Too many llamas

March 11th 2002
Logged by Kirana

Freshened breezes from the lake to the south linger with the stronger scents of herdbeast and wherry, dust and dung, that fill this ovoid enclosure. The sturdy fence sways out into the bowl, captures an outlet of clear blue lake, and, as it meets the bowl wall, grows into a stout wind-shelter replete with hay and feeding troughs; not too far above, a claw-marked series of feeding ledges lie, decorated by a few discarded and bleached-out bones. A few clusters of green sprout, downtrodden, in the hard ground, tracked over by the stampeding of the herds.
It is a winter afternoon. You know that the sun is heading downward, although you really can't see it to tell for sure. The air starts to get colder again, and the gusts of wind have picked up, blowing the infrequent flurries around as well as clearing the snow off the slush and leaving patches of brown amid the dazzling white.
Lis, Sikkyen, Azia, Jundi, and Fyria are here.

P'rru marches officiously in from the Central Bowl.

Sikkyen blinks obliquely at Azia. "..well, It's a he," he explains, "And we feed It way too much." Hack. "..Well, we /think/ It's a he." He furrows a brow, shrugs, and pads after Lis. Rock in one hand, It in the other, he stares at the EvilRiderOfTheEvilGreen. Cough. "So.. what're we doin', again?" He eyes a bronze who's eying It like his last meal.. "Scat," he half-snarls. The bronze moves. Aheh/heh/heh/…

Lis rocks up onto her tiptoes as she orders the young men about, fully enjoying her power trip (how luminous /was/ Alymath, by the way?), directing them all with one pale pointed finger. "Now, since my darling helpers are going to be getting you the nails, what I need all of you do to is, well, help mend the fences. Just rock them a little, and give 'em a nail wherever it seems a little squeaky. You'll get the hang of it." 'Or else,' her fanged smile seems to say.

The oafs soon return with two barrels full of nails between themselves, grunting and straining with manly effort. Dig in, kids; but mind not to waste any.

Oh, but wait. Fyria is not a man. So Fyria doesn't get ordered about by Lis? How perfect!! She abrubtly drops her rock and stands back, leaning against a bit of fence desperately in need of repair, and not realizing that P'rru has, indeed followed. "Hey Azia, Jundi," she whispers. "Lis looks like she's more interested in ordering the men about. I think we can just hang here, no?" Snicker.

Azia raises an eyebrow. "Oh, no, It's definitely a she.." she says dubiously, running a hand over the llama once more. "And I don't think food is the problem." A roll of her shoulders is given as she rattles a nearby fence, finding it secure enough for now. This done, she turns back to the llama. It's much more interesting than the fence, at any rate. "How long have you had her? Seen any weird behaviour at all? I think.. Well.." she trails off, brows furrowed.

Kirana trots, all bundled up against the cold, in just in time to here Ike. "Of course Its a he…didn't we figure it out?" She's the one who first posed the question after all. "And we feed him too much 'cause it makes him be quiet…why?" She has fun butting into other peoples conversations. Catching sight of Jundi she beams, bouncing on her toes a bit. "Jundiii!" Cough. Right, supposed to be listening. She turns her attention to Lis, catching the tail end of her instructions. Fences? Ok. "Sounds…do-able." Right.

Jundi glances at the brightly pinked monstrosity for a brief moment. She doesn't ask, because she's learned its usually wisest not to. Especially if the color pink is involved. Now chartreus… that's another matter. "Fences. Nails. Right." Jun strives to look like she knows which end of a nail you put into the wood. Putting on a good face and all. A bit of nearby fence is tentatively prodded with a single finger. "I don't think- Kirana!!"

Sikkyen, the hawt and confused one, pauses and observes. "O..kay. Um." He's repaired fences more than he can count; the rock is dropped, replaced by a wooden hammer. It's shoved into one back pocket, and he shifts towards the barrels. Counting out a full dozen, he strips one arm of a gauntlet, ties the end shut, and dumps the nails in it. Azia's blinked at. "I.. don't.. have her. Hey, Kirz!" is called out, before he shrugs. "It is It. It is always odd. It is always weird." After that little speech, he meanders towards a long stretch, and begins. He's efficient with this. He's an ex-'hand. This works. And he can protect It from the evil dragons while he does it, too. Heh. And.. there he goes. Rocking fences, pounding nails back in, checking the structual integrity. "This would have been easier if you'd let us ride the fence first," he idly comments to Lis when he passes her.

Lis purrs quietly - hopefully for Sikkyen's ears only, but it's not her fault if the whole lot of them overhears it: "So it's not a rumor, then; really /will/ ride anything. Now get to work."

Azia doesn't think Sik could fit _anything_ into those tight pockets, let alone a hammer. But that's just her opinion. She leaves him to the fencing-business, though, and motions for the idle girls to come over. "I think you have more than one Llama here.." she murmurs gently, still petting the near-crimson burdenbeast. "We might need some towels.. Or something warm, anyway."

Fyria gives Kirana a wave, beckoning her over to join the crew. "Heya Kirz!! C'mon and join us, we're watching the /men/ go to work," she says with a grin. It is eyed dubiously…stay back, sharding pink llama. "Hey…does It look…funny to you girls?"

P'rru strolls out. He was taking his time. Because he's already a fullrider and he can. "Lis, looking luminous as ever" he greets the greenrider with a wink and a smile. All charm. "Now, Dsalth says he's hungry today so while you mend you won't mind if he takes a bite to eat? Of course if it's too distracting for you…" Purr trails off, distracted not by dragons but by Fyria. "Lass, get your behind off that fence and get to work like everyone else!" Ooh he could get used to this. Yelling at Fyria.

Kirana grins all sparkly like at Jundi, "Juuun! Ooh, this is great!" BeamBounce. Seems someone drank a *wee* bit too much klah this morning. "Is It being especially odd? What d'you mean Azia?" She asks curiously, offering a little wave to everyones favorite pink llama, It itself. "Hey Fizz!" She returns cheerily, eyes sparkling as she joins the thick of the group. Gonna work. Right. "Ooh, we are?, sounds fun!" Twinkle. "It looks fat." Is her judgment as she absently wiggles the fence.

Dsalth paces with regimental gait in from the Central Bowl.

"Come on ladies, put your backs into it!" calls Lis shrilly as she siddles up to P'rru with a bright beam for his old man charm. "They're shaping up to be a bit soft, I think. When's the last time we cleaned the ashpits?"

"It?" Jundi queries brilliantly. "Why don't you give the poor thing a name at least?" And then, Jun gives up on fence-playing entirely to giggle girlishly at Kirana. Its what she does. Among other things. Besides, its kinda cute. "Didn't expect to see /you/ again so soon! Nor under these circumstances. Hee!" A handfull of nails are picked up and Jun attempts to make them ballance on their tips on top of a post. Usefull.

Sikkyen turns, looks at Lis, looks again, and pauses. He stares at her for a /long/ moment, before shaking his head and continuing on his way. Proddy greenriders, evil candidates, and the only other sane one in the lot is a wingleader who prefers to wear a bright orange beanie. Bemoaned is his fate.. Then, the aforementioned sane-but-fashionsense-less-Purr queries to the candidates, and he shrugs. "As lon' as he doesn't eat It, 'Salth's more'n welcome to eat," he comments. Then… He smirks at Purr's yelling at Fizz, and his fate looks good once more, until.. He hears a splashing sound. Oh, /no/. He turns, and gives a bewildered look at It, before groaning. Literally. "Of /ALL/ times, you hafta choose when I'm mending fences?! When I'm finally /happy/?!" Yes. He might be hawt, and he might fill out those tight breeches wonderfully, but… he's definately odd.

Azia pauses, somewhat thrown off track by Kirana's.. effervescence. Ooh. Big word. Most probably used incorrectly. "It's not fat. Not from overeating, anyway." She double-checks her facts, just to be sure before she announces it. "I think.. Well, I'm pretty sure your llama's about to have a baby." Dun-dun-dun.. A dramatic pause. "So I'll need your help. I left some clean towels in the Caverns, if someone could go get them.. and.. Oh. P'rru.. Someone explain to P'rru before he loses it."

Fyria chuckles Jundi-wards, saying "It is It's name, Jundi. It's the mascot of our little corner of the weyr, if you will." She gives the girls a wink, then leaps a dragonlength high as P'rru starts yelling. At /her/. Fyria whirls around and glares, saying "Well you don't have to /yell/, you old fart." Huh. With a grumble, she stalks over and grabs a handful of nails, some tools, then just….stares. "How in Faranth's name do I repair a fence?"

