Scavenger Hunt: Darden and Tilla Steal Sand

Cobweb'd Caverns
Webspinners' gossamer silk silvers the upper edges of these caverns, catching at the turns of dust adrift on the rare breeze. The forgotten remnants of tapestries have fallen into disrepair, worn threadbare and thin where it once warmed these old walls. The glowlights are dim, and even when uncovered flicker with a faint, grimy light that only accentuates the rooms' disuse.
A footpath through the musty dirt follows a narrow and twisted trail, eventually ending at an old cave-in… or does it?

If you brave the shadows, you just might find a narrow crevice that looks out onto the sands. Try the secret passwords: <help here> to peek.
You see Hobbit Fancier Candidate Time Capsule here.
Obvious exits:
Ah-ha, you have discovered a secret corridor.

Darden slips quietly into the secret passage.

Tilla is crouching by the crack in the caverns, peering out onto the sands. And reaching..with one hand to see how far she can get out there. And..her hand is stuck "Ack!" she comments to no one in particular, struggling to get her arm out from where its wedged between two rocks. She swats around her head with her other arm, warding against spinner attacks. At the same time blue flit Delphi is having a smorgasboard of crunchy gooey bug parts.

Darden creeps into the secret cavern, "Tilla?" he whispers, uncovering a small glowbasket he brought along with him. "Oh, Tilla, are you stuck?" he asks, hastening over to her. Dolph chirps in muted tones to Delphi, curious as to what the blue is eating.

Tilla pauses, trying to peer through the gloom. "Darden is that you? Yeah, I'm stuck. Trying to see how discreetly I could reach out of the secret crack to the hatching sands." Unf, ugh. She keeps trying to pull her arm out to no avail. Delphi creels a greeting to his fellow lizzen as if to say 'Hey, plenty of food and the getting's good!' *CRUNCH* He captures yet another spinner between his sharp little teeth.

Darden steps up behind her, turning sideways so he's at her side. "Here, if you turn your arm this way," he gently takes her arm and turns it slightly, "I think it'll come out. Just go slowly. I once got stuck in a cave at Ista - that was scary." *crunch* Dolph has captured one of his own spinners and warbles happily. "It's too far down to reach with your hand. I wonder…what if the firelizards went down? We can use my glow basket and they could scoop up sand until we had a bucket full. Do you have a bucket?"

Tilla finally frees her arm the way she is advised to. "Thanks! Ouch, I think I scraped it up a bit." She rubs one hand along the arm that was caught. With her other hand, she feels around blindly on the floor. *Scuffle scuffle, BUMP*. "I thought I did..yeah here it is!" She scoops up the bucket by the handle and tries to dump out random detritus that got stuck in there. EWW. Seems this bucket may have been used to muck out a runner stall and a few dusty pieces of manure fall out to the floor. She hands it to Darden. "You want the firelizards to go down in there? Can they fit?" She squints.

Darden nods, "Sure they can. I could fit, but I don't think I'd be able to get back up here if I went down. Dolph." He pulls the glows out of the smaller basket and sets them on the floor, while his bronze flies to his offered arm. "Go get some sand in this, and bring it back, okay?" The firelizard chirps, confused. Darden is quiet for a moment, sending the firelizard pictures of what he has to do. Then, with an understanding chirp, Dolph grasps the basket in his hind talons and wings through the crack, down to the edge of the sands. He sets the bucket down and scoops sand in to it with his front paws, chirping up to the blue to help him.

Tilla raises her eyebrow. "Isnt a bucket of sand going to be really heavy for one flit? Delphi should help too. And with that she points and thinks instructional thoughts. "Delphi, over there- help Dolph and I'll get you some juicy roast from the kitchens!" Delphi is busy eating a spinner but quickly swallows, and hastens to help Dolph in his task. Dripping juicy meat can sure be a good incentive. With gravy maybe. Mm!

Darden shakes his head, "No, see. The big bucket is here. I gave them the glow basket to fill down there. They'll have to make lots of trips, but they should be able to carry the glow basket."

Tilla oooohs. "I see now. Alright, well, lets try to get this done fast before Mynwiyath, or anyone else notices.." She leans forward, trying to get a good look at what the flits are doing out on the sands. Would anyone give a firelizard with a glowpot a second glance? Good question.
You release Delphi, who launches into the air.

Darden grins, watching as Dolph grasps the basket and flies up with it, setting it down in Darden's hands. The boy dumps the sand into the bucket and then hands the basket back. Swoop, out he goes. "This is going to take a while, even still," he whispers to Tilla. "If Mynwiyath gets agitated, we'll leave and come back later.

Delphi starts digging a sand pile, like a dog looking for a bone. *scritch scritch shuffle shuffle*

Tilla nods nods. "Maybe we should get another glowbasket to speed this up. Each flit can do the job and go back and forth and we'll be done in no time" She makes to get up. "Did you bring another basket with you? If not I can call Marchi and see if she can bring us one." She whistles, better to call the little green now in case she's needed.

Darden shakes his head, "No, I only brought the one. Didn't think we'd be doing this now. I just wanted to scope things out." He grins, looking a little nervous. "We're not going to get in trouble for this, are we? I mean…riders thought it up."

