Scavenger Hunt: Team One takes to the Lake

Ancient dunes have been flattened by the endless parade of people and dragons that tramp northwest across the bowl, leaving a mere skiff of sand here along lake's beaten edge. Footprints litter the curve of beach, some left turns ago and caught frozen in the heavy clay earth near the water's edge. As the sun sets, shadows invade, creeping like fingers across the gently sloping ground and darkening the distant ledges on the far side of the lake.
To the north, dust rises from the redolent pens while the flattened disc of the main bowl is just a step to the northwest.
It is a spring afternoon.
To the north, you see a brown dragon.
To the northwest, you see five dragons.
Darting here and there are twelve firelizards.
Salen is here.
Obvious exits:
Stables Feeding Pens Central Bowl Lake

Darden is here, standing at the very edge of the water. The toes of his boots are damp from the cold lapping of mini lake waves, and he stares thoughtfully into the water. In one hand he holds a bucket. In the other he has a very battered fishing rod. "Hmm."

Salen is jogging! Yup, right along the beach, scampering over sand and dust and rocks and whatever other strange terrain is thrown that way. Rather competently, though a few loose rocks do trip him up momentarily. He slows, though, when he sees Darden fishing, and wanders over to him. "Hey." He grins. "Havin' fun?"

Darden looks up and grins, "I would be if I could figure out how to cast this out far enough. Or do you think if I cast it from here there would be fish where the hook went in?" He ponders the battered rod and sets the bucket down, pulling out a spinner from the caverns. "Sorry, fella'," he says, before heartlessly skewering it on the hook.

Salen toes the little laps of water. He looks somewhat farther out, eyes narrowed in an attempt to cut through the glare. "I think there are fish everywhere… aren't there?" He certainly sees some. Those little minnow-y things are everywhere! He does keep an eye on that spinner, a little dubious about it.

Darden shrugs, "I guess you're right. Just never fished in this shallow of water before." He pulls his arms back and with ease of practice sends the bobbin spinning and the hooked spinner sailing out. "So did you hear about Chey?"

Salen watches as that hook flies across the water, watching to see where it lands. He looks away at Darden's question, though, expression becoming distinctly less comfortable. "Yeah. I heard. Dunno what's goin' on about that. Who do you think she was talking about? I mean, if she even said it?" Salen's tone is doubtful. "Do you think she really woke up?"

Darden hesitates, "I hadn't thought about her not actually waking up. Why would the drudge make it up? But at the same time…a greenrider. Can you imagine? And that other body?" He shudders, glancing suddenly behind him just to make sure no one is sneaking up on them.

No jacket today, Mikah walks along towards the Darden and Salen, humming softly under his breath as he gets closer, he does give the both of them a wave. His eyes flicker towards the water for a brief moment before they go back to the pair.

"Well, the guards who were just outside didn't hear anything, so I don't know if I believe she did." Salen nods a little, for emphasis. Guards have to stick together after all! "And somebody coulda bribed the drudge to say that, or threatened her or something. Maybe the same person who killed that girl and pushed Chey." He shakes hie head. "Captain's going spare over that one. Been questioning a bunch of people." There's a distinctly uncomfortable expression on Salen's face. Whatever he's thinking, it keeps him from noticing the new arrival right away.

Darden winces, "Yeah. I guess I just assumed it was true…but if it's not, then someone might get in trouble who didn't do anything. That's not fair." He frowns. He's all about things being fair. Then his expression lightens, "Hi, Mikah!"

"Hey Dar." Mikah says his expression a little vague for the moment,"How is your knee?" Yes. That's the first question from him. "Hello again." He says looking at Salen with that same vaguely blank expression on his face,"Nothing is certain until it is proven."

Salen cants his head at Mikah and blinks a little for that look. "Yeah…" And then it's back to that uncomfortable expression. "I just don't like the /way/ they're trying to prove things. Everyone's getting real edgy and real upset, 'specially with all this happening now." He just shakes his head. Now is not a particularly happy time to be a guardling.

