The Candidates' Masked Ball

May 3rd 1998
Logged by Catia

Gather Meadow
Clearly chosen for its pristine beauty, the meadow surrounding the Weyr is an explosive mixture of fragrant wildflowers of every hue andshape poking among the lush blue-green grass with the vigor ofspring. The stream burbles and bubbles as it flows cool and clear nearby. Shimmering decorations in cool tones of green, blue, silver and white bedeck the blossoming trees and sway in the breeze. The tinkling of wind chimes and tiny silver bells bobbing on branches, tell of the enthusiasm expressed by the candidates who dared to add to the natural beauty that abounds in the clearing.
Several, long tables arranged in a U shape are covered with white, blue and rose edged cloths that billow in the cool mountain breeze. At intervals along each table are dragon ice sculptures in various poses of preflight and play, surrounded by wreaths of fresh, fragrant flowers and greens. Silver, three-spired candelabras hold white candles, lit as Rukbat descends below the horizon casting its glow through Weyr and meadow.
The dancing area is set apart in front of the tables some distance away overcast by a bower of trees just beginning to drop petals from their blue and white blossoms. The raised stage where the Harpers play is decorated with silver and green streamers and holds several plush chairs and table with drinks for their convenience. The entire area is illuminated by large torches with poles painted in matching silver, green, and light blue.
This indeed is a perfect picture of elegance, mystery, and merriment in the changing light as evening descends to dusk then to night. Not even the baleful star can eradicate the peacefulness infusing the glacial meadow.
You see OOC note and Buffet Table here.
Sp'ider, Ash, Shadowfire, T'can, Midnight, Scruffy, Non-Sen-se, Kelly, and Feathers are here.

Nymph stalks quietly in from the Alpine Meadows.

Scruffy barks greeting to all as they walk in, shag ball of a tail bouncing. "growl-hellow-growl-all."

Feathers floats in, a wind blowing her namesake about. Ooof. Ahem, don't mind that blush. Mask is tugged into place, as she looks around. This is the place, it looks like.

Nereid is graceful, walking up the meadow with her skirts swishing. What /is/ she doing here…

OOC note
There appears to be some writing on the note …
Ok some people may have changed their names for this, or they may not have, this is just a reminder for everyone to remember that it is a masqurade party and with some of us it may be fairly obvious as to who we are, please remember that ICly you may or may not know. If there aren't obvious hints in the desc that you'd ICly pick up on, don't pick up on them ;> We're sure everyone will be able to remember this, but better safe than sorry.
-The Candi Crew

Nymph glides in, footsteps silent on the grass. She ignores the breeze ruffling her multitude of feathers and instead pauses, surveying the scene.

Kelly wanders his way into the meadows, following the string of people, as he looks about. Good job was done by all here. A smile, as he offers a wave to everyone, unable to recognize any. Of course. He heads to the closest table, acquiring a glass of the Benden white a certain cook got for the occasion.

When pressed to identify this young man's most striking characteristic, most would point out his eyes - piercing, storm cloud grey, they shine with a life of their own and speak of a friendly, though robust, spirit. Other features play second - a hawkish, well defined nose; thin lips oft set to a smile, whether smirk or grin. Mousy brown hair looks as if it was once cut neatly; now, though, it's grown out, hanging down to his collar. His smooth tenor is pleasing to the ear, fluid and amicable, though a certain boredom seems to be just below the surface. Finely toned from exercise, he'd still not be called 'well muscled' at a lanky six feet. Alert and wary, his outlook is friendly, but in the background, one could probably see the roaming past that follows those with a wanderlust like his.
A shirt of the softest cotton rests against the tanned skin in a lovely emerald green of varying shades. On each shoulder is a circle of deep emerald fabric, embroidered outward with golden licking flames of the sun, deepening from pale gold to deepest amber, with beads added to catch every sparkle of light to cast even more hues of sun color up towards the tanned face. These circles form the shoulders from which the tunic flows downward in almost graceful drapings, steadily decreasing in depth from the deep emerald to a bright green as the soft rippling cloth disappears into the flame embroidered cuffs that mimic the circles of the shoulders. The tunic's edge hangs low, going just a bit below the hips, and over the tunic's waist is a shimmering purple and gold sisal that dances in the light with patterns of flames licking about and a golden fringe on the very ends. Beneath all this color, a simple well fit pair of creamy slacks that glide down the legs in cool waves and feed into a loose fitting pair of dark brown boots, the cuffs of which also echo the shoulders of the shirt in their emerald and gold elegance. Topping it off is a simple mask of fairy green, covering the eyes and right half of the face, left half left bare.
Kelly is 20 Turns and 23 days old.

Green. Lovely, proddy green. In all the hues of the forest. From a lime silken ribbon of a choker, to the emerald boots. Not exactly dragonriding boots, they tend toward runner riding boots, but are, nevertheless, proddy green. Breeches, tight enough to show off a swaying lilt to lower body and hips, is driven with the side-to-side sway caused by proddy hormones, you are sure of it. A belted riding jacket, olive green, and matching nothing, still outlines a stance that can be called a pose. On the lookout for anything male, red hair, green eyes, and a rider of to boot, marks her as, guess who?
Green. Little proddy green, use your imagination……
Non-Sen-se is 21 Turns, 5 months, and 27 days old.

A fanciful creation of feathers covers the face of this slender young woman. A plethora of green and black plumes surround her face in the form of stylized dragon's wings. Curling around her shining emerald eyes to meet above her nose are two dragons' heads, one green, the other gold. Tiny sapphire flakes make their eyes. Delicate tails of gold and green dyed leather wind their way down her cheeks, framing her jaw. From behind sprouts a veritable cloud of ebony, uncontained, falling free to her ankles. Highlights of gold and red shimmer through, chased by an odd echo of green, perhaps from her costume, perhaps from something else.
This delicate woman is wearing a diaphorous gown of silken sisal, clouds of emerald green float to the floor. Hems of solid material close around neck and wrists as the rest of the gown is scandalously misty, hinting at curves and tinting visible skin beneath with earthy green, creating a line of intrest from eyes to gown to eyes again. Delicate slippers of a matching green adorn her feet, and a set of emerald earrings flash in her ear, matching the single one dangling from her throat, and the several surrounding on of her long, slender fingers. A spray of feathers lines her sleaves from shoulder to wrist, tapering to sweep the floor when her arms are lowered. Black and green, they form upon the whole a picture of a dragon, cleverly died into the plumes after being joined together. The whole effect is rather like a pair of delicate wings. Combined with this woman's delicate frame and fragile features, it serves to give her an etherial… almost fey appearance.
Nymph is 20 Turns, 4 months, and 21 days old.

A ragingly wind spreads short cropped hazel hair everywhere, while sea green eyes look out from underneath the frizz. A moon face and a petite, almost pert nose gives the impression of youth. Small in stature but not lacking in courage, Salea is nimble and quick. A shining grin flees across her lips, but just as quickly, disappears. An inside joke? Perhaps. Her compact frame is well muscled, telling of years of toil and hard work. She walks with a confidence that speaks of knowledge about her profession, and her values always leads her willing to help others.
Great swaths of colorful sisal flow in and weave together to form tunic and skirt. Falling wing-like from the arms, midnight black courses to the floor, huiding the person within. On top of the black has been sewn brighter, vibrant colors: raspberry red, lush growth green, and sunflower yellow. The colors meet together at the neckline, only to be cut from sight by a light headress: black flows over hair and head, hiding all but the eyes. In the center perches a large beak: ornate orange dips at the tip, giving a slightly goofy look to this costume. But who is beneath? Only time will tell…
T'can is 28 Turns, 8 months, and 3 days old.

Scruffy tries to crawl under a table, but is too big, so sefices to perch, doggy style in a chair.

Nothing is remarkable about this young man, he only stands about 5 foot 9 and is of average build. His hair is a dark brown, neatly combed and trimmed to just above the ears. On his face is constantly a warm smile, and his krystal blue eyes are filled with a compassion for others. He is very shy, how ever when you take the time to talk to him and get to know him, you will find that Stephen is more than willing to be a friend, and is eager to help anyone, anyway he can. Errm, but you can't see all this cause he's burried in canine shag.
Colored completely a dirty shaggy brown, from floppy ears to his little stub of a tail, this little canine is perfectly named for he looks, "scruffy". The only thing that brake the dirty brown shagg, is one narow little band of dirty white with little streeks of black around his nose, kinda resembling a candidate's knot. His eyes are dark klah brown and seem to just /beg/ for any scraps you might feel so enclind to offer him, and his taill is a never ending bouncing knot of shaggy fluff.
Scruffy is 19 Turns, 8 months, and 21 days old.

A mystical creature born of lava, a Lady of fire stands before you dressed in a sisal gown of blood red and black. A mask obscures the top of her face leaving only ice green eyes to peek through an intricate flowing design of black and red feathers. Her fire colored hair falls in waves across her shoulders adding perfectly to the theme of the costume, glimpsed through the mass can occasionally be seen a dangling pair of silver and onyx earrings that dangle at her jawline. The dress is a design of pure elegance and flows much like the lava it represents. A V- cut neckline etched in black reveals lightly tan skin and slightly more than a holder lass would, but not nearly enough to be tasteless. Laying on that bare skin is a necklace that matches her earrings, onyx though has been carved into stylized flames. The dresses long sleeves are cut close until they reach about her elbows where they begin to flare out into a bell shape. While the upper part of the dress is cut to show off an well-defined body and the waist is chinched tight with a black sash, the red skirt bellows out and sways with each movement. Decorating the skirt is delicate and intricate black embroidery leading the eye on a track that is reminiscent of flowing waves.
Shadowfire is 17 Turns, 10 months, and 24 days old.

Non-Sen-se wanders in, and sets down her box. Eyeing all the costumed people, she sets out with determination and peering glances to see who they all be.

Ash is still fairly recognizable… the sisal that covers her eyes and ties back into her hair doesn't exactly go a long way toward disguising her.. she brushes past the spider on her way to the wine table… and pours herself some wine…

Midnight tugs down on 'her' hood, sure to check that it covers her hair. She's here. She's glancing inconspicuously at other costumes, and the people beneath.

Have you ever tried to pour Benden down a beak without losing a drop? Let me tell you - it looks pretty strange! T'can perches near the wine, also unable to identify.

Very hairy. Scary. Merry, too, though that could be the wine. Tufts of brown, cream and black fuzz cover the baggy grey trouser suit that covers this woman's body much like a sack. Lumpy stuffing has been added at the abdomen to form a rounded, bottom-heavy figure. Two extra pairs of 'arms' sprout from her sides, each well-covered in fuzz. Klah-brown tufts, wispier, wirier, these, cover feet and hands, and the pincers at the ends of each false arm. Huge, jagged bits of bone encircle a masqued face; fangs to munch and crunch.
Sp'ider is 26 Turns, 6 months, and 18 days old.

Barest hints of features can be seen - a tannish skin tone, intensely green eyes, and deep golden-brown hair under the hood. Think you can pick out her true name? Noone knows 'till midnight…
Darkest night-blue forms the shiny, satiny dress, the dark of it falling clingily from a squared neckline to a slim skirt slit to near-thigh on one side. A long, heavy hooded cloak of equally dark velvet mimics the midnight sky, bits of sliver threads flashing their presence when struck by illumination. A black-feathered mask settles across her features, disguising all but the bottom half of her face.
Midnight is 18 Turns, 11 months, and 24 days old.

Feathers is too busy pushing a feather from her mask, gaining a glass for herself. Ah. The good stuff. She lets a bit of it slide down her throat, before looking. People… she thinks.

Z'bra trundles in from the Alpine Meadows.

