Kirana becomes a Candidate

March 6th 2002
Logged by Ndi

Ista Hold Courtyard
Kirana and Cayl are here.

Kirana is sitting on a bench, a hide held in front of her…she's reading, honest.

Kalyssa slides from Estsanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Ndi grumblingly tumbles off Estsanth - you'd think after all these Turns she'd have gotten a little more graceful at it…. but naw. "/Caaaayl/," squeals the greenrider happily, shuffling obliviously towards her. Kalyssa is given a smug smile and a wave of the hand. Go do whatever business you came to do, inferior person. Kirana, similarly, is ignored. "Cayl!" she repeats. There is a reason for her being here, honestly. But she's not going to tell until someone A) gets down on their knees and begs or B) feeds her.

Kalyssa stumbles down from the dragon with a glance, basket 'o' stuff in hand. "Thank you Estsanth, that was a lovely ride" She murmurs, and quirks a brow at the rider. "Amalia thought you might like these" She holds the basket out to the fully identified Cayl.

Cayl draws in a deep breath of fresh air as she steps out of the Hold and onto the courtyard. Midmorning, but it never quite feels like winter here. One hand rests lightly on her slightly bulged middle as she moves over to a bench near the Hold Doors and takes a seat. No sooner, however, does she plant her rump, then she hears her name squeeled out. "Uh.." Targeting systems on: "Ndi!" She spots the other rider and the dragon and, despite herself, smiles as she pulls herself back up off the bench. "What are you doing here?" Smart question.

Kirana peers up over the top of the hide that she's been staring semi-blankly at…er…studying that is. Right. Hey look…people. And they all seem to know each other too. She watches a bare moment longer, before putting the hide aside and smiling brightly…they get to get introduced to her whether they want to or not. "G'day!" she chirps out brightly. "Welcome to Ista and all." She adds, taking in the knots. She pauses, before adding, "I'm Kirana!"

Ndi gives Cayl a bewildered look. As if she'd give up The Secret so easily. "Errr…." says the stumped greenrider, before she's happily distracted by Kalyssa. "Hey! Hey! What's in that basket? Who said… did you… hey. You never told /me/ you had… stuff." Actually, she's suspecting there's something yummy in there - whenever High Reachians send baskets, there's usually a cookie or two involved. Halfway turned to Kalyssa, Ndi the ever distractable snaps her attention back again - this time to Kirana. "Don't /welcome/ me to Ista. I used to /live/ at Ista, for Faranth's sake. I /Impressed/ at Ista." Pause, take a breath, and continue: "And Cayl lives here now. Who're you, anyway?"

Oh, wait, basket! Cayl snaps out of her initial startled daze, forgets about the reasoning behing Ndi's presence, and turns to Kalyssa. "Oo…Yeah, what she said." Cayl motions to Ndi before she wraps her hands quite happily around the basket and peers inside. Kirana is given a quick glance, but…come now, /cookies/.

Kalyssa grins and lets the rider take the basket. "Yup theres some cookies and some other Reaches delicacies in here, she had the cooks whip up something for you" She winks before turning to Kirana. "I also used to live here, I was the best barmaid the "Mug had ever seen" Bragbrag.

Kirana looses a bit of her chipper edge at having to repeat herself, "I -told- you, I'm Kirana." She raises a wrist, shaking her craft bracelet, "Apprentice at the dolphinhall." She quirks an eyebrow at the greenrider, "Who're you?" And she just has to point out: "And you don't live at Ista /now/ do you? I do…so I can welcome you to it." That's her logic put to use anyway. She grins at Kalyssa, "How long ago?" She glances from Kalyssa, to Cayl to Ndi, "Do /all/ Istans end up in 'Reaches at some point or something?" She asks rhetorically.

Ndi is just bad at listening, and she's not about to change herself just because the entire world doesn't like it. In other words, the entire world just has to Deal. "Oh," says the greenrider, without losing her stride. "I knew that." Cayl is given an envious side-glance, meanwhile, as she continues, "But nevertheless, you should not have to welcome me. No. I can welcome myself. Harrumph. Welcome to Ista, Ndi!" And then, "A few Turns ago, and yeah, of course. Everyone ends up in the 'Reaches eventually. You can't /not/ go to the 'Reaches. Where else do you get snow and dragons and cookies and Miraviths all in the same place?"