Tilla shakes her head. "For taking a teensy bit of sand? I don't think so. And we're not even getting the sand from very near the eggs either, just to the side. I figure if riders made this up then its ok to take a little bit out." At least she hopes. She wipes some sweat from her cheek, its rather toasty, or perhaps its that she's just anxious about getting this particular task over and done with.

Darden nods, "We can dump it back on Hatching Day, I guess." He hates stealing. "I thought I could do the fishing one too. The rest…I don't know if I can help with those things. I don't want to take anything from people." Dolph continues to wing up and down, pleased with his task as the level of sand in the bucket gets higher.

Tilla shrugs "Well we can always give the items back after they're checked off by the riders that our team got them. I don't think it'll be a big deal. And we can apologize for taking the items too, if we need to." When Marchi blinks in, she retrieves the glowpot and hands it over to her little blue. Tilla watches, amused as Delphi blinks in and out from sands to cavern, each time coming back with more sand he's dug up.

Darden watches the queen dragon closely for any signs of agitation. "She looks terrible," he whispers sadly. "I hope the hatching cheers everyone up." Same old words, spoken for the thousandth time. What else is there to say? "Do you know anyone who ice fishes?"

Tilla grins. "I think the lake has melted by now, or at least partially. I don't think we need to worry about breaking much ice. we know anyone who a certain person from Dolphincraft?" She winks. "We could use my bucket for that. Maybe eat the fish afterwards? The other team can't steal our fish if we 'hide' them in our bellies, now can they." Ha. morbid but amusing.

Darden ohs. "I thought it said ice fishing. No, I can fish. I'm great at fishing. I've just never drilled a hole through the ice. But if there isn't any ice…" He blinks, a little confused. Then he grins, "Yeah! I can catch the fish easy, and roast them myself out there over a fire. They'll be delicious, I promise."

Tilla grins. "Well we can't ice fish if there's no ice. But we can still fish. We'll have to see when we get to the lake." Hmm. She looks over to the bucket which is rapidly being filled up. "Where can we hide this bucket once its full? Or should we get it checked in with the brownrider who signs things off first.." She's not sure.

Darden is quick to answer, "We should check it with the brownrider first, so it's off our list. Then we'll hide it somewhere, but then if it gets stolen they won't have taken our mark off, just added a mark to their list." he thinks that's how it works, anyway.

Tilla nods "Good plan. All right, we should do that. It was R'ton that we had to report to, right? So after we get the bucket, I can report to him and you can make your way to the lake. I can join you afterwards so we're less suspicious, travelling alone." Devious little bugger isnt she. Has she participated in tomfoolery before? Only she knows the answer to that.

Darden grins, "I don't think people would be too suspicious seeing us together. They already think we're a couple." He rolls his eyes and giggles, "That sounds like a good plan."

Tilla decides a wisecrack is a good option. "Yeah, a couple of crazy wherries. Cah caw!" She pretends to be a bird. She peers. "Do you think the bucket will be full soon?" She shifts, her butt hurts from crouching in the same position for an extended period of time.

Darden nods, looking in to the bucket, "Just about, it looks like. Yeah, we need to scramble out of here soon."

Tilla nods. "Ok let me know when its done and I'll grab the bucket and run. Do we need another bigger bucket?" She peers. "Maybe a clean one that hasnt had runner 'do in it.." she grimaces. No, she would not like a side of feces with her baked fish. No sir.

Darden nods, "Yeah. I'll try to find a fishing pole from somewhere as I go down there. And something for bait. Oh!" He reaches out and plucks a spinner from its web, "Perfect. Dolph, hold this. Don't eat it." The bronze dumps the last bit of sand into the bucket and gently takes the spinner with a chirp. "Alright, go. Good luck."

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are twenty-six firelizards.
You see Duckling here.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Kitchens Inner Caverns Crafting Area Hearth

Trudging in with a heavy..something is Tilla. Its covered by a sack but she's having difficulty keeping it aloft. She eyes the scene before she enters, and, after spying a certain brownrider in the corner, she makes her way over to his table. *THUD* Whatever it is is put on the floor none to gently. "R'ton, sir!" she salutes. May I ask you a question?"

R'ton is eating some pie. But he puts his fork down and smiles. "Allo there..uh..Tilla is it? Yes, what would you like to ask me? Is it about…" he gestures to the heavy object on the floor. "That?" He raises his eyebrow and tries to get a closer look.

Tilla nods. "Yes sir it is! If you would just take a look here" She stands so that her legs hide the item in question and lift the sack over the item so that the brown rider can get a good look. "This should fulfill it. I think, right?"

R'ton puzzles. "Oh you mean…" he grins and nods. "Which do you mean, was that on 'the list'? His voice quiets down, revelling in the secrecy of it all.

You overhear Tilla mutter, "this is … full….number….check?" to R'ton.

R'ton laughs. "That'll do, I believe. Just find a good place to hide it now." He gets out a well worn hide and stylus from his pack and checks something off. "Good luck. If you don't mind I really want to finish this pie." He picks up his fork and continues to eat. Its been a long pieless day for the rider, apparently, and pie is the universe's answer to many things.

Tilla nods "Oh yes, thanks much!" She grins, deviously. "I think I can think of a few places to put this." And she pats the cloth covered..whatever it is with one hand, picks it up and makes her exit. Was that..sand on the back of her trous? Stop looking at her butt, you perverts!

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