Sefren and Leshil are asked to Stand

April 8th 1998
Logged by Leshil


Ayden avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.
Sefren avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Quick in movement and startling in intensity of mood, this young man meets your gaze with a sudden smile and flash of Thread-gray eyes hooded under dark lashes. His inky-black hair is close-cropped and kinda sticks up on top with studied carelessness. His complexion is dark, his form compact, though he occasionally creates the illusion that the opposite is so, due to his unapologetic flair for the dramatic.
He wears a casually styled and richly colored rust wool sweater, soft and fuzzy to the touch. Below this are ecru trous in a stiff cotton, and a belt of braided leather. The comfortable trous are cut wide for a billowy, dashing appearance, ending just above leather ankle boots of a hue to match the belt. Perched on Sefren's shoulder is Falx.
Sefren is 18 Turns and 14 days old.

V'kyre peers over at Leshil, and smiles, slightly. Sefren is also given a slight smile of greetiung.

Sefren creeps up the steps to take a seat by the rail, for a good look at the eggs. Flashing a smile, he waves to the others here.

V'kyre says, "So..coming to sneak a peek at the eggs, hmm?"

Ayden unstraps her helmet and tosses it and her gloves haphazardly onto one of the seats, leaning forward to view the eggs…eyebrow goes up and a soft smile appears.." Nice clutch.." is all she says.

Sefren quirks a grin and nods at V'kyre. "Yup. I don't think I've ever imagined so many shades of white existed!"

V'kyre laughs."And you live here, right?> You get used to white after a certain amount of…time."

Sefren makes a face. "I live here, yeah, but snow's different. After a while, 'cold' seems to be a color in itself."

Ayden turns to look over and chuckles.." I lived near here most of my life, can't say I ever got used to the cold and the snow..but ahh. the spring and summer..different story."

V'kyre chnods, and smiles gently at Ayden."Who does?" Again, that intent gaze is raked over Sefren and Leshil. Hrmmmmm…something about those two.

Sefren tries to read V'kyre's piercing gaze yet fails utterly. He frowns, blinking, trying to shrug it off. Probably nothing. Certainly nothing to get paranoid about, now is it? "It's a big clutch, though, isn't it? I don't remember ever seeing so many eggs on the Sands at once, with any queen."

V'kyre smiles indulgently. Nah., It isn't. Not unless you're affraid of skinny bronzeriders who just happen to be in a mischevous mood. Not anything to be paranoid about at all. Nope."I'm sure Tiareth will beg to differ.."

Ayden nods as her gaze also travels over the two other males and then stifles a smile at the look on the rider…gaze returns to the eggs. One slender hand rakes through touseled ebony locks as she contemplates the sands.

V'kyre releases Bastet, who launches into the air. She sails awkwardly into the rafters with a grumble, then starts to hiss petulantly.
Bastet heads out of the galleries.

Leshil hms. "A big clutch, yes, full of lovely eggs, but no larger than what's become the norm during a Pass. Even the records agree. So, do you have favorites from what you've seen up here?"

V'kyre has favorites, allright., Yes indeedy."The really snowy one. Looks like a glacier." Heh. Matches his hair, sort of. Maybe. "I would say Tiareth likes being different, or something." Not that that's bad. Hands reach for the sky, and he stretches. "You two have any favorites?

Sefren probably should start running now, but the poor guy supects nothing. "Well, that one's kind of nice," he answers Leshil, waving a hand at some lumpy, large-ish egg. "Actually, I'm having a hard time remembering which I saw and liked, five minutes ago." Mr. Short Attention Span.

V'kyre wonders how short his attention span is. "Ever consider actually Standing?" General question here. For now. Yes, Sefren should probably run..

Ayden eyes the firelizard and glance over again at the other two..her vision is obscured for a moment as a thought comes from her lifemate..eyebrows go up and a glance is sent once more to the rider..

Aslyn walks in.

