Guard TP (part 1)

May 31st - June 1st 2003
Logged by Donis

Guards Headquarters
Set aside from the main caverns of the Weyr, this room is rarely silent. It's dominated by the public area near the wide arch of a doorway, where there are chairs and tables set in little groups, availible as work desks and chatting spots. Further back into the mountain is several curtained alcoves, used for such things as a private office for the Captain, storage for paperwork, records and miscellanea. Continueing into the rock, the last section is sheilded by heavy curtains that, when pushed aside to let someone pass, shows the cots for the Guards to sleep.
Hanging around are eleven firelizards.
Sinead, Miria and Tekin are here.

Drevic stomps in from the Bowl scowling as he glares at various recruits gathered here and heads directly toward one of them, sitting in a chair near the fire. "Where is he? Why isn't he back yet, hmm?" The poor recruit by the fire can only shake his head, having little or no idea what Drevic is talking about, as he tries to climb back into the chair and out through the back of it. "Who? the recruit asks, voice literally cracking. "Well, Kesher of course! He was supposed to be back from Tillek /days/ ago. Where's he hiding?!"

Donis is one of the recruits in receipt of Drevic's glare, and he just seems glad that he wasn't in receipt of the man's question as well. Running a hand through his unruly curls, the teenager attempts to sidle out of the way of it all.

Sinead is, thankfully, not one of the recruits that recieve a glare, she's not even a recruit and isn't with the cirle. Definatly a good thing.

Uffa! This wakes Miria from her well-deserved nap; she's just finished a lengthy shift, you see. "Mmmmrrhhh… what's going on?" Miria blinks a few times, then stands up and proceeds over to this 'Drevic' fellow. "Tell me what's the matter… you /don't/ need to take it out on them." Brave soul. Probably a fairly stupid one, though.

Tekin looks up with a lifted eyebrow as Drevic stomps into the barracks, following the other guard's progress toward the scared recruit and cracks a slight grin at the brutal questioning. "Drevic, please," he says, calmly and stands to move over to the man, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Kesher always reports in when he returns, you know that..?" As he speaks, his voice takes on a more nervous edge. "If he hasn't that just means he's not back yet. He's probably just been delayed at Tillek, wouldn't you think?"

But Drevic will hear none of that, shrugging off Tekin's hand and leans in on the terrified recruit. "Now tell me where Kesher is, or I'll have you not only on night shift, but patrolling the rim as well…" he says, using the most threatening voice he can. Moving back as far as he can in the chair, the recruit is almost over the backrest and falls over it with a loud crash. "Well! What a clutz. And frightened too. You won't make much of a guard, will you?" Turning, he fixes the other recruits with his icy glare. "Does /anyone/ know where Kesher is? I'm /not/ joking when I'm saying that I want to know!"

Donis stops fidgeting with his hair, made nervous by Drevic's glare. "I… umm…" he stammers, as do some of the other recruits - he looks hopefully towards Tekin. Rescue them?

Sinead nods slightly at what Tekin says. "Exactly, they probably wouldn't let him leave without a hearty meal and lots of provisions for the trip back," she states with a shrug. "Drevic, come down, I'm sure that they have no idea where he is," she states calmly. "Tekin is probably right."

"Drevic. Please." Miria half-whines- how DARE he disturb her from her peaceful nap? He's going to owe her something by the time this is over. "He's probably still at Tillek. I wouldn't worry too much, if he comes back a half-candlemark or so late. It's a good ride to Tillek, anyway."

"Enough already, Drevic!" Tekin nearly shouts, moving to stand in front of the agressive guard. "If you all /that/ worried about him, we can ride out to meet him, hmm? What do you say to that?" Looking sideways, Tek gives Ead a slight wink and then returns to Drevic with a lifted eyebrow. "Well…?"

"Bet they won't let /us/ go to Tillek," Donis mutters to a fellow recruit, sounding very disgruntled.

Drevic certainly doesn't like that they're all ganging up on him, but he does calm down a little, if only because a Sergeant is moving dangerously close to the commotion. Crossing his arms, Drevic stares for a long time at Tekin, then moves his gaze toward Sinead and Miria, while completely ignoring the recruits. "Well, as you /ought/ to know, /I/ am still on duty here at the Weyr. So I've no time. But if you feel like it…" he says, giving up on trying to find his missing recruit as though it really didn't matter after all, and stomps out of the barracks with the same kind of noise that he had entered.

