Scavenger Hunt: Rhaenyra and Jhairecki Steal R'ton's Boots

Steam enshrouds, a misty curtain that veils the room. Pools abound, water constantly swirling, warm and inviting; soapsand waits on nearby ledges for easy access. Racks of clothes stand by the door, freshly washed clothing hang from some, and bundles of yet to be washed clothes fill mutliple baskets beneath. Large cupboard doors open to reveal multitude of fresh, soft towels, and plenty of bathing items — sponges, pumice stones, and back scrubbers.
Ducking steamclouds are three firelizards.
You see Sunfur here.

Obvious exits:

Bath time. Jhairecki's here, sunk down in the water with his eyes closed and his head tilted back against the stone behind him. His arms are propped up, too, and he doesn't seem to be doing much in the way of bathing just now. More… soaking than anything else. Might even be napping, come to that.

"Boo." A simple word, all things said and done. Spoken aloud, at the normal speaking tone Rhaenyra delivers it in, it's nothing much. However, considering that Rhaen speaks it all of three inches away from Jhai's ear— mayhaps is a bit different. The Herder-turned-candidate rises from her crouch, silently retreating from the other on padding bare feet. "Long day?" is amiably inquired next.

"Shit," Jhairecki says, with feeling; but only after he's jerked upright hard enough to scrape an elbow or two and nearly give himself whiplash looking around at Rhaenyra. He scowls. "Same length as the rest of 'em," he tells her dryly, when he's recovered some measure of dignity. "You?"

If Rhaenyra is pleased to see her fellow candidate jump, well, it doesn't cross her face. Instead, she warily keeps an eye on her boots, and slowly strips off her muddy clothes. Someone's been in the stables, apparently, or on fence duty, or one of any number of duties that would get her nearly covered in muck of some sort. "Considering I've been awake since yesterday morning," Rhae pleasantly replies, "I think that it's been one helluva day." Finally devoid of clothing, she slips into the hot pool, eyes closing in a semblance of bliss as hot water surrounds her. "I wish I could jump ahead in time, to where everyone is over this," she states, then, her tone subdued.

Jhairecki is crude; he just can't help it. He asks, brows arching, "Yeah? Busy night?" It could be innocuous, but he watches Rhaenyra strip down with more interest than is probably proper. "'N' why, anxious to get back to the real work already?"

Rhaenyra is easier on the eyes than most in the baths this time of night, that's for sure. "Busy night. Ha ha. Funny. Jhairecki, will you ever grow up?" Her eyes open, and her gaze lands on Jhai, not sarcastic or droll— simply questioning. "The weyr's collapsing around your ears, and you still find the mental power to crack a sexual joke." She shakes her head, her expression shifting finally into that of vague, possible amusement. "And no, I'm not anxious to get back to real work. I actually have been doing real work, unlike some people, apparently." Dry, dry, her typical humor resurfaces, finally.

Jhairecki shrugs. "What'm I gonna do about it?" he wonders. "Caught the bad guy, can't heal the Weyrwoman, might as well go on about my own business. Grown up or not." Pause. "'Sides, it was a legitmate question that you didn't answer," is added with a pointed smirk. Grow up? Ahaha.

"Sure, -you- caught the bad guy." Rhaenyra rolls her eyes, but wisely refrains from saying the 'I TOTALLY TOLD EVERYONE SO'. Conspiracy Krummolt theories FTW. "And yes. I had a busy night. I wasn't getting busy with anyone, but it was a busy night. I was up all night, helping the cooks," she shortly replies to Jhai. "Nobody could sleep, and riders were raiding the kitchens for food all night."

"Huh," observes Jhairecki. "Slept well enough, myself." A shrug, and he settles back into his former position, with his head tilted back, utter relaxation. "Somebody caught 'im, anyway. Good enough for me. So what were you doing with the cooks all night?" It's not dirty this time, promise!

"Klah. Roasting spits of herdbeast. Baking cookies. Mashing tubers, and cutting them to roast. Making stickybuns," Rhaenyra replies, after a moment of consideration. "Making… comfort." It's hard to explain, apparently; she doesn't force the words, instead choosing to tip her head back and stir slightly. "You know?"

Jhairecki does not: as much is written in his expression, the confused lift of his brow. "Comfort. Naw, not really," he tells her. Another shrug. "Take your word for it, though. Maybe it's a girl thing, yeah? Cooking. My ma always did that, cooked. Like s'the answer for everything."

Rhaenyra smiles, suddenly, as a thought strikes her. "Your ma, hmm?" Her gaze flickers over to Jhairecki. "You have a mother?" The line is delievered with innocent puzzlement, as if Rhaenyra simply can't put together two plus two. Jhai plus Jhai's momma. "Cooking -is- the answer for everything," she finally states, her tone drowsy. Hot water + long day = sleepy Rhaen!

"What, you think I just sprung up in a field one day or something?" drawls Jhairecki. While Rhaenyra starts to drowse, he sits back up a little more, as though about to get out. "Got a mama back home, and a pa, and umpteen other relations if you have to know."

"Let me guess… you were the baby of the family. Oh, no, wait, the middle child, so misunderstood. No, that doesn't fit either." Her gaze wanders to left-field, with her thoughts, landing on Jhai thoughtfully. "One of the older siblings. Second born. Not first son— you'd not be such a slacker if you were. Picked on all your siblings. Probably got kicked out when you were sixteen for not doing much of anything." A smile eventually wanders across her face, just as easily as her thoughts and gaze did previously. "Close? At all?"

