Sii'kyn comes home

February 2nd 2005
Logged by Eitanex

Central Bowl

Eshe isn't really doing anything at all productive this evening. Just sitting on a boulder near the lower cavern's entrance carving a piece of wood with her new knife.

Eitanex is heading home. Cleaned the runnerbeast, ah, staging area as Eitanex is nicely putting it in his head tonight, and smelling - it's definitely time to go home. His step is dragging slightly - because one of his feet feels unevenly heavy and clogged and while Eitanex is suspicious as to what it's clogged /with/, he hasn't been able to tap it off yet.

It's a fine day in the Reaches clime for the return of one of her native sons: a mere brief twinkle, high above, signals the arrival of dragonriding pair from the cold stretch of ::between::. A short drop, hop, backwing and grand finale later, and a rather familiar looking brownrider's sliding off a rather familiar brown's shoulder. "Ram. Don't you dare," comes the Fortian-accented words, the muscular man slapping the dragon's shoulder as he surveys the bowl. Faces, faces, anything for a familiar face… (In other words? Ike's back. Rut roh.)

Even as another chip comes away from the figure Eshe is carving, she takes note of things that are happening around her. Dragons landing, boys coming out of the caverns, other people heading inside for their evening meal, "evenin', Eit," she calls to the boy and sends a nod to boy, then one to the rider just come off his dragon's shoulders, "done with the chores for today?"

"Yes, and I'm late," Eitanex says, dragging the flat of foot against the dirt and knocking it at an awkward sidelong angle that's almost painful. Stupid encrusted … and while knocking, he notices the rider. Who is, if somewhat vaguely, familiar. Oh, /him/. What's /he/ doing here? Eitanex was a bit young during his mother's demotion and his father's promotion to know Sii'kyn personally, but his expression approaches real dislike. If he wasn't trying so emphatically to get the poo off his shoe at the same time, it might do more than approach it. But as it stands, there is that poo.

Sii'kyn, aka ex-High Reaches Everything, notes familiars, waving and returning hello-hollers. He amiably nods a response to Eshe, noting a fair, "G'evenin'," to the girl before shifting his grey gaze Eitanex-wards. A low whistle between his teeth escapes, before Ike comments, "You've grown into the spitting image of your mother, y'know that?" … It's a good thing. Honestly. He isn't implying Eitan looks like a girl. (Really!)

"Something on your shoe?" Eshe asks Eitanex, lifting an eyebrow and slides off her boulder, bending at her knees to pick up a stick that just happens to lie at her feet. Of course, it's been sharpened to a point at one end, but it might be useful as poo-remover still. "Here. Try this," she says, handing the stick to the boy, then giving the brownrider a more thourough look along with a smile.

"Me?" Eitanex asks, pointing two fingers to himself. And having to fight not to look over his shoulder to see if Sii'kyn's addressing someone else. No, Eitanex, he's talking to you. "Well, I guess I'm as short as she is," he flusters, taken aback by the comparison. Or perhaps more by the person making it, even if he's more likely to be compared to his dad. He hurries to amend the last bit. "Uh. Thanks." Okay, that was wary, but it was a thanks. Eitanex accepts the stick sidelong with another, half muttered 'thanks' - keeping his eye on Sii'kyn, you know, just in case, as he half crouches to scrape his shoe with the stick.

Red hair, green eyes. Ike automatically remembers getting smacked. Or yelled at. Or cussed at. Or.. yeah, one gets that drift. Rocking back on his heels, the brownrider considers Eitan again, shakes his head once more, and shifts his gaze to rather cheerfully squint at Eshe. "A-hah-. Just the person I need," he announces for all and sundry, striding lazily towards the young woman.

"Welcome," says Eshe, eyes glittering as she doesn't even spare poor Eitanex a second glance. Rather she watches the rider and lifts an eyebrow, along with one corner of her mouth, "is that so..? And for what, may I ask?" Crossing her arms over her chest, she takes up a lazy sort of stance, though her gaze never leaves Sii'kyn for a moment.

