Quara gets Searched!

13th November 1999
Logged by D'renn

Central Bowl
It is a winter noon. The air is filled with cascading white snowflakes.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Zhaneel, Boingy, Vanitas, Kynance, Yum-Yum, Saturnax, Sassinak, and Blueblue.
Brown Sevareth, blue Jakith, green Zaqith, and green Yshanth are here.

Karen steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Karen notices you looking at her and gives you a good one over before turning back to what she was previously engaged in. You notice her long, curly, brown hair falls to around her waist. She does not seem to be that tall, maybe a little over 5 feet tall, and has sparkling brown eyes.
She is wearing a simple light blue shirt with matching pants..Not one for fashion. And when she has to head out into the fields a worn pair of overhalls is added to the mess.
A knot with a double cord, single loop, a long tail and one lone tassle is made of black and blue threads with yellow and white threads intertwined into it to signify she is a Herder Journeyman and is posted at High Reaches Weyr as WeyrHerder.
Karen is 23 Turns, 6 months, and 15 days old.

D'renn waves down at Karen. "Lift's here!"

Karen trudges in, bag slung over her back. When she hears the voice of the DragonRider she looks up and waves. "Heyho, ride's here." She continues over to the big dragon. "I can't thank you enough for giving me a ride down to Keroon. The Craftsecond has been wanting to talk to me for turns it seems." She looks at the massive dragon closer then.."Could ya help me up though??" Karen's never mastered the whole getting up on dragon thing..

D'renn looks this way, looks that way, and finally with a sigh slithers down Trydanth's side. "Upsa-daisy…. grab the straps and haul yourself up," he offers Karen.

Karen looks up toward the dragon again and sighs slightly. Finally mustering some courage she grabs the straps and starts to pull. After some finagling she ends up on the dragon. Amazing.
Karen scrambles up to settle herself between spiked neckridges.

Trydanth makes a move, once his passenger's aboard. "Buckle in," D'renn instructs, offering the straps to Karen. "And hold tight."

You take off.
Above the Bowl

Karen secures the straps around her waste and holds onto the rider. This much she can do. She peers over the edge of the dragon as he takes off. At least it isn't too cold yet. Doesn't want to freeze her butt off up here..

"Going between any moment now…" D'renn threatens as Trydanth circles, with no consideration for his passenger at all.

You visualize Sky Over Keroon Hold for Trydanth.
Trydanth thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

- - And we went between while my computer crashed! - -

You glide downward to the courtyard below.
Great Courtyard
This large, well-kept courtyard is often a bustle of activity. Carts roll by, their beasts braying and making all manner of animal noises as then trudge on through to the inner courtyard. Drudges bustle back and forth on their various errands. The smooth rocky ground is kept swept clean of growing plants and mosses, staunch tradition upheld. Two large bronze doors, each inlayed with a rearing runner facing inwards towards each other, lead into the hold. Smaller doors off to each side lead to the infirmary and tavern respectively. A tall wall, decorated with reliefs of frolicking runners, surrounds the courtyard and leads up to the great tower, which along with the lesser tower, flank the large iron gates leading out of the hold, to the ramp and beyond. The watch wher's den is snug up against the smaller of the two towers. Reliefs of familiar frolicking runners dance about the courtyard walls, flanking the hold crest that decorates the middle of each wall.
During the night the storm front moved through the area. The winds howled for several hours and then quieted. But the wind was only the herald for what followed. Large flakes of pristine white soon began to fall and continue to fall throughout the day. Soon, all of Keroon is blanketed with wet, fluffy snow.
Perched on the iron gates are Catherine, Spur, and Etoile.

Slither slither slither, all the way down Trydanth's side you go…

Karen slithers down Trydanth's side with only minimal help from the blue.

"Wow, more snow," D'renn complains, dismounting easily and reaching to help Karen. If she needs it.

Karen can get down..It's squirming her way up that gives her the problems.."Well, it's not as bad as 'Reaches. I'll give it that.." She looks around and hopes the Apprentices brought all of the animals to a safer place out of this stuff..

"We've got better snow," D'renn declares, kicking one foot through the low drifts. Trydanth seems to agree to, snuffling at the flakes with disinterest. "So where was it you needed to go, Karen?"

