Piccath's first flight

June 1st 2008
Logged by L'shil

Training Grounds

Ash nods, "That would be great Salea… we'll send him up in a few mins… if you want to wait here while we're hopping…" such technical terms… "Let's look him over first, L'shil… make sure he's up for it… if you would like to do the honors and check his wings and flight muscles out…" she indicates Piccath with a gloved finger as she picks her cane up

Fallanth glides in from above.
Salea lightly scales up Fallanth's mountainous neck and mounts safely between the ridges, ready to enjoy the ride.

L'shil paces back and forth eagerly, head craning to keep an eye on both Piccath and Ash. "What now?"

Trebinth rumbles, that sharding tail around S'phen's ankel, yet again. S'phen wave again at salea, the beaming grin on his face, eep, what was it about s'phen tonight?

Ash grins and walks over to the brown with Lesh… "All through this exercise we'll be looking him over for strain… we want to make sure…" she starts running a hand over the flight muscles along Piccath's side, "That he's starting out in good shape… check for small tears along the sail's edge… and swelling in the muscles of his shoulders…" she starts to examine wing… leaving the other side for you…. when she's done she starts to stride in her uneasy gait to the far side of the grounds… "let me know if and when he's good to go!" she shouts…

L'shil checks him over, eyes sparkling with excitement though his hands remain completely steady. "He's ready!"

Ash nods… though you can barely see it… "ALL RIGHT!" she shouts… "Now, Lesh… tell him what we want him to do is to 'hop' from you to me… just a nice easy take off… a long glide… and a nice easy landing…!"

Ash adds… "And no showboating!" she means it… how long were you grounded for that Ash?

L'shil blinks. "What's showboating?"

Ash chuckles, "Stunt flying… acrobatics… ! Make sure he knows to take it nice and very easy…!"

L'shil ums. "What if he's clutzy in the air, too, to begin with?"

Ash smiles… "We'll tell him how to adjust… no worries.." the words are meant to reassure… and she gives a signal to let him know he can go when he's ready

Piccath senses Pavelth speaks… like rolling thunder over the mountains « When you are ready Piccath… » to him.

Piccath hops, strong hind legs pushing hard and wings snapping out. The glide goes nicely enough, but he's picked up more speed than he thought and crash-lands with a double somersault in a huge mud-puddle.

S'phen grins up at salea having recied the reply to his quary from Trebinth.

From Fallanth's neck, Salea smiles broadly…remembering her own similar flight…or Fallanth's to be exact…"H Well Done Piccath!" Fallanth takes to the air, circling carefully above the try-ing-out-their-wings pair, the aerial view as impressive as that on the ground…"An excellent Start!"

Ash makes one of those paniced strangled noises… and a curse can be heard all the way across the training grounds… she doesn't jog over to the tumbled dragon tho… mainly because she can't… "Lesh! Get over here…" she says first checking over all of Piccath's toes… making sure claws and toes weren't broken on the haphazard landing… then moving up wingspar and bone… finally moving on to look at muscle and sail… "Tell him to lean back on the landings… he can't be doing that from altitude or he'll break something and hurt you, Lesh…"

Piccath stands up and shakes himself vigorously. See? He's just fine and dandy, the indestructable dragonet….

Piccath senses that Pavelth offers a bit of helpful advice « Lean back on your landing and extend your hind legs in front of you… use your wings to slow you down… sorta like a braking mechanism… » Pav gets technical… gotta love it

L'shil is there. On his chin. At the first hint of landing he was running for the spot, and tripped. But there he is. "Will do. I'd really rather he not do that again. We're both fine, but that won't last forever." This said propped on one elbow looking up at her.

Piccath thinks to you, « I bespoke Pavelth with: Piccath thinks « What's a braking mechanisim? How does it work? What does it do? Is it easier to land your way? » to him. »

Ash still examines the dragonet carefully… and points to the things that Lesh should be aware of when looking over his dragon in the future… fortunately all /is/ fine… amazingly enough… "Tell him, Lesh…" she smiles, "That if he falls and breaks something he'll be grounded… and no one wants that…so its important to follow Pav's advice… even if he is a bit cocky in giving it…" she leans on her cane and gives the dragon another once over, "And if what he just did doesn't hurt /him/ it /will/ hurt you…"

Piccath senses that Pavelth thinks « If you pull /up/ and snap your wings /against/ the air, it slows you down gradually and makes the landings smoother.. that way you don't tumble and you won't hurt your rider »

S'phen leans against trebinth, smiling brightly and watching weyrling with one eye while following fallanth and Salea's trek through the sky with the other. Trebinth rapped his tail 'round his middle now and watched fallanth too. though he was mor enterested in flying like he was, than anything else.