While Eitanex does yell and cuss, he has yet to smack, or do any of the above to Sii'kyn. There have been so many other places for Eitanex to let out what ire he may or may not have. But Eitanex's relative silence may be simply shock. Maybe he'll cuss later. For now, he watches Eshe and Sii'kyn with the same wary eyes, still scraping.

Sii'kyn scraps off one of his -most- charming smiles for Eshe, white teeth flashing against the surprisingly tan backdrop of his skin. "Someone I don't know. Someone to catch me up on the latest rumors and gossip without having previous experience with me. The perfect non-biased political observer." He offers a wink. "Or, y'know, just someone to tell me what's goin' on around the weyr." Which.. was what you said in the first place, Ikeyboy. Eitan? Apparently doesn't exist at the moment.

Eshe chuckles at Sii'kyn, shaking her head and shifting her weight from one foot to the other, getting her hip to tilt just so. "I'm 'fraid I can't help you much there. I've only been here a short time, m'self," she begins and shoots a gaze toward Eitanex with an amused grin, "and besides, I don't gossip. There are plenty of drudges that might help you with that.. Me? I'd be happy to help you with any other need you might have." Emphasis on need.

Eitanex might be, in fact, a biased observer. One of those biased observers who might says such things as 'Sii'kyn! Everything that went wrong in the past five turns is all your fault!' despite such things as 'a billion other factors' and 'Eitanex's own notable capacity for misbehavior' and 'Sii'kyn hasn't been here for most of the past five turns.' But you're never too old for vast generalizations! Eitanex finishes scraping his shoe and tosses the stick to the side, meeting Eshe's amused glance with a glare, which he quickly tones down. One should perhaps wait to interact with other people until one is feeling more rational.

Mental backpedal. Warning lights! Ike halts his forward momentum with an easy stop, dropping his grin from brilliant to friendly. "Well, if that ain't just my luck," he wryly proclaims to Eshe. "Finding the only person in the entirety of the 'Reaches who doesn't gossip. If you would, point me to someone who's not so new 'round these parts.. but not so old, either." He adds the last part as an afterthought, glancing sideways to Eitanex. Oooh, he can already feel the accusation in the air. Ahem.

Eshe isn't going to tell on Eitanex, so you see, she /can/ be a friend. She'll let other people do that, or wait until Sii'kyn notices just how many chores the boy is doing. "Oh, come now," she tells the brownrider and takes a sliding step toward him with her head tilted, "just because I don't gossip, doesn't mean I'm not good for /something/. For one thing, I can clear your weyr of tunnelsnakes." Could she perhaps be less obvious?

Eitanex manages to keep his expression neutral when Sii'kyn glances at him, but his eyebrows leap almost to his browline when Eshe makes /her/ statement. "Are you /nuts/?" he blurts without thinking.

Sii'kyn's lips twitch, flattening as he attempts to hold back laughter. Eshe and Eitan's antics have managed to stir Ram up from his preoccupation of establishing his superiority over everything within mental scope, and the dark hunter intrudes with a jut of fiery nose, menace tempered by a fair amount of mirth as he appraises Eitan. Snuff. "Oh, I'm sure you're good for /something/, m'lady," Ike replies to Eshe with a grin to displace his words, "But I'm sorry to say that I can clean out my tunnelsnakes quite well enough by myself."

"/Excuse/ me?" Eshe tells Eitanex, turning on him with an expression of surprise mixed with anger, which is quickly replaced with something more akin to embarrasment. Right. Kid. What does he know about flirting? But he's a weyrbrat. He /ought/ to know. Or at least be used to such things and so her expression once again is turned toward anger. And disappointment as Sii'kyn turns her down. The approach of a great, big dragon is hardly noticed, though she does give him a sidelong glance, "not that I don't mind being called 'lady'.. But my name is Eshe."

"You don't even sharding /know/ this gu-" Eitanex starts to fire back with heat (as perhaps already indicated by the verb "fires"), but is interrupted by Ram's motion and noise. Eitanex, all but bred to regard dragons as people, if somewhat eccentric, turns to face him, appraising him right back with one foot planted forward aggressively. Rare though true anger is for Eitanex, while it's in him, he's nearly fearless. Of course, part of that might just be puberty. Stupid puberty.

