Scavenger Hunt: A Potted Plant

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Tilla eyes Salen with some hesitancy too, and maybe with a slight guilty look, but
smiles and waves anyway. And then. AH! She remembers what she had wanted to talk to
Rajani about. "Rajani..I seem to remember..didn't you say your dragon likes to plant
things? Like..maybe gardening?" She gives a curious look. "I was going to ask you if
you could tell me more about that..I like to garden and grow things too!" She grins.
A swig of refreshing water is taken again from her water skin. One never lacks for
warmth in the galleries area. She folds her candidate robe neatly in a pile, secures
her notions bag and carefully places them back in her satchel.

Rajani watches Denalia gather her things and make her good-byes. "Was nice seeing
you," Rajani calls after the girl with a bit of a worried frown. Silently wondering
what's gotten into the teen now. Seeing as there is nothing she can do for the moment, her attention is quickly drawn back to Zolena when she's smacked in the face
by a little hand. It wasn't intentional, but it does get Raja's attention and she
looks down to find Zoley reaching for Salen with her tiny arms stretched out. "Up,"
she demands of him with a big smile. Rajani looks around the stretching arms to nod
at Tilla. "It's mostly Celvynath's newest obsession. But I've got several potted
herbs growing out on my ledge. A couple need transplanted.. they're starting to get
too big for the clay pots they are in now."

Tilla really perks up now. "Really? What kinds of herbs are they? Could I maybe see
one…are they local to the area?" She blushes, realizing shes rapidly firing
questions in her quest for plant knowledge. "It would be really neat if I could add
them to my sketchbook…and" she actually /breathes/ between statements. "I could
repot one if you want?" She turns to acknowledge Feilan. "Hey, Fei" and she smiles…pretty widely.

Rajani is left holding Zolena as R'gis rises and thrusts Zarrolan into Salen's arms.
At least the boy doesn't seem too put out by the trade. He's still getting used to
R'gis as it is. Zoley though is no happy camper, crossing her arms across her chest
in a pout. "Oh.. come now.." Raja tells the child and tickles her sides to get her to
smile. "You want to sit with Salen too?" She motions for Salen to settle himself even
as Zolena crawls out of her mothers embrace and up the bleachers. Unsteadily making
her way to Salen's side to tug at his shirt. "Some of them are starting to vine and
grow. But that is the pot of ivy I have growing up against the edge of the rock. It
looks like it's doing fine.. It's my comfrey plant that is looking sad." She keeps a
careful eye on Zolena even as she shoots a quick smile of welcome to Feilan and
answers his question as well as Tilla's. "You can them sometime if you want to.. and yes several are indigenous around here. I've dug a couple out of the meadows for
Celvynath when she finds them on our walks."

Tilla nervously, but excitedly ventures another question. "Might you have I could.." she thinks. "Or, if you want, Celvynath could bring the pot
down…I could take it to go get a new pot, repot, and bring it back to you. Or..if
you don't mind waiting..I could repot it, do a drawing study of it..and return it.."
She hmms. "The best way is probably to take that pot and compare its size to the
other pots, rather than bringing pots to it." Yep, a logical plan of action, she
thinks. "I know you're busy with the kids and other duties and'm glad to
help." She grins.

Rajani smiles proudly at what she considers to be her three children. Barely hearing
Zolena's off tune humming as she starts back in on the song Salen hums for her.
Zarrolan watches his sister and Salen for a moment and decides now is a good time to
make a break for it. He squirms and tries to escape.. no doubt about to make another
try for the sands. Rajani is on the ready to catch either twin if they decide to
tumble down the bleachers. She chuckles at Tilla and nods her head. "I could go up
and get it after bit for you. And you can study it all you like.. Just send a 'lizard
to me when you're done with it. If it dies on you don't feel bad. I think it's on
it's last root as it is.."

And, furthermore,
Rajani nods her head and smiles at Tilla, "Aloe is used for scrapes, cuts, and dry or
burnt skin. The aconite is a plant used for it's painkilling properties. And the ivy
is just pretty." At least she knows what she's growing and why.. or at least
Celvynath does somehow. Don't ask Rajani how, because even she doesn't get it. She
chuckles when Tilla finds her water skin empty. Silently she accepts her daughter
with a gentle hug and nods at Salen. "I had a single bed brought up and slid behind
the blind for you. It's there whenever, sweet." She gingerly unwraps an arm from 'round one of the twins and gives Salen a brief motherly hug. "You take care of
yourself," she tells him as she gathers her children to her sides and smiles at
Tilla. "I'd best get these two back to the nannies. After I've gotten something to
eat I'll send a 'lizard to you and see if you'd still like to come up and explore my
weyr. You might get lucky and have one of your own to decorate soon enough."