Karen peers at the same snow drifts that Tyr is wuffling.."They are kinda puny things aren't they??" But you don't have to fight your way through the snow though…She hmms then.."Oh, I need to go inside the hall for a bit..Then off to the Herder part.." Yep..

"Alright, in we go…. I can get some klah." D'renn replies, heading towards the doors and inside.

You go to the The Hitching Post.
The Hitching Post
A warm and cheery atmosphere surrounds this large room, sending a rather homey and welcome feel throughout the room, as if the room itself is inviting everyone in, residents and travelers alike. Round mahogany tables are set out over the stained wood flooring, randomly, chairs set scattered around them. Booths line the northern and southern walls. Along the eastern wall is the bar, dark stained wood showing many ages of use, yet still encompassing a laid back charm, and stools which sit along the bar for those wishing just for a quick drink and a little chit-chat. Across the room, inset into the wall, is a large hearth, always kept hot with a pot of klah constantly being refreshed. Glows are hung here and there, keeping the room lit with an even glow, soft and warm. Beautiful portraits of the more famous and successful runners bred at the hold over turns gone by hang upon the walls,
Sitting above the hearth are Louis, Fyrie, Popper, Alyze, Setzer, Pretty, Larz, Faris, Windu, Gavin, Lattice, and Simon.
You see Tibbie and bubblie here.

Etoile glides gracefully in from the Great Courtyard.

Quara walks in from the Kitchen.

Soft vermilion, tinged with hints of saffron, curls delicately around a heart-shaped face. Brilliant celadon eyes glitter like gems, rimmed with a rich jade that stands out next to her creamy, soft skin. A snubbed nose, slightly turned up, hosts a spill of freckles, which haphazardly brush her cheeks. This unique face sits atop a far more common body, one muscled from work, yet still vibrant with a youth that flees so quickly. Slightly under average height, her full, curvaceous frame boasts a rich, powerful alto with a slight rasp able to undercut a crowd, one that might, perhaps, still even the rowdiest of festivalgoers.
Basic, serviceable clothing serves its purpose, with the occasional spill of food or drink to show for it. A light, soft blouse of creamy muslin boasts simple embroidery around the collar and sleeves, as well as several stains of varying size. Pale peridot swaths a cotton skirt, the heavy folds swirling about her feet, the occasional frayed hemline skimming the floor. Worn leather boots, scuffed heavily, are laced securely onto her feet, although they seem in danger of falling apart, rather than off. Her wild curls are partially confined by a soft ribbon, in the same ubiquitous peridot, with a bright emerald edging. The ribbon ripples over her hair, apparently attempting to escape the scarlet jungle and seek haven elsewhere as it slides off.
Silver Ring rests quietly on Quara's finger… for now.
Two cords, entwined white and peridot, loop once with a small tail, informing those who see it that she is a Hostess at Keroon.
Quara is 18 Turns, 7 months, and 7 days old.

Karen bounces in from the Great Courtyard.

D'renn trots in, brushing snow from his crocus-coloured leathers, and closely followed by some daft Herder. As if there weren't enough in Keroon already…. "G'day."

Karen yawns slightly and follows the dragon rider in..Flying around on them colorful creatures always makes her sleepy for some reason, no matter how long. Apprentice Master eyes the other person in the room as she looks around, but offers her greetings as well. "G'day."

Quara dashes in from the kitchen to glare icily at a bronze firelizard. "Why, you… I was busy!" she growls. The soft greeting is enough to make her whirl around, startled. "Oh! I… I'm sorry. Can I get you anything?" she inquires, blushing. The bronze, apparently quite cheeky, only chirples what sounds like an 'I-told-you-so'.

Noqual walks in from the Dining Hall.

Nevris walks quietly in from the Great Hall.
Nevris walks in smiling, "Hello everyone." Nevris then goes to get a mug of klah.

"Klah!" D'renn declares, looking curiously about the tavern as he strides over towards the hostess, blue eyes looking her up and down assessingly.

Windu looks remarkably justified as he snags a meatroll and drags it away, sneaking out of Quara's range. Just in case.

