Unhappy Tsunamis

14th February 2004
Logged by Tatia

Living Caverns (#392)
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty-one firelizards.
Rajanigandha and K'bai are here.

Zai walks in from the Central Bowl.
K'nex wanders in from the Central Bowl.
Malachite glides in from the Central Bowl.
Lhana glitters in from the Central Bowl.
Axle walks in from the Central Bowl.

K'bai uses his spork to poke about at the array of items on his plate, moving some around a bit to cool them off, or maybe what they're having for dinner today isn't all that appealing. Finally deciding that the greens don't look too bad, he spears a couple and then blinks up at the young woman across from him. "Afternoon," he murmurs by way of greeting. He starts in again on his dinner, only to blink back up at her. "Oh. Yes. I think I remember that now. Raja. That… bottle you gave me has worked wonders. Thank you."

Tatia is dusty, sweaty, smelly, and in such a good mood. Really. She strides in with a flurry of Tsunami blue and white, tugging off riding gear as she does. "Oh yeah. /Those/ went well," she mutters to a nearby wingmate as she beelines for the hot drinks.

Zai arrives along with her wingmates, looking both grumpy and dirty. "That went well," she comments sarcastically as she pulls off her riding gloves and shoves them into the pockets of her jacket. "There'd better be something hot to eat," she grumbles as she reaches up to pull her curls out of a ponytail, letting them fall around her face as she stomps toward the Tsunami table.

Rajanigandha's smile is instant and friendly when it finally does emerge. "You are very welcome," she assures him before helping herself to a sip from her mug. "I am happy to have helped." The page in her book is turned with a finger and she starts running it down the page of notes and stylist jargon. "Feel free to contact me if you have need of anything else. I'm sure I'll have plenty of free time." She doesn't lift her eyes from the page as she speaks to the 'rider with a smile. Not at all rude, merely allowing him time to eat in relative private.

K'nex is in much the same condition as the other members of the Tsunami Wing, although he has a few small spitballs still stuck to him which seems to be unique from the other dirty riders. He also doesn't comment on how well or not anything went, just grabbing a bit of food and something to drink before flopping down at the Tsunami table in a way much like he's sulking.

Lhana enters, trailing after her wingmates, looking none-too-pleased herself. She doesn't look quite as dirty as the others, though, it might be noted. It appears she may've made a stop or two between here and there, though not enough to get completely cleaned up - just presentable. Kez's spitballs get smirk before she follows the others to the food table. "Good. /Food/." She piles her plate with various warm edibles, then heads over to the Tsunami table, where she quite deliberately chooses a seat as far from K'nex as she can find without switching tables entirely.

K'bai's attention is momentarily drawn to the group of riders that have just entered, looking them over for a moment and then going right back to his plate of food. He nods his head at her words though, apparently agreeing with them. "I'll be sure to do so then." There is a moment for food consumption, and washing things down with some juice, and then he flickers her a glance before continuing, "Free time? Would that be all of the free time you spend lurking in the shadows?" Such as he found her just a moment ago. "Which is really too bad."

Tatia scoops up a bowl of steaming-hot stew, along with a few rolls and an equally hot mug of klah before sending an eyeroll Zai's way. "Who's throwing this things, anyway?" she questions with an oh-so-short glance at K'nex's spitballed back as she balances her things toward the table.

Zai hovers over the food options a moment before retreating to the Tsunami table with a bowl of porrige. She flickers a sidelong glance down toward K'nex, and then purposefully sits across from Lhana at the other end. "Do you know, I think the only way that could have gone /worse/ is if we all forgot to bring our dragons along." She pauses with a faked 'thinking' look. "Or maybe it would have gone better. Perhaps we should try it, next time." She glances over at Tatia. "I think it was Lylia," she answers with a quick grin. "Almost made it worth it, didn't it?"

Rajanigandha takes her own turn peering at the gathering table of unhappy 'riders. Silently she wonders on their collective mood as she sips her klah. Unable really to decipher the problem right off Raja gives up looking at the lot of them and drops her eyes to the opposite page as her mug settles back on the table. "I'm getting to like the shadows," she tells him with an unconcerned shrug. She flashes him a grin, looking up from her book for a moment to do so. "Besides," she defends with a grin, "it's the only one that stays at /all/ empty during the noon meals."

K'nex doesn't seem particularly concerned that his wing is grouping themselves as far away from him as possible, but then again he doesn't really seem to be aware of much that's going on around him, frowning at his mug and munching idly on a pastry of some sort. Oh yeah. He's not sulking at all. There's a lot of love in this wing. Yeah.

Lhana rolls her eyes. "I /know/. And then, did you know I got snapped at /twice/ on my way in here? Twice at least." She pops some food in her mouth and chews before nodding her agreement to Zai's assertion. "Yeah. You know Lylia - any chance to shoot a spitball." K'bai and Rajanigandha get a glance, but only a brief one, for her food must be attended to.

Axle is present - but he isn't doing much in the way of mingling, merely keeping to himself as he takes a seat well away from the crowd of recently entered riders and listens in on them as well as he can without being overly obvious about it.

K'bai nods his head in understanding to Raja, but simply leaves it at that. Apparently this conversation isn't going anywhere, really quick. He chuckles at her last though, giving her a knowing grin. "Do you often use extracts for your… well, your work? Of the different flora and such? Or is that supplied to you from another source?" There is honest curiosity there, even as he thoroughly devours his grilled wherry.

A lot of love /not/ directed at K'nex, anyway. Tatia slides into her seat at the other end of the table with a bit of a 'hmph.' "Well. Amusing, yeah. But really, I ought to have a word with her about that. Bad drills means bad Fall, and bad Fall means injuries." Or worse, but Tatia doesn't mention that, instead digging into her stew. She glances sidelong at Lhana, brows rising. "Snapped at? For what?"

Zai wrinkles her nose at Tatia and shrugs. "It was still funny. Not like we're gonna be saving any lives if we perform like that in Fall even /without/ the spitballs." She pushes at her porrige with her spoon absently. "It's really rather pathetic." She glances down at K'nex for a moment, then back to the others. "What'd you do?" This is directed at Lhana.

Lhana shrugs. "Ah, we won't perform like that in Fall. Fall's different." But on to more serious matters. Her eyes widen dramatically. "I don't even /know/! I was just standing there, asking a simple question, and this guy - oh, what's his name? Wheel, or something like that. Anyway, he just /snapped/ at me. And then I complained that he was /snapping/ at me, and he did it /again/!" She huffs. "And this other girl came along, and /she/ did the same thing. Honestly, I don't know what is -with- people these days."

