Scavenger Hunt: Vos's Stuff is Trashed Log

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Perched on a few empty cots are five firelizards.
You see Iasri's Cot, Hari's Cot, Denalia's Cot, Feilan's Cot, Vostarik's Cot, Jhairecki's Cot, Rhaenyra's Cot, Tilla's Cot, Rozalija's Cot, Shivahn's Cot, Iasri's Cot, Isabeau's Cot, Name Board, Candidate High School Yearbook (Winter 08), and Duckling here.
You notice Shivahn, Hari, Inesa, Dredos, Erarei, Iasri, Jhairecki, Darden, Isabeau, Feilan, and Vostarik asleep here.
Denalia and Rozalija are here.
Obvious exits:

Break time was like a sunny day back home in Southern. The best thing in the world for a candidate! Rozalija was dragging herself back in, hands raw and red from work in the laundry room. "F-faranth… More and more laundry duties. It never ends," she whines as she drags herself. Her amber eyes do glance around, flushing as she realizes she was speaking aloud. Only to realize that the cots were nearly all neatly made and empty, and she was one of the few that didn't want to be anywhere else during her break.

Tilla shuffles into the barracks herself. Looking to catch a break between pruny hands, sore muscles and aching legs from standing and trying not to slip in puddles of water. Ah. The barracks are all could this be? She makes her way over to her cot, pondering a nap. When..oh! Its a Roza. "Hey" she waves. Sitting down on her cot, she takes off her sandals, stretching her feet.

In contrast, Denalia's cot is Not Neat, and definitely not empty. The ex-guard sits amongst her sheets, picking a writing utencil in her teeth as she stares down at a journal in her lap… But at the sound of Roza and Tilla entering, Deni's ice blue gaze glances up to catch the two in action. "Hello," is muttered softly, before she returns to her ponderings, obviously not too intrigued by the other two candidates just yet.

Rozalija starts heading away from her cot towards the other sides of the barracks when she stops at th sound of someone coming up behind her. She starts and swivels around with wide eyes. "T-tilla!" The shy teen did not realize the other girl heading in the same direction, and she raises a hand to her chest and then— jumps again. "F-faranth," she gasps out towards Denalia. "D-didn't see you there, D-deni." She turns and moves towards her cot instead, sitting down on the edge with a sigh and her head low. "I… I guess I'm just really tired."

Tilla notes Denalia with a bit of surprise. "Hey Denalia" is offered, but seeing as how the girl is otherwise occupied, not more than that does she say at this time. And, to Rozalija "I can understand that. Its usually so noisy around here…and having it so quiet is a rare treat. Ceria finally let you go on break too eh? I think after the last time when we skipped out early to go eat, she wants to chain us while doing laundry duty or something.." she shrugs, twiddling with a loose piece of thread from her sleeve.

Delphi dives under Tilla's cot, and makes odd rustling noises to the point where you don't really know whose cot he's under.

"It's not like I'm /hidden/," Deni remarks in a rather brash tone, shaking her head in 'disappointment' at the other girl, before shrugging and setting down her journal… For now. "I suppose it never occurred to you that that quiet could be maintained," she sparkles undelightfully at Tilla, but, considering she doesn't seem to angry… "But, I suppose it doesn't matter, now. I don't envy you, laundry duty. I've been doing everything I possible can to get out of it, lately. It's done me well, thankfully." She raises her hands, showing them off with a sly smirk. "No wrinkles. It's wonderful." Her eyes flit about for a moment, wondering what the source of the noise is.. But, she shrugs it off, for now.

"S-sorry," is the automatic squeak from Rozalija to Denalia in that tone that might imply 'Please don't hurt me!' She winces as well, and looks away from the direction of the guard. "S-she had. I f-finally got all the stains out of those towels and…" she sighs and holds up her own raw hands from scrubbing so much. "I-I keep getting laundry. I just can't do that… I-I still am no good at finishing up fast enough, and Ceria kept getting angry at me." Though who didn't get angry at the clumsy candidate. She picks at her clothes now, avoiding looking around for the noise or meeting the other candidates' eyes.

A scrabbling noise is heard and if you were looking under the cots, you'd see a flash of blue flit hide and talons weaving about under the beds in a playful manner. *chirp! chirr!*
Tilla raises an eyebrow and lies flat on her cot on her stomach peering over the edge. "Delphi, what are you doing?" She shrugs. "I have no idea. I think her arthritis was getting to her today which is why she was extra cranky" And to Denalia "Nice hands, I remember when I had ones like those" She holds her own up with a rueful grin. Knees are bent so that her feet are almost touching her bottom, and she peers under the beds. "Huh, some interesting things under the cots here.."

Denalia rolls her eyes, clearly not impressed at Rozalija's attempt at apologizing — but more at one fact, that she voices clearly. "Ya know, people might take you a little more seriously if you didn't stutter. Ever happen to have a mindhealer take a look at you, or is it just.. something you can't help?" Quizzical, but, not brash; at least for now, Deni doesn't sound TOO invasive. "Hmmph." A displeased glance is sent Delphi's way when Tilla voices the source of the noise. "Well, I wouldn't call them nice…" Her gaze focuses back at her hands again. "But not wrinkly. And that's just fine with me. I'll take callouses, bruises, scrapes and cuts any day. But feeling rubbery… Well, I'd rather not feel like a drudge half of the day." Smirk!

