Thesy gets her Zephyr badge

3rd March 1999
Logged by D'renn

Dark curls flop into a tanned face, a faint thread of silver twining back from D'renn's left temple. He can only be described as short, wiry rather than stocky; muscles firm as a result of Turns of dragonriding. Blue eyes are framed by tiny laughter lines, another wrinkle furrowing a groove between thick black brows whenever he frowns - which is rarely. Mobile features are far more likely to smile, or laugh as D'renn makes yet another inappropriate joke at someone's expense… though malicious he never is, merely high-spirited and impulsive. The ingrained impetuosity shows too in the quick movements of someone who never sits still, but is constantly in fluid motion.
Lickable raspberry paints D'renn in layer after layer of berry-stained leather: tight over muscled shoulders, the red-swept jacket flows like syrup down to over hips and thighs, to flare in a fringe of wider berry about the tops of high black boots. His pants are a darker, riper red, padded at buttocks and lower legs for riding and warmth. A well-worked pair of raspberry gloves and a strangely green helmet complete the ensemble.
A half-repaired, snarled mess of an Assistant Weyrlingmaster's knot huddles on D'renn's left shoulder; all black, indigo and electric blue.
D'renn is 33 Turns, 8 months, and 24 days old.

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lei, Cheraes, Pollina, Kynance, Jazz, and Kya.
You see Plate of Goodies, Mulled Wine, and Tray 'o bubblies here.

Areiah arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Despite the ineffable softness of youth still lingering in her supple form and shy, quiet bearing, Areiah is quite obviously one no longer considered a girl, but rather a young woman. Lustrous onyx waves have been let down, falling to much resemble a waterfall in loose waves down her back, stopping only as they reach the calves of sculpted legs. Her generally artistic features are only enhanced by these wayward locks, the twin sapphire pools that carefully observe much of the world around her made even more dramatic against her lightly tanned skin. Subtly pronounced cheekbones and a button nose sit above full, naturally pouty lips, the innocence of childhood becoming less and less evident by way of her appearance.
The smooth touch of leather caresses every inch of Areiah's petite frame in a lithesome second skin, blatantly revealing all that it strives to conceal. Supple hide, dyed a dark cobalt blue, shimmers with a barely perceptible pattern of inlayed silver. In sharp contrast to the pristinely pale hint of bared neck, the jacket fastens tightly over her torso, stretched taut over the gentle curve of breast and shoulder. Glimmers of silver blend seamlessly down into trousers that flow over her legs like a sheath, accentuating the subtle arch of strong, svelte thighs. Dark blue hide stretches down to kiss the bend of her leg invitingly, only to be swallowed by lustrous knee high boots, embracing the soft swell of calf and heel.
Black and blue and gold all over; the double-twisted knot of cords perched upon one narrow shoulder signifies Areiah to be a Junior Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr.
Areiah is 19 Turns and 21 days old.

Thesy strolls in from the Central Bowl.

Almost 6 feet tall, the young blue rider is still quite slim but over the last couple of turns she has developed strong muscles and female curves. Short black curls frame the small face with its high cheek bones, straight nose and determined chin, dominated by huge, deeply set eyes of dark blue.Thanks to a lot of time spent outside her skin has taken on the golden tinge of a soft tan. Long-legged and graceful like the runners at her native hold on the wide plains of Keroon, she strides with a confidence that only the bond with a dragon awards.
Falling down to waist in soft folds, the rose and grey chequered cloth of wide comfortable shirt plays gently around the bluerider's slender frame, fastened by tiny shell shaped buttons of polished horn, the top two unbuttoned, allowing a glimpse of tanned skin. Snugly warm a heavy fleece sweater is carelessly slung about shoulders. Trousers of well tanned wherhide, dyed a dark dull grey, stretch over slim muscular legs, blending into even darker grey of steel-rimmed knee high boots of more sturdy hide.
The double cord of royal blue and black, a strand of midnight blue intertwining, bound by silver thread and tied to a single loop with long tail indicates that Thesy is a Wingrider of the 'Reaches.
Thesy is 17 Turns, 10 months, and 12 days old.

Clank, clank, clank! The noise of her new steel-rimmed boots still seems to irritate Thesy. Weaving her way through the tables she heads for the hearth when she notes D'renn. "Afternoon!" bluerider smiles and waves, "Sharding cold today, isn't is?!" and blows on her hands before fetching some klah.

Feet up on the table, rocking back on two legs of his chair, D'renn is relaxation personified. "Cold it is," he agrees with Thesy, nodding towards the two girls, entering from different directions. He's got a mug of something steaming and fragrant clasped in his knobby hands.

Areiah is not cold - she's wet. But at least she's clean. "G'afternoon, Thesy, D'renn," she greets softly, tugging at one long, damp braid. "I've not been out yet; it's cold?" A resigned sigh from the young rider, followed by a lopsided smile as she slips over to the nighthearth. A bath with a klah followup. Who could ask for more?