Rajanigandha taps a finger on the very page she's reading as she nods her head. "If I haven't a particular ingredient needed for a requested oil, I have a few contacts outside the Weyr that I might contact. Sometimes a client must find it themselves. I try not to allow that to happen. But it depends on the rarity. As for general supplies I either stock and concoct the oils myself.. Or pay the younger girls to pick the items for me." She takes a few moments to smile at K'bai. As long as people are actually being nice, Raja is her general sparkling self. "It is finding the proper ingredients for some of the colors I am asked for that are the hardest."
K'nex blinks and looks up towards the other end of the table, narrowing his eyes. Too far away to really hear the conversation - which is the poitn of them all sittign down there, anyway - but he just heard 'spitballs' somewhere in there and a name to go along with it. But was that Lylia, Lhana, or Lis? With a muttered grumble, though, he just goes back to his food and ignoring the world, pretty much. Bah.

There are lots of shadows in the Living Caverns. And from one of them, towards the back, flies an oversized spitball, zooming straight toward the back of K'nex's head. Hard to say who it was, other than a vague shadowy looking person, because after a stiffled giggle they disappear out the back.

Tatia eyes Lhana sharply. "Fall is /not/ different, except for the 'risking your lives' way! Drills are important to being able to perform as a wing. Screw around there, and we'll feel it come Fall." She spoons a bite into her mouth now that she's done her own share of snapping.

Pyrene stalks in from the Central Bowl.
Tye prowls with caution in from the Central Bowl.

"Have you ever considered exploring some of the wildflowers that do grow around here? There are quite a few meadows scattered throughout these mountains that you really cannot get to unless by dragon." Kibi grins wryly as he adds. "I think my dragon has had me visit just about all of them, and now is an excellent time of the turn to actually do so." See, look at how well the brownrider is doing. He is being nice and friendly and everything. Such a good boy. "Although I don't know what any of them are, the flowers that is. Possibly, the next time Sushi feels an intense need to go pick flowers or eat them or well… whatever, you could come with and benefit from the outing." Uh huh.

M'nty strides with a bounce in his step in from the Central Bowl.

Zai raises an eyebrow at Lhana. "It's not /supposed/ to be different. It's supposed to be the same. Same concentration. Just less… y'know…" Death. She spoons some porrige into her mouth. "But the point is, it all went badly. Not just the spitballs." She shrugs unhappily. "It's not just K'nex's fault, either." Though obviously most of it is. "We should all be doing better." And on that note, she spots the zooming spitball, and attempts to stifle a giggle behind her hand. "But it is funny," she admits.

Wheel? Axle snorts indignantly to himself, resting his hands on the table before him so that the rugged-looking fellow next to him can see that he's not up to anything. Must be someone that's heard about Axle, as the man keeps glancing sharply back at him every few seconds.

Lhana stares at Tatia, gaping, then goes back to her own plate, muttering a wide variety of obscenities. The spitball is noted out of the corner of her eye, though, and she only sort of manages to stifle her own giggles, turning them into a snort followed by snickers instead. "Ah, c'mon, you guys. One bad set of drills doesn't mean we're going to be in disaster come Fall. Besides, maybe if we had a /more charismatic leader/," she pauses significantly, giving K'nex just the slightest of glances, "well, maybe we'd do better." Axle isn't noticed just yet, though his indignant snort gets a glance in his general direction.

Rajanigandha gives her head a slight shake as K'bai asks if she's been to the meadows. She's never been out into any of the meadows.. and she /had/ actually been wanting to explore them. "It is the perfect season," she agrees with a nod as she flips another page in her book. "It is impossible to spread out enough in a new area with only two people though," she tells him with a small smile. She isn't about to go anywhere alone with any strage male for a long while. "I would love the opportunity if it were possible to tote along a friend." She doesn't mention which friend and is probably thinking along the lines of Merandi.

Pyrene swears people wait to raise tensions until they hear her footsteps. Whatever happened to peace and quiet? She's missed the spitball, but she's in time for the immediate after, and she's deeply suspicious of everybody's by turns amused, wary and innocent looks. "Afternoon," she essays, non-committally. Anything's still a relief from the Hatching Sands, surely?

Tye enters the caverns, her riding leathers still on and an unhappy look gracing her features. A frown is seeminly etched onto her face as she starts to peel off her jacket the moment she is completely inside. Grabbing a cup of juice, the bluerider angles over towards the Tsunami table and promptly sits herself down. A quick gulp of her juice is taken, before Tye finally looks up and greets her wing, or at least the few wingmembers present.
Axle stiffens at the sound of Pyrene's footsteps (okay, so maybe just her voice), immediately turning his his head and lifting a hand to rest his chin upon in order to disguise his blackened eye and re-busted nose. It causes him to twist a bit awkwardly, but aside from a slight wince, he looks natural enough.

K'bai blinks in puzzlement at Raja for a moment, and then nods his head in acceptance. "Oh. Of course. That would be fine. Sushi is plenty big enough, and would be more than happy for the chance to carry more than just my arse around." He chuckles faintly, digging about in his greens. He glances up to offer a tight smile to Pyrene, and another to M'nty in greeting. He glances back to Raja and smirks, "Well, and a dragon as well. Although he might be more interested in rolling them than examining." Well, Kibi too -just not the rolling part. Nah, he might take a nap. Curiosity though has him looking back at Raja, flickering glances inbetween mouthfulls of mushed tubers.

Tatia glances up at Pyrene, and for a moment ponders stealing the Weyrwoman for a word here and now, but a quick glance toward K'nex at the other end of the table convinces her otherwise. Her reply to Lhana is absent, though pointed. "A wingleader's only one person. The wing could stand to work together, you know." Why absent? Because, you see, she's noticed Axle, and she smirks, leaning toward Zai. "Hey. Look. That's the one went at it with R'gis in here the other day. I've got to ask Ly which of us owes who."

M'nty scratches at his chin tiredly. He was later than the others… and apparently missed most of the fun. Mino had wanted to get back to standing guard. M'nty heads towards the wine and then right towards Pyrene with a nod. He greets Axle and K'bai on the way before stopping in front of Pyrene with a quiet "Morning Glorious." His standard greeting, reguardless of the time of day.

Splat! K'nex frowns as something that's becomign increasingly familiar hits the back of his head. Frowning deeply, the brownrider reaches back and pulls a spitball out of his hair. "Shardit, we're not even in drills anymore," he exclaims angrily, thumpign a fist down on the table. The group of Tsunami riders at the other end of the table gets a glare, but that's just becasue they're there and the culprit is not here to be glared at. Still.

Rajanigandha has little to no real awareness of anything happening beyond her own table in the edges of shadows. She is not unaware exactly. Just that she hasn't done much glancing 'round. A smile and nod of greeting is sent to M'nty as she flips yet another page in her book. "The opportunity would be most appreciated," Raja's eyes flicker toward K'bai and she smiles. "Thank you for even offering. It's kind of you." She tests the temperature of her klah and finds its temperature drinkable.