A multitude of colors slips and eddies into human-esque form; ebony colored locks are strewn with feathers as the this mass falls past her shoulders, flowing freely, as almond hued eyes glimmer softly, depending on mood, or circumstance. Willowy, curves grace her dimunitive frame, leaving her just short of volumptous. Expression is hidden by a feathered mask, only smiles ranging along her lips.
Feathers abound in gay display; a full rainbow of them have been stitched together, a kalidoscope from black to white as they have been layered over one another. What it is being held up by is anyone's guess as the feathers begin just above her chest in halter fashion, the 'dress' hugging each curve as it pools down with wherry softness to the floor. Rainbows of wherry feathers fly away from this feathery mask, as the only area not covered are two holes, stragetically placed for eyes. Tiny chips of metal can be seen around the eyeholes; gold, silver, platitium, and copper decorate as long wherry feathers sprout from behind them, flipping back toward their owner's hair, face and neck.
Feathers is 22 Turns, 1 month, and 18 days old.

Purple zigs, white zags: bright stripes of color dart in erratic lightning bolts about Nuff's legs and foreams, the crush of sisal clinging to her chubby form like painted on hide. The lightning bolts of psychedelic zebra-hues dart down to grey-clipped hooves, while a straw-colored whiskbroom sticks out of her rump spinning in little circles as she moves. A runner's stout muzzle is stylized somewhat into the horsey face of the delicately crafted mask that hides all but the purplish blue of this prey's gaze. The wood and bone come together into a mosaic of bleached white broadly striped with s'more brilliant purple, while the short-cropped mane that runs from head to shoulders is a deep velvety indigo.
Kingyo's goldfish gold plates the restless avian-firelizard that rides this runner's shoulder.
Z'bra is 30 Turns, 3 months, and 15 days old.

Closely-Catia strides in from the Alpine Meadows.
Anti-Nuff slouches, hands thrust into his pockets, in from the Alpine Meadows.

Yellow yarn mimicks a wig as it tumbles down in ringlets around a face more mischievous than truly cherubic. Contrasting this, a dark complexion looms and Thread-grey eyes flash under dark lashes in a recognizable - if out of place - flare for the dramatic. Compact form has been padded somehow in a purple-patchwork outfit, a drape of indigo sisal shot through with gold threads. Of note, perhaps, are the boots: lined in purple - one puce, one lavender, the colors matching ribbons twining in the wig's yarn curls.
His face seems pale and drawn, as if he hasn't been taking care of himself lately.
He's wearing a strange braid of purple, gold, and orange, pretending it's a knot. Wrong.
Anti-Nuff is 18 Turns, 4 months, and 11 days old.

Finger-long curls tangle medusa-like in darkest umber. A lean triangle, the top half of her face is masked in a twining caduceus, grey-green eyes peeking from between those mortal coils which climb Cleopatra-like up her forehead to add several inches to her height. Heavy kohl emphasises her eyes while redwort stains carefully bitten fingernails.
Yesterturn's fashion in something approximating healer purple drapes in velvety folds, the simple robe gathered into a pleat at the back, flaring just slightly at the hip. Long sleeves sweep to her knees, although it's more an overtunic than a dress, buttons from knee to neck, cinched at waist, white under-trouse flashing at her ankles where they bell over neat slippers.
Closely-Catia is 17 Turns, 9 months, and 6 days old.

Arms bounce and wave with each of Sp'ider's movements; as one arm lifts to sip at her own goblet, two others lift there with it. Whoops, sorry Ash. One thing about it, she can goose a lot more people with the extra hands now. "Nice dress," she remarks, as an aside to the bluerider.

Scruffy growls greetings as he pass peopplpeople on his way to lappup some wine. "growl-how-growl-is-growl-every-one-to-night?"

Ash recognizes at least one person… just cause of the dress… she grins as she moves over to 'Nereid' and giggles, "Nice costume…"

Non-Sen-se mixes and mingles. She does the mingle game. Heading for the punch, she pauses, hoping it actually /is/ spiked, and shuffles her boots to the crowd again. Okay, who to interrogate for a clue.. Hrm.

T'can winks to the multi-colored Z'bra. "Can I get you some Benden there? Love the stripes…almost as good as multiple appendages."

Nymph sweeps her feathered 'wings' from her way and glides towards the refreshments, seeming to glide on air.

Nereid is probably smiling, but behind her full silver mask it's hard to tell. "Ash," comes the low reply. "Got any Benden?"

Kelly takes meanders away from the main table with his prize of a wine glass, and begins to go people watching. Which is quite colorful, here. A smile is sent to the bird, as he passes by the woman in feathers. Let's hope that glue is very strong. A smile is sent to the one lacking Sense, though only have gets through the mask, as he ends up on the other side of the meadow.

Midnight mingles, almost, a dark shadow compared to lightly gay costumes. Anyway, she's here. Where's the party?

GlacialHarlequin takes long, confident strides in from the Alpine Meadows.

A young woman topping at six feet tall walks with confident, long strides with legs that are well muscled and tell of her long travels. A friendly smile plays upon her lips. Who could she be?
Fiery ice seems to flow around her as she moves under the embrace of the clinging white garment. The high neck, long sleeves and long legs of the body suit hug and twist around every curve not leaving much to the imagination for all its teasing modesty. Crystal blue and silver sisal drapes sheer over both shoulders meandering over the swell of her chest before flowing long to the floor behind her. Tiny, intricate beadwork of whites, silvers, grays and blues decorate the midriff in an icy snowcapped motif. White boots with the same beadwork hug her calves and are edged with white fur and fringed with wherehide tipped with blue and white beads that clack with her every movement. Her hair is braided in a thick rope down her back and wrapped with a sparkling silver thread down its length. Topping the ensemble, the masque is a fair of pure white with silver edgeing and sparkle from her forhead to the tip of her nose. Long white wherry feathers tipped in silver flow from the right side and a string of beadss fall from the left. A sisal tie holds the masque in place obscuring her features and bringing her sunbronzed skin and dark brown eyes to stark contrast. Her nails are painted white with a single blue stripe from corner to corner while her face is asparkle with glitter and painted on one side with a silver dragon atop a spire.
GlacialHarlequin is 18 Turns, 8 months, and 7 days old.

Of medium height, slender yet curved well and muscled. Dark eyes gleam.
Aquamarine sisal trickles over slender form, falling from finger-thick straps to dip low and reveal a hint of well-shaped cleavage. Skimming subtle curves, the silver-shot turquoise slithers down straight-cut, a slit to mid-thigh allowing long toned limbs to move easily. Slender chain-bracelets twine moonlight skeins against tan skin; above heeled low shoes of darker aqua leather, silver shines likewise around one trim ankle. Dark hair is coiled high to emphasise long neck; loose-falling curls frame an oval mask of silver-painted leather. One give-away as to identity could be the shadow of a Threadscore on her upper left arm…
Nereid is 27 Turns, 5 months, and 13 days old.

A long, extremely thick, coal black braid lays down the middle of Ash's back leaving only whispy bangs to frame a face of delicate features; dark chocolate brown skin, high cheek bones, and full lips only serve to accentuate her most startling aspect… her eyes. In the dark frame of her face, the pale, icy blue of her eyes stands out, two daggers, cold in appearance but gentle in perception - piercing and cold in anger's tempest but soothing and warm in comforting gaze. Slight figure seems almost mismatched with her above average height, and yet she moves with the delicate grace and deliberate slowness of someone who is confident in themselves, their lifemate, and their life's purpose.
Ruby red sisal glows in muted passion, blood under ashes. It shimmers down Ash's figure, hugging each curve to her feet, where it hides the matching wherhide slippers. A low-cut square neckline gives way to a short V between her breasts, the whole inset with black lace to preserve modesty. Covering the bodice tightly and fastened with a jet button at the bottom of the V, an overskirt of black transparent gauze is heavily embroidered over the bosom, an intricate pattern of swirling circles sewn with jet beads and brilliants that glitter with dark color. The overdress covers the ruby sisal to the hem, faintly embroidered over the skirt before the heavy pattern is picked up again in a wide band near the bottom, more jet and brilliants as well as silky black tassels causing the lighter material to hang straight. Miniscule sleeves show off the slender muscularity of Ash's arms, and the contrast in hues on the dress itself lend to her own coloring. Covering her eyes is a mask made of red sisal and black lace that wraps over her eyes and around into her hair where it is tied in a square knot hidden by the tumbles of gentle black curls that fall down her back.
Ash is 26 Turns, 5 months, and 24 days old.

Shadowfire walks..flows? her way around the meadow, a nod here and there thinking maybe she recognizes one or two of the people but not sure. Eventually making her way, like almost everyone else, over to the drinks table.

Trepid calmly walks in from the Alpine Meadows.

Wine is poured buy a drudge and set in a boel, infront of Scruffy, who promptly start lapping. slerp-lap-yum!

Feathers is just floating through. Float, float… food. Num. Something is picked up, nibbled on, under that mask, before she takes another sip from her glass. "This is defiantely better than I thought it would be."

If Closely's makeup is a little wobbly, the old auntie who did it can hardly be faulted for her arthritis. Plam to temple, steadying the edifice on her head, she steps carefully into the crowd. "It's dizzying," she observes, arriving presently by Feathers.

Nereid slithers towards the buffet table, long fingers picking up a morsel to toy with…. Perhaps a drink would be more to her tastes.

Anti-Nuff skitters in, cookie jar clutched to his - yes, he might as well say his, since it's true, no matter the outfit - chest, half veiled in a drape of sisal. "Nuff needs cookies. Where are cookies for the cookie jar?" he mutters to those he passes.

Non-Sen-se pauses, sipping her drink. Weaving her way through the crowd, she pauses to grin at Scruffy, giving a slight thumbs-up sign, and continuing on her stroll around the perimeter.

Ash wore only a mask over her eyes for obvious reasons… better to drink the wine of course… she grins at Nereid.. and clears her throat, pointing to the candidate in yellow yarn wigs, "I think they are making an effort to imitate us…" thank god there are no Ash's wandering around… /that/ could get confusing

Nymph chuckles lightly under her breath and sweeps up a glass, sipping delicately around her feathers. " Indeed," she agrees with Feathers.

It is, really, a good way for the candidates to get wine when they are otherwise not allowed. Not saying Midnight is a candidate, though she slinks over to the table to confiscate her own glass, hiding in her cloak.

Trepid looks around at the gaily dressed revelers…

Feathers's head tilts as the near resemblance of Catia, feather'd brows arched. "I agree. Didn't think everyone would take this to heart." Herself included. But someone's going to notice that their pillows are very, very empty.

GlacialHarlequin walks in with flowing sissal following behind her…she looks around trying to figure out who is who.

Nereid chuckles at Ash softly… her mask stops at the lips. Dark eyes gleam from beneath it as the turquoise-clad woman takes a glass and twirls it in her fingers. "Imitating who?" she teases.

Something that may or may not be Nuff has ears that perk up and she sidles over to the Anti-Nuff, nose twitching. - "Cookies?" Purple stripes shift, banding.

Of course. Noone here is a candidate. So wine is free to all! Another bit of crowd surfing, and Kelly ends up back at the table next to the Catia look alike, and the Feathered one. "Nice jobs…" He adds with a smile, whilst snagging a few finger foods. Anything bigger is hard to get past the mask.

Ever seen a dog eat a bubbly? why, now you can say yoou have as Scruffy woufs one down and go for a second, yep, acting like a true dog.

Sp'ider wanders over toward the food table, multi-arms brushing an assortment of folk. She reaches up to adjust the masque that balances precariously in between those bony fangs, then helps herself to a handful of appetisers. Z'bra is noticed and a meatroll is waved. Hopefully it's somebody she knows.

Nymph nods. " I'm not generally much for parties, but…" A delicate shrug, a rustling of sisal and feathers. " I must say I'll likely enjoy this one."

GlacialHarlequin giggles and waves to the Sp'ider.

Anti-Nuff looks nose-to-nose with his… er… original, feeling quite like /someone's/ blurred reflection. "Cookies, yes. I need some to put in here." He points to the purple jar he's clutching. "Do you have any cookies?"

Nereid dodges one of those extra arms deftly, balancing a glass in one hand and some sort of food in another. Swaying lightly, she moves away from Ash… doesn't want to give too much of a clue to her identity.

