Scavenger Hunt: A Flaming Jacket

Skeseth's Ledge
A ledge… If anything else can be said to the solid stone landing for the dragons, is that it doesn't /appear/ to look like a ledge. Hidden between the sides of the weyr, shadows covering the small platform, which is almost unnoticeable until one is just about against the stone, or having known where to land. Sand blows across the red stained solid ground, an abandoned look settling into the silent area where only darkness and the scent of death may lurk.
It is a spring evening.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
Brown Neshath and brown Skeseth are here.
Rozalija is here.
Obvious exits:

A firelizard note and a quick yet frightening ride up later to the brown's ledge and Rozalija was already having second doubts. Skeseth was less than friendly with the girls he was giving a ride two, his red whirling eyes turning in their direction and making sure he offers a few quick snaps of his teeth to hurry them on off. "M-mother said she'd be up… soon." Roz didn't sound too certain about whatever plan she had in mind, after sliding off the dragon and making sure to put some distance. Her mother was an inferno rider, and she dragged Tilla up for company. "It's… it's not homey," she says in a soft tone, glancing back towards the brown dragon. Skeseth waits just long enough for Tilla to leave before snapping his whip-tail around, cracking the air about them, and dropping off the ledge to leave the girls stranded.

Tilla is good at sliding off dragons now, thanks to Rajani. She lands on her feet, dusts off her pants, and looks around. "Wow, thanks for bringing me along..this will make the second rider's weyr I've ever seen" She marvels at the view. "Its pretty well hidden but the view is nice!" She decides to make her way inside. "C'mon Roza..I think" she whispers "we can find some items 'of use' here. How lucky that your mom wanted to visit with you right now!'

Death's Domain
Nothing seems to look wrong in this sunken weyr except for the dark somber appearance of everything in it. Few glowbaskets are scattered about, barely lighting up the nearest area where the sunlight somehow cannot reach. Dark shadowy corners remain mysterious, unseen, until they are approached and carefully examined. A rise on the ground is outlined faintly in the little light: the dragon's couch practically clutching the shadows. An alcove in the back, the rider's place, is well kept. Everything seems to have found its place and stayed there: books and papers neatly placed on a shelf, a properly made bed, and a trunk with neatly folded clothes. In the main room there are chairs and a table, which seems to be the center piece and sports the freshest glowbasket that shines brightly. Yet it barely reflects off the dark sofa nearby. There is a small area next to the alcove with running water, more to be used for drinking than for bathing.
It is a spring late night.
On the ledge, you see two brown dragons and one person.
Lurking in the shadows is Veer.
You notice Kal and Sua asleep here.
Obvious exits:
Rozalija walks in from the Skeseth's Ledge.

Rozalija doesn't seem to move around quite as comfortably as Tilla is. She barely gives a glance over the ledge, paling at the thought. "T-the view is alright. Mother says Skeseth likes… to hunt right off it." She doesn't waste time sidestepping the trail of bones that the dragon had left behind, so close to the feeding pens. Even with the brown dragon gone she doesn't look relaxed. She wringes her hands and nods towards Tilla. "Y-yes, perfect opportunity and all. I just hope s-she doesn't get mad that I brought a friend. Or… you know." She waves towards the orderly weyr, squinting her eyes in the gloom. "S-so… this is it." Ta-da?

Tilla scans the inside of the weyr, quickly. She has no idea how long they will have undetected, or if someone's weyrmate might be lurking in the back alcove. She nods, and remarks "Its very..orderly" in hushed tones. "Do you think she'd mind if we borrowed her jacket, just really quickly? Although if you can spot it, it may not matter if she /minds/. " Very devious and competitive thoughts are obviously flooding the girls mind..for /some/ reason.

Or if a sudden dark dragon might not have really left them and decided to eat the two candidates instead while no one was looking. This was nearly written on Rozalija's face as she continued to toss looks over her shoulder towards the ledge. Or maybe just waiting on her mom. "Oh, I-I really don't know. She… she might not realize it's gone, unlike one of her bottles." Roz's mind was heading in that direction as well. She turns dark in the cheeks, thought it might be difficult to see in the gloom. "S-she'd /murder/ me if we take her drinks. I'm… I'm sure of it. She's attached and… all." With one more look over her shoulder, she moves towards the bedroom and the trunk.

Tilla checks the exitway for sounds of arriving riders, or dragons, and quietly tip toes after Rozalija into the bedroom area. The choice of a jacket is likely wiser, and more easily hidden than a bottle of wine.And..slightly less illegal for a candidate to posess than alcohol that they'd been forbidden to drink.

Rozalija was probably thinking along the same lines as well, seeing that she was going for the jacket instead. "I… I know she's got /some/ kind of jacket," she says softly, almost a whisper to the other candidate. She throws open the chest and stares into the piles and piles of clothes inside with a sigh. "M-maybe a bottle of wine would be easier, but… I'd hate to break the rules anymore than I have already." She flushes again and glances towards the exit. "Y-you think we can get it and go before she comes?"

