Cloudburst's Thranduith flies

3rd February 2004
Logged by Thiern

Leaders Return TP
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There's definitely something odd going on at High Reaches Weyr - perhaps it's the way everyone's been avoiding Cloudburst's dragonhealer Thiern and her green Thranduith, thinking that she may well be proddy. And, in fact, it's quite true … and Thranduith takes to the skies at last, and right now. The flight is predetermined as part of the TP, but we welcome as many chasers that are willing to risk being around someone exposed so long to a plague …
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Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.
The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance… [look closer]
It is a spring noon.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty firelizards.
Green Kelitath, green Ainth, gold Ulrinath, green Thranduith, green Yajisarath, brown Fantorith, brown Sonrith, brown Sevareth, blue Valanth, bronze Nylanth, green Fiareth, and bronze Umiheth are here.
You see a wagonmaster, Shafirah, Doom, and Wagon Three here.

Jydhaeth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
L'uc quickly dismounts from Jydhaeth's neck, landing on the ground with the thud of rugged boots.

"What do you mean it doesn't look right?" L'uc asks of his bond, looking over the charcoal colored strap for good measure. "That looks fine to me. Stop worrying." Jydhaeth shifts his weight slightly to the left and rumbles lowly as people pass by and as L'uc fiddles with the strap. "It's not going to break. It's not going anywhere." One sided conversation going on. Beware.

B'au doesn't know why he's here. One minute he was oiling Niwath down at Ista, the next his blue was barely coherant and ordering him up to 'Reaches. The senior Weyrling dismounts quickly, looking about at his old home with interest - and missing anything of
note, so he's still confused.

Taiith drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
A'ran vaults off Taiith's neck with no help whatsoever on the blue's part.

Thranduith, on the other hand, glows. She has to make a point, you know - and it seems that Niwath's rider hasn't really figured it out, so here she is, all a-glowing. Thiern is leaning against a random boulder, trying to ignore her dragon's proddiness and just pretend that she isn't here. Proddiness gives Thiern the opposite of the effect it has on most greenriders - she becomes as antisocial as a worm.

L'uc scratches his neck as he eyes the bronze, looking deep in thought as stands there gazing. "I don't see it." With a shrug of his shoulders, the lad then grabs his jacket as Jydhaeth starts to pay more attention to Thranduith now. "Well, I'm headed to the caverns for a drink." Turning now and striding by Thiern, he stops and looks at her. The expression on her face says he better not say a word and to back the shell off, but, he speaks anyway. "You look troubled.." says he.

Niwath knows why he's here. That lovely, shining green, for whom he makes a soft greeting warble. It's at that moment that B'au realizes what's up, and a slight grin spreads over his face. He nods to Thiern politely, checks over L'uc (over, not out!) and then offers his own greeting - "I'm B'au. Pleased to meet you." And yes, he may get his head bitten off.

"Hey everyone," A'ran calls as he slips down from Taiith's neck, little realizing what consequences he might face as a result of his quick trip down to the caverns for klah. Taiith, however, senses something a little unsusal right off the bat. Proddy greens, after all, are one of his specialties (or vices, if you prefer). The blue swaggers over, trying to act as suavely as possible for the occasion. "Ummm, what's going on here?" A'ran asks nervously, though he's beginning to think he already knows. Uh-oh. Glowing.

"Proddy," Thiern snaps at L'uc, eyes clouding over for a moment with Thran-induced lust. Just as quickly, she gains control of herself and attempts to just kindly smile. "Hello, B'au. And … other bluerider." She doesn't know his name, he's a youngling. "And Mr Bronzerider, of course." Thranduith has near had enough, and considers rising. -This- green doesn't waste her -time- with blooding. But no … just a little bit more.

Canllaith drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
Iya pauses a moment to quickly unbuckle the straps and one gentle pat is given to the ribs of Canllaith before she waits for the blue to give the go to dismount. Canllaith twists his head back to give Iya a considering look before slowly lowering himself down to the ground, forearm extending back to allow for Iya to do a quick slide from his blizzardy hide and into dragon palm. Flexing fingers only slightly he lowers Iya down to the ground and she hops off to thud safely on the ground.