Hella blinks in from ::between::!

Lattice chirrups when she notices her human pet enter.

Karen yawns again and smiles slightly to the obvious harried Hostess. "A klah would be wonderful for me as well." Herder AM isn't quite as outspoken as the dragonrider..But still loud enough to be heard..

Rukh blinks in from ::between::!

Nevris calls to Lattice, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Hurrying over, she snags two mugs and fills them to the brim with steaming hot klah. "Here you are. Can I get you anything else?" She looks a bit flustered, what with the sudden influx of people.
OOC: Quara merfles. Dat was me.

Nevris notices how busy Quara is she gets her own mug of klah then whispers to Quara, "Need any help?"

Karen pulls the one mug of klah toward herself and takes a careful sip. "I don't need anything else, thank you." Just this nice warm seat is fine for her at this moment. Build up her courage to go and face the CraftSecond and tell her why she hasn't come down to the Hall recently for updates and new Apprentices.

D'renn perches his yellow-leathered behind on a table, taking the mug and giving Quara a grateful smile. "It's cold out there… I wasn't expecting to go from snow /to/ snow," he replies, peering again at the girl's face.

Quara shakes her head softly. "I'll be fine, thanks," she murmurs to Nevris, although her appearance might belie her words. "Of course. 'Tisn't the best weather for travel, it isn't." She takes a breath and then glances about the tavern, looking to make sure that everyone's settled.

Nevris smiles and then goes to sit down.

Trydanth> Trydanth is bored, waiting again. So what does he do? Start scratching a pile of snow together, that's what.

Gavin hops along the bar, clumsily making his way over to Windu. His large eyes gaze out at the crowd, the young blue apparently rather nervous.

Karen takes a larger sip from her mug and looks up toward the Hostess. "You can say /that/ again.." she mumbles slightly under her breath. Too cold for travel, too cold to do any herding, to cold to do much of anything without freezing..

D'renn tilts his head, clearly thinking of something else. "Stupid blue," he mutters, and starts to take off his jacket, settling it over the back of a chair with its purple fringes dangling. "What's your name, sweets?" he enquires of the hostess.

Noqual falls asleep.

Nevris takes out a bit of wherry for her little green and then sips at her klah.
Nevris finishes off her klah and then stands to go.
Nevris goes home.

Quara nods to the herder, although her own pale face would imply she's spending her winter comfortably indoors. "Oh, ah, I'm Quara, sir." She glances over to Gavin at the mention of a stupid blue, her thoughts easily figured out.

Windu offers a bit of meatroll to Gavin, and he takes a stance as a protector of sorts. He glares menacingly at the crowd, although none but Quara have even glanced their way.

Rukh suddenly disappears ::between::!

"Quara." D'renn's attention drifts off again, this time to his klah mug. "That's a pretty name - Trydanth likes it too," he adds, unnecessarily.

Karen raises an eyebrow as she glances back toward D'renn. Trydanth likes it too? She sends an involuntarily glance out the door and in the general direction of where the dragon must be sitting outside. Interesting.. She glances back toward Quara then. "So, Quara, what else do you do around this place?" General chit-chat..

Quara smiles. "Thank you, sir." She glances to the door briefly and shivers, most likely from a draft. Shifting closer to the hearth, she shuffles over to the bar and takes a mug for herself, pouring the klah into it and then sipping, careful not to scald herself.
Quara looks over to Karen. "Oh, not much. There's usually a nice crowd in here, especially with the snows we've been getting lately. It's far warmer in here than outside, though, so I don't mind." Casting a quick look around the room, she checks up on everyone. Luckily for her, they're not in need of anything.

The door wobbles a little in its frame, causing D'renn to turn and glare. "Stop it," he grumbles, to the wind? Who knows?

Karen glances back toward D'renn again. The man's talking to himself again. Great. She smiles toward Quara in hopes of keeping the girl's attention away from the mumbling dragonrider.."That I will agree with. It definately is pretty cozy in here." Much better than her freezing knick in the wall at the 'Reaches..Yep..

"Stop it," D'renn repeats much louder, staring fixedly at the door for a long moment. One last wriggle of the door hinges, and D'renn swivels back around on his perch, to beam at Quara. "Quara. Hmmm."