Cayl looks patiently from Ndi to Kirana, then back to Ndi. Yes, she's crazy. Then again, Cay's used to this. Its Reachen Style, after all. "Well, while you're welcoming yourself to the Hold, I think I'm going to sneak a few cookies down my gullet before Mzadith knows I have them. Thank you." She nods to Kalyssa. "And think the cooks as well." She sits back down on the bench and looks to Kirana. "Actually, I'm technically an Istan at the moment. Though you do have a point." Well, technically an honorary, misplaced-Reachenite, Istan, but..

Kalyssa quirks a brow. "It would be getting on four turns or so now. Where does the time go?" She mumbles before brightening. "It just seems like it I guess, Of course I had no idea that Ndi was ex-Istan" No-one talks to anyone anymore.

Kirana replies with a prompt, "Telgar." She pauses, before continuing, "Well, maybe they don't have Miraviths." Whatever Miraviths are. "But I'm sure they have snow, dragons and cookies. Everywhere has cookies. And you can /not/ go if you don't want to. It's cold there for Faranths sake, better to stay where it's warm." So she says anyway. She smiles though, "Guess you can welcome yourself, never seen anyone do that before though. Nice to meet you." She nods to Cayl, and then Kalyssa, "Four turns, wouldn't have seen you then probably."

Ndi wrinkles her nose. "/Telgar/? Oh, no. The annoying goldrider, whatshername…" A look to Cayl and Kalyssa (anyone remember?) "…whatever. She went there, didn't she? Ew. And I've been there. Their cookies are /definitely/ not as good as the ones at the 'Reaches." Kalyssa gets a smug smile and, "I lived there for awhile," but Kirana's hot-weather-championing is just too tempting to let go of. "But.. but… without snow, you can't build /snowdragons/. And it's no fun to run indoors to drink hot klah and eat cookies if it's not cold outside." Speaking of cookies… one hand is held out imperiously Cayl-wards. Care to spare one?

Miraviths are scary viths. Very scary. Moving right along, however: "So, how've things been going at Reaches?" Of course Cay'd heard about the clutching. Who, with a Reachenite dragon, /hadn't/ heard of it? "Telgar? Isn't that where…" She looks to Ndi and nods. Well, whatever it is, obviously she agrees with Ndi. No more talking from Cayl. She's going to pull out one of these cookies and eat it right in front of everyone, no matter how cold they are now that they've been frosted with Between. The hazards of sub-zero transport. Ndi's hand is stared at for a long moment, then given a shake, though no cookie. "Shells…snowdragons. Snow balls. Snow cave-ins. Snow dances. Snow-up-to-my-armpit. Snow is an evil thing."

Kalyssa frowns for a moment, her hands suddenly achingly bare. "You know what? I'm gonna go see if Andron is abround and wether or not he's seen that good for nothing ar-" She pauses glancing at the apprentice. "Er- about." She smiles somewhat then heads towards the hold doors. "I may be a while Ndi I'll see if I can get a ride home with someone else."
Kalyssa glides sensuously up a few small steps and passes into the Hold through the great doors.

Kirana sends a curious look about at the mention of goldrider whatshername, "Who?" She just has to ask, before moving right along. "We can't build snowdragons, but we can build /sanddragons/, which I'm sure are just as good." She says quite confidently, as she gestures to the nearby beach with a wave of her hand. As Cayl confirms snows evilness she nods, "See? And snows cold, so awful." Shudder. She waves to Kalyssa as she starts to leave, "Bye!"

Ndi eyes the hand-shaking critically for a moment before turning aside with a snort. Fine, then. "Things are okay at the 'Reaches," Ndi says, more or less pleasantly. "Druseth is clutchdaddy /again/. I think it's bad for Lylia. Too many clutches." Kalyssa is waved at distractedly. "/Sand/ dragons," says the greenrider knowingly, "are nowhere /near/ as good as snowdragons. Snowdragons are bright and shiny, and sand dragons are the color of mud. And cold is /good/. Isn't it, Cay, huh? People who think snow is bad ought to diiiiiiiiie."

Cayl shrugs her shoulders. "All I know is I'd rather have warm, salty sand then cold, numbing snow. Besides, I used to be able to do a great sanddragon when I was a healer and lived here on a more perminate basis." She doesn't seem to notice Ndi's snort at the handshaking. Well, chances are subconciously she's hording her cookies and refuses to acknowledge that others might want one. Its an instinct type thing. She snorts softly. "And I nearly /did/, sticking around as long as I did. Though I'm actually starting to get a tan once more. Its almost weird, being darker then ..well, snow." She waves to Kalyssa as the other heads off.