"Ahhhh!" Fingers curled around the hot mug Thesy takes a first cautious sip, "Just what the healer ordered! Hello, Reia!" and a nod and a tentative smile are conveyed at the goldrider. "/Very/ cold! I'm not sure but I think the lake's already frozen."

D'renn rocks gently in his precarious seat. "Misty rather than raining… cold though." Lake frozen? This perks the older rider up. "Say, we could go ice-skating when it's dry, then…."

What? Now that she's finally made it to the warmth of this place she should go out into the cold again? No way. Shaking her head at D'renn Thesy grins, "Oh no! Not now. I've got to get warm first. But tell, how have you been lately? Haven't seen you for quite some time." She pauses briefly, blue eyes impishly laughing down at her former superior, "I was somehow expecting to see you when Briganth rose."

"Shells, but I'll be thankful to get down south today," Areiah says softly, half to herself, pert nose wrinkling as delicate hands reach forth, spooning sweetener into one weathered mug. "Need a warm-up, D'renn?" Head turns, braid flaps, sent 'tween narrow shoulderblades again. "Ooh. Ice skating. That would be fun."

"Like I need to go all the way down to Ista to let Trydanth chase greens when we have so many of 'em here?" Huh. D'renn takes a sip of whatever it is he's drinking, and winks at both girls. "Come to think of it, you've been hard to track down lately too, Thesy…." Distracted, he stares at Areiah for a moment. "South?"

Areiah blinks at D'renn, uncomprehending for a moment before lips quirk into an oh, followed by a smile. "South. I'm going to visit a friend of mine at the Harper Hall - you met him, I think, at the Keroon Gather. Tegran?" Her mug is claimed, then, along with a seat vaguely less precarious than that of her elder.

"A Harper. Oh." Feeling strangely disgruntled, D'renn nurses his mulled wine, and turns attention back Thesy-wards.

"A very nice Harper," Areiah adds, leather-clad legs being drawn up under her, crossed comfortably. Settling backward and into silence, however, she sips of her klah without grimace or unpleasant quirk of features.

"Well … ummm … Trydanth has got quite a reputation, you know." Thesy chuckles, flopping herself on the bench beside D'renn, outstretching her legs, "Someone, I don't remember who, even asked for you that day." Enjoying another sip of the warming drink she glances over at Areiah, "But weren't you saying you and Finn would go to Ruatha River and weren't you to leave yesterday?" and now the blue rider seems a bit puzzled.

"Trydanth has a reputation?" D'renn mulls that over, along with his wine. Interesting.

Sapphire eyes flick over the rim of one rather battered looking mug to touch on Thesy, and Areiah nods. "Mmmhmm. We're postponing that until the weather's better down there; we heard something about storms and such from Dali, so we're letting it go." Another hearty pull of her klah, and the goldrider gazes to'ard the canvas'd doorway.

"Horrible weather," D'renn agrees wholeheartedly, then sets his chair back on all four legs, his own raspberry-slicked legs coming to a sensible position with both feet on the floor. "Thesy, I was saying you've been hard to find…" An air of expectancy seems to be building.

Musing and suddenly distant, Areiah blinks once, twice, and rises almost as swiftly as she'd settled. "Excuse me.. I didn't expect to be leaving so suddenly, I must have lost track of time this morning, I didn't realize it was so late into the day. D'renn, Thesy - take care." And, after one more long sip from the vessel cradled in both delicate hands, she places it with the others to be washed, and disappears into the caverns.
Areiah steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

"Dali?" Another name she's never heard. Thesy shrugs and finally becomes aware of the fact that D'renn has now mentioned for the second time how hard she's been to find. She blinks, "Huh? Well, I've been doing sweeps a lot lately and also had to convey some holders. Umm, were you looking for me?"

"Dali's a firelizard, I think," D'renn offers helpfully, then nods. "Well, not just me. O'feri, and Sorsh too." The bluerider casually namedrops, one hand wriggling into a tight tight pocket of his trousers.

"They have?" Thesy glances curiously at the older blue rider, drawing lazy circles on the table top with her mug, "I wonder why." Her eyes fix on D'renn since he appears to know more about this.

"Probably…" D'renn stands up, fingers squirming obscenely in the hip pocket of his leathers. "Probably…" Breathless he is too, wriggling stubby fingers deeper and then pulling them out empty. "Blast, it's stuck."

"Pardon?" Thesy looks quite taken aback, a faint flush colouring her face. "What /are/ you talking about?" Is there another green gone proddy???

"Nonono…" D'renn sounds quite irritable, stretching out his leg, and trying to work a visible lump up out of his pocket. "Got something for you…. damn…" Eyeing the taller girl, one eyebrow quirks. "Your fingers are longer and slimmer than mine… don't suppose you'd mind?"

Thesy looks around the place, silently hoping that no one's paying any attention to their little corner but the few people seem not to have noticed them or heard anything. Even more embarrassed now, she glares at D'renn, "And what is it that you'd need my fingers for?"