B'au is being affected by Niwath, too, but he's not fighting it at all. This is /good/. His smile turns slightly softer and he looks to his lifemate, who is elegantly stepping towards the gorgeous green, his eyes whirling brightly. She's sooooo pretty.

L'uc would normally just mind his own business and continue onward to the caverns without a fuss, but, this time is different. "L'uc." he says for an introduction. Thumb is then jerked towards the bronze. "Jydhaeth." Of course, A'ran and B'au are also nodded at in greeting as he makes his way towards the growing crowd. Before he can say anything else, he's suddenly overwhelmed with emotions poured from his bond. "Proddy.. right." is all he can say to the greenrider. Wow.

Taiith emits what is half-way between a warble and a purr and inches even closer to Thranduith. She has to be able to see the charm that just drips off of him. He's a rebel, you know, and rebels are the ones females /really/ want. "Taiith!" A'ran pleads, but he senses that this is a losing battle. Still, he won't give up that easily. "A'ran. My name is A'ran," he informs Thiern, though his mind is quite obviously elsewhere.

Thiern is almost amused at L'uc's lack of words, eventually coming up with, "So what are you guys waiting for? There's no show here, Just - " She is cut off as Thranduith takes instantly to the sky, and Thiern finishes with a low muttered "shardit." A pause, and then "Er … Nice to meet you, A'ran, L'uc, I suppose. And Jydhaeth and Taiith … and you, miss," is called to Iya.

Thranduith> You take off.
Thranduith> Above the Bowl
Thranduith> The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant - though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.
Thranduith> It is a spring noon.

Iya dismounts rather in a hurry as she whips her head back to watch the green take off, her blue at the moment not inclined to chase, Canllaith moving towards the others in his haste to get a good spot to nap, "B'au-" Oh yes, she's on a mission baby, "B'au, B'au. B'au what in the shells-" Oh wait, she twists again to eye the green, turning back to eye the blue rider, "/B'au/, honestly-" She eyes other riders accumulated, giving a nod to Thiern, "Nice to meet you.." Even though they haven't exactly met, her fellow blue rider sidled up to, "What..are you doing here..really.." Whisper, Iya, whisper..don't..yell….

B'au nods to the other riders as well - L'uc, A'ran. "That's Niwath -" he begins, and then sees that his blue has already taken off after Thranduith, soaring elegantly after her. "Oh shards," he mutters under his breath. "Fun fun fun." And does he look… nervous?! Dread the thought. But that's the cause of his nerves - "Iya. I can explain." Kinda.

Niwath takes off.

Thranduith> Wind caresses wings and pinions as you circle higher and higher up out of the caldera.
Thranduith> Above High Reaches
Thranduith> Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its
crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
Thranduith> It is a spring noon.

Thranduith> Niwath circles up from the Central bowl.

Jydhaeth, of course, is the nice one and therefore will capture fair maiden's heart. The bronze rumbles lowly as he steps towards the glowing green, making sure the blues don't crowd her too much. But, it isn't long until the green catches on and takes to the skies. Acting on instinct and reflexes, Jyd leaps into the air with a mighty swoop of his wings. L'uc, on the other hand, is over come with various emotions and he ends up staggering over to Thiern. "Well, I do declare.. You're a very pretty greenrider." Here comes the part where L'uc starts talking. And talking. Hey, for once he's not drunk during a flight. "Prettiest I've seen in all my life." Nod.

Jydhaeth takes off.
Thranduith> Jydhaeth circles up from the Central bowl.

A'ran looks sadly resigned as he watches the dragons spiral upwards. "Nice meeting you," he says as he gives in to the whirlpool of emotions he's been plunged into. And just as he turns his head to keep tabs on his own dragon, Taiith takes a running leap and is soon aloft. Ah, bronzes may be big, but he's little and fast. What's more, he crafty and charming. You can't beat that with a long, pointy stick. Thran, here he comes.

Taiith takes off.
Thranduith> Taiith circles up from the Central bowl.

Thiern shudders as Thranduith rises, and her face goes momentarily pale. She almost looks sick for a moment before shifting all of her weight to the boulder and whispering "Thank you," to L'uc. "Er, I mean …" greenrider corrects herself in a snap, "It's nice that you think so. Shardit, Thran, -why?!-" is snapped at dragon again. Eeh, bad mood.