Axle returns M'nty's greeting with a slim, forced smile, his brows twitching together briefly at his greeting to Pyrene - and despite himself, he has to smother a chuckle into his closed fist as he lowers his gaze to look sternly at the woodgrain in the table before him.
Lhana waves greetings to Tye, Py, M'nty, respectively. K'nex's exclamation earns a return glare from the greenrider. "What?" she calls down to her wingleader, irritated. Then she turns abruptly back to Tat, her tone mild again. "Oh? Were you in here for that whole thing? I just heard about it today. How'd it go?"

Zai leans toward Tatia, and then glances Axle's way curiously. "Huh," she replies thoughtfully, before glancing toward K'nex with a start as he bands on the table. "Well you aren't only annoying in drills," she mutters under her breath, so only those close to her can hear. "Hey there Pyrene." She waves a hand at the goldrider. "You're just in time for the fun."

Pyrene accepts M'nty's greeting as only her due. "Afternoon," she murmurs, abstracting a drink from the drudge who comes up to the pair. "Can we have no swearing, K'nex, /please/," she calls over, unwanted and somewhat hypocritical. "It's a very stressful time right now, and I really could do with /some/ peace and quiet." Every time's a very stressful time, it would seem, but she may as well milk it for all she's worth.

Wyn walks in from the Central Bowl.

Good luck on the peace and quiet with Tsunami in the room. Tatia snickers as M'nty enters, and she glances at Lhana and Zai, mouthing 'Morning Glorious?' to the pair before nodding. "Well.. most of it. Sweeps called before it ended, so I'm not sure who came out on..top." She narrows her gaze on Axle thoughtfully. "My money was on him - does /anyone/ know his name, by the way?"

M'nty figures that greetings are everyone's due, but that's not to split hairs. He turns then, away from Pyrene and nods a greeting to Raja. "Do you mind if I sit here?" He looks to Raja and Kibs for either approval or not. With Tatia and her rather obvious dislike of him, he's not going to go sit with her group. His pride takes a beating as it is. And she's just too talented at getting his goat… caprine? Goat.

"What's the matter, K'nex?" Tye asks, a bit startled by the thump of noise. Scooching a little ways away from the group, the bluerider sits comfortably in the middle. Not to much on one side, and not to much on the other. Nice and equal. Lifting her head up, she spys the spitball and makes a face. "Oh… nevermind." She raises her hand to her mouth to cover the look of amusement. Clearing her throat, she diverts her attention /away/ from her table and onto anything else. Pyrene gets a wave, as does M'nty and a few other people she knows in the caverns.

"It isn't just kindness, but curiosity as well that has me make the offer," K'bai murmurs to Raja. Might as well be honest too. He finally cleans his plate, setting the spork down on top of it and pushing it aside for a drudge to tidy up with. He blinks though at M'nty offers to sit with them, and he smiles faintly, "Well, apparently Raja here purposely picked this shadowy table with some reason in mind, and I had happened to invade her silence. It would be up to her… and I was about to leave." My, look at how satisfied he seems.

Zai raises a hand to her mouth to cover snickers at Tatia's mocking, and glances sideways toward M'nty. "Hey M'nty, hey Tye," she offers after she regains control. She gives Tye a curious glance for her seat so close to Him, and then turns back to Tatia. "I dunno. Ask him." She waves at Axle, to get his attention. "Hey! You!" She waves around more. "What's your name?"

Lhana snorts at Zai's little comment, grinning. In response to Tatia's mouthed words, she rolls her eyes and shrugs. "Really? He didn't look too great. That's the guy, the one who snapped at me. Wheel, or whatever. No, that's not it. Hinge, I think. Rude sort of fellow, anyway."

Rajanigandha would be able to provide Tatia her answer. She either pretends not to, or doesn't hear the comments. Likely she has no clue what they're all referring to and generally blocking most of it out. Her head snaps up from reading her book and she smiles sweetly at M'nty. "Of course," she waves M'nty into any of the empty seats surrounding her. She flicks her smile toward K'bai as she shakes her head. "You didn't invade at all. Feel free to sit with me another day if you like." She isn't about to turn down friendly company.

"Don't 'what' me," K'nex snaps back at Lhana irratably. "Like you don't know what's doing this." The brownrider mutters something, doubtfully very nice, as he's called out for swearing and just crosses his arms silently. "Whatever." Tye just gets a look, and he simply nods as she sees the spitball.

Axle isn't foolhardy enough to make any real attempt at mocking either Weyrleader - or anyone else in his general vicinity, for that matter. In fact, it would suit him perfectly fine to simply fade into the background of the scene occuring around him. This, of course, would be about the same time that Zai starts waving at him. Slumping down in his seat irritably, he looks over his shoulder, brows raised as if he's not sure who's being addressed.

Tatia frowns absently. "That's true. Maybe I /shouldn't/ ask Lylia, and hope she forgets it," she answers, slumping back in her chair as she eats. "Rude? Really? How?" Tatia has a strange sort of respect for rude people, provided it's the proper sort of rude. Not the insubordinate sort of rude. Her glance settles on Tye for a moment, and she frowns thoughtfully, marking mental notes before digging into her dinner.

Wyn takes just this moment to wander in from some inner cavern, lightly dusted with spinners' webs once more. Taking a look at the Tsunami table and the unsubtle waves of Tension emanating from it, the little weyrsecond draws up behind K'nex, and murmurs a "See me. The Council Chambers." in a tone even cooler than usual, before making a pass by the klah.

Pyrene notes that she's not offered a seat, although she's not yet sure she wants to stay. So she remains standing, shifting her gaze between the Tsunami table and Axle. Two entities in her mind, and she trusts neither. "Things going well?" she addresses K'nex, with the air of expecting a negative.

M'nty nods at both K'bai and Raja. "Well… Sorry that you're leaving so soon. I hardly get to talk to you. We're both so busy." Kibs, satisfied? That was usually not a good sign for someone. M'nty settles himself in a chair right near Raja and smiles rather lopsidedly. "Mm… A book? I don't mean to bother. If you'd rather be alone I can go sit with my wing." He casts a glance in that direction. He adores most of them. "Or I can go sit with Pyrene or Axle…" That wouldn't be so bad. Of course M'nty might be delusional to think that.

So it is just as M'nty sits that Kibi moves to stand. The brownrider glances to Raja, nodding his head, "I'll be sure to take you up on that. You can count on it. And instead of just sitting, maybe we can get in that little day jaunt." He passes behind M'nty, reaching down as if to pat the man's shoulder as he murmurs, "Do you think you could find the time in your busy schedule to take a swing by my weyr? Some time fairly soon? I have a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about." He hesitates before leaving quite yet, waiting to hear the bronzer's response.

