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4th January 2004
Logged by K'nex

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Tidal Pool
Blue and white carpets are spread across the floor at random, adding some warmth to the cold stone weyr. The ceiling stretches impossibly high, making the whole room seem larger than it really is, and creating a noticable echo-effect. All in all, it's a small and cozy space, with a rather large dragon couch to one side. The dragon couch is piled with several blue and white blankets, and many small throw pillows. On the other side of the room is a worn looking couch, with more Tsunami-colored pillows on it. The center of the room is occupied by a large round table, covered in a Tsunami-striped table cloth, and several chairs. Tucked into the back corner is a small pool, only big enough for… [look closer]
It is a winter afternoon. The air seems to be getting colder as the sun creeps back down the western sky. A light breeze picks up, making it seem
even colder.
Gliding above are three firelizards.
Tatia, Lylia, Lis, and M'nty are here.

M'nty is scratching his nose as he strides in. "You've got places to go. Where? Honestly. I've been stuck here and I'm not precisely pleased with the whole thing. -Your- girls aren't stuck at other places, Hrmmm?" M'nty is only slightly bitter. He prodds at one of the cushions before settling down. "Right… How complicated?"

"Hey, I ain't got anything better," Lylia answers cheerfully, flopping down on a cushy chair and kicking back. The longer they're there, the less sweeps. Maybe they can stay there all night. "So. What do we need to do or decide?"

"Complicated, lovie? Do you know I just said that today myself?" trills an effeminate tenor as S'titch wriggles his way into the Place Of All Things Tsunami and drapes his lanky form indolently over the back of some lucky person's seat, fluttering a hand. "Of course, it was about this darling new pattern I'd gotten theother day, but…" He prattles on happily, oblivious to Entymeth out on the ledge and groaning in embarassment.

"Eh? What's complicated?" Pipes up the ever-intelligent and knowledgeable K'nex as he makes a late entrance on the metting. S'titch, as usual, gets a slightly confused and annoyed look, as he says somethign about patterns, but the brownrider says nothing, just shaking his head and sitting down. Right…

Lis picks at the edge of the table, little splinters of wood falling to the floor. "Hey, how about everyone shuts up and lets Tat talk?" she barks, unhelpfully.

Tatia pulls her legs up to perch crosslegged, fingers tapping impatiently upon her thighs. "I'd love to, Lis, but it seems a bit pointless to start before we're all here, doesn't it?" she notes with a pointed glance toward the door. Lylia's given a sidelong glance. "I should think it'd be rather obvious, really. It's not as if High Reaches has been /normal/ lately." S'titch is simply ignored. Firmly. With vengeance.

M'nty does not ignore S'tich, being that he's infinitely amused by the light-in-the-loafers 'rider. "Oh? Complicated pattern? Well, I suppose you -could- draw a couple line between that and this. Speaking of -this-…" M'nty eyes Tatia for a moment. "We're not normal, but then… when was that new? And I thought we were supposed to be discussing complications, Hrrrmmm?"

"High Reaches is /never/ normal," Lylia counters, giving a faintly smug look at her wingleader. Cute, isn't she? But she offers a slight nod and a rolling of eyes. "Yes, I think we /all/ know what's goin' on more-or-less-or-less, but why are we /here/?" She's rather good at sifting through gossip, but those she thinks of as 'oldtimer freaks' have nothing to do with her, to her own mind.

S'titch should never be encouraged. Because, like a cocker spaniel, the slightest hint of attention, and he fawns embarassingly. Transferring to lean himself over near M'nty and pat the bronzerider peripatetically on the shoulder, the pretty and witty (not) and gay greenie chirps happily that "I could show you later lovie!" before some quality of self-preservation shuts him up. Until he thinks of something to offer. "Maybe we could make everyone presents, and cheer them up that way?"

K'nex simply looks properly ashamed. For talking? For showing up late? For tapping S'titch? Any are good reasons. The last maybe more than any others. "I'm normal…," he objects to M'tny's assement of the weyr. "Although that's a good point. I guess." He nods at Lylia too and then shrugs unhelpfully.

"I agree with Lylia," Lis begins, sitting up in her chair. "This isn't the first time something bizarre has come to the weyr. Not even the plague, though there aren't as many who lived through it as there used to be. No one seems to be taking ill, not that I've heard. Why are we all in knots?"

Tatia eyes Lis for a moment, and then heaves an obviously exapsperated sigh. "You don't think that it's a bit above and beyond to suddenly have double sets of major leadership positions.. or that we're /still/ locked inside this weyr while one of those sets of leadership tries to figure out what's going on? Don't you think that it's important for us to talk about what's going on?"