Supressed mirth isn't good for Sii'kyn's health. Ike lazily watches Ram (who, in turn, closely inspects Eitan for, um, obvious shortcomings- after all, this /is/ the spawn of evil and stupidity, if told by the brown). "Aye, but do you know who I am, youngster?" Ike questions Eitanex. Sidramuntalath keeps his gaze affixed upon the boy, and finally dismissively snorts, withdrawing himself to go ruminate on the unfortunate matter of the cold. "M'lady Eshe, then," Ike teasingly comments to the young woman- "Well-met. I'm Sii'kyn, but please call me Ike. The lug's best known as Ram," with a jut of the thumb towards Sidramuntalath.

"Well.. I can /get/ to know him, can't I?" Eshe tells Eitan with crooked grin and shifts her arms to push them into her pockets, moving to face Sii'kyn again. "Ike it is then," she repeats and nods, giving the brown a quick glance, "and Ram. Already I know more than I did five minutes ago." This is coming along splendidly, isn't it?

"Yeah I do. You're the sharding sadistic idiot who screwed up my family for fun, for Faranth's sake." Actually, Eitanex was /thinking/ that while, ah, 'silently' appraising Ram and finding him a pathetic dragon, of course - it takes him a couple of seconds to realize that he said that out loud. He flushes and turns on his heels to watch Eshe and Sii'kyn directly, if only for reactions to his, ah, slip. "You …" He runs out of words in a sharp voice crack and … accompanying ellipsis.

Sidramuntalath's head snaps around like a bullwhip, and the vaguest red infiltrates the regulatory sea of his eyes at Eitanex's words. Ike, meanwhile, does what any sane person would do: he laughs. As a matter of fact, he laughs harder than he has in a -long- time, eventually wheezing, half-bent over. Watch out! Eitan's about to kill him! (You kilt Ike!) Recovering, the man shakes his head and smirks at the boy. "So that's what your mother's been saying for the past five turns? She still a little sore about having an upstart weyrleader demote her?" Okay, so the K'nex part just wasn't smart. He'll repent of that. "See? This is why I didn't want to move back here," he sidling-comments to Eshe.

Eshe lifts her brows in a surprised expression at Eitanex's reaction and takes a faltering step back as Ram comes around. Gaze goes back to the rider and there's a shadow of doubt crossing her features. Maybe Eitan was right. Maybe this was not exactly a good idea, if this is the way he reacts to being insulted. But the comment on weyrleading catches her attention and she looks at Sii'kyn with genuine surprise, "you were a weyrleader, then?" A weyrleader on brown. Not something you hear about everyday, is it?

"No. My mother hasn't said anything," Eitanex says, his voice lower partly to disguise those adolescent cracks. Why do they come more frequently when he needs to make a point? It's just not fair. But the man is /laughing/. Nnrrgaljrlje. It takes some effort not to reacknowledge Ram, at that. But focus. Need a clear focus at the moment. "It affected me, too, you know. No one had to remind /me/ of … of what you did. My mom's got your old weyrling job now anyway. And shards, she's twice the leader you ever were. You got … you have no right to be so sharding smug."

Sii'kyn gestures abstractly at Eshe. "Done just about everything. I was stupid in my youth." See that brown over there? Yeah. Right yonder. He made Ike's life a living /hades/. "Eitanex," as he finally addresses the youth by name, "What do you think I did?" Well, this is new: patience resounds in Mature!Ike's voice, as he rests on the back of his heels. An intense pseudo-glare towards Ram has the brown backing down, but resentfully; then Ike's concentration moves towards Eitan once more. He's apparently not acknowledging the personal remarks.

Eshe purses her lips and relaxes now that the brown backs off and nods at Sii'kyn, quietly as not to interrupt his being all mature and responsible in the face of Eitanex. Wouldn't want to make the man look bad, would we? She shifts a little on her feet again, pulls her hands out of her pockets and pushes them into the lining at the back of her trousers instead. And watches.

"You …" Eitanex silences and there's a moment obvious struggle in his face before he feels prepared to speak again. Calmer. Calmer. "If it was just you … demoting my mom, it'd be one thing. But … but putting Kez in her place was cruel. Either that or stupid. You … you have to know that. And you don't seem /stupid/ to me."