Ash grins and nods in Nymph's direction, "Oh indeed… I think this should be highly amusing…" and a good excuse to get tipsy… and to that end Ash just sips from her glass… and continues to enjoy the costumes…

Trepid wonders where all the sisal came from… Maybe he should have been a weaver, and made marks off the sale of so much material…

Closely-Catia giggles. "You should be gnawing on a bone, Scruff."

GlacialHarlequin glides… well that's what glaciers do you know… over to the table and picks up a pretty blue goblet full of benden red wine…mmm.

T'can decides to try something daring…and flips a cookie from beak to the purple jar. There. Hole in one. Or is it one cookie oin one? Floating over to Ash, T'can grins. "Nice disguise…"

Closely-Catia grins. "Are they good?" Gaze takes in the bubblies.

Feathers turns, glancing over to Kelly with a raising of brows, though only feathers move under that bulk of a mask. "For some odd reason, that color suits you." Does she know who it is? Maybe. She doesn't stay, however, skirting full around him.

Nymph grins at Ash and continues to sip her wine. " I'll drink to that." And she does, emerald eyes laughing from under dragons' heads as she takes a sip, glass mockingly raised to Ash.

Non-Sen-se seizes a familiar sight. "Hey, don't I know you?" she peers intently at a passerby. Sure, she knows that feather, came out of her Pillow! Her special pillow she's betting. Waving a hand, she flashes a grin, intent on shuffling her proddily green body towards the male group, true to form. Hey, isn't acting great?

One must press after a comment like that, and Kelly simply smiles, getting a refill on the delicious wine, and following the feathered person. "Is that so? Why do you say that…?" He wonders with a smile, adding, "And where'd you get all those feathers from?" Pillow thief.

Scruffy has blue bubbly all over his face, a funn sigh it is ;)

Anti-Nuff just beams, announcing, "A cookie! I've got a cookie!" Throwing back his head, he cackles with what might or might not be termed insane glee. A toothy grin is given to all those around and he peers back in the jar happily.

"No, but I'd like some." The purple-shod hoof pokes at the jar. Suddenly more aware of the danger in not having any fingers.

GlacialHarlequin looks around the crowd holding her blue goblet and waves over to Z'bra…hrmm…who IS Z'bra….

Summerfaery slips softly in from the Alpine Meadows.

"Just don't try to sleep tonight." All those featehrs came from somewhere, and Feathers isn't telling. Even if it is painfully obvious. A day to forget all, as a wink is given to that not quite Sen.

Someone certainly seems to have a lot of feathers from somewhere… The sea-nymph doesn't worry about it too much, just settles onto a chair and reveals most of her legs as she crosses one over the other. Watching is fun.

Midnight quirks a masked eyebrow, gaze lingering on the Anti-Nuff. Her glass is idly twirled, idly sipped from, while she keeps her costume close around her.

Thick, tangled red curls dance around this little sprite's masqued face and fall past her hips, braided through with beads, feathers, coloured string, small dangling charms of metal and glass, even a bone-and-leather clasp that attempts, and fails, to keep part of the unruly mess away from her face. A half-masq of smooth white conceals all but lips and chin; smokey grey eyes peer out from beneath it and blend with the dusky alto brogue that no amount of costuming can disguise. Barely shoulder-high, fragile, bony, even airy, she dances over the ground, or perhaps flies…..
Her dress is little more than cloudy layers of wispy white sisal, draping tiny body and leaving shadows of slight figure not-quite-visible under them. Sleeveless, slim, and draping only to her knees, it may be simple but it's eye-catching, and the tiny glass beads sewn invisible into the hem make it sparkle when she moves. But the most fantastical part of her costume extends from her back - smooth, sheer gossamer wings, almost as large as she, iridescant sheen of blue and lavendar and gold blending over them.
Summerfaery is 22 Turns, 6 months, and 16 days old.

Shadowfire twirls her glass of wine ocassionally taking a sip of it as she wanders through the crowd yet again, a pause at the pair of cookie creatures. "And what kind of cookie is it?" she asks the Anti-Nuff.

" Cookies." Nymph shivers, shaking her head. " Nasty habit, one you should try to break." She prefers to stick with the wine and the wherry. Carnivore.

Ash grins… its a Not-Quite-Nuff cookie don't ya know… she turns and refills her glass… offering some to those standing near her…

Anti-Nuff sniffs in the jar before glancing back up at Shadowfire. "It's a cookie. Does it matter what kind?" If it's made with sugar, it's quite e-nough for Anti-Nuff.

Scruffy desides to go 'snuff out' people and discove whom is whom. snuff here, thump of a tail there, a muffled chuckle is heard from behind doggy mask ad that till! eep, it never stops wagging

Sp'ider shifts aside her masque just a tetch; enough to cram a meatroll into the mouth that lurks between those bony fangs. She licks her fingers and then begins a slow wander about the perimeter of the group. Too bad there's no small children to frighten; she's feeling nice and scary. Another sip of wine washes down that meatroll and her arms bobble with every step. Scary or silly, one or the other.

T'can preens. No feathers here. Just sisal straight from the…tree. But so many nice costumes! and colors! So nice to see all those colors. T'can sips judiciously, then is off for the food.

Nereid chuckles slightly, already onto her second glass of wine. With no food. Sp'ider is silly, definitely… except to those with a fear of spinners.

Buffet Table
Blue and rose edged cloths adorn the long table on which a fair of cool confections are spread upong silver trays and bowls. Buntings of fabric fastened flounce over the table and fastend with the High Reaches Emblem.
A clear glass bowl tinted an indigo blue, teems with a creamy, white soup that has been herbed and chilled to tantelizing perfection. Nearby stands a tray of sweet jams of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry ready to be spread on sticky sweet rolls or crispy buscuits. A chilled wherry salad of crisp greens may be eaten subtly spiced as it is or with a vinegrette dressing. Various dipping sauces, from spicy to sweet to sour to tart, are laid out near strips of grilled herdbeast, soft breadsticks, fried tubers, and fresh crispy vegetables.
The spread would not be complete without the presence of glacial desserts. Crisp, cold redfruit, apples, orangefruit and green fruit have been sliced and prepared and spread around a mound of fresh whipped cream. A frothy confection of smooth milk and ice [ice-cream] is waiting to be scooped from a bowl made of solid ice. Foaming, mocha drinks dobbed with whipped cream are spaced neatly on a silver tray while, bite-sized frosted cakes lay intersperesed with the bubblies.

GlacialHarlequin steps up to the T'can…wondering where the loops are…ah well…"Hi, " she says, only her lips visible through her mask.

Kelly chuckles, shaking his head, then decides to stop pesting the feathered being. He grabs another handful of snacks as he passes that table, then begins to wander. Hrm. Who to talk to… bumping into the sea-nymph, he takes a look over her costume, then offers another smile. "Nice costume…" A common comment with him tonight.

Scruffy desides to go 'snuff out' people and discove whom is whom. snuff here, thump of a tail there, a muffled chuckle is heard from behind doggy mask ad that till! eep, it never stops wagging.

Shadowfire chuckles and her eyes glitter behind her mask "Not really, but some cookies are better than others."

"Thanks," the sea-hued Nereid answers, eyes behind the blank silver mask flickering up and down over 'Kelly'.

T'can graciously bows before the approaching iceberg, stepping to one side. In a voice muffled by…stuff? T'can gallanthly bows, "Hellow, maiden of teh icelands."

Trepid moves off to the side, unsure what it happening….

Anti-Nuff winks slyly at Shadowfire and sidles up to her. "Tell me, my little macaroon, do you know a lot about cookies? Tell Nuff all you know about them…."

Non-Sen-se circles, meanders, and mingles. Whooo to bug…. who's it going to be? She mingles her way over to the midnight clothed one, and nudges. "Hey, nice costume. Good turnout, eh?"

L'ars walks in from the Alpine Meadows.

Midnight cradles close the half-empty glass, setting off on a mission - Mingle. Talk. Enjoy. While insinuating herself into the nearest group, an overlong glance is sent L'ars-way. Turning her attention to the Non-Sense, she smiles, the only thing truly visible. "Thanks. Oh, good turnout. Better than expected." Her voice, likely, gives her away. Too bad.

Kelly left his mouth seen, at least. You can /somewhat/ see his general mood. Oh well. His eyes wander, anotehr sip from the wine taken, then he glances again to Nereid. "So… what was your inspiration?"

Icy blue eyes gaze out of red sisal and black lace and she nudges the woman standing next to her… "I'm beginning to feel underdressed…" she giggles and sips her wine, going back to her people watching… at least for now

GlacialHarlequin steps lively…very lively.. over to Shadowfire. Okay what to say, "Nice costume."

Scruffy barks greetings to bronzerider, l'ars, "growl-hellow-growl-l'ars." paw is waved, ears flap as stry feather tick his noes, making him sneez.

Shadowfire winks at the Anti-Nuff, and grins slyly "Oh I know all about cookies." Why and how she knows all about them she's not saying.

Nereid uncrosses her long tan legs and stands up. "Inspiration?" No answers is given; she just glides to the buffet table and starts to peruse the goodies on offer.

Summerfaery flutters in..yes, flutters. It's because of those wings. She waves, a generic greeting that doesn't give anything away. Like her voice. Not that she's not recognisable anyway, but why spoil the fun?

Sp'ider bobbles her way over to a nice, friendly tree. There, in seclusion, the 'skin she's pilfered is slid from the camouflage of padding, and she takes a seat, pouring a second glass for herself. She'll just sit here and… watch. Y'know.

Feathers continues to wander, coming near the Anti-Nuff. Good thing the real one isn't here. Together, they might explode. Or eat every cookie in the place. Or not, which is scary within itself. "I'd ask what's in the jar, but somehow I've got a vague suspicion.

Non-Sen-se spares a chuckle for Scruffy, and nods to Midnight. "Indeed." she hrms and casts a wave as the faery enters. "Howdy," she meanders back over to the drinks, snagging a small stemglass of wine.

T'can pounces over to the Catia-look-alike. "Great costume! Is it true you raided her wardrobe for that clothing?"

Shadowfire smiles over at the other woman "Thanks, yours too." a closer look at her costume and she grins "Fire and ice could make an amusing combination."

Trepid fades through the crowd, towards the food… Might as well eat.

Nereid selects a few tidbits and nibbles. On the food, that is…. Dark eyes gleam suspiciously from beneath plain silver. Someone's been having fun creating this lot.

Anti-Nuff smiles at Feathers, eyes flashing from under thick lashes. "I've got a cookie in this jar," he declares. "I'd let you look at it, but that'd be teasing, eh? Nuff never taunts people with things they can't have, nopenope."

GlacialHarlequin chuckles and winks from behind the mask, "Too true…we could really steam up the place…" she says sipping from the blue goblet.

Scruffy pourss wine for l'ars and balances perfectly on paw and hands i to said bronzerider. "grwol-here-growl-you-growl-go-grlwol-l'ars."

Closely-Catia laughs, lifting her hand to mock-block T'can's beak and digs up her paranoia. "How do I know that you're not 'her'?"

Ash'ne is having fun watching this lot… not every day you get to watch people dressed up as other people in caracature and doing such a good job of it… of course, then no Ash-look-alikes have arrived… heh… good.. "I'm hungry.." she notes and moves toward the food as well… yum, where to start… ah, the blinztes…

T'ger purrs her way in from the Alpine Meadows.

Feathers foos at the Anti-Nuff, feathered lips pursed. "Remind me to tell the kitchens to stop making cookies for a while." She's joking, really, as 'dress' is tugged at, before she skirts along.

Z'bra sidesteps, prey to the predator. She eagerly avoids arriving big felines and hides behind somethign that looks kinda like a great big piee of night.

L'ars blinks, examing the crowd then looking down at his clothes. Can we say: Under dressed? He nods to Scruffy, taking the glass of wine. "Thanks."