At first glance her hair appears black, but in the sun it flashes with the fire of it's true dark auburn. It falls to midback, thick and glossy. Aslyn's face is one of breathtaking beauty. Almond shaped sapphire eyes flash with barely suppressed emotion, ruby red lips curl in sardonic amusement. Soft skin is tinted with the color of fresh peaches and her figure is slim, but lush. Confidence exudes from every pore and she has an earthy feral look to her. She bears the unmistakable stamp of a woman who is used to always getting what she wants.
Aslyn wears a low cut cobalt blue sisal shirt. The long sleeved shirt is tucked into tight black leather pants which lovingly hug her shape. Pants disappear down long legs into thigh-high weyrhide black boots. On her wrist is a siver heart shaped bracelet. Perched on Aslyn's shoulder is Riverstone. Perched on Aslyn's shoulder is Sphynx.
Aslyn wears on her right shoulder a double corded knot in the Weyr colours of black and blue. The knot features a single loop, long tail and two tassles indicating her position as Headwoman of High Reaches.
Aslyn is 18 Turns, 4 months, and 6 days old.

V'kyre bats his lashes innocentl;y at Ayden. What?

Sefren hehs softly. "Standing? Well, sure. I suppose. It might be fun." But wait, would that mean that he'd have to give up his private room and *gasp* do chores? "Well, er… not like I'd expect to be asked or anything." General question indeed.

Aslyn makes her way into the galleries with a smile and then a blink of astonishment.."Ayden? What brings you here…oh! " she giggles..the eggs of course. "You are looking good cousin.."

Leshil adds with that almost constant cheerfulness, "And some of us do. Get used to the cold, I mean. Then again, I've only ever lived here and down at the Hold, so there's no reason for me not to get used to it." A laugh, bouncing between his ranges, "Too many. I like the little one with the ivory and sun shades, and the greeny one, and that one over there, with the colors like what people say the trees turn in autumn, and the itsy-bitsy shining blue one, and that snow-shadow one, and the snowflake one, and the icicle one and the dawning one and the bright tea-tinted one, and the rosy one, and the bubbly one, too."

V'kyre grins slightly."Whyever not?" He smiles at Aslyn. Well, now..who is she?And Sefren thought *he* had a short attention span?

Ayden sends an eyebrow even if that is possible and nods to her cousing..taking her to the side for a whispered conversation..heads bowed together..the family resemblance will no normally noticible is when they are together.

Leshil grins, "Oh, sure I thought about it. What weyrbrat doesn't? But I don't think I ever will. No reason for me to be asked."

Aslyn nods to her cousin and raises an eyebrow herself at Leshil…" Um..Leshil?"

Sefren shrugs. "Well, I've lived in a Weyr all my life, and it hasn't happened yet. Even when I had friends my own age who Stood and Impressed." He grins and nods to Leshil.

Leshil looks up. "Yes? What? Don't worry, this flood of words is normal for me."

V'kyre meanwhile, has returned his attention to Sefren. Very. Very. Intently. Is Sefren in trouble? Maybe, maybe not. A sly, slow grin flashes across his face. Uh/huh/. "There's a first time for everything. Really."

Aslyn glances over at the rider..and ruby lips quirk into a smile…hmm, yummy..but that is /not/ why she is least not right now..*Purr*.."Leshil..I need to speak with is important."

Leshil flashes a smile at Sefren, "I was too young before to have friends my age Stand. Maybe I'll get to cheer them on this time. Sure, coming right now, Aslyn." A skip, a hop, a jump; he's standing by her side.

Ayden catches her cousin's momentary pause and chuckles..same old Aslyn..

Aslyn smiles gently.." I have something for you to do..but I need an answer now. Are you willing to help me with a little matter?"

Sefren laughs, not reading V'kyre's expression well at all. "Sure, but that doesn't mean that something will happen for the first time /now/. But you're right, maybe within the next four or five Turns." He shrugs, obviuosly not willing to wager on the possibility.

Leshil bobs his head. "So long as it doesn't involve tracking down pranksters, I'd be glad to help."

V'kyre laughs."Oh, I was thinking now. Really. Now's a good time. The right time, even."

Aslyn stifles a smile and looks hard at the young lad.." Well, involves being a prankster Leshil. Would you do us the honor of standing on the sands for this clutch?"

Sefren laughs again. "Now? Who on Pern would ask /me/ to Stand?" Then he peers at V'kyre, all intent-like. "Unless /you're/ asking?"

V'kyre grins."Well, yes. Yes I am. That a bad idea for you?"

Azaria avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Ayden risks a peek at the two young men with a smile..remembering her own experiences… seems a long time ago now.

Sefren swallows hard then shakes his head. "No, no. Not a bad idea at all. I'd be happy to. Especially with this big clutch and whatnot." His gaze slips over to the white eggs piled on the dark sand, looking at them in a new light. "Won't Auntie Cy be surprised!"

