Snaffling Sena, Tyara and Pyrene

10th November
Logged by D'renn

Central Bowl
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Zhaneel, Boingy, Yum-Yum, and Poldhu.
Brown Sevareth, blue Jakith, green Yshanth, brown Lisulath, blue Sardrinth, and blue Trydanth are here.

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lapis, Fyurie, Kate, Sin, Satu, Ceinwen, Artu, Brannt, Qyvox, Kynance, Cavort, Tangaloor, Nocturno, Tigger, Bow-Wow, Taybi, Mosfet, Fandango, Sentanta, Relee, and Phin.
Tyara, Pyrene, Sena, Tiri, and Alfi are here.

D'renn strides in, clad in his newest violently-yellow leathers, and heads straight for the klah.

Sena stays hidden in the back of the room, her right pointer finger shoved between lower and upper jaws as she nibbles the heck out of her nail. Emerald gaze sweeps the room, but hopes her small form doesn't attract too much undo attention, the caverns seem to be getting crowded. Spotting Tiri, she waves her face lighting up in a smile of welcome.

Alfi paces into the room, stopping to wave slowly at the crowd. "Hi?"

Yum-Yum glides in from the Central Bowl.

Tiri walks in, looking a bit more confedient than she did a few days ago. Her steps are longer, making her seem not quite so timid as she had been. She grins as she spots Sena and walks over to her. "Hiya, again!" she beams.

Pyrene winces at Tyara, "He may deserve a blue, but do we want to wish that on ourselves? Sides, it's not like we get much choice in where people get posted - although I can't imagine the weyr wanting him to hang around." She pauses at the sudden influx of people, rolling her eyes at D'renn, waving to Alfi cheerfully enough and giving Tiri a paranoia inducing stare. Getting to know you…

Alfi heads for the klah behind D'renn, then turns and realizes she doesn't recognize a few people in the room. Feeling that the time for introductions is not mid-conversation, she listens to join in otherwise.

Sena titters nervously, "Hi! I know.. I must seem a bit weird suddenly showing up here again, but.." She shrugs good-naturedly, what can she say? She's cliche'ishly interested in Tiri and her new status. "But I thought maybe you could use a bit o' phincrafter influence.."

"Still complaining about blues, Pyrene?" D'renn demands to know, meandering towards the nannies, with a curious look for the unfamiliar people. Is that a Candidate he spies?

Tyara blinks as a lot of people suddenly appear, smiling to Alfi and D'renn and giving Tiri a nod. "Well they don't have to actually meet him, you know," she tells Pyrene, leaning forward a little, "we'll just tell them about this /wonderful/ rider we have who is so eager to see Ista.."

Alfi sits down in her second-favorite chair, attempting to interject…"Blues are nice." There. But that sounded stupid. Ah, well.

D'renn gives Alfi a grin. Yup, they are. But he's more interested in klah and that Candidate, in that order. "Where did they get /you/ from?" he asks Tiri, abrupt enough to be rude, not to mention the fact he's butting in on someone else's conversation.

Alfi peers at Tiri, one of the people she didn't recognize. "Candidate? Oh! Welcome and congrats!" She grins, but it falls quickly. That also sounded pretty irrelevant to her.

Blinking owlishly up at D'renn, this senior appy has to wonder at the man's manners. Not saying anything to him, Sena looks from D'renn to Tiri and back to D'renn, then around the man and at the crowd. Crowds - well, unknown crowds - make her nervous.

Tiri feels eyes upon her and becomes timid again. It's the new place, being taken away from the dolphinhall. "Err…" she mutters to Sena. "Glad ta see ya here again." she fumbles around with her new dolphin necklace as she talks. She spins around to blink at D'renn. "Err!" she comments and then, "The Dolphinhall?" Yes, ?.

Dark curls flop into a tanned face, a faint thread of silver twining back from D'renn's left temple. He can only be described as short, wiry rather than stocky; muscles firm as a result of Turns of dragonriding. Blue eyes are framed by tiny laughter lines, another wrinkle furrowing a groove between thick black brows whenever he frowns - which is rarely. Mobile features are far more likely to smile, or laugh as D'renn makes yet another inappropriate joke at someone's expense… though malicious he never is, merely high-spirited and impulsive. The ingrained impetuosity shows too in the quick movements of someone who never sits still, but is constantly in fluid motion.
Just as tight as D'renn's sets of leathers generally are, bright saffron stains a jacket tapered from broad shoulders down to the belt of bruised grape that encircles his narrow waist. Padded for comfort, pants of a deeper golden hue sleek themselves along muscled thighs and into scuffed black boots. Crocus purple too is a finger-length fringe decorating sleeves and lapels alike, dyed to match warm gloves and a curl-crushing helmet.
D'renn is 36 Turns, 8 months, and 23 days old.

Pixish and cute with long hair that seemed made of liquid flame, of fire and gold, mingled together in a fiery mix of silken waves. Emerald gaze spits fire and spirit beneath long red-gold lashes that are often peered through, and above her emerald jewels for eyes are light, firey eyebrows that seem cocked in perpetual friendly surprise. Slight form, almost childlike with few womanly curves, bears milky white skin with a few freckles, but overall unblemished and clear. In her bare feet, she is nigh on four foot five, a small dainty thing that is generally full of fire and flight.
Light, flowing skirt swirls around her delicate ankles in light, sky blue, and gathers just under her ribcage in an empire waist. Bodice matches the skirt with off the shoulder sleeves that bell out to her slender wrists. On her feet are blue-dyed sandals that strap up her calf. Perched on Sena's shoulder is Leon. Perched on Sena's shoulder is Mulberry. Perched on Sena's shoulder is Hazel.
Sena wears the knot of a Dolphineer Senior Apprentice.
She is wearing a silver chain bracelet with the senior apprentice charms.
Sena is 18 Turns, 5 months, and 26 days old.

Before you stands a young woman, still full of spunk and energy from her teenage years. She's bursting with enthusiasm, but often a little spacy or even dense at times. She's not very tall, but not very short either; she's about 1.5 meters. Her face is cute, but probably not beautiful with a button nose and rosey cheeks. Her eyes are probably her best feature, a pale teal tinged with other greens and little yellow flecks that shine in the sunlight surround her pupils. A mess of orange-red hair covers her head. It has a curl to it; not much, but enough to make Tiri have frequent fits with it. Her hair is usually fluffy; shes obviously not been frequently swimming anymore. . She has strong fidelity to her home and the spark in her eyes and smug expression that always seem to occupy her face proves it.
Tiri's in clothes that don't seem to fit her personality. They're normal everyday clothes, but Tiri would be more fit in a…divesuit. But what she's wearing is a thick white tunic to shut out the cold of 'Reaches. Over that is a dark green vest with hints of blue; teal. An embroidered and beaded pattern make up dolphins jumping and diving through the sea on the left side, firelizards dipping and weaving through the air on the right side. On the back is a dragon, looking as majestic and beautiful as ever. Tiris wearing a pair of thick wherryhide trousers that look old, but comfortable and broken-in. To top it off, shes got a sturdy pair of warm shoes on her feet, though after going barefoot for so many turns, it would feel awful strange… Tapping his tail and humming a tune on Tiri's left shoulder is the rythmic Beats.
She is wearing a silver chain bracelet with the Senior Apprentice charms.
Tiri is 20 Turns, 5 months, and 16 days old.

"Still think those colours look good on you, D'renn?" Pyrene returns, but she listens with interest to what Tiri has to say, always good to know where the new fodder comes from and all… "How're you doing Alfi?" she asks the more familiar girl.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth yawns and watches people wander past him with only mild curiousity.

Central Bowl> Trydanth yawns back at Sardrinth, grumpy at being left out in the cold. And more than curious as to the contents of the living cavern.

Alfi sips her klah, deciding that the topic may have changed. She's not sure though, as she asks Sena, "Are you a Candidate, too?" Hopes she's not prying! To Pyrene, she smiles, "I'm OK."

Tyara follows D'renn's actions, blinking at Tiri. A Candidate? Oh no, already.. "Hrm, they usually cause more troubles than the brats," she mumbles to Pyrene, half-hiding the comment behind her mug of klah. She decides to concentrate on Pyrene and Alfi's conversation instead, relaxing while she can.

Shaela walks in from the Central Bowl.

Alfi grins with a wave, welcoming the Weyrwoman in. "Hey, Shaela! Congratulations on your Chayath's clutch!" To herself, she thinks, wow. Many riders in a room…

Central Bowl> Sardrinth ponders the physics of trying to squeeze in, then discards the idea. Hrm. Wonder what everyone's up too.. and it is cold out here. Wings a flutter then are hugged closely to his body. Brrr.

It's a Weyr. Of course there are a lot about…. D'renn waves his mug at Shaela in greeting, almost spilling some. Still waiting for Tiri to answer him - perhaps she's awestruck? - he calls, "Hello Shaela… what dragged /you/ off the Sands?"

Tyara sighs, a little annoyed. Where do all these people come from?? Just as she was enjoying the silence.. lots of people usually means that the brats'll be pouring in sometime soon and.. "Afternoon, Shaela," the nanny greets quietly, deciding to take part in the general conversation anyway.

Central Bowl> Poldhu eyes Sardrinth and chitters cheerfully. It's warmer if you perch in one of these little crevices in the wall.

Alfi knows that a weyr is for riders! But so many here so spontaneously. …Must have something to do with the Clutch. But aside from that, it /should/ be normal anyway. Maybe there's something in the klah… Alfi's thinking's a bit muddled today.