Summerfaery slips between people…a little harder than usual, it just means she has to be careful to fold her wings and not poke them on anybody. She peers over the group…one in particular makes her burst into laughter, as she pads up to Non-Sen-se and taps. "That's wonderful…"

Anasel walks gracefully in from the Alpine Meadows.

Midnight scooches in her cloak, dripping some of her wine. Oops. Too bad. She gazes at the costumes, and the amusing interactions between partygoers. Well. This is interesting.

Shadowfire laughs oh bad pun, a sip of her wine "Ah but that would just ruin most of the costumes around here. Too bad."

Anti-Nuff simply sniffs at Feathers, looking horrified. "You'd do that to poor Nuffikins? Steal away her cookies? But what would she eat? She'd prolly just float away and /die/!"

"The one problem with masked balls is that you don't know who to talk to," observes the Nereid quietly to a tall possibly-male dressed all in gold and green velvet. Whoever he may be.

At first glance her hair appears black, but in the sun it flashes with the fire of it's true dark auburn. It cascades in thick glossy waves to the small of her back. Almond shaped sapphire eyes flash with barely suppressed emotion, ruby lips curl in sardonic amusement. Soft skin is tinted the colour of fresh peaches and her figure is slim, but lush. Confidence exudes from every pore and she has an earthy feral look to her. She bears the unmistakable stamp of a woman who is used to getting what she wants.
Black and tawny stripes encircle the lush figure of the girl. From the snug fitting headpiece, the material clings down her form like a second skin. Black sisal stretches and hugs from the face framing headpiece, down the graceful neck to caress shoulders, arms and legs. One lengthy piece has been twisted behind in a tail which twitches and flicks when she sways and moves, not unlike the feline she resembles. Hair has been streaked from it's normal auburn with tawny stripes to match the outfit, cascading over the headpiece like a shaggy mane. Material clings closely to her fingers, claws fastened and curving dangerously. The mask covering her face slants across her cheekbones, two almond shaped openings exposing the deep sapphire orbs glinting from beneath the black velvety material. The sides sweep up to feathered fringes, enhancing the feline appearance of the costume.
T'ger is 18 Turns, 8 months, and 3 days old.

Short black hair peeks out from under a scarlett cloak. Brightly purple leggings and shirt cover her body. Stormy grey eyes are the only clue of her former looks. Even her skin is tanned, with suspicious looking streaks to a coppery golden shade.
Anasel wears a delicate necklace, made of two intricate dragons hovering over a saphire.
Anasel is 18 Turns and 8 months old.

Remarkably tall and well built, L'ars towers over most around him. Sleek muscles, well defined, mark his Smith days now past, and sublime features, as yet unmarked by ages' harsh creases, wear a ready smile. Dark jade eyes heed the world around him, topping a straightedge nose that leads down to sensous maroon tinged lips. Duskish tawny hair has been recently cut, and the hairdresser was not /quite/ a professional. Once chinlength, his hair has been chopped off. It's all short, and a little un-even. It tends to stick up, giving the whole 'do an unruly look. A laid-back, congenial attitude marks him, jokes and teases falling as easily from him as his confident mannor with women does.
L'ars is 25 Turns, 9 months, and 5 days old.

T'ger growls as she enters the area, tail twitching as her stomach rumbles..meat, the cat must have meat..*growl*..what's that, nose twitches in time to the tail and she crouches a bit..behind that thing, is that a runner..a striped yummy looking runner?

Nymph blinks as she loses track of the conversation and shakes her head, taking herself and her wine off. No amount of costume can make her anything but a recluse.

GlacialHarlequin turns around as someone steps on her glacial wind! (aka the sisal cloth flowing behind her.)

Harpers, upon recieving the nod of approval from the coordinator, strike up. Harps, guitars, and flutes, all combine to start a soft, soothing background melody. Playing that for a bit, upon a request from a costumed personage, start a tune that just calls you to the dance floor.

T'can chuckles to look-alike-Catia, and then slightly shivers. "I don't have the strength to do what she does - healing - that's not my thing."

Ash'ne nods to the nereid… "Yup…" she grins.. "Actually this is really neat… don't know why we haven't ever had them throw their own party before…certainly was /easier/ then doing it for them…" she giggles and drains her glass of wine… turning to repour… she picks up a blintz and just mingles… or tries too…kind of hard when everyone here is someone else

A plate dissapears, and then several slices of wherry, followed by a glass of wine as Trepid flows around the tables, helping himself to the food.

Anasel smiles and hangs back from the talking, peeking around to /try/ and find someone she faintly recognizes. Herself, she must be rather familiar what with the multitudes of felines following in her footsteps.

Nereid sways lightly back and forth - either from music or wine, it's hard to tell. "Shall we dance?" she suggests to the gentleman (?) next to her, with a wink to the easily recognised Ash.

Midnight smiles absently as the music starts up, taking moments to glance towards the Harpers. Entertainment! Good! She sidles sideways, leaving Z'bra exposed - whoops - and taps Anti-Nuff on the shoulder. "I think there's cookies over there." She points to the table, in the direction of those chilled klah-flavor ones.

Felines. A memory waifts through Nymph's mind and with a grin she makes her slow, stately way towards Anasel.

Not that you can see a wink through a silvery leather mask though….

Nowp. Its all in your head T'ger. Ain't nothing here but us yummy striped looking runners… oh wait. Damn. The broom-tailed horror clip-clops her way over to the other side of the long tables and takes up grazing among the vegetables. Occasioanlly she pokes passer's by with the end of her nose.

Non-Sen-se glances at the harpers, and nods. "Nice tune…" she comments, weaving her way around with a smile for the new arrivals' costumes, and an absent sip of her wine.

T'ger prowls herself around the food table, nose still twitching at the scent of…runner, no, wherry! Claws pierce a juicy looking piece of herdbeast and she continues on her predatory way, eyes flickering for the sight of the brightly coloured runner…here little filly, come to T'ger…yoo hoo..

Summerfaery flits over next to Ash'ne. Where /are/ those blintzes? She could smell 'em from all the way over there, an ability not even slightly diminished by the masq. Sweets will always be found.

Scruffy scruffs his way to a table and dooggy perches on the edge of a chair.

Closely-Catia chortles, "Not mine, either," she replies glibly. "Too much blood and guts." She looks closer, "Can you eat in that thing? I was going to try one of those sticky rolls."

T'can winks to Catia-with-a-twist, "Don't worry - I'm sure it'll be okay as long as you put them back tommorrow morning…not like she wears them all at the same time anyways."

Anti-Nuff ooohs, "Cookies?" he queries, his posture echoing Z'bra's as he peeks. "Must go. Must find cookies." He scampers over in the direction of the food tables to poke around them, occassionally selecting one or two favored pieces for his purple jar.

Ash'ne giggles and points the Summerfaery in the right direction… "I believe they are just on the other side of the wherry but before you get to the wine…" she giggles

Z'bra might be horse-faced, but she has horse-sense and stays well away from anything that looks remotely like Jahanth. Predatory. Striped. Vaguely innocent.

The real Catia is somewhere about… and is fortunately not listening to her look-alike.

T'can chuckles, and deftly manages to pop half a meatroll down the beak…"If I'm careful - I can get it down the beak. Otherwise it gets stuck - adn then I'm in trouble. Bird with too small a mouth."

GlacialHarlequin flows like a good glaciear should in and out of the crowd..brrrrrr….

Midnight snickers, dangerously coming close to losing her hood. With a tug and a flip, it goes back up again, and she takes her time finishing off the glass of wine before sidling, cloak forming an expansion of night, towards the Harpers.

Trepid eats his 'earnings' silently, gazing around at the guady, and sometimes scanty, costumes.

Scruffy sniffs out a <sniff, sniff> i can!. he scruffs his way over, "growl…."

Nereid drifts across the dancefloor, not really caring that hardly anyone is dancing. Her partner is light on his feet… which is just as well, because this supposedly graceful sea-sprite isn't. Still, the Harpers' music is lovely…

T'ger purrs softly at the sound of the music, they say music hath charms..but not that much, not when there is striped runner on the loose, prowl…sniff…

Almost-Ash pauses to examine the scene before continuing in from the Alpine Meadows.

A carefully concocted mix of berry juice and klah have transformed normally tanned skin to a very close approximation of Ash's dusky tone. And you have to wonder if the owners of those runners are aware their manes have been roached and sewn into a wig of improbable proportions. Yes he, for no woman would ever wear this, has grown a veritable forest of ebon hair. Most of this mass has been caught up in a braid, but large quantities have escaped giving the impersonator a rather frazzeled appearance. His face is screened off by heavy overlong bangs, making up for the lack of delicate features. And blue eyes can be seen within their shadows. Although Ash is a tall woman, there is no question this tall fellow tops her by at least a hand and several stone of hard muscle.
Almost-Ash has donned a turtleneck so high, it partially obscures his definitely masculine chin, not that anyone was likely to notice it lurking below those deep berry-stained lips. The jacket is almost laughably tight through the shoulders, and loose about the belly. It would appear the impersonator has gone for the same effect with the feminine attributes as he did with the hair. What kind of melons do you suppose those are anyway? Where the jacket is a rather dingy ivory, the heavy woven pants are pristine and oh my! how did he get into them! The excruciatingly tight pants lead down to oversized boots. There's no telling what was used to try to get them white, but splotches of muddy brown are starting to show through. Adorning one shoulder is a knot of draconian proportions. It's amazing he can stand straight, with apparently several dragon lengths of cord intricately coiled. Overall he's a pretty comical character and everyone in the room holds their breath everytime he sits down.
Almost-Ash is 18 Turns, 6 months, and 13 days old.

Anasel peeks around, then dashes over to the food, sliding the hood of her cloak off to shake out her freshly shorn, formerly long hair.

Summerfaery perks. Blintzes and wine? Together? Fortunately the masq conceals the look of bliss that settles on her face, 'cause then…well, okay, she's not that hard to recognise anyway. But still. Off she pads, to find the prizes.

Closely-Catia gleams. "Theft. I'll be up before the weyrleader for it, if we're not careful." She laughs brightly., "Just so long as you don't choke and expect me to administer first aid. The hammer is only for appearances."

Nymph stalks Anasel, flittering in and out of the crowd. The woodland sprite lives up to her name and costume, rarely seen, never heard, and impossible to catch.

Feathers pauses in her creepings to come close to a Nymph. "Nice costume." That's going to be said a lot, though the sentiment is there as a feather is pushed back into place.

Almost-Ash enters the area with a confident stride, brushing a few tassels of the almost obscene knot away from "her" shoulder. "Well, what a party!"

Non-Sen-se wends her way about, snitching a refill here, a cookie there. Gasp, dessert before main course! Oh yeah.. snarf. "Nummers." she casts about for the known perpetrator who designed the food, and sighs, not seeing them immediatly. Must remember to steal that recipe…. She mingles more, searching for an interesting bit of chitchat.

T'ger crouches again suddenly wary..a movement and her claws dig into the table covering… head raises as the glittering eyes turn to look at the other end…there, amidst the greenery, blissfully grazing is the elusive runner, in all her striped glory…tally ho, the beast is afoot!

T'can chuckles…and then catching sight of the real? impersonator? Ash, falls into gales of quite laughter…"psst - lookee there!" A finger points wing-like at the newest arrival.

Nereid looks over her dancing partner's shoulder… and is very glad that her mask hides her expression at the sight of an Ash-impersonator.

Anasel smiles happily at the food and snags a sweet roll, turning to peer again at the crowd.

White teeth flash in copper face as Nymph responds to Feathers in kind. " I like yours." A pause. " Looks like I'm going to have to raid L- someone's room for a pillow tonight."

Feathers wiggles feathers. Ooops. One slipped. Ahem. Pull. "Well, that might be a good idea. Besides, these smell like dye." She is in a rainbow hue of the stuff.