"Nope," Jhairecki says, with a broad smirk. "Not so much right at all. Good try, though." Which may or may not be the truth after all—still, he offers up his own version. "Oldest. Apprenticed. Throw a quirk in your mindhealing there?"

Rhaenyra makes a production of her groan. "Oldest?" Her eyebrows arch in dark curves above surprised hazel eyes. "Apprenticed. Apprenticed to what? I didn't know there was a craft dedicated to forging out slackers," she states, smirking.

Jhairecki's shoulders lift, a you-tell-me shrug. "Wouldn't figure a Weyr was real dedicated to 'em either, but there you have it," he tells her, unfussed. "Was a herder, way back when." Which is certainly a lie, not even an attempt at getting her to believe that one. After all, she would have been back at that hall then herself.

"Oh, sure," Rhaenyra drawls, her Fort accent heavy in the short words. "What Master did you apprentice under?" Her question is flat, even she shifts the focus of her attention to R'ton, at the far pool. Apparently the sight of water sliding over well-muscled shoulders is pleasing, considering the narrowed-eyed look she shoots 'cross the way. But oh yeah. Jhai. She drags her attention back to her fellow candidate.

"Don't remember." Jhairecki's mouth twitches with his amusement; enjoying this game. "Long time ago, didn't stay long. Incident with a goat, you see—couldn't bear to stay after that."

"A goat? Awww. Poor little Jhai. Did the goat traumatize you?" Rhaenyra places her lower lip between her teeth, her gaze once more turning to the Tsunami dragonrider across the way. "I can see a great big, bad goat raping poor, innocent Jhairecki. Was it a slacker goat?"

Jhairecki snorts. "Obviously not," he tells her. But enough about him— "And you, let me guess. Baby girl? Only girl? Daddy's little girl, at any rate. Or maybe you just wanna be—ain't that what they always say, about the whorish ones?" He cocks his head slightly, lifting one brow in curiosity.

Rhaenyra glances over to Jhairecki, her expression still bemused from the vision of R'ton across the way. "Oldest daughter. Not daddy's little girl, but…" She shrugs a shoulder. "Do you really think I'm— how did you put it— 'whorish'?" Her voice doesn't carry the distinction that irritation typically brings, merely curiosity.

"Close enough," Jhairecki waves it off. Her question, though, earns more interest, and another crooked smirk of his. "Rhaenyra, dear. I consider pretty much any girl that'd fuck me pretty whorish. Not even gettin' into the whole other particulars of who, when, and how."

Rhaenyra grimaces. It's not a pretty facial expression, even on Rhaen. "I'll try anything once." Her response is dry. "But have fun fucking every single -other- woman in the weyr, by the way," Rhaenyra states, her entire demeanor changed within a heartbeat. Fickle women. She has been scrubbing, and rinsing, in the past few moments, indeed, and dips her hair back to get the last of the soapsuds out.

The change in Rhaenyra's demeanor does nothing to erase Jhairecki's grin. "Wasn't an insult," he points out mildly. "Was admiring, actually. I like girls that fuck me. Just, next time you go experimenting, best be having two girls." He even holds up two fingers, to make sure she gets that very important point.

Rhaenyra rises from the water, at this point, and the smile she turns on Jhairecki is absolutely vindictive. "Oh, you had your turn, Jhairecki, dear. And trust me. The two girls?" She waggles two fingers at him in mockery of his action- "Wouldn't be experimentation. Just ask Vostarik." She pauses a moment, glancing across-the-way at R'ton, a smirk on her face, before snabbing at a towel and beginning the arderous task of drying and clothing herself.

Jhairecki is undeterred. "Even better. First times—they're shit, as a general rule," he says, and that smirk of his becomes somewhat dreamier: he is totally picturing this in his head now. "I'll be sure to get the juicy details out of him, though. Sure I can drag them out of him easy as anything."

Rhae finishes dressing, and carelessly smirks over at Jhairecki. She doesn't bother saying anything at this point, except a roll of her eyes and a general, "Try to behave," tossed over her shoulder. She lifts a finger to her lips, then, and moves with slow pace towards R'ton's clothes. The brownrider is snoring in the warm water, and Rhaenyra sneaks up upon the pile on gracefully quiet bare feet.

"Don't I always," says Jhairecki, but it's distracted now as he swivels about in the water now to watch where Rhaenyra is getting off to. Tracking her progress to R'ton, he lifts his brows, but he's quiet for now, letting her go about her sneaking.

R'ton stirs, causing Rhaenyra to freeze, quiet and alarmed. Several long, tense moments occur, with Rhae looking like a dolt hovering over a pile of discarded clothes, and the brownrider stirring slightly in the water with sleep-leadened motions. Finally he subsides, and Rhaenyra rummages a moment, seeming to be very crestfallen at the lack of the Tsunami blue-and-white scarf. However, his boots are taken up with alacrity, and she tosses a smirk Jhairecki ways, before heading her way out of the baths, with two pairs of boots in hand. Now: time for some sleep.

Jhairecki has just one parting word for her, as he watches her creep out with boots in hand: "Smith." He's bemused, but turns back, sinking back down in the water again. He's not leaving just yet, nevermind how long he's already been lazing.

A certain smile curves Rhaenyra's lips at Jhairecki's confession— a slight flash of satisfaction, for several different things - the pair of boots in her hand one of the more obvious - and then she's gone, leaving a muted "Good night," for her fellow candidate. She's headed for her cot, and dreamless sleep. Lots of sleep, if she has her way about it.

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