"To get this out of my pocket!" D'renn answers brightly, thrusting his hip towards Thesy. "Go on…. please…. it's for you, after all…"

His pocket! Phew, it wasn't that obvious from his antics earlier. Grinning broadly now though her cheeks are still a little flushed, Thesy moves closer and cautiously shoves her hand into that pocket, "Shells! Why do you have to wear such tight pants, he?" But finally she can fell something soft and crumpled.

"Go on, pull…" D'renn urges. "And they're not /that/ tight…. I can sit down in them, after all….."

Eventually Thesy manages to remove that thing from D'renn's trousers and puts it on the table in front of him. Looking at the crestfallen object she gives him a strange look, "Allright and what, if I may ask, is /this?"

D'renn places a hand on the object, smoothing it out. "It's a Zephyr wing badge," he announces proudly, holding it out to Thesy… wriggling his hips a bit to shift his trousers back into place.

Oh! Thesy takes a closer look at the ominous object while she decidedly ignores D'renn's wriggling. Then, suddenly, her head turns around, "Are you asking me to become a member?"

"Erm…. Yes?" D'renn ventures, still holding out the badge like a prayer. "At least, that's what I was told to do, if I could get my hands on you…." Setting the badge on the table for her to take - or not - he drops into his seat and takes his mug in both hands. "That's if you think you can cope with being in my wing.." he teases.

"Can't be worse than having you as Ass. WLM", the girl mutters under her breath as she takes the badge. Smoothing it out, after all /she/ will have to wear it, she smiles at D'renn, "It will be an honour. Thank you!" Then she holds it in front of her, looking a little uncertain, "Where do I put it?" She's not sure at all as D'renn's not a proper example with his torn knot and she suspects him to put it anywhere it pleases him.

"Well….. I could make a few suggestions….." D'renn drawls, and leers too. Then grins. "On your jacket shoulder or somewhere else it can be seen." he suggests.

"All right." With a slight nod Thesy fastens the badge right below her knot and, leaning back to give him a better view, she glances at D'renn inquiringly, "How does this look, hm?"

D'renn gives Thesy a long appraising look. "/Very/ nice." And that's all she's getting out of him, except for half another leer.

Areiah strides in from the Central Bowl.
Home, rosy-cheeked, and very much walking on air, Areiah glides in, a distant half-smile touching her lips. "H'lo again," she greets brightly, dropping into one of several vacant seats near the hearth. Mm. Warm. "Gorgeous out there, isn't it?"

Thesy gives the symbol of her newly acquired state a final pat and the bluerider a grin, "Thank you!" and as the tiny goldrider enters she waves, calling her over "Hey Reia! Guess what just happened!"

D'renn stops leering at Thesy and leers at Arieah instead. "Something's put you in a good mood, dear….." He's not being entirely sarcastic, either.

Adianna arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Standing at 5'10'', this young woman is impish as they come despite her stature. Arched eybrows rest over lightly-lashed klah brown eyes and her high cheekbones rest aside a smallish nose. Teeth, rahter small for her broad smile, nevertheless, flash brightly when her lips curve in amusement. Her hair is just as odd as her moods, falling to brush her shoulders in a base of dark brown curls with odd natural highlights of impish red and saucy blond that do seem to blend seamlessly and matches her bronze skin. The unruly mess is pulled into two short braids at the base of her neck and curve over her shoulders, tied hastily with wherhide strips. Her bangs hang around her forehead and temples in a curly whisp that never looks tamed. Her clumsiness has finally faded into a body that is curved in young womanhood. Her naturally tanned skin glows with the health and vigor of youth unmarred by advancing turns.
A billowing cotten tunic with short sleeves slit to the shoulder flows smoothly around her body to her hips where the sides are split to the waist. Embroidery in bronze thread decorates the hem, sleeves and scooped collar that opens up threequarters down and gathered closed by cross cross lacing that never seems to be tied properly. Draw string trousers dyed a sandy tan hangs loose over her legs hiding their shape to just below midcalf. Thick soled sandals with wide bands around the top of her foot and around her heel are tooled with images of firelizards and protect her feet while keeping her cool in the heat. Glinting in the light, a bronze medallion pounded into the shape of the Igen Weyr emblem hangs long from her neck. Perched on Adianna's shoulder is Cavil. Perched on Adianna's shoulder is Rothana.
Adianna is 19 Turns, 5 months, and 20 days old.

Areiah returns D'renn's leer with a pursing of lips and a smile, fond and vaguely more grounded than the one gracing her countenance before. "Wasn't I in a good mood before?" she asks, glittering gaze flicking to Thesy, then. "What happened?" Another question. She hasn't spotted Adianna yet.

"Not /that/ good…." D'renn answers Reia… then waves a hand at Adianna. Isn't that…?