Jundi shrugs helplessly at Fyria. "Shards if I know, never needed any buggered fences at the hall. He seems to have a clue what he's doing," Jun thumbs towards the fellow she has decided is a workaholic, which is a turn off no matter how attractive the tight pants. "I bet," she adds in a very low whisper to Fyr, "if we sneak past the 'old fart' and creep really quietly, we could spy on him and steal his fence mending secrets!" Oo. Espionage.

P'rru doesn't yell. Nor scream. He chuckles and rubs his hands together. "Oh Lis, Lis, Lis, Fyria has just volunteered to give Alymath and Dsalth manicures! Isn't that so nice of her! Lucky for us she'll have plenty of time after repairing this fence and cleaning the ashpit…" he trails off and glances over the other candidates. "But I really am being a little hard perhaps? They can all help Fyria clean the ashpits together. It'll be a bonding experience!" cheer. Gleam. He's enjoying it too much. Cue giving evil eye to Fyria. But he's all talk, innhe? He won't make them do anything else today, right?

Kirana grins at Jundi, nodding, "I know! Well now your here and it'll be fun. You'll get to see /ice/." This is said with some sympathy. After all, ice means cold, and cold is evil. Wiggle. The fence that is. "So we just…stick nails into it?" She muses. She breaks off to blink slowly at Aziz. "But It can't be pregnant. It's a he…or at /least/ an it." Hence the name…right?

"Shells..I cant belive I'm almost late.." Tevya mumbles yet once more, rushing into the feeding pens. Hair is casually swept into a low knot at the base of her neck and she uses one hand to sweep back too-long bangs. Dsalth is given a hasty grin and wave, along with whispered words before Tevya stops to push the sleeves of her jerkin up past elbows. And's onwards!

Sikkyen stares at It, drapes the drool-covered over a fencepost, and meanders back towards It's hind end. He twitches. "Um.. Um.. Azia. Do you.. know anything.. about birthing llamas?" He twitches s'more. "I know.. a little." The burdenbeast is glared at. "Of all times.." Glaring, he turns and deliberately fixes another fencepost, shoving the top rail up, nailing it in with powerful, anger-filled strokes. Muscles pop. Eyes glaze. He does the rest of that section of fence, and returns to It. "Sir," he resignedly says to P'rru, "..may I be relieved of duty for about a candlemark? It's.. apparently.. giving birth, and if anything happens to it's baby, the people who grew up with It will kill me." Mournful look is given. "I'll.. make up for what I missed."

Lis is quiet appreciateve of Sikkyen's breeches, being a firm believe in 'shut up and look cute', whether applied to her or to others. "It's not really that hard - pointy end first, then pound on the flat one," she barks to her charges, face lighting up with pure sadistic glee as P'rru proposes the next task. "Oh! Lovely. We should give them a day to be recuperated."

Sikkyen's response is instantly, pragmatically and flatly denied by Lis, at any rate: "It's a llama. It'll be /fine/."

It humms loudly, It's humm bordering on alarmed. Humm. Shrill call of alarm is now given - by gawds, something's coming out of It's butt! It can't be possible!

P'rru jabs a finger towards Lis and gives Sikkyen a look "What she said" he mentions. Hey, it's a heirachy. And Lis is at the top.

Azia shakes her head at Kirana. "No. One might hope you all had a little knowledge of anatomy, at least. It is clearly a female. And there'll be very young proof of that in a moment, so let's get towels, and.." Sikkyen's presence is appreciated and receives a large smile and a babbled list of directions. "I know a little about birth in general. Nothing specific to llamas, but how hard can it be? She seems alright, after all." Except for the butt thing. That's a big turnoff. "But still.. We can't keep the baby here in the snow. When it arrives, we should take it indoors. At least for a day or two." Or three, or four. Until Azia lets go.

Dsalth takes a sudden interest in It. And It's spawn. It's like venison! Yum yum yum! The rusty brown sneaks closer, on the other side of the fence than all the people, tongue snaking out. Here, dinner dinner dinner.

Sikkyen stares mournfully at his 'Sir'. All that sucking up didn't do a sharding thing. Sigh. Lis is appealed at by one of those adorable, PleaseHelpMe Looks, before he springs. "'SALTH! You touch It and I'll kill you." Murderous glint obvious, he /glares/. "Go away."

Fyria jawdrops at P'rru. Just, jawdrops. Then whines, adding " apologies Wingleader P'rru, rider of Brown Dsalth." Is she saying all that mockingly? You decide. "Um…really..I'm terrible at manicures, see?" She holds up her own hands. "You /really/ don't want me- um, Ike? IKE!!! What in Faranth's holy eggshards is coming out of It…It's rear!!!" She pales…oh this can't be happening. Chores, dragon manicures, and…baby Its? Umm…anyone have any willowsalic? Fyrs just eyes the other Candidates with a plea for help, explanation, etc.

Jundi takes notice of hungry dragons. "Shoo," she waves her arms oh-so-effectively towards the brown, like one would a stray cat. "Scat. Git. Not for you, g'back where yas came from. Go on. Shoo, I say!" The former apprentice settles on glaring meaningfully at the brown, in hopes that the Look will sway him. Hopefully, glares are inversely proportional to size. If so, well, short little Jundi's got it made.

Kirana stares at It too. "Ummmm…." She's sort of dwindled off in her fence wiggling. It's spawning, that's somehow a little more attention seeking. "Ummm…." Blinkblink. "It's humming." She informs them all, as if they didn't have ears of their own. Peeeeer. "Dear Faranth…your right Az, somethings coming out! There're going to be a mini-It!" Gape. She glances at Jundi, "Hey, you think llama births are anything like dolphin ones? Read about those I think…" Spawnings spawning right? She eyes the brown warily, "Don't eat It, or his…!" she exclaims, edging closer.

"My luck! No ones noticed!" Tevya responds aloud. Thankfully enough she can slide in between a few other Candidates..blending in with the crowd..and all is good. Glance however, is given around as Tevya tries to figure out exactly what was happening and then poor It is turned to. "It? Is he okay?" And Tevya then stands on tip-toes to try and spot exactly what It was up to this time.

Lis sets her jaw in determination, backed up by the force of one wimpy old man against a whole bunch of candidates. "Yes, it's disgusting and wonderful but it's only an animal and can we get back to fixing fences? Yes, quite." Snort.

Dsalth snorts at Sikkyen, flares his nostrils at Jundi, and just completely ignores Kirana. Because he can. And because dinner is on it's way. Crouching, brown haunches begin to waggle in excitment, tail lashing behind him. He can solve all your problems in one bite.

It gives a loud groan. Someone help. It /hurts/. Crouching, the llama - as per instructions by her natural instincts - strains, two[oh, /no/] perfect little Its coming on out. And then.. Apparently, They get stuck. Uhoh.

P'rru shoulders beside Lis, also looking suitably disgusted. "When we were candidates, Lis, we wouldn't have ignored our superiors…" the brownrider mumbles, glaring at all and sundry. Except his dragon "Yes, you teach them a lesson, 'salth!" he cheers out. "Not all of you need to be getting up close and personal to -that-…Everyone except the herders, quit gawking and start hammering.." Yah. As if they are gonna listen.

Azia winces, edging closer with a towel brought by some helpful, nameless person. "Uh.. Sikkyen? You're the boy. You're strong. Can you.. help.. her out? Or something?" She stands at ready to towel-dry the wet.. twins? "WOw.. This is rare. We'll have to be careful - If there's two, they'll be pretty fragile." And she's a Herder, so Old Fart can shut is Old Spice mouth. Beam.

Sikkyen folds his arms, glaring the dragon down. "Back away, 'Salth. If you eat It, I will see to it that you never get the pleasure of being washed by me." Glare. Then.. He tries something else. "Hey, if you don't eat It, I promise that me and a few of the candies will go with you and Purr to Ista and give you a nice long scrub." Beseeching eyes. Canine-puppy look. "And if you could convince your Rider to lemme help with It's birth, we'll even oil you, too."

Jundi continues to glare angrily at Dsalth, as if that could do some good. Asside to Kirana, she mutters with a shrug, "I watched one once, but it took a long time. And I dont think llama-calves have to worry about rushing for air as soon as they're born, which is the problem with 'phins." The dragon is given a few futile waves and hand gestures as she speaks.

Dsalth backs off. Considerably. He's not even drooling now. Aparently someone said something right. But he'll be back later to collect, don't you worry about that. The brown will just flump into the middle of the pens and scare the herdbeasts silly for awhile.

Fyria wrinkles her nose…llama's giving birth just /smells/ shard-awful. Ugh. Nevertheless, she spots the two heads peeking out…and stopping. "Uhhh…Ike? You're the stablehand here…is that…normal?" Dsalth is spied eyeing It and /her/ soon-to-be llama-ettes, causing the former Messenger to frown. "Dsalth…shoo, shooo back now!" She goes and waves at the dragon…hey, this is the girl who picked a snowball fight with one. she has no fear. And no common sense, obviously.

