Scavenger Hunt: Vostarik and Rhaenyra swipe Krummolt's Staff

Guards' Headquarters
Set aside from the main caverns of the Weyr, this room is rarely silent. It's dominated by the public area near the wide arch of a doorway, where there are chairs and tables set in little groups, available as work desks and chatting spots. Further back into the mountain are several curtained alcoves, used for such things as a private office for the Captain, storage for paperwork, records and miscellanea. Continuing into the rock, the last section is shielded by heavy curtains that, when pushed aside to let someone pass, show the cots for the Guards to sleep.
Hanging around are seven firelizards.
You see Sinead's Cot, Deca's Bunk, HRW Guards Voting Box, Coal, Miller, Turiel's Cot, HRW Guard Manual, and The Brig here.
You notice Sinead, Turiel, Ulariden, Sobene, Erran, and Salen asleep here.
Obvious exits:

Vostarik slouches in from the Central Bowl.

Ah, drills. Typically they are grouched about, done half-assed, and/or avoided. Luckily for Rhaenyra and Vostarik, they are also very mandatory for the guards, at least today, given the current circumstances. Two guards stand vigilant watch over the Brig, but other than that, the headquarters are empty: Rhaenyra walks in, as if directed, nodding amiably at the two guards at the Brig, heading for the back as if she knows EXACTLY what she's doing.

Vostarik knows better than to follow any cues but Rhaenyra's in cases like this: he strides along at her elbow, cutting a sour look at one of the guards who eyes him with something less than complete assurance. "Are you /sure/ this is legal?" It's spoken under his breath to Rhae as they approach the back, and he glances over his shoulder at the guards at the Brig.

"Do -you- want to be the one to tell the Headman 'no, we cannot do that, sir'?" Rhaenyra replies to Vos' question loudly, turning a rather scornful look upon her fellow Herder. Guards are like canines. Act like you have dominance and they'll fall in line. She smartly steps up to the alcove containing the Captain's office, and ducks in without hesitation.

The grudging look that Vostarik shoots at Rhaenyra is entirely genuine. But he trails her into the office where he breaks away, eyes scouring corners and shelves. "You sure it's in here? I mean, I heard he tried to bust Chey's head in with it. Doesn't seem like they'd bring it back /here,/ of all places."

Inside The Brig, Krummolt lies either asleep, comatose or uncaring, stretched out under a blanket on a hard, long bench in the brig. At least one of his weapons is, indeed, still in the unoccupied captain's office.

"We get a staff. It doesn't have to be -his- staff, or his particular staff. The man's a fardling blunt weapons fanatic. As long as he could hypothetically use it to bludgeon someone to death, who's counting?" Rhaenyra hisses in reply to Vos' statement, as soon as they are out of earshot. A quick scan of the office later, and she pushes Vos towards one corner, where a simple staff leans up against the meeting of walls. "Get it. Come on. Let's get out of here," she murmurs, sotto-voice.

Vostarik grabs the staff with a grimace - he's being a team player for this scavenger hunt, but that doesn't mean he has to enjoy it - before he turns back to Rhae. "Fine!" he hisses back, gesturing at her with the staff. Clearly, he doesn't want to be the one holding it. "Let's go. Move."

That makes two of them. Rhaenyra composes herself, and strides out of the office, nodding to the two posted guards as they exit— they seem to be halfway drifting off into sleep, anyhow. The frown on her face reflects inner thoughts of: sleeping guards + how secure is that Brig anyway? + killer inside = General Rhaenyra Unease.

She doesn't take the staff! Vostarik scrambles after her, crowding on her heels for a moment before he drops back a pace, trying to look as if, yes, he always walks with a giant beating stick in one hand. And then they're at the door, and gone. Fwoosh.

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