Kumiko is asked to Stand

April 1998
Logged by Catia

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds - quite literally - overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a spring midmorning. The sun begins to rise up over the horizon and sets the grass afire sparkling off of the dew. Orange, pink and purple rays spread across the sky, turning a few high cirrus clouds into brilliant fingers of color.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Kudi and Shanley.
Green Niraneth, bronze Danzith, blue Pavelth, blue Leith, and green Sindiath are here.

From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen smiles at Cat, waving as she drops from her dragon "'LO….!"
Sindiath has a forelimb ready and waiting, calm eyes whirling as she watches Sen step down to land with a soft *thump* on the ground.

Niraneth brings her claws up over her her headknobs. Eek, here they come.

Catia waves back. For some reason, she made Myri fly down from their weyr…. she needs exercise.
You slip down Myrineth's side, using her foreleg as a step.
Myrineth flops down. Sunlight…. at last. Makes a change from the clouds of all winter.

Niraneth darts a glance left.
Niraneth darts a glance right.

Catia winks at Sen. "Time to get those candidates of ours doing some work?"

Niraneth slowly brings her paws down. Well, nothing's exploded, at least.

Candidate Barracks> Cailet nods softly to Daleva before standing and making her cot.

Myrineth isn't the kind to explode. Just to flollop.

Sen grins "I was actually thinking of cleaning them up first..all that dragon snot, you know….the baths, you think?
Sen grins saucily as she perambulates…. to the Caverns.

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Joshua, Zhaneel, Guill, Synge, Shavira, Tyrrheno, Twit, and Roji.
Sen is here.

Catia strides after Sen, chuckling quietly to herself…

Sen doesn't even stop for wine, her usual reason for coming down from on high….she head directly towards the barracks.
Sen steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Candidate Barracks> Sen escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Deeper, darker, narrower… passages kink and twist into the Weyr.
Inner Caverns

You survived! Escaping through the heavy canvas curtain you arrive here…
Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Resting atop the doorframe are Erit, Lorilya, Hydra, Vibo, Mikael, Autumn, Chase, Brieze, HRWB, Willowbark, WhirlWhind, and Collaen.
Daleva, Kaetryn, Cailet, Stephen, and Sen are here.

Catia follows Sen, a glint of mischief in dark eyes. "Morning all….."

Sen slips in the door, silently inspecting the troops as it were, a glimmer of a smile in her eyes "Well…hello there." she states….having yet to meet any of this group yet "I am Sen, rider of green Sindiath." she laughs, losing the stern, bossy look "And I am so glad to see you all!"

Kaetryn glances up at Catia and Sen, wiggling her fingers at them. " Heyla," she greets, tugging at her furs. Brr, she's still cold.

Stephen blinks at the sight of riders, - well, lest one he knew. he quickly stands from his cot and smiles, "morning, rider." he greats both rider cheerily."

Oh! Introductions… "I'm Catia, green Myrineth's rider. And your healer…" A wink is directed at Stephen. So they got him too, huh?

Daleva was in the process of looking for her pair of gloves that are here somewhere but looks up at the riders as the enter "Good morning!" she greets.

Cailet looks up from making her bed and bites her lip. she nods a quiet greeting and looks down to finish smoothing her bed. Nope they won't notice me.

Sen nudges Catia, smirking. She sniffs suddenly, grimacing "What /is/ that smell? It reeks in here…like…dragon snot!!!" she tries not to laugh as she continues "haven't you all bathed that stuff from you yet?" she teases "You might get plenty of it later, no need to save it."

Stephen smiles, "Stephen, journyman healer, caught by myniath and henoth." he chuckles remembering, "pleasure to see you again, rider catia"

Catia wrinkles her nose. She's not very good on smells…. too many Turns of redwort. "Does smell a bit strange in here, yeah…. wonder who hasn't washed their socks recently?" Then an idea appears to strike… "Hey Sen… how about we get them to clean the baths? And themselves at the same time?"