Sii'kyn lifts an eyebrow as he considers Eitanex's words. "You're one hundred percent correct, Eitanex, I will give you that. Demoting your mother was…" Ike pauses for words, considering very carefully how to express what he's trying to get across. "…necessary at the time, for numerous reasons." Least of all the fact that she publically ridiculed him. Rank disparagement and troubled times = … demoted Tat. "Putting K'nex as wingleader was twofold. First of all, it would have happened -anyhow-. He was wingsecond, y'know." Ike didn't know he was a slacker psychopath. (Sorry.) "Second of all, it was revenge for all the hell your mother put me through." But it's truuuue! Ahem. "Do you think every bad incident that has happened since then is my sole fault?" comes the rather inspired question, then. Ram's, but of course.

Slowly, with ever-tightening circles, Lis homes in on a knot of conversation on the bowl. Turns out, it's the Ike-Eitanex-et-al knot, and with her perpetual love for an opportune one-liner, gossip-tuned ears pick up and follow the conversation before dropping a greeting by way of a snarky bomb: "Third of all, they're so weyrmated they're practically /the same person/, so really, demoting Tatia and promoting K'nex didn't change a thing."

"Kez.. Who's Kez?" Eshe blurts, wanting to keep all this straight in case she needs to /not/ gossip about it. Eitanex's mother, of course, she already know is Tatia and the Weyrlingmaster. She lets out a slight cough at Sii'kyn's admission of revenge and looks at him with a curious expression, "don't you think a weyrleader should be above revenge, Ike?" she says and turns at another voice, who also happens to explain who Kez is. "Ohhh…"

"My dad," Eitanex says off hand to Eshe, partly to give himself time to think, his eyes flicking with harried motions between Lis and Sii'kyn. Never mind he started the whole antagonism thing tonight. "Okay," he starts, and the heat in his voice sounds almost residual. Or restrained. "Apparently a lot of people think demoting my mom was 'necessary at the time.'" Eitanex's tone might imply that all those people are stupid, but it's not stated out right, at least. "But … firstly," using the same format for some pretence at organization. "Firstly, maybe someone should have thought about the whole weyrmated thing before rank. You know. Secondly, that's stupid. Thirdly," Eitanex sweeps his gaze/glare on Lis. "Come on! No, they're /not/." Er, the same person that is. Not not weyrmated. "No, I don't think everything's your fault." Back to Sii'kyn. "/I'm/ not stupid. But you sure sharding didn't help."

Lis of the Sharp Tongue leaves no one spared, not even Eitanex: "They're your /parents/. If anyone is too biased to give a true account of them, it's you."

Sii'kyn has another innapropriate laughing fit at Lis' rather smart entrance into the conversation. Well, that, and the fact of Eshe's comment of 'weyrleader - revenge'. Ahem. Allow the eccentric brownrider his moment- he'll be better soon. Promise. "A weyrleader is just a person, Eshe. No different than you or I." Believe him. He speaks from experience. "They still fall prey to human emotion. If they didn't, they would be flawed. Think about it- if you can't feel human, only be perfect, how can you be sympathetic to emotional humanity in the face of the perfect enemy?" That bout of philosophy brought to you by the letters R, I, and the number 13. "Lis!" He brightens to greet. "It has been -far- too long. I believe you're even more lovely now than you were the last time I saw you." The last time she yelled at him. And theeeen to Eitan. "Firstly. Not my fault. We've always left wingseconds to the wing. If the wing felt comfortable having a weyrmated wingleading pair, weyr management allowed it to pass. Secondly, no, actually, it's not. You obviously don't know your own mother. Third- Lis, that was pretty silly. Fourth- no, as a matter of fact, I did help. In an obscure and enlightening way." He forced them to deal with all their problems! All at once! In the midst of a weyr-wide crisis! And a wing-wide collapse! … See? He's helpful.