T'can agitatedly moves to the other side of "Catia"…to get away from that cat-thing. Looks ferocious. Too bad there aren't more trees in the meadow…

Scruffy sits again, peering at bronzrider, l'ars, maybe he shoulda come at a bronz dragon

Shadowfire decieds that wine and an empty stomach may make for a bad combination so finds her way back over to the food table. A glance around stops as she sees the Ash-lookalike and behind black and red feathers, green eyes blink a few times as a grin forms.

Anti-Nuff glances to the left, then the right, then snitches up a handful of a selection of veggie planks; perhaps not Nuff-like, but no one will notice. Hiding them away in a handy pocket, he scampers through the crowd, muttering again about cookies.

Ash'ne doesn't actually see that yet, her back turned as it is toward the blintzes and wine, she was pointing them out to the Faery with the sweet tooth don't you know… but she does actually turn and sees… and coughs and then just starts to giggle… oh goodness…

Anasel decides to be brave and walks over to Feathers and Nymph, "Hello," is offered as she munches on the roll.

Harpers' melody rolls out among the crowd, more than a background noise for soothing. The previous song ending, another takes its place, a soft tune, inviting feet to twitch and steps to take you to the floor.

Nymph chuckles softly and preens her own feather mask, dragons' wings waving in the wind. " I'm sure I'll find something. It was a clever idea." Emerald eyes shift to Anasel, widen. Startled, character breaks. " Your hair!"

Summerfaery looks up at just that moment and bursts into giggles. "Ash?!" she exclaims - to which one, though? Gah.

Nereid glides in a stately manner back towards the buffet table as the song ends, leaving her partner rubbing his(?) foot.

Midnight chuckles, a quiet sound, before abandoning her now-empty glass to work on her mingling skills. Scuse her, passing through, starred cloak fluttering gently between people.

A low rumbling growl escapes from the parted lips of the feline, nose twitches but still she does not move, haunches bunch in preparation to leap and snare the purple runner, concentration and patience are all at a moment like this, the prey must not escape, no movement can warn the grazing one..

Feathers gives a snort at the Nymph, though brows do raise at Anasel. Obviously, she has misses something, as her hands come to settle upon downy hips. Yep, defiantely missed something.

Closely-Catia, Catia-with-a-twist, or maybe just Twisted-Catia almost loses her head piece. "Oh, gad! Ash will wet herself," she observes inelegantly, grinning at T'can, but darting a wary gaze at the pussy.

Almost-Ash looks over at Summerfaery, "What? Can't you see I'm trying to relax?" He/She starts to mumble about all those weyrlings soon to arrive in a rather paniced manner.

Anti-Nuff pauses in his crowd-sifting as he spots Midnight and gives her shoulder a poke. "You. Do you have any cookies for Nuff?"

Trepid sips from the 'missing' glass of wine, and wonders weather he should leave.

GlacialHarlequin weaves over to…hrm……that…. Almost-Ash creature, 'Hello" she says from behind hre mask trying not to trip onher costume.

A hand is run through short, black, now curly locks. "You don't like it?" Anasel frets, worried now. Suddenly it dawns on her, "Waita minute… who'er you?"

Non-Sen-se blinks, from her position on the other side of the crowd. What in heavens name /is/ it? Glad she's not a man that /that/ would be chasing, she flashes a laugh, and shakes her head. "Brave soul, truly brave…." she heads for the sweets, and the crowd again.

Nymph whines. " Of course I don't like it! How could you?" A pause, and a dusky blush settles over sprite's cheeks. " Uhm… A Nymph."

L'ars elbows the passing Midnight in the side. "Hey." He leans down, whispering. "Buncha weirdos here." Heh. Big, fake wink. Wink. Wink.

Almost-Ash glances at GlacialH and smiles, "Hi there. Um, don't fall, I'm not sure I could carry you and this dratted knot both. I'm not even sure why I wear the darn thing."

Non-Sen-se eyes a stranger, unmasked even, standing on the edge of the crowd. Peering over as she passes, she winks. "You know, you have to pay for that missing wine," she teases as she steps past.

Scruffy sneeks up behind the citty cat. hmm, you want a runner, i want a cat. ;)

T'can laughs so hard tears run down the beak…finding a chair, T'can motions to "Catia" to sit before falling…"What a great costume! All of them are really good….but that's outstanding." As in I'm gladf I'm not standing in it…

Anti-Nuff gives L'ars a poke too as he passes. "You. Bronzerider. Who are you supposed to be?" he demands with a shake of yellow-yarn curls.

"Hey!" Loud enough to likely fall out of character, Midnight turns, hands settling on her hips. "I don't.. Heyy." She pokes the Anti-Nuff, grinning crookedly. She knows who it is, yuh. Turning back the other direction, she elbows L'ars-wards. Geez. Everyone come make her lose her costume. "Oh. Sure." Self-conciously, she adjusts her hood.

Anasel eyes Nymph closely and uh-huhs at her, pushing big loosly flowing robe outa the way for a moment, "Herder?" Examining the color scheme of the costume, she rather hmmms, "Tryna?"

Nereid leans on the table, watching assorted animals run about. Wonder if Nuff has any spare cookies for her….

Non-Sen-se shrugs, and sips her own, as she moves past, intent on gaining the identity of the crowd. Ayup, just call her Sherlock.

"Nymph," she replies, somewhat desprately. " Just your normal woodland sprite come out to mingle with the common folk." Gee, ya think? What gave it away, green, or black?

GlacialHarlequin grins ant Almost-Ash, "Oh no i'm fine..just not used to things floating behind me." she twirls, "Its supposed to be wind."

T'ger turns as a flash of movement causes her to lose concentration, the scent of canine strong in her sensitive nose..*mrow*…this kitty doesn't play nicely with pups that ruin her hunting…nope..

Closely-Catia finds her footing and nods vigorously. Ooops - the headpiece. But she's steadied, and grins her tahnks to T'can. "She looks…overbalanced by those boobs…Goodness."

Ash'ne can't decide if she is choking on her wine or laughing hysterically… either way she's loosing her precious composure…

Almost-Ash flips one of many multi-colored tassels over his/her shoulder. "Hmm, I can see the wind in that."

Green, it was definatly the green. "Ahhh, well you can just call me," a pause as she searches for a name… hrm… "Anasel. Yup that works." Suppose she could have not cut her hair and just sprinkled some dust and called herself Talixa… but she's been threatening to cut her hair for awhile.

Closely-Catia hikes up her overtunic, producing her glow-tube from somewhere. "Oh, that's where it got to. Say, have you had a physical recently, Bird?"

Shadowfire shakes her head at the entire group and finds a nice quiet, well relativly quiet, spot and sits to watch the sheer wierdness going on around her. Highly amused she just watches everyone while occasionally sipping her wine and munching on the various snacks she's appropriated.

Anti-Nuff pulls a dark green veggie cluster out of his pocket and begins to gnaw at it, looking at Mightnight skeptically. "So. What do you know about cookies?"

The real Catia has caught sight of her double… and behind her mask is fervently hoping that's not /her/ glowtube.

Scruffy tries to sniff t'ger, but he doesn't think his sniffy atempt will work.

Eying all the green wearers, the Non-Sen-sical person shakes her head. Sure, stole her idea. But, her green is special, it's specail Proddy Non-/Sen/-se green! Yessiree, comes in all different hues, sure to set your hormones a cracking, and moods a-swinging.

Nymph snorts. " Anasel, huh? I've heard that name before." She absently sweeps her arms back, wings billowing out, catching on the breeze.

Almost-Ash walks over to the table and begins to place bottles and various beverages on it. "Ok you lushes! The bar is open!"

T'can backwings quickly, rising from her chair in a flurry…gotta go…find some cookies… Benden… wine… anything! "Umm…no." With a spped unknown to many high flying birds, T'can flounces into the crowd…heading /away/.

Anasel smirks at Nymph and shrugs, "You have? Where?"

Midnight crosses her arms, regarding Anti-Nuff. "Well." She searches her mind, glancing over at L'ars every so often. "They're good. They're baked. I know one of the Candidates makes some good ones.. Kumi-something." She shrugs. "I know there's some around here, though you might've gotten them all." She peers at the cookie jar.

Summerfaery isn't green. Is barely even paying attention, because she's disposed of half the plate of blintzes and moved on to a bowl of something pudding-y. "What cookies?" There are those too?

Nereid slithers over to a quiet something or someone. "Nice costume…" she offers, and loiters on the edge of the dancefloor. But no, wait: more wine! That suits the Nereid.

T'ger growls louder, a warning hiss of sorts as the canine /dares/ to place a nose on the soft feline furr….one paw swipes out like a whip aimed at the offending nose…the runner! the runner will escape…nooooo!

Almost-Ash stands behind the table ready for orders. Glancing over at Ash'ne, he/she grins and offers a slight bow.

Nymph shrugs. " Here, there, all around." A slight smirk graces sprite's lips as she seeks out a glass of wine, grinning at Ash.. or.. someone like her. " Wine?"

Trepid finishes off his wine and contemplates the glass, wondering what to do now…

Scruffy slerps t'ger, a doggy grin parting his lip as an all too human voice laugh inside the costoom.

Closely-Catia flaps her hand in laughing delight. "Oh come back! Well, you have good reflexes." And she stuffs the glowtube back into her pocket. Appropriated it from that cross-eyed Girta girl, she did - But Faranth knows where she got it from..

GlacialHarlequin breeeeeezes over to Almost-Ash trying not to giggle at her/his/its costume. she holds out the blue goblet sheis holding, "Benden red please…." she says with a wide smile.

Ash'ne attempts to catch her breath until the Ash-alike starts dropping liquor from nowhere.. and she just shakes her head tears coming to her eyes as the Almost-Ash bows… "A Benden red please, bartender…" she says between giggles… as she walks over to the table…

Feathers dunnos who made what. And she's not about to tell, about herself, cookies, or anything else. Almost-Ash ellicits a giggle, before she skirts away, pink featehr left within her wake.

Anti-Nuff pulls the prized purple cookie jar away from midnight. Nopenope, no one's getting /these/ cookies. "Kumi. Yes, that's right. Maybe she'll make me some purple cookies." Anti-Nuff Mmmms, closing his eyes and flicking his tongue across his lips.

Anasel beams at the wine and convinces someone in costume to bring her a glass. Yummy.

Nereid carries her plain mug-sized glass over to the bar. "Hello Ash," she offers to the bartender. "Benden White, please?" And one bare elbow nudges the real Ash.

Midnight refrains from laughing, instead shaking her head and looking at the jar mournfully. "You're sure you can't share just one?" Sniffle.

Almost-Ash nods and pours a glass of the red for GH. Looking over at Nymph, he/she smiles and gestures at the selection. "Take your pick."

Non-Sen-se makes the sensible choice, and chooses Not Benden, *gasp*, from the wine selection. "Considerable improvement," she nods approvingly. Much better than the udder schtuff. Eyeing the line, she steps to the end of it, waiting for whatever wine's left when she gets there. Sheesh, they drink like fish!

T'ger blinks at the effrontery of the pup and then starts to giggle herself behind her own mask…a loud purring response to the canine.."Well now, can I buy you a glass of wine, much better to lap at than feline fur, not half as drying to the mouth, you know.."

Ash'ne nudges back… hey, at least her and Cat are kindred spirits they can suffer through this together…

Benden red is appropriated from someone's hands, but the perpetrator appears to have disappeared before he even notices. Nymph doesn't feel like waiting her turn. Almost-Ash recieves a grin and a flicker of wide emerald eyes as the sprite makes her quiet way around the table… and the young.. man? … in the tight pants.

Almost-Ash chuckles and pours a nice glass of Benden red to the real (perhaps) Ash and a glass of the white for Nereid. "Enjoy."

Anti-Nuff shakes his head, then reaches into his pocket, pulling out some planks of fingerroot. "You can have a couple of these, though. They're good." He sounds decidedly non-Anti-Nuff then. Ahem. "Though a good Nuff always shares her cookies, doesn't she?" he asks mournfully.

