Il'ad Comes Back to Inferno Log


Warmth from the stone hearth radiates throughout this area, flowing around the myriad of chairs scattered about. With the old-Auntie, straight-backed chairs, huge fluffy chairs, and even the assorted gathering of rocking chairs, everyone should be able to find something to their liking. The floor here is adorned with an old rug that is rather faded but still comfortable enough to serve as additional seating should anyone wish. Baskets of yarn and darning needles are close at hand, and along the hearth's mantel you can always find at least a pitcher or two of fresh klah.

Palia is here.

"So cold, so cold, so cold!!" Hip hopping from one foot to the other — as if she were stepping on hot coals… silly woman — Palia bee lines to the hearth the second she enters the cavern, snowflakes caking the flurry of blonde hair on her scalp, and coating the sleeves and front of her jacket; which, remarkably, today she isn't clad in her usual neon colors. Today, just a set of black pants, and the famous Inferno jacket, the flames on the sides looking a bit worn from the Turns the woman's had the darned thing. The second she reaches the fire, the water begins to pool beneath her.. But, not discontented, the greenrider begins peeling off her outer clothes faster than you could say 'naked'.

"NAKED!" —Just kidding, Il'ad didn't really say that. He does however, find Palia amusing to watch, which is the only reason he's staring at her disrobing self. Hi. "Hi." Oops. "What, is it snowing out or something?" And that's his poor attempt at humor. And then the puddle beneath her is eyed. And then he stifles a tiny burp behind a closed fist.

If Il'ad had been unfortunate enough to say it, the poor thing would've been subjected to the real Naked Palia, which… Even if he doesn't care, the rest of the living caverns doesn't look too appealed at the idea of it. "Laddie!" she says with a light squeal when she sees him, stopping mid-button on her 'snow pants' to look up and beam at him. "Of /course/ it's snowing, silly!" she says, not sensing the sarcasm. "Didn't you /see/ it outside? Really, it's /amazing/. And so /pretty/!!" Another squeal hits her last word, before she begins to peel her boots off. Hmm. Wrong order, as always. "Been meaning to talk to ya about something, ya know."

"I've been seeing it for almost thirty turns. I think I'm almost getting sick of it. How old do you have to be to retire, anyway?" Whether or not Il'ad's serious is hard to detect. "Maybe I should've moved to Ista when I had the chance…" Okay, maybe he -is- serious? "Oh, please don't tell me you're preg—wait, we never did it. I suppose I was just living precariously through my best friend."

"Well…" Palia's eyes trail off to some far off corner of the room, eyes glazing over eerily. Whoops. Distracted, there! "Oh. Well, I'm about 4.." She bops the top of her fingers as if counting. "I'm fourty-something, at least. I ain't hear anything about getting outta here. But, if it suits you.. I think the snow's amazing, though." She begins giggling a little as she finally removes her boots completely, stripping her down into just a shirt and pants. Whew, no nude-y parts! "Why on /Pern/ would you wanna move to Ista? Sure, no snow. But leave 'Reaches? That's… that's a /ridiculous/ idea. Don't even go there." Listening to him, her eyes just grow wide, mouth dropping a little in surprise. "Preg, how could I be — No, no we didn't. I /hope/ I'm not pregnant again. Don't think Cr'ash'd be very happy about it. /Anyways/." She hops to, smiling brightly (even though she's standing in a very large puddle). "Did you hear about the Booze.. Tassle.. erm.. thing?"

"I know, which is why I'm still here. That, and I had broken up with my then-girlfriend, so there was no excuse to move there anymore," Il'ad grins, rolling his shoulders as he leans back while simultaneously pulling his socked feet up onto the couch beneath him, hugging his knees to his chest. "The booze thing? Heck yeah. That's seriously like, the best idea to ever hit the Weyr." If you're an alcoholic. Or at least drink as excessively as Il'ad does.

"Of /course/ it's an amazing idea!" Palia's arms go wild, and she does a little bounce for joy. "I've been waiting for something like this for like.. like.. like /ever/." The twinkle in her eye does not bode well for Il'ad, though. "But.. See.. There's this.. issue." The twinkle goes wild, as happiness goes to sadness, and the cutest expression the "old lady" can muster squishes into her petite features. "Inferno has a problem. We're… Well, the wing's just not /good/ enough, ya'see. We.. We need /you/, or we'll never win."