Eshe isn't saying much at this point, the whole flirt-with-Ike thing gone down the drain as an argument ensued, but she's too stubborn to just retreat and leave these people to work things out on their own. But Sii'kyn does get a long, thoughtful look at his philosophy on weyrleading, "maybe so.. But petty revenge? Isn't that kind of.. Childish?" she asks, baiting the poor brownrider as she frowns and gives a glance toward Eitan, then Lis, before continuing, "at least tell me there was some kind of /reason/ beyond revenge to demote her?"

Eitanex doesn't seem to have much response to Lis beyond staring at her. Probably because saying 'No, I'm so not biased,' would be a bit of an embarrassing logical fallacy. "They're not the same person," he just reiterates, tense. Yes, that added. And gave him another moment to think. Those precious moments. "You just said, Sii'kyn, you did it for revenge. So that means you /didn't/ do it just because Dad was wingsecond. No matter what Mom did to you …" Nothing of import, of course. "You might have /thought/ it out a bit." The fourth … priviso earns one of those stares which says 'you're trying to be funny, aren't you?' which in a serious situation is completely inappropriate because of course Eit has never been flip about someone's accusation. Of course, he also hasn't ruined anyone's life, either. "Okay. How did you help?" Take it at face value.

Lis doesn't even need reponses to keep going on making comments, although she does chew on one of her cuticles in silence for a few minutes before observing: "When the guy who runs the weyr is picked by whose dragon catches the senior queen, we're amazed we get someone who's even as competent as Ike. Nevermind how he decides to handle matters of rank."

Sii'kyn juggles responses. To Eshe, he contemplates. "My revenge wasn't so petty. It was actually pretty grandiose. I mean, c'mon. It was pe-" Shutting up now. "Oh, shells yes, girl. I wouldn't demote a valuable resource to the weyr without a hefty amount of reason behind it." To Lis, he beams. "Why, thanks for the compliment." He's still stupid, don't worry. Maturity has come to visit: it doesn't mean advanced intelligence has as well. (Or, more likely, he's playing stupid.) "Eitanex. No person does a single action for a single motive. There's reasons, numerous ones, for everything. I demoted Tatia because, to be honest, she was stupid in conducting herself around those who ranked her in public. Even if I had not named her sucessor, it would have logically fallen to K'nex, as wing/second/, or wingleader's second." Silver gaze quietly assesses Eitanex, then- "That's a different discussion. A whole different game of sandball."

Eshe listens as Sii'kyn speaks and nods quietly, shifting her feet once again, seemingly having trouble with standing still. It's not like there's any obvious response to what he had to say, so she goes a whole different route and straightens her back to give him a dead-on look, "so.. Ike. Why did you come back here?" she asks, trying for a slight smile.

"So? A lot of people are stupid about that." Eitanex for one, lately. "There are worse faults. Just because she's direct," to put it one way, "and doesn't let people say crap they don't mean, no matter who they are, it doesn't mean she needs demotion. And if you were going to demote her for that, you might as well have demoted Dad. If you'd be thinking, you would have. There was all kinds of ways to get around it." Eitanex unclenches his fist (when did he start doing that?) and slips it in his pocket. His eyes stray once to Lis before returning to Sii'kyn's with a steadiness he can't manage in most situations. Did we mention the empowerment of anger/puberty? "I didn't," he says to the last, "think that you'd actually helped anyway. Any way you could put it."

Sii'kyn rolls his eyes to the heavens at Eshe's question, and he drawls out, "Well, see, the senior gold was starting to look pretty shiny…" with a wink to the young woman. Ram huffs indignantly. He could dig the whole being a daddy thing again. Ike's concentration settles on Eitanex once more. "Boy," he finally addresses, his patience beginning to wear thin, "Your. Mother. Needed. To. Be. Knocked. Off. Her. High. Runner." Speaking to a six-turn-old, apparently, Ike shakes his head, composes himself again, and reiterates. "You were too young to know, and probably are still too young to completely understand the political scene at the time. On one corner there was Pyrene and myself, and on the other was the oldtimers. If I had allowed Tatia to pretty much insult the shards out of me in public without some sort of reprimand, it would have been ugly. As it were…" Deep breath, Ike. He's only a snot-nosed brat, after all. "Tatia's a fine wingleader in execution. I'll give her that. However, she doesn't know a -thing- about politics, and in order to be a productive wingleader in today's age, you cannot be rash and unthinking." He holds a hand up to forestall potential statements- "And believe me, I definitely had had rational reasons behind demoting Tatia before her rather embarassing public display."