Head swivels to see who the man calls out too before Sena turns back to examineing her nails. Ooh, lookie here, there's still some nail left on her finger. Fingernail promptly ends up between her teeth as she nibbles on the nail. "Tiri.. Should I leave?" is whispered as her gaze trips around the crowded room. S'a good thing everyone has bathed recently.. right?

Central Bowl> Sardrinth is big.. too big for a crevice, he would imagine.

"Foot lotion?" Shaela squeaks as she approaches D'renn, her steps taken noticeably gingerly. "Lesh dared me to spend the day without my boots on, and, well.." she pouts, pointing down at her sandaled, blistered feet. Duh. "Chayath wanted a treat, too," she adds.

Alfi sits up straighter and winces at the sight of Shaela's feet. "Ow!" she comments. "/Who/ dared you?" Not nice to do that to the Weyrwoman!

Central Bowl> Trydanth can't quite manage that…. tucked behind the huge rock that dominates the bowl, he's out of the worst of the wind. And that will have to do.

Tiri looks at D'renn. "Err, I'm from the dolphinhall… I'm Tiri." she beams. THen she turns to look at Sena. "I dunno… Stay if ya want to, I don't see why you couldn't." She shrugs at her, somewhat bewildered herself.

Pyrene waves to Shaela's entrance and leans forward to mutter reassuringly to Tyara: "I've got some riders to take the brats up to the meadows for a swim, the worst of them should be safely out of the way." She stifles a smirk at Shaela's feet, "Chayath's treat is to have you blister your feet?" she wonders, innocently.

"Dolphin hall, right." D'renn answers Tiri… "She can stay if she wants," he adds with a nod towards Sena, completing his phrases with a: "Serves you right if your feet blistered then, Shae."

"L'shil." He's her best friend: he's allowed. "So, foot lotion. Catia would have some, wouldn't she?" Shaela inquires of Pyrene after giving D'renn a bit of a look - hey. Show a little compassion here.

Tyara chuckles at Pyrene, winking at the other nanny behind her mug. "Hrm, and let's hope they can't find their way back," she mutters, turning her gaze to Shaela's feet. Ouch..

Alfi shakes her head at Pyrene's comment, once again recognizing irrelevantness…"I think Shaela's out to get a treat for Chayath /and/ to get foot lotion. Why would a dragon do that to her rider? No sandals, I mean. Dragons feel their rider's pain, don't they?"

"I'm from the Dolphin Hall as well," Sena adds with a tinge of pride, "I'm Sena, dolphincraft senior apprentice." Sympathy clouds her eyes at seeing Shaela's feet, but she doesn't say anything, instead offering a small smile.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth is a tough man and weathers out the cold, finding some comfort in what little warmth the sun offers.

Shaela * eeps and gets her pose rather backward. Should be look to Pyrene, question to D'renn.

"You've been a Candidate enough times to know better…" D'renn scolds Shaela unashamedly, finally perching himself on the edge of a table, and taking another swig of klah. "And Catia has /everything/, doesn't she?" He nods again at Sena, a rather more pleasant expression arranging itself on his rugged features as he takes her in fully.

Pyrene nods to Shaela, "I suppose she would? Any healer on duty seems to be able to clean up after the brats little 'mishaps' anyway." To Tyara she makes no reply, but that smirk speaks volumes.
Pyrene *acks at Shaela. Too late.

All of these crowds make Tiri thirsty… She goes over and snags a cup of klah and sips on it before deciding to bring a cup over to Sena, too. As she ambles back over she spies Shaela's feet. She winces and grimaces. "Ouchie… Major ouchie… Waita sec, that's from the sands? Candidates go out on…the…sands…" She pales.

Alfi hmms at D'renn's comment, daring to ask, "How many times?" Oops…none of her business again. Heading for the klah, then prying. Eep! She sounds like D'renn…

Central Bowl> Poldhu just curls in his own niche, nosing out some imaginary dirt from his hide. He's snug here. Sheltered on three sides, above the snow…

Tyara sighs and pushes her mug aside, standing from her seat. "I think I'll do a little check outside," she tells Pyrene, remembering what the brats have done with people in the bowl before.. "Keep 'em inside though, will you?"

Sena swings her feet and lays elbow on the table in front of her and puts her chin in the palm of her hand, expression more open and less hesitant than before. Listening to other people's conversations can be rather interesting. Perking up at Tiri's thoughtfullness, she turns to see what makes the girl pale, "Tir, what's wrong?"

Shaela cocks her head to the side, looking for a likely candidate to make a little trip to the infirmary for her - ain't no way she's going in there, at least, not alone. D'renn definitely won't do it. What about that new Candidate there? "Very ouchie.. You're Tiri, right?" Shae hopes she's got the name down.

D'renn swings one short, saffron-clad leg. "That's it, get the Candidates to do the work," he agrees with Shaela, nodding once more to Tiri. "Aye, blistered feet is a hazard of being a Candidate… one of them." Was that a threat?

Tiri glances over at Sena and points quietly at Shaela's feet. "That's from the sands…?" She looks disturbed. No soft-skinned-water-logged dcrafter is in any mood to get burned footies. She looks over at Shaela and gives her a weak smile. "Yep, that's me: Tiri. Sorry 'bout them feet…" And then looks over at D'renn and re-pales. ;)

Pyrene nods to Tyara, "Fine, your funeral," she winks. "Remember that there's snow up there and that they've got a very good aim…" Which is why she's curled up dry and warm inside watching candidates get tortured instead of nannies.

Central Bowl> Trydanth's long tail fidgets. Back and forth, back and forth, making fan shapes in the snow. He's bored and wants to go /somewhere/.

Alfi hmms. "I don't think the Sands'd bother my feet." She recalls the picnic at Southern. That was /hot/. But then again, she doesn't have to worry about the Sands' heat.

Sena sighs quietly, "Eep, I'm sorry Tiri that you have to go through all that.." Shuddering, "I don't think I ever want to visit these Sands that are so hot as to do that. No matter what!" Just thinking about scorched feet makes her want to go stick hers in water. Any kind of water, preferable the warmer waters off MSH and a dolphin or two nearby.

Tyara rolls her eyes slightly at Pyrene. "Don't worry, my aim's well-trained as well.." Not to mention her advantage of being theone the cooks listen to regarding bubblies.. with a slight wave including everyone in the warm caverns, the nanny moves out in the cold.
Tyara exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Central Bowl> Tyara steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Central Bowl> Poldhu forgot that snow /did/ stuff. Long neck stretches out of the niche and downwards. Pretty fan shapes…

Oh, the torture! But Candidacy is fun, too. You get to hang out with Spiff weyrwomen like Shaela, and help them hobble their way on into the infirmary - and, if you're /really/ lucky, you could apply the ointment to those Shae-feet. Hmm. "It's, yeah, from the Sands.. tried to spend the whole day out there without my boots. Not wise. Have you been to the infirmary for your physical yet?"

Central Bowl> Tyara shudders and draws her sweater closer around her as she walks out into the bowl. Noticing Pyrene's lizard she slowly advances it, one hand outstretched. They always want scratches..

Sena peers around, and seeing that Tiri might be deserting her for chores or whatnot, the young appy stands. "Well, Tiri, I think I might be heading back.." Patting the fellow dolphincrafter on the arm, she whispers with a wink, "I don't envy you my friend, but I'll be back?"

Central Bowl> Trydanth whuffles snowflakes towards Tyara, still bored. And it shows. One copper-tipped paw creeps forward, stirring the snow into whorls and patterns against the hard ground. Hmm.

Tiri shrugs at Sena. "Yeah, but I guess I won't have much choice, will I?" She grins and then blinks over at Shaela. "Physical? I need a physical?" And then back to Sena. "Kay, Sena! Take care!" She hugs her.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth yawns again, watching people come out of the caverns. Wonder what's going on. He can hear the voices and he's curious. Even forgoeing a nap for his curiousity.

The cooks have long memories and remember Pyrene filching cookies in her own brat days. So this nanny lacks Tyara's advantage. Still, there's other methods of torture… and other resources. "And have you met the brats yet?" she calls over to Tiri. Not that we want to overwhelm the poor girl. No… well, maybe.

"You're leaving /already/?" D'renn demands of Sena. "Why? Are you scared we might make you go on the Sands and burn your feet?" he demands, definitely joking. Definitely.

Central Bowl> Tyara jumps as two of the dragons suddenly move, quickly spinning around to see if any of the brats are nearby.. hrm, fortunately, they aren't. "Hmm, hello to you," she chuckles, peering up at the two dragons.

Alfi suddenly feels lost in the conversation again. All Rider-Candidate stuff. Not relevant to her. Siigh. Sinking back down into the chair, she drains the last of her klah.

Central Bowl> Poldhu stretches his neck out to Tyara now, tail flicking snow left and right excitedly. How's her aim with lizards? Heh.

Sena smiles and hugs her tightly back, "Bye!" Offering a wave to the others, who she doesn't know, she sets her little self towards the door of the caverns and outside where hopefully her ride is waiting.. then D'renn's voice makes her stop. "Well.. um.. yeah, I'm leaving. I came to see Tiri.. and have classes?" Flustered she is by this, but manages a smile, "I don't want to burn /my/ feet. I'll leave that to Tiri, thank you."

Alfi waves up slightly from the chair. That she caught on to.

Shaela looks frighteningly relieved as she encourages the Candidate to get to her feet: "Oh, good, so they won't know you yet." Definitely a plus when it comes to the infirmary - incognito is the best way to go in there. "Come, I'll show you around the place."