"Oh man," Il'ad says, lifting his hands to entwine atop his head. "Look, I uhif I leave Mudslide, I'm going to have Jesha stalking me until the day I die… like, she /knows/ where I live and I'll find her in my bed, in my chamber pot, under my pillowyou get what I'm saying? Now don't get me wrong. I miss Inferno like you wouldn't believe. I'm just—I'm shardin' /afraid/!"

Palia glares. "What could she /possibly/ do to you?" The woman wags her finger in the other greenrider's face. "Sure, maybe Jesha's a bit.. erm.." You know, cutely evil. "— But that doesn't matter! Mudslide doesn't gain anything by you bein' in it, they don't know you like we do, they don't respect you the same way — you being guard captain and all, you could whip them into shape so fast… We'd.. We'd be /AWESOME/!" Frustrating reaches a peak as she begins tugging at her hair. "We /can't/ let those Tsunami freaks win like they do at /everything/ else." She ponders for a moment. "Why does Jesha want you in the Wing, anyways? I don't see her trying to grab Shazi, and that's.. her daughter, right?" Trying to remember. "I'll try and um.. talk to her about it, maybe?"

"Do you -KNOW- Jesha?" Il'ad asks, attempting a single-cocked brow. It doesn't work. So up go both before they furrow. "She /jumped/ on my back and refused to get off of me until I surrendered and joined the Mudslide ranks. Seriously. True story. And then she brings up the fact that we have a kid together. I'm just a sucker. I've always been a sucker when it comes to girls. I think you should definitely talk to her. Tell her how much you miiiiiss me. Maybe that'll help convince her, yeah?"

"Er— err— No, but —" /Scowl/. Il'ad isn't allowed to play that card! "She jumped on your /back/. That's… /it/? You couldn't get her /off/? Didn't threaten to STAB HER?!" While maybe a little overly mad for the issue, Palia doesn't seem to notice, carrying on in a voice that causes most of the cavern to turn their head and look. "And.. Don't you have a kid with Shazi? /Shazi's/ in Inferno. So kids don't COUNT." Right! "Well, I'll talk to her then. If she can't see /reason/ in this, well.. Well.. Then I'll shove it in her face and make her see it!" Since that /always/ works. "Really Laddie, you can't just /leave/ Inferno. We're your family, for Faranth's sake! We didn't hand you the knot and the jacket so that you could trade it in for a different one." She pauses for a moment. "So.. What do you think would make her give you up?"

"She's my weyrmate's /mother/. She's like, practically my mother. I'm almost forced to do as she says." Because Il'ad is that whipped. "I have twins with Shazi," he then adds to clarify. "What do I think?" Il'ad really does think about this for a long moment. A very long moment. He even scratches his eyebrow. "Uh." Great answer. "Maybe if you peed on me or something. That works for like, kidnappers. I think."

Palia shakes her head, burrowing her face in the palms of her hands as she moves out of the puddle slightly. "So what if she's /practically/ your mother. She's not your mother. And, not to mention — You're /how/ old?" Blink blink? "You're supposed to be this.. this.. /Guard/ captain, this guy that never backs down.. That's why Inferno needs you. If you can't be that guy to one woman for the good of us being able to win — remember, that includes /you/ — then maybe you don't /deserve/ to be in Inferno! Maybe you deserve to be part of Mudslime!" The suggestion is noted, and she actually begins to say 'maybe' before cutting herself off. "That's /gross/, Laddie. Grooossss. It'd be better if you peed on /her/. That's a shards-worth of help." Sigh. And, it's not as if she outranks Jesha enough to dictate it. "Maybe — T'ii, Chey! Would they…?"

"Twenty eight," Il'ad murmurs, but quickly pipes up with "But still! Alright alright, I get your point." And then she has to use reverse psychology of sort. It always works on this guy. "Maybe OH! Maybe we can convince T'ii and Chey to do a resuffling of people in wings—and have them move me back here. That might work, right? Trust me, I really want back in."

"You're far too old to be scared of your /mum/," Palia says, crossing her arms harshly and staring up at him with thinned, angry eyes. "Yeah, but how could we convince them to do that? Not to mention, they might reshuffle them in Tsunami's favor, and put you /there/ instead. We just need /you/ moved. That's it. You're an Infernite, anyways. There's no way Mudslime can keep you forever!" She drums her fingers against her lip. "Who else is higher ranking than Jesha, and could transfer you? Wingsecond.. That leaves… Um…" Stupid memory!

"Hey, she's a powerful woman and she outranks me." Or does she? Someone'll have to check the knotchart now. "Oh crap, I never even thought of that. "Just Shazi. I bet we could convince Shazi to challenge her mum. You think she'd be down with that? It's just not the same without staring at Shazi's ass during drills."