In response to Tatia's political… bluntness, Lis pipes up, "And /that's/ why she rides green." One cuticle vanquished, she moves onto the next, eyeing the people who emerge from the living caverns, as people are wont to do.

Eshe whistles almost silently at the long-winded explanation coming from the former weyrleader, decides to ignore his implication that he's after the position again and just lets her gaze flicker between Sii'kyn and Eitanex. Not knowing what to say or do - and having no opinion to offer on the politics of the Weyr - she starts rocking back and forth on her feet. She gives Lis a glance and lifts a brow, though she doesn't comment on the colour of the rider's lifemate.

Sidramuntalath somnolently eyeballs the appearance of the mini-brown. Hey. He's threatened that one before.
And one of those people wandering out from the caverns, klah cup in hand, is Sylara. She appears rather weathered and dusty. She steps out, wipes her forehad with the back of her free hand, and looks around. She smiles as she sees Sii'kyn, and offers a small wave.

Thebes is insouciant. He flutters in to perch petween Sidramuntalath's headknobs to watch.

Eitanex is awfully tempted to just answer one big "so" to everyone, heavy on the question and exclaimation marks, perhaps punctuated further with a foot stomp. While defending his mother at all costs is his job, he's beginning to grow tired and uneasy. It's been a very long time since he's openly discussed the matter with anyone. He doesn't like to let his parents know that he worries. … which might be part of the reason he just explodes here. All ire aside, he's running out of things to say. "You're right," he says. "I don't understand politics. I probably never will. I know Mom doesn't bother with making anything polite, that she says what she thinks. But what you did … or, or how you did it, was wrong. Even if you didn't mean what happened to happen." Eitanex can never use /his/ motives as an excuse, after all. He half drops his eyes and pushes his shoulders up. Man. He's going to be /very/ late home.

Sii'kyn considers his verbal sparring partner for a moment. "You're going to be a very tough fellow when you grow up, Eitanex," he eventually states. "But I'd beg you to not let your instincts to rabidly protect those you love at all costs to cloud your judgement concerning irrevelent things such as logic and evidence." That statement properly arranged and expressed, he shifts to lean against the nearest leanable object, and shakes his head. "I bet it's past your bedtime, too." In other words, Ike's tested the brat and found his potential worthy of treating him as an equal. "Sylara. A very long time," he greets, gaze roving past all and sundry to the dusty bowl beyond.

Lis looks puzzled at Sylara's excess of dust - moreso than even 'normal' 'Reaches mustiness - but her lips decline to form the question 'How'd you get so dusty' as her gaze slides between Ike and Eitanex. "So. You just argued. Over a demotion long past. With a twelve Turn old child."

Sii'kyn, all sober, solemnly nods at Lis. "And I enjoyed it, too," with the barest hint of amusement crinkling about his eyes.

Eshe doesn't have much to say, still, and holds her tongue on her own personal opinion on Eitanex's worth, though the boy might be surprised if he ever heard it. She gives Sii'kyn a glance, then Lis and finally newcomer Sylara. "Quite an interesting argument, if you ask me," she notes casually, "for instance, I learned that Ike here used to be the weyrleader and he doesn't mind using his position for personal revenge." After all, that might be an important thing to remember.

Perhaps only Sidramuntalath noticed that small brown firelizard's appearence moments before, but the next link in the causal chain triggered by it is fairly unmistakeable. Down from above clatters a certain dark blue dragon and a certain blueriding weyrsecond aboard him, landing just far enough off from the main crowd to avoid coating them with bowl dust. What might be unusual about this is the fact that Wyn's normally sedately smooth sidle has been replaced by a walk best described as a run slowed down only by sheer quantities of willpower, and remaining shreds of dignity. "I'd submit that while that's a summary of events, weyrfolk," she replies to Eshe as she passes her, "The actual scene was a touch more complex than that… but look who's back, and looking tanned." Wyn keeps walking until she's within sight of Sii'kyn, and then lets a very rare expression onto her face as she looks up at the brownrider. Yes, Wyn is grinning. One Wraith to another, after all.