Quara looks quite willing to talk, as the demands on her time are curiously lessened. "Oh, indeed. Far better than some rickety old boat." She turns to D'renn, blinking. "Yes? Can I get you something?"

"My, erm, my dragon wants to see if you're as pretty as your name." D'renn admits, a look of almost hopeless desperation contorting his thich black eyebrows together. "I know it's cold out there, but… humor him?"

And the door wobbles again, this time a snort clearly heard through it.

Rukh blinks in from ::between::!
Gendo glides in from the Great Courtyard.

Quara looks taken aback. "He what?" She looks to the door and the frigid outdoors. Well, that explains the muttering. "I suppose so. Where is he?" The door's wobble and the accompanying snort are quite solid clues, really.

"Outside, of course," D'renn declares, finishing off his klah and looking longingly into the mug before he sets it down, and hops off the table. Striding to the door, he wrenches it open to reveal a snow-flecked blue muzzle, easily taking up more than half the doorway.

Karen tries not to start laughing at the look on D'renn's face and the now identified dragon snuffling. Oh dear. The dragon's on a quest to see the Hostess…She sets down her klah and walks toward where D'renn is standing at the door. This she has to see.

Quara chokes back a startled gasp at the sudden appearance of blue in the doorway. She peers at it closely. Glancing to Gavin and back, she notices the resemblance and calms down. Mostly, anyway. "That's him?" she inquires, a slight quaver in her voice.

Karen continues to try to contain her laughter at the snow-speckled blue muzzle that's peeking in the doorway. "I'd say that's him."

"That's him," D'renn answers blandly, voice shading to anger as he shoves at the large nose. "Get out, out, out, stupid thing, it's /cold/….." As if Trydanth didn't know this. The blue backs away from the door, letting D'renn slip out and stand next to his lifemate. "Come out where he can see you," he instructs.

You go to the Great Courtyard.
Great Courtyard
Perched on the iron gates are Catherine, Spur, and Marrak.
Blue Trydanth is here.

Karen bounces in from the The Hitching Post.
Quara walks in from the The Hitching Post.
Hella glides in from the The Hitching Post.
Rukh glides in from the The Hitching Post.
Etoile glides gracefully in from the The Hitching Post.

D'renn pushes Trydanth some more, his efforts not taking any effect at all. Trydanth moves because he wants to: first backing up so he regard everyone with brightly green eyes, then stepping forward again, and whuffling warm air vigorously over…. Karen.

Karen follows D'renn and the dragon out of the tavern and into the coldness again. Why, she has no clue. Probably just a desperate need for entertainment would explain it at this moment. She's never seen a dragon act so silly.

Pacem blinks in from ::between::!

Coibre strides in from the Great Hall.
Coibre strides into the courtyard, looking none to pleased as he pauses and looks around for someone.

Quara takes a step forward, then another, until she crosses the room and exits, to stand in the snow, her teeth chattering. "Shards, it's cold!" she exclaims, folding her arms. "Oh! M'lord Holder." She looks a bit nervous, the presence of such authority, and so stern, a nearly tangible force to her.

Karen augs slightly as she gets dragon nose in her face. "Oh, come on Try," She tries to push the dragon nose away.."No, stop it I say. I don't want to be whuffled. You wanted to see Quara so see her." There's the way to be authorative. Yep.

Gavin glides in from the The Hitching Post.

"Nonono, that's /Karen/," D'renn protests, slapping his dragon's nose again. "Leave her be, we just brought her from the Reaches!" And pushing with a little more effect at Trydanth's nose, he points the blue at Quara. "/That's/ her."

Gavin flaps his way outside, practically halting in midair at the sight of what could be a very big replica of himself. Screeching, he dives for Quara.

Quara calls to Gavin, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Quara looks at the sights, the group's antics combined enough to get her to giggle, although it might be as much from stress as amusement. She reaches out and cradles Gavin in her arms, stroking his head softly.

Karen yeahs. Leave the poor Herder AM be. Although she did get warmed up a bit from the dragon wuffles. That's a plus. She wipes a bit of escaped dragon drool off of her face and hmphs to herself.