Weak from a close encounter of the physical kind, T'can seeks solace at the booze table…. now… what to have? Turning to the Almost Ash, eyes sparkling, T'can asks, "What would you suggest in the way of a refereshing drink?"

Z'bra watches everyone and everything with something akin to fear and decides a drink might be rather a good idea.

Summerfaery abandons pudding…after all, got to leave some for somebody else…or at least pretend to. And there's more prey to be - er, wrong costume. More sparkly things to collect? Ah hell. Wine to drink. Gossamer wings float her toward Almost-Ash, and she turns on her most innocent smile. "Wine?"

Nereid accepts her wine with a smile, and walks away from the set of Ashes. There are people she wishes to avoid…. including those who recognise her. Conversely, there are people she wishes to find… this could get tricky.

Kelly heads over to the bar at the call, deciding again to reveal in the night of drinking. He leans against the bar counter, awaiting hsi turn, as he looks at the colorful lot lined up along the bar. Gah. Almost like out of a bad dream. A glance at the fake healer behind, and he chuckles, mentioning, "Shouldn't you be torturing candidates to finish off tha appearance?"

Almost-Ash looks appraisingly at T'can, "That depends on how refreshed you'd like to be. If you'd like to rest, a High Reaches Snowball is the best and coldest."

Midnight nods agreeably. "Of course she shares. And I don't like those." Midnight doesn't sound very costumed either. A hand checks the location of her hood, and she falls back into character. "Though, a truly good Nuff would give out her cookies in exchange for information leading to the arrest and confiscation of others. Though, I did tell you about Kumi." She sidles closer. Gimme cookies.

Anasel hmmms and walks over to a corner to sip her wine and observe.

Scruffy wags his shaggy tail, "grwol-why-growl-i'd-growl-be-growl-honored." - "after-whine/growl-you/snif-my-growl" tail wag,"fair-growl-lady."

Ash'ne takes the glass from Almost-Ash with a look that clearly says you'll suffer for this.. Yeah right…too bad the look is interupted repeatedly by fits of uncontrollable giggling…

Almost-Ash smiles at Summerfaery and pours a glass of the Paradise, "This is a /very/ good wine."

GlacialHarlequin can't hel pit and giggles, at Almost-Ash, "I have to ask…..umm….but…." she points to his bosom, "but what do you have in there? Redfruit?"

T'can nods to Almost-Ash's good taste…"That'd be lovely - well - you have as good a taste for wine as the real Ash…I think."

L'ars walks to the Alpine Meadow.

Almost-Ash looks shockes at GlacialH and hrumphs, "I'll never tell, a…lady? has to have some secrets." He/she sighs and pushes some of the huge knot out of the way with a grumble.

Nereid's well-shaped lips quirk as she overhears GlacialH's comment in passing. Really….. you shouldn't ask a lady that sort of thing. The Seacreature just drifts across the edge of the crowd, available for people to accost.

Anti-Nuff chews his lip for a moment. "Arrest?" This Nuff isn't into that at all. "Well, okay. You can have one." Tilting his jar, he offers its contents to Midnight. "Nuff must share the wonderful cookies with the rest of Pern, mustn't she?"

Feathers snorts at Midnight, but she scoots away, moving along the side of the area, heading back to the food. Must have something. Even this pile of feathers must have /something/ to eat.

Nymph emerges again after a suspiciously long time behind Almost-Ash, the t'iefed glass of 'Red in her hands and nearly empty. " Refill?" she murmurs in a wind-soft voice to the Ash impersonater before her.

Summerfaery's fingers close round the glass of Paradise. "I know it is, my - erm, is it? Really?" She's gonna have to pay more attention if she really wants to fool anyone.

Almost-Ash chuckles at T'can and quickly creates a High Reaches Snowball. "Here you go, umm, you do have someone to help you home don't you?"

Ash'ne laughs at that… mumbling something to the effect of "Don't count on it…" although the person under Almost-Ash /is/ a bartender… only Ash knows wine like ash knows wine…

T'ger purrs at the pup and purrades herself over to the drink table, tail swaying sensually behind her, one velvet sheathed claw pieces a piece of fruit as she surveys the drinks and purrs to the Almost-Ash.."What…purrrchance could you suggest as the purrfect drink for a purringly purrfect pussy like myself?"

GlacialHarlequin is inquisitive! Inquiring mind want to know! She sips her wine and stiffles a snicker and looks around at people approacing the 'bar'.

"Exactly." Midnight grins toothily - She did it! - and picks out the best cookie she can see. "Thank you kindly, Weyr/woman/." the title is said under a giggle, slightly emphasised. "Might I interest you in some wine?"

Anasel sips at her wine and smirks at everyone walking around and flirting.

Harpers strike up again, and tune in a lively melody, fit for dancing. Hint hint. Dancing. Dance. Find yerself a partner, and swing 'em round.

Nereid leans over someone's shoulder. "Cookies?" enquires the soft voice from beneath the silver mask.

Almost-Ash glances back and pours wine into Nymphs glass without spilling a drop. Then he/she turns to T'ger and grins, "I have just the thing for you." Another High Reaches Snowball rears its frosty head. "Just make sure you have someone help you home."

Kelly decides to do this the quick way, leaning across the bar whilst the bartender isn't looking, and snags a glass of wine, before scooting away. Not getting caught tonight. Nope. Anotehr soft sip from the glass, as he heads towards the outskirts of the crowd, bumping again into the sea nymph. Another smile comes, as he offers a wave. "H'llo again."

T'can nods, patting a hidden pocket. Revealing a hollow bamboo-like stick, T'can uses it to extrend through the beak. "Works just great. Thanks…" Whispered a little lower, "I'd get out of that costume right after you get back - and hide it too. Never know when you might need it again." A conspiratorial wink, and T'can once again circulates.

T'ger leans against the drink table while rubbing a paw absently over an itchy ear…soft purrs rumble from the graceful throat as red lips part in a smile.."Oh, don't worry about me, I'm purrfectly able to take care of are sure this is just the right thing for a parched kitty?…does it have milk in it?"

Nereid turns and gives the man-in-green-and-colors a coolly blank look. Then turns back to the Almost-Nuff. "Cookies?" comes the plea again.

Non-Sen-se ponders the wine selection, and ahems. "If I can bother you /just/ a second from your flirtin - - er conversation, could I grab a glass of paradise?" Or just, can she have paradise? Oh yeah.. "Urm, nice….. outfit." she grins.

Anasel discards her glass on a random table and walks to where everyone is gathering.. by the bar.

Ash'ne just finds somewhere she can watch… somewhere close to the Nereid… and she giggles to her friend-in-disguise, "You know, I don't think I'll ever look at myself the same again…"

Scruffy stalks, err, follows purring feline, playfouly snipping a swishing tail.

Almost-Ash blinks at T'ger, "Oh, I suppose you could say it has milk in it. Sort of…"

Nymph grins at the barkeeper and slips away from behind him, with one last glance at the scenery. Sipping the wine, sprite makes her way through the crowd, seeking once more solitude from the multitudes.

Nereid turns to the real Ash and hisses…. "Shoo!" No offense or anything.

Trepid says, "May I have some paradise, Sir, I mean ma'am, I mean…"

Almost-Ash grins at Non-Sen-se and pours a glass of Paradise, "Thanks, I think you do yours justice as well."

Ash'ne shakes her head, "Oh no, everyone knows Sen doesn't drink anything but Benden white…" she grins and just sips at her red…

Non-Sen-se flashes a smile, and teasingly winks. "I'll let ya back to your conversation, thanks." she sips her wine, savoring the fruity flavors, and heads for, lo and behold! A stool! At a bar, of /course/ a stool….

Almost-Ash looks at Trepid with pitty, "Sure though you seem to have a problem with gender identification. Perhaps you should see a healer about it. After all, I'm a perfect woman."

None of Inferno wing drink anything but Benden, do they?

Anti-Nuff beams happily, suddenly surrounded by cookie converts! "Yes, Nuff has cookies. You can have one, if you like," he offers, tilting the purple cookie jar to the peekers. "Though this one - " he jerks his head towards Midnight - "said I should ask for information in exchange. Do you know anything about cookies?"

T'ger blinks cat eyes at the young man approaching the table.."Mrow..looking for Paradise are you? You've come to the right place, look no further for you will never see a more purrrfect speciman anywhere…" claws unsheath and sheath again..

Trepid says, "Well, I am not supposed to know…"

Nereid stretches long fingers into the cookie jar. Is she going to regret this? "Cookies….. yes, I know a fair bit about cookies."

Almost-Ash winks at Trepid and looks around nervously, "You haven't seen any weyrlings have you? There are so many ready to come for me. I'm just not sure I can go through all that again!" he/she wails.

Soft music plays in the background, the harpers' working overtime to be heard over the rambling of the crowd, the dance floor dissappointingly empty at the moment.

GlacialHarlequin gales over to Kelly in a whirl wind of sisal and bows low, "Hello…" she says careful not to spill her wine.

Anti-Nuff nods encouragingly to Nereid as he pulls a couple of veggie sticks out of a pocket to gnaw on. "Yes? What do you know about cookies? They're made with sweetener and they're baked, hmm?"

T'can roosts beside Trepid, noticing…and admiring…his costume. "What a beautiful silver rose that is! Did one of the smiths make it for you?"

Anasel hmmms and peers about the room, dancing eh? "Anyone care t'dance?"

T'ger eyes the Almost-Ash with a feline grin.."Weyrlings? are they tasty? I could take care of them for you…if they can run? Can they run..I prefer a chase myself.."

Trepid says, "Er…. No……."

Scruffy growl softly, "hey kitty," he he thumps tail, "care to dance?"

Non-Sen-se sips her wine, heading for a person to bug. Any voluteers?

Almost-Ash looks at T'ger and considers the idea, "Well, they've all got dragons though. I suppose it wouldn't work."

Nereid withdraws her fingers, empty, from the jar. "Umm… yes. That was what I knew." Damn. Foiled again… Miss-Aquamarina (Stingray!) stands back with a small sigh.

Trepid says, "Miner… Benjamin made it."

Kelly glances over the Anti-Chr-, Nuff, chuckling, as he shakes his head, averting his attention elsewhere. Poor guy, being accosted for his cookies like that. A blink, as he looks up, then offers a smile in return to the woman in glacial colors, taking another sip from his glass. "Hello there… strange, all this, isn't it?"

Almost-Ash looks relieved back at Trepid, "Good, let me know if any arrive, I want a head start!"

GlacialHarlequin grins and adjusts her mask so it doesn't slip down her face, "You tried that cold desert yet?" she says moving her fabrick of wind before it gets sttepped on /again./

Closely-Catia takes up her mallet. The last two people she's explained the details of mouth to mouth have fled. Maybe they won't run if she clonks them on the head first.

Almost-Ash moves from behind the bar/table and announces, "The bar is now serve yourself! I quit!"

Trepid says, "I will… want me to check?"

Anti-Nuff looks at Nereid's fingers suspiciuosly. "What's wrong? Are Nuff's cookies not good enough for ya? Take one. Go ahead. Now." That sounds suspiciously like a command as he thrusts the jar towards her.

Summerfaery gives Almost-Ash her best half-concealed pout. She's practiced it so much, the idea still comes across. "No wine?"

Almost-Ash glances at Trepid, "Oh please!" He/she blinks his/her eyes in a manner that is almost but not quite totally unfetching.

Scruffy slerps t'ger, "hey, pertty kitty, care to dance?"

"But I didn't have any new information about cookies to trade for," the silver-faced woman explains softly… and just sips from her wine-mug. Yes, mug.


Almost-Ash smiles at Summerfaery, "Lots of wine, just have to get it yourself now."

T'ger growls low and flashes a rather hungry look at the pretty bird..pretty bird…hmmm, a look somewhat like the cat who ate the canary, or T'can crosses her features…pretty bird, T'ger's like birds…speaking of which.." I'd love a dance, but are you a birddog by any chance, want to play fetch..hmmm"

GlacialHarlequin wonders why that Kelly creature hasn't answered..her costume is cold but she certainly is not! she clears her throat, "have you?" she asks again.

