Miria's tummy has been flip-flopping and turning like mad throughout the course of the hatching, and already she's gone back to bouncing around. However, this time it's more from nerves than burning. "Eeee… Brown brown green green… oh, I do hope they make good choices… and watch out, too," she adds a bit plaintively as she hops back and forth, alternating her feet.

Cryptic Jester Green Dragonet belives, straight out, she's found the one! Her trotting stops midway, and eyes meet one of the robed ones' feet - they're the first thing she sees. And she hopes Marina remembers Laytai's question - as one of them /is/ her Destined, and this one is it.
Cryptic Jester Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Marina, and steps forward.

Spiny Purple Sea Urchin Egg shivers again, its spikes of gold grown brittle and bright against the ocean of dark that crackles the shell. A hunting hue, those skewers gold, cut predatory and sharp as if the deadly spires could pierce the purple colors and spear the dragonet as its own. The egg shudders once more, caught between the battle of shadows and light, purple and gold, until both are suddenly forgotten with the arrival of her:

Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet
Hearthlight flickers over the rounded kettle of this pudgy dragonet in a fickle play of tawny shadows; dragon-gold gentles the dented copper of her belly and sides and brightens the rough-forged andiron of her vivacious, spirited tail. Sooty pot-black smudges her pert muzzle and plump cheeks: a peasant's guise matched by the raggedy tapestry of hand-spun wingsails and the forgotten ashes that spill down her short, stout legs to grub grey over her cast-iron paws. She's a rustic revolt, this kitchen-maid queen, content to hide her passions beneath a grimy mantle of blackened amber and tattered, threadbare hide. Just beware the canny and volatile temper of her fractal, fire-sparked gaze.

G'deon turns again to welcome the new weyrlings and dragonets, each time giving the new little dragons a critical once over to make sure none are injured, his hand straying now and then to the pouch at his side with the emergency healing supplies. Like a good ex-messenger, always prepared.

Vain Knight Errant Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Larnat, and steps forward.

Seana is still dancing from sandal to sandal as she watches the dragonets with anxious eyes. Eep. It's hot..

In the galleries, Donis nearly falls out of his seat. "Gold? Gold?! But… but it came from a purple egg!"

In the galleries, "I am /not/ gregarious!" D'baji does his best to retort, while rapidly searching for a meaning for the word. Thank Faranth for Nverath. "I just… Like people, kinda sorta, and they don't always mind me." there, see? "Oooh, the brown!" is then crowed. And he points excitedly.

Vaedelle is so not paying attention to anything but the draognets. And then…flop! Ouch! The sands are /so/ hot! "Myli!….Larnat! Rina! Oh Faranth! Congrats!" She's still laying on the sands, but she can't feel the heat. She's too hot. And then, the gold. Wow, was she ever beautiful. She pulled at Myli's robe to get his attention. "Look!" And then she pulled at Palia's robe. "Look!!"

Goldean poses a nice pose of him leaning on a foot and just looking around the sands. He has finally discovered the galleries and just looks redder than usual. People are out there and watching him. Kazra goes home.

Graiham's brows go shooting toward his hairline as the gold breaks shell. "Well." He wipes his hands against his robe again; better a soiled robe than sweaty palms. "Glad I stayed away from that egg," he says with a firm nod, then looks toward where Larnat and Marina have Impressed, pulling up a grin for them but refraining from wasting his breath on a congratulations at this exact moment.

In the galleries, Sinead pokes, prods and oohs. "It's a gold!" she exclaims as she sits on the edge of her seat, leaning as far over as she has to to get full view of the eggs, of course, this now has her full attention.

Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet shakes off the dregs of her egg, missing only a urchin's patch of purple that sticks itself to one rounded buttock and stays there. The rest of her is shaken clear of goo and shards and she lifts up her head to bugle a very un-queenish squeak at the Weyr. Its like a toy trumpet and barely echoes around the vast hatching caverns.

"Oooooh… Gold!" Watch little Miria go all dumbstruck as she sees the aureate dragonet emerge. "She's so… uh… gold!" Can she think of anything else? Nope. "And… pretty. But kinda warmish." Tee hee. "Better make a /goooood/ choice, that 'un." Nod. Nod. Vigorous-nod.

"Larnat!!!!!" Ah, and we've figured out what it takes to get Wyn to yell, outside of a pitched argument. Her adopted little sister Impressing. "Wonderful, simply wonderful… Did you see that?" she asks the nearest of the weyrling staff.

Palia screeches across the sands towards Larnat and Rina. "Congrats! Way to go guys!" And then, the gold. Wow.

In the galleries, Yarid is paying close attention now. Several of his friends are on the Sands. Who will Impress?

In the galleries, Sii'kyn pauses, and just gives a tiny grin. Snicker this way, snicker that way. "OhdearFaranth. A gold. From a purple egg." He looks smug. "Bets on who the gold goes to?" he asks the little cluster of those peoples. "Aw. She's so cute. Look at that? Ram - " He coughs. "Ram, stop saying she's gonna be a looker when she grows up."

Ocean Sunrise Egg abruptly falls still. For mere seconds it sits motionless, before the shakes and shudders return - intensified. The dramatic colors of the shell seem to ripple across the egg, as black cracks appear along the dividing line circling the mid-section. At long last, the shell splits itself in two even halves. From between the two dazzling segments, a boxed brown muzzle dawns amidst sea-colored shards.

Knavish Bandit King Brown Dragonet
Muscular and ragged, sinews of hazel roam the lonely landscape of this brown's high-rising ridges and swarthy barreled chest, a contrast to thick 'spars and 'sails ripped in wild umber zigzags. Gathered beneath farflung, bourbon-drenched wings, hind legs are compact twists of brawny muscle and thick bone, reaching down to dusty talons while his tail coils in merciless potency. Bull-necked, thick muscles strain recklessly against tight-clad hide, sweating rakish streaks of ginger that delineate a powerful jawline. Headknobs lightened with further veins of ginger lead into a boxed snout, flanked by hollowed cheeks stubble-burned with dun; the same tint flirts over his dashing features to leave only his expressive eyes illuminated in pale sandstone.

Lianta cheers loudly for Larnat and Marina! "Way to go, guys!" The newly hatched gold isn't spotted for a moment, lost in the heat of the moment. Until the ooohing starts. "The gold? Really? Are you.. Look at that!" Silence from the Lianta.

In the galleries, Pyrene tips her head in fascination. "There she is… Not the egg I expected, either… Ugly little sweetheart, hmm?" She looks hopefully around for some agreement.

Aibhlusaith is determined, even at her small size, to protect her newly-found Seilyn and stretches her muzzle out to scan Wyn for potential Bad Vibes while her lifemate grins broadly at the woman. "The Weyr certainly should plead; I'm bound to bring some trouble with me, Wyn-love," Sei replies with a playful wink. Aibhlusaith begins to /scamper/ towards her clutchmates. "What?.. Oh, Aibhlu, you're such a tease - and so young too! I'm going to have /so/ much fun with you…" With a grin she excuses herself and runs to join the others. Time to bond and cheer on her friends.

RRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP! Myliren's half hearted stiches give out as Vae pulls on the rather shabbily made robe. One side rips down to his waist showing the hint of his small clothes. His face goes red as he cries out, "VAE!"

Zia escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
In the galleries, Zia comes up the stairs.

Jiu escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.
In the galleries, Jiu comes up the stairs.

Caeran does a collective whoop for all those who have Impressed, and then eyes the gold for a moment. He's not too interested in this one. Golds are for girls, after all, and the last time he checked. Of course, that may have changed in the last few minutes. Oh, the suspense.

