Scavenger Hunt: Wet Feetsies Log


Tilla finishes making a second laundry pile on the bench and sits down for a second, winded. It may be because of the steam or because the baths were just a /mess/ before the laundry duty saddled candidates came in. Or both. Something. She eyes the wet and still somewhat dirty floor, imagining lots of mopping to be done.

Coming in with his clothing folded carefully under one arm and his boots held in the other hand, Mikah sets the clothing aside and the boots next to them and slips into the hot water to allow him to immerse his body and feel the soothing heat seep into his body.

Tilla looks up, blearily, her eyes were misting with the steam in the room."Afternoon, Mikah. Don't mind us" she gestures towards Feilan and herself. "We're just doing laundry duty and picking up the messes people leave in here" She makes a face. So many messes. Bleh. Laundry duty is mentally added on her list of least favorite chores, right under mopping.

"Alright." Mikah says nodding his head a little bit as he sinks a little bit more into the water enjoying the feel of the heat. Leaning his head a little bit back so it's partially in the water.

Tilla gets up again, she better get back to the laundry room before she gets yelled at ..again. She gets up, and makes her way towards yet another dirty clothes and towels pile and almost slips on whatever it was that Feilan said he saw earlier. Something very slippery..soap? Something. She regains her footing, takes another step, and almost falls. But this time, there's a casualty. A large towel falls off her towel pile, and Mikah's head is in its path of descent.

The towel does fall on his Mikah's face, but he just lays there with the towel over his face for a moment, before he shifts, slipping into the water and then out from under the towel. Yawning softly, the boy moves back to the edge, resting his head against it.

Tilla regains her footing, and grabs the towel. "I'm so.." she starts to say but notices the boy is half asleep. And then, idea! She uses the towel she fished out of the water to reach over, envelop Mikah's boots that were placed behind the boy, and grab them quietly, in the hopes that he did not see. She makes her way back out to her laundry baskets, and slips the boots in, covering them with towels until they are pretty much invisible.

Soaking in the water, Mikah doesn't notice his boots being picked up by Tilla. His eyes are mostly closed at this point as he drifts towards falling asleep. It's been a very long time.

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