Kelly quirks his brow, then shakes his head, "No, I haven't had a chance to as of yet… I've heard it's good, though…" A pause, as he looks her over, then offers his usual, "Nice costume…" Might as well record it, and play it over and over.

Ash'ne blinks at Trepid and clears her throat… "Um, no dear… no one here is a weyrling.." and icy blue eyes focus dangerously on a few Almosts, Anti's and not quites, "Yet.." she giggles

GlacialHarlequin smirks from beneath the mask, "Hrmm.. I bet you say that to all the… um.. creatures."

Almost-Ash moves over to stand by Ash'ne, looking her in the eyes, "Hey, you seem familiar, but I just can't seem to place it."

Trepid's teeth flash in a wide grin as he slides behind the bar to get at the paradise…

Ghostly shape flitters on the edge of the gathering, drinking purloined Benden Red and doing her best to avoid the main crowd. Nymph merely hangs on the outskirts, content to watch and listen… and not participate.

T'can shnods, "He must be very talented…as are you for putting together such a nice costume." T'can starts to peer, a bit tipsy…and tries to sdtay still on her perch. Good place to stay.

Summerfaery is a small person with wings, does she look like a Weyrling to you? She clutches a wineskin - no, two wineskins, it seems - close against her chest. Hers, all hers!

Trepid is unceremoniously expelled from Gather Meadow by Scruffy.

Harpers continue their dancing fingers upon the strings of harps, and fluted lengths of flutes in a haunting melody.

Anasel goes home.

T'ger laps at her drink and eyes all the prey…er party goers….

Kelly chuckles softly, offering a simple shrug in return, as his eyes quickly wander about, then back to the cooly-dressed woman. "Just a few of them… the ones with nice costumes." Wink.

Ash'ne looks Almost-Ash over… and grins, "I wonder why…" and then she just can't help it, she has to ask, "Where /did/ you get that knot?" she giggles…sipping her red wine

Shadowfire sits at her appropriated chair, ocassionally having her wine glass refilled, and grining at the gathered mob. She finds the whole thing highly amusing, but isn't herself much into being caught up in it.

Nereid sways back towards the now-unattended bar. More wine….. and then some nibbly bits too. To soak up the alcohol, don't you know? Slipping into a chair, silver-face smiles at Shadowfire. "Alright there?"

Almost-Ash grins in return and begins to chuckle, "Oh, I traded a weaver something for a /lot/ of colored cord and did it myself. What do you think?"

Non-Sen-se wanders, meanders, and overall mingles, in a so far fruitless search for a person to bug. Finding herself in a nice viewing point, she stops, sips her wine, and watches.

Z'bra just gives up altogether and snares some wine, some cookies, and an unfamiliar maksed man, slippin gout when noone is loooking.

GlacialHarlequin smirks from beneath the mask and winks back, "I'll take that as a complement." she says putting a stray lock of hair back in place. Then grins, "Nice costume yourself."

Ash'ne grins, "I think your back is going to be curved with the weight of it… You really should do what I do and not wear the silly thing…" she giggles

Leshil walks in from the Alpine Meadows.

Closely-Catia adds her oh-so-medical opinion, leaning over as she passes on her way to the bar, empty cider glass in hand. "I think the melons will do worse damage."

Nereid slithers from her seat again. The music is enchanting, and she wants to step on a few more toes… err, dance. Grabbing a man at random, she whisks him onto the dance floor. He's definitely not one of the ones she was trying to avoid… but is he one of the ones she was looking for?

Eyeing a lurking shadowman, T'can takes off for a…liason? Who can tell =0)

Almost-Ash grins and straightens to stand at his/her full height, glancing from Ash'ne to Closely, "Oh you worry to much, I can handle it, I think."

Closely-Catia nods equably. "I had a knife here, somewhere. We could do a reduction, no troubles. They look rather ripe for the plucking."

GlacialHarlequin walks over to Almost-Ash and Ash'ne to add a third to the group, she smiles and controls her giggles when she looks at Almost-Ash.

Summerfaery waves one skinny arm at Leshil, wineskins still clutched to her chest. Nobody else is gettin' these. Though she'll have to eventually put 'em down to dance. She wants to see how dancing works with wings, when the wind comes up…she's always wanted to fly. Without the aid of large green or bronze creatures.

A sudden burst of firelizard activity announces the arrival of Nymph back into the crowd. " If I may have your attention!" Kaetryn's voice rings out from 'neith green-black mask. " Will everyone please unmask for the presentation of the gifts!"

Nuff sneaks back in, minus some of her costume and her tail. But she holds the mask by its nostrils now and swings it about. "Yes yes, I know. But Tirareth is complaining that one Nuff-Too was enough and she doesn't undersatnad whey there's a third one now."

Almost-Ash can't suppress a chuckle at Closely's comment. "Umm, I think I'll pass. I can handle the reduction myself, a bit later."

Ash'ne grins and drains her wine… "Well, if you can, you're a bigger man then I am…" and she just tries to gain some composure under a fit of giggles

Closely-Catia nods and peers at Ash'ne, "I don't suppose you'd like one?"

Unmask! Nereid stops dead on the dance-floor. She rather liked her disguise… though is of course flattering herself hugely if she thought no-one saw though it.

T'ger growls as she sighs and removes her mask…good thing, that lapping was driving her crazy!

Midnight grins, flipping down her hood and sliding up her mask. Lo and behold - Kayra!

Non-Sen-se checks the time, and oohs. Heading for the Mysterious Box, she takes up her station there. A wide smile underneath her small green mask comes out, and she demasks for the unveiling, revealing Tess, under the costume of a proddy greenrider.

Almost-Ash blinks at Ash'ne and sighs tragically, "Everyone is so mean to a soon to be overworked…woman."

Nereid drifts back to the bar to stand next to the real Ash… and reluctantly unhooks the plain silver to reveal the equally plain face of Catia.

Almost-Ash pulls off the large black wig and grins, revealing a certain bartender named Kalen.

Summerfaery reaches up to pull off her masq. What, you couldn't tell it was Aife beforehand? Like there are so many other short, skinny redheads with unmanageable hair and an insatiable attraction to wine running around.

Ash'ne giggles and nods, "Indeed…" and the announcement to unmask reaches her ears… "Looks like its time for the unveiling…" she grins pulling off her red sisal mask…not that everyone didn't already know it was her…

Kelly blinks, looking up at the Nymph onstage, and heads over to get a better view. Reaching around back, he undoes the hooks on the back of his mask, and pulls it off. Tavim? Mmhmm.

GlacialHarlequin pouts and has grown rather fond of her mask…..she looks around at the others…first..

Scruffy scratches and scratches till he scratches clean through his skin and with a loud 'POOF!' breaks out of scruffy and turn back to Stephen!

Shadowfire slips off her fire colored mask and reveals, big surprise the firy haired Daleva.

Aslyn grins as she unsheathes her claws for the last time, slipping her claw laden gloves off her hands with a sigh of relief.

Closely-Catia cocks her ear, turns and eeps. The /real/ Catia, right there near her. "Um… I guess we have to expose ourselves, eh?" And she unfastens her mask to reveal a blousily made-up Landry. Arthritic Makeup, indeed. She looks like something out of Kiss.

T'can removes tremendous beak…*phew* to Reveal Salea. Glad to have that thing off.

Catia gives Landry a look as cold as the mock-silver of her mask. She'll get you later…

Stephen sheds his fer and tries to figger out who that sharded cat he was chacing was.

Anti-Nuff pulls off his wig and retousels his hair. Ahem. It's Sefren!

Kumiko flips up her mask. It was fun. Running around in nothing but feathers. But, well, she can still do that. She'll just get odd stares from now on.

T'can sprawls over to Catia, hoping to gain some leniancy for Landry…"She was just staying in character…what a good costume, hrm?"

GlacialHarlequin removes her mask finally with a grumble…to reveal…yep…just stuffy ole' Toren neath all that cold blue and white sissal

Catia pokes her wingmate Salea in the arm. "It was good… wonder where she found it, eh?"

A second volley of firelizard croons, and Kaetryn winces at her fair. " Thanks," she mutters. " All right, in appreciation for your patience in dealing with all eighty-eight of us, we present you with this lovely card, given you by all of us."

Thank You Note ('look note')
A simple, but rather large scroll, a pure white silken ribbon ties it. When unfurled, the crinkling new parchment reads thusly: We all here in Candie Land, the happy little place of chores, wanted to thank you all for the keen job you have done for us. Thank you vewwy, vewwy much, we could not have gotten here without you. We love you, and snug you, and name you George! With snugs; ~*~Tessiebear, The Green M&M, //Kayra
!, * - Toren - *, -Daleva, Aldynr, Kumi-chan, -Leshil, -Sefren, -Kalen, -Yvette, -Aife, -Cailet, and -Tavim too!//

Toren clips her mask to her costume sash and looks around at everyone pouting at some whom she couldn't guess….

Ash just shakes her head up at Kalen… Just wait her look seems to say… and she giggles… "88?" she says loudly… "You finally got a count?"

Daleva rummages through the box near Tess and pulls out a small pouch, A wave of her hands "Ok Everyone!" she calls out to grab attention "The Candidates have gifts for everone but the first one goes to the person really responsible for us being here, Weyrwoman Nuff?" She calls out standing on tip-toe, she knows Nuff is here somewhere.

Kaetryn laughs. " That's what the common consensus is."

Eighty-eight. "You mean I've given /88/ physical exams!" Catia exclaims. Well, of course she hasn't. Stephen did some. But it feels like it…. She leans against Ash's shoulder with a whimper. "Oh boy."

Stephen is just dieing to know who that cat was. just wait, he'll figure it out.

Kalen glances at Ash and grins, I'm not afraid his gaze says quite plainly.

Tessera removes the gifts from the mystery box for the present people she sees. Matching names to pouches, she hands them out. "Tokens of our gratitude. Just to say thanks." she smiles.

Ash pat pats Catia… while looking at Kalen mouthing the words, "You should be… You should be…" and giggles

Aslyn grins out of the corner of her eye at Stephen and then turns to watch the festivities once more.

Aife perches on top of the table, licking the very last of the pudding off her fingers.

" Catia!" Kaetryn calls for the healer, quite a switch from the time she tended to flee her.

Nuff is here is here! She struggles out of the crowd all striped in purple and clip clops up to the candidates. "Me. I'm Nuff." She glowers at the Anit-Nuff and then winks. "The real one."

Tessera ticks off names, and hands out pouches. "Aslyn."

Daleva ahs There she is and purple pouch is handed over "This is for you from all of us Candidates as a thanks a a congratulations for Tiareths first clutch as Sr. Queen here.

Catia's hand reaches back and unerringly finds her mug. And the remaining wine is drunk quickly… "Me?! Can't Landry go up instead?"

Toren looks around, at least she can SEE wtihout that mask and peers throught he crowd and walks a bit..stepping ont he blasted sisal of her costume again. then spies Salea! Ah..there she is. She walks over with a wide grin and a bounce…for once her hair isn't wet from a dip in a stream or lake, "Salea, I've a gift for you."

Aslyn blinks and smiles as she takes the pouch with more than a little surprise..

Catia sways over to Kaetryn with a small grin. It has to be her….

Salea smiles happily to Toren. "As long as it doesn't involve me putting on that blasted beak

Stephen grins to aslyn, "nice job. i loved your cat costoom.

Nuff acceps the bag, eyes alight and shining with glee at the soft feel of the Mohair. She grins, Nufflike, and then bows quickly a few times tot he candiatges before turning and runnign from the meados. "Tiareth! Tiareth! Look what we got!" Nuff only trips on her tail twice on the way out.
Nuff walks out.

Toren chuckles, "I loved that costume." she says grabbing her trailing costume and wrapping the irritating sissal over her arm.
Toren says, "this is just a small token of thanks from all of us Candidates."

