Squaln is Searched

6th March 2002
Logged by Hiza

Central Bowl

Trydanth loiters in the light snow, enjoying the little bits of sun that flicker in and out. Enjoying absence-of-D'renn, too.

Hiza left her nearly-toddler with a nanny temporarily under much persuasion from her lifemate, who nudges her along toward the caverns. "Hold on, hold on Iss" The greenrider grins and shuffles her way through the snow toward those assembled, babbling all the while to Issryuith about how /yes/ they will go play in the meadows, she promises. "Hihi," says she to the others.

Squaln trudges through the top layer of snow, which happens to cover the entire bowl, and appears to be carrying an array of caprine brushes, halters, picks, curry combs, the-whole-nine-yards-of-herder-stuffs. Oh joyous of raptures, he's off to do chores! Eh heh. Mrr. Shuffling right along, it'd be his luck to trip, fall, and send everything flying into the air. Which.. he does. Ker/flop/ right into the snow Sqa goes. All that he was carrying is now scattered about and he just lies there in the snow, mumbling. A familiar voice is then heard and he looks up from his fallen position. "Hey Hiza." he says with a wince. "I think I twisted my elbow.." Is that possible? Eh, he's just being.. himself. Oy.

Trydanth inches over towards the fallen Herder, tilting his head to look at the lad with eyes-a-whirl in concern. Bits and pieces everywhere… The blue rumbles to Issryuith, possibly asking her opinion of the mishap.

Hiza squeaks and bends to help Squaln, either with standing or with picking up his brushes, whichever is most convient, "Eeep, Squally are you okay? Your poor elbow, lemme kiss it all better?" No, no, motherhood is -not- getting to Hiza, really. Issryuith flicks her tail lightly as she responds to Trydanth's grumbling, probably responding with something about how he'll be fine with the way her Hiza fawns over him always.

<Local> Issryuith senses that Trydanth harrumphs a little sigh, a flash of sparks. « You have to feel sorry for him, » he opines, flicking his thoughts towards the fallen herder.

<Local> Issryuith senses that she is a muted sunshine color in respond to all the snow and having to wait to play. « My Hiza feels bad for him without me. He's around too much sometimes, y'know. She'd have the Playthings » an image of people with white knots swirls lazily to the other dragon, « already if he weren't out here falling over. » Sniff, and a bit of green invades her mind-river. Jealousy poorly masked, you see.

Squaln just lies there in the snow, not even attempting to get up for the moment. Today just happens to be 'one of them days' for this lad. Then Trydanth's whirling eyes are spotted and he blinks back, nodding his head in greeting to the blue. Wave. Issryuith gets a wave too just before he hoists himself up and brushes his pants to rid them from snow. Frr. "Nah, I'm ok." he finally says in reply. Sqa just stands there and stares at all the miscombobulents on the ground for a moment. Eh, this is the perfect excuse to take a break anyway. Beam. "So! Come to help me with chores?" WinkWink. Like anyone would want to help muck out caprine pens. Yeesh..

Hiza gives the Sqa her best cheering-up smile, and responds lightly, "Well I'd love to, but I've promised Iss I'd get some candidates and we would all go play in the meadows." The childlike rider tugs on his sleeve a bit, "Come play, I'll talk to whoever so you won't have to do your chores now, and nobody can resist me, right?" Her beam spreads, waving off-handedly to the blue around and about, "It'll be lots of fun." Her eyebrows raise slightly, and then she giggles, still grinning, as she does.

Oliana steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Sikkyen steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Mimi steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Fyria steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Fyria is much, much happier now that she's a mug of klah in her hand, as evident by the grin on her face. Mmm…sweet, sultry addiction. Trudging out in the snow, she gives Hiza and Co. a quick nod, breath coming out in puffs of coolness. "Mornin' y'all…erm, did someone request us out here?"

Sikkyen quietly.. follows. Yeah, he's still dazed. Anistath /licked/ him, y'know, and dragondrool has mindnumbing affects on the 'hand. Er, ex-hand. "Uh, Fyr.. What're we doing?" Soulful grey eyes glance downwards at the young woman. Um. Yeah. "Yeah. Did.. someone.. request us?" Blink.