Kelvren arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Wicked laughing eyes of warm amber dance beneath a heavy forelock of flaming red-blonde that threatens to shadow his face before sweeping back to a short stubble at the back of his neck. Kelvren's triangular face well defined beneath the softness of youth, a patrician nose standing out over the chisled chin and ever present roguish grin. He has a lean, muscular build; shoulders now beginning to broaden, arms and legs cut and defined from long hours of toil, hands calloused with swordwork, and sprouting taller with each passing Turn. A sense of youthful innocence hovers about him, despite the alertly tense set to his shoulders and the casual confidence in his steps, but a hint of roguishness occassionally emerges in the flippiancy of his words, the knowing smile, and the mischief in his eyes..
Kelvren's off-duty regalia is a set of ebon black from head to toe. Beneath the heavy, hooded black woolen cloak, he wears a flowing shirt of charcoal dyed sisal-cotton weave. The high collar braces both sides of his neck, though it lies open partially down the front where the lacings are loose. The long sleeves come to clasp his wrists by a set of polished wooden buttons upon the embroidered cuffs. The thick wherhide pants hug his muscled thighs and calves, a bit of scuff shows at his knees however. To complete the image, Kelvren wears a thick soled pair of riding boots, in matching ebon from top flaps to toe guard. Crouched upon Kelvren's left shoulder is Lightfoot. Kerropi is curled around Kelvren's neck.
Upon Kelvren's shoulder is a double corded knot, single looped, with a long tail in the blue and black of High Reaches Weyr, signifying his place as a weyrguard.
Kelvren is 18 Turns, 3 months, and 23 days old.

Adianna takes long strides in from the cavern the awkward, humped shuffle gone and a smile upon her face as she looks about the room. The smile broadens, "D'renn, Riah….Thesy!" The last name is spoken with enthusiasm and she is moving at a half run towards her friend… almost a tackle pace at that!

Kelvren emerges from the lower caverns at a good clip, a ground eating walk. He barely slows down long enough to toss off a wave to familiar faces at the tables before he attacks the trays by the hearth. It seems someone is totally starved.

Charm bracelet is sent a'jingle when Adianna /is/ spotted by Areiah, however, as the delicate rider immediately waves the first new arrival, and then the second, over. "Adi, Kel, join us, won't you?" Oops. Nevermind. They can eat and tackle people first. Really. Back to D'renn's question. "Guess I just missed seeing Tegran."

Pointing at the, still slightly crumpled, badge sitting on her shoulder, Thesy gives Areiah a wide smile, "D'renn just asked me to join Zephyr and I agreed." As if she wouldn't. At the sound of a familiar but long not heard voice calling her name, the blue rider looks up sharply and cries, "Adianna! It's really you! Since when have you been back?" So excited she is that she doesn't even takes notice of Kelvren's arrival.

"And you're /still/ in a good mood?" D'renn is immediately suspicious of Areiah, though smiles are offered to Adianna and Kelvren as the bluerider nurses his mulled wine.

Kelvren loads a plate heaping with food, balanced precariously in one hand while the other continues to pile things on, occassionally stopping to pop a small tidbit straight into his mouth. "Hi, hi." he calls over his shoulders after a quick swallow. "Don't mind me, didn't have a chance to eat all day." he explains as he finally heads over, adding a mug of klah to his stash.

"Oh, congratulations, Thes," Areiah offers brightly, legs twitching, being folded up underneath her once again as she settles down into a comfortable position. "And yes. I'm still in a good mood." Flying and Harpers and sunshine. The goldrider is content.

Adianna smiles at Thesy, stopping short just in front of her, "Oh a couple of sevendays ago. I am sorry I didn't see you sooner though it is hard to keep up with you riders sometimes." she turns to smile at D'renn, "And how are you? Its been quite a while."

"Oh, busy busy busy…" A genuine smile takes over D'renn's features, quirking the corners of his mobile mouth. "You've not been around for a while, have you?" Attention is not solely on Adia though…. the bluerider is peering past her to Kelvren's laden plate of food.

So content, in fact, Areiah looks dazed. But no, she's paying attention, watching Kelvren fetch his meal and Adianna reuniting with D'renn and Thesy at once. Just blissfully well.

Adianna shakes her head, "I've been gone for more than a turn now, I was away visiting my brother at the Harper Hall. He was ill and well he finally kicked me out for fussing over him… But I tell you he is most stubborn and needed to be fussed over." Adia know he soaked it all up like a fat wherry too…he always did love attention.

Kelvren slides into a free seat by the others, just managing not to slop everything all over the table. Starting off with a bite into a thick hunk of meat, he glances from one person to another. His eyes seem to ask how everything is going, though he refrains from asking it outloud, at least while his mouth is so busy. ;)

Thesy flings her arms around Adianna, catching her in a tight embrace, having missed her so dearly, "And you didn't look for me earlier" she mock pouts at her friend but then shoves towards a chair, "Sit down and tell me how you've been all that time." Belatedly but no less warm a smile is cast at Areiah, "Thank you!" and last but not least Thesy nods at Kelvren, a little ruefully this time, "Hello! Sorry, I wasn't aware of you earlier."

D'renn is watching Kelvren eat with an odd expression on his face… best not to delve too deep into its meaning, although Thesy is given a sympathetice glance.

Adianna turns her head, "Kelvren…hello how are you? Do you remember me?" she says before she is squeezed by Thesy and returns the gesture with gusto. "I did look for you Thesy. And what should I be thanking you for?"