Sinead nods slightly. "I've got a good amount of time off Drevic, if you want I'll go ride out and see if I can't find him, hmm?" she offers in a delicate voice, ahh, but he's gone, unfortunatly. "Anyway, I dunno about you guys, but it's been forever since I've been out of the Weyr."

"Well," Tekin mumbles, blinking as Drevic disappears outside again, then turns to Sinead and Miria, grinning broadly though there's something nagging him in the pit of the stomach. "Well, it's been far too long since I've been on a runner." Glancing toward the recruits, he lifts an eyebrow a little letting out small hmm-ing sounds. "Any of you want to come..?"

Donis clearly has to force himself not to jump up and down in excitement and shout 'me! me! me!' Faking nonchalance, he replies, "I wouldn't mind, sir, if it's alright…" The teenager squares his shoulders, trying to prove himself ready for anything.

"Well, I suppose I'll ride out, since I just got up and around…" Miria gives Drevic a /look/, then tosses on her jacket. "And yes, we could use some help. Three or four of you, perhaps?" Her mismatched eyes scan the barracks for any vict- er, helpers. Donis is acknowledged. "Well, there's one."

Sinead tugs on her jacket and nods. "Get ready to go than, Donis," she offers with a grin as a pair of gloves are pulled on. "Who else?" she enquires as she see's another recruit volunteer, though not quite as eagerly as Donis does.

Tekin blinks rapidly as the Donis volunteers and is acknowledged by his collegues. "Alright, then.." he mumbles, gathering up his jacket and shoving his knife into its sheath, while giving Donis a longer than necessary stare. He's not happy about it, but by that as it may. Lis' boy is a recruit now and he just can't get special treatment. "You do know how to ride runners, don't you Donis?" Somehow, Tek would imagine that riding a dragon was something entirely diffent from riding a runner..

Donis bites his bottom lip. "Runners? Erm, yes sir… I've ridden runners lots of times," he bluffs, pulling on his jacket (a most unregulation raspberry). "I can ride. Definitely."

"Good. You and you can come with us too." She picks out a female and another male recruit, the tall, lanky Sherie and the semi-built Hurin. "Get ready to go now, because we're to leave promptly. You can ride, can't you?" Both nod. Although they can't ride all that /well/. Miria fastens up her jacket quickly.

Sinead nods slightly, eyeing the jacket, but she says nothing, of it. "So, who else?" she questions of the group of recruits. "Or we just going with two?" Oh, wait, Mir's has found a couple. "Jackets, gloves, etc. Remember, we represent both High Reaches and it's guards, so be on your best behaviour," or she'll personally have your hide….

Donis wraps a stripy scarf several times around his neck, looking rather proud to be going on a 'proper guard thing' at last. "Yes, Sinead," he answers the guard dutifully. "Best behaviour."

Tekin would berate Donis for putting on that particular jacket, but knowing who it used to belong to he simply gives a shrug and pulls another recruit over toward him. "You run over to the kitchens and get them to fix us some travel food, will you? Enough for.." How many was it they ended up on, ".. six people for at least two days." Well, maybe Kesher hadn't gotten enough with him from Tillek, hmm? "You can meet us at the tunnel, got it?" The recruit nods and is out the door in a flash.

Food? Oooh. Miria dashes over to her cot, reaches under it to her smallish stash of sweet-things (so far nobody's tried to raid it yet, at least as far as Miria knows) and tries to inconspicuously sneak out a couple of shorter sweetsticks for the road. They help keep her awake with all the sugar they've got. Fumbling them into a semi-large belt pouch, she returns to the front of the barracks. "Sherie. Get a 'hand to ready six runnerbeasts for us, will you?" The other recruit dashes off.

Sinead slips over to her cot and puts some stuff into a belt pouch of her own, probably sweets as well. "What else do we need?" she enquires randomly, of no one in particular, except maybe her younger sister and Tekin. "Food, runners, ourselves…"

"Did you remember your knives?" Tekin asks, patting his beltknife at his side, though he doesn't mention the smaller one tucked into his boot and the one hidden away at the small of his back, held in place by his belt. "Warm clothes, it's not summer /yet/, y'know?" At that he meanders over to his cot to open the chest at the end and stuffs a sweater and a pair of extra trouser into a pack, along with a pair of extra boots. Come prepared. "Let's see.." He says, standing, then rips the blanket off his bed and rolls it up in a bundle tying it off with a leather string he finds in his chest. "Get your blankets. In case we have to stay the night outside.."