Darden pulls in the lure and then casts it again, the poor spinner still on the hook. "What way is that?" he asks. "My knee? It's getting lots better. Still can't kneel, but I can walk without limping for the most part."

"Yes. I haven't liked what I've been hearing but that could just be rumours. Until a name is given they won't be throwing anyone before the Weyrleader." Mikah says before looking at Darden and smiling a little,"I'm glad. See. I told you that it wouldn't be too bad for long." He says sounding /almost/ happy.

Salen starts to say something, but then just shuts his mouth again. He looks moodily out onto the water, eyes flicking up to watch Darden re-cast, then going back to stare. He shakes his head a little bit, hair swaying,. "I just wish it was all over, you know?"

Darden winces at Mikah, "What rumors? They haven't been being…mean to anyone, have they?" He remembers his encounter with Guards all too well. He shivers and begins reeling the line in. He nods at Salen, "Yeah, me too. Just…over. She wakes up, things are back to normal, they find out who did it, and…yeah. Back to normal."

"Oh. Just who did the deed." Mikah says shaking his head a bit and sighing deeply. "Why don't we discuss something else?" He asks curiously. He does hope that there is something better to discuss that doesn't depress everyone.

Darden shrugs. He really wants to discuss the latest development, but if everyone else wants to move on, he's content to move on. He feels a tug on the line and jerks the pole upwards, grinning, "Think I got one!" He reels it in and the fish comes up out of the water - it's a small one, but it is a fish. Darden grins and unhooks it gently, putting it in the bucket of water by his feet. He nods at Dolph, and the firelizard winks between.

Salen breaks his gloomy expression a little with a grin for Darden. "Hey, cool!" Small, but impressive for this former llama herder. Or whatever. And then, still looking at Darden, a mischievous expression spreads across Salen's expression. "Hey, Dar. How ya doing' with Vostarik? He still bothering you?"

"Is he still being a jerk to you?" Mikah asks showing some vehemnce in connection to Vostarik. Mikah doesn't like that guy very much since he is always bad mouthing people. "Good job!" He says smiling weakly.

Darden looks between his two friends and is torn. He's grateful that they care about him, but he's also a teenager now and all about taking care of himself. "We're okay now," he says, his smile returning. Dolph reappears from between with a freshly caught spinner. Darden rebaits the hook and casts into the water again.

Salen's grin just widens. "So you don't wanna hear about how I beat him up?" He arches an eyebrow at the two of them, just /begging/ to be asked to tell the tale.

"Why did you beat up Vostarik?" Mikah asks blinking a little bit. He doesn't seem to be cheering for it, but nor does he seem too upset. "Ok." He says looking at Darden and nodding his head.

Darden stops reeling back in his line and turns to stare at Salen. He tries hard not to smile. He tries really, /really/ hard not to smile. But he can't help it. "You beat up Vos?"

Salen nods vigorously, grin set to split his face. "Yeah, I did." And he looks at Mikah with a bit of an eyebrow arch. "Because he's a jerk and needed to be set straight, that's why." Isn't it obvious? Then, back to Darden. "Yeah, we were on the beach, just around here. And we were just talkin', but he was doing what he always does, being a complete jerk. And I decided 'enough is enough.' So I turned and just /decked him/! Right in the face!" Salen grins at both of them, looking immensely pleased with himself. "Twice!"

"I was thinking that he did something specific to set you off." Mikah says seriously to Salen,"It is a good thing. Maybe it will teach him not to be so obnoxious." He says quite simply, as if the subject was a matter of fact."Has it done anything to improve his disposition?"

Darden giggles, and then looks stern. "That wasn't nice," he chides Salen. But it's just lip service. He's pleased. "But didn't you get in trouble?"

"Not entirely a thing to be proud of." Hey! It's Feilan, heading towards the lake. Alright, so everyone /else/ might rejoice at Vostarik getting punched in the face, but the guard-candidate? Not so much. He just lifts a brow slightly as he eyes the gathering of..well. The younger guys.