Tilla waves. "See you later, Feilan, Salen, Jhairecki!" And to Rajani "Oh, all right!
Looking forward to it. I love learning about plants used to heal people..or just
plants in general, really. But the healing ones..we should be careful to make sure
they are always growing and not overharvested. In case we need them" And..a
compliment from someone she admires. Oh wow. She blushes "You think so? That would be
wonderful. " She sighs happily. "I probably should be getting back to chores
anyway…and then I can get a refill on my waterskin at the Living Caverns too,
hopefully." She nods. "Hope to see you later." She gathers her book, her pack, and
makes to leave as well.

Sometime Later..
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And on Pern …
The time is 19:27.
It is evening of the forty-fourth day of spring.
It is the tenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a spring evening.

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey
-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile
in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of
activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of
them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the

middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.
The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds
of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic
marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance southeast reveals the

cold, glittering, glacial lake.
It is a spring sunset.
To the northeast, you see a brown dragon.
To the north, you see a brown and a bronze dragon.
To the southeast, you see three people.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are seven firelizards.
Gold Chayath, bronze Feitoveth, green Alymath, blue Aerulunth, green Szarabhayanath,
and green Celvynath are here.
You see a wagonmaster, Wagon Two, Stark, and Bones Of Firelizard here.
Rajani is here.
Obvious exits:
Pens Northern Bowl Caverns Ground Weyrs Passageway Lakeside

Guard's HQ

Rajani is checking Celvynath's straps over to be sure they aren't chafing her beloved
anywhere. Satisified she walks out from beneath the green and spots Tilla.
Straightening to her full five foot height, Rajani gives Tilla a wave over and then
waves toward Celvynath who rumbles a soft greeting of her own.

Tilla grins, waves and makes her way over. "Hi, Rajani, hi Celvynath." And, another
question. "May I pat her arm? Would she mind?" Ah, the simple joys amuse the girl at
times. She looks up at the green, admiringly.

Rajani chuckles at the teen's enthusiasm and nods her head. "Sure you can if you'd
like." For good measure Celvynath settles bodily against the ground, in an almost
sphinx like position. Making it easier for the Candidate to feel her slightly oily
hide. "If you'd like.." Rajani starts with a sweet smile at Celvynath before turning
her head to address Tilla, "we can head up and get that plant you wanted to replant
for me."

Tilla grins. "All right." She takes one hand and gingerly strokes Celvynath's arm.
And then once more. "Hello, nice to meet you! Very smooth skin". And to Rajani "You
must oil her all the time. I know how it is with just my little firelizards" She
nods. "Sounds good! Just..tell me where I should step up. I haven't been a dragonback
more than..well..maybe once? I don't want to step on anything I shouldn't" Well,
credits to her for being honest.

Rajani nods her head and walks Tilla around to Celvynath's side. "See the leather
straps going up her side?" As she asks Rajani puts a boot against Celvy's arm and
hoists herself up to the silver rings sewn to those very straps. Careful to show
Tilla where to place her feet as she climbs half way up. "You can do it.. It's easy.

At least she's small," Rajani waves to the Gold resting in the bowl some distance

away. "I'm rather glad I don't have to oil one that big," she admits with a fond
pounding of Celvy's side. "When you get to the top, swing in behind me and I'll strap
us in." This said, Rajani continues up Celvy's side and settles herself easily across
the green's neck.

Celvynath dips her shoulder and aids Rajani up to the straps with an extended arm.

The creak of leather and jingle of metal buckles heralds your arrival twixt
Celvynath's neckridges.

Celvynath [Central Bowl]

Curls of pale mint wind their way across this dragon's willowy frame, delineating her
slight limbs with a delicate filigree that rambles down her tapered tail. Ivy climbs
the trellis of her elegant wings, with darker smudges shading spars and sails in
sylvan green, while sprigs of sage tickle her svelte spine and haunches. Woodsy
greens fade into earthy browns as they reach her curved belly, hiding rich tones of
autumn gold among the chestnut of fallen leaves. Those dainty facial features are
outlined exquisitely with lines of spearmint, continuing back to softly tip every
headknob and neckridge. From forests' shadows to spring's newest green, this dragon
runs the spectrum, with nature's beauty imprinted upon a canvas and brought to life.
Settled impregnably amongst Celvynath's faintly spearmint 'ridges, is Rajani.
Celvynath seems to be listening.

Tilla manages to follow Rajani's directions and makes her way between Celvynath's
neckridges. And holds on tight. "All right." She nods. "Yea, I can see that. Must be
gigantic pots of oil..and be very heavy to haul around I imagine!" she giggles. She
settles her posterior in snugly on her perch and makes herself comfortable.

Rajani turns the best she can and swings a belt around the teen behind her, deftly
catching it as it comes around the other side of them. Rajani secures Tilla to
herself before she buckles her usual straps to keep them both anchored and safe. "Get
ready," Rajani says over her shoulder, "here we go." The green shudders and rises to
her feet before spreading her wings.. and with a hop they are airborne.