Central Bowl> Sardrinth yawns. Boredboredboredbored, how he's bored. Trydanth's infuence you see. Tail twitches slightly, hefting snow into the air.

D'renn looks disappointed - but then, it's not that often that young and pretty girls get away from him /that/ easily. "Bye then, Sena…." he grumps, nursing the remains of his klah, disappointed.

Central Bowl> Tyara winces at the blue lizard. "Hmm, good thing Py isn't out here," she mutters, glancing at the three blues surrounding her. Snow's bad enough as it is..

Tiri blinks at Pyrene. "Brats… Weyrbrats? I think I met Neola and…was Torey once a weyrbrat, too? I suppose she's all growed-up now, though…" She turns to Sena and gives her a half-scowl. "Gee, thanks…" And then back to Shaela. Whew, lotsa peoples to talk to, huh? "Um, kayo, to the infirmary?"

Central Bowl> Tails are good for flicking snow, aren't they? Trydanth tries it too, sending a snow-shower in Tyara's direction as he shuffles closer to the cavern doors.

Central Bowl> Have to watch those blue tails, didn't Pyrene teach Tyara anything? (Oh, wait, no training for this job). The lizard forgets his earlier decision to stay warm and jack-knifes himself out of the crevice in the rock, swinging delightedly around Tyara… and just above the snow's surface so that his claws send up a nice spray.

Sena hesitates, then asks, "You want me to stay? But.. but .. I don't even know your name.." She trails off, moving slightly more into the caverns. Nibbling on her lip, she moves closer, not used to having people /want/ her to stay. "My ride's probably not here anyway. He tends to be late."

"/I'll/ give you a ride, if you like," D'renn offers Sena, just a hint of a leer lingering in his tones as he hops to the floor. "D'you like blue dragons? Pyrene there doesn't…." And he gestures towards the nanny.

Alfi wasn't being asked, but offers, "I'm Alfi, if anyone cares." Greeat. Now she's sounding out Of it again…

Central Bowl> And that snow-shover came from behind, so the nanny doesn't notice until it's too late. She splutters, both from the dragon-sent snow and the sprays caused by the lizard. "Hey, not fair," she shrieks, "you're three against one!" Uh oh, might not have been wise since Sardrinth hasn't actually done anything.. yet..

"To the infirmary!" Shaela declares, starting off in that direction, sending rapid-fire questions to Tiri all the way into the horrific healers' habitat, "So, you're from where? Brought in when? Enjoying High Reaches so far?" Everything one could expect her to ask, and more.
Shaela steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Pyrene blinks at Tiri, "You met Neola?" She looks almost disappointed, "I suppose that you've pretty much seen how bad they can get then." On her off days, Nee can rival Kolen. To D'renn's comment, Pyrene displays all her rhetorical prowess and sticks her tongue out at him. Nyah.

Sena giggles, "Oh, really? Um, well I don't dislike any dragons, sir." Gaze goes to the one he indicated as Pyrene, offering a smile, then turns back to her just roped in escort. "At least now I won't be late! B'unz tends to dillydally with a friend of his until I end up missing /all/ my classes."

Tiri steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

D'renn starts to pull on his purple gloves, beckoning for Sena to follow him.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth yawns again and stands up tail at battle station ready. One big sweep sends snow /everywhere/. Oops, did he do that?

Mosfet exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Wilt blinks in from ::between::!

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl
It is a winter afternoon. The snow on the ground seems to muffle the normal sounds of the day, giving them a strange, muted quality, as if the noises were frozen in the chill air. Your breath fogs the air in front of you, and is blown away by the western breeze.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Zhaneel, Boingy, Poldhu, and Mosfet.
Brown Sevareth, blue Jakith, green Yshanth, brown Lisulath, blue Sardrinth, and blue Trydanth are here.
Tyara is here.

Sena steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Tyara falls backwards in the snow with a scream. "Sardrinth!" comes the exclamation from the nanny, who at least assumes the dragon's Sardrinth. "That wasn't fair at all!"

Trydanth, too close to the cavern entrance, immediately sticks his cold muzzle over D'renn's hair, peering wide-eyed at Sena. Though his tail continues to dance with the snowdrifts, close to Tyara - though that wasn't him!

Alfi steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Poldhu hovers briefly in front of Tyara chirping an insincere apology before getting showered with snow by Sardrinth. He takes it all in good part of course, and trills an equally delighted greeting to Sena and D'renn. Snowfight anyone?

Sena hops, skips and jumps after D'renn, "Ooooh, it's cold out here!" Rubbing her hands up and down her arms, having forgotten a jacket when she came. "Is it /always/ like this?" SHe gazes boldly back at Trydanth, even offering a brazen smile, before going back to her shivering.

"You alright there, Tyara?" D'renn asks soliticiously, beckoning Sena to follow him, and pushing upwards at Trydanth's blue muzzle. "Stop that, you horrid creature, you're cold…. Stop whuffling poor Sena." Though dragon-breath is probably enough to warm the girl.

Alfi shakes her head. "Nope. There's winter, winter, winter, and spring. That's a bit warmer." Grin.

Sardrinth rumbles and shakes and sends another wave of snow, this time aiming for Trydanth's head? Or maybe a D'rennDrift? Ahh, such is the life of a playful dragon..

Living Caverns> Pyrene watches everybody go and shrugs. Well, one minute empty, next minute crowded, next minute empty again. Still, let's make the most of peace while she can.

Tyara coughs as she fights to regain her sanding position. "M'fine," is answered, the dragons getting a good-natured scowl. "But these blues are wicked!"

D'renn ducks behind the softly rumbling Trydanth. No-one's catching him in snow… at least not until Trydanth himself moves a paw too quickly, and drenches his rider in white flakes. Spluttering, the 'lingmaster attempts an apology to all and sundry… "Aren't you cold there though, Sena?"

Alfi goes home.

"Ah, he's okay, sir, " Sena tentatively holds her hand up to the dragon, following D'renn. Offering a smile to Alfi, the apprentice tries to duck the dragon who seems to want to dance in the snow. "Hrm.. Yes, sir, I /am/ cold!"

Checking for a moment that Tyara's still hale and hearty, D'renn scowls up at the chilly skies, puffing out white breath…. much as Trydanth does, all over Sena. "What's that?" he asks his dragon absently before bemoaning, "Well, I don't have any spare jackets with me…."

Poldhu rolls in the air, trying to get a good look at everybody without being felled by flying snow. In the end he just drops onto Tyara's head - she's wet anyway, and settles there, eyes dancing delightedly.

Tyara attemps to peer up at the bluelizard on her head, but finds it rather difficult.. she chuckle slightly at D'renn, not really eavesdropping but no-one else is talking righ now.. "Looks like you'll have to sit close," she calls out, winking at Sena.

Sena chuckles, "You seem to be a bit.. er.. frozen there, sir. At least /I'm/ still dry?" Rubbing her hands together, "Though, sir, if you don't mind, maybe we could either, cozy ourselves up to your dragon or hurry ourselves up, I'm /freezing/!" Not to be rude or anything… but the girl is cold. Wonder if the dragon can act as a heater? Are they good for things like that?

Living Caverns> Yum-Yum wakes up and chirps.. nd falls back to sleep again.
Living Caverns> Yum-Yum flutters, but not before she yawns of course.

Oh yes, dragonkind are good for heating. Poldhu is currently acting as a thermal hat for Tyara, isn't he just the height of fashion?

Sardrinth is proud of his snow drenching escapade. Very fun.

Living Caverns> Etain arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Yum-Yum yaaaaaaaaawns… and stretches and yawns again. Only to torment, ya see. ;)

Yshanth and Tai circle in for a landing, snow skittering up in an idle wave of whiteness - hey, that's why one lands a little bit *away* from other people. The greenrider swings off Yshanth's neck, beaming across the way at D'renn and otherfolks. "Hey!"
Tai drops from Yshanth's sunny neck and makes contact with the earth beneath her.

Tyara takes a few steps away from Sardrinth. One never knows what a bored dragon'll come up with.. "Poldhu, I hope your purple paint won't rub off," she sighs, scratching herhead under the lizard's talons.

Trydanth yawns wide, breathing out puffs of warm air all over Sena. D'renn's face falls rather, as he looks from his lifemate to the dolphin-girl. "It's colder between than here, you know…" He's snug in his leathers, of course. "Maybe……" And then he breaks off his words to Sena to call, "Tai!"

Living Caverns> Pyrene glances up at Yum-yum and winces, smothering her own yawn. "Y'know they're contagious don't you?" she asks it aloud, "It's not funny either!" And no, she hasn't noticed Etain. Otherwise she wouldn't be speaking to a lizard.

Trydanth fidgets some more. Mmm…. green… pretty Yshanth. But not the nicest thing around.

<Local> Trydanth senses that he fidgets his tail in the snow again. Petulant, his mind offers confusion too: « I cannot decide. »

Sena gets warmed with Try-breath and then gets cold again as the breath leaves her. "Ooh, that felt good.. again?" Head swings to the new arrival, "Hel-l-l-l-o." Her teeth have taken to chattering, but she still offers a wave to the rider and a smile. Even if it is a frozen smile framed by red cheeks.

Living Caverns> Etain smiles and shakes a little "Good conversation?" she asks with a chuckle. She caught a nanny, she caught a nanny being silly.

Tyara's eyes widen as the green dragon lands. Tai gets a smile and a wave, but her dragon is regarded suspiciously. Those big dragons can really throw a lot of snow on you..