Seilyn steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Oliana comes into the bowl, trotting after a little gold firelizard, merrily dancing on air just out of reach. It takes several demands before Oli can snag the thing and instruct her firmly to stay on her shoulder. A small, pretty little bead is taken from the gold's clutches.

Squaln brushes his sleeves off and looks at Hiza, not /quite/ registering what she's saying just yet. He's a little slow in the mornings, doncha know. "Weyrherder Flarra has a temper and I really should get this stuff to the barn before she.. assigns me more chores.." Shudder. Like he doesn't have enough as it is. Meh heh. "Maybe we could go ice fishing later. Oo! I'll send a message my friend B'ane and he'll come too." Beamkle. Crouching down, Sqa starts to pick of the halters and things off of the ground. A nod goes to those greeting him. Wave too.

Mimi blinks at Sei on her way out, wrapping her scarf around her neck more tightly,"Do we /really/ have to do chores? I came here with Zai to get /away/ from chores." And now she's cold and doesn't have a fluffy skirt to dance in. But her new leathers sure are nice. She bends down and pokes at the snow, scooping up a small bit with a couple of fingers, as she is unused to the white powder.

Seilyn bounces on out after her fellow Candidates, toque being pushed on over little piggytails bobby up and down as she hippety-hops her way behind Sikkyen. Squaln is recognised from the game of football she played on his team during and a squeal and wave are sent in his direction. She's still looking very tired as the winter weather brings a touch of red to her cheeks. Mimi is grinned widely at and she gently nudges the former Harper's elbow. "Don't worry - we only have to do chores 'til the eggies pop. 'Course that won't be for a long, long, long time… I think you're pretty much /stuck/ doing chores, Mimi." Wink.

Hiza shakes her head, "No, no, Squally, Iss wants you to come too. She wants the candidates," yea, Hiza's a bit slow on the uptake occasionally too, and is just relaying something or another, "and it'll be lots of fun, and I promise promise I can even talk someone with a temper into letting you off." After all, she's friends with how many of the notoriously cranky people? As the candies appear and ask, Hiza beams, "Oh! Issryuith did, she wants to play with all of you in the meadows," Hiza won't mention that Iss mostly wanted Hiza to get away from being a mother and have -fun-. "So we can pretend you're helping me with a chore." Professional, isn't she. "Oh! And for those of you who don't know, I'm Hiza, and this is my most beautiful green, Issryuith."

Fyria kind of stares at Hiza as if she grew a third arm at the suggestion of Issy 'playing' with the Candidates. Remember the last time Fyria 'played' with a dragon? Or 2? Or 3? Something 'bout a snowdrift, though she did end up with a white knot. "Umm….define 'play', Hiza," she says, warily. "I'm sure you heard about my lil' fiasco the other day in the bowl, with Jakith and Jhanath deciding to use me as a chasing rabbit." Snork.

Oliana stop, one hand on the top of the gold's head in an attempt to quiet her down a bit. "Oliana, ma'am," she offers politely, though her brow is knit into a suspicious look…Chore dodging? But instead she asks "Playing?" Because after all, no one likes a stickler for the rules, right? She shifts uncomfortably, arms crossing as her eyes dodge from dragon to rider to the others assembled.

Trydanth edges towards Issryuith now, seeming to have a bad habit of sidling. Bit like D'renn, really. The white-knotted-ones get a warble of approval from the tall blue.

Sikkyen grins behind him at Seilyn. It's cool, havin' his Seilyluff around him all the time. Beam. "'Lo, Hiza," is said - politely, of course, since that's his recent kick. "'M Sikkyen," is mumbled. Just in case someone forgot.. "Jhan.. is.. scary." Twitter, twitch, shudder. An' he is, too. Very scary. "An' we all know how Fyria got 'punished'.. and that involved snow-creatures, too." Wince. "Though.. yeah.. playin'?"

Mimi grins at the green then cocks her head at Hiza,"Ooh! That's great! Playing is fun. Much better than chores, dontchathink?" It simply doesn't corss Mimi's mind that playing might involve coldness and wetness…. "Oh, I'm Mimi by the way."