Cailet's head and eyes snap back up to look at the riders. They widen in surprise before they move to regard Kaetryn.

Sen looks at Catia, a smile growing wider, perhaps a bit evil "Why, Catia my dear…what an exquisite idea you've had.." she turns back to the weyrlings "All right, you heard her. All dirty laundry and selves, to the baths post haste!!! Spit spot!" Fingers snap, and voice commands, though that laughter still lurks…

Catia whirls about, ready to lead the way… Sen can round up the stragglers.

Sen isn't going to wait around, she is just going to go..and expect them to follow…or else. Her laughter can be heard echoing in the hall as she leaves…..
Sen slips back out to the caverns.

well, one thing was sure, Stephen needed to clean up, myniath did a job on him last night, so, without argew ment, as if it would be of any use, he follows.

Daleva hmms as she looks at her things..she just did laundry and took a bath..a shrug ah well orders be orders.
Daleva slips back out to the caverns.

Catia chuckles, too…. they can follow if they want.

Back out into the bustling world of the caverns you go.
Inner Caverns
Sen and Daleva are here.

If nowhere else in the Reaches, the baths always promise to be warm…
Steam enshrouds, a misty curtain that veils the room. Pools abound, water constantly swirling, warm and inviting; soapsand waits on nearby ledges for easy access. Racks of clothes stand by the door, freshly washed clothing hang from some, and bundles of yet to be washed clothes fill mutliple baskets beneath. Large cupboard doors open to reveal multitude of fresh, soft towels, and plenty of bathing items - sponges, pumice stones, and back scrubbers.
Kumiko is here.

Sen is but a blurr in the steam, moving quietly in from the caverns.
Cailet is but a blurr in the steam, moving quietly in from the caverns.

Catia leads a raggle-taggle string of Candies into the baths. Time for them, and the baths, to get cleaned…..

Daleva is but a blurr in the steam, moving quietly in from the caverns.

Sen marches in, followed by a line of laden candidates, grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat. She winks to Cat again as she stands aside "Alright..get to work. First clean your clothes, then he baths, then yourselves…."
Sen turns to smiles at Kumiko "I do hope you won't be disturbed by this.."

Catia pulls off her sweater and stands there in shirtsleeves, leaning against the wall. Blinking through the steam, she grins at Kumiko. "Morning."

Kaetryn is but a blurr in the steam, moving quietly in from the caverns.

Kumiko acks. So much for a bit of privacy. Ahem. She looks from one of the other pools, shaking her head at Sen's question. "Believe me… I'd rather them touch my food clean than dirty. Morning."

Cailet walks in following Catia but stops once she's in there and shifts from foot to foot nervously. She bites her lip and looks towards the riders again.

Stephen is but a blurr in the steam, moving quietly in from the caverns.

Sen snickers at Kumiko's words, nudging Catia again "hear that? she wants clean candies too…" she looks at the group behind her "Well, you heard her…clean candidates make for clean food…
Sen waves a hand, moving closer to Catia and whispering to her.

Kaetryn wanders in, rubbing her arms as she does so. Even the heat of the baths doesn't appear to warm her up at first. Herder stands in the back of the group, her height giving her some advantage

Catia points the candies to a crock of soap. "Clothes, then the baths, then you…." she echoes Sen. And sidles over to her fellow greenrider to mutter something.

Sen whispers, ""Sindiath is telling me she likes Kumiko….""

Yes, greenriders gossip. :) Worse than old aunties…

You overhear Catia mutter, "Well, … has … … similiar … me on more … … … … I don't just think it … her …" to Sen.

Kumiko can't help but want clean candies; imagine the mess they'll make when they don't. Muttering riders are noted, as well as candidates, though cleaning seems to be her priority. She submerges, only inky hair left floating on the surface.

Sen grins, watching the candidates go to work, her gaze flicking over everyone, even Kumiko as she listens to Cat, and snickers.

Cailet backs up to stand beside Kaet and looks at her fellow herder "Which clothes? The ones we have on?"