Lhana shakes her head. "He was so…/snippy/. I mean, he snapped at me for the dumbest little things." You'd almost think Lha would have a grudging respect for rudeness, but she's actually usually mystified by it. "Yeah, well, you just had better…" she trails off, having no adequate way to end the sentence. The exchange between Wyn and K'nex is seen, though the words shared are missed, and she raises an eyebrow.

Zai waves more at Axle. "Yes, you. You!" She widens her eyes at him and points. "What's you name? Wheel or something?" She gives him a patient look, like she could wait all day to learn his name, if he wants. "It's not a /hard/ question," she points out bluntly.
K'nex blinks as Wyn comes up behind him, looking startled for a second before looking rather grumpy again. "Now?" He questions quietly, blinking once. Pyrene is glanced at as she questions him. "Oh, no, everything's just fine and wonderful. We're such a tight group, Tsunami." Tight…minus him, anyway.

Rajanigandha gives her head a shake as M'nty settles himself to the side of her chair. "You aren't bothering me any.. I'm just scanning notes." She flips the book closed with a smile. The subject matter hadn't really been important to her. She'd coninued reading to allow K'bai relative peace to conclude his meal. "I would love to hear from you," she assures K'bai. Quickly she falls silent and looks about to her right and left at mention of Axle. "I hadn't known he was here.."

"Axle." Axle growls finally, his eyes narrowing at the insinuation that he might not know the answer. "Why?" His cold gaze moves quickly over her face…Surely he wasn't dumb (or drunk) enough to try to steal something from a rider. No reason to worry. She must want him for something else. Or maybe she just wants him. He raises his brows a bit.

See? Now that, Zai's sort of rudeness, is the sort Tat can appreciate. It gets things done. She looks expectently in Axle's direction before Wyn's entrance is noted, and the former wingleader remains silent as her gaze hovers unabashedly on the two, watching the exchange. Her expression wavers between unexpected sympathy and an 'it's about time' annoyance. She leans back, peeling off a bit of a roll, and watching the Leadership.

"Now." Wyn confirms, having made a with klah in hand. Pyrene gets the exceedingly bland request of "I should like to meet with you and M'nty later, if that is possible, Weyrwoman." with a rigidity to her posture that suggests the weyrsecond has decided she'll follow the letter of the law around the weyrwoman, and absolutely nothing else. "And K'nex…? Follow me, please, when you're free of your conversations? I hvae a few matters that have been placed before me that I should like to give you a chance to explain." Before she gives a final report to M'nty, that is.

Zai turns back to Tatia and Lhana. "His name's Axle," she states authoritatively, as if they couldn't have heard themselves. Turning back to Axle, she smiles brightly. "Thanks. Oh, I just wanted to know. Someone told me it was Hinge. Nice to meet you, I'm Zai. That," she jabs a thumb toward Tatia. "Is Tatia. Apparently there was some sort of bet." The brownrider spares a glance for Wyn and K'nex, and looks pleased.

Tye twiddles her thumbs, looking away from K'nex and back towards the majority of the Tsunami group. Alright, so maybe this being equal aspect isn't as great as she might have expected. So, with as much stealth as she can muster, the wingsecond nudges closer to the others. No offense to K'nex, but not everyone has to be unpopular. Throwing a look over her shoulder, Tye wrinkles her nose at Axle, and then turns back to the 'riders. "What do you all want him fo - oooh. Wyn's talking to K'nex." Tye states the obvious, hushing her voice. "Shardit, I shouldn't have moved so quickly." If she hadn't, then she would have been able to 'accidentally' overhear what was being said.

Lhana nods. "/Axle/. Right, that was it." She glances from Tatia to K'nex&Wyn, a smirk spreading 'cross her face. There's nothing resembling sympathy there. "I /hope/ she's going to yell at him," Lhana informs Tye, a malicious gleam in her eye. You really can't mess with Lhana's Wet Tunic Contests and expect to get any love from her.

M'nty nod at Raja, lightly. "Ahh… Well then. Thank you for your company. It is much appriciated." He glances back at Kibs and gives him a small nod. "As soon as I can." He says under his breath. "I'll visit you." Then he returns to the conversation at hand, using the time where he'd turned to gaze out over the tables. Wyn was speaking to K'nex… and Pyrene. He entertains the small hope that he's to be included in these doings, since he didn't actually hear Wyn's words to Pyrene. "Ah… yes. Axle. He was here when I got here." M'nty offers to Raja.

"Yeah," Tatia replies, brought out of her thought process by the desire to know whether she owes money. "Who won, by the way? Please tell me R'gis looks worse than you." That to Axel, before Tye's given a patronizing glance. "Really? Wow. Couldn't have picked /that/ one up on my own. Completely unexpected, too. Really." Hey, give her a break. The tension makes her snark.

Pyrene resists the urge to make a sarcastic comment about how excited she is to hear that Wyn actually intends to tell her something. Must present a united front and all. "One misses so much out on the Sands," she contents herself with murmuring, while giving K'nex a look that suggests she knows a lot of what she's pretending to have missed. It's a double bluff of course, since she's only heard wild gossip. Lhana's comment filters through her various affectations, and she gives her a sincere glare. "No yelling while I'm present. I've got a headache from the heat."

Axle finally takes his hand away from his face to expose the blackened eye, a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. "You were placing bets on us? Well, I'm terribly sorry to dissapoint you, but your lovely Weyrleader stepped in before a definite winner could be named. Both of us look about the same - of course, my nose hadn't quite finished healing since the last time I got cracked in the face, so you shouldn't give him too much credit there…"

K'bai goes home.

K'nex nods his head and glances at the far end of the table for a short moment, before nodding at Wyn. The brownrider stands, giving Tatia a none-too-friendly look, before turning and following Wyn from the room. Oh yeah. There's /no/ tension there at all. One big happy wing.

Rajanigandha spies Axle's familiar form slumped into the chair of a table a bit father back than her own. The sound of his growling introduction sends her eyes scanning for the reason of his obviously ill mood. The table full of 'riders appear to be the culprit. Raja settles back in her chair and fingers the cover of her now closed book. "Are they talking about.. oh no," she settles her free hand over her face for a moment as she sighs. The tightening along her shoulders tells lie to her supposed indifference to the fight talk hapening all about her head. "Of course," Raja tells M'nty with a sweet if short lived smile. "Feel free to join me anytime you feel the need of friendly company." She is always happy to have people around. Providing they aren't slandering her reputation.

