A New Weyrsecond

July 6th 2004
Logged by Pyrene

Council Chambers

Lauria pauses at the entrance and then steps inside.

Pyrene sits comfortably in her usual seat, leaning forward slightly on her elbows with her fingers steepled. "Thank you for coming, Weyrsecond," she greets Lauria formally. "Do take a seat."

Lauria looks thoroughly intimidated by such a request for her presence, although it's simply the High Reaches cold that's causing her teeth to chatter. Slightly. Just the cold. She squeezes them together, coughs a few times, and nods at Pyrene. She takes a seat across from Pyrene- dusting off the seat briefly and trying to look formal.

Straight near-black hair hangs over her features as a silken night sky hangs ominously over the earth. Light shimmers only faintly as sloe fingers tickle no further than the crook of an elbow and the small of her back. A paleness draws the light towards her long face: sans freckles, sans blemishes, sans any sort of markings or coloring that could make the skin differ at points in texture and definition. Deep pools of pitch black sit as large eyes set above a small rounded nose and weatherworn lips. Eyebrows are defined as black streaks. She is taller than others of her age can be, around five foot seven, though her frame is mere bones and lanky muscle.
Made of the same fabric that Lauria's civilian-wear dress is constructed from, a tight dark blue shirt is stretched around her top half. The fabric is thick and made from wool with sleeves that stretch down to her wrists. The neckline is as high as it can be without choking the poor rider. Wool slacks dyed a pitch black are slightly loose around her legs, held up by a wherhide belt. Wherhide boots, black, stretch up to mid-calf. Her pants are tucked in them.
A triple-looped knot of blue and black entwine on her shoulder with a green thread interwoven in a double cord with one tassle - she is (one of) the weyrsecond(s) of High Reaches. She also dons a patch on her shoulder denoting her a Tsunami.
She is a young adult of about 23.

Pyrene gives a rather forced smile. "Congratulations on your appointment. Forgive me for asking, but do you know why M'nty chose you? I don't, by any means, think you unsuitable, however the announcement of a new weyrsecond /did/ come as something of a surprise to me…" She trails off, looking piercingly at Lauria and trying to gauge the girl's attitude.

"I - urhh," Lauria begins rather futily, attempting to actually come up with a good explanation than the one M'nty gave her. Happily, however, she decides on the truth, having gone on some outdated notion that she might enjoy this meeting more if she wasn't making everything up. "Thank you, Weyrwoman," she begins with pleasantries, "And other than because he trusts me, he gave me no reason. I'm glad you think me suitable. But you can be assured, Weyrwoman, that it came as much a surprise to me as it did to you. I, in fact, could not believe it for a day or two."

Pyrene's smile grows more genuine - you can tell by the introduction of 'wry' to it. "I did, some months ago, suggest to M'nty that he may want to appoint a second Weyrsecond. I, in fact, recommended Tatia for the role. By this point, I assumed he had decided against the idea, but I don't regret that he took it up, although I wish that he had given me some notice first." She considers Lauria for a moment before plunging on. "As you are now part of the 'team', I'm going to be candid. Wyn and M'nty frequently do not inform me of what issues they are dealing with or what decisions they are making." She pauses delicately. "I am not altogether happy with this protocol. As Weyrwoman I take my responsibility very seriously, and it is frustrating to find myself blind on one side like this."

Lauria cringes slightly at the mention of Tatia. It's an involuntary reaction, she has no control. And she has been hearing much more about the woman ever since she began this role of recieving reports from various rankers. "I am actually aware of that," she informs, "And I have been told not to forget you, as it were. My half-sister has tried to educate the roles of the weyrsecond to me, which include attempting to keep you as informed at M'nty. Do you have a suggestion on how to do this? I can certainly copy my condensed reports for you, as a start." She is Workable. Work with her. Or so she hopes to convey.

"Funny your sister told you that," Pyrene comments dryly. "Most of what she tells me involves me minding my business and making it clear to me that her business and mine are mutually exclusive. Despite being the rider of the one dragon that all other dragons in the Weyr will obey, I apparently need know nothing about what's going on with the riders of my Weyr." This is definitely a sore point. While she may lean back in appearance of relaxation, her hands, clenched into white-knuckled fists, and the tightness of her voice tell a different story. "A good start to keeping me informed, Lauria, is to let me know of decisions /before/ they are settled and announced to the rest of the Weyr."

Lauria sucks in slightly, apparently not aware of the extent of the sour relationship between Pyrene and Wyn. When Wyn said 'any relationship is better than me and Pyrene', it was quite accurate. "I certainly don't understand that," she starts, pausing to consider why her sister might have thought such things. "Was there a reason? Because at the moment I thoroughly agree with you." She pauses again, taking a breath, "I haven't been informed of any new decisions from M'nty other than his sudden decision to appoint me."

Pyrene shrugs one shoulder. "Let's take X'ian as our example. Wyn and M'nty recently decided to make him Weyrling Wingleader in preparation in case he, like M'nty, should find himself catapulted into being Weyrleader early. They neglected to take me into their counsel. Wyn's reasons were apparently: a: flights are complete chance - you as a female's rider know that's not quite true. B: the weyrling roster is not my affair. And c: I'm not going to be Weyrwoman forever - not that they talked to any other goldriders either, I gather." She ticks the list off her fingers and then gives Lauria another keen glance. "Have you considered that you may have been chosen /because/ you're Wyn's sister?"