Salen flinches at the sound of Feilan, turning to give him a bit of a guilty look. But then he just sniffs at him and flips back to the other two. A much more appreciative audience. "Nah, I didn't," is said to Darden, with a snort. "Guess he didn't want anyone to know he was beat up by a 14-turn-old. So he didn't tell." But then, with slightly less enthusiasm, he replies to Mikah, "Well… no. Not really." But then he grins. "So I did it again!"

"Once should have been enough…" Mikah says blinking slowly,"More than one strike is allowing your emotions to rule reasoning. A single hit is enough to show someone that they need to behave differently." He says seriously,"Hello again Feilan."

Darden looks at Mikah and giggles, "That sounds like something from a book. Hi, Feilan! I didn't hit Vos," he's quick to clarify, raising his hands. "Is he alright?" he asks both Fei and Salen. Now he feels guilty.

Feilan snorts softly, narrowing his eyes just a /bit/ at Salen's back. Hey! Don't ignore the older, wiser, hotter guy! "Salen, just a quick question you /want/ Vos to be kicked out of candidacy?" He shrugs just a little though, offering a slight grin at both Darden and Mikah. "Hey. And yeah, I know, Darden. I'm the one that had to pull Salen the Wild off of 'em."

Salen does turn a bit, at Feilan's tone more than the question itself. And he does actually give it some consideration. And then shrugs. "He didn't fight /back/." Which… actually makes this whole thing worse. "I'd get kicked out of the guards before he got kicked out and I haven't." Krummolt has had a few more important things to consider than a wayward guardling, apparently.

"You shouldn't do it again." Mikah says seriously,"It isn't worth it and you don't want him to fight back eventually I wouldn't talk about it." He adds as he looks at Salen with a somewhat blank expression again. Turning to Feilan, he asks curiously,"How are you doing Fei? I haven't seen you for a bit."

Darden winces, shaking his head and focusing on his line and pole instead. He feels a tug and quietly reels in another fish, smiling as he unhooks it and drops it into the bucket. Dolph is waiting this time with another spinner in his talons, which Darden skewers before casting off again. "How is Vos doing?" he asks Feilan.

Feilan shakes his head slowly, and then waves his hand at Mikah, just a bit. "See? How the heck are you planning on even /being/ a guard if you go around /starting/ fights?" Alright, so Feilan's a little frustrated. Maybe it's the candidacy thing. Cabin fever! "And don't try and say he started anything, Salen, I /mean/ physical. You can't just go off and start hittin' people who piss you off. Guards /keep/ the peace, they don't bust it into people." He shakes his head then, again, rubbing at the back of his neck before his gaze shifts back, once again to the other boys. "Eh? Oh..I'm fine." If a bit snippy. "Vos is fine? I mean I guess. Doesn't tell me much 'bout how he's feeling in a day." Other than to tell him to get awaaaay at least.

Salen looks a little hangdog under Feilan's admonitions. He watches the water, eyes flicking from wave to wave, and waits a moment before reluctantly replying. "Well, it's not like I'm planning on doing it again. I didn't really /mean/ to do it the second time." He looks back up, eyes going to Darden. And he nods at him. "It'll just do what you do. Ignore him. He can be a jerk if he wants to." Right? Right.

"That is probably best." Mikah says nodding his head a bit,"I generally mouth off to him." That's pretty true. "So, are we all agreed?" He asks curiously, tilting his head a little bit to one side.

Darden looks curiously at Mikah as he continues to fish, "Agreed on what?" He nods at Salen, "Yeah. I'd never dream of hitting anyone…but there are times when I've wanted to." He grips the fishing pole hard for a moment before Dolph's gentle chirp relaxes him. He winces a bit at Fei's lecture.

Feilan gives a slight sniff, and moves to sit down by the water. "Good." Ha! "I don't approve of 'im sayin' the stuff he does to you guys, but I sure don't approve of knockin' him in the head, either." After all, they're his friends too! He stretches his legs out a little bit then, and blinks. "You guys fishin'?"