Sen mutters ""No..not the cooking. Its something else…she says she smells good. And that she wants to lick her."" to you.
You overhear Sen mutter, "…" to Catia.

Stephen grimmises, but does as told, with a plastered smile. washing durty londry. ic, how slobery myniath was, too, worse than he'd thought.

Sen looks over at Kaetryn "The clothes you are holding first, then the baths, then strip and clean yourselves. YOu had best leave yourself something dry to wear.

Catia laughs outright now. "Sindiath licks /anything/ though, doesn't she?" Mirth overcomes discretion momentarily…. and Cat scans the people present.

Kaetryn shrugs at Cailet. " Got me," she mutters, rubbing at her nose. " Probably." A snicker. " Knowing greenriders…"

Kumiko comes up for a moment, brows rises at Catia's comment, before she grimaces. Dragon drool. Back she scoots, nose wrinkling, as she comes up to her shoulders, letting the rest be hidden by sudsy water.

Sen Looks indignantly to Catia "Not true..she is very selective about who she wants to lick…like, she licked Kalen" she murmurs thoughtfully "Other then that, not many."

Daleva rolls the sleeves of her shirt up and looks around "Well I washed my stuff last night," she didn't get drooled on though thankfully "anyone need any help?"

Catia gives a small smug smile. "Well… she licked Kalen? Shows she has good taste…."

Cailet nods at Sen then and moves towards the water and soap. "Strip..with a boy in here?" Her eyes widen and she blushes furiously before she puts her head down and just scrubs at her clothes.

Sen grins at Catia "So true….like, take for instance" and she turns to stare pointedly at Kumiko, eyes intent "Take for instance the fact that she just told me she would like to lick Kumiko? What would that suggest to you?"

Kaetryn looks back at Sen, one eyebrow cocked. She's not the one who asked. A shrug, and she wanders over, clothing in hands. Not that she has much. Certainly not that she can wear. Kaetryn is… notorious… wearing clothing with a distinct lack of cloth.

Sen is distracted by Cailet's words, but only long enough to smile and roll her eyes "Really….if you are to be a rider, you will have to lose such modesty" she murmurs, before eyes return to Kumiko.

"To me, it would suggest that Sindiath is continuing her run of good taste…" Catia replies, straight-faced. Is Kumiko still under the water? Cat spares a sympathetic smile for Cailet, but is advancing steadily…

Kumiko grins slightly at Cailet. "It happens." Not saying why, as she glances over to Sen. "Oh no. No dragon is slurping me. I already have enough getting lizard drool out of my clothes." Riders are spotted, as she edges back to the pool. "Shoo, shoo." Not taking her, nope.

Stephen finishes the clothse he held, the turned to the baths, well, he'd might as well get use to weyr life /again/. he had actualy kinda gotten use to the hold. he knew, all to well what sen ment. and without thinking twice, or he'd chickened out, he undressed and clambered into the pool.

Sen grins, nodding to her fellow rider, before stepping forward "I confer." she murmurs, peering through the mist at the cook "Kumiko. The dragons have chosen. They want ou. Will you stand on the sands for this clutch?"

"But you're not wearing anything right now, Kumiko," Catia answers innocently. "So you wouldn't get drool on your clothes…." Edging ever closer, she grins at Sen's words. "Will you?"

Cailet frowns "Modesty? Loose modesty and strip in front of a boy?" she mutters to herself and continues to scrub, cheeks still flaming.

Kaetryn snickers at Cailet. " And you're a herder?" she murmurs as she kneels to begin scrubbing the clothing in her hands. Certainly she has no problem undressing in front of a man. Emerald eyes flicker to Kumiko, a grin on her lips. Herder-candie pauses to hear the answer.

Kumiko does not want to be drooled on. "Modesty goes out the window." But her's isn't gone yet. "At least let me have a towel. He can drool, but I am not Standing." Might as well get that over with, at least.