" Ash!" That's right, KT got the Weyrlingmaster. Suckup? That remains to be seen.

Landry waves her hands, demuring. "It's my day off…" She quips, but tentatively. That chilling look earlier drove her off yonder, though. Out of chair range.

Aslyn grins at Stephen and then fingers the bag softly, hand running over the soft hide..Oh, it's beautiful…."Thank you so much, you didn't have to do this.." the normally unflappable, well as long as chores are being done, Headwoman wipes her eyes discretely, hot costume or emotion..?

Salea smiles, and happily accepts, "Thanks…it's beautifully wrapped…"

Toren grins, "Well aren't you going to open it Salea?"

Tessera beams all around, as gifts are distributed.

Salea pulls at the ribbon tails and the gold bow falls from the box as the the brightly colored lid is lifted.

Ash grins… and walks over to Kaet… Taking the bag in her hand and smiling, "Thanks.." and if you didn't know better you'd say she was getting all teary-eyes as she mumbles…"Yes, Pav… we got a gift…"

Catia handles her present a little bit gingerly… what is it, eh?

Catia's Dragon Bag
Deep forest green mingles with crisp silvery blue in an enchanted forest glade, as tiny pink and orange flowers dot the ground, surrounding a dainty green dragon strongly resembling Myrineth. The whole look is somehow ethereal, enchanted, almost fey. You could easily see creatures that could never have existed surrounding this magical glade, and the dragon within. Stitched around the bottom in a chain of flowers is Catia's name.

Kalen watches the gifts handed out with a happy smile.

Kaetryn grins at Cat. " Open it, will ya?"

A quite intake of breath, adn then Salea leans over to hug Toren. "This is beautiful!"

Aslyn rummages in her bag and lights the candle, smiling at the gentle scent wafting from it.. oh.. vanilla, her favourite..

Catia opens the beautiful bag, dark eyes shining bright. How can they appreciate her after all the physicals exams she put them through? But oh… look! A candle. And a beautiful one…

Caduceus Candle
Delicate silvery blue snakes surround this slender wand, soaring to a height of six inches. The gentle violet of the staff soothes almost as much as the scent eminating from it does. Engraved in blue and green along the length of the candle are the words 'Catia: Dragonhealer'.

Salea tugs the drawstring and untucks the flap, a soothing scent immediately fills the air with the cool odor of a pine forest wet from the morning summer dew.

Toren hugs Salea back, "Glad you are happy with them."

Kumiko looks to and fro for a moment, before she puts one bag within her pocket, the second cradled. For a moment, at least, as she wanders around, looking for someone.

Aife abandons her wineskins in favour of opening her pouch. Something long, something smooth…ooh, she knows what that is….

Sefren goes home.

Aslyn ooohs softly at the beautiful candle and its flickering flame, scent stirring emotions long forgotten, her eyes stray towards someone and then she looks away again, concentrating on the beauty of the present and not on the past.

Salea goes home.

Catia droops into a chair, and rubs her eyes. Good think /she/ didn't put make-up on. Her wine's finished… and so's she, near-enough. "Thank you," she murmurs to all the candidates, willing even to forgive Landry.

Aslyn blinks and looks around at all the candidates, so many of them, some so close to her…and gives a soft "Thank you " to all of them..

Tessera stands back and beams. Just beams.

Kumiko walks to the Alpine Meadow.

Heavy black curls fall over her shoulder as her finger traces the line of the candle in her hand… and a teary eyed Ash just hugs Kaetryn, "Its wonderful… thank you…"

Aife plays a hesitant note. Your spine crawls as the note becomes increasingly flat!

Kalen glances at Aife in surprise. Ee Gads!

Kaetryn returns the hug, blinking away her own tears. " I'm so glad you like them."

Aife touches the flute to her lips and blows…ew!! That won't work. She giggles and twists a couple things. We'll fix that.

Catia trembles at the flat note, watching the Harpers on the dais cringe and stop playing.

Aife quietly plays on her instrument. A peaceful, blissful feeling surrounds you, for it is perfectly in tune!
Aife beams. That's much better! Lost to the entire world around her, she pipes out a cheerful little faery-tune on the brand new pipe.

Tessera goes home.

Kayra falls asleep.

Aslyn gently blows on the candle to extinguish the flame, but her hands are shaking as she does, touched..? better believe it..
Ash grins… slips the candle back in the bag… and puts the pouch in a fold of her dress… walking over to Kalen she smiles evilly, "You need to get out of that costume, it looks /terribly/ uncomfortable…"

Catia has found herself some more wine and is sitting, sprawled and slightly dazed and delighted on a chair near the bar. And clutching her present for dear life.

Kalen looks down at himself and chuckles, "I suppose you're right, and it is a little tight in places."

Kaetryn glides over to Catia and wraps her in a feathered embrace. " Thank you for everything, Cat," she murmurs.

Catia reaches up and hugs the feathered Nymph… "For dragging you up here and submitting you to torture, Kaet?" the healer teases drunkenly. "You're definitely welcome…"

Ash grins, "Well, actually… I was referring to the knot…" she says tugging on the string decorating your shoulder, "But really, the most uncomfortable looking thing, has /got/ to be /these/…" and with that she points to the melons or whatever they are…

Aife is still lost to the world…and quite happy with this pipe, a soft ethereal melody winding its way around the tearful, collapsing partygoers. One wing is slightly bent against the table, but when has she ever /not/ been a little rumpled?

Kalen grins and carefully removes the two melons from his shirt and sighs in relief, "You know? You're right, they do make me a bit top heavy."

Kaetryn chuckles. " Among other things, yes. I hope you enjoy your gifts. I know I enjoyed giving them."

Ash nods… and pulls the neck of the turtle neck down off your chin, "Well, at least you won't freeze.." she winks

Catia beams, getting to her feet now and swaying in place. "They're beautiful."

Kalen raises his chin and grins, "Well, I'm off to get out of all of this. I'll be back in a little bit, but this outfit is ruining my coordination."

"He won't starve either," Landry notes, negotiating her way around Kalen, grinning. "I don't think I've really thanked you or Pavelth, Ash."

Ash grins… "I'm so glad that it doesn't ruin mine…" she turns toward Cat and grins, sweeping her arm across the gather ground, "Can you believe this?

Catia shakes her head, eyes staring darkly at her friend. "No… I can't…." She's rather in shock.

Tavim meanders and mingles his way through the crowd, then spots a former familiar sea nymph. And grins. He heads over towards Catia, gently squeezing her shoulder. "So… what's all this ignoring me all night, huh?" Wink.

Kalen pauses to examine the scene before continuing to the Alpine Meadow.

Catia has her shoulder squeezed. "Tavim? I couldn't find you…" The healer just sways.

Tavim pauses, wondering if the weyr's shaking. Nope, Catia's swaying. A soft chuckle, as he shakes his head, gently nudging her. Watch her sway! Hee! "No excuse…" He replies with a wink, jokingly, as he watches the woman, wondering how drunk she is.

Catia sways even more as she gets nudged, and just leans against Ash with a sniffle or two. Maybe someone should make sure she gets home.

Ash smiles softly to Cat… "Come on…" and a wink to Tavim… "I think I can see her home.." she says softly… hugging more then supporting her friend…

Aslyn blinks as she watches Tavim, and turns the other way, heading for the tall handsome rider she spotted who had been trying to get her attention earlier..she could use another drink..

Tavim notices Ash, and offers a smile at that. "I didn't know you could serve drinks…" He kids, then nahs, shaking his head, "I can do that, if you're busy… not really a problem…" He offers, helping to support the inebriated Catia.

Catia leans against Ash, still clutching her bag tight… and then rouses enough to whisper something in the bluerider's ear.

Kalen pauses to examine the scene before continuing in from the Alpine Meadows.

Toren sits…no plops down on the ground costume and all and finishes her third glass of Benden. No wonder she's been so quiet…she's been drinking that lovely brew.

Kalen wanders back, looking much more comfortable, and ready to have a good time. He glances at Ash and smiles, "Well, is this an improvement?"

Sindiath moves with natural grace and conserved energy in from the Alpine Meadows.
Sindiath has a forelimb ready and waiting, calm eyes whirling as she watches Sen step down to land with a soft *thump* on the ground.

Kaetryn glides up behind Tavim and leans on his shoulder, looking around. " What a party," she murmurs softly.

Aife lowers the flute from her lips as Sindiath appears, and the little sprite bounces to the full height of her wings to wave at dragon and rider both. "Sen!" she calls, her present clutched tightly in her hand.

Aslyn sends a worried look over to Cat but sees Ash has things well in hand, voice purrs softly to the rider, "So, that drink? I think I am more than ready for it now.." her eyes stay on his face as she waits for him to get the offered drink.

Ash grins… "Indeed it is…" she winks and hmms and Cat whispers in her ear… OH her lips form the word but no sound comes out… "Oh Tavim, I am a woman of many talents and hostess happens to be one of them…" she giggles… and carefully dips away from Catia, sort of leaning her Tavim's way…

Toren smiles and waves to Aslyn from her spot on the ground…erm…maybe the thing with the laundry has been forgotten yes?

Kalen watches as Sindiath lands with Sen riding and grins, "Sen! Glad you could make it."

Sen jumps down from on high, or rather, on Sindiath, a slight smile on her face as she notes the crowd. Aife's call is noted, and she waves, wandering forth to greet in person "Aife…quite a shindig. I regret that sweeps called me away." she grimaces ruefully "You did save me some wine, did you not?"

Catia sort-of stands up, and sways in Tavim's direction. She offers a grin to Ash… and another to the shoulder-leaning Kaetryn. But those large dark eyes are fixed on the person who offered to take her home….

Daleva goes home.

Kaetryn ooos and pushes away from Tavim, wandering over to Sen. " Hey, Sen, you sure missed a great party."

Tavim chuckles softly at Ash, nodding, as he slips an arm about the healer's waist, helping her to keep on her feet (and her dignity), then glances over at Kaetryn. A smile is offered, and he nods, agreeing, "Wasn't it? Had no idea it'd be like this…" And off she goes. A shrug, then he wonders of Catia, "Want me to help ya get back to Myrineth now?"

Sen waves to Kalen as well, eye sparkling a bit with restrained excitement….she perks however at the thought of some Benden stashed, and calls out to Kalen "Have any wine left?" (wanting to make sure to cover all bases) before turning to Kaetryn "It seems I did…..but I am here now, so party on" She smiles again, looking amused.

"Myrineth's in her weyr," Catia answers lucidly, leaning against Tavim comfortably.

Aife fumbles around the table with her empty hand…she put the wine down when she picked up her bag, and now where is it? "Right here!" she answers. She did keep it. Ha.

Kaetryn grins and plays with the bag in her hands. " Well… I really shouldn't do this, you missed the party after all, but…" She holds out the pouch, eyes brilliant.

Kalen nods and moves to the table, pouring a glass of Benden white with a flourish. Walking over to Sen, he offers the glass and a smile, "Here you go, just what the 'tender ordered."

"Let's go see her then, shall we?" Tavim gently leads her away from the meadow, back towards the large weyr.
Tavim walks to the Alpine Meadow.

Toren smiles "Hi Sen!" she says waving.

Catia is being taken to see Myrineth. Nice! Catia sways out….

Aslyn blinks at the whispered comment of the rider and a sharp slap is heard, before one fiery kitty makes her own way to the bar, grabs a skin of wine and heads for other areas..

The Candidates masked as riders were: Almost-Ash - Kalen, Anti-Nuff - Sefren, Closely-Catia - Landry, Non-Sen-Se - Tessera;
Everyone else was: Anasel - Lesana, Feathers - Kumiko, GlacialHarlequin - Toren, Kelly - Tavim, Midnight - Kayra, Nereid - Catia, Nymph - Kaetryn, Scruffy - Stephen, Shadowfire - Daleva, Sp'der - Saoirse, Summerfaery - Aife, T'can - Salea, T'ger - Aslyn, Z'bra - Nuff

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