"They are not. They're the color of sand." Contridicts Kirana. Right…sand with water added…mud. But that's really not the point at all. She seems ever so vaguely insulted by the last comment of the greenrider, and the look she gives is somewhat miffed. "They should not. We have the /sea/, which has got to be the most wonderful thing ever." Which just completes the debate, no questions asked, in Kir's mind. She just nods along with Cayl, she agrees…sorta…so all is good.

Ndi gives Cayl the most pathetically betrayed puppy look she can muster up. What, you traitor. "Never mind," grumbles the greenrider. "/You/, Cayl, need to come back to the 'Reaches some time soon. You're losing your touch." Estsanth impatiently nudges the rider in the small of her back, and she mutters obscenely in response. "And I say this … this …" - the right word will come to her some day - "… this uneducated … /person/ needs to get a hands-on experience with snow before she goes around insulting it like she does, don't you, Cayl?" C'mon, agree with her this time.

Cayl's smile is just devious. It appears she's quite happy to have lost her touch. Or there's something else on her mind. "I've still got quite a few months before I /can/ return. Maybe I should take a few years here instead. You know, let the babe grow up warm blooded verses cold?" She looks over to Kirana at Ndi's last question and shrugs her shoulders. "Sure, everyone needs a lesson in tormen…mm well, yes, torment." She agreed, just not in any way Ndi would like. The bluerider takes another large bite out of her cookie and munches.

Kirana looks more than a little miffed now, tossing her head slightly, as is her habit, "I am /not/ uneducated, and I'll live a perfectly happy life without snow thankyou." She says briskly. "I'd probably turn into a giant snow-person within seconds anyway, and then what would you do?" Trying to freeze the poor little apprentice, shame on you all.

Ndi eyes the frosty cookie in Cayl's mouth /enviously/. Envy, envy, envy. Want that icy bit of cookie. Mm-mmm. But some things you just can't have in life, and Cayl's frosted cookies are apparently one of them. "Warm blooded," sniffs Ndi derisively. "Huh. Warm blooded. Who needs warmth when you can have snow? Ista's winters are wimpy. I mean, look at this. It's not raining. It's not sleeting. It's not snowing. Come /on/." We now pause this program to bring you these messages: "I know Kirana is 3957926 grains of sand tall, thank you, Estsanth." Now back to Ndi's Ranting. And now, also, a devious glance. "I'll bet /you/ didn't know you were that tall, /did/ you?"

Cayl's defrosting-oozing-in-hand-cookie. Envy away. Oh, wait, that one's all gone. As the bluerider fishes out another one from the basket, she holds it out towards Kirana. "Want one?" Then she nods to Ndi, a happy little smile on her lips. "I knowwwww. Just call me a whimp-lover." Or..something like that. At least it doesn't sound as weird as Ndi's proclaimation about Kirana's height. No, instead all she can offer is: "I guess size really does matter…" Just take another cookie and munch on it Cay, don't stress yourself, you're munching for two now.

Kirana defends the warm climate quite firmly, "It's not miserable out either, it's beautiful all turn 'round! Which is why it's so nice to be here, if you were somewhere /cold/, like…I don't know…Reaches…or Telgar, or something, you'd have to deal with half-frozen rain, bitter winds, slush." She pauses, admitting, "Not that I know personally, but that's what I've /heard/. And you don't have nice warm ocean." Which just means your deprived. Buh-link. "Am I? Really? No, I didn't…should I know that?" She smiles at Cayl, accepting the offer, "Sure, thank you!"

Ndi looks absolutely exasperated. "Cayl, she knows /nothing/. Nothing, Cayl! She doesn't even know how tall she is! I know how tall I am. You know how tall you are. This is because we've lived in the High Reaches. What are you supposed to do with people who don't know how tall they are? Should I kidnap her, Cay? Huh, whadja think? Estie seems to want to." Kirana isn't asked. Naw. Who cares what Kirana thinks. "It's convenient, don't you think? What with… you know… eggs…"

"I know enough to get me by. Though I do think your dragon was off by a few hundred grains of sand. Just goes to show you how the cold effects people. Or, dragons in this case." Cayl looks back to the green. Oh really, no intended insult. Just..well, snow on the mind, snow on the brain. "Kidnap her? Now you're sounding like Dsalth." Though there are those eggs. You can do so many things with eggs and scramble-brained riders. But the best kind is definately sunnyside up candidates. "Sure, so long as it doesn't involve me being frozen, I say kidnap away. There's no dolphins at Reaches, but she could go ice-swimming in the lake."