"No one can usurp Pyrene and Sii'kyn," Lylia responds, but a bit of trouble has crept into her voice, and no longer are her eyes dancing with amusement. She gives a sober shrug. "There's too many of us younger-bloods who would defend our Weyrwoman." Pyrene will be defended, at least. "Besides, they were the ones foolish enough to try and come to the /future/. I mean, c'mon." To her mind, that automatically qualifies for demotion and extra sweeps. "Being locked in this Weyr is the most frustrating thing ever, but no one's getting sick, so they /can't/ keep us here much longer. I just want to know when we're gonna ship these people to Southern or Igen or wherever you throw old riders." Even if most are younger than her, the fact that they know a High Reaches pre-Nuff puts them as old fogeys in her mind.

"And aaaaanyways, lovies, the oldtimers are from somewhere else. Pyrene and Ikey-dear are from -now-. So they stay, and the new people need to leave at some point, and we'll all just go back to normal, hhhhhmmmm?" This is S'titch trying to be profound.

Lis chimes in. "Half the people they know are dead anyway - and everyone else has given them up for dead. It can't be easy, living like walking ghosts here. Send 'em off to some tropical, western island. Let 'em be watchriders. Something. And lift the damn quarantine already."

K'nex shrugs again. "Uhm, it's a little weird," he comments slowly, sounding none too sure of himself. "But I'm sure someone'll figure sometihng out…and no one has gotten sick. Well, you know, seriously sick." The brownrider makes a face. "It'd be nice to not be cramped up here anymore, though… Wait, what? We're shipping theme somewhere?" Kez trails off confused at Lylia's comment.

M'nty has completely lost track of the conversation, after not replying to S'titch and lapsing into a bit of a conversation with his own dragon. "Hurm what?" He peered, "Are we talking about Cloudburst? Can't they just leave? They're causing enough problems as it is, what with…" He waves his hands generally.

"And you think they're just going to agree to be quietly shuffled off somewhere else?" Tatia questions, dragging her gaze around the group. "Even /if/ everyone at this weyr were one hundred percent happy with the leadership, they'd still have a pretty big population of their /own/ riders supporting them." She pauses on M'nty, frowning. "Where are we supposed to send them?:

"Why do we have to send them all away?" wonders the Lacy One, pouting in adorable (or irritating.) thought. "Some of them are awfully -cute-. Why not ask them if they want to stay or not, if we tell them they can't be in charge? It's not -all- Adel and that bronzerider with the nice - " Fortunately, S'titch elabourates not.

"If you're stupid enough to leave your Weyr to try and time it forward with an /entire wing/? You deserve to be shipped off wherever the future can fit you," Lylia responds sharply, venom in her voice. "I feel bad for them leaving their lives, but they're not gonna be happy here, we're not gonna be happy with 'em here, so we need to find somewhere to send them. /Something/ to do with 'em. Talk to the other Weyrs, let 'em go where they want. I don't care. Stay here if they really must. But the quarantine /must/ end soon, and they'd better not try to mess with our Pyrene." Her voice darkens, her gaze turning into a sullen glower. "No one messes with Pyrene. "But I pity who has to explain that we need extra tithes for the winter months for 23 more dragons because of /timing it/." That would be Pyrene. She does adore her favorite goldrider. "I just want some sort of statement on what's going to happen."

M'nty frowns at S'titch. "Cute my shiny bronze's tail. The -cute- ones are sleeping with one of my favorite greenriders." M'nty scritches at his nose. Shrugging at Tatia, M'nty shakes his head. "I don't know who we're going to foist them off on… but Ly's right. The quarantine needs to end… and end -now-" He sighs slightly, "And what about Pyrene?" Oh yes, what about the exaulted weyrwoman? M'nty missed something.

"Uh, no?" K'nex in answer to Tatia's question. S'titch gets a short glace for speaking, but no comment is made. Lylia, however, is another story. The brownrider looks rather taken aback at her words. "But we can't just /make/ them leave, can we? From the past or not, I mean, we cant just send them all away. They did live here. I'm not sure they should take over, though…but I don't think we can really just kick them out…er.."

S'titch is definitely in over his depth in this little discussion. And so, with a lingering protest that "We can't just send them away, lovies, there's -Thread- to fight…" he subsides into quiet and fidgeting with some of the lace on his sleeves.

"They're lucky we didn't send them away in the first place," Lis scoffs. "Come in, dragging their plague behind them. I say give them an ultimatum. Let 'em know they're guests in this weyr."

"And we fought it just fine before they ever showed up!" Tatia points out swiftly before nodding at Lylia. "Aye. It's got to end soon. It's just ridiculous that it's taking this long to get things squared away. I know it's a strange issue… but really, they ought to have at /least/ taken care of that pompous Adel, parading around like she's still senior."