Squaln is surrounded by candidates.. and dragons. Oy. Blue eyes blink as he gazes up from his crouched position, still picking up the scattered Herder-type contents though. "So… we can all pretend that I'm helping you with a chore whilst I commence the 'playing' with Iss and the Candies." Pause. Something about that idea just doesn't seem right. Standing back up, now holding all that he dropped before, Sqa has a funny expression on his face. "Umm.." is all that comes to mind right about now.

Catia appears from ground weyr's overhung shadows.

Vespurath drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
Across shades of pine and sage, Tatia slides down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Across shades of pine and sage, Miralwyn slides down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Catia wanders out of the living cavern, pulling her gloves on for more warmth. "Morning all," she greets the knot of people, nodding to Hiza, and then taking a step back out of Vespurath's way, even though there's no need.

Seilyn bounces (although that is most likely to keep the poor Istan lass from freezing her tooshie off) at Mimi's side before launching herself at Sikkyen for one of her famous Seily-tackle-hug thingies. "Hiza, can we play with each other too? I wanna' toss Sikkyen into a snowdrift!" she comments with a wicked little grin painted on her fragile dollface. It's soo much fun having her tackle-stuffie Sikkyen 'round all the time! "I'm Seily," she introduces more in Hiza and Iss's general direction than all others gathered.

Of course there's no need! Vespurath wings down neatly, depositing herself in an unoccupied corner of the bowl with no difficulty whatsoever. She croons softly as her passengers dismount - her lifemate, with the newest candidate, apparently - and then curls herself into a small, snow-proof ball. Warmth.

Trydanth leans in Vespurath's direction. Something new? Oooh…..

Sikkyen eyes Vespurath. "We've got another one," he solemnly announces - to himself, most likely, or firelizard that's standing next to him. Either one. "Morn'," is greeted at Catia, and he shifts backwards, ever-so-slightly. Uhoh. Tatia.. Gulp. He's half-bowled over, before he snags Seilyluff, and heaves upwards, smooching the top of her forehead before lettin' his grip go. [[Hey, Vesp, Warmth is /good/. That's agreed.]] "You're going to toss me into a snowdrift?!" is indignantly queried. Thud. No, not really..

"Well met, all of you. Don't worry so about playing. Mostly I think she just wants to lounge around, to be honest, but I don't think she'll do anything that won't be fun. Iss doesn't like to play jokes," on people deemed amusing for the time being, anyway. "Some of you seem awfully reluctant to have fun. Even candidates don't have to do chores /all/ the time. If it'd make you feel better some of you can help me clean out something or another later." Seilyn gets one of Hiza's many grins as the rider nods, "Of course you can play with each other… and me, too. We can build snow-stuff and have a snow fight or something. You get used to the cold really fast, I promise." Catia's nod is returned before Hiza sets about saying to Squaln, "I don't think she's giving you much choice… Issryuith wonders if you'd be more willing if I gave you a new knot?.. Wait, what Iss?" Excuse Hi' while she turns to confer with her lifemate.

Catia continues, heading north.

Fyria wrinkles her nose at Sikk, adding "Yeah. That's one way of putting it." Turning back to Hiza, she gives Squaln a little wave and wink. "Hello there Squaln, didn't even see ya." A finger-waggle is cut off as she shades her eyes at Vespurath's shadow, looking up and eyes following the green as she lands. "Nice..and oh! Another vic - Candidate!" Fyria would jump up and down, but with klah in hand, that /might/ not be a good idea. "Mornin' Catia," she nods, giving the dragonhealer a bright smile.

Oliana shifts and mumbles something, but it doesn't look like she's about to turn and make her way back to scrubbing…whatever she might have been scrubbing. Luckily she's fairly dressed for the weather, though her wild curly hair is lacking a goot hat. At least the weather isn't so bad today, otherwise she might certainly have high-tailed it back inside. Instead she just contents herself with not saying anything, though she does smile at Squaln.

Trydanth leans back the other way. It's like being on a motorcycle ride. Leeeeeean this way…. leeeean that way… don't crash! Sniffing at Squaln, he gives a little warble of recognition and approval. Especially now the lad's on his feet again.