Sen has forgotten candidates in her intent search of Kumiko, dragon insistent voice in her head urging her on. She moves even closer, stepping around to where Kumiko cowers "You cannot refuse the dragons, you know…" she states matter of factly "So give it up."
Sen also adds "And Sindiath doesn't drool. She licks…very pleasant, according to Kalen..ticklish."

Catia takes pity and hands Kumiko a large clean towel. "You are Standing, you know… if we have to force you…. Or get Myrineth and Sindiath to pick you up and dump you on the Sands… if we have to keep you locked up in a weyr till Hatching…" Catia's threats are getting worse, though are tempered with a broad grin.

Stephen purposly looks away fro the girls, staring at a wall, least he could do as a fellow candi was to make things as comfortable as humonly possable. - humanly, cause who knows what dragon thought of. he continues to scrub and listen.

Cailet looks over at Kaet a bit hurt "Just cuz I don't want to undress in front of a male doesn't make me less a herder." Then hearing what's going on she looks up at the riders, eyes wide.

Daleva smiles at Cailet as she washes another Candi's shirt "Tell him to turn around." she states simply.

Kaetryn snickers again. " No, no, that's true. I mean, Jessi's still a herder, too. It just makes you… strange. A strange herder. Isn't that redundant?

Kumiko nods slowly. "Sure I can. Simple as saying no." The towel is taken, as she looks over to Catia for a moment. Lips furrow at that statement as she wraps the towel around her form. "Licking? That's about as b - " A blink, then another, before her head lolls back. "Please tell me I didn't hear that." This can /not/ be happening. She's the dark ovine of the family.

Sen smiles innocently "Hear what? Voices?"

"Hear what?" Catia looks blank for a moment… then chuckles. "Sen?"

You overhear Sen mutter, "Seems Sindiath is going for the direct approach..she /really/ likes this one." to Catia.

You overhear Catia mutter, "… So it seems. I don't think … minds … … as long … … gets … … … … some more." to Sen.

Stephen finishes washing, still listening and stpes out of the pool, quickly dressing and stannding out of the way.

Kumiko pauses, looking in the direction of the bowl for a moment. "She won't stop talking, will she?" Voice is soft, towel wrapped for a sudden chill. "Kazumi's the rider, not me." But well, she's got a dragon's voice thudding in her head.

Sen laughs outright this time, shaking her head "I am afraid that until you agree, she will keep on insisting..silly stubborn dragon."

Catia shrugs, and plants a strong hand firmly on Kumiko's shoulder. "Why don't we get you installed in the barracks? Sindiath might shut up then…"

Cailet looks over at Stephen, as she finishes washing clothes, to make sure he's not looking. Then quickly strips of boots and clothes, laying them aside carefully before stepping into the water.

Kumiko's jaw clenches, before she lets out an exasperated sigh. "She's wrong, you know. I've got enough riders in my family. Besides," expression falls then, as she looks back to Sen and Catia, "who's going to cook?"

Catia is slowly but unsubtly steering Kumiko /out/. But she spares some attention for the Candies… "Don't mind Stephen, Cailet. He's a healer. He's seen it all." A beaming smile is directed at Kumiko. "Millie, of course…"

Sen leans down to pat Kumikos shoulder comfortingly "OH, don't worry, we shall find someone to do the cooking. Shall I tell her to be quiet now?"

Cailet blushes and turns her back to Stephen. She says quietly "But he hasn't seen me.."

Kumiko is directed, before a grimace takes over her face. "She is going to kill me. Who's going to cook the main dishes?" Sefren doesn't know if Martac can cook, and he didn't seem to happy about being there…. but out she goes, babbling the whole way.

Sen rolls her eyes at Cailet "finish quickly, girls..we will take Kumiko and Stephen to the barracks….come along." And she turns to leave
Sen has had enough and slips back out of the baths, hopefully smelling better.

Kaetryn wipes at her nose agan, sniffling slightly. Muttering under her breath, she begins to strip out of her clothes. Vest comes off and she shivers, grumbling.