Poldhu isn't purple anymore. It wore off and Pyrene wouldn't let him mess up his hide again. He scratches his own chin on Tyara's forehead and flicks a lump of snow from her shoulder. Which just /happens/ to go in Tai's direction. Pure coincidence, you understand.

Living Caverns> Yum-Yum chitters and flaps her wings from safely up int he rafters. She would laugh if she could.

Yshanth's offended! Or something. "How're you?" the greenrider queries, eyes flicked from D'renn to Sena to Tyara, who's eyed thoughtfully. "There's a firelizard on your head," she observes, and then blinks. "And it just threw snow at me." Yshanth's head swivels for a closer look, and eyes whirl blue-green with amusement.

Trydanth breathes all over Sena again, edging closer. Tyara gets a warm blast, just so as to be impartial… and then the tall blue starts to crowd Sena, D'renn batting at Trydanth's muzzle. "Behave now… Sena wants to go home. You can't refuse, you know…." The bluerider's consternated enough not to notice Tai and her snow-games.

<Local> Trydanth senses that Yshanth ponders for herself, the faintest touches of gold pressed lightly like autumn leaves around earthy-green's brownish tint. « Decide what, Trydanth? »

<Local> Trydanth senses that he twitches his thoughts from Sena to Tyara, fidgeting mind-wise as well as with his tail. « This one? Or that one? » A note of hope creeps in. « Both? »

Tyara winces as she catches the white motion out of the corner of her eye. "Ahh Poldhu, dont do that," she begs the lizard. Who knows if Yshanth will decide to pay back.. "Uh, hello Tai," comes a belated greeting, the nanny grinning nervously, eyes not leaving the dragons. "I know, he err.. just landed."

Living Caverns> Pyrene knows a lizard laugh when she sees it. Probably just as well for Yum-yum that she's both safe up in the rafters and that Etain just entered. The nanny turns around and flushes at the brat, "Well, more interesting than /some/ I get around here…" she observes. Not particularly tactful but to act friendly she nods towards the cookie plate, "Cookies are reasonably fresh."

Sena shivers then warms then shivers again as the dragon breaths on her. "Ooh, a little more of that ther.. ah, yes.." She cranes her head up and eyes the dragon from headknobs to tailtip. Hrm. It breaths like a heater, it looks like a heater, it must be a heater, right? Tai is watched out of the corner of her eye though this lil' appy concentrates on getting warm by stomping her feet. One, two, three, stomp..

Sardrinth sniffs and settles himself back down. Yawwwwn. Might be time for a nap.

Poldhu makes a lovely hat, you know! And doesn't he have good aim too? He chirrs sweetly at Tai, flicking his tail past Tyara's ear coyly.

Living Caverns> Etain claps her hands, smiles, and then takes one "Thank you." Then, just trying to make conversation "How is everything been for you.?"

<Local> Trydanth senses that Sardrinth's mind swirls with skeins of moonlight. « That one. Yes, definitely that one. »

Heater-Trydanth breathes some more, puffs of warm air turning white. "Trydanth…." D'renn grumbles in a tone of warning and annoyance, then with a shrug admits the worst. The blue has chosen. "Trydanth… /refuses/… to take you home, Sena," D'renn states carefully measuring his words through clenched teeth.

"How unusual," Tai comments, an eyebrow slanted thoughtfully and eyes narrowed drily at the firelizard. "None of that," she tells him, edging closer and fixing the 'lizzen with blue eyes. "Anyway. How fare things, Tyara?"

Living Caverns> Pyrene shrugs, "Oh, well enough. Things have been reasonably calm around here lately… but careful of where you sit in the nursery. Kolen got into the paints again." She holds up blue tipped hands to prove it.

Tyara relaxes slightly as the dragons seem to lose interest in the snow. "Oh, apart from the brats, fine," she answers, grinning at Tai. "You know how they are.. how is your lovely Yshanth doing?"

Sena swivels and blinks at D'renn. "What? You want me to find another ride home?" Be careful, the girl confuses easily. "But.. but.. you said you'd give me a ride.." Shakeing her head she eyes the heater-dragon and sighs softly.

Living Caverns> Yum-Yum is safe. very safe.

Trydanth twitches his tail in the snow, once more making pretty fan shapes. Perhaps Yshanth will admire them? Verth used to…. D'renn just waggles his thick black eyebrows in a mock rendering of despair. "Well, no, not even that. He says you have to stay here. And go inside, you'll be warmer." And with that, Trydanth puffs out some more breath.

Poldhu fixes Tai with blue eyes too. Snap.

<Local> Trydanth senses that he has clearly decided. « Maybe you could take the other? » he offers to Yshanth, a love-offering perhaps. She's green, after all, and if not proddy now, will be sometime.

Yshanth is lovely? Faceted blue orbs fix upon Tyara and then upon Tai, a silent query passed between a pair of minds. "Oh, she's fine," the greenrider says, a hand lifted to rest lightly upon grassy muzzle. Yshanth admires fan-shapes, yep. "Aren't you cold?" Tai queries pointedly, angling her head with a grin at Tyara. "All that snow, I mean…" Yshanth pauses, head shifted to eye Trydanth thoughtfully.

Sena raises her eyebrows and opens her mouth. "He wants me to .. stay? But.. but.." Head shakes, "I have a class later.. waht am I going to do?" Maybe B'unz and Hotcrosth will show up and rescue her?

"No no no no no…." D'renn tries to explain, as Trydanth whuffles both him and the dolphin apprentice. "He means /stay/. And get your feet burnt…. it's warmer on the Sands, he says." Draconic logic. Huh.

Living Caverns> Pyrene raises eyes to Yum-yum. Probably safe yes. Pyrene could probably throw something up there at her, but unless Yum-yum didn't see it, she'd just flick between. Dratted firelizards and their dratted kinetic abilities.

Tyara is cold actually, but tries to hide it just in case a brat comes by.. "Well, they," and she nods towads Sardrinth and Trydanth, then motions towards the lizard on her head, "though it funny to throw snow all over me.." She winces, then peers at Yshanth again. Just in case.. this time she's ready to jump aside.

Sena's mouth drops open and her eyes peer up at Trydanth through her lashes. "He wants me to blister my feet..?" Suddenly dawning hits her and she adds, "… like Tiri?"

Sardrinth is a funny dragon and loves to torment people. Yup.

Living Caverns> Etain wonders what is this grudge agansed Yum-Yum

D'renn nods once to Sena, emphatically, grinning now. "That's it…." he replies as a victorious Trydanth gives one final whuffle and a triumphant tail-toss of snow. "Interested?"

Yshanth's head swivels, edging periodically closer and closing first lids lightly over her eyes in ponderance. Swish. Yep. A great cascade of snow goes Tyara's way - who knows where it will land! - while eyes sparkle mischeviously. "Yshanth!" Tai squeaks - cause, she's covered in snow, too. "Faranth…"

Living Caverns> Pyrene glances back at Etain and blushes suddenly. Possibly not a good idea to torture Sita's lizard in front of a witness. Even if she does /yawn/!

Trydanth gets a flank covered in Yshanth-snow…. and whuffles towards the green. Maybe she likes him? He's just happy now, and completely ignoring Sena.

Poldhu ducks! Into Tyara's hair, but it's still ducking.

Ducking the snow, the flustered apprentice blinks and offers a smile, "Uh.. sure. I'd love too.." She pats the blue's nose, "After all, Tiri's here, right?" Little apprentice warms tot he idea, then asks, "Since I'm staying here.. maybe we can go in where it's warm?"

Tyara shrieks again and quickly darts away, though towards the green dragon rather than away. Ah well, at least the snow didn't hit her. That badly.. "Hrm, I'm beginning to think they enjoy it," the nanny chuckles, winking at Tai.

Trydanth huffs at Sena one final time, as D'renn grins. "Aye, this way….. follow me, erm… Sena." He's not that bad at names.

Living Caverns> Etain *I thought I didn't get it for some reason like that, I also wonder what bubbly pie really tasts like, who makes the knots, and what they really look like

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lapis, Fyurie, Kate, Sin, Satu, Ceinwen, Artu, Brannt, Qyvox, Kynance, Cavort, Tangaloor, Nocturno, Tigger, Bow-Wow, Fandango, Sentanta, Relee, Phin, Yum-Yum, and Wilt.
Pyrene and Etain are here.

Central Bowl> D'renn strides to the Caverns.
Central Bowl> Sena walks to the Caverns.
Sena walks in from the Central Bowl.

Deeper, darker, narrower… passages kink and twist into the Weyr.
Inner Caverns
Shadowed on stone-smooth ledge are Iniquity, Sisal, and Raksha.

Living Caverns> D'renn steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Living Caverns> Sena steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Sena moves in from the Caverns.

You survived! Escaping through the heavy canvas curtain you arrive here…
Candidate Barracks
Resting atop the doorframe are Selkie, Cornflower, Lox, Tourmaline, Dana, and Cray.

Sena escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Living Caverns> Miralia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Yes, that was D'renn with Sena in tow… best not to ask why.

Central Bowl> Poldhu cheeps startled, and spreads his wings, digging claws into the unfortunate Tyara's scalp at the sudden movement. The disadvantages of lizard-hats.

Central Bowl> Yshanth's head dips, a snort emitted that sounds oddly enough like a giggle. "Yshanth, that was just plain mean," Tai says, though she's laughing, too. Green muzzle angles Tyara-wards, 'ridges arched thoughtfully. Snowcovered tail swishes, and the greenrider wipes snow off of her forearm.

Living Caverns> Pyrene just blinks after D'renn and Sena and winces. "Looks like we got another keeper…" she mutters and then grins with humour enough. Interesting times that they live in… Miralia is greeted cheerfully.