Tatia mutters loudly, even as her eyes linger on K'nex and Wyn, and she winces slightly as his look catches her. It wasn't all that long ago, after all, that the two were weyrmates. "Yeah.. well," she finally responds with a glance back at Axle. "I ought to've expected that. I /told/ him to leave it alone, but nooo. Gotta play the big hero. Shards. What /is/ it with men and their inability to let a fight be? G'deon used to do that to me, too."

Wyn gives Pyrene a sharp nod, and then strides away with one hand clasped at the small of her back, and the other wrapped around her klah mug. K'nex is merely assumed to be following, since she doesn't bother to look behind her, or even acknowledge anyone else in the room, since she's too busy plotting interrogation tacti - er, discussion techniques. Well, -almost- no-one else. M'nty gets a brief murmur of "I shall be making my report to you later." when she pauses to lean in and murmur to his ear, and Rajanighanda gets a coolly measuring look as if her gossip-potential is being measured. And then the little bluerider is gone.

Wyn exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
K'nex exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Lhana shrugs. "Y'know, I've always wondered about that too. And why don't they ever stop and ask for directions? Men are weird." Okay, so maybe that's just a little off the topic. "What were they fighting about, anyway?"

"Just making it evident to all." Tye replies back, not in the least affected by the snarkiness directed at her. "Shame, I really never got a chance to go and talk to Wyn. Maybe I should just go right to M'nty or Pyrene." She mumbles out the last part, tilting her head and looking thoughtful. Oh, there they go, and her eyes stay on the small group as they leave. "I almost feel bad for him." /Almost/ being the key word.

"Would that be an example of your staff circumventing your authority…" Axle inquires mildly, gesturing after Wyn as he ventures to peer up at Pyrene, "Or am I just being paranoid?" Returning Tatia's glance with an irritable twitch of one eye, he shrugs. "I believe it comes with the job description."

Zai looks blankly between Tatia and Axle, before turning to watch K'nex and Wyn leave. "She won't yell at him," she replies in response to whoever that was. "I don't think Wyn yells. She just… sort of /frowns/ at you, and makes this little thoughtful noise. And you end up feeling worse than if she'd yelled." Or so has been Zai's experience.

Deprived of K'nex to loom over, Pyrene takes his seat. Hah. She'll lead Tsunami wing! What do they think of that? She has very good qualifications: learned Axle's name ages ago and she's slept with the Weyrleader at least once. "Axle," she sighs, proving this first qualification, "Wyn is merely doing her job as Weyrsecond by talking to the Wingleaders. The riders are her and M'nty's side of things - no doubt she's acting under M'nty's orders." United front, yes. "I, however, look after the non-rider side of things. If you worry that I'm not fulfilling my duties, I can lecture you."

Lhana nods solemnly at Zai. "This is true." She looks quickly from Py to Axle, eyebrows raised. "Ooh, looks like someone's about to get a talking-to," she comments quietly to her wingmates. Ain't it great to be the peanut gallery?

M'nty's eyebrows climb towards his hairline at Wyn's quiet comment, but he only nods as if he's nodding at Raja and not Wyn. That would be a pleasant surprise, being included in a discussion. He nods at Raja again though. This time actually to her. "Ahh… well… What… was that fight about anyways?" He asks this quietly and rather gently. If she doesn't want to say, he doesn't want to make her. M'nty doesn't hear Pyrene's comment to Axle. If he did, he might have laughed out loud at the very thought of Wyn taking orders from him. She was reporting to him and M'nty counts that as an achievement.

Zai peers down the length of the table at Pyrene. "You can sit closer to us," she offers brightly. "We only make K'nex sit that far away." Until Pyrene starts taking away Wet Tunics, she's free to sit with them. She glances over at Axle. "Who /are/ you," she demands randomly, with a blank face. "I mean, obviously Axle. Or Wheel or Hinge or whatever," she adds with a wave of her hand. "But who are you?" Everyone seems to be paying attention to him, and Zai doesn't know who he is.

"Ah…No. Feel free to carry on as you are - you're doing a smashing job, really." Axle replies rather blandly, apparently not interested in any sort of prolonged talk with Pyrene - much less one that involves lecturing. One brow still arched, he hunches a bit, trying to shrink - to look uninteresting. Not something that happens often. "I'm just Axle. Shards, you people are nosy."

Tatia shrugs absently. "Some stupid girl, apparently. Don't ask me. Didn't seem all that terribly important, really." IE, Tat doesn't really know, so she'll make stuff up. Pyrene's given an amused glance, and Tatia coughs to cover a comment before focusing on her food. Really. Eating.

Rajanigandha has been listening to the bits and pieces of convorsation she manages to over hear among the bantering 'riders. During one of her frequent glances amoung the speakers, Raj catches Wyn's cool look. Sighing softly she attempts to sink completely into the back of her chair. "Mmm?" Raja snaps back to smile at M'nty and feels that smile melt nearly as quickly as it had blossomed. "Depends on which one you ask," she tells him with all honesty. "I could try to explain the whole thing.. But I am afraid I only know what I have managed to wrangle out of the two of them.. I wasn't in attendance thanfully." She starts to chewing her lower lip a moment and then stops herself. "Neither will tell me how bad they were hurt. I assume they'll heal.." She shrugs her shoulders and falls unhappily silent.

"I said no swearing," Pyrene observes snippily. "And we've already had the lesson about respecting riders, I believe. Zai, you may want to ask C'radoc for his reference on Axle the dragon-caretaker. I'm not entirely sure how good a job he did, but you're welcome to have him." One has to remember one's clutchmates and give them something in remembrance of auld lang syne and such. She's not capable of waggling her ears, but they perk up figuratively as they overhear snippets of Rajanigandha's words, and she loses interest in Axle, turning instead to watch Raja and M'nty. She never /denied/ the 'nosey' accusation after all.

"Not all of us are, Axle." Tye comments, winking at him. "Just… some." But can a person really blame them? "Anyway, I need to get going. Got papers to fill and figure out…" This figuring out part being by far the most complicated. "I'll see you all later." Finishing off her juice, the bluerider goes about her merry way.

Tye exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

M'nty winces and gets this sympathetic look on his face. "Ahh… Shards. I'm sorry Raja. I didn't mean to open a sore wound, really. It's just that I was there for the fight and… well… I got two completely different stories from both of them. All I can say is it's proabably better you didn't hear Axle's version." Another wince. "But… they're not -that- badly hurt. I don't think. Bruises… I think. They'd be able to tell you better, but since they're not talking." And he trails off. "But I just took it that since you were part of both stories, you were invovled somehow." Pyrene is given a glance and a ghost of a smile crosses M'nty's features. Quicky squelched, of course.