Kirana doesn't know the browns name, but he's after their mascots child…child/ren/? So that can't be good. "Faranth! Two!" Squeal. "Leave her…them, alone! Be nice!" She says to the brown, before adding, a bit hastily, "Please?" See? She's being *nice*. She eyes It and Them, "They're stuck. Anyone know how to…uh…help?" She nods to Jundi, "Yeah…I think it's diffrent…"

Lis' saturnine face looks like she's willing It to drop dead from sheer mental strength alone, and only self-restraint is keeping her from kicking the beast to get it started again. "P'rru," she hisses in the man's ear, "I highly suggest you reccomend latrine duty to the weyrlingmasters. With/out/ long-handled brushes.

Sikkyen beams at Dsalth, and walks forwards to pat the brown's nose. "Thank you, Dsalth." He's even getting used to 'Salth talking to him. Kinda. Moving towards Purr and Lis, he beseeches again. "I /do/ know how to help her out, an' she'll die if I don't." He sighs, and steadies himself for this word. The word that he hates. That grudgingly goes out. "..please?"

"It's having babbies." Somehow that manages to make it's way back to Tevya and she manages to make her way to the front of the crowd. "I can help..I was a herder.'s been a long while since I've done anything." It is given a glance and Tevya then turns to the rest of the Candidates. "Anyone else here a Herder? I'm thinking..we'll need to move along quickly."

Azia turns large, dark puppy-eyes on Lis and P'rru. "Yes, please? There's nore reason for her to die.." Tevya's comment gets a distracted wave. "Yes, I'm a Herder, and I was raised in a stable. Sik and I can help a bit.. I hope." A pointed look is given to Lis the Hero and P'rru the Old Fart.

P'rru glances at Lis, shrugs and then accedes "Alright, Sikkyen, Azia you can go. Fix the animal. Whatever. As long as everyone else can stay here..clean up that mess and fix this fence! Lis has told you nicely. Now do as she says!" Dsalth let's Sikkyen pat him. If only to be nice.

Jundi leans against a fence post, taking a step back from the scene to observe the chaos for a moment. And to get away from the spawning pink thing. Ew. Mascot or not, just… ew. "This isn't really what I pictured when a dragon tried to eat my swimsuit and another blew bubbles at me, threatening to stay in the sea lane forever," Jundi comments, probably mostly to Kirana. She knows the girl, after all. The herder-candies are watched from her safe distance as she sticks a nail into some random spot.

Miralwyn walks in from the Central Bowl.

Lis is torn between sympathy at It's impending motherhood (or is that She, now?) and disappointment at not being able to inflict pain on the candidates, not to mention her anger at their disobedience - not really her problem, though. Weyrlingmasters'll ground 'em so fast their head will spin. In the meantime, though, she is stonily silent.

Kirana is sort of hovering at the edges of things, after all, it's pretty gross and all…not to mention llamas are just beyond her. "Can It be fixed?" She asks of anyone who seems to know what they're doing. Yeah, like It was…broken or something. She grins at Jundi faintly, "Not what I imagined either, but odd things happen here…" Understatement of the turn.

Sikkyen just /beams/ at Purr. "Thank you, sir," he says, clipping heels together with the clink of spurs, tossing a crisp, military salute, before he turns on his heel and walks back to It. "Okay, Azi.. We've gotta first of all just steady her. She's trembling insanely.. An' she'll spit if we're too overactive." He winces, drapes a rag from It's halter down past her nose, and pets the llama. "Easy, girl. Calm down, baby.. Good It," is crooned. "You're gonna have two beautiful babies, but you've gotta just calm down first." Mister Tight Black Leather Breeches shifts, mind totally focused on the task at hand.

Azia beams, and would run to hug her superios if she didn't think that might have disasterous consequences. Besides, there's llama-bebbe to deliver. "Excellent. Just.. excellent. Reminds me of home." The girl actually seems thrilled by her situation, standing with one hand on It's pretty wool and a towel over her arm.

Fyria slinks around towards It's behind, bending over to peer at It's…well, rear. "Ike…is that normal?" She looks up and waves Tevya over as well, adding "That's right, you were a Herder Tev. Does this look right? I mean…they're just…/hanging/ there…" Whine, whimper. And ick..this smells /soooo/ bad. Nails, tools, and fence are blissfully, forgotten of course. And yes….they're prolly going to soooo pay for this.

Orders are issued and Tevya steps back, merging once more with the remainder of the crowd. Fyria is given a half grin, "Looks right to me. Though I've been out of the Herder Craft for a few turns now." A handful of nails are grabbed as Tevya positions herself at a free post and runs a finger along the post line. "So..we're just fixing this, right?"

P'rru takes one look at Lis, sighs, and strides into the mix of candidates. "I hope your all very proud of yourselves" he says in a low voice, to everyone except Azia and Sikkyen (for they are already working). "Lis is quite upset now, and we don't like to upset Lis. Not because we're scared of her exactly but because if you have a male dragon, you want to be on Alymath's good side. Go and apologise..or work…or something before she begins to cry.." Of course he's not really concerned about the greenrider. He's just using her as a ploy to get the job done. It's cold out here. Tevya, as usual, is beamed at "Oh my good girl!" Another fave.

Jundi takes the opportunity to look good while everyone else is staring at the butt of some ugly pink thing. The former 'phincrafter gets to work diligently on the fence, to the best of her noncarpentry ability. Bits are wiggled, Nails are put in, thumbs are hammered repeatedly as she tries to actually hit the nails in the right spot. Nails get bent, mishapen, and crooked. But she's trying. And running out of thumbs.

Miralwyn strolls in, her trio of firelizards goggling at the sights, sounds, and smells of the Pens from perches on her shoulders and head. Eyes take in the scene, and an oddly quirky smile settling on her face. "I take it," inquires the HealerCandie. "That It is not so genderless as we thought?" And, well-trained apprentice Healer that she is, or was, she's soon patting about in her satchel, looking for her aid kit. "Ike, Azia, do you two need anything? I have an aid kit on me." she calls from a safe distance. Human deliveries, of which she's done exactly /one/, assisting a Journeyman, are a lot neater. And less puce. P'rru gets a vaguely baffled look from the latecomer.

Sikkyen idly looks at Fyrs. "Well, llamas don't usual birthe twins, and most likely we'll have to hand-feed one or the other from a wineskin, but.. the hanging part is okay. In fact, that's /very/ normal. If they'd slipped out all at once, then there would be problems.." He shifts, examines the two hanging crios, nods happily, and grooms a hand down It's pretty, pink neck. "Yes, yes, there we go. Calm on down." He shifts, and sends Lis an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, ma'am, for speaking back, if I did.. But It needs help. Will you accept my apology?" Ducking his head and looking up from 'neath thick 'lashes, the ex-'hand continues to soothe the llama, while awaiting the greenrider to do.. something.

Lis really oughtn't have been able to hear P'rru's warning from where she's standing, but perhaps by some psychic instinct, the greenrider starts to look rather teary around the eyes. Was that a sniffle?

Kirana nods faintly at P'rru's lecture, glancing warily at Lis, and hurries to do as told…work. Of course, no one said anything about /good/ work. With their beloved…or at least, pink, mascot birthing so close, most of her attention is on It and the candidates helping her, and not on the fence she's absently wiggling, and ever so often sticking with a nail.

Tap, tap, ow! Tap, tap, ow! This is the sound of a clumbsy dolphincrafter attempting to mend a fence. Jundi's not going to sing any songs any time soon about wishing she had a hammer, thats for sure. And forget hammering all day! "I think my nail is turning blue," she comments to no one in particular. P'rru's admonishment isn't even heard, and neither is Lis's sniffling. Ahh, too bad.

Fyria suddenly looks up, glances over to Tevya and Jundi, looks at Lis (is she….tearing?), and gasps. The fence!!! Fyria pales, hoping that both riders have forgotten about the whole dragon-talon-manicure thing and immediately grabs a handful of nails and tools, sidling up between Jundi and Tevya. See? She's working. Hard. Even if she doesn't quite know what she's doing.

Azia pouts in Lis' general direction, feeling rather bad. "Lis? Wanna come- .." Or maybe having a proddy greenrider at the helm of a llama-birth isn't the best idea. "Um.. Nevermind." A curious look goes to Sikkyen. "Any idea how much longer? It's been at least ten, maybe fifteen minutes.. Should it take this long?"