Lilian arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Areiah refrains from watching, herself. Instead, she rises, carefully, ambling hearth-ward and procuring a mug of cider. Warmer than the klah. Sapphire eyes flick to Lilian, unfamiliar as it is, though a nod is given regardless - polite and friedly, if nothing else.

Lilian smiles as she looks up at all the people around her. "Hello, I'm Lilian, you can call me Lill for short." she says in her semi childish voice, that often sounds like an adult. She walks over to the hearthand prepares a glass of redfruit juice.

"Aaaaa-reeeeei-aaaahhh…." D'renn calls plaintively, hopefully.

Adianna blinks wide eyed at D'renn at that wail that sounds like a dying watchweyr.

Shaking her head Thesy grins at Adianna, "Well, I didn't know that you were, let alone that you looked for me." A sip of now cold klah is taken, causing her to wrinkle her nose and ask Areiah to bring a pot of hot one, before she continues, "And I was thanking Areiah for congratulating me on becoming a member of the Zephyr wing."

Adianna smiles and claps her hands together twice, "Thesy! Congratulations! And forgive me for being absent minded how is your lifemate?"

A giggle, soft and light at D'renn's call, Areiah turning from the hearth to face the bluerider. "You want one?" she asks, holding up the just-claimed mug, tipping slightly without spilling to the murky amber liquid within.

Kelvren remembers manners enough not to wipe his mouth on his sleeve, not that it would show on his black tunic, but he clears his mouth with a chug of klah. "Of course I remember you Adianna." he grins, setting his fork down for a moment. He was oblivious to the stares before, hunger can do that when you've a tendency to try eating your weight in food. ;) "How can I forget, was there righ beside you on the sands to the very end."

Adianna smiles, "Well I did tend to try to hide most of the time." she chuckles and takes a seat… that is if Thesy has let her go…

"You couldn't get me some more mulled wine, could you?" D'renn pleads with Areiah, looking into his empty mug. "And maybe something to nibble on?" Another automatic leer is aimed at the goldrider, along with puppy-dog blue eyes. The aging AWLM couldn't possibly get out of his seat.

Chuckling Thesy gives Adianna a one armed hug, "Yes, I /did/ drag you over the sands, didn't I? But Sardrinth's fine. He's grown incredibly and you know what?", here the chuckle turns into a faint grin, "he even chased a green for the first time a sevenday ago." Waving her empty mug at Areiah and since the goldrider doesn't seem to have heard her the first time she calls again, louder now, "And please bring a pot of /hot/ klah if you can!"

Areiah has a tendancy to agree to just about anything under that puppy-dog look. Whether or not this is a good thing, however, remains to be seen. Flushed and smiling again, Reia nods once, own mug balanced 'gainst her torso as she moves to fix another of the mulled wine. "Bread, cheese, meat.. did you want a sandwich, D'renn?" Really, he isn't /that/ old. He can still melt the petite little goldrider, after all. "Hmm?" Distracted. "Oh, sure, Thes. Anyone else?"

Poor Areiah. Seems that there aren't any perks to being junior weyrwoman, after all. Treating her like a common drudge, they are…..

Kelvren glances from D'renn to Areiah, something about the blue rider's look just gets his hackles up, but he says nothing. Not his place after all. He digs into his meal again, after a moment, waves half a breadroll "Uh I don't suppose you'd bring over that pot of jam too?" he calls after Areiah, trying to look innocent.

"No, just bring it in a lump…" D'renn calls out, lording it over the poor girl while he still can.

Adianna is hiding her chuckle of mirth at Riah's expense, "I still have the marks on my arm from where you gripped me so hard Thesy." she shifts her weight in the chair more comfortably, "Did he catch Thesy? I mean…" well Adianna really wants to ask… something else but defers to a demure whisper.

D'renn leers at everyone and everything. Including Kelvren - well, possibly more at Kelvren's plate, it's hard to tell.

Poor Areiah nothing. Better to be a common drudge than to get bowing and saluting left and right. Grinning at Kelvren, suddenly, she nods, turning back to the hearth and gathering various things onto one of the trays. Klah, wine, bread, meat, cheese, jam, and her own mug of cider. It's Candidacy all over again. The klah is taken Thesy-ward first, followed by the jam to Kelvren; D'renn's order is last, as she's making to claim the seat beside him. "Enjoy." Glow.

"Thank you, dearheart…." D'renn salutes Areiah, teasing her with the endearment and with a bright smile before tucking into the food she delivered.

R'sli walks in from the Central Bowl.

Lilian exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Kelvren returns the grin as he takes the jar. "Thanks Areiah, I can alway use a little something sweet." He takes the lid off and spoons a generous dollop into the split roll. D'renn's look at his plate isn't lost on him, but he isn't going to share. ;) Looking up he waves to the new entrant. "Hey there R'sli!"