"I saw, I saw!" Pae chirps at Wyn. She /did/ see, she did! "It's so great seein' them all together all of a sudden." Don't we all love Hatchings? Yes, yes of /course/.

Larnat, a bit annoyed, quickly shoves a particularly large candidate out of the way. Who's being more annoying than he has a right to be, and is obstructing her view. "What?" is asked briefly, as a brown moves over towards her. Oh. /Oh/. "Oh…oh, of /course/, Rashkecharath. You too." And /yes/, Larnat is crying. Right into Rash's hide.

Laytai is about to look back over to Marina to comment on something further, but it seems yet another one of her clinging partners have departed. "Marina! Looks like I may have been right!" And.. egads! What is this. "Larnat! You too! Congrats to the both of you!" Now Ajala is her only one to turn to as she grabs her friends hand and squeezes it for all her worth. But, of course, Laytai /has/ to comment once her eyes seek out the gold. "Seems Tiareth did have one afterall!" As.. everyone already knows.

In the galleries, Sasha grins at Pyrene wryly. " Hey I can't help it if I'm needed to cull the felines in southern…although as soon as Bran let me know we were home as quickly as possible." Her attention is caught by the gold dragonet on the sands and she whistles. "Well will you look at that! A gold!"

In the galleries, Aysha is beginning to feel the affects of the heat and the crowd. Who was it that thought that weyrhide was a good material to wear in this type of environment? Oh yeh. She did.

Graiham says, "And I had it pegged for a blue," when the brown Hatches out of that particular egg. He looks around himself for a second, and apparently just then realizes that he's largely talking to himself, so shuts up and goes back to trying to keep his feet from crisping entirely.

In the galleries, B'ane looks over his shoulder to his clutchmate. "Of course you like people, and I'm pretty sure they like you. You're the funny one of the group." Forget boy bands, we're talkin' the Freaky Candidate horde. "The brown is an interesting character and look.. there goes the gold of the clutch."

Marina is about to turn and make another comment Laytai-wards, but … there seems to be something at her feet. Like they're not bothered en - Bubuwha?? "Really?" Voice is mildly faint, "Well, you'll have to tell me … oh, food, yes. Of course, Chisth, anything." Some sort of nagging reminder pops into her head, and she turns to the general public of the Sands, her face aglow and voice a bit louder. "Her name's Chisth!"

Seana bellows her congrats to the new Impressees and claps a few times. Even though it's hotter and hot, she still dances from foot to foot to keep busy. Eep.

In the galleries, Who cares about gold, LARNAT IMPRESSED. Rianna's voice rises yet again in a high-pitched scream, "LLLARRRRRRRNNNNAAAAAAATTTTTTT!" She wails, jumping up onto her seat to wave her arms and grin insanely. "Yea Larnat! Go Larn!" She hollars, dancing wildly.

Ajala eeps and grasps both of Laytai's forearms, a bit sad to see the green go, but excited for Marina, none the less!! Congratulations are cheered towards both Marina and Larnat, and then Ajala loops an arm around Aladden's waist, addressing him as she says, "Bro, this is just not good for my nerves. And you! Biting your nails…that's not good for your fingers!

Goldean watches the last of the eggs and looks a little nervous at this point. Does this mean that is about to move or something?

In the galleries, Pyrene belatedly catches up. "Oh, Larnat? Larnat! Oh, I just knew she was a brown girl! Wonderful person. She'll do well. And Marina… another nice one. There, isn't this nice? I wonder who this next brown will go to. Rugged type. I bet Chayath will like him." And she elbows Shaela again.

In the galleries, Sinead ipes as she hears Anna's voice. "Hee, of course she did, did you expect any less from ou dear Larnat?" she questions cheerily, seeming to have had no doubt in her mind about her friends Impression.

In the galleries, "I do practice with the whole 'humour' thing now and then. But I'm not really funny. I'm just the one that… Umm… Had the puppet. Which, I hear, is rather normal." At which point he joins fellow Istan at the railing, and peers for all his might. "Ooh, a green. And the gold. Who, d'ya figure? Not that I'm betting. Just guaging. Non-judgementally. For no real reason but to speak." As Nverath is placated.

Knavish Bandit King Brown Dragonet tumbles out of the egg, tripping slightly over his wings before bounding quickly to his feet. His narrow muzzle quickly examines his surroundings, and then the brown is off, zig-zagging excitedly across the sands, in the general direction of the fantastic looking white-robed-things.

In the galleries, Aries just laughs excitedly. He doesn't really know Larnat. Not the way Rianna know her. He does cheer, though, calling go Larnat and similar good things.

Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet spares nothing else for the assembled company of dragons, nor the Riders that have been claimed by then. With a low sweep of her sooty head, she turns towards the Candidates; head tilts, eyes whirl. They are the dirty dishes to her scrub-brush. The pots to her scouring attention. The crud stuck on the pan to her elbow grease. They are her destiny. And as she shakes loose her raggedy sails for balances and lifts up her head, she plods cheerfully forwards into battle with the Dirt that are the Candidates.

In the galleries, L'shil scoots carefully by people, doing his best to shrink and murmuring apologies until, at last, he settles by Shaela. "Had to check on the injuries from the last Fall, make sure they were all healing cleanly and such," he explains, in what is, for him, terseness. "How're you? Ooh - on the Sands - she's Hatched! Reminds me a bit of Chayath, with the wings - just the patterns, a smidge, not the color, you know. My, my, such a handsome bunch they've got out there. Quirky's gone to…uh…uh-oh. That's not such a - ahem. Old habits re-occuring, I suppose. He's watching through my eyes a bit, though, and he's certainly listening. Says he likes their zip. I fear I'll have to ask him to be on his best behavior during the anatomy lessons for the Weyrlings, lest he starts - Hey! Quirky's more than rugged enough for Chayath, Pyrene."

Golden Syrup of Delight Egg and Goldfishes is Delishes Egg crack together, spilling out a blue and a brown respectively. The brown dashes across the Sands, knocking down a candidate rather forcefully as he darts, fish-like, to a short weyrbred boy. The blue follows more slowly, sluggishly coming up to nuzzle the boy knocked down. "Sodeliciouth!" cries Ch'eese. "Injanuarith!" cries M'lasses.

Aladden takes the offending fingers from his mouth, rubbing the gooey saliva off on his robe. He apparently didn't even realize he was nibbling at them. "Sorry. There's just too much going on… dragons everywhere, and people hopping, and…" he trails off. "My nails are clean, at least," he adds, as though that justifies the habit.

In the galleries, B'ane mulls over the prospective choice remaining and finally says, "her," rather stolidly. His subject is the one named Miria, but he doesn't know that. "I've always thought the puppet was a hit." Could he be wrong? "You'd do well with the kids of the Weyr, you know that?" Nanny-assistant 'Baj.

In the galleries, Rianna beams, calling a response to Sinead without pausing in her efforts on Larnat's behalf. "Of course, Sinead, Larnat's the best candidate /ever/! Yea Larnat!"

Poor, fat Frederin seems to have forgotten to keep hopping, and his feet are probably suffering for it. He just stares at the dragonets until Graiham, just being sympathetic, reaches an arm to tap the kid's chubby forearm. "Shuffle, shuffle. Remember?" He demonstrates briefly. "You can still see the dragonets while moving your feet," he reminds, his own attention darting to the hatchlings.