Sena falls asleep.

Living Caverns> Favouring her shoulder, Miralia grins at Pyrene and heads for the klah.

Central Bowl> Tyara's hands flies to her head, the nanny wincing. "Poldhu, let go! Shells," she mutters, though still giggling at all the snow. She was wet and cold anyway.. one spray to or from doesn't matter that much. "Hmm, it was bad enough without 'lizardclaws," she complaints, trying to disentangle Poldhu from her hair. "Shoo! Find Pyrene.."

Central Bowl> Trydanth edges closer to Tyara now that his victim has been carried off to become D'renn's victim instead. At least, that's what usually happens…. A wave of a paw scrapes up a mess of snow, wadding it into a small drift at his feet. Anyone want it?

Central Bowl> Yshanth eyes Trydanth thoughtfully, but turns back to gaze sidelong at Tyara, eyes whirling, tail swishing side to side and billowing up snow. Tai scuffs her feet in the whitish stuff, letting out a visible sigh. "He being annoying?" she asks. "Need help?"

Central Bowl> Poldhu glides off her head, chittering unhappily. He doesn't go and find Pyrene though, it's more /interesting/ out in the snow. He eyes Tai instead. You too can have a new, top of the range, they'll be all the craze next year, fire lizard hat. Order now and get the body heat free! Maybe.

Central Bowl> Trydanth pats his snowcastle together impatiently, tail flicking towards Yshanth every so often. Flicking snow up again, too, just for the sake of it. Look: perfect snow-mound. Throw your rider in it!

Living Caverns> Etain suddenly notices Miralia "Hello

Central Bowl> Tyara snickers slightly as the lizard glides away. "Nah, seems he found a new subject," she chuckles, winking at Tai. Feeling sorry too, sure, sure. "Oh no, not again," she mutters, eyening the amount of snow in Trydanth's paw. The nanny slowly edges away, trying to place Yshanth between herself and the blue dragon.

Living Caverns> Miralia goes home.

Central Bowl> See? Tyara /has/ learned from Pyrene. Green dragons are safer than blues.

Living Caverns> Pyrene raises her brows as Miralia leaves with equal promptness. "How're you anyway, Etain?"

Central Bowl> Poldhu *notes that was his pose by the way… just to avoid confusion. ;)

Central Bowl> Tai blinks at Trydanth: "What *are* you doing?" and leans against a green foreleg. Yshanth is angling her barrel to save Tyara from certain snow-covering, but her head's wrapped around to watch the nanny as she does so. Hmm.

Central Bowl> Trydanth rests one forepaw on his lovely solid mound of snow, having built it waist-high to Tai. Blueblue gaze shifts between Yshanth and Tyara.

Central Bowl> Tyara peers around Yshanth towards the blue. Is he going to throw that? She won't move until he drops it one way or another, that's for sure! "I really don't like the look of that," the nanny whispers to Tai, carefully watching Trydanth. "He looks so.. smug."

Living Caverns> Etain says, "Good, you never told me how you are doing"

Central Bowl> Poldhu's blueblue gaze shifts between Trydanth and that snow. Showing an incredible amount of prudence for him, he decides that that much snow might just be a /wee/ bit much for him, and he rises swiftly higher. Out of range. He hopes.

Central Bowl> It's a mound. Not a lump. Too messy to lift… fortunately. It's just a dragon-made snowdrift, and Trydanth's proud of it.

Living Caverns> Pyrene grins wryly. "Well, I'm doing the same as I ever do. Tired, stressed, over-worked, under-appreciated," she ticks each off on her fingers. Isn't Etain glad she asked?

Central Bowl> Tai giggles, shaking her head wryly. "He won't do anything," she says confidently, even turning her back and peering at Tyara to prove it. Yshanth's ignoring Trydanth entirely - poor blue! - and swishing tail back and forth slowly. Snow smooshes one way, then the other, and the green eyes Tyara, then Tai.

Night or day, Klah can always be found warming on the High Reaches Hearth…
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lapis, Fyurie, Kate, Sin, Satu, Ceinwen, Artu, Brannt, Qyvox, Kynance, Cavort, Tangaloor, Nocturno, Tigger, Bow-Wow, Fandango, Sentanta, Relee, Phin, Yum-Yum, and Wilt.
Pyrene and Etain are here.

Central Bowl> But to the nanny, it looks like something meant to throw. At her. And the blue lizard suddenly getting out of range doesn't make the nanny feel more secure, oh no! "Are you sure?" is asked suspiciously to Tai's question. Oh well, she's a rider, she musthaev experience in how dragons look before they bury you in snow.. right?

Karani arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Central Bowl> That's exactly what Trydanth wants to do with his mound: to bury someone in it. Paw still resting atop, he peers back and forth. Yshanth's too big, Poldhu's too small…. Tyara and Tai are potential targets.

Etain says, "I appricate you" she goes over and huggs the nanny "I'm just not good at showing most of my feelings""

Central Bowl> Poldhu isn't quite as stupid as he looks. He knows that with a pile of snow like that, it doesn't need to be thrown, a well placed smack of the paw should do the trick nicely. Small or not… he's staying out of it.

Perisienne arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

D'renn strides back into the living cavern, looking distinctly smug. Another mug of klah is retrieved before he stares at Pyrene in astonishment. "You want /appreciation/?!" But she's only a nanny….

Central Bowl> Yep. Except, Tai isn't exactly watching *Yshanth*. And, therefore, when the green's tail makes a massive sweep, sending a shower of snow over Tyara and Tai alike, the greenrider sputters in disbelief. "Ysssshanth!!" she squeaks, frowning decisively. "What?" she adds, at some unheard query, and then she eyes Tyara along with the green.

Perisienne steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Pyrene half blushes at Etain's hug - and the crowds pick /then/ to come back. She pats Etain weakly and glares at D'renn. Karani too… don't get any ideas.

Karani skips into the hall humming loudly.

Central Bowl> Tyara just stands still, letting the snow whirl around her. She trusted Yshanth, and look how it goes.. careful, or this nanny might develop a green-complex like Pyrene's blue-complex. Trydanth isn't watched right now as the nanny is giving Yshanth her best 'bad-brat' glare.

<Local> Trydanth senses that he moulds his snow-mound possessively. « Go on, go on, » he urges Yshanth.

Central Bowl> Poldhu dances in the air, warbling in triumph. He dodged the snow! He dodged the snow! OK, so he was about ten feet above it and it wasn't aimed at him in the first place, but he's dry and Tai and Tya are wet!

Karani stops suddenly. "Nanny Pyrene!"

Etain says, "If you really feel bad just tell us when your turn day is and you will get a 'Nanny apprication Party'"

Central Bowl> "Um, Tyara?" Tai asks, eyeing Yshanth with narrowed azure eyes. "Um, so, you're not planning to… oof!" and she's thumped in the ankle with a green tail. "Okay. Um, Yshanth wants to keep you," she explains - and this probably puts the snow fetish into perspective. "Like, for-Chayath's-clutch-t ype keeping."

D'renn settles himself into a comfy chair, happily close to the hearth, and wraps both gnarled hands round his mug. "You don't have to appreciate nannies…" he grumbles. "No one appreciated Weyrlingmasters…."

Shaela arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Tiri arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Karani releases Gawain, who launches into the air.

Central Bowl> Trydanth edges further forward at this, resting his chin on the frigid snow-mound. Keep her? Keep her? Tail twitches, eyes whirl in contented agreement. See? He got to pick /two/ tonight.

Central Bowl> Tyara arches an eyebrow at first. "Keep me? But I'm here all the ti.." The nanny's eyes widen as Tai continues, staring at the green dragon. "For the.. clutch?" The last sentence is almost a squeak, the nanny for once speechless.

Etain says, "We just need an apprication party for HRW, no work and all party for everyone in the weyr."

Pyrene blushes… there're reasons she didn't mention her turnday actually, but never mind that. "Thank-you Etain, Hello, Karani.." she mumbles self-consciously. D'renn is easier. "Oh, I don't know… I heard nothing but good things about Salea," she murmurs. And a wave to Shaela too.

Central Bowl> "Yeah, unh-huh," Tai nods, and Yshanth settles a bit, tail twitching pleasantly and eyes returning to their calm pale blue. "For the clutch. If, that is, you want to stand, we'd like to have you…"

Central Bowl> Poldhu is blithely ignorant of what's going on, but since snow no longer seems to be flying he drops back down to Tyara level and chirps. It's only snow, no need to be that shocked.

Tiri runs out after Shae, looking even more puzzled. "Once a sevenday? Really? Yeesh! Burning my feet once a sevenday, 'magine that…" she mutters the last of that while slowing her pace and finally stopping. She snatches s'more klah and sips on it idly.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth goes home.

"Hey, Tiri, I've kept your friend," D'renn salutes the Candidate with his mug, sitting contented and warm by the fire. And ignoring Pyrene.

Central Bowl> Sardrinth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Central Bowl> Tyara automatically reaches out a hand for the blue lizard, her gaze drifting to focus on Tai. "Uhm, sure I will," she mumbles, then clears her throat. "I mean, of course! If you're sure.."

Central Bowl> Thesy gently slides down Sardrinth's neck, startled by a huge frosted muzzle sniffing at her, and lands with a soft thud.

Central Bowl> Trydanth is sure. He sure is…. And watching Thesy arrive, he steps back from his waist-high snowmound. Perhaps the tall bluerider wants to fall in?