Piccath senses that Fallanth peers down excitedly from his view above. «It was magnificent! Even got all the mud puddles!<» An important point to him; a very auspicious beginning if you ask him…

L'shil grins as he stands. "Oh, but that's the thing. Right now, we're used to minor injuries. Developed an immunity to major 'uns, you might say. A lot of what hurts others just doesn't faze us. Come on, Quirky, let's try for a better one."

Ash frowns… "Lesh, I'm serious about this…" she is… but she relents and with a sigh she nods… "Let's try another short hop…" with that kind of landing /any/ WLM would be hesitant to give the dragon altitude to add to the problem…

Piccath bounds. Push, gliiide, lean up-and-push-with-wings, land in mud puddle.

Ash grins as the water splashes all over the place but at least the dragonet stays upright… "OH! GOOD SHOW…" she says approaching Piccath again to look him over… "SALEA!" she shouts… "Get ready… I think we're ready to send this one up!" she looks at Lesh… "Think he's ready for some altitude?"

Fallanth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.

L'shil beams from ear to ear. "I sure do! We're both ready to see what the world looks like from the sky!" Even if he will be down here.

Ash grins… and finishes her examination… hand running over powerful muscles… and nods.. "He's muddy… but he's ready…" she moves back… and nods to L'shil.. "When he's ready… have him go up with Fallanth and circle the grounds…"

Piccath looks at the ground, then the sky, then Fallanth, then his rider…and with a spray of mud, is *up!* Flap, flappity, flap, flap, flappity… «Fallanth, wait for meeeee!» Harder, harder, faster faster faster woosh! There's that tail, big mud-brown tail, is it getting closer?

Ash chuckles… mud… joy… "He looks good Lesh… tell him to even out… find the air to fly on…"

L'shil cheers and whistles and generally makes lots of noise and inane comments. Like, "Look! Quirky's flying!" and "He's dropping mud…" and "I'm so proud of him."

Piccath lets himself glide, just a bit, in the backdraft from Fallanth. He's not turning so much as tilting as he rounds the grounds, a gradual downward spiral back to the ground after having flung himself so frantically up.

Piccath> New wings or old, they work because suddenly you are airborne.
Piccath> Above the Training Grounds
Piccath> Weyrling pairs have trampled the ground below into the hard-packed training grounds: ash pits near the pens, targets on the walls, the occasional loose Weyrling out of control here in the gentle thermals. The Weyr curves north towards large ledges and the Hatching Grounds beyond, and south towards pens and lake. What ledges are occupied here are high above the noise and smel of the Weyrs' youngest riders.
Piccath> It is a fall evening.
Piccath> Brown Fallanth is here.

Piccath> Piccath falls quickly towards the ground.
Piccath> Training Grounds
Piccath> It is a fall evening. The light begins to fade, leaving the cold north wind and the falling rain to continue on their own.
Piccath> Brown Zenzorath, gold Rhyath, blue Pavelth, brown Keshalth, blue Odeleth, and brown Trebinth are here.
Piccath> Ash, L'shil, and S'phen are here.

Piccath falls down rapidly from above.

Ash winces, "Slow him down Lesh…" please?

S'phen watches, eyes fixed on piccath, "um?"

Piccath slows some, reluctantly. Slowly, too. He's braking more than gliding, almost flying backwards before he begins inching around the bowl for the last time. Could he be aiming for the same puddle again? Yes, he is indeed, and lands with th greates splash of all - but otherwise neatly. Yeah, got the wings thing worked out!

Ash grins… Nay… beams… even if she is all muddy… "WAY TO GO PICCATH!" she squeals as in a momentary lapse of whatever Ash makes her way a bit quicker then she should over to Piccath… "Help me check him over Lesh…" yeah, he doesn't have leather and wool gloves to ruin in all that mud… First successful flight… all is good… all is /very/ good

Pavelth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.

S'phen grins from his place beside trebinth, good job, piccath, l'shil."

L'shil runs, skips, and hops over to his lifemate, burbling praise the whole while. Hands touch, soothe, poke, prod, rub as he both checks and helps Piccath to his feet again. "Thanks, S'phen, Ash, everyone! Good luck! I think Quirky needs a bath before sleep tonight…"

Ash nods, "I think you're right…" and she takes a moment to let L'shil drown in happiness before leaning on her cane and looking about… "S'phen… you think Treb is up for it?" she says grinning…

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