Scavenger Hunt: Denalia, Jhairecki, Rhaenyra Raid Weyrlingmaster Tye's Office for a whip

Weyrlingmaster Office
The small door off the barracks opens into a well-lit chamber dug for the offices
of the Weyrlingmaster. Glowbaskets line the walls, where no portraits, no
delicacies, make the room seem more inviting; everything about it details the fine
and exact work of the Weyrlingmaster. Everything from hides to utencils to the
glows on the desk are positioned exactly, orderly to the point of obsession.
Lending to the room's atmosphere of dictorial-ship, various whips hang on a rack on
one side of the room; intimidation factor, no less. In front of the desk are two
chairs, for visitors, along with stacked chairs in a corner closet in case there's
more. The main chair at the head of the desk, though, boasts a grand size and lots
of cushion, for longs hours of possible hidework.
Obvious exits:

Rhaenyra and Jhairecki are on cleaning duty. Office cleaning duty, for the record; keeping an eye out for the last clutch - dumb louts, Rhaenyra leads the way into the weyrling barracks with a rag and bucket of cleaning… stuff. "Come -on-, Jhai," she states. "You're so -slow-. The sooner we have Tye's office clean, the sooner that we can get out of here."

"See," begins Jhairecki, "that's not quite enough incentive." He follows her at an unhurried pace, ambling along with his own cleaning supplies in tow. "'Cause soon as we get out of here, they'll be after us for something else. You take your time on this, that's less work. Anyway, why the hell we have to clean the /weyrling/ barracks in the first place?"

Denalia is jogging. Really. Avoiding chores? Perhaps. On her way to one? More likely. But, the simple fact is that she sees Rhaenyra, and heads her way — despite the fact that she sees Jhairecki and is more inclined to head in the opposite direction of such. "You have to clean the weyrling barracks? Ahaha. Good stuff. Want help?" She wipes a little sweat off her brow, and a bit off her arms, were are sleeveless, even if it isn't really warm enough for it, yet. "Oh, Tye's office? She give you that chore, or someone else?" She furrows her eyebrows for a moment, curious.

"We're not cleaning the -barracks-," Rhaenyra states to Jhai. "We're cleaning an -office-." She shoots him an imminently patient look, and glances… over to Denalia. "The Headman is apparently trying to garner sweetroll points with Shazi and Tye," she explains to Deni; "What with his immediate superior out of pocket currently… so he told me to go clean their offices." Disgruntled, disgruntled; never no mind that it's likely a sign that he considers her level-headed enough to do a good job and know where things go. "Jhai's my muscle." She hooks her thumb towards slacker bob. "And of -course- I'll take help." A slight smile, and Rhae ducks into the weyrlingmaster's office.

"Same deal, weyrling barracks, weyrlingmaster," says Jhairecki with an airy hand-wave. But as soon as Denalia arrives, he's stepping over to push his cleaning supplies at her. "Here, have at," encourages the man. "Sure you girls are a hell of a sight better at cleaning than /me/." Not that he seems inclined to wander off to his own purposes just now, either. "I can… stand guard. Put my guarding skills to good use before I get out of practice." Riiight.

Denalia follows willingly, although her face seems to look a bit sour. "Alright, but we better be careful. Maybe even let her know that I helped you guys, since she can be pretty touchy about people messing with her things. She doesn't even like my mom organizing anything. It could probably use a thorough dusting and sweeping though, she's been too busy for that." But, that's mostly in hope; if Tye gets angry about anything, she doesn't waste the oppurtunity on being slightly irritated. She's either content, or I Will Kill You Dead angry. "Thanks," she muffles at Jhairecki as she takes the supplies hesitantly. "Right. /You/ stand guard. You were a pathetic excuse for a guard, I wouldn't trust you to guard an imprisoned, dead wherry."

"Jhai, you have another job," Rhaenyra comments, her voice mild; she surveys the office, and begins immediately sweeping the floor. "We'll sweep and dust and wipe off her desk. Leave all the hides alone, and… clean her chair." She surveys, thoughtfully. "And then Jhairecki can grab one of the whips and we can be done!" The sudden shine of her evil-toned smile is only to be expected.

"Then you best be hoping the weyrlingmaster don't turn up," Jhairecki is remarkably chipper about this, as he ditches his cleaning supplies in favor of trotting into the room himself. No sweeping for him; he just stops there to look around, his eyes narrowing. "Whips," repeats the candidate. His expression glazes over rather dreamily. "What does she keep whips for? Think I might oughta impress after all."