Kirana is just plain indignant at this point, abandoning her bench in favor of standing, hands planted firmly on her hips, "Excuse me?" She exclaims, looking from rider to rider. "/Kidnap me/? What're you talking about?" She demands, adding quite firmly, "You can't kidnap me! That's not right!" Any comments about eggs are completely ignored, she's a little distracted by the whole 'kidnapping' bit, one track mind and all.

Ndi pats Estsanth cheerily. Cayl's permission obtained, the greenrider now goes on attack mode. "Eggs! You! Snow! Come, Kirana, you're being kidnapped. Up on Estsanth." Excitement bubbling over, Ndi can afford to ignore the Insult done to her dragon (Estsanth is /always/ right. Always. Never off. Especially not by a hundred grains of sand.) "You don't have to come, Cayl. What with your baby and all. But you… can." A doubtful glance cast bluerider-wards. "If you want."

Cayl looks over to Kirana, somewhat seriously now. "Well, Ndi, you didn't even ask how old she was, or if she /wanted/ to be thrown in a mound of snow, skinnydip in the arctic, or any of that fun jaz. Its at least fair that you obtain her permission to torture her first, I guess. Otherwise I'll have to listen to Dolphinpeople ranting to me about theft and dolphins pecking at Mzadith and all that." Sure, just let the rider go off tangent and rant for a little while. She clears her throat and grins. "And no thank you, Ndi. I'm going to sit here quietly and munch on my cookies. You have fun though."

Ndi asks now. "How old, do you want to be thrown in a mound of snow,
skinnydip in the arctic, and all of that fun jazz, and stand for Chayath and Druseth's clutch?" One breath. No grammatical sense. Admire her.

Kirana /so/ doesn't get whats going on…she's never been the quickest of people, and now she's just plain lost. She looks between the riders again, and finally demands of Cayl, who seems to be the slightly more normal, nicer of the pair (after all, she likes the warmth), "I'm sorry to sound rude, but by Faranths big…" She pauses, deciding to go the cleaner route, "../toe/, whats going /on/?" Ndi gets a Look, "I will /not/ get up on Estsanth until you tell me whats happening!" As the questions come she begins to rattle off answers in the same sense, "Twenty-one turns yesterday, not really, no, and…what?" Buh-link. "Did you say stand?"

Ndi pauses to calculate the statistics she's just been given, then, after a moment of cross-eyed muttering, nods. "Yuh," says the rider concisely. "The magnificent counting dragon wants to Search you. Whaddaya say?" It's always better when they don't actually want to come diving into a mound of snow. Then you get to drag them kicking and screaming.

Kenisha walks in.
Kenisha walks with a slight swing to her hips towards the beach.

Kirana blinks nice and slow. "Search? As in…go to High Reaches? As in…leave Ista?" She asks for nice clarification. She eyes the green semi-suspiciously, "Are you /sure/…Estsanth was it? Right…you sure?"

Above, Valanth rushes from ::between:: to the sound of tumbling rocks.
Valanth glides gracefully down and settles in the Courtyard.
Kia giggles softly a nod at Valanth before she unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground.

Ndi is getting impatient. Cautiousness she can appreciate but… actually, no, cautiousness she cannot appreciate. Moving on. "Yessss," says the greenrider, rolling her eyes. "C'mon, don't you want to see snow? And ice? And real cookies?"

Kirana hmphs softly, shrugging, "Snow and ice comes along with cold doesn't it? So not especially, I prefer my bones /warm/, but…" She makes a great show of considering the offer…either it's real, or she can see Ndi's impatience and is just trying to be a pest. "Well if she's sure, I will then." She consents. "It'll be something new and diffrent at least."

Ndi prods Estsanth's side. "Good!" says the rider proudly. "So you hop on up, and I'll see /you/, Cayl, later." Kia's arrival is given a briefly sad expression - oh, the lost opportunities to terrorize. "And when we get there, Kirana, /I/ will show you all the most lovelyest snow and slush you have ever seen in your entire life."