Vaedelle promptly lets go of Myli's robe with a simple 'oops'. "Sorry, Myli…" Her apologies are halted by the movement of dragonets and eggs. Wow. More Impressions. Oh dear. Vae finally readjusts to a kneeling position on the sands, her robe mildly blokcing the heat. She felt better hear. Not as dizzy.

In the galleries, Sinead chuckles. "I'm a little biased in another direction Anna dear," she offers. "I think Miria's a wonderful candidate, and Zana was too, and Aja, also a wonderful, but Miria," nod, of course she thinks Ria, her little sister.

Momentarily, Miria is distracted by the cracking of the Golden Syrup of delight egg. Oh, a blue? And a brown? That merits a nod, but her eyes twitch rapidly back towards the gold dragonet. "Hn, reminds us of all the chores everyone had to do during candidacy," she giggles with a grin. "Regardless, she /is/ pretty…"

Palia pats Vae on the head, not able to take her eyes off of the dragonets to help. SHe'll just have to stay down there. Gasp. Gold's moving. More Impressions happen, and Palia gasps again. Oh wow.

In the galleries, Jiu wiggles hyperly, "This is /so/ exciting! I remember when we were down there…" Jiu's eyes are glued on the sands.

In the galleries, D'baji grins faintly, and nods. "Yeah, I've heard that. We had the grandest of times in candidacy, me an' the 'brats. I sorta miss it, actually. I think I'll give Yuli all my work and play with them. Tomorrow, maybe." Here's a quick nod. "Her?" Miria is peeked at. "I think I know her… Somehow… That's scary. What's her name? Bah!"

Caeran is really on the verge of displaying what he had for breakfast to everyone at the Hatching. The sad part is, he can't bring himself to kneel. He's too excited. So the vicious cycle of sickness and brief relief continues.

Goldean smiles as he looks at the gold, "Wow, she is definitely magnificent. If only I had a chance at that one." Of course we all know that it is Goldean whom will impress the Gold cause he's just that good.

Ajala laughs and pats her brother's hand. "Indeed, my dear, indeed they are." Her perpetual smile is still firmly in place as she jabs Laytai. "Isn't that gold simply endearing?" And then she pauses for a moment, simply overwhelmed by the incredibly commotion on the sands. She's not freaking out, just haven't a moment of realization.

In the galleries, Shaela will not get in between the debate over the prowess of certain browns as compared to Piccath. Looping her arm around the waste of her weyrmate, she leans heavily onto his shoulder with a sigh. "She's a beautiful gold. Very much like CHayath in some ways, indeed. I do hope she impresses well, though. Someone nice.. we'll have to spend a great deal of time with her, I imagine."

In the galleries, Zia clings to Jiu's side. See? See the clinging? "YayGOLD!" she cheers triumphantly, bouncing in her seat. "All we need now is a good mauling to make this hatching the best one ever! Well, 'cept for ours, of course. Nothing could ever beat ours - Not nobody, not no thing. Agreed?" She spaces out for a moment before snorting loudly. "Diulnyth reckons it's going to that fruity-looking boy down there, with all those girly curls."

Myliren brushes himself and glances at the gold. "There, go Palia!" He isn't going to get her after all. He is over equipped for the pretty gold. Maybe he will catch a bronze's attention though and then…well, that's for later. Especially if Palia Impresses the Gold.

Lianta quickly ducks behind Aladden, peering at the raggedy gold. "Eep. She eyes us, can you tell? Look, a brown, and a blue!" Her dazed look is perfectly in character. It's just all too much to take in! Thousands of people (well, maybe not) in the galleries, and she's quite… worried now.

Larnat looks around blindly. "Erm. Where do I go, then?" is asked of those in the general rider area, as Larnat tries to catch up on the whole mess of things overwhelming her at the moment. Like Rashkecharath. Among others. Larnat does have enough sense to shuffle over towards where-the-others-went, you know, with Rash leading by a few inches.

Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet plods forwards with growing intensity. There is little noble bearing in her small round frame, despite the golds of her hide. But there is determination. A strong will. A cheerful curiousity. And in every facet of her eyes shines a hunger so bright it hurts to see. The distance is closed. The Sandsa are travelled. The Candidates in their own rags of dish-rag white are pretty much ignored but for a group of two. One male. One female. And it is for the smaller young woman this round dragon heads.

In the galleries, Aries grins, eyeing the gold. Goldean may be that good, but Goldean's as likely to get the gold as Aries is to get T'am's Farleth. Impossible. Already, Aries has forgotten about Larnat and is eyeing the speculative candies for gold, trying to decide which girl will impress her.

That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg dances more insistantly, wriggling around and around. Are you ready kids? It's nearly time!

In the galleries, B'ane fishes for answers in his wn brain but catches nothing. "I'll ask Aboleoth." After wringing the girl's name from his dragon, he finally tells D'baji. "He says it's Miria. Do you know her? I think I've heard of her, but don't know. It's hard to match people up with hatchlings. I could never be a dragon. Do you think they sense things that we don't? Do dragonets know of our past and hearts by just looking at us?"

Laytai lets out a deep breath and then turns to Aladden. "I agree with you there. Everything going on at once." Makes a sharp-eyed candidate go /mad/. "And.. what about your nails?" She raises an eyebrow and just looks at the boy before shaking her head and looking back at the goings around. "Endearing? Perhaps. She could be worse, y'know. How.. I'm not to sure. But nonetheless." Laytai trains her eyes on the gold and simply watches.

"She's nice, I suppose. But not really my type," Aladden replies to his sister, then turns his head just so… "Lianta. Why are you hiding behind me?" He really does want to know. Is he so manly and buff that women view him as their ultimate protector?

In the galleries, Jiu bobs her head, "/Nothing/ beats our hatching. Poor Harrypotter was the one who got mauled, wasn't he? Ach. So sad, that." Jiu shakes her head, but she didn't know him that well anyway. "Golds can't choose boys, silly. I bet its one of the quiet girls. Who likes blueriders."

In the galleries, Sinead perks up as she hears Miria's name. "Miria's my sister, she's a wonderful choice," she points out to B'ane and D'baji. "She's a wonderful person, quite well suited to whatever she Impresses," of course Ria'll Impress, or so Eady hopes.

In the galleries, Sii'kyn leans back. "Ram says Vae," he confides. "But he's said Vae'll be the one for the last three greens, so." Ike leans forwards, intent upon the chubby-maid's progress. Oh. And /that/brown/, too.

Knavish Bandit King Brown Dragonet spots something he likes. What's that? The brown slows down slightly as he passes Frederin. Darting toward him in one quick movement, the brown snatches the poor candidate's left sandal with one claw before bouncing back and out of range - and there he waits, almost dancing in spot with excitement as he watches Frederin with a laughing expression.

In the galleries, Sasha watches the hatchings with a wry smile, loving each moment as it passes, watching the dragonets stumble and stagger around the sands, and the dancing of the candidates as the heat scolds their feet. "Sooner we get some of these new weyrlings trained up to sort felines the better" she murmurs to herself, approval shining in her eyes.

Lianta comments from behind Aladden, "Because it is fun. And because it is scary. Not that you would protect me.." Straighten, dust off the robe. Act normal. *Cough*

Graiham perches on his toes for a time, maybe still trying to be a demonstration for Frederin. More likely, though, it's got to do with trying to see where the gold has headed. And poor Frederin turns white as his robe when the brown draws near, his jaw dropping open and then working mutely; he was over here 'cause it seemed like the quieter, safer side of the Sands, y'know.