Sylara frowns, as she hears the 'explosive' retort from Eitanex She's wandered into something really interesting. However, she ignores it for the moment. "Yes it, has, sir. If there's anything you need…" She pauses, and turns to Lis. "I've been cleaning all day. Between the two of us, Jessica and I, we decided that I would work more with the cleaning crews, and she would do more of the hidework." Her expression shows the hint of an ironic smile. "Anyway, just got finished cleaning, and came out here for some fresh air." She smiles brightly.

If Ike looked charming and just slightly debonair before, he looks absolutely brilliant- at least in smile wattage- as he aspies (and hears) a very familiar voice. "Why, if it ain't my good ol' drinkin' buddy!" he half-hollers to nobody in particular, wrangling up his very best swagger as he strides towards Wyn. A quick wink, then; "Good Faranth, it's been too long." Entirely too long to last without your best friend, indeed. "Do I get a hug, or is that too undiginified for Miss Weyrsecond?"

All this talk of 'work' and the sudden influx of Wyn - did the rank just get a little higher in here? - makes Lis nervous, and so with a snort of acknowledgement for Sylara's reply, the greenrider examines her nails one more time and heads off to parts unknown.

"At this point, I'm so late it doesn't matter," says Eitanex, sounding quite hoarse and subdued now. For every rush of energy, there is a down. Shard it all. He doesn't want to sound /defeated/. This is not his intent. "Anyway. I guess I'll work on my … logic before talking to you again. Since it was such a long time ago." He starts to shuffle away, but Wyn's appearance and quick sum-up pins him for a moment. Okay, /now/ he's embarrassed. Why does she have to /like/ Sii'kyn, dangit.

Eshe turns to give the approaching weyrsecond a calm stare, but keeps from giving whatever retort she had thought of and simply gives Wyn a nod, which is followed by the falling of her face and a displeased look on her face. Looks like she'll have her work cut out for her if she's to seduce Sii'kyn in any way. Giving Eitan a wave, she adds a sort of sympathetic smile, "take care, Eitanex."

Why Wyn likes who she likes is a mystery for the ages. It's decidedly clear that she likes Sii'kyn however, as the grin settles down into a more usual and crooked small smile and she pauses a moment to rest her left hand on her hip and survey him for a theatrical moment before deciding that "Hrm. I -think- my dignity can handle a hug." One is promptly administered, right there in the middle of the central bowl, good and tight and not letting go until he slackens first, murmuring a teasing "Miss Weyrsecond indeed… you gave me the bloody knot in the first place." Once the hug's completed, she steps back to arms' length to focus on the prodigal best friend, nodding once in satisfaction. "Your son is an interesting young man," she allows. "But he's no replacement for you. You've been missed… and I have a lot of news for you when you've got some time for a proper sit-down."

Sii'kyn doesn't watch after Eitan walking away, or grin at Eshe, though both would likely be on the agenda if not for the technically higher-priority: Wyn. And hugs. He likes hugs, y'know. Returning the hug with a grin- a silly one, at that- the brownrider chortles low and replies, in like voice, "..smartest thing I ever did," to Wyn's comment. He draws back and likewise assesses the bluerider at arm's length, scrutinizing. "Y'look like you're recovering from something." Well, blunt as ever, our Ike. "Son?" Distractedly, "Which on- Oh. Syke. Aye, indeed, he's a handful," Ike ruefully grins. "A /lot/ of news?" Eyes brighten. Seeeee? All he came back for is the gossip. Honestly.

Sylara watches Lis leave with her smile still somewhat pasted on her face. She watches in amusement as Wyn hugs Ike. "I'm glad you're back. Like I say, I'm working for Marond now, so if you need anything…" Sure, the man knows his way around, but she offers anyway. She turns to Eshe. "I'm not sure I've met you." She says, offering a wave. "I'm Sylara, Assistant Headwoman." She takes a sip of her klah.

Eitanex exhales, half shakes his head, and, finally, makes a rather rapid retreat. The one advantage of all this? He will not, in fact, be tracking poo into the living caverns.

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