"Oh." Zai seems to accept this answer, and turns her attention back to other things. Like her food, which she pokes at uninterestly with her spoon, before glancing up at Pyrene. "Dragon-caretaker? Isn't that, y'know, me?" Or maybe Puizuth's been lying all this time. "I think I'm okay without him, thanks," she decides. But she appreciates the thought. "So, how're the sands?" K'nex is gone, leaving Zai without anything to talk about. So small talk it is.

"Ah…" Noticing the slow pull that M'nty and Raja are having on Pyrene's attention, Axle clears his throat, trying to regain it. "Shards a swear word, is it? I mean, you can't simply take words derived from every day speech and decide that some are worse than others based upon your own personal experience. What harm have shards ever done to anyone anyway - discounting the glass kind. And I did a terrible job. Absolutely terrible. Made a mess of things, really." He hunkers down all the further and repeats, "Terrible." for emphasis. That's a job he'd rather not venture into again.

Rajanigandha just keeps adding to her insults as she happens to over hear them. So far since the fight she'd accumulated a rather colorful array. Not much for making a huge scene here in the living cavern.. Raj had let Tatia's comment of her stupidity roll off her shoulders. "There /are/ two completely different stories M'nty." Raja mantains her composure but is clearly a very girl. "Thing is.. /I/ didn't ask for any of /this/." She sighs and hides her quivering lip behind her klah mug as she drinks. Back in order, Raja sets the cup down and runs a finger along her book. "It is all such a mess. And I don't know how to regain myself from it all.."

"Oh, now, that's a copout," Tatia notes toward Axle with a poke of her spoon. "If Shards didn't mean something more, you wouldn't bother to use it, would you?" she points out before smiling tightly at Pyrene's uninhibited eavesdropping. "Huh. Well. I'm sharding tired of scrubbing Vesp. Wanna do her for me?" Not that Tatia does it anyway, if there are candidates or decent 'lizards or even a half-witted weyrbrat around. "

Pyrene is evidently a poor replacement for Kez. "Shards is a swear word when there are eggs on the Sand," she replies to Axle, preening a little at the wit of her sally. She's still obviously trying to catch an opening to include herself in Rajanigandha's conversation, but people aren't letting her. "The Sands are as hot as ever," she tells Zai. "It'd be nice to have company bringing a cold drink once in awhile." That thing about remembering one's clutchmates goes both ways.

Lhana awakens from a mysterious daze. "Huh?"

M'nty ahhhs and nods, and even someone as dense as M'nty has figured out that Raja's barely hanging onto herself. Not wanting to cry or sob or burst into tears or anything dramatic like that M'nty makes a erming sound. "Ahh… well… Would you like me to get you a little wine? To augment your klah, at least." M'nty scratches at his chin. "And… well… I'll see if I can't talk to Axle or R'gis. They were supposed to report to Wyn. I don't know if they have yet, but…" He pauses, "I'll see what I can do. Weyrfolk aren't supposed to be so stretched out and tense."

"I see. Well, excuse me for not being overly familiar with your strange and unfamiliar customs, oh great one." Speaking directly (and quietly) into the hand that's passed conveniently over his mouth, he's got that evil-sort've smile on his face once his hand finally drops back to the table surface. Granted, it's a little forced, but it's there nonetheless. "You know, I already told you that I'd be more than glad to bring you an occasional drink…for a small price."

Zai raises a skeptical eyebrow at Pyrene. "You're just making things up now," she comments dryly. "Shards is really rather tame, though. Not like… Well, not like other things." No need for examples. Not with sands-bound Weyrwomen around. "I'll bring you something sometime," she offers, suddenly changing subjects. "Do you think it would excuse me from sweeps? Or even better, Drills?" Zai remains oblivious to the conversations Pyrene's attempting to evesdrop on.

Tatia follows Pyrene's glance toward Raja and M'nty, and she can't help a small, but wicked, smile. "That boy's gonna get himself clocked good before long," she notes quietly, in what's /meant/ to be an aside to Zai. Louder, she adds, "And you're not skipping drills, wherrybrain. As bad as they were today, there's no way we can afford to half-arse them next time." Was /that/ a curse?

Zai wrinkles her nose at Tatia. "I was kidding." Pause. "Mostly. But they were /really/ bad today," she complains half-heartedly. "I'll still bring you drinks, though, Pyrene. If /he/ ever gives me some time off," she adds scornfully, as if she were always hard at work and never sitting on her rear in the Living Caverns chatting.

Rajanigandha gives her head a swift shake. "I have spoken to both men and I think we managed to come to some sort of understanding." She'll kill either of them if they did another thing to besmirch her! Granted she'd been sweet as she could when she'd confronted them on their issues. She certainly didn't want either of them in /more/ trouble. "There is nothing to be done for me personally," she informs the 'leader with a small smile. "Until the folk stop thinking t'was all my fault they got into it." Go figure her luck that people thought that! Axle had only declared as much in front of the available audiance.

"Only if you bring M'nty something and bat your eyelashes at him," Pyrene returns. "He's in charge of the riders, remember?" And she never interferes at /all/. "As it is, I'm helping to maintain the stone roof over your head and to ensure that you have enough to eat." She's facing Zai, but she's talking with unnecessary emphasis that suggests it's for the benefit of others.

"Right," Tatia notes oh-so-quietly. Cause she's not quite suicidal enough to mock Pyrene to her /face/. Instead, she frowns at Zai. "Yeah, well. If he had any sense at all, he'd schedule extra for tomorrow, drills like that. And sharddit, Lylia has /got/ to stop with the spitballs."

Lhana nods knowingly to Zai. "Hear, hear." Because they never have free time. Never. At Py's proclamation, she waxes thoughtful, looking from Py to the stone roof over her head.

"As far as I've seen, there's an entire stable full of meat just waiting to be consumed if we should ever begin to run low." Axle remarks dryly - talking to himself as well as those seated near Pyrene. And those that actually are Pyrene, for that matter.

Like M'nty will be distracted by a pair of pretty eyes. Yeah right. But he does nod at Raja. "Ahh… well. Just thought I'd offer. Wouldn't be right if I didn't at least try to help. Considering who's invovled." M'nty shoots an unconcious glance in Axle's direction. He'd been one of Axle's few allies. If M'nty didn't find out what this was all about, the misunderstanding was going to destroy that. "I don't know… They did say something about a disagreement they'd had before, though." M'nty trails off in thought for a moment. Yeah. Right. M'nty in thought?

Zai snorts softly at Tatia's quiet comment, and then nods. "I know. I /told/…" she glances around blankly. "Well, I told someone, that it wasn't just K'nex's fault." She makes a face. "We're gonna have a lot of problems come next Fall. We haven't had a good drills practice in over a sevenday. But it's not just Lylia's fault either," she adds hastily. "Maybe Tye could get him to schedule another one," she muses after a bit.