Gulp. Miria's lost in confusion, but all that's happening to her is that she's got her eyes transfixed upon the gold, and can do no more else. She's also sweating bullets, too. There goes that guard image… right down the drain. Yup.

In the galleries, "Miria!" D'baji procclaims, and promptly smacks himself on the forehead. "Shards, I think I'm /related/ to her somehow. Through Yuli… Unless that was a Maria, or a Mara, or a Mira or something…" Pause, and then he shrugs. "Nverath's not spectacularly good with names either, I dunno." And then fo rthe dragonet question, he responds, "I think they know when we go and touch their eggs, personally. And if not, then they just… do. But usually I figure it's the egg touchings. Totally bonding."

Caeran is suddenly stirred by one dragonet's actions. Did that brown just steal Frederin's sandal? Huh. Whoever impresses that one is sure going to have their hands full. Already it's beginning to destroy personal property.

Vaedelle just balances herself on her knees and sits back. She could see just fine from here, and she wasn't as dizzy. The brown baby was noted, and even laughed at, and the other eggs were silently begged to hatch. Then the gold, well, the gold was just there. She was to beautiful in her own way to stare at.

Silence Is Golden Egg takes a final shimmywiggleshake, silently cracking open and spewing a petite blue, who shakes about wildly - yet silently - and makes his way finally to a towering young candidate. "… Quieth!" yelps the boy. "I was Shantorush, and now I'm … Your Sh'ush." The pair are taken away by a random assistant weyrlingmaster, towering boy clinging to small dragonet all the way.

G'deon is forced to turn more of his attention to the newly impressing dragonets as they head to the edge of the sands. There's a lot of them, don't ya know! The dragonhealer kneels beside each one, careful to only observe for now, and quietly leaving a word with the weyrlings to let him know if they need attention.

Marina snorts quietly at something Chisth says, but then is smacked again with the reality that there are other people about, and that food is something she needs to find ASAP. So she shuffles in the direction Larnat's heading, grinning the whole way, and sending occasionally glances at her lifemate. Chisth is repeated under her breath, as she goes to join the other Impressees.

Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet comes to a stop in front of the kneeling Candidate and gently extends her muzzle towards the woman's own nose, following her as she sits back. The dragon whuffles, delighted, and rumbles some draconic commentary on the dirt of girl that matches her own. Her eyes reflect back Vaedelle's blue ones, spinning and reeling with the singular passion of /dragon/. Hi.
Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Vaedelle, and steps forward.

In the galleries, B'ane tries to follow through the string of names. "It's hard to straighten out those family trees." It's then when he recognizes Sinead and gives her a smile. "I guess the girl has at least two supporters anyway. "Is it hot enough for you?" The heat swelling from the sands is enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but Istan stock tend to take it well.

That Devil-Spawned Purple Dinosaur Egg rolls in the sand, clumsily forming a dance in time with its own shuddering. After a few well-placed spins, the movement stops and a violent shiver is the only sign of impending doom: the egg explodes, sending bruised purple shards out and away. There, in the midst of the rubble, stands a green dragonet.

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet
As though left in the sun too long, this wispy dragon's hide is drably two-toned in shades of khaki and olive green. Pale, sand-tinted green hide stretches from the very tip of her tail to the blunt point of her snout, unwavering in shade, even upon the angular features of her face. From the top of her headknobs to the bottom of her belly, the smooth skin lightens considerably: the pointed ridges along her sinewy neck are nearly yellow whereas the dainty limbs and belly are a deep, dull green. It is as though an invisible line runs along her lean form, separating the sun-bleached hide of her back from the richer shade on her undersides. With her wide yet narrow wings extended out, the alterations in color continue in the opaque 'sails: light shades cover the top, the olive coloring below.

In the galleries, Pendren watches the impression of the gold with quiet amusement. All this fuss for so quiet, so gentle an impression. Head tilts, and the lucky candidate gets a silent reassurance.

In the galleries, Aries grabs Rianna's arm, pointing at the gold. "She Impressed! Look!" He calls, yanking Rianna off of her chair.

In the galleries, "No kidding," D'baji snorts. "Especially the traders… I mean… Wow. Yuli's got more family than anyone has any right to have. I thought three siblings was bad, but I don't even /know/ half my cousins. I mean… Shards, y'know?" A shake of his head, and then a gasp. "Ooh, she found one! Oh, good for them!" Gush.

In the galleries, Donis sags, almost with relief. "She Impressed. To that nice herder. Gold." With that done, Donis returns attention to all the other eggs and Impressions. Maybe one will come into the Stands after him?

With a blink, Myli looks at the gold. "Umm, Vae…?" He pulls on her robe, "I CAN't Impress this ONe so she MUSt be YOUrs?"

Lis bustles around attending the weyrlings, making sure no one tries to eat their lifemate's foot, or anything (usually it's the dragon trying to eat, but you never know…), busying herself on the edge of the Sands.

In the galleries, Jiu blinks in surprise as the gold picks a candidate she's never noticed before. "See. Quiet one. What was her name, again? Vaedi? Something. Well, /congrats!/" Jiu screams over the roar of the crowd, not that the girl could possibly hear her. "Whats the gold's name? Augh. I need to know!"

In the galleries, Pyrene goes bolt upright for a moment. "Oh, she went to Vaedelle? That sweet little herder?" And, unbeknownst to Pyrene, the real culprit of the underwear burning. "Oh good. She seemed malleable, didn't she, Shae?" They can boss her around, right? "So where's the brown going?"

"Oooh!… Vae." Grin. "Good jo- Woah, and a green right after," Miria remarks, a portion of her nervousnesses gone now. Looks like the gold isn't hers, apparently, but there's a green and lotsa more eggs to go, so she's still hopeful. Bounce bounce goes she, springing back and forth up on the sands, because her toes are burning yet again.

Darn. Aladden straightens, trying not to let his disappointment show - and is, in fact, fairly successful. After all, that hopeful gleam of being on the sands is hard to shake, even when you get dissed by Lianta. "I see - " he begins, but is interrupted by a sudden burst of screams and cheers. "Vaedelle! Congratulations!" he contributes.

In the galleries, Sinead turns towards Deba. "Of course Yuli has a lot of family, she came from a large family," she points out with a grin. "One cousin is down there," she points at Miria. "And her sister lives somewhere in here, there there's myself, and another cousin."

Knavish Bandit King Brown Dragonet wiggles excitedly a bit longer, sparing a glance for his gold sister's Impression, then apparently loses interest in the sandal. Suddenly dropping the prize in the sand, he edges forward again, more slowly and deliberately. Wait a second. What was that? The brown sniffs once, and flares his wings in excitement. This is it! Frederin is completely forgotten, and the brown pounces forward, ending up in an excitedly twiching lump at Graiham's feet.

There isn't anyone else on the sands, right? At least, that's how it looks with Enceladus… C'ela, who happens to now be oblivious of the others and their Impressions. He might be having some silent conversation with Ejotzeth for all anyone knows, what with his stupified grin and his staring at the bronze. It takes the boy long enough, but with an impatient nudge from his lifemate, the two stumble awkwardly off to the Weyrling Masters and foood.

Knavish Bandit King Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Graiham, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Sii'kyn leans back. "Ram's right." A pause. "For the very first time." He turns, leans back, and gives a slow beam. "Dude, Siannen. You realised that me'n'Ram /searched/ that kid?" A pause, a huge beam. "Dude. Vaedelle. And.. what's the gold's name, y'think?" Eyes are already on the unImpressed brown and green. Whups. Make that.. Impressed brown. Yeah. "Hey, ain't that Graiham?"