Salen vacillates for a moment, then goes over to sit next to Feilan. He begins the process of stripping off his boots so he can dangle his toes in the water. No swimming for him today. He pauses as he does so to shake out his hand, then gives a rueful look in Darden's direction. "Was satisfying. Don't think you really should, though. It hurts!" Punching hurts hands. Who knew. Then, to Feilan, "He is. I was watching."
"I was just walking around thinking." Mikah says seriously, before he glances at Darden,"That we shouldn't punch Vostarik." He says absently as he runs his fingers through his hair with an absent smile forming on his lips for a moment,"Punching would hurt."

Darden turns to stare at Feilan, lifting the fishing pole and then looking down at the bucket by his feet, which has water and two fish in it. "Uh…yeah?" He grins. The nods at Salen, "I'll remember that." He shifts his weight off his bad knee and continues to fish, pulling in another one and recasting. He looks over at Salen's boots and looks disappointed. "So would getting punched," he remarks to Mikah thoughtfully.

From the sky, Celvynath circles in from the bowl.
From the sky, Celvynath drops down towards the beach.
Celvynath clatters down from above.

"Heh. It hurts less than you might think if they don't know what they're doing." Aka, if Vostarik tries out his punching arm on Fei's /face/. He does grin a little though, draping his arm lightly on Salen's shoulders for the moment. See? He's not really too /mad/ at the boy. Though he lets go a moment later, moving to peer into that bucket. "Whoa. You're good at that, huh? …Oh yeah? Thinkin' 'bout anything good?" He asks, his gaze shifting onto Mikah curiously.

Salen just shrugs a little. "I dunno how bad I hurt him. I haven't done any combat training yet so I'm not very good." There's a look there. A not very upset look, either. Considering who teaches combat training, Salen is okay not knowing how to punch. He frowns a little when that arm leaves, though.

"Just things. I have to decide on a craft soon." Mikah says smiling a bit at Fei, just a weak smile. "Yes… Getting punched would hurt pretty bad." He says nodding his head a bit,"I try to avoid actually getting hit."

Darden looks pointedly at Mikah and hums an off-key rendition of The Duty Song. He grins, then beams at Fei, "Yeah! I'm catching them for - I mean, I thought I'd just do some fishing. I fished a little bit back home, but usually off a ship. With dolphin help."

Celvynath while still a green.. appears out of the night.. Wings cocked to all but surround Salen. 'What has he done again?" Celvynath bugles the request across the bowl even as she dips her shoulder to Salen. Should he chose to take haven with her for a short while. Celvynath tries to engulf Salen as she moves through the slippery clay. 'Watch for sliding greens!'

Feilan smirks slowly at Darden, and just nods. No explanations needed! "I wanna eat one of 'em." Because hey! Fish /is/ pretty darn good. "Craft time, eh? Lots to choose from.. To stick 'round here or head off to some hall." It's a big decision. He blinks though when a dragon comes barging right in, and he shifts a little in his place sitting next to Salen. "Whoa whoa /whoa!/ Hey! Gonna squash someone flat!" His arm shifts right back to it's place around the younger boy's shoulders. Protective shield! ..Unlikely to prevent a good smushing though.

Salen's eyes widen at sight of the wayward green. The riderless green. "Celvynath?" Yes, he knows this one! He raises an arm to grip Feilan's, though it's not sure whether he's trying to hold on or pry him off. He does stand, though, dragging Feilan up with him or not, depending on whether the guard lets go. He's not moving, toward or away from the green, though he's apparently risking being crushed doing it. "Celvy, what's are you doing? Where's Rajani?"

Celvynath The sound of a falling boulders hitting the ground suddenly Cel advances with no actual rockfall at all. But tell those present that.. As she encompasses what is happening and turns her verdant head toward Salen as though greeting him Rajani no where to be found this time. The green does have a mind of her own.. and when she looks upon those surrounding Salen the color is a faded pink. A warning.. The green almost asking those in attendances 'you want me to get serious'?