Sikkyen shakes his head. "When It feels safe enough, she'll drop one." Ike sighs. "It /should/ be any minute now, though.. If she tries to drop one and can't, then.." His face grows a distasteful look about it, "..I'll have to go in." Sigh. "I hate that. Once I had to birth a runner by goin' in, and I wasn't able to wash the stink off until /sevendays/ later.." And, as if on cue, It strains. And strains, and strains. "This sucks," he sulkily says, before silently handing Aziz the lead rope. "Would you please hold i- er, her?"

Now, that's funny - all the guys have run off to watch It birth in odd, male fascination while the girls hide by the fence. Even the two dunderhead who've been standing for HRW clutches since they were twelve, and now approaching their twenties. Lis - who is /not/ proddy, yo - just manages to look dejected in an attractive fashion.

P'rru hides his smile and returns to Lis' side, acting all concerned and worried. "There, there, Lis, they are working now…if tey don't have it mended before that creature gives birth we'll just tell the weyrlingmasters. They'll remember. They'll take revenge for you, shh shhh" How mean. They tag-team.

And either does Tevya (that is - having a clue to what she was doing) so that's basically okay. P'rrus beam is returned with a smile of her own, though she's soon staring at the post. Thoughtful-ish. If she stared at it hard enough they might actually think she was trying to plan the best way to slide the nail into the wood. That or she was really interested in the wood-grain pattern.

Hey! Wyn isn't hiding? No, in fact Miralwyn is lurking as close to the action as she can, without upsetting It, surreptitiously nailing fence boards into place whenever one of the Powers That Be glances in her direction. She continues to observe the llama, and the llama obstetrical team in action. Hey, it's Healing. Of a sort. Maybe.

Azia takes the leadrope happily, stroking It's neck reassuringly. "C'mon, girl.. Just a little more." Sik's 'duty' draws a soft snicker. "Oh? I've birthed a lot of Runners - Master Dalaynia is fond of breeding, and I have some of my own." May as well make small talk as It takes her time. A sidelong glance goes to the hammering Candidates,a s the Herder is undecided on where she would rather be.

Jundi picks up a nail and holds it out to Tevya. "Here, you might need one of these. And probably a hammer. Or a large rock. But if you hit it too hard, you'll break your thumb or knock the fence over." She's learning quickly, see. Her work remains paused for the moment as she nurses her poor thumb and considers the merits of hammering right-handed.

Kirana catches her lower lip in her teeth as she watches, sucessfully bapping her fingers with her hammer all the while, "Is It going to be alright?" She calls to Ike and Aziz. After a few more hits she makes a face down at her abused fingers, shifting them out of the mallets way so it can hit the intended nail.

Mimi flounces in from the Central Bowl.

Lis sniffs softly and turns to P'rru for… uh, comfort. Sure, it's supposed to be play acting, but knowing the greenrider's appetites (however well she tries to repress them)…

Bap, bap, bap…Fyria's hammer hacks out a rather comforting rhythm against the wood of the fence as she dutifully repairs it. Or tries to. She glances over towards Jundi and Tevya, asking "Am I even doing this right?" Frustration. That would be an apt description for her expression at the moment. Fy then pauses to turn around and stare at the fiasco. "Uhh…that. Is. Gross." Ick.

Sikkyen vows silently that he'll send Lis a box of klah-candies and flowers. Now only because he hopes that she'll forgive him after that, but she looks so forlorn… "I used to have a hellion of a gelding," he conversationally replies to Azia. "Dalaynia, hmm? Yes.. I've heard of her." Shifting to kneel next to the llama's haunches, his gloved hands close around the girth of one llama, and gives an experimental tug; that one's not moving. The other one, though.. After a few grunts, and labor-filled pulls, Ike manages to have it more than three-quarters out. "Push, It, darling. /Push/.." As if hearing the lad, the llama grunts, and pushes. Along with Ike's pull, the first bebbe is borne. Llamachild! And.. Ike's looking tired, already. "This had better be a good, easy birth," he hisses, and he tugs at the 'stuck' baby, feeling his heart sink. "It's stuck," he mutters to Aziz.

Jundi shrugs philosophically at Fyria. "Search me. How many discolored nails ya got? The more, the better, I suppose." Jundi doesn't know anything about fences, either. Now nets, nets she could handle. With her eyes closed. Assuming it wasn't a very sharp needle.

Kirana waves her hammer at Mimi, "Miz! Look!" She uses the hammer then to point out It and…the first baby! "Faranth! Oooh!" She exclaims, shuffling as discreetly as she can manage (which isn't all that discreetly), still banging dutifully on the fence.

Azia snatches up the newborn cria, bundling the - she pauses to check - little girl into a large towel and quickly rubbing her chest. "Well, that's one.. Try shifting the other one a little. Perhaps it's just got a big ol' butt, like a certain Brownrider?" This is murmured under her breath, out of eartshot of P'rru's (failing) hearing. "This one's a girl. What about names?"

Miralwyn is driving nails with a precise monotony. Place the nail, drive it home. Pause. Place another nail equidistant, drive it home. Repeat. She shrugs in Fyria's direction. "It is a normal part of life. Likely, you'll find yourself doing that one day." Miralwyn doesn't intend to, however.

Mimi wanders hurriedly down to the pens, having heard a couple stableboys on break chatting about some disgusting llama…giving birth. "It's /true/? It's a she?" Open-mouthed she runs down to Kirz and stares at Azi. "Boy!" she shouts to the former herder girl before glancing back at Kirana and muttering,"Wait… Did she say it was a /girl/?" Shrugshrug. Oh well.

P'rru just comforts Lis, watched the birth in horror, and begins to think up so many horrible, disgusting chores for the candidates to do later. And he has a nice butt, thankyouverymuch!

Sikkyen's already stripped his right arm to the elbow, and is now fumbling around. Redwort from Miz's kit is doused over his arm, and he makes a face before plunging right in. Literally. Hack. He makes a face. "Oh, Faranth.." After jiggling something, unlocking a set of stubborn knees, he pulls out - again, literally - and pulls. Shlurp goes #2. "We've got ourselves a little Girl!" he happily announces, before double-checking. Um. He looks sheepish. "Sorry. It's male.." Looking weary, he sighs, and gets to his feet. Yeah, Purr has a nice butt. Don't tick him off /too/ badly, y'know..

Azia looks confused, but quickly assigns the new baby the name of 'Boy'. "Ladies and gentlemen. And P'rru. I present one Boy, our newest - female, I might add - Llama.." And a boy is born. "Girl!" Her brow furrows slightly at the Candidates' gender confusion, but she ignores it. A name's a name, after all. A towel is passed to Sikkyen for towelling Girl, and Azia continues to dry Boy.

Kirana shrugs at Mimi, "Dunno…" She grins wide and sparkly as the second one pops out. "Twins! Oooh how /adorable/!" Right, all…icky, and messy, but adorable. "Wait, which ones Girl and Boy?" She asks Fizz and Jundi, or anyone else who was actually able to keep track. "It's it like…a reverse thing?" She's quick.

Fyria's chore is forgotten at the words 'Girl' and 'Boy', the former Messenger whirling around with a wary look. "It finally finished up?" She leans a little, trying to see - catches P'rru's look, and immediately ducks back to the work before her. Bap bap bap. "Umm…girls? It seems we have two more additions to the barracks. And I don't mean Candidates." Le sigh.

Sikkyen towels Girl down, snagging another towel and discreetly wiping his own arm down. "Poor It." The crios is bundled, and held in his arms - proud papa, he looks like, beaming down at the little, faintly puce-colored bundle. "So cute.." He beams. "Uh.. reverse, I do believe. This here's.. Girl." Girl. Who's a boy. Poor bebbe. A beam. "Yup. Two more additions." He idly peers at Aziz. "We need to get this trio indoors. Mister Wingleader-Sir? We'll be back to finish the fence after we put these babies up.." Beam.

Miralwyn steps forward, abandoning her work on the fence to re-aquire her aid kit, and inquire again "Anything I can do to help? Any stitching needed? What about the afterbirth?" Rapid fire questions inticate a rather intrigued Wyn, eyeing the crias interestedly.

Azia heaps Boy, who happens to be a girl, into her arms, carefully wiping down the cria's face and crooning all the while. "Yes.. We need to keep them warm. We'd best set up bedding of some sort.." Boy doesn't struggle, but seems very happy to be held. The makings of a lap llama.

"Hmm. They're cute." Tevya responds, sending glance away from post to llama-spawn. A shake of her head delivers a smile to her face before nails are dropped back in the pile from whence they came, and she dusts off her hands. "Though..I've got to run. Told the Cook I'd come by later on today to help set up for the meal tonight. See you all later!" And Tevya is off and running..well walking /really/ fast..towards the Living caverns.
Tevya goes home.