Goldean watches the green pop out and just smiles as Vaedelle impress. "Wow Vae, its a Gold." Well thats stating the obvious. But of course that was supposed to be Goldean's but he won't be too sad. Then a look at Graiham and a chuckle, "Looks like you got a loyal follower Grai!"

Ajala smiles and shouts a gleeful cheer for Vaedelle, and then is immediately distracted by the hatching of the devil-spawned egg. "Woah, another green! Unbelievable!" The candidate stares in awe, and then clings some more to Laytai. "Man…this is all so great!" She smiles cheesily and then glances over at Graiham as he's lunged at by the brown. "Hey!!! I think… I think Graiham just Impressed! Congratulations!!"

Wyn puases in her assistance of the wobbly dragonets and their euphoric new lifemates (Riders won't really be an applicable term for a while yet) to turn and offer a "Congratulations" towards the Sands at the flurry of new Impressions, before coming back to offer a young pair some assistance whose main idea seems to be to trip over the other as often as possible.

In the galleries, Sasha chuckles as the gold chooses its lifemate. " Lucky girl…I think…" she comments softly smiling at Vaedelle's good fortune. And then she eyes Pyrene and grins. " Aw! Already you have it in mind to boss her about!!" And a wave and a shout is directed to the new pairing. "Congratulations!"

In the galleries, D'baji peeks towards some voice, blinks at Sinead, and then just boggles. "I know you too!" is said triumphantly. "Sorry, but… Well.. I mean, I've gt like three sisters and that's it and… And… Umm… Ooh, look, Impression." Quick, change the subject.

In the galleries, Zia awwwwws as the Gold impresses, snuggling brazenly against Jiu's side. "Lookitthecuuuuuuuutie! Loooooookiiiiiiiiiie!" Whether she's talking about Jiu or the Gold is unclear, but still. She's hyper and cooing all the time. "It's Vaedelle! I knew her waaaay back when! Pyrene, you keep your filthy hands off her. She's coming to stay with us Blueriders for some -decent- training. Faranth knows how she'd turn out with you at the helm!" She pauses, ears swivelling for the name, a name, any name…

In the galleries, Rianna stumbles forward, spreading both hands to catch her fall. "Aries! She hollars at him, picking herself back up and jumping back and forth on her feet. "Ohhh! Look at that green! She's the prettiest thing in the world! Oh I wonder who she'll go to!" Gush gush gush. Yes, isn't that green /gorgeous/?

Caeran smiles more broadly than he has yet all day. "Go Vae!" "Go Grai!" And then the green is noticed. Green is more his style. It's a female he could actually impress. Much better than gold.

Cliche Smiley Face Egg spills out a blokey brown. the poor dear looks rather confused, stumbling around for a while and creeling before stopping in front of Frederin. Hey. You, there. And hence enter F'red and Barnyth.

Vaeli stares up at Myli, then back at the Gold. She blinks, not once, but several times. Then she cradles the gold's head in her arms and stands up slowly. "Nissionath! That's her name! Nissionath!"

Nuff claps her hands again, both for the little brown and the round little gold. "Oh its about time you had another one, Tiareth. I know Cadgwith put you off of them for turns, but this one looks like she'll be just delightful!" Nuff can't help it, its just too easy to make fun of the younger weyrwomen. "Now some more blue, yes?"

In the galleries, Shaela sharding well hopes she can boss her around. "You think she can read?" she inquires of Pyrene, definitely wanting to check on that. "Maybe I can train her to do all my work, and then Lesh and I can just do the social rounds." She gives her weyrmate a goofy grin before settling her head back on his shoulder. So comfy.

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet stretches regally, pulling herself all the way up to the full two feet of height. Her wings flutter in an attempt to remove the egg-goo, but no luck. The translucent - stuff - clings to her two-toned hide and even a bit of shell perches over a pointed headknob. Apparently unaware, she starts stalking away from the exploded egg, making a steady, purposeful trek towards the white-robed candidates. She knows what she wants. She'll get it too, if the way she holds her head so self-assuredly means anything.

Palia shakes her head as Impressions are coming and going. Too many to keep up with! Help! Someone help the hyper active little keep up! Gasp….Vae got gold! "Go VAE!!!"

Tarnished Gold Penny-Whistle Eggsuccumbs to the being wriggling within it. Every song must have an end, yes? Well, except for really annoying ones. The cracks give way, and a foot pokes through a gaping hole. From there it's a rapid decrescendo into oblivion for the shell, and a wet dragonet is left standing in the shards.

Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Dragonet
Bard's essence directs this dramatic dragonet to centerstage, overplaying the sweeping cascade of his oversized 'ridges whose finale is but the tapering whip of a long, and masterful tail. His commanding carriage also boasts a broad, deep chest and long legs, a noble head spiked with fair, fey headknobs, and a vast sheltering of wingsails that flutter to cape his knobby back. His color is only subtext: a crown of leaves and woodland green that garlands the golden-brown of his hide and ribbons the drab hues that darken to shadow his face and mask the beguiling charm in those glittering eyes. Only the backdrop of his wings are impressively hued, splashed with a bold, shimmery bronze that draws the eye and betrays his color. Gradiose he might appear, but a certain errant indolence and cheerful informality permeates his lanky body and belies his grand, leading-man looks.

Graiham hears enough of Myliren's words to figure out what's going on over there, and says, "Vaedelle, huh?" Whatever he thinks of that goes unuttered as he turns back to see one-sandalled Frederin looking like he might faint, or be sick, or both. "Wait. He's going to need that," he begins, meaning to take collect the dropped sandal but getting totally distracted. "But. Who?" He looks at Frederin, who shrugs, then looks back at the brown and says, dazed, "Well. Good. That's very… good, Fantorith." A little help, please?

"The gold impressed? The gold impressed!" Laytai lets out a whoop of joy, and adds to that a screech right after, "Way to go Vae! Congrats!" And soon, Graiham's impression is also seen as Laytai lets another yelp leap out. After her loud yelps are over and done with, she goes back to her calm, normalish self. Ajala's hand is retrived once again and a squeeze is given. "Not to many left." She comments.

Seana exhales, the action send a tendril of hair shooting upwards. Her face contorts into a bright smile for Vae and is almost lost for words. "Take good care of her!" Is finally chosen upon. Whether she's speaking to the gold or the recent impress-ee has yet to be discovered.

Goldean watches the bronze and then the green, "She looks like she knows what she wants." The ex-cook just shifts from one foot to the other, then realizing the burning pain and then he goes back onto his covered foot. He's gotta learn to stop doing that but the energy is filling him.

"Graiham on brown, eh?" Wyn pauses again to pull out her little notebook of bets during a brief interlude between arriving weyrling pairs. "Hah! Three marks to me!"

Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Dragonet collects himself with an inherent sense of dignity. Egg goo is shaken off, legs are arrayed neatly beneath him, and then eyes fall on the circle of white-robed things. An audience! Wonderful. He strikes out with neatly cadenced steps, and croons lyrically. Who's got a story for him? Something befitting the stage and the orchestra…

"And a broooonze." Whee. Another bronze? Miria likes this. Unfortunately, she can't Impress bronze, so she looks among the throng of boys to see… "Oooh ooh! Maybe Caeran? Or Myliren. Shards, mebbe Goldean or 'Ladden… I dunno…" Pace pace pace.