Leshil whoops, the sound soaring from baritone to child's soprano. "I'd love to! But I can't garuntee that I'll prank, though. The things you threatened to do to the stinker were pretty drastic. And, well… Are you sure you want me to Stand?"

V'kyre grins."She certainly will's see about getting you set up with the other Candidates?" Gotta luv that Sefren.

Aslyn laughs out loud.." That was a joke Leshil, I would expect you to behave with dignity and decorum…" ..uhuh..yah, right..hee.." And yes Leshil, we are sure that we want you to.."

Sefren nods emphatically, hopping to his feet. "Sure! Er… I guess I'll have to give up my spot in Mayuth's weyr, eh?" Aw, poor Sef.

V'kyre grins wickedly."For the time being, yes. But it'll be fun, I promise you." Just don't paint Nazaraeth. He might eat you."Well, C'mon."

V'kyre heads out of the galleries.
Sefren heads out of the galleries.

Leshil peers at her intently. "You're certain? Really really certain? 'Cause I left the…" Oops. Can't tell her he left those baskets of spent glows in the LC yesterday to explore the 'ling barracks with Willoe after the WLM said they could look around in it. "Uh, never mind. But are you?"

Aslyn hestitates a moment, pretending to think it over..hmm, is she really, really sure..hmmm..and wink and a grin get flashed to the him.." Yes I if you are sure..lets go and get you set up. I don't have all day you know..and you know what I'm like when I get cranky.."

Leshil aiees. "Don't we all, don't we all. Let's go, then." A wave to the Sands, "See you later, eggs!"

Aslyn wiggles a few fingers at her cousin and heads out..trusting Leshil will follow..

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
You see Candidates Bulletin Board, Chorelist, Nuff's Cot, Kalen's Cot, and Sefren's Cot here.
V'kyre, Sefren, and Aslyn are here.

V'kyre chuckles."And yes, you will have to do somehting on that list. You lucky devil."

Aslyn purrs her way over to the others with a grin..beckoning Leshil to follow..

Sefren wrinkles his nose. "Lucky? Why lucky?" Briefly, he wonders if Mayuth could be cajoled into taking him back to his little nook to hide out….

V'kyre chuckles. "Because you get to torture other candidates while you dso it, and make some..fanciful dishes for the Weyr" Or try to, anyway."Not to say thatyou should.."

Sefren sighs and nods. Oh, this should be fun. Sef doesn't know the first thing about cooking. He more or less survives on klah. "Torture… well, that should be fun, anyway."

V'kyre laughs."Well..unoficially, I'llshow you hoiw. Officially, I'll deny it to the end."

Leshil fidgets and reads everything he can as he waits to hear whatever they choose to tell him.

Aslyn sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Leshil.

Aslyn smiles over at Leshil.."There you go, your new home away from home..err..or within your home.." she blinks and then eyes the rider again..yep..yummy..ooops! back to business.." Read the board faithfully, read the chorelist faithfully, any questions..ask! "

Leshil beams. "All right, will do. I'll drop by next door and get my clothes sometime later."

V'kyre pers at Sefren."Clothes. You need those.." Hmmph. Age must be getting to him."Have Cyrene bring 'em down, if you don't get up to her wery and tget them.."

Sefren nods to V'kyre. "I will. It might be a bit of a trick deciding which to bring, though…." Oh, and there's always his ferret. He may have to sneak her in.

V'kyre pknuckles an eye briefly."Well, I suppose we should let you two get settled in.

Leshil quirks a brow at his fellow Candie. "Looks like I'm the little 'un," he comments after peering at the face in the other cot. "Wonder if I will be when we Stand? I'll probably be a full 13 turns by then, you know."

Sefren quirks a grin and nods. "Thirteen is young to Stand. I'll bet you'll be one of the youngest. I just Turned 18, myself." He fluffs up the pillows on his cot and gazes at it critically.

Leshil bounces gently on his cot, "The Cnadies can be as young as twelve, though. I've seen a few Stand then. Their dragons usually take the longest to grow up, if their riders are still getting used to Weyr life and all the differences."

Aslyn smiles faintly and gives a grin.."Okay..I have work to do..anything you need, just yell.."

Sefren nods. "A couple of my friends at Southern Impressed when we were 15. They ended up changing a lot from when I knew them." He waves belatedly to Aslyn.

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