Shlurp. Splat. Well, Mira, there's the answer to your afterbirth question…

Mmm. Omlette time.

Mm. Diced Placenta Pate.

Jundi peers over her shoulder at the news from Fyria. "Ohhh. Two?" Back to tapping bigs of pointified iron into dead trees. "No one told me candidacy involved llama bodily fluids. Or afterbirth."

Mimi blinks at the pair of mini-Its. "So….That's Boy, and that's Girl?" she asks, appropriately pointing to the opposite of their names. "Awwww. They'e adorable." A worried glance around at the others,"Think they inherited the drool?"

"And I thought my births were bad," mutters Lis with her crocodile-tear-covered face burried somewhere in P'rru's old, manly leathers. Shudder.

Boy slurps messily on command. Drool, baby. Drool.

P'rru grimaces. "Well…congratulations?" Pity Dsalth made the deal because Boy and Girl are a two for one deal, if he'd known…the dragon takes interest, raising his head above the group to sniff and snort and drink in the lovely scent. Appreciative, isn't he? "Aye go get those beasties settled.." he fans off Azia and Sikkyen…and anyone else who can take advantage of him while he's busy consoling Lis.

Kirana grimices at Miz's wondering, "Looks like it." Ick. She beams all sloppily at the babies though, despite the drool issue. "They're cute." she reasons. "In a spindly, llama sort of way."

Fyria watches the others bound off, eyes her fence, which is looking pretty sad at the moment, and shrugs, giving the post a final bap. "Hey…I think they'll need help settling in the newborns, eh?" She gives the girls a wink, then trots over towards Azia and Sikkyen, peering over their shoulders. "Can I see? And…um…is Girl a Boy, and Boy a Girl? Or vice versa?" Fyria's confused., Ike and Aziz retreat, apparently, to lead off It and carry the twins.

Sikkyen heads out across the bowl.

Sabeicea glides in from the Beach.

Azia heads out across the bowl.

Jundi perks up. "Oh, they'll /definatly/ need help," Jundi readily agrees. "Come on!" And with that, she skitters after the headers as fast as her feet will carry her. The hammer drops softly into the snow behind her.

Kirana nods quickly, following Junz example, "I'll help too!" she exclaims, scurrying after them, leaving the hammer all by it's lonesome.

Jundi heads out across the bowl.

Mimi blinks at Azi and Sikkyen then grabs Kirana's wrist and starts heading to the caverns. "Yeah, let's go!"
Mimi heads out across the bowl.

[travel spam]

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Resting atop the doorframe are thirty-three firelizards.
You see Name Board, Oliana's One-Ringed Orthanc, Mimi's Middle-Earth, Seilyn's Sauronly Servant, Fyria's Frodo-ish Futon, Tevya's Terrifulous Tower, Sikkyen's Sexay Strider Shanty, Sage Sackville's Shire of Schtuff, Miralwyn's Corner 'O' Mordor, Squaln's Sword of Elendil, Kirana's Krickety Kot of Kahazad-Dum, Lhana's Legolas Lovin' Lounge, Candidate Songbook, Azia's Altar to Aragorn, Moe's Manger of Mithril, Jundi's Cot, and It here.
Sikkyen, Azia, and Jundi are here.

Mimi, Fyria and Miralwyn comes home.

Azia pulls half the furs and blankets from her cot, piling them in a messy nest beside the makeshift bed. Here, the slowly-drying Boy is neatly placed. "Hmm.. We'll need some wineskins and, if we can get our hands on it, some warmed milk. We'll have to take them with us wherever we go, or they'll get hungry. And destructive." A sage nod is given and an imploring look goes to the other candidates. "As spawn of our mascot, they're our responsibility, right? So.. If Sikkyen and I can't take them somewhere, will you all help out?"

Kirana scrambles in alongside Miz. Babies are, after all, higher priority than rickety fences. At least /she/ thinks so. She nods to Aziz, "Of course. I'd be glad to help out, I /adore/ babies!" Llama or otherwise. "Anything I can do now?"

Jundi eyes the babies doubtfully. "I like babies better when they're less like very large, loud, wet pink things with mouths and butts." Well, she's never going to be a healer. Or a herder, for that matter. Still, she lurks nearby enough to watch what's going on.

Fyria lopes in after the others with an impish grin on her face. "I can't believe /It/ just gave birth…in the middle of the pens, right in front of P'rru and Lis!!" Fyria shakes her head, laughing aloud as she joins the crew of Candidates to gawk at the newborns. "Oh…well. These two are rather cute, compared to their mother." Even if they are covered in llama-afterbirth-goo.

Boy hums loudly, looking at her brother with large, imploring eyes. Hum.

Miralwyn trails in quite a bit behind the rest, but for a good reason. She's bearing a large reed basket, full of towels kept warm by hot rocks. "I managed to convince the drudges to give us these. Would they be of use? We use warmed towels on human infants."

Azia beams appreciatively at 'Wyn. "This is exactly what we need! Great idea - Thankyou." A towel is taken and draped around Boy, who makes a cute, llama-like sound of thanks. See. She's so smart.

Mimi giggles as she plops down onto a nearby cot. "This could make a good story! I'm not really a story teller, but I can still write them well enough…" She cocks her head as she looks over the bebbe llamas,"The Candies had a llama once…"

Azia drags Boy out of the nest and onto her cot, settling the cria on her crossed legs and continuing the towel drying. "Y'know, it reminds me of that song about the baby ovine.. That followed that one girl everywhere?" she muses, giggling as Boy's ears flicker towards the sound of voices.

Sikkyen idly pets Girl, making sure the goo's gone, before letting the baby down to suckle offa It. Ex-'hand's eyes flicker, and he peers at Mimi idly. "The candies had a llama once," he says, deadpan, eyes blinking. "..yeah, it /does/ sound like that song, doesn't it, Aziz?"

Fyria peers down at the llama-babies and chuckles, catching Mimi's start of a tune/song. "Hmm…and it was nice, and it was soft, Mimz?" she teases. "Y'know, for something that came from It, they're somewhat…cute.."

"Mary's little lamb, or some such thing?" inquires Miralwyn flatly, more intent on seeing that the new arrivals have a steady supply of warmed towels. "But what do you call a baby llama?"

Kirana plops on the cot alongside Miz, smiling warmly at the babies, and of course, Mommy-It. She grins at Miz's song-tune-thing, "That's cute…" She remarks, repeating Fizz, except in a diffrent order, "And it was soft. And it was nice?" Giggle.

Sikkyen suddenly transfixes It with a look. "Something's wrong," he says, suddenly. "Um.. Fyria.. you /did/ dye a 'HRW' logo on the left flank.. didn't you?"

Mimi watches the Itlets carefully, then glances back over the others, adding more of a tune to it. "The Candies had a llama once…And it was soft," a slight mocking giggle. It's not soft…Or particularly nice. "And it was nice…." Another pause as she muses,"The candies had a llama once….And they named it It!" A blink to Sikkyen,"Huh? Yeah, I think she put a 'Reaches thing on 'im …"

Azia dumps a soiled towel off to the side and gratefully takes another warm, clean one, looking up as someone hurries in with a wineskin of milk. "Thankyou" she beams to the drudge, who scurries silently out. She proceeds to feed Boy, smiling as the baby suckles hungrily. "Nothing wrong with her attitude.. Something wrong, Sik?"

Fyria gives Ike an odd look as he asks. "Yep, should be there on the left flank," she says, walking around to peer at It. "See? It's right the-" She stops mid-sentence, and stares. And stares. "Umm…it should be there, you guys." She leans in closer, trying to see better. "HOT SHARDs!! This is /not/ It!!" Insert suspenseful music here.

Sikkyen stares. "This.. isn't.. It." He stares, transfixed, upon the ItWannabe. "It isn't It! It's an ItWannabe!"

And into the sudden shocked silence, Miralwyn intones dryly that "My dear fellow Candidates… I believe we have just been had."

Mimi gasps as she leansa bit closer to the llama's left side. "Well…Where is the /real/ It?" This looks like a job for…[dumdumdum]…The CandiDetectives!

Azia gasps, nearly leaping from her cot. She would, too, if she didn't have a gangly, all-legs ItWannabeLlamaBaby on her lap. "No wonder everyone thought I was wrong! We've been had!"

Kirana sits bolt upright, song forgotten for just a moment. "It's not it?" Dun dun /dun/! She eyes the MommywhoisnotIt. "But…/how/?" She approaches the NonIt, gently taking its halter rope. "It doesn't even drool enough! How could we not have noticed?"