Brown eyes wide and staring at Vae and her new Golden dragon. Myliren is too shocked to say anything really. He slips around Vae to Palia and clutches her hand in a tight squeeze. Hearing the cracking of more shells, he looks over the sands and spies the new green, missing that the bronze hatched also. "Pal, look AT the GREen…" his voice continues to crack under the tension and stress of the Hatching. No one can call his voice musical at the moment.

In the galleries, Siannen can't help but laugh, "And the two Cr'ash had a part in Impressed, too.. I think that says something about.. something.. " She blinks down at her lap, as both toddlers have apparently fallen asleep. "Hey, look.. another bronze, too.. " Blue_Guest has disconnected.

In the galleries, Pyrene twitches her nose. "Graiham on brown? Wouldn't have pinned that…" she mutters. But she's in a good mood and keeps smiling cheerfully. "Bronze and green, one for a lad and the green for a girl to keep the balance," she decides aloud.

Larnat nearly shrieks, as the gold Impresses to Vaedelle, and the brown finds Graiham. "Nissionath and Fantorith, then," is stated, as Rashkecharath's nearly slobbering with the need to feed. So, Larnat begins a quick quest to find food. And quickly. Got AWLM?

Palia is still cheering at this moment, Cheer cheer cheer. Then she hears Myli. Huh? A green? Really? Stop bouncing Pal. Stop. Hold still.

Caeran is now out of it. He is stressed, stressed to the point of breaking. He is now in another little trance, this time more out of illnness than excitement. The bronze breaks shell quite unnoticed. He feels himself slowly, slowly, sinking to the sand. If he doesn't kneel, he'll black out. He knows it.

In the galleries, Jinaxal chuckles softly at Pyrene, "Which boy do you think will get the bronze? I am hoping for my cousin, but he is so skittish." The little healer is starting to get caught up in the excitement of the day.

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet tosses her head as a small white-robed creature stands before her; the small egg shard falls off, but so does more goo coating her khaki and olive neck. When the being doesn't move, the green keeps going, virtually knocking the girl over to get past, towards what she really wants. She knows the One is there; she heard the voice. And she must follow that voice.

Vaeli nuzzles with Nissi before moving off of the Sands. Nissi was complaining of being /hungry/. Already. A wink and a smooch was blown towards her fellow herders as she moved farther away, still betroved in the thoughts with /her/ gold.

Goldean is doing the Candie dance at the moment, owned and patented by Goldean himself now. Wiggle, wiggle, bounce bounce, keep that balance and make sure you don't fall.

In the galleries, Fyria has given up on her attempts to follow the rapid succession of Impressions, though she does whistle low and soft with approval at the gold's choice. "Vaedelle. A good choice, I think. Which means, we'll have a goldrider among the weyrlings this time around…" THis said with just a bit of amusement, considering her new status as an assistant weyrlingmaster. Now. If she could just have her kid.

Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Dragonet hears a curious sound amidst all this racket, and he pauses his rhythmic stride, cocking his head to listen. Interesting. Flourishing his wings grandly, he sweeps around and double back on himself. He heard his One. It wasn't as musical as he thought his One would sound, but he could never mistake that. Now to find him.

Ajala eyes the dangerously low supply of eggs and dragonets, and tries her best to quell the sinking feeling in her stomach. "Hmm, you're right Laytai," is commented absently. "There /aren't/ very many left." Her fingers are cracked nervously, and she bounces from foot to foot, her sandals beginning to wear quite thin.

Laytai shifts her feet around. "I /really/ don't think I'll be able to walk after this. I'm not joking." She says with as much serious-ness as she can muster at the moment. "Just think.. a messenger that can't even take runs!" Snort. Forget that thought. "You doing okay?" Laytai nudges Ajala and leans on her. "Wish we could get some water or something. I'm parched." And now she has been reduced to babbling moronicly. Glee.

Tiareth encourages the dragonets forwards with a croon of her own. Such pride, she has, for all those finding their lifemates today. A little blue is given a nudge with her muzzle and he scurries fowards into the arms of one of the weyrfolk standing for a third time. Or sitting, now, as the lad gleefully gathers the little blue up into his arms. "Sooth. Oh Sooth!" Sawyer, now S'yer, holds him tight. "My Sooth."

Seana scratches her forearm absently and fervently hopes she doesn't get hives from all this heat. The green hatching is watched with a hopeful stare, but the expression is masked with her custom veil of indifference. The disguise is struggling under the strain of the evening. Trying to calm the eel-like feeling slithering in her stomach, Seana procedes with her reserve of confidence.

In the galleries, L'shil does the comfy thing well. It's one of the lovely advantages to being broad-shouldered and, no matter how much work he does, still bearing hints of chunkiness. Though perhaps that may be related to the fact that he has such a deep appreciation for his food. Regardless, he is more than happy to act as a Shaela-cushion. Especially these days, not that that really shows much in comparison to his usual besotted adoration. He's even managing to stay still, mostly: just a waggling of his far fingers and the darting of his eyes as he drinks it all in detract from his feat.

Reeling still, G'ram stares at the brown for a really long time before he realizes himself - or is reminded - and actually, y'know, moves. "Yes. Let's. Then." That's all the more he can manage for a while, one hand going to his forehead as he starts off toward where the other weyrlings are, watching Fantorith all the time, of course. Frederin's on his own!

Goldean hmms as he looks at the lowering of the amounts of eggs, they are running out and it seemed like five seconds ago that he just came onto the sands and now the wonderful eggs are diminishing. The green that came out of the devilish egg is given a gleeful look and then over toward the bronze. "Wonderful ending to this, it is."

Ashli races in, short of breath, flapping her arms unhappily, she gazes out at the Sands and oohs softly. A bronze! "He's so…wow." she murmurs under her breath. She's gonna Impress bronze one day, don'tcha know. Ashi begins to gravitate towards her twin, ducking by and under people as she goes, murmuring soft apologies, though azure eyes remain riveted on the…strangely graceful bronze…

As Palia stops moving, Myliren looks about him and then spots the other dragon on the sands. He squeezes Palia's hand and almost chokes as he tries to swollow. Shards he needs a drink in this hothouse. He spots G'ram and waves at him, "ConGRATulations!" He shouts over the din on the Sands. His voice cracking several octaves in the middle of the word. Why couldn't his voice wait a while before starting this anyways, yesh.

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet still can't be strayed from her course, even with hopeful candidates stepping in front of her. Lucky creatures, they get covered with egg-goo from her dissatisfied shakes and then, then she knocks them over to make way for her path. She shan't be deterred from what she knows is the truth! Well, except for that lost sandal that trips her, sending her sprawling towards her destination. If she weren't already creeling loudly from frustration and hatching-hunger, she'd be screaming her anger at the sorry candidate who left it there.

In the galleries, Aries bounces, pointing a finger at the green. "She's gotta go to that girl there, I know it," he says, pointing a young girl in white. His other hand is wrapped tightly about Rianna's arm, clinging to her as he talks. "And the bronze! Ashli and I are gonna 'Press bronze one day!"

Aladden is doing the same hot-foot dance: left, right, left. "There really isn't many left, is there," he says, trying to hide the nervousness brought about by the thought that maybe there won't be a dragonet for him. He starts nibbling on his fingernails again, Ajala-be-darned.

The sand is hot on Caeran's legs, but he cares not. Graiham is gone now. Is there another healer on the sands? No? He just sits and moans, sits and moans. "If only if it were a little cooler," he murmers.