Lhana sighs. "Well, it's certainly not /my/ fault…" Absolutely not. Lhana's a perfect /angel/ during drills. Yup.

Pyrene twitches back to her immediate vicinity at Zai's words. "No drills? Really? I thought the gossips were exaggerating!" She doesn't even rise to Axle's bait, instead staring at the brownrider in concern. "What's K'nex actually doing with you?"

"I appreciate the offer," Raja tells M'nty with a relieved smile. Hopefully he wouldn't punish either of them too badly. She nods her head and follows M'nty's gaze to Axle. Alarm bells start ringing in that pretty head of hers as she gazes at the slumped man. "It all comes down to them generally disliking one another. I think it was going to come to blows from the start. It just took a trigger to make it all happen." She attempts to clairify and remain vague at the same time. Hard to do when you're sitting before the Weyrleader himself! Raja finally pushes away her empty mug to be picked up by the next passing drudge. "I am not sure it mattered what caused it all to come together. They just rub one another the wrong way."

"No /good/ drills," Tatia corrects Pyrene before shaking her head at Zai while she rips into another roll, using it to scoop up leftover stew. "I think Tye's half scared of him. Do you know he hadn't explained how to match the charts and the sweeps schedules, and she was trying to work it out herself?"

Zai shakes her head at Pyrene. "No, no. We have drills. They're just /terrible/. You should have seen us today." She makes a face and wrinkles her nose. "There were people throwing spitballs, people not even trying, K'nex couldn't get us to do /anything/, and the people who are trying were completely lost. It was a mess. But like I said, it's not just K'nex. It's everyone." But mostly K'nex. Well, K'nex and the spitballs. "And poor Tye, trying her best, but getting no where."

Axle finally gives up with his Pyrene taunting, merely slumping back to relax in his seat and listen now that the riders' attentions have settled elsewhere. Having let his guard down, he looks tired more than anything, the circle under his normal eye nearly dark enough to match the black one

Lhana nods. "Yes. Our drills aren't good." Anyone else notice how distracted Lhana's gotten? The greenrider finally stands, leaving her plate quite exactly where it is. "Well, I'd best be going. Stuff to do, you know. See you around." And so she heads out.
Lhana exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Pyrene rolls her eyes. "Well, if Tye's too scared to talk to her wingleader, maybe she's not ready to be wingsecond," she returns. But she's not truly living up to her reputation of blaming the bluerider, whatever her words. Not that bluerider anyway. Abruptly, she cuts her rest short, nods to the room at large and stalks out. She'll either get to the bottom of this or go back to sweating and itching on the Sands. Depends how clingy Cadge is today.
Pyrene walks out.

M'nty didn't like to call attention the fact that he was wearing the weyrleader knot. It usually meant trouble for him. "Ahh… I can understand that…." M'nty nods. "Some people rub me the wrong way. Don't quite know precisely how to deal with them." Okay… bad analogy. "Well… if, you're alright… I think I should be getting back to my weyr." He taps his mug on the side and gives Raja a sheepish look. "I'm out of wine too."

Tatia stares after Pyrene, dumbfounded, as she exits. "Ok.. no matter how you want to twist this, Tye is maybe the only person who's /trying/ to do it right," she mutters before sending a glance toward Axle. "Seen the Healers about that yet?" she questions absently.

"I had my nose sewn back together, if that's what you mean. The rest will heal in good time." In truth, Axle had to fight the mongrels off to keep them from stripping them down - a fact that's reflected in his sharkish smile as he meets Tatia's gaze.

Rajanigandha nods her head and makes to rise. "Thank you for your company," she tells M'nty with a polite smile. Reguardless of the fact that he'd dredged up some things she'd rather not have spoken of. It wasn't her place to tell him she wasn't in the mood. So she'd said all she could think to actually say. "I should probably head off to complete my studies else where.." She slips her book off the table and nabs up a white shawl draped across the back of her chair. Her pack is lifted off the floor and Raja checks to be sure she has everything..

"It's not Tye's fault," Zai echos Tatia's sentiment. "She's new, she's trying. If K'nex would just…" She doesn't know just what he should do. But clearly not this. "Anyway, if - " She breaks off abruptly to look at Axle. "You had your /nose/ sewn back together? What /happened/ to it?" She gives him a dumbfounded look. "Maybe you shouldn't get into so many fights," she offers in an advisory tone.

Tatia looks amused at that, and she leans in to study the work. "Mmm. Not bad. They give you any tea? Cause really, you'd be surprised what comfrey once a day can do. Tea /or/ compress." Yes, Tatia's had her fair share of black eyes - and a rather vague healerish background, thanks to her parents. "Unless," she considers with some amount of amused snark, "You like the attention it gets you."

M'nty would have rather Raja told him it was none of his business to ask questions like that. "You know… I really am sorry to have bothered you. And I didn't mean to make you explain what you didn't want. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on. Don't want nasty rumors spreading about you." M'nty gives Raja another lopsided smile before heading for outside and his weyr.

Fawn silently slips with the gracefullness of a cat in from the Central Bowl.

Axle sighs. Riders. He was beginning to think he had better odds of finding an intelligent conversation in the stables that he mentioned earlier. "I was being dramatic." He rubs a thumb across the bandage pressed over the bridge of his nose, "The split was just beginning to heal, and R'gis knocked it open again. And if I wanted attention, Tatia, I would walk around without any trousers on. There /are/ less painful ways to get yourself noticed."

Zai shakes her head at Axle and life in general. "I think I'm gonna go get a bath," Zai decides and gets to her feet. "Maybe try and find Tye and see if she could talk to K'nex about extra drills." She raises her hand in a parting wave, and then starts out toward the baths. "See you 'round the lounge later, perhaps," she directs toward Tatia before drifting out.
Zai goes home.

Rajanigandha waves it all off with a smile as she 'round the table and M'nty makes to leave. "It would be best to group them together and press the question to them. I wasn't there to know what actually triggered it all." She wasn't going to go ratting out either man. Nor did she really care to think of the losing battle she is fighting with her clients.

Tatia gives Axle a consideringly patient look. "I wasn't suggesting that you got it split open for the attention," she explains slowly. "Just that once you had it, it might be useful. You wouldn't be the first to wish a slow healing of a black eye." She shrugs, and now that her stew's gone, she tilts her chair back a bit. "And for the record, around her a lack of trousers just looks overdone. Too many 'streak the bowl' bets of late."

Fawn jogs into the room, quickly stuffing her knot into a pocket as she sees the large crowd. M'nty is spotted, just like she expected and she heads towards him.
"Mmm, well. Trust me, I don't want attention." It needn't be mentioned that pity comes in handy when you're trying to pick peoples' pockets. Scooting his chair back, Axle rests his head on his folded arms, his gaze shifting lazily onto Raja so that he vaguely resembles a mutt pondering the benefits of chasing a cat.