"It could be a mix of both, Weyrwoman," Lauria admits, nodding. "I may have been chosen because M'nty trusts me, and I may have been chosen as well because I am Wyn's sister. But that would make sense wouldn't it? I'm working with Wyn. I'm a friend of Wyn's, and I seem to have quite a few talents she also does." Except perhaps the talent of hiding emotions, but that was simply from her raising. "I'll work easily with her." Lauria won't deny it, she's glad her partner is Wyn, if anyone. "However. I entirely agree that flights are not a complete chance - although," and here's where she goes agreeing with her sister again, "from what I've gathered, the outcome of the leadership flight for High Reaches had very little to do with your Cadgwith's choice. I suppose that was chance, but if they were preparing him…" Lauria is still a little out of the know when it comes to the specifics about X'ian, Tatia, K'nex, and all that mess. "However, I don't think the excuse that the weyrling roster is not your affair and yet is M'nty's, as well as the fact you won't be Weyrwoman forever - and neither will M'nty be Weyrleader - are valid. That seems as if they made up excuses to appease you, Weyrwoman." Mmm. Nasty.

If Lauria wanted Pyrene to feel more relaxed around her, she's succeeded. "The leadership flights are usually heavily influenced by the prevailing attitudes of the Weyr at the time - I admit Cadge rarely has preferences. In any event, I don't think the flight that made M'nty Weyrleader could be described as typical, but the overall wish of the Weyr at the time was that a rider who was not of Cloudburst should win. Nor do I think it was any coincidence that the flight that made Cadgwith and I the Senior pair was won by the previous Weyrleader. People don't like change…. I would be very surprised if Morchainth was to fly Cadgwith while that pair continue to cause so much controversy in the Weyr." She visibly forces herself off a pet subject and turns to her other theory. "Apart from keepign me informed, Lauria, I have one other favour to ask you. I do wonder if, as Wyn's sister, M'nty and Wyn unconsciously wanted a yes-woman. Remember you're your own person and have your own judgment. I'd also like you to give as much weight if not more to M'nty's opinions rather than Wyn's. I admit my prejudice against your sister, but I also feel that she is encouraging a working environment where what she says goes. You are free to disagree with me, but I'm sure you will accept the point that one person should not rule the Weyr alone." It's a carefully made point. Pyrene did a lot of thinking before this interview - one thing working with Wyn /has/ taught her.

Lauria is happy that Pyrene is happy. Especially because the Weyrsecond is finding herself more relaxed as well. "It depends on whether or not the Weyr feels masochistic," she mutters, then coughing. But she's off the subject as well, not feeling quite as informed as even Pyrene is on what's going on with X'ian. "I will not allow myself to be a yes-woman," she plainly states, a sort of promise to Pyrene. "Although, I suppose time will tell how hard it is for me to resist. I have -yet- to be involved in any major decisionmaking from M'nty. Remember that. I have no clue how I'll be treated if I was to object so something Wyn agreed with. I suppose you're correct saying that I'll probably agree with many things Wyn does. I already do. But I'll try and keep you as informed as you'd like, Pyrene. I know protocol is me to the Weyrleader, but Wyn can go to the Weyrleader just as well as I, and I'll probably have more time to go to you." As long as Pyrene doesn't mind knowing everything she possibly can know about any decision in the Weyr. "The ruling of the Weyr is taken by two, I agree."

Pyrene will take knowing everything as a refreshing change. "Of course, I don't expect you to be a yes-woman to me either," she notes. "Nice as that would be. But it's nice knowing that /somebody/ isn't against me. I'm going to have a talk with M'nty too as soon as I can pin him down. However, I want you to know that I approve of his decision. You're young… you will, obviously, want advice. As long as you don't rely on Wyn exclusively for it, I'll be happy." She regards the rider thoughtfully for a long time before appearing to shake herself out of it. "Did you have anything you wanted to ask me about?"

Lauria smiles, although her mind strains on how much time she'll spend with Pyrene versus M'nty - the man who promoted her simply on trust. "I'm not against you," quite yet, unless Pyrene gives an overwhelming reason for it, "and yes, I'm young and I had no clue what to do the night after I recieved the knot. I did immediately talk to my sister - but I would not mind knowing from you, too. What do you consider a Weyrsecond's responsibilities are?"

"To support the Weyrleader and place the welfare of the Weyr above your own loyalties," Pyrene replies glibly. "Let M'nty judge the extent of your work. For the sake of the Weyr's welfare, keep me informed. I've never been good at dealing with surprises." Dealing badly with one particular surprise nearly twenty turns ago set her on the path to the position she holds now, but that's hardly a reliable precedent. "Good luck."

Lauria nods, taking in the information as best she can, although the nod is slightly blank considering the response from Pyrene was nearly textbook. "Any personal experiences, or anything?" she attempts again, trying to get some advice not readable on the scrolls. "Other than that, however, I'll probably contact you soon enough with something-or-other in case you don't have anything now."

Pyrene shrugs one shoulder. "You can't please everybody so be true to yourself," she recites sweetly. "Oh, it's trite, but ultimately, you're going to find a lot of friends suddenly coming out of the woodwork thinking they can call in political favours. And people who wouldn't have cared what you said or did a sevenday ago will now take offence at every action. Know why you're doing something at all times. Anyway… go ahead and scoot. I've got a few things to look up of my own." She waves the girl away, looking a lot more cheerful than she did at the start of the meeting.

Lauria nods, smiling, and quickly takes off. "Alright, thanks for the meeting."

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