"Wait wait wait. We're actually going to take something from /her/? I mean, I'm okay with taking from other people, but that's because when they find out they won't KILL ME." Denalia takes a cloth and begins dusting carefully, lifting items only to wipe and replace them as if they'd never been disturbed. "I, I… Rhaen, did you make any of those cards, yet?" It's been to short a while so she wouldn't be surprised at a 'no' reply. "She likes to maintain order. They tend to get used on people that don't pay attention or don't follow the rules. Sorry Jhair, they aren't a sexual fetish. She just likes scaring people into Order. It's a good tactic, I believe. Better to keep people in line and afraid then happy and chaotic!" Can we tell who the Teacher's Pet is? Oh yes we can!

Rhaenyra turns a scowl over to Denalia, now, at full force; surprising, given the fact that Rhaenyra is typically the one ridiculing those who scowl. "First off, yes, I do have a few cards. I follow through, you know." She palms up one, and passes it to Jhai, pausing in her sweeping. "Second, yes Deni, we all know you -hate- getting in trouble, miss goody two-shoes. However. The next time you rat me out? You'll get hurt. Guard or not." Her scowl has decreased into a level look, but there is a— glint, in one of her eyes. She means business. "Jhai," she finally states, her tone one of chiding patience. He doesn't know any better. She finishes sweeping, thriftily sweeps the mess out the door — the weyrlings can deal with it — and shifts over to start cleaning Tye's chair. "Have one picked out yet?" she tosses back to Jhai, then, an eyebrow cocking upwards.

Was there ever any doubt who the pet was, anyway? Jhairecki's disdainful expression says no. "All whips are sexual," he offers a sage opinion. "And Faranth, we'll give it back. Eventually." The threat of imminent death doesn't seem to scare him much, but then, he's probably just not that bright. He eyes the room for the item in question, his eyes settling on the whips so proudly displayed on the wall. In no hurry then, he queries, "Cards?"

"Good," Denalia phews about Rhaenyra's first comment, but her face falls into a scowl at the second one. "Fine, fine. I was just doing my job." Even if it makes her a crappy friend. Obvious why she has so few, much? "But, I'd better write something on the back of the card we leave for her, letting her know we're borrowing it for herding a new shipment of rowdy herdbeasts or something." Even if she hates lying to her mentor, it's better than admitting the truth and getting berated for participating in such a silly game — which would be the inevitable fortune. "/Everything/ is sexual, to you," Deni snorts with a snub of her nose at Jhairecki. "Creepy boy," is muttered to herself, as she dips down to start wiping off a shelf below her.

"You don't -have- a job, Denalia. You're a candidate, just like me, just like Jhairecki. It wasn't any of your business." Rhaenyra's voice is firm, but surprisingly not angry. She finishes with the chair and straightens. "I pre-wrote them. I saw one in the stables last night - they took one of Beka's spare working saddles. So I copied the handwriting." A spare smile flashes across her face, and she surveys the desk. "See, this didn't take too long," she comments. "Pick one, Jhai. I don't care." She doesn't comment on the nature of anything sexual; she glances along the different whips adorning the walls, and furrows a brow.

"Good point," Jhairecki gives Denalia that much, at least. But a note? He stares at her. "Are you stupid? You leave a note, she's going to come looking for us. Or for herdbeasts. Neither of which we can or want to let her find," he points out, rolling his eyes. He makes a disgusted sound as he turns to the wall, reaching up to grab the lowest whip. He unwinds it, turns it over—and puts it back, in somewhat less than pristine condition. "She got a favorite?" he wonders of Denalia, glancing back her way.

Denalia's face continues to sour as Rhaenyra speaks, but, in favor of not bouncing back in her know-it-all and egotistically crude manner, she keeps her trap shut and nods. "Alright… I hope that works, then. Then I guess Krummolt will take the fall, for it, if Tye decides to retaliate." She scrunches her nose at Jhair, shaking her dusting rag over Rhaen's sweeping-pile before continuing. "Well, I'd only sign it under my name — she trusts me enough, I think… But, I think what we planned before will work out better. Good thing Rhaen knows how to forge." She flicks the other female candidate a quick wink. "Yeah, the short riding-crop looking one is her favorite. She likes to walk around beating it in her hand — she doesn't tend to use the big, long ones much. Too afraid of hitting the dragons instead of the riders." She begins pulls out one of the visitor chairs to climb up on, to dust at hard to reach spots. Cleaning. Yuck.

