Scavenger Hunt: Laundry Diving! Log

Steam enshrouds, a misty curtain that veils the room. Pools abound, water constantly swirling, warm and inviting; soapsand waits on nearby ledges for easy access. Racks of clothes stand by the door, freshly washed clothing hang from some, and bundles of yet to be washed clothes fill mutliple baskets beneath. Large cupboard doors open to reveal multitude of fresh, soft towels, and plenty of bathing items — sponges, pumice stones, and back scrubbers.
Ducking steamclouds are three firelizards.
You see Sunfur here.
Obvious exits:

Tilla is on laundry duty, again, making the rounds to the baths. She walks in, carefully to avoid slipping into the bathing pools, and scans the area, looking for wet towels, clothes, and whatever else she can grab. *Slip* "Ack!" Tilla grabs a rocky outcropping on the wall to regain her footing.

"Geez, Tilla. Don't go breaking your neck." That wouldn't be very good, and Feilan would have to clean up the mess! And he doesn't /want/ to clean up messes that involve corpses. He does pick up a wet towel though, making a slight face. "Why is it that /I/ gotta do crap like this?"

"C-careful there," Rozalija says, following Tilla in and holding her arms out as if that'd stop the other girl from slipping. If she does. Laundry didn't get done with just one candidate! Not her most favorite chore, judging by the look on her face as she looks around the baths. "Because," she answers Feilan with a sigh. "W-we all got to…"

Tilla laughs, embarassedly. "I'll try not to. I don't think the floor of the baths would taste very good." She aims this comment at Fei and sticks out her tongue. She walks around a large puddle of water to a pile of towels, now dingy and grimy from their previous uses. She picks them up gingerly. Eww. And then around to another pile..someone seems to have left some shorts and socks in there..

Feilan heads around the other side of the pool, picking up a few more towels. Although he does pause, and makes a face. Twitch. "Oh come /on/." He grimaces, and hurries back to the growing pile of towels, holding it at arms length. "Could people /not/ do stuff like that in the baths..and wipe it up with their /towels/? People have to pick this stuff up!"

Ceria, the drudge in charge of laundry comes bustling in. "Don't slip dearies, we need you to help with the folding and washing for some hours!" She reminds the crew. She goes to the corner of the baths where a particularly large pile of towels and washcloths has grown. *grumble grumble* She wishes that people would at least put things on the benches and not always strewn all over the floors where she has to bend to get them with her arthritic knee.

Rozalija was picking up towels in another section of the baths before looking up and over to Feilan with wide eyes. "D-do what?" Wait, did she want to know? She has several towels draped on her arms before returning to stuff them in a basket, where they were supposed to properly belong. "N-no ma'am," she calls over to Ceria with a flushed face. "We're… we're doing alright here. Right?" She stuffs the towels down good and goes for more.

Tilla grabs the socks and fans her nose. " that what I think it is, Fei? Did somebody let their kids in here and not clean up again.." She shudders. "Yes Ma'am, I'm all right now" She nods. Socks and shorts are picked up with two fingers. She's left wondering who is running around without any underwear. And with that..she seems to have spotted yet another underwear and clothes pile just near the changing curtain..

Feilan twitches slightly, glaring at Tilla. "/No/. Someone had a bit too much 'fun' in here with..well. Whoever they were with." Not even /he's/ that gross. Yeesh. He shakes his head though, and glances over at the drudge a moment. "Hours…ugh."

Ceria creaks back up to her feet and comments "It's the usual, young man. And don't you three skip out early like last time!" She waggles her finger. She notices Tilla walking close to the particular pile of clothes. "Leave that to me. That's not /yours/ to wash. Rider Shazi always entrusts her delicates to me" A proud and haughty nod is given towards the three candidates as Ceria makes her way over to said pile. And bends, clumsily picking everything up. But given the huge pile of towels and other items in her arms, its not noticed when a small green colored bikini brief is dangling loosely off the side of her pile.

Rozalija still looks confused over Feilan's gross problem and she worries her lower lip to stop herself from asking anymore. She's busy with her own pile! "I… I wonder how riders figure out what's theirs." She turns a pair of socks inside out and then tosses them into the hamper with the rest of the whites. At the mention of Shazi, her head lifts up quickly and she turns to look towards Tilla and Feilan. That's easily a key word that she's picked up on.

Tilla also perks her ear at the mention of Shazi, but continues on gathering people's unmentionables, nasty towels, and other things from the floor. EW. Did somebody have a pool party or something? More people should pick up after themselves. Yeesh. She wrinkles her nose. "You'd think nobody here had ever been told by their ma or nanny to clean up after themselves.." she grumbles.

Shazi? Shazi's /things/? Feilan perks right along with the other candidates, and tilts his head to seend a glance right around to the girls. Oh yes, he heard that. They /all/ heard it. And really, those green things just /hanging/ there are rather hard to miss. Lips quirk just a bit then, and he moves, snagging an item of clothing right up off the ground as he goes. And then, one hand darts to that wonderfully green treasure, plucking it right out as his other hand offers up the other bit to the drudge. "Oh! Ma'am! This fell outta the stack just now. Wouldn't want Shazi goin' and losing anythin' in the wash or nothin'." Panties? Into Fei's pocket they go. For safe keeping, obviously.

Ceria gives Feilan a suspicious look as things seem to be disappearing and reappearing. In any case she eventually accepts the explanation. She raises an eyebrow and says "Why thank you, Feilan." And to the rest she says "I need to be washing these right away. Rider Shazi wants these cleaned and ready in case the hatching is soon" She nods, and starts to make her way out the door. "You three come right /back/ to the laundry room when you're done here. And hurry it up! We have alot more laundry than usual, need to make sure everything is clean for all our visitors in the next sevenday or so!" She gives one more scowling, suspicious look at the trio of Candidates, and lumbers out the door.

Rozalija's eyes were transfixed by the green unmentionables dangling right there. She was picking up the same towel ever since the drudge had mentioned it, only to find that Feilan was actually doing something about it. She turns her attention to him and quickly busies herself with the hamper, muffling a giggle by ruffling up the dirty things. She picks up the large basket, bending her back to do so. "Oh, w-wait up, ma'am, I've already got a full basket, too!" With the drudge's back turned, she gives a grin to Feilan and marches out as well to get her stuff done, and possibly distract the drudge away from any suspicious thoughts.

Tilla looks nervously out of the corner of her eye when she sees Feilan work his magic on the drudge. When she leaves the baths, she shoots him a wide grin, as if to say 'Right on!'. The first pile of laundry is dropped in a basket, as she works on pile #2. Hoping not to find any #2 on the floor. *shudder!*

Feilan just smirks a little bit to himself. Mwaha. But at least he leaves his prize hidden away in his pocket. No one else needs to /see/ that..just yet.

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