"T'AM!!" Fyria yells at the top of her lungs. Oh, is that bronzer in sooooo much trouble right now. "I swear, either he decided to pull a fast one on /us/, or.." Fyria grins rather wickedly. "Farleth decided to eat in for once in his life." Cough. Cough cough.

Jundi looks anticlimaticly un-stunned. "Er. So? It's… just a llama." Shows what the new girl knows, doesn't it? She's got a lot to learn, it seems.

Sikkyen glares. "THIS IS ALL T'AM'S FAULT!" is thundered, in that authoritative, brassy bass voice, squeaking at the high 'notes'. "This /sucks/. We have a Fake It! An ItWannabe!" He whitens. "And we told Purr and Lis that we were helping out /IT/." Glare. "This.. /sucks/." And he thuds onto the nearest cot. Thud.

Mimi shakes her head slowly, standing up and pacing around the llama, gasping at Jundi. "Just a /llama/? It is not just a llama! It stands for all the candies all over High Reaches. His drool has polished our floors for groups and groups of Candies…"

Kirana just thuds to the floor, looking mournfully at Boy and Girl. "Do we still keep them? I mean…they're not really mini-Its, but…still…" She sighs dramatically, "I can't /believe/ he'd do this! A /fake/ It! Of all the things…"

Azia hushes Sikkyen, nuzzling Boy gently. "Well.. The real It wouldn't've had such pretty babies?" Trying to shed some light on the situation, she pulls a mock-grin. "Right? And It must be alive somewhere.. Anywhere. And we know who has him."

Jundi tilts her head and says, in very careful tones, "Did I hear you say that she is faking It?" Jundi supresses her bemusement very well, thank you. In fact, she almost makes it - but no, there it is, she's cracking up. Ah well. "Uhm…I'd rather Stand for myself, thank you, I think the hatchlings would eat It if It were on the sands."

Sikkyen stares. "Jundi, darling, you obviously don't understand. The riders will EAT US ALIVE if they know that It isn't here!" Siigh. "We can pawn all the It Family.." And then, it dawns. "What if the Real It's the daddy?" Yes. You can see it now. Boy, Girl, out of Fake It, by It.

Azia's eyes light up quickly. "Of course we keep them! I mean.. They drool a lot, regardless. The real It might be their father. Besides. They're too cute to turn out in the cold." Boy is huggled again and petted excessively, drawing a pleased hum from what promises to be a fat, pleasant housepet.

Miralwyn drums her fingertips together, and attempts to soothe the Fake It, who's bleeing frantically, sensing some sort of threat to her offspring. "Shh. Easy there, you're all right, you're just not It." she informs the llama mama. Yes, she's talking to a llama. "Well, do we have to get the real It back?" she wonders. "If the Fake It drools less, I, for one, won'r object."

"A Fake It. Lovely." Fyria ponders the llama amusedly, wondering indeed if Fake It drools as much as It does. Or did. "So the question is, now: Where /is/ It?" There are only a few dozen llamas in the weyr, but then again. None of them are pink. "You'd think it'd be kind of hard to hide a large, pink, drooling llama with the letters 'HRW' slapped on it's flank, y'know?"

Mimi nods slowly as she goes to pace around The Twins. "Yes…And they have that /distinctive/ puce tint of colour…" Distinctive? Dis/gusting/. 'I…I hope It's okaay…." A pout and a glance around at everyone,"You don't /really/ think Farleth ate It? Maybe the real It ran away from T'am and T'am just grabbed another llama…"

Sikkyen stares. "We have a Missing It, a Fake It, a Boy, a Girl, and the potential of all /between/ coming at us. What do we do when both Fake It and It is in the same room? They're bound to find out that the Real It was male, and that Fake It is female. T'am probably tucked It in the catacombs…"

Kirana nods solemnly, "We /lost/ the mascot! It's…horrible!" Oh the woe. The drama. And so on. She gestures to any drool being emitted by the two newborns. "Of course It's their father…look at them." Isn't it obvious? She frowns, tapping her thought in the image of much wisdom and thought. "Bet T'am knows where It is. It's It we brought to his weyr right?"

Jundi just doesn't get it. "I understand 'phins. But not llama's. Sorry. Why will the riders kill you if a differant pink llama gave birth to twins, exactly?" She just wants to be clear on this issue. Right now, she's completely fogged. "Whats the differance between one pink llama and another? And why do we have to have one anyway?" No one has clued her in on this sort of thing yet.

Mimi shakes her head slowly with a slight sigh. "You just have to meet It for yourself…Jundi, right? I think?" Word of new candidates names travels very fast… She strokes her chin with her "detective" face on. "I bet It's hidden in the catacombs! We should go on a search for It…"

Sikkyen stares at Jundi. "It is the /Weyr/Mascot/." He nods. "Yeah, I said that It's hiding in the catacombs. Or so I think." Momma and babies are surveyed. "Shall we go and find him? We can put these hooligans into the pen.."

"Indeed, you can meet It when we find It, that is," Fyria muses. She taps her fingers on her chin in thought, then peers at Mimi. "Catacombs…you think? I know they're off of the living caverns somewhere…I've found them once or twice for..well, never mind." Fyria blushes a bit, then eyes the babies. "Think they'll be okay if we leave 'em?"

Azia is suffocating, enveloped in excessive use of the word 'It'. "Explore? Do we have any idea where the catacombs are?" A large, rattling noise comes from Boy - The wineskin has been sucked dry. Harumph. "Silly baby." And she is dumped unceremoniously into the nest of furs andblankets, where she promptly goes to sleep. "Look, Sikkyen, she reminds me of you!" Aww.. So sweet. So sentimental. "If we leave Fake It here, she'll take care of 'em."

Kirana nods faintly at Miz's words, "It isn't something you understand. You have to meet It to comprehend." Hey! She used a big word! Beam. Well, big for her anyway. "I know what you mean Jun, I didn't get the whole llama thing at first either." Seriously…they have /four feet/. As opposed to…well…fins. "What're the catacombs?" She has to ask. Never been there.

Sikkyen chuckles. "I know where the catacombs are," he says, happily. Then, he stares at Aziz. "You're weird. Lessgo. Catacombs are off the ground weyrs. Follow me?" He shuffles to his feet.

Mimi nods slowly to the others,"Yeah! Hyzen took us through there to get to the meadows once so we could make snow people and play with her dragon! They're right off the ground weyrs…"

"Catacombs?" Jundi echos, confused. Well, she'll just play along for now. This has all bee a very busy, confusing day for her anyway. "Erm… Why would It be there, though?"

Fyria eyerolls. "They're off the cellars you goobs. If we go trekking through the groundweyrs, we'll be spotted and prolly suspected quite easily. Come on." ANd without another word, she trounces off.
Fyria slips back out to the caverns.

Kirana is going to learn new places! What fun! She hops to her feet, giving the FakeItoftoolittledrool a brief pat, before doing as instructed, and following.

Mimi slips back out to the caverns.
Sikkyen slips back out to the caverns.

[travel spam]

Deeper, darker, lower… you head further down.
Some ancient volcanic forces has shredded the Weyr's intestines, leaving behind these innards of blind corners, dead ends, and forgotten rooms. Ocassionally heavy doors block the way, and sometimes the roof itself has fallen in. The only way through, if one does not get lost, is up the seemingly endless flight of stairs; step after step, ledge after ledge, steep and slick they go forever upwards.
Loitering in the darkness are two firelizards.
Fyria, Sikkyen, and Azia are here.

Mimi arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.

Fyria leans against hte doorway of the catacombs with a wry grin on her face. "Took y'all long enough," she muses, foot tapping gently.

Azia slips in, shivering more from the atmosphere of the place than from the temperature. "Goodness.. I never knew this was down here." Well, duh. She's only been here for less than a sevenday. "So.. Wait. Where's It, then? I say follow the poop.."

Sikkyen sniffs. "I had to get grain to lure him with, Fizz." And then, he creeps along. "Heeeeere, It, It, It…" He rattles the grain in the canister. "Heeeeere, It, It, It.."

Kirana follows, shivering slighlty and drawing her cloak tighter around her as they go deeper into the ground. "Cold." That's an oft said word with her around here. "Following is slow work Fizz." She informs the girl good naturedly. "Iiiiitttt…." She calls into the dimness. "C'mere It…."

Tevya arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.

Sikkyen hears a humming nose more southern-wards. He goes to investigate, rattling feed as he does…
Sikkyen saunters south.

Azia strides south.

Lhana arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.

Fyria chuckles softly, admitting "I made a few wrong turns myself, so no worries. And I /live/ here…"

Mimi readjusts her jacket, pulling it more tightly around her arms. "Iiiiit?" she asks a wall of stone. "Hm…Let's keep goin'…
Mimi flounces south.