Squaln is still holding his Herder-type stuff as he blinks at Vespurath and the newest candidate. Oo. These Search folk are snatching people up left and right so it seems. Now he's surrounded by even more candidates as they start to crowds about. "A new knot?" he glances at his own right quick and blinks. Then he jerks his head up abruptly, stuff /almost/ dropping to the ground. "You mean…" Ohhhh no, here it goes.. Beamkle.

Sikkyen stares at Fyria. "You're too.. bouncy," he winces. "Too bright. It's too early." And he's already skipping chores. Wonderful. Sigh. Oh, another candidate? Sqa's given a closer glance - Sik's a bright lad, even when he's quiet, and it's early. A new knot. Hah. T'least that isn't as bad as being bribed, punished, or whatnot.. Sigh.

Miralwyn dismounts from Vespurath offers a quiet 'Thanks', in an undertone, before swinging her satchel to her shoulder and eyeing the other Candidates with an appraising curiosity. Inriguing, Watson, most intriguing. "Hello, Mimi," she greets the lone one she already knows. "Going to introduce me?"

Tatia appears to be in a hurry as she dismounts after Miralwyn. A short glance flickers over those gathered, and her nose wrinkles. "Don't worry.. you'll have plenty of time to get to know them later." Candidates. "C'mon.. I'll show you the barracks. You can come right back out. Promise."

Mimi grins at Miralwyn, holding up a gloved-hand and wiggling her fingers,"Hey Miral! You got snatched, too? That's great. Cold up here, neh?" A giggle and she hops up onto the balls of her feet, pivoting to face Sikkyen,"Hey! /I'm/ the bouncy one, here!" Mimi si very roud of her bouncy title.

"Your wish is my command…" drawls Miralwyn to Tatia, far too amused to be meek, but too expressionless to actually get called on insubordination. Drives Journeyfolk mad. Ought to try it some time. "/Very/ cold, Mims. I think my toes are about ready to drop off." She's in sandals after all, as she pads away after Tatia. "I will return later."

Tatia has never really needed expression - or a reason - to call someone on insubordination. But then, this is Tat in a good mood. "C'mon, then," she states shortly before disappearing inside.
Tatia slips to the Caverns.

Miralwyn walks to the Caverns.

Seilyn is still slightly clinging to Sikkyen as her dull grey whirls meanwhile studying this new Candidate, Miralwyn. "Vespurath poked you, didn't she." The green snowpile is shot a grin. A cute little finger-waggle is given to Tatia as she disapears with the new vic - Candidate. "Can we /leave/ now? I wanna' go play!"

Sikkyen stares at Mimi, too. Muscled arms fold, and he winces. "Whatever, you /all/ are too bouncy." He's miserable, you see. Heh. Sikkyen can be /bouncy/. Sproing! can be his feet, occaisionally.. "You, Seily, and Fyria are /way/ too bouncy." He edges towards Oliana. "Aren't they too bouncy?" is demanded-like. Seily's peered at. "Want up?" He motions to his shoulders. Yup, that's what Sik's good for. Mhmm. "But /aren't/ they too bouncy?" is continued. He complains. Mhmm. Poor Oli..

Hiza chews on her lip and apparently has a big argument mentally with her lifemate, so merely sits down and looks as though she's absolutly decided. "But /Iss/," Hiza finally whines outloud, and is given nothing but a whuffle to go back on it with. With a huff she spins, stands on her tiptoes the very best she can, loops her arms around Squaln and brings him down to give him a long, passionate kiss. Right there in front of everyone, mind you. When she breaks away, the greenrider is all flushed and says, "There, that should tide me over for the very long, long, long time you're going to be off limits," don't remind her he is now, tay? "I have to ask formally, you know. Squally," well formally is interpretable in Hiza-ville, "do you want to Stand for Chayath and Druseth's clutch ….er.. so we can all go and play now?"

Fyria is jumpy only because she's trying to warm up her feet, legs, nose… Shuffle shuffle, her feet don't cease moving as her breath moves out in steamy swirls that dissipate rather quickly. She's going to have frozen klah, pretty soon. She just stares as Hiza plants a nice one on Squaln, then giggles. Oh yes, she knows what that's going to be like. Poor, poor Squaln and Hiza. "Say yes, Squaln! We don't bite." Hard.