Donis pats his knife too, and follows Tekin's lead in rolling some extra clothing and footwear into a blanket. "Ready sir," he announces, fidgeting with suppressed excitement.

Miria finds a pack of her own and throws in her blanket, an extra pair of trousers, and an extra tunic, in case things end up getting dirty. Her ankle-high boots, rather old but still good, go in as well. "Yup." She won't mention the longer knife she picked up, which lies sheathed, squished at the side of the pack by all her other things. More of a fighting knife than an all-purpose knife. Wrapping a warm blue scarf around her neck, she then proceeds to fill her pockets with a few smaller things, like money. Oh, watch the adrenaline flow…

Sinead nods. "Right," she's got her belt knife on, and, like Tek, a few hidden, she's not insane. Extra warm clothes, and extra pair of boots, and her blanket, check. "Good idea. "Gloves too, don't need numb hands while trying to control a runner," she states with a laugh. Mikail does similar, making sure she has everything needed. Seems all the full guards have knives stashed away in various places. Like Mirs her own fuzzy blue scarf goes around her neck, a few marks in her belt pouch, etc…

Knives are good things too have. And being a Weyr Guard, it's not all that bad having them hidden since you can't carry a sword. "Alright. I suppose that's it," Tekin says, stepping over to a desk to write a note to the Captain leaving it on Zethlen's desk, so that it won't be missed. "Let's not keep people waiting," he goes on, moving outside in the dawning light. Tekin strolls to the Bowl.

Miria flounces, spring in her step, to the Bowl.

You go to the Central Bowl.
Central Bowl
It is a spring sunrise. Tekin and Miria are here.

Sinead steps gently in from the Guards Headquarters.

Donis trots after everyone else, readjusting his scarf, blanket-roll slung over one shoulder. A boot tumbles out, and the lad doubles-back and grabs it as quickly as possible.

Sinead has everything tucked into a sack that she'll be needing, small things can go in saddle bags. She also follows Tek out, but, thankfully, doesn't loose anything in her walk. "Make sure everythings secure before we leave, Donis," she notes with a grin towards the recruit. "Don't want you losing anything on the trip," this is also addressed to the other recruits.

After pulling on a pair of gloves hurriedly, Miria slings her pack upon her back. The stablehands have already led out a team of six, and she mounts a sturdy black runner with white socks and a blaze down the middle of his head. "Come on, find a horse, we haven't got all day."

Tekin strides quickly toward the waiting runners, stablehands waiting by the tunnel with them and the two recruits sent on errands along with them. "Good, you got the food," he mumbles to the one sent to the kitchen, giving the boy a slap on the back and a broad smile as he dumps his pack on the ground to stuff the travel rations into it, then hefts it onto his back again. Looking over the runners, he mutters something to himself and finally chooses a bay gelding for himself, and points Donis toward a gray mare, "you can take her, Donis. She's a quiet one, I believe," he says, receiving an affimative nod from a stablehand.

Leolin walks in from the Guards Headquarters.

Donis had been about to pick a more interesting-looking chestnut gelding for himself… but he gives a little shrug and takes the reins of the gray mare. "Quiet it is, sir," the lad mutters, strapping his blanket-roll together more securely and then fastening it to his assigned runner's saddle

Sinead chuckles and takes a runner of her own choice. This one is the opposite of her sister's, no surprise there. This one's not exactly the most doscile of runners, but there's no doubt that Ead can handle her. She straps what needs to be strapped down the the runner, settling the little things into her saddle bags.

Leolin rushes out of the barracks panting. "That's what I get for having a late shift." He groans to himself just before he makes it over to the group, who is mostly on runners at this point.

"Hop on- the stablehands won't have to spare another runner," Miria replies, scootching up in her saddle a bit. "And take more time, in turn." She grasps the reins in her hands, wrapping them around her fists a few times. Scanning the bowl, she makes sure that nothing's awry before finally deciding she's ready.

Tekin juts a chin toward Leolin, coming across the Bowl toward them. "Leolin," he calls out, motioning to the recruit, "you're Kesher's friend, right?" Looking at the other full guards in the party, he gives a shrugs as he tightens the strap holding his bedroll to the saddle. Giving Miria a rather harsh glare, he shakes his head. "No, we can wait a little bit. Two on one runner will only slow us down on the trail," he goes one, and motions for a stablehand to get around to prepare another runner.

