Some grain has gone missing

November 17th 2004
Logged by Pyrene

Living Caverns
Sylara, Desba, and Joeseph are here.

Seabert arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Desba nods to Sylara, "Either way, with candidates running around it might be a good idea. Especially if they are talking about it and then this." She shoots a finger towars the charts. Her eyes, even though she is speaking to Sylara, keep a steady glare on Joeseph, he's just jumped on the wrong side of this brownrider. She furrows her brows as he leaves and then turns back to her meal.

Ravyn arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

"What are candidates talking about?" Pyrene asks, gliding serenely in from the bowl. Her eyes flick to Ravyn and Seabert with due suspicion, as she slings herself into a chair near Desba and Sylara, accepting her usual mug of juice from a deferential drudge.

Sylara looks up, and sets the hides to one side. "That looks good. I think I'm going to get some food." She decides to signal a drudge and have him bring it instead of doing herself. When he's sent off, she glances up at Pyrene's entrance. Oh, boy. "Oh, I was comparing these records, and there's a 10 bag difference in the grain here." She frowns, standing and moving to show the offending hides. "Rhaedyn said something about candidates and firestone bags and something else…" She didn't catch it all, but it may have involved the missing grain. "I'll check it out after I eat, and if it's something to deal with, I'll talk to Marond…" She pauses, not sure what else she can say about the matter. "But I think it might be an apprentice error, too, because Michel has a new batch these days."

Ravyn comes into the Living caverns. He looks tired, well his eyes are barely opened, and look a bit red. He runs a hand through his hair. He blinks a bit as he hears voices, and then remembers it is during the day and people are bound to be around. He looks at each in turn, only a couple are people he hasn't met, so he isn't that nervous though he is a little bit. He waves a little shyly and bows a bit before heading to where the juice and klah is.

Desba shakes her head at Sylara and fills in the missing details. "Rhaedyn says that the candidates may have something to do with the 10 missing bags of grain. She said they were bragging during firestone bagging the other day." Pyrene is saluted after her speech is done. Ravyn is eyed as he is spotted, no probably not that one, she does scan the area for any other candidates. "I don't know though. There wasn't really any other proof than that."

"Oh, Marond told me he was trying out a couple of assistants," Pyrene comments mildly, while her eyes skim the hide. "Congratulations - one way to escape the nurseries." Her tongue clucks lightly as she also sees the anomaly. "Want to pin these two down and interrogate them now or would you prefer to investigate further first?" she asks.

Seabert bounces into the caverns behind Ravyn, stumbling a bit mid-bounce to avoid ramming into him as he slows down his pace. Catching his balance he swirves around him and comes smack up against a drudge who is not so lucky to avoid being bowled over. Trying to help the indignant drudge back up to his feet and pick up the tray of dirty dishes that had been thrown to the floor with him Seabert shuffles around on the floor. The drudge is up, the dishes repiled, and Seab is left alone on the floor trying to regain control of himself again.

Interrogation versus wandering through firestone sacks. Hmmm. Sylara has a hard choice. Not really. "Well, maybe we could see if they know something." A drudge brings her food, and she frowns. Of course, /now/, her meal comes. "Might as well come sit down with us, Seabert. We need to talk to you for a bit." She calls the candidate. "You too, Ravyn."

Ravyn hasn't really caught anything that is being talked about yet, part of that not quite awake aspect. He reaches the klah area and gets a cup of redfruit juice. He takes a sip and then jumps as his name is called out. He looks over and looks nervous or maybe just shy as he turns and starts towards them.

Desba raises an eyebrow at Pyrene, would Desba ever wait to do something that could be done today? "I say we grab these two. They are hear after all. And that one," A finger is jabbed in Seabert's direction, "Is never up to any good."

Pyrene catches the Seabert-drudge collision and barks out a sharp: "Look where you're going!" The drudge scurries back to the kitchens quickly enough, but anybody looking at her could see that the reprimand was meant more for Seabert. "If you can't keep track of what's in front of you now, we'll not be letting you on the Sands," she snaps as an addition, before gesturing him to a seat like Sylara suggested. She settles herself to glowering in the background - luckily for the candidates it seems Sylara will be doing the interrogating.

X'ian walks in from the Central Bowl.

Hearing his name called and fingers jabbing at him from all directions Seabert jumps up from the floor and walks over with much less of a bounce in his step as he brushes crumbs off his trousers from the floor. Spotting the women and Rayvn already seated he joins in the group, keeping his face down to avoid looking guilty. He has no idea what's going on, but he's probably in trouble for it anyways.

Sylara pushes her food to the side for the moment, to pull out her hides. She sorts through them to find the ones that show the error, and spots one she hadn't seen before. She pulls it out and sets it aside, near Pyrene, with a soft. "Hmm, hadn't noticed /that/ one." Ok. Back to attention. She forgets the hides, and just wings it. "Do you two know anything about some missing grain? Was there a prank involving grain that you know of?"

