Scavenger Hunt: Marked by Death

Skeseth's Ledge
A ledge… If anything else can be said to the solid stone landing for the dragons, is that it doesn't /appear/ to look like a ledge. Hidden between the sides of the weyr, shadows covering the small platform, which is almost unnoticeable until one is just about against the stone, or having known where to land. Sand blows across the red stained solid ground, an abandoned look settling into the silent area where only darkness and the scent of death may lurk.
It is a spring late night.
Inside the weyr, you see one person.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
Brown Neshath and brown Skeseth are here.
Obvious exits:

Tilla puts the last glow back down on the table and tiptoes out of the main part of the weyr, towards the ledge. Then, it dawns on her. "Roza" she says quietly. "Did we not have to get something marked by a brown dragon also?" She looks around, noticing some bone piles and scratched rocks on the ledge where brown Skeseth had been enjoying a leisurely meal. "Do you think we could grab a bone with teethmarks or a rock or something?" She hmms.

Rozalija tries not to look over the edge to the ground below for fear of getting nauseous. She clings to the red jacket and turns quickly towards Tilla with wide eyes. "S-something from Skeseth?" She pales again and shuffles closer towards one of the boens, poking at it. "It… It has teeth marks. B-but maybe he's really p-possessive of it?" An angry brownrider and an angry dragon after them! She nods slowly. "I-I guess, if no one has… you know, gotten anything." She was squeezing the jacket to her chest.

Tilla takes off her pack, opening it. "Here. Your mom can be angry at you and the dragon can be angry at's that?" She gives a wan smile, not knowing which was really worse because some dragonriders can be scary..just have less teeth. "If you can find a bone and put it in my pack, I can say I was the one who took it." She nods. "Doesn't matter anymore at this point, I just don't want /them/ to win." Them being they who shall not be named. T.H.E.M.

"H-he'll most likely be mad at both," Rozalija says, though that doesn't really stop her from bending down to look at the bones. She does hesitate, though, and glances towards the skies to see if her mother was returning. Or worse, the brown dragon that lives here. "H-here," she says, handing over a thick bone that was cracked on both ends but was scratched up and had a good tooth mark in it from being chomped down on. That's tossed in the bag before she stands up and wipes her hands on the jacket. "I… I don't want them to win, either."

Tilla nods, and grins, closing her bag. "We'll have to find a ride down, I guess. " She scans the skies to look for a familiar face, when who should appear but brownrider R'ton. "R'ton!" Tilla calls and waves, thankful that the rider is flying close enough to hear her. "We need a ride down, can you please help us? We were visiting Roza's mom but she stepped out and hasn't come back yet and we have chores…" R'ton is only happy enough to oblige the two girls as he was on his way to the Living Caverns anyway to look around for his lost boots.

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