"Yes. It is time to go to a Hall or stay here." Mikah says nodding his head a little bit at Feilan,"Darden thinks I should become a Harper, and he's right. He has no sense of pitch." He says wincing a little at Darden's humming. The dragon causes him to stand stock still and look more than a little bit nervous.

Darden pauses in his fishing to look up at the green, quite startled. He reaches out and picks up the bucket of fish - four caught so far - with his line still in the water. "What's wrong with her?" he asks nervously. "She doesn't look happy at all." He glances at Mikah and edges closer to his friend.

Feilan does get up with Salen, although he keeps his hold on the boy. No, he's not letting the guardling get caught up in craziness! His eyes just narrow a little bit. "What the heck is the /matter/ with her?" Salen…might know? Hopefully.

Celvynath has been worried about her 'rider since early this morning. It is time for Salen and partner to have a chat but she hadn't meant to seem so overwhelming.. The Green look sorrowful and lays her body fully upon the sand with a bit of a whine. Sounds like bird chirping disconsolately.. She folds he wings back and flattens 'I'm sorry' she seems to say. She's been reacting to her 'riders emotions of late, and everyone will be lucky if she doesn't have a flight again soon.

Salen, taking his options into consideration, decides that he's safer with Feilan than with the riderless green. And, accordingly, presses a little closer to Feilan. "I have no idea. Maybe something's wrong with Rajani?" Even the green taking a more apologetic pose doesn't seem to mollify him. Compromise? Yes. With a quick mental call, he summons Arit up from wherever he's been napping and then, a little chaotically, sends him betweening up to Rajani's weyr.

"It could be…" Mikah says nodding his head to Salen,"It's something I've not really had much experience with honestly." He says weakly,"Maybe someone should check on her…" He says trying to be helpful,"Or maybe it is one of the kids?"

Darden shakes his head, reeling in the line when he feels a nibble. The fifth fish is tossed into the bucket and he picks it up, cradling it protectively to his chest. He watches Arit fly off, and Dolph chirps happily and zooms after his friend.

Feilan gives Salen a slight squeeze, but nods just a little bit. "Uh..yeah. Checkin' on her might be a good idea." One would have to hope that no one /else/ has gone and taken a tumble off a ledge.

Celvynath holds her flattened 'sorrowful' positioning of herself. Realizing that Raja hadn't been asking directly about Salen's health. Merely curious. Though the rider reflect the dragon so perhaps Rajani is upset.. No one will know until someone asks her rider.. As it is Celvy is being a good girl and hushing so as not to scare the fishes.. she likes fishes.. Never mind that she would never let her rider fall into the lake. That kind of publicity is saved for people like Chey.. or that unfortunate girl in the catacombs.

Moments later, Arit appears before Salen in a draft of cold, a note tied around his foreleg. He's looking a little distressed, too, so it takes Salen a moment to get it off of him. "It says she's fine…" Salen looks from the note to the dragon, unsure. "Uh, Celvy? Mind if I come up and see what's wrong with Rajani?" He reaches out to put a hand on the beast. Then, turning, a little color coming to pale cheeks. "Hey… Fei… mind coming?" Yeah, the kid is looking a little shaken.

"You should go if there's something wrong." Mikah says looking at Feilan. There's no real concern in his voice but there is a touch of tightness to his face. "You should both go. Dar and I will wait here until you return…"

Darden gets left behind. Sniff. Oh well. He's got fish to tend to. "Hey, Mikah. Mind running an errand with me? Then we can eat these lovelies. We'll build a fire here on the beach and everyone can have some when they get back." Flop, flop, flop.

Unless they are /eaten/. Feilan isn't looking too sure of everything going on, and even gives a little groan as he's invited along. Oi.. "Yeah, alright, alright." Can't let Salen head off alone into possibly dangerous situations, now can he?

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