Goldean grumbles as he looks down at his feet. "Y'know, it would've been nice to remember the other sandal." A chuckle as he realizes his positive of lifting up the one foot and looking at it while the other sits on the sand. "Goodness, I must look absolutely ridiculous." The ex-cook then looks up and around green is playing with a sandal, oh lovely, and then the bronze is watched a moment as well. Too much excitement for one day.

In the galleries, Rianna shakes her head viciously, pointing at one of the males, her fingers wavering between the boys, as she fidgets and wiggles. "Him!" She states, finally settling on a good looking boy in white. "He's getting the green! I'm sure. They'll look pretty together!"

Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Dragonet stops, listening to the creaky noise sounding above the din of the Sands. There it is again. And he can sense where it's coming from now. Gathering himself, he saunters grandly past a couple of healer boys and a weyrbrat. He stops in front of a herder boy and flourishes his wings as he dips his front half in a bow-like motion. Myliren.

In the galleries, Fyria spots her magnanimous wingleader, and offers a quick wave. "Hyzen dahling! Look! New potential riders for Inferno!!!" Of course, /anyone/ could be a potential rider for Inferno, in Fyria's view. Her gaze slides over Amberle and Pendren for a moment, only fall back upon the remaining dragonets upon the sand.

Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Myliren, and steps forward.

By now, Miria's obviously too tired to boing around, as she's just standing still on the sands and looking a bit… expectant. The egg-numbers dwindle, and she's looking wide-eyed at each Impression. Myliren's catches her eye. Too hoarse to yell, Miria simply… beams. Wow.

Goldean chuckles and yells, "Ooh, the troublemaker got one. Congrats Myli!" He nods, one more dragonet down.

Palia's throat begins to hurt as she can't stop cheering. Cheer! And….Myli!!!Oh dear, Myli Impressed! "Go Myli!" Palia even does a little hot sand dance.

"Not at all." says Laytai, in the comment about the eggs. She pulls on some locks of hair that freed themselves from her runnertail, and jerks them back behind her ears. "Almost wish it was still winter. I'd go and leap out into the snow." That would feel quite nice right about now. "Eh? What?" She blinks and looks over, spotting Myliren and the bronze. "Alright Myli! Woo!" Her voice practically falters as she yells this out, but she is happy, which is all that matters.

Seana hears the bemoaning of the green and is tempted - however brief - to join her. But, no. The world is always against a martyr. 'Don't worry, little one, you'll find your destiny soon enough.' She says mentally. If only she could convince herself. Ugh. And look, there goes Myliren. "Eeee! Good for you!"

In the galleries, Shaela and L'shil: the well-padded pair. "Just a few more, now, and we can go." Read: we can go find the latrines. "I do hope they impress… more boys!" she says with a cheer as the bronze finds a nice young herder boy to impress to. "Boys. I like it when boys impress. Maybe then we'll find some suitable ones for my sisters."

Ajala will never run out of energy for the bouncing and the excitement and such. "Congratulations Myliren!" is called loudly. Amazing, she has vocal chords, even now. A huge smile is offered towards the new riders and their dragons, and then out of the corners of her eyes, she glances over at the remaining green, and the few eggs.

Royal Meridian Egg dramatically bursts into four jagged shards - three exploding outwards and one cupping the bewildered newborn blue. Who, wha? Oh, yes! A mission. He has a mission to get to… if he can get out of this egg. In a gallant show of heroicism and prowess, he rocks his eggcup back and forth until he flips, tumbling forth maw over tail with a whine. This weeble wobbles and does, indeed, fall down.

Irresistable Paramour Blue Dragonet
Fellis-flowery gold striates his silken, shadowy sapphire hide, dancing over the crevices and crannies like a nymph at play, weaving a soft web of aureate cast which glistens across his length. Robust shoulders tauten cerulean tegument, sinews not rippling down his diminutive span but serenely flowing beneath akin to a cool wisp of wind. Lissome neck wanes into a masculine countenance simply dripping with charm, muzzle hewn with a strong jawline and hawking eye, just overshadowed by rounded cheeks. Ridges undulate with a slow, steady rhythm, meandering from spine to svelte tail to splintered tailtip; each apex more rotund than typical, fashioning a heart.

Myliren blinks as he turns and there is….a dragon bowing to him? Deep brown eyes look into the facets of the Bronze's and then in octaves Myli cracks, "Oirfeath! His NAme is Oirfeath!"

In the galleries, Ashli arrives next to Aries, finally, and eyes the 'brat next to him with a glare simmering in sapphire eyes. However, due to the exciting occasion, the girl will be given a brief respite from a yelling contest. Isn't Ashi generous? The sands are again concentrated on, and Ashli cheers loudly as the bronze Impresses before she searched for Larnat. "Laaarrnaaat! He's preeetttyyyy! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!" she bellows above the crowd, facing towards the girl and her dragon. "What's his name?" she whispers to Aries, glancing back at Larnat and bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I can't wait to meet him…"

Caeran ears catch something. Another Impression. Myliren? That's the name he's hearing. Though his math is a bit fuzzy in his state, he suddenly realizes there are so few dragons left. He may not impress after all this! Sick again. 'Hurry up, little guys,' he thinks. 'I wanna go home.'

"Blue!" Another blue, and Miria goes from simply happy to squealingly happy. "And that color…. mmm, makes me shiver with glee." Sapphire /is/ one of her favorite colors, incidentally. "Mmmm." Hot sands are momentarily forgotten as her mismatched eyes slither across the cerulean form.

In the galleries, Pyrene grimaces as the last egg hatches a blue. "Badly ended and badly begun, but not a complete waste…" she muses. "Oh, good shells? Did Myliren get the bronze? That kid?? Well… I suppose his voice has been proving he's got the equipment for it. What /is/ that green doing?"

Goldean looks around, the numbers are diminishing. "Wow, they are all gone and impressed. Thats wonderful." The ex-cook Candidate looks at the green and then the blue, "Wow, wonderful."

Irresistable Paramour Blue Dragonet tumbles out almost as soon as his big brother Impresses, and blinks around. What, so empty already? He shakes the egg goo off disdainfully, flicking his feet and peering at them critically. There. He's ready. Striking a charming pose, he surveys his options.

In the galleries, Fyria snorts at Pyrene. "On the contrary, Py, I think that's /quite/ the lucky sign. This clutch will be good. Very good." Fy nods with utmost sageity, arms crossed - or at least fingers interlinked upon her belly.

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet gathers herself up and, with as much dignity as she can muster, takes the final steps to her goal. To the voice which leads her. Once in front of him, her creeling quiets and the hungry-redness in her eyes slows, to be replaced with adoration. He is the one she wants, even if it was his sandal she must've tripped over, since he's obviously only got one on now. Goldean.

Ajala grins as the blue bursts into view and smiles brightly at Laytai, offering her best friend a conspiratory, all-knowing wink. Yes…that brief eye movement says it all, and Ajala is simply bursting with excitement for a friend. "Now, see, that is one sassay blue!" Realizing that her comment was just a bit out of line, she blushes deeply and laughs. "Wait wait…Did someone just Impress? That green…Goldean!!! Congratulations!" Whoo, she's the first one to cheer!

Laytai squints her eyes as they round on the latest hatchling. "Is that a.. blue?" She asks, tilts her head. Leaning forward, Laytai nods her head. "Hey! I was right! It /is/ a blue!" And a very adorable blue at that. "Well now. Seems a bit egotistical, eh?" Laytai cocks an eyebrow and jabs Ajala in the side. "What do ya think?"