Rozalija's dark skin turns an even nicer shade of dark cherry red as Denalia's words catch up to her. She shakes her head slowly and peeks over. "I-I don't care if they take me seriously or not. I don't bother and… and I can't help it." She tucks her chin in and sighs before lifting it up this time and looking this time at her directly. At least for a good long moment. "I don't know a m-mindhealer." Damn! Almost. Her head snaps around to Tilla that her hair slaps her face a bit. "Stuff? Oh… Oh, shells. We'll /all/ be in trouble if someone's been… You know, messy." She leans down now, onto the floor, to glance under the cots at said interesting stuff.

*Chirr!* *Rustle* *Bump* More weird noises coming from the blue flit who took a trip. Seems to be coming from under Vostarik's cot..or Feilan's..or in between somewhere…

Tilla keeps on peering under the beds. "Yea, looks like some socks..alot of dust..some clothes.." She raises an eyebrow in disbelief, seems like the riders have been lax in making sure everyone is keeping things neat and tidy in here with all the drama. "Delphi..get out of there..that's not yours.." She sharply chides her flit, hoping he'll hop over her way instead.

Denalia nods, if slowly, to Rozalija's response. "Well, I understand right now there's not much you can do… But don't let it bring you don't if you can help it." Rather nice advice, coming from the scraggily blonde haired girl, who even attempts a smile; it doesn't last for very long, though. "Ah. Well, if you need one, there's always Wyn.. But she's busy." She shrugs her shoulders, not really too concerned, herself. "Better learn to control your firelizards," she says a little sharply, as she begins to crawl under her covers. "If you Impress, they might piss off one of the other weyrling dragons, and — well. Some dragons don't like firelizards, much." Grumble mumble.

Rozalija tries to smile back at Denalia, but it's obvious that the tough guard initimidates her… Like everyone else does. "I… I won't. And I don't really need one, t-thanks." Damnit. Now she was blushing again from embarrassment. "I can fix it, really," she says in almost a clear tone, though softly. On the floor, she reaches with a hand to pluck at some of the clothes that had been dragged under hers. Then she starts crawling towards the firelizard. "Someone's got to do something about this. S-seriously going to get in trouble if they find out, even if… if they haven't been checking up on us a lot." She sighs and stops near the boys' cots. Vostarik in general. Look at her! The candidates' personal drudge.

*Rustle* *Bump* *shuffle* It almost looks like the little blue has gotten caught in something. *Creel!* Or maybe, found a prize? What in the world?

Tilla gets off her bed and goes over to investigate. "He is usually better behaved..but he's still young" She shakes her head. "I'll have to be more strict with training if I impress. Maybe then I can get my dragon to help me." She nods. Crouching, she's on her hands and knees near Vos's cot. "Roza can you see what he's caught in? Looks like something white.." She squints. There's several things thrown under there. Tsk Tsk, Vos! Messy boy.

Denalia snickers, merely shaking her head. "MMkay. Try to keep it down a little.. I'm gonna get some shut-eye before my morning shift tomorrow. Take it easy." As if she wasn't even there at all, Deni disappears beneath her sheets, and almost instantly begins breathing deep and heavily. Well, if you live with a bunch of rowdy boys for several Turns, you learn how to sleep through noise, right?

"At least Ditto doesn't get into too much trouble," Rozalija says with a soft sigh. In fact, her own shy firelizard was rarely seen, though sometimes his brown form was spotted curled up on her cot. Some didn't even realize the girl had one of the flying stomachs. Rozalija drops a mess of stuff on Vostarik's bed and then leans down again. "Aw! The poor guy," she says as she reaches for the white fabric to entangle the firelizard. With a few good tugs! She wasn't too careful about that, and eventually pulls out— "W-well… they might not be Vos's undies." But she's definitely blushing about that. It goes in the pile, too. "I… I bet he'd like for me to do his laundry, too." He might just tell her to do it were he there.

*Chirr. SQUAk!* Delphi is a bit indignant, being relieved of his oh so smelly prize. He grabs at it with his little teeth but is overpowered by Roza's tugging. Defeated, he scuffles out into the main aisle, and hops back onto Tilla's bed. HMRPH

Tilla blushes and peers at the pile of socks and undies that are now on Vostarik's cot. "Oh my…" she looks disapprovingly at it. "Good thing Vos wasn't caught with this. He'd be punished..maybe we'd all be for not noticing the mess under his cot. Better get rid of these, I agree.." She gives a knowing look at Roza, and gets back up on her feet.

Rozalija shakes the dirty fabric after the firelizards. "Shoo. I-it's not for you." Stubborn little creature. Roz didn't seem to be bothered by tug of wars, though, apparently too used to the kennels back at the Hall. With her pile in set, she gets up from the floor. "Y-yes! I'm sure we would have /all/ been." She frowns at the thought of being punished, not really liking that idea. "I… I better make sure this is one of Vostarik's, though," she mutters, moving to his clothes press to open it up, not without a quick glance to the sleeping Deni. A short scavenge later and she finds a clean matching pair, which she holds in one hand while grabbing the rest of the pile. "Laundry calls again," she says with a sigh to Tilla, and a short barely muffled giggle as she moves out. Dirty undies? Don't seem to phase her much. But at least it'll be a clean pair she stuffs away.

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