Fyria sashays and shimmies her….self south.

You go to the Hidden Room.
Hidden Room
A ghost room, a gallery for the work of a thousand spinners whose webs drape mournfully over dust-covered walls. A table stands waiting, work abandoned, even the crusted clay of a long-forgotten klah mug on its surface awaits its owner's return. A shelf of cubbyholes dominates one grey wall, colourless, bland, filled with yellowed, decaying hides from a bygone age. Boxes stack here and there, ancient treasure chests themselves, hiding from view whatever long-forgotten artifacts hide among them.
Perched in cubbyholes are four firelizards.
You see Writing machine here.
Sikkyen, Azia, Mimi, and Fyria are here.

Sikkyen stares. "Whoa," is whispered…

Lhana glitters in from the Catacombs.

Fyria bats at random spinnerwebs with an ick sound, peering around. "It's too shardin' dark in here, Ike. Come on…I doubt It would hide in here…too many spinnerwebs to catch It's drool. WE'd notice by now."

Mimi stumbles in behind the others, tripping over something in the darkness. "Oof! Iiit?" she asks the dark room, blowing some dust off some old box. "Neat…What is this place?" she asks loudly as a distant blee is heard from across the caverns of the catacombs.

A hum, followed by a shrill noise of alarm, pierces the air. And It trundles out of a corner, towards the feed.

"Now, whaddI tell ya.." Ike grabs at the lead rope, and grins. "We have It." Sikkyen's happy. Notice?

Kirana lets out something akin to a squeak as she hits a few webs, crinkling her nose. "Bugs…ewww…" Mutter. Hey look! It's It! "Iiiittt!" She exclaims, beaming at the sought after llama. "Your back! We missed you!" Well…once they figured out he was gone. "Your a daddy!"

It looks hungry. It eats. It is not concerned that It's a daddy.

Mimi squeaks as It appears again, /almost/ giving him a hug, but suffices for a pat on the back. "It! You have bebbes. Boy and Girl!"

Tevya walks in from the Catacombs.

Sikkyen shudders. "It's cold down here.. Can we go back, now that we have It?" Shiver.

Lhana sniffles, wandering into the room lostly and looking for someone to cling onto. Following the others, she stops, looks up, and…shrieks!! "Ew-ew-ew-ew-EWW!" The offending spinner-webs are gestured at frantically, and our poor spinner-phobic Lhana dashes to hide behind the first person she sees. "Tevyaaaaaa!" she wails, "There're -webs- in here!" But then she hears a strange, yet familiar sound, and turns about slowly. "It?" Blink, blink. "It!!!" Almost worth the spinners, that.

Azia grins broadly at the reunion, very much relieved to see It again. "Alright, let's take him back to the Barracks and let him be with his estranged wife and children." What is this, Pernese Soap Operas?

Naw. The Vintners hold the rights to Pernese Soap Operas.. But. Ike's a part of the Royal Family, so it could be, hmm? "Yes. Lets go get It back to the barracks." And Ike and It trundle out together. Solong, spinners..

Sikkyen saunters to the Catacombs.

Fyria nearly jumps a dragonlenght as It makes It's appearance. "Well…I guess I was wrong, eh?" She mumbles something about stupid pink/puce llamas, then nods, shivering. "Ike's right…can we pleeeease get out of here now? It's cold, and damp."

Mimi nods to Sikkyen, pulling her jacket around her. "Yeah…Let's go back…" Pernese Soap Operas…Don't give Mimi ideas. Please.

Fyria sashays and shimmies her….self to the Catacombs.
Azia strides to the Catacombs.

"Webs?" And Tevya makes her way into the area, albiet quite belatedly..but she's in and glancing around. "How'd It get in here?"..

Kirana nods in quick agreement. "Cold." Yepyep. Shiver. "Lets go." Trot.

Lhana glitters to the Catacombs.

You go to the Catacombs.
Sikkyen, Fyria, and Lhana are here.

Tevya walks in from the Hidden Room.
Mimi flounces in from the Hidden Room.

Bleat of terror! It shies at something, drool-slicked rope falling out of Ike's hands, and the llama tramples northwards.

"Hey!! Get back here It!!!" Stop that llama!! Fyria groans and glares at the beast. "I. Am. Going. To. Hurt. That. Beast."

Sikkyen tramples after his annoying firelizard and the even more annoying It.

Kirana gasps as It charges off, "We can't loose It again!" She exclaims, going round eyed. "We just found her…him…It."

Sikkyen is gobbled up by stones and shadows - *poof*, gone.
Fyria is gobbled up by stones and shadows - *poof*, gone.
Mimi is gobbled up by stones and shadows - *poof*, gone.

Lhana sniffles again, dusting herself off miserably. Spinners. Dust. Cold. And all this…for It. But she is quickly shocked out of her reverie by - "Hey! Iiiiiit!!!!" Oh, shardit. "Come back!!"

Tevya is gobbled up by stones and shadows - *poof*, gone.
Lhana is gobbled up by stones and shadows - *poof*, gone.

Ah.. the rock moves, the wall opens, the darkness beckons you inside…
Cobweb'd Caverns
Webspinners gossamer silk silvers the upper edges of these caverns, and catches at the turns of dust adrift on the wind. The forgotten remnants of tapestry that tatter the walls have fallen into disrepair, worn threadbare and thin where it once warmed these old weyrwalls. The glow-lights are dark, and even when lit flicker with a dim, grimey light that only accentuates these disused rooms.
A footpath through the musty dirt follows a narrow and twisted path, eventually coming to an end at an old cave-in… or does it?
If you brave the shadows, you might just fine a narrow crevice that looks out onto the Sands. Try the secret passwords: <help here> to peek at the eggs when there is a clutch on the Sands.
Lingering in the shadows are three firelizards.
Sikkyen, Fyria, Mimi, Tevya, and Lhana are here.

Ah-ha, you have discovered a secret corridor.

Azia slips quietly into the secret passage.

"What in.." Low whisper from Tevya as she enters the area, hand dragged across her brow to wipe both dirt and slight perspereation from her forehead. "Fyria..Lhana..are you guys seeing this?" Glance then towards her friends before she steps further into the area to make room for the others.

Fyria's eyes widen as she glances around. "Hot shards and Faranth's egg…even /I/ didn't know this was here," she whispers.

Kirana blinks slowly, peering around. "Where /are/ we?" She wonders of one and all. "It!" She tsks the llama, before really taking in where they are, and her eyes go round. "Any of you ever seen this before?" She asks in a hushed tone, glancing from face to face.

Azia edges closer, hovering by Mimi and Sikkyen, humming a few snatches of the previously discussed song to comfort herself. "Is that.. the clutch?!" No, Azia, it's a perfect mimicry of the clutch that just happens to be down there on the sands. "I can't believe it!"

Sikkyen drops. Thuds. Sits, next to the crevise, closing his eyes. "Warm," he whispers, fervently. "It's /warm/, here…" Nevermind the view. "I've heard tales," he finally mutters in response to Kirz. "But the brats were to beligerant to actually show me.."

Lhana steps in, glaring about fiercely in search of that llama. "It?? Hey, where did - " Oh. Sikkyen's got him. Then she suddenly notices the change in the room, and the look on her friends' faces. "What?" She asks curiously, suddenly forgetting all misery in favor of sheer curiosity. Which quickly gives way to…shock. "Wow," she breathes, having lost all her vocabulary quite suddenly. "Wow."

Mimi gapes at the eggs, rolling her shoulders around as she realizes she no longer has to hold her jacket around her. "Whoa….Well, /I/ never knew this was here…But what a view, hey?" she asks the others with a hushed voice, chuckling slightly as she stares through at the eggs. "Nice place to hide from chores, don'tcha think?" Jokes at the time of awe.

Kirana closes her eyes blissfully at the warmth, letting her deathgrip on her cloak slacken. "Faranth, we've ended up in Ista!" she sighs. Hey look it's…the clutch? More round eyes. "By Faranth's big golden…" she trails off, and after a moment, ends lamely, "Toe." She nods faintly at Ike, "Brats never do what you ask 'em to…" but that factor of lifes sorta far from her mind at the moment.

"The clutch. We can actually see the clutch from here." Stating what was already obvious seems to be Tevya's talent, and as she peers around towards Fyria, she motions for her friend to join her for a closer look. "I never knew it was here. 'course I wasnt born here..but..still. Wow."

Azia huddles in the warmth, a blissful smile tinting her features. Ahh. Herder-type stuff to do, warmth, fun times.. Who'd ever want to leave. "Hey.. Guys.. Keep the noise down in case they can hear us. This'll be our little spot, okay?"