You take off.
Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's
airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant — though oft to switch as the seasons shift.
Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can
be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the
playful games sent aloft.
It is a spring evening.
Below, you see five dragons.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Northern Sky Weyrling Air Above the Pens Above the Lake

The lake beckons, chalky but inviting nonetheless.

Above the Lake
A panorama unfolds beneath: the bowl beaten flat as it curves out from the lake's
chalky waters, dusky earth 'neath the endless stretch of sky above before the Weyr's
spindles break the view. Milky blue-green waters swirl below, tempering the 'lizard
filled air with gentle thermals that flow and eddy through the Walls' many cracks and
crevices. Scattered ledges mark the nearby rocks, endless layers of Weyrs tucked
into the wall as it sweeps right up to the Star Stones high above.
It is a spring evening.
Below, you see three people.
Obvious exits:
Sky Beach Above the Pens Lake Above the Bowl Ledges

You soar in for a landing on Celvynath's ledge.

The Peaks of Progress
Watch for falling rocks, dirt, and snow! This spacious ledge is positioned directly
beneath at least one other ledge and weyr. Despite Raja's efforts to keep the area
clean and tidy all debris swept from the outcrop above tends to scatter downward to
litter the outer edges of this claw marked ledge. Plenty of space is available for a
pair of dragons to maneuver if careful.
It is a spring evening.
Inside the weyr, you see one person.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
Green Peorth is here.
Obvious exits:
Weyr Fly

Rajani braces for the landing and smiles when Peorth bugles a friendly 'hello'.
"Looks like my ol' man is home," she tells Tilla as she unstraps the both of them and
allows the belt holding Tilla to herself fall to the ledge floor. "Now you get down
the same way you got up, hon." Raja holds out an arm to help Tilla dismount before
she herself follows the teen to the ledge. "You'll have to walk around Peorth to get
to the potted plants.."

The Peaks of Progress
Watch for falling rocks, dirt, and snow! This spacious ledge is positioned directly
beneath at least one other ledge and weyr. Despite Raja's efforts to keep the area
clean and tidy all debris swept from the outcrop above tends to scatter downward to
litter the outer edges of this claw marked ledge. Plenty of space is available for a
pair of dragons to maneuver if careful.
It is a spring evening.
Inside the weyr, you see one person.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
Green Peorth and green Celvynath are here.
Obvious exits:
The straps are loosened and you maneuver down Celvynath's side.

Rajani unbuckles the straps and slides down Celvynath's side to land with a soft

Rajani laughs as she slides down the straps and lands on her feet beside her green.
"The plants are just over there.. Feel free to look around while I take off her
straps. And Rajani turns to set about doing just that, unhooking here and there..
tugging and pulling until the green is able to shimmy backward a bit and shake free
of the leathers. Raja pulls them toward the weyr and leaves them in a heap by the

The Peaks of Progress
Watch for falling rocks, dirt, and snow! This spacious ledge is positioned directly
beneath at least one other ledge and weyr. Despite Raja's efforts to keep the area
clean and tidy all debris swept from the outcrop above tends to scatter downward to
litter the outer edges of this claw marked ledge. Plenty of space is available for a
pair of dragons to maneuver if careful.
It is a spring evening.
Inside the weyr, you see one person.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
Green Peorth and green Celvynath are here.
Rajani is here.
Obvious exits:

You go to the Celestial Cabaret.
Celestial Cabaret
A short walkway into the inner weyr angles just enough to prevent the direct drifting
of snow inside. Several cured hides have been carefully overlapped and sewn together
to provide a sufficient hanging for the entrance and keep cold drafts to a minimum.
The cook stove provides ample heat and rests along the curve of the wall past
Celvynath's couch niche and floor space. Far enough out of the way to prevent
accidental bumping and yet close enough to give off more than enough heat. An oval
table flanked by benches sits nearby. Not far from the 'seating' area and a set of
cabinets. The sleeping area rests in the opposite end of the weyr from Celvy's couch.
A wooden framed room divider is positioned not far from the rocking chair, the cloth
of the divider having been painted to depict weyr-life in the bowl of the Weyr. On
the opposite side of the divider is a single bed tucked back into a niche of its own.

A small clothes press stands outward from the wall, aligned with the bed. Behind the
press sits a small chest of toys and a large cushion is nestled against the toy
chest. Finding a smooth wall surface is impossible, and the floor is scored with claw marks. The gray granite walls provide a natural rocky lip along the curve of the wall
well above Raja's comfortable reach that serves as an uneven shelf for the storage of
a few of the more precious rocks in Celvy's collection along with a nick-knack or

It is a spring evening.
On the ledge, you see two green dragons and one person.
Perched upon the rocky shelf high above the floor is a gold firelizard.
R'gis is here.
Obvious exits:

Rajani moves with a slight limp in from the The Peaks of Progress.