Tilla peers over into the chest and has no luck either. "This weyr is so neatly organized..would it be hanging in a wardrobe or on a hanger somewhere?" She whispers. Shards, you'd think the jacket would be in a logical place. Hmm.

Rozalija digs through the clothes one by one, trying to make sure that she didn't miss the jacket somewhere in the pile. When nothing turns up, she lets the lid shut with a resounding thud. She winces at the sound and then gets up, dusting her pants even if they weren't really dusty. "I-I don't really know. She might be wearing it?" The thought alone makes the girl unhappy, and she renews her efforts of scanning the rider's alcove. Dropping to her knees, she scans under the bed for a moment before looking up to Tilla with wide-eyes. "I… I think I found it, or at least the wine." Sure enough, there was clothes under the bed, and bottles of wine laying all comfortably in their little clothing-nests.

Tilla gets on her hands and knees and peers under the bed next to Roza. Her nose wrinkles, theres some dust and something under the bed. She tries not to sneeze lest she make more noise than necessary. "What can you see? Its really dim under here" she says as she shuffles through clothes and bottles gingerly with one hand, while propping herself up with the other. Her butt is in the air, ridiculously pointed up while the rest of her is close to the floor.

"W-we're going to have to drag all this out if we want to find the jacket," Rozalija whines. "Or take the wine instead." She reaches in and feels around for one of the bottles, taking it back with her to then turn the Benden seal in Tilla's direction. "I'll… I'll get some lights." She leaves the bottle on the ground there with the other candidate, hurrying to one of the baskets to fish out the dim glows before returning and tossing them under the bed. The way it illuminates at least allows them to notice the colors better on the clothes. She gives a few sneezes, though, stirring some dust up as she drops down again to check. And sure enough, there's at least some red fabrics down there.

Tilla sees the red fabrics too. "Is that the red jacket..Inferno Wing, right?" She peers. "I think that's on the list, right?" She sits up, and cranes her head to hear for any suspicious noises. "I wonder when your mom will be in." She looks rather guiltily at the pile of clothes and bottles that is increasing as each item is taken out from under the bed and inspected. "Here, let me put back the things we already looked at." And with that she crouches back to where she was and tries to put each item back where it was under the bed, leaving Roza room to look in a different pile with the promising red tint.

"I hope so," mutters Rozalija, though she quickly snaps to attention as a dragon comes passing nearby the ledge. Thankfully, over the pens means it was most likely some other dragon hunting. She breaths again and shakes her head to Tilla. "I… I don't think I want to be here when she does. I can w-write her a letter. Tell her I had chores." She was late anyway! Probably getting drunk. Roz worries her lower lip before crouching back and grabbing for the red (hopefully) jacket and tugs with all her strength, sending a crashing of bottles clinking together and rolling onto the rocky ground underneath the jacket and making Roz shut her eyes tightly.

Tilla is startled by the clanking. "Shhh!" She tells Roza, and tries to steady the rolling bottles under the bed. "Yea you can write her a note, and..I can always bake her some cookies as an apology present that we can send back with the jacket." Yeah, cookies. Cookies that are hopefully not choking people with klah spices as were her 'special' rolls. Let's not go into it now.

Rozalija blushes fiercely as the bottles clink and clank and make their mess. "F-faranth," she whimpers out and then quickly turns towards the ledge. Nothing! She breaths out again in relief and turns to face Tilla. "S-so s-sorry about that." Yah, she was really crappy at doing anything steathly. "D-do you know anyone that can give us a ride down? I think… Skeseth might not take us." And then that means they'd have to wait for her brownrider mother. She stuffs a few bottles back down under the cot and takes the jacket with her, instead. After a brief moment of studying it, it was the right one. "Y-yes… Maybe she'd like cookies." Maybe. And then she wouldn't flay them. "C-can you clean up the glows, too?"

Tilla peers at the jacket, its red and has an insignia on it. "I think that's the one. Don't worry, I don't think anyone heard. " She ducks back down under the bed and stuffs things back into place..or at least close to where they were before the girls ransacked the place. And then, pushes herself to her feet. Bending over, she grabs the glows with both arms and nods. "Yea, lets go" She makes her exit to the outer part of the weyr, putting the glows back as she goes, trying to make things look as tidy as they were when the arrived, and fearing the resulting punishment if they don't.

Rozalija folds up the jacket when she gets the okay from the other candidate and tucks it under her arm. She glances down to the bed one last time, checking to see if she can see any of the bottles and toeing them further in. As if this wouldn't be noticed… Roz knew better! She helps straighten things out, too. "I-I hope it looks well. I think it does. Oh, Faranth, Mother is going to have my head." She whines and wringes her hand and then moves quickly towards the desk, searching for a scrap of something to write on. It's not long before she scavenges something up and scribbles down a note for her mother, leaving it on the table and moving towards the ledge.

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