Central Bowl> Tai is sure, yep. "Hey, Thesy!" she calls out cheerfully, head angling upwards with a grin plastered on her face. She done good. "So, we should go inside, cause, we're supposed to do that setting up sort of thing."

Etain says, "Yeah, an apprication party for all of the little peope"

Pyrene is ignored by D'renn? Now there's a surprise… She grins at Tiri wickedly, "Oh we like to be nice to our candidates, you know… Don't forget to add brat care to the chore list, D'renn."

Tiri blinks at D'renn. Her jaw almost hits the floor. "Wha- What?" She blinks. Blink blink blink…

D'renn winks at Tiri. "Trydanth decided that instead of being cold going between, she should be warm out on the Sands. So. We kept her." Smug? D'renn? Surely not.

Central Bowl> Tyara nods, smiling confusedly at Thesy. "Uh, ok. Afternoon, Thesy. Um, now?" she inquires next, looking at Tai. "But I was.." Oh nevermind the brats, not one has shown so far anyway. "Ok, I'm ready.."

Central Bowl> Poldhu croons gently to Tyara. It appears he's loved again? As if anyone could resist him. Sardrinth's reappearance with Thesy gets a happy chirp. Blues. Contentment.

Central Bowl> Thesy waves cheerfully to Tai and the nanny, noting Trydanth's move from the corner of her eye and sticks her tongue out at the blue, "Thought you'd get me this time, didn't you?" she laughs as she walks around the mound. "Not today!" the bluerider calls as she heads for the shelter of the lower caverns.

Miralia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Central Bowl> "Follow me, then," Tai says mysteriously, an eyelid sinking into a wink for Thesy before the greenrider turns on her heel and heads towards the living caverns.

Central Bowl> Tai lilts, with a light step, to the Caverns.
Tai lilts, with a light step, in from the Central Bowl.

Central Bowl> Trydanth chirrups - an odd sound for a dragon - back at Poldhu. Blues are always good.

Central Bowl> Tyara walks briskly to the Caverns.
Tyara walks briskly in from the Central Bowl.
Tai steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Central Bowl> Thesy strolls to the Caverns.
Thesy strolls in from the Central Bowl.
Tyara steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Candidate Barracks> Tai escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.
Candidate Barracks> Tyara escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Etain says, "How is this idea" she puts it infront of the new commer "A party to appricate all the little people all over pern"

Tiri does a little dance and bounces around. "Sena's stay-ing! Sena's stay-ing!" she says in a sing-song joice while jumping for joy. "I'm not alone no more!" she beams. "Well, alone from other dolphincrafters, that is…"

Miralia glances up wondering if the question is directed at her. "Um… great idea." she says, confused, and reaches for a mug for her klah.

Candidate Barracks> Tai sidles into the barracks, eyeing the room with a sigh that borders on wistful. "Well, here we are," she says, gesturing with a sweep of arm. "Take a cot, and make yourself at home."

Karani makes a scowling face. "I'm NOT little!"

D'renn shakes his head at Tiri, raking black curls back off his forehead once the shakes stop. "I think me that our Tai just snaffled another…" he murmurs, raising his eyebrows towards Shaela and grinning. Yep, still smug.

Pyrene nods to Miralia again, then watches Tyara wander through with Tai… both snowed under it would seem. "Well, I warned her about going in the snow with the brats…." she mutters. And here's Thesy, who'll also get a wave. People other than Pyrene are getting picked on today, so she can afford to be generous.

Candidate Barracks> Tyara nods, staring around. Wow, she's never been in here.. "Thanks," she says, smiling at Tai. "Um, thanks a lot."

"G'afternoon!" The greeting is called softly as Thesy strides in, her eyes searching the place for a face. Snatching a mug from a drudge's laden tray she weaves her way towards the table where D'renn's spotted.

Candidate Barracks> "You're welcome," Tai replies with a giggle. "I've got to be off. Yshanth demands it. Get settled in, will you?" And with that, she's off!

Candidate Barracks> Tai slips back out to the caverns.
Central Bowl> Yshanth goes home.
Candidate Barracks> Tyara slips back out to the caverns.
Tyara arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Etain likes the idea of having a party.

Karani shrieks "Nanny Tyara!"

"Thesy, Thesy, Thesy," D'renn greets his wingmate with a wave of his mug - fortunately only half-full now. "We've been Candidate-catching, how about you?" And there comes another… "Well, Tyara?" he demands of the still snow-covered woman.

Pyrene darts a swift glance at D'renn, belatedly registering his words. "Snaffled another? Another candidate? /Tyara/??" Staring at him she doesn't even see Tai's reappearance and equally swift exit. Tyara is noticed though and given an equally interrogative stare.

Tyara smiles distractedly as she walks in, sinking into the nearest chair. Her gaze drifts over the people mentioning her name. "Um, yes?"

"Did Tai do what Trydanth tells me?" D'renn demands of Tyara in a rather convoluted manner.

Miralia drops into a chair, hands wrapped around her klah mug, curiously staring at Tyara, waiting for a response.

"And if she did what I think he's getting at, then don't I get asked /first/?" Pyrene asks, going one more convoluted than D'renn.

Tiri beams over at Tyara. "Heya!" she waves cheerily. "You're another candidate? Congrats, then! We'll be doin' drudge work together soon, I 'spect…"

Tyara blinks at D'renn. "Trydanth?" she gulps, still confused. "Oh, Trydanth! Well he, yes, I guess he did," she mumbles, then grins at Pyrene. It's first really beginning to sink in, you see.. "Faranth, I was Searched..!"

"Why, do you want to be a Candidate too?" D'renn demands of Pyrene. Presumably that's what she meant? "We can haul you out in front of Sardrinth and Trydanth, if you like….."

"There you are," Thesy frowns at the nanny after nodding at all the strangers that seem to have chosen to gather here, "Really Pyrene! Can't you keep a tighter reign on those brats?" The bluerider's face clearly shows her annoyance though D'renn's words make her head jerk around, "I would have but some of Pyrene's brats decided to hide Drinth's new straps! Though I've no clue /how/ they got up into his weyr." Turning back to the nanny she snarls, "This is /not/ funny, Pyr. If you keep letting them get of of hand like that, I'll have to talk to T'lendel."

Miralia tries not to choke on her klah. "You were searched? Congratulations… " She glances at Pyrene. "The brats are going to get a respite I think." she grins.

Tyara sighs raggedly. Faranth, she was Searched, wasn't she? "Um, yeah," she mumbles, keeping an ear on Thesy's complaints. Uh oh, she was outside to /watch/ the brats..

Etain laughs. So many brats are getting searchd

Pyrene glares at D'renn. "Last I checked, I was the /head/ nanny!" It's not much, but she's clinging to it! "Tyara's one of my best! Maybe I can't afford to let her go!" Perhaps fortunately for Tyara, Thesy distracts. "Which brats…?" she wonders warily…

Karani looks slightly guilty and decides maybe she should hide.

"You said we should have asked you first!" D'renn protests with an innocent-seeming smile. "You think we should've asked you to Stand before we asked Tyara? Just so you can stay superior?" he demands. A misunderstanding, presumably….

Miralia chuckles. "Look at it this way," she says, "If both nannies get searched, the weyr is at the brat's tender mercies." she sips her klah with raised eyebrows.

Etain falls asleep.

Pyrene rolls her eyes at D'renn and attempts to refuse to be baited. "You're saying that a candidate is superior to a head nanny?" she asks. It's one of the rare perks of the job. She thinks.

The frown increases on Thesy's face, "So you think all of them are capable of playing such nasty tricks?" A sigh all but a groan can't be stiffled before she continues, "That's certainly not speaking for your abilities as a nanny, my girl. As far as I know the ones involved were Sala, Menta, Frazer and that lad whose name I never can remember." Her glance flicks over to D'renn, "And there has to be one of your weyrling in that scheme as well."

Karani dances up and down. "Where're you going, Nanny?!"

Tiri finds a comfy-looking chair and plops down in it. Ah, yes. The weyr is beginning to feel like…home. Tiri smiles and sips her klah, listening. She could do this all day… As long as no one asks her to do chores…

"You /said/ we should've asked you /first/. Since you're Head Nanny." Surely D'renn can't /still/ be misunderstanding Pyrene. "And all candidates are equal to each other… Wouldn't you rather be one than nanny, though?" he demands of Pyrene. And ignoring everyone else…..

Tyara straightens up as the conversation between D'renn and Pyrene is growing pretty interesting. Tiri is noticed, and smiled at, though the at-the-moment-ex-nanny quickly looks back at Pyrene.

Anely arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Pyrene is getting attacked on all sides. "Far away I hope…" she mutters wryly to Karani. "And I'll take care of it Thesy, I promise…" She jerks her head pointedly at D'renn. "That answer your question. Shells, candidacy is a break from nannying you know!" Or so she's always maintained despite only having knowledge of the one job.

"Right, outside then, now. In front of Trydanth and Sardrinth, and we'll see what they have to say." D'renn lays down the law to Pyrene, bouncing energetically from his seat and looming over the nanny as well as he can. "Thesy, coming?"

Shaela falls asleep.

Central Bowl> Vanitas arrives from ::between::, wings spread wide to keep his balance.

Miralia grins. "This I'd have to see." she says, swirling her klah in her mug.

Pyrene pales. "D'renn… don't be silly… you know I'm not Search material… you're not gettting me out there." Not short of brute force anyway, and she's already darting appealing looks at Tyara. Protect your former boss?