Iya would normally stick around just to see the outcome but seeing as she's not particularly interested in the flight nor is her dragon she has the time to go and waves B'au on, his dragon coming down at the same time as Iya strides back to her Canllaith, "C'mon B'au, you can explain your reasons later, we've got to get back because the assistant weyrling master wants to see us, you know which one…" That's right, -that- one. So Iya is mounting up just as Niwath lands, B'au mounting up as well, and both of them giving out waves though B'au doesn't seem as inclined to go..but…that's what you get when you've got an Iya hounding you. No choice but to follow.

Canllaith lowers down on his haunches and extends one iced blue forearm to scoop up Iya and hauls her up behind him to allow her nestle rider between his neck ridges. Iya wiggles, adjusts herself, and settles comfortably between wind swept arctic knobs.
Canllaith takes off.
Above, Canllaith streaks up high into the air before his wings tuck to his sides and he allows himself to do a free fall dive towards the ground, chilled wind buffeting about him as he ::betweens::, flakes of sunlight encrusted snow twirling down to the ground in his wake.

Thranduith> Thranduith pays no attention to Thiern, as she is wont (not) to do. Wings beating and tail pointed out like an arrow signifying the direction in which to go, this green is seemingly just amused by her timing. Thiern's in a bad mood, two riders are escaping, there's a flirty blue and a debonair bronze, and of course one of the riders seems besottled with Thiern already. Joy! And she flies on.

Thranduith> Jydhaeth soars upward in pursuit of the green as long pinions slice through the air for more momentum. Alas, he sees the bonny maiden as she tries to evade every single suitor around her. Nevermind that she's from a different time and era, it's here and now that concerns him.

A'ran finds himself almost resenting L'uc for making that statement. He doesn't think that there's no real logic behind it. "And what exactly was that supposed to mean?" he snaps at the bronzer, giving him a very severe glare. People these days. Wait. Oops.

"You alright?" L'uc asks after noticing the sudden pale color of Thiern's face. "You looked a little faint.." Nevermind that surges of strong emotion are flowing through him at the moment, he's come to his senses. Briefly. "Nothin'." he coolly replies to A'ran. "Just means I think she's pretty. Don't you think?" So much for being concerned.

Thranduith> Taiith quickly gains speed and altitude, matching the lovely green's every twist and turn with ease. Aye, it takes a truly skilled maneuver to evade the likes of him. After a time of hot pursuit he adjusts the angle of his narrow wings to slow down ever-so-slightly, to get himself a better evaluation of the situation. Yes, it takes strategy to catch.

The fact that Thiern isn't pretty seems to not have hit anyone - or else, she certainly never thought she was. "And I'm okay, yeah, just a little … tired, and like … Thran hasn't done this in around seven months, so …" Twice-a-Turn Green, is Thranduith. And it makes her rider sick. Or maybe something else is making Thiern sick … "Maybe we all should … y'know, sit down or something. Like in the ground weyrs."

A'ran scowls. "The point is that…" What was his point, again? He eyes Thiern, trying to remember just what his line of thinking was. Suddenly he is hit by another wave of illogical feelings. "She is a beautiful greenrider. Pretty. Pshaw. That's not the right word at all for a woman like that." And the glare returns. "Ground weyrs, you say? Might be nice."

Thranduith> Thranduith continues to be amused. She'd be laughing if she could. Anyone get the jist just yet that this is no everyday nice green? Taiith's activities keep her entertained, and she in turn keeps one of her eyes out for him. The other one is watching Jydhaeth, there in the rear … now, bronze or blue, bronze or blue? The answer right now is neither, as she continues to fly forward … then ending this pose with a climactic dip.

Thranduith> Jydhaeth tries his best to keep up with Thranduith, even though he's twice her size. He also flies better than he treks on the ground, which is a clear advantage during flights. Turning quickly and cutting through the air like a sharp knife, the bronze lets out a bellow for his lovely green. See? Serenading the lady always helps win her over. Always. At least this flight isn't as brutal as the previous one he participated in.