Donis mounts up gingerly, shifting awkwardly in the saddle. His mare picks up the lad's unease, and stomps her feet and frets.

Sinead turns and offers a wave towards Leolin. "Welcome to our little adventure," she offers with a shrug, as she waits on her mount, ready to go.

Leolin nods to Tekin, "Aye sir. I am." A quick nod goes to the stable hand that brings him out a white runner with midnight black hair. The runner's neck is patted before he swings himself up into a saddle, a place he seems to be very comfortable at. His blue gaze shifts to Tekin as the reins are gathered up in one hand and he's ready to ride while Sinead gets a bit of a smile.

Miria gives a nod- she's ready to ride away. Indeed, her black gelding seems to be getting a bit impatient, as he begins to paw the ground. "I'm ready, Tekin."

Tekin checks over the gear on his runner before mounting with practiced ease, which comes of years if riding. Glancing around, he makes sure everyone else is mounted and ready. "Alright then. Let's go find Kesher for Drevic, shall we?" he says with a slight chuckle, moving at the hips, rather than kicking the runner to get it moving.

Leolin has disconnected (RL emergency)

*travel spam*

Outside High Reaches Weyr
It is a spring midmorning. Miria, Sinead and Tekin are here.

Sinead has her young runner move to the passage, and waits for the recruits and all to join her. "I hope you know the way to Tillek, Tekin," she notes, "I know I don't, though Mirs might…"

Donis trots his mare out of the Weyr tunnel, handling her mouth a little roughly. He's obviously not as experienced a runner rider as he tried to make out. "How long will it take us to ride there?" he asks Sinead, kneeing the runner over towards the others.

"I've been there once or twice," Tekin says over his shoulder toward Sinead as he gets his runner into a canter as they come out of the tunnel. "But we're hopefully only going halfway and I /do/ know that part of the road," he goes on, fairly beaming as he looks back again, checking that they're following now that he's sped up. He's simply overjoyed at being on a runner again, in case you couldn't tell.

Sinead chuckles and moves the runner to follow after Tekin and his runner. "I have no idea Donis, never been there," she states with a laugh. "So, how long you figurig on, Tekkie?" yes, she likes nicknames, and uses them often.

"Yes, how long? I hope the two days' worth of food is enough, else we're going to have to start hunting for grub," Miria says, "and hunting's kinda messy." Clearly, she's going to eat very seldom throughout this trip. Speeding up to a canter, Mirs falls into place just a little behind Tekin.

"How long what, Sinead?" Tekin calls out as his gelding has put distance to Sinead's, "how long to Tillek? About two or three days ride, at least. Including rest, that is." Leaning back in his saddle, the guard looks immensely comfortable on the runner, and his smile only confirms it. "We're only going halfway, though. At least, that's what I'm counting on, if Kesher left on time.."

"If he was supposed to be here by now, he might even be closer than half-way," Donis pipes up sensibly, fidgeting in his seat. He doesn't look too comfortable, and more than a day of riding isn't going to make him any more so.

Sinead nods slightly as her runner canters along. "So we're figuring on 1 to 1 and a half days ride there, and then back," she notes slightly. "Makes sense," Ead yawns, and adjusts so that she's suitably comfortable.


Ugh. Miria's butt hurts. Really. So she's spent the last hour or so adjusting her bum's position in the saddle, several times, until she can find something comfortable- she's even tried taking her jacket and sitting on it, at the expense of herself getting cold. A few centimeters of sweetstick sticks out of her mouth; she's prepared, you see, for things like this. "Mnnnngh." Groat.

Moving down a narrow trail, Tekin's runner is moving slowly and at a careful walk. This one is obviously trained to move around in the mountains and the difficult rocky passes around the 'Reaches. "Keep your eyes open, guys," he calls out over his shoulder and should heed his own advice, because when he refocuses his eyes back front he sees something lying there on the trail. "Faranth!" he shouts and is off the runner in moments, leaving it to mind it's own business as he runs toward the unconscious form further up the trail.

Donis was talking chirpily to the other recruits for the first part of the ride, but has lapsed into complete silence over the past couple of hours. Huddled into his jacket, he grips the reins more tightly than necessary, and grips the runner with his knees likewise. But at Tekin's shout, the lad livens up, and hauls on the reins to stop the mare. "What is it?" he calls out, dismounting messily.

