Mending a break in quarantine

23rd December 2003
Logged by Pyrene

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Council Chambers

Pyrene is musing through a stack of hides from the 12th turn of the pass. And looking tired, although at least she's only got redfruit juice by her side. She figured about 12 hours ago that she'd not survive a diet of wine through this. Spying M'nty, she pushes the hides to one side, relieved for a break, and looks at him. "Yes?"

M'nty enters with a not-particularily happy look on his face. In fact, he's muttering under his breath. However, he manages to stop and take a deep breath before he blurts something that he would rather not. So, in a tightly controlled voice, "I just heard a bit of news about the quarantine." M'nty speaks in a rather… unpleased… tone. "Or more rather, about something of a quarantine break."

Pyrene pulls the weary face of one hoping for good news. "A quarantine break? Already? Who? When? Where? What happened…. and all the other questions I'm too tired to ask." She sits back in her chair and pulls one foot up to massage it as she waits for the answer.

Still looking rather annoyed, M'nty shook his head. "Yes. A quarantine break." He threw a scrap of hide with hastily scribbled details down on the surface. "Azuri brought that to me… less that a candlemark ago. Apparently, Fawn is trapped inside… inside some random -bar-…" M'nty pauses as he realizes how ridiculous that sounds. Clearing his throat, he continues. "Ahh… But that's besides the point. The point is that she's being held in a quarantine when she's supposed to be here." Now, that may sound a bit lame to other's ears, but to M'nty, it makes perfect sense.

Pyrene gives him a rather blank look and then 'ohs', pulling another scrap of hide to her, this one with a list on. She hastily runs her finger down it and nods. "Fawn, Ista Hold Messenger? Was present at Cloudburst's arrival, yes?" Identification made, she then takes on the rest of what he said. "A random bar? Where is she and /how/ did she get there?"

M'nty sighs. "Yes. Ista Hold Messenger. Was present and accounted for at Cloudburst Wing arrival." He then scratches at his chin with a finger, rather perplexed. "Keroon. Actually. Herder portion, I believe. Whatever bar they have there." Keroon not being one of M'nty's destination points on his perfect vacation. "The point is that she's not -here- and I don't know how she got there." He frowns before making his point, "I just want to go fetch her back."

"But wouldn't /you/ be breaking quarantine at that point," Pyrene points out rationally. She puts her foot down and rests her elbows on the table and her chin on her hands: the classic thinking pose. "She must have talked a dragonrider into taking her to Keroon. So that's one person to flay. Alright, M'nty. Since you're worried about it and you know her, I want you to find out - via firelizard - what happened and what Keroon think. If Keroon give you any problems or have any questions about the plague, pass them on to me or Ike. Otherwise, report back to me when you've got it sorted out." Definition of 'sorted out' is left unspecified.

"No… actually. If I were going from one quarantined place to another, for the same reason, wouldn't I still be in quarantine?" M'nty points out, rather reasonably in his mind. He then nods, and sighs. "Right. Firelizards. I can do that. I'll tell you what we figure out with those bar-bound, I suppose." M'nty scritches at his nose, mildly annoyed, but also a bit embarassed. "Right. So… I suppose I'll just leave you to your work then."

Pyrene is in a delegating mood. "Yes, yes… Let me know how you get on, but don't feel you have to give me a running commentary on the process." She's got enough on her plate and she knows how young people can be when they first take on some responsibility.

M'nty sighs once more. He had wanted the go-ahead just to take off and rescue her. The note had been more of the tone of them holding her hostage than anything else. But this would have to do. "Fine. I can do that. I'll report back once a decision is made." He looks as if he was about to salute… and thinks better of it. "Ah… Well then, I'll see you soon." And with that, he turned to go out the door.

Pyrene flaps her hand casually at him. "Right. Good luck." And she's back to her hides, although by the glazed look of her eyes, it's entirely possible she's not reading them.

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