Thesy jumps to her feet, "You bet! I have the messe up straps right there. So that you see, Pyrene, what those dreadful brats of yours are doing when you're not looking." Turning back to the nanny, she raises a mocking brow, "Come on now!"

Carefully, ever so carefully Anely moves from her cot to where she was siting early this morning. A soft whimper escapes her pale - even paler then usual - lips. Hurt arm is pushed closer to her warm body as she takes in the sights about her. "What's going on? Pyrene is being searched?" The young lady inquires quietly, now in total awe of those about her.

Tyara chuckles at Pyrene. "C'mon Py! What could it harm?"

Miralia glances over at Anely. "Something of an argument I think." she comments.

"Searched?" Thesy laughs at the girl, "Don't be silly, Anely! No, I just want to show her what I think of her 'nannying'"

If he has to use brute force, he will…. And a saffron-clad arm reaches out menacingly. "Shall we carry her, Thesy?" he asks his wingmate. Pyrene's not being Searched - just threatened.

"Come now, Pyrene!", Thesy slaps her gloves impatiently against a thigh, "I don't have all day to wait now that Search is on."

By D'renn, of course.

And by Thesy, of course.

Miralia is starting to feel a little sorry for Pyrene. A little. "What harm can it do?" she asks the nanny.

"I'm not getting Searched, they're getting their revenge," Pyrene half-wails to Anely. She always knew they'd come back to threaten her… and she's not going of her own accord. "You have no idea…" she shoots back to Miralia, trying to dance (unsuccessfully) out of D'renn's reach.

Karani looks very confused.

"Oh well how was I supposed to know? I'm not weyrbred." Is the answer she provides while trying to push away the rather bright color of rose filling her cheeks. Anely squirms about in her chair, look at her arm, then at her knees. Her clothing needs to be replaced now, now that it's all torn up from the fall, and by the looks of her, she hasn't seen a healer yet either, dirt and grim still faintly attached to her skin. But she's still clueless to what is happening.

Miralia raises her eyebrows at that and grins. "Well, as long as they don't get the Dragons to turn you into cinders, you should be fine." she comments.

"D'renn?" Thesy grins at her wingmate and a letherclad arm reaches for Pyrene's, "You take her at the other side?"

Tyara snickers slightly at Pyrene. She can, now, when Py can't pull rank on her.. "Oh Py, they're just blues. Might throw a little snow, but are otherwise nice," she chuckles.

D'renn makes shooing motions. "Out, out!" And eventually lays hands - uh-oh! - on the Head Nanny, hauling her by the shoulder. "Aye, grab the other, Thesy…" Time to frog-march.

Miralia giggles and puts her mug down. "If only the brats could see this…" she mutters.

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl
It is a winter afternoon. The snow on the ground seems to muffle the normal sounds of the day, giving them a strange, muted quality, as if the noises were frozen in the chill air. Your breath fogs the air in front of you, and is blown away by the western breeze.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Zhaneel, Boingy, Poldhu, Mosfet, Tigger, and Vanitas.
Brown Sevareth, blue Jakith, brown Lisulath, blue Trydanth, and blue Sardrinth are here.

Living Caverns> Karani grins at this, since it's happened to her. She's gonna follow 'em out.

Pyrene steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Karani steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Miralia steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Living Caverns> With a quick move Thesy gets hold of Pyrene's other arm and within a moment's time the headnanny's lifted from her chair. "All right, you didn't want it differently."

Living Caverns> "Blues??" Anely instant brightens at that word, totally forgetting Thesy and D'renn are riders of that beatuiful color. "Hey! Wait up!"

Thesy steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Miralia shivers. "Cold." she comments, folding her arms firmly. "Very cold." She wishes she had her jacket with her.

Anely steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Trydanth moves. Back from his snow-mound, in fact: waist-high and perfectly moulded, it's just ready to have someone dumped in it.

Living Caverns> Tiri giggles behind a hand in her chair. "Oh, I can guess what's gonna happen…"

Karani yanks on her jacket and giggles. This is gonna be great!

"Right…." D'renn starts in a threatening tone. "You look at these two beautiful blues, and tell me you don't want to be a Candidate, Pyrene." Perhaps he's using the wrong tack?

Living Caverns> Tyara winks at Tiri. "Pyrene and blues go back a long while," she explain, now that Py isn't here..

Vanitas perks up his head. Anyone mentioned beatiful blues??

Sardrinth whuffles a happy greeting towards the little group! They're bringing his favorite toy? And with a sudden move he dashes towards his rider, the others and /that/ girl! Snow rises and covers all of the humans. Play? Now?

Living Caverns> Tiri ah's and nods. "I see. Well, if they don't eat her, then I'll bet Py will be back with a candi knot…" Beam.

Pyrene fights desperately, Kernow rousing to chitter worriedly from her shoulder. Pol watches the troops and chirrups back at the cold. Whatever Pyrene is thinking, blueriders are mostly harmless. "Thesy… You know I'll remember this…" Pyrene states through gritted teeth. And she's not looking at the blues - not that the audience is much better. "And the lake's too cold at this time fo year!" she insists, desperately.
OOC: Pyrene injects a D'renn along with the Thesy. :p

Hobble hobble hobble! Gimpy girl slowly slinks out, wrapping the blanket tightly around her as the coldness swirls about her. "Oh my…" Lapis optics take in the sight of all the blue dragons. The color that you can tell by just that expression, that look, that it's her dream color, the one she wants to ride. Anely quickly quiets herself and wipes away… drool?

Living Caverns> Tyara giggles in sheer delight. "Oh, I hope so!" she exclaims, although that would leave poor Birlon and Ness in charge of all the brats.. "So, you're a Dolphincrafter?" she inquires, thinking she recognizes Tiri's shoulder knot.

Living Caverns> Tiri pushes the rythmic Beats who chirps a tune and jumps into the air.

Trydanth rises with rather more langour than Sardrinth shows: possibly due to less enthusiasm, or maybe just age. Stepping carefully, protectively, over his mound, the tall blue huffs clouds of warm air over everyone.

Living Caverns> Beats exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Beats steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

D'renn still has his hand clamped firmly on Pyrene's shoulder. "So…. say it, Pyrene…. Say you don't want to be a Candidate…." What happened here?

Karani laughs and waves enthuiastically at the blues.

Miralia runs a still shivering hand through her hair. "Go on, Pyrene… let's all here ya…" she's probably going to get in trouble for that, and knows it.

"I sure hope you remember this, girl!" and Thesy holds up a messed strap that once must have been a dazzling blue. As Sardrinth stops just right behind them she grins, "The lake? Nice idea, what'd ya think, Drinth?"

Living Caverns> Tiri nods and smiles. "Yep! And one of my friends who was visiting me from there also just got Searched today…" She grins. "Our numbers are growing…"

"What on Pern happened to /that/?!" D'renn demands of Thesy, staring baffled at the strap. "And the lake's a bit far… how about that snow pile Trydanth made." Just nice and ready, as Trydanth steps aside from it once more.

Living Caverns> Tyara frowns slightly. "Ohh, the girl D'renn spoke with?? Yes, I saw her outside, right before I was.." She gulps, still not fully grasping the idea of actually having been Searched.

A blue tail twitches and twines and huge eyes whirl excitedly while a huge starry blue head lowers itself right before Pyrene. Yes, say it, if you dare!

Pyrene twists and still grimly refuses to give D'renn the pleasure. "I never said that I /didn't/ want to be a candidate… I just said that I didn't want you to exploit Search for your own purposes." Violent glares to the left and right of her at the blueriders. "And I'm sure the lake's too cold for you to get away with that…" Snow? Now wait a minute…

<Local> Trydanth senses that he is confused, as much so as his rider. « Do we not want her to be a candidate? »

Living Caverns> Etain arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

"No! You can't put her in the lake! She'll get sick!" Realization finally kicks in and she stumbles along after her friend, trying the best she can to help. But Anely stops abruptly as D'renn 'saves' her from that fate, so silence overtakes Anely once more as she watches, still lost!

"Exploit Search? Me?" D'renn's incensed. "You girl are the one who said you'd gladly give up being a nanny in order to have a rest as a Candidate…."

Living Caverns> Etain exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Etain steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Trydanth senses Sardrinth isn't confused. He wants this one! to him.

Etain worridly says "Am I interupting something?"

Living Caverns> Tiri nods and seems more relaxed than she should be. "That's her. Her name is Sena, old friend o' mine." She beams at Tyara. "An' hey, ya got an advantage of being here longer… 'Cause you a nanny, right?" She gets a dark look. "Bet the dragons won't try ta eat /you/."

Gawain steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Poldhu chitters delightedly. Snow's good! Pyrene always puts up a fight first, but once she's thoroughly soaked she'll… the chitters are broken off by a swift glare from the nanny, although Kernow takes enough heed to vacate her shoulder perch. "D'renn, /every/body says that sort of thing around now!" Pyrene points out coldly - which is going some in this climate. "Don't you expect me to think your intentions are even approaching honourable!"

Karani walks to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Karani walks in from the Central Bowl.

Trydanth whuffles warm, rather smelly breath over the blueriders and their victim, making room with eyes a-whirl. Perhaps his snow-pile /is/ going to be used?

Miralia glances at Etain. "Just join in the spectators," she says with glee.

Living Caverns> Tyara chuckles and winks at Tiri. "I hope not. On the contrary, I often threaten the brats to let the dragons eat /them/." Of course, she can't do that anymore now that her rank has been takin.. or at least she thinks so. "Which color are you hoping for?" she asks Tiri, curious by nature.

Etain says, "what exacly is going on?"