"Turns of forging Jadall's signature, and Dalaynia's," Rhaenyra states by way of explanation to Denalia, and fishes out a card— in blocky writing, it simply says, "Sorry- needed it more than you. Thanks." A slight smile crosses her face, and she rocks back on her heels, thoughtful, glancing up and over to the apparently well-worn, short riding crop.

Jhairecki eyes the whips on the wall, then the two girls again. "Teach them to pick dumbass riders that need hitting," he remarks on the latter of Denalia's comments; he shrugs. Then, reaching up again, he plucks the favorite whip off the wall, testing it out by slapping it on his own hand a couple of times in imitation of Tye. "S'pose this one will do, then," decides Jhairecki, with a firm nod.

While Denalia doesn't approve of Rhaenyra's ease of breaking rules maybe even laws she obviously admires her resourcefulness, as she continues to smile at Rhaen's statement. "You put /that/? Oy. That might make make her turn purple… I suppose it'd be pretty entertaining to see the encounter with Krummolt after that, though!" She'd never want to /purposefully/ pit one of her teachers after another, but really… She won't pass up the oppurtunity. "I wish," she mutters at Jhairecki's comment.. And then even laughs when he does a Tye imitation. Oy. She is SO glad Tye isn't here, right now. "Ugh. I don't have a good feeling about this. Can we like… get out of here before she comes back?" Here she goes, twitching. Her Anti-Rule Breaking Complex is going nuts in her head.

Perhaps Denalia does not realize that Rhaenyra's father is a Master Legist. And, in the legacy of all good Master Harpers dedicated to law, he has very little priority on keeping the law himself. Freaking lawyers. "Let us place it right… here." Rhaenyra settles the card on the crop's mount, smiles to herself, and grabs her broom. "Well, -I'm- out of here… need to check back in with the Headman. Apparently someone told him that I needed additional chores to keep me out of trouble," and she eyes Denalia at this point with a pointed expression. "You two try to stay out of trouble, yourselves," she calls, as she saunters off, flagging a hand behind her.

Rhaenyra goes home.

"C'mon, let's go. Cleaned enough," decides Jhairecki, on the heels of Rhaenyra's departure. He even manages not to go through all of Tye's stuff on his own, though he eyes the desk and such with longing. "What am I supposed to do with this now, anyway? I take it you've got some kind of grand hiding place?" He looks skeptical, and for the time being slides the whip into his back pocket, where it's… pretty obvious, actually.

"Yeah, we should. And I don't wanna chance messing up anything." Denalia eyes Jhairecki's hiding job, and scowls; in a quick movement, she nabs the whip from his pocket, and shoves it up the front of his shirt. Oh. Kinky. (Not really.) "Rhaen's been keeping everything, just follow her. She won't tell me where in Faranth's name it is, since I ratted her endaevors out to Tye." She snarls a little, crossing her arms in Teenage Angst on having tattled on her friend — which she totally deserves being Defriended for. Amazing she hasn't been, completely!

"Hey now," says Jhairecki when Denalia grabs the whip; but he's only amused at her choice of better hiding places. He lifts his brows, crosses his arms. "Y'know, that's not totally obvious. Lemme put it back down my pants—nobody'll notice it there." Pause. "Or, well, they will, but they won't think it is what it is."

Denalia backs away quickly, totally revolted. "Ew. Ew. Ew ew… Just.. don't let me see it. I'll never look at Tye whacking it against her hand ever the same." She flinches, shoving all the cleaning supplies into a bundle and hefting it towards the entrance. "They'll know for sure that you're stuffing, then… But, it's not like everyone didn't assume it, anyways." Cough cough. Denalia ducks out of the office and down the barracks hall, trying to keep her eye on where Rhaenyra is heading. "Better catch up with her, Dick Man," she mutters humorously at him before she starts to head in the opposite direction, towards the Hatching Grounds. "And please… Just…" Okay, she doesn't know how to say what she's thinking, so she just flinches, and turns away, trying not to imagine how he might be defiling his mentor's prized possession. Ew.

Jhairecki just smirks at Denalia's revulsion: he looks far more pleased about it than he should, considering how she insults him. But hey! She's leaving, and he's free to, y'know. Do with it as he will. So, with said whip hidden in hiding places that are best left unmentioned, he sets off after Rhaenyra again. This is going to end badly.

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