L'uc will gladly go into the ground weyrs if she beckons him to, but, until then he'll just stand and lean against the boulder. "Are you sure? It's such a nice day out.." Ok, he's making no sense now. Nevermind that the girl is about ready to tip over, he just fancies looking at her and swooning. Yes, swooning. "You're right. She's not pretty.. she's breath taking. Don't you think, A'ran?" Oh, look. He's grinning now.

Thiern is glad for the flattery, and basically forgets the idea of the ground weyrs as she listens to L'uc and A'ran argue about just how fine-looking she is. However, she speaks not, keeping her thoughts to herself and her looming, arrogant dragon for the time being. Listening to them is much too enjoyable to interrupt.

Thranduith> Taiith doesn't really care if she's a nice green or not. The not-so-nice greens add a bit of spice to the ordeal, in his opinion. He speeds onward in continued pursuit, trying to make time by executing what he thinks is a faster dip than the green made. Every dragonlength, span, fathom, and other unusual unit of measurement is crucial if he's going to win this one. His reaction to Jyhhaeth's ballad is more or less a groan. What a pathetic attempt to win over a lovely wench such as this.

A'ran shakes his head. "No, no, no. Gorgeous. Profoundly and undeniably gorgeous," he insists, trying to come up with as many descriptions of beauty he can from his days as a harper. "Awe-inspiring, in fact." A strange smile has found its way onto his face, his agression channeled into something a little more productive. Beat that, One-Who-Never-Was-A-Harper.

Thranduith> Thranduith does appreciate Jydhaeth's effort, really - and she makes this known with a bit of a return trumpet. Taiith also is echoed, in a groanlike noise that mocks his own. And then, just to be tricksy, she shoots all the way back up … doubles around in a complete circle and ends up in the same spot, then moving forward. Haha!

L'uc waves his hand and shakes his head in disbelief after A'ran speaks. "Awe-inspiring?" he repeats, quirking a brow. "She's /more/ than that.." As if taking a moment to think up a better word, he then grins lopsidedly and returns his gaze to Thiern. "She's positively.. ravishing, stunning, and.. pulchritudinous!" Breaking out the big vocab, he is. "Don't you agree?"

Thranduith> Jydhaeth passes by Taiith now in hopes to get closer to the glowing green jewel just ahead of them both. Eyes whirl a steady violet color as he breaks right in an attempt to cut in front of Thranduith when he's finally close enough. Whyyy Jyd would knock Taiith into the next Turn if he truly called the green a wench. But, since they were from the same clutch, he refrains. They're practically brothers.. only not.

Thranduith> Taiith doesn't know what to think of this latest escapade. It is extremely tempting to copy this mid-air loop. It looks so fun. On the other hand, it would only slow him down. Torn, he makes the split-second decision to perform the stunt, only on a smaller scale. But what's this?! His bronze clutchmate seems to have taken the lead. This is unacceptable. He takes it up a notch, hoping to zoom ahead of the competition, polite though he may be.

Thranduith> Thranduith is suddenly confused - and has absolutely no idea which direction she's going. The fact that BigBigDragonJydhaeth has just cut in front of her doesn't help, and Taiith's twisting and approaching from behind isn't helping either. The green attempts to make a hovering stop and just about crashes into Jydhaeth, with Taiith about to crash into her, and … coming up next pose, somebody else finishes this sentence!

Thranduith> …BAM! It seems that mating flights at High Reaches have become a little dangerous of late. Taiith wheels at top speed to get around the bronze, only to find that when he clears him he's headed straight for the side of the one he is chasing. Oh, he wanted to catch, but not quite in this way. He tries to soar over her at the last possible moment, but his efforts are futile. He goes plowing right into the green and richochets into Jydhaeth. He'll feel that one tomorrow.

Thranduith> Jydhaeth doesn't have time to move again once things start to snowball. It appears that there's going to be one big pile up in just a moment, and so there is. Getting slammed into by both the green and the blue, he ends up entwining himself with Thranduith. Sorry Taiith. You're cute and all.. but. Y'know. Having finally seized the green, he's not letting her go anytime soon..

Thranduith> Thranduith was about to squeak and creel and be all-too-feminine about being stuck between two dragons … and then she feels nice warm bronze against her, and nice bronze neck entwined with hers. Looping her tail about his affectionately, she allows herself to be trapped by Jydhaeth. Of course, Taiith -is- cute, but …. that's for another time.