Oliana looks like a cross between impatient and cold, as currently she's simply standing and looking what could be mistaken as sulking. She doesn't appear to recognize anyone, really, from the crowd - so for now she stands as she is waiting for the group to get underway whatever activity they end up striking up. She jerks slightly as she's suddenly addressed. "Eh? Bouncy?" Oli looks around her until she spots the two indicated. "I - er…" Her voice trails of in something close to amazement as Hiza lays on the love.

Squaln does indeed drop his stuff when Hiza lays a kiss on him and asks that question which rings in his mind for a long moment. That authentic grin returns to his expression and he nods right afterwards. "Well, it'd sure beat herder chores. Of course I accept." Oooo. They want him /back/! Tongue ring is tapped against his teeth and a free hand brushes gently along his green tipped spiky hair - he's a veteran to this candidacy stuff. And he's willing to give it another round.. mwahaha. He's baaack!

Mimi is about to respond to Sikkyen, but her attention is drawn around to Hiza. With a giggle, she spins back around to the other candidates, plucking at the end of her scarf. "Yes, you must learn a bit more bounce, Olia. Here, like /this/," she says, demonstrating a pop up onto her toes and back down. Bounciness.

Sikkyen lets loose a low wolf-whistle. "Too bad I couldn't do that to Traj," is bemournfully said, "..when I got Searched. That would have been lots easier.." Sigh. "..cause now I'll probably only see him when I'm on kitchen duty, but that's gonna be unbearable." Remember, this is Sikkyen-and-Trajan. The cuddling couple of the Weyr! "This sucks," is sulked to Oliana, before he sighs. "You incline to prank? Or smack people randomly?" He's hopeful. 'Ndeed. Mimi is stared at, and he sighs, giving into the impulse. Jigging up and down on the balls of his feet, he bounces with the best of 'em. Eh. Bounce-ment. "Okay. That's how to bounce." Uh-huh.

Seilyn woot's loudly and cheers on the dragonrider and Squaln. She turns to Oliana with a large grin printed on her face, that twinkle of mischief in her eye lingering after the show by the aforementioned two. "Bouncing's not for everyone," Seily explains, gesturing to Sikkyen, "Take Syen for example. He's big, tough, handsome, sturdy - like a big ol' runnerbeast! Runners don't bouncy, do they? Nope." So smart. Really. "Maybe you're like a … /meatroll/, Oli! Meatrolls don't bounce. They splat."

Oliana turns slightly and offers a slight smile to Mimi and Sikkyen. "Well, maybe sometime," she says elusively, not looking much like she wants to bounce up and down. "Er…splat?" She blinks, the words 'prank' and

Hiza isn't going to get all upset that her bed will be coldandempty now, since she's genuinely happy for Squaln, "Alright, you know where it is, so do you want me to show you to the barracks now or shall we make the treck up to the meadows and stop keeping your fellow candidates waiting? Especially since they're so bouncy. Just leave the brushes here.. somebody or another will clean them up, really. I promise." Isn't she just the law-making rider of terrible doom who expects chores done and /pronto/?

Oliana turns slightly and offers a slight smile to Mimi and Sikkyen. "Well, maybe sometime," she says elusively, not looking much like she wants to bounce up and down. "Er…splat?" She blinks, the words 'prank' and 'splat' making her eyebrows arch. Candidacy here we go! "I'm not inclined to prank /or/ splat…and I suppose I could bounce occasionally," the girl admits slowly, a half hearted rock back and forth on her feet in demonstration.

Fyria can't help herself - it's snow, it should be formed into little balls which are thrown. Thus, she leans down and grabs a handfull, lobbing it at Sikkyen playfully, and hitting Olianna with a spray instead. "Oops…sorry!," she giggles, hiding her smirk behind her hand. And so, eminating as much innocence as she can muster (which isn't a whole lot), she nods at Hiza, enthusiastically. "Let's go then! Might as well have fun as long as we can, eh guys n' girls?"

Mimi beams at Sikkyen,"Very nice!" An aproving nod to Oliana,"Could use a bit of work, but you've definately got potential!"

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