Larnat catches another Impression, Myliren's, no less. "Myliren!" is squeaked out. "Oirfeath, then." And then - oh look - a blue meanders out onto the sands. "Not as good as /you/ Rash. By far. But I suppose blues are nice." Nothing compared to brown, of course. And that has absolutely nothing to do with Rash. Really. A glance's then given to the brown. "Sa'rn might not be too happy…He wanted me to Impress a green. Like Ivioth, I s'pose. But you're better, Rash. By far." And then, Goldean! Fellow baker's cheered for.

In the galleries, Rianna laughs, turning towards Ashli with a knowledgable smirk. "His name is Rashkecharath. Isn't he so beautiful? Larnat's the best candidate…/RIDER!/ ever!" She bubbles with excitement and pride for Larnat, before eyeing the green. "Him, she's gotta go to him."

Saint Joan of Arc Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Goldean, and steps forward.

Seana decides to alter her position for a more favorable spot, the linen swishing damply against her legs. Once Goldean joins minds with the green dragonet, she's both overjoyed and crestfallen all at the same time. Emotions are a funny thing.

Goldean looks toward the green with utter surprise, "What? Who? Oh, thanks, I needed that other sandal." He takes it and puts the sandal on, "Well, of course I want you. Iztenith… why wouldn't I." Then a chuckle from the ex-cook and then a smirk. "Oh, food. I think its over here."

Caeran senses that this is it. Swaggering, he picks himself up and brushes the sand off. Flashing a smile at Goldean, his countenance takes on a more determined look. He will survive this Hatching, and he won't pass out. And then he'll move on to whatever life brings him afterwards bravely.

In the galleries, Aries giggles, greeting his sister. "Hi, Ash, look! He Impressed! You were right, Anna! That boy /did/ get the green! She's so pretty!" He burbles, bouncing in his seat, this pair being his favorite.

Irresistable Paramour Blue Dragonet isn't egotistical. He's… exacting. Drawing himself up in a less grand way, he moves forward, charm practically oozing from every draconic pore. Look. He's special. You want him. Who's to bid for the attention of a specimen such as himself? He can keep it quiet, too, if you'd like…

In the galleries, Ashli beams at Rianna. "Rashkecharath. Long name. Perfect for Larnat." she murmurs brightly, before glancing around in search of a little queen. There've been so many rumours…there! "Oooh." is breathed softly, eyes widening. Almost as beautiful as the bronze. Perhaps more…Ashi claps her jaw shut with an audible snap abruptly, and the final blue is eyed curiously. "Hi Aries." she chirps with a nod, previous anger apparently forgotten for the moment.

Aladden watches the green impress, and takes his fingers from his lips long enough to applaud Goldean's impression, but quickly goes back to nibbling and turns his attention to the last dragonet on the sands. That blue. One last shot. "Good luck, you guys," he says to his sister and Laytai.

Palia watches as all her friends are leaving. Sniff. And the last of the eggs wiggle, and a blue is noted. What a beautiful blue. Sigh. Palia moves over to another group of Candies, knee's shaking.

Okay, so the paramour-ness is getting to Miria. A zillion marks!… Oh, wait, maybe not that kind of bet. "It's so… blue." Gawk.

M'lir glances up long enough to smile at Goldean as he Impresses the Green. He throws Palia a smile and leads Oirfeath off to the side. He pats the bronze and nods, "I know YOU are hunGRY. Be a secOND."

Irresistable Paramour Blue Dragonet finds his one. Yes. She's right there. You, love, are for him and him alone. He glides to a stop in front of a messenger girl. But can she take the message of his heart. Creeel. A sinuous tail wraps around Laytai's feet. Be his?
Irresistable Paramour Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Laytai, and steps forward.

In the galleries, Donis mopes. All the dragons Impressed…. "Huh. I'll have to wait for next time, I guess." he mumbles to his friends, and pulls off his 'knot'.

Seana holds her chin up and smothers a cough. Not likely she's catching a cold in /this/ place, but maybe it's allergies or something.. The urbane blue hatchling is as much 'awwwed' over as he struts over to Laytai. Voice box scratched raw, she manages a healthy wave to the duo.

Caeran breathes a sigh of relief. It's done. And suddenly, he doubles over and starts to gag. That's right, he's puking on the sands. But at least he'll feel better after this.

In the galleries, D'baji can't help but feel sort of almost kind of happy. Because the last Impressions always do that to him. Not that it would have anything to do with Nverath's timing… And so he gets up, slowly, and heads out, and prepares for festivities and all that.

In the galleries, Pyrene ohs, surprised. "She went to a lad," she murmurs, snapping her fingers. Then she notes the blue's impression and winces. "Laytai?? She can do better than… Oh, /gah/. Well." Pouting she nudges at Fyria and Shaela. "C'mon you two.. shouldn't you be dashing for the latrines or the feast right now?"

Ajala squeals excitedly and tugs on Laytai's arm. "TaiTai! Look! He's coming this way!" Unimaginable joy and overflowing mirth pour forth from the candidate as she jumps up and down, speechless. Her best friend Impressed!

Nuff watches the last. A blue. As if the Hatching had decided to come full circle. Tiareth paces through all the broken shards nudging a egg piece here and there and then bugles the end of the hatching. With a hungry bellow she leaps into the air and swoop past Candidates, Weyrlings, and dragonets alike to finally - oh oh oh oh /finally/ - go stretch her wings.

"Tai!" Aladden may be disappointed that he didn't impress, but is certainly thrilled that his sister's friend was successful. So, um, now what? He shuffles closer to Ajala. "Whaddya think we're supposed to do now?"

"Same to you Aladden." says Laytai, as she comments back to the boy before looking back at the blue. "I.. uh…I…uh." And there. The now bluerider is struck speechless. Taking a breath, Laytai kneels down. "Oh course I will take ya, Valedath. But.. we gotta work on your attitude." And off the pair goes.

Ciera waves to all the remaining candidates. Hi, she's here. Really. "Follow me to the candidate barracks?"

"…" And Miria is promptly crestfallen. She doesn't cry, though, but she is sad.

In the galleries, "Pyrene…." Shaela begins in a tone of admonishment, but quickly realizes that, yes, if she doesn't get moving now, there will be a rather unfortunate accident. "Sharding crowds! How the heck is a pregnant woman supposed to get out of here?"

Ajala shrugs to her brother as she wraps her arms around her stomach, feeling a pit sink deep down. "Its all…over." And then she's off to follow Ciera.

Nuff watches the dragon go and then goes to stand near some of the Candidates left without dragons. "Ho Aladden" she says, offering a kind word. "Shall we walk back to the barracks together?"

In the galleries, Fyria manages to get herself standing, carefully, and eyes the crowd. "By doing this, Shae." She takes a deep breath and yells "PREGNANT WOMAN COMING THROUGH!" Sure enough, a pathway opens up, and Fyria proceeds to the living caverns.

In the galleries, Pyrene decides that pregnant blueriders have their uses after all, and follows in Fyria's mighty wake.

In the galleries, Donis runs after Pyrene and Shaela and Fyria. Why not, if they're making space?

In the galleries, L'shil stands, carefully, still supporting Shaela. At her comment, he eyes the crowd and grins to Fyria. "Just what I was thinking. See, darling, we'll be fine."

In the galleries, Aries jumps out of Fyria's wake, grabbing Rianna's hand and pulling her along.

In the galleries, T'am stands, stretches his legs, and carefully tucks the sleeping Tenan under one arm. A graceful way to carry a child, no? Time for food.

The new Weyrlings and their dragons leave the Hatching Sands, heading for the Weyrling Barracks and a new life.

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