Ack! That was -totally- not what Thiern had expected … but as previously stated, flights are becoming more and more dangerous every day. This greenrider at first is appalled, and cries out, "Thranduith!" worried that her lifemate may be hurt. Seeing her saved (and mated to) Jydhaeth eases the young woman's fear and soul for a moment at least … when she becomes paler again, sighs and then collapses against L'uc, fainted away. How romantic. Sorta.

Hiakith drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

A'ran keeps his gaze fixed on the seeming beauty that is Thiern. "Yes. That's the word. Pretty good for a non-harper." But suddenly he realizes that he is no longer looking at Thiern. In fact, Thiern has collapsed against L'uc, and this whole business is over. That's good. Oh, wait. That's bad. Oh, wait…He doesn't know what it is! "Is she gonna be okay?" he growls.

Lexi slides down Hiakith's side and hits the ground with a gentle explosion of dust.

L'uc continues to lean against the boulder as he watches A'ran for a moment, though his attention returns to Thiern quickly. There seems to have been some sort of collision up in the sky and when Jydhaeth gets crashed into, the 'rider staggers a bit and then shakes his head. "Another rough one.." he says in regards to the flight itself. Regaining composure as the surging of lusty emotions starts to slow, he's forced to catch and steady Thiern as she collapses against him. "Easy, girl. I have you." he says to her, crouching slightly so he can pick her up. "With the plague scare and all.. I'm guessing a healer will be able to tell." is his response to A'ran's inquiry.

"Yes, it looked like Taii and Jyd were having great fun, Hialove… great fun indeed. Yes, twisty twisty…" Lexi chides ever so sweetly with a roll of her eyes at Hiakith's… naivete. But a smile, too; it's endearing, nonetheless. She'd be expecting L'uc to be dragging his capture off for some bloodletting right about now, but not in a dead-body-dragging sort of way. Hmm. "Now that's unusual. She's missing the best part. Dratted woman." And with that sweet comment, she sets about letting her curls down from beneath her helmet and brushing the dirt from her leathers.

Thiern moans and tries to stand, head spinning … and eventually gives up and just clings to L'uc's collar. "So …" she mutters. "I'm okay now, really … so …" it's not like she's going to have a twinkle in her eye or anything. She's got the same instincts and urges, she's also just getting over a faint, so it's an over-and-done-with point of view, at this point. Dear Lexi has missed all the fun.

Thranduith> Jydhaeth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.
Jydhaeth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

A'ran simply shakes his head. Things aren't working quite as they should be in his head quite yet. He's still slightly confused as he watches the greenrider come to. Well, at least he's not stuck with her. Wait, that's what he wanted, isn't it? Or not. He tries to regain some focus. "Fun isn't exactly what I'd call it, Lexi," he tells the new arrival. "It's more like…pain. That's the word."

Hiakith quickly waltzes her way to Jydhaeth, babbling something about twistytwistydances incessantly. The perfect postcoital conversation, no? Well. Lexi's got other ideas. If Thiern is over and done with, then surely the boys aren't spent yet? Ponderous things to ponder… "If it's painful, you're not doing it right. Fun. Wicked fun." And a wink is tossed to the bluerider as she leans against a rock, arms crossing to observe. For now. It also pushes her cleavage up nicely, don't you agree?

"Alright, if you say so." L'uc says, turning towards Jydhaeth as he lands. The bronze then treks towards them both and he sets Thiern down, though he makes sure she's steady before going anyway. "Alright, think you can pull yourself up? I'll help a little bit." Of course, Lexi grabs his attention if only for a brief moment, but Jydhaeth calmly reminds him of the greenrider already in his arms. Not that he's do anything.. "Mount up?"
L'uc grabs hold of a strap, climbs up, and settles between Jydhaeth's neckridges.

Thiern nods carefully. "Yes. I mean, I'm fine. Not that anything bad happened or anything, just a little dizzy …" She denies ever having fallen … or maybe she just wants to keep it quiet. "Coming." And carefully, greenrider climbs up to Jydhaeth's 'ridges, with a bit of a smirk on her face. She's the not-evil Cloudburst. Just happy.

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