"You know Shazi /way/ better than I do, Laddie," Palia says before biting her lower lip. "How would we convince her? Fire her up about something? I mean, I know you guys had a row, but doesn't she want that tassle as much as we do? She's /gotta/ see the logic in all this!" Even Palia does, so that's really saying something! "Awww. I'm sorry, cutie." She rolls up onto her tiptoes, and pats him on the head. How cute. "Well, would that be enough incentive for her to actually do it? I mean, she's not your mom, and even /you/ don't have the courage to stand up to her."

"Get a little alcohol in her. I can smooze her up otherwise. Or maybe I can just have a really nice, romantic night with her, and like, in the middle of our lovely love making, I can pop the question on her… you know, see if she'll ask her mom—or /tell/ her, to give me back. That of course is a hit or miss."

"Uh…" Blink. "You sure that's a good idea? I mean, I know booze helps, but.. Doing it in bed? She might get all weird and refuse to have sex or something." Palia ponders for another moment. "Honestly, if Jesha says no to her own daughter, then she's got serious issues. Shazi needs you more than she does. /We/ need you more than she does. And.. and.. Well Faranth, I want my freaking booze tassle!!"

"Oh. You think?" Because Il'ad clearly didn't think that one through. "I don't know. I just like having sex with her. I figured it'd be a good opportunity." Except talking during sex until it's 'related' probably isn't the best thing to do. "Alright. Maybe I'll just—you know, grow a pair and approach Jesha myself. Tell her I just haven't been the same since I left Inferno… or fake a broken leg or something."

"Men," Palia mutters. "Sure, she might like sex that way too, but that's a really dumb time to bring it up. 'Hey hon, before you get worked up, I want you to possibly ruin your relationship with your mum so we can get really awesome booze for a month!

"Men," Palia mutters. "Sure, she might like sex that way too, but that's a really dumb time to bring it up. 'Hey hon, before you get worked up, I want you to possibly ruin your relationship with your mum so we can get really awesome booze for a month!' That'll come off /great/." Eyeroll. "Faking a broken leg won't work. Just freaking /grow/ a pair already and do it, alright? Do it, or I'm getting Xayna's permission, and taking back your Inferno jacket, badge, and everything else that ties you to us! Inferno isn't for /sissies/." Tell that to Palia when she's up against someone particularly frightening, herself. Not the same reaction for sure.

"Well, I didn't really think of it that way! It was more the sentiment of having me back in the wing because she missed me and loves me dearly," Il'ad says, crossing his arms over his chest with a wrinkle of his face. "Okayokayokayokay. I'll talk to her—Jesha, I mean. Maybe I'll booze her up first so that the impact will be a lot softer. I'll tell her it wasn't a legal trade to begin with because it requires the permission of the Weyrleader beforehand."

Palia squeals, bouncing a little as she takes ahold of the sides of Il'ads arms — to help her bouncing altitute, that is. "Wonderful!! There's no way she can can turn /that/ down. If it doesn't help…" Her face falls a little. "I've got a personal store of booze that I can hand over to her for compensation… It's likely not as much as she'd get if Mudslime'd win, but since they won't, she should just take it. But don't offer it unless you have no choice! Got at least 20 bottles of good Tilleks that I don't want to go to waste!" SHe pauses for a moment, having now released him and backed away a little. "You've got a sevenday, or you're /permanently/ exiled from Inferno. I'll make sure of it. Understood?"

"Or I could try to convince my dad to hook up with her for a night. Maybe that'll satisfy her. I mean, I'm just a younger version of him… kinda. Well, I'm half him at least. So that's gotta mean something. And she keeps bringing up the fact that she boned him or something." As far as the memorandum is concerned, Il'ad takes a deep breath and nods his head quickly. "Got'cha."

Palia nods as he replies, taking a good amount of time to absorb what he says before her annoying, squeaky voice picks up again. "Well, do whatever you have to, as long as it doesn't involve blood and guts. Doubt T'ii'd get too pissy at you, but you never know." She edges slightly to the side, grabbing her overclothes and boots to gather them in her arms. "I'll stop by and see ya in a few days then. And.. well.. good luck! Inferno misses you." She gives him an overly wide smile, bobbing her head a little, but it fades a little as she looks to the other side of the cavern. "I'm off to take a bath. Don't get into trouble!" Or she'll blubber all over him later. Of course.

"Okay. Uh—see ya," is all Il'ad has to say to that.

Palia grins again, before bounding off to the lower caverns.

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