K'nex looks slightly uncofortable and shifts in his seat. "Uhm… we don't really need them, and I don't think the plauge is catching, but it stills seems a little wrong to just kick them out. I mean, they have to be reasonable, right? Well, some of them, anyway, " Kez corrects himself, thinking of Adel. "Or maybe not, since it's taken this logn to figure anything out…" Failing to make any poitn at all, he trails off.

"Or let the riders stay if they want, but in my opinion? Ship off Adel, maybe R'meld. If Adel's a threat to our leadership hierarchy, I don't want her here. It's going to cause problems. Let her go somewhere else, that won't cause conflict in the Weyr." Lylia's quite fine with that option, if nothing else, but the idea of another gold isn't pleasing to her. "Besides, can we really support /another/ gold. I mean. It's difficult to expect us to, they can't expect us to." She shoots a quick look at K'nex, giving an annoyed shake of the head towards her fellow brownrider. "They still /came/ here knowing they may have the plague. That's not asking for a friendly reception."

Lis rubs her chin thoughfully, fingers running over the beginnings of a zit, which is greeted with a grimace. Thankfully, however, that's not what comes out of her mouth. "What worries me is what happens when - if - Adel's queen rises. If she's caught by, say, Sidramuntalath, things could get nasty."

"And what are we supposed to do with the ones who stay?" Tatia questions, uncurling to stretch a bit. "I mean, honestly, it's bad enough trying to integrate new weyrlings into our wing every cycle - I don't sharding want to have to try to /retrain/ riders out of whatever moronic notions they've learned under those two."

M'nty twitches his finger a bit for Lylia's attention. "Actually, really, they didn't -know- that they'd bring the plague here. Or, more rather, It didn't occur to R'meld. It was a bit of a shocker to him, if I remember correctly. While some of the others in the wing just groaned like a bad joke." M'nty lapses into silence for a moment. "Well, if Pyrene's flies, then it wouldn't matter if Sidramuntalath caught, would it?" He's a bit sketchy on the rules, as it is. He's a bum, what can be said?

K'nex nods. "I'm not saying we should keep troublemakers around…" It's not like High Reaches doesn't have enoguh of that wiouth old riders trying to usurp those they think are in their place. "I don't know what we'd do with them, but I doubt any other weyr would want a whole bunch of riders, either, though. And maybe some of them will choose to move." He shrugs, not really havign any information about that. "Uhm, well, no…it's not really asking for a friendly reception," says, having to agree with Lylia on that, if uncertainly.

"Sidramuntalath does /not/ have a chance against Druseth," Lylia responds lightly, but she does give a somber nod to Lis. "I don't want to know what Cadge or the other queens will think of her rising, we've got so many queens…" She just snorts at M'nty's comment, however, a little amused. "Then the last thing we want in the Weyr is R'meld, if he doesn't even think of /that/. But Tat, I think most of the riders, should they choose to stay, we could integrate… shards, they /have/ to listen to the Weyrleaders, and they can keep their own wing for all I care."

"If Adel's rises before Pyrene.. what does that do to seniorship?" Tatia questions. "I'm not sure I've ever been clear on how that works." Lylia's given a level glance, annoyance clear. "Integrate? Riders who've been trained under /those/ morons?" Tatia shakes her head shortly. "Even keeping their own wing.. we'd have to rethink every formation, reorganize every Fall, cover their weak spot.."

Lis scritches at the back of her neck, looking up at the ceiling for inspiration. "Could we put them in the weyrling wing for few weeks? With the excuse that we don't want to rush dragons who've come so far in time?"

K'nex ponders Tatia's question of seniorship, but only for a short while. Then he just makes a face and gives up. "I dunno. I've never really payed attention to how queen seniorship works," he says honestly. "I think they could be retrained though…maybe…if they listen…" They more Kez thinks about it, though, the less he'd really be willign to try that. Although more because he's lazy than its not the fair thing to do. Li's comment gets an interested glance, however, since that sounds liek a good idea.

"Nothing, in my opinion. Pyrene is our Senior Weyrwoman. Adel doesn't know this time, she doesn't know this Weyr as it is now, and timing it forward is reason enough to my mind to deem her unfit for leading." Lylia won't stand for anyone messing with Weyr leadership, and folds her arms over her chest with a sour expression. "And I'm /sure/ some of them most be intelligent and willing to adapt to here, integrate with wings here." A wince follows. "I suppose they could be put with the 'lings to learn new formations. But. Pity us weyrling staff, please."

Tatia wrinkles her nose. "Better you than me," she shoots toward Lylia before settling back with a heavy sigh. "So.. what? We think they should stay, or they should go? What's the general feeling, here?"

"Adel should go. R'meld should go. Any who wish to stay here and are willing to adapt to our times and our wrings and our formations should be allowed to stay if they wish. I'd like them /all/ to go, but I suppose that won't happen. Best to get rid of the potential troublemakers at least, though." Last thing Lylia wants is conflict… Even if it means dealing with a weyrling wing that includes riders older than she is. She simply shrugs, giving a faint nod. "Anyone know what they want, though? Anyone talk to many of 'em?" Best to know the situation, after all.