Coibre takes in the scene before shaking his head as he heads directly towards the one pushing at the blue's snout. "Keroon's duty to the Weyr, Rider" He greets formally before taking a step back, his gaze moving across those assembled.

"Lord Holder," D'renn manages to reply as formally as possible, seeing as he's pushing at Trydanth's nose. Trydanth himself steps back again, fixing his whirling gaze on Quara. Finally. At least Karen escaped without being drooled on.

Trydanth thinks to you, « I bespoke Quara with « You are as pretty as your name. I like you. » »

Quara recovers her composure slowly, backing up slightly as Coibre's gaze falls upon her. Suddenly, she gasps and jumps, making Gavin squeak in startlement. "Oh! What was th-that?" She looks around. "I don't think this is funny," she says, although she comes across more frightened than angry.

A smile tugs at Coi's lips as he follows the dragon's gaze to rest on Quara. Not being a stranger to such events and having somewhat of a clue, he settles back against the wall of the hold…watching quietly.

"Nah, definitely not funny," D'renn agrees, thumping Trydanth's oblivious cheek. The blue lets forth a huff of warm breath, right over Quara. D'renn turns to Coibre however. "Lord Holder, I would like to formally request permission to ask Quara to be a Candidate for High Reaches' forthcoming clutch…." And then he spoils the formality with a wink at Quara.

Coibre glances towards Quara, there is no mistaking the warmth and pride in his expression. He turns back to D'renn and nods. "It is indeed an honor for Keroon."

Karen finishes wiping the last bit of draggie slobber away. No drool clumps landed on her at least..Aug..Then she raises an eyebrow and understand dawns in her eyes. Of course. That's why the dragon was having a spazz. Why he was drooling on her, she doesn't know, but she's glad he stopped. Hmph.

Quara blanches several shades paler, a truly remarkable change giver her normal winter pallor. "You w-what?" Increludity crosses her face as she looks at D'renn and Trydanth in turn. "Impossible," she murmurs, shocked.

D'renn nods, formal again, to the Lord Holder. "Thank, Lord Coibre…." Turning back to Quara, he rests a hand on Trydanth's muzzle as the blue snuffles again. "So Quara, want to come be a Candidate?" the 'lingmaster asks in a much more informal tone - and with a much more informal expression.

Quara looks dumbfounded, her mouth opening and closing several times before she finds her voice. "I-I'd love to." She pauses, thinking. "I can go get my things, can't I?" she asks, concern partially replacing her bemusement.

Trydanth stretches forth a paw to pat the snow-mound he was attempting to make. "Be quick, then," D'renn directs to Quara, giving his blue a loving pat on the nose, happy with Trydanth now that he's not trying to knock down doors.

Quara nods, dashing off quickly to the warmer indoors for her few belongings.
Quara walks to the Tavern.

Coibre settles back to watch, considering the scene with a rather thoughtful expression before he asks quietly, "Next time you come on search..perhaps you won't try to take the hold apart?" Expression almost solemn, save for the rather amused look in his eyes.

Quara walks in from the The Hitching Post.

D'renn scratches his neck, just inside his collar. "Aye, sorry about that…. Trydanth wanted to see what she looked like." He's apologetic, truly, though Trydanth just huffs snowflakes over his rider. "Karen, where are you going now?" he checks with the herder.

Quara returns, her clothes in a small bag, and her firelizards arrayed on her shoulders. She stands there, watching, as she waits to be noticed.

Etoile circles a couple of times, then disappears ::between::!

Trydanth notices her, never fear, and huffles again. It's becoming his favourite way of warming up Candidates-to-be.

Karen chuckles slightly as she watches the amusing scene. She looks back toward the rider though as she hears her name mentioned. "Well, I'm off to see the CraftSecond. I can stay down here for a bit until someone has the chance to come back down for me if you need to head back up to the 'Reaches with Quara.." Nice offer isn't it?

Coibre glances at the doorway to the Tavern with a rather measuring look before he nods. "Maybe we should make that bigger.' But then he sees Quara and steps back, "Good Luck, Quara…enjoy your time and we'll be there when the eggs crack."