"I'd never let /anyone/ think that, Pyrene my dear…. My intentions are /never/ honourable," D'renn leers at the nanny…. and with Thesy's help, upside down into the snow goes Pyrene.

Etain looks at the snow and make a snowball, just for protection reasons.

Living Caverns> Karani runs up to Tyara. "Nanny?" She asks.

Living Caverns> Tyara hmms at Karani. "Yes, Karani?"

Miralia sighs and looks at the two blueriders and the nanny. "Well, D'renn and Thesy are trying to get Pyrene to admit to not wanting to be searched?" she's kind of lost it herself. "And I think that something's going to happen soon…" she trails off…

Sardrinth raises his head, his eyes measuring the little form of the nanny. Slowly the blue tail snakes forward and with a deft move raises Pyrene from the ground and gently drops her right into that convenient mound. Thanks Trydanth!

Etain takes a scraf out of her bag and puts it on

Living Caverns> Karani shuffles her feet. "You're not our nanny anymore, huh?"

Trydanth snuffs contentedly at Pyrene, perhaps warming her a little. She'll need it, after all….

Living Caverns> Tiri throws her hands in the air in a 'whoa, stop' gesture. "Now, I don't think I'm gonna be stayin'… I'm plannin' on goin' back home after this all blows over… I think that them green an' brown got me all wrong. Musta been some msitake…" Or so Tiri thinks. A little dragon-fright, Tiri?

Thesy falls almost over backwards from laughing, watching her blue taking revenge for all of Pyrene's snide remarks about his kin, "Well done, love! For once she really dserved it!"

Sardrinth's help worked even better…. and placing hands on hips, D'renn peers down at Pyrene. "So, are you going to be a Candidate or not?"

Living Caverns> Tyara chuckles. News do travel fast in a Weyr.. "Not right now, Karani. Though I might be again after the Hatching," she smiles, then winks at the girl. "That means, I won't mind if you got us some cookies right now.. Oh, I see," she says to Tiri, grinning. She'll be wiser, yup..

Pyrene shrieks and then squeals albeit rather muffledly, reemerging choking and spluttering in Sardrinth's tail only to be dumped again. Poldhu mimicks the actions encouraging Kernow who is happy enough to join in despite her bemusement. Finally the nanny stands, trying to pull the shreds of her dignity about her - she doesn't step away from Trydanth though… warm breath /is/ good. She narrows her eyes at D'renn, "oh? Why? They're telling you something I suppose??"

Living Caverns> Karani gives Tiri a are-you-stupid look. "They /always/ know." Her eyes brighten at the mention of cookies and she runs to the table to get some.

Trydanth huffs again. D'renn just grins. "Trydanth's telling me that he thinks you should get inside and be warm… and the Candidate Barracks is just the place."

Living Caverns> Tiri gives Tyara a 'what are you suggesting?' look and and then scowls over at Karani. "How do you know?"

Sardrinth moves up closer until Pyrene seems to be surrounded by a wall of all shades of blue. "Hey D'renn!" Thesy grins, "She's not as stupid as I thought!" And another shower of the powdery snow is cast over Pyrene by a lashing tail.

Living Caverns> Karani rolls her eyes. "Cause that's what my Ma says. And cause they do."

Pyrene rolls her eyes. "Oh very funny… I should hold you to that you know." She motions to the crowd. "Faranth knows I've got enough witnesses for it to stick… and should you even /think/ of repeating this, you guys…"

Miralia jumps backwards. She's cold enough as it is, and doesn't fancy getting even colder.

Living Caverns> Tyara smiles at Tiri. "Well, most people get accustomed to Weyr life and don't want to leave once they have spent time here. And who knows, you might even Impress.."

A cringe pulls across Anely's face at the sight of this all, and she quickly pulls back, watching with mock horror. "Pye?! Why don't you just say yes and this all will be over." Why on pern anyone would go through such a horrible thing just to /reject/ being searched is beyond her it is. Wounded arm is pulled closer as a cold unforgiving wind swirls about her. "Hurry up! It's cold out here!"

"Aye, well, she's not that stupid." D'renn agrees. "And you had better get inside and warm…." he addresses Pyrene with a glint in his blue eyes. "A nice hot bath… want me to scrub your back?" And he offers an arm to help Pyrene from the snowdrift.

Miralia bursts out laughing, but that sends her into a fit of shivering, so she stops.

Etain wonders if he will throw her right back down?

Living Caverns> Tiri snorts. "Well, no one's right all the time…" She glances over at Tyara. "Hrm… I doubt it… I'm just a soft-skinned dcrafter… I should be in the water…" She thinks of the dolphinhall back home.

Thesy easily dares to confront Pyrene, "What are you going to do then, hm?" She chuckles, her blue eyes sparkling with laughter as she repeats the rider's request, "Just in case your ears aren't as clean as they should be. Hereby we ask you to stand for Chayath's clutch come Hatching Day, nanny of the High Reaches!"

Living Caverns> Tyara winks at Tiri. "Well we have lakes here too.."

Pyrene isn't that stupid? She suddenly blinks at D'renn and Thesy, "What?" Even D'renn's comment about back-scrubbing doesn't earn a slap in the face… yet.

Gawain glides to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Gawain glides in from the Central Bowl.

Miami walks in.

Well, Thesy put it better than D'renn ever could…. "Come on, Pyrene, are you going to be a Candidate or not?" he demands, looking over the girl's head to where Trydanth looms large…

Living Caverns> Gawain chirps at Karani and flies over to croons at her.

Living Caverns> Tiri grins back at Tyara. "Cold ones, though…"

Etain wispers "Say yes

Miralia bounces on the balls of her feet, expectantly waiting for a response.

Sardrinth whuffles, his muzzle gently nudging Pyrene though the touch shows his impatience. Answer, girl!

Living Caverns> Tyara chuckles. "Yes, that's right.." She stands suddenly. "I'd better go talk to my fosterlings! See you around," she smiles, waving slightly as she heads towrds the innver caverns.
Living Caverns> Tyara steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Etain says, "Answer Pyrene. Say Ye-es or n-o"

Pyrene stares at both blueriders for a very long moment, then suddenly something near-automatic clicks and she snatches at D'renn's arm giving it a very swift tug snow-wards, Whatever happens, she's getting some pay-back for this. Stepping out of the snow she glances around at them all, managing to look both dazed and wary, "Well, if you mean it, then…. yes?"

Miralia gulps as the response sinks in. "There are now only two nannies for the brats?" she says. "We're doomed!"

Etain chuckles "I'm the sanest brat. I'll help"

Face-down in the snow, D'renn splutters and waves his arms and legs in a starfish sprawl. Trydanth's nose helps him turn onto his back - a stranded tortoise in reverse - where the rider just shakes his head. "Someone get her to the barracks, eh?" Trydanth huffs over his rider - if a dragon could look smug, he would.

"Well, then we better get you inside, right D'renn?" Thesy chuckles but reaches for the nanny's arm again. Just in case. "Can't have one of our candidates catching pneumonia before she's even settled in the barracks."

"What about /me/ catching pneumonia!" D'renn protests, struggling to his feet. "You take her… I'm going home."

Pyrene still has the look of somebody who's waiting for the punchline… Thesy's arm is needed just to move her by the looks of it. D'renn's predicament gets a decided smirk though.

Sardrinth gives an excited snort but since he forgot to raise his head Pyrene's showered with snow once more. This one's his, his alone! Ummmm, almost? Sorry, Trydanth!

Quickly the gimpy girl stumbles back into the Living caverns… Anely's going to get her arm infected if she doesn't watch out.
Anely walks to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Anely walks in from the Central Bowl.

Etain stays and looks at the dragons. Which one will attack first?

Trydanth just nudges at his gold and white-dusted rider, melting D'renn's snowflakes with his breath. "Hmmph," is the bluerider's parting comment as he mounts up on Trydanth, and they take off.
Up you scramble, settling twixt spiked neckridges.
Trydanth [Central Bowl]
You take off.
Above the Bowl

Central Bowl> "Coward!", Thesy mutters under her breath, casting D'renn an amused glance. "All right, lets get you into the warmth, girl." And her hand now gently leads the nanny towards the entrance of the caverns.

Central Bowl> Miralia shivers and follows.

Central Bowl> Etain follows, intreasted

Central Bowl> Miralia walks serenely to the Caverns.
Central Bowl> Thesy strolls to the Caverns.
Central Bowl> Pyrene wanders distractedly to the Caverns.

Living Caverns> Miami steps lightly in from the Central Bowl.
Living Caverns> Etain walks in from the Central Bowl.

Living Caverns> Pyrene follows, dazed but at least smiling.

Living Caverns> Thesy winks at the other girls as she heads towards the deeper recesses of the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Thesy steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Etain says, "Pyrene need any help moving anything?"

Living Caverns> Pyrene steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Miralia almost lunges for her still warm klah that she abandoned on the table. Warm. Good.

Living Caverns> Etain steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.
Living Caverns> Miralia steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Candidate Barracks> Thesy escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.
Candidate Barracks> Pyrene escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.
Candidate Barracks> Etain escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Candidate Barracks> Etain says, "I didn't know Auri was a canidate. Pyrene need any help moving anything?"

Candidate Barracks> Thesy cocks her head at the girl, "I think you know how this works, hm? But lets get you a cot first." She pauses, then adds with a little mockery, "And some white cloth for you to work on."

Candidate Barracks> Pyrene stares weakly around herself, dimly staring at the cots. "Oh my… Thes… you're sure this is real? You're not /that/ cruel…"

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