"No, really?" Thesy gives Adianna an unbelieving look, "You're teasing me, right? Oh, thank you so much, Reia!" and she smiles gratefully at Areiah, immediately pouring herself some klah, before she turns back to Adianna, "And no, Drinth didn't catch Briganth. Azrieth did."

D'renn doesn't need to share Kelvren's meal now, he's got his own, thanks to the goldrider at his side. "'Lo, R'sli," he greets the latest arrival… seems that there's a reunion of a candidate group happening here.

Adianna thinks, "Isn't that Zirade's lifemate?" she asks, then blinks, "Why would I tease you Thesy? Is that not a good question to ask among old freinds?" turns and peers at Kelvren, "Faranth, where /do/ you put it all?"

Those big puppy-dog eyes and a dearheart. My, but how quickly Areiah can forget about Harpers. Folding herself down cross-legged again, she eases, sips from the short, squat mug cradled in her hands, still-glittering eyes flicking upward and touching on R'sli. "G'evening, Ris!" she greets, freeing one delicate set of fingers to wave the greenrider over. Trying not to look to pleased with her aquisition - a seat right next to D'renn - she grins warmly in welcome to her friend.

R'sli waves with a grin as he moves to the table and looks over the goods. "I'm starving," he says by way of introduction. "I didn't have time for the midday meal." A plate appears in his hands, and he flashes a grin at Adianna. "Hey there, Adi! Where have you been hiding?"

It would seem the old group is as odd and confusing as it ever once was…

And still just as close, too.

A seat next to D'renn however might confer on Areiah the dubious honor of being splashed with a dollop of soft cheese as his knife is waved too vigorously.

Adianna waves excited, "Risli!" Forgive her for forgetting the honorific…its been a very long time. "Didn't you get my letters or the box of goodies I sent to you all Risli? I was with my brother, Avril…remember?"

Kelvren blinks at Adianna as he turns to her. "What?" he asks, at the very moment in the midst of taking another mouthful. "I just do." he says with a shrug. He's just a growing boy. ;)

R'sli thinks a moment, while filling his plate, realization dawning on his face. "Oh, yeah. I got that. I shared with S'phen." He grins. "I was sort of busy." He looks over the table, a scowl starting. "No jam?" he says with a sigh. "That figures."

Thesy raises her mug at at the greenrider by way of greeting, accompanied by a smile, "Evening, R'sli!" Blue eyes secretly keep watching new wingmate and friend while she leans forward, chin rested on clasped hands, "How're you?"

Areiah is agile. She can dodge cheese. "How are you?" is asked of Kelvren; no sense in pestering her seatmate while he's eating. The logic is perhaps a bit tainted, as Kelvren, too, is devouring his own meal, but at least he's had the chance to get a few bites in.

D'renn eats pretty fast too, blue eyes darting just as quickly over the group, shadowed by bushy black brows. Bless 'em… though D'renn does feel old in this company, and mumbles as much through a mouthful of bread.

"Hot." is the greenrider's response to Thesy as he sits next to Areiah. "It's bloody hot for winter, if you ask me." He shifts. "And I think that the women have been washing my underclothes in dirty water," he adds, stuffing a meatroll in his mouth. "I haven't been comfortable in two days."

D'renn's eyebrows lurch upwards. R'sli's wearing dirty underwear?

"Kelvren has the jam, Ris," Areiah offers helpfully, then leans, nudging D'renn. "You're not old," Softer, that, gentler, accompanied by a sweet, lopsided smile. "Honest. We all love having you around. Friendship shouldn't be determined by age." Ooh! A D'renn on one side, a R'sli on the other. Heaven on Pern.

Adianna turns to R'sli, "Its freezing…." she says a bit surprised..though after all she just came from warmer regions than the reaches.

D'renn glows with Areiah's remark, not too old to be immune to flattery. And that was flattery of the highest order, too…. Some more bread gets stuffed into his fast-working mouth.

Kelvren gives another shrug, this time for Areiah's benefit. He swallows, "Alright I guess." He doesn't sound all too sure. Pushing the jam jar towards R'sli incase he needs it, he goes back to nibbling on his own meal.

"Hot?" Thesy quirks a surprised brow at R'sli before suddenly a knowing smile spreads on her face and she asks, "Zaqith's fine I hope?" Now look, she can be sarcastic too. Naughty girl!

Mera blinks in, appearing in green splendor from ::between::!

R'sli shrugs at Adi, his brow furrowing. "Freezing, schmeezing. I'm all stuffy lately. It's like being back in all that Ista damp warm air." A sidelong glance is afforded Thesy. "Zaqith is fine, when she stops harping at me. I don't know what's got into her head lately." He scowls darkly and shoves a piece of bread at the jam pot, smearing a thick coat of the sticky stuff across the dark bread.

Waitaminute. Hot greenriders are to be avoided, even if they /are/ your friends. Areiah, having aptly both flattered D'renn and heard Kelvren's response to her query, turns searching eyes on the greenrider at her side. "Ris? It's rather chilly out.. maybe you're ill with a fever or somesuch?"

D'renn leans past Areiah to gives R'sli an inquiring look. Greenriders are fair game after all, in a way that goldriders, no matter how good at flattering him, can never be. "Sure Zaqith is alright, Ris?"