D'renn nods again to the Lord Holder, turning then to tell Karen: "I'll come down and fetch you, or despatch someone else, don't worry." Finally, the bluerider turns to Quara. "Up you get then…. hop onto Trydanth's foreleg and grab for the straps…."

Coibre backs off with a final murmered farewell…and strides back into the hold.
Coibre strides to the Great Hall.

Karen nods slightly toward D'renn. "I'll be waiting whenever you're ready." Not in the cold though, somewhere in the Herder Hall where it's nice and warm. She gives a nod toward Quara. "Congratulations Quara. I'll be seeing you again I hope."

Quara blinks. "Thank you, m'lord." She manages a clumsy curtsey before turning to the blue. Nervously, she jumps up and snatches at the straps, catching them with one hand.

M'lord? Hopefully Quara didn't mean D'renn…. "Up you get," he reiterates, Trydanth twisting back his head to nudge the girl.

Quara is left to hang there momentarily, and she takes the opportunity to nod to Karen. Then she clambers up.
Quara scrambles up to settle herself between spiked neckridges.

Up you scramble, settling twixt spiked neckridges.
Trydanth [Great Courtyard]

D'renn passes back the riding straps. "Now buckle in well, and mind your firelizards behave going between…."

Quara holds on tightly, her apparent discomfort due to lack of experience riding a dragon. "Okay," she murmurs, wrapping the straps tightly around herself and then sending a stern message to her trio. "Be good, eh?"

You leap upward and take to the air.
Sky Over Keroon Hold

D'renn checks back again on Quara as Trydanth rises and circles. "We're going between now….."

Trydanth zings ::between::!
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…
Black… Blacker… Blackest…

Above High Reaches
Trydanth appears from ::between:: like a bolt of blue lightning.

You abandon the view from high above the bowl and circle lower, passing the Spires and Star Stones on the way down.
Above the Bowl

Quara nods nervously, although between is in theory something she's familiar with. She gasps, the shock of true cold being quickly replaced by the mild warmth of the air. "Oh! It's beautiful."

"Was that your first time between?" D'renn asks, solicitous now that they've nearly arrived. Trydanth spirals down slowly through the cold air.

Wings tired? Or you just want to feel solid earth beneath your paws…
Central Bowl
It is a winter afternoon. The clouds blanket the sky, and snow is still falling relentlessly. The air is cold but not bitterly so, as the cloud cover insulates the earth in the unseen rays of the setting sun.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Zhaneel, Boingy, Kynance, Yum-Yum, Saturnax, Sassinak, and Blueblue.
Brown Sevareth, blue Jakith, green Zaqith, and green Yshanth are here.

Slither slither slither, all the way down Trydanth's side you go…

From Trydanth's neck, Quara nods. "It was…" she trails off, looking around at her new surroundings. "How beautiful."
Quara slithers down Trydanth's side with only minimal help from the blue.

D'renn reaches to help her down, belongings too. "This a-way…" he offers by way of answer, turning towards the caverns and beckoning for Quara to follow. He's so obviously used to the Reaches that its beauty is of little importance.

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns

Quara walks in from the Central Bowl.

Living Caverns> Yes, that was D'renn moving through the caverns rather briskly, a luggage-laden young lady in tow…. Has he stolen someone for his harem?

Deeper, darker, narrower… passages kink and twist into the Weyr.
Inner Caverns

Quara moves in from the Caverns.

You survived! Escaping through the heavy canvas curtain you arrive here…
Candidate Barracks
Resting atop the doorframe are Selkie, Cornflower, Lox, Dana, Cray, Felician, Pix, Tremayne, Jaibyrd, Pyk, Tango, Litza, RazorThorn, Larson, and Aria Moon.
Auri is here.

Quara escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

"Here you go… your new home," D'renn offers, waving around expansively. "Find yourself a cot - the best ones are probably gone already, mind."

Living Caverns> "Oh!" Nearly falling backwards from her chair, Lylia grins happily. "D'renn leading a person I don't recognize? Could it be…?" Her brilliant smirk is turned to Tyara.

Quara nods. "Thank you." She selects one, settling her bag on it with a nice *plop*.

D'renn waves his hands around now…. "There you go, settle in!"

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