Kalaeya is tapped for Tsunami

July 23rd 2004
Logged by Donis

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.
The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance… [look closer]
It is a spring midmorning.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty-one firelizards.
Green Kelitath, green Zhesteth, green Laeth, brown Piccath, brown Sevareth, blue Valanth, green Ainth, and brown Cvinth are here.

Maiioth moves gracefully, with the serenity of tranquil water in from the Beach.

Lis walks in.

Maiioth allows Kalaeya to slip quickly down from her neckridges, watching intently until Kalaeya is safely on the ground.

Donis is polishing flamethrowers, leaning each cleaned metal device up against that big pile of rock in the middle of the bowl while his three firelizards perch above and twitter their opinions.

Rukbat warms the bowl, baking its inhabitants - one of which is Lis, sunning herself on one of the smaller, flatter boulders of the glacial weyr. Though near Donis, whatever conversation she'd been having - if any - has stopped in favor of sun-worship.

Kalaeya slips easily off Maiioth and onto the ground after the green lands with a light thud. She sighs, running her hands through her hair. She ignores, or doesn't notice anyone else in the bowl and contents herself by looking grumpily at the ground.

Donis is observant - and besides, Maiioth is reflected nicely in the metal he just polished. "Lo there, Kalaeya. How're you? How's Maiioth?" he calls cheerfully towards the greenrider. "Nice day, isn't it?"

Lis hears wings flapping - this, of course, being natural in the bowl, and no cause for alarm - but since Donis bothers to notice the pair, the least Lis can do is turn over and wave - then squint, as if trying to remember something.

Kalaeya unbuckles Maiioth's straps and nods, forcing a small smile, "Afternoon, Donis." she greets in turn and shrugs, "Baking hot, if that's what you mean. Reminds me of living in Ista…" she muses, "I'm fa- Maiioth's maki-" Eye roll, "I mean, /we're/ good, thanks. And you?" She stalks, more sluggishly than usual, closer to Donis and Lis. She nods to the 'rider, gaze lingering on her a for a few moments, so she can remember her name. She finally returns the greeting with a lazy flick of her wrist, a feeble attempt at a wave.

Lis props herself up on her side, eyebrows twitching into a puzzled expression as Kalaeya peers at her - but it smooths away into the usual 'just this side of vapid' bland.

Alymath drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

"It's not /that/ warm," Donis sounds perplexed. "Are you sure you're alright, 'Laeya? You don't sound too good." He glances up as Almyath drops in, and waves a hand towards his mother's green.

Kalaeya shrugs, looking uninterested "Perhaps it's just these /stupid/ riding leathers." she complains looking down at herself. Laeya and Maiioth look up as Alymath flies down, and whilst the rider looks away without a second thought, Maiioth snakes closer to her. "Yes I'm fine." she replies shortly, "Little pissed off, but…" she mutters quietly.

High cheekbones and flawless opaline skin are graced with almond shaped, liquid onyx eyes. Large and ever glittering, her dark eyes are rimmed with long, secretive, obsidian lashes. Equally dark, glossy midnight hair falls down her slender and shapely neck, ending just past her shoulders. Rosy lips are nicely shaped and dainty, nose a little too long. Average in height, Kalaeya's slender form now has all the curves of a woman. A fair amount of bust is visible and accentuated by her fairly petite form. Longish legs, which make up for her shorter torso, are slender and toned from frequent swimming.
Black. Sleek midnight riding leathers are fitted, shaped and moulded to Laeya's every curve. Held effortlessly skin tight over her form, her mostly undecorated jacket is embellished slightly with tasteful dark green embroidery, simple Celtic looking pattern running down the outer of her left arm. Warm, sensible fleece lines her two-piece attire, protecting her from the cold of between. Averagely heeled equally black boots allow her to gain much wanted extra height. The cut of her elegant leathers assists the achievement of her sought after general look: Simple but striking.
Dutifully and proudly placed upon Laeya's shoulder is a double corded, single looped knot with a small tail, tassel and a soft green ribbon is laced carefully in to complete the knot, denoting her as a 'Reaches Sr. Weyrling wingsecond.

"Your riding leathers look fine to me," Donis comments. With a definite leer.

"Me, /too/," Lis comments, whose similarly tight leather pants she wears now, the jacket shrugged off in favor of some god-awful pink tank top. She slides down from her boulder, lightly grazing the back of her hand 'upside' Donis' head for that leer. "Could it me. Erm. Just a kind of cycle thing?"