R'sli looks up, brows working into a v on his forehead. "What is this? A flaming Harper's exam?" He frowns, and tugs at his collar. "Zaqith is just fine, and so am I?" He stabs a thick slice of wherry on his knife and holds it up. "I'm just tired, that's all."

OOC: Adianna goes idle

Areiah is leaned past. Over. And there she goes, melting again, features obscured by the lip of her tarnished mug. Goldriders, though, are too fair game. Just because the dragons aren't compatible doesn't mean the riders aren't. But that's another argument; one Reia is far too interested in her beverage and everything else to begin.

Thesy snickers though she tries to mask it with her mug. That Reia! But since D'renn seems to be a little worried too, maybe the goldrider was serious? Giving R'sli another, more searching, glance. No, his appetite is too good for someone sick and his mood is giving him away quite obviously. No doubt, Zaqith's proddy.

D'renn sits up again, patting Areiah's leg absently, and just smirks. "If you say so, R'sli…." he answers to the greenrider, having known far too many of them to risk antagonizing the lad.

Kelvren wonders just how safe it is to allow R'sli sharp utensils at the moment. ;) "Sure thing R'sli, have some more jam." he mutters, wiping down his own plate with a last slice of bread. He's polished it off well and good, but his occassional glance back at the hearth suggests he may go for seconds.

"That's better," the greenrider says darkly, and turns back to Areiah, mood light once more. "So did you go to that big gather at Keroon last month?" Risli's tone is bright, and he eats with relish, washing it down with lots of chilled juice. "I heard that the Lady Holder of Tillek was there, as well." He sniffs. "All right, if you like that sort, but I didn't get to go, cause we were doing sweeps." He stabs another piece of meat viciously before grinning at the goldrider. "So did you go?"

Ooh. Cheeks kissed by crimson flush further, hidden as best the goldrider can manage 'hind the curiously empty cidermug. Areiah leans over to gently jostle R'sli's shoulder, silent offer to listen, to talk, to simply accompany made by glowing sapphire eyes 'fore they skip back to D'renn.

"We all went," D'renn answers too-loudly, for Areiah and unknown others. "Though Reia didn't get to dance with me again…." A smirk, and D'renn goes back to stuffing his face.

R'sli groans. "Well, that's just /perfect/," he growls. "Of all the - " he breaks off and concentrates on finishing this first plate.

Lips purse, and Areiah makes to answer, stopping short as D'renn does it for her. "That wasn't my fault," she murmurs, catching the bluerider in the ribs with one leather-clad elbow. "You left early. Shame you missed it, though, Ris; it was fun. There's to be a gather somewhere else, soon, I think.. you'll have to go to that one with us."

D'renn nearly sprays bread and jam all over as he's nudged… but for once manages to keep his mouth closed. Wouldn't want to annoy R'sli further, either….

Zelda arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Zelda says, "Hi"
Zelda sits down .

Look, Thesy - Areiah /can/ concentrate on more than one thing at a time. A giggle up at D'renn, whom she didn't nudge /hard/.. honest. But she giggles anyway, gaze flicking to R'sli, pausing, settling there.

Looking at all the food and people munching away doesn't miss to show its affect on the bluerider. So Thesy wanders towards the nighthearth and returns with another plate laden with sweets, placing it on the table. Taking her place again she snatches one of these tempting meringues and starts to nibble while she nods at the newcomer, "G'evening!"

D'renn grimaces, chewing slowly as he looks up and around, nodding at the stranger… then quirking his gaze towards Areiah again, saying nothing. Well, he can't. He has a mouth full.

Zelda nods back" Good evening."
Zelda stands back up;wondering why she sat down in the first place. Shrugs and walks away.
Zelda steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

R'sli eyes D'renn speculatively, chewing, but saying nothing. He blushes in reply to some unheard comment, and turns back to his plate, ears flaming. "Hey, Kel," he says in a suddenly husky voice. "Pass that jam pot back over here."

Zelda's not the only one wondering why.

Kelvren falls asleep.

Areiah settles back in her seat, legs uncrossed, knees drawn up to her chest. One arm snakes 'round them, her empty vessel placed at her feet as she hugs both slender limbs to her torso, chin being rested upon the caps. "So, D'renn, you're doing all right without Weyrlings to watch over?" she asks, tilting her head to'ard him, a lopsided smile touching her lips. Yup, she'll leave R'sli to his food. Too bad D'renn isn't that lucky.

D'renn shrugs, seemingly to himself, and mops up the last smears of soft cheese and jam from his plate, shoving the multi-streaked bread into his mouth. Meal over, he sits back and brushes crumbs from his shirt. "Absolute /bliss/, Reia my love," he answers expansively, taking up his mulled wine again.

Areiah resists, squeezing her legs tighter with the endearment. He's teasing. He's teasing. "Tiareth is due to go up, soon, though, isn't she? Nuff has been acting oddly for quite some time now," she observes, fingers idly playing o'er the handle of her drained mug, others splayed out over her thigh.