Kumiko has had enough and slips back out of the baths, hopefully smelling better.

Catia leaves the candies to their own devices. Time to get Kumiko to the barracks before she changes her mind!

The steam makes you damp, even if you did not bathe, so don't catch cold!
Inner Caverns

You survived! Escaping through the heavy canvas curtain you arrive here…
Candidate Barracks
Kumiko is here.

Kaetryn escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.
Stephen escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Catia points to a cot. "Sit, Kumiko… Any questions? And can I change my mind is /not/ an option…"

Daleva escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Kaetryn gestures to Collaen, who glides over and curls possesively about her neck.

Kumiko sighs, rubbing her forehead, before she makes a face. "I can't just hope, can I?" Cot is flopped upon, water dripping from her skin claiming it as hers. "So… I'm stuck here?" That's a question.

"Well, you already live here…. so that's not a problem, is it? If you want to fetch your things from the dorms, go ahead…." Catia parks herself on the edge of someone's empty and unmade cot.

Kaetryn peers at Catia. " Hey," she mutters, wiping at her nose again. " Tha's my cot." Not that she minds the greenrider in her cot, but she had other plans.

Kumiko wells, softly, before she motions to a gold lizard flying in, coming to rest upon her terry-covered lap. "She's going to be proddy soon. I might need to well, you know." She doesn't say for all the other people in the room, but well, this lady's going to fly.

Catia looks behind her. "Then I'll get up, so you can tidy it up." What a hint, eh! Cat is turning into a real tyrant… The greenrider gets to her feet and settles onto another cot. "But yes, Kumiko… basically you're stuck here till the Hatching…"

Cailet escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Catia looks down at the gold in Kumiko's lap, a little belatedly. "Umm… I guess we can let you go elsewhere for that. You /do/ have the run of the Weyr, you know… within reason."

that would be Stephen's cot, and, before the greenrider gets any idea's, she'll hopefully notice, that it was made.

Catia doesn't really care whose cot she's sat on… as she's not staying. Getting to her feet again, she beams benevolently enough at Kumiko. "You might want to go back to the dorms and get dressed… and then I suggest you read the bulletin board."

Kumiko nods. Natsume isn't drooling; to her owner, that's a bad sign. "Thanks. I may need it after a while. No need of promoting debauchery here, right?" She's already done it for the star stones, Don't need to do it anywhere else.
Kumiko looks down at her state of dress, before sighing. "I suppose so." She doesn't sound too thrilled, however. Nastume flutters out, as she rises to follow. "Builitin board, hmm? Oh, one final question…. do you always kidnap people?" Don't mind the smirk, it's etched in.

Daleva finds her way over to her made cot and resumes the search for her missing gloves, they couldn't have gotten far.

Catia laughs. "NO! No debauchery amongst the candidates, please… I shall be dosing you all well." And thinking of that… she fishes another note out of her pocket to stick on the board. "Kidnap?" The greenrider sounds affronted. "I don't /kidnap/!"

Kaetryn flops down on her now vacant cot, shooting an annoyed glance Catia-wards. Greenriding healers. Baaaaad. Snuggling under her furs, she tries to get warm. " But Catia," she whines. " What if we /want/ it?"

no, only bronze and brown dragons, namely myniath and henoth, kidnaps. lest, they did Stephen the night befor.

Note posted, Catia frowns at Kaetryn. "Want /what/?"

Kaetryn shakes her head. " Nemmind," she mutters into her pillow.

Kumiko uh huhs, but the smirk remains. An idea has come to her, and well, that can't be a good thing. "Okay," she primly states, making her way outside. "I'd best get my clothes now."

Daleva ah hahs as the missing gloves are found, and raises a slight eyebrow at Kaetryn, She's met a few sane herders but they seem to be in the minority don't they?

Catia frowns again. This Candie will bear careful watching…. why /does/ Myrineth always pick the, umm, umm… well, never mind. "Try and keep this room tidy," Catia suggests…. and is gone.

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