Kalaeya wrinkles her nose a little, "Well, then they look better than they feel." she replies lightly. She grins to Lis, looking for a decent place to sit. Once a comfy enough rock is found, she takes off her own jacket to reveal a nondescript beige top, gladly discarding the jacket with a sigh.

"Mo-o-o-o-om…" It comes out like a toddler's wail of protest, and Donis rubs - unnecessarily - at his head. "What're you pissed off about, Kalaeya?" He doesn't ask his mother the same question.

"Well, if they don't fit, you should send them back for new ones," Lis remarks practically, ignoring Donis' whine though a look is sent towards him that suggests behaving himself, at least in front of her, would be a smashing idea.

Kalaeya rolls her eyes, "I do not want to talk about it." she hopefully ends that particular conversation. "They're not bad when it's cooler, maybe I will…" she leans back in her 'seat' before returning her gaze to Donis, "Graduation night. Did I mention anything to you? Maiioth said I might have but I…" she looks at the ground, "Can't quite remember." she finishes honestly, glancing back to the guard.

Donis shrugs one shoulder at Kalaeya, and since he has to be good in front of Mom, goes back to polishing a flamethrower. "You said a few things, nothing important that I remember except about… well, no, never mind about that."

Aslin steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Lis gives Kalaeya a faint but warm smile, one that presumes no close acquaintance, but is supportive nonetheless. "It happens," she admits, philosophically, her eyes unfocusing as something twigs within her mind. It's forgotten, again, at Donis' quick 'no-never-mind', the woman peering at her son with one brow raised.

Eitanex walks in.
Eitanex wanders to the Caverns.

Kalaeya gives Donis a relaxed smile, until the 'except', where she looks mildly nervous, "What?" she asks apprehensively, not really wanting to know the answer. She nods slowly to Lis, returning the smile with an equally faint one. It seems she still hasn't twigged onto the mother/son thing yet.

Donis shakes his head at both Lis and Kalaeya, and carries on industriously polishing the flamethrower while staring off into the middle distance. "Afternoon, Aslin," he calls out to the stablehand. "Got fleas yet?"

Aslin has seemed to wandered into the bowl itching angeredly at the back of his neck. "I think so." He growls very annoyedly. "The stables I was last at were less infected and I liked it that way." His teeth are gritted and he has a smirk almost on his face from his jaw being clenched so tightly.

"You know," comments Lis to Donis, "you can't keep ignorning people just because someone poses you a difficult question." Or more specifically, he /can/, but he oughtn't. To Aslin, there's an acknowledgement of his presence, at least - and a slight shrinking back. Fleas. A ghost of a thought comes back, showing in the flickering expression on her face. "What /was/ it?" comes a mutter.

Kalaeya arches her eyebrows at Donis and opens her mouth to probe him, but shuts it as she realises neither of them want to talk about it. She greets Aslin with a slightly confused look and a nod. She watches Lis with an amused look, and Donis in turn for his response.

Donis gets to his feet and goes to whisper in Kalaeya's ear, whether she likes it or not. Words said, he returns to his cleaning with a long-suffering expression. "Mind your own business, Mom?"

Aslin lips slightly pucker and both eyebrows lift as he watches Donis and Kalaeya interact. He looks to Lis with almost a inquizative look before he shrugs it off and goes to sit on the grass someplace.

Lis pulls her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on them and looking down at Donis. "I never have, and I doubt I will anytime soon," she remarks, cheerfully. The action of pulling her knees up calls attention to something in her pocket, and finally light dawns. "So, Kalaeya, how have you been since graduation? Besides your leathers, I mean." Tactfully, she leaves the graduation details out of it.

Kalaeya's eyes widen as Donis whispers to her, "Shards." she hisses under her breath, she looks hopefully at him and though she hates to say it- "Thanks." she breathes and, "Please don't." She nods finally and watches Aslin idly. She distracted by Lis, and she looks surprised, "Since graduation? Err." she stalls, "Not too bad." she replies slowly, hopefully lightly, too.

Donis just nods to Kalaeya, and wields his cleaning cloth to great effect on the flamethrower before stacking it with the others. "Well, I'm done there… sorry to hear about the fleas," he commiserates with Aslin, clamping a hand over his arm as the very mention of fleas makes him want to scratch. He's listening with half an ear to his mother and Kalaeya.

Aslin returns Kalaeya's gaze for a moment before he looks somelpace else out of the conner of his eye and starts to idly chew on the inside of his right cheek, like he always does when he's bored. He shrugs off the comment about the fleas cause it really doesn't bother him when it comes down to it. "I can deal with pain."