D'renn makes another face, eyes crinkling at the corners. "You mean you can /tell/ when Nuff's acting oddly? I just thought she was being normal…"

R'sli watches that last piece of bread disappearing with a hint of something in his eyes. He finishes the last bites slowly, chewing thoughtfully, and regarding the bluerider carefully, leaning his chin on one hand. "I wish /I/ was a Weyrlingmaster," he sighs.

"Shards, no you don't," D'renn is quick to retort to R'sli. "Not worth it, believe me."

Giggling, Areiah nods to D'renn, relinquishing her mug and wrapping both arms tight now. "Oh, come now, D'renn.. it wasn't worth it, knowing the Weyrlings you guided and helped from Hatching Day forward would always carry with them the lessons and such you gave?" Or the conversations. Or the company. Or the comfort. Or the occasional blush.

Reyenna arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

R'sli shakes his head. "After S'lor, I could teach watch-whers to fly," he boasts, puffing his chest out with a -hopeful?- look at the older rider. "At least I'm game to try." His face changes a moment, and he nods. "Yep."

Reyenna slips in, glancing around the congregation of riders. Unobtrusively eavesdropping, she gets a mug of klah and some bread, seating herself somewhat near the group.

D'renn can't help but laugh at both answers, brushing back cropped curls from his face automatically. "Well…. wanting to do the job is half the battle," he tells R'sli, then nods to Areiah. "It was. Not withstanding…. everything else." The bluerider stares into space for a moment.

R'sli nods into his cup, and stands, moving around the table to fill his mug with mulled wine. Coming back, he stumbles a bit, and bumps against D'renn briefly. "Sorry," he murmurs, looking away and sitting quickly. He tugs at the collar of his jacket and looks around. "Isn't it awfully bloody hot in here?" he notices.

"You were a wonderful Assistant Weyrlingmaster, D'renn," Areiah murmurs gently, leaning to nudge said Assistant Weyrlingmaster once again, gentler still. "If you start doubting it, I'm going to have to get the rest of our class together and promptly dip you into that freezing lake." Reia? Teasing? Looks like it. A nod to Reyenna, the vaguely familiar face, before attention wavers, shifts back to that dragonrider congregation.

"Don't you /dare/…." D'renn mumbles half-heartedly to Areiah, reaching a hand to steady R'sli as the greenrider bounces off him. "S'not that hot, Ris," he answers as the lad sits down - D'renn being in his shirt-sleeves of course, forest green over his raspberry leather pants.

Washing down the last of the meringue with some klah Thesy gets to her feet, smiling lopsidedly down at the others. It seems as if she's irritated by the petty flirting though she's trying hard not to show. A hand rested lightly on the greenrider's shoulder she bends down to R'sli, "I'm sure you'll be at least Ass. Weyrlingmaster with the next clutch." Though right now she'd say anything pleasant or flattering to keep him in a good mood. Suddenly an expression of utter disgust crosses her face but it's gone fast and hopefully unnoticed. "Well, I better get going since Catia ordered me to report to her as soon as I was assigned to a wing. Looks like I'll have to get up early."

Petty flirting? D'renn never flirts except in deadly earnest. Really. "D'you have to, Thesy?" he asks, gazing up at the tall woman with bright eyes under long lashes.

Areiah never flirts. Period. Too shy. She admires from afar. Or right beside, when she can. "That's a shame, Thesy, but I'm sure Catia will be delighted with your promotion," she says softly, loosening her arms just slightly, lifting her chin. Ooh. Thesy gets the puppy-dog eyes.

R'sli goes home.

D'renn shrugs as R'sli leaves, nodding emphatically to Thesy. "Catia'll be pleased, I'm sure…." May as well agree.

Relaxing unconsciously under that look Thesy smiles, unaware that she's giving herself away, "Yes, I'm afraid I have to. Don't want to disappoint Catia by being late. See you then."

Reyenna busies herself with her food and drink, for once silent, listening in. Her glance flicks upwards, seeing her green appear. She half-grimaces, "Na, Mera, away!" she shoos under her breath, waving her hands at her firelizard.

Mera spreads her wings, her green hide shimmering before she disappears ::between::!

Reyenna goes home.

Best to agree when it's true. Areiah turns a lopsided smile on Thesy, nodding once and stretching a hand upward. "Sleep well," she offers lightly, stretching forward herself, releasing now-stiff limbs and sitting forward.

D'renn relaxes back in his seat, conscious of a job well done. In tapping Thesy for Zephyr, of course… After a moment or two's smugness, he gets to his feet, patting Areiah's shoulder. "I'll be off then…."

Areiah casts a beaming smile upward, warm and fond and solely for D'renn. Terms of endearment and pats and a seat beside him. All in all, a good night. "Take care, D'renn," she murmurs softly, stretching upward herself, empty dishes collected and delivered to the nighthearth. "Take care both of you."

D'renn stretches, pulling on his jacket over those tight pants. "See ya later…" And he's gone, off into the night.

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