Tatia follows the direction of Axle's gaze with interest. Hm. "Uh huh." Her reply is a tad patronizing at this point. "And this is why you got into a fist fight with a /greenrider/, of all people, in the middle of the caverns?" She shifts her glance back toward the man. "Shards. And you could've even give him a good enough beating to make me a few marks before the boy wiggled his way in."

"Well, the last time I pulled my knife on a rider, I was forced into babysitting Umifoomy…kumith. Whatever the hell C'radoc's dragon's name was." Shrugging a dismissive shoulder, he allows Raja to pass without bothering her, though his eyes follow her all the way out the door. "As for the rest, I dare say it's none of your business."

M'nty nods again to Raja before grinning at Fawn as she comes in. Of course, she's immediately spotted. He beckons her over towards him, debating whether he should pick her up and swing her around as his normal greeting. Deciding against it based on the audience, M'nty settles for a halfhug. "Heyy, girl. How are you? Where're you headed? I wasn't expecting you back to 'Reaches for another sevenday."

Tatia laughs with surprised delight. "You pulled a /knife/? On who?" Ok, probably not the right response, but there's a certain grudging respect from someone who thinks violence occasionally solves problems, so long as no one dies. "C'radoc? Hm. I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to the gossip mill." The last gets a sharp gaze from Tatia, along with pursed lips. "Word of advice, Axle," - now that she's got his name - "If you don't want it to be open for the perusual of every single person in this weyr, don't get into it in the middle of the caverns. You may not share, but I'd give you odds that I can find out by the end of the day, if I want to."

Fawn ignores his held back approach and swings her arms around his neck for a full hug. "Hi! I was looking for you." She shrugs as she pulls back and smiles at him, "Oh, you know. Jobs winding down. I got free early."

M'nty chuckles lightly in the back of his throat. "Ahhh… Free early. I suppose that would make sense. You'll have more to do next time a Gather is being planned, no doubt." M'nty grins. "How's Taylor liking the runner I gave to him?" A concerned look crosses over M'nty's face. "Is my runner doing alright." Being that M'nty had paid someone to take the runner to Ista and should have been there by now. M'nty returns the hug and gestures to the seat he just vacated. "Would you like something to drink? Or do you want to head out?"

"C'radoc." Axle returns rather gruffly, the memory still dredging up plenty of irritation. "That was, of course, after he punched me in the face. And…I can't help it. If I asked to step outside, the whole of the caverns would probably follow us out. And you probably could, but it saves me /that/ much energy to keep the story to myself for now."

Fawn gives M'nty and odd look. "I thought you were going to have me take the runner over? And I havn't seen Taylor to ask, either. Stablemaster said he's not been feeling well." A worried look is on her face as she shrugs again at him, "Either? You looked like you were heading out, did you have plans?"

"Probably," Tatia allows before shaking her head. "Really, though - the
knife was collossally stupid. A few punches.. mm. Well. Sometimes it's really the best way to solve something." She glances at M'nty with a frown, "As I've tried to explain to /some/ people. But a knife makes an appearance - and you ought to be glad you didn't have a dragon trying to rip the doors down. It's a good thing C'radoc's got a decently calm head on his shoulders." So she states barely knowing the man. But Wyn likes him, and that's generally good enough for Tatia.

Axle scowls. "I insulted Cloudburst and he punched me in the face. I dare say I've met calmer men in my time." Increasingly grouchy, Axle eyes Tatia warily, his fingers drumming out an uneven beat on the table. "I only drew the knife to keep him off me…I was seeing stars, as you might imagine."

M'nty scratches at his nose. "Erm… yeah… I was going to have you take her down… but I figured that Taylor would appriciate Sunset sooner than we both knew you were going to be up here, let alone headed back." M'nty shrugs. "And no… no plans. I was just going back to the weyr. Wasn't expecting you… so it's a bit messy. I was going to attept to clean some of my mugs before you got back." 'Cause it takes a whole sevendays to clean his weyr, of course.

Fawn shakes her head at him, "So you'd rather send someone else to do it? I hope it was someone you trusted." A scolding look is given. "It would be a shame…" The rest of the sentance left unsaid. Fawn then grins at M'nty, "Cleaning huh? I could help. Knowing you, those mugs will never get washed."

Tatia lifts her brows. "Well. What did you expect?" she questions pointedly. "Trying insulting Tsunami some time. See what happens." Really, she dares you. "Hmm. Well. Seems to me you ought to learn to choose your words or hold your own fairly, then, doesn't it?"

"I don't know. He could have just insulted my mother or something." Axle grumbles, slouching down in his seat so that his shoulders aren't even above the back. "I've been behaving this way for turns, and I haven't been killed yet."
M'nty chuckles and nods. "Yeah… knowing me the mugs would never be clean. I've… cleaned them once. That's got to count for something. Of course… I just carted them down here for the kitchens." M'nty tries to look innocent and nods. "But yeah. I sent it with this one kid I trusted. 'Side… it was a guy about my age from the caverns who was hoping to be asked to stand for Mino and Cadge's clutch. I told him to send a flizzen when he got there and I'd come get him…" M'nty trails off. "So that's how I know that Sunset got there. I just wanted to know how she was doing." He pauses. "We could go do something boring and normal. Like… wash dishes?"

Fawn looks slightly more satisfied at M'ntys explination. "Wash dishes? You're such a charmer M'nty dear. I was going to do that anyways…"

"Well then… shall we be off?" M'nty gestures towards the door, shooting a glance at Axle and Tatia. He really did need to speak with Axle later. But that was for later. "I'll follow you, M'lady. It's such a pleasure to have you back in 'Reaches." M'nty pauses. "Did you send for a dragon? Or did you do the runner trip?" 'Cause that was a -long- trip.

Tatia nods, and her expression blankens as she pushes her chair down and stands. "Good plan to keep it going, then. I'm sure your face could use a few more scars - for interest, y'know." Said so evenly that it goes even beyond sarcasm as she scoops up her last roll. "Anyway. Much as I love sitting in the Caverns with my free time, I think I'll go see if I can't get a bit of wing gossip. Surely Wyn's done with K'nex by now."

Fawn looks at him with a mock insulted look, "As if I'd ever ride my runner that far! She's far to beutifull for that." Not that his runner isn't… "You know me, I'm too lazy to sit on a runner that long anyways." She heads for the door.
Axle nods, lifting one hand in a lazy half-wave as Javert clambers down off of his shoulder to sniff half heartedly at a deserted plate of food several chairs away.

M'nty heads north into the redolent depths of the kitchens.

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