Rajani follows after Tilla and drags the straps toward Celvynath's couch to set them
on a rocky lip there. "Well, this is home." Rajani announces and goes from watching
Tilla's reaction to looking about the weyr for R'gis. "Rage? Honey, I brought home
company.." she calls softly as she moves toward the cookstove. Leaving Tilla to
wander about and look her fill whilst Raja gets a pot of klah brewing.

Tilla manages to dismount and regain her footing. And, just takes a look around,
trying not to knock into anything. She knows how she hates it when people move her
stuff around from her room back home. She takes a few steps into the Weyr proper off
the ledge. "Its very neat and tidy. I imagine that it must be hard to keep it that
way with the twins" She smiles, thinking of when her cousins were young. And then,
the pile of rocks catches her eye. "Is this the rock collection you were telling me
about? There's quite a few" She looks curiously at all the different ones in the

R'gis is in a rather embarassing state of undress, even though he has a towel wrapped
around his waist. He's sitting next to the cookstove, basking in the warmth after a
much needed bath while he combs his waist-length hair dry. The pale yellow turning
white-blonde as it dries. His ribs show starkly against his skin, evidence of the
recent illness he's had to contend with, along with a few new scars that are not
Thread scores. His eyes open at the sound of the drape falling back into place,
having heard Celvy's straps slithering and clinking on the stone of the ledge. "So I
see." he says, chuckling softly as he drapes a second towel over his shoulder. "I'll
just go get some clothes on." He smiles mischeviously at Rajani as he retreats
behind a screen put up near their bed for privacy.

"That would be the very one," Rajani confirms when she turns to find Tilla bending to
look at the pile Celvynath has collected over the turns. "Those are her favorites,"

Rajani points to the rocky lip that juts out and serves as a shelf just below the
ceiling of the weyr. The rocks up there have been cracked open and the sparkly
innards are set for viewing. Turning she smiles at R'gis as she sets the pot upon the
stove. "Sorry to have interrupted you love," she tells him as she smilingly watches
him disappear behind the screen. Turning Rajani grins at Tilla and waves the girl
toward the table, "Have a seat if you'd like. I think you met R'gis earlier in the
galleries." At mention of the twins Rajani chuckles and nods her head. "When I have
the twins up it does tend to be left in a rather disheveled state. Other wise I keep
a fairly clean weyr."

Tilla blushes a little and turns her vision when she sees that R'gis is not quite
dressed. "Oh..hello R'gis, sorry, I guess I came up here kind of suddenly." But her
embarassment is quickly dispelled when she notices the shiny crystallike formations
on the inside of the 'special' rocks. "Ooh. The insides are quite colorful. Where did
she find these?" She makes a mental note to remember it and go back there later.

"You didn't interrupt, sweetling." R'gis calls from behind the screen. "I didn't
intend to take so long." He falls silent again as he finishes dressing and re-
emerges clothed in a loose longsleeved shirt and loose lounging pants, barefooted as
he usually is in the weyr at daysend. He grins at Tilla as he settles into a chair
near the cookstove again. "Not a problem at all. Probably why Raj didn't say
anything about bringing you up, get all the shocks over at once, you know." he says
with a wink at Rajani.

"If I remember right she found a couple of them on the bottom of the lake.. And the
big pink one there I think she found off the shores of a southern beach." Her eyes
get a glazed look and she is suddenly nodding her head. "Yup, that's about right."

The pot on the stove starts hissing and Rajani takes down three mugs. "Now would I
/do/ that?" Rajani asks of R'gis with a teasing grin. She is careful to keep his mug
separate from either her own or Tilla's. The color of the clay the mug was made from
is even a bit darker. Raja serves up the klah and sets a small jar of sweetsticks in
the center of the table, taking one for herself and stirring her steaming mug with

Tilla nods, slightly disappointed like. Not areas she can get to as easily as she
hoped. Ah well. "Oh, sounds exciting! " And then, she remembers, mustn't forget. She
quickly steps out onto the ledge, grabs the comfrey pot that Rajani had gestured to,
and sits down with it. She considers asking for a sweetstick..but then her eyes
widen. "OH no! I was due for laundry duty and I totally forgot! I am /so/ sorry. Can
we visit again? I can bake you something! I've been trying new recipes." She looks
anxious about being rude.

Rajani doesn't look the least bit put out by the girl's sudden rememberance of her
chores. "Uh oh.. you'd best get your behind back down there then. Else you'll get
stuck with latrine duty.. and no one wants that!" She chuckles and nods her head,
"Sure you can visit again. You can try out your cooking right there," she motions to
the still hot stove. The inner weyr is warm and toasty.

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