Lis ignores Donis, but makes a mental note to chastise him later - who's minding whose business? "Well, I was just wondering if you were especially busy lately. Or if any of the wings had you doing stupid errands, or anything. A lot of them do that, as hazing," she remarks disparragingly - as if she were innocent. Aslin's remark permeates her conversation, distracting her. "If it /hurts/, I would suggest you see the healers before you scratch /all/ of your skin off.

Kalaeya passes a last hopeful glance at Donis before she's content. She sighs Lis, looking slightly miserable, "Oh. Only the odd thing." she replies dully, tone verging on moody. "It seems like I always have a lot to do…" she adds helpfully.

Aslin shudders at the thought of going to see the healers. "Naw…its not that bad. It's just no always the easiest to deal with. I got some stuff I rub on it at night and stuff." He leans back on the ground so he's almost laying down, just trying to relax now.

"What've they been getting you to do, Kalaeya?" Donis turns his attention from the flea-bitten stablehand, and starts folding up his cleaning apparatus.

Lis looks at the expression of Kalaeya's face, her own falling. Something that sounds like 'So much for joy and hoopla' is muttered, sotto voce, and she presents Kalaeya with a knot of Tsunami origin, solemnly. "Well, perhaps we can help. Welcome to the wing, Kalaeya."

Kalaeya sighs to Donis, "Just this and-" she turns to Lis, looking more than confused, "What?" Slow on the uptake you say? Never! Taking a few too many seconds to catch on she raises her eyebrows, delighted smile forming her lips, "Ger. Thank you?" she chuckles, reaching out to take the knot from Lis. Beam.

Aslin just watches the people silently. Seems to be what he can do best besides take care of giant beasts, mostly runners. Once and a while he itches his arm or the back of hsi neck, but nothing is said.

"Tsunami? Poor girl… Erm, I mean congratulations!" Donis catches himself and gives Kalaeya a big grin. "That's the wing you were hoping for, wasn't it?"

Lis directs a brief snark at Donis: "I heard that. Anyway, Kalaeya, we're glad to have you." Alymath, solemnent in the sun around a boulder, lifts her head to rumble a welcome to Maiioth, having known this all along. Right.

"You're all nutters in Tsunami," Donis declares, though with an awful lot of affection in his voice.

Kalaeya looks proudly at her new knot, gracefully ignoring Donis' former comment and replying with a cheery, "Thanks." She the latter. Being tapped really seems to lift this girl's mood! She just grins at Lis, happily removing her old knot- Out with the old and in with the new! Maiioth croons back to Alymath, draconic smile matching her rider's.

Lis beams smugly at Donis - and Aslin too, why not?. "I'm so glad you /like/ the wing, Kalaeya. Unfortunately, we have dawn sweeps tomorrow. Go to bed early, or order some klah, I'd suggest."

Aslin snickers softly and closes his eyes. "Well congradulations if that's what you wanted." He doesn't use her name cause…well…he doesn't know it, she's never told him.

Kalaeya just manages to stay cheery through the news of dawn sweeps, "Of course I do, yes…I…Mmmmm." she rambles pleasantly, nodding to show enthusiasm which she /does/ have enough of to spare for this occasion. "Klah." she repeats attentively, finding she's forgotten about her uncomfortable riding leathers or the fact she has -so- much to do. She grins to Aslin, "Thanks." she replies with a nod, uncaring of the fact she has no clue who he is.

Donis shakes his head. "Moaning about dawn sweeps - be glad you don't have to do night watches!" he points out to the greenriders, and starts to collect his flamethrowers, hefting one onto either shoulder. "Well, I need to take these back to where they belong, now that they're clean."

"What, Donis, don't have anyone to keep you company on a long lonely night," Lis teases her son lightly, making a face. "I'll see you later, Donis. And Kalaeya, if you need anything, feel free to ask me. Your wing is you family, after all."

Donis goes pink at his mother's words, and he hastily turns away, with a "Good luck, Kalaeya," as a farewell, and then as an afterthought, "Mind out for the wet shirts!"

Kalaeya would argue that further but her improved mood lets it go. "Thanks, Lis." she smiles, and waves, properly this time, to Donis, "Wet T-shirts?" Grin. She raises her eyebrows and jumps up too, "I should really go, too. Maiioth wont stop bugging me to tidy up, she thinks there's no room to even think straight there." She sighs melodramatically and winks. Nodding to Aslin and Lis, she gets Maiioth ready and puts her jacket back on. Mounting Maiioth, she calls a final and is that -shy?- "thanks" to Lis.

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