Kia slips down from her lifemate.. Okay she bounces down in typical Kia fashion and no that does not require four on the floor or any rubber like the Kia car. Fingers wave in random order though not a bad order really. Valanth gets a pat and he's pretty much left to his own devices whatever they may be today.

Kirana winces faintly, "Really, that's alright." she declines, stepping towards the green. She pauses as she nears, eyeing the straps and streach of dragonhide. "How do I 'hop on up'?" She asks semi-plaintivly, looking from dragon to rider, though she spares a moment to give Cayl a little fingerwiggle of a wave.

You take the proffered step Estsanth makes out of a foreleg and clamber up between two neckridges. Don't forget the straps, now.
Ndi clambers up the green's side and then leans back over. "Here, I'll help you. Step on her leg or whatever, it's okay. Dragons have thick skin, you know."

Kirana eyes the leg doubiously, before nodding, stepping up and reaching up for the riders hand as she sorta scramble, hauls and generally makes a clumsy show of herself mounting. "Thanks."
Estsanth offers an assisting foreleg as Kirana clambers aboard her neck and settles down between two neckridges.

Ndi waves at Cayl - she'll never know why Ndi came here in the first place, probably - and at Kia, and off they go.

You take off.
Above Ista Hold

Ndi patpats the straps and turns around to eye Kirana. "So, have you ever gone between before? By the way, tighten up the straps." Candidates are only good to her alive, after all.

Kirana gasps very softly as they lift off, hands tightening around the straps very promptly. Squeak. She shakes her head, "Nah, never flown b'fore." She says quietly, trying to do is ordered with one hand, so the other can hold on very very tightly.

You visualize Above High Reaches for Estsanth.
Estsanth thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

"Aw, it's not too bad," says Ndi. "You get used to it, anyway. Between only takes a second." And then, patting Estsanth on the neck, "All right, here we go."

Estsanth shimmers slowly and melts into ::between::…

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Above High Reaches

Estsanth shimmers into reality as she slides out of ::between::…

Central Bowl (#3812)

You slide gently down Estsanth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Kirana is a good shade or two paler from between under her deep tan, and her arms are firmly folded across her chest, gripping at her elbows. "Coooold." She comments, fumbling with the straps and going to the ground with absolutly no grace behind Ndi. "Faranth, it's cold here too." Who would guess?

Ndi rubs her hands in the cold - certainly better than between, of course, but you know, whatever. Pride, nationalism… weyrism, whatever. Cannot admit to defeat by Kirana. "Which way which way… ah, here. Living Caverns." Kirana's discomfort is ignored. Serves you right for saying yes.

[travel spam]

Candidate Barracks (#6388)
Oliana, Auri, Fyria, Tevya, Mimi, and Tatia are here.

Kirana escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Ndi stalks in imperiously. "…. /It/." is the first thing she says. And then, harrumping, "This is Kirana. She's a Candidate now."

Oliana shakes her head, doubting both the sanity of Auri and the cuteness of It. Or the cuddliness of It. It in general. "Shhse." she says. It. As the latest candidate is hauled in, she sighs once more. Good. Distraction from the fuzzy revolting thing on the floor. "Welcome, Kirana. I'm Oliana," Oli offers quickly.

Fyria just eyes the It warily, then turns her head as Ndi and a new girl, Istan by her dress, arrives. "Hey there! Welcome to the REaches, Kirana. My name's Fyria. Pull up a cot." Llama-spit free, hopefully.

Kirana just /eyes/ Auri. Time to start giving people judgmental labels…and that ones weird. "/What/ is /It/?" She asks, as if it's plain that should've been explained in the first place. As an afterthought she adds, "I'm Kirana." A bit needlessly too seeing as Ndi just introduced her. She nods to those giving their introductions, eyeing Tatia as well, very briefly. Yes. Another one.

"Another Candidate?" Tevya asks, lifting herself half off her cot as she glances towards the door. New Candie is spotted and promptly waved at, Tevya offering a wide grin. "Welcome to the 'Reaches Kirana!" And then Fyria is glanced at once more. "What do you say? Give IT a spot on your cot?" Tevya was all for It. How could you not resist the painted, drool-dropping..wind-breaking..fuzzy-little llama?

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