Mimi giggles as she dusts off a rock in a nice spot to view the eggs. "This place is wonderful..They'll never be able to find us." A conttented shrug and she quietly sings the first verse of the llama song,"The Candies had a llama once, and it was soft. And it was nice. The Candies had a llama once. And they named it It."

Fyria tiptoes up towards the crack, worming her way in between her fellow candidates. "What? You can see the….you CAN see the eggs, by Faranth!!" Her eyes widen as she sees the orbs tucked down below, then squirms around to try and see Chayath and/or Druseth. "Can you see the dragons at all, guys?" Fy nudges TEvya with a wink, whispering "Guess we missed this little place during our last Candidacy, eh?"

Sikkyen quietly grins, rubbing on It. "Yeah, keep it quiet.." A grin. "This is awesome. It's warm. We can smuggle glows in here, and do our mending and other chores like that in here, so we won't freeze to death.." He grins. Grinbeam.

Lhana leans forward toward the hole, handily nudging any obstacles (including the human kind) out of her way. "Wow," she repeats, whispering now at Azia's warning. "I never knew this was here, either. But look - you can see the /entire/ clutch from here. Aren't they beautiful?! Shells, but I can't wait until we get to actually touch them!" Well, her power of speech is certainly back! Mocha eyes begin to shine as she manuevers to get a better view, undoubtedly monopolizing the little hole completely. She turns only briefly, to give Sikkyen an odd look - as if she would even -do- her chores if there weren't someone looking over her shoulder the whole time - and then goes back to oggling the eggs.

Kirana follows Mimi's example, dusting off, and sitting on a rock. "This is amazing…we can watch the clutch, and no one can find us. It's utterly perfect." She says, voice appropriatly hushed. She peers, shaking her head, "I can't see them Fizz." She admits, before giving a vigorous nod to Ikes words, "Good idea!" Ahhh…the warmth…

Mimi nods slowly to the others, sitting up a bit straighter, but decides not to mention that /she/ doesn't have to make a robe. SHe's borrowing her goldrider cousin Yuli's lucky robe. "Hm…This is great. A few glows, a couple a throw pillows…Fix this place right up." A wink to the others and she tilts her head and simply watches the clutch, especially watching over her favorite egg - the Tiki Torch.

Sikkyen grins. "And we can even hide Fake It and Baby Its in here, if we put some sort of object in front of the crevise.. so they won't go falling out, y'know..

"Well it is nice and warm in here. I cant think of one reason why I'd want this place to become known. It's..nice here. Really nice." And her soft commentary goes un-bidded, Tevya settling back on heels as she wraps her arms around knees. Sikkyen is given a half nod for his words, Tevya adding, "Well../this/ close to the heat..and they do sort of use the latrines every now and then. We'd have to muck out the area regularly. Else it'd sort of..stink." Nose wrinkle complete with her statement, Tevya turns back to the eggs on the Sands, pillowing chin in the dimple created by the gap 'tween knees.

Mimi shakes her head to Sikkyen,"Nah…We could bring 'em down here…But let's not keep them down here. Besides, news of Girl and Boy will travel around pretty quickly…"

Kirana makes a face, "Imagine Boy and Girl stumbling out on to the Sands? We'd all die…" She glances about absently, asking, "What're we going to name Fake It anyway? We can't keep calling her /Fake/, it's rude." Even if she is.

Sikkyen shrugs lightly. "We can put a muck pile in the very back of the catacombs, and 'borrow' a wheelbarrow for hauling it back where it won't bother people.." He idly ponders. "They use stud piles, anyhow.." He sighs. "We're gonna get in trouble, for Fake It not being It, I'm betting.." Kirana gets an idly look. "Why can't we call her Fake It?"
"Oooh! LlamaMomma!" Ike suddenly brainstorms. Hack.

Mimi stares at Ike for a moment, then her eyes widen. "That's great!" she nearly shouts before quieting her voice. "I don't think we'll get in /that/ much trouble…I mean really, it wasn't /our/ fault It wasn't It."

Lhana reaches out an arm, and points. "I like that one." Meaning the Angel Wings Egg. "And that one." Phial of Galadriel Egg. "And…that one." Elven Forests Egg. "And..those ones, too." Let's face it, she likes /all/ the eggs. Except maybe…Flourescent Light Glinting Off Scalp. That one just gets a weird look, and she moves on, pointing out egg after egg to her fellow candies. Turning, she nods in agreement to Mimi's idea. Then shakes her head at Ike. "I can't imagine /why/ we'd want to have Fake It and the Babies /here/!" she exclaims. They'd ruin everything! …Wouldn't they?

"Be/cause/, it's not /nice/!" Insists Kirana. "It's like calling you Fake Ike." Except that he /is/ Ike, but that's not the point at all. She smiles brightly, "LlamaMomma works!" Cough. Well…it's better than Fake It, in her opinion anyway. Lhana's egg spree gets a little nod, "I like that one." And she simply points to Dawn at Sea egg.

Fyria peeks her head to look at hte eggs, and points towards the Sunlit Forest Egg. "Oh look!! I can see my favourite egg!" She forgets all thoughts of llamas, Its, Fake Its, and chores for the moment. "Wow…this is actually a better view than the galleries, even.."

Sikkyen gives Kirana an indignant look. "I am /NOT/ Fake Ike." A snort, and he leans over, glancing over and pointing at the egg everyone else hates. Flourescent Light is grinned at. "/That's/ my favorite," he points out.

Mimi glances around the others and points at the Tiki Torch Egg. "I like /that/ one. It's soooo pretty." Yes. Tiki Egg is /Mimi's/. Bwahaha. No one else can have it!

Sikkyen goes home.

"It is. No need to go up all those stairs." Of course this was probably just as much a walk as any. "And this is more comfortable. I bet we could sew our robes here. It might even be fun." Shoulders are partially lifted, in yet another shrug, Tevya obviously content to glance out at the eggs. "You all have favorites already?"

Lhana makes a little face at Kirana. "I like calling her Fake It. And I don't think she really minds at all." The ex-haircutter then turns about to regard the eggs with an air of finality that suggests she considers the debate officially over. And she noddles to Tevya. "I like that one, that one, and that one. I haven't narrowed it down to just one yet, though. But I think…that one." Phial of Galadriel Egg. "And do you think we could all work on our robes together?" This with a high degree of hopefulness to her tone - less chance of Lhaz's ineptness making a fool of her on the Sands, after all.

Mimi grins at /her/ egg then grabs It's leadrope. "I think we should go back up, now…People are going to wonder why we aren't with the twins…"
Mimi goes home.

Kirana rolls her eyes. "That's the /point/." Hmph. She gets to her feet, streaching a bit, "Well, as much as I /love/ the temperature down here, I'm going to go back up." she nods, going to join Miz and It. "I'll go with you. I want to see the twins too." She waves, before scampering off.

Date: Mon Mar 11 21:20:52 2002 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *High Reaches (#3155) and *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Days Of Our.. Llama?

It all started with a prank.. But not by the Candidates!

As the sharp and alert are all aware, It, the pink Llama, had been deposited in T'am's Weyr as a little bit of fun for the present Candidates. But it's all fun and games until someone loses a Llama.

P'rankit, Weyrling to Blue Joketh, happened upon the true It in T'am's weyr. And why should pranks be only for Candidates? The scheming Bluerider hid It away in the Catacombs and plucked an unsuspecting Llama from the Pens, painting it pink and planting it back in the Bowl. Apparantly P'rankit failed Biology, however, because the replacement Llama he nabbed turned out to be female. A pregnant female, at that.

Of course, P'rru decided that the Candidates must be put to work. While the poor, enslaved lads and lasses were hammering fences, Fake It went into labor and delivered.. twins! The babies were hastily named by the confused Candidates. Now there are two baby Llamas following Azia, Sikkyen, and the rest of the crowd. A boy named Girl and a girl named Boy. Poor, confused bebbes.

Lounging around in the Barracks with the new mother and the twins, the Candidates finally caught on that they had been had. The clue? A suspicious absence of the black 'HRW' painted on the *real* It's rump. Of course, the real It had to be found, leading Sikkyen, Fyria, Mimi, Tevya, Lhana, Jundi and Kirana on a wild goose chase that landed them in a previously unexplored area of the weyr - the catacombs!

Lonely humming (Llamas hum, y'know) alerted them to It-Daddy's presence, and he was saved. A light, however, attracted the attention of the quicker Candidates, leading to the discovery of yet another secret room!

So, it's been quite a day for some of our young'uns. And the old'uns, too. Like P'rru the Old Fart, who would like to inform everyone that his butt is quite nice. Watch out for a 15-pound Llama placenta floating- er.. flopping about, won't you?

Your Candidates.

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