Jessica arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Ravyn blinks at the fact that she is looking at the hides and then at them. He runs his hand through his hair again and shakes it slowly from side to side, "Unfortunately, no," he says softly, "I haven't done anything with grain except in the kitchens when I just moved some for the people cooking." he still seems really nervous.

Desba stands, everything seems to be under control here, so she'll go where she is needed, to keep her dragon sane on the sands. She does however lean down to whisper to Sylara, "Don't let'em trick you." That however is all that is said, she salutes Pyrene again and heads out towards the bowl, with a final glare to Seabert.
Desba exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Pyrene peers dutifully at the hides, but when Jessica shows up, she is quick to grasp the opportunity to get rid of them. "Ah, Jessica, come over here - Sylara's noticed some discrepancies between these lists here - a matter of ten bags of grain." She flaps the offending documents at the girl, eager to attract her attention before X'ian does, just in case Jessica's still jobbing for him on the side. As for the candidates, it seems unlikely that they'll get any reassurance from her.

Seabert shakes his head, a look of great relief crossing his face as he hears the crime. But his confidence is shaken again as Desba throws him a glare on her departure. "Ten bags?" Seabert exclaims as he listens to the side conversation. "C'mon, Sy, I know better than to steal large amounts like that from the cooks. They caught me the only time I did something that dumb and I've still got the raw fingers to prove it." Yes, Michel has earned his respect as a disciplinarian.

X'ian looks about as tired and haggard as he usually does, shouldering his way in through the bottlenecked weyrfolk that tend to gather around the transition between cavern and bowl without pausing to apologize to those who get jostled along the way. Dressed somewhat lazily in his leathers, (the jacket itself unfastened, with the shirt beneath it untucked and wrinkled) he has a just-woke-up look about him that seems to be clinging a bit lately.

Jessica mosies on in, rather un-purposefully. Even the buffet is ignored today, though her stomach is doing it's best roar-impression to try and rectify that. She pauses to glance around the caverns, probably looking for some company. Pyrene of course, grasps her attention quite quickly… and so, purpose begins. "Of course." She neglects to mention the fact that she's /off/-duty for the sevenday. "Ten bags is a lot… are you sure the counts are right?"

Pyrene nods at Jessica, handing her the two hides. "See, here and here… And Sylara found something else on - this one, was it, Sy?" She pauses to scan the document. And then blinks. "Sylara, where did you get this?"

Sylara frowns, looking at Jessica. "Yeah, Pyrene has the hides." Oh, yeah, that's right. "And between the two of them, there's a discrepancy. I may have to question a couple of Michel's apprentices, too, to see whose writing this is. Might have been that, too." She tries to remind everybody. She nods to Seabert. "I believe that." She does know the guy pretty well, having cared for him in the caves and all. She nods at X'ian in greeting, then Pyrene's words give her a start. "Oh, that one?" She thinks for a moment. "I think I found it on the floor near the Hearth." She tilts her head. "I wasn't sure what to do with it, because it wasn't on the list of 'things to do for the day' that Marond gave me."

X'ian has every intention of ignoring Sylara's nod and walking on by - his hands sliding into his jacket pockets as he increases his pace…and then hesitates, stopping just short of passing the group. Simply standing there for a moment, he finally turns on his heel, his brows lifted and his expression difficult to read. "Sorry - What's going on, exactly?"

Ravyn relaxes as it seems the questioning isn't focused on him anymore. He quickly takes a drink of his juice, though the nervousness is definitely still there, especially as more people come up, more people and X'ian. He has heard stories…

Pyrene appears to stifle with difficulty some kind of inner explosion. "By the hearth indeed!" she snaps out. "Well, I've now got business of my own to attend to. As for the missing grain, make sure we can prove it's not the candidates. Prank or not, we're not supporting thieves in this weyr." She glares at the two unfortunates and turns on her heel - to come face to face with X'ian, who gets a sneer for being in the wrong place when she's in the wrong frame of mind. And then she's gone.

Seabert's eyes flit about as he tries to catch a glimpse of the parchment being passed around from hand to hand, but when his eyes finally do manage to see the text he is not able to comprehend all the little figures on it anyways. Throwing a sideways glance at Rayvn he gives a tired shrug and a sigh. Scooting his chair back he rises from the table, grinning amusedly at the others around the table. "Good question," he agrees to X'ian's question. "Not that this isn't fun, but I'd rather be doing chores." Liar. But he can come up with several other things he'd rather be doing. "Let me know when you have this all figured out." Stating his goodbyes he departs before any of them have a chance to call him back to the table.

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