If it wasn't for the need to be constantly vigilant, Ead would probably be asleep in her saddle by now, but, well, she's not. She's paying attention to Tek, and shifting slightly, to a more comfortable position. Taking her cue from Tekin's pace her own runner slows down, and the guard keeps her eyes out. when she hear's Tek's Faranth she dismounts and puts a hand up. "Don't take your runners further," she offers. "what's up Tek?" she questions, moving towards Tek and the unconscious form.

Miria drops off her gelding cleanly, having some experience with runner-riding, and skirts around the rocky paths. "Who is it, Tekin?…" She's already suspicious. "Is it…" Something makes her pause. Faranth knows what, but it takes the words right out of her mouth. Following Sinead, she makes her way towards her fellow guard.

Tekin is already kneeling by the form clad in all too familiar black and blue colors. "It's Kesher…" he calls out, putting his drawn knife back in its sheath as he turns the recruit over carefully, then motions for help. "He's alright, I think. Just been knocked out or something. Keep the runners back, don't want to destroy any tracks around here…" He /is/ a suspicious one, isn't he? Kesher could just as easily have fallen from his missing runner as having been mugged, such as Tekin suspects. "Get over here with the first aid kit."

Donis grabs the reins of his runner and of Tekin's gelding too. He looks worriedly around; for someone with the first aid kit, for someone else, perhaps… "Where's Kesher's runner?" he asks, after a moment.

Sinead nods slightly as she turns towards Mikail. "Hold onto the runners, hmm?" she questions, sure that the recruit can keep them in control, at that Mikail nods and takes up the reigns of the runners who Donis didn't get. Another recruit, at the back grabs the first aid kit and rushes forward, offering it to Tekin. "Here Sir," is given, before the recruit returns.

Squinting, Miria moves further ahead. "…Are those tracks, over there?" Amble. "They're pretty faint ones… but I can't tell where they're going…" She's cautious not to go too far from Tekin, just in case she's needed. "I can't tell what made them, either."

"Thank you," Tekin says, giving a slight smile at the recruit offering him the kit, then returns to examine the cut on Kesher's forehead. "Looks like a nasty bump, that.. Bleeding's stopped, though, so must have been a while since he got it." Keeping up a running commentary, more to himself than to anyone else while he dresses the recruit's forehead, he shakes his head in frustration. "What's that, Miria," he says, over his shoulder, having not quite listened. "You said something about tracks..? Sinead, would you please," he goes on, motioning to Kesher before joining Miria to survey the ground.

Donis hangs back, hangs onto the runners' reins… watches and waits for the more experienced guards to decide what's going to happen. He cranes his neck, trying to spot the tracks Miria mentioned, but they're just a bit too faint.

Sinead watches Miria follow the tracks a bit, and nods towards Tek. "Sure," she offers as she takes over attending to Kesher's wounds. "Donis, if you wouldn't mind giving those reigns to the other recruits, you can come here and help," she offers, motioning the recruit to join her.

Miria moves on ahead to get a better look at the tracks. "These are too faint to distinguish…. they look a little like they're heading Tillek-ward, though I can't confirm that for sure." Yes, Miria's being serious for once. It's scary, isn't it? "Can you make anything out, Tek?"

"They really are faint, aren't they," Tekin says, kneeling to finger the rocky ground as if it would help him to 'see' the tracks any better. "They probably even chose this place on purpose because they'd leave little trace of their activities. But there's definitely been runners here. Good work, Miria." Standing, he gives her a clap on the shoulder, then returns to Sinead and Keshar, tilting his head, "how's he doing?" he asks, getting a groan from the recruit as a reply.

Donis passes the reins on to another recruit, and obediently steps up to Sinead's side. "What do you want?" he asks in a half-whisper, looking up and around nervously - anywhere but at the injured Kesher, really.

Sinead shrugs. "There's your answer Tek," she offers. "Hand me that roll of bandaging stuff, hmm?" she questions, having made sure the wound is clean.

"Runn/ers/?" Miria lifts a brow. "Kesher wasn't alone on the trail, was he…" The light-haired guard furrows her eyebrows thoughtfully. "…well, no wonder he's unconscious." Ooooh! Dun dun dun.

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