K'nex nods, mostly agreeing with Lylia. "Yeah, I'm with gettign rid of anyone who's trying to cause trouble and giving the rest of them the option of staying or going. If they stay, well, I guess they'll just be sorted into wings…I haven't talked to any of them, though, so I don't know what they want."

M'nty frowns slightly. "All out." His girls, thank you very much. "They all need to go. But if they don't, I want them split up. Loyalties and all that. Just because they're Cloudburst wing now, they should understand that we want to spread them out. Hey… they should know all about tradition, right? Only a few wings?" He stood, however, "Well… let's see… I think I might have to be going…"

Tatia snaps swiftly at M'nty. "You're not going til I say we're done," the wingleader states before glancing around at the others. "Right. And whatever happens, it needs to happen /soon/. This waiting around is just… well. I'll see if I can't track down Wyn or Sii'kyn or Pyrene and have a chat."

M'nty quirks an eyebrow at Tatia. "I just thought that since we're going in conversational circles that I might as well tend to my dragon." He sighs, however, and returns to his pillow.

"Make them make /some/ sort of statement to us, some sort of preliminary decision. The longer we're cooped up here, the more the tension will grow. That ain't good for the Weyr, nor our visitors." Lylia leans back slightly, her glance straying around the Tsunami lounge in hopes of noticing a lonely-but-full wineskin that needs some attention. Her hope goes unfulfilled, so she returns her gaze to the wingleader. "They can't keep us here in the dark forever. Best chance the Weyrleaders have of keeping our good faith and patience is to give us /something/."

Tatia saw that eyebrow, boyo. M'nty's given a patented Tat Look, enough to stop most folks in their tracks. "I'll let you know when we're done," she repeats coolly before nodding at Lylia. "I'll be sure to make that point. Surely they have to realize.. Surely they aren't /stupid/," she declares, though she privately has her own doubts about Sii'kyn.

Ooo. M'nty got /told/. K'nex glances at Tatia. "The sooner the better," he states, nodding at Lylia. "Well, they've kept us waiting long enough…Maybe they've even reached their own conclusion and haven't told us." Not that that that's comforting particularly.

M'nty resists the urge to roll his eyes. Looks don't exactly work on him. Females. Wingleaders. But he's sitting, and he's not going anywhere. Always obey your leaders, keeps the peace. Doesn't mean he can't have his own opinions of them. "All I can say is I hope they reach a decision soon." He glances to each of his wingmates. "Lylia's right. The Weyr can't hold the tension that long. We're already getting close to something or other." He gestured to all of them. "Look at us now. Arguing over the things we all agree on."

"I didn't realize we were arguing," Tatia remarks before standing and giving the group a firm nod. "Well. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I get an actual decision out of the leadership," she promises, though she sounds anything but hopeful. "And /now/ you may go."

"Finally," sighs Lis, who was busy spacing out for the better part of the last… oh, half hour?

"Force 'em, Tat. Use that cute little violent side we love so much," Lylia chirps, offering a raise of the eyebrows and a wink to everyone's favorite wingleader. "I mean, they gotta decide something, right?" Hopefully. Maybe. Eventually. "Let us in on all the juicy gossip." With a creak and a crack, Lylia gets to her feet, stretching onto her tiptoes. "Mm." Time to go get some grub, and snuggle up with the dragon for a pre-sweeps nap.

K'nex glances from Lylia to Tatia, brow knotting. "Uhm. I don't think violence is nessacery. Please don't hit anyone….". As in, don't listen to Lylia. "I'm sure they'll decide something really soon. It doesn't help anyone just ot let it sit." Like the others, he sounds a little doubtful, but tries to remain hopefully anyway.

M'nty doesn't know. Now that he's down again, he might just want to say on his cushion. But ah well. "Yes, Ma'am." M'nty snapped of a cheerful salute as he stood up, yet again. "Hopefully you'll find out something or other. I do want to know when this is all going to be over." Humming slightly, he grins at K'nex. "Violence would be fine, it's not like the weyrleaders wouldn't smack 'em back."

Tatia lifts a brow. "He's yet to prove he's the backbone," she replies to M'nty. "But then, Sii'kyn's always been a bit.." Tat stops abruptly, lips pursing together as she thinks better of that sentence. "All right. Everyone out - I'm sure we still have sweeps to do, at least, even if we can't land and do our work properly."

K'nex still looks slightly worried, but then shakes his head and proceeds to get kicked out like the rest of the wing. "Sweeps for some, paperwork for others," He says in a 'oh, woe is me' voice heading for the door. Not that he /expects/ any pity.

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